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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 21, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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you're going where we lock up grinches. it's called the county jail. or grinch city. we're excited that she's in jail. it makes my christmas. a happy christmas. and a merry christmas. >> she's got felony counts. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> it is wednesday, december 21st. i'm heather childress in for ea. this is a fox news alert. fire in the sky. unbelievable video. this is coming in of this massive explosion that happened at a fireworks market. dozens are dead, even more injured this morning. a desperate search for survivors. >> this is unbelievable. meanwhile, another fox news alert. an arrest could be imminent in germany as the manhunt for the terrorist truck driver and maybe
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others continue. putting the world on edge. this morning, word of refugee resettlement hitting a record high here in the united states. we could break some records. >> wow. mtv facing a firestorm of criticism. i know what you're saying. there's still an mtv? for this video -- >> try to recognize this was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. can we agree that black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter. black lisicki just matter. >> that's not all. we have more. because let's get to something that's very important. >> we will. let us start this hour with a fox news alert and a live look at downtown berlin.
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fears of another terror attack are mounting by the minute. the man behind the truck massacre in berlin is on the run and they really don't have a clue where he is. >> yes. meanwhile isis blaming a soldier for killing 12 and injuring dozens more. >> kristin fisher has been following the investigation. you're live in washington. kristin, what do we know at this point? >> police have received more than 500 tips. but the man behind the wheel who murdered 12 and injured almost 50 is still at large. with the christmas holiday rapidly approaching, concerns are mounting that he or she could strike again. at first, german investigators thought they had their man in custody. he was a pakistani man who came to germany as an asylum psycher. he was detained based on descriptions obtained. after 12 hours of questioning, that man was released due to lack of evidence.
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the police chief came out and said we have the wrong man. the perpetrator is still out there and likely armed. isis has now claimed responsibility. they describe the man seen fleeing from the truck as a soldier of the islamic state. whether or not isis directed the attack or inspired it or had zero involvement at all remains to be seen. it's also inclear if the driver acted alone or if he had help. as the search for the killer or killers continue, police across germany are tightening security, especially around the popular vulnerable soft targets, the christmas markets that germany is so well-known for this time of year. brian, steve and heather. >> kristin, thank you very much. it is well-known that so many people go to those christmas markets in downtown berlin. they're everywhere there. angela merkel is facing a backlash of criticism because there were warnings that somebody was going to try something like this. yet, there were no barriers, no barricades and no more than five
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police when the truck slammed into it a couple of nights ago killing 12. it looks as if whoever did it, did their research. knew that it was -- >> warnings specifically involving trucks being used as weapons which we know they did in nice, france, as well. >> truck driver with the details, was a huge guy, well over 6'4" they say. this guy had some type of weapon to overpower them as they tried to find out who did this without the security of having security cameras to look back on. they do say they have over 500 leads. it's important to note that the german people, they've been through a lot this year. 22 attacks -- 7 terror attacks, 22 dead and 112 wounded and many of them linked to the refugees that have been brought in out of goodness of angela merkel's heart. >> 1.1 million just last year? >> yeah. >> talk to pete hegseth about
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that. >> what's interesting is angela merkel in the year will stand for stand reelection as chancellor of germany. she's getting criticism from her own party because of her open-door policy because there is a fear that all these syrian refugees who they're letting in, they really don't have any idea who it is. in fact, the head of the conference of state interior ministers called for stricter border policies. he said this. we do not know who they are and where they come from. that's not exactly like what donald trump said on the stump. we need extreme vetting. people are coming in and we don't know where they're from. >> many of us saw the pictures of little kids on buses holding up parakeets. that's not the problem. we need to know what's happening to them. people see orphans out there. americans have the biggest hearts on the planet. we see other people with devious intentions that we owe it to their own people to find out who
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they are and their intentions. >> you think we would learn from all of this. instead, we look like we'll surpass the goal of president obama's goal of resettling refugees since november 14th, 23,428 refugees. if we keep up with that rate, we will surpass the white house goal of 110,000 refugees. >> yeah. you say to yourself, isn't there somebody in charge of the ceiling on how many refugees you can let in the country? the answer is yes. since jimmy carter, the president sets the ceiling and it was very clear that this president wanted to bring in as many syrian refugees as he possibly could and other refugees from around the world. i mean, the refugee program historically has not been a problem. these days, given the fact that isis has made it very clear, the flood of refugees goes through europe, many of the scary guys -- >> governor rick scott said i
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have no idea who these refugees are. the president doesn't even tell us who is coming in and who is going out and who they are and where they're being settled. governor scott walker similar complaints and said this about the definition of what a refugee is meant to be in our country. >> a refugee is someone who is eventually going to go back to their country of origin. i think the whole idea is ridiculous that we're not working with our allies in the gulf region to make sure that a lot of those folks would be better suited going to some of our partners. some of our allies. they're coming to the united states, chances are they're not going back. that defies the definition of a refugee. >> what scott walker said, he's written a letter to incoming president-elect donald trump asking for more authority over who comes into their country particularly in the nation over terrorist -- hotspots and stuff like that. given the fact that -- we've
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been -- we've been on this couch for a couple of years talking about the refugees coming in at the southern border and elsewhere and the governors of the various states we have no idea who the people are. keep in mind, the states are on the hook for the cost of the people being resettled. donald trump doesn't want to do it this way. he would prefer safe zones in the various countries. >> we mentioned governor rico owe there are 28 governors that want that. want the big switch to the powers to the state. >> it will be really interesting to see. more and more of these leaders will be on the fire for the same thing. jackie ibanez called into action early, or should i say late. >> nice to see everyone. fox news alerts this morning. staggering death toll rising at this hour after a devastating explosion at a fireworks market. check it out. >> unbelievable video.
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the plumes of black smoke covering mexico city after a blast rocks this famous outdoor fireworks market. at least 29 dead, 70 others injured. the market stocked with supplies ahead of christmas this time of year. rescue crews descending for an urgent search for survivors. the cause is not yet known. chilling new details in the brutal assassination of a russian ambassador. police saying the gunman may have had help. investigators from moscow have new clues showing -- police staked out the art gallery, the crime scene from a nearby hotel room. the parents of the a sis sin, sister and roommate are under investigation. 11th hour crackdown an fossil fuel. the president using a 1953 provision to ban offshore oil and gas drilling in the arctic
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and atlantic oceans. it won't be easy for president-elect trump to repeal since he may need congressional approval. the atlantic water is off limits stretch from the coast of new england to virginia and 15 million acres off of alaska. well, check this out. santa claus going high tech. yes. trading in a sled and reindeer for a drone. >> it's a drone. it's really a drone. >> my, my. how times change, huh? that's youtube star casey nigh stead dressed up as st. nick. as you can imagine, he says what the heck is that? no one in the world made a drone able to lift a person. you know what he did it. that's what i like about him. >> that looks fake. >> i don't know. >> flying reindeer makes sense. >> very strong drone. >> all right. >> jackie, thank you very much.
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we've seen flags in protests of our president-elect. that's protected under the constitution. what about people who steal the american flag. we're going to talk to legislator who wants to change the law. >> with global concerns of radical refugees in the wake of the berlin attack. we know how u.s. democrats feel about taking them in. >> there are lots of refugees. we need do our part. we by no means are carrying anywhere near the load that europe and others are. >> is that really the right strategy? morgan ar take is worked at the state department. she has more on where we should go from here. >> good morning.
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♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. fox news alert now. it's breaking moments ago. i'll share this with you from germany. police are searching for a tunisian man in connection with the terrorist attacks on a christmas market. police arrested a refugee from pakistan. apparently by mistake. by the way, he was there illegally and came under a different name. regardless, this has brought the refugee crisis to the forefront with many on the left saying we
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aren't letting -- >> there are lots of refugees, women and children, and we need to do our part. we, by no means, are carrying anywhere near the load that europe and others are. >> globalized world, it is very difficult for us to simply build walls. >> there should be no question that we all need do more in order to help people fleeing persecution and violence. >> but is this really the best strategy? are we the best next stop? here u.s. navy reservist, morgan or take us. welcome back. >> thank you. >> the staggering numbers that germany has taken in and suffered seven attacks this year around and this huge political backlash. should we be doing more or should somebody else take the responsibility? >> we should be doing mother but we should work to stop the civil war in syria. it's frustrating for me to hear of president obama and john kerry saying that we should be
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doing more, we should be helping. yes, we should have five years ago whenever the civil war started in syria. we should have never withdrawn our troops so quickly out of iraq which led to isis taking over. what's really important, i think, about this attack in germany. isis inspired, is this radical or isis directed? if it's isis directed, that means the gains we tried to make in iraq in syria against them are not as significant as we thought. >> the thing is, they were giving three, four years to plot and plan. they've provided the since separati inspiration. we've let them go into iraq. took our troops out of iraq. we really did nothing except for iraq help fight isis while they took root and exploited their own capital and country. we wonder if we should have more
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responsibility for the refugee crisis. it's all related. >> it's absolutely related. it needs to be solved on a regional level. what president trump should do, go to the states of qatar and other states and say this is -- this is something that has to be solved regionally. are there safe zones? syria, within your country. let's solve this as a regional level and see what the west needs do then. >> jordan is brought to its knees because they've opened up their arms. what has saudi arabia done? they get away with it. nothing. make people earn their alliance with us. you would think the sunni would meld into their society instead of blitzing the west when we don't know what's going on. look at what germany has done and taken in. the german population has been infiltrated by 428,000-plus syrian refugees.
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154,000 afghanistan refugees from iraq 121. alban albania, 69. from kosovo, 33,000. you wonder why there's so -- >> what's troubling is i think that we're all getting used to this, right? you can not go into the nice and have a glass of wine without being worried about someone driving a car and blowing up the place. the same thing in germany. it should not be normal that you go christmas shopping in a beautiful german market and you worry about getting plowed over. this is happening around europe. the first reaction should not be, what are we going to do about the refugees, they need to let more in. the first thought should be how do we protect your people? you can't have a croissant outside without worrying about a terrorist gunning you down. it's not normal. >> the president of the united states is mocking americans with legitimate concerns. in the meantime, everyone here
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is at risk. we don't know who is actually coming in. morgan, the president-elect has said i want to form safe zones in that area. is that feasible and applause i believe? >> it is if you have a -- we have to work with our partners in the region with the sunni arabs. we have to come to a resolution, whether it's safe zones or them to take more refugees in. the big winner in this chaos is iran. iran is wreaking havoc in syria, wreaking havoc in yemen, destabilizing and threatening all of our allies in the middle east, especially israel. >> the runner-up on the stand is russia. they now have a bolstered ally in assad, alliance with iran. and a new alliance with turkey. which we'll discuss later in the show. morgan, thank you. merry christmas. >> same to you. it will be on donald trump's lap for sure. we've seen flags set on fire
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quick headlines now. the obamacare website busted for approving fake applications. the government accountability office claiming health gave the green light to 9 of 12 fake accounts. marketplace is supposed to validate social security numbers before approving applicants. not good. a california community college goes to extreme lengths to protect illegal students for president-elect trump. the president of foothill college, if there is one, demanding all student records are funneled through his office requiring a court subpoena to have them released. steve, tell us something different. a course to punish people to stealing the american flag. a republican lawmaker is filing a bill to make grabbing old
3:24 am
glory a class 6 felony, the same as stealing a gun. those convicted could face up to two years in prison. here to explain more, the man behind the proposal, arizona republican john cap that. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. i figured stealing anything was a crime anyway. why is this a special crime? >> well, i was approached by an arizona res depth who said that some flags had been stolen from display on front yards. they were shocked to learn that it was only a misdemeanor theft, which is the same as stealing a pack of gum from a convenience store. they thought that it should be more. as a retired cop and professor of criminal justice, i was aware that most crimes, especially larceny, had aggravating factors that elevate the seriousness. i thought stealing a flag that somebody is displaying was worthy of an aggravating factor above one level up.
