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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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next to her thigh 62 years ago day. the dow still up, oil up almost 10% today. opec will cut back. that means prices going up. here's cavuto. all right. for all of those who have been complaining about donald trump and he has to do a big old press conference, he has to talk to the press en masse, he will do just that in about two week. on december 15th, he will have his kids with him and it will be a big event for him. and maybe one of mixed emotions. he will be surrendering his company, the trump organization, a company he built from millions to one worth billions. that was then, this is now. donald trump tweeting earlier today that it is visually important as president to have no conflict of interest with the various businesses. again he drestressed and others
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have agreed that legally he doesn't have to do this, it is just decorum dating back to fdr all the way to john kennedy and every president since has been doing this where they separate themselves from their businesses. even those who don't have so much money. let's get the read on the significance of this and what and how they will work all this out. let's ask our fox family. charlie gasparino, jessica and lisa booth. how is this going to work out, lisa? >> i'm not quite sure, but i think this is a positive step for donald trump. look, he will be the nation's richest president that we have ever had. clearly americans wanted a business guy, an outsider. and with that does come some of these potential conflicts of interest or at least certainly in the eyes of the media and the left. ultimately i think it's complicated no matter what he does, he will still be criticized because there are buildings internationally that
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bear his name. there have already been articles about foreign diplomats staying at the new washington, d.c. hotel. so no matter what he does, it won't satisfy critics. but i think there should be steps to disentangle himself from the business for him to protect himself in the future. >> charlie, you and i were talk about this on fox business which if you don't get folks, you have to demand. but he has according to his filings 550 companies in which he is a trustee, chairman or member. he has interest in properties across more than 500 entities and 391 bearing his name outright. so can you say complicated. >> yeah. and we actually don't know his tax return, so we don't know how more complicated he is or how rich he is, either. i guess he said it was $10
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billion during the campaign. half of me says that there will never be -- he can't stop the conflicts of interest here. donald trump will never stop taking an interest, quote/unquote interest, in his companies. kids may run it and they of he may sell his shares, but he's always going to be talking about that.of he may sell his shares, but he's always going to be talking about that. that will happen. the good news is that most of it is disclosed. here's what i mean. one of the problems with the clinton foundation, hillary clinton having that foundation and basically working secretary of state for president obama and doing some obviously based on her wikileaks e-mails doing some business with the clinton foundation. there was some ties between the two, was that we didn't really know. it was undisclosed. the clinton foundation is still pretty murky. we do know the conflicts involving donald trump. >> not all of them, though. >> you can't know all. >> because his empire is so far all over the world, if he sets himself up for -- people will accuse him and jessica of course
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will leap at that moment, but just to get your take on this, because other very wealthy presidents we've had in the past century, fdr would claim it's my mother's wealth, i'm living in her home before he moved to the white house. so there was a separation there. john kennedy talking about his father joe kennedy saying that there is a separation here. here there is no real separation. and he is the guy. and his kids are the beneficiaries of all of that. you can't separate yourself in that sense, right? >> no, definitely not. and i'm in agreement with what charlie and lisa said and i want to add that i'm looking to see how much he can separate himself politically from his kids. we've seen ivanka sitting in on meetings with the japanese prime minister. so -- >> why is that bad? >> no, i'm just -- >> did you have any problem with hillary clinton as first lady sitting in on meetings? >> i'm talking about going forward. if ivanka was in charge of the
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business interests, they can't also be advisers to the president. >> so you think there's a risk at the dinner table he might say how is that construction going this dubai? >> there is a certainty. the guy can't stop talking about himself. >> but let's be clear. this is why we voted for the guy. >> i didn't vote for the guy. >> i didn't either. but i'm just saying donald trump wons presidency because he's a businessman. and people wanted a guy that knows how to run things. >> but he also was elected to drain the swamp and he's not. >> you can play business with swamp. i can play business with money and helping people. >> i think he will try to avoid any obvious conflicts. but it's very hard to avoid the appearance of one. >> it's going to be tough. i'm happy to do the american thing. i'll step up the plate for a small sum of money and take over his business dealings for him. just being a good american. 2000 donald trump, i think what
