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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the groom in africa. unclear if the couple still got married. >> want to follow-up on that story. thank you so much for joining us. i'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, november 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this story. a fox news alert. a deadly school bus crash. five children killed overnight. the driver is under arrest. there's his picture. what we have just learned about him and the moments before that horrific accident. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump's first order of business revealed on tv. >> on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa program that undercut the american worker. >> that's not all. he's not done. the future president just laid out his first 100-day plan. we'll share with you.
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the president-elect faces the media inside trump tower. the headlines? defiant trump. what happened inside? let me remind you. thanksgiving is two days away. put something on. mornings are better with friends. ♪ we start with a fox news alert. tragedy in the state of tennessee. at least five children are dead after a horrific school bus crash in chattanooga. >> the driver, johnthan i walker, arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. mangled bus wrapped around a tree with dozens of elementary schoolchildren inside. >> a school bus flipped off the roadway. there are children. we believe there's ejections. >> weekend co-host clayton morris following this overnight.
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>> good morning guys. this thanksgiving week was supposed to be a time of celebration for these families. now, dozens of the families are mourning knowing that some of the children won't be at the table on thursday. 35 kids from wood more elementary were on board when the bus veered off the road and flipped over. five died at the scene. two dozen more hospitalized. it took hours to free the remaining students from this twisted wreckage. >> a bus accident with multiple injuries of children. it's every public safety professional's worst nightmare. as bad as it is for the police officers, firefighters and paramedics working that crash and that investigation, we can't even begin to imagine how much worse it is for the families, the friends, the loved ones and the victims. >> there's the driver. 24-year-old johnthony walker. he's charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless endangerment and other charges.
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he's being strongly, strongly a factor. no words if alcohol or drugs were are a factor. there's a press conference about an hour from now. we'll be monitoring that. the ntsb is sending a team no the crash site this morning. the elementary school is open this morning and grief counselors will be on hand there to help the other students who were not on that bus this morning. ainsley, brian, steve. >> it's a lot to get your head around. >> especially this week. >> it does look as if speed was probably a contributing factor. >> you got to look at the background of the driver. was he fully screened. you always worry. you take for granted the drivers that pick up your kids are fully screened and have had background checks. whether it was a bad day. >> they used to have governors on buses. >> i didn't know that. >> who knows? >> the ntsb is on the way. >> school bus, sorry to interrupt. they don't have seatbelts. they didn't when i was growing up.
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>> they doane. they've done studies. they figured the kids are safer in the school bus without the seatbelts than seatbelts. explain that to me. i don't get it. meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on that. let's talk about headhunter television. yesterday all the eyes of the world politically were on trump tower to see who was going to go up into that beautiful gold elevator, push the 26th floor and have a meeting in the corner office with the big cheese. >> of course, you mix and match with people that live there and you wonder if tommy hilfiger this time. >> or newt gingrich. >> we'll follow-up. we'll go over that list. first things first. i wonder who the president-elect trump would sit down with to go over his first 100 days. who is the big anchor, man or woman that got to coveted interview? >> he's a nontraditional candidate, a nontraditional president-elect. he did something nontraditional.
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he cut a youtube. 2 1/2 minutes in length. he's going to get rid of that tpp thing and do some other stuff. here's a little of it. >> i'm going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the trans pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we'll negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to n . i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale energy and clean call creating many millions of high-paying jobs on regulation, i will formulate a rule which says for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuse was visa programs that undercut the american worker. on ethics reform, as part of our
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plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration. and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. these are a few of the steps we'll take to reform washington and rebuild our middle class. i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone. and i mean everyone. >> by producing our own energy here with shale and coal, he's talking about. that means more jobs for americans and it means we're not reliant on other countries. >> cheaper prices, too. >> huffington post the headline, it's owe fegs. donald trump's first 100 days will be horrible for the planet. >> read the rest of that. just for the planet. other planets will benefit. more on that later. ron howard has a special on morris coming up.
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>> fantastic. >> on nat geo. >> i think we own that company. >> we'll promote more. >> i have no time, steve. do you mind if i go ahead? >> real quick, i think it's interesting, everyone is pushing donald trump to have a press conference to go over his first 100 days. i think he did. i think he is so fed up with the press, the way he's been treated since he won, how he was treated on election night by people upset that he won and the fact that he won, nothing has changed since. >> you've got the press telling the president-elect how he should conduct his president-electency. after hillary clinton lost, the press is out for revenge. you go in there and you got to figure they would ask a million pointed questions. he did something yesterday by release thag video. he got the word out. he will have press conferences, just not today. >> he's not the traditional president. he was tweeting the entire, throughout his whole 18 months,
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17 months of running. people criticized him for that. the mainstream media said he's not going to win. >> from the get-go. >> eisenhower never tweeted to play hamilton. >> that's right. >> on the cover of the new york post, there's the story there. beat the press. >> that's clever. >> here's exactly what happened. >> what did happen? >> certain people were invited to go and other people were not perhaps. >> talking about a meeting with the press. he invited news anchors, it was supposed to be off the record. people were supposed to go and not talk about what happened inside. >> totally off the record. people agreed not to talk and somebody in that room, network chiefs and stars started blabbing. one person said it was like a blanking firing squad. the meeting was a total disaster. the tv execs and anchors thought they would be discuss access during trump administration. it started with jeff zucker at cn nsaid i hate you network. everyone is a liar and you
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should be ashamed. that's according to one person who was not supposed to leak the information. we don't know that that's true. >> he said to the press, you got it all wrong, another person said. >> he could be right about that. >> he talked about one anchor in particular after he won actually was crying. looked like her voice was breaking and she hosted one of the debates which shows you how aggravated she still is. >> martha raddatz. >> oops. the headline was trump summons tv figures for private meeting and lets them have it. a defiant trump meets the tv news crowd and lets them have it. trump meets with executives and anchors to berate them in person. he wasn't yelling at all we heard. >> i doubt that it happened like that. whoever it was didn't like his tone. >> though don't like him. >> when people who voted for him
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see that, even if it's not true, they go, yeah, that's why we elected him. when you hear kellyanne conway his trusted adviser explain it. it went exactly as they hoped it would. watch. >> fairness is actually not having prumted negatively written about you and always assuming the worst about you. donald trump has faced an unprecedented avalanche of critical coverage when he was running and frankly, it in part, he owes his victory to that. there was a backlash of elites and against those who were telling americans what is important to them. >> i've been doing this thing called flipping around because i'm fascinated by the different coverage. it's so dramatically different. i thought it would change and move to the middle. it's still off. it's like a different entire news cycle. >> donald trump meeting with "the new york times" today. with ivanka and kelly. >> that will go well. >> it's going to be on the record. i would imagine -- who knows?
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>> not all of it. >> first part will be a meet and greet and then on the record. "the new york times" editor, who you complain to, says the complaints at "the new york times" are at a 15-year high. even the people who read the lefty new york times -- >> exactly. it's 6:10 on this new york city on this very busy day. >> heather has a fox news alert. >> hope you're off to a great day. we have a busy morning for news. starting in philadelphia where we have that fox news alert. police and bomb squad members are investigating after a package explodes inside an apartment early this morning. that blast going off when a 62-year-old man opened a box that he had gotten in the mail. right now, it's not known what was inside or if it was intentional. police say it could have been medication, such as an inhaler. that man suffered injuries to his chest and hands. but he is conscious. the explosion happening near philadelphia's popular rit en house square. another alert right now.
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potentially deadly terror attack here in times square foiled. 37-year-old mohammed rah feek that jay accused of plotting to use a garbage truck to run over crowds in new york city similar to the bastille day attack in france that killed 86 people. the man was born in yemen, lived in new york city and accused of trying to join isis overseas. meantime, a day after another paris plot foiled in france, the u.s. issuing a travel warning to americans heading to europe. authorities warning to be on high alert for possible terror plots during the holiday season. now to another alert that we've been following closely for you. justice could be served for the san antonio police officer who was murdered. >> not leaving the -- didn't deserve it. >> anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry.
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>> yeah. that is 3 is-year-old otis mccain apologizing sort of to the family of the slain detective, benjamin marconi. the veteran of the force gunned down in a deliberate and vie lebts attack. marconi's murder comes hours before st. louis police officer was ambushed and shot twice in the face. that 46-year-old is now out of the hospital. his alleged attacker, 19-year-old george bush, iii, killed in a shootout with police. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead, president bush has always refused to criticize his successor, barack obama. >> i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president. i think it's bad for the presidency for that matter. >> he's right. but turns out, president obama will not be returning the favor to president trump. reaction coming up. the infamous bad boys in trouble again.
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for years, president george w. bush has refused to criticize barack obama in public. this is what he told sean hannity two years ago. >> i don't think it's good for
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the country to have a former president undermine a current president. i think it's bad fort presidency for that matter. >> probably right. but while in peru this past week, president obama indicated that he may not be willing to give his successor the same treatment. listen to this. >> if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle, if i think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i'll examine it when it comes. >> here for reaction, mercedes shah lap, a former spokesperson for george w. bush. mercedes, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> obama is not going to go quietly, is he? >> no, not at all. i think you're seeing a different approach from president obama. clearly, he obviously sees his legacy being threatened. he's made it very clear, he
3:19 am
spoke to liberal groups on a call basically saying he's not going to be restrained. when he becomes a private citizen, he will be a vocal ex-president. that, i have to tell you, steve, is very different than what you saw with president bush. president george bush made a decision to focus on his foundation and his library, as well as painting lots of oil paintings. >> that's right. >> mercedes, here's the thing. george w. bush has done what a lot of presidents have done. i can't remember the last president who went out of office and starting belly aching about the guy who now has the keys to camp david. >> there's sort of unwritten rules where the presidents don't engage in the political discussion when there's a next president there. however, you have -- it has happened in the past. dwight eisenhower went after john f. kennedy's domestic policy. it does happen. this, i think, is a little bit different.
