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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 26, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the loose. you don't hear that much. they found the big guy on top of this car. he's hard to miss. even dented the hood. he's been released back into the pacific ocean. what a christmas present that mubs have been. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day, guys. good morning. it's monday, december 26th. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt this morning. a music icon, the world mourning. ♪ >> george michael dies at the age of 53. tributes from across the world are pouring in. two allies at odds. tensions escalating between the white house and israel. benjamin netanyahu now accuses president obama of organizing a "shameful ambush. the shocking fallout straight ahead. you can't make this up. george washington university
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eliminated u.s. history as a requirement for history majors. for $68,000, you can learn history somewhere else. >> keep in mind, your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ kind of sad. we're pulling out on christmas decorations because pulling up stakes on the christmas season. >> got to carry it there. >> brian, we'll keep celebrating christmas. i love it. >> we want to stop celebrating and you say -- >> you don't want to tear down the decorations, brian. >> i got to put down my kenny gcd. >> never. >> one thing we are asking our
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viewers to do one thing. >> send in pictures. >> with an explanation of who is in the picture. >> was it interesting? was it fun? >> i'm going to jump right ahead. i got abby huntsman on my pocket square. this is a present -- >> this happened yesterday. >> i don't know what's crazier. peter doocy's -- this was the weekend crew. i'm going to raise it up high. i got abby. i might put abby in my pocket here. >> is that creepy, brian? >> like my big eye. >> i've never seen ed without a pocket square. i got it from abby. >> abby said i always want to have you in my octobpocket. >> i love it. i love it. keep sending in your photos. we want your dogs and pets and photos. >> we have a lot of breaking news happening. because it's a holiday, doesn't mean the news is taking a holiday. lisa booth helping us out with
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some news. >> welcome. >> i'm still rocking the christmas red. i'm not ready to let go of the holiday spirit. tributes are pouring in as the world mourns the shocking death of pop-icon george michael. the former wham front ed mcma n mcmahon -- he died from heart failure. he sold more than 100 million records over a career that spanned four decades. ♪ >> celebrities honoring the music legend overnight. elton john writing, i am in deep shock. i have lost a beloved friend. the kindest most generous soul and a brilliant artist. my heart goes out to his family, friends and fans. former wham bandmate adam
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wrigley tweeting heartbroken at the loss of -- forever loved. singer boy george writing, he was so loved and i hope he knew it. because the sadness today beyond words. devastating. what a beautiful voice he had and his music will live on as a testament to his talent. i can't believe he's gone. a live look outside of michael's home in london where he passed away. people are gathering to pay tribute. michael was just 53 years old. developing, terrorism did not take down this plane. russia saying pilot error or technical issues is likely to blame for a military plane crashing into the black sea. all 92 people on board are confirmed dead on this christmas day tragedy. rescue crews searching through the night near the coast of sochi. mourners paying tribute at a vigille last night in sochi. an army choir and reporters to a
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russian air base in syria. now to extreme weather. it was a white christmas for many. with it comes bitter cold, harsh winds and dangerous driving conditions. right now blizzard warnings covering much of the northern plains, north and south dakota expecting up to 15 inches of snow and 55 miles per hour winds. the blast of sleet, snow and rain expected to make holiday travel extremely treacherous. long stretches of highway shutsing down in several states because they're too slippery. the wicked weather causing scattered flight delays headed home after the holiday. nfl news. a christmas bust for last year's super bowl champs. the broncos eliminated from playof contention after a 33-10 loss to the kansas city chiefs. but the pittsburgh steelers had reason to celebrate because they are afb north champions thanks
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to this four-yard touchdown. antonio brown just reaching the end zone for a 31-27 wins over the ravens. those are your headlines. hits him in the back to get him to score. pittsburgh wins. >> the ravens are out for the third time in four years. >> the redskins are still in it, potentially. fingers crossed. >> we'll see who the giants play. the giants no longer have to win that game. >> big weekend. thank you, lisa. let's not talk news. let's talk sports the rest of the show. >> it's a three-hour show. the tensions are growing between president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu this morning. >> accusations rise that the u.s. was behind a u.n. vote of -- the white house denying the accusations. >> kristin fisher is live with the latest. recap how we got where we are today. >> sure thing. tensions escalated over the
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weekends with benjamin netanyahu coming out and saying that not only did the u.s. refuse to block this u.n. resolution, but that the u.s. created it and actively pushed for it to be passed. from the information we have, no doubt that the obama administration coordinated on the word and demanded that it be passed. not mincing any words there. those accusations prompted a strong and swift response from the white house. eric schultz says the u.s. did not draft this resolution, nor did the u.s. introduce this resolution. the egyptians in partnership with the palestinians are the ones who circulated an earlier draft of the resolutions. the egyptians moved it forward on friday and we took the position that we did when it was put to a vote. now, that position was to abstain from a vote, which allowed the resolution to pass. a resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank.
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president-elect trump came out against that resolution. shortly after its passage he said the big loss for israel in the united nations will make it much harder to negotiate peace. too bad. but we'll get it done anyway. he also said that things will be different after january 20th. inauguration day. that is exactly what the israeli prime minister is now banking on. back to you. >> thanks, kristin. it's amazing that this thing was dead and donald trump working behind the scenes killed it. >> the israelis came to him and said we're not getting any leadership. >> guess what? we've venezuela, you're riding on the money. i'm going to back this up. behind the scenes, this is his titanic. the worst may be yet to come if you're an israeli leader. >> that's what they're feeling. this leaves a huge responsibility for the incoming administration. you think about nikki haley and president-elect donald trump. he says he has a good
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relationship with benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu as well spoke about this months ago on 60 minutes. we can play that. >> i know donald trump. i know him very well. i think his attitude, his support for israel is clear. how he feels about the jewish people. there's no question about that. >> those are warm words as you say for the president-elect from benjamin netanyahu. never had a warm relationship with president obama. you have to wonder. that was clearly not just praising donald trump -- in contrast to president obama, i've got a great relationship with donald trump. appears like president obama decided to give a shot to netanyahu on the way out the door. no other explanation for it. we could have stopped this. it was basically president obama voting -- remember when he ran in 2008, over 100 times he voted
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present. he told him to vote present. >> the foreign secretary called in russia. all the members of the security council in extraordinary fashion to get review. then they called in our ambassador in israel to go and meet with the prime minister's office to get review. that says a lot. if read the post today and benjamin netanyahu saying calm down. he could make it worse. in a couple of days, i know you're going to have your te television tuned to this. secretary of state john kerry will state the reason why they voted the way they did. they think the more bullets in the chamber for this administration and benjamin netanyahu says calm everybody down. >> that happened going out on a high note. you've heard donald trump praise president obama saying we've worked well together in this transition. one president at a time. but you've been really nice to me. and president obama appearing in the last couple of weeks saying
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i'm knot going out with without a fight. i'm going to slam israel. >> this would not be the first time that the obama administration has been accused of working against netanyahu behind the scenes in israel. this has happened before. it's a bit frightening to see how we move forward. this is an important relationship, especially in fighting terrorism. we need israel on our side and that relationship as strong as possible. >> as know, you know what's happened if you watched the 60 minutes feature, because we've pushed back on is real, they haven't stood still. they haven't had an opportunity to make friends with the anti-iranian fafaction. in the middle east. they have a friend in russia to a degree. they now have relationships with countries they never had before because of everyone's hatred towards iran. now, egypt, too, has been somewhat friendly as well as
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jordan. >> step back and think about the u.n. why are they beating up on israel. why aren't they dealing with aleppo. the fall of aleppo? >> that's a great point. >> the u.n. could spend more time on that. that's why you have lindsey graham and othrepublicans sayin let's take money away. >> the relationship they have is going great. they think they have this trust and this bond. it makes you think about our relationship with the friends saying we've got a great friendship. you ask that person and say no, they're afr terrible friend to me. >> like brian said, going through bad moments. >> abby, i'm going to say it a little different. i know that they know they're not good friends with israel. they're telling us they're good friends with israel. one of the sponsors is venezuela. their people are licking wrappers for dinner. they have nothing to go on. that country is in anarchy. let's cast a vote to condemn the resolution -- it's beyond reason. >> we're going to talk about
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this all morning long. we'll be talking about it for weeks now because we have to figure out how to rebuild. >> in the middle of this transition. >> even in the breaks. speaking of the white house taking another shot at president-elect trump after his criticism of the u.n. vote on israel as ed was talking about. >> president-elect, the first thing i have to say is that there's one president at a time. one president at a time, really? >> we're going to debate that next. >> what do an iranian millionaire, a state senator and a drug dealer have in common? here's a hint. it has to do with tax dollars and you are not going to like this one. stay with us. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head.
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the whites house making the message clear. prachl for not backing israel
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and the u.n. on the president-elect, the first thing i have to say is there's one president at a time. president obama is the president of the united states until january 20th. and we are taking this action of course as u.s. policy. and as i also said, this has been long-standing bipartisan u.s. policy to oppose this type of settlement activity going forward. good to see you both. hope you had a merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> want to start with that last point by ben roach. he's right. to be against this israeli settlement activity. what he leaves out, chuck, is that it's also long-standing u.s. policy to block the anti-israeli resolutions before the u.n. and meanwhile, president obama just voted present. let it go through. >> we can have these debates over policy but barack obama is
3:17 am
the president. guess what? i've said this on this newschannel. donald trump is going to be our president. when you lose elections, there are consequences. but the american people have spoken. they voted for donald trump. four years ago, they voted for president obama. so there is elections, there are results and there are consequences. it's his government and his decision until the 20th. i stand behind him and i'll recognize donald trump when that time comes as well. >> i got to say okay, fine, barack obama is our president. i got t show us leadership. why did he say let's abstain? what about yea or nay before the u.n. and helping out israel? instead, he was on the sidelines? >> he's going to make every decision he can as commander in chief to keep us safe. we have opposed these from the beginning. i don't want to deent the policy. he gets to debate the policy whether you like it or not. >> the end of obama presidency cannot come soon enough, ed, are you kidding me?
