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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 17, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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and mike trout top the list for mvp players. thank you so much for being here. and "fox & friends" starts right now. see you tomorrow. good morning to you. it's thursday, november 17. i'm abby huntsman. draining the swamp and filling his cabinet, president-elect donald trump gearing up for another round of meetings today. so who is on the short list? keep it here. meanwhile, lefty new york city mayor bill de blasio bashing trump right in front of trump's house. >> we'll stand together. we're going to stand up for the needs of working people. we're going to stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters. >> so are sanctuary cities in danger? >> you mean illegal immigrant brothers and sisters. and he'll be the 45th president of the united states, so why are people taking their
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name off their luxury high-rise? think about that. let me remind you about our slogan, mornings are better with friends, and that will be you. have we turned on the heat or the beat? live from new york city, 48th and 6th avenue, the number one cable morning news show. who is on this morning? we hope to get the go-gos on live, but if we don't have the go-gos -- >> megyn kelly is joining us. and laura ingraham, just a few questions to ask them. >> three big-time newsmakers. it will be great to see ted cruz front and center. meanwhile, donald trump is continuing to interview people. the who's who of washington and business, a lot of big names are walking into trump tower. and the cameras are all adding
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to the intrigue. >> whoever goes in, you know, they wind up with all sorts of questions being asked. oh, mike pence, why would he be going upstairs? >> i have no idea. >> here's who we know is visiting today. some, of course, just advise the president-elect. others have their hat and resuée in hand. first up, dr. henry kissinger. >> that's an interesting one. what is he, 92 years old now? >> he's done it all. he can help donald trump. >> donald trump has spoken to him before and he was tight with secretary of state hillary clinton. this is a bit of a surprise. governor nicki laley haley is being considered for secretary of state. >> you have jeb hensarling for secretary of treasury. you have governor rick scott, he's not interested in a job.
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and then you've got -- >> looks like sara catz. >> and general jack keane and admiral mike rogers. >> and finally you get ken blackwell, the former cincinnati mayor. so a lot of people are going to be walking in the door at trump tower. and the press is going to speculate, oh, there goes sarah katz, what could she be in there for? >> i was reading an article about people criticizing donald trump for not picking people soon enough. here we are eight or nine days past the election, looking back in history, look at this. >> the earliest ready to go would be two mentions in week one, bush 41 in 1988. and two more in week two. but it is easier when vice president to turn around to say,
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i would like you to stay and you to stay and you to stay. then bill clinton, it took six weeks. bush, 43, as close as anybody ready to go because of a delay with the hanging chads. if you want one, six and eight, he doesn't start until week six. >> we apologize it is small print, but here's what is going on. reagan is perhaps regarded on the list of presidents as perhaps the greatest of all of them. and if you will notice, he did not make the majority of his appointments to the cabinet until the sixth week, much like bill clinton. >> maybe president-elect trump should wake six weeks to drive everybody insane. >> i tell you what is interesting, for people to come out to say it's chaotic and no one knows what is going on in trump tower. the speculation is insulting. number one, hasn't he, after what he just pulled off in a year and a half run for the presidency and pulling off the biggest upset in modern political history, get a little bit of a benefit of the doubt
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that his management style seems to have worked out. and if things aren't going well, like for example -- >> you know how the mainstream media works. the republican, they are going to make it look like he doesn't know what he's doing. everything is in chaos. >> "the new york times" said they are going to be more transparent. they will focus on all sides of the issue. they are going to take a step back and handle things differently going forward, right? >> for instance, mike flynn is being considered for national security and "good morning america" got an exclusive and tweeted this out, president-elect, real donald trump, announces michael flynn as his national security advisor. there's a problem, it was wrong. >> you don't usually count on "good morning america's" twitter account to get it right. usually they are re-tweeting somebody from the abc account. when i saw this, that is unusual. they were wrong.
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>> jason was on with megyn kelly last night and said lieutenant general michael flynn is the national security advisor for president-elect trump. and jaycee miller answered this way. >> "good morning america" is reporting that lieutenant general michael flynn is selected as national security advisor, is that true? >> no formal announcement. general flynn has been campaigning on the trail quite a bit over the last few months. >> are you denying it? will you deny it here? >> i'm saying he would be a fantastic addition somewhere to the administration. i'll let the president-elect make that decision. >> when are we going to get that decision? >> i'm a huge fan of general flynn. >> he's probably going to get the job, but it's not announced yet. >> then "good morning america" did walk it back, but it's a
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lesson, let's take a deep breath as oprah reminded us last week. let's all be patient. he's never done this before. president-elect trump has never run for president before in this position. let's let him figure it out. >> but he's put together a management team. and this is the ultimate management team. and he's a businessman and he's going to do it right. we have seen "the apprentice." that takes 13 weeks to wind up with a winner, doesn't it? >> it's very interesting he went back on -- he went back -- i think today's headline is, back. mike pence takes over on the transition team and says, let's get rid of all the lobbyists. he does it. yesterday it comes out, anybody who jumps aboard the trump team won't be able to lobby for five years. he's staying true to his word of what he wants to accomplish. also some of the names he's bringing in there, jamie diamond is getting another look at secretary treasury. diamond goes, i don't know if
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i'm qualified. and henry mcmaster as attorney general. and it could be interesting to see what women get jobs. what minorities get jobs. i think he'll go out of his way to do that. >> i don't think new york city, lefty mayor bill de blasio showed up yesterday to audition. keep in mind when he was running for president of the united states last year, donald trump referred to him as the worst mayor in america. but then again, mr. de blasio said mr. trump is dangerous. there's mr. de blasio coming out, he's a tall drink of water. >> you don't think there's anything left for him in the administration? maybe not. >> he essentially went into trump tower and lectured the president about the sanctuary city that we're all sitting in right now. listen to this. >> i just met with president-elect trump. the purpose of the meeting was for me to assert to him the concerns and the needs of all
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new yorkers. i thought it was very important, particularly as the president-elect begins his transition for him to hear the voices of the people. and i reiterated to him that this city and so many cities around the country will do all we can to protect our residences and to make sure families are not torn apart. i left the meeting with the door open for more dialogue. i reiterated to the president-elect that i would be open-minded as we continue substantive discussions, but i would also be vigilant. and i would be swift to reaction any time an action is taken that will undermine the people of the new york city. >> use that power. meanwhile, it's good he's meeting with the democrat. evidently chuck schumer has called and they have spoken three times, that is with donald trump, president-elect.
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locally, you can't get down fifth avenue. >> it's so true. >> the traffic is so bad. bill de blasio said yesterday, i will not tell you that gucci and tiffany are my central concerns in my life. >> he needs a reminder of what makes money in the city. >> all the people working at gucci and tiffany are working -- >> there's a disconnect. are you the mayor of new york city? >> that's one of the most beautiful areas. the gucci store and tiffany's is there. he takes shot at people with money. it's nonstop. >> tax them again. we'll keep you posted. >> someone who loves tiffany's like myself is our beautiful heather. good morning to all of you. a couple news headlines to bring you right now, hillary clinton appearing at her first concessions speech at a
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children's event. clinton said she was crushed by the election loss. >> now i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> well, speaking of hillary clinton, civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson is calling on president obama to pardon her about her private e-mail scandal before the president leaves office. >> president obama should grant a monumental pardon of hillary clinton. >> talking to rudy giuliani about that, he said it is possible for the president to do. and now bernie sanders is saying there's no way he's
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responsible for clinton's loss. sanders telling "the washington post," quote, i say to those critics, number one, you can argue the exact reverse that maybe i would have been elected president of the united states. he went on to say, if anything, his supporters, quote, helped strengthen clinton's campaign. well, one gold letter at a time, actually, this is about donald trump, the name just removed from three apartment buildings in new york city. residents who lived in the building started a petition to remove the names off of them as a way to protest mr. trump's presidential campaign. the building's management team claiming they are now adopting a neutral building identity that appears to all current and future presidents. really? >> i think they pay a licenses fee to put trump on the outside. so is that a good financial business? >> he shouldn't feel bad. george washington when quoted when why he was asked not to go
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for a third term, he said that 50% of the country would dislike me. and i don't want to get involved in that. so if washington can't get the vote, trump may have a hard time, too. >> college students call them thee instead of he or she, it's a tough choice. texas was a toss-up and our next guest said, no way. he was right. and now he may have a spot in top trump white house. texas agricultural commissioner sid miller is live from texas. good morning to you, ted. and there's a brand new plan in the works to make police departments more inclusive to potheads. wait until you hear about this. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan."
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well, he predicted a donald trump win from the beginning and stood by him when the mainstream media said trump would lose by a landslide. >> the polls are wrong. they are oversampling democrats from 8% to 6%. they are oversampling women 5% to 8%. they are undersampling republicans, but there's 20% to 25% of the elected that have never voted before. and these are all donald trump
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fans. there's not anybody in texas in the middle of the road. we have a saying, the only thing you find in texas in the middle of the road is red stripes and dead armadillo. >> and joining us is the agricultur agriculturalist from texas, sid miller. sid, you are a jeeps ygenius. >> you're right. >> over the last few days, your name has been rumored to be the secretary of agriculture in a trump administration. i know you've been on the phone with the transition team, is that a job you'd be interested in? >> well, i would certainly consider it. it's one of the things not to make a snap decision about. i would want to pray about it, talk to my family and i'm certainly interested in it. >> i know you're on the conference call with the transition team with shaun splicer and ed miller.