3:25 am
for two reasons. it's a vein rating object for -- secondly, when somebody is displaying the flag, they're doing so to express themselves. be it patriotism, mourning somebody who is dead. maybe even a protest. that's a constitutionally guaranteed first amendment expression. so when you steal a flag, it's more than stealing a pack of gum. you're not only stealing an object, but you're stealing somebody's first amendment right to express themselves. i think that's a reasonable to give it the same bump as we would for stealing a comb off the person of another or one of the other aggravating factors that increase the penalties for larceny. >> that's an interesting idea. what are the possibilities that it will pass in the arizona state legislature? >> i think it's very likely. there's a good argument. you're stealing somebody's expressive right. we had a parallel last year. i live in fountain hills.
3:26 am
we had a trump rally in the area. it made nationwide news because the anti-trump demonstrators chained themselves and blocked the roadways in into fountain hills. based upon that, i was able to pass a law that increased the penalty for blocking traffic when your purpose is going into an event or government meeting. you're not only blocking traffic and inconveniencing people, you're trying to trample somebody's right of first amendment right of assembly. these are important rights. there's no reason why we can't say that's an aggravating factor, like stealing a comb from the person of somebody is automatic a felony because of the way you do it. >> you mentioned a trump rally. i've got the feeling that you and donald trump probably feel about the same way regarding the flag and when people are trying to exercise their first
3:27 am
amendment right and burning it. you can't do anything about it at your level. but you can do something about it if somebody steals one, right? >> absolutely. i want to make it clear, if they shoplift it from the store, that's a regular misdemeanor theft. but when it's on display like in somebody's front yard or an event, then you're stealing the expression and that's the only time i make it a more serious offense. >> let's see what happens in the state legislature in arizona. senator john cavanaugh, thanks for joining us. >> thank for having me. season's greetings to chuck schumer to staffers. you're fired. what he did after the dems big loss. we'll tell you straight ahead. sass since creed is burning up the box office with this stunt. could kevin mccarthy be the next stunt double. we'll find out next.
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30 minutes until the top of the hour. 30 minutes until the top of the hour of this hour. throughout the election, wee made a point to come to your hometown to hear your views. on one occasion was the entire show -- the entire that stole the show. >> heather, as we talk to you, i want to ask you a question. i believe that pete is wearing a tuck it shirt. do not tuck it in. >> looks great, pete. >> you have to untuck it. it's the only way you fit in your clothes after you eat all that. >> the mobsters do that. they wear a sweat suit all day. >> he's taken the pulse of the people. >> done something no republican can do since the '80s. >> breakfast. untuck it. >> pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends with his untuck it shirt. helping decide the election. >> do you think i will? >> you might. but the buttons are going to pop
3:32 am
right open. >> it did look like an untuck it shirt. >> pete, while brian was talking about how you were wearing an untuck it shirt, the shirt you're wearing now, it was from j crew. >> it looks good untucked. >> it's not an untuck it shirt. >> all he thinks about is how to wear a shirt untucked that looks good. >> it's short. >> i think brian has been fixating on the untuck it shirt because he would like one and santa heard that. >> look at that. >> heather -- >> open it up. >> open it up. >> i'm so nervous. >> are we on right now? >> you are. >> this is going terribly wrong. >> untuck it shirt as the infomercial. >> look at that. >> this is the actual untuck it shirt. >> hold that up.
3:33 am
>> brian. >> very close. >> you think i'm going to wear -- >> going to send you to a diner and talk to the people in your untuck it shirt. >> that's more untuck ity. >> >> can i say something? >> you can. >> one of the hardest things i do in my life is dress on the weekends. i don't know how to dress -- >> untuck on the weekends. >> i untuck a shirt. his passion is to fix that for you. >> this is unbelievable. >> hey. >> get a photo from you this weekend. >> we're going to get him to put it on during the program. >> in fact, brian, go put it on right now. >> really? >> go put it on and at the conclusion of the segment -- >> we need closure. >> there's no reason for the people --
3:34 am
>> we've got -- >> what is going on? >> we'll do the news and the weather and we'll see you in your shirt. >> i'm following you. >> oh, my gosh. >> there they went to change clothes. >> you'll find out what it looks like in a minute untuck it. i believe that's an advertising -- >> 24 minutes before the top of the hour. jackie ibanez joins us with a fox news alert. >> good morning. >> the overnight. >> what happens in the morning. fox news alert for you. a live look at berlin where police are reportedly searching for tanzanian manment documents from inside the truck that was used to run over crowds of people. the 24-year-old asylum seeker. fears of another terror attack growing bit minute as that
3:35 am
suspect remains on the run. isis taking responsibility for the attack. calling him a soldier of the islamic state. an american mother kidnapped by terrorists in afghanistan pleading with the obama administration to free her family from their nightmare. listen to this. she and her husband joshua boyle seen with their two young boys who were born in captivity. the couple has been held by the taliban since 2012, captured while backpacking through the terror hotbed. she was 7 months pregnant at the time. so far the united states has not responded. merry christmas, you're fired. incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer. some had been with the media center for years. the move comes as democrats scramble for more creative and viral messaging after across the board election losses.
3:36 am
after winning their game, the notre dame basketball team helped facilitate a soldier's surprise that will also win your hearts. this is fabulous. junior point guard was told to look at the scoreboard for a message from his soldier brother, first lieutenant bo farrell. it came all the way from afghanistan. after a minute, that's when the real tears started. brother bo came rushing out on the court. it's so sweet. bo wasn't expected home until february. an amazing christmas surprise for that family. thank you for your service, lieutenant. so sweet. i love those stories. >> that's great. >> i feel like we have a surprise coming up. >> we do. behind the curtain over there. ladies and gentlemen -- >> there they are. >> look.
3:37 am
not a jacket. i have to -- don't i look good? it's a good length. am i right? do i look -- stand next to brian. >> j crew. >> you both have -- >> pete hilfiger. >> the untuck it shirt. it changed my life. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, pete. >> thanks, pete. >> i'll sit next to brian. >> there you go. just sit. >> you know what, is it a flannel? it looks like a plaid -- >> you want to touch me? >> you know what, janice dean, this is a perfect shirt for today. the first day of winter. >> yes. it looks very canadian. it's very attractive to me.
3:38 am
very nicely done. i love it. speaking of canadian, my mom is going to be here later on cooking with friends. >> she gave birth to you. >> that and many other things. we'll talk about that. maybe not the birth thing. anyway, let's talk to some people who got up so early to come here. where are you from? what's your name? >> randy. >> judy. >> where are you from? >> delaware. >> why are you here so early? >> to see "fox and friends" and you. >> that's a really good answer. >> we're from clarksville, tennessee. >> what do you think of the cold weather? >> we love it. >> excellent answer. >> i'm from florida. >> thank you for being here. >> mark. >> chiara. >> from tennessee. >> merry christmas. let's look at the temperatures real quick. you know what the good news is. we're getting a warmup. it's the first official day of winter. the sun at the lowest point in the sky. here on in, the days get longer. look at the 24-hour warmup that
3:39 am
we're feeling right now across the country. it's kind of good news when you're dealing with a below zero temperatures. we're in the 20s and the 30s. i think that's pretty good news. right now, very quiet weather pattern. we're going to be watching a stormy winter pattern as we get into christmas eve and christmas day. thanks for coming everybody. merry christmas. back inside with the untuck-it brothers. >> there you go. thank you very much, janice. it's the christmas rush at the box office. will the big named stars in the movie flick passengers and assassa assassins credo owe. >> the founder of no -- >> look at that suit. >> keep that tucked in. >> this is pretty amazing. by the way, bret baier was wearing one of these at a christmas party. it's becoming the new thing now. this is awesome.
3:40 am
>> you were first. >> mr. kilmeade, are you wearing an untuck-it shirt? >> yes. >> i could be wearing that. i choose not to. >> we need one of those jackets on top of these shirts. then you'd be good to go. >> this is jennifer lawrence and chris pratt. the idea is you have a spacecraft going to another planet. 120-year journey. two of the passengers wake up 90 years too soon. those happen to be chris pratt and jennifer lawrence's characters. they have to find out a way to get back to sleep. the beginning and the middle fantastic. the ending is very bad unfortunately. i think you should just leave before the third part of the film. i gave the movie 3 out of 5 for that reason. i think it's a "c." the movie sinks at the end.
3:41 am
you're going to put 20 bucks in it? >> i said the first two parts of the movie are worth seeing. the first hour or so is good. i thought the ending went off the rails. it's a matinee typo owe. >> don't giveaway the whole thing. at one point, did jennifer lawrence and chris pratt make out? >> oh, yeah. there's a lot of that. he's actually wearing an untuck-it shirt. so is she. it all happens in that scene. >> do they get a different grade if they make out? >> do you have a clip of your interview with them? >> i have a -- a there's a moment in the movie where he sends her a love note, handwritten, says will you go on a date with me. it reminded me of when i was in middle school, yes, no or maybe and circle one. i wanted to know if they had that experience in middle school. >> did you do the note? >> of course. i feel there's an art form to
3:42 am
the love note. i agree. everything -- we text now. facebook. there's emoticons. there used to be like a whole prison system for passing a note. it had to go through search or eight hands. >> did you get them in middle school. yes, no, maybe. circle them. >> maybe puts you in an uncomfortable situation. now if i say yes -- sometimes if it's no, i would put comma, thank you. >> the movie opens up today. gave it a 3 out of 5 which is a c grade. not the greatest movie of the year. if you like the beginning or the middle of the film. >> i tell you what, if anybody is turning on the television and wondering what they're looking at, brian was making fun of pete's shirt last week at the diner. kevin mccarthy is the crazy suit guy. last year or the year before on this program we saw this crazy
3:43 am
christmas suit and we got it for kevin, he wore it. it has changed your life. >> honestly, it has. i got to say thank you to brian michael tully behind the scenes at your show. he got me in this suit years ago. every time when i'm on the air, everyone asks me where is my christmas suit. >> i've never seen him on the air. we can't see him? >> thank you very much. kevin mccarthy. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas sniemts i was pointing out that i want to get one. >> you got one. >> perfect. pete, thank you very much. meanwhile, did you see this? mtv made a video suggesting new years resolutions for you white guys. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all agree that black
3:44 am
lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter? >> tis the season for giving. go ahead, brian. >> how do you budget charity? chris brown is here with the answer. >> who is going to untuck it? pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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. . . .
