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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 18, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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60 days in jail for battering. after that video surfaced online. >> happy anniversary to my parents. 33 years today. >> great. >> happily in love. happy anniversary. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great weekend. > ♪ ♪ live from studio e where we're rocking in the free world, it's "fox and friends." >> the election week and week after. >> the book tour week. >> i was told to bring energy. but you guys are off the charts. >> it comes out of this thing. it's called very strong straight coffee.
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>> and no more alarm clock. >> congratulations on the clock. >> great to have you here. >> let's start with politics. >> top republicans are continuing to pour in and out at this hour as the president-elect is looking to shape that cabinet. >> this morning, one of the top white house jobs said to be offered to retired general michael flynn. >> do we know that for sure? let's talk to chief washington correspondents james rosen. he's the chief washington correspondent. if anyone would know, it would be the chief washington correspondent. >> let me be chief with you. yes, we know that. multiple sources confirmed that president-elect trump offered the position of white house national security adviser to retired general michael flynn. no word on whether he has accepted. in a book he published this year, the field of fight, he was fired where he never once received an audience with
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president obama because the general's assessment of the threat from isis and radical islam did not align with the optimistic view the white house wished to present. with controversy -- as well as in his reported business dealings in turkey. however, the job of national security adviser does not require senate confirmation. sources have also confirmed that the president-elect will meet with 2012 republican nominee mitt romney at trump national golf course in bedminster, new jersey, this weekend. the two exchanged sharp words during the primaries. but mr. trump is said to be evaluating governor romney for the job of secretary of state. >> mitt romney is a job creator. an american success story. he knows a lot about the world. many things that mitt romney talked about in his 2012 election with respect to the world stage have come true. i anticipate meeting of the minds and two equal partners in terms of those who love their country and want to make sure we have a peaceful and democratic
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transition into the administration and we know that governor romney can add to that conversation. >> if you missed those huge trump rallies and if you're among the 30 states that donald trump won in last week's election, you may soon receive a visit from the president-elect. the man who served as advance director for the trump campaign told reporters that he's planning a victory tour, the words used of states that he won and battleground states that he flipped. meaning states that voted for president obama four years ago but cast the majority of their ballots for the trump-pence tickets this time around. if you missed that action and want in on the huge trump rallies, you may have another opportunity soon. back to you guys. >> there you go. james, you know, since they are going to have the victory tour, even though in the future, we think it's going to sound something like this. >> we're going to win with health and win at so many levels, we're going to win, win, win. you're going to get so tired of winning, you're going to say mr.
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president, please, we don't want to win anymore. it's too much. and i'm going to say, i'm sorry, we're going to keep winning because we're going to make america great again! i love you! thank you. >> they're rolling. >> i personally for one am willing to experiment with the overindulgence in winning. >> sure. that was one of my favorite trumpisms. >> you're going to win so big, you're going to get tired of winning. >> that was very good. >> every time he says winning, let's have a drink. >> it's about 3:00 in l.a. >> it's friday. >> thank you, james. >> thank you very much. it is very interesting that as james just detailed, mitt romney, who has said some unflattering things about mr. trump will be going out to mr. trump's -- called him a phony and fraud in march in that speech saying never trump. >> president-elect trump called him a choker.
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i guess marco rubio says a chalker. he said he choked over the 2012 election. >> you know what, though, this hams on the campaign trail. look what he said about lying ted. now they're friends. >> he might be the attorney general. >> that's my point. i think they're able to bury it and move on. >> president obama did this in 2008, 2009 with a team of rivals. everyone was stunned back then. you take it now, it's obvious that of course hillary clinton came to the cabinet. when that was announced, that was a stunner that he was bringing her in. they were bitter rivals at that time. maybe still are a little bit. >> romney is very wealthy, multimillionaire. hundreds of millions of dollars. the economy and jobs, number one issue when we were talking and looking at the polls. very measured. >> absolutely. plus, look at all the things that mitt romney has been right about over the last four years. and it would be a great sign of unity. anyway, they're going to get to
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together at bedminster, new jersey, this weekend. what's going to happen, stay tuned. in the meantime, you know, for the most part, there's so much speculation going on about what they're doing behind closed doors. you read in the mainstream media, it's chaotic. he doesn't know what he's doing. you hear all of that stuff. go slow. >> exactly. yesterday we showed you that graphic that showed you that during -- since the reagan administration, it took six weeks before ronald reagan made his -- >> how did his first term work out? >> it was pretty good. >> there's the graphic there. >> explain this. >> see, you got the weeks on the left and nixon did all of his appointments in six weeks. carter five weeks in. >> reagan didn't start until week six. >> you're right, it took a while. >> you want to focus on quality, not quantity. >> week one, bush 41.
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isn't this considered week one for donald trump. >> he's doing better than all the others. >> look whoonald trump's defense? >> david axelrod said we hadn't made this many appointments in 2008. i don't remember being criticized for it. that's like a zing coming from president obama's adviser saying heed i can't, calm down give donald trump a chance. i never heard him say that. >> i know. let's talk about is donald trump's impact already making america great again? remember this. we played the victory tour sound bite. remember how many times we heard donald trump talking about ford motor company not moving to mexico. remember this? >> i'm going to bring jobs back from china. i'm going to bring jobs back from mexico and japan where every country throughout the world. now vietnam, that's the new one. they are taking our jobs. they're taking our wealth. >> we have to stop our jobs from
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being stolen from us. we have to stop our companies from leaving the united states and with it firing all of their people. a trump administration will stop the flight of american jobs. if ford or another company announces they want to move their jobs to mexico or to another country, then i will pick up the phone and if i have to, i'll do it personally, even though some people would say it's not presidential. >> you look at all of the places i just left, you go to pennsylvania, you go to ohio, you go to florida, any of them, upstate new york, our jobs fled to mexico and other places. we're bringing our jobs back. >> interesting. >> that's some of the stuff he said on the campaign trail. you know what happened yesterday, mr. ford, bill ford. >> ceo of ford motor company. >> actually called donald trump and said this. >> according to a tweet by donald trump. >> i worked hard with bill ford
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to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. he will be keeping the lincoln plant in kentucky. no mexico. >> interesting as well. there were rumblings that apple may now be searching for a way to make the iphone here in america instead of china. >> wouldn't that be great. >> that would be a lot of jobs x obviously. remember, apple was all in on hillary clinton. they were a little nervous about a donald trump victory. >> i was watching other networks. they were trying to -- i like to flip around. i was flipping around and they were talking about the story about ford motor company and lincoln moving to mexico. they were saying no one would lose their jobs in kentucky. why is it a big deal if he moved to mexico? what if they went to mexico, what if the lincoln part went to mexico. they gave jobs to people in mexico that could be jobs for americans here. what if it went really well and saving a lot of money there and
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decided to move the whole plant. it's great they decided to stay here. >> it's the bad p.r. as soon as they were to move down there, then donald trump could say, look, ford moved down there, that's not helping us. then when it's time for you to buy a car, you're thinking all right do i -- >> in terms of david axelrod tweet, we've been hearing -- might be hearing announcements from team trump about announcements. we may see a flurry of activity today. >> exactly. stand by. we have sean spicer at 6:30 coming up with more. hand it over to heather for some news. >> great to see you back here. welcome back to new york. good morning to all of you. we start overseas with a fox news alert. a man set himself on fire inside an australian bank. police investigating this as a possible case of terrorism. six people, including the suspect, were taken to a nearby hospital with severe burns.
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officials say that suspect had an accelerant on him and it wasn't clear if he intended to actually set himself on fire or not. 21 others, including some children, were rushed to the hospital with breathing problems. we'll keep an eye on the situation. back here at home, road rage horror. a woman fearing for her life as she makes a desperate call for help to 911. listen to this. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> i don't know where i am. a guy is hit -- trying to kill me on the road sniemtd that arizona woman trapped inside her car. helpless for a half an hour. a drunk driver repeatedly rams into the back of her car. joanne moses pulled up to her flashing her lights, making obscene gestures. he was later arrested for assault and drunk driving. president obama finally has a message for post-election rioters. march on. listen to this.
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>> this is an example of some of the things going on lately. the president is under mounting pressure to respond to all of that. he's remained tight-lipped until his press conference in berlin. here it is. >> one of the great things about our democracy is it expresses itself in all sorts of ways. that includes people protesting. i wouldn't advise them to be silent. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent he said as we watch this. mr. obama now heads to peru for the apex summit. do you remember the man who used a pick ax and sledgehammer to smash donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. he's been charged with felony vandalism. he was arrested shortly after he destroyed mr. trump's star last month. the 52-year-old said he did it to protest what he said was trump's treatment of women. he now faces up to three years in jail and those are your headlines.
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we've had a busy morning, gang. >> all right. let's start right now. coming up on this friday, donald trump about to announce more cabinet picks perhaps. will rudy giuliani make the list? sean spicer is going to join us in a couple of minutes. >> making the show a little spicy. reforming obamacare is on the to-do list. dr. marc siegel is here with more on that. t see it. can't ta. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®.
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president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal and replace obamacare once in office. how would he do that? here with more news on that is dr. marc siegel. i saw something from the senator of from tennessee yes, lamar alexander. he said it could take years to unwind this thing. >> that's the replace part. the repeal part, with the budget reconciliation process, the way it was passed has to happen fairly early, steve. if it doesn't, the tent ak wills of obamacare are growing. let's remember, we're only
3:18 am
talking about 10 million people on the exchanges. sounds like a lot. but 170 million people get their insurance through their employer and that's been jeopardized by obamacare. let's unravel it now. replacing it takes a while. >> supporters of the president's plan say look, there's some things that are popular. for instance, keeping your kids on until they're 26. get on their feet, what not. >> which is popular. >> it's very popular. i have kids in college up to 25. it's like, they better be on our plan. they can't afford it. the other one is preexisting conditions sniemts preexisting conditions is also popular. the question is, who is paying for that? if you're a 30-year-old in good health and you're thin and you exercise, should your premium reallyi be as high as a 70-year-old who smokes and drinks and needs a knee replacement because they're too heavy? >> no. >> that's what obamacare does.
