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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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plenty of reaction today on president obama's plans to pay back vladimir putin for russian hacking allegedly and leaking during the election and including from president-elect donald trump's team. >> mr. trump at his mar-a-largo hotel and our political panel here to talk about the brand-new tweet about the china seizure of the u.s. drone and the continued transition. >> and the only 538 americans who vote directly for the president are set to make history tomorrow. we'll have a live report on a last-ditch effo last-ditch effort to try to stop donald trump from getting into
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the white house. thanks for spending some of your sunday with us. i'm shannon bream. >> and i'm leland vittert, a week before christmas. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> reince priebus tells fox news sunday that president-elect donald trump will accept that russia is behind the hacking or leaks of the e-mail accounts but only if they release an official report showing that conclusion. that comes just days after president obama issued a warning to moscow that they could face retaliation with meddling. and we're tracking it all here in washington. >> thank you for having me. and days after the fbi and ncia say there is a con ses us and both say hackers intervened. four senators are calling for
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the creation of a bipartisan panel to investigate foreign countries for their attempts to hack the electionme. and we are hearing from john podesta saying the intervention is clear and donna brazil said more should have been done earlier in the campaign and the own us falls on the president. >> we didn't feel comfortable and we didn't know what was coming next. this is not just about computers, this is harassment of individuals, harassment of our candidates, harassment of our donors. >> hillary clinton herself telling donors at a thank you event that this came from personal beeves against me. but russia denies any cyberin er s intrusions and reince priebus was asked if findings are
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enough. and was asked if he denies any coordination with russia? >> of course we -- we interface with the russians. this whole thing is a spin job and what the democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and face the reality that they lost the election and they lost the election because they are so and completely out of touch with the american people that they are still shell shocked and they can't believe it. >> now senator john mccain who chains the senate arms committee speaking out this morning saying russia election related hacks threaten to, quote, destroy democracy. he also calls for a select committee, one of the four senators to investigate the findings and i assume this is not the end. we'll hear more. >> for months and months and maybe years. thank you. >> president-elect donald trump is in florida after wrapping up his thank you tour in alabama last night. he will spend the holiday at his resort in palm beach while
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working on filling the remaining top positions in his cabinet and the west wing. now just 33 days away from inauguration day. phil keating live in palm beach outside of mara la-a-largo with latest. where it is warmer than here. >> it is 85 degrees for the high and if you could do it, come to florida for december. president-elect trump and his family plan to be here through the holidays. and in fact, will make this mar-a-largo resort and the trump home his defactor winter white house over the next four years just as president kennedy did up the street on palm beach island and president nixon did on key biscayne. after the big thank you rally in mobile, alabama, he sported his familiar red make america great again hat and fired up the crowd with promises to rebuild the border wall and slash taxes and create american jobs.
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>> this is where it all began. remember that incredible rally we had. i said i'm coming back to see you in alabama. right. and this is our last rally, our last stop. >> reporter: and tomorrow is a big day constitutionally. all 538 electors who make up the college meet in all 50 state capitols to cast their votes for president. but celebrities and activists are urging the electors in the 31 states trump won not to rubber tamp the vote by the people on election day which tomorrow's event usually is. here is trump adviser kellyanne conway this morning. >> one last-ditch effort, very desperate to turn around the election results and make them what everybody said they were going to be. you have these out of work
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actors and actresses, embarrassing them and one guy played the president on a drama called the west wing. he is not the president going to the west wing, that is donald trump. >> president-elect trump has basically two big secretary announcements as far as cabinet positions yet to be named. that is the secretary of veterans' affairs as well as agriculture. and the president-elect promised that crowd in alabama yesterday that the veterans' affairs adviser or secretary nominee will be named very soon. i talked to jason miller, senior communication adviser to the president-elect here this morning and he said, we're working hard over there in -- on this sunday. there could be some news, but certainly no promises. lee land. >> well, i guess as this goes, we are watching twitter for any news and checking in with you, phil. thank you very much, sir. >> reporter: okay. >> and more from the foreign policy side, the china
