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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> big and happy. see you here in an hour. >> good hashtag. "outnumbered" started right now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, radio talk show host meghan mccain, fox news brand new contributor rachel campos duffy is here as well. congratulations to her. today's #oneluckyguy, iraq and afghanistan veteran and fox news contributor, always happy to have you, pete hegseth is here. you sir, are "outnumbered." >> great to be here. sandra: great to have you. wonderful day. >> it is big day. harris: go. sandra: before we get started we have this huge big and happy announcement for you right here on the "outnumbered" couch, our friend and colleague meghan mccain joining us full-time on
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the couch as our new co-host. everyone on fox news family is thrilled to have her. >> so excited. i am glad i can finally tell people. i love you two so much. you're such incredible women, such incredible tv talent here at fox. harris: right back atcha. >> truly an an honor and dream job. i do the show all the time and really nervous today. harris: experiences. we were on the road together. went to the convention. yeah. so you i mean, just bonding process i feel as girlfriends we have gotten there. this is icing on the cake. >> you guys have been wonderful to me, such mentors to me, since i started here. so appreciated i love working with strong independent, women. just such an honor. harris: you can't make me cry. sandra: tears are flowing out of harris's eyes. >> welcome. sandra: let's get busy. we got a lot of work to do. harris: we do. sandra: president-elect donald trump appearing to signal
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how he intends to govern as his new team starts to take shape. the president-elect tapping insider, rnc chief reince priebus, to be his chief of staff, while naming the ultimate outsider, "breitbart news" executive and campaign ceo steve bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor. reince priebus on the moment mr. trump asked him to be his chief of staff, the highest ranking employee in the white house? >> it was surreal but also one of these things where a huge burden is put own your shoulders. that is instant feeling. i want to do him proud. most importantly he wants to do the american people proud. he wants to do things he said, it is important for him, i don't know if you saw "60 minutes" interview last night, it is really important all americans understand he is a president for everyone. he wants to make everyone proud. whether you're race, ethnic background, gender, anything. sandra: high praise coming in for the priebus selection, even from some of mr. trump's biggest
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critics. the choice of bannon drawing fire. republican senator lindsey graham tweeting, congrats to donald trump for outstanding choice of reince to be chief of staff. this shows me he is serious about governing but democratic congressman adam schiff posting, selection of steve bannon, senior white house role unsurprising but alarming. his alt-right, anti-semetic and misogynistic views don't belong in the white house. pete, i start with you first. what do you make of these picks? >> i think they're great picks. if you're going to drain the swamp you have to know where the drain is. he knows how to work, who it talks to. you will need republican support. he has house and senate. republican leadership. understands agenda. fierce defender of trump. he is part of progression of republicans who weren't for trump, didn't understand the dynamicses went all in fighting for our country. i think trump likes that as far as bannon, i love him as well
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being where he is. he is conscience of the bomb-throwing, you got to shake it up. you can't play conventional ball. having him in trump's ear makes sure he doesn't turn into simple, pragmatic moderate in the white house. he will remain a sort of populist conservative who will go for the people as opposed to swamp. sandra: speaking of bannon, there is a lot of criticism out there of this choice from donald trump. reince priebus is out there, he is defending donald trump's choice here. here he is doing that. >> the steve bannon i know is a guy that is really on the same page with a lot of the things, almost everything that i agree with as far as advising president-elect trump. he was a force for good on the campaign. he is very wise and smart. he is a london school of economics, harvard business school. people don't know he was a 10-year naval officer at very high levels, advising admirals in the navy. so i haven't seen any of these things that people are crying
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out about. sandra: meghan, he is saying things being said about bannon this is the not man he knows. >> as you know i was not the biggest trump supporter to put it lightly, right now he gets a clean slate for me. we need to let him lead and put decisions in place he thinks is right. reince priebus is the olive branch to establishment republicans against trump. bannon is grassroots. they like the style he elected. anti-defamation league came out against steve bannon. i think right now reince plebe bus and donald trump and steve bannon, a lot of people have anxieties about him. that being said we should give them a chance to show who they are and what kind of white house. sandra: surely, harris, these picks will give us idea how donald trump will govern in the white house. harris: reince priebus is a dad. he has two young children, jack and grace. family man on one side. somebody who has wisconsin connection which i know you know, rachel, with paul ryan.