3:20 am
it sounds to me that president obama is going to become the ex-president community organizer hoping to fill in that leadership vacuum right now that you're seeing in the democratic party. >> ultimately, if you're organizing an opposition to the sitting president, it is because you don't like that guy. that's not very former presidential. >> it's one of those things where you would believe president obama becoming a private citizen would have him stay focused on his library, whether he's starting a foundation. but this is not in president obama's nature. he likes to campaign and be vocal. i think he sees the fact that donald trump is going to dismantle so many of his plans, so many of his, what he would consider his accomplishments and i think that he's just not going to stay quiet. >> we'll see. mercedes, thank you very much for getting up early on this tuesday. >> of course. thank you for having me.
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>> ha do you think about that? e-mail us. he almost went to prison for having a legal gun in his car in new jersey. after a period on our show and pardoned by chris christie, his dream is finally becoming a reality. his story is next.
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glad you're up. here's what's going on. deadly waves no longer threatening japan as officials lift an hours long tsunami warning. that happened overnight. after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake off the coast of fukushima. panic sweeping the island nation because people say it was the aftershock from the 2011 deadly magnitude 9 quake that caused all the damage. the tuskegee airmen oldest member died in his florida home
3:25 am
after complications from a stroke. he worked in logistics administration for the first all-black aviation squad. rogers was 101 years old. ainsley? >> thank you, brian. this is a story that we've been following for more than a year now. an aspiring cop pardoned by governor chris christie after fighting felony charges for carrying a legally owned gun in his glove box. now, even as ambushes against cops hit a ten-year high, he's finally fulfilling his dream of joining the force. stephon josie davis will be begin training with the baltimore police academy on december 1st. for the folks at home that don't know your story. tell us what happened to you in 2013. >> i was an armored truck driver. one day when i was getting ready for work, i was placing my bulletproof vest in my passenger side seat. my little sister came in the garage that morning. i put the firearm away in the glove compartment and i left off for work. i didn't realize that i left it there.
3:26 am
i was pulled over. i told the officers what happened. they put me under arrest. >> you were honest with the officers. you said i have a gun in the glove box. i'm a security officer. i have a gun there. that's illegal in the state of new jersey? >> yes, it is. >> you have to have the gun in the trunk. >> yes, it is. >> what happened next? >> they arrested me on that monday, that following monday when i went down there. i brought all my kre depgss in. i was placed under arrest for unlawful possession of firearm. >> facing ten years behind bars. >> ten years. >> your life totally changed. >> it was the worst time of your life? >> i lost everything financially i was a wreck. my credit was ruined. i just had to rebuild after that. >> you went to the naacp. they refused to help you. you go to governor christie, what does he do? >> eventually, after we did all the footwork and putting it out there, putting the story out there from the injustice that happened, governor christie did issue a full pardon. >> now, how has your life changed? >> as of now, my life changed because i can fulfill the dream
3:27 am
of becoming a baltimore police officer. i can start the academy december 1st. >> the ambush killings at a high, why do you want to become a police officer? >> it's a profession that needs good people. integrity is important. someone who has integrity need to want to be out there and help the force and help everybody that's out there in the community. i think that's important. >> we believe that governor christie saw your story on the fox newschannel. we've been covering you for a long time. what's your message to him. he completely saved your life? >> i definitely want to thank him for helping me out. i wouldn't have been able to fulfill the dream without him. i'm happy to be able to get the message out there. and i have a book coming out in 2017 called the pardon. if anybody wants to help out with the publishing, they can. it's go fund pardon. >> you're going to publish it yourself with the money people donate to you? >> yes, ma'am. >> what needs to change with the laws. you're clearly not a bad person.
3:28 am
just trying to protect your little sister and forgot the gun was there. what can be changed? >> what i believe, it takes a lot of critiquing with the laws. it's not going to happen overnight. it has to happen because a lot of innocent lives are being ruined, like myself, allen, brian aiken, there's other ones coming out that are surfacing on the internet. what i believe, somebody has to sit there and really think about what's going on, how they're ruining innocent lives. >> most people support law enforcement officers but there are a handful that don't as we have seen in the ambush killings. how do you plan to face the backlash from that community? >> the community, they have a law enforcement for the bad taste in their mouth because of certain situations that took place. i feel if you're a law enforcement officer, you have to represent the community in a positive way. just represent them being respectful, respect the badge and just respect the department. that's really all you can do. >> i talked to a guy at the conventions in -- and he takes
3:29 am
off the uniform after work and doesn't want to be targetedment. >> it's unfortunate he has to do that. i'm sure he's a good officer. it's unfortunate, they view law enforcement as bad. you can't pinpoint certain officers and make everybody a target. it's not nice. >> we wish you all the webest. have you heard this judge's message with people upset with the election. >> he is your president. and he will be your president. if you do not like that, you need to go to another country. >> up next, what we just learned about him that makes that story even better. what should president-elect donald trump do on day one to make america safe again? there's our military power panel. pete hegseth, rob o'neil and carl higbee. all great guys who fought for our country. this one is from
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take care of all your most important parts with centrum. with our most vitamin d three ever. we are back with a fox news alert. a potentially deadly terror attack in times square foiled apparently. >> an uber driver right here in new york is under arrest accused of trying to join isis overseas. officials say he discussed plans to use a garbage truck to go into times square and run crowds over. >> he was an uber driver? >> yep. >> apparently his inspiration last summer's deadly bastille day in nice, france. new york city police department is stepping up security to prevent that kind of truck attack on the thanksgiving parade. two days from now. >> thank you to the investigators who thwarted this attack. the department stationing
3:34 am
sand-filled garbage trucks to stop potential threats. >> we'll keep you posted on that. let's go to brian and a great panel. here to discuss that story an the possible new leader of the department of defense. pete hegseth is still here. seal team 6 diver rob o'neil is here and outside left is navy s.e.a.l. retired carl -- >> only time i've been left. >> pete, first off, this is not a new attack. this is nice, france, revisited. i have seen most people say that new yorkers are ready for this. they've bolstered their thanksgiving preparations and security beyond anything we've seen. two days out. >> it's a harder target than most because of the intelligence services and they do a great job keeping the city safe. it's a reflection how much the ideology has been exploited. because we haven't been on the offense. they're emboldened to plan these types of attacks. >> rob, they had this guy on the facebook page pledging
3:35 am
allegiance to isis and watching him. he didn't need to go to pakistan or syria. >> following the ideology -- you don't need to come here, just kill as many people as you can with as many people as you can watching. a lot of ways they're doing it is with social media. he's got a -- i don't personally think it would work in a place like new york just because of the way we have -- you see around times square there are police in twos and threes in fours with automatic weapons. with a lot of the barriers set up especially with mr. trump's office down the street. one really good rule we use as snipers. if you want to stop the car, you shoot the driver. they can do that really easily with a lot of the weapons they have here. >> this is the beirut. they're going back to the beirut way that moved the marine barracks in the 1980s. >> what i fear will happen is they're going to realize we're so well-protected in new york
3:36 am
city, they're going to target the hometown parades and homecoming parades. that's when you have a problem because you can't defend them in the same way and the same resources like we can in new york city. >> let's switch over to the big picture now. with donald trump taking over in a couple of months, who will be running the department of defense. what do we need? since general keane turned it down, james mattis seems to be the lead dog. what does he bring to the table? >> he was the architect of the battle of fallujah. he holds no punches. he takes the fight to the enemy. the biggest part of why he's praised up and down the chain of command is the fact that he went out and got the men on the ground's opinion and listened to what they were saying. he was so valuable to find out how the war was being fought and how we can do it better. that's his biggest threat. >> what worries me, he's a field general, is he going to be stuck and not utilizing his skills in the political world of the
3:37 am
pentagon? >> he'll have a staff around him. one thing that he did that a lot of generals didn't, like carl was saying, he's got the love of the men. they believe in him and morale is a huge -- >> does that matter in washing fon when you're in afghanistan? >> it matters everywhere. no matter where you are, you're talking to friends in coronado, virginia beach. if morale is low, when we were going to eastern africa and the horn of africa and yemen, they would go over and say we don't know what we're doing but we know where we're going. the families, the mothers at home, your mother and father, your kids, if morale is low, i've seen it both, when morale is low, you won't get it done as efficiently as you could. >> social engineering, politically correct, our war fighters are wondering whether it's the lawyers. there's no doubt with general mattis. he will restore a warrior ethos.
3:38 am
you have to have that. they fought in the battlefield. >> he was told to retire in 2013. never got a call from the president to say thanks for your service. there's going to be a little of i'm ready to go. he was put in the locker room too early. >> it's time to win a war. that's the bottom line. he's going to do it intelljebtly. when trump build a building, he knows how many floors. >> what i was going to say, there's a lot of general officers forced out early. you got petraeus, mattis, general flynn. now we have a lot of people in the pentagon referred to as obama's generals which aren't necessarily popular but good at being political. now that they're coming back that know how to win wars and keep morale up and kill the enemy, things will change. >> to wrap this up, pete, mattis is anti-iran. he thought it was a bad deal. he thought it was a bad thing. >> he understands the nature of our enemy. this is an intellectual guy, warrior monk and mad dog mattis.
