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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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for the sworn enemy of lying, pal pomposity, group think. don't forget to dvr us. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. don't miss that great show. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. you are under siege from islamic terror and the threat to the u.s. homeland. the tunisiaen man behind this week's attack in berlin has ties to other islamic radicals and supposed to be deported from germany months ago. yet somehow he was still allowed to roam free there. intensifying calls in the u.s. what president-elect calls extreme vetting of refugees coming into this country.ç% >> over the 400 plus terrorist cases that have been prosecuted in the
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america in the last 15 years, more than half of them involved people not born in the united states, many of them who were immigrants or people who had refugee status. >> and in florida yesterday, donald trump was pressed on the latest wave of attacks to hit europe. >> has it caused to you rethink or reevaluate your plans in the united states? >> you know my plan all along and i have been proven to be right 100 percent correct. what's happening is disgraceful. an attack on humidity. on humanity. it's got to be stopped. >> joining us from washington jim hanson executive vice president center for security policy and from houston, national security analyst arubio aramis. 100 percent? is this justification for limiting the number of immigrants, muslim immigrants allowed into the
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united states or simply saying it's not muslims i'm talking about people coming from countries where there is evidence of islamic terrorism? is that a fair judgment as it's explained to us by theç president-elect? >> well, it is muslims, but it's not all muslims. let's be perfectly clear. pew international a nice organization polled muslims worldwide and support for violence among the muslim population all over hit somewhere north of 20 to 25%. that's a lot of folks who believe that violence is okay. now, if you can't vet them and both the fbi director and odni agree that we cannot, then letting them into the country as angela merkel did in germany and we have been here is a suicide pact. it's the wrong answer and stopping immigration in some way from areas where jihadists hold sway is a common sense solution. there is no right to immigrate and we have no need to bring refugees here. we can do better things for
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them where they are. >> all right. so let's go to that point. in fact, jim comey the fbi director said there is no way the fbi and other american agencies can fully vet everyone coming into the country. so, is president-elect trump right in saying that after what happened in germany he is looking again at limiting who comes in and employing extreme vetting? >> we have every right to make sure the peopleç that we let to enter our country are vetted are interviewed and are screened. but here's the big difference between the refugee population that goes to europe and the refuse we dids that try to seek status here in the united states. europe has land borders with turkey europe has land borders with greece. europe has land borders with many european countries. they are in the european union and turkey and people from syria go up to turkey and cross the border. we are talking about millions of people that just cross over the border. in order to come to the united states, as a refugee
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first and foremost, you have to wait for two years for the united nations to process you. hundreds of thousands of applicants failed that. after that you have to go through an fbi screening. then you have to be interviewed by representatives from the department of defense and interviewed by representatives from homeland security and state department interview. it's not as if people will just come here, get off the port of long beach and declare refugee status. i mind you, by the way, refugees and immigrants are not the same thing. you heard gorka, mr. gorka if i. >> sebastian gorka. >> sebastian gorka who himself is actually hungarian. we welcome immigrants in this country. i urge to youç go to any major research institution in this country go. to stanford, go to harvard. go to berkeley and yale. go to princeton and see how many immigrants. >> i get your point but, mr. hanson, so, what we're hearing from mr. aramesh is that america is turning its
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back on its roots as a nation of immigrants. a nation who has always welcomed political refugees. in fact, said we will take in your tired and your poor, statue of liberty. what president trump is proposing, a new direction for america for the land of immigrants. >> absolutely not. i am the grandson of an immigrant. but the people worry talking about who were welcomed by the statue of liberty did not have the destruction of america as their main goal. if you look at people who are sharia compliant muslims, who are coming from areas controlled by jihadis they believe over the population. the somali population in minneapolis was polled and 25% of them believe that sharia should be supreme above the constitution. so that's a different class of immigrants. i think i would point out that the tsarnaev brothers came as asylumçs and the wife
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san bernardino she was vetted. >> let's see what mr. aramesh has to say to that. >> you have to vet. there is no argument there. having said that when you try mix and paint a huge group of people with the same brush, that's a problem. let me tell you something, i take this very personally. about 70 years ago when the largest biggest genocide in human history was going on, a big group of people in this country said do not allow jewish refugees to come here. year going to have arthur and merrill and thugs and criminals. guess what? that became a dark spot in our history, america welcomes people. >> mr. hanson, here is the welcome refugees, welcome people who are being oppressed elsewhere fleeing violence as we see in syria. now he uses this as a point to combat what you're seeing. what do you think, mr. hanson? >> i think i would love to bring people who are being oppressed all over the world
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here. however, when a significant portion of a population outrageously says that they are willing to support violence to overthrow our government or to kill us, and impose islamic law, i don't think we canç take the chance. that's not the same thing as a group of folks who are coming here simply to flee oppression. >> then screen them. >> we can't. that's the whole point. >> we already proved we can't. >> you can ask questions. you know what? people who come here as refugees have to go through several rounds of interviews. if you are telling me that trained fbi agents, trained department of homeland security agents, those people cannot get a simple -- i'm a lawyer. >> they are not allowed to. they are not allowed to. >> yes you are allowed to. check the law. >> it's not just mr. hanson. it's not just mr. hanson. this is what jim comey, the fbi director has said. >> well, gentlemen, let's go to the news of the day because donald trump had a fascinating tweet today that is setting off sparks around the country.
