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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 23, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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career tanked was because they p ruined his hair. i love when you play confused and dumb welcome to "red eye." hello, every. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. >> coming up on the big show some trump supporters feel betrayed after the donald says he won't pursue charges of the chin tons. the president-elect will be here to respond. and british students are being taught disney movies like "snow white,"" beauty and the beast" #r racist and sexis. and finally a new study showing the reasons you may think a guy is creepy. find out how high on the barber list is. >> let's welcome our guests.
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she took a "red eye" to come to do" red eye." in from l.a. it is courtney friel. his hang over cure, comedian and author of bad dad. he is sage of the page. co author of will power in the science section of the "new york times." >> and his beard has caught more cookies than mcafee software. i peoplely get that joke. i finally get that joke. next to me, comedian joe devito. let's start the show. >> more children are coming to grips with donald trump's election. as a coping exercise some are writing letters urging him to be kind to other people even if they are different. and parent are posting them on sorell media with the -- on
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social media with the # kids letters to trump. here is one. mr. trump you should care for other people and be nice. don't be a bully and be nice to women. from graham. another said you made women including myself feel bad. it concludes i hope you will prove me wrong powerful. the mom tweeted 13 years old and gracious beyond her years. this was the day after with tears flowing down her face. next, this piece of art work says we are all the same no matter our skin color. spoken like a true 4-year-old. and dear mr. trump please don't abandon the trans pacific partnership. increasing trade would be a boom to american businesses and american workers and it would give us a leg up on our economic wow 5-year-olds are really up on these things. i think he had a little help from his mom. devito, what do you think of
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this? these letters, do you find them as powerful as i do? >> powerful in a way that makes me want to vomit. if you don't want your child to be upset, stop upsetting your child. these are as realistic as the facebook posts that say my 8-year-old came up to me and said why won't the bad man approve merick garland. who are these creepy constitutional schollars walking around the house? it is absurd. you are getting a child an it tad. they shouldn't be dealing or concerned with these things. just because you act like a child doesn't mean they should be treated like a grown up. >> it seems that some people think the parents' political views are being said through theirhildren. do you think that's the case? >> maybe the kids are instructing the parent. i do agree it is a form of
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child abuse to terrify your kid in this way. it is like telling them a bedtime story and there is a monster under the bed. and then they say why don't you write a letter to the monster and ask him not to eat you. it is like you are scaring them and then this stupid letter is unbelieve believe a. you are teaming the kid -- you are teaching the kied to be intoll recollect. your kid to be intolerant. it says there are people who don't agree with us and they are evil people. >> they will get it in school anyway. they will come home scared. >> the kids play a sport and they can't get a trophy and they need a participation trophy because everybody is equal which is socialism. now if you lose you get to whine and send letters to the con -- conqueror and whine because you lost. when i lost to a dog on "america's got talent" we sent a card to the dogs with litter and anthrax.
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>> i have a 4 and 5-year-old. >> how are they coping? >> they cannot write as eloquently as those letters. i'm a news anchor in l.a. so i am so sick of covering donald trump and i don't talk politics. i blame it on the nanny. the nannies hang out with other nannies and because we are in california it is osmosis. you have to be a liberal. thisy say mommy, donald trunk -- they call him donald trunk. donald trunk is a bully and a my son says if i ever see donald trunk i will purpose him in the the -- i will punch him in the face. with the news of the cal exit donald trump may not be our president in california. we may be our own country, right? >> how do you to it? >> it is a very difficult process. i am not getting my hopes up. i was like, omy gosh. i would be sad if my family lived in another country. >> you would be a foreigner.