3:19 am
was there a call out there for people listening in with a suggestion? >> i think the main thing that came out of that meeting, everyone was put on notice that anyone that was signed up to be a part of the trump administration would have to sign an agreement they would not lobby for five years. so that's helping to drain the swamp right there. that's a good step. >> that's exactly what the people want, right? they want to see a leader go to washington, d.c. and actually keep a promise or two. >> well, you know, people want their representatives to go up there and the administration to go and do their job and not go up there to pad the mess. i think that's a good move. >> a lot of the names are speculation right now, but ultimately, what was it you were seeing from texas that said to your gut, you know, trump's going to win this thing? >> well, it was just many of the rallies. donald trump, if you go to one of his rallies, there would be 10,000 people, maximum capacity, another 8,000 to 10,000 people outside.
3:20 am
and you would see a clinton rally and a thousand. they would go to the next one and it would be 20,000. she would have 500. and it was just a surge of people that had really never been engaged before, hasn't been engaged for a long time. so it told me that the polls couldn't possibly be right. so we researched them and found out that the polls were wrong. and basically i was proven right. >> you were, indeed. sid miller, the texas agriculture commissioner, sid, thank you for joining us today from austin, texas. >> thank you. god bless. >> god bless you and god bless america. do you remember when the obama administration spied on angela merkel? we'll tell you why that is back in the headlines. and president-elect taking a lot of heat for adding steve bannon to his team. but is the media telling the whole story? obviously not. we're going to separate fact from fiction coming up.
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welcome back. the afghan that has been accused of setting off the bomb in new york city is facing life in prison. and the son of a famous new york city jeweler is being grilled for the murder of a missing connecticut man. investigators say james rackover hosted a party where a 26-year-old was last seen on a
3:25 am
saturday. his body was just discover in a suitcase in a shallow grave in new jersey. so sad. brian, over to you. many are criticizing president-elect donald trump's choice as to steve bannon as white house chief strategist. the anti-defamation league writes this, quote, it is a sad day when a man who presided over the premier website of the alt right, a loose-knit group of white nationalists and unabashe slated to be a senior staff member in the people's house." what is your take on this, morton klein? >> this is -- adl is absolutely ridiculous.
3:26 am
you know, in the '50s and '60s when law firms were anti-semitic, they wouldn't hire jews to work there. steve bannon has a number of jews that work for him, gay people, anti-semitics wouldn't do that. and when we fought anti-semitic at colleges, steve bannon called repeatedly and said, how are you going to fight the anti-semitism. here's an article that is responsible for the anti-semitism? here's an article about swastikas being drawn in new york city schools. and they wouldn't highlight such things. when it comes to israel, every article about israel is positive and supported. the article about the passion authority, they exposed the fact that the house exposes violence against jews, this guy is the
3:27 am
opposite of anti-semite. i find the adl a disgrace and asked them to apologize for the disgraceful character assassination. >> i have spoken to somebody who used to work at breitbart and said he has nothing to say about this. i want to bring this up, that donald trump has a son-in-law who is jewish who converted to judai judaism. why would he ever promote the hiring of steve bannon in the primary process, in the electoral process and now in the white house process? >> you're exactly right. his son was an orthodox jew, as
3:28 am
is his daughter now. and people around him are the most posal people i have seen in any administration. mike pence, rudy giuliani, mike huckab huckabee, do you think they would tolerate an anti-semite amongst them? it is completely absurd. and the liberal democrat, supporter of obama, came out yesterday defending bannon saying this is an outrage. this is not anti-semitism. they are demeaning the word of anti-semitism by accusing this pro-jewish man of this nonsense. >> bernie sanders is pro-jewish of any person who was very challenging to israel on a regular basis. he said he wants the president-elect to take steve bannon out of the mix. i don't see that happening. and you have a three-month trial run. when he came aboard, was there anything anti-semitic about the presidency that ultimately culminated in him winning?
3:29 am
>> well, on the contrary, his platform is the most pro-israel platform of any party in history. why would he bring on an anti-semite who wouldn't want to implement that platform? this is all simply the democrats want to harm the republican party and ruin trump's credibility. it's all about politics, because they have not said a word about keith ellison up for being the head of the democratic national committee. a man who called israel an apartheid state. said we shouldn't kill people in paris because they want to be martyrs. a man who has taken money from care, who won't condemn hamas by name. >> we are going to talk about that later because he would be the next dnc chair. morton klein, thank you so much. coming up, one man has a message for the anti-trump protesters. >> what are you protesting, the american political process, the
3:30 am
electoral college, the constitution? no, you didn't get your way. go back to starbacks and go back to arguing about your latte getting messed up. and brand new plans in the works to make the police department more inclusive to those who smoke pot.
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the college whiny kids are our responsibility. >> he's looking right at us and he's a fast-talking internet star from texas who is turning the tables on those anti-trump protesters. >> there he is. the tv host and man behind the video chat, chad, good to see you this morning. a lot of people saw it and said, that's exactly how i was feeling. i was baby sitting my nephew who threw a tantrum, he's 2 years old, he didn't stop whining until i gave him what he wanted. and in a way it reminded me of this country. people are whining and complaining until they get whatever it is they want. >> well, that's exactly what we're looking at, is people who are curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth, sucking their thumb, humming "jesus loves me." they don't know why they are mad, but they don't feel right about it. so why not take to the streets and damage property and chant words that we didn't even know what they meant three weeks ago,
3:35 am
such as xenophobia. people just don't feel good about the situation. >> some of the teachers are compliant. some of the high school teachers say, you can walk out now. a lot of the professors in colleges are doing the same thing. they are pushing kids, not only for hug rooms, but also to go out to protest. like, for example, rutgers yesterday, they announced there would be a protest. here's what they were saying. >> the president disrespected people, my people, i'm black and hispanic, he disrespected my people, not just racially my people, but people as women. and i don't think that's fair to a country that is so diverse. >> i would say that we're pretty divided and a lot of people are terrified. >> but, at the end of the day, he is our president. he's just not a president i like. >> what do you think about that? >> well, that last statement is absolutely true.
3:36 am
he is your president. and everybody going around saying that donald trump is not my president, well, guess what? hillary clinton is not your president either. regardless of what you think about it or feel about it, the reality of the matter is the electoral process worked in this country. it has for centuries and hasn't changed. we've received what we've gotten in donald trump. the cleveland indians played the chicago cubs in seven games in the world series. they both scored 27 runs each. and guess what? the cubs won. now, there are people that could protest and say, well, cleveland got 27 runs too in seven games. maybe they should share the title. that's not how the process works. >> chad, watching your whole spiel there, i was struck by the fact that, you know, you ponder how we got to the stage where we've got all the snowflakes running loose on the college campuses. and you, you draw the conclusion that we have your generation, the parents of these kids to blame. explain for our audience what you're talking about.
3:37 am
>> well, of course, it wasn't meant to the be an exhaustive difference on the generation because there are nuances. the baby boomers were off doing their thing. generation x, a lot of times we fill the quality of time with things. generation x wanted to spend all the time with kids and nurture their kids. they wanted to make sure they never heard the word no. and it went all the way to giving them emotional satisfaction. so these kids have gotten trophies for everything in life. they have never heard the word "no." when something doesn't go your way, now they don't have the ability to process that. how do i deal with disappointment? how do i deal with rejection? i don't have any ability, i don't have the inner workings to know how to process that. so what do i do? i cry about it. and that is what we're facing today. >> i'm just curious, donald
3:38 am
trump did say controversial things all along the way, i don't know if it is just all about him winning. >> i'll be fair, i have had people come back to me, when i post the videos, people want to argue and say, when barack obama won the presidency, people protested. i'm not condoning that either. if you're just whining because you're disappointed, that is not a first amendment protest. the first amendment gives the opportunity to petition the government in the case of a grievance. just because donald trump is perceived as a big meanie, does not mean you have first amendment right to file a grievance. >> if you haven't seen his video, go find it. chad, good to see you. thank you for being here. >> you, too. thank you for having me on. now to heather for headlines this morning. >> if you are up for baby sitting, i'm going to call you sometime. >> i just give kids what they
3:39 am
want. >> good morning to all of you. hope you're having a good day. president barack obama visiting german chancellor angela merkel for his last time in office. things between the two certainly hitting a bit of a snag after she found out that the administration, the tsa, was spying on her. >> spying on allies is a waste of energy in the end. we have so many problems and i think we should cops trait on the essentials. >> all that seems to be water under the bridge now as president obama lands in berlin. the president also arriving hat in hand after assuring one of our closest allies. the president-elect donald trump would not get elected. one minute they were snorkeling, the next minute they were dead. two french tourists had heart attacks off the great barrier reef in australia. they were 74 and 76 years old. both had pre-existing medical conditions. some doctors say they may have gone into shock after being stung by tiny jellyfish that apparently sting 100 times
3:40 am
stronger than a cobra. a coroner is still working on official cause of death. and witnesses watching in horror as a hot air balloon makes a crash landing in a park packed with children in philadelphia. that basket dragd across the ground sending all four on board flying out. >> i thought it was about to crash into this tree. it landed, anybody who was in it fell out. >> well, the pilot first told police he was running out of fuel but later backtracked calling the landing standard. no one was hurt. and you have the right to remain stoned? the police departments across the country are scaling back this requirement for recruits. it's an interesting one. a lot of debate about that. i'll see you back soon. >> does that mean you could have smoked pot in the past or you're a pot smoker right now? >> i think so, yeah. let's ask janice dean, she may
3:41 am
have the answer to that. >> i don't think so. this is my first week, abby. play it safe, all right? next week anything is up for grabs. people are talking about snow. we have our first blizzard in the works, but first of all, look at our temperatures. you can see where it is warm across the central u.s. that's about to change as a cold front and a big blizzard are moving your way across the rockies and the upper midwest. blizzard warnings are now in effect for areas of the dakotas up towards minnesota. so that's the region we'll see blizzard conditions. but widespread snow for millions of folks from the rockies and the northern plains in the upper midwest. the first big snow of the season and the coldest temperatures so far. all right, steve, brian, abby, back to you. thank you, janice. and thanksgiving is one week from today. >> for the record, we're getting reports that janice is not high. >> as far as we know. coming up straight ahead, a roadside bomb took both his legs in afghanistan. now he's florida's newest member of congress.