3:39 am
he's smart and fought full but he's a killer. that's what enemies respect. >> he does not like the term mad dog. i got direct tweeted yesterday. i went to check his credentials out. it's true, he does not like to be called mad dog. >> i bet the president much iran doesn't like it either. >> absolutely. >> overachieved. i didn't have high hopes. but you really -- >> heather nauert, i have hoe hopes for you. >> maybe we can call this next guy mad dog. hospitalized after pulling the plug on his world tour. the rapper is allegedly under investigation after l.a. police visited him for a medical welfare call. the reports follow a week of bizarre rants on the stage like this one. >> obama couldn't make america great because he couldn't -- obama wasn't a --
3:40 am
[ inaudible ] >> okay. well still no word on why kanye canceled his tour and brian is upset about it. >> speaking of unusual characters, former nba star dennis rodman could spend the next two years behind bars for a hit-and-run crash. california prosecutors say he drove the wrong way on an interstate, caused an accident and then fled the scene. he's accused of driving without a valid license and getting police false information. his lawyer blames the crash on an exit ramp that wasn't clearly marked. new york city's liberal mayor bill de blasio doubling down on a promise to defy president-elect's plan to deport illegals. the mayor is calling on new yorkers to rally around him and help out. listen. >> there are a lot of people in this country who feel the same way. the president-elect talked during the campaign about the
3:41 am
movement that he had built. now it's our turn to build a movement. >> hmm. the mayor slamming mr. trump's promise to deport millions of illegals. even threatening to sue over proposed muslim registry. that's what he's calling it. laying down the low. federal judge telling future u.s. citizens if you don't like president-elect trump, you can leave. >> if you are a citizen of the united states, he is your president. and he will be your president. if you do not like that, you need to go to another country. >> if you don't like that, go to another country. we're learning a little bit more about texas judge john, including the fact that he's a hillary clinton supporter. the judge saying all americans need to support our 45th president no matter which candidate you voted for. those are your headlines. i'll see you here shortly.oing >> words of wisdom. >> thank you. just as millions are getting ready to travel for
3:42 am
thanksgiving, a major storm, uh-oh, turns deadly. what is worse? another one is moving in. janice dean is tracking it all next. >> in fact, soon. very soon. >> we just got a huge update about donald trump's meeting with "the new york times" today. stick around and find out what happened. oh caroline. so corporate put you up in a roadside motel. but with directv from at&t, you can download then binge watch your dvr'd shows from anywhere. that makes you more powerful than whatever it is you just stepped in. or that friendly dumpster diver outside. i wouldn't sit there. it's your tv, take it with you. now you can watch your dvr anywhere, at no extra cost, with directv from at&t.
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test test. test test test test test. test test test test. heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at we have quick headlines for you. i u.s. university leader fired for laughing in the face of patriotism. student government at loyola, maryland berated by the administration for throwing an america-themed party. >> the fact that trump won the election, i think, kind of threw them all off. i think if hillary won, there wouldn't have been all this
3:46 am
controversy. >> the administration calling the theme very alienating, divisive and harmful. snooim transferring. >> and against the core values. a massachusetts college will no longer be flying the american flag on campus. it's called hampshire college. putting it at half-staff after the election. it was found burned on veterans day. the school is taking down all flags while they consult with students on how to use them appropriately. >> really? don't burn it and don't take it down. >> i wonder if they get federal funding? let's find out. on to extreme weather. first major snowstorm of the season blasting the northeast. a lot of it is lake-effect snow. >> right. which makes it easier to shovel. now ice and wind blamed for hundreds of car crashes. >> in upstate new york, a bus packed with high school students rolled on to its side. the students walking away, thankfully, with minor injuries. the weather map not over
3:47 am
jet. meteorologist janice dean is outside where it's chilly once again. but no snow yet. >> there are little snowflakes right now in the atmosphere here on 6th and 48th streets. you can see it. #winter is here. let's take a look at the storm system that brought 40 inches of snow, 40 inches upstate new york across the great lakes, over 2 feet of snow, pennsylvania, parts of new england got walloped with tons of snow. the good news, it's moving northward. the next one is the one that's going to cause delays across the central u.s. with rain, maybe severe weather. a mix of ice. freezing rain and snow across the upper midwest. we'll be tracking it today, tomorrow and the east coast where we could see a little bit of rain on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll be watching that. as for travel delays, this is the area that you want to be aware of across the upper midwest an the central u.s. call ahead. of course, you'll see a lot of travel delays.
3:48 am
in the northwest, a new system moving in. that is your forecast for travel. then your parade forecast for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. looks like a little bit of rain, 45 degrees, won't be as windy as yesterday. 40, 50 mile per hour winds. good news. they can't -- 42 in wind. we'll see a warmup across the south. however, the potential for severe weather later today with thunderstorms, maybe hail and damaging winds, maybe an isolated tornado. all things we'll be watching as people head out for the busy travel week of the year, everyone. >> thank you very much. >> busy week here on "fox and friends" consistently. i love you being on the show. >> awe, thanks love. >> especially now with snow coming. we need the forecast snooimts going to be a long winter, my friends. >> we'll make it fun. >> without snow, you're okay. with snow, you're very important. >> thank you very much, janice
3:49 am
dean. >> i love you 365 days of the year, janice dean sniemts on. >> only when it snows. e-mail scandal didn't just hurt her presidential campaign. the brand new financial fallout for the clinton family foundation that will shock you, coming up. president-elect donald trump's meeting with "the new york times" making big news. we got a big update. tiki barber knows about dealing with the media. he weighs in next with the strut. look at him. not getting your best sleep?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
moments ago, donald trump officially canceling that scheduled meeting that we've been talking about this morning with the "new york times." it was supposed to happen today and in a brand-new tweet, the president-elect writes this. perhaps a new meeting will be set up with the times. in the meantime, they continue to cover me inaccurately and with a nasty tone! >> oh, boy. tiki barber knows all about dealing with the media. what's your reaction? >> i understand where he's coming from, but sometimes these visceral reactions and you let emotion getting in the way, you end up not seeing things with clarity. >> it's not going to go away. >> it never goes away. it makes you relevant. >> one of the unique ways that donald trump has handled his
3:54 am
presidential election machine is he bypassed us. he goes right to the smart phone. >> he's smart to engage that way. you just wonder sometimes if he's too quick to respond. >> wait a minute, they did so many negative articles on him. i understand what you are saying, one articles -- two articles. >> it obviously didn't have an effect. >> maybe that's the reason. >> maybe they were irrelevant. >> let's talk about mexico city last night. the nfl went there last night for the first time in 11 years. before the game started, the raiders were victorious over the texans. there were anti-gay chants there. all of the players were told not to leave the stadium. >> it's kind of treacherous. the altitude is almost 7,300
3:55 am
feet. you are playing in an environment that you are not used to. you are told not to drink the water or the food. it's the expansion of the game, new markets, new individuals to market to and so i understand why you play the game internationally but often wonder if it's the best thing for the players. >> why the anti-gay chants? >> i don't know. sometimes it's random. i thought there was going to be a lot of anti-trump chants to be honest with you, but the mexicans were very respectful. >> let's talk about love without words. >> love without words is a campaign that to create a century inclusive nashtive. a lot of kids with autism with nonverbal and can't express their love. >> what's your connection to autism? >> my best friend chris, his son mason was diagnosed with autism
3:56 am
a couple of years ago. i didn't know what to do. fortunately, i got hooked up with two people who started cultural city. life box which helps kids lives who wander and love without words is initiative to create these funds to create awareness. >> our friend kimberly gil foil and geraldo rivera is involved with it too. >> it's amazing when autism hits too. >> 1.5% of children, which is one in 68 children of affected. >> do you have a compact to announce? because you are in great shape. what's going on? >> i'm running a lot. i'm all over the place now.
3:57 am
i have six kids. >> man oh, man. >> that's why i look young. >> tiki, thank so much. president-elect donald trump rolling out the big issues for the first 100 days. including, killing tpp. stuart varney coming up next. that lets you get the most out of it, because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy one motoz droid and get one half off, and $300 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon?
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this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, november 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, a fox news alert. a deadly school bus crash, five students are killed overnight. the driver is under arrest. there's his picture. we're live with the breaking details about the moments just before that horrific crash. and an extreme weather alert. the first major winter storm of the season arrives two days before thanksgiving. now the northeast nailed by snow in some parts. we're tracking more wet winter weather that could impact you all across the country. and as people fill, file in and out of trump tower, the president-elect just can seldom a high profile meeting set for
4:01 am
today. who is he calling, quote, not nice? i'm going to have a dramatic pause. now i'm ready to talk again. your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ let's get right to our top story and a fox news alert. an horrific tragedy in chattanooga, tennessee. at least five children are dead after a school bus crashed just two days before thanksgiving. >> the driver's name is johnthony walker. the wreckage is twisted around a tree there. >> i need a unit to come up here, two units, to stand by these kids so they don't walk off. the ones that are injured. >> our reporter is in atlanta with overnight developments. i mean, this is really bad. >> reporter: yeah. a horrible story.
