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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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incoming national security advisor. as for us, we will see you back here 7:00 p.m. monday for the next edition of "tucker carlson tonight." a special edition of "the o'reilly factor" is up next. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> special edition of the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it's "watters world" for the holidays. >> would you ever have me over for thanksgiving? >> sure. no more questions. >> it's a season of giving whanchts are you giving your husband for christmas? >> hot wheels. >> sounds like you guys have a great relationship. >> i'm hoping for something a little bit more shiny. >> and quizzing. >> what is mur do you have any idea? >> like that weird noise that a cat gives in heat. >> and. >> and counting down to the end of 2016. [cheers] >> what is your new years resolution? >> i'm a musician so new years resolution is to get signed. >> what instrument do you play the flute? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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♪ ♪ >> bill o'reilly. watching us tonight. they're special edition of the factor. "watters world" for the holidays. wipe a tear off my eye right now. for the next hour, we will offer a glimpse of jesse watters as he travels around the country quizzing folks, annoying people about america and why we celebrate holidays. we begin with thanksgiving. how fitting. ♪ ♪ >> what does thanksgiving mean to you? >> a day of thankfulness. >> sort of like boil it down to like single answer. >> don't overthink this. >> does it ever get a little contentious around the dinner table at thanksgiving.
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>> yeah. when she drinks too much. [ laughter ] >> ♪ i'm going to go down to the river. >> on the first thanksgiving, what do you think they had on their menu. >> maybe some weird soup. >> no soup for you. >> veggies and meats. >> >> he is the one i'm going to get the cheeseburger from. >> bread, sounds delicious. >> like the buns that sort of thing. >> were the indians italian? >> i don't know anything about the restaur business. nothing. >> i know they eat buffalo. >> hard to say. >> maybe some lobsters tuckerys. >> hush puppies like boiled and friday. >> how do they fry it? >> was there any entertainment at the first thanksgiving? >> no. they didn't do anything for fun back then ♪ >> who ate together at the first thanksgiving? >> i don't know. maybe some presidents. [ buzzer ] >> i don't know. >> here we go again.
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>> who else did the pilgrims eat with. [ buzzer ] >> settlers. >> the pilgrims were the settlers. [ laughter ] >> around what year was the first thanksgiving. >> 1892 the sailed the ocean so blue. >> that was wrong. >> what's wrong with you. >> 1860 very close. >> 1487. >> what year around was the first thanksgivings? >> 1600s. [ buzzer ] >> 1500s. >> no that was a high five. >> that's what i thought. >> high five. ♪ ♪ >> where did the pilgrims land? >> the east coast. [ laughter ] >> virginia? >> [ buzzer ] >> long island. >> [ buzzer ] >> plymouth. [ buzzer ] >> from the south? >> plymouth rock. >> yes, i got it. >> what country did the pilgrims come. >> from asia. [ buzzer ] >> south america? [ buzzer ] >> we look like i ha idiots rigt now. >> what was the boat they came in on.
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>> i want to say the uss constitution. >> i'm sorry extreme in otheexnerds.>> pinto? >> how much time is the jeopardy song going to start playing? >> mayflower and santa maria. >> mayflower. >> very good. >> why did the pilgrims come here. >> sign truce with india. >> no that was columbus again. >> i want to get this down on tape recorder because nobody is going to believe me. >> to escape religious persecution. >> excellent. do you know why they wound up in america. >> they glam on columbus, don't they? >> right here is our kid. >> you got to go? >> i'm walking here? >> do you know who i am? >> no. >> i'm watters and. >> nice to meet you. >> and this is my world
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right here. >> would you ever have me over for thanksgiving? >> sure. no more questions. [ laughter ] >> hi, mr. o'reilly, come to long island. >> he lives here. [ laughter ] >> what year was the first thanksgiving? >> 1642? [ buzzer ] >> 1621, somewhere around there? >> around 1821. [ buzzer ] >> last thursday of november. right? >> sure. >> your nostrils are flaring. >> what country did the pilgrims come from? >> denmark, i believe. am i right? [ buzzer ] >> i think it's denmark. >> what country? i will give you a hint, it was in europe. >> i don't know. >> british or something? >> yeah. somewhere in like europe. >> you got it? >> yeah, i quote. this. >> how cute. scwot kid. >> how did the first thanksgiving go down? >> i don't even know. >> and you live in plymouth? >> i know. >> great story. >> they got here on cape cod at some time and then
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thanksgiving popped out. >> it's a girl. >> the native americans. they helped us as pilgrims and the pilgrims wanted to thank them so they all sat down and had a dinner. >> that's catchy. i like it. >> what did they dine on in the first thanksgiving. >> best i know they dined on venison and corn. >> they had like chips, something like that. >> mashed potatoes, yeah. [snorting] >> i don't think they had turkey. [ buzzer ] >> mainly vegetables. >> the pilgrims were vegetarian? >> i'm not sure. >> wharng boat did they come over. >> nina, pinto and santa maria. >> that was christopher columbus. >> so that's how it's going to be. >> mayflower. yeah. >> it's the mayflower. >> mayflower. >> excellent. just right over yonder.