3:42 am
so how did he get there? we'll ask congressman-elect brian mast coming up shortly. and hillary clinton is quick to blame james comey for losing the election, but judge napolitano says she can only blame herself. there he is, he's going to join us on the couch next. >> really? (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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3:46 am
neighborhood flattening a house, killing one person. the explosion rocking nearby homes and throwing debris hundreds of yards. a smoking crater as you can see right there. now it's all that's left. the cause of that blast is also under investigation. all right. well, rather than taking the fault, hillary clinton is blaming her election loss on the fbi. and the next guest points out this only reflects a gross mismanagement of the country's top law enforcement agency. >> yep. look in the mirror, lady. here to explain, fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolita napolitano. you heard this and it really bothered you. >> it bothers me because james comey has been taken the fbi where it has never been before. but it is not the fbi's fault, it is mrs. clinton's fault. she failed. the evidence of her guilt is overwhelming, that she failed to secure state secrets. and the evidence that the fbi
3:47 am
did not conduct a proper investigation is overwhelming. so why didn't the fbi conduct a proper investigation? because somebody somewhere north of jim comey said, we don't want her indicted. we want her exonerated. no matter what the evidence is against her. why did the fbi reopen the investigation 11 days before election day? well, they felt what they found was a treasure-trove of e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop. but it was not a treasure-trove. it didn't work for the justice department, they didn't have a grand jury. without a grand jury, no subpoenas. without a grand jury, no search warrants. judges will say this is not a serious investigation. and then when he said, in the middle of the summer, we're not going to indict her. but proceeded to outline all the evidence against her, he infuriated the agents, people that we hear from off the record, in the investigation, why are you doing this to us? and why didn't you follow through on what we gave?
3:48 am
>> do you think the outcome of the election would have been different had james comey not come out two weeks before to say we're reopening the investigation? >> mrs. clinton think that is. i once thought that until election night. when i sat with the number crunchers over in the new studio. and i could hear them saying, you know, romney won this county by 5,000. trump's got to win it by 7,000. wait a minute, he's winning it by 25,000, over and over again in blue-collar areas. whatever you think of donald trump, he struck the nerve of the forgotten blue-collar voter, forgotten by the government, forgotten by the democrats, forgotten by the obama administration. she was part of all that. >> sure. judge, it's one thing, i'm sure -- well, maybe president-elect trump will look into what happened to the irs targeting, maybe. but what happened to hillary clinton in the white house is
3:49 am
heartbreaking. >> does he want to turn the page, forget about history and move forward? >> donald trump hedged on that in a "60 minutes" interview. >> he needs more information before he can make the decision. >> you can go to and the washington terms in d.c. will be online in an hour. and will he drain the swamp like donald trump has promised? we'll talk to congress-elect brian mast. good morning, sir.
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3:53 am
we're back with this incredible story. u.s. army veteran brian math served this country for more than 12 years fielingting in the military in afghanistan. he went on to win a congressional seat in the swing state of florida. joining us now is florida congressman-elect brian mass.
3:54 am
walk people through your incredible story. six years ago you were in afghanistan. hit by a roadside bomb. your life changed forever. >> it did. you know, i was working under the cover of darkness in afghanistan. special operations. basically, i found one bomb too many. i was a bomb technician and i woke up a week later in walter reed hospital. i made the commitment to my wife that i was not going to let the best defense of our country be behind me. i decided to run for office. >> donald trump says you got to drain the swamp. why did you want to get to washington and make a difference? >> it's exactly that reason. it's to come here and fight the way we do it on the battlefield. if you are a soldier, a service member from any branch of the military, when you go into the battlefield, you fight for this country.
3:55 am
you don't fight for personal gain or anything else. you are fighting for the right reasons and that has to be the way that you do it in washington, d.c. the battle cry, drain the swamp. that's not about getting rid of the people that work up here. it's about the way to go about business. making sure we feel washington, d.c. with people that serve selflessly and strong and know how to fight for this place. >> something you are really passionate about is va reform and changes that are needed there. what do you hope to change? >> you know, the va is servicing people that love this country so much that they were willing to give the last breath in their lungs. what they deserve back is love and anybody that works at the va that isn't giving them the love that they deserve, the care that they deserve, needs to be gotten rid of immediately. the veterans serviced by the va, their commitment was to serve
3:56 am
every person across this land. it's what they deserve. it's what they have to have. >> you are talking so much about service. you've seen what's going on around this country right now. the protesters saying that president-elect trump is not their president. some folks burning the american flag. what is your message to them? >> burning the american flag is not an act of activistism. look at people like pat tillman who went out there and served for the army rangers and willing to give his life. that's what true activism looks like. >> brian, good to have you here. good luck to you. coming up, are democrats ready to say so long to nancy pelosi? next hour, you are going to meet the man who could take her job as minority leader. a huge show coming ahead,
3:57 am
senator ted cruz, judge alex ferrer and megyn kelly are joining us right here.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, november 17th. i'm abby huntsman. president-elect donald trump gearing up for another round of meetings today. who is on the short list? keep it right here. plus they are protesting the election, but did they even bother to vote last tuesday? >> i didn't even vote because i was so disillusioned this whole thing has been a wake-up call to myself and so many other people my age that are just disillusioned with politics. >> if you don't vote, you can't complain, can you? coming up, a message for those protesters that you don't want to miss. are democrats ready to say so long to nancy pelosi?
4:01 am
you are about to meet the man who could make her job as minority leader. pretty intriguing. sit back. get dressed. your mornings are better with friends. >> it's "fox & friends." today, coming up in less than a half hour, ted cruz. we have lots to ask him about. also, megyn kelly is going to join the show. >> and laura ingraham is here. she's going something to think about and maybe being the next press secretary for donald trump. >> we've got abby huntsman today. >> good to be back. i was in scranton, pennsylvania the last couple of days. >> you've been all over the country in the last couple of weeks.
4:02 am
>> with pancakes. >> who has got the best home fries? >> florida has got some good ones. >> i love this. i asked it was at the diner? she said i you always wanted to be a waitress. we start here, a series of high-profile meetings set for today with president-elect donald trump. >> who is walking in the tower? scpl and he's taking steps to fulfill his campaign promise to drain the swamp. >> robert schmidt joins us live about the day ahead as he looks for folks for his cabinet. >> reporter: this is rough news for a lot of people in washington, d.c. donald trump's drain the swamp sle began really connected with voters and many in d.c. vying for a spot need to know if you want to be a lobbyist or on the
4:03 am
staff. the new rule is if you want to work for him, you have to agree to not be a lobbyist for five years. some of the a-listers heading to trump tower. nikki haley, a contender for secretary of state. >> no formal announcement yet for the position. general flynn met with the president-elect today. he's been a companion on the campaign trail quite a bit as we've seen. >> are you denying? will you deny it here? >> i'm saying he would be a fantastic addition to the administration. >> when will we get the decision? >> i leave that to -- >> you think tomorrow? >> leave that to the
4:04 am
president-elect. mr. trump said today would be the soonest he would announce his final white house team. guys, i still can't get over seeing ted cruz walk into trump tower. >> that would have been great. >> never thought that would happen. i would miss general jack here, but man would he be strong and does he have universal respect from democrats and republicans. both presidents kind of tapped in. >> last 12 years. >> hopefully return our calls. here we are, after a week and a half after the election, all we know for sure is that reince priebus is his chief of staff and steve bannon is chief strategist. everything else is speculation. the mainstream media is -- >> when you look at the chart, our brain room has put together a ka chart of past presidential appointments, far left, the number of weeks after they were elected, as you look, richard
4:05 am
nixon made all of his selections in the sixth week and carter, for get about him. but you go over to ronald reagan, most of his appointments came a month and a half after he was elected president. >> meanwhile, the media is freaking out. >> do you think? >> not only are they talking about this, they are in hysterics about the fact that we're eight days past election day and he hasn't picked one cabinet member. someone i always live listening to is charles krauthammer. here's what he said about this coverage. take a listen. >> i think the coverage is slightly over the top, in fact. it's remarkably over the top. first of all, as you showed in that chart, historically there's nothing unusual about not having made an announcement after one week and one day. second, the trump campaign has been described as in disarray since about january and he won the election. a third, i don't think there's
4:06 am
any question that if we come to inauguration day and we don't have, say, a secretary of commerce nominated, the foundations of the republic will not be threatened. >> he also says there's a swim suit portion of the show will be coming up shortly. some of the other names kind of interesting, governor perry who quickly went from adversary to ally, he's looking to be lined up as energy secretary. henry mcmaster possibly ag along with our guest coming up shortly, senator ted cruz. they are trying to convince jamie diemon involved as well as treasury secretary. it seems like the stock market is going through the roof. investors are elated about it. they were originally on the fence with it. >> after he was elected, the stock market futures on wednesday morning went down 700 points, but we've since had a
4:07 am
great big rise. >> what krauthammer said, the media reported about his campaign being in disarray, from january to election day. people love to assume they know what's going on behind the scenes. >> apparently, joe biden didn't get the memo because yesterday he met with mike pence on the steps of the naval observatory where mr. pence is going to be living, and rather than, you know, go ahead and buy into the narrative by the mainstream media everything is in chaos, it's terrible. i'm confident on day one, everything will be in good hands. he also said they didn't know what they were doing when they got in there on day one. >> that's the reality. >> i like the way of donald trump's method of running things is this. i have a person in place. if ner not working out. i'll get a new person in place. i'm going to march forward.
