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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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on friday and on saturday. this was us at the book signing. that was my literature teacher. love her. >> i'm sure she loves that. >> december 9th in jacksonville at the theater. thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates. go to -- bill: thanks everybody. back to business for america. back to business for president-elect donald trump. returning from the thanks giving holiday to a tug-of-war inside the transition team over who should be our next secretary of state. morning, everybody. hope you had a great break with your family and friends. i had really great times. martha: nice to have a few days off. everybody back to work and back to business. i'm martha maccallum. this seems like a pretty bitter internal battle that is going on in the transition team over the nation's top diplomat decision. all of this now going public over the weekend. latest reports report to two leading candidates. long-time trump supporter
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rudy giuliani and in the other corner you have governor mitt romney, outspoken opponent during the campaign called the president-elect a phony and a con. top trump loyalists are not happy about the idea of mitt romney as potential secretary of state. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and intellect and the integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. that is decision only one man can make, president-elect donald trump. we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were awful to donald trump for a year. bill: that is one thing to follow. mr. trump sounding off on the recount efforts underway in wisconsin, calling it sad and ridiculous. martha: what a weekend, right? peter doocy live outside of trump to youer in new york city. so, peter, do we expect we might get a decision on secretary of
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state or any other post as early as today? reporter: we think it is possible, martha, because the transition team had been telling us to not expect anything until the week after the holidays. so that would be today and they are always full of surprises. so we are here outside of trump tower just waiting for word. to expand a little bit on the controversy surrounding the secretary of state, what is important to note is that kellyanne conway, you heard from there is the person the transition team has been using almost exclusively to get word out from the inside, from the top tier of the transition. she has been a very he vocal anti-mitt romney voice for the last several days. there has not been anybody from the inside of the transition team coming out and pitching mitt romney, talking about the pros of possibly having him as the secretary of state. so that sounds like it is going to be kind of a complicated decision maybe not one that we would get today or in the next
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few days but today here at trump tower, mr. president-elect does have eight folks coming by to take the elevator ride up to the 26th floor for job interviews. and the transition team is telling us they like multiple people for multiple different positions which makes sense when you look at very least their job titles. there is the milwaukee county sheriff, david clarke, who gained a lot of prominence recently as critic of "black lives matter" movement. lou barletta and paul atkins, one time sec commissioner. there were a pair of cabinet nominations over the holiday weekend. somebody else we're keeping eye on who has not accepted his request to accept a nomination would be dr. ben carson. first half of last week there was update every day whether or not he wanted to be the hut secretary in the next administration. it has been all quiet all weekend. so now we're waiting for that. martha. martha: fascinating. in terms of the recount story
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that also bubbled up a lot over the weekend, peter what is donald trump's counter to the pushback on the wisconsin vote? reporter: martha, the president-elect agrees there were millions of illegally cast votes, he just thinks it benefit the democrats. he is saying all illegal votes did was dent his margin of victory. at the end of the long holiday weekend took to twitter around wrote this. winning electoral college in a landslide, i won popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. why isn't the media reporting on this. series bias, big problem. mr. trump subtly swiped at democrats knocking him for not winning the popular vote with this pair of tweets. it would have been much easier to win so-called popular vote, electoral college i would only campaign in three or four states, instead of 15 states i visited. i would have won even more
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easily and convincingly but smaller states are forgotten. talk about illegal voting mr. trump has not offered any concrete evidence that there were illegally cast votes but neither are th campaign voters who joined up because they think there may be outside interference aiding the president-elect. martha: will keep you busy, peter, thank you very much. bill: what the recount means and what it is about, john mccormick, writer weeksly standard. take you back to november 9th, the morning after the election, when hillary clinton said the following. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. bill: so that was then. what's up now? >> well, what the clinton campaign is arguing hey, we didn't file this recount petition. jill stein did he it, green party.
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bill: they joined it. >> they joined it, exactly. people you might argue that the clinton campaign is hiding behind jill stein's skirt here. so i do think that the clinton campaign if they go out and start suggesting that the vote was illegally hacked, there is no evidence of that whatsoever, but they raise the possibility. they note that russians were involved in trying to influence the outcome of the election. there is no evidence whatsoever that the election is hacked. would take not only wisconsin but takes pennsylvania and michigan to overturn the results in electoral college. trump won pennsylvania by nearly 70,000 votes. michigan by 10,000, wisconsin by 30,000. more to the point they already checked the paper ballots with spot checks in pennsylvania and wisconsin. if there were anything amiss, i don't see why that wouldn't have been caught already. bill: here is the wisconsin final tally. donald trump beat hillary clinton by a percentage point, about 27,000 raw votes. jill stein barely got more than
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27,000. she is 30,980. republicans would argue, what democrats are trying to do to make donald trump illegitimate even before takes the oath of office, john. reporter: certainly. some people are guilty of that by suggesting things base lowe'sly in the media, suggesting there are statistical anomalies. report in "new york" magazine and statistical analysis was quickly debunked. if you look nationwide, the counties that use paper ballots and non-paper ballots there isn't much of a difference when you account for demographics. people have to be aware they shouldn't be trying to undermined the legitimacy of the votes. goes from he one in the media to democrat as well as the president-elect who has gone out without evidence of his own there were millions of votes illegally cast. bill: two million votes in fact. he says jill stein wants to raise money. by my count she raised more than
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$6 million. there may be a point to that. john mccormick, analysis there from washington, d.c. thanks. >> thank you. martha: a two-day memorial marking the death of cuban dictator fidel castro is getting underway in havana's revolution square. while in the streets of miami's little havana, cuban exiles have been celebrate the death of the man they call a brutal tyrant. texas senator ted cruz describes the moment that his father found out that castro was gone. >> you know, for some of us whose families have been imprisoned, have been tortured, have seen the destruction of cuba that fidel castro carried out, my dad as a teenager was imprisoned and tortured by batista. beaten in a prison cell. had his teeth kicked out of his mouth. a man tortured and oppressed by so many, it is thankful he is no longer with us. martha: steve harrigan live in
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havana, cuba. good morning, steve port -- reporter: martha, we've been hearing cannons going off with a official 21 gun salute. they are marching by a nine-story portait of young fidel castro in revolutionary square. as it is difficult whether they're there out of emotion for the man who ruled this country by iron fist for 50 years or instructed to do that by the government. castro's ashes will be transported across the country in sanity august go where he began the revolution in 1953. that is where he will be interred. his 85-year-old brother, raul castro in power officially for the past eight years. some think perhaps raul could quicken the pace of really temporary economic changes they
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have made here so far you but he has been a lifelong communist. he said he will step down two years from now. we could see a real generational change here in the leadership in cuba. one big outstanding question, where do relations between the u.s. and cuba go from here? under obama, we've seen a warming that could change under president trump. back to you. martha: all right. thank you very much, steve. steve harrigan reporting from havana. donald trump tweeting just a moment ago about this saying if cuba sun willing to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban-american people and the u.s. and a whole, i will terminate the deal. referring to the deal made by president obama and leadership of cuba to open things up a bit. bill: a lot of reaction coming up on that in a moment. president-elect donald trump had tough talk for the castro regime and cuba during the campaign. will he keep that promise and should he? we'll talk with jeff flake, the republican from arizona who makes a different argument. we'll talk to him about that live. also this today.
