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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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levin: i don't really know him. i mean... trump: let me get--i'll get on this side, maybe, if it's cool. that is the longest interview i have ever done in my life-- and intense. come here. levin: thank you so much. trump: believe me! turn sblos into an ugly experience for the vice president-elect. >> we have america whom alarmed and anxious that the administration will not protect us. >> if the "hamilton" cast thinks they can lecture the man america chose. i have words for them in tonight's opening statement. plus the transition team transitions from the big apple to the garden state as one of the president-elect critics pays a visit to read a three pre-thanksgiving crow. >> i appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect.
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and look forward to the coming administration. and later -- we got a new president and he's all right. >> he's all right. trump is a good guy. he's fighting for pro-americanism, man. >> new day in america. so what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? street justice gets answers. how are you celebrating? >> i'm making my brother do it so i don't have to. >> it's about time, right? let's talk turkey. justice starts now. breaking tonight, several meetings between president-elect donald trump and potential cabinet picks at trump national golf club in new jersey. some big announcement could come as early as tomorrow. hello and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeaninepirro. retired general james vaitis among the big names.
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he is rumored to be a strong candidate for secretary of defense in the administration. the other high profile name on today's list, mitt romney who infamously blasted candidate donald trump back in march. we're going to talk about it all in depth tonight with an a-list group of guests. including donald trump sr. advisor, kellyanne conway. governor mike huckabee who himself sat down with the president-elect just yesterday. but first, my opening statement. hmm. the treatment of vice president-elect mike pence last night in new york city. where he was booed on the way into the play "hamilton" and lectured from the stage on his way out, was both outrageous and embarra embarrassing. what would in that theater, one block from this studio was out
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and out reverse racism and keyed up hate for a man who has done nothing to deserve this inappropriate and disgusting behavior by those who take it upon themselves to use what was supposed to be a night of art and recreation and appreciation for our american history as a political bully pulpit to chide the incoming vice president. take a listen. [ booing ] >> we, sir, we are the diverse america. who are anxious that your administration will not protect us. our children, our parents defend us out in the rights. but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our
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american values and to work on behalf of all of us. this wonderful american story told by a diverse group of men, women of different colors, creeds, and orientations. >> you're kidding, going to protect us, our children, our parents, our planet, our values, who's left? al qaeda? of course he's going to protect us. our parents, our children, our planet, and defend us. why didn't you ask hillary clinton part of the disastrous obama administration, that put so many americans at risk when they were in charge, why didn't you ask her that when she attended hamilton? no. you let her enjoy the show. or bernie sanders. you even gave him a standing ovation. the vice president, our vice
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president-elect, from a family of veterans whose son is in the military, himself someone elected to serve in the house of representatives for 12 years. elected the governor of a state, and now the vice president-elect of the united states, one i might add without a hint of scandal, this man is well aware of his obligation. and he deserves nothing but our respect and acceptance. especially when he chooses to come to your play about american history for his first real moment of relaxation with his family after a grueling campaign where he fought not only the democrats, but the media, pollsters, talking geniuses, the establishment, the white house, and even jay-z. you had your week to cry your eyes out. and have your temper tantrums. you holier than thou lib rams in this country have to start
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looking in the mirror. last night violates everything you say that you stand for. that big tent, the inclusive broad-minded acceptance of everyone, even people who don't look or act like you. what happened to your old, love trumps hate line? you're all damn hypocrites. you think that you and people who think like you are the only ones who deserve respect. well, let me tell you something, this guy won fair and square in spite of the rigged system that you think is so damned democratic. your party, your candidate was rejected, and you lost. now you cry babies want to rethink the electoral college. now, you're hamiltonians, you're students of american history,
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why not hip hop about the electoral college or is that the part of the constitution that you just want to ignore? do i need to remind you it's called article two of the united states constitution? maybe you want to dance about hamilton, why not dance about that? not part of your agenda? well, let me tell you something every day americans, forgotten americans, most of whom can't afford tickets to your play, and may not even have heard of "hamilton" got up and they voted. even though they were told it wouldn't matter. they voted because they were fed up against your policies. because your party spends too much and you regulate too much and your party's nominees are corrupt. you and your bloated federal government and your global fantasies about bringing in the rest of the world, and you don't give a damn whose paying for it,
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and you don't care who can afford it. the middle class and the low income classes have had just about enough. and they didn't just reject your presidential candidate, they rejected your senate, your house, and your governorship. get used to it. and i've got news for you, don't lecture this man. you may know a little about hip hop and dancing around the stage, i majored in american history. and i saw the play "hamilton," and i loved it. but you just took the fun, the enjoyment, and the memory of that play right out of me. which might explain why the number one hashtag that's trending right now i is #boycotthamilton. and that's my open.