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here it is. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capacity until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. his spokesman came back said he is talking about preventing any future event that someone might perceive the united states to be weak and take action unless we strengthen our nuclear capacity. mr. hanson, do you agree or should people be alarmed at the idea that donald trump seems toç be taking a sort of a attitude of let's proliferate nuclear weapons held by the u.s.a.? >> the u.s.a. has nuclear weapons. they just happen to be ancient and falling apart. a colleague of mine visited labs and they showed him how they have to cannibalize the weapons to keep them operational. we haven't tested them so long we barely have a single scientists in our government who has ever seen or conducted a nuclear test. i don't want some windows
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update give us the blue screen of death rather than an actual working nuke. we need new weapons. >> we have over 7,000 nuclear war heads. if you don't know about, this let me tell you. the reason i tell you i know this stuff firsthand. i used to work for william perry the defense secretary and hecker the former director of the los alamos national laboratory. that's where we built our first nuclear weapon. they both teach at stanford. i used to work for them. we have one of the most up to date nuclear arsenals in the world. >> wait a second you say one of the donald trump says he wants the best. >> we have one. we have the best. >> that's not true. the russians have surpassed us. >> he saysç the russians are better. >> i don't know where you get your fuss but i hope it's not breitbart but go online and do fact-checking and you will see we have the best military and the most advanced ordnance in the world. >> gentlemen, we get the idea. i want to say thank you. that's an excellent debate.
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just 28 days left in office. he is taking some final shots at fox news, among others, in a new interview with the atlantic, president obama says, quote: if people are angry that somehow the government is failing, then they are going to look to the guy who represents the government. and that applies, by the way, even to some of the folks who are now trump supporsupporters, they are responding to factional character called barack obama who they see on fox news or hear about through rush limbaugh.ç quote, compare that to how president george w. bush responded to his media critics during an interview with bill o'reilly in 2010. >> i spent a lot of time with the media i harbor no resentment to the media by the way. >> really even the people who tried to hurt you and called you a criminal? >> i don't like to be called a criminal. but i think a lot of times the media we'r were just transmitting other voices. >> here to analyze dana perino my co-host on "the five" author of fabulous new book "let me tell you about
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scras per" which makes a great christmas gift. can i attest to that. >> thank you. >> i think you were there for that interview with bill o'reilly. >> 2010 a couple years after the president left office and during book tour for "decision point." i remember going there and the president hadn't done interviews in the intervening time. he stayed out of the spotlight. he never waivered on that tone just to say i'm not going to worry negative press that much. he didn't love it but he had a pretty strong stomach for it. we didn't complain about msnbc incessantly at the white house. i think that felt a little bit unnecessary and also, the thing that's amazing now and especially for president obama is the tools that they have at their disposal to talk directly to theç american people are just incredible. so he can reach so many more people than would ever watch fox news with a direct message. >> let me say that president obama said there's concentratedville con senconcenf
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him is that fair. >> that's certainly how they see it i think they wish that there was a corresponding left-leaning echo chamber. there really has not been. however that said, liberals in left leaning sort of media, all of hollywood, pop culture, music, entertainment, movies, television, books, it's all consumed by the left. >> nbc, abc, cbs, you don't think the left has their own. >> i have a little bit perspective. as a white house press secretary in the briefing room i do believe the reporters that were in that room tried very hard to be fair. >> um-huh. >> but you cannot control editorials or opinions and now you have ability for people to opine in all sorts of different ways. used to be hard to get an op-ed placed in a newspaper. now you put it up on medium and maybe you will get lucky and somebody will tweet about it so many other ways