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he needs to be cognizant of and i'm sure the white house con sell and his team of lawyers are also thinking of this, hence the announcement of the press conference, he needs to be thinking about the republicans have the house and senate right now p but midterm elections are coming up in 2018. when a party has as much control as the republicans have right now, things could potentially change. that is not what the math look like, but you never know. so he needs to ultimately protect himself -- >> but to jessica's point, we've never had anything quite like this. such a vast empire. even inflation adjusted terms. >> but he kind of opened himself up to this. we for got about that interesting interview in the "times," he basically said --
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and i couldn't believe he said this, it's a 180 from the campaign trail, i could run my business out of the white house. that is insane. >> but he's not going to do that. you don't want the trump kids unemployed. you don't want them on the street begging. >> but there was also an article today in the "wall street journal" about jared kushner's ties and that there might be conflicts of interest coming from that direction. but this was a tweet storm that i didn't hate for once. >> there is that. all right. i want to thank everybody. good job covering washington, charlie. always appreciate it. in the meantime, stocks were huge this month after the big trump win. dow is in record territory. nasdaq up about 3%, s&p 500 a broader representation up about 4%. but look a the what has been
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going on with the russell 2000. this is an undeks dominated by small companies and they are on ti fire. even if big companies are fueling the headwind, not so small companies and they have had double the gains of some of their larger brethren. so that is a significant government. let's read that with john thune, senate finance committee. there does seem to be a connection, senator, to the election of donald trump and what has been happening since. do you buy that? >> of course there is. and by the way you're anything but boring. >> thank you. >> but no, i think that there was some optimism and some hope that came out of the election particularly with regard to business. we've had now if you look at the worst economic recovery in 60 year, we haven't had a single
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year in the current administration where the growth rate has exceeded 3%, you have this huge heavy burden of regulation that is making it more difficult, more expensive to create jobs in this country. and so i think the election came and people felt like a huge sigh of relief. and i think a lot of these things that are standing in the way of economic growth are going to be addressed. and i think that is why you see the activity in the market and -- >> but are we getting ahead of ourselves? not so much in the markets, but everything will fall into place. steve mnuchin will be the treasury secretary, and he was on fox business earlier today. and wilbur ross, hopes to be commerce secretary. they were talking about the various plans out there and the 100 day rush to get cuts in regulation, to deal with obamacare and also to cut all tax rates. i want you to react what steve mnuchin had to say on that
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subject with maria bartiromo. >> we're already sitting down and discussing this with congress. and this is going to be something that happens absolutely within the first 90 days of this presidency. we'll have a major tax reform. biggest tax reform since reagan. and it's not just going to be a cut in corporate taxes, but also a very large middle income tax cut that will help this country. >> i know, senator, you're also one who watches out for spending. you do not like the piling of the get that we've seen. at least short term, it seems like that we will dig into deeper deficits, i'm sure a bang for the buck later on, but deficits likely will get worse. >> well, we have a deficit problem that needs to be addressed. and you address that in two way, through fiscal spending restraint and through faster growth in the economy. and i think what tax reform is
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all about and what the trump team is starting to talk about is how can we get the economy growing at a faster rate, how can we get growth growth back up to 3%, 4%. because ultimately when people are working, investing, paying taxes and government revenues go up. so the objective should be economic growth. my colleagues on the other side think that tax reform should be about expanding and growings government, generating more revenue. we think it should be grow heing the economy. the economy is growing and expanding, you will see the deficit situation improve dramatically. and so he so that's why tax reform is so important. >> is it important to you to see the tax cuts and allhe so that' reform is so important. >> is it important to you to see the tax cuts and all of that going, live with deficits that might get worse in the short term before that dynamic accounting or whatever you want to call it, and the revenue you get from tax cuts which is clear, could you live with that? >> you know, i would prefer that
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any tax reform that we do would be revenue neutral, would not impact the deficit. i think that that is the objective and the goal. but remember, you're talk about a tenure budget window that's what we operate with. you're talking about a dynamic economy. and if you use macroeconomic or dynamic scoring, tax reform will change behavior. when behavior changes, you will see more revenue come in. so i think what we will be looking at is how these things play out not only in the near term, but the long term. what the ultimate goal is to get the growth rate back up to where it should be and get our economy healthy again. when it's healthy again, people will be workinworking, wages god tax revenues go up with that. >> well put. senator, thank you. when you went into the macro thing, i note you were trying to outdome me. >> nobody can do that. >> generp john thune, thank you much. and we're waiting to hear
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from the vice president president-elect mike pence. he is scheduled to meet with mitch mcconnellnormally makes a statement. we'll monitor that. so much going on and again, we're still a ways from the inaugurati inauguration.