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our younger people have been smart enough to take the penalty rather than pay the high level of premium. if we can put the patients in high risk pools where they pay higher premiums. that's where government subsidies should be to pay for those who can't otherwise afford it but not a 30-year-old pay for it. >> the other thing for people on obamacare, i know the president throws around that 20 million figure, that's way too high. that includes the number of people on state mandated medicaid. >> which is expanding and exploding by the way. report today out of foundation, a report says you weren't surprised to hear this, steve, guess what? the medicaid expansion, everyone is saying, wow, i'll take that. over 110% more than expected. over 11 million people in 24 states alone have said i'll take that expansion. why should i work? i'll take the medicaid.
3:20 am
>> the problem is. while it's great for them, the state has to pick up the tab. >> absolutely. >> i was getting to the fact that ultimately people would like to see the premiums go down and the deductible go down. >> for premiums to go down, there's a lot of ways that president-elect trump has a lot of ways to get that to happen. one is affordability. like you can own your automobile insurance, you can own your health insurance. if you leave your job or state, you can take it with you. the other is health savings accounts, you pay up front. tax deductible money. can roll over to other family members or next general lags. health savings accounts will be key for choice. >> stand by. we've heard he might try do it on day one. >> it will be exciting. >> it would be. >> dr. marc siegel. thanks for the house call. donald trump about to announce more cabinet picks we hear. will rudy giuliani make that
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list? sean spicer is going to join us live in about ten minutes. he's a coach of -- he's a hall of fame coach who has been to six final fours. kentucky's john calipari is here with advice for donald trump. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united.
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headlines for you. ohio congressman tim ryan is officially challenging nancy pelosi for democratic leadership in the house. in a letter he sent to the caucus he writes this. what we are doing right now is not working. we owe it to our constituencies to listen and bring a new voice into leadership. moments ago, the search for the missing son of the democratic congressman coming to an end. 21-year-old karl conyers was found safe overnight.
3:25 am
the details are you been clear. the son of michigan representative john conyers vanished from his houston apartment earlier this week. he's now being questioned by police. what can one of the most successful college basketball coaches in history teach the trump transition team building a winning team? joining me now author of the new book "success is the only option. the art of coaching extreme talent" kentucky coach john calipari. >> good to see you. >> i think about you coaching extreme talent and you do it so well every year. you have these one and done players everyone talks about. not all of them. but a lot of them end up spending one year at the university of kentucky and moving on. you have a crunched amount of time to get something out of these guys. it reminds me of donald trump has less than 70 days to get talent out of them. >> part of this i try to surround myself, my own staff
3:26 am
with people who are strong in areas that i'm weak. then i let them go. you lead that way. i think the other thing is, for me coaching these players, at some point they have to be empowered. the best thing i can do is say, okay, let me lead, let me show you and then i've got to empower you and let you go. >> i also think about the president-elect because he's got john kasich and marco rubio and jeb bush and others who are very talented and could be part of this team but might be frustrated with how the primaries played out. what would your advice be about pulling people together who might not want to be. >> i don't know if i'm in a position to give our president-elect -- but what i would say is go across party lines, bring people in that give you different ideas. do the rivals, here we come, we're all together. at the end of the day, president-elect trump is the moral compass and is going to
3:27 am
make the final decision. >> i understand. i haven't heard this yet. you do a mean impersonation of donald trump. >> let's see it. >> i'm just teasing. >> no, false, not true. >> i can do this one, too. if you want me too. whatever you want. >> what do you think? >> i did the dance. i did both. >> one of the debates with hillary. >> it's funny. >> you know i'm watching the debates and i was really involved. >> you called me. >> ed, what in the world is going on here? you know, this thing, there's an anger out there. at this point, it's bringing people together. >> speaking of all in this together, your son -- >> he was in there. >> the world famous square garden in new york. i caught a moment. i don't know if you saw this. everyone was looking at the ball on the other side. he was there. i heard you go, hey.
3:28 am
you looked at him and gave him a thumbs up. what does it mean to coach your own son? >> it's -- my children have sacrificed my time because i've coached. to have him with me, to have him text me at night, i'm in the gym, i'm working out, to build his own self-esteem and confidence and me to be there to steer him because he's like every child, they do stupid things and say, hey man, you're not doing that, but i am so proud of him and so happy to be coaching him. he scored two points in the last game. he got fouled in this game. he should have been shooting free-throws. >> john calipari, success is the only option. great book. we appreciate you coming on "fox and friends." >> we appreciate the coach coming in. >> it's tough on the family. >> long recruiting so many days out of the year. they sacrifice a lot. coming up, donald trump, the school plans to keep this.
3:29 am
the outrage ahead. could mitt romney really have a place in the trump cabinet or trump white house? the man inside the room with donald trump, sean spicer joins us in just a minutes. first, happy birthday megyn kelly. our friend at "fox and friends." >> happy birthday, meggin. we're glad you were born. (pop) campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese. (more popping) go together like being late and being grounded. made for real, real life.™ and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives.
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ted cruz was being considered by donald trump to be attorney general. be awkward when he shows up and trump goes, i said tom cruise. he's the top gun. >> the top gun working right now for the rnc when it comes to -- >> the man. >> is sean spicer. he's working with the transition team. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what about lieutenant general
3:33 am
michael flynn. >> he's an outstanding individual. very well qualified. the head of the defense intelligence agency. >> he's been offered the job. >> nothing is official until you hear it come out of donald trump's mouth. that's how this administration works. he's the ultimate decider. but he is surrounded himself with people like general mike flynn, with people like congressman mike pompeii yoe from kansas. there's a ton of these folks, top flight, top quality people. not just in the military but all of national security, whether people in the intelligence community, foreign affairs. he had henry kissinger in yesterday, someone he's known for a long time. he's continued to surround himself with the best and the brightest. after he takes his hand off that bible, this country will move forward to enact his agenda. >> what about mitt romney. they're going to meet this weekend. >> they are. >> that's confirmed. >> secretary of state, possibly? >> i think they're going to have a conversation. what i think that meeting shows
3:34 am
as well as the meeting with ted cruz and others is that donald trump is not looking at someone's political affiliation, whether they support him or not. he wants the best, the brightest, the most qualified people to not only fill his administration but give him advice on the policies on how to enact an agenda successfully. >> i mean, we had ted cruz at the convention. even at the convention he would not endorse donald trump, was getting booed. people like cruz realizing, there's a new sheriff in town. >> there is a new sheriff in town. that is the reality. more than what they realize is what donald trump realizes. it's his attitude, if you want to get on board to enact an agenda to move this country forward and have real change, i'll take you. i don't care where you were prior to this. whether you supported me or not, if you're the best person with a great idea, i want to hear it. >> he's not holding a grudge. >> his actions speak louder than words. he's bringing people from
3:35 am
economic policy, foreign policy. he laid out his plans, national security, job creation, the people he's surrounding himself are the best and the briestest. >> what's going on with rudy giuliani. everyone expected he'd be an early one. he was criticized for being so strong for him. there's a lot of speculation that he has confirmation problems. some of his ties financially and what not. >> he continues to be a great supporter of donald trump and provide him with advice and ideas about how to enact that agenda. he's a top person. there's no announcement yet on any additional posts. >> we haven't had one in three minutes. we want one now. >> he's been unbelievably successful, not only in business but also as a mayor. he helped rebuild new york city after 9/11. donald trump continues to rely on his counsel. >> apparently you have buckets of landing teams. you have three landing teams. there's national security, the
3:36 am
economy and domestic policy. >> that's right. >> the first one is national security. so that would make sense why lieutenant general michael flynn. >> explain how -- >> there are three landing teams. today the national security landing team, which is department of state, department of defense, the national security committee. and the department of justice launch. what that means is individuals designated by president-elect trump will meet with people designated by the white house in those respective departments and agencies and begin to talk about the transition that will occur in january. what jobs need to be filled, everything down to the minutia to the big agenda type of things and work on behalf of the trump team to make sure that they have a successful transition. and then as you mentioned, on monday, we start going to economics and domestic policy and all the agencies. one by one, the names come up on the website this morning. you'll start to see each of them is a listed individuals who are
3:37 am
very, very qualified. high level people, experts in those fields that will help make a successful -- >> we can expect personnel announcement that is dovetail with the action on monday. >> the landing teams are not hires. they are liaisons, people that mr. trump and governor pence feel that will help them transition in these key departments and agencies. they are not hires. they are just people working to mange sure there's a smooth transition. >> on your website, the transition website, you were looking for 4,000 piem. that's a lot of positions. we hear you're getting 50,000 applications every day. >> you look at the people who are coming into trump tower. fred smith and -- high quality business leaders, military leaders, foreign policies. >> he was delivering fedex. >> but then you look at the number of people who are putting their resume in to fill the 4,000-plus jobs, same type of high quality, high caliber
3:38 am
people that share that vision that donald trump -- >> he said he was going to create jobs. now he's -- >> the big question, how many resumes for press secretary at the white house? >> i'm sure there's a bunch. >> they've got -- >> i'm talking about spicer. >> we've known each other 25 years. >> you want the job? >> i will tell you this, if donald trump asked me do anything, i would do it. it has been an honor to be a small part of this process. but he and reince priebus have been two amazing people to me. i would do anything they ask. nothing has been asked. >> sean spicer, thank you very much for stopping by. >> the landing teams, that's a cool -- >> is that trump's idea? >> i wish i could say it was. i don't know. >> but they're launching. >> they are launching today. >> thank you, sir. heather has more headlines for us. >> i do. sean, great to have you here. good morning to all of you. couple news headlines to bring you. this video may be hard to watch. i want to tell you, everyone is okay. watch this as a car rams through
3:39 am
a crowd of people outside a bar in tampa. a brawl was going on at the time. that driver pinned a person between a car and that building. somehow they survived, walking away with minor injuries. that driver still on the loose. two people involved are under arrest. welcome to the jungle. a major animal house bust to tell you about. a woman keeping a big collection of cats and ferocious kee felines in her home in nevada. they found a lion, a tiger. they were locked inside her bedroom. the homeowner is under investigation for animal cruelty. do you remember this? a grown man with facial hair and tattoos playing in a youth football game with 13-year-olds. that team, after being removed from the league last month, can now apply to be reinstated. the rhode island pre-teen football league overturning its ban so the kids can take the field again. the coach was fired after he was
3:40 am
caught. he took full responsibility for sneaking a player's 18-year-old brother into the game and some of the plays. 18 against some 13-year-olds. not fair. a new study revealing the perfect time to call in sick to work. >> the key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. i'm a big believer in it. >> researchers find -- love that movie. find that tuesday mornings at 6:38 a.m., that can be the best chances of getting away, faking an illness. that's about right now. on the east coast. there's no rhyme or reason. the researchers say for that time. experts say calling in early shows you didn't oversleep, not a big night partying. keep the sickness simple. like upset stomach. that's because your boss doesn't want the gory details. those are your headlines. >> but you can't call in sick on a friday or a monday.