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to communicate than even weç had in 2008. >> what i saw when george w. bush responded, his critics could be vicious. i remember how vicious they could be especially after the weapons of mass destruction and all the like, it seems to me like he was like, you know what? i'm going to take the high road here. i'm going to be classy about this. >> it wasn't just the media okay. actually, some of the worst things that he was called were done by harry reid, the senate majority leader at the time. who called him, i think it was a liar and a loser. in a time of war, right? so it wasn't just the media who might have given him a hard time. >> in the aftermath of donald trump's election. >> um-huh. >> and the fact that trump used alternatives to get around the media. >> um. >>um does president obama's message have added import? is it different than what president bush said about his critics? >> i don't think -- well, i actually feel like what president obama said in the atlantic interview in 2016 is similar to things that he said leading up to the
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election in 2008. so, he has had fox news as a villain from the beginning. and i think -- i feel like the democrats haven't reconciled the reason president obama personally is very popular in the polls. i mean, actually quite remarkable for aç two-term president to be up where he is. but, they still lost the presidential election. and they are trying to figure out how that can be. how do you reconcile those two things. >> i think he is hurt and i think he feels given the republican victory not only in the presidential race but holding on to the senate and the gubernatorial races, i think he feels responsible and he is looking for someone to pin the blame on. >> if he felt responsible then he wouldn't blame fox news. >> all right. but speaking of fox news, let's take a look here at kellyanne conway talking about me. >> that's funny. we were talking with juan williams earlier and he was questioning well kellyanne has four kids how is she going to do it? he got creamed on twitter. >> everybody on twitter was
5:18 pm
saying why a woman with four kids can't do it and a man can? so what she is going to be working 24/7. >> i would say to everyone not juan because i don't want him to be creamed but i would say that i don't play golf and i don't have a mistress so i have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don't. >> whoa. >> she doesn't play golf, dana. >> i loved that response. her sound bites can really pack a punch. she is right. has anybody asked today if sean spicer with two young children is going to be able to do the press secretary job? no. nobody asks that. >> letç me tell you kellyanne has said to me personally when she was saying that she wouldn't go inside that it's going to be very hard with four children and, in fact, i remember liberals were credit eyeing her for standing in the way of women who make that choice by saying kellyanne why are you using the children as a excuse not to go inside? how it's the right saying hey juan williams why are you mentioning that she has four children? >> i think she will go into this job eyes wide open.
5:19 pm
you have limited time on earth and even less time as president of the united states. you want yourself surrounded by the best people. they really get each other. i think she will be a huge asset and net plus for him. she will figure out how to help her family. i think being at the white house will be an amazing experience for the entire family. i think they will find that. >> i think. so she has just moved to washington. she has a husband. she will get lots of help. she is the first woman, republican or democrat to run a winning campaign. i think she deserves some higher promotion i think this is great news for kellyanne. >> she deserves more admiration than she is getting from the left. even if they admire her from afar they have trouble voicing it. she does deserve that respect for sure. >> we have respect for you, dana. >> thank you. >> next should donald trump side step the press by staining bigç rally instead? bernie goldberg on that strategy when we come right back. frrk
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>> donald trump and the press. after nine stop thank you tour across america, the president-elect may be set to host more big rallies once he takes office. >> this is the last time i will be speaking at a rally for maybe a while. you know? they're saying as president he shouldn't be doing rallies but i think we should, right? [cheers] we have done everything else the opposite. well, no, this is the way you get an honest word out because you can'tç give it to them because they are so dishonest. >> the rally strategy let him bypass the media whether it pay off after he assumes the presidency? joining us now with reaction from miami bernie goldberg, the purveyor of bern nod bernie, he says they are dishonest and he is going to go around them not only with the tweets but by holding these rallies. is this a successful media
5:24 pm
strategy? >> not in the long run. lock, can he go to rallies and ago to news conferences? yeah he can. there is no law he can't have a news conference. it's not a good idea. his adoring fans hang on every word. they don't challenge him. there is no room for questions at rallies. so he can. but in a free country like ours, we need a strong mainstream media to hold powerful people like donald trump accountable. >> yeah. but would they distort if they go after him to the point where he feels that his message is not being fairly communicated, he has got to look for alternatives. >> well, it's not a good idea in the long run. here's the thing. donald trump thinks that the press is dishonest and to some extn] he is right. and the press thinks donald trump, many in the press think donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states.