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so they're friends. this goes beyond just politics. you do want to have somebody in the white house who can connect with the other side. we saw president obama do this with his choice of rahm emanuel, somebody who has history with him. so choosing a friend, choosing somebody also politically aligned is not a first but steve bannon we will get to know. we'll get to know his bio. i won't repeat it because i think reince priebus did a good job hitting highlights. ed rollins, one of the money people on the trump campaign as you know, he and anthony scaramucci, ed rollins was on "the fox report," he said one is checks and one is balances between the two men. he likes the picks. >> i think it is good. wisconsin won the election for, in many ways for donald trump and reince priebus built that party. i mean that party is the best republican party in the entire country and it was built by reince priebus. he is super accomplished and he is not just somebody who knows
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people on the hill. he is really tight with paul ryan. and so i think this is an incredibly smart choice and i think it shows that donald trump really wants to get things done. >> i agree. for bannon, if you watch other networks and mainstream media they're spaing out begin as they did during the campaign, alt-right, breitbart, everything written there has to be drawn back to him. they're doing that because they want to keep divisiveness on display in the streets. they want to make donald trump looked controversial. we litigated bannon. they won. ceo of campaign. he is clearly accomplished. donald trump trusts him. he deserves to pick his people and will cast the vision. >> american public is not listening to the meet yaw in the same way. "new york times" coming out with mea culpa which i don't accept at all. harris: dedicated to journalism. >> i literally laughed out loud when i read on my twitter feed. they have built in their own bed.
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they have to lie in it. american public don't trust "new york times" and they don't trust mainstream media. that is recourse for reporting entire election wrong. harris: calling the other side also wrong. meghan: yes. harris: you're not allowed as nation to have a point of view by not being called wrong for media. that is odd. it has no place obviously. >> can i say one more thing about reince? it has been underreported the balancing act he had to do during the primary and during the general. harris: that's a good point. >> there were huge forces, very strong forces within the party trying to get him not to give republican, national republican committee money to trump. and yet he had his best friend, paul ryan, who, distanced himself a little bit during the primary and after -- harris: around the tape. >> around the tape that came out. this guy i think his integrity, i said i am chairman of this party. this is the nominee.
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it took a lot of guts and integrity to -- harris: intestinal fortitude. >> to keep his position. sandra: he is being handsomely rewarded for that, his strategy there. meghan, what does this tell us? this leaves room for a lot of speculation how he will fill other key roles in the trump white house. what does it tell but the other picks? meghan: tells me there will be a balancing act which i'm certainly comfortable with. he has to stay true to the people that got him elected, mainstream republicans, establishment republicans want somebody like reince priebus in play. i love newt gingrich. he has been on the show. there are a lot of people i trust their judgment and ideology. as long as he continues making these kind of picks that placate both sides i'm fine with it. >> as much as olive branch to the establishment, you i think a lot of people in america, we want to drain the swamp. now you bring in reince priebus, a political guy, what does that look like? it shows donald trump is serious about enacting the agenda.
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you want the wall? deporting folks that are criminals, rebuild military, you need some, exactly you need someone who knows paul ryan, reach out to mitch mcconnell around made deals. that can be insider that allows trump to be outsider to enact change. it's a i think a great combo. harris: you need somebody who understands what it means to have bicameral advocacy, right? he can talk to the both house and senate members. >> sure. harris: he has been there, done that with reince priebus. that tells me how active the first 100 days will be. we're seeing report about obamacare and what could happen either on or certainly right after inauguration today with regard to that. that is confidence speaking. how do you even let any of that be talked about unless you have confidence that somebody can navigate a bicameral support on the hill and really make it support and not about factions within the party fighting. >> there is definitely recognition there is unique moment. not many presidents walk to moment like this. harris: definitely in republican history.
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>> whole chessboard has been reshuffled. he doesn't owe republicans anything. democrats anything. media anything. any donors. >> not taking a sally? >> not taking a sally. robust agenda appeal across the aisle. he has amazing moment. he is saying wow, who are the best cheese pieces i can put on the board so i can make it happen. harris: i have a big question why we're not hearing more optimism. i see people in the streets. they have the every right to peacefully protest. i said this a million times. >> not riot. harris: it has gotten nasty out there. >> i thought about this all weekend. harris: president obama has 3:15 eastern news conference. maybe he will tell people take that down a notch. >> maybe his staff can not crying publicly. i tweeted over the weekend the night my father lost i stood on stage thinking we elected a radical and i didn't cry. i actually find it really insulting they can't put their game face on. american public made decision. this is democracy in action.