3:41 am
it's like -- >> with our jobs, we have to call in really, really early. >> the day before. >> 6:38 a.m. >> yesterday. >> kilmeade called in at 5:50. they had to get me out of bed. my hair doesn't take long. what's it like outside the building? janice dean the weather machine with a look at friday. >> hello, janice. >> happy friday. we made it. we can do anything. it's friday. you know what, we have a storm system across the northern plains and the upper midwest causing big problems. that would be a good excuse to call out sick. because you can't be traveling across the northern plains and the upper midwest where we have a blizzard conditions paragraphs of dakotas and minnesota. that means conditions are favorable for gusty winds in excess of 35 miles per hour for a duration of hours. that could be 6 to 12 hours. we're going to watch this system. what happens afterwards? hmm. it goes across the great lakes. does it bring snow into the
3:42 am
northeast? so far it looks like the interior northeast. but you know what, we could see a few snowflakes in new york city. maybe up to boston. we'll be talking about it. travel plans next week could be affected by the storm system. >> oh, no, that's thanksgiving. >> yes. it smells like thanksgiving in the hallway. >> we've got paula deen, the turkey making machine here. >> thank you. >> bye. >> official school lesson plan says donald trump quote became president by pandering to huge racist and sexist base. the school plans to keep it. we've got the outrage ahead. just in time for thanksgiving, make sure that turkey is top notch with an electric carving knife set on deep discount. the best deals of november, next.
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good morning. we're back with headlines. your tax dollars at work. funding security at a vacant half-finished hotel in afghanistan. in 2006, the u.s. approved a plan to build a five-star marriott hotel across the street from the u.s. embassy in kabul to boost post war reconstruction. sounded like a good idea. now surveying the abandoned project thousands if not millions have been spent and wasted on security because of its proximity to the embassy. the secret service, meanwhile, could be putting our national security at risk. judicial watch revealing agents lost nearly 12,000 sensitive items. how sensitive? guns, cell phones with maybe sensitive information. badges. and even cars have been stolen and lost over the past 15 years. not steve doocy's car. ainsley? a san francisco's teacher's
3:47 am
union is under fire for offering an anti-trump lesson plan for teachers in that district. that lesson labeling president-elect donald trump a sexist and racist man who quote became president pandering to a racist and sexist base. it was created by a teacher who wants to empower and support students. our next guest is calling it inappropriate propaganda. joining us is the rnc committee woman from california and the former vice chair of the california republican party. thank you for being with us. >> happy to be here this morning, ainsley. >> thank you so much. this is a union representing teachers in that district. it represents 57,000 students in that district. they're posting this on the website, this is a lesson plan for teachers to follow to teach kids about donald trump being a racist and sexist. what's your reaction? >> it's inappropriate as i have
3:48 am
mentioned. it's not just saying that it's a racist, sextist, islamaphobic. the people that voted for him are bad things, racist and sexist. it's a one-sided vision of a very -- dark vision and negative and unbalanced vision of what happened in this election. i think it's going to have a chilling effect on students who might have been conservative themselves or might have parents who voted for donald trump. there are a few of us republicans here in san francisco. >> what happened to teaching math and science? what should parents do that live in this district? >> well, so this is public school. parents, we pay pretty high taxes here, property taxes and other taxes here in san francisco. if i were a parent of a high school where this lesson plan was being taught, i would demand that that not be the lesson and any lesson on civics around the election, which is appropriate, be balanced, for example, let's talk about electoral college versus popular vote or even let's talk about some of the
3:49 am
controversial issues that were raised by both candidates in the presidential election. but this kind of propaganda which directs them to a michael moore video made after the election as a basis for commentary and thought and how they should be thinking, obviously very much against donald trump or an essay about white rage, which is another piece of that lesson plan, telling students that white legislators are racist and the whole society around them is racist, i think it's just really, it's almost child abuse for this dark, one-sided view of the world around them. it's not like that. >> what if the roles were reversed. what if a red state came out and said we need a lesson plan on how to deal with hillary clinton who has been proven to be a liar and not followed the rules? what would the reaction be? >> i think that's a great question. to me, as a taxpayer, i would have the same reaction, it is not the place of our public
3:50 am
schools to be indoctrinating students one way or another. it's the place of the schools to make sure they're equipped with all the tools they need to succeed after they putting all this baggage on them that they are about to go into this horrible, racist, sexist, islamphobic world out there who voted for the new president i think is counterproductive in helping them to succeed in america. >> thank you for your perspective. you heard his hevenling about -- message about anti-trump protesters. >> they have no idea what the process is all about. what they are doing and why they are mad. you are sounding off too. you don't have to wait until black friday like the keurig
3:51 am
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if you will like to get a jump start on your holiday shopping this weekend, we've got some products here that you don't want to miss, steve. what's that? >> that's right. we're going to find out in a minute from this woman about november steals and deals, a consumer expert and founder of the har >> let's start with america shops for craftsman tools. i've never seen a set for $10. >> this is from ace hardware. originally $17. now it's $9.99. 11 piece standard socket set. you got to ace stores all
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3:57 am
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>> we're somewhere in that shot. >> it's midtown manhattan. >> great shot of the white house. >> you are right, you are right. >> there's the white house right there. be careful what you ask for. live from new york city and washington, d.c., this is the world's number one cable morning news show. brian kilmeade is off i believe promoting his book today. >> no way, really? >> absolutely. in his place, we've got ed henry. >> i'm so glad to be here.
4:01 am
i love our producers, they anticipate what we're going to say. >> we called for you and there it was. >> the white house is in manhattan temporarily. >> you can feel from the local police and the secret service. they got to protect a 70-story high rise from everything. >> you have all these tourists that want to breeze through tiffany. next to an apple store. it's an area from where tourists go. there's trump tower. there's so many barricades, that six-lane road has turned into two lanes. >> it's a tourist attraction because inside that skyscraper is donald trump. that's our top story right now. top r in and out of trump tower as the president-elect looks to shape his cabinet. >> this morning, one of the top white house jobs said to be offered to retired general michael flynn. >> for more on that, let's turn
4:02 am
to you are our own commander in chief, james rosen. >> thank you for that promotion, ed. if mike flynn accepts the job of white house national security adviser have multiple sources have confirmed he's been offered, it will be mark an amazing turn around. an army lieutenant general served as director of the defense intelligence agency from 2012 to 2014. he never received a single audience with the commander in chief at that time, he was fired from dia because his assessments of the threat from isis and radical islam clashed with the more optimistic view the white house wanted to project. amid reports that mitt romney is under consideration to serve as secretary of state, sources will confirm he will meet with president-elect trump at trump national golf club in new jersey this weekend.