5:25 pm
this is not a healthy relationship. but both sides need to do a little -- have a little introspection. the press needs to understand millions and millions of americans thought they cheated in this last election. that they were rooting for hillary clinton. i'm one of them by the way. they were rooting for barack obama before that they can't dismiss this kind of criticism. they have to come to grips with it and do something about it. donald trump on the other hand ha to look inward also. he has to say if i speak to reporters, yes, they are going to be more critical of me and challenge me in a way that my fans at rallies don't. but i have to defend my policies and positions and the things i say. if he can do that, no problem. if he can't, there will be a problem. and if the press is dishonest, as they have been in some cases during the campaign, they will continue to lose credibility and trust of the american people.
5:26 pm
>> bernie, let me scenario though. i'm interested to hear what you think. you know barack obama's administration wept after the press for leaks more administration. this was coming from the liberal democrat barack obama. what happens if the press goes after donald trump, some the conflicts of dr., potentially hidden inside of all his business dealings? does he then go after the press and does it become a does not serve the american people? >> yes, it does not american people. donald trump is notoriously thin-skinned. even if you are one of the people in the audience tonight who love donald trump. that's fine with me. you have to acknowledge he is thin-skinned. so if the press goes after him unfairly, i am on donald trump's side and i am against the press. but when they go after him for legitimate things and donald trump is thin-skinned and says they're just out to get me. he is wrong and it's not good for donald trump as
5:27 pm
president's. we need a strong mainstream media to ask those tough questions. they need to be fair. and too often they are fair to people they like and unfair to people they don't like. they has to stop. >> i agree with you. >> witbut he can't just go to rallies. he has toç speak to reporters for his own good. >> let me come now. let me connect the dots on this, bernie. i read a column by you just speck. it was in connection with a column done by the editor liz spade. she said there is a lack of racial diversity at the liberal bastion "new york times." even when covering the sports department, she says nafrican-americans, few people of any kind but white. "new york times" holds every other institution in the country accountable in terms of lack o diversity.
5:28 pm
so i read bernie goldberg what about ideological diversity? what about a conservative point of view at the "new york times." where's the diversity on that? so bernie, where is it? >> it's not in the "new york times" newsroom by and large. it's not in most american numerous. listen, i think skin-deep diversity is important because there is a better chance that you, juan williams, will understand stories involving black culture and have more access to black communities than i would. i understand that. that's fine with me. >> right. >> but, in the newqç business and even more important kind of diversity, is ideological diversity. diversity of opinion. so i have come up with a solution. this is great. okay? you'll love this. >> okay. >> an affirmative action program for the smallest minority in america's newsrooms, conservative journalism, so we have an
5:29 pm
affirmative action for conservative journalists. not any conservative journalists. the "new york times" should go out and find asian conservative journalists. black conservative journalists. hispanic conservative journalists and then we kill two birds, so to speak, with one stone. we have more diversity of the skin-deep kind and more ideological diversity. >> but you know, bernie, but i think you pointed out that if you get more racial diversity, you're likely to get more liberal columnists. >> that's right. because generally speaking minorities are more liberal than. >> i like your idea, bernie. you have been hitting the eggnog if you think it's going to happen any time soon. >> i don't. >> thank you, bernie. directly ahead, as the democratic party become hostile to religion? we will take a hard look at that plus, a passenger is thrown off a jetblue flight after allegedly harassing ivanka trump and herç children on board. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. for lower back pain sufferers
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5:33 pm