3:18 am
i think what weave seen in the last push for the resolution, egypt ended up -- this is something that israel was vigilant and concerned about according to my sources who were part of the negotiation. i have to tell you, ed, i think it's important for president-elect trump to be critical of the president. someone has to be outspoken at this case. in the case of israel in particular. what have we seen with president obama? it's been a hostile relationship with prime minister netanyahu. i think it's reached to a points where this was his last stitch effort by president obama to push forward an anti-israeli resolution. we knew this abstain vote would cause long-term consequences. it's difficult to undo. what president obama is doing, he keeps putting obstacles in many of these -- for example, like barring -- all of this is
3:19 am
happening in the last 15, 20 days. >> it is. let's look forward now. donald trump tweeted over the weekend, as to the u.n., this was short and sweet. things will be different after january 20th. so chuck, pick it up there. what do you think we're going to see from donald trump in terms of leadership, particularly as it pertains to israeli palestinian peace? >> there were a lot of people upset with the politics lately. you saw the frustration borne out in this. now he has to feed that an malg. he has to feed that beast and let the american people that voted for him that he's going to do something. no matter what he does, he needs to fight back against the establishment and the status quo in d.c. that's why a lot of his policy positions, some being democratic, some being republican. that's his test. >> we have 15 seconds. >> i have to say what president obama has done right now is what
3:20 am
netanyahu is just responding by saying he's not going to be involved in, for instance, international conference in the two state solution with the palestinians. of course, this is pushing netanyahu away from having this negotiation with the palestinians. but i think this was a negative move by the obama administration and i think thank god for donald trump who is coming in and saying things will be different and reverse -- be a really true friend and allow for this bilateral allowance to strengthen under donald trump and netanyahu. >> mercedes, chuck, we'll leave it there. i appreciate the christmas letter. rocking it the d-- sweater. locking it the day after. at george washington university, getting rid of the requirement for history majors, history. this this is the end of jill stein? oh, no no, the green party
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back with quick headlines.
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new york city's former top cop backing up president-elect trump's plan -- ray kelly saying on a radio interview it's necessary to do a much deeper dive on people's background. jill stein just will not go away after failed recount bids in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. the former green party candidate is now calling on loretta lynch and the department of justice to investigate the, quote, integrity of the electoral system. brian, over to you. >> when can we stop caring about jill stein. now. talk about a lesson in irony. it's a college in our nation's capitol named for the first president of the united states. george washington university is no longer requiring history majors to take u.s. history. the college following the lead of 1/3 of the country's top schools. here to react, a man with an opinion and passion. larry elder. larry, please tell me there's something about the introduction and explanation that i got wrong. >> i wish i could tell you that. think about this.
3:25 am
according to the student newspaper, the faculty made this decision because they wanted to e. better recruit students in a globalizing environment. george washington, thinking to major in history without studying george washington. after all, according to a lot of professors, the founding fathers are a bunch of old rich white guys who owned slaves. as a result, they're no longer relevant. i call this the access of indoctrination. they have passed a law from education into indocket rinnation. >> in a time i can go two blocks away and see a packed house at a.m. i will ton where they go through the entire history of the united states and see how fascinating it is, we can't get to george washington university and study about him. can i add this? it's the most expensive school in the united states, somewhere around $67,000 a year. why would you be interested in sending your child to a school that doesn't really want to focus on george washington at
3:26 am
george washington university? >> let's not just pick on gw. a third of schools in the country don't require the history majors to have a course in american history. no matter were whether the school is north, souts, east or west or big or small or private or public. you have overwhelmingly, the humanity side dominated by people on the left. 5 to 1, 50 to 1 in some schools. kids are learning that america is nothing more than a series of dissidents that oppress people whether native americans or women or black or hispanic or asian people. that's what they're learning. >> there are people listening right now and saying everybody knows the history. doesn't matter what george washington university does when people go to get their education. is there a genuine concern that you have or are you astonished? >> there's a genuine concern because, after all, the founding fathers, again are perceived to be a bad people, people that
3:27 am
were rich that owned slaves. although there was a reprieve with respect to the electoral college, all of a sudden the left wing people rediscovered the founding fathers when it came to the electoral college, outside of that the kids are taught that america has been a country that has been exploiting people, we got rich because we jacked over a lot of people, as opposed to a country of exceptionalism, a country where the people are allowing the government to govern by their consent and instead of talking about america as being a place of exceptionalism, we're taught that america is a place of oppression. that's what kids are learning and that's why hillary and bernie sanders want free college. the more likely you are to go to college, the more likely you'll be april pro-democrat voter. >> a lot of people pick a college because of the major they wants or the sport they want to play. more and more parents i talk to, they want to know how co school and
3:28 am
how liberal are the teachers. that wasn't a box you have to check. i think it is now. this is the same school that recruited in al qaeda and homeland security a former recruiter for al qaeda. asking for to be a professor. >> right. >> all the success on your radio show too. >> my pleasure. thank you so much. >> larry, thank you. straight ahead, president obama is not getting enough credit apparently. given the fact that he's been the most transparent president in american history and given the facts he's not gotten much, if any, credit for that. >> really? is josh earnest right to be upset? you decide at home. why you were dreaming of a white christmas? this white professor was wishing for a white genocide. seriously. it may be cheaper to buy that gift you didn't get today. we have the post christmas bargains. that's what she is saying. we live in a pick and choose world.
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the shot of the morning. pets love opening gifts on christmas. at least they say they did. just like us. here's riley early opening his presents in florida. this golden doodle, favorite thing to do is open presents. he is not alone. >> these are pictures of truffles, the cat. over in the uk. opening up a few presents. >> that is hysterical. do you think they know they're opening a gift. >> i don't think they do. >> this is a canine that spent christmas eve setting up snacks for santa. >> wakes up to find a stack of gifts waiting for him.
3:32 am
send in your pet presents video. we're going to play them on the show. send them to friends at fox >> my golden retriever doesn't know how to open gifts yet. i didn't know that was a thing. >> although, i will say we did yesterday -- you weren't here, brian. but we did a secret santa on the couch. there he is. >> we're wearing each other's shirts because that's what i got here for my secret santa gift. >> look how proud he looks. >> you seem to be giving a lot of people gifts with pictures of yourself. >> who is this? >> golden george as well. >> this is my family in salt lake city, utah. every year we serve christmas dinner at the homeless shelter in salt lake. there's my sister serving them dinner. they say it's a good reminder of what this holiday season is about. yesterday, as you saw, it was beautiful here on the east coast. it was like 55 degrees.
3:33 am
my husband and i went for a hike yesterday. >> that is a selfie. you weren't traveling with a third party. >> you also have pictures. >> we had christmas eve dinner at delmon coe kitchen. >> bad lighting. >> my mom actually cooked yesterday. we had sausage and meatballs. >> wait a second. this is a knicks game. >> i took my dad, son, nephew, my wife. knicks celtics. knicks were down ten. epic come back and then they blow it. does that sum up the knicks? >> i have hope they'll make the playoffs. >> loses the ball at the end. >> still fun to go on christmas. >> i got the tickets on stub hub. i barely got them. it was literally sold out. knicks game not only sold out. people were pumped up. >> the coveted aerial view. >> what did you do? >> i had a series of events. we hosted on christmas eve.
3:34 am
me and my brothers went to the -- we saw demonstrated on our show. we did that christmas eve where we hosted. i think there's more pictures. >> you guys look good. >> that's my niece mary and my daughter caitlin. that's i think on christmas eve. that's a little bit. >> better lighting there. >> my mom. >> much better lighting. >> that's also christmas eve. there's a lot of people were served. >> my wife did a great job. >> you really want to know? >> you could write them all. >> there's a lot of people. >> when they say send in pictures. should i have asked them? >> probably. >> you got permission from your dog and your husband, no problem. >> i expanded my reach a little bit. >> i didn't tell my parents i was showing their photos. >> just my nature. >> basically saying the president does not get enough credit for being the most
3:35 am
transparent in history. he did -- >> we're fatalking national new now, right? >> wei wanted to talk more abou brian's family. here's josh earnest saying the president doesn't get enough credit>> given the fact that president obama has been the most transparent president in american history and given the fact that he has not gotten much, if any, credit from journalists for that, what incentive does a guy like donald trump, who i think has a predisposition against transparency when you consider the way he handled his tax returns, what argument does anybody have that there is a benefit for him to be more transparent? >> this stems from a number of folks complaining he's not been transparent. one being the "washington post." they argue that he's not done an interview with them. this is according to a few months ago, since 2009. they cover washington.