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>> why did they come from england. >> to explore the west? [ buzzer ] >> they wanted to have religious freedom? >> the pilgrims were catholic? [ buzzer ] >> i guess so. >> were the pill i didn't means muslim? >> maybe they wanted to seek freedom so they could worship as they wished. >> do you have pilgrim blood in you >> stranger danger, stranger danger. >> no, please. >> do the indians and the pilgrims get along. >> no. >> why did they eat together? >> i don't even know what you're talking about anymore. >> the indian tribe that the indians. >> the wompnoag. >> cherokees. >> who was squanto? >> wait. he shined a light on that, didn't he. >> helping with the farming? >> he was like the mediator
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between the pilgrims and the wamponoag. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor" on fox news channel. >> oh my goodness, yes. >> yes, yes. >> would you watch bread with bill at thanksgiving? >> i would. he is on a gluten free diet i'm sure. >> gluten free, no wheat. because it bulks you up. >> it's weighted primarily for the cut but it also will stlus very nicely. >> i'm a big thruster. >> how about just no. >> i'm watters. >> really. >> and this is my world right here. >> are we in your world. >> you're in my world. >> we are in "watters world." yeah. >> yeah. yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. plenty more ahead as this special holiday edition of the factor continues. watters heading off to sleepy hollow of a if he has been view of autumn
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signature holidays. >> who is scarier headless horseman or bill o'reilly. >> we know it's bill o'reilly. [ laughter ] >> then later, thanksgiving is here. christmas next. what's on your wish list? >> how many inches is the tv? >> that's a 55. going in the bedroom. >> so you can watch me when you go to bed? >> of course. >> you don't even know who i am, do you? >> no. >> i'm kind of a big deal. people know me.
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welcome back to this special edition of the factor. "watters world" for the holidays. remember that old pneumatic device in 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue? remember that? apparently a lot of folks missed the class. here is watters. ♪
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♪ >> in your opinion, who discovered america? >> i'm a natural blonde, do you know that? [sigh] >> who discovered america? >> abraham lincoln. >> holy [bleep] >> who discovered america? >> wasn't that christopher columbus? >> the indians native americans. >> they said christopher columbus but it was named after america who had initially discovered the cob continue meant. >> that is correct. >> what was the ship that came to america on. >> the america. >> that was the name of the ship? >> yeah. i mean maybe the ship's name was america. >> i think you might be on to something. >> okay. >> did lincoln free the slaves before or after he discovered america? >> after he discovered america. >> who do you think got here first? >> i thought probably the vikings. >> so you think the vikings
5:14 pm
got here first but christopher columbus has better pr. >> i don't know. i feel like i'm being tricked. >> what is watt indian tribe that discovered america. >> cherokees. >> all i know cherokees and iriguay. >> probably indians. >> what a woman. >> do you harbor animosity toward columbus since you are native american? >> not at all. you have to forgive to live. ♪ ♪ >> tell me how columbus got here. >> [inaudible] >> wilson? wilson. >> when columbus got here, where did he land, do you think? >> he landed in manhattan island. >> what did he do when he got to the island of manhattan? >> he formed a colony. >> where did columbus land when he touched down. >> new york. >> more south. >> boston. ♪ >> now, where did he land
5:15 pm
when he arrived? >> california. >> when he got to california, what was the first thing that he did? >> he put down his flag and declared it. >> holy scnike. >> what year did he arrive. >> columbus sailed the ocean blue in something 62. >> 1562. [ buzzer ] >> i don't know. >> like 1692 burdens. >> what year did he discover america, columbus? >> 1492. [bell] >> would you like to say something in honor of columbus? ♪ >> cut it off down there. people are trying to sleep. >> how did the americans get there to discover america? >> i'm guessing it was before all the plague moved around. >> they wrote a man moth and everything. >> they rode a man mouth. >> get off my face.
