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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 25, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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dagen: aging in reverse, benjamin button, i love it. >> i don't know about that. dagen: you look good. >> you're being very sweet. kennedy: go ahead and go shopping. we're back on monday, noon eastern right here. "happening now" starts right now. >> the bull market on wall street continues. take a look at the big board right now as the market closes early on this friday afterthanksgiving. just up 64 points, a little more than 25 million shares trading hands today, another day under president-elect trump and another record high for the dow jones industrial average. this as president-elect donald trump spends the holiday weekend working on his white house transition. his team teasing imminent announcement of two new staff picks but saying there won't be any more high level cabinet announcements until monday.
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a lot of speculation over that, a little rift in the republican party over that. second hour of "happening now", hope you had a great thanksgiving. i'm leland vitter. >> spending thanksgiving in palm beach, but the president-elect not just talking turkey but preparing for eight high profile meetings on monday, including a sit-down with sheriff david clark. peter is following all of this from palm beach. what do we know about the job? >> reporter: transition officials are telling us the president-elect is interviewing sheriff clark and eight others for a number of positions each. not just looking at one person for one job. they are throwing out a wide net and inviting people they think could fit into multiple spots. as far as we know down here at
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palm beach, the president-elect has not been holding job interviews but does have approaching a dozen lined up for monday back in manhattan and sheriff clark may be the most familiar but other headliners include the former commissioner paul atkins and scott pruitt and pennsylvania congressman lou barletta, a republican. there is speculation over the secretary of state over whether or not mitt romney can be trusted to join the circle since he campaigned against him. "new york times" report notes that rudy giuliani only wants to be secretary of state and doesn't want to take any other job in the administration. trump has not made up his mind between that two and that is leading to whis ters a third high profile name could be in the mix for secretary of state. >> peter, so many people are
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hopeful but we're hearing now no announcements today for any of these cabinet level positions. >> reporter: that's right. we're told monday is the soonest to expect any announcement about anybody joining the cabinet. today at some point we're expecting confirmation on two white house staffers and since white house staff positions don't require senate confirmations, the names we get today will go work at the white house no matter what, even if people in the senate are upset about it. we're learning from a report in the quts new york post, that the secret service is doing their best to get two floors next to each other inside trump tower, whichever two floors they pick. it is expected to cost at least $2 million a year and all of that money would go to the company that owns the building, which is of course the trump organization. laura? >> peter, a very sunny day in florida. very nice. see you later. >> more on the secretary of state pick. the president-elect's potential choices for america's top
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diplomat is sparking division among republicans. one much the fiercest critics during the campaign, mitt romney, is said to be in consideration, along with one of mr. trump's staunchest defenders, rudy giuliani. senior adviser to trump receiving deluge of social media and private against romney and tweeted this, kissinger and schultz as secretaries of state flew around the world less, counselled potus close to home more and were loyal. good checklist. let's bring in emily shire and john hart at opportunity lives and former communications director for senator tom coburn. nice to see you both here. emily, first to you, we heard on the conference call either earlier today, two of trump's top guys really back down kelleyanne conway intrigue, this
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is normal. these things happen, stop carrying and hanging on every word so much. in recent history, the past two transitions, there was public lobbying and intrigue as related to top cabinet posts. >> it's certainly interest. k kel kellyanne conway's comments seem to be speaking above him, whether purposely or not, it's hard not to read them as such. she's certainly weighing in and newt gingrich weighed in speaking against the prospect as romney as secretary of state and certainly fascinating to watch from outside the tension. >> where does it boil down to? how does this play outdo you think? >> it's really that existed between trump's presidential campaign, between more critical republican voices against people more on trump's message but more controversial and outsider
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voices and some of them come with a lot more baggage too. >> john, does this allow the democrats to drive a wedge between the republican president-elect and his potential cabinet. ? is this an attempt by some republicans to start taking away trump's choices even before he gets to the white house? >> no, i don't think so. trump has already shown a willingness to appoint critics to his administration, did that with nikki haley to the post of u.s. ambassador to the u.n. i think romney would be a brilliant and shrewd pick and compliment trump well and add strength that trump doesn't have. i think it's a smart move to consider romney and the fact he's even on the table, i think is a good thing and sends a good signal that trump wants to produce results. i think at the end of the day, the base wants to see the economic condition of the country improve and trump needs to put people in position who are capable of working with him and doing that. i think romney is the type of person that can do that.