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wanted to make sure people heard it.will her caucus clearly. but we had an opinion and we wanted to make sure people heard it. >> how many votes i get is the least important item we could be discussing. >> well, it was important when she had to delay the vote on a concern that maybe she might have a tough time getting elected leader. that didn't happen. but 134-63, that is a lot for someone to challenge an established well-known name. so tim ryan the ohio democratic congressman wanted young fresh blood in there to acknowledge democrats have problems on their hands and going back to the old guard isn't a way to fix it. he lost, but the issue here, are democrats ignoring what happened. and has been happening. what do you think of that, elizabeth? >> well, i think that it's clear by sending nancy pelosi back into her leadership position that the democrats have not received the message from
1:18 pm
november 8th, which is that they have a problem here. they aren't listening to the working class americans that thoroughly rejected their message on november 8. and while 63 votes is a lot, so that does say that there are some in the democrat being party that get it, that they know that the democrats need to change if they want to start winning elections again, but i don't really expect them to get very far because nancy pelosi is in power still. the last time she was challenged was by keith schuler in 2010. she completely shut out the blue dog democrats. they didn't have a voice anymore. >> i remember that well. and in ryan's case, you got 20 some odd more votes than that guy did and i think that guy was relegated to a broom closet. i'm kidding, but to make the point when i spoke to tim ryan about this, but he was saying that there were bigger things that this was about. this is tim ryan. >> looking i realize it's david against goliath. i understand that.
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but damn it, we have to have this conversation as a party because the future of our party is at stake. we are not a national party right now. >> is that resonating? i always find, and you cover this so well, that both parties could sometimes be in a bubble, but particularly democrats who go back to the same leadership. and even when the leadership has failed. if you just want to spice things up, go a younger generation, a go go a new line of thought, get more people in the leadership pool. but none of that. >> i know. i just don't see it happening either. i mean nancy pelosi is 76 years old. steny hoyer 77. jim clyburn 76. but they're not giving away their power. they're still the top leaders in the house. and yes there are real concerns as there should be from the likes of tim ryan and others in the democrat being party, but they don't have the power. and if you look at what
1:20 pm
president obama just said, he's not changing his position or finding any blame in himself. he is still blaming you guys. he's blaming fox news. fox news is in too many bars across the country and that's why democrats have lost. >> has he gone to any -- he doesn't go to the same ones i go to. >> i don't know what bars he's going to. >> leaving that aside, i wonder where you see all of this going. because now if they're not really changing the leadership much, and even in the core leaders of the house, ryan so far not to my knowledge been invited to join, so are they really open to change or do they feel they have to -- invariably you'll hear, yeah, well, hillary won the pop uhe lar vote or we picked up six more seats in the house when many thought they would get 20 more seats. so you kind of reassure themselves they're doing okay. >> yeah, i think -- i don't think that they will change very much. if you look, this is what their problem has been.
1:21 pm
since 2010, since when they lost their majority and members and senators year after year,s's after they jammed obamacare down the throats of the american people, a law that they did not want what is still unpopular, people still want overturned, the party has shifted so far to the left and they have gotten rid of all these blue dog democrats that i really don't see how there is a place for tell in the party. and that is why when you look like a figure like trump to come along, he was attractive to these disaffected democrats. and their tendency is to double down and i think that's what they will to. a do. and the next time they will win is only if the american people get sick muof one party republin rule. >> generally when you smell smoke, there is a fire somewhere. elizabeth, thanks. mike pence is planning a pow
1:22 pm
wow with mitch mcconnell and meeting with others, too. all of this as oil prices were skyrocketing today. we'll spell all of that out and even connect it.