4:03 am
he called mr. trump a phony, a fraud. trump responded at that time calling him a choke artist and failed candidate. >> as president-elect, he knows it's incumbent on him to take meetings with world leaders and sitting legislators who those like governor romney who have been through the fire before, to talk about what the country is asking for in terms of leadership. >> and what ms. conway calls a thank america tour may soon be coming to a battleground state near you. the advanced director of the trump campaign told supporters that the president-elect is planning to visit in states that he won, including battleground states that he flipped from the obama-biden ticket in 2012 to the trump-pence ticket this year. >> for those of you are watching
4:04 am
who require not just eggs and coffee, but some richly aromatic political twitter follow me on james rosen@rnc. i'll tell you how many counties voted twice for obama and totally flipped. >> romney is going to new jersey. he could be up for secretary of state. some of the other names for secretary of state this morning, nikki haley who we talked about yesterday. general david petraeus. rudy had been mentioneds a contender, but ed, you brought up a good point. he's got some confirmation problems because since he's left the city hall, he's had a lot of business dealings. >> when we asked sean spicer about that last hour, he seemed to suggest, he didn't confirm it
4:05 am
either way. look, it doesn't matter whether rudy giuliani is in the cabinet or not. he's going to be a whisperer to the president, a key advisers. look, that's what's going on with lieutenant general michael flynn. he might have had confirmation problems as well. >> he got fired. >> by obama. democrats wanted a pound of flesh, would have tried hard to block that nomination. you make him the national security adviser, there's no senate confirmation. this whole concept of a team of rivals, think of barack obama doing that 2008 bringing in hillary clinton as secretary of state. mitt romney. ted cruz. >> it's his attitude and vision to say if you want to get on board to enact an agenda that will move this country forward and have real change, i'll take you and i don't care where you were prior to this, whether you supported me or not, if you are
4:06 am
the best person, if you've got a great idea, i want to hear it. >> he's not holding a grudge. >> look, his actions speak louder than words. he's bringing people from national security, foreign policy, economic policy. he laid out his views in the campaign. the people he's surrounding himself with is the best and the brightest. >> it's more important to get it right. get it right for you and for america than it is, you know, he's putting aside differences. these were guys on the campaign trail, mitt romney. you had ted cruz who didn't support him. >> very contentious. pretty high profile. cruz was booed over that. >> we've seen him do that in the past. we asked you for your comments. >> chuck emailed us. he said president-elect trump meeting mitt romney doesn't surprise me. he is trying to do what's right for the country. >> and allison said two men that had such making piece. take note protesters. trump is considering many of his former rivals/critic because he
4:07 am
wants the best people in his administration and for the country. >> and then alice, don't trust romney. he wasn't on your side. some people feel that way. >> he may just be pulling romney in to try to make peace. it doesn't mean necessarily that he will be secretary of state or anything like that. >> we've been speculating who will wind up with these jobs. a lot of people have gone into trump tower. we don't know what happens there. we presume they go up to his floor and they sit at the table and talk to him. seen spicer talked about this. they have got something that they refer to as buckets of landing teams for the broad areas of the administration. >> going into the obama administration and figuring out how do we make these work? >> are they buckets or baskets, baskets of deplorables? >> now, it's bucket time. they have got the bucket list. on the list is national security, the economy, and domestic violence -- domestic
4:08 am
policy. >> let's roll the sound bite so i can get some water. >> there are three landing teams if you will. today the national security landing team which is department of state, department of defense, the national security committee, and the department of justice launch. what that means is individuals designated by president-elect trump will go meet with people designated by the white house in those respective departments and agencies and they will begin to talk about the transition that will occur in january, what jobs need to be filled. how they get filled. what forms, everything down to the my nush i can't and the bigger agenda-type things. they will work on behalf of the trump team. on monday, we start going to economics and domestic policy and all the agencies. >> what does that mean? they are talking about national security transition today. we're hearing rumblings there will be some sort of announcements. lieutenant general michael
4:09 am
flynn. >> domestic policy, that would include veterans affairs and health and human services. >> those names would arrive on wednesday and the people whose names are going to be attached to it are not necessarily going to be in the administration. these are just the landing teams. >> you've seen ben carson said i don't want to be in the cabinet, but i want to be an adviser on health care. >> transition team, now it's called landing team. the landing teams. >> sean spicer suggested he might be interested in the white house press secretary position as well. >> that's interesting. laura ingraham's name has been tossed around for that as well. >> at 7:10 in the morning, it's news time. good morning, everybody. hope you are off to a great date on a happy friday. we begin right now with a fox news alert. overseas to bring you. a man has set himself on fire inside a bank. police in australia now
4:10 am
investigating this as a possible case of terrorism. six people, including that suspect, taken to the hospital with severe burns. officials say the suspect had a container of accelerant on him and that exploded. it's not clear yet if he intended to set himself on fire or not, but we'll continue to monitor this situation. president obama spent more than eight years arguing for the benefit of big government. now he's saying sometng that is quite different. moments ago, while on his last foreign trip, he's in germany, he said that americans want more control over their lives. take a listen to this. >> i do think that all politicians today have to be more attentive to people wanting to be heard, wanting to have more control over their lives. >> well, he also talked about donald trump's plan to reform obamacare, saying, campaigning and governing are two different things. we'll keep watching this one.
4:11 am
president-elect trump taking credit for thousands of jobs saying in the united states and this now comes as ford confirms that one of its production lines will not be moving to mexico. choosing to keep making their lincoln mkc in louisville, kentucky. mr. trump quoted, i worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. ford said it's happy that trump is pursuing policies to keep production in the united states. the search for the missing son sf a democratic congressman coming to an end. 21-year-old carl conyers found safe overnight. police were able to track down his location after he liked a post on twitter. the son of a michigan congressman, john conyers vanished earlier in the week. he's been found safe and sound. coming up, you heard his
4:12 am
message about anti trump protesters. listen. >> you know, curled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, sucking their thumb, singing jesus loves me. they have no idea what the process is all about, what they are doing or why they are mad. >> now you are sounding off about them as well. we're reading your comments coming up as mr. donald trump quickly filled his cabinet with people like lieutenant general michael flynn. what's going on behind the scenes? we'll pull back the curtain next live from new york city! ♪
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vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. and a fox news alert. cbs news now reporting senator jeff sessions was offered the job of attorney general and joining us live is someone involved in the transition for donald trump, brad blakeman. he's an adviser to donald trump's transition team. not a surprise that jeff sessions is in the running for something big. i mean, this is a senator who put his neck out there and as i recall was the first lawmaker to say, look, i'm behind donald trump. he's going to get something big, isn't he? >> well, look, if this is true,
4:17 am
the president-elect couldn't pick a better candidate. this is a guy who is steeped in the law, got an excellent reputation. was appointed by ronald reagan in 1981 to be the u.s. attorney for the southern district of alabama. served for more than a decade. then became the attorney general thereafter of alabama, and then the u.s. senator. so he's got a stellar record. i believe if he were to become the attorney general, he would be just what the doctor ordered. to not only clean up that agency but to effectuate all the laws in this country to the best of his ability. >> brad, as a republican, you know better than anyone and having been inside the white house you also know better than many that republicans have been very frustrated about the eric holder justice department before loretta lynch and particularly the clinton investigation. how do you think the face of the justice department will change and do you think that jeff sessions would be somebody, if confirmed, who would reopen the clinton probe?
4:18 am
>> he is going to clean up the justice department. he's going to take politics out of the justice department. he's got to up hold all the laws and not pick and choose those laws that he seeks to enforce, and that's going to be the big difference. the rule of law is for everybody. you can't pick and choose in america the laws you seek to want to enforce. if you want fair and equitible justice it's going to be fair for everyone. >> let's move on to mitt romney because he's going to be meeting one on one with the president-elect tomorrow here right near new york city in new jersey at donald trump's golf course and i wonder what you think about bringing someone like him in. the way i'm hearing it is that it's unlikely that mitt romney is going to get a major nomination, instead, this is about trying to mend fences and bring a former rival into a fold. >> donald trump is true to his word. he wants to unite the party and the country. if we want to make america great
4:19 am
again, we need everybody to join in that effort. the greatness of president lincoln is he brought his rivals together. he didn't seek to keep them out, and the success is the diversity that you can bring to government because once you are able to talk things out and come to consensus, you make the best decisions. >> now, brad talk also having been in the white house about the balancing act with some of the senate nominations, any president is not going to get everything he want. jeff sessions may be in as attorney general. we had heard rudy giuliani's name bandied about earlier on. also that doesn't appear to be the case. giuliani also talked about secretary of state. there may be confirmation problems because of some his business ties. lieutenant general michael flynn being appointed to a white house position it appears as national security adviser. what's the balancing act going on within the trump tra
4:20 am
>> the balancing act is to get the best and the brightest who are willing to serve and then to get them through the nomination process. the president is entitled to nominate the people he think best are the job. everybody is going to get a fair shake that donald trump submits to congress because the senate knows that those people have been properly vetted. >> brad blakeman, we appreciate your insights this morning. people like colin kaepernick trashed the national anthem -- there are other athletes doing the opposite. they are taking the country by storm. ainsley's brand-new book already a best seller and her success is good news for veterans families. the founder of major dan rooney,
4:21 am
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we're back with a fox news alert and a possible holiday travel disaster. workers at chicago's o'hare airport could strike at any moment. 500 employees there demanding higher wages, voting to walk off the job before the thanksgiving travel rush. and volkswagen is cutting 30,000 jobs as it struggles to recover from a huge emissions cheating scandal. europe's largest auto maker hoping to boost profits as it faces tens of billions in fines and compensation payments. and the golden arches are getting an upgrade. mcdonald's now rolling out table service and digital touch screens to hundreds of its
4:25 am
restaurants across the country. the move, the company's latest attempt to keep up with fast, casual restaurants. meanwhile, big news here. "take heart my child" ainsley book is a hit after three days on the shelf. it's a number one best seller on amazon. day after day. sweet sweeter the day after awk said -- success said, proceeds go to a charity that ainsley picks up. we all know who it is. >> folds of honor, this is major dan rooney. >> we're blessed to be here and we can't thank you enough for change the lives. >> our viewers are the best. they are buying this book, and they are even sold out of it on amazon and they are still buying it. you will get it before christmas, you'll get it in the next few weeks tell us about your organization. >> i think, you know, to go back
4:26 am
to how it all started because it is so relevant to the message in your book about dreams, and, you know, it was after my second tour of duty in iraq and i actually ended up on a airlines flight. i talk about it moments of sin chronicity. i strolled through first class. it was a corporal in dress army greens. press on back to coach. hour and a half layer, we land in grand rapids, michigan. it's after midnight at this point. and the captain comes over the p.a. and makes an announcement that we're carrying an american hero. that we have the remains of corporal brock buckman on this light who had been killed in iraq and his identical twin brother corporal brad buckman is in first class and brought him home. the captain makes the request that everybody stay on board until his remains have been
4:27 am
removed from the cargo hold. what i have never seen was the other side of war. i watch the family on the darkest night of their lives. his brothers, sisters, four-year-old son, his watched his coffin come down the ramp. you realize he won't get ice cream, read a book. the ceremony finishes itself up and i looked back to the plane, only to see half the people had deboarded that night. i had never been so disappointed in america that night. it was the hand of god i felt on my shoulder. he called me to start folds of honor. and we've awarded nearly $12, --
4:28 am
12,000 scholarships. $13 million alone. >> to put those kids through school. >> our first recipient, jacob, brock's son will be able to pursue his dreams courtesy of the village who has come around. ainsley, you are an amazing wingman who has come to join us and america is speaking on so many levels and fueling the dreams of our recipients. >> that's wonderful. the great thing about folds of honor, though, is you worry about if i give money to some organization, are they going to have a big parties? are they going to squander it? the answer is no. 91 clents of every -- cents of every dollar goes to someone. >> it started over the garage in my home in broken arrow, arizona. when you give a dollar, you want it to count, and that's --
4:29 am
>> this book is all about advice. you talk about being a father as well. what's the best advice you learned as a fighter pilot that you've passed on to your children? >> so, we have two traditions, one we wake up today and i asked them what today is. i say it's the best day of my life. i say why? it's the only waw i got andic and i will. which way an airplane takes off? >> into the wind and preparing for the resistance in life. it's there for a life. it's required for our dreams to take flight. so it's never going to be easy. embrace those head winds. that's god's way to lift you up. >> it's so cool how god works. how all of this happens. if you want to learn about his organization, check out his website. folds of honor org and you can buy the book as well and it helps the organization too and that's ainsley earhardt and on behalf of our thousands of recipients, thank
4:30 am
you. >> i am so honored. it is my pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >> great to be here. all right. coming up on this friday. democrats call it protests, but one lawmaker, republican lawmaker calls it economic terrorism. his plan to outlaw the anti trump protests or riots coming up next. and while people like kol ln kaepernick trash the national anthem, how can they do that after they heard your story, there are other athletes who are doing the exact opposite, so that's great news. what they are doing is taking our country by storm. carly shimkus is here with the top trending headlines coming up next. come on in, gorgeous.