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>> what would you say is the support for cal exit in your area? >> us news people try to remain as objective as possible. in order to come on this show i promised my news directors i wouldn't say anything crazy or get in trouble so i will keep my opinions as minimal as possible. >> your boss is scared when you come on "red eye"? >> well, people in california love "red eye" because it is on at midnight as opposed to 3:00 a.m. you can get a little crazy. >> we are big on the west coast. trump met with the upper and editor -- with the upper and thedder of the "new york times" to talk about campaign coverage. here is video from the meeting. wow. that escalated quickly. trump had initially canceled
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the meeting over a dispute of ground rules and then quickly rescheduled it. among the topic, hillary clinton. the president-elect says he doesn't intend to investigate her because, quote, i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. she suffered greatly and in different ways. trump said it is just not something i feel strongly about. some trump supporters are unhappy. the billionaire has softened on his democratic rival. breitbart news has been pro-trump in the past. they call it a broken promise. joining us now to discuss the "new york times" meeting we are pleased to have president-elect donald trump. mr. president-elect thank you for joining us. >> it is so great to be on your show now that i am going to be the president. i am so excited. i don't appreciate people threatening me especially if they are children. i heard it in my ear.
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>> and i don't like trunk. it is trump. get it right. >> some of your positions seem to have changed. for example, you now say you have an open mind about climate change, but before you said it was invented by the chai -- chinese. >> excuse me. first, china is killing us. they are absolutely killing us. i just pointed out we don't make things here anymore. if climate change is real, and i have to have an open mind, it my be real and it may not be real. we should be making it here and making more of it than anyone else. >> hillary clinton, that's the issue i want to take up now, at your rally and people chanted "lock her up" and now you are saying she shouldn't be prosecuted. >> i was at my rallies. and no one ever chanted "lock her up." i never heard that will. what they were chanting was
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"walk her up." like walk her up the stairs. she is very old. i was helping old ladies like a good boy scout which i wasn't. walk her up. >> you also mentioned that you want to be the one to make peace between israel and the palestinians. do you really think you can do that? tom, i don't think. i know i can do it. if i can make gary busey with yesterday's meet loaf and that guy has the weirdest body i have ever seen then i can bring peace to the middle east. believe me. >> that's right. they did work together. you are currently having a lot of meetings to make your cabinet picks. how is it going? >> fantastic. it is phenomenal. i made some incredible picks. topics, tremendous picks. i am going with ben carson and
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mitt romney for secretary. >> yes, secretary of state. >> no, my secretary. he takes dictation and he puts out 120 words a minute. it is tau tremendous. >> let's talk mike pence. you were not pleased with the lecture he received during the musical "hamilton." >> tom, tom, tom, that was not the time or the place for that speech, all right? he was there to watch a show about our founding fathers. there is no need to bring politics into this. >> i am guessing you are not going to see the show? >> tom, i am now the president of the united states. i wouldn't be caught dead in the theater. specifically that show. i heard it is very overrated and overpriced and they have a black guy playing a white
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guy. it is inaccurate. >> lastly, mr. trump in our last segment we showed some of the letters that the kids wrote to you. do you want to respond to those? >> i have to tell you something, tom. nothing brings a smile to my face like the letters from those kids. i like the letters. they are fantastic letters. they absolutely love me. i wrote back to every single kid who wrote back to me. >> it took all day on saturday. it was a pain, but i did it. >> you said grow a pair? >> yes, grow a pair. >> by the way they will drop at some point. >> how about this one? good luck at art school? >> he can barely put his head together. good luck at art school or working at friday's or whatever other crappy job.