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that is the time to help and give back to those in need. what are the best end of year giving tips that won't break the budget? >> chris brown is our friend, also a finance expert and the radio host of chris brown true stewardship. we've got three e-mails quickly. mark and georgia. >> mark asks where does giving fall in my monthly budget? >> i'm glad to hear there's a budget process. >> good point. >> it's got to be a priority for us. it's the most fun you'll ever have with money. winston churchill said it best. you make a living by what you get. you make a life by what you give. set priorities. my budgeting process, i go to every i list my percentages. i start off with giving. how much do i want to give and then i make cuts if i have to. i want to make sure it's a priority. maybe you're digging out of debt right now. you got to make it a priority. it might be time you need do. it's not so much about the
3:48 am
money. >> not necessarily a dollar amount. >> it's about cultivating a habit of being generous. >> very good. jenny rote in from iowa. i'm saving to buy a house. i tithe to my church $100 to a local charity i'm passionate about. i was advised to stop giving to the charity to save more for my house. that becomes a big choice. do i give to charity or do i put money in my savings account for a rainy day? >> i think $100 a month is not going to make or break the downpayment on a home. you think about the average home in america. i don't want you to cut from something you're really passionate about. there's probably areas in the budget you can cut where you're less passionate about. where you shop. she said it. maybe it's a gym you're never at. i don't know what it is. don't cut something you're passionate about. >> the gym i'm never at. you didn't know t good point.
3:49 am
finally, nick from colorado. my wife and i want to give to charity. we don't agree on what organizations to donate to. what's a good compromise? >> i think it's great both want to give. on the radio show, i hear one spouse wants to give and one doesn't want to give at all. you sit down, put down the percentage you're going to give. the places that you want to give. if you can't agree, that's fine. that's all right. maybe you need to cut it right in half and say you give to these for the time being until you can agree. the reality is though, when you talk about, just relax, right? we want to make sure that talking about money is not something -- >> scary. >> you don't want it to bust your message. conflict is certain in life, drama is a choice. >> churchill said what? >> we make a living by what we get. we make a life by what we give. >> very nice. thank you very much, chris. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
3:50 am
>> president-elect trump busy building his cabinet. who is next to be named? rudy giuliani. we'll go inside team trump at the top of the hour. mtv made a new video for wh. >> awful. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all just agree that black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter?
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
mtv is facing a fire storm of criticism for a 1:20 video called "2017 resolutions for white guys." take a look. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all just agree that black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter? black lives just matter. there's no need to overcomplicate it. >> also, blue lives matter isn't a thing. >> learn what mansplaining is and then stop doing it. >> if you're a judge, don't prior tase oo the well-being of an ivy league athlete over the woman he assaulted. >> we all love beyonce, and yeah, she's black, so of course she cares about black issues. >> i was just writing down my resolutions. joining us to react on what many are calling racist and absurd, the author of "con job," crystal
3:54 am
wright. did you learn anything from that l little segue from mtv? >> i didn't learn anything. i would think that liberal networks like mtv would really give up this identity politics after trump won the election and energized white voters, right, because this is really about the fact that white voters were tired of being told, especially white men, hey, you're all racist. so they went out to the polls. they said, our white vote matters, our white jobs and families matter. prosperity matters for us. so i really think mtv really just -- you know, they need to give it up. more importantly, guys, would we ever see a new year's resolution produced by mtv telling black men to stop killing each other in inner cities like chicago, stop impregnating black women to the tune of over 70%.
3:55 am
will we ever see a video like that from mtv? no, because you know why? that would be racist. >> it would be. and this is obviously racist, but let's face it, these days white men are a punching bag for the liberal left. >> oh, absolutely. i love you, but i'm an equal opportunity christian. i was raised that color -- it's not about color. my parents raised me to make friends with people who were nice. but you guys sitting on the couch, you've got -- you know, you're right in the bull's eye of the gun from the liberal media. they said, hey, white guys, you're all racist, you're all villains, you're not family men. this goes back to the fact they can't get over trump is the president and he happens to be white. that doesn't mean he's bad. >> it also goes along with what bill clinton said a couple days ago to a newspaper. he said the angry white man. that is why hillary clinton lost. >> no, hillary clinton lost
3:56 am
because she was an awful candidate. she was not real. and oh, i don't know, something called e-mail gate. she was a narcissist at her core. and we're also seeing this because bill clinton, like you said, heather, came out, blaming everybody under the sun. comey, angry white men. well, guess what, it wasn't just angry white men that trump won. he won 58% of the white vote, labor union members without college education, including white women. again, this goes back to failed identity politics. he won 8% of the black vote. people are just tired of being told i can't like you because you guys are white, you can't like me because i'm a black woman. really? no. >> i think at one point, we're just going to have people that win the state and not win the white vote, the hispanic vote, or the female vote or the male vote. hopefully that will come around the corner. >> thanks for the unity, mtv. crystal, thanks for joining us.
3:57 am
merry christmas. still ahead, big program. the man who killed osama bin laden is going to be joining us. state department spokesman admiral john kirby, and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. all here live. and he's the latest to start a twitter war. so who won? former president bill clinton or future president donald trump? >> and rudy giuliani here with us next. hear what he has to say.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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god morning to you. it is wednesday, december 21st, 2016. i'm heather childers in for ainsley earhardt. an arrest imminent in germany. what we've learned this morning. and is now really the time to be opening our borders to refugees in record numbers? the current president thinks so. what does rudy giuliani think? he's shaking his head. he's right next to me on the couch. you'll hear from him in about 90 seconds. most electors cowered at the death threats from hillary supporters. not him. >> burning letters all night. it's over. we've got a new president. >> so now we know where he stands. he's going to have trouble writing thank you letters with all those burned return addresses.
4:01 am
in case you're wondering, your life is better and your morning is bright because you're with friends. 7:00 here in new york city. it's 1:00 in berlin. we start with a fox news alert. a live look at berlin, where police are reportedly searching for a tunisian man in his 20s. he's between the ages of 21 and 23, in connection with the christmas market massacre. >> according to local reports, police found his asylum documents under the driver's seat of the truck he used to run over the crowd of shoppers. the papers apparently announcing a state of deportation from germany and identifying him as anus a. how appropriate. >> he's on a police danger watch list and is said to be in contact with a key isis recruiter in germany. >> right now fears of another terror attack growing by the minute as that suspect remains on the lam. isis now taking responsibility
4:02 am
for the attack, calling him a soldier of the islamic state. also, we understand that apparently they were able to -- that particular truck right there, that truck that crashed into those people, apparently had gps and some sort of thing on it that recorded mobile data. so they were able to actually track the -- where the truck was just before it mowed down people. sounds like it went around the market a couple times before it built up speed. his phone was talking to the truck somehow. i don't know how it works, but it looks like they know who this guy could be this time, although they got it wrong yesterday. >> well, it sounds like they're moving to the right guy. i think it was a tunisian a few months ago involved in another bombing. >> one of the few successes, they say, of arab spring. >> if you think about this year, go back to san bernardino which was right before christmas last year, it almost seems like ten years of terror attacks, doesn't
4:03 am
it? >> it really does. >> i don't even want to go on announcing all of them, but four in germany. this is the fourth or fifth in germany. >> seven. >> and the most fatalities in this one. nice, france. paris, france. brussels, san bernardino, orlando. we can go on and on and on. i think what we're seeing is how much more dangerous the world has become. someone asked me yesterday, is the world more dangerous now than it was the day before or the day after september 11th? the answer is yes. it is because it's proliferated. it's like a cancer that's metastasized. we've allowed it to happen. because we didn't keep our eye on isis. we didn't know it was growing. we thought it was the jv. we paid no attention to it, and we were declaring victory. while we were declaring victory, they were fanning out into 30 -- they may be in 35 countries now. >> some people still declaring victory if you listen to the white house and president obama. >> the most absurd thing in the
4:04 am
world. we allowed the worst thing to happen. we allowed them to infiltrate us. when the war was contained in iraq or the war was contained in afghanistan, that was bad enough. >> while bleeding into pakistan. >> but we kept the homeland safe. from september 11 until ft. hood, there was no successful islamic attack in the united states. since then, we've had a number in the united states, a number in western europe. this year has to be, by far, a record year. >> will that be part of president obama's legacy? >> well, it has to be. i would say he's going out of office leaving us a world much more dangerous than the world he was given. he was given a stable -- i wouldn't say stable, but relatively stable iraq. >> stable enough for him to feel good about pulling the troops out. >> stable enough so he could have reduced the troops. he never should have pulled the troops out. that was pulling the plug. that opened the whole thing.
4:05 am
if he had troops there, he would have learned about the development of isis from the very beginning, and it never would have developed. >> now that he's messed up and we're at this state now, what does the president-elect need to do? >> i thought the president-elect, who has to be circumspect, because he's not the president yet, announced his intentions. >> we don't have extreme vetting. >> well, it's really simple. if you're coming from a place like syria where they're fomenting violence, where they're telling us they're going to send in terrorists -- i mean, we don't even have to guess at it. baghdadi has told us he's going to send in terrorists. so if you're coming in from syria, if we can't prove that you're not a terrorist, you shouldn't be allowed into western europe. i don't think you should be allowed in the united states at all. i wouldn't let anybody in until this thing settles down. i think that's what donald trump is going to do. >> but the people incoming who have special refugee status are in a special class. in fact, the u.s. federal government is accelerating the
4:06 am
pace before president obama leaves office. let's give the numbers. since november the 14th of this year, 23,428 refugees have been resettled. the white house goal is 110,000 this year, and they're going to break that. something like 80,000 of that number donald trump could stop with the stroke of a pen. >> co don't know if he will, bu nonetheless they're opening the flood gates. >> i'd say that's a pretty good prediction. i think he will stop it. i think he'll do everything he can to try to keep out people that come from countries where there's a lot of danger, a lot of terrorism. extreme vetting will mean the burden is on you to prove you're not a terrorist. if you are a terrorist, you don't come in. people get all confused. you do not have a right to come into the united states. nobody in the world has the right to come into the united states.
4:07 am
except an american citizen. it's a privilege. we grant it. but we have to put our safety first. if this doesn't tell us that we should put our safety first, we don't want to do what merkel did. merkel has taken germany, which was a safe country, and made germany into a dangerous country. >> the one that probably did it right was hungary. right away they said, we don't know who these people are. they put up a wall. everyone was ridiculing them. now people are going to hungary for safety. and angela merkel's political future is in doubt. she admits, basically, that she made a mistake. >> here's the worst part of it. it was foreseeable. we all make mistakes. when they're not foreseeable, we have to sort of forgive ourselves and not make any in the future. everyone told her it was a mistake. donald trump on the campaign trail told her it was a mistake. every republican candidate told her it was a mistake. the only one patting her on the back was barack obama. that should have been a signal it's the wrong direction.