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>> do you know who i am. >> i would love to know how are. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> and here you are, why? >> next up, watters has some advice for holiday shoppers. uh-oh. >> do your kids play a lot of video games? >> yes. >> save a lot of money on suntan lotion because they don't go outside. >> special edition of the factor will be back in a moment. ♪ ♪ versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. (vo) where will you find that perfect holiday gift? x marks the box! helzberg diamonds will give you this xbox one s with your purchase of $999 or more. helzberg diamonds. here's to love. you found the perfect car foi'm a robot!
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continuing now with this special edition of the factor. hows to the headless horseman and the legend of sleepy hollow figure in to america's celebrations? we sent watters up to confront the ghosts of autumn pasts. ♪
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>> are you a leaf peeper? >> no. >> i love the fall season and i love the crisp air ♪ ♪ >> you are a man, aren't you? aren't you? >> christopher columbus. do you know what columbus did? >> he discovered something. i don't know. >> find the hudson river. [ buzzer ] >> congress corresponding america, i think? >> you are cracking a joke, right? >> what was christopher columbus famous for? >> for discovering america. >> why do you put discovering in quotations? >> because there were people already living here. >> that was then. this is now. >> christopher columbus, what country was he from? >> france? [ buzzer ] >> england. [ buzzer ] >> or britain. >> colombia. >> he was hispanic. [ buzzer ] >> jeez, get me out of here. [meep, meep. >> italian. >> italian? >> the queen of spain september them over. >> he came over on three ships. >> mayflower, maybe?
5:21 pm
[ buzzer ] >> mayflower. >> that was the pilgrims. >> that was the pilgrims. can we he had kit this out. [ buzzer ] >> too late. >> the nina, pina. >> i know them in spanish meapinta,maria and santa maria. >> what year did columbus discover america? >> was it in the 1960's? >> columbus was a hippy? >> 1592. [ buzzer ] >> '42? [ buzzer ] >> i don't know. 194s 0. [ buzzer ] >> i was misinformed. >> 1492 he sailed the ocean blue. >> i missed my bus. >> what? >> what does the next bus come? >> an hour from now. >> what you desserting -- do you know what halloween celebrates? >> the day of death? >> i consider it a religious
5:22 pm
holiday. >> dead people. >> dead people. i. >> i see dead people. >> it's it like cinco de mayo? [ buzzer ] >> are you going to dress up as anything? >> i think i'm going to be you for halloween. >> what were you last year? >> i was a character from obscure tv show. >>s watt show on msnbc? >> what did the skeleton have for dinner? >> i don't know, tell me. >> spare ribs ♪ >> is he such a fool. >> so we are in a graveyard right now. >> we are. >> i'm a little nervous. >> you get nervous? >> i may have to jump in your arms. >> maybe his arm. >> i think you have a crush on my cameraman, don't you? >> is he pretty sexy. ♪ dream weaver. >> what's with this guy? >> he is kind of a superstitious scare scro of a school master.
5:23 pm
got attacked by the horseman. >> where did that happen do you know. >> no. >> sleepy hollow. >> that's right. >> you are in sleepy hollow right now. >> so insane it kind of makes since. >> i can bob thinks he is safe when he clatters over head. hurls it as as ikabob. >> you better hold on to your heads. >> watch the hair. ♪ ♪? do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor." >> i do. that's why i know who you. >> do you trust me? >> no. >> who is scarier in the headless horseman or bill o'reilly. >> we know it's bill o'reilly. man. [ laughter ] >> plenty more ahead as this special holiday edition of the factor continues. the christmas countdown is here. >> santa's coming to town. >> santa! oh my god! >> then, later, why do we
5:24 pm
celebrate christmas anyway? >> being with loved ones. >> being thankful for what you have and being with your family. >> are you sure that's not thanksgiving? >> that's not what i meant. ♪ ♪ does everybody make santa cookies? everybody i know. how does he eat them all? he's working hard all night... he gets hungry. why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking to our cookie cutter. with pam nothing gets stuck. ♪ by the time you head to the bank and wait to get approved for a home loan, that newly listed, mid-century ranch with the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. cockpit sounds and music crescendo.
