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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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sandra: i read it to my 3-year-old, she was captivated. ainsley: it's out of stock on a few sites, but they've reordered, you'll get the first few weeks of christmas -- i mean, of december. harris: great to have you both. have a great weekend. "happening now" ames eans thanks y'all, i appreciate support. president-elect trump 52 speaking with the head of nato. they agreed on the importance of the western nato alliiance. >> they also discussed defense spending and funding. >> president-elect trump announcing who will take key positions in his administration. and also, as we approach the busiest travel day of the year, new concerns of security in our nation's airport. and their mission is to remember and honor remember heroes laid to rest in arlington national
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cemetery and other burial grounds in the u.s. how you can contribute to wreaths across america. it is all on "happening now". >> but we begin with a fox news alert. the trump administration is taking shape with through major opponentmentes for attorney, national security advisor and secretary general. >> and i am jenna lee. as the transition team heads to the private country club in new jersey. and three close allies accepted key posts this morning. senator jeff sessions will be attorney general. retired general michael flynn is white house national security advisor and mike pam payo is director of the cia. and they are live in new jersey where mr. trump will be heading,
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brian? >> reporter: president-elect donald trump picked three members of the cabinet three weeks after election day and he is moving in a faster pass except for president george bush. it is a rebuke to anyone who said it was in disarray or moving too slowly. pending senate confirmation jeff sessions accepted the role of attorney general in the trump administration. he was the first senator to back trump and a trusted advisor. he served in the senate for 20 years and he is expected to be a major player in enforcing the immigration policy in the fight against sanctuary cities. any path to legalization and citizen hip. and against obama executive actions when it comes to protecting immigrants. democrat and organizations have come out and appointed that he
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was accused of racism and denied a federal judgeship in 1986 under president reagan accused of using the n word and joking that the kkk was okay and you can expect a push back there. andy retired general michael flynn accepted national security advisor, he will be one of the handful of people advising trump in national security emergencies and in the situation room and west wing. and he is someone who is a stanch critic of obama and director of the defense agency in 2014. he thinks that the fight against isis and radical terror should be less politically correct and more aggressive and work hand in hand with moscow and russia something that trump mentioned. and pampao is accepted.
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and he got involved. and he was a strong critic of hillary clinton on the benghazi committee. and trump will meet with mitt romney in new jersey, his national golf course behind me and mitt romney is someone who went out of his way to criticize trump calling him a con man and threat to democracy and donald trump replied saying romney was a loser and somebody who not only, was a choker and a failed candidate in his campaign. and the fact that two men will meet here in the golf course is sending a signal and kelli ann conway said trump will listen to both sides to it make sure america's finishing first. reports that he could be in line
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for secretary of state. and we'll follow that all year in front of his golf course. >> joining us on this. host of jamie wein uponstein and jonathan swan national political reporter for the hill. starting with the last nugget first, johnathon, mitt romney and donald trump will have a get together. what does that tell you. >> more smoke signal and theater than reality. i would be shocked and talking to sources close to steve bannon i would be be shocked if he had a cabinet. he will hear the views of the never trump movement. >> the reporting suggest that media observers and observers of all stripes think that there is chaos in the trump campaign and the roll out of secretary and
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see forth is going badly. what is your take? >> it reminded me and people have to be skeptical of the chaos theoriy. i bought into it from the reports thaad no ground game and couldn't win the election and then he won the election. i think we should be reserved before we say there was chaos there. he is naming quicks aside quickly as other president-elects named them. and even quicker in some cases. you have to give president-elect trump benefit of time before you declare total chaos. >> some people are surprised that jeff sessions will be part of the administration. sessions is obviously the first senator to come out in favor of trump, but he is a establishment political figure and a sitting senator for quite a while.
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what does his selection tell you about what the trump administration is looking like? >> it will look like the trump campaign. and i would push back on the idea that jeff sessions is a member of the establishment. yes, he's been in the senate for a while, but he was a island of national popullism in the senate. before there was trump there was a national popullist movement and sessions was at the head of that. and he and stephen miller who is stoking the anti- establishment sentiment is going to run the country. jeff sessions is incredibly powerful figure. >> and pampao. he attended harvard and west point. he has a harvard law degree and military experience. >> he is an interesting pick the other two picks mike flynn and jeff sessions were expected in?
