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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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less violence and donald trump making big changes. >> on facebook, she's looking forward to our country being respected and feared once again. there we have it. "fox and friends" starts right now. thanks for joining lisa and i. good morning. it's tuesday, december 27th. i'm abby hundreds mants in for ainsley earhardt. he campaigned hard for hillary clinton and she lost. president obama insists he could have beaten president trump. >> again, i articulated. i think i could have mobilized a majority of people to rally behind her. >> the president-elect is firing back. >> wow. >> tensions escalating also between the u.s. and it was supposed to be the greatest mideast ally. they claim president obama was behind that u.n. resolution. >> we have evidence, it's clear, that the u.s. orchestrated that. >> what was just revealed about
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that proof coming up. you've seen -- try it again. you've seen the hooters girls. but soon you'll be seeing these bombshell girls, the military themed concepts coming to a city right near you. >> oh, boy. >>s you reflect on that. mornings are better with friends. remind you of our slogan. ♪ ♪ if you look closely, the way to get in here is to have one of our passes. i get the sense that it feels like it's a holiday in new york. you have to have a pass to get in that building. >> exactly. >> depends where you go in new york city. when you're in times square area, it is mayhem. it is chaos. if you go in other parts, it's
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like desolate. no one is there. it's kind of nice, you never see the city like that. >> people were banging on the windows last night in tucker's cho imt there's a random guy there. >> when tourism increases, we get more and more fans. people outside new york city who really support fox. >> this is amazing. instead, i like to go through nine inches of glass first. >> there was news out yesterday in the political world where president obama gave a review with david axelrod and he was asked could he have beaten donald trump in this past election. and he said -- >> can't help himself in this situation. >> he said he could. here's what he said. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have
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mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> one of my first reactions, so russia was not the biggest factor in the election? he's saying, like if i had mobilized the majority, the russia thing we've said for the last month was the big reason why hillary clinton lost. he's now admitting that hillary clinton was a bad kate despite everything he said for so long. he says he's better than she is. president obama's approval ratings have inched up. but people get tired of you and there's this tradition. get off the stage. >> he has -- beginning in 2010 when people voted for other people than him, also when you go out and people mock and late night hosts focus on donald trump's confidence and they say oh, my goodness, there's no difference, it's over delivery.
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he's smoother, more articulate. more refined, but barack obama is the same thing as donald trump. he has an inability to admit his flaws or state his policies are incorrect. it's how they're digested and communicated is the problem. it's not the policies. the perfect example is what's happening. we'll talk about it shortly, israel. you talk our most loyal middle east ally and threw them in the street. >> senator schumer is against it. barack obama says it, leaves the stage and leaves democrats to deal with it. >> that might be one of the smartest things you ever said. that is so, so true. not many people including -- they never pick up on that. >> what was the smartest thing he said? >> how important delivery is. when you look past that, how similar the politicians are at the end of the day. if you remember back in september, president obama gave a speech saying that it would be
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an insult to him and his presidency if blacks and hispanics did not come out in numbers. >> they screamed it. he looked angry. >> we have that sound. >> let's hear it. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in in election. >> that's what happened. they did not come out in the numbers for hillary clinton. here he's saying if he were in the race this past go around, he could -- >> if oinl i was on the ballot and only my coalition had mobilized. but you did say my name is not on the ballot, but my legacy is on the line. >> what i found disturbing, when i originally heard this, he brings up race again in in way. if we can't find a way to breakthrough and win races and winning back southern white voters without portraying our way to civil rights and
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diversity. saying we can't get over the south because the south is not over what their history is back to the civil war, the democrats did own the south. they lost the south and now the republicans are holding on to the south. through values and work ethic. it's the bathroom situation, it's jamming obamacare. it's not because the south doesn't like black people. >> also barack obama and hillary clinton are not listening to someone important. bill clinton has been saying don't dismiss the southern white voter thing. they really have concerns and focused on jobs, not race. >> not race. >> nobody will listen to bill clinton. he's saying it. >> it's all this talk of russia is to blame for this. i've gone around to the diners around the country and talked to the voters. many have been democrats like in scranton, pennsylvania. i asked why they switched their votes. two big issues. immigration, president-elect trump running on stricter laws and obamacare. those are big things that
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president obama is hoping will be his legacy. >> i was curious to see if donald trump, who has been lauding the fact that he and the current president are getting along great and he's been a great adviser to him, what would he do with that statement. here's what he said. relatively measured. president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that. i say no way exclamation point. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. that's pretty measured. he's not dumping on president obama. he doesn't want a war. it's smart politically. i think he's thanked president and michelle obama. he's been kind to my family. he's looking forward. >> president obama is going across the street. he said on the axle report in that podcast. i think it was interesting give and take between them. he's been somewhat critical -- >> but he said in a report, basically he says i'm going to be speaking out when things are not right and there's no
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necessarily great speaker right now. >> it's a free country and barack obama can do that. that is breaking with tradition. >> i was just going to say that. >> do you think that when barack obama is a new president was trying to shut down gitmo, trying to tear apart his approach to the war on terror. he wasn't going nuts in texas. of course he was. he said, i'm done. there's change happening. let him have his -- >> it's called statesman ship. what happened to that? you let the next administration come in and do what they're going to do. >> i owe my successor my silence. george bush said that. the united nations resolution against the settlements in the west bank. israel doubling down, insisting the u.s. is behind this. >> the country could face serious economic backlash in the settlements, including maybe sanctions by the european union. >> with the latest details that everyone is still talking about
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this morning. kristin fisher has more. >> abby, it's important to keep in mind this is a nonbinding resolution. it has no teeth. it's all guidelines and recommendations. but that could change. not only does this resolution demand that israel stop all settlement activity in the west bank. it also calls intoquestion, the legality of jewish prayer at the western wall, according to this resolution, the jewish quarter in the old city of jerusalem is occupied territory. the problems are it opens the door for potential boycotts of israeli products that are produced in jewish settlements in the west banks. if other nations don't boycott their products, perhaps they'll label them as settlement products. another concern, that it opens the door for lawsuits against israeli officials and the icc. that means government ministers and senior officers could be accused of war crimes under the
