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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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he has to ignore that and go for the shake-up people voted for. harris: thanks for being here. always good to see you, steve. all right, we are going to pop up online when the tv version of us wraps up in a few seconds. click on the "overtime" tab. now, "happening now." and president-elect vote won the electoral vote. critics are are calling for the stopam of the electoral college. >> it goes up for auction today.
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wait until you hear how much this piece of history can fetch. it is all "happening now". welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jeopa lee. >> i am eric shaun in for jon scott. president-elect trump and his team are slowly moving forward. vice-president biden meeting with vice-president elect pence. >> mr. trump is denying reports that the transition is not going smoothly. newt gingrich filled us in the first hour of happening now. >> they are getting their ducts in a row in a rapid way. president-elect trump's ability to make decisions and work through a series of things, become more and more obvious and over the next 2 or 3 weeks,
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we'll see it is an effective transition and bringing a lot of talented people including so in a specific direction of the president-elect. he is a very hands on leader. >> speaker gingrich was speaking out of a meeting. and this comes as they will decide who will lead on capitol hill. chuck schummer was elected to leadership role and we begin with peter barnes on the transition of power, peter? >> reports continue to swirl about who will president-elect will appoint. sources have told will retired general flynn, formerly the head of the defense agency and prominent trump advisor is in line come january. and senator tom cotton,
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republican of arkansas is a veteran of the iraq and afghan war and a member of the senate committees that gives him the expertise. and senator jeff sessions remains a contender for the defense secretary's job. and as for attorney general. one candidate is florida state agent pam bondy. and got to mention senator ted cruz in the running for the ag job as well. and other president-elect who sought to say the time was in a turmoil in dc and in new york. tweeting it is an organized process as i decide on cabinet. i am the only one who knows who the finalist are. the transition is proceeding in
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a structured and amazing way and good pace. >> he's very happy with how the transugz is going and from his perspective he is presented with a number of choices within the agency's department and making tough decisions and he has more choses than one to fill the position. we have riches. >> vice-president elect mike pence is in dc as chairman of the transition. he met with the transition team and he and his wife karen are meeting with current upon vice-president joe biden and jill for lunch in the vice-president residence in the naval observatory. back to you you, jenna. senate republican and democrats picked their leader and senator mitch mcdonnal. and schummer will replace outgoing senator harry reid.
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the party is assuming other leadership roles as well. and mike emmanuel will fill us in. >> in an effort to reunite the democrats, senator chuck schummer is expanding the leadership team in the new congress. with bernie sanders and tammy baldwin and west virginia senator joe manchin. schummer trying to bring together the left and rural america. >> the debate going on whether we should be the party of the diverse obama coalition or the blue collar american in the heartland and some think we need to make a choice and spend our energy on one group of americans or the other. i believe that there does not have to be a division. >> reporter: the republican
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leadership is same with mcconnell in the top. and cornyn of texas and one new addition is corey gardener to head up the national republican senatorial committee to it keep the gop majority in 2018. in the house, republicans picked without drama. today nancy pelosi flexed muscle. it is with humility and confidence that i write to request your support as house democratic leader. i am pleased to report the support of two-thirds of the caucus, translation peel pole is saying if you think about challenging me, you are going to lose. >> sounds like a little bit of a dare. we'll see what happens. in the meantime immigration is on capitol.