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>> thank you very much, mr. mr. president-elect and good luck with the presidency. hopefully you'll be back on the show. >> i will always be back for you because you have such a tremendous audience at 3:00 in the morning. >> thank you, mr. trump. >> wow, that was pretty informative. people really played it up like he is at war with the "new york times." but it looks like they worked it out, right? >> they will start off by saying he wasn't interested in the home delivery of the "new york times." he will look at the sports section by going to art and leisure. >> you know this business. what do we call it, the great lady? >> do you think trump is theatrical? is he trying to goose the coverage? what is he doing? >> he just wants to confront people and tell them they did
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a lousy job. somebody said it would be nice to mend fences there and just show up. he tells them how unfair they have been. >> will it have an effect? some people were angry. it was supposed to be off the record, but some felt they were being yelled at by him. >> it probably can't make them think any less of him. i mean he does have some charm in person even though it is hard to believe what he says often, but he does have a certain charm and people like him. even when he is lying to your face, you still like him even though you know he is completely -- he is not telling you the truth at all. >> i don't think john's alone on this. his popularity is up now and not only because he won, but people like this confrontational style. >> and it is keep your friends close and enemies closer. they hated him during the campaign obviously. the media was harsh, but the
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-- but "the times" was particularly cruel to him, my opinion. and mrs. clinton is holding out an olive branch. no one wants to look up a 69-year-old woman. she has osteoporosis and she is slow isly bending over -- she is slowly bending over and she has to live with bill clinton. >> kids are being taught that disney movies are racist and sexist. a series of lesson plans for 11 to 16-year-old view the classic film through the lens of a feminist social justice warrior. did you noy beauty and the beast glorifies domestic violence? the movie says if a woman is pretty and sweet natured she can change an abusive man into a kind and gentle man. in other words, it is the woman's fault if herman abuses -- her man abuses her and the beast turns into a handsome prince because ugly people cannot be happy.
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here i think the problem is a woman can read. for snow white, she doesn't mind housework. young women are naturally natural homemakers. they wait in a coma until a man comes along to give them life. i guess you can look at it that way. wow. >> i just watched "beauty and the beast" two weeks ago with my kids. the issue i had was gaston. he puts the gas in gaston. he needs to go to jail foy his behavior. and it is sweet that she was able to find beauty in the beast. >> gaston was a beastly guy. the beast was nice to her. what about the message? >> it goes to show you that women want the squishy stuff inside. it is not all about the outside. and funny goes a long way. >> you know, tom, we hear that. >> you don't buy that?
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>> not even for a minute. >> i am waiting for the funny guy to sweep me off my feet, the rich, funny guy. >> if you dream of poverty and rejection. the creepy part is she falls in love with a yak or water buffalo or wildebeast. that's the creepy part. i think they are right. >> no, wait a minute. the problem is that you don't love someone if they are ugly. they have to be good looking. she does fall in love with the beast. she proves that wrong, doesn't she? >> and his conversion into something handsome is the fact that her love has transformed him. but that is lost. i find it weird they don't like the damsel in distress. they are so offended by anything that if they hear something mean or if they hear any off collar thing and they
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need to save spaces. they have basically gone back to the damsel in distress ploy while con el didding it at the sill time -- while condemning it at the same time. >> he is what they want from a university, right? he sees women for what they are. >> i think it is an unrealistic portray cal of -- portrayal of talking furniture. i think snow white is the problem. it is a woman who is drugged and in a glass coffin surrounded by dwarfs. if i see that i don't care. i don't run over and start kiss. i get the hell out of there. i am not falling that again. >> she was poisoned by a fellow woman, wasn't she? >> isn't that always the case? >> you share these fairy tales and not worried it will mess them up. >> i enjoyed them as a child
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and now i am re-doing it. >> even boys love princesses. >> they are all about mind craft. >> get those machines. >> coming up, when should the flag flea at -- when should the flag fly at half staff? that simple question after the break.