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martha: fox news alert a-bomb found only yards away from one of the largest u.s. embassies in asia. authorities say that isis could very well behind this. we'll show you what the plot is believed to be. bill: also, who will mr. trump tap as his top diplomat? more on the internal battle playing out as trump loyalists gang up on the former presidential mom any, mitt romney. >> why are you campaigning against mitt romney as secretary of state? >> i'm not campaigning against anyone. i'm just a concerned citizen. i'm not campaigning against mitt romney. >> you don't think he should be the choice? >> i can't tell you, chuck, this is very simple. i'm not trying to make the news. i'm trying to reflect the news here. (phone ringing) hello? hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday.
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team of rivals concept if you were to go toward the governor romney concept but, i think that should tell all americans about where president-elect's head is at, which is a place that will put the best possible people together for all americans. >> i'm also part for unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. let me repeat, what donald trump decides, kellyanne conway and everybody else will respect. bill: appears battle lines emerge or drawn rather in the donald trump camp over mitt romney as secretary of state. rudy giuliani, long-time trump loyalists considered as well maybe neither. john sununu, wrote the book the quiet man and governor, good morning to you. when you were working in the cabinet in the 1980s how does it work inside? why would conway be so public in her denunciation on talk shows?
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what is at work here? >> this is the transition period. this is very typical transition. i myself was pretty controversial appointment. once the president-elect makes the decision, kellyanne is right, everybody moves in lockstep and supports the president-elect. this is donald trump's decision. he is going to have to decide what is best for the country, what is es about for him as president and what is best for the world. and it is a much more complicated thing that just selecting between personalities. he has got to select between talent and experience. i'm sure he is going to make a decide decision. romney is an excellent close. some of the others that have been talked about are also good choices. it is important for him to select someone that can almost instantly with him, get the respect of the world, and i think governor romney fits that mold. bill: often times this is kept inside the family so to speak. >> often times it's not, bill. bill: do you believe that trump put her up to this?
6:18 am
or is kellyanne conway transitioning back to private life? >> neither one. i think it is just the expression of the way transitions work. and individuals who have one favorite or another look for a sliver of an argument to try to put it in the public domain. kellyanne has access to the media. i don't know what her favorite is. she might actually be a romney supporter for all i know, and trying to test how this would be received. so it is a much more complicated process than just looks from the veneer that gets -- bill: would a president bush 41 or 43 or president-elect donald trump take exception to what she has said publicly? >> i don't think so. i think they understand their team is trying to do the best for them, and recognize that occasionally that is done by causing a few waves but in the long run, as kellyanne conway said, once donald trump makes
6:19 am
the decision, everybody will march in lockstep behind it. bill: speaking of march, this was march 3rd, eight 1/2 months ago. remember? watch. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. [applause] he is playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. bill: i don't know, can you get over that? >> sure. i was pretty tough on donald trump in the primary. i supported him wholeheartedly in the general election. the two or three times he spoke when we came up here we had a good laugh about it. bill: okay. david petraeus is on that list. rudy giuliani is on that list. you heard kellyanne conway explain this is, it is the most coveted slot. who do you think gets it then? >> it is important to understand that getting secretary of state is not a exist to someone.
6:20 am
getting secretary of state is the president-elect getting the person that will help him as president do the best for the country and the world. people who are looking at cabinet appointments as things to be given out as gifts are missing the point. i think donald trump so far has displayed he understands it. he is getting the people that he thinks can do the job best. there is a big difference between those two perspectives and i think -- bill: you make a great point. if you had a vote, who would you choose? >> if i had a vote, i would be happy to give it to the president-elect on the telephone if he calls. bill: got it. thanks, governor, good dodge by the way. john sununu live in new hampshire, nice to have you back. martha. martha: more coming up straight ahead. backlash is growing after a college in new england responded to a flag burning by removing all the flags from the whole campus. veterans groups not so happy about that. >> this stands for all of the
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martha: back on this monday morning with this fox news alert. growing tensions surrounding a massachusetts college's decision to remove all of the american flags from campus after one was burned in protest. veterans groups demanding that the flags be returned. >> too much blood has been shed for our country for our freedom. >> stand up for something but you don't need to take a flag down to do it. these flags of our nights of america. martha: holly line, live in boston. molly, these veterans had a
6:25 am
clear message for this campus, right? reporter: absolutely. the american flag in pictures was brought on campus en masse, brought by hundreds of veterans. the message was clear, raise the flag, freedom is not free. they were protesting because the college decided to ache down the american flag on campus for a college media statement. president jonathan lash emphasized by not flying a flag on our college's flagpole for the time-being the college is seeking to enable a discussion of values among all members of our campus, not make a political statement. but this battle over the flag has been going on for weeks, after first students lowered to it half-staff shortly after the election. then the flag was burned. the board of trustees allowed the flag to stay at half-staff, a movement to facilitate dialogue while the community dealt deeper into the meaning of flag and presence on our campus. president lash had this to say. some have perceived the action of lowering the flag as a commentary on the results of the presidential election. this unequivocally was not our intent. then when the flag lowering was
6:26 am
seen as disrespectfullers specially painful to veterans or families that is when the call was made ultimately to take the flag down. martha. martha: molly, can you explain more about the administration and why they took the flag down in the first place? reporter: dig a little more into this. here is another part of the statement from president jonathan lash, he explained it like this early in the month. we will not fly the u.s. flag or any other flags on our college flagpole for the time-being. we hope this will enable us in the near term focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, islamophobic, anti-semitic and anti-lgbt rhetoric and behaviors. so. martha: so this is ongoing, martha. martha: quite a story. molly, thank you very much. we'll have of much more on the controversy with the mayor ever springfield, massachusetts who joined the protest on the hampshire campus. the mayor will come up with us next hour. bill: interesting to hear what he has to say about.
6:27 am
three minutes from opening bell in wall street. we'll see whether the trump bump will continue above 19,000. remember during the campaign when hillary clinton was demanding donald trump accept the election results whatever they may turn out to be when she said the following. >> we've been around 240 years and we've always had peaceful transitions no matter who won or who lost. look, if you lose an election, i have lost elections, you don't feel very good the next day, do you? bill: that was then. now she is challenging results even though her own campaign agrees it won't change a thing. so why do it? we'll debate that in a moment fair and balanced. >> bloodshed on bourbon street as a shootout sparks mayhem in new orleans. >> i won shot in the chest. one shot in the hand. another one shot somewhere else i can't tell now. i need that ems asap.