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>> certainly secretary romney -- sorry, former governor romney, if he would become secretary, looks the part of secretary of state. note worthy piece from kimberly strassele, saying it's all well and good to focus on high level appointments, the big headline names, the secretary of defense and secretary of state and secretary of the treasury. but the people left the most concerned about, especially environmentalists, are places like what happened with the secretary of labor job and national relations job and epa. these could have a much bigger impact on the economy and for that matter on president obama's environmental agenda. >> i think that's a fair concern. i also don't think you would hear a whole lot of displeasure from the left if romney was chosen. i think it would be a complete relief frankly considering the options that are currently being floated out for other cabinet positions. i don't think it's wrong what the wall street journal is
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saying that there is concern over other areas who aren't getting as much scrutiny at the moment. >> what's the play here? if you're advising the trump transition team, is the play you all of a sudden come out with a couple of shall we say more acceptable or more middle of the road headliners for dod john mattis praised across the board or former governor romney praised more or less across the board as we heard from emily, sort of acceptable members there. then go to bat and fight other things like epa commissioner, where he could have massive changes that would effect the left in a much more shall we say integral or hurtful way. >> i think they should ignore the short term considerations and make the decision only on what is in the best long-term interest of the country. if they do that, trump will be in the a better position for years ago than simply if he makes these arm chair quarterback decisions about politics. romney and trump are actually -- they are complimentary
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stylistically but on big policy questions, romney was right on russia and warned about russia -- >> john, he may be have been proven right from the debate when he warned on russia. but we have mr. trump saying he wants to make nice with vladimir putin. that is not something mr. romney has ever in any way prophetized. >> who better to address than mitt romney? on iraq they are on the same page. romney was warning about the consequences of a hasty withdrawal and criticized obama's leadership on syria. i think they would work well together. i think romney has business experience if you want somebody to negotiate better trade deals, you have to have someone who understands international business from a business perspective. >> it appears as though if you two were on senate foreign relations committee to approve a potential secretary romney, you would vote yes. emily, john, appreciate you both
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being here. have a great one. we'll be back if there's any more developments from camp trump. >> it's the day after thanksgiving. you know what that means, black friday bargains, they are here and americans across the country are taking advantage in stores and online. in fact, macy's says heavy internet traffic temporarily crashed its website at one point today while some shoppers reported trouble with fox business network went to go check everything out and live outside macy's flagship store in new york city. >> reporter: hey, laura, it's crowded but i'm glad you mentioned that macy' and other retailers site had a shopping jam. that's very much the story of black friday this year. it's online. we're going to show you numbers now. adobe digital insight says from midnight to 8:30, they had already done $490 million online only. they are expecting that number
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to grow to top $3 billion today alone. out here live, i'm in front of macy's herald square, you can see the crowds behind me. there's a lot of stores, gap is across the street and victoria's secret. there are crowds. this is welcome news for macy's, they have been struggle, the latest earnings report disappointed wall street, in the process of closing 100 stores and selling a handful of other stores to raise more money and try to justify the fact they have an expensive real estate across the country. having said that, i did go and checked out the deals, $70 off apple watches and $40 off designer handbags, $10 makeup kits, there are deals. people are here. i know you're probably wondering why are they outside and not inside shopping and reporting? macy's is so concerned that traffic is really heavy inside right around now, 1:00 eastern time, they preferred to manage
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the chaos by keeping the media out here. it's beautiful outside, tons of people and we're having fun. did you make a purchase or two online today? >> i am thinking about it right after this although i appreciate your recon going into the store and checking out the deals. it's right down the street. i may have to head over there. thank you so much. >> reporter: use your elbows to get through the crowd. >> do some bench presses. have fun out there. >> lauren is outside of macy's and violence broke out ahead of black friday near some stores over the past 24 hours. guess this, that violence has left two people dead. what led to deadly shootings in two separate states over black friday. and a hppy reunion after a missing mother of two is found safe after three weeks. this almost never happens and we're going to tell you what the woman is telling police about her apparent abductors. picking . here you go.
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black friday violence turning deadly, a deadly shooting at the new jersey mall parking lot at 1:00 a.m. a 20-year-old man was shot multiple times and died of his wounds. his brother also hurt. another deadly shooting in reno, nevada, leaving one person dead. police say it started as a road rage incident when two men both armed argued over a parking spot. and then opened fire. the incident is under investigation now. >> now some good news, this rarely happens. three weeks after a california mother disappeared, police say her captors have let her go and she's been reunited with her husband. 34-year-old has been found safe after flagging down a driver in northern california. will carr is live with the
10:17 am
latest. what is she saying happened during these three weeks? >> well, leland, it's a heck of a story. she says two hispanic women abducted her and held on to her and let her go freely yesterday. the suspect's motives are unknown. it's unclear where she has been for the last three weeks. we do know she wound up almost 140 miles from where she disappeared back on november 2nd. take a listen to this sheriff. >> sherry pappini has been relocated and reunited with her family. she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing motorist who then notified law enforcement. >> she was last seen after she went for a morning jog. investigators tell us they found her cell phone, ear buds and strands of her hair about a mile and a half from her home. there were no signs of her up until yesterday when she was
10:18 am
found safely. she was treated for injuries at a local hospital and authorities say they are now looking for those two hispanic women in a dark suv. still a lot of unanswered questions but they tell us it's an open investigation. >> so many unanswered questions. we remember hearing from her husband, adamant that she ab adducted, would never disappear on her own. police said we don't think he's involved. any reaction from the family now or just spending time with her? >> yeah, absolutely, a long those lines, he offered to take a lie detector test to prove he was not involved. there was an emotional reunion between she and her husband yesterday. he gave an interview a couple of weeks ago. take a listen to what he said. >> bring her home. bring her home. just bring her home. bring her home safe. there's a $50,000 reward. bring her home. >> a private group offered that reward. a family friend also put a go
10:19 am
fund me page up, that's raised more than $49,000 as of this morning. we spoke to one woman who doesn't know the family who donated and said she did that because she's a mom and jogger as well and that she's hoping that the money can help the family. really unclear now that papini has been found safely exactly what happens to that money. >> what a thanksgiving miracle. more developments as they happen and they certainly will, thanks, will. >> president-elect trump has been holding a lot of meetings, also with news outlet's this week. but he's trying to repair a fractured relationship with the press or could something else be going on? the forecast for mr. trump's love/hate relationship with the media over the next four years. why third party candidate jill stein is raising millions for an election recount. all of that next. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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welcome back, some hillary clinton supporters showing thanks for their former democratic nominee yesterday. her neighbors in westchester new york, where mrs. clinton lives, displayed signs of admiration, we're thankful for hillary and i'm with her. secretary clinton showing her appreciation on social media, tweeting, quote, i was greeted by this heart warming display on the corner of my street today. thank you to all who did this and ended it with a greeting of happy thanksgiving. >> president-elect trump reaching out to mainstream news organizations this week but there's been mixed reviews of those meetings. highlighted concerns about mr. trump's love/hate relationship with the media. some estimateses put the amount of free media coverage he got in
10:24 am
the election at $2 billion, with a billion, yes, mr. trump often singling out media organizations over social media, tweeting several weeks ago, "new york times" sent a letter to their subscribers apologizing for their bad coverage of me. i wonder if it will change. doubt it. howard curtz joins us now live. is it fair to complain about media coverage when he got so much of it, got free press in the election, right? >> one of the reasons donald trump got so much free media in the election, he gave interviews constantly to far greater extent than any candidate i've seen. the two sides are kind of stuck with each other. it's going to be a contentious relationship once he becomes president of the united states. donald trump is savvy enough to know he needs the mainstream press even as he relishes beating up the mainstream press.
