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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm john scott in for shepard smith. the stock market is still very happy today up 57 points. "your world with neil cavuto" and the closing bell is coming up next. this just in, the good doctor is coming to the white house. reports from the wall street journal than ben carson has accepted a cabinet position to run hud, housing and urban development. and that was something he hinted at only yesterday on this very show. >> have you had offers, sir? >> yes, we have had offers. >> is it the hud position? >> i would say that is one of the offers that's on the table. >> and apparently it was and is. and now it's a matter of dotting the i's and crossing the t's.
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he's peter doocy with the president-elect. >> reporter: the president-elect has made a lot of progress today in filling out his cabinet without even leaving his mara lago estate. not a bad way to spend thanksgiving week. we are told dr. ben carson was going to take a few days over the thanksgiving day holiday to think about the hud position, but he did write on facebook earlier he would clean up the inner cities. and there's the report that he has accepted the offer to go and serve in the cabinet. other recent nominations just a few hours old, betsy devos is a billionaire philanthropist who will help bring school choice to all families and who jeb bush, trump's bitter rival, said was a good selection. there's also earlier today governor nikki haley selected as u.n. secretary.
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she said when the president-elect asks you to do something, you do it. as for the possibility of mitt romney heading to the state department to be our top diplomat, transitional officials said on the conference call today that he's still under consideration. mr. trump is looking for somebody with experience and shared chemistry. now there are some trump backers calling for mitt romney to apologize for some of the things he said about donald trump during the primaries before he accepts any kind of a job. >> he attacked him on a personal level about his character, integrity, his honor. when you do that, there's only one way that i think mitt romney can be considered for a post like that, and that is that he goes to a microphone in a public place and repudiates everything he said in that famous salt lake city speech. and everything he said after that. >> reporter: governor huckabee also said he was offered a cabinet position by the president-elect but turned it down. neil? >> all right, peter doocy, thank you very much. we have scott brown joining us,
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a former massachusetts senator also under cabinet consideration right now. senator, very good to have you. >> good to be on, neil, how are you? >> i'm fine, sir. what do you make of what looks like ben carson going over to hud? >> listen, i'm personally very invested in housing issues and i'm on two housing boards. and there's no better way to help improve the inner cities, not only with great houses and homes, but obviously good jobs. and that's what one of the cornerstones of dr. carson's campaign was to create jobs and community the inner cities. so i think it's a great, great choice. >> what about you? you have come up and your name has come up repeatedly for a number of positions, veteran affairs most lately, what do you think? >> i was told after we had our good meeting that i would hear sometime after thanksgiving. now, i'm not sure if he eats at 12:00 and i hear at 1:00 here on friday, saturday, sunday or monday. but as you know, you can see he's still working. i thought nikki haley's choice
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was fantastic and the mitt romney choice is brilliant. it reestablishes credibility with our allies, fear with our foes, and bridges that gap. and just to comment, i know maybe i'm going a little ahead on what governor huckabee said, who i love, but they probably did talk about what happened during the campaign. i'm almost sure of it. and they probably said, you know what? we're two type-a billionaires and battle pretty heavily. that's what i like about what donald trump is doing. he's actually bringing people together, going for the best person regardless. and that's what our country needs right now. >> what do you think of huckabee also saying that romney should apologize, because you can make the argument donald trump should apologize to him. they both said awful things about each other. bygones be bygones? let it go? >> i think it is obviously with him and mitt romney meeting and the potential of him offering a position, i think that is an
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apology accepted and offered or they wouldn't be talking. the fact that mitt romney could be secretary of state would be better than john kerry. it really makes me very excited. >> it is interesting that it continues a tradition of former rivals or those who run for president before, going for secretary of state, hillary clinton and john kerry and on we go. but having said that, the makeup of his cabinet still early, senator, as you have some who are supporting the president-elect during the campaign and others who were noticeably silent or quite the opposite. so some have likened it to a potential team of rivals. what do you make of that? >> i think he's going to bet the best people for the job period. and it's good to have tension and different points of view in disagreements. you don't want everyone -- one of the reasons donald trump, the president-elect likes me is i'm pretty direct. i'll tell him exactly what i think is going right and wrong. and he doesn't want yes people up there. he wants people to tell him, sir, with all due respect, you're wrong or right and the
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ability to work it through. and i think that is critical. because in this present administration, there's no one that tells the president that he's wrong. if that was the case, we wouldn't have done what we dmid syria. we wouldn't have done what we did with russia and reset and the like. so i think it's a good thing. >> scott brown, great seeing you. happy thanksgiving, friend. >> neil, one bit of advice for you, my man. >> yes. >> lay off the okay. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> lay off the gravy and potatoes. >> you work with my cardiologist. >> thank you for making your final appearance on this show. it was a pleasure to have you here. is he tough or what? all right. he won't see me -- in the meantime, if you're traveling, millions of you, 49 million we're told, and the traffic is going to build up. and depending on the airport, it's going to really build up. we're still waiting for that to happen because i think this was just sort of spread out through the week here. and that the least of it is happening right now. who knows.