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capacity and early supporters of donald trump and supported him at great risk to their career. mike pampp ao was not early endorser. but he is a figure widely respecteded by even never trumpers. and they are heartened that he is nominated to the cia. he will appeal to the republican party in the way that jeff sessions and mike finely do not. >> there is a groundswell of opposition with the democrat and publicly calling on donald trump to rescien the domination of steve bannon. >> that will not happen. and there is in my view, misguided reporting that steve bannon is worried with losing
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his job and doing an apology tour on the hill. steve bannon is feeling secure in his job and doesn't feel the need to apologize to anyone including paul ryan. and i don't expect steve bannon. he is enjoying the noterity. >> all right. we'll wrap it up there and we'll watch the administration as it takes shape. >> on the democratic side. nancy pelosi will's position could be in jeopardiyy. congressman tim ryan plan to put his hat in the ring. it is a sign he said that the democrats need knew leadership. blake? >> reporter: hi, there. tim ryan started the tenure in 2003. the same year that nanciy pelosi
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began her run as leader of the house democrats and ryan is calling for a change in the top. democrats in the house lost 60 seats since 2009. and the congressman in ohio is pointing to rough belt route to reverse. >> we have the smallest majority in our caucus and take state and federal official and democratic officials we have the smallest number for reconstruction f. that is not a call for doing differently i don't know what is. >> reporter: last time she faceded opposition was steve shuller. and pelosi appeared confident that she will be withstand any challenge. >> let me just say without asking for a vote i have two-thirds of the caucus supporting me. >> all they need is a simple majority to be the house
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minority leader. after last woke's election. democrats hit a pause on the leadership election and they will take place in the end of the month and giving many of them time to reflect on the future of the party coming son over the thanksgiving break. >> we'll see what happens. >> president-elect donald trump pulling back the curtain on a prize possessions. we'll have a sneak preview coming up, plus. >> volkswagon announces big changes in the wake of the costly emissions scandal. how the company is looking to increase their bottom line.
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authorities. volkswagon said it is part of a long- term plan to it improve profitability. >> much better person than me, i guess. in a lot of ways. >> why do you say that? >> he had a tremendous heart. i have a heart and i love peechlt but he had had something that was special. >> president-elect about the death of his brother. that is one of his stories aerog fox news. it was some of his treasured possessions and talking about the back story. here is host of object five. harvey levin. what a cool concept. how did this come about? >> it really came about p with an idea which we had. you you can tell the life story of a famous person by going through their home and looking
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at objects they have collected from childhood to present and using them as a jumping-off point to talk about what is going on in their life at that time and unpeeling the union and we shot big and asked hillary clinton and trump to do this. she said no and he said yes. we shot it in midseptember. and it is a look at him that is so different from what you are used to seeing in the last 16 pointing're months. in particular, in a general sense tis a conversation and. he gets emotional with some of these items and we'll talk about not just successes, but failure and short coming and his fears and you saw this business with his brother and it is a tragic story that his brother died at 42 at alcoholism. i wanted to find out if he
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feared he had that gene. and he was opening about p that. >> it stopped at that exact moment. i want to show our viewers what you are talking about and how you explore the topics with president-elect trump. he talked about being sent to military school. we'll play that. >> my father thought it would be good for discipline reasons. >> that is an extreme thing to send your kid to upstate new york. what discipline problems were you having? >> was rebellious. >> did you resent him? >> no, i understood. >> he said i upon want to shape you up. >> what did you think of that moment, harvey? >> he gets specific with me about the kinds of problems that led his dad to send him hundreds of his miles from home for five years and some of them, he
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licked that one and not 100 percent. and he opens up about some of these things and so, again, it is candid. >> one more clep i want to show and what is significant and talk to him about going to business school. a few different choices were made we might not have the choice today. it was a clip about donald trump wanting to make movies. >> my understanding is that business school was not your first choice in >> well, i wanted to be in a business that you are are familiar with. i wanted to make motion pictures. i was going to apply to it usc. >> that's shocking. what was it that literally was going to make you break from what your dad did and start a career in film. >> i liked the glamor of movies. >> a little glint in his eye. he was passionate. >> and he loved it and went on
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to talk about why he ended up not doing it and the fear of going into a movie making and whether he thought he would be a success at. it jenna, one thing that i found interesting and haven't talked about yet. we do a segment with sports and something he had in the world of sport in his day. and we talked with it. it was interesting. he is going to use golf as a tool to deal with world leaders and he explains why golf can be so important and help him develop the relationships. and there is a lot in it. i don't know. it is a look that you just haven't gotten about this man. >> harvey, have you interviewed the most famous people been around a ton of celebrities. can you give viewers insight about what makes president-elect
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trump different. what was notable to you, as someone who has been around high profile people before. >> the thing about this interview for me. we saw trump as a linier figure for 16 months and this one is different. it is layered. >> and we look forward to it. we need something different. that is understatement of the century. thank you for coming back. >> and this is what we have going on. objectified, donald trump. hosted by harvey levin. and there is an encore presentation of the special presented tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. as well. and see that and donald trump's apartment and inside of his closest. >> can donald trump the movie be far behind. >> i don't know. >> you may have sewn them in the campaign. fake new's stories on facebook.