4:08 am
he's gone the wrong direction on islamic terrorism. he's allowed it to grow, fester, metastasize. >> clearly donald trump is going to go in a different direction. transition team announced a lot of names to the cabinet. yesterday down in mar-a-lago, the president-elect met with the guy who runs the cleveland clinic, toby cosgrove, and also a fellow who runs iq management services, which provides health care to the military. what do you think about -- now, this is kind of a different angle. we heard pete hegseth, who is on this program oftentimes, and some other names were in consideration. but this is a completely different direction. these are people who run health care facilities. >> you know, he's ingenious at picking people. he picks really, really good people. he knows what he wants. he knows what he wants -- first of all, to take the hospitals
4:09 am
that are good, maintain them, keep them good. take the hospitals that are bad, phase them out, and also to grant veterans cards so they can go to a hospital of their choice. >> anywhere. >> and the only reason that was ever opposed is all the union pressure. that should just be forgotten. the preference should be for our veterans, not for unions. >> and i believe quiones is a vietnam vet. >> correct. so the issue is, is there somebody, number one, who can be a good manager of the good hospitals that exist, because there are good va hospitals. and is there someone who has the courage to fight what's going to be a tough battle, which you think would be easy to give a veteran a card and he can go to mt. sinai or new york hospital or some other hospital. the union pressure against that is enormous. that's what stopped democrats from doing it. they put the union ahead of the veterans, just -- >> see, it doesn't matter your will and your intent. it has to be somebody who can execute a deal with the
4:10 am
situation with unions and what the reality of that situation is. someone's got to have that experience to be able to do that. it doesn't matter if you're the ceo of a company if you're not familiar with the apparatus of the va. >> you need both. i ran the second largest public health hospital system in the country. the health and hospitals corporation of new york city that has 13 hospitals. what i did very simple. i wanted to privatize it. they wouldn't let me. i laid off 12,000 people. i brought in a great manager. with 12,000 people, the five hospitals that were on the watch list all got taken off and became a much better system. it can be done. you just need a good manager, and you've got to be willing to take on the entrenched forces that have stopped us from giving vouchers -- let's call them vouchers -- to veterans so they can get the best health care. they should be able to go to the best doctor for lung cancer. >> that should be the goal.
4:11 am
>> secretary of state, we know that we're going to find out more about tillerson, how he's going to be accepted. how significant is it that yesterday after meeting with tillerson, senator tom cotton, who's a very hard line on russia and turkey, said i'm going to support this guy? >> that's important because the issue, of course, is the relationship with putin. if he can put it aside and demonstrate to the senators he can put it aside, put the national interests first, i think he's not going to have a problem being confirmed. >> what do you make of the tenor of the cabinet thus far? a lot of people are looking for a revival in washington. from what you've seen, the names, the faces -- >> they're very different. it's good. it's really good. i was in washington a few days ago. there's a spirit of reform, revival, change. >> and revolt. >> pretty soon you're going to see a lot of moving trucks going in and coming out. you have to move about 4,000 or 5,000 people. i think it's a very well-balancwell-balance
4:12 am
ed cabinet. >> with so many of them having a business background, one of his ultimate goals obviously is to bring jobs, jobs, jobs. with all the generals he's nominated, he's going to kind of take advice from people that have been there, done that. >> well, look, ei think he's living up to his campaign promises. peace through strength, which means build up the army, give us the resources so we are by far the largest military force in the world, that people are not going to take lightly, like they do now. we're to not going to draw red lines and back down. i think on the domestic front, he's brought in some people that really understand how to rejuvenate our economy. wall street is certainly reflecting that big time. >> so when you sit with governor chris christie, who you really mentored into the political business, you look at each other and say, how did donald trump forget about us? >> he didn't forget about us. he offered me some cabinet positions, which i'm very, very thankful for. it just didn't work out in terms of my private life. >> the only challenge you really
4:13 am
wanted was secretary of state. >> that's true. but he offered me jobs that probably at a different time in my life i would have taken in a minute. they'd have been a great honor. i've got a big law firm. i've got a big con sulsulting f. i am extremely busy. at 72 years old, there was only one challenge that really was left for me. the others wouldn't have been a challenge. >> because you did it. >> and i think on the outside, i can be a very effective spokesman for his policies, maybe with a little more independence that you have. >> you've already proven that. >> well, you know i'm independent. i say what i think. i think i can be very effective for his policies on the outside as somebody people can look to and say, well, he's got appointed by donald trump, but he's telling us what he really thinks. >> mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. merry christmas and happy new year. >> i don't think he wins without you. i think a lot of people agree
4:14 am
with me. meanwhile, the fight between hillary clinton and president-elect trump continues. brand new polls that show you how you really feel about your friends and family who didn't vote your way. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles,
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♪ something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed... for the driven. ♪ introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. lease the first-ever infiniti qx30 for $299 a month. visit your local infiniti retailer. well, the election is way over, but the political battle
4:17 am
continues at our homes. >> some brand new fox news polls show exactly how many americans feel that a month and a half after the final votes were cast. >> interesting poll, doug. i know people don't want to hear the word poll at this point in their lives, but this is revealing and helpful. >> the north pole. >> that's right. it is some more polling data, but this is interesting. clearly it indicates that we are not over what happened last month. i think we're all familiar with people that have defriended someone on facebook based on their political views. take a look at the numbers. about half of us, 51%, say we have had arguments with family or friends about the election. there is a partisan breakdown here as well. we asked specifically trump voters, do you respect clinton voters. almost a third, 29%, say no. clinton voters are even less forgiving. asking the same question, do you respect trump voters, 45% say
4:18 am
they do not. there was always the potential, of course, for those two groups to come under the same roof. this coming christmas weekend, here's some advice from an expert. change the topic. >> if among the family things get a little out of control, it's very easy to switch gears. hey, guys, it's time for some pie, let's move on to dessert. >> is there no problem that pie cannot solve? just go easy on the humble pie this weekend. of course, as we talk about families gathering under one roof, we are also, of course, the american family. we are apparently a dysfunctional family at that. 77% of voters describe the country as a dysfunctional family. just 18% say we are a tight-knit family. maybe that will change a little bit next month after the inauguration. we'll see. >> doug, in tv we have it easy. when things get tense, we just toss to break. maybe all families should have a commercial ready to go. >> you don't do that sitting around your table ? i do it all the time.
4:19 am
we'll be right back. >> in the polling, do they break it down the number of arguments starting in the family about politics after four drinks? people are drinking during the holidays. >> yeah, you know, listen. i think a lot of people walk into these holiday dinners saying we're not going to talk about politics, and then you get a couple glasses of wine or whatever and all of the sudden -- >> let me tell you why you're wrong! >> exactly. >> yeah, i think go for the pie instead of the drinks. that might help. >> excellent. all right, doug. thank you. >> thanks. >> i think doug is doing both. meanwhile, he was sent thousands of letters and harassed by hillary supporters to flip his electoral vote. so what did he do? >> burning letters all night. it's over. we've got a new president. >> yep, he burned the letters, and he wasn't done there. and each year more than half a million people are injured while using ladders. hundreds actually die. so would you know what to do if it happened to someone you love?
4:20 am
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tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. welcome back. it's now 22 after the hour. fox news alert this morning. breaking right now in washington
4:23 am
state, where these brand new pictures just came in as several police departments respond to a possible mass shooting a the a hookah bar near seattle. witnesses posting on facebook saying it sounded like a shooting range when, quote, multiple gunmen opened fire with more than 80 people inside. detectives on the scene, not comments or confirming any of the reports at this point. of course, we'll stay on it and bring you any developments as soon as they come in. another fox news alert for you. a staggering death toll rising at this hour after a devastating explosion at a fireworks market in mexico. look at that. incredible. plumes of black smoke covering mexico city after the blast. at least 29 people are dead, more than 70 others injured. the crowded market fully stocked ahead of the holidays. right now a desperate search under way in those charred remains. the cause of the explosion not yet known.
4:24 am
steve and brian? >> thank you very much. each year more than half a million people are injured while using ladders. hundreds die. >> yep, so if someone you know takes a fall, how can you help? here to tell us, continuing our five-minute series, five minutes top live series, our doctors. welcome, guys. appreciate you. >> this is a terrible situation. i have a friend down in florida whose father fell off a ladder and died right then. >> unbelievable. it's around this time of year we see a lot of falls and accident-related injuries. >> so i'm over here. i' i probably don't need a ladder, but for a lot of people with the big trees, they're going to go up the ladder. at one point, they're going to reach over. they don't want to move the ladder again. they're going to make that extra reach. then they're going to fall. so where's the danger lie from a fall like this, from a fall like this? >> that's high enough, brian. >> where's the danger?
4:25 am
>> the danger is all of them. the higher you go up -- >> you can fall off the lowest one. >> you have to grab a safety bud buddy. have someone stabilize the latter, hand you objects. don't go it alone. >> let's say you fall, hit your head, you think you're okay. are there simple tests people can use at home? >> absolutely. i call it a neuro quick check. as a neurologist, it's kind of a quick head-to-toe examination. >> as a civilian, what can i do? >> look at my finger. let's start with eyes. eyes should track up and down, left and right. you can a grab a quick flashlight. shine it in the eye. you want to see the pupils constrict. you want to make sure one is not bigger than the other. that is a warning sign. grab something in your fridge. smell. you want to make sure -- lemon, coffee grounds. >> if i say yes to all three, no problem. yes to two of them? if i miss any one of them? >> any one of them is a warning
4:26 am
sign. also, test cognition. person, place, time, wiggle the fingers, smile. all these things are important. >> that's the hard part, not knowing if you've done damage in your brain. it's easier, although just as painful, if you break an arm, right? >> absolutely. you're going to want to look for deformities, swelling, bruising, any loss of function, numbness, tingling, instability. that's for the arm. for the legs, you want to be able to walk on it. if you can't take a couple steps, you really need to be seen. >> you're at home, can't get to a doctor, e.r. is closed, it's christmas. what do you do in terms of a splint? >> a splint can be made from anything rigid. i love cardboard. it's a really good -- >> you have a lot of it at home. >> especially this time of year. >> let's say this arm is broken. >> one point i want to make, sometimes hand and wrist injuries don't hurt that much. if you have any tenderness, it should be seen. sometimes if those are left untreated, they can lead to serious complications. >> all right. so this would be a temporary measure.
4:27 am
go to the doctor as soon as you can. >> dr. quinn medicine woman. >> it's flexible in this direction. in this direction, it's very rigid. get a little bit of padding. paper towels is fine. get it right here. if i could just get you to -- just like you're holding a coffee cup. notice how -- we want to immobilize above and below the joint. >> people might say it's just a piece of cardboard with paper towels. what could that possibly do? >> just about as much as they might give you in the emergency room. >> right. >> here's the other thing. people are embarrassed. if you get hurt putting up decorations, you don't want to run to the emergency room. that's not a glorious story you want to shroud yourself with in the emergency room. a lot of people too embarrassed to go in. >> don't be too embarrassed. seek help. >> absolutely. all right. so i think the moral of the story is, if you do fall off the
4:28 am
ladder, just go to the doctor. you can do some tests at home. >> absolutely. >> and this is a good way to, you know, first step if you hurt yourself. >> and doctors, we're going to be posting your cell number. on christmas day, if something happens, you can call them directly. thanks so much. i hope no one needs your advice. sadly, everyone will. >> doctors, thank you very much. all right. meanwhile straight ahead, make sure you're sitting down for this one. up next, bill clinton admits donald trump was right. and one meal prepared five different ways in just one hour. he's chef brian scott, here with a secret to stretching your christmas dinner long past christmas. did you say new year's eve munchies?
4:29 am
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i'll be burning letters all night. hey, it's over. we've got a new president. >> all right. there's one of the many electors saying they were threatened and things like that. but he's done. it's over for him. your shot of the morning, up in flames. all of ohio's electors casting their vote for president-elect trump on monday, despite that outcry from the left.