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hmm. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. #judgejeanine. joining me now by phone, senior advisor to president-elect donald trump's transition team, kellyanne conway. you there, kellyanne? >> i'm right here with you, girl. that was an amazing open. >> i ought to tell you, kellyanne, we believe in free speech, we believe in accepting winners and not being sore losers, but, you know what, i have met mike pence several times, the man is a gentleman, he's a stand-up guy, he is a patriot, he is everything that we want and for him to be disrespected in my city, in new york city, infuriates me. what say you? >> i second that, jeanine. and frankly, you know, i worked for mike pence about ten years as his pollster and advisoadvis serving true. if people looked at him on the campaign trail. he was soft spoken, he was
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funny, he was inclusive. he was earnest, and he certainly was substantive, by the way, the major point here is none of that. the major point is he he's #yourvicepresident. i am so signs o of #notmypresident. i couldn't goat work. there were 20,000 protesters, i had to be escorted because they were all there as not my president. because these people were not prepared for the possibility that trump and pence may not be elected. everybody said it could not happen. so no one was prepared for it. and the sanctimonious high horse riding elite said what? donald trump better accept the results of the election and he better say that hillary clinton is his president. now you have all these cry babies, they have a right to exercise their voice, but honestly, this guy was there far leisure activity. he spent the whole day on trump
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tower working hard. he had a little down twiime wit his daughter and niece and nephew, i think it's inappropriate actually to put him in that position when he's not at a political event, he's not somewhere protesting, you haven't talked about when he came out of the theater, all the people standing there with signs who had read on social media that he was inside and harassment they took outside the athlete we are people and their card board signs. >> you know i'm thinking about him, the man waves, he doesn't say a word. he says thank you. he waited for them -- he's such a gentlemen. >> yes, he is, he's a gentlemen, patriot, and he's a public servant of many years who runs for all the right reasons. by the way, he's also a very tough person. when it's appropriate. he's somebody who voted against all the junk that his republican president was trying to put toward with all the exspending. what happened at the ballot box two weeks ago jeanine just happened again today.
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and when he -- the night, the wee hours of the morning you and i were there. what did he say? he said i will be president to all americans, even those who did not support me. pence believes that too and nobody's giving them a chance to actually prove that. >> they're creating their own their ty, you know what i saw today, kellyanne, when i saw the president-elect and i don't want to call him donald trump, president-elect, it was basically -- talk about transparency. and the hypocrisy of the last administrati administration. we saw the president-elect interviewing people from the trump golf course in new jersey. and we saw people -- it's almost like what we saw with president lincoln with his rivals. he brought in mitt romney. he brought in all kinds of people for different positions. what can you tell us and will
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announcements be made soon from what happened there today? >> yes, i was there today for part of the day. i'll be there tomorrow and that's exactly what donald trump is doing. as president-elect, he's been exactly who he's been. taking the council of different people. he's fully engaged, interviewing the people himself. and also having conversations, not every inch of you is going to lead to a position in the administration. maybe that's not even why some of the people are there. maybe they're there to have a serious conversation about the next president of the united states about the policy issue they've worked on for decades about the success they've had in non-political america. or great ideas they have about the world. and in a case of mitt romney, donald trump and mitt romney are two successful american entrepreneur business, job creators who also have the courage to and the fortune to run as the republican nominee for president. and obviously one of them was successful, but a lot of what mitt romney said in 2012 about the world has come true. a lot of what he warned us about has come true.