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government said it will return a u.s. navy drone seized from international waters in the south china sea. but the president-elect said we don't want it. now you'll remember mr. trump blasting the seizure at first, calling it unprecedented on twitter. but last night he changed his tune. and he tweeted out this. we should tell china that we don't want the droep they stole back -- let them keep it. some critics warn this tweet could further strain u.s.-china relations, already delicate following his phone call with taiwan president. for more on the twitter diplomacy, let's bring in ethan berman and radio show host mark levine. gentlemen, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> mark, first, i'll pose this to both of you, do either of you understand these two tweets, one calling it unprecedented and it being angry and the next one telling the chinese to keep the
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drone. >> maybe he owes massive debts to the chinese and they promised to call them in. he won't tell us what debts he owes to china or russia and won't disclose that information so we don't know who is pulling the strings of our president-elect. >> i didn't think we would get there so quickly. ethan, does that make sense to you or are you scratching your head as well. >> it is schizophrenic, he is going one way and then the other and in terms of diplomacy, the stream of consciousness tweeting is dangerous. go back 100 years to the world war i, less things have started wars. >> in fairness, i did hear a couple of folks defending mr. trump here saying essential that by saying, hey, keep the drone, no problem, maybe upping the ante a little bit, because if he -- when he becomes president, he wants to do something to china, maybe steal one of their drones or tale one of their stealth aircraft or something like that, he could say, well you took our drone, we're going to take this in return. is there some power in saying, never mind, we'll see you on the
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playground. >> the only power in the way that he approached this is keeping them unstable. we don't know which way that he's going to be coming at us. this kind of unstable diplomacy, i find to be deeply disconcerting. and if that is your approach, so they never know what is coming next, but that is a very dangerous way to approach the diplomacy and -- and somebody else -- they don't do it that way. >> somebody else who doesn't know what is coming next who is james woolsey, the trump adviser. take a listen to him this morning. >> and trump tweets keep the drone. what is going on there? >> i don't know. i can't keep up with tweets. i don't do the -- the social media myself, so who knows. >> okay, you better start reading those donald trump tweets. >> is this a new reality, that twitter diplomacy, never mind the diplomat cables and ambassadors and everything else, just set up a twitter alert. >> this is not a game. this is not a joke.
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the presidency is not some kind of reality show. i want to praise ethan. it is nice to see right and left agreeing and coming to the and being americans first. we have to protect american security. china and russia are our biggest enemy and when putin chooses our president of the united states and said the greatest espionage attack in history since september 11th, this should wake up everyone. i'm glad to see for example donald trump finally recognize, but issin tinges were to say that -- instinct was to say that vladimir putin was telling the truth and our military was lying. that is not what we want in the president of the united states. >> ethan, i will let you respond to that quickly and then we'll move on. >> glad we agree on thisef ill -- heavily. and donald trump is defending the people attacking us and that is not what i want from a president. and the only good news is we won't need a wikileaks dump to find out about the secret
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cables. >> well, when it is all right out there, i guess you have a point there. quickly, guys, we'll get to mr. trump's cabinet. heard from phil keating he was finishing up the last two appointments today possibly before christmas and the two appointments left are agriculture secretary and then also the secretary of the veteran affairs administration. and you've been hard on mr. trump, whether in this segment or before, how do you feel about his cabinet now? >> well, i mean, look, i'm going to say general mattis, is unquestionably the best choice possible. we have energy secretary, rick perry has a terrible track record when he was governor of texas. i mean, look, agriculture, the republicans have attacked the ag bill and the way we sub sizid things like food stamps and i have attacked the way we subsidize the big ag and maybe we could come together and reform both of those. >> and if you look at betsy
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devossa, you can't really take issue with, do you? >> undermining public education and saying we need to move to a voucher system and movefrom pub funded education, i do find disconcerting because the poorest neighborhoods, those who aren't able to speak for themselves as well as those of us who are doing better in life, i'm concerned about those getting a lesser education. so i am concerned about her as education secretary. >> all right, ethan. mark, you heard ethan. i think he only had one name that he was okay with. can you give more than one name or are you going for zero? >> um, i'm not completely offended by the united nations ambassador. >>n and you're talking about general mattis? >> i'm offended by michael lewis and steve bannon, the secretary of inu endowho promoted lennon strategy and nationalism as his secretary of inu epdo -- >> come on, mark. really.