10:25 am
he went to the "new york times" rather than receiving a delegation at trump tower. at any moment one negative story can unleash him on twitter. >> what do you think mr. mr. trump's decision to meet with just one newspaper, "the new york times," the one he has been vocally critical of and meeting with several tv executives and personalities? he's got a lot going on. a lot on his plate with the transition team but made time for these meetings and just one newspaper. >> he does have the small task of putting together an entire government but the "new york times" is very important to him, even as he bad mouths it all the time. delivered to his apartment every day. as far as inviting in the tv executives and anchors for an off the record session, i don't see anything wrong with that, it happened with other presidents. some of the reports i'm told are a little bit overblown about the degree to which he ripped them over the coverage in the campaign, but there's no question president-elect delivered a forceful message,
10:26 am
especially to cnn and nbc, saying they got it wrong. they didn't understand him or his appeal. it's a little bit of working the refs,ize he's going to deal with this and would like a little reset. >> this must be so interesting for you. i know you've been watching this for such a long time. the media and presidency always had a fairly contentious relationship. reporte reporters question how the administration is run and the president-elect puts it out on twitter. how do you see this playing out over next four years, rolling up sleeves and getting ready for the show? >> i don't have a lack of things to put on media buzz every sunday. it's endlessly fascinating media, so front and center. it's intended to be adverse sarial, we need to be aggressive with any president of the united
10:27 am
states with any party. it seems an underlying tone to the coverage in the two and a half weeks since the election that is still negative and you get the sense that many journalists and pundits can't quite believe that donald trump won this election, what do we tell the children, going to interview people in communities about how grief stricken they are and how to get along on thanksgiving, even when you have your pro-trump relatives over. i think the press needs to do sole searching here, not just how donald trump will set the tone. but the press did blow it and the press was incredibly negative on balance compared to the coverage of hillary clinton and i think a little bit of course correction on the part of our colleagues in the media might be a good -- might be well warranted as well. >> you mentioned talking about what you're going to talk about on your shows on the weekend. i would love to have a camera in the editorial meeting and see how you can do it. i would imagine a big board in the room. >> maybe we'll live stream it. >> it's a very good idea.
10:28 am
>> howard kurtz, happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. >> coming up, many americans piling into stores this black friday. but will severe weather in some states ruin one of the biggest shopping days of the year. live picture of the satellite-radar right now plus president-elect donald trump said to be sworn in this january but some opponents in the race are trying to keep that from happening and possible trump transition team news when we come back. >> we must accept this result then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.
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isis claiming credit for a deadly truck bombing at the gas station south of baghdad, killing at least 73 people. iraqi forces inch closer to an isis strong hold in the center of the northern city of mosul. following all of this from london, hi, benjamin. >> reporter: this is the largest and most deadly isis attack we've seen for four months and it's a constant reminder, even though they trying to defend the city of mosul, they are able to carry out attacks like this.
10:33 am
the death toll has risen to 73 and that includes around 40 iranian pilgrims. isis claims the attack 60 miles south of the baghdad. officials say 64 others were also wounded. isis uses attacks like this as a reminder that they can strike even when on the back foot. dozens of others killed in all 31 people yesterday making it a particularly bloody day even by the standards of the iraqi capital. in mosul, medics continued to fight for lives of civilians in the battle, many women and children. soon special forces will move into the most populated areas of the city and expect to encounter more civilians being used as human shields. footage emerged of several isis drones which were found in a house in mosul. for some time now they have been using model type aircraft to scout out targets and launch attacks. they are set to have a range of about 1.5 miles. clearly we can still see from
10:34 am
this bomb, gs isis' ability to attack. laura. >> benjamin hall live in london, thank you. >> a fox news alert, two names from donald trump's transition, reports that president-elect donald trump has picked done mcgs gann to be his white house counsel. this will be a key pick in terms of who he chooses to put in the administration and once they get to the white house. white house counsel one of the key positions next to chief of position and also announced the picture of k.t. mcfarland, she will be deputy national security adviser, a transition official said on friday that flash coming from reuters just a couple of
10:35 am
minutes ago. for more on this, mark larson, radio host. k.t. mcfarland is a big name and if you think about it white house counsel for this president with so much potential conflicts between the trump organization and the white house is a really big word of the day. >> sounds like a smart pick to me. you have to have a truth teller. there are a lot of great choices. have they run this past jill stein and her recount orchestra to see if this passes muster with this. >> we were going to talk about this before this news broke and now that you brought this up, i want his response to it. are there actually democrats out there who want to have some kind of recount and think it's going to change anything? >> in my opinion, i think unfortunately, i think jill
10:36 am
stein is kind of a proxy for the clinton campaign. i think to some extent, you know as an avid bernie supporter in the interest of transparency, i think the clinton campaign lost the moral standing to really challenge the process after a rigged primary. and i think they are using jill stein because she has the moral standing because of her principles and i think it's not a good situation for jill and i don't think it's going anywhere. >> go ahead. >> let's face it. the democrats and some of the media -- not all democrats but many haven't learned lessons out of this election result. you heard hillary clinton earlier saying her concession speech, let's move on. donald trump is the president-elect. you can't do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. i agree, you've got a surrogate deal going on. hillary clinton could come out and say this is futile and distraction and you have the news about isis, let's not get
10:37 am
bogged down or donald trump can put prosecution on top of the list it necessary as well. it's a big distraction, they are not going to find anything there. if they did it goes to the house of representatives and trump most likely wins that anyway. >> they -- mark, i understand where you are, mark i understand where you are in the recount. a want to get back to the names, who's going to be in the white house. what do you make of don mcgahn as white house counsel? >> this is a critical pick because of the conflict of interest that could possibly arise when it comes to president trump being the first president who's running a major corporation or maybe alleges he isn't, involved in a major corporation at the time. i think we need to look closely at this pick. i think this is going to be one of the most critical picks of donald trump's cabinet simply
10:38 am