nearly 50 others. encouraging news in the fight against ebola. final test results confirm experiment vaccine is highly effective. outbreaks that spread against africa in 2013 killed thousands of people. the drug was developed by the canadian government merck is expected to regulatory approval in the u.s. and europe next year. i'm patricia stark. now back to bill o'reilly. >> a brooklyn lawyer verbally attacks ivanka trump on a jetblueç flight. but, first, what's wrong with the democratic party? according to some political on or abouts the key issue behind the key election defeat secularism. democrats don't know how to talk to a lot of these people who go to church, people of value. the democratic party has
5:34 pm
become a secular party. it has become a party. >> outside of fo african-americans. >> yes. it also other than a couple prayers at the convention every four years that's it. the thing is a lot of americans and a lot of these voters out in sort of real america where i grew up and okay, sort of where you grew up, these are people with a different value structure. and they don't recognize where the democratic party has become. >> joining us now from dallas to analyze former trump campaign national spokesperson can a karina pierson and here in new york janey zano political science professor at iona college. let me read the two of you some numbers at a recent poll. it says people who attend church once a week voted for trump 55%. people who never attend religious services they voted for clinton 62%. katrina pearson, doesç this
5:35 pm
indicate that really if people understood better in the democratic party better understood people who are faith-filled, they would have done better in the election? >> well, maybe. but then maybe not, juan. i mean, yes, the party has definitely become more secular. that's not why hillary clinton lost by itself. i mean, this is not new for the democratic party. it had no effect in 2000 89 or 2012. the reason why they are struggling now is because hope was amiss. healthcare premiums skyrocketed. you did not get to keep your doctor no matter how much you liked them with perpetual war and global terrorism and executive amnesty. identity politics and class warfare at its worse. so was it part of the problem? maybe. but not entirely. >> jeanne zane what do you think. >> this was not a blow out by any stretch of the imagination she won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. the problem was her votes in the electoral vijay were
5:36 pm
unevenly filtered. she won on the east and west coast. speaking to people in the middle of the country in rural less populated he is areas. let's think about this. she needed we knew donald trump's only path to victory was through the midwest, through theç rust belt and he did beautifully and give him credited for. she visited wisconsin not once. she visited michigan only toward the end. if she had a real message to those voters in the midwest and rust vet that would have made a difference. >> you are saying had you a bad candidate. >> bad candidate and also a message issue. >> let's go back to the church issue though. it sounds to me like you are saying people in the middle of the country and especially whites and older whites in the middle of the country more likely church-going are the people who did not vote for clinton. >> yes. they did not vote for her on economic message. that's where the democratic party has to focus. because it is unfair and it's not true to say that people of faith are only in one party. yes, that tends to be the fact but those numbers
5:37 pm
haven't changed since the 1960s. the issue here with this loss is not secularism. it's got to do with the message and messenger in 2016. >> katrina pearson sounds like you are agreeing with jeanne. >> it wasn't the lack of message for the economy. she didn't have a message at all. in fact, hillary clinton was the poster child for everything wrong with american politics from corruption to statism to corporatism all with an elitist core that is the main problem here. people in the rust belt did like aç message from donald trump but they also didn't like the message that the democratic party was putting out there. they took their base for granted. you had the mainstream media that was helping her against the candidate that the base was supporting. the difference here is that donald trump was a candidate that had a message a pro-america message for all americans policies everyone. >> katrina, did you just say that the base was supporting it? i don't think you meant donald trump. i think you meant bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders. absolutely. >> oh, that's what i thought i heard you say.