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stein officially filing for recount in wisconsin. stein has been campaigning online to raise funds to cover the cost of a recount. there is no evidence of tampering in the states where president-elect donald trump won with razor thin victories. she says needs to make sure our votes count. president-elect trump in florida for the holiday weekend adding to his future administration. don mcgahn was tapped as white house counsel counsel and k.t. mcfarland white house advisor. looking for holiday bargains. estimated half of those shoppers will come out on saturday. i'm patricia stark. and now back to the o'reilly factor. continuing now with this special edition of the factor. thanksgiving is not even in the rear view mirror yet. the holiday crush, the shopping chaos is already on. expwresy watters went out to
5:29 pm
sample the craziness? do you say happy holidays or merry christmas. >> i usually say happy holidays to be all inclusive. >> wrong answer happy kwanzaa. >> what's your budget for the holiday season. >> i don't have one. i just spent. >> you sound like president obama. >> no. please don't do that. >> oh, everybody knows what i mean. >> you are lucky there is no mistletoe here. >> santa baby. >> light us up. >> how much do you usually spend on your grandson. >> usually 10150. >> they are all naught. >> how much inches is the tv. >> 55 going in the bedroom. >> you can watch me when you go to bed. >> of course. >> you don't even know who i am, do you? >> no. [ laughter ] >> i'm kind of a big deal. people know me. >> here we go some nerf guns
5:30 pm
throw them in there you will need those. >> for my very mafia family. >> size 34, must be in shap shape. >> maybe you can buy him a treadmill later. they are on sale. >> we just bought these from toys r us the other day. we got ripped off. >> look at this. >> i just need a couple seconds to get my head together. >> do you know why we celebrate christmas? >> because pause jesus wants to give us stuff for his birthday. >> do you know whose birthday it was on christmas. >> santa. >> close, jesus. >> darn it. >> what are you guys shopping for? >> stuff for grandchildren for christmas and for hanukkah. >> dreidels are that way. maybe this for cousin eddy. >> i have an uncle eddie. >> how about uncle eddie. >> yes. >> who are we buying presents for? >> family, friends, extra kids. >> extra kids?
5:31 pm
something i don't know about. >> no not that extra kids. >> what are you looking to get for christmas? >> cash. >> i don't like checks, cash. >> have these boys been naughty or nice? >> depends on the day. >> one of yo turds is about to get smacked in the mouth. >> hot wheels. >> sounds like a great relationship. >> i'm hoping for something a little bit shinier. >> i want it now. >> flannel pants. who are these for? >> my girlfriend. how long you have guys been dating? >> that's a girl. i don't date girls. what are you kidding me? >> you take things too seriously. >> frozen ♪ do you want to build a snowman. >> do you want to build a snowman? [ laughter ] >> don't ever do that again. >> this is ridiculous. >> you look like the frozen type of guy. >> if you put in the shaker, it might get frozen. >> you mean alcohol? >> magic trick. >> hey, yeah. >> that's right. like make mom and dad disappear. [ laughter ] >> i made my family
5:32 pm
disappear. >> what are you going to get your husband this year? >> just getting him a cashmere coat. >> that's going to light his christmas tree. >> his christmas tree is always well lit. [ laughter ] >> could you not smile like that? >> do your kids have any style or are they going to be able to pull that off? >> if you were in college would you wear something like that. >> in college i mostly wore a toga. >> defend myself against these guys. >> someone gets out of line, christmas dinner, give them a whack right in the head. >> i'm italian, we use wooden spoons. >> that's a very interesting line of reasoning. >> do your kids play video games? >> yes. >> you save money on suntan lotion since they don't go outside. >> oh. >> instead of video games how about outdoor activities. >> competitive sports. >> get them a cup, too. >> sports? any sports. >> balls flying around.