because of the possible conflict of interest. you know people are going to be coming after him for that the whole time. >> they often call the white house counsel dr. no in any administration. we have a picture to put up. we're learning more about him from jones day, one of the big d.c. law firms he has worked the past few years, a partner there after he left the federal election commission. according to this, he rewrote virtually all of the fec's procedures for audits and advisory opinions which provide for an unprecedented amount of due process there. mark, as we think about this white house counsel job, is there somebody that will speak truth to power? is it so important in the white house? is this don? >> not knowing him, i agree that this is a guy we haven't heard about which is probably a good thing unless you're in the legal community. somebody has to be there to tell the president or in this case
10:39 am
now the president-elect no, the fact he has the fec experience is really important in light of what have seen with the stein story and so forth and the allegation of voter irregularities, no smoking gun, but it seems a brilliant pick to thwart some of that actually. it's not going to be the only issue. >> when it comes to campaign finance laws and those kind of things. i want your take on kt mcfarland, a friend of this network, contributor at one time, formerly of the reagan administration, now to be deputy national security adviser. doesn't need senate confirm nation, is this somebody the democrats would think okay or is this like a jeff sessions that democrats will s foul about? >> based on the pick of the president-elect so far, i don't think the democrats will be thrilled about any of the picks coming forward but the big question is, is president trump, is his -- are his policies
10:40 am
aligned with the people that he's picked? right now based on what he said in during the election cycle, it doesn't appear that the people that he's picked are aligned with what he was telling the voters when he was running, which was a noninterventionist strategy. >> she comes from the reagan school of foreign policy and spoken about that a lot. mr. larson, we're going to leave that here. thanks, gentlemen, more on these two names as they were promised from the trump transition team when we have it. >> and right now, americans are in deed walking to the malls and other stores as black friday officially kicks off the holiday shopping season. can you believe it? we're finally here. is a wet forecast keeping some shoppers home? good question to ask our friend who is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> it's not keeping them home. we've got really nice conditions when you think about it
10:41 am
thanksgiving, all of the problems you can have this time of year, did not have them on wednesday or thursday. we're not going to for the remainder of the week. this is a satellite-radar picture. you see rain across texas, this is very light, not going to cause any problems, still a little bit of energy around the great lakes, nothing too significant. if we see anything significant over the weekend, it's going to maybe be snow across areas of maine. out across the west, another system pulling onshore, coastal rain across northern california and across oregon and up towards washington but none of these are having impacts on the airports. green at every airport across the country right now. that means no significant delays if you're flying it's a great day for it. if you're shopping, no real big problems except for that coastal area in around the pacific northwest and we're in the rainy season so you're used to that. as far as travel delays tomorrow, we see the storm across parts of the west, it moves farther towards the south. we might get much needed rain
10:42 am
across southern california by the time we get towards saturday and sunday. the rest of the country again is again looking really good. in fact, precipitation totals that we see across the west through the weekend, will be along the coastal areas, maybe towards southern california, which again we'll take at any point we can get that. one other thing coming up through sunday out across the east. everything is really pretty good. then going towards the start of the week and we're looking potentially at a big weather maker here, tuesday and wednesday across parts of the southeast. i bring this up because we have some incredible drought going on here across areas of the southeast. and we've had a lot of very large wildfires causing a lot of smoke problems here and that drought obviously major issues. but we're going to get good rain this coming week and nothing but good news across the southeast. >> all of those green dots for no travel delays today. it's been a while since we've seen that. >> it's great. >> thank you so much. see you later.
10:43 am
>> you bet. >> it's been more than a year since nine african-americans were murdered in cold blood outside a south carolina church. now a judge is ruling on whether the man who pulled the trigger is competent to stand trial. plus this -- why are so many 30 and 40 somethings suffering strokes? we're going to look what's behind the uptick and perhaps more importantly, what you can do to keep you and your family from becoming part of that statistic. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto® with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto®. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> a troubling new report from the american heart association showing people in their late 30s and early 40s now suffering twice as many strokes as just a few years ago. we want to bring in dr. tiffany sizemore, board certified ca cardologist to talk about this. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> these numbers are very concerning for people in this age bracket.
10:47 am
what do you think is contributing to these high numbers? >> well, what it seems like old habits die-hard. and what we realize is this older or golden generation, they didn't have this sugary processed food that the younger generation grew up. in the 1960s, the sugary sear yells and my generation, pop tarts and cheese danishes for breakfast. as we get younger and the generation begins to age, they have a increased risk of diabetes and obesity, two of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke. >> many people think of having a stroke as something that happens to older adults. what we grew up hearing about, what can young adults do to fight chances off of having one? >> hands down it's knowing your numbers. you want to know your blood pressure, very important. know your blood pressure like
10:48 am
your shirt size or shoe size. not smoking, number one risk factor for any sort of cardiovascular disease and keeping your cholesterol down, it is something as simple as eat well and xerer size. >> know your blood pressure, i imagine people getting blood pressure cuffs they keep in their house? is that the type of monitoring you're talking about? >> honestly, you want to see your doctor once a year and it's the doctor's recommendation to whether someone should be monitoring their blood pressure more carefully at home. >> heart disease, we want to talk about that, it's a big problem in america. the latest stats from the american medical association show the rate of death fell from 20% from 1983 to 2011. they also say one in four deaths in the country are linked to the condition and that someone in the u.s. suffers a heart attack every 42 seconds. that's staggering but a new study is showing promise after scientists successfully regrew
10:49 am
heart tissue in mice using molecules from zebra fish. this sounds like something out of science fiction but it sounds like it could be promising. >> it's definitely promising, not ready for prime time yet. these things take years to develop and start the clinical trials in humans but it goes to show you, we are at the forefront and future of medicine and never know where this research is going to take us. >> when you circle back, i want to go back to that statistic that someone has a heart attack every 42 seconds in the united states. really need to let that sink in. it makes people sit up and take notice. what do you hope more people will do to keep themselves heart hety. we're getting for the new year's resolutions any day? >> i'm going to circle back because it is that important. it's about knowing and taking control of your own health. there's so many people -- i have patients come in, i'm here for a physical. my next question, when is the last time you've had one? six or seven years.