5:38 pm
>> and hillary clinton. you can't take your base -- you can't take your base for granted and then expect them to turn out for you in the general election. >> now, there was some news today about what happened to ivanka trump. ivanka trump on a jetblue flight confronted by someone very critical of her father. jeanne, what happened here? >> it's absolutely unacceptable. you don't attack anybody on a flight for their father's political expblrks well no, hang on, hang on. you said attack. i don't mean physically attack. >> verbally attacked. >> they were confronted. he said your father is ruining the country. >> absolutely uncalled for and unsuspectable.ç didn't recognize it as the viable administration. of their country. you are going to find the same thing on the people on the democratic side and donald trump has got to reach across the aisle and try to show that he is the president of all people and so far you look at his numbers and he is not able
5:39 pm
to make that. >> you can't hold donald trump responsible for what happened to his daughter on this flight. katrina. i just want to say to you that, in fact, delta threw this fellow off the flight but he said i'm being expelled -- i'm sorry, jetblue through him off he said i'm being expelled because i expressed my opinion. how would you respond? >> well, look, there really aren't words to describe the grotesque nature of what occurred on this flight. where there are, juan, i just can't use them on television. you know, let's express some sincere gratitude and thanks to jet blue for having this person removed. he was accosting ivanka trump, jared and their children. when we did see was their response where jared and ivanka have always been the epitome of grace and class and this proved it but the irony here is many of these people in many of these cases were the ones that were out there ing trump
5:40 pm
love hate. here they are publiclyç accosting children in public it's disgraceful. >> i think it's a good point. katrina, jeanne, thank you so much for coming in. coming up next, new anti-muslim hoaxes exposed. what's behind these outrageous false claims? back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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>> thanks so much for staying with us. i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow-up segment tonight.ç anti-muslim hoaxes. last month a muslim student at the university of michigan reported to police that a drunk man threatened to set her hijab on fire unless she removed it but police now say the student's claim was untrue.
5:44 pm
and she is now facing a felony charge of filing a false police report. the news comes amid other similar hoaxes including a muslim woman in new york who falsely claimed she was harassed on the subway by donald trump supporters. and there are still questions surrounding yesterday's incident on a kedelta flight where a professional prankster says he was booted off the plane after speaking arabic. joining us now with reaction dr. zuhdi jasser president of the american islamic forum for democracy. dr. jasser, let's dismiss the prankster for a second. let's go back to the incident in new york, the incident at the university of michigan. why are people making up these outrageous situations? are they trying to appeal to liberals who assume that this is going to happen? are they trying to jump the bandwagon and say you know it happened to me and why are they doing it? >> well, juan, i mean, this is war. we are in a cultural war and
5:45 pm
basically their entire identity islamists is based on their identity asç muslims. they don't want to lead reform. they don't recognize we have a problem. they want to be the victim. it's part of the product of radicalization from grievance mongering groups and the left that doesn't want to look at muslim and islam as an idea but rather as identity or race or racialization of islam. this is defined as terrorism. terrorism militarily, operationally like isis kills innocent people. culturally, it's any means necessary. you can lie, you can do whatever you want. to separate muslims out and say we are the victims. it's the end justifies the means. they will do anything to do it and this is part of the process. >> and you think that the lying is part of the culture? >> it's part of the islamist culture. not as a muslim, as a moral faith loving muslim who believes in god, no. this is our problem. this is the pathology i'm trying to treat in our muslim reform movement. anyone who thinks that the
5:46 pm
thee democrats of islam, islamists this isn't the pathologist is in deep denial. exaggerated by those who want to continue to bury us in grievances and victimization rather than telling our children that our legacy as americans is that we are americans first. americans are not the them. we are the americans. and theyyu(u to divide us versus them and they do it through mockery. through videos, whatever it is in order to separate us and our children out of society. we need to call this out and the reason you are hearing more about it now is people are just fed up with it and starting to report it police are starting to chase down facts better than they used to five, six years ago. i though it was happening before but now we are reporting on it better. >> do you think in fact, and we have heard some of these reports from places like the southern poverty law center, tracking anti-muslim hate acts, do you think in fact that there are legitimate acts of terror being acted on, being done to muslims at this moment after the trump
5:47 pm
election? >> well, not necessarily. no demonstration demonstrable upticks of real acts of hate. there has certainly been some amount of bigotry that has existed. any honest muslim would recognize there is three times more against the jewish community. there is bigotry out there. the best way, juan as an american muslim to deal with that and melt away the bigotry is more americans not to see me grabbing onto the victim mind set but rather to say that we need to show that we are the solution. we're going to own the problem and that will melt away any big got tri that exists for americans to see us taking ownership and being the solution rather some rational fear of wondering boy, what do we do? there is vehicles on streets that are mowing down people? how do we prevent this? if they are going to see something, say something. we can't make them fearful of us we need to own the problem. >> one last question, doctor. michigan, very young people. not seniors, young people. why? >> because this is part of
