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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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feature on the show king for a day. if you had absolute power king of a country what would it be. let your imagination run welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. tv's andy levey is off tonight so let's check in with dave smith even though he didn't tuck in his shirt. dave? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show. lena done ham leaves a message for paul ryan. who can blame her? i drunk dial that dream boat every friday night. and president-elect trump said he will be very restrained on twitter. if by restrained he means limiting himself to 140 characters, i wholeheartedly agree. and finally a man catches his wife of 18 years cheating on him with the help of a drone. for her sake i hope it wasn't a predator drone. back to you, tom.
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>> thank you, dave. let's welcome our guests. she is here to make america tate again. columnist and author of "government gone wild" kristen tate. his eyes are so sad i think they were created by mitch album, comedian pal hooper. paul hooper. he has so much charm girls wear him as a bracelet. and he has more swag than a nike merch page. comedian andrew schulz. let's start the show. democrats are still coming to grips with the election. lena done ham is december appointed that trump has named breitbart's steve banon and so far it is the only problem with trump. she left a message expressing her displeasure and posted the video on instagram.
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>> hi, speaker ryan. this is lena dunham calling. i wanted to leave uh message to tell you how disuh poanted we are in the appointment of steve banon. i don't know if you willisen to this. as a woman and as a jew and as a person who cares about other human beings and of people of color, the idea of appointing a white supremecist -- -- no i y recording, thank you. >> i amazingly speaker ryan called her right back. meanwhile anti-trump protests continue around the country. in fort lauderdale, florida a woman threw water on trump supporters and was arrested. >> i have done nothing wrong! i want to be released. have i done nothing wrong e.
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i want to be released! i have done nothing wrong! >> strong core. good core. she will come around to trump. they are finding other ways to express their anger like with body rt a. it says trump was not my effing president. i hope they do not end up regretting that tattoo. schulz, what do you think? what do you think of the tattoo? it is pretty wordy, isn't it? >> i don't like the font. >> that hand writing. >> i am not a big fan of her body. i thought that what is a dude. jiel i think it is a she. i don't know what made us think it was a she? >> because the shirt was rolled up below the breast meat. >> could be. could be anyone. either way, i don't know if i -- >> that's a woman's body. >> and she is limiting the
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number of men by 60% because 60% of men voted for trump. can you imagine being a guy and lifting up this woman's shirt if you are dating her and seeing that tattoo? get the viagra ready, fellas. that's a big turn off, right? would you like that? >> it is too much reading for me. >> it will not stop me. >> i'll read that thing while i'm doing. >> your bipartisan wants to close her off. >> i have had girls say way worse stuff. >> we should send this girl your number. i think your options are limited now. >> >> bill, do you think she could modify it? johnny depp had to rewrite some of his tattoo when he split up? she could changing this? she can change the wording on it. >> the actress i have never heard of until the divorce, i don't know how you cover this up. i guess a big, black
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rectangle. i don't know what you could do to cover this up. >> she didn't say effing. she used the word. >> i disagree on the font. i think it is awesome. people are reading script now. >> she is a coward. a real protestor would have got it on their forehead. she got it under her shirt. anyone can do that. >> i like that she has a curse word. it is hotter that way. the expletives make it prettier. >> if it said eff ni g it -- effing itouldn't be as good i am just glad theyy are still learning to write like this. what lena dunham? she is committed and you have to give her that, right? >> my bad. it is just -- you know what it is? i don't trust it as being genuine. i think what it is is like this pat on the shoulder. we love liberals and we love our pat on the back.
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i find this to be the same thing like you walk a blind person across the street because there is a hot chick on the other side. if the hot chick walks away you say you got. it buddy. >> you are speaking my language. >> if you knew steve banin would you say these things about him? >> i will defend him to the last breath. lena dunham said if trump wins she will move to vancouver. so she should move to vancouver and suck on her thumb. i wonder when they can realize they cannot bully and harass trump into submitting. i guarantee you the fact that lena dunham doesn't like steve banin, it makes us like him more. she can go cry in vancouver. >> i don't think you appreciated lena dunhan.