3:36 am
>> morning radio shows with -- talking about his favorite superhero and sufficient like that. >> as you know, it's not to make yourself available, what do you say when you do. it's about being transparent. google it, we'll talk about transparency in this administration and rank it next to last in presidencies. >> josh earnest, what else do you expect him to say? >> he did a letter to the editor recently. making his case for transparency in this administration. what you really saw there, though, wasn't so much about president obama, it was a shot at donald trump. >> you deal with so many presidents, how was josh earnest to deal with? >> he's wonderful to deal with, very straight up. the president has not always been transparent, but he has josh earnest has tried to be. >> you wonder what's happened to the respect. i don't remember former administrations talking about the incoming administration like
3:37 am
this, right? >> despite all the talk early on. >> talk about classy, that's where we -- we're going to put that behind us. just talk about the news. hey, lisa. >> hey, guys. i suspect we'll hear a lot of that heading towards the 20th. a christmas eve nightmare whose homes started sinking on the holiday. crews are working around the clock to help. but it could be a few weeks before people who live in the two dozen houses can return to the suburban detroit neighborhood. at least one of those homes severely damaged by the sinkhole. a faulty sewer line may have caused the problem. a university now responding after professor with a history of hating white people sparked outrage nationwide. george sick rel owe teaches and specializes in race and racism at drexel university in philadelphia. over the weekend he tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. he's also called for the massacre of whites in the past. drexel calling the post
3:38 am
disturbing and is taking the situation seriously. they're worth mlgs of dollars. why do investigators say they're clekting food staps. drug dealers and an iranian millionaire facing charges accused of stealing hard working tax dollars each months in food stamps and welfare. $70 million of our money was likely wasted this past year on food stamp fraud. christmas may be over and the gifts may be unwrapped, but there's still someone who needs a miracle this holiday. jessica scott is fighting a grueling uphill battle. her medical problems started years ago when doctors found a hole in her heart. she's in a medically induced coma fighting infections for her second double lung transplant. you can help her family with the mounting medical bills by donating at her go fund me page. those are your headlines. back to you, abby. >> thank you, lisa.
3:39 am
didn't wake up with what you wanted for christmas? don't fret over making those returns. you might get more bang for your buck thanks to the amazing after christmas sales. breaking it down is financial expert stephanie o'connell. >> after you bought everything at full price, now it's on sale. >> it's one of the busiest shopping days of the year. that's because a couple of things. returning the things we maybe didn't love. we've got gift cards to redeem and we've got the great sales happening post christmas. >> let's talk about the big sales starting with macy's. >> today and tomorrow you'll see big discounts on designer apparel. on home goods. on accessories and more. plus, if you're shopping online, $25 or more, free shipping. >> love it. j.c. penney. >> today, 50 to 70% off. those are big sales. be on the lookout for coupons. >> toys-r-us for all the kids out there. >> it's not just us adults who
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all the 2016 stuff is on good discounts through the new year. lastly, we're talking about the holiday items. stocking up for the next season now on the cheap. >> christmas decorations. >> christmas is going to be here before we know it. >> every year. >> it comes every year. we know it's coming. today is the day to get on those decorations. >> the only challenge are the crowds. you say going online can be just as good. >> going online can be just as good. you'll see a lot of deals on free shipping and you'll see a lot of deals for free returns. there's really no risk to shopping online instead of going to the store. >> thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you for having me. next on the rundown, the president-elect is dissolving his charity to avoid conflicts of interest. it's not enough for the democrats apparently. why our next guest says welcome to the next four years. just when you thought kim jong uncouldn't get worse.
3:42 am
wait until you hear how he's putting the grinch to shame this year.
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. :
3:44 am
good morning again. a quick look at headlines. kim jong un steals christmas by demanding christians in north korea celebrate his grandmother instead of the birth of jesus. his grandmother was born on christmas eve in 1919. she died in 1948. oh, my. here's something you don't see every day. a seal on the run from police. officers finally found the big guy on top of the car in tasmania. he's hard to miss. he even dented the hood.
3:45 am
good news. he was safely returned back to his home in the ocean. abby, it looks like he gafs his seal of approval. >> well-played. president-elect donald trump announces over the weekend he will dissolve his foundation to avoid any potential conflicts of interests. for the democrats, this is not enough. >> the dnc saying this is a wilted fig leaf to cover his conflict of interesting in his -- we're glad he's shutting down this corrupt enterprise. but questions remain about the questions into the foundation. the question is, would democrats be satisfied regardless of what donald trump has done and will do? >> the editor in chief of the daily caller news foundation is mere. >> happy boxing day. >> happy boxing day. that is the question. if this were a democrat, for example, how would it be played? >> i think it would be differently. >> donald trump and everyone in the media has a visit from the ghost of christmas future here.
3:46 am
what's going to happen? they're worried about his business interests which by the way are not -- this has happened with. s before, they've been wealthyhd he's going to divest this charity and they attack, attack. you can be guaranteed no matter what he does the next few years, that's what the democrats will do. they're going to have a rough time the first few months. >> you used to -- you want to get both sides. i thought if you want to do a fair and balanced look. if you're a democrat, you want to look at the legal implicat n implicatio implications. he is technically under investigation from new york. to attack this way shows a personal attack about a president that we know will have a tough time from day one. but to attack this aggressively, what does it say about the future? >> i think it says there are going to be pit bulls for donald trump, certainly weren't against hillary clinton. she had more legal problems
3:47 am
before donald trump was investigated. it's a personal level of vicious attack which we've seen violence at the rallies, crazy rhetoric, like we talked about earlier, white genocide, the left is going nuts. it's going to be personal and they're going to attack donald like she was in the airplane for years and years. >> this is from the dnc's deputy commune kapgss director. might be tough to shut down a foundation under investigation for fraud. but taking a step back, there's nothing trumpier than shutting down a tiny part of his empire that might do tran general shal good while he can profit after the -- merry christmas, dot dot dot or something. that's coming from the deputy communications director of the dnc. would they be more effective if democrats were more thoughtful about areas they wanted to attack him on? >> right now, like in the election, and what they'll be doing forever, i agree with you. they're preaching to the choir.
3:48 am
if you're the average person locking on to twitter, i don't think many average person do that. if you're the average person and you see this vicious attack with a christmas-themed attack, why is that going to sway you? that kind of turns you off. each if they have a point. the foundation is actually under investigation. it may not have been allowed to take -- the clinton foundation probably hasn't been legal for the last few years. that's a serious worry. they're not going to change minds on christmas. >> before we let you go, the fact that george washington was one of the richest men in america and john f. kennedy, we know how rich the kennedys still remain today. that wasn't held against him. it seems like this is held against donald trump. which is a bad sign of the future. if you're successful in business, you shouldn't run for political office. i thought that was only the goal. do something first and then serve later. >> you'll never hear that if you go to george washington university. >> a callback from our guest.
3:49 am
thanks so much. >> thank you. still ahead, he's leaked e-mails. while julian assange says hillary clinton has no one to blame but herself. does your kid act like this after eating a lot of sugar? >> have another chocolate bar. >> the holidays to blame for that? we're separating fact from fiction next. >> we've all been there. >> covering the bus driver's eyes. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero.
3:50 am
get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. . . . . .
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3:52 am
traditionally the holidays are a time for family fun but all the running around can cause many to feel under the weather today. so are the holidays to blame or is it something else going on in your body? >> here to help us break down the truth behind the top holiday health myths. >> good morning, everybody. happy holidays. >> we're all feeling good this morning. >> everybody ready for our quiz. >> you've got some questions.
3:53 am
>> right. the first one. sugar makes children hyperactive, true or false? >> this is a trick question. >> false. >> ed. >> thank you. >> so the two people who said false are correct. >> yes. >> it's really not the sugar that makes kids hyperactive. it's the environment that they are in when they are eating the sugar, for instance a birthday party or a family gathering or staying up late at night, playing games. they they just published a study in the new england journal. it's really okay. it's a parental myth that we all have. >> really. i notice a definite difference. the first two, i can give sugar, no big deal. third one, it was like giving them coffee. >> maybe you have to do your own controlled study in your family.
3:54 am
airplanes make you sick, true or false? >> it depends on the person. >> if you are sick on the airplane. >> correct. it's true. >> no doubt about it. it seems so obvious. >> it really is true. first of all, all the surfaces. the number one surface is the tray table that has so much bacteria. if you are one of those crazy people who can wipe it down before you sit down with a purell wipe, and the person behind you, even seven rows behind you, it only takes three minutes in the recirculated air for their germs get to you. >> if they sneeze, it gets to you. >> in three minutes. >> 180 seconds. >> i used to nap on the trays. i've changed my habits. >> after a bloody mary? most of your body heat you lose through your head, true or false. >> i know that one.
3:55 am
that's a no brainer. >> that's not true. here's why. it's a trick question. the way that we all dress, you lose most of your body heat through your head because you don't have a hat on. it's based on surface area. if you were wearing shorts in the winter, you would lose a lot more of of your body heat through your legs because -- >> wherever the opening is. >> this is bad for us. >> night time feasting makes you fat, true or false. >> true. >> false. >> false. it's just calories in minus calories out. it doesn't matter what time of day you eat them. >> what about the theories that you have no time to burn off what you eat? >> that's not true. your metabolic rate works when you are sleeping. if you are really do about doing
3:56 am
morning exercise, your metabolic rate will do more for you when you are sleeping. last one, washing hands frequently prevents illness? it is true. you can never wash your hands too often. >> what about the theory that that germs actually help fight back other illnesses? >> the problem is we all touch our eyes, our nose, and our mouth, which are the mucous membranes. you wash your hands because you touch it and the bad bacteria gets in there. >> tucker carlson doesn't believe that. >> we have had that discussion, he and i. >> you don't argue with tucker. >> i've seen the show.
3:57 am
it ends badly. several performers won't be taking the stage at his inauguration. one singer who did sign up just hit number one. and this man just got his wish. he shows off his new smile when he joins us live. >> i love that. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
so many great hits. singer george michael found dead at the age of 53. how he passed and the tributes pouring in. benjamin netanyahu accuses president obama of a planned attack. that was the scene at a christmas eve mass when the trump family showed up. this morning, you are going to meet the pastor who prayed with the president-elect. let me remind you, your mornings are better because you are with
4:01 am
friends. ♪ ♪ who took the people? >> where did the people go? >> what happened to new york? >> i was walking last night on sixth avenue, chaos. they were coming out of radio city. they were getting ready for new year's on times square. it was complete madness and now not a soul. >> you were at the knicks game yesterday. >> melo, you broke our heart. >> and talk about looking sexy. >> look at you. >> we did a secret santa. yesterday, i was given a shirt with my dog photo on it and they
4:02 am
gave george a shirt with my face on it. >> people are sending pictures of their dogs. russell, his dogs, kevin and kobe. i since brothers. >> this is from scott in tennessee. bullmastiffs. >> they are waiting for santa in front of the tree. >> and lisa sends this in. her dogs opening up the presents. and this dog is waiting for santa to come down the chimney with bows in her ears. i celebrated with a pocket square with abby huntsman on it. >> reichmuth is on it. >> twitter handle specifically
4:03 am
dedicated to his hair. >> he makes it clear it's not sponsored by him. it's sponsored by a fan. >> we have a lot of news going on this morning. tributes pouring in overnight as the world mourns george michael. we all know these. ♪ wake me up before you go, go ♪ ♪ oh, i got to have faith ♪ last christmas, i gave you my heart ♪ >> jackie has the breaking details. >> good morning. a lot of hits there. george michael's manager says he passed away peacefully on christmas day due to heart failure. sudden death at 53 years old, leaving the world in shock. the 80s and 90s pop icon sold more than 100 million albums over a career that spanned four decades.