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but adam shapiro is at newark liberty airport. what are you seeing there, adam? >> reporter: well, it's about as exciting as a glass of metamucil. it's been empty all day. i have to be honest with you, this is up united at newark liberty international. and this is the major carrier at this airport. it's a hub. i can tell you as well, they don't want us to show on camera the tsa screening area, the port authority is forbidding that, but the line is very short. people are moving through that line in less than 30 minutes. it's actually more like ten minutes if you're standing in line. now it's starting to pick up a bit, but they have been telling us, neil, that the peak was coming, they said at 12:30. it didn't happen at 12:30 or 2:30. now they are telling us as people get off work they are heading to the airport. and when you look at the numbers, you would expect huge crowds and there are crowds at other airports, o'hare and atlanta, hartsfield/jackson, but here at one of the busiest
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airports in the country, within the top ten, newark, kind of quiet right now. 49 million people will travel by plane, bus, train and car. 2.8 million by plane just on sunday alone. but right now, all clear. and that is a good thing, right? back to you. >> it is if you can work with me next time, adam. we have been playing off the bedlam at airports there with the crowds. it's all right. we'll talk later for another update. seriously, adam, thank you. have a great thanksgiving. >> reporter: you got it. our meteorologist says depending on where you are, it could be a longer trip. weather is playing a role here. what do you see, rick? >> a little bit. wicked weather, horrible, all right, there's some weather out there. not really all that bad. this storm right here just some showers across parts of the ohio valley. a little bit of snow, but it's way off towards the north. the northern parts of minnesota in towards the arrowhead of wisconsin, the u.p. of michigan. that's one storm.
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the bigger storm is moving in across areas to the west and it will bring a lot of rain and really significant mountain snow to the next number of days. i think we'll see the moisture make its way by the end of the weekend into southern california. and this is great news. any precipitation we can get out west at the beginning here of the rainy season there is really good news. as far as the airports go, we have some mild delays in minneapolis. we have had some delays around o'hare. and then in towards newark there are some delays because of wind. we have seen delays at lax also. most of that is just due to volume as well as some construction going on. this system though that we have been watching move across the great lakes is going to pull off to the north. the center of low pressure. that means most of the moisture doesn't make it to the southeast where we desperately need it unfortunately, but that also means we're going to see it weaken a little bit by the time it moves off to the east. so for the remainder of today, we'll see a few more delays around chicago. a cool day, but we're looking good to the east. we're looking good in the central part of the country.
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the pacific northwest later today, a few delays. and the same goes for tomorrow. if you are flying tomorrow or on the roads, northern california through the coastal areas of the west are going to be problematic. the rest of the country is looking pretty good. a few showers in across the east lighter than today. in the meantime, we'll bring your attention to the fact that we have another record in the dow getting old, i know. and this is noteworthy as well. a 30-year fixed rate mortgage with the backup of interest rates we have been seeing on the prospects for an improving economy at 4.03%. now a lot of young people approach it and say, neil, i can't believe i missed the boat. the rates are so high. i want to show you kids something. my wife and i got our first mortgage, that's about what we were paying per day. see that really high point there. that was about the point at which my wife and i took out our first mortgage. and it's just a reminder that even though rates have been ticking up, they are to nothing like they were. so all of you people who are losing it over this, i want you to calm down.