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geneva convention. finally, it could lead to the creation of mechanisms to monitor and report israeli action. just because this resolution doesn't have any teeth, it's still a huge symbolic blow for the people. it could have real life ramifications down the road. >> thanks so much, kristin. we'll talk to you later. "the new york times" first story is the israel is not backing down. they're beginning construction on 600 of the 5,480 new settlements in the area. game on. meanwhile, the israeli ambassador to the united states is promising to deliver proof. he said this a couple of times yesterday, here's ambassador ron der mer, first to trump and then he's going to tell everybody. we have that evidence. as i said earlier, we're going to present it to the new administration. if they choose to share with the american people, that's up to them. what david said is parts of what
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we have. it's very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. >> what's significant is the white house has been downplaying this, like it wasn't us, it was of the other countries. >> it was venezuela. >> and new zealand. the other part of that, we're not going to make it public. we'll give it to the new trump administration. it's probably on twitter in ten minutes. what do you think? it's not like donald trump will sit on this information. >> there have been questions from both sides of the political aisle over the years of the importance and do we really need this in place. what do they do at the end of the day. charles krauthammer was on last night and he's thoughtful about this. he has an interesting idea of what we should do with the u.n. here's what he says. >> it is an organization that exacerbates tension, it does not assuage them. it was born in hope, at the end of the second world war. it tushd out to be a disaster. any mover to minimize our support for it. any move to get it out of the
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u.s. imagine if headquarters were in zimbab zimbabwe. the amount of coverage and weight it gets is zero. i think it's good real estate in downtown new york city and trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. >> the u.n. condos? >> get together and hang out. he says it's a shame, sad. they don't really get anything done down there. >> doesn't donald trump have a building across from the u.n.? i remember derek jeter living there. >> i think you're right about that. >> he's smart enough to know, i'm going to live in new york a little while but keep my residence in florida because they have no state tax. >> that's derek jeter. >> donald trump might be doing that too. >> by the way, if we toss to heather, she's also tax-free. >> welcome back heather. >> how are you doing? >> great to see you guys. hope you had a wonderful christmas. good morning to all of you. start with a fox news alert. there's a manhunt intensifying at this hour for the last of six
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inmates who broke out of jail by using a leaky toilet. police in eastern tennessee now warning that convicted felon david frazier seen right here is considered the most dangerous of that bunch. they escaped by ripping a toilet off the wall. it had rusty bolts and they kicked down a door. memorials growing for george michael as mystery surrounds his death. the music legends behind dozens of '80s and '90s mega hits. >> wake me up ♪ ♪ before you go go ♪ i got to have faith ♪ >> his partner found him dead in bed on christmas day. the singer was just 53 years old. it was heart failer his manager says. >> those are the headlines. see you back here in a little bit. >> thank you, heather. next on the rundown. we know what isis is capable of. we saw it again in berlin with the truck terror attack.
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there are more terror threats, including secret jihadi camps. ryan morrow has more next. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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we have to stop isis and knock them out. i have no choice. >> we'll do that. >> all right. president-elect trump vowing to take down isis. he's said it many times when he takes office. isis is not the only terror threat out there, sadly. here to map it out more is ryan morrow. he's a national security officer. we know that donald trump watches the show. donald it's more than isis, mr. president-elect. muslim brotherhood. >> it seems likely that president-elect trump will -- these are some of the fronts in the united states. they may not violently
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retaliate. if there's a political crisis, you don't know what's going to happen. >> wait a second. before we do this, these are different camps in the u.s.? >> these are different front organizations for the muslim brotherhood. >> they claim they're foundations. >> we know they're muslim brotherhood front organizations. >> muslim of the americas, they claim to have 22 of the enclaves around the united states. they believe donald trump is going to crackdown on them. have law enforcement raid them and they see that as a full fillment. >> what did president bush say when he took on al qaeda when he was going to take on financing and may be getting financing from the u.s. he cracked down through the treasury. can you start choking some of the organizations out through the treasury? >> very possible. they engage in a lot of criminal activity, charter school scams. they used to have a 100-acre camp in colorado that was
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raided. it can be done. this group believes that trump will do that. they're preparing for that. number 3, afghanistan. we don't hear too much about this. there are 20 terrorist organizations in this area. pakistan is down here. >> we have 10,000 troops in afghanistan. with those 10,000 troops, al qaeda is now back in there and they're coming from pakistan into afghanistan where they're facing our guys and getting additional training to disperse throughout the region. >> right. it's not just al qaeda. taliban controls a portion of the country. like iraq and syria, expect us to talk about afghanistan next year. >> let's move on to the other map. this is perhaps the most challenging. >> right. because the nuclear deal is a disaster. i hope that donald trump scraps it. but coming with that, there may be a mad dash towards nuclear weapons. how does that impact us?
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you have to look at the shipping lanes. if you look at these two areas. very critical shipping lanes as well as right here. your livelihood economically depends upon those being free. iran has the capability to strike at them. the saudi oil fields as well. it's important for surviving economically. >> it's important to show strength and muscle early because our ships have been buzzed, our helicopters -- ships taunted and harassed in that area and done nothing to respond. what can donald trump do to send a message to iran, like toppling saah come. what do he do early? >> human rights rye violations. sanction the hell out of them for that. when it comes to the iranian, people they deserve it. >> boeing and their secret elements to the -- boeing and
3:20 am
company are doing deals with iran. you have the deals in place, they've gotten everything already for us to blow up the agreement would be to iran's advantage. that means they can get all the sanctions liflted and start their nuclear program. that's the challenge. >> it's working well for them. the last one, number one threat is who benefits from isis collapsing if general mattis bee heads them? is it al qaeda coming back for a new group rising? >> ryan morrow, thanks so much. even though we're winning against isis, they're still there. coming up straight ahead, what do a millionaire, state lawmaker and drug dealers have in common? the they all got busted for using food stamps this year? is it finally time to end that program? we debate it. you've seen the hooters girls too often. but soon you'll be seeing the bombshell girls. the military-themed concept coming to a city near you.
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$500. that's how much house republicans want to fine democrats if they stage another
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gun control sit-ins on the house floor. last summer they did it for 25 hours. next, 100. that's how many low kapgss the houston-based bombshell bars want to -- in the next five years. the military-themed restaurant has scantily clad waitresses and food and drinks. finally, one. ♪ >> number one. that's where jackie -- her album sales skyrocketed after she agreed to sing at president-elect trump's inauguration. >> what you call karma. thank you, ed. food stamp fraud at an all-time high. a state lawmaker and a millionaire. this year it's estimated $70 million of taxpayer money was wasted on food stamp fraud.