4:04 am
♪ ♪ wake me up before you go, go, don't leave me hanging on like a yo yo ♪ >> he released dozens of mega hits. ♪ freedom, freedom, freedom, you got to give what you take ♪ >> ag, celebrities are honoring the music legend. elton john writing, i'm in deep shock. the kindness and most generous soul. former band mate andrew ridgeley tweeting this, heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend. and singer boy george writing he was so loved and i hope he knew it because the sadness today is beyond words. devastating. his music will live on as a test
4:05 am
ament to his talent. a live look this morning outside of his home in london where he passed away, singer george michael is dead at 53. you can see people outside of his home this morning. very sad news. >> you forget how many incredible hits that he's had over the years, including "last christmas." >> think about the celebrities taking a step back from 2016. recording artist like prince, arnold palmer. >> lisa, do you mind doing the news for us here from 6:00 to 9:00? >> for you, anything. >> i love you are wearing red. >> wicked winter weather making a mess for holiday travelers. a blast of sleet, snow, and rain forcing long stretches of
4:06 am
highways to shut down across several states because they are just too p slippery. the storm system causing scattered flight delays for millions of travelers heading home after the holiday. blizzard warnings coverage most of the northern plains this morning with north and south dakota expecting up to 15 inches of snow and 55-mile-per-hour winds. rescue workers found the fuselage of the military plane that crashed into the black sea. russian officials are saying pilot error or technical issues are largely to blame. all 92 people on board are feared dead. mourners paying tribute in sochi last night. the plane was taking military personnel and an army choir and reporters to a russian air base in syria. hillary clinton destroyed herself. that is what julian assange is saying. the wikileaks founder mocking the former democratic
4:07 am
presidential nominee at a brand-new interview. assange says she's got no one to blame by herself. she put her energy into destroying wikileaks instead of just owning up. he said mr. trump represents an opportunity for change in the united states. now, christmas may be over, but it's not too late to cash in on a holiday treat from starbucks. the coffee chain is offering free espresso drinks for one hour every day through january 2nd. 100 starbucks stores are holding pop-up cheer parties from 1:00 p.m. to 2 p.m., but the locations change each day. >> that's a genius promotion. i think i would rather pay for it instead of running around trying to get free coffee. >> do you really need more coffee? >> how much coffee do you drink
4:08 am
in the morning? >> i cut back. i basically have one a day. >> ed has a lot. >> all weekend. >> this weekend, there was such a backlash of what happened friday at the u.n. with the obama administration abstaining and what that meant was they did not block a resolution from going through before the security council that was slamming israel. i mean, it wasn't just attacking israel over settlements. it was saying the israelis can't go to the western wall to pray. that's how ridiculous this resolution was and the administration has been defending it by saying, look, democratic and republican administrations have been against this israeli settlement activity but democratic and republican administrations have also protected israel and stopped these kind of attacks on israel and on the way out the door president obama says i'm not dealing with it. >> governor mike huckabee says this is basically president obama giving the huge middle finger to israel as he's walking out the door. you have republicans up in arms about this and democrats are also upset and a number of folks
4:09 am
in israel are speaking out about there's more playing out about this. >> chuck schumer should go out and condemn this administration and combine with donald trump. >> that's right. you probably could do more about this. >> benjamin netanyahu says not only this abstention says this is unprecedented. we have no doubt that the obama administration initiated the initiative, stood behind it and coordinated it on the wording and demanded that it be passed. remember, first egypt says we're going to do this and then the word came out from the israeli government, donald trump how do you feel about this? talk to egypt. he talked to al assisi, and he will. and they pulled it back. >> this is a top issue for these nations. >> when the white house said
4:10 am
their hands are tied here. no. prime minister netanyahu says the u.s. was behind this. they put this together to slap israel in the face. that is a big deal. do you think if hillary clinton had been elected that president obama would have said i don't want to deal with it while he's in hawaii? >> it's an interesting question if you were to answer that differently that he would not have done this how hillary clinton been the incoming president, shows how political this move has been. the white house is pushing back on this. no, no, no, this is not orchestrated beforehand. this is what eric schultz says, he says president obama has done more for israel and its security than any previous u.s. president. president obama has always made israel and its security sack crow sankt in his approach to these issues. the u.s. did not draft or
4:11 am
introduce this resolution. >> netanyahu is saying the opposite of that. >> josh earnest is talking about how their administration is transparent more than any other administration. >> set your dvrs because john kerry is going to make his speech to expand what's behind th this. donald trump, the president-elect has got a few things to shape up and get ready before he takes over, including the agriculture secretary and va secretary. when it comes to the court system, he is primed to make a huge impact. >> on the supreme court. >> as well as the lower courts. he's got over 100 vacant
4:12 am
positions to fill. >> they have one on the docket from the antonin scalia death. they are expecting more retiermts, more activity there, and so this is something that could have real consequences in terms of donald trump reshaping the supreme court. >> we're talking about israel and how they have to rebuild that relationship. the biggest challenge for this new administration is far more than making administration picks. here's what newt gingrich said. >> everybody understands how really hard it is to change the city. it was all up hill and they will reach a crisis point. they are all winners. they say either you got to be more reasonable and get along with the city or we have to become even more unreasonable and break the power structure that's opposing us. my hunch is they will pick the
4:13 am
latter. that will be the decisive moment of his presidency. >> donald trump hasn't taken a step back. when you think when he gets to that bleaking point, he might try to break through with a hammer. >> this is a new chapter in 2017. >> what he said the other day, drain the swamp might not happen. he had to quickly back pedal. donald trump said that's not going to happen. benjamin netanyahu is not the only one backing donald trump on the u.n. vote. alan dershowitz says president obama betrayed us. >> and family face swap. what does it look like when we swap faces on the curvy couch?
4:14 am
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some members of president obama's own party outraged over his refusal to back israeli in friday's vote at the u.n. our next guest is one of them by saying donald trump did the right thing by stepping in to try to stop all of this. what do you think was behind this? prime minister netanyahu has never had a good relationship with president obama. it seems like president obama wanted to stick it to him. >> that's not the way policy should be made. the most undemocratic a president can do to tie the hands of his successor during
4:17 am
the lame duck period. he said this is all about the settlements deep in the west bank and yet he allowed his representative in the u.n. to abstain for a resolution that says the jews can't pray at the western wall. students can't go to hebrew university. jewish and arab patients can't go to hadasa hospital. he's going to say whoops, i didn't mean that. read the resolution. you are a lawyer. you went to harvard law school. he said alan i want your support and i have to tell you i will always have israel's back. i didn't realize what he meant that to stab them in the back. the palestinians will now say we
4:18 am
can get a stay through the u.n. we can get through the bds movement. we can get a stay through the international court. we don't have to negotiate and make painful compromises. president obama will go down in history as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever. what he did to syria and was partly responsible for what happened in aleppo, creating a vacuum for russia, i have to tell you, you know, look, i supported his domestic policy. i liked him on supreme court appointments but he created a terrible conflict for many people, many like me, liberal democrats, who think he was an appalling president when it came to foreign policy. hurt american so badly. >> why did president obama focus on stabbing israel in the back, as you say, and the u.n. focused on this instead of syria? hundreds of thousands are being slaughtered and they are not
4:19 am
focused on that? >> there were more resolutions condemning israel than all the other countries combined. including north korea, syria. look at the people who voted for this. china, occupying tibet, and new zealand, ethnic cleansing and creating their own country. what hypocrisy. >> prime minister netanyahu may go more hard line after this and there's a less chance of peace or is there a glimmer of hope when donald trump take office? >> you can't undo a u.n. resolution. the president has deliberately tied the hands of his successor. it makes it much harder for
4:20 am
president trump to bring about piece -- peace. you have two guys who love to be the guys to make peace and did it on israel terms with good security, protecting israel. i'm always an optimist and israel, a pessimist is one who says things are so bad, things can't get worse and an optimist says yes, it can. >> we appreciate you coming in. should professors be armed on campus to protect students? one sheriff's department is about to make that happen at one university. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> the university's professor will tell us more about the program when he joins us live next. and several performers say they won't take the stage at donald trump's inauguration, but one singer did sign up and she
4:21 am
hit number one on the charts. we'll have that story coming up. ♪ ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. by the time you head to the bank and wait to get approved for a home loan, that newly listed, mid-century ranch with the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. cockpit sounds and music crescendo. skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online. get the confidence that comes from a secure, qualified mortgage approval in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. (whisper) rocket choose.
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4:24 am
>> 25 minutes after the hour. now, to news by the numbers, for 16.6 billion, that is how much iran says it's paying for 80 boeing airplanes which may be used to transport weapons. it's also half of the original price that was announced. next, 1,030, that's the number of spots lost by democrats during president obama's presidency. that is the greatest number of losses under any president in decades. a cool $89.99, that's how much it costs to send your friends in warmer climates a snowman. some assembly required. they pack boxes of snow, so some assembly is required. should professors be armed on college campuses to help prevent active shooters? that's what one florida university has decided and they have the sheriff's department to help make it happen.