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and i want you to realize you still got another, i don't know, 10 to 12 points to get back to where we were when we started out. just remember that. in the meantime, we have the president-elect going to "the new york times." and "the new york times" has it out with the president-elect. makes you wonder why he went there. h we have the read from the old great lady after this. ♪
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howard, what do you make of this reaction? >> well, all people in public life want to be liked and respected, but one person close to the president-elect told me today that trump did go to the times and the delegation at trump tower as a sign of respect. this is his hometown paper that he reads every day. he grew up reading it and it's delivered to the gold-plated apartment. he wants "the times" to approve of him. >> do you think the president-elect expected any different kind of coverage or any less snide coverage or that this is just in keeping with his theme, i'm watching all of you in the media? >> well, i think the message here and in the media with the tv anchors and executives is, i
1:16 pm
won, you've got it all wrong, now let's see if we can work together. but kind of trying to deliver a strong message that if "the times," who trump says has been rough on him, continues to be rough on him as president-elect and then president, you know, he's not going to be shy about using twitter or other means to hit back. so, at the same time, i've noticed this myself that donald trump, if you're a sympathetic journalist, that's fine. he appreciates that. but if you're a very liberal journalist at msnbc or very conservative journalist at fox that was never trump, he does make an extra effort to win you over. he feels like if he uses the trump offensive, he can turn you around. if it doesn't work, he'll smack you. >> all right. well, i'll disagree with you in one respect, and i have great respect for him because i think he's thin-skinned. he still boycotts this show, which is his right. he's leader of the free world, have at it. and that goes back to just having mitt romney on back in those days when he was
1:17 pm
criticizing him, even though we raised the counter points that a donald trump would. having said that, can he get over that? now, obviously, there's a wrap of being thin-skinned may only go so far if he makes romney as secretary of state. but maybe he isn't what his critics have said. what do you think? >> i don't disagree with you about the thin-skin. trump makes an effort to try to win people over, but it doesn't mean he'll reward them by granting access and that sort of thing. look, here's the thing, if donald trump is proven to be a magnanimous winner who can at least seriously consider making mitt romney, who called him a conman and a lot of bad stuff during the campaign as secretary of state, who is now naming governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador despite her credit similar of him, criticizing the kkk and all of that, then i guess he can have diplomatic relations with "the new york times." look, "the times" has incentive
1:18 pm
here, not to pull his punches, but to have a decent relationship with the next president of the united states and trump knows that. he's a media-savvy guy. >> but he knows because he's shrewd that he'll make organizations think twice about how they're going about that coverage. at least initially after these meetings, right? >> he will, indeed. and that is kind of a carrot and stick approach. let them know they haven't been fair and he's watching, but at the same time give a little bit of respect, maybe you get the close umpire calls next time. >> there you go. well put. howard kurtz, have a great thanksgiving, appreciate it. the host of the popular show "media buzz" howard kurtz. in the meantime, this just keeps happening. and where is the rage that it does? a police officer shot last night, the fifth we have seen since sunday. we go to detroit. detroit's police chief james craig is next.
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you've heard it before, another police officer was shot and is clinging to life. police believe they have the guy who shot him, but it's the fifth officer shot just since sunday. detroit's chief of police james craig is with us now. chief, thank you for joining us. what can you tell us? >> you're welcome, thank you. it's a somber day the in detroit. as you know, this is the third officer that has been critically wounded. we had two officers fatally shot within the last 45 days. so some very troubling times and certainly now we have an officer fighting for his life. we have the person, we believe, the right person certainly in custody, but this is touching so many of our officers both in detroit and in the wayne state police department. it must end, it absolutely must end. >> was he targeted, chief? and was it racial?