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all of this lena dunham and other celebrities, do you think it helped trump? the history before the election. >> and think about the voicemail. that was going to be a long message. you really need to get someone's cell phone number because you can add on to your message. i know that from my drinking days. that sounded like 12 minutes in her. >> did you see the way she was leaning against the door of the car? she was ready to go. >> i want that cell phone provider. it just cuts your girlfriend off. >> you said cell phones. cell phones leave you a longtime. >> you can add more to the message too. i know that from my drinking problem. >> i mean, i think speaker ryan is wise to cutoff. he only gave her about 15 seconds. he is a busy man. >> he has a lot of calls. >> why is it ryan?
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he is not the one -- ryan rivals with steve banin. the reason they tricked these guys is a little yin and a little yang. >> does ryan even approve of that position? >> he can't say anything about it. >> so lena dunham is making the wrong move. she has no clue what she is doing and talking about. >> it is just to get attention. this is a woman who wants attention and she is sad because shooy has realized the people don't really care what she has to say about any of this stuff. >> i know you don't, kristen. that's for sure. >> let's see how the nra reacted to trump's reaction. >> we had the tower tell us when to shoot and it was exciting. a thousand rifles went off at the same time. it was simultaneously and it was exciting.
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>> that's right. in celebration of trump's victory and the second amendment rights they organized an event where 1,000 people would set a world record by firing their weapons at the same time. unfortunately guinness world records was not interested. they told the nra there was no such category and they wouldn't validate it. if only they had all brought their unicycles and hula hoops. have you seen the world record book? >> can i tell you something? >> you can tell me something. >> you are sitting next to a guinness world record holder. >> is that a fact? what is this for? >> it is for most kisses on the hands in under a minute. >> didn't allen alder have that? >> no longer. he smashed it. >> wait a minute. if i put my hand -- >> it was the opposite. i did it and it was a silly category.
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i am surprised they don't have most people in desert shooting -- >> you stuck your hand out and somebody kissed your hand? >> there was a group of girls and maybe guys that were going around in a circle kissing my hand. >> so various people kissing the one hand president. >> basically, yes. >> i am an expert on this topic. >> i remember seeing him one time and he was a fast kisser. i thought he had the record. >> what do you think? >> i think they may have a problem with the second amendment people. i think it is a bs record. >> it is a bunch of guns firing at the same time. >> that's called war. okinawa there were a thousand people. >> what happened to normandy. >> and what will they call the category? congrats, nra, you have the record for the largest mass shooting? congratulations. is that what they want as their world record holder? >> i would say, paul, mass shooters.
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>> that's worse. it is a thousand of the world's most deadly uh sas sins. >> -- uh -- assasins. >> it is an organization that celebrates people taking dumb ideas too far. even they have self-preservation instincts. they don't have people kissing their hand and how many apples you can put up your ass. but a thousand guns, no. >> it is not that safe. >> the apples? >> not that safe. >> i thought when i saw the video this was trump's border patrol plan. >> we don't have to agree. >> even hollywood realizes there is a major shift. they are shaking up casting by adding more trump friendly actors to lead roles like scott bay crow will replace -- baio will replace tom cruise and steven baldwin is the new indiana jones.
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the next magic mike, antonio sabato, junior. and the next "star wars" rogue 1 is starring sara -- sarah palin. you got me back. >> i didn't mean to. i liked scott baio. >> that cost $1100. we put the top guys on that. donald trump has been known to tweet here and there. but will he continue to do so as commander in chief? trump was asked about twitter during a 60-minutes interview on sunday and here is what he said. >> i am going to do vary strained -- if i use it at all. it is tremendous. it is a modern form of communication. there is nothing you should be ashamed of. it's where it's at. >> well, it has been one week since the election and trump is showing some restraint.