4:02 am
it's the last thing that first responders want to have to deal with because it's simply heart breaking. the ntsb is sending one of its go teams to chattanooga to investigate the cause of this trash. right now, police are describing it as a single vehicle accident. a school bus carrying 35 children from wood more elementary left the roadway and struck a tree. five children died and dozens sent to the hospital. some of the survivors exited the bus through roof hatches and others pulled from the wreckage by first responders. >> as bad as it is for the police officers, firefighters and paramedics working that crash and investigation, we can't imagine how hutch worse it is of the families, friends, loved ones of the voicts. >> authorities have charged the bus driver, 24-year-old
4:03 am
johnthony walker. he faces several charges. there may be additional charges pending once the case goes to a grand jury. back to you. all right. yesterday trump tower we move on to talk politics which now seems to be the northeast white house which is trump tower. donald trump had a series of meetings with about eight high profile people many of which will end up with jobs in the government. there was something else that took place. that was a meeting with media heads, including cnn and fox news. donald trump said the way he was treated was not fair. today, it looked like to be more contentious. >> here's the thing about the meeting yesterday, it was off the record so we don't know who revealed these details. we don't even know if they are
4:04 am
accurate. we do know he tweeted that this morning. i canceled today's meeting with the failing "new york times" when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. not nice. then he went on to say perhaps a new meeting will be set up with the "new york times." in the meantime, they continue to cover me inaccurately and with a nasty tone. the failing "new york times" just announced that complaints about them at a 15 year high. i can fully understand that. great meetings will take place today at trump tower who will run our country for the next eight years. >> he's already won. >> this is just a reminder that, hey, i'm in charge. i'm the big cheese now. you have to listen to me now and i'm canceling the meeting if we don't follow the terms. >> the way he's able to use social media is he bypasses us, he bypasses the filter of the media and essentially that's
4:05 am
what he did yesterday when he realized a 2:30 video on youtube so all the people could see what he plans to do in the first 100 days. here's a little bit of it. >> i'm going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. on energy, i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean coal creating many millions of high paying jobs. on regulation, i will formulate a rule for every new regulation two old regulations must be eliminated. on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all of abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. on ethics reform, as part of our
4:06 am
plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year want on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. these are just a few of the steps we will take to reform washington and rebuild our middle class. i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone, and i mean everyone. >> that video shot out at bed minister at his club in new jersey a couple of days ago. >> donald trump is ready to be president. will he set up an orderly process when it comes to picking a cabinet and will his 100 days have some clarity. so far on both counts, the answer is yes. stuart varney here getting ready for his show. >> what we just saw there on that clip from youtube, that is a live action presidency. that's i'm going to do this on day one.
4:07 am
you've got clarity. you know exactly what's going on. there's no filter of the media. looks right at the camera. i'm doing this. action on energy. regulations. visas, lobbyists and trade. boom. doing it. >> this is stuff he does not need congress for. he didn't mention the afford able care act, taxes, and the wall. >> those five items, that's doable. that's the stroke of a pen. that's a live action president right from the get-go. >> for folks at home who don't know much about government, what does that mean for them? >> well, that's a very hard thing to say. >> from a business perspective, is it a good plan? >> well, here's the story. it is a very good plan for business. that will be my opinion. and that opinion is reflected in what's going to happen today in the business world. in about, what, 2 1/2 hours, you are going to see the stock market go to an all-time record high. the dow industrials are going to
4:08 am
hit 19,000. the u.s. dollar is as strong as it's ever been in the last 10 to 15 years. the dollar has gone straight up. those two things taken together suggest that the business world likes what it sees so far in the trump presidency. >> i'm so confused because i was told by the mainstream media two weeks and one day ago that if donald trump was elected our stock market is going to go straight into the -- >> yeah. >> for an our hour our two. >> about 7:00 on election night, two weeks ago, eastern time, what were called the futures, that's an indication of how stocks are going to go, down 800 points on the dow industrials. half hour later when they realize trump is going to win, boom, it changed course. >> what do you think about a trump administration that the market thinks it's okay? >> growth. growth in the economy. cut taxes.
4:09 am
making sure that we got our energy that we got under our turf. >> killing the tpp. many australia is going to team up with china. there's a downside. >> the tpp us, and 11 other countries. trump said we're not pursuing that. he doesn't like these great big bureaucratic agreements. he will substitute one on one. he will go with australia, malaysia, taiwan, others. one on one bilateral agreements. >> you like that better? >> he says that's more fair. we get something out of as opposed to giving up stuff up under the tpp. >> if you do tax reform, what will the market do? >> the market will goes up more. i don't want to forecast the stock market. >> will you call me for the question? >> so far, the business world,
4:10 am
wall street likes what it sees in the trump presidency. that's why you are going to hit a brand-new high today. two hours 21 minutes, the dow will hit 19,000. never been there before. >> america is feeling great again. >> i think it is actually. as a result. >> stuart, thank you very much. >> thank you. 101 fever broke. >> whatever you say, brian. >> what? >> you feel great again. >> you lost me. i got the flu or something. heather, what are we going to do with him? >> brian certainly throws us off all a lot. >> we love you brian. >> i'm thinking health. we start out with a serious story and it is a fox news alert. police and the bomb squad are investigating at this hour after a package explodes inside a philadelphia apartment. the blast going off when a 62-year-old man opened a box that he received in the mail. right now, we don't know what is inside that box or if this was intentional.
4:11 am
police believe it could have been a medication such as an inhaler that exploded. the man suffered injuries to his chest and his hands, but is conscious. we'll bring you more on that as we get it outside of philadelphia. another alert right now, a new york uber driver is under arrest this morning accused of plotting a deadly terror attack right here in new york city in times square. official say that 37-year-old mohammad rafik naji wanted to use a garbage truck to run over people in new york city. his inspiration was the deadly attack in nice, france. he's a citizen of yemen. the united states is issuing a travel warning just after a paris-style plot was foiled in france.
4:12 am
be on alert for possible terror attacks during the holiday season. justice could soon be served for the san antonio, texas police officer who was ambushed and murdered. >> society not letting me see my son. >> do you have anything to say to my son? >> sorry. >> an apology of sorts. otis mccain apologizing to the family of detective benjamin marconi. he was gunned down in what police described as a deliberate and violent attack. marconi's murder comes hours before st. louis police officer was also ambushed, shot twice in the face. that 46-year-old is now out of the hospital. his alleged attacker, 19-year-old george bush iii was killed in a shoot-out with police. the first major winter storm of the season sends a bus packed with children sliding off a
4:13 am
highway. >> oh, it's going over. we got to call 911. >> oh, goodness. people watching in horror as that bus slides off the road and turns on its side. everyone on board will be okay. a new storm is moving across the united states, threatening our holiday travel. we've got janice dean on deck and they will bring that to us thrut the morning. >> look at that, it's not even thanksgiving and the guy has the snow blower out. >> i know. thank you very much. coming up on this tuesday, breaking party lines, president-elect donald trump meeting with a democrat putting differences aside for america. should more democrats show that kind of unity. we'll talk about it. before black friday, we've got some deals exclusively for you. like a cookware set up to 64% off. those are only for "fox & friends" viewers. we're taking care of you.
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4:17 am
one visit at trump tower standing out is democratic
4:18 am
congresswoman and bernie sanders supporter chelsea gabbard. she said i believe we can disagree strongly and still come together on issues that matter to the american people and affect their daily lives. we cannot allow divisiveness destroy our country. can more democrats pick up where she left off? here is chuck roser. >> it takes a lot of nerve and a lot of character to do what she did yesterday to have that meeting and put partisanship aside. she did that with the democratic party when she stepped down as the vice chairwoman. >> she was being pushed around the dnc. she didn't do that. what are her am ambitions? >> the sky is the limit. she left hawaii and went to war
4:19 am
and came back to serve her country and to be elected to congress. she's young. she's energetic. she's one of the smartest people i know and i think going there and what she knows about syria and foreign relations is good. we need to find common ality. we're going to disagree with donald trump on lots of lots things and hold him accountable. >> do you think she would accept a position if offered one? >> i have no idea. >> bob johnson, is one of the most successful businessmen around, african-american. he was positive with his meeting. he had a frank discussion with donald trump yesterday. he came away that trump is committed to reaching out to african-americans. he voted for hillary clinton. what do you take from that? >> you got to find policy positions. i disagree with donald trump on 90% of what he stands for. we do agree on trade. what he said about tpp and future trade agreements for people in my family who have lost their jobs, that's real. >> you said there's a reason
4:20 am
that democrats might deal with donald trump. that's because of what states they are running in. >> you got a lot of vulnerable democrats running in states that trump won. they are going to look for avenues to have commonality. >> thanks so much. ainsley, tell me what's coming up next. coming up, bad news for the clinton foundation. what we just found out and no need to wait for black friday. we've got great deals exclusively for you. like the shirt and you don't need a bra with it, apparently. we're going to talk about that. it's half off today. just for you, "fox & friends." we're giving you great deals. that's next. ♪
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4:24 am
in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. all right. we've got some news by the numbers. first, five. that's how many new donors contributed to the clinton foundation during its controversial third quarter. five. which is comprised of july 1st through september 30th. during that time, there were, of course, a number of reports that the foundation was under a criminal fbi investigation which apparently is true. next, two, that's how many chairmen the dnc could actually have. new hampshire's ray buckley announced he is challenging minnesota congressman keith ellison. buckley wants to split leadership duties. the last time that happened was back in 1995. 3%, that's how many americans regret the decision they made on election day.