4:08 am
i'm not afraid to make change. it's not a big deal. the lobbyists are out, a new person is in charge and we move forward. he deserves the benefit of the doubt. he won. >> yeah. take a deep breath. >> we've been following the protests around the country over the past week or so and rutgers university, the latest college to take to the streets, calling themselves a sanctuary campus, but the question is do they even know what they are protesting? take a look at some of the footage we've got. >> this is a fine example of how we need to come together to show support for everybody, and everybody who is going through situations where, you know, maybe they are in fear that, you know, their mom, their aunt, they may not feel safe to be here anymore because a man is threatening to send them back to wherever they came from, which is extremely disrespectful. >> i didn't even vote because i was so disillusioned, but this whole thing has been a wake-up call to myself and so many other people my age that are just
4:09 am
disillusioned with politics. >> i would say that we're pretty divided and a lot of people are terrified. >> to me, rutgers should be a sanctuary campus because there are people from so many different backgrounds here. schools and institutions, again, are places where people from all different backgrounds come together. so if that's not the case, then what's the purpose. >> i voted for hillary clinton. i'm disapientd and upset as any other person. i think what we need to be prepared for is to bring pressure to bear against the administration if they try to take action that's disruptive or abusive. >> at the end of the day, he's our president. he's just not a president i like. >> you don't have to like him but he's the president of the united states. so who are all these kids on campus? we had chad prather with us about a half an hour ago. he's on a tv show down in dallas. he had these observations about who those people on the campuses and elsewhere actually are. >> well, that's exactly what we're looking at is people who
4:10 am
are, you know, curled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, sucking their thumb and singing jesus loves me. they have no idea. chant words we didn't know what they meant three weeks ago such as misogyny and xenophobe i can't. when something doesn't go your way, now they don't have the ability to process that. how do i deal with disappointment? rejection? >> i think all these $100 million of ads making donald trump into a cartoon character have made these students outraged. how could we elect this guy? when in reality the people that know him, you know, he ran a campaign to win. took no prisoners. like something we haven't seen before, but i never thought this reaction would still be
4:11 am
happening. this is over a week. >> you know what, it's getting cold, and they are not going to be outside when it's really cold. >> we'll see how long it continues. >> it's going to continue until the inauguration. >> i'm not sure. >> the 20th of january and -- >> whether they like it or not, president-elect trump is going to be the next president. that's the reality of it. >> deal with it. folk. >> let's go over to heather nauert. good morning, we're talking about hillary clinton as you were just talking about donald trump. she made her first public concession speech of sorts since her crushing loss to donald trump. speaking at a children's defense fund event. she says she's crushed by losing. >> coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> meantime, civil rights leader
4:12 am
jesse jackson calling on president obama to pardon her about that private email server before he leaves office. voter concerns now plaguing the race for north carolina's governor. the allegations discover several hundred ballots may have been filled out by the very same person. governor pat mccrory is currently trailing his challenger by 5,000 votes. deadliest catch star beaten, robbed, and left for dead on the side of the road. >> skull and brain injuries. he claims while driving home from the casino in washington state, a man in the backseat of his car suddenly attacked him. he woke up on the side of the road without his wallet and his casino winnings. those were both gone.
4:13 am
two suspects are under arrest this may look like an ordinary skyscraper in new york city. it turns out this building could be spying on you. it's referred to as the long line building. it's in new york city. it was built back in 1974 to house at&t's world wide network, but according to an investigation by the intercept, it actually houses an nsa megacenter code named titan point. whistle-blower edward snowden referred to it in leaked documents. >> it's a crazy skyscraper because there are no windows. >> i know. we see that when we're in new york city. coming up on this thursday, is the democrats love affair with nancy pelosi finally about to be over? up next, you are about to meet the man who could take her job as minority leader. and the robertson family has
4:14 am
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4:18 am
there could be a shake-up in the democratic ranks after some crushing election day losses. house minority leader nancy pelosi's position may actually be in jeopardy as many democrats question is there time for a change. ohio congressman tim ryan is mulling a bid for the position. he joins us now. she promised to pick up a bunch of seats so you would be in the majority again. that didn't work out. is it time for some new ideas? >> no question about it. it is time for a new direction, a new way of doing business, a new democratic party. a democratic party 2.0 in which, you know, we got a lot of people work really hard in this past election and it didn't work out, and it hasn't worked out. it didn't work out in '10. it didn't work out in '14.
4:19 am
it didn't work out in '16. there's time to look at a new way of doing it. >> was congresswoman nancy pelosi trying to scare you off by saying hey, i got 2/3 of my caucus behind me. here's my part. mr. ryan, run along. i've got it in the bag. >> there's all kinds of gamesmanship. i'm an irishman. i'm always ready for a good fight. it's about the direction of the democratic party and the role we play in the united states of america. if the democratic party is not strong, i believe that many, many interests can take over with the best interests of average people are that are in youngstown, ohio, and right now we've got the republican party that's controlling the house, the senate, and the white house.
4:20 am
we need them for governing. >> your party had all sorts of things it put out there. it's time to refocus on things that people care about, isn't it? >> i think that the message from the earthquake that happened on tuesday was that we weren't talking about jobs and the economy and providing opportunity. the great blue fire wall that was pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, and almost even minnesota collapsed for us because we weren't talking about those lunch bucket issues. we talk too much about job retraining, getting retrained to run a computer when our folks want to run a backhoe. they want to sling concrete and we got to talk to those people who take a shower after work and not just those people who take a shower before work. >> what a good point. interesting stuff. tim ryan who like to be the house minority leader. tim, thank you very much for joining us live today from capitol hill. meanwhile, still ahead on
4:21 am
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4:24 am
here's your news by the numbers. for 20 million barrels, that could be the largest untapped oil deposit ever just discovered in texas. the find in midland, texas, is worth an estimated $900 billion. look out saudi arabia. we're coming for you. next, $850,000, that's how much an unknown bidder bid to
4:25 am
buy the oldest ten commandments. >> one year, that's how long pretty -- president trump is out of the oval office. security upgrades have not been made and he's leaving -- and president obama is leaving it up to trump. >> i will urge the president-elect and incoming administration to think long and hard before they are endangering the status of what for all practical purposes are american kids. >> about before president-elect
4:26 am
trump can take action, does president obama have the power to pardon these illegal immigrants? >> and would he do it before he left? let's talk to dade county circuit judge. could president of the united states pardon, a blanket pardon for illegals? >> i'm completely opposed to illegal immigration. i agree with the president on this. i've met children who grew up here and played with your kids. it's heart breaking when you personalize -- when you meet them. that being said, legally, yes, he could pardon them. he can do a blanket pardon just the same way that president carter pardoned all the draft dodgers. he could do it in unnamed individuals who violated this
4:27 am
law or he could do it the way president ford pardoned president nixon with crimes committed within these dates. however, it becomes very difficult -- because immigration laws are massive, massive. -- >> pardon them from wall? >> exactly. you can't do a blanket pardon because you are pardoning people who are already deported. >> what age are you doca? did you come here at 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11? what do you say? >> you have so many laws that you would have to pardon for that you would have to cherry pick among the hundreds and hundreds of immigration laws. people who came here legally, illegally. legally and overstayed. people who failed to depart. people who did identity theft in order to hide their identity. people who did social security fraud, tax fraud. gave false statements. so you have all of that mess on top of which -- the president can only pardon for criminal offenses. >> judge, i don't think he's going to be doing this.