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grow up, he will be our president. >> that is picture of generation where everyone got a trophy. >> it is ridiculous. when donald trump comes there is pictures of them crying on internet. i was beyond, so insulted by it. harris: in the streets you see pictures of donald trump being burned in effigy. i didn't know, where i was looking. it looked like iran. >> people in the streets -- harris: when you look at video. >> obama's staff versus people in the street. people in the street get whatever. >> i get miley cyrus. sandra: okay. sounds like donald trump may be softening on some much his campaign promises. parts of obamacare he will consider preserving and what he saying about the planned border wall. how it may go over with supporters. hillary clinton refusing to take all the blame for her election day loss. who she is pointing the finger at now and whether she's right. ♪
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♪ harris: here is what is being said by some. sounds like president-elect trump may be softening on two of his big campaign promises. after meeting with president obama last week he said he would be open to keeping two provisions of obamacare. one bars insurers from those
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turned away with preexisting conditions. the other allows those up to age 26 to remain on their parents health care plans. in a "60 minutes" interview last night mr. trump also seemed to back off his vow to build a solid wall along the entire u.s.-mexico border. we'll talk but first watch. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would but certain areas a wall more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it is called construction. >> so part-wall, part-fence. >> it could be some fencing. harris: that is not all. house speaker paul ryan ruled out deportation force for illegal immigrants. >> i think we should people's minds at ease. that is not what our focus is. that is not our focus. we're focused on securing border. >> not a top priority mass deportation but obviously president trump is. >> securing border is top priority.
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>> what about year two, year, three, year four. >> we're not focused on electing a deportation force. donald trump is not planning on that. harris: actually, he may have watched the rest of "60 minutes" donald trump did talk about the two to three million illegal immigrants, criminals in this country he would look to deport. so i'm sure there is like a part two on that. rachel, you have some strong thoughts about people calling this a soft isenning. >> i don't think it is a softening. first of all we already have deportation force. it is called customs and border protection unit. that is already happening. this is an incredible opportunity for donald trump. first of all, hispanics are not opposed to a wall and hispanics are not opposed to deporting felons. they don't want to be, even if you're here illegally, you don't want to be conflated with people who commit fellly crimes. so that is non-controversial and absolutely smart of him to get going on that. the question is, what do you do with the 11 million or so that
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are here already? obama had exactly what donald trump has now, all levers of power in washington and -- harris: bicameral support. >> bicameral support and he did nothing. he did health care. now donald trump once he is secures the border, and deals with the criminal felons, imagine the irony if it is donald trump who finds a way to give legal status to the 11 million, not citizenship, which by the way they're not clamoring for. legal status to live here around go back and forth? what a opportunity. harris: he was person driving that part of the conversation t was one of those issues that nobody wanted to touch. >> that's right. harris: he went there. i want to ask you about money and obamacare and where we are in that. the fact we're now starting to get a feel for donald trump looking at those issues and saying, well, you don't want to take people off who have it? sandra: i think based on everything we just listed, people are starting to already judge donald trump's presidency in in the first few days he has been elected. he has not been in office.
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harris: it hasn't happened. sandra: going back to "60 minutes" interview and fence in some areas as he builds that wall, the way ap put it this morning he is showing signs of cracking on building that solid wall. but, fair enough, okay. he did talk about building the wall, now some areas would see a fence. how do you as donald trump supporter, pete, look, this is already beginning of him saying it is not really going -- >> he is not walking back a thing. i don't really think so. he said it is that early. looking into the eyes of heavily biased reporter trying to trip him up. are you going to build a wall? yes. maybe it will include fencing maybe not. i will build something that works. that is not walking back a thing. yes, i will probably deport two to three million illegal criminals. that is not easy thing to say especially riots going on in the streets because people say you're not fair to people. >> he is getting the last laugh. liberal media was acting like,
9:21 am
got higher margin than mitt romney did. harris: african-americans as well. >> they want people who deport who had committed crimes came here illegally. i don't know why people are trying to trip him up. let him put legislation in place and we'll have commentary. i find it overreaction airy. harris: likely the talk is obamacare gets dealt with around inauguration today. i want to get your thoughts. if you're looking at him accepting some of the parts what there is that really softening, your thoughts? >> i don't think it's a softening as all. i said a lot of my friend in arizona turned because of the obamacare premiums going up so much. if he repeals obamacare i'm on board with trump. honestly i've been skeptic of his for a long time and i think, i just we have to wait for him to get into office. i don't know why everyone is having melt down. >> you can keep things you like but not have obamacare. harris: big question, can you keep your doctor? i'm just saying. >> can you choose.