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there is new fallout on the plan. cities like chicago, san francisco take and los angeles attacking a tough stand. federal officials are deploying more agents in texas because of the spike of crossing most lowboy unaccompanied children and families. we start with casy stegal who is live in dallas. >> according to new numbers, the total number of apprehensions for 2016 climbed to more than 408000. in the entire southwest border. a 23 percent hike from last year. however, the figure is no where close to the rise seen in the number of children and families. cbp said those increases were 90 percent this year. the rio grande valley in south
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texas is the epicenter and two-thirds of all illegal crossings happen there because of the vast and wide open terrain. agents are slammed and pulled in multiple directions. the feds are reassigning from california to help out in tex it tex. the assignment is for two months. the rush they believe it is because of the unknown with president-elect donald trump. >> they are coming in and released and word getting back to their home country and they are mobilizing because they don't know what tomorrow will bring but today they can cross. >> custom and border patrol running tv commercials in central america and mexico. the ads designed to educate immigrants of danger and ramifications of trying to enter america illegally. it is not stopping those who are
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fleeing their native countries because of drug and gang violence. >> i want the people to know it is not an easy trip. there is a lot of dangers. people can lose their life and there is a lot to be lost along the way. guatamala and elsal vador, top two countries that people are fleeing, not mexico. >> very interesting, thank you. >> more on president-elect trump's position on deportation. hi, johnathon. >> eric, l.a. police chief the latest in the long line of officials to roundly criticize president-elect trump's plan to deport millions of illegal
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imdprapts. it is misguyeded and he said it is impractical in a city of l.a. where there is half million immigrants. he needs those people to cooperate in fighting crime and they won't do that if relatives will be deported if they report a crime. and as for the threat to with hold millions in federal funds, chief beck said it is about more than just money. >> we would not like to lose federal funds, but whether or not i do the right thing is not a matter of money to me. it is it a matter of principle and something that i believe is a core value of the los angeles police department and i think far transcends any other motivation. >> reporter: now officials in many other cities have been echoing those views.
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new york city, chicago, denver, and san francisco and in chicago, the democratic mayor ralm emmanuel said his city will be be a sanctuary city. that kind of language infuriated trump ally and potential cab nel member newt gingrich. >> president-elect trump is putting a effort to get rid of criminals. you would think that the mayor of chicago would be be thrilled to have somebody to help him get rid of criminals. this is madness. >> reporter: this may come down to money and the potential with holding of federal funds. but right now, that threat does not defer officials from saying simply, they will not cooperate
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with federal effort. >> it seems that the legal battle is just beginning. >> the winner of the popular vote was not elected president. is that a case for scrapping the electorial college. the next guest said the system that the founding fathers created is valid now and in the future. sadn ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> the founding fathers may have created to forestall complications. but one law maker calls for the end of the electoral college in reaction to the stunning defeat of hillary clinton. and barbara boxer introducing legislation to scrap the system. the next guest feels the obsit
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way. saying that the electorial college and the same way they elect the senate and house and many years ago to ratify the constitution. and they are supporting the candidate who wins the national popular vote. joining me that is president of hills dale college in michigan. presidentarn, thank you you for joining us. we'll start with four and half million called for the end of the electoral college and want upons the college to anoint hillary clinton because she received more votes than donald trump. why are are they wrong. >> well, those are foolish
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people in this respect. look at what the united states is achieving. it controls a wonderful land going all the waycross the continent without the benefit of colonies because people control things in their state and exercise control over the federal government through states. it is a shame that donald trump didn't get the popular vote; but what a shame it would february the president could be elected from ten pockets on of population like in the hungar game and it is rest of us would be like colony and so it matters where people live and the whole country is represented. another place people in the midwest have to talk to the people in the city and vice versa. the election was close. if you can get a concentrated
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interest in ten popullist places they would stop talk to the midwest. >> you have a point. the founding fathers saw that rhode island, delaware and versus texas or california, that is an issue. donald trump said in one of his tweets, you are dealing with california, new york and illinois. but let me show you, this is where he said in 2012 when mitt romney he slammed. it he said the electorial college is a disaster for democracy and after his victory, he said the electorial college is genius because it brings the smaller ones in to play and campaign suggest so much. >> and what would you for that it would be a tilted, one- sided system. >> i would fear exactly that,
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right where as instead it is a great national conversation about people who live in widely different place and have different views. the donald trump of today, we all learn as we go and i will volunteer that there is some important things about the constitution that donald trump has been consistent on. this seems like a technicality. but it is the way the constitution works and was rat foyed and you want to build a great national majority spread over the land. and electorial college vote and popular vote never diverge much. and the five people all got close and they got grover cleveland and al gore. what should happen on december 19th when the electors
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from different states meet. >> they should do their duty as it is established both in law and in custom. most states require by law that the electors vote for the person who won the popular vote in that state and they should continue to do that. and you you called it venerable. think what a miracle it is, you can appoint a great excutive powerful enough to rule the most powerful nation on earth and have him be accountable to the people he governs. we have the oldest successful will system for doing. that and people want to it change that? that's so much hubertest to me. >> and you made a wonderful point. you think about the intelligence and foresight and insight whether or not you agree or disagree with the results of
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this election for them to fashion the constitutional system that this country and value and democracy rely on. president arnard, thank you. >> republicans set to take control of capitol hill and the white house, we'll look at the tax reform and how it impacts you, next. picking up for kyle.