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if you want to have a serious conversation, let's have a serious conversation. >> because this is a guy who has promoted -- >> no, no, come on. >> promoted fake news. and mike lewis put forward this idea that hillary clinton was involved in a sex ring. and you know it is true. you know that michael lewis put forward -- no, wait, this is in the washington post and new york times he put forward that hillary clinton was involved in a child sex ring. there is a reason why some mentally ill north carolina man came to d.c. and tried to shoot the pizza place. >> and perhaps the number one reason is that he was mentally ill. mark and ethan, thank you guys. appreciate it. whenever you have radio talk show hosts on, they always make it interesting. and keep it right here for more interesting conversation after our show. fox news sunday, chris wallace has an interview with incoming chief of staff reince priebus at 2:00 eastern. shannon. winter storms are wreaking
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havoc across the country causing hundreds of accidents on icy roads. in baltimore, at least two people are dead, dozens are injured after a tanker yearing gasoline skidded off the road and exploded alongside a nearly 70-car pile-up. now authorities don't yet know whether the pile-up was a result of the explosion or caused it. in indianapolis, about 50 people were forced to evacuate a restaurant when the roof collapsed completely flooding the inside there. police aren't sure what happened but they do believe this one too was cold weather related. and in naperville, illinois, temperatures have dipped to almost zero, causing trains to be delayed due to mechanical problems caused by the sub-freezing temperatures and as in regions across the country, authorities are urging caution for anyone who has to be out in the weather. although, i have to say, my brother-in-law i think wins today. he sent me weather report, negative 35 with windchill as they were heading out to church in iowa. >> i think, that is dedication
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but i think phil keating wins. 85 was the high today in palm beach. >> cry me a river. okay. thank you. coming up, could the president's pick for the supreme court have a last minute chance of filling the open seat. what just happened on that front. our legal panel will weigh in. new border violence with two men trying to come into the country illegally. and we'll update you on that case. and a fight over a christmas poster at a texas middle school and we'll talk to attorney general ken paxton. generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood?
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i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. a border patrol agent is on administrative leave after he shot and wounded a man suspected of entering the country illegally. it happened on friday night in southern arizona he tried to stop two men near the border. according to border patrol one of the men was fighting the agent and got control of his baton. charges are pending against both men and an investigation is underway into the shooting. president-elect donald trump will not inate hundreds of
10:20 am
federal judges, starting at the top with the open seat on the supreme court. incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus said a name will be announced around the time of the inauguration. mr. trump has pledged to nominate one of the 22 names he's released for the first pick but will president obama's nominee get a last-minute shot at the seat. our panel here is to -- here to weigh in. teresa vereeno and ian mill houzzer from think process. good toe sue you both. >> good to be here. >> and on friday, we have a new mexico lawyer asking the chief justice, who could defer to the whole court to foers the senator to -- force the senator to hold hearings and force mcconnell to have a vote on merit garland who has been sitting there for months and does it go anywhere. >> this is a so what lawsuit. i don't think this guy will win and even if he does, so what. the senate holds the vote.