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but this is just a meeting of the minds. there will be announcements in due course, but looked at the calendar today, we are ahead of where president obama president-elect obama was in terms of announcing the announcements. >> i have 30e seconds. what about general mathis? he sounds like a very interesting guy. >> he's being seriously considered. we have a long list -- there's a long short list for each of these positions. obviously he's piqued interest as well. you saw the security team announce yesterday, donald trump is ahead of schedule where president-elect obama was at this point. and these things take time. and i think most importantly, jeanine, you're going to see them talking about legislation and executive order some time soon as well which will be big news. >> there's no question, it's already starting. kellyanne, i know how busy you are, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge, always a pleasure. >> oh, thank you. and with me now, former arkansas governor mike huckabee, governor huckabee himself met with president-elect trump just
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yesterday at trump tower, correct, governor? >> that is correct. >> don't you love it over there? >> you know, it's a fascinating time to try to get into the building with all the people. >> did you go in on fifth avenue or the side entrance, governor? >> i went right through the front door. >> you did, you did. i have to tell you, you know, i mean, i'm loving manhattan and there is such a hubbub, before i get into it, what do you think of what happened to the vice president-elect at "hamilton" last night? >> it showed a lot more class than some of the cast members and audience members too. who used what really is a wonderful time of escape from the normal pressures of life to go to the theater and used it for a political staging event. and it's just unfortunate. and it's not what people go out whether it's to dinner or to the theater, it's not what it's about.
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but look, mike pence handle it beautifully, i think it's interesting that somebody from "hamilton" would do this when they had a cast call who said only non-whites can apply. that's racism. that's reverse racism. you're right, and to our viewers who may not know, the fascinating thing about the play "hamilton" is that the charges are played by people who will hispanic and african americans. everything is reversed. . but everybody sells a minority, correct? >> that's correct. it's one of the ironies of what happened last night. but, you know, liberals -- they just don't have a sense of humor. i was backstage for a play in broadway a few years ago, a friend of mine produced it, and a guy came up to me, this was a lot of people standing around, screamed and yelled and said
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some terrible things, and everyone was just in shock because, you know, they were being very gracious to me. and this guy just blew the whole mood. i turned and said i'm going to mark him down as undecided. you have to look at this stuff with humor. >> you do. running for office, we're used to, i'm used to it, you of course at a different level. let's talk about what happened today. you were with the president-elect yesterday, what do you want to tell us, governor? >> nothing. i want to tell you not a thing. here's why. the two greatest qualities that any president needs of people with whom he speaks, number one is loyalty and confidentiality. if you can't bring those two to the room. >> did the. a president-elect ask you not to say anything? let's move on.
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>> we've got one minute. >> people that don't know don't talk. >> mitt romney, he wasn't nice to our friend the president-elect. >> went beyond just not being nice. he went out of his way to be harmful, hurtful, and to do everything he can -- >> i agree with you. >> to derail the candidate i have is donald trump. i think that's what will was so offensive about it. >> i don't think he's going to offer him a cabinet spot. >> you don't? >> and apparently, you know mitt romney thought this they were all a bunch of idiots because they were following a person that he deemed a fraud, a con man and a total phony. >> i agree, one more question. >> doesn't this prove that
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donald trump is not the thin-skinned person that miss hillary wanted everyone to think he was? >> it clearly proves that. i'll tell you a couple things about donald trump. number one, he has an extraordinary sense of perspective, he's not threatened by people, and the fact a that he's invatd his formal rivals to see him. tells a lot about his character. >>. >> he's a workaholic. >> i know that. quick. >> take care. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you, governor, thank you. ambassador john bolton. plus what do you think? >> well, i'm thankful for god and of course we're not supposed to mention him. >> now you can. it's merry krvms, happy
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hanukkah, thank god. the campaign is over and we have a new president. so what before this thanksgiving, i'm thankful for street justice and it's coming up later. stay with us. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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developing right now, key decisions on cabinet members in the trump administration. could be coming as early as tomorrow. joining me now, cpac chairman and republican strategist matt schlapp. i just finished speaking with governor mike huckabee, and we kind of put that rest that whole idea that donald trump is a thin-skinned individual. given the fact that he's bringing in people like mitt romney and nikki haley to trump tower the other day. and you know, bringing in people who were rather hypocrite cool say the least of him. now, there is also this rumor that, you know, donald, president-elect, only wants people around him in the cabinet. what's your take on that argument? >> boy, when i see mike flynn, mike povrp owe, jeff sessions, these are people of strong character, strong will, opinionated, experienced, they are going to push back on things they don't believe in. mike flynn was fired because he pushed back so aggressively. i know mike pompeo.