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on tuesday he responded to hillary reporters saying she should be president because she won the popular vote. >> i would have campaigned in new york, florida and california and won bigger and more easily, adding the electoral college is actually genius and it brings all states including the smaller ones into play of the campaigning is much different. this is a bit of a departure after romney lost to obama. the electoral college is a disaster for democracy. i liked his tweet saying that it is 50 states. it is a 50-state election. >> and if this were based on the popular vote he and hillary would have campaigned differently. he was making a valid point. he said he would try to restrain himself. restrain is a very, very subjective word, tom. this is why we love trump. he is a fighter. he is not going to take any bs from the media. that's what we want. if the "new york times" doesn't like it they can
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squabbing about it with their late-sipping liberal readers on the upper eastside, they can all sit there and cry about it. >> sipping and crying and lates, right? >> i it is so much fun. i am not sure it is real. >> she has her own message. >> but look, the electoral college, i like it and obviously you have got to have all 50 states otherwise it would just be cities. >> absolutely. it gives representation to those states they wouldn't normally care about most of the year. >> does anyone talk to you in that ear? why would they need to talk to you? >> i agree with you. i gist think it is funny that
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trump and people they are criticizing have something in common. when hillary beat barak there was all of these people saying this is ridiculous. >> that didn't happen, did it? >> yes. >> in 2008. >> you're right. >> these exact same people are criticizing the loss of the popular vote and that makes no sense. >> is there a better system that you can think of? >> i can't think of one. >> i am worried about him and his rem sleep. >> he will be governing the country from the sleep clinic. at some point he is 70 and i am 41 and i don't have the energy to tweet that much. >> it is strange. there is something about
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people who don't sleep much. jay leno was named to have only slept four hours a night and he was always friendly and gregarious. >> you are not going win an argument with them. you just can't win. >> bill, what do you think? electoral college, any modifications to be made? i think it is fine as it is. >> divine monarch. fig short of that it is like, eh. potpouri and whatever the electoral college says. >> it is only people who once they lose they complain about the electoral college. weren't they bragging? the hillary supporters were talking about the map all year long, were they not? >> they were and what we see is nobody really knows what it means, the average voter doesn't . so you end up having these people who look at the results and they say how did the electoral college rig this
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thing? it must be rigged. that's why you get trump who had no idea what the electoral college was in 2012. just saying the electoral college must have done this to our country even though romney got wiped out of the popular vote as well. that's why everything trump does and talks about, he thinks he is explaining to you for the first time. he is like, twitter is a form of communication. can you believe it? and the electoral college, all 50 states, who knew? he literally went on wikipedia and said how will i get back? >> i think when he says that he is trying to get new twitter followers. they are excited about it, right? >> i guess. i don't know. >> here is my thing. i think the entire popular vote should be a tiny state. do you get it? >> and then you get delegates for that state. if you win the popular you get three extras. that's it. >> there were three million illegal aliens who voted in
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the last election. i like the electoral college because it doesn't allow those voter -- those forms of voter fraud to make my vote in new hampshire and states like kansas less relevant. >> and canada. sorry all micah made yen friend. >> three million illegal aliens voted voted in this last election. say they voted for hillary and subtract that and she didn't win the popular vote. states like california give them licenses. you can vote if you have a license. you can't ask for other forms of id. coming up, women in sweden are getting a hotline to report manhattan splaining. ladies you don't need a hotline. i can spell it out for you.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a less than kor jill greeting for president obama in greece. thousands of left wing marchers took to the streets to protest mr. obama's visit. riot police have used teargas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. they took part in a separate, but peaceful protest. there is a strong anti-american sentiment among greek left wedgiers who support greece's militater dictatorship. in the late 60s and the early 70s after greece mr. obama travels to germany and per reu. it will be his last overseas journey as president of the united states. and another protest over the name trump that decorates three luxury apartment buildings in upper manhattan. hundreds of tenants have
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signed a petition saying they are embarrassed to live in the place related to the president-elect and the name will be taken down soon. john mccain vows to oppose any effort to reset relations with russia. mccain said president putin and the syrian president assad are engaged in what the republican lawmakers call the butchery of the syrian people. in syria russian missiles have been pounding opposition targets. the blitz started hours after pooh you tin and the president-elect trump talked boo i phone. and president-ea elect trump rebels against protocol. they slipped out as they tailed mr. trump. the reporters caught up with the presidential motorcade on the posh 21 club. members of the future family were dining there. not invited o peek in.