10:50 am
that's not good. you need to be seeing your doctor every year. best case scenario, he says you're awesome, see you in a year. worst case, at least we found the problem and we can correct the problem and we can correct it before something bad happens to you. >> we look forward to talking to you in the new year. >> by virtue of the fact that you're watching us at home, you're smart, maybe doing a little shopping online. but millions are out doing black friday shopping. the retailers that are topping sales so far. and a family with a surprise when the baby came a little sooner than expected. how this father's quick thinking saved the day. >> we pulled over, he called 911, and they started walking
10:51 am
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10:54 am
quite a surprise for one new york couple. they were rushing to the hospital so the new mom could give birth. the father pulled over on the highway and called 911 before helping the home deliver their daughter in the front seat. >> the baby -- the baby is going to be coming and will be slippery, you have to catch the babe, don't let it fall.
10:55 am
>> thank god for speaker phones. >> yeah. >> between hitting the mall this black friday and scanning the web for some type of deal, three quarters of americans will shop this holiday weekend. fox business network catching up with target shoppers joining us live with what the hot items are. >> hey, leland, target is breaking records this black friday while instore shopping is down across the board. target is hitting all-time high numbers on their website. they just announced this morning they had the biggest shopping day every for online visitors and sales and they tell us it is part of a master plan that would turn online shoppers into in-store shoppers, but people are still cruising the aisles.
10:56 am
>> i want to see what i'm buying. when you're online you don't question to see it, feel it, or touch it. >> we just like the thrill of being in a crowd, i guess. >> it's like a thanksgiving tradition. so even though we're not with extended family it is fun to do. here is what is headlining the chris mast gift. wireless headphones, a hooverboard, and back again this christmas, the three-foot giant bear stuffed animals selling for just $10. they quickly sold out in stores and online. the holiday savings don't stop. target is decking their aisles
10:57 am
with deals all of the way through cyberer monday. thank you, hillary, laura? >> okay, president-elect trump softening his stand on some major campaign points. we'll have more on that.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
a fox news alert. president-elect trump making two new staff announcements today. >> big, breaking news, black friday, the president-elect picking donald mcgahn, a former member of the federal election commission, and now a high powered attorney in dc to be his white house council. and kt mcfarland, she has been a contributor on fox news. part of the reagan administration as deputy national security advisor. both of those appointments
11:01 am
coming from transition officials in a press release a few minutes ago. he had eight meetings scheduled with potential campaign picks for monday. peter duece is joining us live across from where president-elect trump is having what might be a working vacation. >> yeah, and it includes, we don't know, still, who the front runner is to be the secretary of state. there is a third name possibly in the mix. the two thought to be in the lead have the transition team taking sides and that is because not everyone who has been with the president-elect since the beginning thinks machinery has done anything to earn a high profile spot after campaigning
11:02 am
with mr. trump in the primaries. there are internal concerns about his business dealings. this comes as some on the right are pushing a to do list. some republicans are urging senator jeff sessions to keep probing hillary clinton even though the president-elect says that is not something he feels strongly about. >> i think it is important that the president do essentially what he does which is get out of the business of prosecuting. so when we look at jeff sessions in concert, they need to do their job. i think that's where the balance of the next president will come. >> both cabinet level picks have
11:03 am
been women. govern nikki hailey. and kellyanne conway is trying to point out that she thinks g picking two women shows that mr. trump is interested in diversity in the white house. leland? >> now we have a third women in casey mcfarland. do either of the staff picks that we heard about today require senate confirmation? >> they do not, so unlike some of the names that we have to say are just nominees, these two will be working at the white house in the third week of january whether the senate has any objections or not. >> and mcgahn will have a lot to do before then. peter doocy, keep up the good
11:04 am
work in palm beach. >> been busy out there. let's bring in scott brown, a former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor. welcome to you. good to have you on this friday. >> good post thanksgiving. i'm still full i have not had breakfast or lunch yet. >> we hear you met with the president-elect earlier this week, what's your tame on the announcement of mcgahn and mcfarland. >> we all know kt, she is great, she has a long history of knowledge in the field and joe lieberman said it as well, we're excited for her. the new wleel county till will have his work cut out for him. if he doesn't know something he needs to immediately get help and guidance. there will be a lot of
11:05 am
challenges because we have the first businessman in our country's modern history that has different challenges than say a typical politician. >> were you surprised. >> not at all, i don't know much except for the work at the fcc, he did a good job there. and he has a very solid legal resumé. and they will need to try and advise the president. it will be a real team effort. >> there was a lot made about the economy in the campaign, treasury secretary perhaps, what do you see coming up? >> treasury and secretary of state i think are the two most important ones that need to come up, they will be done. i'm very thankful that the
11:06 am
president-elect is moving forward at such an expeditious case. he will do what he wants to do. it doesn't matter what i or you or the never trumpers say, it's up to him. and he feels comfortable bringing in the best people for the job. >> when you look at romney versus giuliani, who do you think is the better fit? >> i love them both, they both played such a special roll in my life, i hope they both have roles in the administration. so it is tough because i think they would both do a great job. i'm not trying to avoid it, it's a fact. >> you met with the transition team?