3:25 am
is it time to end the program altogether? here to debate is fox news contributor jimmy green and councilman joba really who has fought against it in the new york assembly. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> joe, when we're talking about this, it's doing away with the programs that help the people that need it most. help the people understand this. >> the republican party can't be in perception or in practice, seen as throwing people to the curb. that said, this program has been ripe with problems since the inception. bob dole said in 1977 we're eliminated the greed and fed the need. unfortunately, 40 years later, we see the same problems with fraud, with abuse and overspending on this particular program. >> a lot of democrats are saying we need more of this.
3:26 am
>> well, we certainly have to have this conversation by looking at the facts. the facts are that 45% of the recipients of snap programs are under the age of 18. 9% of them are over the age of 60. this is a program that keeps young people and elderly people out of poverty. this is also a program that, of course, as we look at any government program, there's going to be fraud. how do we correct the problem without the throwing the baby out with the bath water. this lifts families on the brink of poverty, stops them from jumping into poverty and helps local economies. food stamp benefits for every $5 that's spent, $9 goes into the local economy. that's not just something you can throw out. and when you look at what president obama has done in the last eight years, we've seen the greatest stalling out of the economic inequality growth stopping under his programs.
3:27 am
this is one of the reasons why. >> but there has been a lot of abuse, a lot of people taking advantage of these programs. that is a problem here. who are these people, joe? >> we're talking about 1% of snap program lost through fraud with the latest report. she's right. there is a lot of good happening from the program. the problem is when house republicans in 2014 proposed modest cuts, they got castigated by democratic colleagues in calling us heartless, saying we're kicking people to the and that sort of thing. what other program costs double and quadruple and we're not supposed to look at it and look for cuts. the democratic party wants taxpayers to put blinders on and feel good that we're helping people. we need to look at programs that cost beyond what they're expected to cost and look for reforms. >> you said earlier there are problems that exist, there is fraud taking place.
3:28 am
is there another solution? is there a way for both sides to come together to make this as as effective as possible? >> there are going to be bad apples like i said in any program. how do you weed those out? that should be the focus. when you look at economic inequality, without food stamps, families are going to jump into poverty and that is not something that we want to see reversed. you can't talk about this program without looking at the impact of the great recession. when you had income inequality growing under the recession what didn't grow was food insecurity. that is because this program was pumped in with more money. that is so key to keeping kids and the elderly, local businesses thriving off of it. this is not something that i think donald trump is going to embrace in his administration or house republicans are going to embrace. >> is it something that speaker paul ryan has been passionate about, getting it right, joe. is it something that can be and
3:29 am
will be done in the next four years? >> i think it will be. there's a number of ways to use means tested method and metrics to determine new criteria for people, whether it be income and asset calculation and various things. paul ryan doesn't want people to fall off the welfare cliff. we don't want people to come to the point where making an extra $10,000 to $15,000. if you're a reasonable person trying do the right thing, you're not going to make the sacrifices against your best interest. to be clear, this is not something expanded because poverty increased. the poverty has increased throughout the obama administration in the great recession, but a lot of the changes were made policywise during the bush administration and in 2002 and 2008 bundle. >> thank you both for being here, joe, gentleman mu. we told you, all he wanted for christmas was a white
3:30 am
genocide. he made the plea publicly. how is the school reacting out. there's an update. this may look like a normal photo of women on a couch. can you see what's wrong with it? the mistake is heating up a debate online.
3:31 am
3:32 am
can you see what's wrong with your shot of the morning? take a closer look. >> the group picture of six friends leaving the internet stumped. it looks totally normal. one of the women seems to be missing her legs. people coming up with all sorts of answers for the optical
3:33 am
illusion. some we can talk about, some we can't. the second girl's legs behind the first. >> brian is stumped. >> when you're home for the holidays and nothing else to do. you sit and stare at photos. >> i saw plenty of legs in that shot. >> who is the girl with the bigger thighs? >> this is not going to end well. >> you can't say that. >> i'm just saying -- >> i saw plenty of legs. >> i heard you ask a woman how old she is. >> that was off camera. >> what i was saying is, i was admiring how well she's doing in her career so young. how old are you? ed thought that was the wrong thing to ask. >> you're not supposed to ask a lady her age and how big are her thighs. >> we got to get to weather. >> it's wreaking havoc on travelers trying to get home for
3:34 am
the holidays. the upper midwest, under 16 inches of snow shutting down areas of north dakota and south dakota and knocking out power to thousands. >> the storm system now weakening but causing hundreds of flight delays at airports around the country. freezing rain, drenching new england monday with more to come today. >> in some parts of florida, the warmest december on record. meteorologist janice dean tracking all the weather. six things to work with. are you going to choose any? >> six things. here's the thing. brian in the hallway complained about the fact that it was too warm in his office. i told him -- >> too cold in my office. >> it's warm outside. i said -- why do i need air conditioning in december? >> i'm not sure. >> who is paying for the freon. >> don't ask the weather person. >> all that warm air, we're setting records across florida. moved up to the northeast. it's 55 degrees in new york right now. i'm sporting a springtime
3:35 am
jacket. 25 in chicago, that's where the colder temperatures are across the midwest. you can see where the cold front is. look at the temperature difference from this time yesterday. 21-degree difference in new york city. you get the picture. cold air is moving in. for now, enjoy it. people will be wearing shorts in new york city, i guarantee it. weather delays, the faa says all is well. of course, it doesn't hurt to check with your air carrier if you're traveling today. we have a storm system exiting the east coast and a new one coming from the west. a winter storm thursday and friday here in the northeast. i think it's going to be too warm for a big snowstorm but, again, we're going to have to watch it. the new storm in the west behind that could give us a little bit of inclement weather for the new year's eve festivities. we'll have to watch that the next couple of days. brian, i apologize for the coolness in your office. nothing i can do about it. >> i like janice bringing out
3:36 am
another conversation you had off camera. >> why do i talk to anybody in the breaks? heather nauert, don't reveal anything i said. >> what did brian say to you in the commercial break? >> that he doesn't believe in christmas. >> what? that is not true. that is not true. >> good morning to all of you. we're off to a great day. speaking of christmas and over the weekend. look at this. it is a fox news alert. pandemonium and chaos at malls across the country. people literally fighting for the after christmas deals. incidents in malls at ten states. in new jersey, stampeding the exits after they thought a gun was fired. >> wait, wait. a s.w.a.t. team swarming the