10:21 am
there is still more volkswagere than democrats. there are good things lawyers could be doing right now and i recommend doing something else. >> and i assume you feel the same way. but he doesn't want anything to look political and does he give this the full vetting, responding to the court or does he immediately shut it down. >> the idea that there is a constitutional vote has gotten three pinocchios [ inaudible ]. i think it is going to give maybe -- this would be just dismissed but he will look at it for a minute. but there is no way. the senate has the -- the option of how it wants to deal with these nominees and we know -- they decided to give people a voice. they had their voice. it is the next president who is deploying this justice, sorry, folks. >> and once we get past the electoral college then we'll know who that is. it is president-elect donald trump. so we have a list of 21. would lists come to 21 names. and who do you think is at the
10:22 am
top of the list, who wories you the most. >> who wories me the most? that is a good question. probably senator mike lee who he thinks that child labor laws are unconstitutional and suggested that social security and others are unconstitutional and one thing george bush said is that the honor is great and the job is temporary and in four years there could be another election and that president should be allowed allowed to govern so we don't want to prevent the next president from doing anything because they think the supreme court's powers aren't particularly limited. >> and kerry, we have a number of aging justices, it is just the numbers an the facts but we do have an open seat now so looking at this list, who bubbles to the top. i'm waiving at some of the federal judges on the list. >> something we needs to look at is someone faithful to the constitution, including all of the amendments as their text has
10:23 am
them not as they want them or wish them had been. reading the statutes as they are written by our elected representatives and having a record where they've been standing up for those principles even when it's unpopular and pressure to do otherwise so i think the key is to look at those people and there are great people with great long records on the bench where you could get a sense of that and you don't have someone going in not sure how to perform under pressure. and that is really valuable. it is not easy to do that kind of vetting because you can't say okay, they ruled for the defendant or the prosecution, you have to know are they really effecting the laws written. you could have a law that might lean toward one side or another and it is a challenge to go through the names and find out and i hope we have someone who demonstrates those principles and the courage of the conviction. >> there is a lot of research to be done here because you have a lot of judges, state and federal judges. but to weed through all of the
10:24 am
decisions to know who you are getting, you know -- and they don't want a suitor and they sort of lose them and so how tough do you think it is going to be on then president trump, whether he names before or after the inauguration the right pick. the right expects a lot for him. we showed up for you, the gl evangelicals and we expect to get who you said we were going to get. >> from nixon through george w. bush, we were big on the rhetoric of judicial restraint and how they wanted the supreme court not to do things. and during the obama administration, there was a lot of dissent from that view amongst republicans who wanted the court to become more aggressive. when i look at the 21st names i see the first spectrum of republican names on that list. i think all of them are very conservative but there is a big difference between someone say senator lee that i mentioned before who is very aggressive
10:25 am
and some of the names on the list, justice straus on the minnesota supreme court had wrote as a law professor about how he thinks the supreme court has done too much. and if he still believes that and brings that ethic to the supreme court, he would be a very different justice than some of the other people on the list. >> kerry, quick final word to you but i think you would agree that many of the right would think the court has done too much. >> the court has two parts to its root job. one is to when there is something unconstitutional, they need to step up. you can't dodge those issues and that is where people got concerned where the chief justice and the obama care cases, seeing is he trying to dodge a tough question. we don't want judges doing that but also we don't want judges activist in bringing their own personal policies in and trying to bring that into the courtroom and read that into the constitution. so we need -- we need [ inaudible ] and not restraint or activism, but someone faithful to the constitution and the laws. >> we'll soon know the name. within a matter of weeks. good to see you both. >> thank you.
10:26 am
>> the u.s. intelligence community said it is in agreement that russia interfered in the presidential election by hacking or leaking dnc e-mails but our president-elect is not so sure about the details there. our expert weighs in next. and mixed messages from the u.s. leaders as we work to get back a drone seized from international waters. an update on that story including tweets, that is next. >> the fundamental here is that these chinese have taken an american vehicle and in international waters and in gross violation of international law. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part...