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shy good morning and live from -- good morning and live from america's headquarters, retired general david petraeus says he is ready to serve again. in an interview with the bbc he said he would say yes if
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president-elect donald trump asked him to join his administration. the "wall street journal" said petraeus who resigned in 2012 because of an extramarital affair is under consideration for defense secretary. and there is word the president-elect has offered retired neuro surmingen and one- neurosurgeon and one-time presidential contender. >> he has no worries about donald trump's election. we expect mr. trump to align his policies with global realities. the 81-year-old spiritual leader says he looks forward to one day meeting the president-elect. a cop is fighting for his life after being shot. he is out of surgery, but in critical condition. a person of interest is in custody. this comes as law enforcement officials say a recent and alarming spike around the
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country. they are a city in mourning following monday's crash and left five elementary schoolkids dead and many others seriously hurt. since then they have been building makeshift memorials. others are donating blood. the dow closed yesterday above 19,000 mark for the first time. they continue to push the stock market to new records. the dow rose to finish 19,023. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye." u.s. flags are flown at half staff. most recently after the death of israel's shimon perez and on october 9th in honor of the fallen firefighters
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memorial service. and at hampshire college in mass mass after the -- in massachusetts after the election of donald trump. it was both to acknowledge the grief and pain and to enable the full complexity of voices and concerns. some took it further. they set the flag on fire. the administration had had about enough. they decided to end the show by blaming the flag. jonathon lash said no flags of any kind would be flown on campus. he said removing the flag was to start a conversation in their community and the nation and that, quote the flag was a symbol making it more difficult. if we could stop arguing we could get to the underling issues. he said on special days that called for flying the flag like veterans day and the 9/11
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anniversary he would first discuss any flag-related decisions with the faculty and the student body. here is what the discussions might look like. >> i love that video. >> i never noticed how apocalyptic the video is. >> is this a solution? remove the flags. >> his correct response is to say no and then move on. and even if you read his full statement it said originally it had nothing to do with the election. it was because of the troubles. it is such nonsense and, you know, there was a time when you heard a dean saying drunk,
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fat and stupid is no way to go through life. when they graduate and they have no skills they can look back and say we certainly showed that flag. >> you come from the animal house generation. what happened to clj as a time when people -- what is happening? >> it has become unbelievable that they can do something -- they can't do something like say no. send them home for a few years until they mature. >> i think they have been doing timeouts. >> it is unbelievable. this is like sending a letter to the alumni saying please don't give us anymore money because we obviously are too dumb to know what to do. why would you send your kid a donation to this place? >> that's it. it is not cheap.
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new hampshire college will cost you a lot of money. courtney, you have young kids. do you think it will change? it can't go any further from where it is. >> it is really sad. if you have a problem with our country you are free to leave. when i see an american flag flying and i am stuck in traffic and there is a big american flag flying. >> at the car dealership. >> i have such a sense of pride and it is a beautiful representation of all of our states and the colonies. it is offensive that somebody wouldn't appreciate the freedoms we have. i know i am getting accepts is tiff. >> we should be playing the national anthem. it is so true. >> do you have a flag on? >> they have to can sell evil knievel appearing there. >> try to get rid of the rainbow flag and people are
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outraged. because they burt it would you burn books? i can't even fathom -- it is -- let me get cane lashing. >> andy levey holds the feet -- i crewed that up. half time is next. and a new episode of the podcast is available now.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> children's dumb letters to trump. joe, you said if you don't want your kids to be scared, don't scare your kids. or give them xanax. >> dope them up. i don't think some of those were written by children, but it just looked like that because the parents were literally shaking. >> you also along those lines said these are the same parents with the face -- fake facebook status like mommy why won't mayor approve garland for mayor. >> i think the problem is you can't be woke because you still have nap -- nap time.
12:33 am
>> john, you said this is a form of child abuse. also don't you think anytime you have inserted yourself into a political tau beat you have lost? >> it is like bringing up hitler. >> it is not cute and it is not adorable and not public knee and not mean -- and not funny and not meaningful. it is creepy. >> you said your kids have learned by osmosis that you are the bully. >> can we roll that tape, please? >> are you gonna miss your mom? >> no. >> the saddest thing about that video is it is a meme from everything and i am not
12:34 am
getting residuals. i blame ktla because they are the ones that pushed that everywhere. people were mad at me for sure. >> you are the real victim there. >> stupid kid. >> your son said if he would like to see them you will punch him in the face. >> trump meets the "new york times." you say trump likes to be rate people to their faces, but doesn't he also like to be liked? he says things like she open minded when it comes to climate change? >> he will try to please his customers. he will tell people what they want to hear. i am not sure conservatives
12:35 am
want him spending time. >> trump supporters are hillary. you believe bright bart news has been pro-trump. >> i read a couple of stories. >> i hadn't noticed, but i'll take yorl word for it. take your word for it. >> and wouldn't you say him not jailing the clintons it is like he doesn't mean what he says and he is another ordinary politician. >> or he has a lot on his place. >> you said pardoning hillary is extending an olive branch. >> yeah, but i mean he is saying that it is on the back burner. i am going to make america great and being stuck is
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punishment enough. >> schools are teaching kids that disney movies promote racism and sexism. you said you don't have to be good looking for somebody to fall in love with you. it is a woman falling in love with a man and it is never the other way around in these movies . >> women are able to see through. they are able to see the beauty so maybe guys can -- >> the feminist message is you can be an ugly dude and get a hot chick. >> as long as you have a house. >> didn't tom fall in love with the fish? >> she had guilt. >> joe, you talk about snow white. >> i often do.