3:37 am
mall finding no signs of a gun. fortunately, no one was hurt in the incidents. we have terrifying video. you have to see it to believe it. we should tell you, it does have a happy ending. a massive truck running over a toddler. as a grandmother pushes his stroller on a crosswalk in china. that little boy almost trapped underneath. but the 3-year-old miraculously walks away with scrapes and bruises. the truck driver got a fine that amounts to $20 for failing to stop at a red light. how terrifying. how lucky that little guy is. a professor with a history of hating white people says he's not the problem. instead, his critics of what he calls satirical remarks are the violent racists. he teaches at drexel university in philadelphia. over the weekend he tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. that sparked a nationwide outrage. now he says it was just a joke. drexel calling the post very disturbing and has a meeting set up with the professor to address
3:38 am
that. we'll follow that story and bring you the latest. monday night football, a high scoring affair. the dallas cowboys offensive weapons on display. they pummel the lions. our friend at cleveland. scott sabol finally shaving off that beard. the browns finally won. he vowed to keep it going. it took 109 days. here he is back to clean-shaven. scott, looking good. those are your headlines. >> speaking of football, let's talk about what happened on monday night and the nfl playoff picture breaks down. we know in the end, the super bowl will be a fox super bowl. here to break it down. rich, big daddy salgado. he handles a lot of the insurance for the players in the league. mark march toech i is the ceo of big blue travel. this is all about the fans. we'll talk about you in a second. real quick, when you saw that game last night and people looking at dallas, they have matched their season total, all-time season total for wins
3:39 am
in a regular season. how did this happen? >> they came out and they got the two probably reigning mvps with prescott and elliott on offense. they always have -- >> rookies. >> both rookies. it's going to be interesting who gets rookie of the year. >> is it good to have america's team good? is it good for football? >> it depends if you go to new jersey. >> people like it if the auto league -- is that marketing gold? >> obviously, if dallas goes to the super bowl it's great for football, it's great for dallas. you know, i have a prediction who is going to be there. >> who is in the nfc hunt? >> you've got dallas is at 1 and then you've got atlanta, seattle, green bay -- green bay and detroit play next week and the giants are in and they can always create havoc when they get in there. >> washington and tampa have to win. >> tampa, my husband is from that area.
3:40 am
every year he says he's going to make it to the super bowl. >> they have a 1% chance of getting to the super bowl. getting into the playoffs. >> getting into the playoffs. >> the cowboys haven't been able to solve the giants who i root for. we've got to say that. >> the afc. new england clinched. oakland, pittsburgh, houston, kansas city. a lot of other teams in the mix. >> right now, new england, unless they lose at miami, they seem to be holding down the fort. >> the most -- the last dynasty left in sports is new england. one of the great stories is the miami dolphins. terrible start. great finish. first time in the playoffs in years. >> our guy, mike tannenbaum is down there. >> revamped the whole thing. >> did it all over. good for him and good for them. >> what's the big prediction? if you had to guess right now. >> you know what, i'll get ridiculed to death. i'm going to say we're back. third dance.
3:41 am
giants/new england. >> third time. >> we'll see new england finally win this one. >> let's talk about the fans. what does big blue bring to the table? >> giants fans love to travel, they travel well. if you go to a road game, you see the other team's roads on the fans traveling to the gail, we provide the service. one key operation, turnkey go on big blue we'll find out where we're going and hopefully this weekend we know where we're going and have a playoff trip online and we provide the travel to that city. we take them off the bus, bring them to the hotel and bring them to a party the night before the game with a couple of players. we have a tailgate party, the ticket to the game included, we sell that package through our website. evidently, giants super bowl would be tremendous, again. >> that's amazing. can we get a closeup of this ring. >> i was at the game when the jets hosted new england and brady came back at the end
3:42 am
there. the patriots fans travel well as well. they go all around the country. >> cowboys fans, steelers fans, raider fans and patriots fans travel well. >> it matters more to the league. as much as you like the players, they come and go. the average career is three or four years. but the fans don't go anywhere. that's the key. it's not about the giants. it's really about what fans will do and what the organizations do to make sure the fans are supported. >> we've been doing it 25 years. we've seen grand fathers with grandkids and their grandkids. it's a family tradition. families travel. >> one of america's best. >> it's going to be a great end of the season. >> rich, you're going on the road and bring us up close and personal. >> and in a couple of weeks you and i will be in houston. >> hopefully in the super bowl. fox sports. >> thank you, guys. >> america believes in his vision and he would have beaten
3:43 am
donald trump. if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> if he's so good, why have democrats lost more than 1,000 seats since he took office? she's toxic but not dead. why the internet thinks she is it this morning. lemonheads/schoolhouse rock) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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test test test. test test test test.
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quick look at the headlines. despite the rumors online, britney spears is well. ♪ >> right. hackers breaking into sony's twitter account sending the message. r.i.p. britney spears followed by
3:46 am
1981-2016. sony clarifying their account was hacked. and the tweets were deleted. i know what you're thinking. again? you have a virtual reality headset for christmas. it could be spying on you. they have the ain't to track your emotions, your expressions and your thoughts. i told you i wasn't paranoid, abby. companies could use the information for marketing. how am i feeling now, ed? >> great. democrats lost more than a thousand seats in congress and state governments all across the country during barack obama's presidency. the commander in chief insists he could have won a third term. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm can have depth that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> he could have beaten donald trump. the president-elect quick to fire back on twitter. president obama thinks he could have won against me.
3:47 am
he could say that. i say no way. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. here to debate republican strategist and democratic strategist. steve, starting with you. how can president obama continue to say my policies, he said many times going back to the midterms of 2014 are on the ballot. he said it again in 2016 and he says he could have beaten donald trump. >> he said it in 2012 and won. they would have loved to have that approval level when they left office. i think i would have -- would be happy to say that all these problems are democrats in congress and in state legislatures would go away when obama left office. i'd be happy to say that not because i dislike him. i'd like to say we'd be better in the mid terms in 2018. that's not the case. i think it's a big reason for losing a lot of the seats. also, we have problems motivating our voters to vote for the state legislature races.