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martha: we could be for a bit of a holiday hangover on wall street. stocks are poised to move a bit lower mainly on news opec could try to limit oil put putt to drive up energy prices. the markets have been on a incredible run since the election. the trump bump many are calling it has the dow jones industrial average up over 19,000 into record territory. so will it hold on is the big question? a lot of companies feeling if regulations are cut, corporate taxes are cut that would be clearly good for business. bill: setting the bar high, aren't we? we have to it meet that expectation. meantime from the big easy, this was not good. one man dead, nine others injured after a shootout on new orleans famous bourbon street early sunday. happened during the bayou classic, weekend festivities. police say an argument between two men not from the new orleans
6:32 am
area we're told quickly turned violent. >> officers were right there who heard those shots, responded, to those shots. ran right towards it. what we know right now is that 10 victims were shot, ranging from ages 20 to 37. two females, eight males. one of whom has expired. at the hospital. bill: so the police have a big job on their hands. they are still searching for the shooters there in new orleans. ♪ martha: hillary clinton joining an effort to recount votes in three states but remember when secretary clinton repeatedly attacked candidate donald trump for saying that he might not accept the results on election night. >> what i'm saying is, that i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> well, chris, let me respond to that, because that is horrifying. every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction
6:33 am
he claims, whatever it is rigged against him. he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. [booing] by doing that, he is threatening our democracy. the peaceful transfer of power is one that of the things makes our country great. martha: hmmm, tony sayegh, republican strategist. fox news contributor. marianne marsh former senior advisor to john kerry. welcome to both of you this morning. hope you had a great thanksgiving. marianne, let me start with you. reaction, hillary clinton talking about how horrified she said there was there might be any suggestion that you would have to reevaluate the outcome. it appears she joined an effort to do just that. >> one that seems horrified donald trump who called the entire election into question with his claims yesterday on twitter, with millions of fraudulent votes, without any backup, specifically citing
6:34 am
new hampshire, virginia and california. i mean jill stein may have started it with her call for recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. hillary clinton campaign has joined it but it is donald trump who is now called the entire election into question. so you have to ask, he either needs to support a recount, if not only in those three states, perhaps nationally, or he could enter the white house with the same questions about his legitimacy that he dogged barack obama with for eight years. irony there is pretty rich. i think this is bigger than donald trump. it is about our democracy. we are the democracy that everyone around the world looks to. there should not be one question about the election, so let the recount begin. martha: you would say the same thing if donald trump had lost and was launching the same kind of effort right now, right, marianne, you would say absolutely, donald trump you go for it. we'll see how it works out. >> well, in 2000 as we all remember, you and i remember it quite well, democrats wanted
6:35 am
every vote counted. democrats want every vote counted. but donald trump called this into question. unlike donald trump, there was specific questions about specific states. now donald trump has done the same thing jill stein has done but on a much larger scale. so let's do the recount. martha: marianne said if donald trump lost she would absolutely support his recount in any way, and it may not have come out correctly. tony, what do you think behind all this. >> first of all i didn't hear marianne or any democrat support donald trump when he made the claim potentially elections could be rigged and asked to review it at time. they snarled at him. criticized him. demonized him for saying such horrendous thing. now hillary clinton who unfortunately is ending the chapter of her very long and historic candidacy on a very sad note. the fact that she is joining this ragtag, recount from jill stein who is using it as fund-raising gimmick while her campaign counsel himself says there is absolutely no evidence
6:36 am
there was any hacking or any sort of wrongdoing or malfeasance, that would alter the outcomes in these three states. so the fact we're now going through this process while barack obama and donald trump have worked together toward this peaceful transition, very constructivelily by the way, around then having this complete sideshow with hillary clinton and jill stein appearing to be quite sore losers which i would not hoped. a guy went into white house with over 300 electoral vote would have to deal with. i get it when it was 271 in 2000. donald trump got over 300 electoral college votes. that is pretty clear mandate. martha: she was quick to point out on twitter, he went through the numbers that are quite remarkable of the win. you look at this situation, marianne, and you ask yourself, where is this all going? why is it really being prompted, do you believe do you believe the russians interfered and had an impact on the outcome of this election? is that something you believe?
6:37 am
>> i think there was a lot of reporting, some reporting about that going into the election. martha: that is the basis for this recount, no? >> actually, no, well there are two things, martha. here is what we know. over the weekend it is, was reported in wisconsin that donald trump lost about 5,000 votes from a tabulation error. so now his lead gone from 22,000 to about 17,000. just on a tabulation error. so there are lots of reconciliation that goes through. we're in certification process. some of these votes in many states have not been certified. canvasing is going on, certify it, the electoral college meets this is totally legitimate, in pennsylvania, any three people in precinct can call for recount. it is in everyone's best interest, make sure every vote is counted and counted properly. that is what donald trump done called entire election into -- they took the tweet down.
6:38 am
>> it is amazing to me, martha, how much weight the democrats and opponent of donald trump put into a tweet versus the action of joining an unprecedented recount effort when he clearly won these three states. listen, i think hillary clinton, excuse me, if she had, should -- if i can. if, hillary clinton campaigned in wisconsin, maybe she would have won wisconsin. if hillary clinton campaigned in michigan, outside of the final 72 hours, because her internal polling was showing same thing as trump internal polling which is much more narrowing race maybe she would have won michigan. to cans doubt at legitimacy of these out comes, trying to overcompensate for the misgivings and failings of her strategy. martha: good point in terms of the campaigning that campaigning that hillary clinton did not do. >> michigan has been called yet. >> pretty clear. martha: clear in the last couple days she was concerned about those places because she started
6:39 am
going to them in a big way. i would say, why not, right? why not make sure that everything is counted? i mean that is what the system is about. both sides in the past have said that you know they believed for different reasons that this should be done. so, tony, just quickly from both of you, i mean don't, why not, right? you're not worried about the outcome. you think your guy won. that is what we'll find in the recount. >> i would ask, why didn't hillary clinton's campaign initiate this recount then? they -- martha: some people think she did. >> took easy way out, did it through jill stein and had jill stein do it. even liberal commentators are beginning to question the validity. president obama is not even acknowledging this recount is happening. he is going forward with the peaceful transition of power. but, marianne, i would suggest why was it so controversial that donald trump suggested he would have to wait to see all the results before he would concede before the campaign. all of you liberal, my friends, many, ridiculed him for that.