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i am jackie ibanez. and now back to "red eye" for your headlines. now log on to listen to my monologue. sweden is way ahead of the u.s. in so many ways. fish, meatballs, naming furniture and now feminism. sweden's largest union is setting up a hotline for men and women who can't deal. it calls man splaining when a imagine -- a man explains something to a woman when he -- she may know more than the man. they contributed to men earning more than women and being promoted faster. if we believe all of this is true, then men over explain and women are sensitive to it, then were -- why is the burden
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on the men changing. i used to work in offices and i always felt my superiors were over explaining and condescending and i hahn fsly thought i knew more -- i honestly thought i knew more than they did. did i need a hotline? no. sometimes i needed a drink and i said you don't have to explain ta to me. i'm smart. that's what i said. the organization describes this program as a reaction to the fact that traditional gender roles are being renegotiated. let the renegotiation begin. treating women as traj jill and weak and -- fragile and weak, let them speak up for themselves. do you see what a feminist i am? i am a feminist and so are you, right? >> absolutely. >> they are trying to alleviate sexism. let me explain to you what i just explained. this feels good. i am saying do them no
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favors. did i make sense? >> i think you are treating somebody like an equal. we are coddling women when we said we will protect you. like if a hurricane comes and blows your house down do you tell the hurricane not to be as windy next year? or do you build a stronger house so it can handle the hurricane? >> the old three pigs story. there we go. jay that resonates with me. >> that's how we do it. >> you are a woman. >> i am. >> what do you think of programs like this? do you ever feel you need to call the hotline? >> i call them all the time. they are the only thing that makes us feel that men are against me. i think sweden is ruining their own culture. honestly sometimes women need a good man splaining and sometimes men need a woman splaining. but people say this is why we elected donald trump. >> can you woman splain that to mooy?
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>> you make a good point. somebody on this union website, one of the respondents who is swedish says this is why donald trump was elected in america. >> absolutely. if a man here wants to man splain to a woman, that's fine. there are plenty of strong women who will laugh in their face and tell them to shut the hell up. >> i know a good shut the hell up. i feel like people man splain me. >> i don't think it is a gender thing. most people like talking and they don't want to dialogue. >> a lot of people just want to say things and have a nodding head in front of their eyes. whether it is a man or woman, i would call the hotline. >> that's the thing. maybe it is an idea that there are some people, you know managers like dominating over their employees so have a hotline for everybody.
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>> or for the people who want to talk. they just talk at you. >> which is 90% of the world, i think. no one wants to listen. >> they want to rant and then you accept it. >> is it that hard to ignore it? >> just ignore it. every morning when i had a girlfriend we would wake up and she would tell me about her dreams. i just ignored it. it wasn't that hard, right? she would talk and i would think about other things i cared about and she would finish. and then i didn't need a woman explaining hotline to get me through experience. okay, you were running and a bear was there and you lived. >> but you are not a woman. >> you just vented about it on national television? >> it didn't bother me. >> look, you're married. what is the secret? >> pretty much what he said. >> just nod your head? >> nod your shed and have a lot of kids.
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that way she can talk to them. >> don't you think the hotline -- they should be talking to their manager and not someone else. then they can work out the problem. >> instead we are creating a tattle tale culture. i am not sure what the union is aiming to get at, but the people they will talk to are a group of comedians and politicians and gender policy experts. literallily all three of the groups know [bleep] about meeting in the world. the comedian says tell me about it. what is engineering. the best is the gender policy expert who created the program is named peter. this wasn't even a woman's idea. a man has to go feminism, you are doing it wrong. let me fix this for you. >> coming up, half time with not andy levey. he is out today. filling in with dave smith.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from dave smith over in andy's "red eye" news break. >> great tirs half. >> did you enjoy it? >> i am just being kind. but it is right on par. >> so you are working and enjoying it. jay i am having fun at work. tom you said a tattoo is too much reading.
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it was six words. you later referred to yourself as smat. >> smat i said? >> how do you say it? >> smart, i'm wicked smart. >> what is the right amount of reading for you? >> i do like reading. but i don't want to read it when i'm, you know, if i'm rubbing sun tan lotion on someone. i don't want to do a lot of reading. >> strong point. you have to panel, quote, can you listen to my monologue, please? do you realize how much you give people the option and they won't listen to the monologue. >> i wanted them to be ready for some opinionated journalism. >> andrew, my good frnd andrew schulz you shed no tattoo will stop me from hooking up with a chick which only makes me wonder what tattoo would stop you from hooking up with a chick? >> literally nothing.
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think of the worst one. >> i report all men for rape. >> i would get a [bleep]. >> i'll take that as a 50% victory for me. on a slightly more serious note hillary beat obama in the popular vote in 2008 in the primary. it is kind of true. hillary claims she beat obama in the popular vote, but it is hard to remember because of the caucus states where they don't measure the votes and obama destroyed her in the caucus states. it is hard to say if it is true. she did claim that. >> are you saying hillary could potentially be lying? >> for the first time ever i am questioning whether hillary clinton lied. no classified information. >> kristen you said people don't care what lena dunham thinks. i thought that should be said on television again. >> thank you, thank you.