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. china said it will return a u.s. drone it t seized from international waters on thursday ending a brief but significant stand yuf between the u.-- stan china. >> donald trump has made it very clear that he plans to do a lot
10:31 am
of renegotiating with u.s. policies toward china. and that is why this latest incident is much bigger than just the $150,000 drone that was stolen. well the current administration has been pushing for china to return the drone, after beijing agreed to do that yesterday, the president-elect responded on twitter saying, we should tell china that we don't want the drone they stole back. let them keep it. then this morning on cnn state of the union, arizona senator john mccain who has been an outspoken critic of the obama administration for being too soft on our enemies, said the u.s. needs to respond with strength or these kinds of incidents will continue to happen. >> the fundamental here is that these chinese have taken an american vehicle and in international waters, in gross violation of international law. maybe they saw the success that the iranians had had after they captured two american vessels and put american sailors on
10:32 am
their knees. >> the chinese are not apologizing for this incident. and have told u.s. officials they shouldn't be surpd adding in a statement there are many risks there and many risks of crises. you know that china has undisputed sovereignty of the south china sea, further, there are risks from your continued close end surveillance. on fox news sunday, incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus said president-elect trump was right to respond the way he did. >> i think 80% of americans think it is inappropriate to rip a drone out of the water. then they keep the drone and give it back to the rightful owner. i don't know if you want that drone back. >> reporter: and while the chinese has agreed to the return the under water drone they haven't laid out a time line for when this will happen. >> thank you, garrett. >> the debate continued this morning about if and to what effect the russians hacked our election. the president has spoken
10:33 am
passionately about this. did on friday. the president-elect has spoken passionately as well. and they do not agree. let's bring in howard tooky. and nice to have you with us. thank you. and start with this. there seems to be agreement within the intelligence community that the russians were behind the hack of the dnc and the wikileaks e-mails. to what proof they have to be debated. is there any proof out there that these hacks had any real effect on the election or they also hacked into voting machines or state boards of elections or something like that. >> i don't think there is anyone prepared to say this was the tipping point, this made the difference. >> except for the democrat. but go ahead. >> but it is hard to say that because there is so many different factors. did hillary clinton go to the right states at the right time. were there enough messages on the democratic side to counter the gop side. it is hard to say. but let's not forget also that hillary clinton won the popular vote. so even if the russians did have
10:34 am
a great propaganda effort, it didn't change that many minds in the right states. >> that is an interesting point. haven't heard that made yet. today reince priebus, incoming white house chief of taf, said if the intelligence community has this nailed down, the president-elect wants to see it and wants proof. conceivably the president-elect and the president are entitled to the same intelligence briefings from the same people. the president-elect doesn't need to see a report public issued, they could give him his daily brief on his ipad. >> that is correct. the president-elect gets the same briefing if he wants but donald trump hasn't been reading his briefings and accepting the intelligence briefings in person either. so perhaps the same information is out there but the two men are not paying as close attention or different levels of attention to it. >> what are folks in the intelligence community in your sources making of the president-elect effectively calling them out and saying, i don't think he got it. >> they are not happy.
10:35 am
they think it is a blow to their integrity and puzzled by it because they are trying to figure out how to work with him. they have a job to do. they are nonpartisan. >> and do you believe that. there are a lot of accusations between the cia this was done to sort of undermine mr. trump's victory. >> i think that most career servants, from what i've talked to, people that i know, they really believe in the nonpartisan mission they do. whether there is inherent bias or not is a different thing but they try hard so they believe they are nonpartisan and they have to work with whoever the president is. >> well they do have to work with whoever the president is. >> if he is not going to listen to you, then what are you going to do. >> makes things more complica d complicated. what we heard from vice president biden is the idea of a u.s. response to russia trying to held them accountable publicly or retaliating in some ways. what options are you hearing that are being weighed. >> the u.s. has a range of
10:36 am