4:32 am
one of those electors also starting this bonfire with the hundreds of letters he got from clinton supporters. >> you know what, the more hate letters, the bigger the fire. at least he's got a good sense of humor. >> and she lost more electors than anyone since 1872, i think. >> in fact, we have some video from 1872. no, we don't. i get worried about the whole process. i want that to be ceremonial. i don't like the fact there's drama at that process. i don't care who wins. that scares me. >> it's in our rearview mirror. next stop, inauguration. actually, next stop, news with jackie. >> good morning. bill clinton conceding one battle to president-elect donald trump on twitter after trump said bill clinton stated that i called him after the election. wrong, he called me. with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much, especially how to get people even with an unlimited budget. they focused on wrong states. clinton responded by saying this. here's one thing donald trump
4:33 am
and i can agree on, i called him after the election. clinton never saying anything about those angry white male voters in key swing states. and life-saving teamwork on the basketball court. surveillance video shows 16-year-old tyler brock collapse and go into cardiac arrest during a rec game in north carolina. very scary stuff. a police officer and a coach rush over to give him cpr, saving his life. >> literally felt his heart start beating in my hand again. it was the biggest relief that you can imagine. >> god gave me and cory, the other officer, a touch of his strength through us to touch this child. >> god definitely watching out for him that day. the officer, coach, and brock all reuniting. you see them here at the hospital. he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and needs a pacemaker, but he will be okay. an apple ceo telling his employees to stop complaining and get in the arena. tim cook defending his meeting
4:34 am
with president-elect trump after he was part of a tech summit last week. cook telling his employees in a memo, quote, personally, i've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be. the way that you influence these issues is to be in the arena. you don't change things by just yelling. pretty good advice, i got to say. and meet the real life grinch who stole christmas. yikes. a florida woman busted for stealing from toys for tots of all things. come on, lady. isn't that horrible? tammy strickland is accused of creating dozens of fake kids' applications to get toys, then keep them for herself. the sheriff let her have it. >> tammy, you are going some place. you're going where we lock up grinches. it's called the county jail. or grinch city. we're excited that she's in jail. it makes my christmas a happy christmas and a merry christmas.
4:35 am
>> i think we can all be happy about that. see you, tammy. strickland, a former volunteer, faces 166 felony counts in the scam. that's horrible. >> that's just sad. >> i like that grinch city though. >> who knew. all right. jackie, thank you. well, today is the winter solstice. winter began this morning. janice dean, what, in the 5:00 hour eastern? >> it was 5:44. the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. the good news is it's the shortest day of the year, so they keep getting longer as we go now. happy first day of winter, everybody. now, listen, my mom is here. we're going to be doing cooking with friends. say hi to my mom. ready? one, two, three. >> hi, stella! >> that's awesome. where are you from? >> texas. >> what's your name? >> brooke. >> merry christmas. want to say hi to anybody at home? >> hi, mom, dad, and ross. >> where are you from? >> texas. >> what's your name?
4:36 am
>> elizabeth. >> where are you from? >> delaware. >> what's your name? >> dan ny. >> want to say anything? >> hi, everybody. >> where are you from? >> hattiesburg, mississippi. >> what are you going to do today? >> i'm going back to hattiesb g hattiesburg. >> oh, did you have fun in new york? say hi to everybody at home. >> hi, dad. >> let's take a look at the map. it's the first day of winter, but we have a warmup. happy first day of winter, everybody. the temperatures are going to feel much warmer for much of the country. at or above average as we get through the next couple of days. a quiet weather pattern for the next two days, but then as we get into christmas eve and christmas day, santa has to watch out. we've got a big storm system on the horizon. christmas eve and into christmas day. of course, santa will be watching "fox & friends." i'll make sure he knows that everybody's got to get their christmas presents. you got your list? >> sort of. >> you got a few days to get it going, okay? wave to everybody at home.
4:37 am
say hi, stella again. >> hi, stella! >> all right. back inside. >> thank you very much, janice dean. all right. meanwhile, soon you're going to have a lot of holiday leftovers at your house. >> i'll take it from here, guys. stand back. in his new cookbook, chef brian scott shows you how to turn leftovers into five easy dishes. >> they say it's easy anyway. the emmy award winning food host ryan scott joins us now. you're beginning with one dish. >> this is so easy. >> i'm a little nervous. >> you called an audible steve doocy style. you spotted our earlier untuck it segment. >> i was in my car, coming up here. i said, okay, cool. it happens to be the same brand, the same style, and the same store, which we won't say. i literally have it, and it's untucked. this is the style. >> i thought you stole my shirt.
4:38 am
>> no. are you mad? are we brothers from a flannel mother? >> absolutely. >> all right. so suddenly we've got untuck it bookends here. you've got this gigantic pot roast. >> what we're doing is this is how simple this is. during the season when we're cooking like crazy, you want to do things that are really easy. here's a top round. it's an inexpensive cut of meat you can get for cheap at the store. this is onion powder, garlic powder. everything we have in our dry storage already. i took tomato paste and rubbed the outside of the beef. then everybody has beef bouillon at home. what you do is nothing better than wine in the morning. i pour for myself and for you guys. first i make sure i have a glass for myself. what we do is there's water in the bottom of this. dump about -- at my house, i say eye it, how much you want to drink that night. apparently this is a good
4:39 am
morning for us. might as well. this is a really good morning. about a cup or five cups is good. >> oh, was i not supposed to do the whole thing? >> no, it's good. i love it. put this on low for about ten hours. it turns out to look as gorgeous as this guy. leftovers are my favorite. lasagna the next day, meatballs the next day. >> five meals out a of that. >> first and foremost, potatoes and leftover beef. mix it up an we're going to make potato hash. crispy with a fried egg on top. then i'm going to have you build the loaded nachos. what you do, take the beans, put the beans on top of here. you go like this. the great thing about this is from the holidays, you can get festive. check this out. would you try one of these? these are turnovers. look at your flannel, getting all aggressive, like chopping some wood. >> how did you grind that up? >> the beans come in a can. so this has beans -- sorry, this
4:40 am
has beef, eggs, cheese. try this for breakfast. you can turn the pot roast into breakfast. turn the pot roast into nachos. turn it into ropa viellja. check out this one. my favorite, the leftover beef that you put the seven cups of wine inside, it turns into french onion soup. >> excellent. >> here's an important question. you have the big pot roast. you're going to use it for leftovers throughout the week. how many days are leftovers good for? >> that's a really good question. at my house, the leftovers are only one day because we eat so much. >> if it smells a little dicey, don't -- >> right. >> four days, five days? >> you see in the book, everything is about a one-pound increment. from the one pound, freeze the rest of it. pull out the one pound and make
4:41 am
the nachos with loaded cheese and put it all over counter like we have here. the that nachos look great, soup is great. just eyeball it. >> there's a reason your wife doesn't let you cook. >> you have to use everything. >> and the table. it's good. >> do you have to cut it off the bone? >> no, it falls right off. it's simple. >> giving people something else to eat and saving money. >> this is a really inexpensive cut. great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> the brand new cookbook is called "one to five." ryan scott, thank you so much for coming from the west coast to cook for us. >> appreciate it. >> this is the first time i felt like a real man in quite some time. >> side by side. >> there you go. >> i'm hugging way too many men today. this is the second man i've hugged. >> we should hold your nachos too. >> good luck. >> this is actually moving pictures. not a great day for stills.
4:42 am
it's not graduation. >> thank you very much. >> that was great. >> i might try it. >> you're going to do this. >> this is delicious. i'm getting that cookbook. i hope my wife is not watching. she's getting that for christmas. >> fantastic. >> thank you very much. all right. we are switching gears. 18 minutes now before the top of the hour on this wednesday. coming up, tragedy on the tarmac. caught on camera, when a plane crashes on takeoff. look at this. not good. what went wrong? we're going to tell you what we know. and in the wake of the berlin terror attack a couple days ago, the president-elect says we have to e radicate isis. but the man who killed bin laden says we can't just kill our way through a war. rob o'neil next.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. all right. quick look at the headlines now. a cargo plane overshoots the runway, killing nearly everybody on board. wow. the plane speeding down that runway, as you saw, failing to
4:46 am
gain enough altitude, crashing into the ground in colombia. it burst into flames, killing five of the six people on board. meanwhile, heart-stopping moments at l.a.x. a jumbo jet making a wrong turn after takeoff, putting it directly in the path of an oncoming plane. an air traffic controller telling the pilot to turn left instead of right. she quickly realizes her mistake. luckily, the planes remain miles apart. okay. now we can exhale. >> thank you, brian. right now a terrorist on the run in berlin. we're learning an arrest is imminent in the berlin attack. a new hmanhunt is under way as isis claims responsibility. the suspect is a tunisian man in his early 20s. donald trump wasting no time calling the horrific acts in berlin an act of terror, saying these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will
4:47 am
carry out with all freed freedom-loving partners. so is this the only way to defeat radical islamic extremism? here to weigh n the man who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neil. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so it looks like now the police, after yesterday, they said we got the wrong guy. now in germany, they're looking for a 21 to 23-year-old tunisian man. apparently he left his papers in the cab of that semi trailer that he used to kill dozens of people. >> i guess saying he was going to be deported. he was allowed to stay there for a little bit. he's from tunisia. the other guy that ran through the truck in nice this summer, he was also from tunisia. i'm a big believer, you see some of these hot spots like that, people are coming from certain places. these are the types of people you should be vetting. i'm not sure the deal with the pakistani, running from the scene, i'm hoping he's not part
4:48 am
of a cell, which could be a bigger part of the cell. maybe there's more attacks. this is the time to do it. they're targeting christians. it's christmas. >> i think the reason the pakistani guy was on people's radar was because he had run a red light, something perhaps unrelated. they're trying to put all the pieces together. nonetheless, angela merkel is taking heat. she's running for re-election in the next year. her open door policy, where it's pretty much you need a place to live, come on over here. now people throughout germany are saying, is this really a good idea? >> she's doing -- you know, her heart is in the right place. she wants to do the right thing, but she's doing a lot what the far left do. they base it all on emotion. let's bring them all in. we can take care of everybody. right now the german people, the way they're being treated like the sexual assaults and the rapes, they're not happy about that. the murder at a christmas market. a lot of tension. they're saying the germans are feeling a sense of almost like they were in the 1930s, that nationalism. they're almost ready to take
4:49 am
their country back. i was deployed to germany even before 9/11. there were a lot of migrants coming in. >> rob, you spent your entire adult life hunting down terrorists. obviously this administration has done what they're going to do. they're in the legacy phase. they're not going to change anything at the 11th hour. what does donald trump need to know about fighting terror? >> this is a big one. what donald trump needs to know is that the middle east, they need something to fill the void. they always need something there, whether it's us or the russians or isis. in order to stop this, we need to crush isis. we need to figure out a way to work around the bashar al assad thing with putin. we need stability. a lot of that comes with americans being there. we're going to need to be involved. our leadership, we need to project strength, which we're not doing right now. we need to get our allies back on track. alliance, solidarity is one of our keys to success. we need to get over there and prove to these allies, especially our sunni/arab allies, that they can trust us.
4:50 am
>> wasn't it that state department spokesman who said the key to making sure people don't turn into terrorists is make sure they have jobs. >> make sure they have jobs. they're all obviously distraught about climate change. it has nothing to do with the fact they're radical fanatics. it's because it's warm and they don't have enough shovels. >> i got a feeling this new administration is going to do things a little differently. >> i think so. >> rob o'neil, thank you very much. >> merry christmas. >> you too. meanwhile, straight ahead, you might be wrapping up your holiday shopping for your family, but what about christmas gifts for your pets? from high-tech collars to trick training kits, the perfect gifts for your critters, coming up. first, on that day in 1974, harry chapin was topping the charts with "cats in the cradle." when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel.