4:31 am
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>> yesterday, joe biden and mike pence had lunch together. pence said i'm eager to discuss the issues of our nation. and bide p says -- biden says if you tell the waiters it's your birthday, you get a free piece of cake. i do it every day. good morning to you. >> good morning! >> yesterday, we had on our show a guy who is just blowing up the internet. >> chad prather. he created this viral video calling out the kids that are protesting donald trump. >> the snowflakes. >> the snowflakes if you will. saying they are vus whining because they didn't get their way. he was on "fox & friends" yesterday and a lot of people were approximate buzzing about that interview. here's what he had to say. >> people who are, you know, curled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, sucking their thumb, humming jesus loves me. they have no idea why they are
4:35 am
mad. they just know they don't feel right about it. these kids have gotten trophies for everything in life. they have never heard the word no. they are supposed to feel good all the time. when something doesn't go your way, now they don't have the ability to process that. how do i deal with disappointment? how do i deal with rejection? >> yeah. a lot of people are agreeing with him. mark on facebook says if this is what college environments have become, then i think my kids will skip this. it may be time to hurt these institutions in their wallet, and albert also on facebook says he's right, even to the point that they have been programmed right down to their beliefs. it is sad to see them so frustrated to think violence will get them what they want. trump needs some quick victories when he officially takes office. i hope this will include things that can show these confused young people, yes, it will get better. he's right about those victories too. we've seen a lot of athletes that are not standing up for the national anthem but what happened at kent state? >> kent state university
4:36 am
basketball players did something awesome on wednesday. it was their home opener. each player chose a member of the audience of a different race or gender to stand up with them on the court during the national anthem as a sign of unity and guess what, it was the players' idea to do this. they say that they are going to do that every single game throughout their season and hopefully their message of unity will catch on. >> it's a good message. it's i'm with you. >> it's i'm with you. we're all one people. a lot of people are responding to this on line. jennifer said thank you for showing america that love can heal. this is what sportsmanship is all about and ted hicks writes awesome display of unity and patriotism. you can't hate that message. carly shimkus, you hear her on the radio on xm 115. >> that's right. >> we'll go listen. >> also, patriots, heather.
4:37 am
>> we all love america here at fox news. i listen to it when i pick up my kids from school. happy friday. news headline to bring you right now. this video that you are watching may be hard to see but everyone is okay after that car rams through a crowd of people brawling outside of a bar in tampa. the driver pinning a person between the car and the building. they walk away with injuries. that driver taking off, running, still on the loose this morning. two people involved in that incident is -- are now under arrest. >> a road rage horror. a woman fearing for her life as she makes a desperate call for help at 911. listen to this. >> what is the address of your emergency? >> i don't know. i don't know where i am. a guy is hitting into the back of me. trying to kill me on the road. >> that arizona woman trapped inside her car helpless for about half an hour as this drunk driver repeatedly rams into the back of her car.
4:38 am
she says that joe moses pulled up behind her, flashed his lights and rammed her. protesting could soon be a criminal offense. we're all seen this. as a result of situations like this, a washington state lawmaker, a local official, proposing a new bill that would make chaotic protests like this a crime and he would call it economic terrorism. anyone taking place in these demonstrations that block traffic, damage property, and put public safety at risk could be charged with a felony. the proposed rule also applies to anyone funding or organizing those protests. interesting idea. we'll watch that one. and that new rule isn't something that kanye west has to worry about. the controversial performer dropping a political bombshell on fans in california.
4:39 am
here it is. >> i didn't vote, i didn't tell you -- i told you, if i would have voted, i would have voted on trump. >> he said something about donald trump and doing well. that announcement though was met with boos and cheers also from the crowd. west calling trump's strategy, quote, geniuses and he wanted to say this before the election but he was told not it. he also added he plans to run for president in 2020. those are your headlines. can you imagine moderating a panel with kanye west? >> nothing surprises us anymore. janet dean -- janice dean. >> we may be distant cousins. >> or mother daughter. >> we spell the name definitely. mine is an a.
4:40 am
>> mine is with two es. one of us stole horses and we were bad so the other family broke away and changed their spelling. >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't know if it was you or us. i don't know which one stole the horse. >> why don't we ask the audience? how are you doing? >> we just met them, they are from pensacola, florida. >> these are southern girls, you all. >> what happens when you walk down the street. >> i don't know. >> you just told me. >> you look like paula deen. >> what are you doing here in new york? >> just having a good time. >> these two are twins too. >> these two are twins. >> what are you doing this? >> the rockettes christmas show. >> let me tell you what else to go see. you will love it being in our age bracket. go see --
4:41 am
>> the jersey boys. >> the jersey boys. my dear friend mark that i danced with on dancing with the stars is playing the lead. >> oh, my gosh. we're ready to do a little bit of weather. put georgia up there because we have temperatures up there for miss paula de. -- deen. >> perfect. >> you did the weather. can you teach me to cook? >> if you can read that right there, you can read a cookbook and you learn. >> you ladies love paula deen? >> yes. >> you love "fox & friends"? >> yes. >> all right. >> the dean sisters. deen-dean. paula, janice, thank you very much. straight ahead. big cities with big budgets have no problem defying trump's
4:42 am
policy on sanctuary. but our next guests is a mayor says small towns like hers in massachusetts are the ones feeling the effects of illegal immigration. coming up next. >> we love you paula deen! >> i love y'all! are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th.
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4:45 am
the mayors of 21 major cities defying president-elect's donald trump pledge, pledging their cities will remain sanctuary cities for illegals. >> reiterated to him that this city and so many cities around the country will do all we can to protect our residents and to make sure the families are not torn apart. >> there you have new york city's mayor but one mayor says not so fast. one mayor joins us live from
4:46 am
massachusetts. good morning to you. >> hi, how are you? >> doing okay. so is your city a sanctuary city? >> no, we are not. >> what do you think of sanctuary cities? >> i think that decision can be made by the individual mayor. we are a city of immigrants. always have been. we have been about 90,000 people in the city and we are about ten miles north of boston. many immigrants, but my issue is the economic concerns. it's not the moral concerns, about having so many newcomers in my city. >> sure. and when you talk about the economic concerns, you got to worry about so if there are these undocumented immigrants in your town, you got to take care of them, you know, if they need medical help, if they got to go to school, they are going to go to your school and who is going to pay for it? >> right. and unwith of the biggest concerns we have in my city is the school population. it has increased by 17% over the last five years.