12:36 am
i love hearing that. >> later when referring to lena dunham you said this is a woman who wants attention. what other kind are there? >> valid p so int. >> you made the point that war is the largest mass shooting which is a great point. they are the true record holders. >> do you think it would help at tul? >> the ptsd will be alleviated by the guinness world records. >> maybe it is down to 21. look, i know i just had isis take down tau fallujah. >> but ireland's next best fear gave you a spot on the website. >> they are not affiliated with the beer, are they? >> of course they are. >> at guinness book of world
12:37 am
records? >> are you finding that out live on television? >> i am finding it out now. >> donald trump will tweet it in two days. guinness is connected. >> i never thought about it. >> you have to read more tattoo. >> bill you said trump had no idea what the electoral college was in 2012. i looked it up and you are correct. >> two for two then. >> you're on fire. what else do we have here. kristen, you said strong women will slap a man and say shut the [bleep] up. >> i said laugh at, but slap works too. >> maybe that was my fantasy. next question is how much do they charge? >> depends on the woman. >> andrew, you said you were a medical mist -- feminist and in the next sentence compared feminists to three little pigs.
12:38 am
>> i would like to point out pigs are smart for animals. >> you are right. >> that was a good point. 1k3 he is the victim of sexual assault. >> that's true. >> paul, you said you left long, drunk messages in your day. what's the worst? >> the worst is i don't know. it is teucially a 4:00 a.m. usually a four:00 p.m. drug-enduced tirade. it is 25 minutes because i keep adding on and on and on. i am not trying to get out of it and trying to vague. i can tell you the worst story. you said trump can't turn off his ambition. can you turn on yours? >> i don't know if i can. >> tom, do you miss andy?
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>> no, this is great. we're having a good time. will you back with us tomorrow? >> i'm back with you tomorrow. i will be correcting other people. you were pretty on point today. do you think i should tuck in my shirt tomorrow? >> it is funny. even that shot of you, you look like your shirt is untucked when you can't see the bottom of your shirt. you can tell it is untucked. >> it -- so it it's i look like i smell. >> that's it for me. >> see you tomorrow. jay how to company your wife cheating while saying a safe distance apart. >> hello "red eye" die hards. president trump can rattle the vote with the supreme court justice picks. are we in for surprises?
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. president obama is preparing to say goodbye to one of his top allies. today he heads to germany where he will meet with the chancellor. the chancellor has been one of his top international partners during his eight years in office. mr. obama also meeting with other european leaders to discuss the transition of power to president-elect trump. the visit comes after a trip to greece where he praised their commitment to the nato alliance during a state
12:44 am
dinner. the president was greeted with protests against his visit and using teargas to break up crowds. >> the two will have lover at the vice president's home following a -- will have lunch at vice president's home. they plan to move small car production to mexico. doctoring his campaign he said he would put a 35% tax on foreign made cars sold in the u.s. of the ford planning to have mexican prks on-line in 2020. triple-a estimatessarily 40 neighborhood million americans will hit the highways. that's the highest number since the holiday's 2008 financial crisis. and the north korean leaders are asking state officials to top referring to their leader as fat remarks of kim fatty the third are used.