1:23 pm
what do we know? >> well, we're not certain he was targeted. we do know that the suspect had a history of being non-cooperative with local police. we don't know what would have fuelled this, so we are at a place now where we can say he definitely was targeted. but if you just look at the shootings across america, you know, i took a look at the last week, 28 incidents of an officer-involved shooting or officers attacked. and we talk about the number of officers fatally wounded, that only gives just a small picture of what's really going on. and what's fueling it? i'll tell you, it's the anti-police rhetoric. it's empowering these individuals to feel that they can attack police. and go without any type of sanction. >> what's interesting, chief, is when we see incidents, five in less than a week, if anyone one of these had involved a shooting of an individual, not a police
1:24 pm
officer, but by a police officer, it would be wall-to-wall coverage. >> it would be wall-to-wall coverage. and yes, the media plays a role in it. and yes, the protesters, we had a situation, like 30 days ago, an officer going out into the community was shot by a suspect. certainly there was an outpouring of support from detroiters, but there were no protests. and i wonder if the tables had turned, if the officer had shot the suspect, we would still be dealing with issues. >> you know, chief, i talked to a couple of policeman here not too far around the corner from me, you're getting readysecurit and the macy's day parade, and one of them said something interesting. i've heard stories like this before. that they almost, almost are compelled to pull their punches for fear that they will either be dragged to court or video, whatever they're doing, even if there's nothing bad, will ruin their career. and ruin them period. what do you make of that?
1:25 pm
>> you know, it's troubling. you know, the one incident that comes to mind, i know you're aware of it, the female officer out of chicago, that was beaten within an inch of her life. and she said, i feared pulling my gun and using it because i didn't want the scrutiny to myself, my family, my department. i had a conversation with a group of canine officers today who worked very closely with this wayne state officer who were really grieving over this situation. and they brought the same issue up. they said, look, we don't want to have any issue, we don't want to bring embarrassment to the department. i said, look, first and foremost, you get to go home to your families. we are a constitutional police department and we expect you to use your force reasonable and necessary. and if faced with an imminent threat, you have the right to support deadly force. we support our officers here and i make it known, unwavering support. and when those who engage in criminal misconduct, we're not
1:26 pm
afraid to take action. but we need the support. it's one thing for a police chief, we need the support of our elected leadership to start talking out in one unified voice that these attacks on police officers are not warranted, it just shouldn't happen. but i hear crickets in most cases. >> yeah. i'm wondering if donald trump that was promised throughout the campaign, what can a president, any president do besides going before the pulpit and stating what you just stated? >> you have to speak in one united voice, a bold voice, and say that police officers, any attack on a police officer is an attack on each and every one of us. you know what is interesting, we talk about the wayne state officer, this is an individual who served at college community. and yet the students most likely will protest on the freeways, they have not done that here in detroit, but i wonder because
1:27 pm
this guy was such a good friend and a person of integrity in that community, are there going to be any protests to support this egregious act? >> i wouldn't hold my breath, chief. only 29 years old. we wish him well. chief james craig, thank you very, very much. >> thank you so much. i appreciate your time. all right. in the meantime, i do want to bring your attention to another factor in the markets today. i don't want to be remiss here and pick one over another. the russell 2000 index of small company stocks also in and out of records today. that pace for small company stocks has doubled what we had seen in the dow year to date. for example, that average is up about 19%. up .6% today since the election of donald trump on growing optimism things are looking better for the economy. that's the way the markets are reading it. and if it has something to do with the president-elect trump with the markets, wait until you take a look at this.