5:33 pm
can't be too careful. >> hey you guys. >> oh, my nose. >> try this on. [ laughter ] >> there we go. there we go. >> clean up in aisle 7. >> we were never in aisle 7. >> get hobbit for yourself? >> that's the spirit. >> what does the hobbit have to do with jesus? [ laughter ] >> you got to spend more money than this. you are not a communist, are you? >> bye. >> where are you going? >> i think i hear my mother calling me. >> jesse watters. >> yeah. >> this is my world right here. >> yeah, i can see. >> i watch him every single day he is on. >> you have tremendous. >> i love you. >> i know. i love you ♪ loving you. >> what's up? here, boo. >> straight ahead, watters asking the folks what they know about the christmas
5:34 pm
holiday. >> where was jesus born? >> in bethlehem. >> jerusalem. [ buzzer ] >> nazareth. [ buzzer ] >> probably in some kind of hospital type area. [ buzzer ] >> congratulations? >> also, later, the holiday season kicks into high gear. ♪ ♪ the holidays should bring joy. so why are you still putting up with complicated cash back cards? some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to places they choose... then they change those places every few months. quicksilver keeps it simple. with quicksilver you always earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. 'tis the season for simple. what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back. special edition of the factor. if your radio station isn't already playing christmas carols you can be sure you will be hearing them in the next few days. that got watters wondering what folks actually know about christmas. ♪ >> merry christmas. >> thank you. happy holidays. >> do you say happy 4508s or merry christmas. >> happy holidays since i'm jewish >> happy kwanzaa is a fan favorite in our household. >> why do people say happy holidays. >> i don't know maybe easter and valentine's. >> you got a point there.
5:39 pm
>> as a jewish guy does it offend you when people say member were christmas. >> absolutely not. >> do you think you are offending someone by saying merry christmas? [crickets chirping] >> i'm sorry all questions must be submitted i submitted it writing. >> i'm atheist, no. >> do you celebrate christmas. >> i do. >> you can't have both. >> what does christmas mean to you? >> sharing. [ laughter ] >> where was jesus born? >> jerusalem. >> do you know where jesus was born? >> yeah. he was born in, i don't know,. >> he was born in bethlehem. >> bethlehem. >> where is bethlehem? >> bethlehem is in pennsylvania. >> jesus is an american? >> yes. [ buzzer ] >> what was jesus' profession? >> carpenter. >> carpenter? >> jesus was what? >> a baby.
5:40 pm
>> he kind of looks like a baby. >> he was like a preacher, all around nice guy, yeah. he had people skills. >> people skills? >> i have people skills. i am good at dealing with people. >> where was jesus born? >> in bethlehem. >> jerusalem. [ buzzer ] >> nazareth. [ buzzer ] >> probably in some kind of hospital type area. [ buzzer ] >> three kings came to bring him gifts. >> from newark. [ buzzer ] >> jersey? >> yes. >> sometimes you leave me breathless. >> what gifts did the three wise men bring. >> i don't remember that frankincense, incense, i don't know. gold, silver. [ buzzer ] >> i have no idea. >> miles anmyrrh,franken sense. >> brought gifts frankincense myrrh and i don't remember what else. >> a lamb? >> did you guys skip sunday school? >> how did you know. >> they saw the stars.
5:41 pm
they were astro aastrologers. >> they brought frankincense, myrrh. >> diapers. >> precious. >> precious treasures. >> myrrh? [ buzzer ] >> the murph mobile. >> they brought him gold, frankincense and myrrh. >> what is myrrh? do you have any idea? >> it's like that weird noise that a cat gives in heat? >> do you know where the christmas tree tradition originated from? >> sweden. [ buzzer ] >> i'm guessing somewhere in europe, maybe somewhere in siberia. [ buzzer ] >> united states. [ buzzer ] >> i think it was germany? >> random guess like germany maybe? >> nailed it. >> thank you. >> do you know what country the christmas tree tradition came from? >> um, nor way. [ buzzer ] >> united states? [ buzzer ] >> isn't it no nor way. [ buzzer ]
5:42 pm
>> netherlands. [ buzzer ] >> united states? >> germany. [bell] >> i am german ancestry. so that hurt you didn't know that. >> it does. >> you should find yourself a safe house or relative close by and lay low for a while. >> what's that big thing right over there. what do you call that? >> a christmas tree. >> i think it's called a christmas tree. [bell] >> you can call it whatever you like as long as people are with their families there is nothing wrong with it. >> right. >> christmas is a federal holiday. do you know who proclaimed it a federal holiday? >> lincoln. [ buzzer ] >> ronald reagan? [ buzzer ] >> there you go again. >> take a guess. 19th century. >> george washington. >> that was the 18th century. >> jefferson. [ buzzer ] >> grant. >> okay. so he grants us christmas. >> good one. [ laughter ] >> are you a caroler? >> not in public. >> ♪ on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me ♪ a partridge ♪ in a pear tree.