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>> we are all but certain to see tax reform as promised. the similarities between the house gop plan and president-elect proposal are this. generally lower taxes lower taxes for businesses and a larger standard deduction and
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only three income tax brackets. here is richard ruben who helped us to reduce this. and richard, we have promised tax reform before and it hasn't necessarily happened and why is there a opportunity to do this? the republicans will have control of the senate and white house and that will advaps their vision instead of compromises with the democrats. you will see a republican version of tax reform. not what chuck schummer or barak obama would want. but the one that paul ryan and kevin brady and president-elect trump are pushing for. >> how does the plan benefit the little guy? >> to be sewn. it will depend on your situation
10:26 am
and how it comes out. and how big the tax credit will get. and their difference on the tax rate. and most benefits in terms of the size cuts are going to at this time nome the top end upon. and in mr. trump benefit half goes to one percent. and in the house it is greater than that. and that is one thing republicans will have to grapple with as they put the details together where it goes. >> trickle down economics doesn't work. that's what critics will say. what's the argument that it will both of the economy as republicans are promising. >> a couple of ways it is different. the different approach is cut individual tax rate and business tax rate that produces growth. that is got other pieces. letting companies write off
10:27 am
expense and that is good for growth. and big changes to the international taxes. there is advantage there, too. and democrats will say that is not the case and there is concerns that the benefits are going to the top. and even if you get gloating, it is not clear that that would be widely shared. >> and of course, i can't help but think about filing our taxes. april of next year, we are are required to and a new president and congress coming in at january. what about p the time line here? >> it will be fast. the house has itself in a head start and they put out the blue print and sum row in john and working on coming up with the technical aspects. they have plans to pull off the shelf and plug in. that said it is congress and things take time. there is a full draft and have to work on that and businesses
10:28 am
will find things they don't like and the president has to weigh in after inaugurated and in 2001 it was late may or early june to finish the bush tax cut and this is a more difficult complicated endovor. >> taking a step back from your reporting. what is the teinant of the proposal that has an impact on every day americans? >> i think if they do it the way they say they will do it, simplicity in filing could have a affect. the world is complicated and it is tricky to try to reduce that to a simple or straightforward tax form. and that is something that republicans will be talking about trying to deliver and make that annual filing simpler. and you might have to lose the targeted benefit and that's one of the tensions we'll look for
10:29 am
as we put the plan forward. that tradeoff. >> and we'll watch for the post card analogy. and that sounds great. we all wish for that and we'll see what the cost benefit of it. richard, thank you very much. great to have your reporting. >> can you imagine having a simple tax form? >>un oh. new revelations about the wiki leaks attack. it was an effort to influence the presidential election. coming up with what else the agencies saying about that attack. and ten commandments going on the auction block and someone can own a pose of bible history coming up. >> property of the museum will be an important auction. it has the single most important object historical that they ever sold. the earliest known stone
10:30 am
carving. ten commandments.
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>> new revelations from the nsa, that wikileaks did intend to influence the election. >> reporter: the nsa director said intelligence officials told reporters this a nation state
10:34 am
was behind the wikileaks and the intend was to influence the u.s. election. >> there shouldn't be be any doubt in anybody's mind. this was not casual or by chance. this was not a target that was selected arbitrarily. this is a conscious effort by a nation state to a chief a specific effect. we have been public as a government in saying that. >> the hacking campaign was broad and included a compromise. and the nsa director didn't have to mention trump by name. and that statement reads in part. the u.s. intelligence community is confident that the russian government directed the compromises of e-mails of u.s. person and institutions including political organizations. and the recent disclosure by dc
10:35 am
locs.comand wikileaks and guccifer persona. and the attacks were perpetrated by russian back militia to encourage favor with putin's government. jenna. >> thank you. and a fox news alert. iraqi security forces are on high alert as they push deeper in mosul in the fight against the islamic terrorist. they are coming under four from rocket and suicide bomber. greg is live from ibrel. greg, how is the ground operation going right now? >> reporter: it is moving ahead and different. the massive operation to get isis out of mosul is more intense and complex. the northeastern side of the city. they moved in another militant.