3:48 am
a lot of democrats say i vote for president, i vote for congress, maybe governor, but i leave the rest of the ballot empty and i under-vote. this is a problem we have to deal with going forward. i wrote about it in 2006. it's not the president's issue that we've lost all of the seats. >> david, i suspect you might, as a republican, wish even though you want donald trump to become president, another four years of barack obama, republicans to pick up more seats around the country? >> absolutely. the president has said it's going to be his number one priority after his presidency is to work to elect folks to congress and to state legislatures. given his track record, we welcome his involvement. where we now sit. look, it's going to take a case of amnesia for americans given president obama's policy results and his divisive governing style, it's going to take a severe case of national amnesia
3:49 am
to elect sun who wants to continue the path that he's started. the 2018 elections favor republicans in the u.s. senate and you look at 2022 when redistricting will have happened. the states that will pick up members of the u.s. house are all in states controlled by republicans in the state legislature. we potentially are going to see growing republican majorities the next coming years. >> steve, democratic seats lost since president obama took office. 1,030. that's all around the country. david points out that will affect redistricting at the end of the decade. these are republicans drawing up the lines for the new congressional districts and the house moving into the next decade. i don't understand how you can say, look, this has been a successful barack obama when all around the country, democrats have been losing seats. >> this has been the case, really, for the last 20 or 30 years. there's no question, we have a tremendous amount of challenges to turn this around. the biggest thing in our favor
3:50 am
is donald trump and the republicans taking power. i think the democrats never do so well as when the country has a chance to see what republicans are actually like when they're in power. that's what i think is going to really turn things around for us. i think actually seeing the results and i'm looking forward to watching the republicans trying to do better than president obama. >> david, give you 15 seconds. people think this is a dis on barack obama and donald trump. what about hillary clinton, he's basically saying i would have been better than her. >> democrats are coming to grips with the devastation that hillary clinton and barack obama have caused to their party. now you have the candidates running for dnc chairman all running against what has happened the last couple of years under barack obama in that they have not focused on their foreign team operations. they're working to build a team of folks to run for future office. >> a lot of work ahead for the democrats. we appreciate you both chiming in. he said the world was gloomy
3:51 am
before he won. and there was no hope. america might agree. the poll might show how fed up we are. act now, save later. we have the the end of year money moves that will save you some serious, cold hard cash in 2017. ♪ ♪ for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. . . .
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♪ all right. there are just four days left in 2016 and that leaves just enough time to make some changes so you can save more this year when it comes to your taxes. >> here with the money moves you can make now to increase your tax return is owner of the marks group cpa, gene marks. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you start by saying sell off losing stocks. >> you know how they go to the tax guy at the end of the hour. nobody wants to hear it. right now, the stock market has done well this year. a lot of us have seen our portfolios go up. you are not going to be taxed if you haven't sold them. if you have loser stocks, sell them. sell the losers. >> a lot of people have been surging. there's a lot less losers. maximize your retirement plans. rifle that money in your iras or
3:55 am
401(k)s. >> hopefully you are doing that. you got to max it out. you can put up to $18,000 a year into your 401(k). and another $5500 in your ira. >> if i feel like i haven't maximized out yet. >> go to the hr department and say listen i want to make a few more contributions. they will help you do that. >> that's good advice. >> max it out. i love this one. give to a charity. >> charitible contributions are very popular this year. if you got old clothes, old equipment, a car that you want to maybe give away, go ahead and give that away. the charities will give you a receipt for whatever you give away for and you can take a deduction for that on your taxes. >> if income is coming at the end of the year, you say push it into next year.
3:56 am
bring deductions into next year. >> most people are expecting tax rates to go down. if you are a believer that tax rates are going to go down next year, what you want to do is you want to push as much income into next year as possible. if taxes are more this year, you want as many deductions as you can. >> if you live in new york city, i don't know if it's possible to get any higher. people think about this, being more energy efficient. >> this is the last year of an energy tax credit. you can buy energy efficient stuff by the end of the year. insulation. lighting. $500. it's 10% of the cost of the purchase. remember, it's a credit. whatever taxes that you owe, you apply a credit against the taxes. it's not like a deduction. >> would you have a job if this
3:57 am
happens and we get our taxes on a postcard? >> look at the irs. do you think they are going to reduce that? >> they promised. >> there's always plenty to do for a cpa. >> love it. we'll see you back here next year. >> thanks, guys. >> coming up, straight ahead. tensions mounted between israel and united states. benjamin netanyahu says he doesn't think president obama is done in making things worse. it's her party. she will cry if she wants to, especially if thousands of uninvited guests show up to it. ♪ per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll
3:58 am
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4:00 am
earhardt this morning. hillary clinton may have lost, but president obama says he could have taken trump. lynx. >> if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized the majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> this morning the president-elect is firing back. new this morning, a u.n. resolution that would ban jews from praying at the western wall orchestrated by the u.s. israel says it has proof. >> we have evidence. it's very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. >> how serious is this? charles krauthammer lays it all out. he's got a great idea for the president-elect. she's a country star with a golden voice. ♪ >> lizzie also has a big heart and she's here to explain. parents, you don't want to miss this. let me remind you. it's tuesday. you might not be working but we
4:01 am
are. so get dressed and your mornings are better with friends. ♪ you said your motto are mornings are better with friends. i thought that was get dressed. >> i love this song. i could wake up to this song every single day. it gets you in the mood to get dressed. >> with the temptations, they do everything in sync and unity. i think you have to see the temptatio temptations, not listen. don't they turn one way and then the other way. doesn't that sell the song? >> i just like the music. >> you know who does not like the temptations at all, heather nauert. >> don't you love that song? >> brian is a bit grouchy this morning. >> he's walking out. >> i'm worried about all my
4:02 am
private conversations being exposed. >> that's already happened. they will be. good morning to all of you. start now with a serious story to bring you from overseas. it is a fox news alert. we have chilling new surveillance showing a killer on the run days after he mowed down dozens of people. cameras captured the berlin attacker walking at a train station in france. he was shot and killed in milan, italy. it was three days after he stole a big rig and drove it through a christmas market. a manhunt intensifying at home right now for the last of six inmates who broke out of jail using a leaky toilet to help them. police in tennessee warning that david frazier is considered the most dangerous of the bunch.
