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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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james rosen on "outnumbered overtime" on the web and numbered fnc. we're back on tv at noon eastern. see you then. "happening now" starts right now. % toward the holiday season. and a package explodes inside of a man's home. the question is now, was he a target? and iconic image and
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recognizable around the world and original prints can be yours for a price. it's all "happening now". but we begin our second hour with a stroem of people headed in and out of trump tower today as the president-elect works to build his cabinet. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> visitors have been coming in and going. >> among them dr. ben carson earlier today and congresswoman cynthia lumus. paul manafort was seen also in the building. mr. trump sits down with a top new york times executive after initially cancelling the
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meeting. we'll try to put all of the baseball cards together for who's who. >> reporter: it is not an official announcement. we have information about dr. ben carson. he was here and left trump tower after meeting with the president-elect. and we got a tweet from president-elect donald trump. i am seriously considering dr. ben carson as head of hud. i know him well and he is a greatly talented person who loves people. dr. carson who had all but removed himself from the trump cabinet may be secretary of housing and development. that is the tweet we had to go on. the meeting was off and on with the new york times. it is happening at this hour in the times build ping. president-elect meeting with the officials there.
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and it started with a tweet from donald trump i cancelled the meeting with the new york time when the terms were changed. not nice. the new york times said we didn't change. they asked for no on the record segment. and whatever the case, the meeting is happening now and it is on. and when it wraps up. mr. trump is expected to come back to trump tower and then going to florida to spend thanksgiving with his family. we expect him to deliver a straight to the american people video, sort of like he did outlining first 100 days. this will be his message for the american people for thanksgiving and after that down time with the family. for now, it is back over to you.
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>> thank you. and for more on president-elect's transition and meetings today. joining us today. new hampshire union newspaper and johnathon swain national political reporter for the hill. donald trump is wrestling with a couple of competing images as he puts together the cabinet? >> on one hand there is talk about diversity and something that the media is is pressing and donald trump is one thing he hates, the idea that he needs to be forced a quota or political correctness and x number of women or minorities to his cabinet. on the other hand donald trump is a great performance artist and needs to project a image of unitty and so it is playing out for the movement in public. >> how important is diversity,
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trent, to trump supporters? >> thort. trump did better than mitt romney and mccain with white voters. a third of asian and hispanic people voted for donald trump. and so, he really was able to carry the election because of the strong showing of white men. that's a great question. how important will diversity be in the cabinet? i don't know for a trump voter that that is a major thing to carry about. >> he is diverse in approaching political enemies. mitt romney meeting seemed to go well. >> they are keen to broadcast. we need to be alert to the fact that much of this is pageantry, right? it is it a talking point within
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the staff and they are broadcasting them, like the ted cruz and nicki hal ey and mitt romney and he's projecting the roaching out to everyone and reaching out to the other side, to. and gab art, a democrat from hawaii. she is not so much an enemy but agrees with trump. >> there is a history for this, trent. abraham lincoln filled his cabinet with a number of u.s. senators that he vanquished on the way to the presidency and it turned out well for him. >> that's true. trump has reached out to loyalist who were early trump supporter and supported him in the primary. >> jeff sessions an example of that? >> jeff sessions is a great example. and he was up here in new
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hampshire and campaigning for trump. scott brown is another example of that. and outgoing congressman is an example. and they were early trump supporters and taking it seriously for serious position. >> what about dulcy gal better. and was public in her support of bernie sanders in the democratic process. >> this is it interesting and undercovered stories. the media was surprised about this. i reported that steve bannon is a fan of her and no surprise that he roached out. what he liked about p her, she is a vocal critic of president obama and criticized him for not
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saying radical islam. she is a democratic and a woman and talk about diversity and a hindu. and agrees with him on a lot of issues. and she could have an administration role. >> we can't say all of this is just for show. we are hearing that dr. ben carson could have a cabinet appointment after he indicated that he didn'ts inially want upon that kind of a job. but trump may see that diversity in the cabinet is a good thing. >> that's right. even in the primary, trump and carson, i don't know if they got along per se, but they were not enemies. i think that trump is what we are seeing, he's taking it incredibly source and going out of the way to interview a lot of people and we talked to a lot of people who have been in trump
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tower. this is a tough job interview. >> in terms of the number of people and the kinds of people that he has brought in to interview, can you lump them all in one pot or is he looking for the best kind of leadership for his cabinet? >> you can't lump them in to one pot. they are surprising folks. gabert and cruz and nicki ha ley. it is majority the people loyal to trump. and what we are seeing is trump loyalist. they stuck their neck out for trump early. jeff sessions was the first senator to come out for trump. and flynn was ridiculed when he came out for trump. and we are are seeing loyalty rewarded.