4:28 am
>> 65% of the american public wants a pathway to citizenship. where's the president's power and mayor's powers with regard to sanctuary city? >> the sanctuary city concept is subsumed together. you have people -- americans view it very differently because sanctuary cities will do several different things. there are some sanctuary cities. we'll put you over in traffic and we realize you are not legal but we're not going to turn you over to the feds. most americans are thinking, no, your sanctuary cities are protecting people who go out and commit a crime. they have them in jail, after they finish with the conviction, then they don't turn them over to the feds and they let them go and everybody is opposed to that and should be. some people are opposed to all of it. the feds really can't force the
4:29 am
state to enforce federal law. they legally can't. >> they can hold the cash. >> that's where the power is. in other words, if they go to a city, you don't have to help us because typically you put an i.c.e. detainer, you are holding so and so, we want them. when you finish, they say you are being held for ice. if you are not going to help us, we're not going to give you any federal funds. that is a motivating factor. these cities beg for the money. they have the power of the purse. there's no crime in failing to enforce federal law. >> coming up, senator ted cruz seen going to meetings in trump tower this week, but does that mean he's got a role in the trump white house?
4:30 am
the senator is here live to react to some of those rumors next. maybe they aren't friends after all. what bernie sanders said about hillary clinton's brutal loss next.
4:31 am
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joining us now a guy that we do not see enough and he's back in the fray, was just in new york city. a little angry, you were around the block. ted cruz, good morning to you back. how was your visit with the president-elect? >> it was very productive. i spent several hours in trump tower. had a chance to meet with the president-elect, the vice president-elect, senior members of the transition team and i think we had very good and productive conversations about how we can work together to
4:34 am
really deliver on the promises made to the american people. this election was a powerful mandate for change. i think the american people overwhelmingly said we want to change the path we're on and i'm eager and committed to working with president-elect trump, to working with the new administration, to get it done, to actually delivering on what we told the voters we would do. >> when you say work with president-elect trump, are you talking about in the capacity as a u.s. senator or in the capacity of somebody on his cabinet or an executive level job in the administration? >> well, listen, i have an incredible job right now representing 27 million texans. i'm incredibly honored to hold that job. it's a job i take very seriously. i'm eager to work with the new president in whatever capacity i can have the greatest impact defending the principles that i was elected to defend, defending the principles of freedom, defending the substitution, and we spent a -- con city tugs and we spent a great deal of time
4:35 am
talking about how when the voters give republicans control of the white house, control of every branch, senate and the house. we got to deliver. it's time to put up and shut up. i think there are incredible opportunities. i'm looking forward to working very closely with president trump to deliver on his promise to repeal obamacare. i'm looking forward to working closely with president trump to confirming strong supreme court justices and protecting the constitutional rights of americans. >> there's been a lot of criticism from media saying that the campaign or the administration is in total chaos. they don't know what they are doing. they have not appointed yet a cabinet position. what was your sense being behind closed doors there with president-elect trump? is it in total disarray? >> no, of course not. that was complete silliness. nobody should be p surprised that there are media critics who tried to throw rocks at the president-elect. it's a transition team.
4:36 am
they don't want the president to succeed. what i saw was men and women working hard with an enormous task in front of them. a task of bringing together a new administration, of hopefully talented principles, effective leaders. leaders who will be loyal to the president and loyal to the agenda that he campaigned on, that we promised the american people, and any transition is like drinking from a fire hose. you got an enormous amount of work to do in a short period of time. they are working hard to get it done. >> these questions are easy to duck and i don't think you will. that's my way of making you guilty. did he come up and say i need help on my first 100 days? or was it how do you feel about attorney general? can you confirm it was brought up that ted cruz possibly joining the donald trump? >> we had a far-reaching
4:37 am
conversation and it was a good opportunity to talk about the election, about the challenges facing the country, and i'll tell you really the heart of what we talked about is how we actually solve those challenges, how we get it done. president-elect trump campaigned on making america great again. i think that is something the voters desperately want to see come to pass and have happen. president-elect trump is serious about making it happen. and from my end, i'm eager, i'm excited for the opportunity we have to come together and get the job done. that's what our conversation focused on. >> sure, would it be safe to say -- it sounds like you and donald trump are pretty much on the same page? >> he and i have been fighting for a long time for many of the very same principles. >> oh, we remember. >> but, listen, the election was an incredible mandate. you know, as you know, awm the polls, all the pundits, said
4:38 am
donald trump couldn't win. on election night, i think the clinton campaign had popped the champagne bottles and they were celebrating. a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. the voters showed up. they didn't give donald trump a win. it wasn't a resounding mandate. it was not a 271 electoral vote. it was like winning pennsylvania, that was a mandate of saying we're going to change. >> the campaign was maybe more personal to you and your family than anyone else, and you are now saying it is country before myself. it is country before party, and that's why you are accepting the results. not everybody is as you know. protests around the country, people not wanting to accept president-elect trump as their next president. what is your message to them? >> well, you know, we have seen hypocrisy on rank display from the left. all of those folks jumped on
4:39 am
their high horse lecturing donald trump you got to accept the results of the election, these are the people who are laying their bodies down in front of cars and disrupting traffic. we had an election. the people spoke. democracy is a powerful, powerful way of choosing, and, you know, i think americans across this country, this is across the line of republicans, of democrats, of independents, of libertarians. i think americans are excited about the opportunity to have an administration that actually protects our rights, that brings back jobs. listen, repeeling obamacare and living the burdens of washington on small businesses, those are promises that were made and those are promises i'm excited to work with president-elect trump to work with. >> you don't have 60 senators. how far would you recommend the senate go and mitch mcconnell go to get things done, to push the
4:40 am
nuclear option that harry reid put forward? how close are you on endorsing that on all of donald trump's agenda or some of it? >> we need to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, and that was a lot of the topic of discussion, when i was in trump tower, was how we deliver. i think if republicans go to washington and we don't deliver on what we promised, i think we'll be looking at pitch forks and torches in the street and quite rightly. >> go 51 if you have to. go 52. pass things with 52. >> well, listen we need to see how the democrats respond. i mean, right now, the democrats seem to be in this bizarre spiral of getting nuttier and nuttier. i think the lesson they took from this election is they weren't liberal and extreme enough and they have got to get even more whacked out and disconnected from the american people. i hope some saner heads prevail in the democratic party. i hope there are democratic senators who actually want to come and do the job we've been
4:41 am
given. i think on the republican side, we need to demonstrate resolve, demonstrate the seriousness to deliver on these promises. i can tell you this. we are going to, i believe, repeal obamacare, and we're going to confirm strong conservative supreme court justices to protect the constitution and bill of rights and if democrats think they are stand independent way of that, they are sorely mistaken. >> ted cruz, thank you for joining us live. >> new chapter in washington. interesting. >> coming up, wild weather is on the way. millions bracing for a blizzard. what it means for your weekend? >> what! >> megyn kelly joining us live with two stories you've not heard about shoplifting and a class ring you don't want to miss.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
we're back with some extreme weather. the central part of the country is getting its first dose of old man winter. >> that's what we're hearing. a storm moving across the rockies, toward minnesota, bringing us the first blizzard warnings of the season and while snow is blanketing the north, more than 30 while fires -- wild fires are burning in the southeast. >> janice dean, the extreme weather machine has a look of what's happening. >> a blizzard? >> it has. here's the storm system. we're watching it eject from the rockies bringing the potential for heavy snow and much colder temperatures. the coldest air of the stn arriving across the rockies, the upper midwest, the northern plains. we can get up to 6, 12, 18 inches of snow. the problem with this is the blowing snow. winds in excess of 30, 40 miles per hour for a great length of
4:46 am
time. hours here. travel is going to be dangerous, if not impossible for some of these regions where you see the blizzard warning in red on your screen, for south dakota, north dakota, as well as minnesota. i know your folks are used to this, but it's been so beautiful. we've broken high temperature records over the last couple of days. so get prepared. it's coming your way today and tomorrow. we'll have to see what happens into the northeast this weekend because this low is going to actually move east ward, perhaps bringing some snow to the interior northeast. other stories we're watching is dozens of fire burning across the southeast. that is ongoing and the problem is we have poor air quality. if you have respiratory problems, stay indoors. you have smoke in the air across parts of the carolinas and southeast. extreme to exceptional drought here. on top of that, we don't have any sore feeble rain, any big rain in the forecast for the next five days. so those two big stories we're
4:47 am
watching for you and the fox news extreme action weather. >> on top of it, megyn kelly joins us live with two stories you have not her heard regarding her personal history, involving shoplifting and a class ring. >> you don't want to miss this.
4:48 am
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4:50 am
new developments, good evening and welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. >> she's on our couch right now. she's got a brand-new book out. it's called "settle for more." add to your bioography, megyn
4:51 am
kelly shoplifter. >> it's true. i led a life of crime before i decided to become a lawyer. in my book i reveal i did shop lift as a 12-year-old girl. my best friend kelly mcguinness and i wanted these matching earrings. we look amazing and her mother would not buy them for us. we wanted them for our halloween costumes so we took them and then like a couple of criminal master minds, we put them on at kelly's house in front of her mother after she had just denied them to us. >> she said how did you pay for that? >> how did you get those girls? kelly said megyn's mother gave them to us. she said mrs. kelly had two pairs of enormous plastic star earrings. she said i'm going to call mrs. kelly. and i'm going to suggest you go to the basement and pray to god.