4:25 am
only three. a majority of those who didn't even vote who say they don't regret their decision to stay home. that's news by the numbers. now, it's time to make a deal. i'm talking about megamorning deals. >> these are exclusive savings on products just for "fox & friends" viewers like you. >> she almost jumped the intro, megyn. >> the whole family today? this is exciting. it's time. it's tis the season to start shopping. christmas is around the corner. "fox & friends".com, click on the megamorning deals website for the savings. we start with these oxford golf sweaters and pullover jackets. they keep you nice and cool. they wick away moisture and oxford is sold in the best pro shops in the world and resorts. they are typically $74 to $139. but for you guys, today, such a deal. $37 to $39.
4:26 am
all sorts of colors. 27, sorry. not enough coffee. >> got to be an even better deal. from menswear to ladies wear. >> these are built-in bra tank. it's two-for-one. you don't have to wear a bra with this. you can layer it under an open top or sweater. bra 30. would you like to try one on? >> no. >> save up to 60%. and usually 70 to 74 today. $28 to $32. they come in different lengths, by the way. there's really long ones and there are shorter cropped ones. this is cookware. they call it green pan cookware. it conducts heat really fast so you use less oil and butter which makes it healthier cooker.
4:27 am
great deal, $179 to $911. norm today for you, megamorning deals, it is $65 to $75 for all of them. >> you know what's great about that? a lot of us make baby food. i like the green ones. >> never made baby food. >> these are really nice. these have japanese and swiss components. it's all about the craftsmenship and workmanship. they are water-resistant and they are scratch-resist tan and they are fancy. they come in red, white, and blue, and pink and gold. you can find one for your loved ones. only $59 today. that's 89% off. are you kidding me? >> no kidding. >> i'm not going diving. i'm actually looking at somebody's smart phone and what am i seeing? >> this opens up. you put your phone in there. you get an app with your favorite video game or virtual
4:28 am
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4:29 am
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only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. dig out from the season's first dose of winter weather. >> there you go. cars slipping and sliding on icy roads in upstate new york. the storm being blamed for hundreds of accidents throughout the northeast. >> the mess is not over yet. senior meteorologist janice dean is outside tracking the storm that could impact your holiday travel. >> say it ain't snow? >> absolutely. it's the time of year where we start to see these storms across the great lakes. we have lots of lake-effect snow. we have cold temperatures.
4:33 am
there's a look at the radar. so the snow is tapering off. still a little bit of a slippery commute in new england and across those great lakes where we still have the colder air moving over the relatively warmer waters of the great lakes bringing lake-effect snow. this is the next storm system. this is the one that could cause big delays across the midwest and the northeast over the next 12 to 24 hours. so tracking this with rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain and that's going to cause some travel delays. we'll keep you up-to-date throughout the morning. the busiest travel week of the year. steve, brian, ainsley back to you. >> as we go over the river and through the woods and scooping the snow to grand mothers house we could go. >> i wish we could go to grand mothers house. good times. >> let's hand it to heather. we're thankful for you this thanksgiving week. in case you are worried about can way west -- kanye west, reportedly hospitalized after pulling the plug on his
4:34 am
world tour. he's under observation after los angeles police visited him for some sort of medical welfare call. this followed a week of pretty bizarre rants on stage like this. >> obama couldn't make america great because he couldn't couldn't be him who he was. obama wasn't allowed to do this. what does the president of the united states and the founder of wikileaks have in common? they are both finalists for time's person of the year. julian asang and mr. trump. time editors select the person of the year, but the poll is meant to let readers express their opinion. do you remember this heart warming photo of president george h.w. bush.
4:35 am
he shaved his head to support a little boy named patrick. he was a son of one of the secret service agents. three years later, they are reunited again with some great news. the former president says that patrick is doing great and he's feeling a whole lot better. you may remember the bush family lost their daughter robin to leukemia more than 60 years ago. those are your headlines. glad to see patrick doing well. what do you got over there? >> 22 push-up challenge began four years ago as a way to raise awareness for the 22 military veterans who take their lives each day. >> it is a number reduced to 20 but remains tragically high. >> joining us now, jacob shenk. when this number came out a couple years ago, 22 vets kill themselves a day. why did it impact you to such an extent that you decided to start
4:36 am
this organization? >> well, i actually was not the founder but the founder is a marine and it's affected us and our community in a great way. i mean, everyone up here who has served, i guarantee you, knows someone who died by suicide. i don't have to ask them. it's something that's plaguing our community. at the end of the day we need to let the service members know we have their back. >> what about the connection of law enforcement? why is law enforcement such a natural link? >> at the end of the day for us, how many of you guys served in the military? there you go. you got one up there. these guys serve too and obviously right now, it's not very popular time to be an officer. they serve and protect us everyday. we can't go and do what we do overseas without knowing -- >> you are on the front lines on the war on terror. you saw nice and belgium. >> absolutely. these guys are the front line defense and we owe them their all. we have their back. we appreciate what they do. >> we have carl, pete, and rob
4:37 am
here who served our great country. what does this mean to you as veterans? >> when you raise awareness, you have the opportunity to do something about it and fix it. our va has been failing on so many levels. we got to pay more attention to mental health. we're raising awareness about it so the folks in washington who haven't done enough can do something about it. >> we can all relate and do something about this now. the camaraderie joined together. >> most people even know that 22 veterans a day are killing themselves. it's a big shock to people. once you reach out and let people know this is happening, you can start raising awareness, we can start fixing the problem. >> people learn to survive like you guys have when they come home, when the risk is gone, they have trouble dealing with it? >> a lot of it is a lack of camaraderie that you had over there. it's finding another sense of purpose because what you are doing there is so meaningful and you are sourned -- surrounded by a mission that you are committed
4:38 am
to and when you come home, it feels different. >> one of the worst things guys can do, men and women can do is lock themselves out and become a hermit. do an activity. >> we're used to being strong guys on the front line of the fight. when we come back, we need someone to say hey, it's not okay. >> we're going to do the 22-kill push-up challenge. at this point we've got nearly 70 million push-ups. there's an algorithm. when we count them. >> how do we raise money along with awareness? >> go to our website, buy some of our honor rings and on our website, fox and >> yes. you bet. >> we're going to do these push-ups and symbolic
4:39 am
representation showing our brothers and sisters we have your back. >> let's do some push-ups. >> very impressive. who is going to call them out? >> all right. here we go. >> ten hut. squat, move. down. up. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. [ applause ] >> thank you guys for being here for what you do every day. me and my family thank you in a great way. hopefully this country will change their opinions and we'll get back on track to honor those
4:40 am
who serve. >> thank you as well for guys we see on the fox news channel all the time. carl and pete and rob o'neill. first time you appeared doing the gun show in the t-shirt. that's the actual gun show. they are actually with guns. now all you have to do is keep it about 10 million people safe on thanksgiving, is that right? >> that you guys. >> that was pretty impressive. can you guys do that? >> sure. during the commercial. >> once again, if you would like more information about 22 kill, go to our website, "fox & friends" and find out where you too can get that ring. she caused outrage for this impression at the ama awards. >> this is my melania trump impression. i love my husband, president barack obama. >> well, this morning we have a huge update from gigi hadid.
4:41 am
>> how about some more push-ups? come on down, guys. >> rob, rob. [ boomer ] imagine what you wear every day
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ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. kick -- quick headlines now. the department of homeland security saying hundreds of thousands of green cards have simply vanished. they are emphasizing the crisis, saying in the wrong hands, they can help terrorists, criminals,
4:45 am
and undocumented immigrants stay in this country. and the stars of "hamilton" have no problem lecturing the vice president-elect, but it turns out they haven't vote in years. some cast members haven't filled out a ballot in national elections in a decade. >> now you know. fox news alert, suspected cop killer in custody. this man, 31-year-old otis tyrone now charged in the ambush murder of san antonio, texas police officer benjamin marconi. that man right there. >> this year alone, 127 officers have been killed in the line of duty. >> joining us right now with her reaction is manhattan institute senior fellow and author of the war on cops, heather mcdonald. good morning to you. >> thank you, steve. how did this start? >> it started with a false narrative that has been amplified by the black lives matter activist and president obama that says that we're living through an epidemic of
4:46 am
racially bypassed police killings of black males. that is a false narrative, but it is breeding a degree of hatred. >> you see it all connected. what happened starting in ferguson a couple of years ago is connected to this? >> i talk to cops on a regular basis they tell me they have never experienced so much hatred on the streets in their 19, 20 years in on the job. people are refusing to comply with lawful requests. if you tell people enough times that cops are biased, lethally so, we shouldn't be surprised when there's people on the fringe that act out and take matters into their own hands. >> 127 families will be without their loved one on this thanksgiving for the first time since 127 have died as we just reported. how do we change the narrative if that's the problem? >> you change the narrative by telling a different story and
4:47 am
it's very important that donald trump acknowledge during his campaign that this false narrative is resulting not just in the loss of cop's lives but as importantly black lives. homicides rows in large cities with black populations anywhere from 54% in washington, d.c. last year to 90% in cleveland. 900 additional black males were killed last year versus a total 7,000 blacks killed thanks to cops backing off from pro active police. donald trump has to tell the truth about policing. that it's data driven and it saves lives. it doesn't take them. >> here is donald trump less than 90 days ago. watch this out on the trail. >> law and order must be restored. the war on our police must end and it must end now. the war is on police is a war on all peaceful citizens who want to be able to work and live and
4:48 am
send their kids to school in safety. >> he can say that, but unless the mainstream media tells an accurate depiction of what's going on, it gets lost, doesn't it? >> you are right, but saying it makes a big difference. we've had a president who for the last three years took every opportunity to put out this lie that the criminal justice system is racist. if he says it, there will be some truth gets out there. when trump said black lives are being taken. you know what, he was called a racist. that's how hippo critical -- hippo -- hypocritical it is. she caused outrage for this impression at the amas. >> this is my melania trump impression.