11:07 am
>> i met with the president-elect. he called me. he knows where i stand on veterans issues and i'm honored to be in the conversation. i think it is the toughest job because soldiers and veterans are dieing. the lines are too long and the process is broken. we need to highlight the positive things and change the negative things. if i get it, i'm excited and i will do my best to make it right. we need the help of an administration, the governors, the people in the federal offices, and everyone that can make it work. >> thank you, bye bye. >> as the stock market keeps soaring, retailers are kicking off the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. many would say it started a few weeks ago offering deep
11:08 am
discounts and amazing bargains just to lure shoppers into the stores on friday. there is a huge mall in arlington, virginia and she is standing in front of a huge christmas tree. >> if you're sitting at home in front of your christmas tree enjoying this black friday alone, take a look at what you're missing. lots and lots of people spending lots and lots of money on the deep discounts you mentioned the national retail federation predicts that we spend more than $366 billion shopping this year. that's up by about 3.6% from last year. online stores are taking such a bite out of the holiday shopping that the brick and mortar storing are offering deep discounts, trying to lure people back to the malls, but folks say there is one thing you can't get. >> there is nothing like trying on, feeling fabric, seeing how
11:09 am
you look in it. we all buy online, but there is nothing like seeing it in person, trying it on, and saying hey, this is really what i want. >> according to the international council of shopping centers, 81% of holiday shoppers plan to spend at a physical store. at the physical store's website, that number up to 95%, a lot of shopping going on especially this weekend. today black friday is no longer the number one shopping day of the year. that goes to super saturday, the weekend before christmas for all of us procrastinators. but it is an incredibly important predictor. if they do well today it will be a good december. >> and whether or not the record market is helping getting people out to the stores today. huge lived up to it's promise, thank you. >> camera shot of the day, right? >> for sure.
11:10 am
>> the post election dow bump. the market is up nearly 68 points. we'll hear from mr. trump's economic team member. and they will talk about thousand is time now to embrace the new working party of the president-elect. asmy family tree,ing i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story,
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aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. new numbers are showing workers donated 100% of their political contributions to democrats. that data showing the cfpb is the most partisan agency in the federal government in terms of donations. workers gave nearly $50,000 to hillary clinton or bernie sanders. not one donation went to a republican candidate. >> the stock market is riding
11:14 am
high today. another record high after finishes on a record high on wednesday. black friday, the day after thanksgiving, the market closes at 1:00 p.m. eastern. investors are anticipating a massive spending bill from the trump administration for infrastructure. joining us now to talk about it, steve moore, trump economic advisor. steve, hope you had a happy thanksgiving. by the way, one thing just a little thing. you talked about what i'm calling the donald dow with a big jump in the stock market and the anticipation. i think the anticipation is not about infrastructure spending, it's the deregulation, the roll back, and the tax cut. that tax cut is coming in the
11:15 am
first 100 days, so just a little -- >> steve, i'm not sure i agree with your correction, but i understand your collectiorrecti. we have known each other a hong time, i have never seen someone more excited about an infrastructure spending bill. >> i'm not excited, i think the top priorities. >> you say you're not excited about it, and you say that's not what is driving the market, metals are conceivably way up, that is a lot of what is driving this rally. >> point taken, but i would say this, government spending does not cause economic growth. we need more roads and highways, no question, but i don't think this is the highest priority.
11:16 am
i think if you want to get business going again, i think there are other ways. i talked to a lot of investors who are excited about trump agenda. that it will be a pro-business atmosphere in washington. and president obama has not been the most pro-business. i think it releases a lot of anticipation, optimism, and the high stock market since the day of the election really reflects that. you're seeing consumer confidence up as well. the new change is coming as people are feeling bouynt right now. >> if we look at what is here, how do you pay for all of this?
11:17 am
you have a huge infrastructure spending bill. you have huge tax cuts. he said he will not touch entitlement reform. the idea of huge deficits and larger federal debt is not something you're okay with either. >> no, and i think trump agrees with this. the first priority has to be to get the government going. they are growing about 1.5%. we believe with our growth policies we can grow 4% or 5%. people want you to pay more taxes, you attract businesses, you come back out of -- europe, ireland, and the united states. number two, we are going to cut down on spending.
11:18 am
government spending is going to come down. >> where? >> entitlements are an enormous part. you say you're going to rebuild the military, where will it come from? >> number one, obama care. we can do it at a much lower cost. i think you could say a trillion dollars by having a more sensible health care system. the penny plan. every agency in government will be reduced by a penny every year for five years. if you do that you're saving trillions of dollars. >> that's a lot of pennies for a piggy bank. >> it's a big government. >> i have to let you go. i hear you're coming back
11:19 am
tomorrow between noon and 3:00 p.m. eastern. >> we'll finish our discussion. >> steve moor and his large piggy bank, ladies and gentlemen. >> it is black friday, but black lives matter protestors don't want you to forget their message and they're taking it to the streets. plus paris on high alert. police say they foiled a serious of potential terror plots. prosecutors say they were the target.
11:20 am
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11:22 am
protestors are gathering in chicago right now looking to make their point in black friday shopping. they descended on one of the
11:23 am
most well known shopping strips called the magnificent mile. black lives matter and others are trying to bring attention to the shooting death of a teen. all right, i see it looks like more people are in back of you now, mike? >> reporter: yeah, what has changed is they have gone on the move. they're know located directly in front of the nike store. you have a line of police between the demonstrators and the store. and then you have a line of demonstrators with locked arms trying to keep people from getting in. they have not entirely blocked the shoppers from going into the stores. every once in awhile you see the revolving door turn.