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theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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going to the dogs. you might be wrapping up your christmas shopping for your family, but what about your furry little friends? >> four-legged friends. >> joining us now with the perfect gift ideas for every dog and every dog lover is the vice president of the american kennel club.
4:54 am
gina, welcome back. >> this year, a great gift for your dog is technologically so advanced. this is from the buck rogers era. >> akc smart collar. it's pet tech wearable. it combines the latest and greatest in location tracking, activity tracking. it has an accelerometer in it to monitor your dog's activities. >> how much is that? >> it's 149. that with its app lets you have access to your dog no matter where it is. you'll never lose your dog again. >> perfect. >> it has a cute little detachable module that's the charging part. >> it's very fashionable. >> very fashionable. >> my dog is deaf. we always fear if he gets away, how are we going to call him. >> and now if you push a button on the app, you'll know where he is at all times. >> a small price to pay. >> is this a coat? >> your dogs need some coverage. this is a wool lined with nice
4:55 am
fleece inside. easy velcro to put on and off. the leash can come through that hole. if you have a harness on, you don't have to take it off. >> how much is that? >> that is about $30. >> i thought dogs were built to live in the woods, in wild, in nature. you're going to tell me that dog needs a jacket? >> this dog does not need a jacket. this dog is just stylish. a short-coated dog or a dog with no hair. >> they need to be wearing one of these if they're out in the woods. you never know when you're going to bump into hillary clinton. >> that's a good one. this is our essential puppy pack. is has a variety of little toys that occupy dogs based on their need to chew, their need to find things. >> dog biscuits. >> a little care and training manual. >> these dogs s bbiscuits? >> can i give him one? >> no, he has a tummy ache.
4:56 am
>> if your dog licks this, it won't hurt its feet. >> it's for the feet. >> in the cold, they can get chapped, get cut and hurt. >> whoever thinks of that? >> you got to have that. you need the gallon bucket. >> what about my feet in the cold? that's what bothers me. >> and real quick, finally. >> this is a good way to mentally stimulate your dog. we have accessories that have your favorite breed on them. umbrellas, mugs, cups. >> okay. how much is this? >> this one is like $30. these are about $16.99. >> always a good gift for somebody who needs something. >> absolutely. >> all right. thank you very much for bringing the critters and great ideas for christmas. >> >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, a big show still in our final hour to go. state department spokesperson admiral john kirby is going to join us. former speaker of the house newt
4:57 am
gingrich, and congressman jason chaffetz of house oversight, all here. and their christmas album is number one on itunes, soon to be number one on billboard. this morning they're here performing just for us, pentatonix. they're up next. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. you'll even get the iphone 7, the samsung galaxy s7,
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good morning. it is wednesday, december 21st, 2016. i'm heather childers in for ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. an arrest is imminent in germany. breaking did ining details on t terrorist truck driver and the new attention to the refugee crisis here at home. meanwhile, mtv under fire for creating a controversial video of new year's resolutions for white guys. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all just agree that black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter? black lives just matter. >> what were they thinking? we're going to tell you what we know about this video coming up. and the chart-topping, grammy award winning group pentatonix is celebrating christmas on "fox & friends."
5:01 am
♪ >> yes, meant to say. the hit a cappella group performs one of our holiday favorites. that went well. >> we understand. >> can we just mark that for my audition tape. fantastic. your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. that's us. mean while, let's start this hour with a fox news alert. it's 2:00 in berlin, germany. a live look there, where police are reportedly searching for a tunisian man in his early 20s in connection with the christmas massacre at the market a couple nights ago. >> brand new clues just discovered inside the truck. turns out he used that same
5:02 am
truck to run over a crowd of shoppers, leaving 12 dead. >> where do they stand now? >> reporter: well, after questioning the wrong man for more than 12 hours, german investigators are now looking for a different man, a tunisian man, whose documents were found in the cab of the truck that plowed into that crowd at the christmas market, killing 12 and injuring almost 50. local media in berlin say the man is believed to be in his early 20s. he arrived in italy a few years ago before making his way to germany in the middle of that huge wave of immigrants back in july of 2015. he was granted a temporary right to stay while applying for asylum. local media is also reporting that he's on a police watch list. he's believed to have been in contact with an iraqi man who was just arrested last month for being a key recruiter for isis and other terror groups. so these latest developments could provide the first hard link between the berlin attack and the terror group, if it turns out to be true.
5:03 am
this would be at least the eighth isis-inspired ed attack europe this year. with the christmas holiday rapidly approaching, concerns are mounting that this later perpetrator could strike again. >> all right, kristen. thank you very much. apparently they say in addition to the fact that the guy was injured in this -- when he ran over all those people, so he was bloody. they were searching all the hospitals. apparently he left some documents from the asylum office in the cab of the truck. it was under the seat. there was a special paper that said that if you leave germany, this particular paper called a toleration notice, would allow you back into germany. they combined that with the fact that apparently his cell phone was talking to the gps of the truck, and they were able to track where the truck was just before it killed all those people. they feel confident they know who the guy is, even though they haven't released his name yet. >> so they're not just assuming that the paperwork they found was legit.
5:04 am
there's also a way to track him with that and the cell phone. >> possibly, yeah. they said they have over 500 leads. maybe that's a part of it. they are optimistic they're going to make an arrest within 24 hours. certainly looks like it's happening. guy they originally arrest eed d turned out to be there illegally, used a false name from pakistan and let him go. you may not be the guy who did the truck thing, but you're not allowed to stay in the country. that should be logic. >> he was a refugee into germany. angela merkel is taking a lot of heat because it looks like this guy, if he's got papers from the asylum office, he's a refugee too. this is the particular guy who they believe killed all those people. meanwhile, let's talk about the refugees in this country. before barack obama leaves office, he wants to bring in -- the goal is right there at the bottom, 110,000 refugees. these are different from immigrants. these are people with special refugee status. he has jammed in close to 23,400
5:05 am
plus since november 14th. what's interesting about this number is that it sounds like of the big number, 80,000 of them donald trump could actually stop with the stroke of a pen, if he chooses to do that. >> you said that earlier. by that, did you mean executive action? >> the presidents have -- when it comes to refugee status, presidents are able to dictate who comes in. >> it's interesting, too, because the president counseled the president-elect in not using too many executive orders. maybe he'll use his advice. i thought it was a great point brought up by an earlier get. why didn't qatar, united arab emirates or saudi arabia take the refugees, they know the bus routes, they could go right to those countries. instead, they say, west, take them into your hearts and wallets. chaos ensues.
5:06 am
then people put their hands up and say i'm a little concerned about america. they're looked at at hardhearted and narrow minded. that's what we're seeing. meanwhile, mayor rudy giuliani, who's on the transition commission, said this about the refugee situation. >> you do not have a right to come into the united states. nobody in the world has the right to come into the united states. except an american citizen. it's a privilege. and we grant it. but we have to put our safety first, and if this doesn't tell us that we should put our safety first, we don't want to do what merkel did. merkel has taken germany, which was a safe country, and made germany into a dangerous country. everyone told her it was a mistake. the only one patting her on the back was barack obama, and that should have been a signal. it's the wrong direction. he's gone the wrong direction on islamic terrorism. >> i got a feeling the new incoming president is going to have a different policy. speaking of which --
5:07 am
>> you think so? >> yeah, no kidding. a couple days ago, bill clinton was talking to a newspaper in upstate new york. one of the things he said was -- he was talking about how hillary lost. >> all the reasons she lost. >> fbi, russia, stuff like that. he said one thing donald trump did right was he was able to get the angry white man to vote for donald trump. well, that prompted kind of a twit storm, a tweet storm. >> a twitter war. >> between the former president and the future president. >> so do we want to start? >> yeah, this is what donald trump said. >> he said, bill clinton stated that i called him after the election. wrong, he called me, with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much. >> that's a response to bill clinton saying that donald trump doesn't know much. here's one thing donald trump got right, bill clinton tweets
5:08 am
back, i agree on i called him after the election. he made that clear. can i just say, i'm extremely surprised by this. bill clinton, i thought, kept himself slightly above the fray through this entire thing. i thought his anger was originally directed at clinton's staff for ignoring his advice on how to get in touch with the blue-collar worker and the union worker across the midwest of the country. now he seems to have gotten caught up in the rhetoric of the brian fallons and the mooks of the world who look around and say it could not have been our fault. >> and it's that rhetoric that angered so many voters. they're keeping it up. >> look, bill clinton himself, before the election, said he was critical of the campaign and said, look, we didn't do this right, we didn't concentrate on states that were important. then of course they lost. now he's blaming russia and the fbi. >> did you know she did not -- there were 33 states. i was surprised to hear that. 33 states she did not visit from august up until the election.