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gentlemen, thanks. and a warning for local law enforcement about coping communities safe this holiday season. what is homeland security telling officers to be extra vigilant this year? and millions of people gather for celebrations in new york city. we look at how new york city protects the massive crowds on the streets and on the ground.
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>> fox news alert. department of homeland security warning local authorities after the latest issue of isis magazine that called on followers to carry out mass casulties attacks. rick leaventhol is in new york city to explain how police are protecting the mass transit system. we'll start with chief
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correspondent upon catherine herridge. >> reporter: thank you, the notice was sent out after the isis propaganda magazine called for attacks using trucks as weapons. it is designed to inform local and state law enforcement about concerns with the homeland security department. an isis- inspireded terrorist drove a rental truck through the crowd and killing 86 and injured 400. the terrorist group called on followers to mimic the same game plan. while the article does not mention any particular target, theous of two macy's thanksgiving day images advises isis to focus on such high profile holiday events. we learned that an american was
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arrested in the new york city area that is recentlily from yemen. he expressed support for isis and a similar attack in times square using a garbage truck. he told government informants that he did support isis and terrorism experts say it is a case of identifying suspects through the internet. >> most of the arrests are coming as they are in new york through the internet. fbi are catching people saying things they shouldn't say and being flagged. we have to revisit see something to say something to make it work. >> this is a case of entrapment by the fbi he said because he is from yemen which is a safe haven
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from isis. >> thank you for that report, jon? >> new york city police are working over time to make sure the city stays safe for the thanksgiving holiday. it is the busiest time of year on the country's largest transit system. thousands are expected to pack the streets for the macy's thanksgiving parade. rick has more on all of that, rick? >> reporter: jon, the nypd is well aware for vigilance and protect being the city against terror a tracks. the pap raid is not the only target. the subway system is also at risk. there are attacks in other big cities and criminal incidents are unfortunately common below groud ground where the trains
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are jammed with commuters. they have bomb sniffing dogs and radiation detectors and police are on the look out for pick pocket and sex offender and emotionally deranged people. and the co to avoid becoming a victim to keep your things in your front pocket or chest. >> if you are carrying a bog. make sure the zipper is closed and back packs, the same thing. i don't recommend them because it is easy to open up something that is behind you. >> we focus on mass transit. they dream about causing a terrorist attack in the train and we are focused on mass transit all of the time.
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>> and focused on the big parade with sand trucks used to block entrance to the parade route and three and half million people are expected to pack in from the buildings to the curbes, jon. >> what an event and nightmare. >> the case of an exploding package that injured a man in his apartment. police called it's target specific attack. what are they saying about terror concerns? the president and president-elect with different views on the iran nuclear deal to say the least. what is the bum administration considering doing about it is agreement before mr. trump takes office? we'll go in- depth.