4:52 am
we prayed that my mother would lie and my mother said her father will take them back over to k-mart and he finishes his meat loaf. we had to go in there and confess our crime and i never stole anything again. >> you talk about so many moments of your life and one in particular that changed you forever and that is about your dad. you lost him to a heart attack when you were in high school. you talk about an argument that you had. that was the last time you were with your dad. >> yeah. so my dad died when i was 15. he was 45. a massive heart attack, and he had not had any heart problems, so it really was shocking and sudden. ten days before christmas in 1985, and, you know, we had had an argument over my class ring. i was being a selfish kid. i wanted a nicer one than we could afford. he told me we couldn't afford it and i wouldn't let it go. and he turned and walked out of
4:53 am
the kitchen. he went and sat on the living room couch. i stormed up to my bedroom and the last fight sight i ever had him with alive was sitting on the couch, staring at the christmas tree, a good man, alone in our living room, and next thing i knew my sister woke me up, saying wake up, daddy had a heart attack. it changes you in a way. brian, you lost your dad too. >> same age. >> it changes you. it can be beneficial because it gives you great empathy for people. >> you also talk about your mom. your mom going everywhere by herself. she didn't want to go to weddings and events because she was alone. that was traumatic too. >> that's hard. >> so many people view couples as a unit and when half the couple is gone, what are we going to do with just her? my mom was so strong after my dad's death which i go through in the book. she's my heroine, she's my role
4:54 am
model. she worked at the veterans hospital. she went back to work a little too early because she couldn't take a lot of time off. she was sitting around a table with a roomful of doctors and she started to cry and she said in the middle of her remarks, these tears are not about you. they are about my husband. don't let the tears dilute the content of my message. it's a great line to keep in your pocket. >> it's got to be hard knowing that the last conversation you had with your dad and it was not the conversation you want to have as your last. >> has that changed the conversation you've had with people in your family every time you leave? >> i write about this, settle for more. i know firsthand why people don't go to bed angry. the truth is sometimes you are angry and you are really tired. and god forbid, i have an
4:55 am
argument with my husband, doug, and go to bed angry. >> let's talk about your career on one k you have this successful law career and you are going up the ladder and you are not happy. 9/11 haeps happy, you want to be a journalist. you take the huge risk of going around chicago at night doing fake stand-ups. who took the chance on you and gave you a call to give you a part-time job? >> his name is bill lord. that's why i always said the lord is my shepherd. he put me on the air one day a week down at the abc affiliate in washington, d.c. he helped me and shepherded me along. i did not know squat. the photographers are amazing. they can make or break you. bill lord would be go out on the
4:56 am
field. i need a doughnut. i say to my photographer, what the hell doughnut. as it comes on, a reporter comes on and says something, tosses back on at the end. i was so invigorated to be doing it. i think the core message of this book is settle for more is hard work can get you where you want to go. that you'll see in the book, i have a lot of struggles over the course of my life, when i was in law school, getting into law school, getting on law review, moot court, i worked my tail off, so on and so forth. i wasn't always successful but i would try to double down. >> also being bullied. >> there's a benefit. the truth is we all look for silver linings have some sort of tragedy in our lives. i don't recommend bullying by any means.
4:57 am
>> the book is called "settle for more." the title she stole from dr. phil. there's a whole chapter on that. laura ingraham joins us on the other side of a quick time-out. >> we'll be right back. kx are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer,
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5:00 am
. good morning to you. it is thursday, november 17th. i'm abby huntsman, president-elect donald trump draining the swamp and filling his cabinet. who is on the list and could ted cruz be a part of it? we just talked to him. stick around for more from the senator. lefty, new york city bill de blasio bashing donald trump right in front of trump tower. >> i reiterated to the president-elect that i would be open minded but i would also be vigilant. >> which one is it? laura ingraham, a possible cabinet pick. somebody for the president staff is going to be reacting to that and much more in moments.
5:01 am
>> so inspiring to see the mayor. give me a second. all right. i'm better now. hillary clinton out of hiding. her first speech since her concession speech because there's so much going on in the world right now. we kind of lost track of her. let me just remind you, your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. ♪ ♪ big hour coming your way, if the rundown is correct. >> that is correct. >> once again, featured in the center square is abby huntsman. >> back from scranton. we've already two big hours on the show but the third one, we've got some great ones coming up. high profile meetings set for today with president-elect donald trump just around the block from here. >> and he is already taking steps to fulfill his campaign promise to drain the swamp.
5:02 am
>> drain the swamp. >> rob schmidt has been following mr. trump's transition into office. he joins us now. >> reporter: he meets with a number of very important people, including south carolina nikki haley who is now said to be a candidate for secretary of state. former secretary of state henry kiss inengineer -- kinsingier -- kissi kissinger, ken blackwell, jeb hensarling. donald trump's campaign slogan drain the swamp ringing with visitors. the new rule if you join mr. trump in the white house, urbaned from being a lobbyist for five years as part of the agreement. his transition team says this is
5:03 am
the first step of draining the swamp. mr. trump is meeting with the japanese prime minister who is expected to persuade trump on the tpp. the prime minister does like the tpp. >> the democratic side of the senate doesn't like it either. thanks, rob. laura ingraham joins us right now. good morning to you, laura. . two times a week this week. >> oh. >> the double dose of laura ingraham. i got your invoice last night. >> i was off a couple of days ago. one time for me. you've been rumored to perhaps have a spot in the new trump administration, do you really want to go there? the mainstream media is all about this transition is in chaos, they have no idea what they are doing? they have got a bunch of people coming in and going out, they
5:04 am
are firing people. what's going on? >> i think there's a dearth of news. teams come and go in transition. this is nothing new. it happened with reagan, with nixon. the idea that trump was going to be elected president and then have this whole thing buttoned up in 14 days is just ridiculous. that's not how it works. it's a deliberative process. he's bringing in voices from business, former government officials, the senate, the house of representatives and they are going through this very methodically, and they are looking for the pros and cons for each position and each candidate. it takes a while. this is not something that happens overnight and i think the press is really just -- it's the hyperventilation of the daily chatter here is a little
5:05 am
much. >> you've seen him as a candidate, you saw him when he won and now you are seeing him now. bring us behind the scenes. tell me about the guy that you might have seen. how is he handling this entire process? is there a process he's enjoying it? >> i think from what i gather, the folks i've talk to, he's very calm. he understands the gravity, of course, of the presidency and every decision matters. it's not a trifling thing to pick a secretary of state. it sends a message to the people of the united states and to the world about his priorities and his world view. so he's very at peace with where things are now. i think he has a lot of confidence and rightly so in the team he's put together and the team that took him to victory. kellyanne conway, steve bannon, steve miller, jason miller, hope
5:06 am
hicks. i'm probably leaving people out. oh, david bossi, his social media director. these guys did what pretty much no one in the establishment of the media or business or politics thought they can do, and they are still there, and they are still working through every aspect of the transition and putting really qualified people in charge of each department, the agencies and laying out the priorities before president-elect trump. i think he's very at peace and, of course being he's enjoying it. i mean, this is the easy part. before you get to actually governing. >> you might be as well be patient and get it right than jump to judgment. we pulled the stuff to see what the past presidents have done. you look at -- reagan, clinton, push 43, obama, no one made their picks until at least week three. so you have the media, the mainstream media obviously
5:07 am
criticizing saying everything is in chaos behind closed doors. they are also criticizing president-elect trump on how he's handling the media in the first week of being president-elect because we've known him as being someone who has tweeted however he feels, willing to talk to the media. how do you advise him as he's now getting into this new role of balancing, now being the president-elect and being controlled, you know, donald trump, but also -- >> yeah. >> also being a little bit more reserved? >> i think as this evolves, as time goes on, when you have all the senior white house staff positions in place, i imagine the president will become a lot more mired in the day-to-day challenges of the presidency. we have a massive immigration problem. an illegal immigration crush at the border right now. we obviously have huge decisions to make when it comes to the economy, the tpp, which i certainly hope never gets res you are recollected because it's a complete disaster being pushed by all these businesses and
5:08 am
foreign leaders. he has an enormous task at hand with his staff to master. so i would imagine that as things go on, he's going to have less and less time to engage with the media on a day-to-day basis, and he will do it through the normal channels. that's my sense, but again i have no inside information on what his thought process is. >> yesterday, donald trump spent 62 minutes in a meeting with lefty mayor of new york city, bill de blasio and apparently bill de blasio lectured the president-elect, talking about sanctuary cities. look, we've got a lot of illegals here and we're not going to cooperate with the federal government. is he getting off on the right foot with the president-elect? >> no. i mean, bill de blasio in my mind, i spend a lot of time in new york city. i think bill de blasio is responsible for the current decline of the quality of life in new york for a lot of people. we have a massive homelessness problem in new york. we have a massive welfare state.
5:09 am
he's basically legalized illegal immigrants in his own way by giving them identification cards. he's put out the welcome mat to illegal immigrants in new york which hurt the working poor and the middle class throughout the five burroughs of new york. for him to lecture donald trump coming into office is ridiculous. new york is not the city it was under giuliani or bloomberg. it's much more congested. trash is everywhere. homelessness is on the rise. i think he's done a disastrous job as mayor. >> the homelessness problem is -- >> right near fox. i feel bad for these people but a lot of them are not speaking english, they are not from the united states. they are nowhere to go. their lives are endangered and some of them have mental illness. what about the veterans we haven't who can't get health
5:10 am
care? we can't take care of them. it's a shocking thing that's happened under mayor bill de blasio. what did you think about ted cruz? he didn't shy away from taking an opportunity if asked. >> i think it's a fantastic idea. i think he's one of the smartest legal minds in washington. i think the department of justice needs to be shaken up. there are a lot of political interests that are burroed inside the department of justice and cruz would take a scalpel and a meat cleaver through all of that and that's what needs to happen. he would be phenomenal. i would be all in for that. >> do you sense that he and donald trump have made up? >> it's in the past. it's completely in the past. trump has turned the page. he's very practical. he's going to put the best people in charge of each department. ted cruz is a star. he's a legal star.