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he is said to have gained weight because of his binges of whiskey and cheese. so there you have it. i'm jackie ibanez and there you are. log on to and you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. have a good morning. drones, they are not just for killing terrorists and delivering burr ay toes. burritos. he used one to discover his wife was cheating on him. >> recently i found out my wife was cheating on me. great, right? i caught her meeting a guy only a few blocks from my home and i got it on video. so we will pick it upright here. she leaves our home and will
12:46 am
walk all the way down here and around to the cvs parking lot up there. here she is waiting at the intersection for what appears like forever. there she is taking her hair out. has to make herself look pretty. has to make yourself look pretty for the guy you are about to cheat on your husband with. >> not surprisingly the guy was upset. >> there is the guy [bleep] my wife is cheating on me with, my wife of 18 years. you can see 18 years go right down the [bleep] drain. if you are not paying attention you may miss it. there it goes, 18 years, gone. 18 [bleep] years gone. 18 years to just throw away like that. >> some people say the video is fake because the guy has posted pranks before. it seemed real to me, but what
12:47 am
do i know? i only use drones to spy on people who are not my wife. first of all, when i first saw it i said this is compelling news. but as i'm watching it now i kind of agree. there is something fake about it. what is fake about it? >> he is a youtubeer with a wife. >> improbable. >> first of all this is my biggest problem with it. how do you know that is a dude in the car? it could be a lady in the car. then it is not cheating. >> what is she meeting people in parking lots for. >> buying drugs like we all do. it is the easiest thing in the world. your wife is losing weight and so she started doing blow. that's a good valentine's day gift. >> now, it seems leak a weird
12:48 am
location. if you are cheating why does she have to walk into parking lots. she is crossing highways and it seems strange. >> and it does look -- i was hoping it would be more of an apache helicopter to come out and destroy the car. >> it's true. when you see the drone footage you expect the white silent explosion. >> she has to walk everywhere because this guy is playing with drones in assisted of buying his wife a car. maybe she wouldn't cheat on you if you weren't droning around all the time. >> do you think it is a catch? >> i don't think this man lost 18 years of his life. i think he got a new life like our nation and barak hussein obama. >> that's right. it is an attack on the establishmenting right?
12:49 am
it is an attack on the establishment, right? >> what is it? what is it? >> kristen b tate. >> i like it. >> there is a lot more where that came from. >> gonna make more like this. we need more ladies like this. >> if it is fake or real, does it really matter? >> if we got duped, what's the difference? shame on us for watching a guy engaged in the destruction of his marriage, right? >> i guess he is engaged in it and she is engaged too. i mean i would like to believe it is real because then it is funnier. his pain is my joy, but i am still on this thing that there could be a lady in there and maybe it could be a nice little threesome situation. is that crazy to think? it is 2016. >> that's bad for a marriage as well. >> a threesome. >> have you had one? >> no because it wouldn't do
12:50 am
well for my family. >> you don't have to bring the kids in. let them go to sleep. >> so line price discrimination, my pave ret kind. my favorite kind. ♪ music
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" kevin brenin, remi spencer, michael and lou dobbs. e-commerce, it is really starting to catch on. everybody shopping on-line these days. this couple, that lady. this dog. he is shopping and buying new ties. he needs ties. but and this was news to me. when you shop on-line the price could be different from what others see. the type of computer you use, the on-line search history and even your zip code could be factored in by the websites to demeanor what price you pay. to determine what price you pay. they showed nine out of 16 on-line retailers and travel websites had different prices for the right product.
12:55 am
most on-line shoppers assumed all of the prices were the same. she said, quote, i always assumed the prices would always be the same. interesting. i think this is fascinating. what is the problem with that? >> i don't see any problem. >> the biggest difference they found was that mobile versus desktop would give you different prices. mobile is copper and -- mobile is cheaper and that's because younger people are buying from their cell phone where older people are coming from the desktops. you pay more to subsidize younger people. >> how old are you? 17? >> i am 33. >> he can uh divorce -- afford converse. >> he is best case scenario me. >> like you went to private school and my mom was around
12:56 am
more. >> 100%. i'll take care of you, bud tea. >> if you live in manhattan the stores around you will charge more money, beverly hills. if you are living in the black mountains you deserve cheaper products. >> i knew the airlines did it. anytime i book a flight i have eight devices out and i will walk down the street. i will check on a laptop and then go down the street to save $33. i know they are up to something and i don't think it is fair. just because they have screwed me out of tons of money. i break out all of the devices. >> if you can find the tricks or -- i mean if you don't have any money and they can see your computer give him a restaurant. >> it is a creative marketing tactic. not marketing,ut it is genius for the companies who want to make highway patrol. you can't find good prices anymore. that's why i go home and buy
12:57 am
everyone gift cards at christmas to waste their own money. >> is that our show? >> was that it? >> we have completed a show. it went so fast. >> this is beautiful. >> you're beautiful. good night. "bon
12:58 am
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appetit" magazine. "special report," baier alert next. president-elect donald trump's fantasy draft. the intense search for just the right foot, assem try to deliver on his campaign promises. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. winning the election may have been the easy part. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence who is also now his transition manager went over more names today as they seek to staff some of the crucial jobs in their upcoming administration. tonight, we know one person who is not interested and we're hearing names both familiar and new. as the


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