4:49 am
>> i love my husband, president barack obama. >> well, carly shimkus is here with a huge update from gigi hadid. she's not laughing anymore. that's next. generosity is its own form of power.
4:50 am
4:51 am
you can handle being a mom for half an hour.
4:52 am
i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> this morning, model and american music award host gigi hadid forced to apologize for mimicking the form -- future first lady. >> this is my melania trump trump impression. >> here to break down what is
4:53 am
trending is carly shimkus. >> a lot of people accused her of racism because she impersonated the first lady's accent. she posted an apologize on twitter. i apologize to anyone i offended and only have the best wishes for our country. >> is she blaming the writers? >> she's not blaming anybody. she took the heat. i'm sorry. i edited the parts of the script that i thought went too far. this whole thing was meant as a joke. she's sorry. >> i don't think it's racist. she is just trying to do something at an awards show. >> i think when you do an impersonation of an immigrant with an accent saying stupid stuff, that's racist. >> really. >> what about rich little and you imitate people? >> she's young. she's probably told to do it.
4:54 am
she learn her lesson. she's sorry. let's make his day. clint eastwood is sick of people calling other people heroes. >> the man who played a hero in a whole lot of movies. he said the word "hero" is overused. it's certainly different from when i grew up. it's all in this politically correct thing where everyone has to win a prize. all the little boys in the class have to go home with a first place trophy. the use of the word "hero" is a little bit overdone. he's saying if you want to be called a hero, you got to earn it. >> he was pictured there with sully sullenberger and tom hanks who played him. >> he said this guy deserves the word hero. >> real mccoy. let's talk about jon voight now. what was he doing to celebrate
4:55 am
thanksgiving? >> a woman in kentucky says jon voight brought her thanksgiving groceries. she works for a children's charity, so they got to talking in the walmart grocery line. he became interested in her work and said let me buy these six turkeys that the kids are going to eat this weekend. >> not only is he buying turkeys for people in need, he shops at walmart. he's so famous. >> he's a good guy. he's a normal everyday guy. >> amazing. i guess philanthropy runs in the family, right? >> that's right. angelina jolie being his daughter. >> that's fantastic. this could be the ultimate instagram thanksgiving by the way, because more people have instagram now than ever before, so how many pictures have you been able to estimate how many turkey instagrams will be posted. >> more than one can count. for my family, we have a tradition. we always put spoons on our
4:56 am
nose, see -- see how long the spoon can last the longer. that's the shimkus family tradition. >> i look forward to seeing that picture. >> it will be insta gramed, i promise. meanwhile, while you were sleeping overnight, president-elect donald trump canceled today's highly publicized meeting with the "new york times" real early today. >> was that a good idea? laura ingraham is here now to tell us. >> hey, laura. what's happening? ♪ simulation initiated. ♪
4:57 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, november 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have a fox news alert to tell you about. terror in times square. a plot to plow a truck through crowds of tourists foiled.
5:00 am
what we just learned about the man behind the plan and his connection to isis. just in time. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump ready to get down to business s. >> on immigration, on energy, on regulation, on ethics reform. >> our future president just laid out his first 100 days in office. laura ingraham here to break it all down for all of us coming up. and this just in, the president-elect canceling his scheduled meeting with the "new york times" today. why he said why he pulled the plug will fascinate you. please get dressed. your mornings are better with friends. ♪ well, two days before thanksgiving, we're thankful we're in a warm place. >> yes. >> we have good jobs. we have beautiful families. >> so much to be thankful for. when you just said it, it reminded me, mama i'm coming home. so many people around the country are going home to see
5:01 am
their parents. >> some are going to have explosive conversations. >> you mean you voted for trump? you voted for hillary? how dare you? >> you got to have acceptance. >> here's what you say, elections have consequences to quote barack obama. >> heather, what are you doing? >> i'm going to be home with the boys. >> she's got a stove the size of a buick. >> i do. i love my big stove. ainsley, you missed my stuffing recipe. >> you need to put that on "fox & friends." you missed it that day. good morning to all of you, i'll take over the news headlines over here. we start out with a fox news alert. a serious story coming out of philadelphia overnight. police and the bomb squad are investigating at this hour after a package explodes inside a philadelphia apartment. the blast going off when a 62-year-old man opened a box that he received in the mail. right now, we don't know what is inside that box or if this was
5:02 am
intentional. police believe it may have contained some medication such as an inhaler and that could have caused the explosion. the man suffered injuries to his chest and his hands, but is conscious. we'll bring you more on that as get it. another alert right now, a new york uberdriver is under arrest this morning accused of plotting a deadly terror attack right here in new york city in times square. official say that 37-year-old mohammad rafik naji wanted to use a garbage truck to run over crowds in times square. his inspiration was the deadly attack in nice, france. on bastille day. he's a citizen of yemen. he also tried to join isis overseas. in the meantime, the united states is issuing a travel warning just after a terror plot is foiled in france. the state department warning americans heading to europe for the holiday to be on high alert for a possible terror attack. more on that as we get it. and another alert to bring you right now and a story we've
5:03 am
been following closely. justice could soon be served for the san antonio, texas police officer who was ambushed and murdered. >> society not letting me see my son. he didn't deserve it. >> do you have anything to say to his family? >> sorry. >> 31-year-old otis mccain apologizing sort of to the family of detective benjamin marconi. he was gunned down in what police described as a deliberate and violent attack. marconi's murder comes hours before st. louis police officer was also ambushed, shot twice in the face. that 46-year-old is now out of the hospital, luckily. his alleged attacker, 19-year-old george bush iii was killed in a shoot-out with police. and laying down the law, a federal judge telling future u.s. citizens if you don't like president-elect donald trump, you can leave the country. listen to this. >> you are a citizen of the united states, he is your president, and he will be your
5:04 am
president. and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country. >> if you don't like that, you need to go to another country, he says. we're learning more about that texas judge. including the fact that he's a hillary clinton support he. they saying that all americans need to support our president no matter which candidate you voted for in the election. thank, heather. meanwhile it's time to bring laura ingraham on the couch who has been in the eye of the storm for the past three week. >> i came here for the push-ups. >> can you do them? >> yeah, i can do them. >> college field hockey. >> i'm going to leave it to the police and hegseth was out there. he's got guns. >> no kidding. very impressive. >> how much time do you spend in the gym there, pete? that's a lot of hours. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday. >> yeah. >> do you think this is something that really worked, bringing over the media?
5:05 am
>> it was surprising. it was first reported as a big blow-up. so when you first read the "new york post" and the "daily beast," a blow-up. trump wasn't yelling at anyone. he spoke in measured tones. he didn't tell the truth -- he said you didn't tell the truth about me. you say off the record. you know, they are all hurt egoes. they are going to spill the beans. i don't know what the point was. what's your ultimate goal? what's your ultimate goal bringing all these people in? and a friend of mine said now they are going to hate him more. i don't know. maybe, maybe not. but donald trump is going to, you know, make his own way with the press and he's probably going to do a lot of those videos i would imagine straight to the american people. go around the press. >> just like twitter. >> it worked. it worked. >> on twitter this morning, donald trump 45 minutes ago
5:06 am
tweeted this, i canceled today's meeting with the failing "new york times" when the term and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. not nice. he also wrote perhaps a new meeting will be set up with the "new york times." in the meantime, they continue to cover me inaccurately and with a nasty tone. >> they respond. quote, we did not change the ground rules at all and made no attempt to. >> the ground rules were it's going to be on the record, some will be off the record. kellyanne conway will be there, reince priebus and ivanka. >> i think the best thing for the country is to see forward movement on these policies. one president-elect trump starts moving forward on tax reforms, enforcing the border which is a complete disaster from all the border patrol agents. this flow across the border is unprecedented. >> now. >> everybody is trying to get
5:07 am
across before it gets january 20th. i think the country is going to get better. i think the economic landscape is going to be getting better. more transparent si. he's telegrafting on what he's doing on executive order. moving forward on certain legislation. do that. he's telling people what he's going to do. things are going to get better. when things start getting better in the country, i think a lot of this other stuff is going to kind of dissolve away. not that the press is going to be less aggressive. they should be aggressive. the press should be a check on all elected officials. they should have been tougher on obama in the first 100 days. they weren't. they are lavishly heaping praise on a burger run, biden, brian williams in the backseat. >> he said he was in the backseat, but we don't know. >> the video shows he was there. it was almost fawning coverage of obama in the first 100 days.