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all right. you see that place? that is donald trump's mara lago home. i don't have the actually number of bedrooms, but enough to staff all of washington, d.c., if he wanted. the question is, what would you do? it's warm, it's beautiful down there, you can get dicy in washington. i'm not just talking the political climate. how different it will be under a trump white house, that is if he ever uses the white house. this place is bigger, doug, what do you make of it? >> yeah, these presidents, neil, love to get away from the white house. when george w. bush was president, he had this great big empty plane back to washington. he allowed one journalist on and that was kenneth t. walsh of "u.s. news." so walsh gets waved up to the
1:33 pm
front and gets his time to exclusively talk to the new president. and he sits down. instead, george w. asks him a question. and the question is, how many days did ronald reagan spend on the ranch? so these presidents can't wait to get out of the white house. >> it's like a fish bowl, that's pretty clear. i know it's beautiful, very, very nice there. but the world can see you. so you want to get away. a lot of presidents get away to camp david or what have you, but a lot of them have friends with nice homes. john kennedy had his dad's place but he had a condo down in florida as well. how often do you think of donald trump, who has already hinted that he would like to split between washington and new york, at least his wife certainly wants to be in new york to let baron finish up the school year, where he is sort of spreading things out? >> here's what i predict, neil,
1:34 pm
having watched this. and i have interviewed 14 of the children of the presidents who are living today. and what i predict is something similar to the kennedys. the kennedys did not like camp david and they loved hyannis port and palm beach. and they got another home in virginia in hickory hill. and they did not like camp david and thought it was dumpy. but before they left, they loved camp david. and all of these families end up loving camp dade because of the security and the privacy. baron can play soccer all weekend with his buddies. or you can play video games in his cottage. and all the grown families would have their own cottages and grand meals together. >> in other words, you're sort of closeted away from everyone, which is -- i'm sure a president is cognizant, too, of the inconvenience to folks. the president can't help that traveling back and forth to
1:35 pm
cities, but in donald trump's case, the trump tower, the middle of midtown manhattan -- >> it shuts down the city. >> it shuts down the city is right. i wonder how that factors in to what they decide to do. >> i think it will be big. having worked on the white house staff, i remembered when we would fly into boston, you would shut down that tunnel coming out of the airport. we would get so much grief that the president didn't want to go. you would use a lot of commerce laws. and they are going to -- you're not going to be able to get into shanghai charlie's or shanghai joe's to get the great dumplings. they are going to shut down a lot of great places near trump tower. that will get old. >> they have to realize a few blocks south is a wonderful olive garden. but i digress. the breadsticks are to die for. but let me get your take on why it is a little different with trump and that some of his home, not trump tower, but mar-a-lago,
1:36 pm
in well trafficked, well-scene areas, you could argue about hickory with jfk, you know, and even eisenhower going back to gettysburg. they were hidden from folks, you know, president bush's ranch outside of waco hidden from folks. so this is on display. and so for them, it cuts into their privacy, right? because throngs can get nearby. >> yes, and there could be issues. there could be security issues. i mean, these trump properties all over the world are likely to have a bull's-eye on them. this is an evolving issue for him. he's very wealthy. they ended up at camp david even though they didn't like it at first. and almost all the children i interviewed ended up loving the place because there were so many acres. and it was so private. my guess is that it will start the same way. it won't be impressive at first and end up embracing that. but we will see. you know, you mentioned privacy,
1:37 pm
eisenhower, he went to some public places in georgia where he played golf and took over the whole country club. but it's a different time today. >> very different time. >> we're in a tougher time. >> and we got noxious press people spying on you. >> great things happen at times. and bad things happen at resorts away from the white house. fdr died at the little white house in warm springs, georgia. and his misstress was there. we can talk about it now but they couldn't talk about it then. >> doug, i hope you have a great thanksgiving. thank you for your help on so many things political and historic and all of that. >> thank you, neil. in the meantime, the president-elect is not backing away from his business interests. in other words, he reviewed this. apparently the legalities around this have come to the conclusion that he doesn't even have to set up a blind trust. he doesn't have to divorce himself for those businesses.