5:11 am
>> who knows what she's doing tomorrow. you can come on over tomorrow, if you want, laura. >> great, fantastic. i'll bring the krollers. >> we start out with a fox news alert. two international terror plots thwarted as police announce nearly 2 dozen arrested overnight. one of planned targets was a packed soccer stadium during a world cup qualifier in albania. another in nearby kosovo. this information just coming in. more as we get it. back here at home, hillary clinton making her first public speech since her loss to donald trump. speaking at a children's defense fund event. she says she was crushed by losing the election. >> now, i will admit coming here tonight was not the easiest
5:12 am
thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> and the meantime, reverend jesse jackson calling on president obama to pardon hillary clinton over the private email server scandal before he leaves office. >> president obama visiting german chancellor angela merkel. a bomb shell announcement from one of our favorite shows, "duck dynasty." >> we've got an unbelievable announcement for you all. >> this will be our final season. >> that really threw me off. >> oh. the final season. the reality show wraps up in april after 11 seasons already.
5:13 am
the decision coming from the robertson family and also from the a & e network. "duck dynasty" re -- re -- premiered in 2012. >> what was willie thinking? he buried this when he sat on our couch. remind me i'm not speaking to him. straight ahead, maybe they around the best of friends after all. what bernie sanders said about hillary clinton's brutal election loss? >> donald trump is the next president of the united states, why is his name being ripped off of high rise building. look at that. it says rump towers right there. stay tuned. ♪
5:14 am
♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. president-elect trump's name just removed from three apartment buildings here in new york city. robert moses is live outside of
5:18 am
trump tower with why mr. trump's name got the boot. robert, what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to you. the word trump is written in approximately seven different fonts here at trump tower. the word trump is now written in approximately zero fonts at three apartment buildings there on the upper west side. hundreds of tenants signed a petition asking that their buildings that were once called trump place had the trump name removed. yesterday, that's what happened. workers removed those gold letters one by one that once spelled out trump place. the three buildings will be referred to by their addresses, which is 140, 160 and 180 riverside boulevard. equity residential is the company that owns those buildings. a manager for equity says that the company wants to assume a neutral building identity to appeal to current and future residents. so those gold letters on the
5:19 am
three buildings on the upper west side gone this morning. back to you in the studio. >> thanks a lot. that shows you what the trump family has sacrificed at least temporarily and that is many diminishing of their name for 50% of the country that didn't vote for them. >> about 8:20 here in new york city. president-elect donald trump just won the white house a week and a couple of days ago but he may not actually get to work in the oval office for a year! apparently, he can blame the current president for that. we'll tell you the story. >> guess what, they are protesting the election but did they even vote? >> i didn't even vote because i was so disillusioned this whole thing has been a wake-up call to myself and so many other people my age that are just disillusioned with politics.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
as you can hear, it's a fox news alert alert time. glass shating and debris following. one person killed. the cause of the blast under investigation in illinois. the hot air balloon makes a crash landing in a park packed with kid. all four on board were sent flying out. >> i thought it was about to
5:24 am
crash. it landed. everybody who was in it fell out. >> the pilot first told police he was running out of fuel but later called the landing standard. yeah. no one was hurt. put that in the brochure. anti trump protesters shut down rutgers university yesterday in new jersey. >> joining us now is akene anell. many of them are your friends. what are they proficienting? >> they are protesting for immigration. a lot of them are actually protesting for anti donald trump. it's a lot of mixed messages going on there. at the end of the day i think
5:25 am
they are protesting for pro immigration. >> some of them may not even know what they are protesting. >> yeah. >> some of them didn't even vote. watch this. >> not my president because he's disrespected my people. i'm black and hispanic. he's disrespected my people. not even just racially my people but my people as women and i don't think that's fair to a country that so diverse. >> i would say that we're pretty divided and a lot of people are terrified. at the end of the day, he's our president. he's just to the a president i like. >> i didn't even vote because i was so disillusioned but i think this whole thing has been a wake up call to myself and to so many other people of my age that are just disillusioned with politics. >> here's the wake-up call. her side lost. >> yeah. that's true. honestly, they are protesting the election. a democratic process that should be respected. the biggest protest that happened was on november 8th, and that protest led donald
5:26 am
trump to the presidency. >> what do you see to them -- what do you say to them? a lot of them are your friends. >> i say we need to come together. we need to be unified and we need to just talk to each other, really and it's hard to talk to each other when it's a lot of noise going on. it's a lot of insults and name calling going on. i think we need to get in the room as students, americans, to be unified because we're going to have a unified government by inauguration day. >> the protests at universities all across the country were trying to declare your campus among others a sanctuary campus as soon as donald trump becomes president of the united states. then it's like safe haven, good to rutgers to hide from this bad guy president. >> yeah. i don't know how that's going to work. >> it's not going to work. >> he's called against sanctuary cities, and i don't know if any
5:27 am
mayor would or university would defy the federal government. >> yeah. they get a lot of federal money. well, fine, they can be a sanctuary campus, but they are not going to be a sanctuary campus with federal dollars. >> exactly and i don't think they would survive. >> you say you voted for president-elect donald trump. did you get flack on campus when your friends know? how did they treat you? >> absolutely. i got a lot of flack. you know, every day, even my friends, when i meet someone knew, hey, this guy supports donald trump by the way. that was odd to them. oh, this is a trump supporter right here and i got a lot of flack. a lot of tension for it. it's obviously a liberal campus and -- >> do you feel safe? because we've heard stories about people who are wearing trump hats and stuff like that gotten beaten up since the election? >> that's just unacceptable. violence is never tolerated and i'm proud that rutgers hasn't
5:28 am
seen that level of violence. it's been rather peaceful but kind of disruptive blocking traffic, people trying to get to class or whatnot. largely peaceful. >> just give him a chance. >> he's not even in office yet. >> take a deep breath. good to have you. former presidential candidates putting their own spin on president-elect donald trump's options for secretary of state. listen to this. >> corker would be way better than either giuliani or bolton. >> bob corker is here live to react next. maybe they around the best of friends after all. what bernie sanders just said about the woman he's hugging right there and her brutal election loss? you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city! world.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and former ambassador john bolton rumored to be on president-elect donald trump's short list for secretary of state. someone else on the list, tennessee senator bob corker who is chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. he joins us right now. you seem to have hit it off along this entire process with donald trump. how important is it for you to be in that mix? >> oh, look, president-elect trump will make those decisions with people around him and i think the likely role i'll play
5:33 am
on this is chairing the senate foreign relations committee and having hearings with his nominee. look, it's nice to be mentioned in the mix but it's certainly their decision to make. >> how valuable have your years as foreign relations chairman been should you get this job? what are some of the things you've learned being out and about with that prestigious job that maybe you wouldn't even have known how valuable it is until you got it? >> yeah. look, i had no idea. i came on the committee as a guy used to build shopping centers of our country and was mayor of a city 10 years ago and threw myself into the job to broaden myself as a u.s. senator. obviously, i've traveled the world extensively, all day long i meet with leaders who come in from other countries and dealing with issues that our country faces relative to our national interests and it's been invaluable. but again, there are so many people that someone like president trump will have to choose from, again, it's nice to be discussed and to be in the
5:34 am
mix possibly, but there are a lot of people that have developed expertise around foreign policy that i know he can choose from. >> he or she might be the best candidate, but there a thing in their past jobs that could stop them, senator rand paul thinks there's a problem when they go through -- when they go to the -- in front of committee and let's listen to what he said about ambassador bolton and rudy giuliani. >> bolton is totally unfair to be secretary of state. i hope they say he did snot represent what -- he does not represent what donald trump represents, which is change. the iraq war has been a mistake. regime change in the middle east has been a mistake. i think it's a stiff uphill climb with rudy giuliani. i know bob corker well.