6:40 am
if this is such a vanilla thing why was it so controversial a month ago. martha: marianne, go ahead. >> two things, democrats, always, always ask for every vote to be counted, military absentee ballots and provisional ball where many people kicked off rolls this year and those ballots are not every counted unless it is close, number one. number two, michigan has not been called. 7,000 votes and counting. number three, why wouldn't you want everything counted? if i'm donald trump maybe his margin is bigger. make he leads by more. maybe he is right. difference between donald trump and general election and donald trump today he made a blanket statement about the legitimacy of the election. now he is has made two very specific claims that millions of people voted fraudulently and then he pointed out three states, just like jill stein. so what is the difference? let's count them all. >> he is not funding a recount in those states. martha: with just this mention, that john podesta came out the
6:41 am
night of the election and said you know what, cool off, wait until tomorrow morning we'll make sure everything is in. then hillary clinton stepped forward, and called donald trump and conceded the election. so that she had looked at the numbers. it was over. and the election was done and it was time to move on and came out with very impressive speech the next day in support of everyone getting behind the president. that is -- >> al gore did the same thing. al gore did the same thing and we had a recount. >> marianne, time to unify. martha: thank you. bill: president obama counting down the lays left in his administration. what will leave through his office by way of executive order, and what can the president-elect do about that? mr. trump saying minutes ago say hing will undo the president obama's deal with cuba unless the castro regime does better with his own people. senator jeff flake is up next on that. first flute gingrich. -- newt gingrich.
6:42 am
>> this is as a result of socialism gone amok. bernie sanders's exact fantasy come to life in cuba. it doesn't work. any professor or any writer who says they liked fidel ought to volunteer to spend six months in a cuban jail and tell us how they kneel about this dictatorship. you didn't read your car insurance policy. you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck.
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♪ >> is a good place to test the insanity of the american left. he wasn't a romantic figure if you were being shot by him. he wasn't a romantic figure if you were being driven off the island as hundreds of thousands were because he stole their property and threatened to put them in prison. bill: there is newt gingrich over the weekend slamming some of the praise that the late cuban president dictator fidel castro has been granted. we look live in havana where people lining up to pay respects to him. what does cuba look like during his rule?
6:46 am
the average income per person, roughly $25 a month. more than 7,000 people, many political dissidents were killed or mysteriously disappeared and castro's communist regime seized homes and businesses and farms from tens of thousands, driving many of them to seek a future here in the united states. republican senator jeff flake is on the foreign relations committee. he has been to cuba 15 times in 15 years. he joins me now. senator, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on, bill. bill: i know you're a big advocate of maintaining the course that president obama has put the u.s. on right now. president-elect trump sent this out 15 minutes ago, quoting now, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban-american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal, end quote. he wants a better deal. what is wrong with that? >> i think all of us want freedom for the cuban people. the difficulty is, how do we bring that about?
6:47 am
as you mentioned i've been traveling down to cuba for 15 years. the first half of that time under our so-called get tough policy where very few americans could travel down and we imposed isolation on cuba. there was very little freedom for the cuban people. the second part of my time going to cuba over the past several years has been after there was a bit of loosening, after cuban-americans were allowed to travel as frequently as they wanted to and remit as much money as they wanted to. as a consequence, a lot of cubans, 25% of the cuban workforce is now in the private sector, not earning $25 a month but, up to $50 a day if you're a waiter in a cuban private restaurant for example. they have a measure of economic and political freedom they didn't have before. that is a good thing. i hope we continue to allow americans to travel to cuba. bill: so a lot of these business deals are happening, and others
6:48 am
would argue that, listen, if you want to engage the cuban government, fine, but the business deals are not going to help the people, they're going to help the government, and the effect of that is just strengthening raul castro and that regime. do they not have a point, senator? >> i believe that better point could be made that a lot of travel has benefited individual is cubans. there is no doubt that the government benefits when people travel to cuba. there is no way to keep all money in the hands of private business, but like i said, about a quarter of the u.s., i'm sorry of the cuban workforce is now in the private sector running bed and breakfasts, private taxicabs, private restaurants, beauty salons, body shops, you name it. and a good chunk of that money goes to the cuban people and they have more freedom than they had before. that is a good thing. bill: i think what the other side is arguing here, you heard
6:49 am
a lot on sunday and from mr. trump is political prisoners and religious freedom. it is just not on the economic front. i know you went with president obama to cuba and he released ad statement over the weekend. part of the statement read the following. we know this moment fills cubans in cuba and the united states with powerful emotions recalling countyless ways which fidel castro altered the course of individual lives, families and of the cuban nation. he concludes history will record and judge enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him. what in the world does that mean? >> you know, i would have been a little stronger. i think fidel castro was a brutal dictator for a lot of years, for more than half a century. so i think that not too many will remember his reign very fondly and they shouldn't but the question is, how can we increase the likelihood that
6:50 am
cubans in the future will have freedom and that, then we can accelerate that process? i would argue allowing americans to travel, and do commercial activities usually nudges countries toward democracy. there is no guarranty, but we have 50 years, more than 50 years isolating cuban regime with all the results we all know, political prisoners, repressed freedom. we shouldn't return to that. those were not glory days for cuba. bill: i know you were not on the trump train early. we'll he see how it goes in washington on january 20th. senator, thank you for your time. jeff flake from arizona. martha: syrian civil war taking another dramatic turn. government forces capturing a rebel-held area and thousands of civilians are trying to get away. bill: also crazy finish on the gridiron. if you stayed up late you were
6:51 am
rewarded, football fans. if not, we'll show you how the thing ended. wow. >> [cheering]lind. an end to a unbelievable gamei'' winner. kansas city. or visit
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
bill: gook weekend of football, wasn't it. close finishes dominated. champion denver broncos hosting kansas city chiefs, last night, playoff game, playoff implications. broncos missed a 62-yarder that would have won it. kansas city came up with this gem. >>. wow. bill: bank shot and in, kansas city win. patriots struggled but found a way to do what they do, beat
6:55 am
their division rivals, the new york jets. brady throwing two td passes tying peyton manning most career wins in nfl history. patriots win over the jets. how was it? how was it? how was it? martha: 200 wins. it was great. bill: food. martha: my family is very weird. we have all sorts of divided sports allegiances. my son is a big patriots fan. almost his birthday. we went for his birthday. it was really great. great game. the jets looked pretty good for the whole first half. we saw some nice connection happening between ryan fitzpatrick and brandon mark shall out there. maybe there is hope for them. keep going, jets fans. all right. major setback for opponents of syrian dictator of bashar al-assad. syrian government forces reportedly capturing a key section of the rebel-held city of aleppo, uprooting thousands of civilians who have been basically living in hell for the
6:56 am
last couple years. conor powell live in the mid-east newsroom with the latest on this. conor? reporter: martha, this is the most consequential battle of syrian civil war. aleppo is the heart of the syrian opposition and the assad regime backed by russian airstrikes essentially broken the back, broken through the main front lines of this syrian opposition in aleppo. they have divided the opposition area into two. they have -- basically taking control of somewhere between 30 and 50% of the opposition territory in the last two to three weeks. so the opposition there is really getting mauled as this offensive has been pushing through aleppo, sending civilians fleeing for their lives, martha. martha: unbelievable scene. we have been watching unfold there. conor, thank you very much. bill: we can confirm general david petraeus will meet with donald trump today as a public showdown emerges over who will be the next secretary of state. so what's up at the tower?
6:57 am
what's up in the lobby? we'll check it out next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.