1:38 pm
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visit your local infiniti retailer. all right. not only are we awaiting a cabinet announcement of who will complete what, but we're trying to get an idea of what president-elect trump will do in the first 100 days. the money maestro genius steve forbes with us now. you have been talking tax cuts early on. i get mixed reads with whom i talk with in the trump campaign about whether they will be. i think they miss an opportunity if they don't do that right away. what do you think? >> they have to go big right away because there are so many special interests in washington. if you try to do this piece-meal, neil, you'll get eaten alive and not get much done. >> it will drag out. if you change the tax code, you need a senate vote, you know how it goes. >> so do it at the beginning,
1:42 pm
bargain, but go big, go personal and businesses as well. make your statements to the american people. you address this to the american people. therefore, that's what reagan did, go over their heads, and you create a climate where you can get big things done. but if you negotiate with yourself, you've lost before you started. >> now apparently the logic for this, and i'll get to other things, steve, but they have a better chance of getting business tax cuts through substantial though they will be, but not individual rates. and i would think the two are joined at the hip, aren't they? >> they are. and politically, it would be a loser, especially donald trump, the great outsider coming in. wanting to drain the swamp. the first thing he does is business tax cuts instead of individuals. you can do both. and reagan got both done in his first year in office. and trump should do the again, don't think small. you have a mandate. get the capitol to do other things. >> do you think his own business
1:43 pm
interests and ties that are quite entangled could get in the way, in other words, if he doesn't separate himself from that, and he's given hints that he might not, that people will always look at whatever he comes up with, there's this business or this transaction or this casino or this hotel, you know what i'm saying? does he have to separate those out to avoid that kind of scrutiny? >> you can do some separation, but no matter what he does, short of selling the thing, which in the real estate world would be a disaster, it would be such a disastrous haircut, they are going to find something to hit you with. so no matter what he does, it will be wrong in the eyes of his critics. but what he could do is have one of his kids be in charge of it. he's going to find, i think, pretty soon if he hasn't felt it already, they are trying to run a business and a country at the same time. not going to work. i don't care what the lawyers say, there's only so much a human being can do.
1:44 pm
he'll try to operate one of the kids in the business. >> how can it work that way? i think in the past, with fdr coming in, he can say thus all my mother's wealth, it can be separated that way. even then it was dicy. john kennedy saying it was his father's wealth. but obviously, you talk to your mom, you talk to your dad. can a fam ply really separate that? in other words, that doesn't necessarily mean there's total separation, right? >> there is no total separation because anything you do as president, especially this man who has stuff all around the world, is going to debt entangled. so what you want to do is, try to do it as best you can. and two, if you go with something like tax cuts for individuals as well as businesses, people then start to give you the benefit of the doubt.
1:45 pm
this guy's getting big things done, we're not going to listen to these critics. they listen to critics when things are going badly. if he gets things going smoothly in a good way for the economy, then he'll have the capital to not get tripped up by the inevitable, the fact he can't separate himself as president from things he has around the world. not to mention inside the u.s. >> i do know that the mainstream media will pay less attention to a wealthy democratic president than a wealthy republican one. i could be wrong. i could be wrong. >> not on that one. >> now, do you think in what you're seeing with the cabinet choice real quick, it's an interesting -- some liken it to a theme of rivals, sort of a pendulum here, how do you see it? >> it is very interesting and positive. he's the boss no matter who is in the cabinet, even more than when lincoln put in his rivals in the cabinet. and number two, i think that it demonstrates that he wants to
1:46 pm
get unity in the party for the fights ahead. but he'll set the policy. and i think it just sets or takes the temperature down. the critics are going to harping in the media and elsewhere that most of the country is going to say, this guy wants to put together a good team. people have criticized him. and if they can unify, boy, that's good. we need more unity, not bickering. >> all right. thank you very much. steve forbes, i believe in talking about the taj mahal in atlantic city, that's no longer associated with mr. trump anyway. but how he handles those businesses in relation to what he does on the other initiatives getting a great deal of scrutiny. in the meantime, tomorrow is thanksgiving. and some of you commented, neil, we heard you had heart surgery and are taking it easy and not eating too much. that's a given. but i want to point out, it's just one day, look at what i've
1:47 pm
been through. would it really hurt if i had extra stuffing? because now i'm going into the control room to get my producers for digging up these pictures to make me feel guilty. and yes, the hospital gown does add 15 pounds. more after this.
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
what do you tell your clients?