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>> right now federal agents looking into a package exploding in a apartment. the 52-year-old suffered injuries to his chest and hands. the victim opened the package thinking it contained an inhaler or other medicine. although it was target specific, it is not considered an act of terrorism. now on to the iran deal. with the republican leaders firing off a letter to the white house, calling on president obama to take no more action to strengthen the agreement before he leaves office. president-elect donald trump is the wall street journal, w officials recognize there is little they can do from a policy perspective if the incoming
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administration will scuttle the accord. but they plan to make a case what will happen of the grim consequences. >> there is a series of them. if the united states is to blame for iran deal collapsing tis not just a deal between the united states and oh, ran, there are a number of american allies and russia and china. it would alienate the u.s. from allies and china and russia and incent vise iran to ramp up the nuclear program. and they would be more aggressive and the u.s. would be
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faced with a choice to take out the nuclear program. >> the problem with that theoriy, you know, one of the ways to convince donald trump to make a case it is working well. it depends on your goal. your stated goal is to stop iran on the path of nuclear weapons. they have violated the agreement in terms of the heavy water they have on hand which relates to their reactor and at the same time, they will not let u.s. inspectors to see if they are making the bomb or if they really stopped. i am not sure it is working, your thoughts? >> what the white house would argue it is working that iran from their perspective, the closeness with which they could
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break out and move to a nuclear bomb is significantly strong, at least there are eyes on iran and what they are doing. it has by and large largely worked. there are instances like you mentioned and close to reaching a deal with iran on that. but i think the over all case, and their view is that if you want to avoid a military confrontation with iran this is your best bet. and you may be, there may be places where you may want to be more forceful. >> more eyes. >> but their argument is that it is not something you you want to back out of or force iran to back out either because you are then in an military confrontation. >> we need more eyes on it. it is more about moneyyy and that's the background i bring to
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this. but one way the white house could strengthen the deal, is usher more companies in iran to do business. that is letting the jenie out of the bottle and hard to put those business relationships back in the bottle. and so many countries supported this it seems because they are getting an economic market in iran. that is hard to undo. is that the motivation? >> it is, you know, this president part of his theory of diplomacy once there is economic, you entrench the economic exchanges like iran or cuba, that makes things hard and are harder to updo. one of the things that the white house is concerned about because the deal is vulnerable because iran is not getting the sanctiony relief
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that was promised in the nuclear deal. and there are leaders in iran that don't want the nuclear deal to succeed. and the administration is concerned about the complaints from iran and tried to explain to international financial institution what the sanctions are. and what business they can or captain do with iran and more of a economic flow in the country and what the white house administration is doing even before the election because they are concerned about the vulnerability of the deal. >> thank you for coming up on the show. in iraq, government troops are continuing their offensive in mosul. but isis fighters are putting up a fight. what they might do to keep a strong hold. and new polls showing
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substantial number of americans have faith in president-elect trump when it comes to the economy and the next guest said mr. trump could make history.
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for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at >> what i saw in the room of the in president p elect donald trump and the gracious that governor romney got were two men focused on the count upon radio and in the best interest of the united states and america
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standing tall in the world and reviving our economy at home. >> that's vice-president elect mike pence praising mr. trump's effort to focus on the economy. and optimism might be hitting the u.s. markets. look at the dow. 18,999 right now. earlier this morning it hit 19000 for the first time ever. a new poll show that 40 percent of the americans have a lot of confidence in mr. trump to deal with the economy. that is a higher percentage with the other last four presidentses before their inauguration. joining us now is pollster and strategist for show and consulting. that statistic about the confidence versus the last four presidents, jessica, that interest me. americans elected a businessman. >> i guess this is why. >> this is a guy with no
10:33 am
political experience but they are giving him more credit than politicians. >> americans are excited about the prospect of a donald trump in terms of the economy. there is anxiety with 77 percent of the americans are concerned about how devoided the country is. this is why he was elected to get the economy going. chuck schumer and -- and they say hillary clinton struggled because she didn't have a plan to get the economy going. i hope donald trump will make good on the promises. i don't think he will get 4- 6 percent gdapproximate. >> are those words you never thought you would say about
10:34 am
people are excited about the trump administration. >> no comment. i am doing good. and i am going with it. >> you are keeping it together. adam, where does the confidence spring from? >> first of all i will tape the show and makes jessica hears those words in her sleep. it comes from a pent- up feeling of optimism that we are looking for someone to get us going again. i happen it think that we are just at the beginning of the process and that a lot of big things are ahead. you have seen decisive action on the transpacific partnership trade deal. no go. and bans on lobbying and tightening on visas. and the biggest economic driver to come. infrastructure deal in my opinion that will make the fdr
10:35 am
effort where they built 78 bridge and 600 million miles of rods pale in compararison to put americans back to work. i think it is really exciting and if the market dips under 19000 it suggest that you call your broken and invest. we are on to a good president. >> sticking with you on that score, president obama spent 800 in infrastructure and hard to point to anything, you know anything memorial. >> is there anything that donald trump that has not gotten upon degrieve prominence and fame? anything that he is behind and builds will be well known.