4:47 am
we have had -- last year, we had 623 new admissions from outside of the country, and this year, to date, we have 452 newcomers already. we've just opened a new middle school, and it was already overcrowded the day that it opened in april and now we're in the process of building two more schools. it's a very, very difficult thing for the city to absorb. >> right. and who pays for that? the taxpayers of the city. >> yes. >> one of the arguments that people don't make, mayor, in a blue collar town like yours, many of these people who are coming in are taking jobs away from the people who are there legally. >> and that may be so, but my concern is, as i said, is we have in addition to the impact on the schools, we have increased trash collection costs, we have police and fire protection costs that become
4:48 am
unmanageable for a city my size. >> sure. you would like to see the federal government slow down the flow. explain why. >> well, the absorption rate is just unsustainable for a city like ours. we cannot raise taxes quickly enough and don't want to raise taxes to pay for all the newcomers. so i have asked -- i'm really just reaching out in a plea to the federal government to either control the flow of newcomers to the city or settle them in other cities and towns besides lynn. >> spread them around. >> or provide some money to follow these new people to help provide for the services that the city is obligated to give them. >> what do you think of donald trump's plans? you know, he's president-elect. we don't know exactly what his immigration plan is going to be. we do know he's talking about first and foremost secure the border. where we go from there, and remove the criminal element, but
4:49 am
aside from that, we really don't know exactly what he is going to do. you know, he could be watching right now. what's your advice to him? >> well, i've always said that securing the borders is absolutely the first priority for any nation to maintain itself as a nation. without secure borders, we don't have a country. >> you are right about that. mayor judith flanagan kennedy joining us -- she's the mayor in linn, massachusetts. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> what do you think about that? email us at fox news you've seen president-elect donald trump. but there's more you have not seen yet. >> that's shocking. >> tmz's harvey levin is showing you a shocking side to trump you have not seen. who better to have in your
4:50 am
kitchen than paula deen? she's hear with -- here with a recipe straight from savannah. >> is it good? >> it's so good. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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4:54 am
you all start melting that butter. melt that butter. we're going to saute. we're going to make my grandmother paul's -- look at janice dean. she's my sister, daughter, cousin or something. >> and we love her. >> hers is de-e-a-n and mine is dee-e-e-n d-e-e-n. >> different set of dogs. >> we're going to start off with our onions and cellry. janice, put that in the bowl. steve, you be crumbling up these crackers and stuff for you. and ed, i guess you can be her cheerleader. >> get my hands in there. >> we ain't got but three minutes. >> i'm trying to be dainty. >> look at this outfit.
4:55 am
i love that shirt. she said it's on evines. >> don't you make fun of us. >> we'll be talking like this the rest of the day. >> ed was talking about my products. thank you for mentioning those, ed. >> speaking of evine, you got a new show. >> i do. i do. "sweet home savannah." mush those in. it's a shop at home network and these are some of the appliances that i offer. this multicooker is the incredible appliance i use. you can take your kitchen anywhere you want it to be. >> i hope my husband is watching. this is the most cooking i've ever done in my life. >> you don't have the bread in there. >> i put the bread in there. >> you didn't put it all. >> all of it? >> yeah. >> i'm going to give you a bunch of stock so you can squish it up
4:56 am
with your hands. >> i had to smell it. all right. >> what do you do with the butter? >> we add it. >> well, we've already got some cooked off just in case we didn't -- >> 20 seconds. >> start doing the eggs. >> come on steve. >> dag gum it. me 3 minutes? i can't say hello in 3 minutes. there we go. now we're cooking. >> after the eggs, then you put it in your pyrex? >> you see this stuff right here. today, i'm going to put it in my multicooker. >> i got to ask this because my mom is watching. do you call it stuffing or dressing? >> don't let me burn you. >> paula deen, thank you very much. we've got the recipe on our
4:57 am
website, fox and >> you didn't see my garden rooster from meijer that they have done for me. >> geraldo rivera next. >> from paula. >> i love geraldo rivera. >> he's in l.a. >> oh. ing sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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5:00 am
if you miss the deadline, you may have to wait another year before enrolling. call this number now! southern white house and the northern white house. >> and it's friday. thank you very much rascal flatts who is playing this in the green room right now. right now, in new york city and washington, d.c. brian is off today. we've got ed helpry right now. >> we've had a great show right now. i'm so excited about your book. >> thank you so much. >> her book right now number one on amazon and in addition to
5:01 am
that we have something to eat because paula deen left cornbread stuffing. >> her favorite meal is thanksgiving and christmas. my mom does the meal for both holidays. the best. and guess what, you are only like a week away from eating that meal. >> the great thing is when you are lucky, your family is there. >> we have breaking news about the trump transition. top republicans continuing to pour in and out of trump tower as the president-elect looks to shape his cabinet. >> some job offers developing by the minute and that includes general michael flynn and just in possibly alabama senator jeff sessions. >> that's right. let's go to fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen in d.c. james, i think we know somebody who has been offered the attorney general job, right? >> reporter: that's correct. good morning to you, steve, ainsley, and ed. republican senator jeff sessions of alabama was the earliest supporter of donald trump in the senate and a man widely believed
5:02 am
as this transition has been taking shape of having any job he may desire. he's been offered the job of attorney general of the united states. published reports say he has accepted that offer. he served 12 years as a u.s. attorney for the southern district of attorney and then as state attorney general. some trump loyalists had hoped that sessions would remain in the senate where his long experience was seen essential. making a visit to trump tower today will be mike huckabee, former arkansas governor and fox ne news. multiple sources have confirmed that the position of white house national security adviser has been offered to retired lieutenant general mike flynn, the former director of the defense intelligence agency. flynn has reportedly accepted
5:03 am
that offer. that follows reince priebus as white house chief of staff and steve bannon as chief adviser. finally, if you happen to be at trump golf course in new jersey this weekend, you might see donald trump and mitt romney. >> it's his attitude and vision to say if you want to get on board to enact an agenda that will move this country forward and have real change, i'll take you and i don't care where you were prior to this, whether you supported me or not. if you are the best person, if you've got a great idea, i want to hear it. i want you part of the team. >> so he's not holding a grudge. >> reporter: we don't hold grudges here in the d.c. bureau. this is my last hit on the show this morning. i want to tell you a little bit of trivia about ed henry. he is my next door neighbor right here in the washington bureau. >> i thought you meant in the
5:04 am
neighborhood. >> our offices are right next door to each other. i can't tell you how grateful all of us here that you took him off of his hands for five minutes. >> whose neater? who has a neater desk? >> i think rosen's desk. he also listens to eclectic music. >> this an office or cubicle. >> they have offices. >> his is much bigger than mine. he puts his feet up. >> he's a veteran. >> james, thank you very much. >> by the way, we have more breaking news from john roberts coming in. our senior national crohn, in addition to all the great reporting, mike pompeo is going to be named cia director or nominated to that post today. as we alluded to earlier in the show, we're expecting some kind of announcements from the president-elect. john roberts confirming that as james just reported, adding the
5:05 am
timing to that, jeff sessions attorney general, michael flynn for national security adviser and mike pompeo, the congressman from the wichita, kansas, area, where i used to live. >> spicer was telling us, you were asking him about the buckets. national security up first. >> sure. the way they have laid out the transition and the way we've never heard of it, but it's actually brilliant. they have buckets of landing teams and these names that are coming out there today are for the national security aspect. they have got three different buckets. national security, economy, and domestic policy. today is the day they unveil the landing team for national security, and so it's sessions, flynn, and pompeo. and then on monday they reveal the team for the economy and on wednesday they are going to reveal the team -- >> national security includes departments of state, justice, defense, and national security
5:06 am
council. economic issues, that's self-explanatory and domestic policy they announce next wednesday. >> attorney general, what does that have to do with national security? you are obviously the chief law enforcement official in the nation but also overseeing immigration and building the wall potentially and border security, and as we know, jeff sessions has been a hard liner on that issue for a long time, and he and stephen miller have -- a top adviser -- have become top advisers to donald trump on the immigration issue. so if you try to nominate him as attorney general, that ties in the immigration piece to the national security approach, and, look, we talked earlier in the show about david axelrod, no republican, saying everybody calm down. the obama people at this point had not named anybody and here we are, we hadn't made any major appointments at this point in 2008. i don't remember being criticized for it. so david axelrod, they had made smaller appointments to his
5:07 am
point and the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel had been in place already. all this criticism of donald trump. all of a sudden on friday, we're finding out, bam, bam, bam, they are coming together. >> some of the media they are making a big deal it's taking him too long to people in place. he has two more months before he takes office. second of all, they are talking about he didn't invite the press to eat a steak dinner with his family. talking about ivanka's bracelet that sheer wore. >> the mainstream media had every indication that hillary clinton was going to win. what's interesting, regarding these landing teams, when sean spicer was here as they roll out the information on the website and it will explain day-by-day what they are doing, a lot of these names that are will be attached to these
5:08 am
buckets of landing teams will not necessarily be people who are going to work in the administration but people who are going to hit the ground running, trying to get things started. >> i love that we talk about buckets and baskets a lot in this election and it's not even eastertime. >> buckets better than the baskets. >> deplorables. >> james rosen was reporting mike hawk bee is going to be over at trump tower. maybe donald trump is thinking about pulling him in. obviously, governor huckabee's daughter was working for trump during the campaign. >> a week ago, we thought rudy is going to be in. newt is going to be in. newt said earlier in the week that he would like to be a strategic planner, so essentially he took himself out. rudy, it has been suggested on a litany of different jobs, but it sounds like according to the "new york post" he could have confirmation problems since he left city hall he's had a number
5:09 am
of foreign business dealings and stuff like that. >> sean spicer gave us a little clue too, rudy giuliani could be by the president's side as a top adviser. >> i could not imagine not getting a position there. he's such a strong voice. the republican party loves him. he did such a great job in new york city. >> mitt romney this weekend, james rosen was reporting about that. he may not get a cabinet post. if he's brought into the fold -- >> people worry about jobs and the economy and mitt romney that's what he's known for. he's such a measured man. these guys and their personalities seem to be different, so i think they would make a good team. >> and the other thing is it adds the aspect of unity, here is mitt romney who called him a phony and fraud of donald trump, but mitt romney is responsible for a lot of jobs, just like former texas governor rick perry. what's interesting, though, the two top things we've heard about so far, these are people who are very loyal to donald trump from
5:10 am
the get go, when you think about you got flynn, who was out on the campaign trail, sessions, the first member of the u.s. senate to come out and give a full throated endorsement. mitt romney was not on team trump in the beginning, but it's great that they should come together at this juncture. >> you mentioned jobs, donald trump promised jobs. there are 4,000 jobs that are available and there are 50,000 resumes that have been sent in. you all are trying to go work at the white house. >> senior congressional producer chad pergram is making a good point. look, this is something that ronald reagan did as well. in terms of picking pompeo and sessions who are from the congress, why, because they are more likely to confirm somebody in the club. >> if they been up on capitol hill, they know how to get stuff done. >> who gets stuff done here?