5:09 am
>> of which donald trump won 30. meanwhile, let's talk about this. you got former president bill clinton talking about how donald trump was able to get the angry white male vote. well, mtv has got a video out, and it's resolutions for white men in the united states. >> some advice. >> watch this. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we all just agree that black lives matter isn't the opposite of all lives matter? black lives just matter. there's no need to overcomplicate it. >>s a, blue lives matter isn't a thing. >> learn what mansplaining is and then stop doing it. >> if you're a judge, don't prioritize the well-being of an ivy league athlete over the woman he assaulted. >> we all love beyonce. and yeah, she's black, so of course she cares about black issues. >> i thought it was man
5:10 am
spreading. >> something else. >> i don't think they're looking for unity at mtv. >> they're looking for ratings. >> and they need a microscope. >> good luck. >> here's crystal wright. she's got a great title. she's on here's what she said this morning when we asked her about her reactiction to this. >> i would think liberal networks like mtv would really give up this identity politics. would we ever see a new year's resolution produced by mtv telling black men to stop killing each other in inner cities like chicago, stop impregnating black women to the tune of over 70%, married black women? would we ever see a video like that from mtv? no. you know why? that would be racist. >> so hypocritical. the girl that was at the beginning of the video, she said the united states isn't great, with her little, you know,
5:11 am
except if you're a white guy. >> right. >> white guys are the punching bag these days. look, tomi laren was on the o'reilly show and said this is just a symptom of the fact that the left will not accept donald trump won. by the way, donald trump won. watch. >> i think it's kind of the side eye. the same thing we saw in the election. oh, you're a trump supporter, you must be a racist, you must be a big got, you must be in the basket of deplorables. we saw that. we're still seeing it. i'm still wondering when they're going to accept the fact he's our president. then we can unite. >> they're never going to do that. >> of course they're not. but they're forgetting the millions of americans that voted for donald trump in the middle of america that they conveniently ignore. we have a voice and made that known. we're going to continue to make that known. >> good to see bill o'reilly again. >> he's back from a vacation. here's a message to the left. trump won. deal with it. four years. trump. >> they want to delegitimize his presidency. that's what i think this is
5:12 am
about at this point. >> it's going to be interesting what's going on because pretty much all these things have failed. the electoral college has failed. the blame comey has failed. >> the recount. >> yeah, the recount has failed. blaming it on fake news has failed. i've never seen anything like it. i just worry about the precedent that every time you lose, first you're going to say the popular vote should count if you lose. number two, they're going to say the electoral college needs to be re-examined. i think it was terrible what happened in texas. >> it's a polarized nation. no doubt about it. going forward, that's what's on donald trump's plate. will he be able to do something to unify all these people, particularly, you know, the demographics that are angry at each other? stay tuned. >> do you think president obama or hillary clinton should say something as well to unify everybody? >> we'll leave as a cliff hanger. to be continued. meanwhile, more on our top story. the manhunt after the terror in
5:13 am
berlin. and president-elect trump striking a much different tone from barack obama. john kirby reporting for duty next. and seasons greetings from senator chuck schumer to democratic staffers. i'm sorry, you're fired. what he just did after the dems' big loss. with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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5:16 am
all right. fox news alert. the terrorist behind the berlin market attack still on the run, as german authorities warn he may strike again. and donald trump doubling down on his vow to wipe isis off the face of the earth. a different message from the current administration. here to react is john kirby. especially what happened in turkey with the assassination of the russian diplomat. admiral, always great to see you. wish it was under different circumstances. first off, do you have a problem with the president-elect from the diplomatic perspective tweeting out these terrorists -- or putting out a statement that these terrorists moub eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we'll carry out with all our freedom-loving partners. is that a message you can get
5:17 am
behind? >> i think it's a message much of the international community is behind. this is one common threat that so many nations share. i think it's good for us all to have a unified approach on eliminating terrorist networks and getting rid of the threat they pose not just to the united states or even to the west but to people all around the world. so i think we have been very, very staunchly defending our security abroad by going after terrorist networks very aggressively in places like yemen and libya and certainly iraq and in syria. this is something we're working very, very hard on. so if you're asking me can we get behind a message of going after these guys and continuing the offense, absolutely we can get behind that. >> very blunt. a little more blunt, perhaps, than usual. but let's talk about what turkey is saying. turkey is saying of late, and of course you get the messages before we do, is they're blaming the same element that fomented the coup attempt that failed. they're saying it's behind the murder of a russian diplomat. they even blame the father --
5:18 am
they say he was inspired by someone in america in pennsylvan pennsylvania. do you see the linkage? >> yeah, thanks for the opportunity, brian. i talked about this yesterday. first of all, we need to let the investigation run its course. it's just getting started. we don't know exactly what motivated this man to assassinate the russian ambassador. i think it needs to be fully investigated. we'll let the facts go where they go. then we can make some conclusions. i think -- we think it's too early to jump to those kinds of conclusions that some people in turkey have. number two, and secretary kerry raised this with the foreign minister of turkey yesterday in a phone call, that it's really unhelpful at this early stage in the investigation to make such claims, that in some way the united states is involved or encouraged or enticed or had any kind of role whatsoever in the events in ankara that led to the murder of the russian ambassador. as i said yesterday, it's totally ridiculous to claim the united states was in any way
5:19 am
involved in this. but let the investigation work its way through. then we'll know better what the motivations were. >> admiral, at one point president obama's relationship with president erdogan was so close, he picked up the phone and called him and re-established a form of diplomatic relations with israel's leader because he was there at the time. now we're at the point where they're having about syria where they've totally cut us out. iran, turkey, and russia are meeting about syria. how did we get kicked out of this party? >> well, it wasn't about being kicked out of the party, brian. first of all, they did meet in moscow, those three nations. look, we have always said -- and there have always been multilateral discussions about syria that we haven't been a party to. this is another one. i totally understand that. what we've always said, look, if any multilateral effort can lead to a better outcome in syria, then we would welcome that. we'll have to see. brian, take a look at the moscow declarati declaration, as they called it. there's not a lot of new language in there that hasn't already been said by so many
5:20 am
nations in the international community, including the united states. so let's see where it goes. if it can be successful, if they can do something that we haven't been able to do on a different multilateral effort in the past, that's so much the better. but the united states is still going to be a leader in this effort. we're still going to be actively engaged diplomatically. >> and real quick, since when is it okay with turkey that assad stays? >> you know, you'll have to talk to turkish leaders about that. all i can tell you is our policy isn't any different. we think assad has lost legitimacy to govern. >> admiral john kirby, always great to talk to you. thanks so much. >> great to be with you. thanks. >> that's the latest from the international incidents that has everybody watching and scratching their heads. coming up, the video is shocking. police caught this nfl star so drunk he was passed out behind the wheel. with the world on edge, is now really the right time to be opening up our borders to refugees in record numbers? the president thinks so. newt gingrich will join us next.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
a quick look at the headlines right now. fox news alert. a staggering death toll rising at this hour after a devastating explosion at a fireworks market
5:24 am
in mexico. oh, my goodness. at least 29 people are dead. more than 70 others are injured. the crowded market fully stocked ahead of the holidays. it has happened at the same spot twice before. a desperate search is now under way for survivors. the cause of the explosion is not yet known. and look at this. american senior richard marx saving the day when an out of control passenger attacks the crew on board a korean air flight. the grammy winner jumping up to help tie the man to his seat after the crew struggle to tase him. other passengers, including his wife, watching in horror as marx and the crew struggle with the man for four hours. the passenger was later arrested. all right. meanwhile, donald trump five minutes ago tweeted this. campaigning to win the electoral college is much more difficult
5:25 am
and sophisticated than the popular vote. hillary focused on the wrong states. newt gingrich is former speaker of the house. he's also been an adviser to the incoming president of the united states. so newt, what's donald trump talking about? >> look, this is the football season. a team can have more yards and lose the game. what matters is how many points you put on the board. the electoral college is the points. ironically, the amateur understood the electoral college mattered. the so-called professional forgot the electoral college mattered. that's what mattered. trump actually carried in the 49 states outside of california, he had a 1.2 million vote majority. he didn't have -- he got killed in california because we didn't campaign there. the democrats had two people running for the senate, the way california law works. no republican running for the u.s. senate. so we got beaten badly in the biggest state. didn't matter. that's not how you pick the presidency. trump's now going to be president. she's not going to be president.
5:26 am
that's called winning the game. >> well, there you go. you know if you've been watching some of the lefty channels, all they talk about is hillary clinton won the popular vote. she beat him by 2 million people. as if that matters. it doesn't matter. they've got to get used to the idea he is the president. now let's move on. >> they're not going to get used to the idea because he is, from their standpoint, horrifying. he stands for free enterprise. he stands for private sector jobs. he stands for defending america. i mean, there are a whole number of things where if you're a real left winger, you look at trump and think, oh, my god, he can't be the next president. they live in a delusional world. that's why they lost the election. they decided to stay with the delusion. >> it's interesting, when donald trump takes over, it's pretty -- i think you would agree, there's a pretty good chance he's going to undo a lot of the executive orders that barack obama signed during the last couple of years. the current president sat down with npr's "morning edition" for
5:27 am
an interview. it's interesting, newt. listen to this. the president is warning trump, don't rely on executive orders like he did. watch. >> should president-elect trump, once he's inaugurated, use his executive powers in the same way that you have? >> my suggestion to the president-elect is going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it's harder to undo. >> well, it sounds like he knows that some of his stuff is going to get undone come january 21st. but still, for him to say, yeah, go through congress, i don't remember him actually doing that much. >> look, what you're watching is a man who realizes all of the sudden that like 90% of his legacy is going to disappear because he didn't do the hard work of passing legislation.
5:28 am
he didn't reach out to work with the other side, which by the way is also a warning to trump. trump needs a bipartisan trump majority that actually passes legislation in the house and senate. it can't be narrowly republican. he doesn't want to repeat the obama mistake. you watch, starting the opening day when trump begins to repeal all these executive orders, it's going to be like one of those balloons that deflates. the obama legacy is going to do this and down to about a core of 10% or 15% of what he originally did. the rest is going to disappear within a year. >> of course, that's with executive powers. the question is how much is donald trump going to be able to get done in congress. it relies in some measure on the number of democrats who are actually interested in getting something done and are willing to extend a hand of bipartisanship across the aisle. right now, newt, going in the week before christmas, does it look like democrats are in the bipartisan mood, or are they going to say heck no, anything he's for, i'm against? >> i think they're going to
5:29 am
split into three groups. you're going to have the hard left, the elizabeth warren, people who are crazy and out of touch with the world. they're not going to support anybody. they're going to be hostile and bitter and nasty. you're going to have a partisan group, schumer will be a good example. pelosi is another example. they're going to be tough minded. they're going to fight, although schumer is a much better deal maker than pelosi. but then you're going to have a lot of individual democrats who have going to say, wait a second, i don't want to deal with eight years of yelling no. you're going to do an infrastructure bill? i'd like to be a part of it. you're going to do a tax bill? i'd like to be a part of it. you want to try to fix education? hey, my neighborhood needs help. trump is a pretty good deal maker. his book "the art of the deal" is very revealing. i think you're going to see trump reach out to a lot of people. i suspect he's going to sit down with the black caucus, he'll sit down with the hispanic caucus. he's going to say, hey, can't we do better than 4,000 people being shot in chicago? it's a pretty low standard to try to go down from 4,000 people being shot in one year, but he
5:30 am
at least cares. i think you're going to see that again and again. i think dr. carson is going to reach out in ways people are not used to. i think piece by piece, there's a trump majority which is 30 or 40 votes bigger than the republican majority in the house and eight or ten votes bigger -- remember also in the senate, you have 25 democrats, counting the two independents who vote with them, 25 democrats up for re-election in 2018. they're going to look home to their grassroots, and if they're going to rally with donald trump and saying 20,000 and 30,000 people show up, they're going to say, well, maybe we can find ways to work together. >> right. great analysis. nobody better than former speaker of the house newt gingrich. newt, thank you very much. have a merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> indeed. all right. very nice. it is 8:30 here in new york city. coming up, an american mother kidnapped by terrorists, raising mother family in captivity. up next, the brand new plea to
5:31 am
free her from her endless nightmare. and janice dean has a very special guest with her this morning. her mother. they are bringing canada to christmas, coming up next. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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well, it's our shot of the morning. last week we had pete hegseth in a diner. he was wearing an untuck it shirt. look at this. brian's dream came true because pete brought him an untuck it shirt. >> look how proud i am. >> you both look so happy. >> so pete was at a diner. i said to myself, man, he did the impossible. he got a shirt that looks good out. yet, it was good enough for television. he must be wearing an untuck it shirt. but what was the reality? >> the reality is you're wearing it as a jacket. it's a shirt. you shouldn't have another shirt under it and a necktie. nonetheless, brian, people have embraced you and the untuck it look. >> think i could model? meanwhile, here's what madison wrote and tweeted. kilmeade, you're looking sharp today. trish said, brian, you look fabulous.