4:03 am
they escaped by ripping a toilet with rusty boettle off that wall. breaking news surrounding george michael's sudden and shocking death. the singer secretly struggled with heroin addiction and had partied late into the night in the weeks before his christmas day death. another source saying michael died of an overdose. his manager says it was heart failure. there will be an autopsy. we'll keep you posted. japan's prime minister arriving in hawaii for an historic visit to pearl harbor. shinzo abe is paying tribute to those who died on the '41 attack on pearl harbor. he will not be apologize. yesterday, he went to the national memorial of the pacific to lay a wreath there. his visit comes six months after barack obama's visit to japan.
4:04 am
israel doubling down insisting the u.s. is behind that u.n. vote against israeli settlements. >> don't be fooled by the fact that we abstained. it comes from worries that the country could expect economic backlash. >> what this resolution does is it opened the door to boycotts on israeli products and lawsuits against israeli officials, but perhaps the most symbolic blow for the israeli people is that it calls into question the legality of jewish prayer at the western wall because the ju wish quarter is quote, unquote, occupied territory. some of the other key concerns is that it could lead to potential boycotts of israeli products that are produced in jewish settlements in the west
4:05 am
bank. another concern that this resolution opens the door for lawsuits against israeli officials at the icc. that's the international criminal court. that would allow government ministers and senior officers to be accused of war crimes under the geneva convention and finally this resolution could lead to the creation of mechanisms to monitor and report israeli actions. so bottom line, because this is a nonbinding resolution, there should be no immediate effects. it's the potential long-term repercussions that has the israeli government so angry and so concerned. >> that's the deal. >> it's a big deal. >> donald trump about to take office, handed, you know, this big mess, basically. >> he tweeted out today, i'm still going to make middle east peace happen. it does going to be a lot harder because of this. >> you are watching the devastation of aleppo. millions have been forced out of there as refugees into western europe and see how devastation
4:06 am
with mosul and isis and you think these are the big problems. how foolish were you? the big problem was the palestinian and israeli situation which actually seems so calm as of late. why does it matter? charles krauthammer broke it down last night. >> very serious damage and it cannot be undone because you cannot change it without russians and the chinese and you are not going to get it. the term east jerusalem, it's totally unnecessary and it's completely illogical. it turns the holiest site in judaism into palestinian
4:07 am
territory. it's absurd. it's an insult to the intelligence of the world. >> he used that word it's an insult to the world. when there are so many issues we are faced with particularly in that part of the world in the middle east, why are we making our most important relationship in that region more challenging today. a lot of people are questioning how this came to be. was it preorchestrated. >> alan dershowitz says president obama stabbed israel in the back. and i asked another person yesterday and he said no, he's wrong. israel was stabbed in the front. >> the obama administration could make things even worse before they leave. secretary of state john kerry is going to make a speech on his vision and why he did what he did and that should be fascinating and confounding. also for those people who are
4:08 am
pro israel in this country and there's many. be heartened that they are not slowing down. they are en route to build more settlements. >> you have the ambassador doubling down. saying they do have proof that this was preorchestrated behind the scenes. >> the white house down plays it. >> they are saying it never happened. israel, members of the ambassador saying there is proof of this. here's what he said about that. >> we have that evidence and as i said earlier we're going to present it to the new administration and if they choose to share it with the american people, that will be their choice. but we have evidence, what david said is only part of what we have, and it's very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. >> and what will the incoming trump administration do with that information when they get it? they will probably put it on twitter because the president-elect was on twitter last night going after the u.n. at one point saying the united
4:09 am
nations has such great potential but right now it's just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time. so sad. charles krauthammer by the way also said on special report, you know what, maybe there's only half joking but he said donald trump, great real estate, go over to u.n., throw a trump sign on it and turn it into condos. >> it's not a bad idea. >> there have been both sides of the political aisle have questioned recently the purpose of the u.n. and what it is there for. it came after world war ii obviously in 1945. this is part of history. we need to look at things. i think this is a healthy conversation to have. >> netanyahu wants to see president obama off the stage as quickly as possible. president obama is doing the opposite with this move and also this interview with david axelrod saying you know if i got back in the game, put me back in
4:10 am
coach, because i could have beaten donald trump. listen. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i had run again, and arctticulate it, i think i could have mobilized the majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> that is a slap to hillary clinton because she didn't. he does not see the fact that she ran on being the third term of his presidency and was rejected. hillary clinton is a surrogate for barack obama and she basically was unable to rally his base even though he was indefatiguible in supporting her. president obama says that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that because i say no way. >> you think about the biggest issues that he ran on.
4:11 am
immigration, stricter rules there. obamacare, economy, national security with isis. when i've gone around talking to voters leading up to this election, no one talks about russia hacking. no one was really talking about the wikileaks and all that. they were talking about the issues that impacted their lives every day and moving in a different direction. >> remember the last debate between mitt romney and barack obama when mitt romney said i look at russia as the number one geopolitical foe. barack obama said the 1980s called. >> people are weighing in on facebook. a legend in his own mind about president obama. out of touch with reality and under estimate the intelligence of the american people. we the people have had enough. he still doesn't get it. but he is personally popular. >> he had eight years to change and improve this country.
4:12 am
instead, he divided the nation. >> gary said something different on email where he had no limitations in terms of characters. people are fed up with obama and his policies. that's why trump got elected. politicians still do not get it. >> it's interesting, president obama doesn't want to get off the stage. think about president george w. bush. he handed him the keys. >> there's something called statesmanship, when you pass the torch on gracefully to the incoming administration. saying we've had our time. we're letting them do what they want to do. they have won. this is a democracy. >> george left with 36% approval rate and he's leaving with 56% approval rating. >> i'm very young guy, even though i'm one away. >> does he let keith ellison do the talking. >> he said it would be an insult to me. we saw the outcome before the
4:13 am
election. >> here we are. >> we just told you about our relations with israel. not good right now. where do they go from here? the former ambassador to the u.n. is next. live with us. >> remember when richard marks took down an unruly passenger on the plane. he said security was not good enough. this morning, the airline is now taking action.