4:25 am
>> the only thing that stopped a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. our goal is to give them shock and awe before they can deliver shock and awe. >> here to tell us about this is dr. ken ingle. what prompted you to give this opportunity for professors to be trained with some type of firearm to prevent a would-be shooter? what prompted this action? >> well, at the very heart of this is to provide absolute commitment to a safe and secure environment for our university community, our faculty, staff, and students. when our students walk on our campus, they are trusting us to provide a sense of safety and security and with the recent attacks at ohio state university and wayne state, you look at roseberg, oregon, the community college attack. we knew immediately we need to
4:26 am
take steps to create another layer of security to combat a couple of issues. we want to provide prevention and we also want to be able to respond rapidly to prevent, of course, loss of life and injury. so we partnered with the polk county sheriffs office. for the last two years, we've had a contractual partnership where they provide safety and security on our campus every single day, but with these new threats, we determined that we needed another level and so we created this sentinel program. it's a one-of-a-kind program that enables authorized, highly qualified, highly trained faculty members, staff of our university, to carry concealed firearms for the sole purpose of engaging an active assailant that comes on campus. >> you don't make these professors do it, but just knowing that these killers want a soft target, they want sitting ducks, you don't know if that professor took the training or didn't, and here's what you are demanding of these professors
4:27 am
too. 100 hours of training. 80 hours' sheriff department duties. so when these people get guns, they are not saying okay i had one day at the range. they are ready to go. you don't know if room 6 has got an armed professor or room 10 does or any building does or they all do because most of these guys and whoever they are are gutless and they don't want to be shot back at, they won't go to soft targets. >> absolutely. and, of course, those who have kind been opposed to this, well, it's going to be a wild, wild west campus. absolutely not. our sheriff appoints them as volunteers and special deputies. they receive 132 hours of training, deadly force training. in fact, that's actually 25% more than the average requirement for a certified law enforcement officer. >> and the response from the
4:28 am
faculty has been? >> oh, it's been overwhelming support. again, because we are being very intentional in creating safety and security, and our students absolutely are grateful for us being very intentional. parents are grateful. the number one question, what are you doing to take care of our sons and our daughters? >> and you do have an answer. the president of southeastern university, a former sportscaster himself. we started the same way. thank you so much. >> i had a chance to deliver their commencement address last week. that's how i found out the story. and if you missed it, donald trump gets a standing ovation in church. that was the scene at christmas eve mass when the president-elect showed up. you meet the pastor who praise with the president-elect just ahead. did you get a christmas gift you don't really like?
4:29 am
>> he looked like a deranged easter bunny. >> that does not. >> he does too. >> we'll help you return it. the tips you need to know before you head back to the mall. like, is there a gift receipt with this? i really like it. ♪
4:30 am
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4:32 am
afterwards, it was afternoon -- ravenous. >> you see that all around the country. >> we asked you to send your christmas photos. kim sent us the picture of these adorable angels. >> and we were sent this picture of three puppies who seem to love christmas, and the force is with this cute little kid who seems pretty impressed with his light sabre. >> awesome. >> some presents, well, they miss the mark. >> what did aunt clara give you. show everybody. ♪ >> i don't want to. >> here with some tips on returning your unwanted gifts like that is consumer advocate and reports person, lauren lions
4:33 am
cole. welcome back. a lot of people say oh, i love it, is there a receipt? what do you do with the stuff that you don't like? >> if you got a gift that you didn't love, you are not alone. the consumer reports holiday poll found that 2 out of 5 people end up returning gifts. heading out to the stores today, you'll be in good company. when you go back to the store, if you have a receipt, you want to bring it with you and you want to bring a government-issued i.d. some stores are requiring that to prevent fraud. >> what are the best stores for returning policies? >> stores like costco, nordstrom, l. lmple bean, eddie baur, they have a no hassle return policy. bed, bath, and beyond is pretty
4:34 am
good. >> so those are good policies. >> those are the ones with good policies. you still want to have your receipt. you still want to check the time frames because you have to return them within 90 days. sometimes it's a little bit longer. >> which companies are naughtier? >> some of the naughtier companies, k-mart, sears, barnes and noble. american apparel. forever 21. some of those stores, you might have little bit more hassle. if you want to return something, head out today. >> sooner rather than later. >> sometimes, you can return it but you got to get something here. you are not going to get the cash back. you get the credit. >> when you are thinking about buying gifts next year, gift cards are popular. you don't go wrong with those. >> what are the best gift options for people that are least likely to be returned? >> it's funny.
4:35 am
this year our poll showed that people wanted practical gifts over luxury items. this is my favorite idea is to give the gift of time. if you are pooling with other family members, give the new parent cleaning services for the year. it's practical but also a luxury item. it will be very much appreciated. >> i do a precursor to christmas, anything that you don't like that i give you, you can return it. you won't hurt my feelings. >> it is the thought that counts. the person who gave you the gift wants you to be happy. >> not everyone is like you, brian. >> i'm special. >> you are special. thanchtses for your tips. let's head over to lisa booth for our headlines. >> just moments ago, after taking some heat, amazon is pulling a controversial black lives matter sweatshirt from its
4:36 am
website, the word bulletproof, black lives matter across the front cht the national fraternal order of police sent amazon a letter condemning it. now if you search for the shirt, it's no longer available. it's a college in our nation's capital named for the first president. now george washington is no longer requiring history majors to take u.s. history. the school says it's to give students more flexibility. radio talk show host larry elder says it's setting a bad precedent. >> kids are learning that america is nothing more than a series of incidents that oppress people, whether it's native americans or women or black or hispanics, or asian people. that's what they are learning. >> the university follows one-third of the country's top schools who already changed their requirements. christmas may be over and the gifts may be unwrapped, but
4:37 am
there is still someone who needs a miracle this holiday. jessica scott is fighting a grueling battle. doctors found a hole in her heart. she's in a medically induced coma. can you help her family with mounting medical bills by donating to her go fund me page? you can find the link on our website at "fox & friends." dad's swapping faces with their babies. the results are hilarious. it started after this man posted this photo on christmas eve. asking people to send in their own funny pictures. hundreds poured into the sight, how to dad. here's abby and i in a hysterical match-up. and ed and brian swapping faces. a handsome result. those are your headline.
4:38 am
>> normally they looked so freaked out. >> i think we did good. >> that is funny. you know the inauguration is coming up january 20th. evidently, celebrities show up and perform and with hillary clinton all you had to do was watch her campaign to see how many celebrities -- beyonce. evidently it's been a struggle reportedly for donald trump to get the a-listers booked. those not performing including eliminate ton -- including elton john, garth brooks, kiss. on social media there has been this boycott bocelli movement and some of these artists have gotten scared, there are going to be a whole bunch of people who will boycott their concerts.
4:39 am
some should stand up and perform for him. he is going to be our president. what happened to saying -- robert frost did a poem at jfk's inaugural. it was so bright that day with the sun and everything. he couldn't read the paper. he memorized one of the previous poems and read it out. he just wanted to be there. >> not all have reportedly said no. all the ones listed, they are not going to be performing. brian, karma can sometimes come back and bite you. >> show some guts, are you a performer or not? jackie is someone who wowed our studio audience here when she came on as a kid. she committed.
4:40 am
>> i think she was the runner-up for "america's got talent." she's now the top of the charts. her christmas album is blowing up. she's agreed to perform at the inauguration. >> here's jackie standing up and, you know, what she's number one on the charts. >> they might support donald trump. they might have voted donald trump and they might even know them, but if i go up there, i'm going to get ridiculed in my community. you are living in a bubble. is there a chance as a performer you can perform donald trump and it doesn't matter if for him or not? >> some of these artists are not supporting donald trump. they are saying they are having
4:41 am
a rival concert down in miami. let the man have a day. let him have his inaugural. >> when i think about that, i think one of the days of the year that the country comes together and celebrates this incoming administration, a time where politics can be put aside and that goes for music, entertainment, for us all to come together and celebrate and appreciate and this time we're not seeing this happen. >> i think donald trump got elected by the people and not celebrities. mark burnett evidently has been called in to help produce some type of preshow. they have had the booker for "dancing with the stars." so far they have been unable to produce and reportedly it has donald trump tweeted out. >> he said this is not going to be celebrities. this inauguration about the american people. he said i didn't even care.
4:42 am
>> if you didn't know her before, you know her now. jackie evancho. and all this veteran was to be able to smile again. donald trump gets a standing ovation at church this christmas. ♪ the pastor who prays with the president-elect joins us live next. >> all right. born on this day in 1971, this actor gained fame playing jordan catalano on "my so-called life." no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
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4:45 am
good morning, again. some quick entertainment headlines. new overnight, "star wars" actor carrie fisher is in stable condition days after suffering a heart attack during a flight from london to l.a. a huge announcement from america's favorite tv family. ♪ the tanners are back. fuller house being renewed for a third season on netflix. brian is excited. i have no idea who they are. i have to admit. no word if mary-kate and ashley oulson will be part of this time around. and country star ashley musgrave proposed to on christmas day. >> i love her.
4:46 am
the future first family got an early gift on christmas eve. a standing ovation at midnight mass. mr. trump and his wife melania enjoyed a warm welcome from churchgoers but can their faith heal a divided nation? here to join us. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> help people understand that moment we just showed where he went into that church in florida. something that means a lot to him and his wife melania. they were married there in 2005. how special is that moment of them walking in as being president-elect now? >> absolutely special. what so many people might not recognize it's very normal for president-elect trump and his family and to attend church every christmas and not just christmas, to so many crusades and different churches.