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you are looking at mike pence arriving in washington. his motorcade certainly has changed since he was a governor and congressman. he has a few vehicles that follow him everywhere he goes. he's on capitol hill to meet with mitch mcconnell. of course they have control of the senate and the house. he will also be meeting later on with the speaker, paul ryan. but again, a lot of this is to sort of get ready for the cabinet picks that we will have and a new congress 25 will be dealing with the order of their
1:26 pm
confirmation process. and also getting a better idea of that 100 day agenda which will include tax cuts, regulatory relief, getting rid of obamacare, solving global peace, all of that. it will be a busy agenda. so we're looking closely for mike pence coming out there. but in the meantime, something that i has been following, others have been following and heralding it because the price of a lot of things have gop ne including stocks, home prices. here is something that might not be good news, oil prices moving up 140sharply because opec sayi that it will curtail production. that was enough to send oil prices close to 60 bucks a barrel. gas prices would soon follow suit. if these figures hold. but discipline is not something opec is known for. chicago her hmercantile exchang,
1:27 pm
that is the question. >> but i think this time could be different because it's not just the question. >> but i think this time could be different because it's not just opec.that is the question. >> but i think this time could be different because it's not just opec. they will depend on other nonopec nations to join in on the production cuts. and if they get word that opec is cheating on production, then it will be gauge over, we'll be seeing the markets flooded with oil again. so i do think this time it's different. and that's why i think we're seeing the dramatic move that we saw in the market today. >> do you think it was overplayed? russia didn't agree to cut so much as freezing production. that could change. but are we, are the markets long oil going a little too far here? >> i don't think so. i think this is a historic day. i think when we look back on the charts, this is the day that opec cut production. and what is different this time than when they did it back in 2008, this may actually be good for america not bad for america. the last time opec cut
1:28 pm
production, it was in the midst of the financial crisis, they were trying to save their own skins, trying to raise prices up when global demand was falling. they're doing this as a time right now where global demand is starting to rebound, the market is very excited about what the demand will look like under a trump presidency. and so all of a sudden now they will help the u.s. energy producers that have really been hurt by low oil prices get back into the ball game. so this is a win/win i think not only for opec, but for the u.s. economy as well. >> all right. thank you very much. we're taking a peek at governor pence, vice president elect, he has arrived at the capitol, he's getting out of the car and going into the building. i just like to watch shots like that and what appears to be a lexus. i don't know how they got a lexus in there, but they did. all right. in the meantime here, do you remember the song anything you can do i can do better?
1:29 pm
i was thinking of that when i heard will tthe white house dow playing president-elect trump's deal with carrier. listen. >> the president-elect has indicated that he deserves credit for that announcement. and i guess what i would observe is that if he is successful in doing that 804 more time, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs created in the united states while president obama was in office. ♪ anything you can do, i can do better, i can do anything better than you can, no, you can't, yes, i can, no, you can't, yes, i can, yes, i can ♪ ir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
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1:34 pm
ado about nothing, but it's a pretty big deal, isn't it? >> neil, all you have to do is look at the video that was taken the day all these employees were hearing they were going to lose their jobs. >> i think we have that. do we have that? you're right, but they were shock when they found out the jobs were going to mexico. but you're right, and now -- >> you got it. and imagine those people wondering after at the get the unemployment checks where the next dime is going to come from. look, i think the biggest story unemployment checks where the next dime is going to come from. look, i think the biggest story is not that he saved tens of thousands of job, but that he actually had an interest in only 1,000 jobs. it may set a precedent for other companies before at the start sending business to other countries going forward. >> you know, it is unusual for a president let alone a president-elect to be working the phones to save a few jobs.
1:35 pm
but it falls in line with some other unusual developments since his election as president. apple hinting that it might be making more phones, maybe all in the united states. ford saying some of the small vehicles will still be in mexico, but you know, what the mid size suvs still saying in america. what's going on here? >> i think the people of apple and these other companies probably saw some of these rallies where trump had 20,000 and 30,000 people that were into him, really cared about what he had to say, that he was going to get neck deep into the economy, not only to create jobs, 2000 save jobs. and i think the people of apple are legaliel realizing, hey, wa minute, people are buying our product and maybe they should make them also. and the word precedent comes to mind. if one company does it, maybe a second, third, fifth and things get better. i want to make note that these
1:36 pm
jobs moving to mexico, carrier was going to pay them $3 an hour. so carrier recognized maybe this is in our best interests. no company gives up money for any little reason. they realize that it's in their best interests for whatever reason donald trump gave to them and 1,000 people and their families a very happy day. >> there is a reminder that i'm told he and his folks that, look, i'm going to cut taxes, i'm going to cut regulations. essentially give me time. because big reason why so many companies do leave and do take off is because it's prohibitive to do business here between the taxes, regulations and mondnons that you have to put up with. a lot have a very good reason to leave. if he can offer them a promise or at least an incentive down the road, you're not going to have to worry about that. you won't have to worry about being enticed by lower
1:37 pm
regulations abroad. that might close the deal for him. >> well, he's a great salesman and a great marketer. and he's probably in there talking about cutting the corporate tax rate which is a huge, and no pun intended, amount of dollars being saved and it will help corporations not only here, but around the globe. >> can he get it that low, 15%, from roughly 35%? >> he said it and so far he's kind of keeping the promises. i think there is a chance we will go towards it. and listening to secretary of the treasury, i think they mean business. and not just on that but regulations. i think we have been crushed by the regulations and there is a reason why the financial stocks especially the small ones are the strongest since the election. they have been crushed by dodd-frank and the regulations that prevent them from growing bigger and stronger and i think that is coming into play here. >> do you think this market can
1:38 pm
sustain what it's been doing? the dow was briefly in record territory, just closed shy of it. but the gains,remarkable. what do you think? >> i think it will probably slow down a little bit, but it's all about earnings. if they can resk accelerate, that will be higher prices. fed won't be your fed going forward. that may not help. >> you're right about that. thank you, my friend. donald trump tweeting that somali refugee who carried out the attack should not have been here in the first place. he's right about that. but then how do you avoid situations like this? what do they mean when they say extreme vetting? a guy who knows after this.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
test test test test test. test test test test test.