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6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: new signs of a divide that may be growing within the transition team and the gop as donald trump considered mitt romney for the secretary of state spot. welcome, everybody to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. bill: i'm bill hemmer. mr. trump's own advisor con x * publicly making her case against mitt romney. she says trump loyalists feel they have been wronged. the number of people who feel
7:01 am
betrayed to think governor romney would get the key cabinet post after mitt romney went out of his way to attack trump's character. governor romney, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states of which we are unaware? i'm all for party unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. martha: katie pavlich. what do you make of all this? >> it looks like team trump put mitt romney up for consideration to get back at him for his opposition during the general election and primary. it's not just kellyanne conway who has come out against him, mike huckabee as done so as well. it's important to remember that donald trump said on the night
7:02 am
he was elected, that a lot of people criticized him, and he wants to put that aside, and he want the help of those who criticized him. and mitt romney immediately congratulated him. whether they will be able to work together on foreign policy if he is chosen for secretary of state is to be seen. martha: it seems like there is enough criticism on both sides for these men to say, we were nasty to each other, perhaps we want to work together. it looks like there is a divide. it's tough to tell about the messages being sent out by kellyanne, but perhaps there is a romney camp. and then bannon and other part of the group seems to be leaning toward giuliani.
7:03 am
do you think that's accurate? >> i think that's very accurate. i would give trump credit for having both side of the argument inside his advisory group. if you look at what we are dealing with here. donald trump will be the one who makes this decision. and there is a continues between being loyal on the campaign trail politically and loyal when it comes to foreign policy. when you look at major issues like russia, mitt romney and donald trump couldn't be further apart. there are a lot of people being considered for this position. donald trump is meeting with general david petraeus. congresswoman gabbard is being considered as well. there is a' more public debate around mitt romney's consideration than other candidates.
7:04 am
martha: you were very anti-donald trump during the election. who would you like to see in that spot? >> i don't know. mitt romney is qualified for the position. he was the republican nominee who came out with his own plans for foreign policy. he has good relationships with foreign leaders around the world both in business and policy. but i think they have to be in step with donald trump's foreign policy for the secretary of state to serve at the benefit of the president around the world. and i don't think mitt romney's views on the world match up with mr. trump. martha: it will be interesting to see if they knock somebody out and someone like a bob corker he mornings. katie, thank you very much. we'll have more in the next hour. bill: mr. trump weaking out against the push to recount ballots in wisconsin and
7:05 am
michigan and pennsylvania. mr. trump won the electoral race and that number you see on screen could go higher. he says the push for the recount is a waste of time. carl cameron is back in washington, d.c. >> reporter: jill stein knows it won't change the outcome for her. but over the weekend, the clinton campaign joined in saying they want to make sure the process is conducted fairly. trump blasted the recount. there is a conference call in wisconsin deciding how to proceed. it has to be completed by december.
7:06 am
he tweeted serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. why isn't the media reporting on this? he debunked claims of widespread voter fraud. allegations of the election officials in those states all dispute. hillary clinton's lawyer acknowledging that trump won the election. bill: what about michigan and pennsylvania? >> membership began is a fairly simple one compared to what happened in pennsylvania. recounts could go forward in both. but in pennsylvania it's particularly difficult. they have to find three voters from each of pennsylvania's 9,100 voting precincts.
7:07 am
they have to download an affidavit off the web. fill it out and sign it in front of a notary and have it stamped. then they have to take it to a county clerk's office to have it certified. some of the deadlines in a few of the precincts may have already passed. so it's a very steep hill. the kind of thing that donald trump might suggest was a rigged election because a recounted is a hard thing to accomplish in pennsylvania, less so in michigan, but the margin was bigger in michigan, too. martha: there will be two days tributes beginning in cuba today to remember fidel castro. but in miami cuban-americans are celebrating the dictator's death. rick leventhal live from miami
7:08 am
with the latest on that part of the story. what's it brand-new like in miami since the news of his death? >> a lot of loud music and honking horns. we expect things will heat up here at cafe versailles which has long been popular with the cuban community. this is a gathering place and rallying place. whenever there is good news back home. and there was news with the death of fidel castro. people rallied in the streets with signs, chanting, honking horns. singing, waving cuban and american flags. one of those celebrating castro's death is you will s. congressman carlos cabella. >> president obama said hit will judge fidel castro.
7:09 am
we don't have to wait. we know how much damage he did to the cuban people and the whole country. reporter: yesterday at the bay of pigs museum organizers are going to have a rally for real change and real liberty back in the homeland now that castro is gone. bill: will president-elect trump roll back ties that were opened under president obama? we'll talk about the new tweet that came out as well. martha: the president electric e president-elect made big promises during the election. >> if we have given both houses of congress and we don't
7:10 am
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7:13 am
trial this in the shooting death of 9 parishioners in the historic black church. the judge says he doesn't believe the decision is wise,
7:14 am
but that roof can represent himself. he was fount competent to stand trial this past weekend. martha: president-elect trump calling fidel castro a brutal dictator and weighing in on him. he tweeted if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. pete good to have you here this morning. >> he's taking a new blunt approach the american people want and appreciate. there has been a lot of equivocation, apology and well, castro is a brutal dictator, but we are opening up a door into a
7:15 am
new chapter. the deal that was cut where we got no concessions, no political freedoms on the island of cuba, that could be out the window because there is a new game in town. when a president started taking this kind of direct approach, foreign capital will take note. martha: you think about people who haven't been returned to this country, you think about the religious oppression and the destruction of churches ongoing under raul castro. >> we continue to have a great deal of leverage. he has the folks that voted for him and members of congress on his side. there is an appetite for real negotiation where you set a hard line and stick with it. we are the 300-pound gorilla in the room. why have we been setting that aside.
7:16 am
he has been watching us give things away. martha: the cuban deal was written under president obama. so we'll see where that goes. in terms of aleppo and what is going on there, john kerry is going to give it one more effort in terms of a diplomatic solution to end the bloodshed there before the end of his term. >> he can try. but he's been set back because we had no see sighsive military strategy. you are talking to people that look at you and say you can win this thing. you have got rebelled supported by this country. you have got russia in the mix. then you have got john kerry saying we haven't set red lines and had a clear strategy. that doesn't make sense because i want to win, i want to
7:17 am
preserve my regime. the attempts at diplomacy. military sets the conditions for diplomatic outcomes. martha: we talk all the time about who is going to get state and who will get defense. but we laid out the complications that will be fixed by the department of state and cuba and what's going on in syria and iraq. who do you think? petraeus is going to meet with donald trump again today as you pointed out. what do you think he's looking at him for? >> i think he's seeing a leader, winning the walk war matters to donald trump. i think he's taking a deliberate process. secretary of state and secretary of defense are important. but he's taking the weekend to get feedback.
7:18 am
i want america to lead and be on top. you have got people saying there are too many generals. we have had academics. we had the ivory tower for the last 8 years. donald trump saying i want doers, i want leaders. and those are the types of people you want to surround himself is what it appears. general petraeus and the people he has chosen are those types of people. martha: you think about the comparisons made to the hillary situation, it would be interesting. bill: word out of columbus, ohio. an alert sent out by way of emergency management twitter feed that says buckeye alert.