4:14 am
4:15 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. the fallout is growing from the last week's resolution condemning israeli settlements on the west bank and accusations that the white house was at least in part was behind it even
4:16 am
though they just abstained but one rabbi had a message of hope in a dark moment. >> i know that some of us are so sad about what happened there with regard to israel. we must remember that the way to counter any darkness, any disappointment is not with harsh rhetoric, not with anger but by creating light. >> so where can we find that light and move our relationship with israel forward? is it possible. joining us from tel aviv, ron prositer. where is the light, ambassador? >> first of all, you know, spreading light. i don't miss the united nations. i miss new york. it looks to me like the united nations is bashing israel. they are like drug addicts, they are constantly desperate for their fix and trying to increase the dose from one resolution to the other. >> and ambassador, it's a time
4:17 am
in which you would have loved to have served because israel at this time is getting more allies even in the middle east among sunni arab nations than ever before and it didn't stop the white house from doing what they did. in fact, they fired back at the upset coming from israel. eric schultz said this. president obama has done more for israel and its security than any previous u.s. president. president obama has already made israel and its security sacrosanct in his approach to these issues. the u.s. did not draft this resolution nor did the u.s. introduce this resolution. >> we have disagreements inside the family on a lot of things. friends don't take friends to the security council and what really happened here is that the obama administration basically took the steering wheel and brought it over to those
4:18 am
jeffersonian democracies like malaysia, senegal, to decide on israeli's face? and by the way, this resolution is to one-sided. it is bad for israel. it is bad for america and it is bad for the region because why would the palestinians, anyone, go back to direct negotiations, which they decertified two years ago if they can have freebis and get everything they want without doing anything. >> keep in mind, you don't have one voice to deal with. the leaders of the palestinian movement are a terrorist organization called hamas. when they say they have proof that the u.s. is behind this and the government says they don't. what do you know that we don't? >> well, i think ambassador derma is spot on and we know there were conversations made by people in the administration.
4:19 am
for example with the president of the ukraine, so in the sense, from my point of view, it's important to really look at this and say, hey, come on, the brits would use the term that the former ambassador to the united kingdom, it's not done. you don't really -- you can disagree with us, but turn over and give it to this body called the security council? the security council which a couple of months ago decided that israel does not have any connection or the jews to the temple mount of jerusalem decided in the world health organization that israel creates a health hazard in the middle east? i mean, come on. give us a break. this resolution is one-sided. it's vindictive. not only won't it bring peace about the region but it is destructive because everyone in the region looks at this and says, wow, we're looking for someone to hold our back, and this move was absolutely
4:20 am
unnecessary. >> right. >> and on the verge of being, you know, ill legitimate at the end of the obama administration. >> impair -- ambassador, russia carves up ukraine. vens wail has ha no money and they have fallen apart. i understand your frustration. not everyone agrees with what just happened here in america, and maybe you are going to see a different direction with this new administration. thanks so much. all right. coming up next. governor mike huckabee who has been to israel so many times they are sick of him and has been following the controversy and joins us next. and she's the country star with the golden voice. ♪ >> and lizzie has another message and parents, you are going to want to hear this. don't go anywhere. they are coming here. we live in a pick and choose world.
4:21 am
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our best selling i8 mattress, plus 24 month special financing. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number., and my sweethearts handsome,gone sayonara.rance... this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
4:23 am
quick sports headlines right now. the dallas cowboys offense of incredible last night.
4:24 am
ezekiel elliott running for two scores and you will see dez bryant with two touchdown passes. they pummelled the lions. former patriots player assante cleveland staring a story that he was cut from the team on christmas. they couldn't wait one day? 18-year-old country singer lizzie cider has made her mark on the country charts. ♪ >> we all just love her but she's also using her voice for good, visiting more than 350
4:25 am
schools across the country to fight bullying. >> raise your hands if you have ever been teased. i would like us all to open our eyes and look around and see just how many hands are up. >> whoa! >> so powerful. she joins us now to share her own story. good morning. >> good morning, abby. >> so great to have you here. >> thank for having me on. >> people look at you and say she's beautiful and talented and there's no way she experienced bullying. this all comes from your own story. what you experienced. >> i was bullied in my elementary school years and i would come home crying almost every single day and it was a hard time for me. i was confident in myself and in school, i couldn't prosper. in the words of my dad in fourth grade or so, nobody has the power to ruin your day.
4:26 am
you know what i've learned, bullying happens not just in school but at every age and place and in work and sports and life so realizing you have all that power within yourself to decide how you are going to feel about yourself, your confidence and what you are going to go is so important. >> it's such a powerful message. nobody has the power to ruin your day and i love that because it's so true. no one should have that power. what were you made fun of growing up? >> i don't think i'll ever really know but i do know i was always a little more mature growing up. but also i've always been very artistic and musical and what i've learned throughout my experiences of being an anti bullying advocate. a lot of kids don't realize that different is good and beautiful. that's what my song "butterfly" is about. it's about loving yourself the way you are. >> what has the reaction been?
4:27 am
you've spoken to 350 schools around the country, to young kids when this issue is such a problem, especially with online now. how are they responding to your message? >> you know, i have -- like you've said, i've been to 350 schools live with my original bully prevention school to kids. i'm only 18 years old. it's really much peer on peer, but it's so huge and i get messages from two years ago, kids i saw, saying i still wear your wrist band. nobody has the power to ruin my day and this speaks to not just the victims but the bullies and the bystanders and now i'm so excited about my current project is a video package of my assembly that speaks directly to the students which is already in 2,800 schools, representing 1.7 million children. >> it's amazing. you are 18 years old and you've already had this impact. quickly, how did you keep going when times were not easy?
4:28 am
i'm sure you got told no many times along the way. >> i've been told no more times than i've been told yes. what i've learned is it's all about work ethic. it's all about persistence. doing what you love. knowing it in your heart and having the confidence to know nobody can tell you no. we're going to face a life full of nos and rejections, but it's that one yes or those two or three yeses that you accept that get you to the next level. >> you are an incredible young woman. so talented, so beautiful. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for helping so many kids around the country. so important. to learn more and join the cause, visit www.nobodyhasthe governor mike huckabee is joining us live.
4:29 am
coming up next. plus, chaos at malls across the country. people literally fighting for after christmas deals in dozens of cities. the shocking videos you've got to see coming up. ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
♪ ♪ welcome back. this is your shot of the morning. a teen is not so impressed after thousands of people show up at her quinceanera, her party invitation going viral on line, apparently. people from all over mexico showing up to celebrate. her father posted a video describing the event saying that everyone was invited. >> she was like, dad! the problem nearly a million people sent an rsvp.