4:47 am
and his faith is such a large part of his life. >> poem -- people don't know much about president-elect prump teas -- trsh trump's faith. talk to us about that. >> he was watching christian television and he repeated back to me literally verbatim three of my sermons on value of vision and we started talking about god and the things of god and how he was confirmed as a presbyterian. we began to converse and the relationship grew over the years and i've had the wonderful privilege of not only being a friend and spiritual adviser and praying over him and his family and his staff and now in this new office and it's been amazing to watch him just walk out his faith. >> have you talked to him since he has been elected, our next president? how is he feeling about things?
4:48 am
>> he's feeling great. i talked to him yesterday, wishing him a merry christmas and praying over him. i've had the wonderful privilege of being up at trump tower every single week. president-elect trump embraces not only his personal faith, but he's integrating with policy, positions, with this administration, he's hearing the voice. there's so many prominent pastors in this country that the day after the election they were saying -- they were calling me and saying hey president-elect trump just called me and wanted to say thank you and we know it was unprecedented. 81% of evangelicals going out and voted, an extra 3 million people. it just speaks volumes to say, he's a friend to us and we are a friend to him and so he's opened up his office and his life and there's so many people. i've watched just literally hundreds of pastors pray over him, stand with him, advise him.
4:49 am
he's always taking the calls. so this is a great time and i believe this next year is going to be unprecedented for what we will experience being able to see a partnership between government and people's faith. >> your optimism is so refreshing. you've seen the polls out. not everyone feels as optimistic. that many americans are feeling so divided right now. what is your advice to them as you know president-elect trump better than most anybody and you know his spiritual side? how will that help him be able to heal this nation in time of division? >> tremendously. he is a unit fire and so we watched the businessman trump already bring together some of the greatest leaders to fix some of the hardest problems in america, so will he do with his faith. he asked all the time for prayer, for god's guidance, for wisdom. he's a very smart man. he is the greatest thing -- i personally experienced and
4:50 am
watched over 15 years, he brings people that would be on the most opposite sides, maybe poll arized and bring them together for solutions. he does solve things. he's one of the greatest leaders i've ever been able to experience, so i believe we're going to be so much reconciliation in so many areas. he will serve us well. >> it was great to have you here this morning. >> thank you, abby. be blessed. a navy corpman's smile was destroyed by sniper fire being able to smile for the furs time in years. in 2004, peyton manning broke the record for season passes and in 1991, michael
4:51 am
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and now for the moment
4:54 am
you've been waiting for. the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question. jared leto, he's 45 years old today and our winner is abby. you'll get a copy of brian's book, thomas jefferson and tripoli pirates. >> on this note, all he wanted for christmas was to smile again and after a decade, he finally got his wish. >> navy veteran christian kirby was shot and after two reconstructed surgeries, he's feeling no pain and gring from ear to year. >> dusty kirby joins us now.
4:55 am
we've watched the great news. we've seen the x-rays. what happened that led to this injury? >> well, i was serving as a navy corpsman in iraq, and they had me standing post. it was like guard duty, and it was on christmas. i was up there for a few hours, and it was time to change and get relieved and i was shot in the face. >> how much pain? when we talk about pain, people don't always understand. what did you go through over the last few years dealing with the aftermath of that? >> well, you know, the chronic pain was really like just -- it started out as a nuisance and it grew to, you know, debilitating levels sometimes. it laid me down for two or three days even. >> wow. talking to you this morning, you wouldn't even know. you look and sound great. talk to us about how you are
4:56 am
feeling today and what you went through in this past year that has obviously change your life tremendously. >> so earlier this year in april, i received a pretty extensive surgical procedure to my jaw. it put it in better alignment and gave a more stable platform for moving forward with dental implants, which i received later in the year, probably around september, so, i mean, i'm not hurting, and i can eat and i can smile and i can talk and i can do all kinds of stuff. i feel great. >> how were the costs taken care of? how did this surgery come to pass? >> the marine corps law enforcement foundation has an associated organization, i guess, called marine assist who
4:57 am
covered most of the costs, and then dr. hirsch and dr. breck went out of their way to help me. >> do you have a message to them? >> i do. i would like to thank them for changing my life for the better because i couldn't imagine, you know, where i would be without them right now. >> that's incredible. >> you have to realize what an inspiration you are to all of us and our viewers. we take for granted what we have. in the interview, showing off the new jaw, the new mouth, teeth, talking, and eating, merry christmas to you and your family. >> you are looking great, dusty, thanks for being here. thanks for your service. tensions mounting between the white house and israel morning. benjamin netanyahu accusing president obama of organizing a shameful ambush. the shocking fall-out ahead.
4:58 am
tributes continue to pour in for pop star george michael after his shocking death. we're live outside of his home in london with the details. ♪
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. happy monday. it is december 26th. the shocking death of a pop icon the world will never forget. ♪ ♪ freedom, freedom, freedom ♪ you got to give what you take ♪ singer george michael was found dead at the age of 53. we are live in london this morning where the tributes are now pouring in. and fighting words for president obama after the u.n. vote on israel. >> he called me into the oval office before the election and he said to me alan i want your support and i have to tell you i will always have israel's back.
5:01 am
i didn't realize what he meant was that he would have his back to stab them in the back. >> stabbed in the back. was the president just trying to get even with israel's prime minister. an update on the escalating tension, the shocking fall-out and how president-elect donald trump tries to pick up the pieces. christmas comes early here for a deputy in need when a fellow officer steps in with a life-saving gift. we'll talk to them about the higher power that may have intervened. remind you, it's monday. you might be totally naked right now but you need to get dressed and watch the show because your mornings are better with friends. ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ ♪ ♪ although i we have been listening to george michael all morning long reminding ourselves of how many
5:02 am
incredible classics he's had over the years. >> you think about the recording artists lost in the last few months, prince, david bowie and now george michael. >> it's been a long year. >> that shocking death at 53. a lot of questions had to be answered and we'll find out what's going on there. we'll also talk about the fall-out about two close allies on the international front because clearly president obama wants his last 30 days to be impactful days. i'm wondering how long the trump and obama camp are going to pretend to get along. >> the clause are coming out. >> ed and i put aside our rivalry for the good of the show. >> the news this morning everyone is talking about is george michael and his loss yesterday and for that, we have lisa booth this morning in with the headlines looking christmassy as ever. >> i can't let it go. i want christmas to continue here. >> tributes are pouring in as
5:03 am
the world mourns the shocking deaths of 80s and 90s pop icon george michael. the former wham frontman manager said he passed away. he sold over 100 million albums over a career that spanned four decades. celebrities are honoring the music legend overnight. elton john writing i'm in deep shock. my heart goes out to his family, friends, and all of his fans. and singer boy george writing he was so loved and i hope he knew it because the sadness today is beyond words. devastating. what a beautiful voice he had and his music will live on as a
5:04 am
testament to his talent. i can't believe he's gone. michael is 53 years old and don't miss a live report outside of his homecoming up at 8:20. a fox news alert, in a crash of a russian military plane. officials now saying they have found wreckage in the black sea near the coast of sochi. the fuselage not found. pilot error or technical issues are a possible cause. wicked winter weather making a mess for holiday travelers. a blast of sleet, snow, and rain forcing the shutdown of long stretches of highways in the west and upper midwest because they are just too slippery. the storm system causing 100 flight delays at this hour. a headache for travelers heading home after the holiday. blizzard warnings covering much of the northern plains this morning with north and south
5:05 am
dakota expecting up to 15 inches of snow. prince george is stealing the show as the royal family heads to christmas mass. the young royal enjoying a candy cane as he walked alongside his parents with his sister prince charlotte. >> they are the cutest kids. >> you talk about happiness around christmas. what a contrast to how christmas was set up on friday at the u.n. the obama administration going out the door with a bang and with back stabbing in the words of alan dershowits. this was not just about going after israel oversettlement,
5:06 am
chinese a longstanding -- which is a longstanding u.s. policy, but this went further. saying they can't pray at the western wall. prime minister netanyahu is not taking it lightly. >> democrats are not taking it lightly, people who have been outspoken, one of them senator chuck schumer, even debbie wasserman shultz has been saying they are up in arms. this is not a good step forward. >> when barack obama broke out on the scene, almost from day one, he had a problem with benjamin netanyahu. you thought they were going to patch it up. >> white house says no. >> they would point out, we put iron dome together and we signed
5:07 am
a 10-year deal. here's the thing. no one even wanted this resolution going forward. the word is where did it come from and benjamin netanyahu is convinced, he has ironclad proof he claims that it came from the u.s. even though we abstained. he said this from the information west virginia no doubt -- we have no doubt that the obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, and coordinated the wording and demanded that it be passed. remember, john kerry, will he stop this peace initiative and leave us in peace? >> the white house pushes back, president obama has done more for israel and its security than any other u.s. president. the u.s. did not draft this resolution nor did the u.s.
5:08 am
introduce this legislation. some of the president's only allies aare not buying it. the new york daily news, they supported hillary clinton, barack obama, they have gone after donald trump at every turn and they said this was a total slam from barack obama to israel. new york daily news are to the buying it. >> benjamin netanyahu, he's also worried about the next few weeks. he's saying it could actually only get worse from here. someone who knows a thing or two is alan dershowitz. he's some really interesting things to say. he spoke to president obama early on to get some advice. here's what he said.