9:22 am
get rid of the mandate. those are things you get rid of right away. harris: we talked about things he would do. i know that people will watch to see what happens next. >> the fence is a topography issue, not a softening. you can't have a wall in certain places. you need a fence because of geography. >> it is true. we're both from arizona. harris: i checked that box too, my friends. what cost hillary clinton the election exactly? her "basket of deplorables" remark? her email server scandal? historic difficulty any party has winning three times in a row. none of that according to her. who is she blaming? how president-elect trump's team is responding to that. five days after the election protests against a trump presidency spread across the nation. is it time for hillary clinton and, i said this before, perhaps president obama to step in and call for calm? [shouting]
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♪ meghan: hillary clinton pinning blame for her stunning loss on fbi director james comey saying the agency's decision to reopen the investigation of her emails turned tide against her. on a call with top campaign donors over weekend she referred to comey's letter to congress, saying quote, a lot of reasons why a election like this is not successful, our analysis say raising doubts that were groundless and baseless stopped our momentum. the second letter from comey essentially doing what we need to do, there was no there there, was real motivator for trump's voters. kellyanne conway senior advisor to president-elect trump saying clinton's blame is misplaced. >> i can't believe it is always somebody else's fault. sometimes you have to take a look in the mirror and reflect on what went wrong. they can't have it both ways in
9:28 am
clinton world. they were quoted that very weekend, chuck on your show and others saying oh, people already decided, people already, people already incorporated the emails scandal into their voting decisions. now they're going back and saying he had impact. what about the fact they got it wrong? what about the fact they weren't in touch with americans? meghan: i'm going to you first, over the weekend, pete, i'm stunned at the lack of self-reflection democrats doing right now, to the point i saw chelsea clinton, someone from her camp floating a rumor she will run for congress. >> yeah. meghan: i tweeted, if you haven't gotten message at this point the american public is sick of the clintons, i don't know what you need. >> what america wants is chelsea clinton. meghan: in congress. >> height of arrogance and delusion. they lived in bubble entire lives. played by different rules their entire lives. she has been defeated twice and won't be self-reflective about it. reality she was a terrible candidate and did criminal things the american public
9:29 am
rejected. as a result outsider candidate no one thought had a chance beat the pants off her. that is what actually happened. no, at this point, where does she go next? i think she will point fingers and licking her wounds. meghan: she was losing mow men you tum before the second letter came out with james comey. the comey scandal was very inside the beltway. i don't think actual americans cared about him opening up the investigation. harris: had they anticipated he would do diligence in different way and maybe go in different direction maybe. with all the talk of clinton foundation, there were all those people who felt he didn't do his job first time around he would do that. there is still a question mark about the clinton foundation. when you talk about chelsea clinton about congress or anything else she is tightly yoked to the clinton foundation. not just because her last name is on it. does that have to get settled before she runs for anything? what is the future off that?
9:30 am
comey has not actually weighed in on that. sandra: how about mention or lack thereof, on hillary clinton's call from donors pointing this out, her decision to have a private email server placed in her home caused all this to begin with. how about acceptance of hundreds of thousands of dollars wall street speeches. good look in the mirror would have that in reflection. meghan: you ask what bernie sanders is feeling if he had run. >> i will tell you there needs to be profound change in the way the democratic party does business. not good enough that liberal elite. i come from the white working class. i am deeply humiliated that the democratic party can not talk to the people from where i came from. meghan: rachel he seems more reflective? >> yeah. he knows these people just like i do. i live in wausau, wisconsin. north, right? and she never even came to wisconsin. she never visited wisconsin
9:31 am
once. donald trump came to my specific area of wisconsin twice. his kids came as well. they understood that there was a forgotten america. that there was a working class person that was being hurt significantly by obama's administration. he also, she also forgot that three million more hispanics were living in poverty than when they first took, when obama first took office of the they seemed to think that it is my turn was enough of a message. i don't care, you can say it in spanish. say it in spanish however you want it is not exciting. not exciting. >> that is exactly right. the delusion is not just democrats it is republicans too. it is elites. elites don't understand people from wisconsin, people from minnesota, how their lives work. they're not reflecting either. watch any other network. watch they're falling over themselves not recognizing there is massive disconnect. not understanding why people went for trump. democratic party, dnc they will have the infighting republicans supposed to have.