5:48 pm
the radicalization. this girl in new york her patients were very conservative, very oppressive. she was out drinking. she was dating. so in response, just like a radicalized terrorist on the field in syria of isis, here she is not violent but decided to act out and then we saw when she went to court her head was shaved. so she is a victim in some ways of honor abuse. honor violence. but we need to start to call this out and reform our own community. >> we need more of your voice dr. jasser. >> thank you. >> when we come back the land of undocumented dreamers should be allowed to stay in the united states. how should donald trump solve the problem? up ahead. ♪fact ♪ than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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if the book of the book segment to nuth, what to do with undocumented immigrants in the united states. jay johnson, the you going homeland security secretary is giving advice for the incoming trump administration. >> my sincere hope is that this next administration will wrestle the comprehensive immigration reform, they will take on border security as they said they will. but you know, the president-elect has also said at some point we're going to take a look at these 11 million and figure out what to do. and when you get to that point you're going to realize that the dreamers, the people who camaç here as kids are people who are the most sympathetic in terms of who's here undocumented. and they ought to reckon with the fact that these people ought to be allowed to come out of the shadows and stay on the books. >> mexico's ambassador to the
5:53 pm
united states is urging mexican nasals living here to apply for u.s. citizenship all to help defend against any hardline immigration policies coming from president-elect donald trump. so what strategy should the president-elect adopt to fix the immigration mess? joining us from houston, the republican lieutenant governor of texas, dan patrick. mr. patrick, what's your approach? are you in line with what donald trump is suggesting from the wall to ending potentially ending dacca? >> it's a comb by natiination o. merry christmas. good to be with you. you've got to secure the border. we're overwhelmed by people coming here illegally. th we cannot educate everyone that wants to come here on their ownç donald trump is going to surprise a lot of people. he could be the president that actually passes legal
5:54 pm
immigration reform. because donald trump, i believe, shares the view that one should have to die to come to america. no one could be raped crossing the border. >> let's go back to deferred action. >> people shouldn't die on your land when they get here. it's a combination of the two. >> i understand what you're sighinsigh i saying. what about deferred action. 645,000 people would lose the legal right to work in the usa if donald trump i understand th that program. >> there are repercussions for breaking the law and coming here. the dreamers are a special group. many brought here as young children. not on their own. many were dragged across the border by their parents. here's the problem. let's take in-state tuition at our universities. why do we charge an american student, maybe a mexican
5:55 pm
american student who wants to come to school in texas, why would we change his three or four times as much as the illegal student here in texas who wants to goç to college. and why we would in some of our universities when you have five or six well-qualified students turned down because there aren't enough seats, why would we give that to a citizen over a nonvisino noncitizen. and giving the dreamers the opportunity to go to college with a lower tuition that many americans do, it's a lie to them. no major company is going to hire them because they're not here legally. >> i'm remembering, though, rick perry said if you lack compassion for these young people in texas, may have arrived illegally, you lack a heart. what do you say? >> he's going to be a great energy secretary. a dear friend but i disagreed with me him him on that.
5:56 pm
we have to put americans first and we have to secure the board e and paz legal immigration reform. people would rather come to america and pay the federal government a few thousand dollars and come here legally and not live in the shadows than to pay the drug cartels to come here and be abused to get here and then live in the shadows. the republicans had the number to do something about it and didn't. the democrats had the numbers under obama and he çdidn't. we need the president, i think he will be the president to bring the parties together pass legal immigration reform, secure the border and get rid of the criminals -- >> you're putting pressure on donald trump to deliver. mr. patrick thank you so much for coming in. when we come back, if you're in a last-minute holiday shopping panic, we've got you covered here at "the fact." don't go away.
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as great gift for the political junkie, history lover in your life. that's it for us. i'm in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you.ç breaking tonight, new video of that disturbing incident involving president-elect donald trump's daughter ivanka being berated by an angry passenger on a plane. even worse her three young children were traveling with her. i'm sandra smith if for megyn kelly tonight. ivanka trump was traveling with her three children and husband. when another passenger noticed her and went off. the man reportedly screaming at her, jeering at our children and much more. getting himself eventually kicd