1:41 pm
they keep asking who did
1:42 pm
abdul razak ali artan know and was he in contact with them before the attacks in ohio. we'll never know. he's dead. but president-elect trump is arguing that the attacker should not have been here in the first place, tweeting isis is taking credit for the terrible attack at the ohio state university by a so mali refugee who should no have been in our country. lieutenant, good to have you, sir. what do you make of this? it's called -- donald trump says and others for more vigorous vetting. what do we do if not to target all muslims? >> you have to do two things. first policy wise mr. trump has to do a vetting of those already here. governor kasich accepted about 85,000 somalis into ohio. a certain percentage, i estimate
1:43 pm
about 10% to 15%, are not radicalized, but they are on the path like this guy. and let's be clear, they start very early. it's almost like a grooming process where 10, 11 years old, they get indoctrinated into this. and he even kritsed al awlaki as one of his influences. secondly, because isis looks for these sorts of folk, you and i can go on line and get trained to be be a jihadi. there is actually a training manual on line to do this. that should be an indicator of anybody who -- >> but isis now claiming credit for this after the fact, the guy dead, no way to refute that. but certainly inspiring mal departments kep malcontents in the united states. >> well, this is an effective method. as an intelligence officer, you look for patterns. and there is a pattern here. this happened in minneapolis, in california, in canada. we need to look into the northern border, as well.
1:44 pm
>> do you screen their online activity? >> this is my next point, just don't bring them here to begin with if they look like they're on that path. >> but he was here a few years ago and nothing would have telegraphed this. >> but again, you need to look at where these people come from and where they're going. they're predisposed to a certain septemb extent to have this belief. if you have refugees, they should be going to muslim countries. very wealthy arab nations are not pulling their weight. we cannot be the only ben fir ar beneficiary, we have to have others help us. and i would argue thereis guy's background that may have tipped someone. criminal activity starts as early as 10, 11 years old. so you need to look at that seriously because that telegraphs the fact that they will be susceptible to wrongdoing and again this guy was clearly up to wrong doing.
1:45 pm
>> that it's a mess if you have to start looking at people who already were vetted years ago and are here. >> i think you have to look at doing it. >> all right. thank you for your service. all right. donald trump is at the trump tower as the vice president elect is in washington. but donald trump we're told is down to four choices, four choices for secretary of state. probably the most crucial cabinet position depending on your view of things. we know one of them had dinner with the president-elect and he ordered lamb. the other two guys ordered steak. what does that mean? because i don't like lamb. after this.