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>> there is somebody i would like for you to talk to. snow white it is basically a stranger kissing a sleeping woman. that's sort of sexual assault. >> that prince charming gets around. >> it is more like prince sexual assault. >> that's catchy. >> that's actually bill cosby's favorite news rerhyme. nursery rhyme. >> john, you said what they are doing is like sending a letter to the alumni. this makes me wish. this whole story makes me wish i had gone to new hampshire college and i was a big donor. >> exactly. >> you said the president's response to the students who wanted to lower the flag after trump won should have been no. you are correct on that factual ly and you said drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life.
12:38 am
it is fat and stupid not drunk, fat and stupid. courtney you said if you don't like our country you are free to leave. sure, but you are free to protest and try to change things, aren't you? >> yes, and i have been covering all of the protesters for awhile now. i would like them to stop. >> it is job security. >> you said hampshire college is not cheap. for tuition, room and board you are looking at $62,000 a year. >> maybe removing the flag is a cost-cutting measure. >> isn't the burning school's flag a criminal act? burn your own flag and that's fine. it is your property. this is somebody else's property you burned. >> you would think there would be a repercussion to that.
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>> i guess uh paryntly they said we won't have flags anymore. it is like a criminal comes in and steals something and you say i guess i won't by anything anymore. i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming raps ps ps and kris ket -- cricket bats. >> hi there, "red eye" muskateers. up on the next "kennedy" tom shillue. what folks are missing about the trump transition team.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez. the defense is calling witnesses at the murder trial of the former cop in north charleston, south carolina. the former supervisor of michael slager said he was a good officer and got good performance reviews. he is accused of killing a black man last year. he is accused of shooting walter scott five times before running away from the cop. the judge is supposed to make a ruling on dylann roof's competency by the end of the week. he is accused of shooting people during a prayer meeting in south carolina. dozens of oil wells are burning as oil company workers face the task of putting them out.
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isis fighters torched the wells as they retreated from the mobile area. the toxic black smoke is everywhere. residents will face long-term problems. they have helped the central american country with heavy rain and it is expected to milwaukee it to nicaragua by thursday afternoon. it is the first hurricane to make landfall in costa rica since record keeping started in 1851. spectators fe macy's thanksgiving day parade will see something different this year. giant dump trucks filled with sand. the sanitation trucks will be used to ward off potential terror attacks. there is no confirmation of a credible threat. i'm jackie ibanez, and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to you are watching the most
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powerful name in news, fox fox newschannel. have a great morning. a 14-year-old boy in england has been suspended from school for making a video about how his friend is bad at crickets. owen whitney posted it to social media where it garnered 7,000 views. that's right. the school caught wind and decided it was a hate crime and yanked the lad out of school for three days. let's look at the video in question. ♪ >> not bad, but i don't think he should have been suspended from school. this kind of thing happens all the time. i called out joey from my
12:46 am
rival barber shop quartet. >> you sing in a flat and i sing it in g. you can't find three friends. >> theses went down. >> i thought we couldn't find a whiter rapper of the. >> cricket is a serious game. he only did -- he essentially said he is not good at cricket. >> i don't see why it is a hate crime. i guess everything is a hate crime now. it is stifling because a young man will never have the courage to draw on a drunk man's face with a marker. if he is an aspiring rapper,
12:47 am
aspiring is generous. >> i guess he got more attention . >> the real question is do they think he is a cricket? >> back in my day you just got picked last. >> we didn't talk about hate crimes. >> this is a boy and girl thing. boys like a greater hierarchy. girls it is pup more no one -- no one gets hurt and offended. that's it. >> and boys like to go face-to-face. girls don't do those -- the face-to-face confrontations.