1:51 pm
>> there's a place to merge both healthy eating as well as enjoying the holiday. i think so much of the holiday has to do with focusing on the gratitude that we have for our lives and also for our food. part of the gratitude for the food means slowing down and enjoying every single bite and not necessarily getting to the point of being stuffed ourselves like the turkeys that we're cooking. >> you know, i know we haven't met, but i'm a big exerciser. that's what i do. this way it avoids heart surgery. i forgot, it doesn't. when i work out -- this is routine. a lot of people who do say, well, i can eat anything i want because i work out. what do you tell them? >> that's not necessarily true. i always recommend exercising. not only does it help with your
1:52 pm
metabolism but with our neurotransmitter help which helps us control cravings and with sleep at night. at the same time, you know, exercise is extremely important for all aspect of health. we need to work that in. at the same time, we need to know our food plays the other major role in whether we gain weight and how our health starts to accumulate and whether we develop disease. food is very important. >> you know, they have these now standup desks. i wonder if they come withstandup eating. that's probably not happening. is it? >> i don't think so. i don't think that's happening. not only that, we're supposed to be sitting, relax. they say we're not supposed to be talking or thinking about anything stressful while we're eating. focusing on the digestive process and letting our bodies do the work that they need to break down the food and
1:53 pm
assimilate it into the true tree nutrients we need. >> say you had heart surgery months ago and you gotta eat healthy, watch what you are doing. but there are others who will argue, it's only one day. who will notice? there are others who will just as quickly add everything in moderation so you don't go back to the hospital for said operation that was hell on earth. what do you think? >> i think that if you just had heart disease, i think thanksgiving is the perfect time to start implementing really changing -- really cementing our healthy eating has been bit ini. >> what would you leave out? >> i don't think i would leave everything out. everything in moderation is true. i think that there's something called the law of diminishing marginal returns which means the first couple bites of the food we eat are the best bites that we experience. after that, the enjoyment we experience from bite three, four, five, six gets less and less. if we can focus on enjoying the
1:54 pm
first couple bites, then i think that's where it's at. don't leave anything out. >> just want to write that down. get this to my family. don't leave anything out and go ahead and have -- i think you said 12 servings of turkey and stuffing. right? >> there you go. i mean, it's -- i think we have to look at healthy recipes, too. it's not just about portion control. >> sure. >> it's about controlling our food. >> you are right. thank you very, very much. great having you on. have a great thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. you too. >> nutritionist extraordinary. we have heightened security not only around grocery stores trying to ward off me coming but regular security, it's on high, high, high alert. in new york especially, right outside this building. after this.
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before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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new york's times square where they are getting ready for anything and everything and trying to make sure it's a safe thanksgiving day. catherine herridge is live from union station with what they are doing. >> reporter: thank you. this is the busiest travel period for amtrak of the entire year. they are expecting more than 750,000 passengers. the peak days are tuesday, today and sunday. here at union station the passengers we spoke with said the high security is not an issue. >> i guess i'm neutral to it. i guess in a way it makes me feel more safe. if i was going to fly somewhere, there could be delays. the trains are pretty much all on time. >> i feel like it's less of a target. generally speaking, it seems safer. >> reporter: if you are traveling this weekend, you can expect to see a lot of these
1:59 pm
canine teams. their specialty is explosive detection. they have the ability to clear a large group of passengers quickly and effectively. amtrak said this week that security is high. it's about where it was last year. >> amtrak police are increasing their presence along with local, state and federal partners as well as canines throughout the station and on railways along our right-of-way. that's typical for any holiday. we always boost our efforts security-wise. >> reporter: amtrak is advising all passengers to come a half hour in advance and to have photo i.d. because there will be spot checks before you get on the train or during your trip. >> katherine her ridcatherine h. don't be fooled there were no crowds behind her. there did not appear to be crowds in denver or lax or newark or o'hare.
2:00 pm
i am told a lot of you are camera shy and thousands of you are out of the camera shot range and afraid to prove our point. regardless how you get home and get to grandma's, make it safe. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." new announcements from president-elect trump on this thanksgiving eve. mr. trump has chosen south carolina governor nikki haley to be america's ambassador to the u.n. he picked michigan business woman betsy devos for education secretary. she's a charter school advocate. they are the first two women to be tapped for key posts in his atd minu administration. a few minutes ago,


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