5:35 am
you had some more characters. you could have expanded. and, i think kilmeade should wear the untucked shirt every day. he looks so manly and cute, as if it's an exception. michelle says, you'll have all the girls chasing after you in that lumberjack shirt. i smell like i've been cutting down logs too. and miss lark e-mailed this, very sexy foxes on fox. of course looking more at me than pete. jay e-mailed this, sitting here watching brian and pete discuss their no tuck shirt. it struck my wife and they brian is undoubtedly the mature version of barry "big tasty" goldberg. i don't know what that means. never look at you without thinking of big tasty. who is "big tasty" goldberg? is that a wrestler? it's a chef? >> it's hilarious. he's hilarious. >> oh, the tv show. >> another person said he wrote rod stewart songs. >> also a wrestler. >> looking like a lumberjack is
5:36 am
a thing now. >> put it this way. i have a chance of looking good on weekends. that's the key. that's what i walk away. with. >> just don't ware it with your suit pants. find some weekend pants. that's what we'll do next. >> next week, brian pants. >> but no pants, jackie has on a dress. >> wait a minute. >> all right. that's your weekend dad look, brian. i like it. an american mother kidnapped by terrorists in afghanistan, pleading with the obama administration to free her family from their nightmare. katelyn coleman and her canadian husband, joshua boyle, seen with their two young boys, who they say were born in captivity. the couple has been held by the taliban since 2012, captured while backpacking through the terror hot bed. coleman was seven months pregnant at the time. so far the united states has not responded. very scary. and brand new video showing the dramatic drunk driving arrest of football star michael
5:37 am
floyd. police say it shows the arizona cardinals wide receiver passed out behind the wheel at a green light in scottsdale. kind of hard to see there in the dark. >> scottsdale police! put your car in park! turn your car off right now. turn it off. i'm not going to ask again, step out of the car. >> why are you treating me like this? >> because you can't listen. that's the problem. >> floyd stumbling out of the car and on to the sidewalk. police say he no idea where he was and refused a breathalyzer test. the cardinals cut him a day later. he's now with the new england patriots. and merry christmas, you're fired. that doesn't sound very nice. incoming senate majority leader chuck schumer blaming the messengers, firing nearly every member of the democrats' video staff. according to politico, some of them had been with the senate democratic media center for years. the move comes as democrats
5:38 am
scramble for more creative and viral messages after across the board election losses. and those are your headlines. now over to you guys with some yummy stuff. >> all right. thank you very much. well, there's no place like home for the holidays. >> yay. >> in beautiful sweaters. can you tell we're related? >> janice is not going to make it home to canada this year, so her mother stella is joining us today for cooking with friends. good morning. >> and you brought chocolate. we love that. >> now, before we get started, janice, you were talking the other day, you think your mother actually started the ugly sweater thing because it did start in canada. >> it started in canada. tell them, mom. >> well, i've been wearing these sweaters for like 30 years. >> did you think they were ugly back then? >> no, i thought they were beautiful. >> i still think they're beautiful. >> so i collected a whole bunch of them. every christmas i had a different one. >> there you go. >> that was like 25 years ago. >> who was the first one to say
5:39 am
ugly and not hurt your feelings? >> you know what, i saved all my sweaters because i thought they were beautiful. about three years ago, i heard it was out of style and they were called ugly. so i gave them all away. >> oh, my goodness. they were probably collectors' items. >> they were vintage. i'm so sad about that. >> janice ended up with most of them. >> i have a whole collection for the both of us. >> she has. this one is the first one i bought in many years. >> now, this is a family tradition, right? >> every christmas i make these. >> and how do you pronounce them? >> they started in british columbia. 1953, they actually went into a recipe book, put out by the united church. >> so what is that recipe? >> so the first thing is the crust. you use coconut, graham
5:40 am
crackers, crushed walnuts, cocoa, and sugar and one egg. you mix it all up. then you pat it into there. >> janice, why are you acting like you've never seen this before? >> she hasn't. she's only seen the product. she's never been domestic. >> i love the way janice is kind of quiet and demure right now. she's normally -- >> outgoing. >> very spirited. >> well, she's never come into the kitchen. when she was a teenager and had her own apartment, she used her oven for storage. >> what would you put in your oven? like shoes? >> i did. it was such a small, tiny apartment, i would put like shoe boxes full of stuff in there. then of course i married a fireman. go figure that out. okay, mom.
5:41 am
let's do this. >> you make the crust. >> then this is the filling, which is icing sugar, butter -- >> what's this? >> that's a spatula. >> how do you work it? okay. so do you need water or anything? >> oh, it's not plugged in. >> we're just imagining. >> mom, look. >> so you mix it up. >> stella, stand by. >> okay, go. >> she's shooting butter all over the studio. >> let's stop this. >> it's like a weapon. it's a weapon. >> everything is mixed up together. the icing, sugar, the milk. >> that goes on top of that. >> that goes on top. >> this is the magic thing. this is like a butter cream icing, which makes it so good. >> and through the magic of television, this is what it looks like eventually. >> the recipe, by the way, is on our website. >> you better look it up, janice. you have no idea what's in it. >> oh, my gosh.
5:42 am
what an epic fail. mom, you want to stay and tell more stories? >> try them. they're delicious. even though i never cooked them. >> she loves them and so does her husband. >> that would be really good with a cup of coffee. >> yes. >> thanks, mom, so much, for telling everyone i don't cook. >> good job raising janice. >> but how am i as a dancer? >> she's a good dancer. >> are you a good dancer? >> i am. >> she is. >> great mother. this is delicious. >> isn't it? >> very coconuty. okay. the recipe on our website. mean while, you don't know it, but right now the federal government could be tracking you everywhere you go using fake cell phone towers spread all across the country. are they tracking you? we're going to tell you what we know. congressman jason chaffetz chairs the oversight committee, behind the report. he's next. and say good-bye to brian and your untucked shirt.
5:43 am
no, really? >> it's a great reason. you know the series that's captured the nation's imagination. it started with donald trump. then it went over to willie robertson. then we had that stroll with sammy hsam sammy hagar. the ultimate stroll is straight ahead. i'll give you a hint. he works at st. patrick's cathedral. he gets in free every time. i'm talking about cardinal dolan. he says if i get there in ten minutes, we can stroll for 30 minutes. i thought, even if i have to leave the show early on christmas season, is there anybody better to talk to? no, let's go. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck.
5:44 am
even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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5:46 am
here is something you probably didn't realize. at any time, the government can zero in on exactly where you are, tracking down your phone thanks to more than 400 simulators they own to track cell phones. that's the machine right there. it's called the stingray. how exactly is that used? that's the question the house oversight committee is asking in their push for new rules. here to break it down, we have the committee chairman, jason chaffetz, who joins us from beautiful salt lake city. good morning, chairman. how are you? >> great, great. merry christmas. >> to you as well. what is this stingray box that
5:47 am
apparently a number of agencies have, and they're tracking us, in some cases without anybody knowing about it. >> well, look, if you have a warrant, i can understand where law enforcement is going to be able to track you. but up until we started this report, there were no standards. i'm concerned because the federal government has more than 400 of these machines. your mobile phone is constantly sending out a signal, looking for a tower so it can communicate with other phones. well, they have simulators that will go and they can actually understand what your telephone number is, they can look at the contents. so your conversation, your text messaging, the machines, many of them are capable of doing this. i just worry that you have agencies, everybody from the fbi to the u.s. marshals, which i can understand if they have a warrant to use those, but the irs, why does the irs have those machines and what are they doing with them? >> that's a great question. also, i understand there are some local authorities who have these as well.
5:48 am
and there are no guidelines for them. >> no. everywhere from sunrise, florida, to baltimore, maryland, who's got i think three of them. you have local law enforcement, who's also using these. and what we're saying -- i have a piece of legislation called the gps act. it basically says if you're going to track somebody's geolocation, that's is where they physically are, then you're going to need a warrant in order to do so. right now there is no standard. law enforcement is using these. we just don't know if they're using them properly. we think they're overusing them. >> well, it would be nice to have some clarity, but you know, if some government agency doesn't have a warrant and they're getting some evidence from, you know, one of the bad guys, an evil doer, and get information from your cell phone, they couldn't possibly use that in court, could they? >> well, if you look at the array of court cases out there, you've seen a lot of cases dropped because the defense attorney, once they figure out that this is the technology, they try to probe into that. the government is doing
5:49 am
everything it can to be silent about this. and that's one of the concerns. it took us more than a year in this investigation to figure out the metrics of what's happening here. we're really worried that what happens when the bad guys, the drug cartels, get this information. it literally can figure out every cell phone number of those in close proximity to that simulated cell phone tower. >> i'm glad you're looking into it at house oversight. going forward in the next administration, donald trump has made it clear he would like less government regulation. that's something that's got to be music to your ears. >> well, yeah, look, the oversight committee, we're going to dive into a whole host of things. our job is not to be a cheerleader for the president but to actually hold the government accountable. with more than 2 million employees, a lot of good, hard-working patriotic people. but there's always somebody doing something stupid out there. so we got more than our hands full to dive after the
5:50 am
overregulation of this nation is a big topic for us. >> you're right. there's always somebody in washington doing something stupid. congressman jason chaffetz, the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. sir, thank you very much. merry christmas to you and your family. >> thanks. merry christmas. all right. their music is at the top of the billboard chart right now. we're talking about pentatonix. they're out with a new christmas album. ♪ hallelujah hallelujah ♪ >> next, pentatonix is here to perform another song to get you in the holiday spirit. first, let's check in with bill hemmer to see how he's performing in ten minutes. >> just fine. 'tis the season. on the way out the door, sweeping executive order from the white house. what you need to know and why about that. hunting for a killer in germany. police still do not have their man. how did this get away? who is steering clear of the inauguration in january and why it matters, we have a few names for you today. and how american foreign policy
5:51 am
could be very different under president trump. see you in ten minutes. top of the hour here at america's newsroom.
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ hallelujah
5:54 am
hallelujah ♪ ♪ hallelujah hallelujah ♪ >> that is so beautiful. the a cappella sensation group pentatonix sold over 5 million albums in the united states alone, and they're out with another holiday album. it's their third. it's called "a pentatonix christmas." here they are to perform. ladies and gentlemen, pentatonix. ♪ up on the house top up on the house top ♪ ♪ up on the house top up on the house top ♪ ♪ up on the house top reindeer ♪ ♪ down through the chimney with lots of toys ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho who who wouldn't go ♪ ♪ up on the house top
5:55 am
click click click ♪ ♪ up on the house top up on the house top ♪ ♪ up on the house top up on the house top click click click ♪ ♪ first comes the stocking ♪ ho ho ho who wouldn't go ♪ ♪ ho ho ho who wouldn't go ♪ ♪ up on the house top ♪ up on the house top yeah yeah ♪ ♪ up on the house top click click click ♪ ♪ look in the stocking little bill ♪ ♪ ho ho ho who wouldn't go ♪ ♪ up on the house top click click click ♪ ♪ down through the chimney
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice
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janice dean's mother stella is here from canada. stella, tell us about this picture. here you are with former prime minister of canada pierre trudeau. >> hitting on her. >> no, no, no. we took janice. she wasn't very happy. >> that's her, the little baby. >> yeah. she wasn't happy at all. we decided to take her for a drive. >> 20 seconds. hurry up. >> we ended up at the airport, the rcmp invited us to come in. >> and there he was. >> he said come to russia with
6:00 am
me. >> no, he said -- >> where have you been all my life? >> no. >> sounds like he was hitting on you, stella. >> he was. >> he just said, are you coming with me? >> are you coming we me? >> you're going to be in the after the show, show. thank you very up much. bill: good morning, everybody. rapid developments in the berlin attack this morning. police to be identifying tanasian refugee, isis praising the killer, isis soldier, something they have done after other events as we say good morning, i'm bill hemmer. heather: busy day, heather childress in for martha macallum. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani it's proof just how serio


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