7:19 am
continue to shelter in place, avoid area of college. more information to follow. a tweet sent out before that in active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. location listed as watts hall. this is a massive campus. there are 65,000 students at the ohio state university. they had a big football game saturday against their long-time rival michigan. a game watched by tens of millions of americans and went into overtime. now you are greeted with this. details are scarce. all we really have are the alerts that have been sent out by way of the emergency management twitter feed. students have been advised, shelter in place, state law enforcement officials have not released any information on what's happening. but we are watching a large this presence respond to campus as we watch the pictures from
7:20 am
columbus. martha: we see a fairly organized movement of students on the right hand side, but they have responds this in a very forceful way. there is a very large police presence on campus in columbus, ohio today. as you would imagine, you are getting a lot of things coming across twitter at this point. it's a scary scene that ohio state coming through. we don't have any reports that there are any victims so we would hold off on that. but an active shooter appears to be on campus. bill around high street runs north-south along th campus line. it's where students gather and congregate whether on campus or off. watts hall, look at sit online to see what more we can gather
7:21 am
other than the two tweets that have been sent out. something is happening. but what exactly that is, we don't know. it's a massive campus. at 10:20 in the morning you would have a lot of the kids on their way to class ready to start a brand-new week. martha: they had a big game this weekend against mitch gan state. huge crowds for that game. this morning kids across the country are back in school for the first time after the thanksgiving break. bill: one more tweet just sent out. continue to shelter in place in north campus area. follow directions of police on scene. we'll wait for more. quick commercial break. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
bill: back at the scene at watts hall, an engineering building. that seems to be the focus right now. our local affiliate in columbus is covering this. >> anywhere from one to three victims is what we are seeing so far. but our crews haven't been able to confirm that. watts hall, 19 and college. the intersection is right there. this on the northeast side. this is the materials, signs and engineering building. we are waiting for confirmation what is going on in that building. as of last check, everyone being told to stay in place. one tweet that came out was very alarming. in addition to saying active
7:26 am
shooter, it also had the words, run, hide, fight. presumably scaring a lot of people. ask. reporter: if you are a fairnlt or friend or loved one of a student, give them a call to make sure they are safe spm please don't go over there to take pictures and try to get information. safety is the top priority. so avoid that area. you are looking at the hospital. bill: listening to some of our affiliates reporting. there was a lot of police activity we saw a few minutes ago. two days ago there was a football game on campus that went into overtime which i can tell you from ohio the city stops when they play the football game.
7:27 am
but now two days later when the kids are back from thanksgiving break and going back to class at 10:15 in the morning, you have this at watts hall. we can upon describe what we are getting off the twitter feed and what some of the local reporters are getting so far. want to bring in the former police chief of boston. what police are doing now as the activity for the moment, it appears to have slowed down anyway. that's probably the best way we can describe it. can you see the monitor? if so, what should we know? >> it looks like there was some event that occurred there. they reminded the students to run, hide, fight. you don't see law enforcement actively engage. also on twitter and other social meetd media i don't see reports of ongoing shots. there might have been an
7:28 am
incident that happened, putting concern for university officials. they went into play. they obviously have some situation, they have got a cool zone and rapid response team with emergency medical personnel. please do not call your students. text your students. the last thing we want is a ringing phone is somebody is in harm's way. text your students to make sure they are following the protocols. make sure they have locked themselves in and have done what they were trained to do. bill: 's even interesting point to make. why the run, hide, fight message. >> that's how you survive. when we were children we are learned stop, drop and roll will save you from a fire. if you can run away from a threat get as far away as you can. if you can't run away, lock that
7:29 am
door, bare kaitd and hide. fit comes down between you and an individual seeking to harm you and others, you need to fight, you grab a fire extinguisher or pot of coffee. bill: when did that start? >> some of columbine unfortunately. that's gone on weekly in our community where we have to reminding our kids of this. but we have no reported confirmed incidents here. we don't have continuing reports of shots fired. so we have got something that caused the concern. law enforcement is present. parents should remember this is going to take a while. somebody seize one suspect, he gets described three and four ways. we start looking for multiple suspects. law enforcement will go to the information we have, grab video, and figure out what happened and get this campus back as quickly as possible.
7:30 am
bill: i think there was a student locked in a bath room now on the telephone. do we have that? this is local abc. >> he of never seen anything like it. everybody was running in any direction they possibly could. students were running out of the classroom buildings. i ran into a bathroom that was a single stall and i was able to lock myself in there. we are getting updates from the university that says to stay in place until the shooters are located. from there i'll know when i'm able to leave. reporter: do you feel safe? are you okay right now? >> i'm a little shaken up. at first i didn't think it was real. i do feel safe just based on the room that i'm in. definitely not the location of campus. because i'm just a block away
7:31 am
from where it happened. but as far as the building that i'm in, there is no direction in the building as far as an adult goes or people telling us whether to stay in the bathroom. it's kinds of up to us at this point. reporter: were you by yourself? do you have friends with you? are you texting and getting in contact with them to make sure they are okay. >> right. i just said good-bye to the friend that i had class with. then immediately after that we heard the gunshots. and i took off running to this location and my friend followed me. we are in the same stall together. but there is a lot of communication case around campus as far as my friends go and letting each other know what happened and definitely to stay home if you are. reporter: you think something like this, you hear about it
7:32 am
happening in other parts of the world. other parts of our country, for this to be happening thatio state university it has to feel scary and surreal to you as well. >> it's absolutely surreal. the two other girls and i who are in the bathroom, we were shaken up. but was that the sounds from something else? your immediate instinct is to believe it's not real. unfortunately things do happen. thank god we are safe. reporter: we'll let you know if we hear any more information. we have and active shooter on the ohio state university campus on 19th and college. bill: the first tweet went out,
7:33 am
active shooter run, fight. we are waiting for more information from campus. we'll continue to keep a close eye on things coming through. there are mixed reports we are seeing on twitter and other places like that. let's bring in former d.c. homicide detective, rod wheeler, a graduate from ohio state. >> i can tell you from looking at the video that multiple police departments are involved. let me share with the viewer how we respond to situations like this. the initial call probably weren't into the ohio state police department close to watts hall. then you have the city of columbus police department that assists right away from the
7:34 am
north side of columbus. watts hall is on the north side of campus. i used to live in the towers not far from where the situation is taking place now. you have the columbus police and the franklin county sheriff's office which is located not far from the university. you have multiple police departments involved in this. in addition i see uniformed units which is located there in columbus, ohio. martha: ohio state university has 60,000 undergraduates. it's a sprawling campus for those who have not been there. and it's quite an operation to get your arms around this whole thing. we assume from the early reports, rod, that it is one shooter. is there any reason to think
7:35 am