5:43 pm
>> silent night ♪ holy night. >> honestly i have no idea. >> come on, man ♪ all is bright. >> threw me in to another dimension now. >> are you finished? ♪ sleep in heavenly peace. >> i give. >> you're lucky there is no mistletoe here. you're a huge scrooge. >> it's christmas. >> thank you. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor" on fox news? >> sometimes, yeah. >> i have not red "killing jesus." is that about the war? >> the war is over man we already dropped the big one. >> do you ever watch "watters world." >> no. >> i'm watters. >> i'm pumped to be led into your world, watters. i'm cycled about it. >> next up, a christmas
5:44 pm
miracle in plantation, florida, over a huge christmas display down there. >> someone stole baby jesus. >> right back with that report. ♪ music for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big.
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continuing now with the special edition of the factor. last year watters interviewed the hyatt family. mark and cathy hyatt created one of the biggest christmas displays in the united states of america. they do it to bring joy to their community during the christmas season but not without some headache. february 2014 the city of plantation, florida filed a lawsuit suggesting the christmas display created a public nuisance. and took the hyatt family to court. it looks like there may be a
5:48 pm
christmas miracle just in time for the holiday season because this past october the couple won their lawsuit against the city. >> the show will go on in plantation. >> not only a victory for our family it's a victory for all the residence of plantation. >> a judge ruling thursday in favor of the hyatt family's extravagant yearly christmas display. saying the 2,000 lights, ornaments and other decorations are a public nuisance. >> she vindicated our family. she vindicated our ability to bring the christmas spirit to many of the residents here in south florida. >> here is watters in his chat with the hyatts and their christmas wonderland. ♪ ♪ >> what do we have here today? >> some of the things we've done here is a lot of the things that we have on our display we hand make. we have volunteers come in,
5:49 pm
high school kids, veterans, they all come in and lend a hand we create this so that people can come in, walk through the display, be part of it, interact with it this piece right here he was repaired and now he lives in our display. >> fragile, must be italian. >> how many people come to see your house each week around christmas? >> maybe 100. maybe 2,000. mostly it's kids. >> what do you think about the christmas lights? >> i love it it's so much fun. >> i get jacked just talking about it don't you guys feel it? >> are you one of the neighbors? >> yes, i am. >> do you find this christmas light display a nuisance? >> i have been coming here since they started never been anything but a joy. it's brought so much happiness to so many families. >> clark, it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. >> what do you think about these lights? >> awesome, dude. >> what do you think about this house? >> it's pretty crazy but, yeah, it's a lot of fun.
5:50 pm
a lot of work. >> this is real snow. >> yeah. brought it with me last night from norway. nor we john snow. >> what do you think about this display? pretty overwhelming. >> they do a great job every year. i'm sure it's hard work. always something different every year. >> are you every year. >> are you big christmas celebrators? >> yeah. >> a lot of presents under the tree this year for this guy? >> of course. >> fire truck, oh boy, that's mine. >> what do you think about this house? >> spectacular. look how many people they make smile. >> you need sunglasses around here. >> it's amazing. can you imagine all of the work that's gone in to putting this up? >> awe year round. >> i don't know why but i've always love the icy of summer. >> you guys come here. >> every year. >> it's become a tradition. >> ho ho ho, merry christmas. >> oh my god?