options. he we could impose economic sanctions and do our own cyber attacks in a stealth way and ridicule the russians with our own information -- >> economic sanctions, the president-elect, when he becomes president could lift. that doesn't seem as though it will do much. ridiculing vladimir putin, hard to make him look worse than he already is so this leaves the idea of your own cyber attack out there. is this really being discussed in. >> it is entirely possible that something is already happening and we don't know about it. they don't advertise these things. or all of them. and partly because they don't want to reveal u.s. sources or methods either. >> or our capabilities. and in this way, does it matter if we don't know about it. if the world doesn't see it, does it matter, did it happen. >> that is a good question. that is one of the things that i think we're going to have to figure out. because there is a lot of things that the u.s. wants to do and may already be doing but if we reveal it, it takes away the power and we can't do it again -- >> so if all of a sudden you
10:37 am
turn off the lights at the presidential palace in moscow on red square there, you tipped your hand that you know how to do it. >> or the russians could say, it was a fluke. but they could also be squacare and trying to figure out what to do behind the scenes. >> and then you worry about the retaliation against us. >> and some of the hacking is to send us a signal, we're in your systems. >> and also, in that sense, they may know things that the american public doesn't. the russians may know that we're in their systems as well. >> i think they fully expect us to be in their system. this is intelligence. if we weren't doing this, we wor won't be doing our job. >> great conversation. thank you. we'll have you back. >> well the 538 members of the elector college meet tomorrow in their capitols to cast vote for the next president of the united states. thus expected to seal the deal for donald trump but some electors are publicly saying they may not vote for who was
10:38 am
elected in that state. and here is more on what we could expect is caroline shively. >> there is growing pressure to flip some of the electors to keep president-elect trump out of the white house. if 37 republican electors flip, then mr. trump won't have the 270 elector votes to officially win. >> i know what i'm going to do on monday. i may vote for secretary clinton or i may vote for a republican that -- that 37 republican electors would want me to vote for. >> now that is coming from an eelector bound to hillary clinton. democrats are for pressure from some corners as well to throw over clinton and vote for a republican other than trump. sweeping someone else into the office. election watchers say all of this is the longest of long shots. 29 states actually have laws that bind the electors to the candidate chosen by the voters in their states and it is very rare for even one elector to change votes in a given election year. >> one particular individual in
10:39 am
texas, but other than that, we're very confident that everything will be smooth tomorrow and this harassment from groups like move should stop and that is what the american people demand. >> so in the end, this is most likely just an interesting civics lesson if 37 electors did switch from trump to someone else then it is up to the house of representatives to pick the president and the house is of course controlled by republicans. shannon. >> caroline, thank you very much. we'll all be watching. check this out. looking at cape canaveral, florida where the atlas is on the launch pad, set to blast off at any moment. we'll take you there live coming up next. and charlie brown is a christmas staple in homes across the country but this caused a stir in one texas school. we're going to tell you why an employee was forced in court over a poster featuring the beloved character of linus. ♪
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live pictures now of cape canaveral, florida, as you are looking at an atlas rocket on the pad. the united launch alliance set to launch the final rocket of the year. if all goes well. there is a hold right now. but they still have a few minutes to get it off. it looks like beautiful weather. it carries the highest broadband satellite in orbit. helping beam high speed innocent innocent -- high speed internet shoppers at home, wait for it to go up. it will be quicker. and a number of legal battles involving the obama administration. well some disputes could take years to resolve in the court system, are there other issues, a new will you sworn in president trump could solve on day one. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us live to talk about that and a showdown over a
10:45 am
christmas poster in the lone star state. general, good to see you today. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> so listen, it is no secret that texas has butted heads with the administration over epa and regs and rules. you have a new letter you've sent out basic i will to the trump administration saying there are things that you could do without going to court on day one with respect to the regulations. how would that work? >> in a would be great -- that would be great. we want him to rescind the executive actions done by the president. the rules issued by the epa and other agencies, those could take longer but could be changed rather quickly. so we're hopeful they'll begin initiating the changes immediately and given that the president just selected scott pruitt, the a.g. from oklahoma, he's been involved in the lawsuits so we're optimistic that we'll have a person in the office that understands the issues and will help us resolve these quickly.