12:48 am
there is a mean girl behind your back. >> is that the case? do you have different ways of being mean, courtney? >> i am a sweetheart, but i definitely had my experiences with people being mean to me and bullying me. thank goodness we are more mature now. >> and are they both boys? >> a boy and a girl. >> would you say they like the hierarchy? they like to know where they stand? >> i have the sweetest kids. and i like to instill values they are a little more physical. it is crazy that it has gotten all of this publicity. >> i thought we were the bad ones. england is worse than us.
12:49 am
>> i am a middle aged white guy and i think all rap is a hate crime if you want to offend me say i am good at cricket. i think he showed unbelievable restraint. i clearly would have gone for that right away. >> coming up, what makes a person creepy? >> i don't know, but we'll find out.
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coming up tomorrow on the next with "red eye" imogen lloyd webber and rob long. what makes a person creepy? science looked into it and they have some answers. in a new study researchers asked people what specifically they consider creepy. some hobby and jobs make people creepy. a sex shop owner and a funeral director and clowns. there are also behaviors that make someone creepy and being
12:54 am
extremely thin, poor eye contact, showing little emotion, showing too much emotion, or being older. some people you can tell just by looking at them they are creepy. what do you think marks somebody who is creepy? >> it is lingering. if they take too long with a glance orie leasing a -- or releasing a handshake or letting go with a hug it is creepy behavior. the main thing a woman should ask, ask his interests. itit is the same thing i ask before a potential sex partner. do i have to put down a tarp? if it involves a tarp or drop cloth you don't want to spend time with that person. it is not worth the trouble. >> it is a bad sign.
12:55 am
>> courtney, you have to go out in the street. >> yes, that was a viral moment, and the man asked me out on live television. but have i been single for two years now and i am dating lots of people in los angeles. i like to do background checks on them before i go out to make sure i am not buried in a suitcase in palmdale somewhere. >> how do you do a background which can? >> i ask our assistant person at the assignment desk and they run a check. i caught some criminals that way. >> that is amazing. >> but i have random things happen to me. i will put it in a book one day. >> i can't wait. you were worried about your boss saying things, but you just confessed you use employees to do background which cans. background checks. >> that's for the good of
12:56 am
ktla. if i am in a suitcase buried in lancaster then what good will a i as a weekend anchor? >> at ktla we keep them alive. tom, you come in contact with creepy people. i am not saying you are one of them. you are one of the good guys. we are strange guys. >> you are more likely if you are a male to be creepy and skinny was another one. if you like wellies and shorts. >> they didn't say that. >> i was pretty sure i read that. >> you are a scientist and do you think this is based on sound science? >> this is not going to win the though bell prize. one of the findings is women find sexual threats creepy. we really had to do a study to find that out? >> maybe the people wanted to
12:57 am
make sexual threats against women. >> i realize i am now creepy because sex comes into all of my conversations. >> you are not creepy at all. you can bring up sex as much as you like, america. good night.
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- period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. years ago. set your dvr. "special report" next. during the campaign, donald trump said he'd put hillary clinton in jail. now it appears he may be giving her a get out of jail free card. this is "special report." good evening, and welcome to washington. i'm doug mckelway in for bret baier. donald trump won the presidency in large part by vilifying hillary clinton. he called her crooked hillary and his followers jub nailantly chanted "lock her up." trump may be doing a major reversal suggesting he may not pursue any criminal charges. his latest back track from a fundamental campaign position. we have team coverage of the trump transition. jennifer


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