5:08 am
i think people are looking for fairness from the press. >> you are right about transparency. he goes straight to twitter. yesterday, he went straight to youtube. he didn't call all the ewe -- the press and he set up a youtube. >> this is what he said. >> i'm going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. on energy, i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean coal creating many millions of high paying jobs. on regulation, i will formulate a rule for every new regulation two old regulations must be
5:09 am
eliminated. on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all of abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. on ethics reform, as part of our plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year want on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. these are just a few of the steps we will take to reform washington and rebuild our middle class. i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone, and i mean everyone. >> so many times, people get elected to washington, d.c. and suddenly they got amnesia. he said he would do it on the first day or the first 100 days. >> he's approaching this. this is a business plan. we formulated a business plan. we have to do the following
5:10 am
eight things. >> it's a roll-out. and maybe it will be the road show. i think before the inauguration, you'll probably see president-elect trump, he will going from the west coast to the east coast, being with actual americans who are going to be affected all across the country from the west to the east by these policies and these changes. i think that video was really smart. really smart. because this is what i'm going to do. now, it's on video. he's saying he's going to do this. if he doesn't do this, the press should hold him accountable, but there will be compromises i'm sure on some of the nuances of these policies, but he said this is my goal. this is what i'm setting about to do. s it's pretty refreshing. >> he talks about producing our own energy in america. clean coal through shale and we can do this. we can keep jobs in america. huffington post pops up, this is their headline, it's official donald trump's first 100 days will be horrible for the planet. >> they are the same people that said the economy probably would collapse when the stock market
5:11 am
would fall into the ground. >> they felt he was a joke. >> the huffington post is the huffington post. i don't think any of that matters. i'm going to stick to what i was saying earlier. if he does these policies, bilateral trade that we can change. if a bilateral trade agreement doesn't go our way and it's not helping americans, we can alter it. with the tpp, you couldn't do that. you had 17 countries and trying to alter that would bring hundreds of billions of dollars on penalty on the u.s. government and american people. >> we need to repeal and replace obamacare. what does he have ready to go? it looks like the house has an official plan ready to go. do you think he will do that? number two, do you think he's going to roll out a trillion dollar infrastructure plan? how do you pay for it? >> i think working with the democrats on infrastructure is something that conservatives is
5:12 am
going to look at very carefully. we have to do something of this. when bridges and roads are in the shapes that they are in and some of the airports are in the shape that they are in, jfk, sorry, we have to do something about it. i think republicans, this is why we have an aggressive check in congress. we have the house and senate and republicans who campaign on fiscal responsibility. they have to hold the executive branch accountable and i think they should. >> you are not happy with the 1 trillion dollars. >> it has to be explained in a way that makes fiscal sense. if we're going to grow this economy and i think this economy is going to move like a rocket ship over the next 18 months. you will see a movement across the board. we're going to repay tree i can't tell money coming back into the united states that's been off shored. that money is going to bring enormous growth in the u.s. economy. you'll see higher tax receipts. it has to be sponl -- responsibly done. otherwise, you hurt your ownnar.
5:13 am
replacing and repealing obamacare is going to require the prescription drug companies realize we have to compete, just like why don't the american people get the lowest price lieu medicaid and medicare. >> she's going to run her radio show in about 45 minutes. >> happy thanksgiving. fox news alert, it's not a good story. a deadly bus crash. five children are killed. >> i can see an arm moving, but i don't know if anybody can get to it. be advised. i've got smoke coming from the front of the cab and pink fluid leaking. >> overnight, the driver under arrest. we are live next with what we've now learned about him and the moments before the horrific crash. and one university's answer to people who call the american flag offensive, just take that
5:14 am
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5:18 am
>> be advised, i've got smoke coming from the front of the cab and pink fluid leaking. >> shock and grief hanging over a new school day in chattanooga, tennessee. this after five students were killed in a horrific bus crash. the driver charged overnight with vehicular homicide. there's his picture. the school student gave an update -- school superintendent gave an update a short time ago. our reporter has the latest. >> police have obtained a warrant to obtain video from cameras on board that school bus as they try to determine what caused this crash. they say no other vehicles were involved but for whatever reason a school bus carrying 37 children from woodmore elementary in chattanooga lest the roadway and struck a tree. five students died. two dozen taken to the hospital
5:19 am
and six of those remain in intensive care. students are not required to go to school today. the school is open to provide counselling. >> yesterday, it is the worst day we've had for woodmore and hamilton county schools that we've had in my life. our concerns today is for the children we have lost and for their families and for the children who have been injured, for the students and staff here at woodmore. >> authorities have charge the school bus driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker in addition to those five counts of vehicular homicide, he's charged with reckless endangerment and reckless driving. now today the ntsb is sending a go team to chattanooga to help out in the crash investigation. the agency says that school bus safety is one of their top priorities. back to you guys. >> and, of course, this morning,
5:20 am
you don't kn jonathan, people are going to say why weren't there be seatbelts on that bus? meanwhile, federal government punishing a police department saying there are too many americans on the force. >> what? >> the solution hire illegal immigrants to be the cops. plus this remote car normally costs you $130, but this morning it's just $29. >> look at this. steve. how beautiful, the coat, jacket, 80% off. the exclusive mega deals. >> i would rather have the car. >> i would rather have the coat.
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5:24 am
time for quick headlines on this tuesday morning. a big distraction during monday night football in mexico, a fan pointing a laser at a texas quarterback. you can see the green light hit his helmet. it's not clear if the fan was caught. he said it got in his eyes and very distracting. a massachusetts college will no longer be flying the american flag on campus. hampshire college protesters putting the flag at half-staff after the election because trump was elected. it was then burned on veterans day. the school is now taking down all flags while they consult with students on how to use them appropriately. great. brian and ainsley, time to go shopping. listen up, everybody. we have more megadeals for you because we care about you. >> megan is back with us with
5:25 am
exclusive savings for the "fox & friends" viewer. >> we have some extra layers on this segment. we will get to that in a minute. "fox & friends" website, megamorning deals icon that's where you get all this stuff. starting with the robotic and remote control toys. we have cars and robots. you need the app and on the app you control these robotic enhanced vehicles. super fun. you can play with a buddy. two of you on the app. >> these are very high end. >> they typically go for $129. today, 17% off. great christmas gift. >> this is a robot. >> you just have a robot. you can have a choice, a robot or a car. >> you can control it all on your phone. >> moving on for the girls, we have karma kitty. we had the magic 8 ball and ask it a question.
5:26 am
this is a fortune telling if you are ball we tell you. it's great for a sleepover. you ask a question and give you an answer. >> will brian burn his turkey? >> yes, to a crisp. >> press two at the same time. >> remember to press the button. >> anyway the answer is no he won't burn his turkey. on the top, you can record your own voice. karma, kitty, you get three for 18 dollars. then we have snap pets. this takes selfies. it's a little pet. everybody smile. choose. and then it's going to show up on mom's phone or your kids phone and there's a special app to go with it. they are $10 for bun -- for one and 68% off. holiday parties, hostess gifts, these candles are awesome.
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5:29 am
plan and his connection to isis. our military power panel is here. pete hegseth is here. rob o'neill is here. karl higby is here. >> till death to us part may come sooner after his mistress shows up to his wedding. check out what she's wearing. she doesn't match the rest of the bridal party. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™.
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turning to extreme weather, the northeast is digging out from the season's first dose of winter weather. >> look at that. already got the snow blower out. cars slipping and sliding on icy roads in upstate new york. the storm now blamed for
5:33 am
hundreds of accidents in the northeast. a lot of lake-effect snow. >> not ready for it. janice dean is outside tracking a new storm that could impact your holiday. >> oh, boy. >> yes. it's brrr out here. how are you guys doing? >> good. >> where are you from? >> louisiana. this is cold out here for you. you are dressed appropriately. does anybody have a birthday or an an versary here. >> it was my birthday and now i'm 40. >> 40 is great my dear. it's lovely. let's look at the maps. we had 40 inches of snow in parts of upstate new york. look at the snowfall totals over 2 feet of snow in parts of massachusetts as well as pennsylvania, and into the great lakes, of course, where we had all of that cold air moving across the relatively warmer waters of the great lakes. our big storm system is exiting up toward the northeast. we've got a new one into the midwest and that one is going to cause some travel delays for the central u.s., the upper midwest
5:34 am
and the hudson valley -- ohio valley. watch for that. are you guys spending thanksgiving? >> yes. >> thanksgiving parade, are you in? what are you doing? >> dancing. >> can you dance right now for us? show us. come on. i don't know about that, really? >> fabulous. >> a little taste of the thanksgiving day parade here in new york city. heather, back to you. >> come on, shake it up. >> janice dean thank you so much. good morning to all of you. a few quick headlines to bring you and starting out with a disturbing new report that's coming out of jordan this morning. investigators are now saying that three u.s. green berets gunned down by a jordanian guard may have been murdered. they say that surveillance video of the prince a lx-jafr air base shows that the shooting may have
5:35 am
been unprovoked. body cam footage shows first responders rushing to save a disable man who is trapped inside a burning home. watch this. >> where are you at? >> right here. >> officers finding that man inside his georgia home unable to get to his wheelchair. their quick actions saved the 70-year-old man's life. he's recovering from burns from his arm. the denver sheriff's department slammed with a $10,000 fine for only hiring u.s. citizens. the department of justice reprimanded the department, discriminated based on citizenship status by requiring applicants for deputy sheriff
5:36 am
positions to be u.s. citizens. the is sheriff's department has to consider applicants who they previously disqualified from this job. what do you think? a groom's secret lover crashes his wedding day ceremony but that isn't her only surprise. she's wearing the exact same dress as the bride. oh, no. you can see the wedding party tried to martha girl out of the ceremony. she grabs the microphone and let's the party in on the whole relationship. it's not clear if that couple ever got married. and those are your headlines. i'll see you real soon. steve, what do you got over there? that's quite a story. thank you very much. we've got a fox news alert. terror in times square. a plot to mow down holiday tourists with perhaps a garbage truck filled with bombs foiled. arrested 37-year-old mohammed rafik naji yesterday. he was inspired by last year's
5:37 am
bastille day attack in nice france. he joined -- he tried joining isis overseas but is working in new york city as an uber driver. here with us is pete hegseth, carl higby, and rob o'neill. we've got this guy, the uber driver, in case you don't know, uber drivers sometimes. got him arrested. he tried to join isis. the story that covered the new york daily news today where one of the isis magazines came out said you know what, it would be great to have a truck bomb at the parade. >> isis is saying what we want to do, hit the thanksgiving parade so somebody who has been trying to join isis, has allegiance to them says okay,
5:38 am
here's my opportunity. let's find a truck bomb. we have to thank every single intelligence officer that works under ground because it was an informant that ultimately outed this guy. >> it's got to be daunting because this is a big city. it could be somebody with a truck bomb. it could be somebody with a gun. >> let's put it in perk here. a lot of people hitting donald trump on his proposals to protect american citizens. i want to add to that, if you go to these places, it's not club med. i want to know why. >> isis has said you don't need to necessarily come to syria or parts of iraq to be a part of it. do something where you can help with the recruiting. bastille day in france, have a group of people with security that's not quite in place ready for somebody to run over groups of people. i'm pretty confident that the nypd and the fbi. they got to be very aware.