9:32 am
happening right now. will they go with establishment or someone like keith ellison, radical congressman from minnesota. they might. they think that might work. harris: bernie sanders is giving us a tip that will happen, right? we get the indication from his words now. that is where the party is going. remember they weren't fair to him of at all. >> not close. meghan: dnc has forgotten there was a lot of anger against donna brazile, said they fought really hard. someone said no, you didn't listen to us. >> they rig the primary. >> they will pay for it. >> they will pay for it. sandra: we've seen daily protests across the country. demonstrators speaking out against his proposed policies in new york city and los angeles and elsewhere. many afraid his election will give legitimacy to hatred. mr. trump was asked in an interview about reports that some of his supporters are harassing minorities. watch this. >> do you want to say anything
9:33 am
to those people? >> i would say don't do it. that is terrible. i will bring this country together. >> they're harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so, saddened to hear that and i say stop it. if it, if it helps. i will say this, and i will say it right to the cameras. stop it. sandra: meantime trump senior advisor kellyanne conway has a message for top democrats. >> i think that president of the united states, secretary clinton, bernie sanders perhaps, others can come forward and ask for calm and ask for peaceful transition and ask their supporters which are masquerading as protesters now, many of them professional and paid by the way i'm sure, ask them to give this man a chance, so that this country can flurish. sandra: trump called for calm. should we hear that from the president, hillary clinton as well? >> will obama walk to the podium today, 3:15 look in the a say stop it, stop rioting, stop
9:34 am
attacking police. saint the legitimacy of this election. and turn to trump give him compliment. the way trump conducted himself has been presidential. he is receiving out to both sides. talking how he might actually get things done. >> are we living in alternative universe, pete? i saw video after white trump supporter being dragged out of his car and beat up. imagine if an hispanic or a muslim had been pulled out of their car and beat up. this would be the top of all the stories that lesley stahl. why didn't donald defend himself there? >> i feel like i've been trying to be the jane goodall between my conservative and liberal friends explaining to each side each other. liberal anger is isn't more legitimate than conservative anger. people were panicking when obama got elected. media wasn't concerned. your agenda you've been trying to jam down average americans throats you lost and lost big.
9:35 am
going out and saying oh, this is isn't my democracy or my country, this is how it works. if donald trump had lost, you know i don't, actually don't think there would be protesting same way liberals are right now. harris: what i love about what you just said, has to do how we want to see ourselves and rest of the world see us and this isn't how you lose. >> no. harris: in fact we expect to go forward to win we'll need each other in all of this. i look at protests in the street, i get it. i understand a part of our democracy that protects them to do that. if i felt strongly about something, i'm sure you know i would -- but this peaceful is the point. look at our civil rights history? we can do anything together. but it is time to do that now. >> somebody gets pulled out of a car and doesn't have same impact, beat up, it was scary footage. young girl got beat up in california as well. harris: feels like, rachel, one
9:36 am
part, many parts of mane stream mediaone side is more important. >> this is why white america got mad at election. this is why white america is mad. harris: it is not just white america. >> we've been trained difficultly. harris: regardless who pulled out of the car. meghan: it is about red and blue america more than black and white. the media has to come to the fact certain demographic of one part of the population is not more legitimate. media need to learn it hire. people will fight back. >> i agree. what they're learning in higher education in our schools that they have white privilege. they benefited. someone else's anger is more legitimate than theirs. that is -- >> snowflakes. >> that has ramifications in our media. white person being pulled out doesn't matter as much. harris: they need to hit reset button. >> they may have been afraid to tell a pollster. sandra: kellyanne conway called or the president to call calm in
9:37 am
this country. we'll see if he does. keep it here for president obama's news conference later this afternoon. it will be the first time he takes questions since donald trump's stunning victory last week that. is 3:15 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. big city mayors on a collision course with president-elect trump over illegal immigration. chicago mayor rahm emanuel vowing to continue chicago's sanctuary city policy several other major cities doing same thing. so this is a sign of what is to come? and should fighting crime be a bigger concern?