anything other than that? >> no. i can tell you the police when they respond to situations like this, we anticipate based on the number of calls we get from people in the area and other witnesses, witness accounts. we anticipate it will be the amount of shooters people say. but we always prepare. we always prepare for the worst. when the police responded to this situation this morning they went in with the thinking maybe it was one shooter but you always want to keep in mind it could be more than one shooter. the other thing that's important is the ohio state university police department literally practiced for active shooter situations on a month-to-month basis. so they are well prepared to respond to the situation. and from what i see on the video right now, it looks like they may be getting the situation under control. once they finally arrest a suspect. >> it may be. when you watch these situations
7:36 am
and you see the sort of more hectic but organized movement that we saw initially when we started covering that. now, you see a lockdown in these police cars. does that indicate perhaps they have their man? >> that's a good question. it could be an indication of that. but you want to building surrounded, the area surrounded where you do believe you have a suspect. so you won't see a lot of activity far from this area. you will see most of the activity surrounded by the building itself. the other thing you want to note is the ohio state university hospital is not far away from watts hall. the view that you have on the screen now you can see the horseshoe stadium where bill was talking about the great football game we had saturday. so the point being here that all
7:37 am
of your resources are right there within the general area. so the police i can tell you firsthand because i know this firsthand, they have all the resources they need to keep the situation under control. >> the game against the university of michigan over the weekend, and obviously a joyous time after that game, now this morning, this, that they are confronted with as they try to grapple with what happened here. there have been some reports that perhaps some people were hit in this shooting. we don't have any confirmation on that. obviously rod, parents of these students who have just isn't them back after being home for thanksgiving obviously frantic at this point. what should they do? >> if there is any good news i can share with the viewers and the parents, the police department are highly trained there. the osu police department, the
7:38 am
columbus police department, the highland county sheriff, they are highly trained. it's better to text than call. i have relatives and my nieces and nephews go to ohio state right now. i haven't heard from them yet. just look at the video, i can assure you and the viewers the police department are doing a tremendous job. we are continuing to get some information here. i want to go back to wtte and listen in to what's being said. let's do that. >> a large police presence here on campus from theio state police department and columbus police. on west 19th there is a large presence of paramedics because there is a big question at this point as to what the extent of the situation will be. these crews are here on standby
7:39 am
just in case the situation does worsen. but we can tell you 7 people taken from the scene on campus. all of this happening within the last hour or so. we are working to get some information on the status of those people, their conditions as well as their injuries. we'll make some more phone calls and check back in with you just as soon as we can. reporter: this is 19th avenue and college. we still at this point do not know what the status is of the shooter, if there is one or two, if they are in custody or not. all reports are it does not appear to be a controlled situation. reporter: the buckeye alert is telling students to shelter in place, wait for police officers' directions. do not move. they are asking if you are on
7:40 am
campus to call 911 if you have information. bill: fox 28 columbus is reporting at least 7 people shot. prior to that, three reported shots. rod wheeler is with us and he has family on campus. i have family as well. i just reached out to my niece wondering if she is okay. she said have much so. it's far from me, but i'm staying in my lecture hall until it's clear. i imagine there are tens of thousands of student whether it's in the classroom or dormitory or local coffee shop, many people are stay where they are at the moment. there is a report the entire campus has been locked down and that covers a wide area.
7:41 am
the former boston chief of police, thanks for hanging with us for a moment. you mentioned 10 minutes ago not to call your kid, don't reach out to them on a cell phone. if you want to reach them, send them a text. >> we don't want students who are hiding, trying not to be found to get a phone call and alert the subject they are there. we don't want ringing cell phones. anyone inside ohio state should mute their cell phones. it looks like there has been some type of incident. law enforcement is there. they are not proactively engaging. they might feel they have contained the area. this will be a long drawn ask dt period today. shooters get described in
7:42 am
different ways by different people. the students sheltering in place need to know they will be there for a while. law enforcement will go through the locations they can even after they think they have the subject in custody just to make sure there is no one else there. bill: there is a report of one person transported. we don't know if that's a student or the shooter. >> we pray it's the shooter. the ohio state columbus university and columbus police trained for this. their firefighters and medics have trained for this. they will give people the best medical care possible. so it looks like hopefully it's contained. we need people to continue to do what we train them to do. shelter in place.
7:43 am
if you get information on a developing threat situation, call 911. we don't want people calling 911 from outside the campus. we need the 911 lines clear for people reporting activity threats of violence. bill: chief, how do you think the colleges and universitied are doing with this now when you consider the sheer size of this scope? >> the universities are getting a lot better because you just hope this doesn't happen to them. they have brand-new conducting training. they are alerting student. they have alert systems out. they are investing in infrastructure and technology to address this. it's an unfortunate aspect of our society. but since that threat is there we need to minimize that threat by making sure we got good security programs, threat
7:44 am
management programs on campus and police and fire and ems trained for these responses, and we activate the students and have them active in their own defense that they know a plan where they are in the classroom. they know a plan when they are in their dorm room. they know where they would run to if they have a chance 0 get out of the dorm. run, hide, fight is the mantra. if you can get out of the building you want to do that. if you can't, hide, lock the door, barricade the door. turn the lights off. don't have your phone going. text if need be, maintain calm. and develop a plan, if that individual comes towards you you and everyone around you will take measures necessary to contain them. they have been stopped by our soldiers on the train in france, they took action, they weren't
7:45 am
going to be victims of the shooter. bill: that was the former police chief of boston, massachusetts. martha: he makes a point of how well prepared people have become for these situations across the country. let's bring in former d.c. homicide detective, rod wheeler. the reports are there have been 7 people who have been transported to the hospital, one of whom is in critical condition. it's possible that the shooter is among them, right? >> that is correct. from what i'm going told from some of my sources on the ground. the university hospital has taken in the most severe individuals. three other people were taken 0 other hospitals. what the police are doing as i speak, they contained the situation, it appears.
7:46 am
they have the building surround. they haven't said whether or not the individual that is in critical condition or has been shot, they haven't said that yet. but what they are going to do is out slice technology that we use in these situation that can give you an overview, a 3d view of the building itself. the police will have that ability if they utilize the type of technology called collaborative response graphics. it's a new way x respond to these types of situation. it gives us an inside view of the facility in advance of actually responding there. but like i said, the main thing like the previous guest said, the police keep the situation contained, make sure no one goes in or out of that area until they have everybody responsible for this under arrest. martha: they have to be sure, obviously. there is a lot of students, no
7:47 am
doubt and professors and people who work at the ohio state university who are sheltering in place and they are terrified. >> many of those people may be watching this show right now. what i would tell them, stay in place where you are, wait until uniformed officers come into that area, come into that building and they will bring you out. the best thing to do in situations like this is simply stay in place. the other thing you can do that ohio state. you can text back to the buckeye alert system. it sends an alert to everybody on campus. you can text back to that system and let the officials know where you are. that's good information as well that people there should know about.