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first in his class at west point, went to harvard law, and he's a real strong-willed guy. donald trump is putting together so far a very impressive group of guys together. >> okay. so we know pompeo is brilliant, harvard, number one at west point, congress, benghazi, he's been own justice many times, we love him, we think he's great. and flynn also a straight shooter, a tough talker. and then, but let's talk about sessions. now sessions also is someone -- the attorney general, candidate, senate confirmation. there is some pushback, you know, it seems like every day they push back on somebody it goes away to the next guy. it's like the cry babies that can't get over the election. push back to the next guy and see if that sticks. so sessions is incredible
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background in terms of former united states attorney, world class legal mind and for all the criticism of him, while he was at host -- well he was united states attorney, he filed the desegregation lawsuits in alabama that goes right against things that people are saying about him. >> yeah, and i also think, judge, this whole question about bringing up race over and over again, i think the american people are quite exhausted from all of this. i know jeff sessions, you know, he failed to be confirmed when he was put up to be a federal judge, that was all politics. and i think he's going to be just fine with his colleagues in the united states senate. and the 30 year extension of the civil rights.
9:27 pm
>> and also he's against george wallace. he's awarding the congressional gold medal to rosa parks an alabama native and civil rights -- i mean come on. >> and he prosecuted the head of the kkk, i mean, let's get the facts out on the table and when the american people hear the facts, he will be confirmed and the important thing is, is donald trump will have someone at the department of justice who will follow the law, it's the first time in eight years, in every case -- >> you mean when loretta lynch met bill clinton on the tarmac, that was an accident? >> there'll be no secret meetings in the back was planes with jeff sessions as attorney general, judge. >> yeah, he is a very smart, ethical man. and finally, have you heard anything about this general mathis? >> i just -- everything i've heard is wonderful that will he is a great leader. that he's exactly what we need
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at the department of defense. and once again, he is no shrinking violet. he will give the president straight advice. in times we're in overseas, the threats we face with terrorism and russia and china. we need, we need a war cabinet that's ready to defend american interests. >> and i spoke with my good friend colonel hunt, he said to me that he worked with mathis and he said his nickname is mad dog mathis. i like him already. thanks for being with us. >> the terrorists will love it too, judge. >> i hope so. >> street justice style still ahead. but first a big political panel on deck. david, former bill clinton pollster, doug, ready to go at it. we'll talk president-elect trump and some of the picks already made as well a
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. a early morning train accident derailed, and what caused it is not clear. trains derailments are common in india. the rail network has a poor safety network. the most advanced weather satellite built is going into space tonight part of an $11 billion effort to track our weather from hurricanes to floods and wildfires. the satellite is the first of four and will go into orbit more than 22,000 miles into space. i'm patricia stark. now back to justice with judge jeanine. jeanine.
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another big day of developments for president-elect trump and his transition team after a week of significant announcements. here to break it all down, my all-star political panel tonight, chairman and republican strategist, david duval as well as doug schoen. okay guys. now, isn't it early for the president-elect to be doing this kind of thing? i know that president obama didn't even start doing this until december. and we are like deep into this stuff. is it rather early, doug? >> look, i think given that we are a divided country, it's all to the good that he's moving quickly. my concern and hope is that he focussed on what he said in his victory speech, which is bringing the country together. and appointing a wide diversity of people with different opinions. >> okay, i'm not suggesting it's not good. i'm saying that it's fantastic, the guys work.
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nobody goes to work this fast. >> no disagreement. >> okay. and david, now when doug says diversity, let's talk about the fact that, you know, we've got the president-elect basically doing interviews in front of the cameras. it's not like people are bringing in people through, you know, the side doors or this guy's bringing in his pal. the president is showing how open he is, how big his tent is by bringing in his biggest critics like the team of rivals from lincoln. what do you think of that? >> when you know who you want in your cabinet, you can make decisions pretty quickly. and president obama doesn't have a single person in his cabinet that doesn't share his fundamental belief on the issue. and it is absurd to think that somehow donald trump should be held to a different standard. in fact, you think about the criticism that's of mike pompeo right now, it used to be liberals would say that the gold standard was you had to graduate from harvard. mike pompeo does that, they
9:36 pm
criticize him. only if you graduated from harvard and you push the progressive agenda, then you're okay. that's why donald trump shouldn't worry about pleasing senate democrats all the time to make sure they're approving of him. >> okay, doug, is graduating it a negative now. i'm not clear on that one? >> look, i went to harvard and harvard law school -- >> i didn't know that, doug, i am very impressed. >> i did attack president obama on this show, to me the issue is really a big tent. it's not holding trump accountable or attacking progressives. it's we're one country, one agenda, which is that of the united states of america. and i hope my good friend david recognizes this is not about partisanship, it's about our future. >> let me ask you -- >> it's not, but doug, who in president obama's cabinet doesn't share his fundamental beliefs on the issues? >> do we care about president obama? let's keep moving forward.