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♪. harris: well it has been a it ised hour so far. now continuation of outnumbered. the battle lines being drawn over illegal immigration. chicago mayor rahm emanuel defying president-elect donald trump saying chicago will continue the sanctuary city
9:42 am
policy, shielding those in the nation illegally from deportation. mr. trump vowed to with hold federal funding from cities who do not enforce immigration laws. here is emanuel who spoke a short time ago. >> to be clear what chicago is, it will always be a sanctuary city, to all those who are, after tuesday's election very nervous, filled with anxiety has been spoken to, you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago. and you are supported in chicago. harris: since the election other major cities including new york, los angeles, san francisco, seattle, minneapolis and philadelphia, you can see the map there, have reaffirmed the sanctuary city status. i did brain room research. it is 300 cities. not all came out into the opening about that title. now we know it. we have the map before us. pete, your thoughts. >> i welcome the showdown.
9:43 am
this is why people voted for donald trump. they see lawlessness in your country. you have citizenship you do not. a country or you do not. if you're here illegal i that is one thing especially a criminal broken our laws why get sanctuary anywhere? how about people in that city don't deserve to be ravaged by crime. that is not sanctuary city. trump should deny federal funding. we're a country you doesn't get to declare yourself your own planet. sandra: i have the press release because i had to reed it for myself. harris: read it to us. sandra: it is all seriousness you know i am chicago native, there is a genuine concern in that city this mayor does not have the best interests of these residents at heart. look at decisions that he is making. look at this press release. not one mention of the instability that is city is seeing and rise in crime and violence and murder rate. and it is awful what is happening there. it should be the biggest story
9:44 am
in this country right now. there is not even a mention of we are going to continue to fight this problem. not mention of problem. meghan: you're safe in chicago? that is laughable. i believe in state's rights by the way, this is not a state's rights to determine immigration. it is determined at federal level. he was elected as law and order. harris: excellent point. >> we have to follow the law. >> showed to me, he obviously was integral in getting president obama elected. a lot of liberals are in denial that they have more power that they do. no branches government left this is federal decision. not a state decision. given what has gone on in chicago we covered over past year, clean up your own house right now with all the violence going on in inner cities before you injecting on to this? harris: but former chief of staff -- >> yes. harris: rahm emanuel, this is the history, the country knows him as that. he goes back to your hometown of chicago. by the way i will yield all my
9:45 am
time if you like to read some of that? sandra: you want me to read this out loud. since the presidential election there has been a sense of uncertainty among many immigrant communities in chicago and across the nation. i want to assure all of our families chicago is and will remain a sanctuary city. how about you assure the residents you will do everything in your power to fix the problems in that city and keep people safe. meghan: what happens when one of his residents is killed by an illegal immigrant. what will you say to their family? harris: god forbid. >> this is what donald trump ran. this is meat and potatoes his supporters right. you lost, you lost big. the american public isn't buying into it anymore. >> it is our law. i don't know whats verse is, chapter and verse of the bible. before you take out the speck in my eye, take the plank out of your own. you have hundreds of people dying in your city. >> radical agitators in streets of chicago are here to claim to
9:46 am
be in favor of, or supporting illegal immigrants, they don't care about the safety of the people in those neighborhoods. i guarranty you if i was illegal in the city of chicago i would want criminal felons deported so my neighborhood is safer. >> conflation thing is great argument. >> it is horrible. harris: we'll move on. president-elect donald trump trying to kick back on a habit that he says helped him win the election. that's right. we're talking about that use of the twitter machine. so can he, should he? cut back on tweets. you like them. >> yeah. harris: or do old habits die-hard. ♪ (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill,
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment first to jon scott with what is cop combing up in second hour of -- coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> thousands of students walking out of classes in california right now protesting the election results. there were walkouts from classes in maryland. more on this developing story as we continue to follow it. donald trump and paul ryan have had a fascinating relationship but president-elect trump's
9:51 am
election may have given mr. ryan a lifeline of sorts. we'll discuss that and what is likely to top the agenda in the lame-duck session of congress coming up. also in the first 100 days of the trump presidency. plus in an interview with "60 minutes" donald trump appears to be softening in relation to possibly going after hillary clinton legally. gregg jarrett breaks it all down. it is coming up "happening now." sandra: jon scott, we'll see you in nine minutes. >> thank you. >> president-elect donald trump pledging restraint on twitter as president, eastern as he also says it helped him win the election. >> i'm not saying i love it but it does get the word out. when you give me a bad story, or when you give me an inaccurate story, or when somebody other than you and another network or whatever, because of course cbs would never do a thing like that, right? i have a method of fighting back. that is very -- >> you will do that as president? >> i will do very restrained, if i use it at all. i will do very restrained. i find it tremendous.