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>> right now according to a new study it sounds homemade food. grandma's pizza like a popular college hang out in new york city is the best name for a restaurant. it appeals to our desire for
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a home cooked personal meal or maybe they make good pizza. we are not serious about facts. and what is true and what is not. and particularly in the social media. they are getting information off sound bytes. off of the social media. if we can't discriminate between serious argument and propaganda then we have problems. >> president obama addressing so called fake news stories. it is also the subject of howard kurt last. howie, i am curious about this. how do you determine the fake
10:26 am
news these days, >> in some cases it is not. the stories that are popular on facebook are flat out. like pope francis endorsed trump. or hillary clinton sending weapons to isis and the popularity is mystifying. i think fake news is a canc or media. and there is a whole range of stories that are partially fake or disstorted. >> and the editor of the times or news organization to determine're determine if it is good or not. in it the wild west of social media. who is responsible for policing the stories that are out there and what should not be. >> you have gotten to the nub of the issue. not defending the stories put up by the legitimate new's organization. because they have problems as well.
10:27 am
but the sites for the business of making money off of facebook by putting out bogus stuff or pushing a partisan agenda. mark zuckerberg said he's not running a media company, but it is. facebook could stop the bogus threat. but who is the arbitrator of fairness who decides if it isoc or not. especially facebook had problems in the past by zuckerberg's own admission of staff members with an anticonservative bias. and he had to fire them because they left out stories. >> sometimes it is hard to know the truth. that is why it is important to have reliable sources. the who white house press pool
10:28 am
and tension with donald trump. and how he meet with the the prime minister of japan, and the press was not allowed in the room and a photographer was not allowed in the room and hence no photos. but there is a photothat exists but the press is choosing not to share it. why is this showing the issue there? >> the first media freak out when donald trump and his wife slipped out to the 21 club in manhattan and ditched the pool. it was overblown. but there was a serious issue. there is a long tra degrees and goes back to dallas. few representatives of the press follow the president or president-elect in case something happens. he's meeting with the prime minister of the japan and you don't have a pictures from the photographer and then they
10:29 am
leave. i talked to kelli ann conway and you will see it on media buzz. she said they are not ditching the pool, but she would not commit to having a pool follow the president at all times. it is not that journalist are important or deny them of privacy. we are the eyes and ears of the public in case something happens. >> these photos are iconic photoand we sourced them to the white house press pool. they are photos that were taken because the press pool exists and one of the questions that comes up with this. for president-elect are there different rules than a sitting president? and does social media change the need for a white house press pool like the ones that we have? >> even with the social media that opens up the dialogue to everybody. you want to have a journalist
10:30 am
and photographer in on important meetings. and you know historic event and something could happen. the motorcade could get in an accident and it is boring to wait for the president to finish playing golf and there is no rule or law or tradition going back to the jfk assassination and 9/11 reporters were there. and reagan was shot in '81 pool reporters were there. i hope president-elect trump decides the need. if he decides to do it his own way, the tensions and the battles between candidate trump and the president trump will make for a contentious relationship and the public will lose out without some to document the presidency. >> whether it was normal days and they turned out to be real moments in history and the real
10:31 am
moments that the journalist were able to capture. thank you. >> and what could president-elect trump's relationship with his son-in-law the create a conflict of interest in his administration. there is talk that jared kushner could get an appointment. and plus, what the psa chief is saying about the terror attack before a record number of americans take to the skies next week. are you on medicare?