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let's not look in the rearview mirror anymore. now, let's talk about what is happening with the president-elect. i'm hearing about this guy, and i'm very impressed, i want to know more about him, this general mathis, two tours in i believe in iraq or in the gulf anyway, and according to my friend counselor hunt mad dog, brilliant, scary-looking guy. i'm not -- you know, that was not a good term to use. i mean, he looks like he's a serious guy. are you saying that you want him to be all of these people to be for all americans? i mean, what makes progressives or democrats or people at a play in new york city think that a appointments are not going to be for everybody? where is this coming from, doug? >> it's coming when you have people, however talented, and qualified they may be who are all conservatives. if you remember --
9:38 pm
>> you want them to to pick a socialist like bernie sanders? americans chose republicans at every stage of government. >> if i can finish, jeanine, the vote was evenly divided. the electoral college was evenly divided, obama had republican ls in hagel and gase, i think a big tent makes more sense. i'm not justifying or questioning the president's right to appoint who he wants, i just think we have a larger mission to fight al qaeda, get the economy going and if we get a big tent, we'll all do better not as democrats and republicans, but as americans. >> what do you mean the electoral college was evenly divided. what are you talking about, doug? no it wasn't. >> it was hardly, hardly a landslide, jeanine, with over -- >> it's who wins and who loses. >> jeanine, i'm not questioning the legitimacy of donald trump -- >> are you questioning his
9:39 pm
legitimacy? >> you want to bring people together, not try -- >> people came together not just for this president, but at every level of government, david, you answer it. >> that's good. >> it's a large cabinet. we've heard about three appointments so far. but, here is what these three appointments say, donald trump is taking very seriously american's personal security and safety and that is one of the reason why is he was elected. >> okay. let's talk about -- i want to go to the dnc now. they're talking about this guy ellison for dosh head the dnc. the democratic party's at a tail spin, doug. they can't figure out why they lost. i mean, who's james comey's fault, hillary's fault, it's the talking head's fault, now they want to put a minnesota radical, keith ellison to head the dnc, is that a good move? >> i think it's a terrible move. and i, as a democrat, who puts country ahead of party, think this is a big mistake. a bad choice. and sends absolutely the wrong
9:40 pm
message to the american people and mainstream democrats. >> doug, i mean david. >> the democratic party is not a national party, it's a moment. they're having some success in a few states. a third of all congressional democrats come from new york, massachusetts, and california. putting ellison in as party chairman will only make that worse for them. >> all right david and doug, doug, i didn't know you went to harvard, both undergrad, i'm so impressed. thanks. >> i was very proud of it, jeanine. >> you should be. and street justice is still ahead. plus he's keeping a close eye on the trump transition team. john bolton standing by and
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developing tonight, important meetings all weekend
9:45 pm
for president-elect donald trump in new jersey. here with reaction and analysis to the latest transition, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor, john bolton. good evening, ambassador. >> glad to be with you. >> i wanted to do things with you tonight, i hate looking in the rearview mirror, especially president obama, but i know that he's traveling. and i don't know where he is, but i know he was with angela merkel and he's headed somewhere peru or -- what is the guy doing and why is he doing it? >> this trip was obviously set up before the election and it was supposed to be his value addict ri victory tour to help cement his legacy internationally. >> what legacy? >> well, i would be hard pressed to describe it, but it's obviously not turned out the watd he planned it because those persnickety american people didn't elect hillary clinton. what it has emphasized -- >> and he took it personally. he said it. >> he set up it to take it
9:46 pm
personally saying i need her to be my third term. what it underlines for americans as well, he has two months left in office. duomonths and then he's gone. >> all right. and quickly, are you worried in those two months, ambassador, that through the u.n. he is capable of doing damage to the american people, israel, as well as some of our allies? >> well, i think this is the point of maximum danger from my point of view of his actions. i think there are potential foreign threats of people trying to take advantage of him. with respect to israel and the security council and the general assembly, there's all kinds of speculation in new york that the u.s. will depart from decades of settled policy and support a resolution that recognizes the existence of a palestinian state that defines israel's borders in a way that confines them to what's called the 67 cease fire line. all of which is an effort to
9:47 pm
resolve the dispute between palestinians and israelis. not through face to face bargaining but by what barack obama thinks is best. >> all right. scary stuff. we're going to have you on again. we're going to talk about the next couple of months. jeff sessions. okay. probable ag candidate. a lot of mud going along, it's like every day they throw mud at the next person and see what sticks. you were in the department of justice at the time that he was being nominated for federal judgeship, tell us about that. >> well, i was in charge of legislative affairs. and i must say it was the most outrageous theories of attack -- series of attacks on anybody i had ever seen. he was treated very unfairly. i thought he was the victim of really a political campaign. and in many respects, what happened to jeff in that judicial nomination was the forecast of what was to come for william rehnquist for the supreme court, for bob bork for the supreme court later.