5:09 am
i mean, it wasn't just attacking israel over settlements. it was saying the israelis can't go to the western wall to pray. students can't go to hebrew university. jewish and arab patients can't go to hadasa hospital. he's going to say whoops, i didn't mean that. read the resolution. you are a lawyer. you went to harvard law school. he said read the resolution. those are strong words, going right after the president. >> this is what everyone says. if you want long term peace in the area. they say most countries,
5:10 am
including ours and benjamin netanyahu want a two-state solution and to do that portions of the west bank and, of course, gaza will be the palestinian country, but they are saying if you build settlements in these areas, it will prevent it from happening. he says we had these areas, so therefore we can build around these areas. president bush wasn't happy they were building settlements. he said you are building condos for the palestinians, but that was a family discussion among two allies. he didn't go out to the world community and leave you out to dry. that's what the president did, but there is fear inside israel that president obama has got another shoe to drop. they said easy on the criticism. he's got another 30 days. secretary of state is speaking shortly who is going to outline what he did, what he wants to do and why they did this. >> this came to a surprise for a lot of folks in israel, including netanyahu because it
5:11 am
was up to president obama to either veto this resolution or ob -- abstain. where does this go from here? you can't take this vote back. this is going to be up to president-elect donald trump and incoming administration, folks like nikki haley to help rebuild this relationship with israel to reinsure this trust. we had charles krauthammer on. he spoke on friday night about this. he said the president has left a lot of land mines for people have to deal with, and i think that's well said. >> is the president-elect meanwhile already taking steps to fight terror. the trump team wants names of officials working to defeat violent extremism. what does this mean for president obama's war on terror, does he have one? >> let's talk about a fight over last-minute christmas gifts inside the christmas eve brawl?
5:12 am
that is straight ahead. brian kilmeade and his brother. ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
president-elect donald trump reacting to last week's terror attack in berlin tweeting this, the terrorists who killed so many people in germany said just before the crime, by god's will we will slaughter you pigs, we will slaughter you. this is a purely religious threat, which turned into reality. such hatred. when will the u.s. and all countries fight back? he's asking for names of the officials working to defeat violent extremists.
5:15 am
joining us is is joe navaro. do you sense this administration has got a plan going toward to take on the islamic extremist threat? >> i think they are coming on strong. they are really rattling the ca cage. for my friends in the intelligence community, they are telling me that any time the president-elect starts asking for names, it's shaking things up, and i've got to tell you, i think it's something that needs to be done because we need to look at what works, what doesn't work, and dump what doesn't work and start initiating things that are actually effective. >> absolutely. for example, some say don't bring up religious, you don't want a religious war of christians and jews against muslims but so far donald trump is saying the heck with that. we have to admit what's happening here. >> you know, i think that there's always clarity in saying exactly what it is that we're
5:16 am
facing. you know, terrorism is extremely complex, and whether you are looking at lone wolf terrorists or you are looking at isil or isis or any other group, you need to call it what it is, and not play around. >> so here is president obama on the progress he says his administration is making against al qaeda and isis. >> we should take great pride in the progress that we've made over the last eight years. that's the bottom line. no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland. and it's not because they didn't try. >> well, is he right? does he have a point? >> well, i think to a point, he is right. the question is is, you know, were we lucky or could we do things better? we need to stay ahead of
5:17 am
terrorists. we cannot rest on any amount of success that we've had. terrorists are constantly trying toll outthink us. you think about san of that. bernardino, ft. hood, those are successful attacks. number two, we don't question, inter row investigate anyone. we don't capture anybody anymore. >> yeah. we got into the habit of shooting them from the air and i came from a bureau where we made it an art and a science of interrogating people, collecting intelligence, building huge human intelligence databases and we need to go back to that. we need to work the neighborhoods, and that is really the only way to prevent both the large actors and the lone terrorists.
5:18 am
>> thanks so much. joe navarro. can't wait to get your analysis along the way. appreciate it. meanwhile, let's change gears a little bit and go to abby and ed. tell us what's coming up, guys. >> the presents are unwrapped and the rush to return kicks off today. >> steve keelly from our affiliate is live in new jersey where shoppers are lined up early this morning. good to see you. >> we are at the formerly biggest mall in the country. the cherry hill mall in new jersey is still busy and you don't see any people outside because they are all inside now. not only is it a big return day but it is a shuj shopping day, the sales up to 80% off in this store and jcpenney opened up at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. they were handing out coupons for the first few hundred people
5:19 am
here that were at least 10, 20, 100 dollars. coupons as good as cash. brian, abby, i looked at ed henry's christmas list and i noticed he doesn't get the toaster oven or dishwasher that he wanted and jcpenney is now selling appliances. get here before the show is over and outfit the kitchen the way you want. >> i have this pocket square that i got that's got an birk's -- abby's face on it. i was debating about returning it. >> a global superstar gone too soon. the world is in mourning over the sudden loss of george michael. >> but there are some questions about his death. we're live outside his london home next. >> and christmas comes early for one deputy in need when his
5:20 am
fellow officer steps in with a life-saving gift and they say a higher power intervened. >> both join us live next. check them out. ♪
5:21 am
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5:23 am
a quick look at your headlines, brawls breaking out, of course, during last-minute christmas shopping across the country. security guards struggling to holdback fighting shoppers in newport, new jersey, where purges were -- punches were flying. two women had to be separated by security at an alabama mall. and a brazen robbery at a sprint store. the theft part of a bigger problem in the south florida area. the owner says three of his other stores were hit by burglars in recent months. tributes are pouring in as the world morns the shocking death of george michael. ♪
5:24 am
william marks is outside george michael's north london home with details. >> reporter: this is a man who wrote his first hit at age 17, "careless whisper" it's been 40 years now at the top of the game in the pop world. clearly a lot of people here in north london very sad coming to pay their respects to george michael and his memory. this man was more than a global superstar. he was involved in lgbt activism since announced he was gay in the last 90s. made the first visit to china's part of the part duo wham.
5:25 am
that was the first visit by a western act to china in the mid 1980s and secretly has been given millions of dollars to children's charities here in the uk. no surprise then, of course being people coming to pay their respects at his home in this very nice part of north london, surrounded by homes. a lot of people coming to leave flowers, cards. notes, candles. very sad day in north london. >> anything about the circumstances regarding his death? how he passed away? was he sick for a while? was he known to have a heart ailment? >> reporter: all the information we're getting from the local police, his body was found at about 2:00 p.m. ambulance was called there. police are saying they won't be releasing any details until after a postmortem, what they have said the situation is
5:26 am
unexplained but not suspicious. obviously in 2006, george michael was very sick for pneumonia and it was touch and go after that. >> thank you. that is a question a lot of people wonder. 53 years old. so young. >> we'll find out in the next couple of weeks. 26 minutes after the hour. should professors be armed on campus to protect students? it's about to happen at one university. you are going to hear from that school's president coming up. >> and wondering what to do with all those christmas leftovers? a chef is here to show us how to make five tasty meals with one ingredient. i saw it all coming together. stuff i know will be revealed. ♪ is there an elk in your bed?
5:27 am
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5:29 am
♪ >> we're still celebrating christmas here on the curvy couch. it turns out pets love opening up presents just like humans do. this dog looks excited, but he needs help. he's trying so hard. >> here's one you don't see every day. a rabbit opening up a christmas gift, slowly but surely getting to the treat underneath this wrapped paper, and by the way, they will actually use the wrappers as their bedding. i wasted a lot of money on rabbits. >> it's just wrapping paper shredded up. >> check out this canine.
5:30 am
he wakes up christmas morning to find a stack of gifts waiting for him. your pets love opening up their presents too. send us your pictures and video. >> that dog is so well-behaved. put the treats down for santa. didn't snack on it himself. >> it's amazing how many dogs are in the show. you would think it makes up most of our audience. >> it might. >> let's talk about donald trump, because doing such a good job filling up his cabinet quicker than anyone else in modern times, it hasn't been a story, but there's -- >> wait, week one, "the new york times" said he was woefully behind. >> president obama says he doesn't even understand the job. >> a few weeks later, he's going too fast. hold on. >> one thing he has to his advantage and you could argue one of the main reasons why the
5:31 am
evangelical community rallied around him because the number of court openings that were available and how he can shape the courts with a conservative school of thought. he's got over 100 court vacatnt positions right now. a lot of evangelicals who originally had reservations about donald trump really doubled down on him. >> you made the point in the commercial break of the vacation aens -- vacancies. >> one thing the trump camp is doing, they are setting up protect teams around all their nominees, when they go up to be examined and cross-examined. it's not going to be going smooth. you are there to question the new secretary of defense and secretary of state, it's going to be tough and partisan.