5:51 pm
>> have i been naughty or nice. >> a little on the naughty list. >> how much have you raised for charity. >> maybe $10,000. >> everybody loves coming bringing their family. >> got invited to the christmas party by mistake. who knew. >> it's unbelievable. ♪ >> someone stole baby jesus. >> he's coming on christmas eve. >> okay, good. >> what is the city's main beef? >> i've always talked about money and i truly believe that. they're not making money on this and they wanted money from us and when we wouldn't give it to them we're in court spending taxpayer money. >> what do you mean they wouldn't give you money? >> they came to me and said you should charge to have people come in. >> you've been find by the city how much? >> $250 a day, a lien, and there's a lien against my house for $7,000, plus taxes, penalties, interest, i don't
5:52 pm
know how much it is right now. >> how did you guys hear about this place? >> you know, the trouble they're having with the city. >> are there any neighbors complaining? >> i don't see any neighbors complaining. people should be proud of the hyatts for this event that they've put on. ahead on this factor holiday special, it's never too early to start thinking about new year's celebrations. >> what are your new year's resolutions? >> the drink conservatively and just be careful. >> of what? >> of strangers. >> strainer danger. stranger danger. >> the factor is coming right back.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
so what better place than times square, one of the most iconic areas on earth to celebrate new year's eve. to jesse sampled some new year's resolutions there. ♪ >> what is your new year's resolution? >> i have no [ bleep ] clue right now. >> i'm thrilled. so you better check yourself. >> keep in better touch with my loved ones? >> yeah, sure. >> drink conservatively and just be careful. >> of what? of strangers. >> stranger danger, stranger danger. >> what are you new year's resolutions? >> to work with people with autism. >> the memorize justin bieber's whole album. >> i want to quit smoking. >> be more appreciative of my family rnl i need to learn to be
5:56 pm
more interactive with people. >> friendlier. >> you're giving off a mean vibe. >> am i? >> i'd like to slap your face >> i'm a musician so i'm trying to get my music as far out as possible. >> what instrument do you play, the flute? >> i'm a producer and i make the vocals. >> maybe you can make my voice sound better ♪ hangover >> what is you new year's resolution? >> oh,man. >> get a haircut? >> no. >> where are you from? >> i'm from england. >> get on you bloke. is that australian? i got to work on my accent. >> have i been naughty or have i been nice. >> anybody who wears a tie that color is on the he naughty side >> is that a publicity point?
5:57 pm
>> sure sit is. >> do you like girls or boys. >> why does everybody keep asking me an i give you a littl advice? don't skip chest day, spend time with the family, drink water, set goals and you can be a success. >> i wish you would shut your yapper. >> that's your real hair? >> it is. >> you're kidding me. >> no one has ever called me that before. >> everybody is a honey. after a few shots you become a babe. >> can i tussle your hair a little bit? >> if you would like. >> i worked on the hair a long time and you hit it. he hits my hair. >> are you a glass half full guy or a glass half empty guy. >> the glass is always half full. >> you're scaring me right now. >> okay. >> i am the perfect man. >> is that what everybody says
5:58 pm
in. >> that's what they tell me. >> you are a remarkable man. >> what is the ring on your finger for? >> that's because i'm italian. you get old and you wear gold and that's it. >> you want a picture with me? $5. what did you accomplish this year? >> finishing my last semester. >> what's your major. >> music. >> can you sing anything for us? ♪ ♪ wouldn't you think i'm a girl, a girl who has everything ♪ >> for a second i think you took on the shape of a unicorn. >> ever watch bill o'reilly? >> i do. >> hi, mr. o'reilly. >> are you a factor fan? >> yeah. >> what do you like about the show? >> i like that he went to sham
5:59 pm
had. >> do you watch the factor in. >> when i have to. >> that jacket is screaming o'reilly fan. >> that would not be me. i'm liberal. >> do you ever watch watters world? >> no. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> okay. great. >> you either got the greatest line i ever heard of he's some kind of a nut. >> can i stroke that fur? >> sure. >> this is beautiful. what is that? velvet? >> do you ever watch watters world? >> no. >> i'm watters, i'm waters, i'm waters -- >> [ scream ] >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> is that your name? >> yeah. two t's. >> looks like a fun house mirror version of a better dude. >> again, thank you for watching this special holiday edition of
6:00 pm
the factor. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, president-elect donald trump offering up a few more major cabinet announcements this holiday weekend but it's one of the big positions that he hasn't filled yet that has folks taeg and his own team at odes. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for kelly tonight. tonight, adding a third female to his team, k.t. mcfarland and former campaign general counsel and current transition member donald mcgwan to the post of white house counsel. but it's