10:36 am
and car bombs and real resistance from the militants. war is all around the city. we spent time in the eastern edge of mosul and cleared of isis a few days ago, but we heard two explosions near by. and u.s. jet and choppers and troops heading to battle and the u.s. special force operatives and ambulances bringing out the wounded. take a look. iraqi security forces are still on high alert. women and children and men of fighting age over here. and credentials are looked at and making sure they are not isis terrorist. >> the itentities of all men
10:37 am
checked against a isis militant database. and one way the militants are trying to escape and this system is snagging a lot. most of those refugees are heading to a camp near biechlt the residents are desperate for water and utilities. and finally the spoke person he called isis cowedardly and despeck tellable how hong will it i think it isis. he said quite sometime. >> that is a fascinating look at the way they process the refugees. >> new information on a story we brought you yesterday on "happening now". the earliest known stone
10:38 am
inscription of the ten commandements. two foot square and 115 pound slab was first uncovered in an excavation in 19there. dr. david michael and joining us now with more on all of this. david, i am curious know 19en 1913 and where has the slab been? >> it was in a courtyard of an a rack gentleman who was close to the sight. he purchased or begin the slab. it stayed there 30 years and 1943, an archaeologist in ieral spotted it in the courtroom. and he deputy it from this and
10:39 am
it reminds in the collection until the 1990s. and then in it was who runs the mum so many in we are seeing up close pictures of it. what is it like to look at it, david? what do we know about who created this? and originally where and what is it from? >> how a stone was created by the samariate. andly it was known as is maria. it wasap. they have their own version of the torthey addeded extra
10:40 am
planet. and that they would remove another commandment you will 99 compart mant. and the one missing is you shall not take the name of the lord thy god in vain. it is the samore wrat an den monday. >> it is like a i am looking at this time the it possible? its i within are about >> it is large and heavy and unless you were i don't think you will lose commandments as happened in the history of the
10:41 am
world. and it is, it's a pretty sturdy piece and been p battered and worn. in of the worns but it haven't is am it is taking a look in fact the people of that eran endured the hebrous that are still in israel. and the samaritans, this, we are now talking about ten commandets. i have think this this it is a inquire of a familiar what are
10:42 am
your expect egs what will we go for? >> it sxoeded a bit. however happy it goes we are satisfied with the results. rabbi duecth is selling because it is the museum that is voted the best museum in new york by the, and this is where that had the are lep respect and hands on mu soap. and the stoeb ha is it is not what you want to go up and put your hands all over. he decided to desession this piece and expand the museum. >> he had one disclaimer. if you own it, you have to display it public publicly.
10:43 am
>> that is true. one of the other things about the pose that make it desirable is that israel allowed another country. normally they like to keep it in israel. but they allowed the piece to go, with the provis wroer that it will be displayed in a public space. >> they can to it, an institution, or a private person and donate put it on loan to a instruction. or they be can by the it and president put on to >> we look forward to seeing the results of the action. can wel we look forward to having being
10:44 am
>> not only 0 junior toe england. and it changes are likely on the weigh with chlorr weigh. -- wayment -- way.