11:24 am
but just little bit little they have certainly slowed down the shopping and they say the goal is to draw attention to what they say is injustice and support for the cpac. civilian police accountability council. that is the goal here and they called for thousands of people to come out today. we're really talking about hundreds. more police than demonstrators. >> say safe in the middle of that crowd. >> thank you. >> last year they shut down a lot of stores, president-elect trump lining up a long list of people to meet with on monday. big job interviews as he beliefs up his administration. chris collins, a vocal trump supporter, will give us his take on the transition. plus, shoppers streaming into their favorite stores on friday, so just how much cash
11:25 am
are americans spending and it's changing in the types of storing they're doing it. >> we thought if we went early enough we would beat the crowds, and the plan worked for a change. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
11:26 am
11:27 am
and i thought, well, you need to go to the doctor. i was told that is was cancer, and i called cancer treatment centers of america. dr. nader explained that they can pinpoint the treatment. once we identified that there was this genetic
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11:29 am
custody accused of plotting terror attacks all across france before christmas. police believe the attacks were planned for next week and the suspects were con sfiering or conferring with isis. katherine harris is live from our dc bureau. you think about what happened last year and here we go again. >> it is only today that we're learning new details from the french prosecutor about the serious allegations against them. the suspects were arrested -- and while they did not publicly discussion a target, reports say they included multiple sights in the capital terrorists, and the disney theme park. the french president emphasized that it was broad and serious. >> i want to congratulation our
11:30 am
intelligence services that allowed the dismantling of this. >> the french prosecutor said the new attacks are planned for early december. there was a series of coordinated attacks including the batclan concert hall. they found encrypted messages showing they were directed by an isis group in syria. on tuesday the state department here in washington issued an alert for u.s. citizens going over sea there's is a heightened risk of attacks over the holiday season. >> the main point that we were trying to convey to potential travelers is to be vigilant and to recognize that especially in the holidays, at large public
11:31 am
gathering or in places where many visitors and tourists visit, attend, that they should stay informed and stay safe. >> the new state department travel alert will be in effect until february of next year until we hear soerz. >> we seam to hear more every day, thank you katherine. >> you're welcome. >> we have brand new details from the trump transition team. announcing two more members of the incoming administration. the president-elect picking former campaign finance lawyer don mcgahn as white house council and also announcing kt mcfarland as deputy national security advisor. she is a fox news contributor.
11:32 am
on the friday after thanksgiving we have real news coming out of the trump transition team. you were one of the earliest vocal supporters of the president-elect. so what are your thoughts now on the transition team. >> we're making great progress, i think everyone needs to remember when plikt was elected it took him six weeks to pick his first cabinet official and here we are going into week three and he sf rocking and rolling. and you would expect nothing less. he is running it like a business. he has it for his advisors, he has a lot of opinions. at the end of the day, these are donald j. trump decisions. and you can see him with some
11:33 am
unusual choices. and even if they're slightly controversial, they are the ones he will rely on and we have to understand that he needs to surround himself with people whose advice he can act upon. it is his vision to make america great again. i'm very impressed and the selections he is making, the diversity, making america one again, he is making all of the right steps. nothing that nose of us that those him are surprised with. certainly some of the liberal media is using words like "extraordinary" and i think that is a good thing. >> okay, i'm going to take that as two big thumbs up for kt mcfarland.
11:34 am
>> i was the first, but i told him the morning that he called me that i'm staying in congress. i'm at a stage in my career this is where i can best serve. i'm not 45 years old. i served on energy and commerce. my place is in congress to help move his legislative agenda forward. i did explain that and then i was put on the executive of the transition team. i'm running interference so to speak with the members of congress looking to join the administration but that does not include me. >> okay, so how about any indication of how the plekt plans to work with the incoming
11:35 am
congress, do you see anything on the horizon? >> sure, call it the 100 day plan and speaker ryan and the majority leader and our chairs making sure that the president-elect and the trump team getting the right legislation passed right after january 20th to move the 100 day agenda forward and making sure we're all on the same page. certainly repealing obama care. so president elect trump is setting the priority, working with our leaders on the legislative agenda and we have been told forget about the four day weeks we'll be working five day weeks. >> and something that the republican congress denied president obama, do you think
11:36 am
the republican congress will pass it for president-elect trump? yeah, i think in this case the country needs it we we know it, and i think you will see them working with us in a way to pay for it wlr it is repatriation for the trillions that we could bring back with a small tax, or a public and private partnership. we know it is the biggest concern, president obama never put forth a way to pay for it. he just wanted another stimulus project. so we working with president-elect trump, getting the economy growing at 4% gdp will create dollars that we can spend on infrastructure, funds that are stuck over seas, and
11:37 am
possibly public and private partnerships. >> the infrastructure, need it before, need it now, chris collins, thank you for being here today. >> good to be with you, laura. >> back to black friday news. right now shoppers are trying to get more bang for their buck with black friday, cyber monday, and small business saturday deals. americans will take advantage of the savings offered today or through this weekend and a lot are being reassured by the rising record high stock market. we have more on how these two things intersect. >> what we're seeing is, and as you mentioned the mall, there has been a lot of pressure on smalls.
11:38 am
can they survive in the age of beyond shopping. even those that opened their doors yesterday know it has to be about the online process. the mall is packs, full of shoppers. and the deals are here. what we have seen, and $27 billion will be spend today, that is the estimate as far as how much spending will be spent. but in the age of amazon, why come to the mall? >> we like to try things on. feel them, touch them, see the quality. sometimes you can't tell that online. >> that is very true, but what we're seeing for photographic is that it is about electronics. tablets are about 25% off right now. also things like television sets
11:39 am
b electronics, smart phones, they're really flying out the door of the retailers. also toys. the ceo of target came out and said it's not as bad as people are saying. toys are one of the hottest things right now. it may not be your thing to come on a mall or come out on black friday, but if you do you get a door buster type deal. maybe you can get a slice of pizza, a coffee, and you can survive what is known as one of the busiest and sometimes most brutal shopping days. >> and you get to see santa. santa does not come to you on amazon and >> thank you, we'll see you soon.