5:11 am
>> i know. heather. >>. we're starting out right now overseas and a fox news alert. a man set himself on fire inside a bank and now police in australia are investigating this as a possible case of terrorism. six people, including that suspect, taken to the hospital with severe burns. officials say the suspect had a container of accelerant on him, and that exploded. it's not clear if he intended to set himself on fire or not, but we'll keep following this and bring you the latest. >> president obama spent more than eight years arguing for what he considered the benefit of big government. well, he is now saying something very different. the president telling german news outlets on his last trip overseas that americans want more control over their lives. listen to this. >> i do think that all politicians today have to be more attentive to people wanting to be heard, wanting to have more control over their lives.
5:12 am
>> well, he also talked about donald trump's plan to reform obamacare. saying, quote, campaigning and governing are two different things. a heart warming moment as a military dad is reunited with his three-year-old daughter. take a look at this. >> daddy! >> so sweet. >> how did that big man fit in that little box? but how excited that little girl is to see her daddy. that's specialist paul aheard. he had been away for the past seven months training. when he popped out, isabella came running into his arms. he can't wait to get back in the swing of things and be a dad again. congratulations, welcome home, just in time for the holidays. we love that. it never gets old. >> can you imagine being away from your child that long? >> nope. a lot of people do. tmz's harvey levin has seen
5:13 am
it all until he sat down with president-elect donald trump. he joins us live from l.a. about what our next president told him that left him stunned. the new reason president obama said hillary clinton lost because of fake news. you know, all those emails that you get. he's calling for a crack down. does that sound like censorship to you? that guy, right there, geraldo rivera is here. right back at you. can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health.
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5:16 am
because the time to think about today. go long.
5:17 am
in particularly in an age of social media where so many people are getting their information in sound bites and snippets off their phones, if we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems. >> president obama calling out fake news saying it is putting democracy in jeopardy, this comes after social media sites have vowed to crackdown on these fake news sites, but doesn't that get really close to
5:18 am
censorship. >> here to weigh in is geraldo rivera. >> good to see you. >> how is everybody doing? >> we're doing great here on the real news show. what do you think about the president of the united states taking a shot at fake news? it kind of looks like they are looking for any excuse they can to explain why hillary lost. >> before we get into the fake news aspect, i just want to say that i hope the president-elect is screening more than just cranky old white guys for his cabinet. i want a little more diversity, you know, nikki haley, the south carolina governor, i heard she was being considered. ed probably knows than i do. that would be a nice move for diversity. you got to get away from the same old same old. in terms of fake news, we can belittle the president's concerns, the fact of the matter is buzz feed did an analysis of the top 20 bogus stories as
5:19 am
compared to the top 20 real legitimate stories, and the top 20 bogus stories, which included, for example, hillary clinton sold weapons to isis, the pope endorsed donald trump, fbi agent that was investigating hillary was found dead in a murder-suicide. >> geraldo rivera, these are -- a lot of these stories are being made up by teenagers in macedonia who real they were putting out fake stories about bernie sanders, but they weren't getting the click bait, and so they switched to donald trump and they started making more money. >> my point, steve, is just because the fake story is one that you agree with politically and you wish were true, it's still a grave danger. when people start messing around with our internet and our flow of information, we really are subject to the wiles, the event intent of some of our enemies. i really do believe that the least reported or most under
5:20 am
reported story this election season is the fact, now we stated as fact by the nsa and other intelligence agencies within the u.s. government, that it really was russia that provided wikileaks with those emails that were so damning to hillary clinton and the democrats. the republicans didn't complain because it was damning to the democrats, but the shoe could have easily be on the other foot. next time around, it may be. maybe next time putin wants the democrats to win so he starts leaking crap about the republicans. we have to recognize in this age and all of us as parents, we tell our kids, you have to recognize that this is a very perilous time where truth is no longer in the eye of the beholder. truth now is on the pen of a propagandaist. >> just like they need to focus on jobs and the economy than all the junk mail. >> he is no purveyor of fake news, geraldo rivera. >> thank you. coming up, tmz harvey levin
5:21 am
has seen it all. he joins us live what our next president told him that left him the absolutely stunned. >> good morning, harvey.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
the search for a missing son of a democratic congressman coming to an end right now. 21-year-old carl conyers was found safe overnight. police reportedly tracked down his location after he liked a post on twitter early this morning. the son of mix representative john conyers finished from his -- vanished from his houston apartment earlier this week. it is unclear where he has been or exactly what happened. >> they can find you from twitter? that's the headline. remember this guy who used a pick axe to smash dot -- donald
5:25 am
trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. james otis seen in that video from is now charged with felony vandalism. he faces up to 3 years in prison. meanwhile, you think you've heard it all about president-elect donald trump's life. think again. >> there are still things even he rarely speaks about. >> and tonight he is opening up to tmz founder harvey leaven, watch this. >> my father thought it would be good for discipline reasons. >> that's a pretty extreme thing to send your kid away to upstate new york. what kind of discipline problems were you having? >> well, i was just somebody that was rebellous. >> did you send your father -- resent your father? >> no. >> did he say why? >> he said i want to shape you
5:26 am
up. >> ths objectified. >> harvey levin joins us right now. how did this series start? >> it started as a concept. i was interested in doing a show or a series of shows on a life story of a famous person, but not told on a sofa. told by going into their homes and walking through and looking at the objects in their lives that they have chosen to keep over the years from childhood on, and you use each object, kind of as a jumping off point to unlock what was going on at that time, and so i came up with this in early september and i thought, you know, why not shoot for the top on this, proof of concept, so i asked two people. hillary clinton and donald trump. she said no. he said yes. >> that makes it easy.
5:27 am
>> so we did it. >> it was pretty easy. well, it was not pretty easy. >> that's why it's called objectified. there was one thing he said that left you stunned, right? >> i got to say there were a bunch of things. there really were and i'll tell you why. for the last 16 months, he has been this kind of linear guy. when you see him on stage, and you see him at a news conference, and you know, he projects a certain image. this is completely different, and he is vulnerable. he talks about failures. he talks about successes. he talks about his fears, but one of things i think that really, really struck me was -- >> i think we have the sound bite. >> do you want to hear it? >> perfect tease. here it is. >> my understanding is business school was not your first choice. >> well, i wanted to be in a
5:28 am
business that you are very familiar with. i wanted to make motion pictures. i absolutely did. i was going to apply to usc. >> what was it about -- i mean, that's shocking? what was it that literally was going to make you break from what your dad did and start a career in film? >> i just liked it. i always liked it. i liked the glam more of movies. >> he wanted to make movies. who knew? >> there's actually a really funny story. the only reason he didn't was because the guy who was helping him get into usc needed to get an apartment. i think it was in new york, and trump negotiated this guy's lease and the guy was so impressed at the way he negotiated, he said, look, hollywood is really dicey. you are really good at this, and convinced him to go into business. >> wow. >> victim of his own success. so that's how he got into real estate. >> yeah. and look, i mean, there are other things too. i'm sure you guys know that he had a brother who died of alcoholism at 42, and we got
5:29 am
into that at a point, and, you know, i asked him whether -- he doesn't drink. he's never had a drink, and i asked him whether it was because he feared he might have that gene. and he was really honest about that. that was a hard thing to talk about, and he -- to some extent -- it afraid to have a drink because he wonders whether he would succumb to the same thing. but he's just very open and it's a very casual, different kind of thing. >> it's interesting the one who said yes ended up winning because your ratings are probably going to be higher tonight. >> there you go. >> i don't know that that factored into his decision. >> back then, he didn't know. >> he filmed this back in september. >> it will be "yuge" tonight. >> it will be hoouj. >> 10:00 p.m. on the fox channel. >> you are going to be the first
5:30 am
one in the office today, just saying it's 5:30 out in l.a. >> no kidding, no kidding. >> thanks, harvey. people protesting the election, smashing cars. we've seen that. all the chaos on the streets. the president just had his chance to tell them to quit. well, did he do it? stick around. >> i hope he did. and this just in, the best time to call in sick, and the best excuse to use on your boss, we will reveal, and read some of your email. >> we need to know that in the next few minutes if you are calling in sick.
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
we've got a fox news alert. when we started the show three hours ago, we knew a couple of names that were being floated,
5:34 am
but according to the fox news sources, we now know three names that are going to be part of the administration. >> one for every hour. >> is that so? lieutenant general michael flynn it sounds like has been offered the job to be the nsa -- >> the national security adviser inside the white house. >> thank you very much. and he's center square. >> then you've got jeff sessions, screen left, he apparently has been offered the attorney general job and screen right, you've got congressman from the great state of kansas, mike pompeo. i know a little bit about him, he's from the fourth district, wichita area. he went to west point. stand occupant at west point. i believe he finished first in his class and went to harvard law school. now, it looks like he could be the guy that's in charge of all the secrets for america. >> significant for donald trump, as president-elect, had these
5:35 am
series of meetings yesterday, henry kissinger and other experts. he's going with the national security team. important obviously because we're still a nation at war. >> it's more important to get it right than to speed things up. >> you noticed that as well. david axelrod. >> the guy who got president obama in the white house. i was proud of him for saying, saying lynn don't go after trump. >> at this point, barack obama in 2008 had not named his national security team. >> he's meeting with mitt romney with theeked. >> and axelrod said i don't know why everybody is picking on trump because they didn't pick on us, but as we told you earlier, the way they are setting up this transition team, they have got these so-called landing teams and buckets of landing teams. we've had unveiled the first bucket which is the national security team. >> it's not a bucket of deplorables either. >> no, no, that was a basket.