5:39 am
people are coming from these parts of the world are inspired. >> it takes one guy with a gun. here in new york city, they are going to bring out something like 85 sand trucks to line portions of the route so that somebody can't get a truck in, you know. >> this is the most protected city in america probably. what happens when they start doing it to joe schmoe town in missouri? >> right. they didn't necessarily specify the new york parade. but a parade somewhere. >> but there's not symbolism like times square and new york city. that's what happened when you are in defense. offense, you are in a safer place. because we've allowed the caliphate and exist and expand, it captured such momentum that people are still inspired today. >> it needs to be stopped now. they established a caliphate and they just inspire from there.
5:40 am
it all stems from there. the orders come out there. they are planned somewhere else and happen somewhere else. we need to stop them where it is. >> carl and rob and pete, how about a round of applause for these guys? [ cheers and applause ] >> they are here actually for the parade. liberals losing their cool over the president-elect trump's white house win. have you seen this? >> it was a white lash against a black president in part. >> this is your life now, this is our election, this is our country. >> i genuinely do not understand how america can be this disorganized or hateful. >> why our next guest says it's time they start practicing what they preach. plus you know his song, but there's another side to johnny cash that you've never heard before. his son is here with an inside story that you haven't heard just yet. good morning, sir. for lower back pain sufferers,
5:41 am
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5:44 am
quick hollywood headlines, gigi hadid issuing an apology to our first lady over this impression. >> this is myle melania trump impression. i love my husband, barack obama. >> i believe melania understands show business and the way shows are written and run. i apologize to anyone that i offended and only have the best wishes for our country. and kanye west is reportedly in the hospital being held for observation in los angeles. >> good luck with that. >> this after a week of very bizarre rants on stage.
5:45 am
>> obama couldn't make america great because he couldn't be him, to be who he was. obama wasn't allowed to do this. [ screaming ] and till win. >> get him a teleprompter. the singer also canceling his world tour. meanwhile in other news, president-elect donald trump upset everybody's expectations, especially the pollsters and won the election. the liberals do not take it well. >> you are awake, by the way. you are not having a treshl, treshl treatment. >> this was a white lash. a pushback against the advancement of african-americans, of hispanics, of women, of muslim americans. from slavery to naziism, we have faced challenges before. >> this was a white lash against a changing country. it was a white lash against a black president in part. >> this is our election now. this is us. this is our country.
5:46 am
>> i genuinely do not understand how america can be this disorganized or this hateful. >> our next guest says it's time for liberals to start practicing what they preach, starting with empathy. >> it's time to meet michael goodwin. you see those clips. that's why you wrote the column. >> i have 15 personal friends who are acting the same way as though the world is ending. nazi storm troopers will be in the streets any day now, rounding up people, anyone who is not white. i mean, this kind of fantasy fear is essentially what "the new york times," msnbc, cnn consider fostered on the public and a lot of people who only watch those or read those newspapers this have come to believe that this is the america that donald trump was elected in. it's crazy. >> steve colbert said it was the hardest night of his life. >> martha radditch on television
5:47 am
crying. this is journalism you are supposed to be reporting the facts. i know a lot of liberals. i have a lot of liberal friends. i used to be a liberal and still am in some ways. they are totally been lied to about the nature of trump voter and trump himself. >> those lefties we just saw on tv. they don't just hate trump. they hey the trump supporters and have the people who voted, voted for trump. >> that's right. and what they really hate is the car rick ka tour that the media fed them. they swallowed it hook, line and sinker. trump voters are around us. they work in stores, fix your car, they are first responders. they are doctors. >> they are deplorable to some people. >> that's what happened in this election.
5:48 am
they told 60 million people that those voters are stupid. how could they be stupid? >> how can they call themselves journalists? this is the headline from the "washington post." yes, half of trump supporters are racist. >> from slate, there is no such thing as a good trump voter. >> this is why i think donald trump has an excellent opportunity to change the press releases in this country. he should no longer give these outlets special access. he should speak directly to the american people. he should speak to -- so they can see for themselves because these filters have proven to be untrustworthy and the first amendment is about a trust, a trust with the american people. those people have violated, i believe, their trust. they have abused their first amendment privileges. they shouldn't be punished in the sense of taken away but they should not be given special access. >> they should be given therapy dogs. >> thanks for joining us in our safe zone. >> thank you very much.
5:49 am
straight ahead, he is a country music legend but johnny cash left behind another legacy that you might not know about. his son john carter cash here to tell us all about that. next. >> that's awesome. come on in. we welcome you. let's check in with bill hemmer to find out what's going on. >> i hope you get a drumstick, guys we have a stacked morning. first 100 days of cranking. we show you what donald trump wants to do nis own w today. terrific line up, john ashcroft, jack keen, karl rove, cast of thousands at the top of the hour. we'll see you in 11 minutes at america's newsroom.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ i fell into a burning ring of fire ♪
5:53 am
i went down, down, down and the flames went higher ♪ the late, great, johnny cash, we all know his songs but have you ever read his poems? >> yep, his poems. in a brand-new collection never seen poetry from the legendary man in black, called the unknown poems called forever words. they were selected by his -- collected by his son john carter cash. >> thank you for having me back. >> we didn't realize he was writing things down in books and scraps of paper and he started when his 12. >> he was a prolific writer all his life. there are unfinished song lyrics in here possibly and there are beautiful thoughts and poems that are unique in nature and show a depth of insight from my
5:54 am
father's character that is evident within these writings. >> do you have a favorite one? >> it's got to be the one that's actually on the back cover of the forever words book. you tell me thap i must perish like the flowers that i cherish. that's the moat -- motto of the book is the words live on. >> he wrote letters to his wife four months after she died. >> yeah. he did. my father lived four months past my mother's death, and through that time period, he did write letters directly to my mother, and within that tome, within that notebook of these forlorn lost letters were these words of hope, was the vision that the good that had begun would continue and that there was life and beauty even at the time of darkness after my mother passed. >> what have we learned about
5:55 am
johnny cash we didn't know before? >> well, there's a lot about my father's sense of humor in here and my dad was a scholar, you know, he was a biblical scholar. he studied not only the bible but bubly -- biblical reference books all his life. he was forever a student. you will learn about his sense of humor. there was a poem that i wish you a merry christmas that would be a perfect christmas poem for this year. likewise, it would be a great christmas gift. there's a lot of humor in here but there's great depth of understanding as to what his character was and who he was. >> there are forever words. that's the name of the brand-new book. forever words. john carter cash. also a man in black. >> that's my dad's shirt. it was a bit worn but it's got the heart to it. >> i feel like he's with us
5:56 am
then. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we have more "fox & friends" just moments away. >> ♪ today to see if i still feel ♪ ♪ i focus on the pain, the only thing that's real ♪
5:57 am
. .
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> donald trump is now saying alexander hamilton was not born in the united states. do you think he should have to show his birth certificate. >> he definitely should have to show it. >> does very a better certificate. >> whatever is takes. >> sure. >> do you think being from the 1100s as to do with alexander hamilton's position? >> nothing new under the sun. we go further when we reflect back in our history. >> i don't find that to anything happening today's society. >> how many of those people do you think they were talking about alexander hamilton and how many people thought it was george hamilton?
6:00 am
>> very canned. >> very tan. >> i don't know if i'm on lie witness news to put me on television, more "fox & friends" just a moment. on dot-com. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. bill: thank you, guys. fox news alert right now on the trump transition. president-elect laying out vision for first 100 days in office. breaking last hour, brand new details on whether the trump white house will pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. there is a lot to get to. it's a busy tuesday. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom." martha has time off. welcome back. heather: nice to be here i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. mr. trump, making priorities clear on 2 1/2 video on youtube, strengthening the military, new infrastructure and getting rid of regulations for every new one introduced. >> i asked my


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