5:32 am
they have protection teams to get out there and let them know here's the positives. >> newt gingrich who knows a thing or two about incoming administrations, he said the biggest challenge for president-elect donald trump will maybe be changing the status quo. here's what he said. >> everybody who comes into the city underestimates how really hard to change the city. i say that as a former speaker of the house who did a fair amount of change. it was all up hill, it was all hard. and it wore us out. they will reach a crisis point where they got to look at a room at each other, they are all winners. they say either you got to be more reasonable and get along with the city or we have to become more unreasonable and break the power structure that's opposing us. my hunch is they will pick the latter, but that will be the decisive moment of his domestic presidency. >> nut gingrich had --
5:33 am
newt gink -- gingrich had a rough week last week because he said on npr, the drain the swamp thing, donald trump didn't mean it. trump tweeted out, yes, i did meant it. >> we don't know what the thruth -- truth is by trying to drain the swamp, you are draining the swamp. people point out that donald trump is not known for being a very religious person like george w. bush was known for that. why is he so attracted to the religious vote? he won the catholic vote by 7 points. jerry fallwell said this to chris wallace. >> he made it very clear who his supreme court picks would be if he was elected. that was a big factor. some of the social conservatives
5:34 am
on the republican national committee told me not since 2004 has any republican candidate allowed them to set the platform without interference but donald trump was the first one ho had done that in a long time. >> when he said he loved the bible, when he said it's -- his favorite book only above "art of the deal." what's your favorite passage? he says i'm like them all. people said he's not really as religious. >> we had his pastor on. i talk to her last hour and she is someone that advises him. someone she calls all the time. she spoke to him yesterday as an example. is he -- she said not a lot of people know this side. >> spiritual he calls himself. >> spiritual person which can mean a lot of things. for many people, religion is a very private thing. they don't very openly about. he went to church on christmas
5:35 am
eve and got a standing ovation. he went in with melania. the church he got married in in florida in 2005. that's obviously going to play a role until his presidency as it does for anyone in that obvious. >> that's the role we ask lisa booth to play. lisa, we asked you to give us the updates of the news. you could reject our overture or accept it. >> michigan, a desperate situation of people forced from their homes is getting worse. a sink hole opening up in a detroit neighborhood is threatening two dozen homes. it could be weeks before people can go home. at least one of the homes is severely damaged. a faulty sewer line may be to blame. >> school shootings have become a disturbing reality. one college is arming professors to help stop an active shooter
5:36 am
and a sher difs is helping make it happen. police officers in polk county, florida, will train faculty at southeastern university to carry concealed weapons. the president of the college joined us earlier to explain why. again, because we are being very intentional in creating safety and security, and our students absolutely are grateful for us being very intentional. parents are grateful. the number one question, what are you doing to take care of our sons and our daughters? >> the program includes completing 100 hours of firearm safety. and this aide we all know will write president-elect trump's inauguration speech, stephen miller. border security, the state of the military, and the economy are all issues and topic that are expected to be in his january 20th address. miller will be a senior policy adviser for the trump
5:37 am
administration. christmas may be over but there's still someone who needs a miracle this holiday. jessica scott is fighting a grueling uphill battle. doctors found a hole in her heart 12 years ago. now she's in a medically induced coma fighting infections from her second double lung transplant. her family launching a go fund me page. someone made a generous donation of $10,000. if you can help, go to her website at "fox & friends." >> that is very generous. remarkable. only thing better than the christmas meal itself is feasting, of course, on leftovers the next day. >> let's take a shot right now. what's new on that menu? hey, mr. chef. nice to see you. >> it smells good in here. >> where do we begin? >> you got a lot of turkey left
5:38 am
over from christmas. >> thanksgiving? >> hopefully not thanksgiving, right, but i like to start with a good product, obviously, you got your wonderful turkey, a good quality ingredient. after the -- the day after christmas, you don't want to eat the same christmas leftovers again, we're going to give it a different flavor profile. we've got some chili over here. a little turkey black bean chili. so the simple thing about this, you can throw it in the crock-pot and forget it. you got your onion, pepper, garlic, saute that up and throw in the crock pit. >> we still have food left. >> help me with this. this is going to be for the
5:39 am
turkey al a king. we start with butter. mushrooms. onions. celery, and a little pepper. and we're going to give that a stir. now this -- >> look at you. i wish i could do that. >> i've got this already made here. this is ready to go. so now to thicken this up, here's the thing, we're going to get that going, we're going to add in our turkey, and we're going to add in our peas, right, and this is the great thing, right? a lot of times recipes that are thickened start with a roux. we're not going to do that. we're going to make a slurry. here's some chicken stock and a little bit of flour. makes it simple. >> that's all it is. chicken stock and flour.
5:40 am
we're going to tighten that up. good old mason jar there. give it a shake. shake it up real good. >> that creates a roux. >> it's called a slurry, but it will help us to thicken up our product. we throw that in. as that comes to a boil, the flour is going to thicken up. >> should we put this in. >> add it in. finish it up. there we go. so that's going to thicken up nicely. add milk. >> walk us through the rest of these gorgeous recipes up here. >> we've got some turkey pasta premium -- prima vieira. this is a spring profile. there's asparagus. different colored peppers and celery and basil. >> what's this?
5:41 am
>> pot pie. you can serve it over rice, pot pie, or this canapes over here. >> utilize the leftovers. when they say do you want to take it with you? take it with you. >> we appreciate it. >> more importantly the crew will. president obama facing backlash from hebs of his own party after abstaining from the vote at u.n. and this man said he wouldn't shave his beard until the browns run. guess what, the browns won.
5:42 am
we'll see what he looks like.
5:43 am
5:44 am
a lot going on with one week left to play. a play you will not believe. you got to see it. watch. >> look at this! he's going to throw. touchdown! >> oh, no. >> that guy 350 pounds, lining up to the quarterback, faking a run and throwing a lumpy pass for a score. they eliminate the defending super bowl champs 33-10. and scott sabol made a vow to not shave until the browns won a game. they finally won. he's slowly shaving his beard this morning.
5:45 am
he's got the beard down to his best chester a. aw thur impression right now. >> fun stuff. let's turn to the sobering reality of what happened at the u.n. our next guest is one of them. joining us to react is brad sherman. we appreciate you being here. happy holidays as well. i wonder what you think was behind this because we had alan dershowitz here last hour. president obama told him he would have israel's back. he said he didn't know it was a stab in the back. >> i've been urging the administration before the election that they wouldn't do this. it's not as significant.
5:46 am
it's under article 6 rather than 7 under the u.n. charter it's a repetition of the 1979 resolution. >> it's happening in the context just weeks before donald trump takes over and president obama could have gone out the door supporting israel. he chose a much different path. >> yeah, and at the same time he's reacting to the appointment of david friedman as the next ambassador. >> hard liner. >> and that appointment may turn out to be as harmful in the other direction as letting this resolution go in the u.n. >> one of things he wants to do is move the capital of israel so jerusalem. >> the capital has always been jerusalem. we ought to move our embassy to jerusalem. >> let's talk about this. how come for the most part over the last eight years the congressional voice has not been
5:47 am
heard. you made this clear. senator schumer is not happy. do you feel this white house has been ignoring you guys? >> well, they have a bit of a different approach. they do listen. i've been there often, talked to the president often. >> is this personal? in your opinion. >> there's -- i don't think it's -- i think it's ideological, not personal, but the permits have not helped -- personalities have not helped. >> do you see anything positive coming out of this? you are clearly not a supporter of president-elect donald trump, but does he have an opportunity here to try for mid east peace in the days ahead. >> we're always trying. under this president, we may have given them too much solace to the palestinians. now appointment of david friedman may cause some on the israeli right to think they can
5:48 am
get -- >> everything. >> do you feel if hillary clinton was about to become president, that he would have -- the lame duck president would have felt an urgency to do this? >> there were rumors he was going to do it either way, but i think it it would have been much less likely. i think hillary would have much more influential. trump asked him not to do this. i'm sure a hillary request would have happened differently. this is in some ways a snapback to what trump has already done in foreign policy and that is appoint somebody who is opposed -- >> again, you are no supporter of donald trump but are you glad that he says the incoming president stood up for israel. is that a good sign? >> i think his position on the resolution made a lot more sense but trump's appointment of an anti-two--state solution ambassador to jerusalem and a
5:49 am
mistake. politics aside. >> you are for moving the embassy. >> always have been. >> great. christmas coming a little early for one deputy in need. we have this heart warming story. his fellow officer steps in with a lifesaving gift. they say a higher power intervened. >> several artists won't be performing at president-elect's inauguration. this singer will be and she got number one on the billboard charts because of that. what's the best way to get
5:50 am
two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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5:52 am
we are back with this sweet story. it was the ultimate christmas present that came early this year. a california sheriff's sergeant going beyond the call of duty giving the gift of life to his fellow deputy in desperate need of a kidney transplant. joining us now is deputy kevin
5:53 am
ay. good morning to both of you. kevin, start us off with this story. because it's a pretty incredible one. it was 2014 when darryn found out that your kidneys were under developed and from that point on he was determined to help you, not just checking to see how you were doing, but to change your life. >> yeah. that's correct. it was in 2014 where darryn found out i was on dialysis. it was due to kidney failure and he would continuously check up on me and, you know, after some time, in 2016, he approached me and wanted to be my donor. he wanted to get tested for it. >> why? a lot of people would ask their are you doing, everything okay, they check in, and go on with her -- their day. you were determined to change his life? where did this come from? >> initially i was like so many others, where i said that kind
5:54 am
of sucks and it stayed there for a few years and the more i dived into my faith, the more i read some of the stories in the bible about giving, you know, we just celebrated christmas, and for me christ is -- his life, death, and res you are recollection is the ultimate gift, and from that, it shows an example of how i should live and provide for my neighbor, and this opportunity kind of pulled on my heart strings and i believe god was directing me and i decided to reach out to kevin and try to give him this gift. >> it gives you chills. such a powerful story. how has your life changed sense? you just had the surgery a few months ago. >> it's about a month ago now. overall, my health is much, much better. but what i have most now is the time back with my family that i no longer have to spend going to dialysis and regular check-ups
5:55 am
and things like that. so that's been the biggest change that i've experienced. >> kevin, you've talked about that too. a higher being, being responsible for your life being changed forever now. >> yeah. darryn's, you know, said that multiple times, and, it's definitely -- i feel like we may have been put together for this reason. >> i'm sure, darryn, he's going to want to sort of pay you back somehow, but that's an impossible task. >> no, it's a gift that's freely given. i'm humbled and honored to be able to do it, you know, and it's been a great journey for the both of us. >> it's obviously changed kevin's life, darryn, but just like on christmas, instead of receiving, giving sometimes is the best gift of all. that could also change your life. >> yeah, i agree. you know, since the donation, it's all been kind of surreal.
5:56 am
yeah, i'm elated. i'm happy for it. >> kevin, anything you want to say publicly to darryn. >> i am forever in this man's debt. i'm eternally grateful for what he's done for me and my family. it's hard because thank you just doesn't seem like enough. >> i love this story. so powerful, especially during this time of year. thank you for being with us. thank you for your service as well, both of you. >> thank you so much. >> have a good day. all right. it's a new trend taking the internet by storm. dads face swapping with their babies. take a look at that, but what does it look like when we here on the curvy couch do the face swap. we're about to find out. it could get creepy.
5:57 am
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