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
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1:49 pm
the big shock here is they did not -- did not eat at the olive garden. did you see this picture? donald trump meeting with mitt romney. it's a very fancy french restaurant. kne neil, you don't have to give it a french accent. it's a beautiful restaurant. very nice. of course, they are taping it the entire time they are trying to eat. i don't know. some people get annoyed by that. the portions are so small to begin with. you don't have to go on a diet. nevertheless, they were breaking bread. they seemed to have gotten past old wounds. the question is whether mitt romney will be offered the secretary of state job. he will have competition in the name of senator bob corker, general petraeus and rudy giuliani. is romney the front runner? romney appears to be the only guy who had din din with the
1:50 pm
president-elect. >> i don't know if it's the front runner. he was not only having chocolate gate for dessert, he was a slice of humble pie. definitely eating his words, so to speak, the remarks he made. >> a lot of people said because of the -- he should apologize. he hasn't done that. nor does it seem trump forced that. trump said nasty things about him. when you sit down and break bread with someone, it's getting to the next stage. right? >> it's taking it to the next level, that's right. you have to remember, this is a guy who called trump a phony, a fraud, a con man. now he is jock i canni jockeyinn his cabinet. i think this is last shot for romney. he doesn't want the first line of his owe built abituary to be loser. >> someone is a hater here.
1:51 pm
i'm curious. this would follow a pattern where a rival ends up getting the secretary of state position or former presidential nominee. john kerry, of course, hillary clinton, rival to barack obama. in this case, neither ever said anything approaching the stuff each of these guys said to each other. what if trump is stringing him along? >> you are right. it's not that uncommon for political frenimies to turn into friends. never before have we seen such heated attacks. now there seem to be making up over that chocolate cake. >> i don't flknow how it starte. priebus and trump ordered steak. romney ordered lamb.
1:52 pm
the other two ordered. you mi you mimic what they do. no, no, no. i'm going with the lamb. what do you think the trump people said he had to do? did he do with that leaving the dinner? that's the extent to which he will -- >> i think all the possible candidates have gone through this process of maybe doing what the trump camp wants them to do. it's kind of like a beauty pageant which is very within trump's rl maealm. going through the motions. they're waving to the cameras. smiling, saying all the right things. i hope they will skip the swimsuit portion. >> i agree. you have ever been to that restaurant? >> i have not. i have not. >> okay. i will leave it at that. thank you. really good stuff.
1:53 pm
>> we-we. >> speak french. tiny little portions. you would lose weight. we will start a recount tomorrow. this is something that was initiated by jill stein. hillary clinton will be a part of it. two other states are getting the same drill we are told. the wisconsin election commission chairman right after this. knowing where you stand. it's never been easier. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand.
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1:57 pm
why are they doing this? what does it mean for you guys? >> well, first of all, good afternoon and thank you. we are ready to go here in wisconsin. why jill stein did this is -- we're not privy to that information. what it means to us here in wisconsin is that we have 72 county clerks, canvassers, they are ready to go. they had a state wide webinar this morning to get ready. they are meeting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. frankly, they are ready. they are hard working folks. and it's going to be a green christmas in wisconsin. the 3$3.5 million is going to b an early christmas present to many people who are going to work a lot of hours between now and december 12th when they have to be done. >> three million votes you have to count. you can't count them by hand.
1:58 pm
that's what she wanted -- jill stein wanted because there's concern about whether this whole thing was hacked or whatever. what do you think of that and that argument? >> we have no evidence on the ground that there was anything hacked. the gap was, as you noted, almost 23,000 -- 22,177. the last time that we had a statewide recount in a supreme court race, 1.5 million votes, 300 votes changed. we are going to have a recount page on our web page. if you go to wisconsin election commission, there will be a recount page. there will be updates through the recount. >> how long will that take, sir? i know december 19, the electors meet. you have to have it done by then. >> right. we received the petition late
1:59 pm
friday in the middle of thanksgiving weekend. we called an immediate meeting of the commission first thing monday morning. we set out a schedule to have it done on december 12th at 8:00 p.m. that will give the commission up through the 13th to have it certified well in advance of the safe harbor provisions. we're very confident it's going to get done. and it will confirm to america that no one is counting illegal votes in this state. >> very good. i wish you well. you will be a busy guy. the wisconsin election commission chairman. this could extend to two other states, pennsylvania and michigan. we will see. we will see what happens. we will see what's happening on capitol hill, waiting for the meeting with mitch mcconnell. he will go to the house side or maybe they will come to him and speaker paul ryan will be meeting with him. that's going to be an important liaison for donald trump to build on.
2:00 pm
in the house he served six terms before indiana governor and vice-president elect. see you tomorrow. hi. "the five." president obama figured out by the democrats last the election. it was fox news. he blamed his own party initially. then he added, quote, part of it is fox news in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. yeah, that's it, fox news is in every bar and restaurant. you will find us next to the live pandas riding giant flaming unicorns made of leather. but he is kind of right. chunks of america do watch fox. the


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