10:36 am
it is things like damn and sea walls. and in florida building a huge sea wall temperature is all good in giving us the shot in the arm that america is coming back and donald trump is the guy to do it. >> now you pushed me too far atlantic city basically crumbled because of trump. and thousands of lawsuits and he just settleded 25 million in a lawsuit. that is a good sign american people are getting on board and hopefully for people who didn't even vote for him. bound to say that the economy will do better with faster growth. donald trump, i don't believe him to be the silent businessman you are making him out. and we need to hold him to promise and make sure he invests in the right area.
10:37 am
rnd and education. >> >> part of what killed atlantic is competition. pennsylvania and new york and connecticut has casinos now. you can go to casinos all over the east coast. >> jessica said 4- 6 percent growth might be tough. ronald reagan had bigger numbers than that. and the economy he inherited was worse than this one. >> 1979 and 80. we all will remember how americans felt. we were down in the mouth and thought we had seen our best day and looking for someone to get us back on the mountain. we are in a way in the same place in history and the same type of leader who is free market system. and that will drive the gd, up
10:38 am
and americans will feel once again, we're back. >> adam and jessica. look for the dvd of the segment in the mail. >> it occurred to me that this was frozen in him and exist for always. have a good thanksgiving. >> television goes away and it will never be seen again. thank you, both. >> iraqi government forces are continuing their assault on mosul ichlt isis fighter ares are attacking government troops with rocket and mortar and now reports that isis may use chemical weapons against the civilians and government trophs in mosul in hopes of retains control. benjamin, give us the latest. >> reporter: melissa, yes. this battle moving ahead slowly. eastern part of mosul itself.
10:39 am
most worrying that the news that chemical weapons are likely to be used and most of the wounded and casulties from conventional weapons. but there is concern about chemical weapons. they havoused chemicals 52 times since they swept in iraq and syria. civil ans are to be targeted and isis used mossil as a center for chemical production. mainly chlorine or mustard gas. it is the civilians who often pay the highest price. an air strike by the u.s. lead. destroyed the bridge over the ti gresz river. and iraqi military who are pushing forward is known to have received u.s. pontoon bridges
10:40 am
that are used as a substitute when they roach the city center that is six miles ahead of them. and 1700 isis killed and many commit suicide before being caught. most are worrying that the chemical weapons are in the hands of isis and clearly they are not afraid to use them. >> thank you for that report, john. >> car and water under home as winds sweep across great britain. more coming up. >> and plus, a picture worth a thousand words and world famous photographs are worth a lot more. how you can get your hands on history. coming up.
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here we go again.