9:52 am
>> but on the same day he promised to tone it down the incoming president fired off a series of blistering tweets at "the new york times," quote, wow, "the new york times" is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurate of the trump phenomena. this, "the new york times" states today, donald j. trump believes more countries should acquire nuclear weapons. how dishonest are they. i never said this i hate "the new york times" so much. i hate the way they treat republicans. >> tell us how you really feel. >> i love it so much. harris: you did not just say shot 10 fraud. that is the home ship for the word shade. >> i want to know from you, i'm conflicted on this i don't want him to go after republicans on twitter. you want to go after "the new york times"? go crazy. harris: i would like to know genesis of "new york times"
9:53 am
ideas of rededication to journalism. i want to know what that will look like. in some they're recognizing they got a problem he got that part right. >> but they didn't recognize it. they say they will look at it again, but we believe all our reporting in the election was fair. you can't apologize, looking at someone, i'm sorry you took it that way, right? i'm sorry that i did it. that is very different way of apologizing. they have not apologized for anything. meghan: long history of "new york times." read articles they wrote about ann romney, and melania trump. they have have a problem with conservatives. i hate the publication. i hope they take a long look but i hope they go under. >> they're canceling subscriptions. he should not give up twitter. twitter did help him win. he maybe needs an editor. maybe shouldn't be as fun. sandra: are you sure you want to say that? harris: actually for all of us. >> he needs to have it connected to melania.
9:54 am
like he can't, he can't push send until melania gives approval. there has to be app for that, right? harris: she said in the interview on "60 minutes" she has had problems -- sandra: we're looking for people that voted for donald trump. they're thirsty for this transparency, right? they love donald trump was active on twitter throughout this campaign. it gives them the sense they can talk directly to them. and he can talk directly back. >> i don't need heidi cruz moments or infighting with republicans or attacking woman's appearance. that stuff needs to go. if you want to attack media and your perspective as president i am fine with that. >> he is now the president. he has bully pulpit. he can shoot over the media and go to the american people. sandra: or shoot out a tweet. >> the concern i have is foreign policy in middle of warfare and conflict there were tweets he sent about iraq that he mentioned that are problematic. i think around national security
9:55 am
and foreign policy he will have to show restraint. that is is how he got elected. a tool of the modern era. harris: looking at his twitter page right now. he has 15 million followers across his platforms. i believe the latest number is 28 million. he said last night. he grows by 100,000. sandra: in a day. harris: certain platforms every 24 hours. if you do want to reach the american public as we you saw with this season, he didn't spend his money on as much ads because he had already more viewership of his tweets than there were viewership of ads in certain states around the nation put together. >> media is also just mad candidates don't have to go through them anymore. with social media they can get out the message and don't need bias of a reporter from new york city who will write something nasty. i wish twitter was around bigger capacity when my father was running. great medium. harris: as journalists it is our job to -- >> as republican i would say we've always been behind the curve on all this technology you stuff.
9:56 am
i think it is so awesome that we have somebody who can use this tool and use it effectively. he will need it when he needs to pass important legislation to go over the heads of everyone. stay tuned. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. for lower back pain sufferers,
9:57 am
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sandra: many thanks to pete hegseth. >> thanks for having me. sandra: meghan mccain. and rachel, wonderful to have you. new contributor. >> thank you. sandra: we'll keep it right here.
10:00 am
we'll chat some more. "outnumbered overtime" on the web., and. "happening now" starts right now.


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