5:36 am
>> that was a basket. >> another "b" word. >> today is the national security bucket, and then on monday will be the economy bucket, and then on wednesday the domestic policy. >> maybe they will name their economic team on monday. >> got a feeling we'll know more about it on sunday the way things are working. >> it's very interesting. it's fun to see it shape up. >> live on the show. let's hand it over to heather. it's like national security, stuffing versus dressing. that's the conversation we're having. bucket versus baskets. president obama finally has a message for post election rioters. he says march on. listen to this. >> well, that's an example of what we've been seeing lately since the election. the president talking about this now under mounting pressure to respond to all that. he had remained tight-lipped until his press conference in
5:37 am
berlin. here it is. >> one of the great things about our democracy is it expresses itself in all sorts of ways. and that includes people protesting. i wouldn't advise them to be silent. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent. where mr. obama now heads to per rue for the apec summit. >> president-elect trump takes credit for keeping jobs in the states this morning. this comes as ford confirms that they will not be moving one of their lines to mexico, to keep it in kentucky. >> i worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. ford says they are happy to keep production in the united states. needing a day off. the perfect time to call in sick
5:38 am
to work. >> the key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. it's a good nonspecific symptom. i'm a big believer in it. >> we've all used it a time or two. researchers looked at this and they found that tuesday morning, calling in, precisely at 6:38 a.m. gives you the best chance of getting away with faking an illness. there's no rhyme or reason to it, but experts say that calling in early shows that you didn't oversleep or have a big night out. they say keep the sickness simple, like upset stomach. be a little vague about it. your boss won't want to hear the details. a lot of comments are pouring in it this morning. guys calling in sick to work. >> if you have an upset stomach, please spare everyone the details. >> now i'll be watching to see who calls in sick and what excuse they use. >> good one. >> gina tweets, i'm more concerned with who paid for the study and why it's important to
5:39 am
know. >> ed writes, what if you have to be work before that time? oh, good question. >> you know what's really odd, though? is that this past tuesday at 6:38 a.m., i was just checking the records, kilmeade called in sick for friday. do you think -- >> brian, you are fired. >> and ed's suggestion is do not call directly from the disco floor to your boss because there's a lot of ambient noise. >> did anyone call out sick to be on "fox & friends" today? oh, my god, everybody did. i'll write you guys all notes, okay. let's take a look at the weather real quick because we have a winter storm to talk about the upper midwest. look at the temperatures. you can see where it's very cold, behind this system and warmer than average in front of it. winter weather advisories posted from nebraska up toward the u.p. of michigan and blizzard warnings in effect from the
5:40 am
dakotas into minnesota. could it get to the northeast this weekend? it's possible. we could see a mix of rain and snow in new york city. what's your name? >> bernadette. >> where are you from? >> detroit. >> what are you doing in new york city? >> we're going ice skating and seeing broadway tonight. >> we have some toys coming up on the show. do you have your list to santa yet? >> yes. >> we have some ideas too. thanks for coming, everybody. i'm going to write everybody knows because they are all sick today from work. >> they have a cold front. mgs. >> very nice, i love it. >> i did a story once in washington, d.c. when i was down there at channel 4 and this was on st. patrick's day and it was at noon at the irish times and i went in and i interviewed people about st. patrick's day. i said to this one guy, shouldn't you be at work? i called in sick.
5:41 am
he said if your boss sees it, is he going to be happy? he says who cares. >> he got fired. >> doocy goes to the irish times. >> i'm glad he waits until noon. she's the first woman in history to be elected to house leadership three times in a row. she just met with vice president mike pence. >> congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers joining u.s. >> by the way, the guy got a better job. >> good. it worked out for him. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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5:45 am
congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers. she's the chairwoman of the house republican conference. congratulations. >> great to be with you. >> it sounds like is some of the top guys in the trump administration. it sounds like jeff sessions for attorney general. mike flynn for the nsa and it sound like colleague, mike pompeo to head up the ci. -- cia. >> i think it's great. yesterday, we saw vice president-elect pence meet with the republican house conference. there was so much energy in that room. we are excited to go to work and recognize that this election was really about the people saying they want to be at the center of this government, and we're ready to go to work, get results on their behalf. >> well, you know, over the last couple of congresss, unfortunately for your wide, there have been some obstruct n obstructionists on the other side in the form of harry reid
5:46 am
and others saying nope, we're not doing anything. >> we're ready. we believe it's a time for action. it's a time for restoring representative government, putting people at the center of their government. you know, i believe we need to be thinking big. we need to be reimagining government. getting it back, focused on the people. rethink, review, eliminate, parts, get it back closest to the people, but this is a time for action and that is -- that's a message that i hear from people, in eastern washington and around the country. >> sure. and you said mike pence was there yesterday. kind of on a listening tour. he wanted to take the temperature of his colleagues there in the house and also in the senate as well, and i think he sat down with nancy pelosi as well. let's think big right now. what's the top priority for you that you would like to see this administration take under, you know, as their number one thing? get going on first. >> you know, what i hear is people feel like they are working hard, doing all the right things, paying the bills.
5:47 am
making their mortgage, and yet they feel like they are getting behind. whether it's the cost of health care that we see continuing rising, the regulations that are choking jobs, veterans that feel like the va is not even listening to them. so all of these issues are ones that we want to tackle and we want to rethink these programs, these agencies, so that they get focused on the people. and actually making it -- proving people's lives. that needs to be our focus and getting the government that really reflects the people's priorities. >> one of donald trump's priorities out on the stump was to repeal and replace obamacare. you know, you are going to be involved in that. how hard is that going to be? >> that's long been a priority. as you look at what the promises were when obamacare was passed, it's not been fulfilled. unfortunately. you see that premiums are going up. people do not have the choices that they were promised. they don't have the doctor of their choice, and we -- a part of our better way agenda, which
5:48 am
is the house republicans leading on specific policy proposals was repeal and replacement of obamacare. we know that we can do better and that we can put people at the center of their health care and restore the decision-making that belongs between the patient and the doctor and so we have -- we have that proposal put together. we call it the backpack where you get to decide what's in it. it's portable. you can take it with you and those are the kind of solutions that we are excited to go to work on. >> well, we can hardly wait to see what you've got in store. meanwhile, yesterday, it's just what people do. somebody famous comes in, you take a picture with them. i saw mike pence had the selfie stick. took this particular selfie. everybody is happy in the picture. i saw on line you are getting some flack because it's not a very diverse group. >> you know, there is a lot of diversity when you look at the experiences, the backgrounds. we are younger. you look at our leadership team.
5:49 am
we're 23 years on average younger than the democrats. i do believe we need to continue to grow the party, though, and continue to reach out to every corner of this country, every person so that they know that the policies, the proposals are the ones that are going to prove their lives. >> thes the chairwoman of the republican house conference. she's from washington state. congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers. good luck to you. you got a lot to do. get working, would you? >> we will. we're ready. coming up on this friday, they are the hottest toys and your kids are going to want them for christmas and other holidays, so does janice dean as well? stay tuned to see what they are. >> i'm getting dizzy right now. martha, what do you have coming up on your big tv show? >> don't get dizzy, steve. here's what's coming up. big major announcements coming out from the trump campaign this morning. very big meetings about to happen there today as well.
5:50 am
mike huckabee is going to join us with more and perhaps a little bit of information from him as to his own situation as well. big, big news this morning. stay tuned. bill and i will see you moments away.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
it is the most wonderful time of the year and it is here, but are you ready for it? >> toy expert and author of well played, meredith sinclair is here with a preview of this year's holiday toys. >> it's so exciting. >> the kids are excited. >> so are the adults in many ways. >> legos are always on kids' wish lists, today i'm going to show you two of the most popular new lives. this is the elves line.
5:54 am
this is a shadow castle. there are tons of moving parts. tons of details. bridge moving up and down. the goal is to protect the magic drag princess. >> it this looks like it could be the girl and boys. >> this is for 8 to 12-year-olds. this is one of my favorites, this is from their city line. this is a vip. >> this is a trump air service. >> this is a private jet. it's all the vip service. >> it comes with -- >> ice cream is served in the let me owe seen. >> that's steve doocy's driver. >> let's talk about the easel. >> this is really cool. this is a digiart easel. it teaches children how to draw
5:55 am
and write their initial letters. if you want to write "l," it will light up "l." >> kids love ride-ons and these are three of the most popular characters right now. if you have little ones, you know paw patrol, and this is kids active, finding dory. they are going to love going and out of there. this is a ball pit. >> for music, check this out. this is minnie mouse's music mat. >> janice is having fun. >> what's this? >> this is two-in-one hammock. this is by heartsong.
5:56 am
this is a 2-in-1 hammock. it rocks back and forth. >> and big people can do it too. >> $175. >> these are great grandparents gifts. >> and read a book. kids get inside and they walk like this and it rolls along. >> and it's a hamster. >> perfect. this is also from hearthsong. >> after the break, we'll show you our last one. stick around. >> ready. go ed, go ed, go ed! ♪ ♪
5:57 am
. .
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ainsley has a book tour. she wit be at books and greets
6:00 am
in northvale, new jersey. >> i don't think it is 7:00 p.m. >> tea party. >> steve's head would not fit through here. he has bigger head than i do. bill: we can't erase that, ed. a lot of moving pieces this morning as trump administration continues to take shape. the president-elect filling three most important jobs keeping america safe and protecting rule of law. as we watch who is heading in and out of trump tower again today. come to friday. this is's newsroom. martha: this is bets one, better than the u.s. open. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. let's talk about what is going on here. the president-elect offering national security advisor job, chief of the nsa they call it to retired


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