5:35 am
i would call him a realist. i would call him a reasonable person. corker would be way better than either giuliani or bolton. >> so rand paul is in your corner. do you have the same reservations about rudy giuliani and ambassador bolton has he does? >> well, first of all, i really appreciate rand's kind comments toward me. i really do. look, because it's the likely role that i'm going to play here as chairman of the foreign relations committee during these hearings, to really begin handicapping who will be nominated, it's not the proper place for me to be. >> lastly, governor haley of south carolina is also being considered for secretary of state. how hard would it be for her to have the international context that you have should she get that job? >> well, again, i do think -- i
5:36 am
don't want to handicap anyone. she is a star and i know her and she's someone that certainly has a bright future. again, i don't want to handicap on other people. i will say that, look, the world is very complex. we're at a time when -- we're at a time when really there's more conflict that is not state-on-state necessarily in every case. i think anyone who cares deeply about our country would relish the opportunity to pursue our national interests around the world and whoever ends up being secretary of state, their job, if they perform it successfully, helps keeps our men and women in uniform from being out on the battlefield. or least lessens the opportunity for that to occur. look, it's a big job. it's an important job, and you know, if you look back, president obama really didn't
5:37 am
put his national security team in place until december 1st. so there's a lot of water that's going to go under the bridge here, and i look forward to playing a role in this in whatever capacity. >> he's chairman of the foreign relations committee and one of the finalists to be secretary of state with the trump administration. senator, thanks for joik us. >> thank you. senator bob corker from the very loud senate rotunda. good morning. bernie sanders flat-out rejecting the idea that he played any role in costing hillary clinton the election. he told an audience in washington, d.c. last night that he actually made her a better candidate and could have beat donald trump him sext listen. >> say to those critics, number one, that you could argue the exact reverse. that maybe i would have been elected president of the united stat states. >> wow. now to the man who got the job, plect donald trump --
5:38 am
president-elect donald trump may not be able to use the office for an entire year. karl rove says president obama is refusing to renovate that room and is passing off the security upgrades to mr. trump. that means that the president elect may now be forced to work out of an old executive building across the street. the is he kret service -- secret service is not revealing any plans. president obama is ready to give out the presidential medal of honor and they are going out to a bunch of celebrities. on the list, legendary baseball announcer, vin scully and others. >> hello, mr. scully. >> yes. >> every year, the president gives out something called the presidential medal of freedom and this year he's going to give it to you. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> yes. >> are you sure? i'm just an old baseball announcer. >> who are some of the others that they have called? tom hanks, bruce springsteen,
5:39 am
ellen degeneres and robert de niro. the u.s. geological survey finding 20 billion barrels of crude in the western part of texas. it's a massive find working an estimated $900 billion. experts say it's a reminder that even in areas where billions of barrels of oil have been found, there are chances to find billions more. that's exciting to learn. meanwhile, roll the animation. extreme weather rocking the country today. the south on fire while the central part of the country is preparing for a blanket of snow. >> that's right. old man winter bringing us the first blizzard warnings of the season as this storm races out of the rockies. >> yep. the southeast desperate for precipitation as more than 30 wild fires are burning across this region.
5:40 am
janice dean is taking a look at the weather. >> literally, fire and ice is what we're talking about. the first blizzard of the season. you see where it's much colder. we've got a trough across the west and with that the potential for our first blizzard of the season for the northern plains and upper midwest and it's getting its act together right now across the rockies, bringing up wards of 12 inches of snow. blowing snow, 35, 40-mile-per-hour winds sustained for a long period of time, affecting millions of people across the central u.s. so that's why we have blizzard warnings in effect for millions of folks from the daks all the way to minnesota. that's going to be a big story for the next 12 to 24 hours. then we're going to watch the great lakes and whether or not it brings measurable know to the northeast. you can see the big wind gusts across the rockies. we have the blizzard warnings and p reds and the watches in
5:41 am
the green. it's going to be dangerous, if not impossible to travel across this area. they are used to this, but we've had such an unseasonably mild fall and now we're getting into the winter weather and people need to be cautious. there's the forecasted precipitation again. big story across the southeast. wild fires, the problem is the air quality and we're not going to get any foreseeable rain for the next five days. so both of those stories something we're watching throughout the day today, really into the weekend. back inside, an birk, steve, brian. >> i still haven't pulled out my winter jacket yet. i don't want to do it. >> that could be the weekend. >> coming up on this thursday, remember when this democratic congressman said this about 9/11 and the iraq war. >> i mean, 9/11 explains why we're in this war. we could never be in this war but for 9/11. we could never be tolerating torture but for 9/11. >> now, that man wants to be the next chairman of the dnc.
5:42 am
ed henry is here with the hip pock country si alert. >> next, heather is here with her brother to bring you their dad's famous stuffing recipe. >> you'll gobble it up.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
quick headlines for you. you have the right to remain stoned. police department's across the country scaling back standards for incoming recruits. that means pot usage no longer a deal-breaker. the move comes as departments struggle to fill their ranges. attorney general releases a brand-new bombshell report
5:46 am
regarding adick in the united states. an american dies from opioid and heroin overdose. one in seven struggle with some sort of addiction. only 10% of those addicted receive the treatment that they need. that's a look at some of the news that's going on. president-elect donald trump gets his white house in order. >> but some seem to be ignoring their own past. >> ed henry is here to talk about it. >> keith ellieson is racking up these lists. chuck schumer is under pressure from jewish leaders in new york because ellison said it's an
5:47 am
ap aparthide state. defending louis farakhan's statements. keith ellison saying it should never have been this close. donald trump is the single worst person ever to win the nomination of a major party. when i say bad person, i mean all the sexist things he said, all the race i have things it is just deplorable. here's what he said a few years ago about 9/11. >> 9/11 explains why we're in this war. we can never be in this war but for 9/11. we could never be toll riting torture but nor 9/11. >> 2011, he said 9/11 was an inside job because it allowed us to go -- >> a new face for the democratic party. it's pretty interesting, and,
5:48 am
look, i think when you got people like chuck schumer who is very powerful endorsing him, it's very likely he's going to be the chairman. >> unless some wikileaks pops up. >> they are not going to be here tomorrow. should we tell brian. >> i'm going to be here tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> enjoy the day off. >> you are going to be sitting in brian's chair. >> on the couch. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, thanksgiving is one week away. heather nauert and their brother bring you their dad's famous stuffing recipe. let's check with bill hemmer. >> what's on your menu today? >> ed henry, keep going. >> a lot of meetings, a lot of meet-and-greets at trump tower. kellyanne con wark will join us live. what hillary clinton is saying about the past week of her life, and obamacare exit ramp is now being explored by republicans. how health care might change under president trump.
5:49 am
big morning. martha and i will see you in 11 minutes top of the hour here on america's newsroom. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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5:52 am
she brings us the headlines all morning long. she's here with one more thing you need to know. the perfect stuffing for your thanksgiving. >> the election is officially over. we're cooking in. heather nauert and her brother jonathan is here. >> the whole studio and everything. >> it's excellent. it's great to be here. >> you just love getting make-up this morning. >> jonathan, you are one of three brothers. >> yep. >> heather is the only girl in the family. and for your dad, thanksgiving was huge. >> yes, my dad loved thanksgiving. he pass add way about ten year ago but this is one way that we always honor his memory. he would drag everybody in the house, drag the kids out of bed to help us make the thanksgiving
5:53 am
turkey and the stuffing. >> is that you? >> i'm making that turkey at my first apartment in new york city. that was my dad years ago, stuffing the bird, that's what he always called it. you see the 70s mustache. >> what do you do? >> help him with the ingredients, make sure that everything was done accordingly and be able to take pictures. >> another brother justin right there. we have these pictures of us holding up the bird. that's jonathan. >> what is key to stuffing is the sausage, not overcooking it. making it moist and not too dry. >> you put it in the bird? >> we do. i don't like to eat it out of the bird. i end up doing a side dish of it as well. i do it two places but i don't eat that. >> a little butter. >> you do the onions and you
5:54 am
would do the sellerry. you cook them up. let them be a little crunchy. the key is the sausage. >> is there a kind of sausage you would get? >> jimmy dean. >> i like the jimmy dean sausage. >> oh, with sage. jimmy dean makes a sage sausage? >> what was it like with heth ner charge of the kitchen? was she dom nearing? >> sometimes she would interrupt the process because she would take so many pictures. >> they call me the bird lady when we would go on vacation. i was like the lady with the tour guidebook and the camera. >> we're cooking. >> i would tell everybody the historical significance of everything. >> are you supposed to be mixing this. >> you beat up the eggs. i like the pepper ridge farm
5:55 am
cubes. i do this all year. jonathan is part of it. >> what do i do with the eggs? >> you pour it right in there. >> is that true? >> good job. jonathan, can you give us an insight of heather was like as a sister growing up? >> always a great mentor, giving us good advice. she was very, very warm, thoughtful. >> was she like she is now? where she would announce the news to the family? did everybody hear what happened today? >> at times, yeah. >> did chef any bad boyfriends? >> not that i know of. i don't know those stories, unfortunately. >> real quick. >> trained to keep those secrets. >> then heather you combine all this stuff and you wind up baking it for how long? >> you put it in the oven, 350 for 45 minutes. >> do you that with your hands? >> yeah. >> one year my dad loved his stuffing so much, he always did, but he decided he was going to make pancakes the morning after
5:56 am
thanksgiving, which i do not recommend. i'm the only one who didn't eat it and i'm the only one who didn't get sick. >> oh, my goodness. >> we have a little nickname for him i won't mention. >> donald trump is president. the world is okay again. >> thanks, guys. >> you can find the website on our website -- find the recipe on our website. >> happy thanksgiving.
5:57 am
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columbia, south carolina on the 26th. >> doing very well. >> in the after the show show, jonathan will spill more beans about his sister. >> boyfriends, bad dates. bill: thank you, guys. good morning, everybody, we begin with a fox news alert. we're watching the lobby. big day ahead in the trump tower. the pet elect hold as series of high-profile meetings as he mulls over who will assume top roles in the administration. interviews continue. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. mr. trump's agenda includes a long list of potential cabinet picks including south carolina governor nikki haley whose name came into the mix at least for the public and congressman jeb hensarling going to meet with him at trump tower. bill:


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