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>> the head of the tsa said u.s. airports are top targets for terrorist. catherine herridge has more. >> reporter: thank you, jenna, the head of the tsa was not contacted by the trump transition team and the wait time and new security is not rolled back by the new administration. thanksgiving weeks a big one for travel. peak periods wednesday, thursday and sunday. travellers are advised not to bring liquids that slow down the process. >> look for things like liquid that you might have forgotten upon and check the back pack and purse. and briefcase. a lot of people just i forgot i had that. >> and last year, this attack on
10:36 am
the brussel's airport by suitcase bombs with isis terrorist that killed 32 and a downing of a russian passenger set over the sinai using a bomb are further evidence that terrorist groups are focused on transportation. >> we think that the risk is there. al-qaeda is still intent on attacking aviation. and that's the preferred method to do so. >> reporter: he said the tsa is working on technology to allow you to take liquids on flights. and passengers keep their shoes on and the time line for testing period is 18 months still. so it is coming but not soon enough for most people. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> new questions about potential conflict of interest problems for president-elect trump not
10:37 am
only on his own business but the role that jared kushner might play in his administration. we have fox news anchor and attorney. jared kushner played a key role in the campaign. and there was talk he might be chief of staff. and that is going to reince priebus. but if he were to get an official title in the trump administration is that a problem. >> some lawyers say that violates the anti- nepotism law. i think they are wrong for a couple of reasons. if you read the statute of that law, it refers to appointmentes in federal agencies. white house is not a federal agency. and when bill clinton appointed his wife to head up health care. there was a legal challenge and the court of appeals said as follow. we doubted that the congress included the white house or
10:38 am
executive office of the president under the law. singled reason. the appointmentes in the constitution gives the president unfettered power to make appointmentes. and bypassing that. congress cannot withdraw or take away from the president what is in the constitution. they can doenl do that in a constitution at amendment and not a statutory law. kushner could avoid all of it by taking an unpaid advisory role. he doesn't need the money and donald trump cares about what is in a title. and other presidents sought counsel from jordan and clifford who were at times unpaid advisers. >> he has business interest all over the world. doesn't that become a conflict
10:39 am
of interest. >> there is a conflict of interest law that said executive branch employees can't participate in government matters in which they have interest. this guy has real estate and in the media. and he could avoid that law and set up a blind trust. you put all of your holdings in a trust and all of it is sold. and the trustos reenvest 92 in to nothing. for kushner it is too vast. and the best course of conduct. is to unpaid role. >> rudy guiliani said the conflict of interest laws don't apply to the president; is that the case? >> conflict of special p law specifically excludes the president and the vice-president. and there's nothing in the law
10:40 am
that prevents donald trump from continuing on in a directory or managerial role and trump organization. he has holdings. hotels and buildings and he ken put it in's blind trust. it would take more hanfour years to unwind all of those assets. >> so all of the people who say donald trump has to divest himself from the building and golf courses. >> no law that makes him do that. there is a clause in the from accepting the compensation from a foreign government. donald trump has business with other foreign corporations and
10:41 am
have toys. to make sure his enterprises are not accepting donations or compensations from companies with government toys. >> sounds like he will have to hire accountants. >> a hundred lawyers and accountants to make sure he's not violating the laws and he needs to be transparent. >> jenna? >> a holiday decision hoppers the men and women. and how reach across america be. and bret baier, the story of donald trump. how a real estate mogul and celebrity turned the political world upside down. catch it on the fox news channel and here is a sample of what is
10:42 am
to come. >> as i travel, people say i am for trump and we talk about the issues and do you think he will build a wall and say mexico will pay for. it they say no, but he willy secure the border. >> mayors of american cities vow to remain sanctuary cities and may find resistance in his own party. >> you are not on the same place on immigration? >> we are on the same page as securing the border. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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>> a national guard sold answer finds a heart warming way to tell his daughter he's home for the holiday. he is coming back after seven months of training. the three-year-old didn't know he would be there. her dad skwoezed in a box and jumped out to surprise her had.