9:48 pm
it all really began back there. so it was a fine irony that he was elected to the senate later and now serves on the judiciary committee. i think he'll be confirmed, i think they may try and replay the 1986 battle. i think times have changed and i think what he's done since that fight in '86, yeah, he should be confirmed. >> why do you say it was a training ground? what do you mean by that? >> well what happened in the confirmation process and what jeff was the first victim of was that instead of looking at the person's record and confidence, it was like a political campaign. and a nominee is very hard-pressed to defend when you have outside interest groups digging things out of the record trying to present them without context. there was open revolt from within the civil rights division of the justice department. openly working with liberal members of the judiciary committee and others to sab tanl the nomination. it was starting to all of us, as
9:49 pm
i say, it was just the beginning of what was to come over the next 30 years. >> interesting. all right. well, it seems that he is well respected and has a great record that i talked about earlier in the show. anyway, ambassador john bolton, thanks for being with us tonight. >> glad to be with you. street justice is next, we're talking thanksgiving. stay with us. don and i met because i'm a volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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thanksgiving is just a few thanksgiving is just a few days away so i headed out to see what america's thankful for now we have a new president. here's tonight's street justice. >> thanksgiving is next week. we have a new president. what are you thankful for? >> i'm thankful he won the election, i'm very thankful. >> and how are you celebrating for thanksgiving? >> i'm making my brother so i don't have to. >> it's about time. what are you doing for thanksgiving? >> going to atlantic city. that's where my family's from. >> are you gambling? >> maybe. >> momma, he ain't telling you the truth. we have a new president. are you happy with they?
9:54 pm
>> i'm not too happy about that. >> what are you thankful for? >> i'm thankful for god. >> we're not supposed to mention him. >> you can, happy hanukkah, thank good. >> what do you think of this president? >> nobody likes you, man. >> what are you thankful for? >> i'm thankful for my family. we go to my brother-in-law's. >> you know in texas they eat fried turkey. >> whoever thought of frying a turkey. >> have you tried it? >> i love it. >> this brother's going to cook a ham. >> you don't like turkey? >> not anymore. >> are you happy? >> happy about what? >> thanksgiving. >> oh, hell no. >> why? >> because this land doesn't long to these people. >> why? >> the people occupying it right now. >> i'm occupying the space. >> i don't celebrate thanksgiving. >> okay. >> eat turkey? >> i eat turkey sometimes.
9:55 pm
>> that may be balance familiarous. >> trump is a good guy. he's fighting for pro americanism. all of those illegals, he's saying get out of here and come legally. all the muslims, stay over there, we can't tell whether you're terrorists. we're trying to stay safe, that's all. >> what are you thankful for? >> very lovely. >> who, me or thanksgiving? >> both. >> what are you doing for thanksgiving snf. >> i'm going to have a big turkey, maybe buy a new bmw. >> how are you going to buy a new bmw for thanksgiving? >> because it's my birthday. >> your mother was thankful she got rid of you on thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, baby! we'll be right back.
9:56 pm
i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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that's it for us tonight. we had a lot of fun. remember, friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and instagram at judge underscore
10:00 pm
jeanine. i want to wish everyone a wonderful happy and blessed thanksgiving. see you next time. greg gutfield is next. next tim. grug greg gutfeld, next. we don't have any more bacon. >> bacon. >> we don't have anymore bacon. [ crying ] >> youa ate it all. >> i have been. >> sorry, democrats, no more bacon. ♪ everyone's crying and everyone's lying. post


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