10:46 am
>>ond another huge issue for texas is immigration. we've seen action from the current administration. what are you hoping a president trump will do with respect to immigration, right away? >> well, as you know, texas let a 26-state coalition against the -- what we consider an illegal action by the president on amnesty for illegals. we sued and we've gone to the supreme court. gotten a preliminary injunction. but the new president could literally resolve thissish in a single exec -- in a single secive action and it would be over. and we are hopeful on the first day that will be one of his actions. >> he's talked so much about that issue, it seems like this would be one he could be willing to act on quickly. and being the border that you have to patrol and handle, we know it is an issue that is a daily battle for you all. and i'm sure the guidance would be appreciated and the change would be appreciated from the president. but what do you say to those that are worried about what president trump will do on the
10:47 am
issues. they were supportive but we have problems with regard to immigration and other issues and they don't want that wiped out until there is some solution in place. >> i don't think they should be worried. what happened with the current president is he went beyond his constitutional authority and created law. it is not up to him to make policy and it is up to congress and we're hopeful that congress will get involved in the process. none of us disagree there need to be changes in immigration but it is how it is done that matters and in this case we don't want our presidents acting outside of their constitutional authority and stepping into the place of congress. and so we're hopeful that congress will act and not the president. >> and something we've been tracking right there in texas. a middle school -- i understand somebody who worked in the clinic, a staffer at the nurse's office or clinic in a middle school had up a poster, it has linus, one of the peanuts characters or a bible verse or something with a christmas message that the principal told them he had to take it down. it went to the school board
10:48 am
there and i understand there was a 6-1 vote that the poster had to go. my understanding was there weren't any patienrents that complained and nobody spoke out and yet the 6-1 vote to take it down and now the judge said a poster can stay up. but in all of this, i find out texas has something called a merry christmas law. can you break this down for us? >> yep. so we heard about it. we actually sent a letter to the school board and to the administration of the isd and said we would represent them if they got any legal day as it related to this poster. that same day they voted to have the teacher take this down or the school employee. so we sued the next day an the judge came in and said under the constitution, this lady has first amendment right to express her views on her faith. and so we feel very happy about the way this turned out and we're grateful that this judge made the right decision. >> and we're out of time but quickly can you explain what the merry christmas law is. >> it was designed and passed a
10:49 am
few years ago and designed to further protect people in texas from being able to use the word "merry christmas" and to celebrate christmas. and so we've noticed there is a war on christmas and we've tried to protect people who want to celebrate christmas and express their first amendment rights. >> well merry christmas to you, mr. attorney general. you're a busy man. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas from texas. >> thanks so much. well how could anyone be against saving civilians trapped in aleppo, syria, as the war wages on. one country is voting against that at the united nations. we'll tell you who and why. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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a nation's security council is meeting to talk about the humanitarian crisis in syria. russian u.n. ambassador said he will vote against a resolution to send u.n. workers to check in on civilians now trapped in alep o. connor has more. >> the fighting continues and there is a night in the u.n. about what to do. it is a fairly moderate proposal by the french to send both aid and observers into syria, not to do anything else. but the french proposal is being threatened by a veto by russia
10:54 am
who wants to, with their own proposal, counter and make an offer that the syrian assad government would have to approve any of these observers, essentially neutering this french proposal. now as this fight in new york is going on, the heavy righting in aleppo continues and so do efforts to try to get some of the civilians out of harm's way. there have been efforts at evacuation all week but they've been very limited an not done much. a couple of thousand people have managed to get out of aleppo this week. but what we've seen consistently every day this week is that these conveys, as they either approach these civilians who are trying to get out of aleppo, are either being attacked or some of the conveys have been attacked on the way out. many thousands of civilians have been braving freezing temperatures overnight and exposure to the elements, very cold weather trying to lineup, trying to get on any of the buses. but the buses and the conveys
10:55 am
have been attacked, many of them not even getting close enough to get civilians out. so it is a very tragic week for many of the civilians trying to get out of the harm's way between the approaching ayad forces and the -- assad forces and the controlled territory and it is a bad situation that looks like it will get very limit ted help from the international community. >> we all know what is going on now, thank you. pope francis celebrated a milestone as the vatican prepared for christmas. to vatican city after the break. ♪ ♪"all you need is love" plays
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christmas is a week from today but pope francis is already celebrating. he celebrated the fourth and final sunday advent this morning as people enjoyed the holiday decorations around vatican city. and that wasn't the only celebration at the vatican this weekend. pope francis celebrated his 80th birthday by hoping a group of homeless men and women for breakfast. >> a man who lives his faith. >> exactly. what a humbling and kind and jerrerous thing to do --
11:00 am
generous thing to do. he could have dinner with anybody in the world. the least of these. >> we knew things would be different in the vatican and we underestimated it. >> that is it for us from washington. >> fox news sunday is right now. >> i'm chris wallace. with the electoral college set to meet tomorrow, democrats say they need to know more about russian hacking before the electors cast their votes. there is ample evidence that was known long before the election about the trump campaign in russia. >> and it is remarkable. that is breathtaking. he's auditioning to be a political pundit. >> today the war of words over russia and the election. we talk with the incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus, it is a fox news sunday exclusive. then, what are the chances trump electors will vote against him? we'll speak with democ


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