10:46 am
and the hardest part wives being home sick and everybody is back together again. and now it is just getting back in the swing of thing and being dad again. >> his wife and two kids were there for the surprise. he is grateful they will celebrate thanksgiving together. >> kudos to the mom. >> and one nonprofit group working for the holiday and reach across america needs your help. and a wreath company found themselves with xroo extra writes and now to help this goal, wreath across america needs 150,000. we have to figure out a way to get them to the mark. they are participating in wreath across america and a team captain and one of the teams
10:47 am
that helped to raise money and it is great to have you back on the program. >> thank you for having me. our you husbands served together and bro is involved with this group and tell us about the project. it is not only about placing a wreath for decoration on the gravesite. but tell us why you do it? >> well, we got involved three years ago. my husband and i lost over two dozen friends throughout the last 15 years of both of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and we were looking for a way to give back. we live in a great country and there are so many great organizations that help our service member and we were looking for something for the fallen gold star families. and roach across america for a gold star wife. she said it was a wonderful
10:48 am
organization and christmas time is hard for gold star families. for them every day is memorial day and christmas is no different. it is deeply difficult time for them. and reach across america folks, one of our missions is to remember, honor and teach and say their name and we place the wreaths on when you place the wreath. you look down and say their name. we don't want anyone to die a second time. and first time they do i. and second time is when the name is spoken out loud. >> it spoked me up thinking about it and the names that are there that don't have families in arlington. and here's a way to come together and be that lone soldier's family and remember them in a special time.
10:49 am
what goes in to making sure that there are enough wreaths? how much does it cost and how do you get it done? >> it is a 12 month operation. you know, they raised most of their money leading up to the deadline. and each wreath is $15 and tax deductible. and businesseses that want to give, they will get the tax benefit as well. we do different types of fundraisers and their team, we do fund raise araisers all over we were in tampa and washington d.c. and we did a cupcake fundraiser and we try to think outside of the box. so many people in your own community that want to help. and you would be surprised. if you ask your neighbor and
10:50 am
business owners, they really do want to help. >> $15. that is something that is fairly reasonable for sure. and brae, what is the best way if it folks are listening to you on tv, what is the easiest way to donate a wreath? >> go to the website for wreath across >> great. we'll make sure that the words out there. i am looking at the numbers and we need a lot of wreaths. donate to people's names as well and it is it a great gift for the holidays and we'll check back in to you, and it is a call for action. wreathscrossamerica.prospect org. >> thank you. >> it is a great cause. >> fire and ice impacting the u.s. wildfires scorch the earth in southern state and in other places, they are getting ready for the blizzarded.
10:51 am
we'll have a look at your weekend weather next. . we'll have a look at your weekend weather next. . we'll have a look at your weekend weather next. s. we'll have a look at your weekend weather next.
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10:54 am
new information on the trump cabinet contenders, and we'll tell you who. and a horrifying, a woman mauled by a bear and she was able to call 911. what did she do? and we have the 911 call. america's news headquarters in the top of the hour. >> now the fox extreme weather
10:55 am
alert... while fires rage out of control in the south the northern states are under a blizzard warning. >> the southeast is just dry. we have 36 active wildfires going on in the southeast. a lot of people with respiratory issues are suffering right now. the wind direction will pull it off in the coastal areas of the carolinas. the drought is firmly in place and it is a hot and dry summer and hot and dry fall and heading in the late fall and winter with a drought in place. the same system is not making its way in the area. over the next 5- 7 days there may be sprinkles toward tennessee and alabama. here's the other side of the
10:56 am
storm. blizzard in partses of minnesota and nebraska and south dakota. most of it moving in minnesota and it will continue to pull off north. it is winy and look at the snow. wind speeds in the mid40 and blizzard warnings in affect. it will be out of here tonight and move over the great lakes. >> meld the fire and ice together. >> wish we could do that. >> rick, thank you. buckingham palace is in a state of desrepair. how the british government is taking action so the royals are not left in the dark. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ buckingham palace getting a make over. >> the british taxpayers fit the
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bill for renovations in the queen's residence for pluming and heating. first upgrade since world war ii. there is high profile meetings set up saturday and sunday including one with mitt romney. brian is standing by in trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. and in trump tower, any minute now, we could possibly see the president-elect leave the building.


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