7:48 am
martha: you have family there, bill has family there. i go back to where everybody was this weekend, families together across the country. so many of us have kids in college and family members at college. and it's just unnerving to say the very least. >> one thing i can tell you, i have been look to for the command trailer we bring to situations like this. i don't see it with the current video. that could be an indication the suspect may have been apprehended. usually in a situation that goes on this long if the suspect is still as large, we usually bring in the command vehicle. hopefully they have the suspect or suspects in custody. martha: that's what we hope, but you would encourage everybody to stay put until that's confirmed. >> that's the best thing you can do. lock the doors, and text back to
7:49 am
that buckeye alert. you can text back. using the gps on your phone. that way the officials will know exactly where you are. they will send in officers in uniform to rescue those people and get them out safely. this is something we train for day in and day out. one other thing real quickly. you have this major situation going on on the north side of campus. what about the south side of campus? the police still have to respond to situations on the south side of campus and west campus which is not right next to the main campus. but my nephew just texted me and said the whole campus is on lockdown right now. he goes to law school there. he says the whole campus is currently on lockdown. as we keep and close eye on this and you see the presence of
7:50 am
police on the streets there, the phone is ringing which is one of the things we talked about there. you think back to virginia tech and the situation we covered. communication changed the game in such a big way. bill: we are 15 minutes into this. the emergency management department at the school tweeted, buckeye alert, active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight, watts hall. watts hall is the material science and engineering building. run, evacuate if possible, hide, silently get out of view, or fight as a last resort, you take action to disrupt the potential shooter who could be putting your life in imminent danger. it appears based on some of the reporting from the associated press 7 people have been shot. according to the associated
7:51 am
press two of the 7 are in stable condition. a local abc station talked with a student who locked herself inside that campus. reporter: what can you tell bus what you have seen and what you heard and what's happening right now? >> yeah, so it was a normal day walking out of class with a friend of mine. nothing really seemed suspicious. we got to an open area. the first thing i heard were screams. then after that which this is kind of strange, there was a whistle like a referee whistle. i wondered if the sports team was practicing. that's an unusual thing to near the academic area. five seconds after that there were three gunshots. and it sounded like a handgun. and i have never seen anything
7:52 am
like it. students are running out of the classroom building, and like you said, i ran into a bathroom. it was just a single stall. i was able to block myself in there. but we are getting updates from the university that says to stay in place. bill: that from a student on the phone with our local affiliate. you can imagine what she was going through as are tens of thousands of others as we wait to see if this will resolve or whether it continues. martha: let's bring in a former member of the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force, steve rogers who joined us many times before. unfortunately during these kinds of events. your thoughts on what we are seeing at the ohio state university. >> i can tell you that the police and the college administration, all the training, all of the work that has been done since these things
7:53 am
began several years ego is buying off. we talked about a tweet earlier this morning, the one tweet the college sent out that resulted in saving a lot of students from being injured and perhaps being killed. the training is paying off. what you are seeing happen now as rod and others have said it appears the police secured location. it's possible they have the shooter and they are going to be doing a complete search of that campus to make sure there are no other suspects. a couple key things. we have been talking about the response of parents, making calls and sending text messages. it's important that parents and relative don't go to the college campuses. it's got to be unnerving to sit down and watch what's going on at a college cam fuss where your child is. but it's important they stay where they are. there is no doubt in my mind with the technology we have and
7:54 am
the communication going back and forth that the college campus authorities as well as the police will be keeping the parents and other relatives updated. because of a quick response of the college administration and the police, there is a lot less injury and that's very, very important. martha: one of the most important things to determine in terms of the nature of this is whether it's one shooter. we have no reason to believe it's more than one shooter. but that has to be one of the questions the police want to determine in an absolute way before they can begin to unravel this process. >> you are exactly right. that would be the uppermost concern of every police officer responding to a scene like this. are there more than one shooters. they are trained to take a strategic and tactical approach toward every single incident we have regarding active shooters.
7:55 am
they will comb that entire college campus. no doubt's sealed off. no one can get intoer out and they will make sure there are no other shooters. keep in minds that at one point those students who are sheltered in place will have to leave. they will be asked to leave, the police are escort them out. but they will be vetted. the this have to make sure bunch those individuals -- make sure one of those individuals leaving the building is not the shooter. it's easy for the shooter to throw the gun away. it's a long, long process, but it's necessary and as we have seen over the past few years it works very well. so you are absolutely right, a second, third shooter, if there is one, they will find that person, but it will take quite some time. >> according to everything we know so far it awares this is one shooter.
7:56 am
but it's a very large area. 1,900 acres of campus. so they have a lot to gram with, and it's going to take them quite some time to figure that out. >> as we said all along, these officers are well trained, and they will comb that college campus every bit of it. another concern i'm thinking about as i'm watching all this, other college campuses around the country. you always worry about an individual who is a copycat and maybe he wants his 15 minutes of fame. you can be sure every college campus around the country is on alert and they have heightened security and that is very, very important. the key here, we said this one phrase with terrorism, if you see something, say something. it's very, very important that
7:57 am
the student or faculty or anyone on a campus sees something unusual, it's your gut i stink is telling you something -- if your gut instincts tells you, you know the environment, just make the phone call. but i can tell if you this case, what a superb job in a strategic and capital response by the police and college administration that kept the injuries at a minimum. >> we often see in these situations, it's the emergence of someone with a gun points at a person carrying out these shootings, or the shooter decides to take their own life. but we are going to stay on this. stick around if you would. bill: a couple things as we wrap up our coverage here and hand off to tour colleagues on
7:58 am
"happening now." the s.w.a.t. team has been activated to campus. to what extent we don't know. rob portman, a senator from ohio says mine and janes thoughts and prayers with the ohio state community. the governor john kasich saying ohio's thoughts and prayers go out to the ohio state community which echos what we heard from the emergency management tweet with listen to police, listen to first responders if you are in the area of watts hall which is where the focus continues to be. martha: the fire department says 8 people have been take to the hospital. our earlier report was 7. but as we know in these situations that number can be fluid. we don't know if the shooter is among those. we hope that's the case.
7:59 am
the nature of the presence on campus has gone from where they are checking rooms at this point to where one where they are actively seeking a shooter. but we are waiting a confirmation on that. bill: media reports suggesting 7 people have been shot. perhaps that number changes, oftentimes it does. twtwo apparently are in stable condition but the status of the remaining 5 is not known. we don't know if the shooter has been true thattized o -- we done short has been neutralized. martha: so many student are going back to school after being home for thanksgiving break it appears somebody had something different in mind this morning as they went into the classrooms at ohio state this morning.
8:00 am
we'll continue our coverage of an active shooter at the ohio state university, a place that had a big win over the weekend. jon: 8 people sent to local hospitals in ohio after a shooting on the ohio state university campus in columbus. the fires department says one person is in critical conditions. the others said to be stable. jo ling: state university warning its student earlier that there is an active short on campus and those student should run, hide, or fight. melissa: that's the standard protocol. run, evacuate if possible, hide if you can't get


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