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>> a huge part of the great britain is under water. heavy downpour and strong winds caused floods and massive transportation challenges. schools are shut down. it is the first big storm. forecaster ares said more rain and strong winds are expected throughout the day. >> they are images thatty we all recognize. iconic photographs of amazing athlete ands historical moments. arguably one of the greatest sports photograph ares and his work featured over 50 years and he collected unforgettable
10:45 am
photos and now the public can owner the pieces. they are selling hundreds of photos and new york city bohemian national hall is president. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> there are so many photos this collection that we have seen before. vivid images of american conna. and how excited are you about the collection. >> it is the finest ever sold. and they have taken the most memorable images. and he also collected the work of others. and that is a joyful moment and a tragic moment like 9/11. >> one of the images he cannot
10:46 am
take. that was under the cover of time magazine. what will fetch the biggest bid? >> probably because his friend help with mohammed a li. his image little which are are signed by a li himself will command the most. maybe the photographs that he took of ali and included press confidentials for attending those fights. >> yeah. is it an individual that buys them or a museum? >> people who collect for joy because they love something. photographs are increasingly proven to be wonderful investmentes. and get in a lower level. i can't afford a picasso these
10:47 am
days, but i can afford these. >> what is the lower level. >> likely items that is no minimum and in the thousand dollar range and from there up. and that is something that a lot of people can afford. this is serious stuff by the greatest photographers of all time. >> it is an invefment and how do you resale that? >> in today's world go on line to ebay and you can see them all of the time and many places that never existed before the internet to sell what you are acquired and come back ten years from now. >> what were the events that brought it to market. >>y we did the john fkennedy and elvis presleyauks and sold the archive of rosea parks. we have a reputation that people come to us. and i met neal and had the thrill of meeting neal and
10:48 am
worked together on and off since then and bring the event upcoming next week. >> what are the motions of watching them come together. and be told apart. what is that like? >> it is a wrenching thing when a collector assembled the body of material. and the flip side is, i often worked with families of someone who is no longer around. items get sold $0.10 on the dollar in a rush to liquidate to settle the estate. it is it a celebrate of neal's accomplishments and friendship with other photographers. half of neal's work and half of hundred other legendary photographers from beatles, and
10:49 am
the famous kiss in times square. and the afghanistan girl, you mentioned from the cover of time mag zone. i was in the warehouse until late in the night and getting goose bumps looking at the images. >> one sense breaking it apart is sad. but you are spreading the joy for more people to enjoy. >> years ago, we did the auction for tops. trading card company and how many traded cards when they were a kid. it was a chance to have the artwork from the card and brought joy to millions. >> we look forward to seeing it in the outcome, jon? >> president obama looking to tie up loose ends before leaving office in january. but congressional republicans are pushing back against him from finalizing new regulations and how they can stop what the president hopes to do.
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hi everyone, brand new comments from donald trump on hillary clinton and talking about his businesses. he said in theory i could run my companies and the country fine. and details about jared kushner and how he won his father-in-law the white house. what you need to know if you are deep frying a turkey this weekend. don't miss this one. >> i'll be watching! congressional republicans are looking into using an obscure legislative tool to try and keep
10:54 am
president obama from issuing new regulations on his final days in office. republicans are getting ready to try to roll back a whole bunch of regulations once they fully take control of the government in january. but right now republicans are considering using the 1996 congressional review act to block final regulations from the obama administration that votes for congress to kill a new rule within 60 legislative days of full-time approval. they're trying to do that with a new effect on december 1st. it will double the threshold for salaried employees to about 50,000 a year ensuring overtime pay for 4 million more workers. critics say it is a costly job killer. and just last night in his video, president elect trump
10:55 am
said he plans to cut regulations by executive action. >> on regulation, i will formulate a rule that says that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. so important. >> as recently as last week, the administration said it is committed to ensuring their smart and effective and they are smart and cost effective and they are tailored to advance the statutory goals. right now president obama also could veto any resolution congress passes to stop regulation like the overtime rule so republicans may have to wait until next year to take that kind of action. back to you. >> that's all we need, a few more regulations in this country. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> cheetos entering the fine jewelry business. yes, you heard me right.
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we don't know if the one of a kind ring and earrings will turn you orange, but we do know they will cost you.
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time for the final 30. for the woman who has everything. cheetos jewelry. orange sapphires and nearly 200 diamonds. >> fine jewelry created by the company cheetos. they're selling together for $20,000. we're told there is only one set for sale, and melissa already
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found -- >> there is also cheetos bronzer and perfume. you want to smell like a giant orange cheetos, right? merry christmas, thank you for joining us. america's news headquarters starts now. a fox news alert. donald trump giving his first extensive interview since the election telling the new york times a short while ago that he is not taking the possible prosecution of hillary clinton off of the table. his remarks coming just hours after his senior advisor kellyanne conway said he will not push for an investigation into mrs. clinton or the clinton foundation. mike emanuel is


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