11:40 am
>> can donald trump deliver on the promised agenda? >> many of the most significant leaders in america, those in the reagan era, to new ones today, believe that he is not just their supporter, but also their friend. >> the nra setting sights on a friendlier relationship. she sai. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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11:44 am
he is charged with committing a hate crime at the ame church in charleston. >> looking forward to 2017, evangelical voters who turned out in big numbers help get donald trump elect ed. they want to talk about the individual's right to own guns. a republican strategist, author of g.o.p.-gps. i was kraeching of hawaii. you talk about being at ground zero. based on what we just heard, are evangelicals going to trump is it god and guns or the economy? >> i would say predominantly in
11:45 am
the industrial part, northeastern ohio, the economy was first and fore most. they saw him as a problem solver. someone that understood how the economy worked. focusing in on his trade message. out of all of the issues that you made, think about when it comes to more conservative voters. i myself am a democrat that has been endorsed by the nra. >> where does the president, for that priority have to lie? where does the gop carry the
11:46 am
torch? >> as bill clinton said the economy is stupid. they have to put together tangible results. they can sit around and say because of this gop policy and bills went down and that's good. they went out and spoke to them they have been looked down on for the past eight years saying they were bitter hicks, and societiers were marked by hillary clinton. trump is saying what are your concerns and how can i help? >> how do you get voters back. you don't really want to die on the hill of being pro gun control. by being endorsed by the nra. you die on the hill of what
11:47 am
supreme court justices will be put in? >> i think the supreme court and that appointment is incredibly important. a number of marquis issues that i i have -- >> it is important to testimony democrats and also -- >> these are fundamental concerns and id logical motivations when it comes to reproductive rights, the issue of same sex marriage and marriage equality. they all lay at the feet of the supreme court in the united states. many of these things are not nearly as negotiable as things like pro-choice republicans. >> i'm a pro-choice republican -- >> and you're from new york. >> but i feel like life is not sacred but it's not by responsibility. we need a justice that understands what is going on and
11:48 am
who can go on -- >> democrats are not going to be happy about that. >> they're not going to be happy unless you pick someone so far to the left. >> you you could get the mayor in there and political the baby nap is not going to help the evangelicals for sure, u i think from both sides, he is seen as an incredible individual. i don't think we're going to see that. >> it will be a constitutional conservative justice that implenties the law as it was intended and doesn't legislate from the bench. >> if we look at the agenda that president trump will be able to pursue. what social move can the president make that would be seen as acceptable from the executive branch? do you roll back all of the bat room bill issues and the stuff
11:49 am
that eric holder put out about gender neutral bathrooms in schools? >> i don't think so. i think with the bathroom bills, and i'm not a lawyer, i'm speculating at this point. i believe that because it is continuing to be litigated in court at the state level, don't know whether or not they can go in and just change that. >> eric holder put out the directive to have gender neutral bathrooms, and the -- >> i don't know if it can be changed while still pending in the courts. >> i think they can bring it back if we see president obama expand executive power, and i hope that donald trump does not and he pulls back on the executive overreach. >> i don't think it is something we should die on, i think we should focus on the economy. >> i think we would be better served if we did not become so
11:50 am
dictated on certain issues, when it comes to growing the economy, small business growth. >> it must be the holiday season, you're getting along. this is wonderful. we'll see if we can get more of that. all right. capri from ohio. thanks so much. good to be here. black friday well underway. don't forget tomorrow is small business saturday. look at this. country looking great. we have the forecast for everyone heading back home. ♪ ♪
11:51 am
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11:54 am
some three quarters of americans are out and about don't forget the trip home on sunday. here is the big question. is mother nature going to cooperate? we know she has been cranky before on this holiday. we are live with the answer. >> did you say three quarters of americans? >> that's what we are being told. >> that's a lot of people. >> just read what's on the prof prompter. >> yes. that's lot of people. i tell you what, a lot of people will be the way things are shaping up. today and tomorrow and tomorrow a little more problematic. a little bit of rain. nothing is causing problems. showers in texas are not cig nif
11:55 am
da -- significant. we have rain and mountain snow. it's not causing any delays. not a single airport across the country reporting any kind of delays right now. you love to see that when it comes to the day after thanksgiving. we will see maybe a delay or two later in the afternoon, maybe san francisco. it is a possibility. by tomorrow afternoon that storm system makes its way towards southern california where we desperately need the rain. might make things a little bit slow towards southern california by the time we get towards tomorrow. the rest of the country, take a look at this. 49 degrees and sunny for tomorrow. now, we have got precipitation coming to the west. it is towards southern california. by sunday across parts of the four corners and part of it towards the central plains. we go out across the southeast it has been nothing but sun and
11:56 am
heat and dry for months and months across the southeast. because of that we have an incredible drought going on here. through sunday nothing the going on. monday night into tuesday start to see rain move into this exact spot. we have fires with air quality alerts across parts of south carolina. we have very needed rain coming there. we might see maybe 4 inches or so. it will probably put out a lot of fires and certainly haep the drought a bit. >> all right. good stuff. thank you so much. >> you bet. as you might expect president-elect trump's inauguration will be a pretty huge event. we are now getting numbers on how lavish it will be. we'll have more about how he is going about raising the funds.
11:57 am
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looking to raise. he is putting a million dollars limit on corporation but no limit on individual donordonors. >> that does it for us. up next the news deck. >> thank you. good afternoon to you. i'm ed henry in for shepherd smith. announcing president-elect donald trump's picks for two key staff positions. a new round of high profile meetings are coming. a spokesman says donald trump will meet with eight people on monday including paul atkins. republicans still remain divided over whom parking light-elect trump should choose. they have immerged as the two leading contenders. they told the new york times trump said he thinks mitt romney


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