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>> the president made overhauling our health care center the centerpiece of the agenda. and now trump said there is provisions he would like to keep. joining us now is dr. alvarez. dr. manny, good to it see you. first fear, will 20 million american ps lose health care coverage? >> absolutely not. he wants to create a system that parallels the care so that you can go from one plan to another. and this way you don't have gaps
10:48 am
in protection and i think he's bullish in really protecting the manner public p. look, what he knows, and i think everybody in health care. i have been in health care over 30 year and i am an administrator in health care in my own hospital. and we realize that all of the regulations and man dates and everything that the obama government did, basically is like creating a project without considering the risk factors. when mr. trump builds a building, i want one here and the architects consider the weather, material and planning and soil. and then they build him this beautiful building and it stays put. and what we have now is a collapse was a health care program over the last eight years is falling on its own. >> premiums are going up and doctors don't accept it and no access to good doctors and
10:49 am
things. the new plan will take into consideration. fox news health. we have written articles that are around mr. trump. and newt geng rich with a big advideo kit of change. and today we have the ryan plan on line. and so look at all of the suggestions that people are bringing to the table. the president-elect will take the best things he considers and he will have is a different kind of health care plan. and the tip health care plan. and positive things for a long time. and be sustainable in the future. >> he talked about keeping 26 years old living with your parent and unemployment preexisting conditions. >> you will see it. keeping them on the planet and i think it is opening of cell in
10:50 am
state lines. and that is this year. and the problem with selling between to new jersey and connecticut. they have to get it approved from the state. and mike pence said healthy indiana plan and that is up right now. and that is giving the state more authority. and hospitals need to bring down the cost and figure out how things work and that's the problem. you reduce cost this is a sustainable plan. >> that could be a model. and celebration in health care in my opinion. take care. jenna. >> wildfires are raging cross the southeast and flames are live in the wild fire zone next.
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hi even, i'm sandra smith with the democrats seemingly in disarray, nancy pelosi, will she be out of a leadership position? we'll ask one of her potential challengers, ohio congressman tim ryan. plus could president-elect trump's son-in-law jared kushner become the second most powerful man in the white house? we will soon see. who exactly is this man? we take a deep dive on his background. and one former gop governor's name being thrown around as a cabinet member. we'll talk to him and others about the transition on "america's news headquarters". now this fox news alert, big story. wild fires raging across the southeast. some three dozen of them in the
10:55 am
region with the party rock fire in north carolina, burning through thousands it and thousands of acres. we have a look at this graphic. we can show you how half of north carolina, you can see how widespread it is. north carolina isn't alone. all of these states are battling fast moufing flames, including georgia and one fire has burned the area the size of manhattan. jonathan is live in georgia with more, jonathan. >> hi jenna, you can hear all of the activity going on on the loud speaker. firefighters have been working around the clock. some committing to 24 hours shifts and in many communities, we're talking about volunteer firefighters. in addition to the rugged terrain, they're also dealing with the fall leaves that are providing plenty of extra fuel for these fires. let's go back to that video from north carolina of the party rock fire. consumed more than 3800 acres across parts of three counties and only 15% contained.
10:56 am
adding to the dry conditions and rugged terrain, off reason that it is not used to deal with wild fires of this scale. >> people were saying they had been on fires in california and out west. and hey, i've seen them on tv. i don't want no part of it. we've had the blizzard of '93, the flood of '96, this is the worst thing i've ever been involved in. >> reporter: cities as far away as charlotte and atlanta health experts are aid vising people with respiratory conditions to limit their outdoor activities, but healthy people can expect irritate ld eyes and sore throats. and jenna, mother snach not cooperating. they are predicting a cold front to come in here over the weekend. and that's expected to bring dry conditions and potentially heavy winds further spreading the flames. you can see all the smoke behind me across that mountain. that's a fire about seven to eight miles behind me. so the situation continues,
10:57 am
zblaen. >> so many states affected. i don't knowthan, thank you. we'll be right back with more.
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call now and also get a free magnifier with led light! well thank you for spending the hour with us. >> "america's news headquarters" starts now. fox news alert, we are awaiting vice president joe biden and vice president-elect mike pence to come out at any moment after having lunch together in washington, d.c. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. we are taking a live look inside trump tower today as that's a rerevolvering door happening there as vips coming and going. all morning long and into the afternoon. mr. trump assuring that the public that everything is going smoothly behind those closed doors. after a big shake-up on the team vice president-elect mike pence purging all lobbyists from the ranks after receiving harsh criticism. doug mckelway joins us live from trump tower right now in new york city with the very latest on the


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