4:32 am
it was only meant to be seen by people in her neighborhood. that's a big dad fail. >> here's a guy who is a great governor and continues to be a great dad. joining us now and a great fox contributor, governor mike huckabee. welcome back. >> thanks. nobody ever showed up like that for anything i ever invited them too. >> we wanted to ask you how chinese food was on christmas eve. >> it was wonderful. went to church. and chinese food. our family tradition. it was delicious. >> what does he leave out for santa? he leaves out chinese food? >> we left him some general tso chicken. >> i love chung king. she put the bamboo on top. >> i think the governor wants to talk about israel. >> over the weekend, you
4:33 am
basically said this is like a big middle finger. you see what's going on. it's getting deeper. israel is saying this idea that the white house is down playing everything. we hardly knew about this. they have evidence suggesting president obama directed this whole thing. >> well, silence is agreement and by the u.s. being silent and abstaining, they did agree to it and i think they helped orchestrate it. i think israel will release that information. it's going to be very embarrassing. let's back up and remember what this is all about. they are trying to push israel into accepting borders that would essentially be a suicide pact if israel ever were to agree to it and to say that jerusalem should be divided, this is nonsense. jerusalem has been the capital for only one people in its entire history, dating back 4,000 years, and that's the jews. there's never been a palestinian capital or arab capital in jerusalem ever. to somehow act like that part of
4:34 am
jerusalem should be divided up and even for president obama to suggest that the western wall which is the one remaining part of the ancient temple should be part of disputed territory, here's what i would love for president obama to do. go to israel. go to the palestinian territory, either one. pick up a map made by the palestinians and look for israel on the map. you know what you won't find? it's not on there. you know why? because the palestinians don't think israel should exist. you can't make peace with people who don't even think you should be alive. >> here's the ramifications of the u.n. vote. the jewish prayer at the western wall wouldn't happen. potential boycott of jewish products, that could happen. labelling settlement products and potential boycotts of israeli products as well as monitoring israeli actions. all these things could take place, but is there any teeth to
4:35 am
this vote? >> well, let me just remind people. when you hear the word "occupied," that's a misnomer. israel owns this land. their deed dates back to the time of abraham. modern times, it goes back to the 1920s, then they had to continue to fight for it after it was not delivered, 6 million jews were systematicically slaughtered. over 3.2 million jews have gone back to israel to live and establish their homeland. they got to live somewhere. where are they going to live? these settlements are not tent cities. these are very established, well-built neighborhoods. i'll be there next week. where they go, the desert
4:36 am
blooms. it's a modern day miracle to see what has happened in israel. >> some people are talking about doing away with the u.n. altogether. we had our own charles krauthammer on last night. i don't know if he was joking or being half serious saying we should turn the u.n. here in new york into condos. call them the trump condos. what's your thought on the u.n. in general? it's been around for 71 years. does it have the same impact it originally did? should we talk about doing away with it? >> i think we should. i we ought to get jack hammers and float it into the east river and ask anybody who like to host it, pick it up, haul it off. it will be a lot easier to park in manhattan after we get rid of it. >> let's talk about what donald trump dealt with yesterday. turns out president obama going out, kicking and screaming to a degree, on the axe report, he actually said that he think could have beaten kt -- donald
4:37 am
trump because he would have been better at arctic cue lating the progressive message. donald trump politely disputes that. what do you think? >> what an insult to hillary clinton by barack obama to say she's a loser, i'm a winner. she couldn't win. i would have won. i mean, if i were hillary clinton, i would be livid that the president was making those statements. secondly, he went out there and was giving a full-throated support for hillary and he couldn't push her over the top. for him to say that he would have won, i mean, how vain must a person be in order to say that i would have won the election. i think it's immaterial and, you know, frankly, why would he say something like that? >> governor, what happened to just getting out of office gracefully? you've been a great governor of the state of arkansas. you know what it's like to pass the baton on to the next person coming in. what happened to that sort of
4:38 am
statesmanship attitude? >> i don't know. it was my feeling when i left office, get off the stage, get out of the spotlight, get out of the way. don't say anything. and i didn't. i haven't said anything about the governors after me since i left because that's really not my place. i had almost 11 years in office. leave it alone. walk away. take a line from ron burgundy that great television anchor, stay classy. >> i got to bring you to one thing. he said this about the fact that the democrats can't take a southern state. if we can't find some way to break through, it's a complicated race in the southern, and start winning back southern white voters. is he indicating that the southern vote doesn't go to -- doesn't go to him or hillary clinton because of skin color? >> had nothing to do with it. how do you describe wisconsin,
4:39 am
michigan, pennsylvania, ohio? those aren't southern states. look, the rejection of barack obama in the south had nothing to do with race. it had to do with policy. it had to do with his pushing an aggressive abortion position upon people who think that life is precious and sacred. it had pushing an idea that we could redefine marriage from a biblical standard. it had to do with wrecking and destroying the economy and seeing people whose jobs provided them less money after years than it did before. it had nothing to do with color. it had to do with the content of the policy and the disaster that it wrought. >> we appreciate you coming in. a lot of other headline out there right now. >> let's get over to heather nauert for headlines. >> great to see everybody. i hope everyone is off to a great tuesday. pandemonium and chaos across the nation in mauls. people fighting over those after christmas deals. incidents reported in ten states
4:40 am
monday alone. watch. police in ohio said teenagers were running in different directions, causing confused shoppers to dash for the doors. a police officer who was shot in the line of duty on christmas day is now fighting for his life at this hour. the gunman, violent and well-known to police in oregon, shot and killed his estranged his wife and opened fire onpoli. one officer with seven years on the job was shot several times and he remains in critical condition. he's a 32-year-old father of two. the suspect was killed in the shoot-out. and flight attendants armed with stun guns, this will soon be a reality for one airline thanks to singer richard marks. he said the crew was ill-trained and equipped to handle the
4:41 am
episode. they are beefing up security. taylor swift making a world war ii veterans wildest dreams come true this christmas. ♪ there she is right there. the superstar giving megafan sire -- cyrus porter and his family a private concert. how sweet. nice to see her doing that for world war ii vets. >> she's one of the few who does do that. extreme weather wreaking havoc on travelers trying to get home after the holidays. a blizzard areas in the upper midwest with 16 inches of snow now. shutting down every highway in north dakota and even parts of south dakota. >> it's still causing hundreds of flight delays at airports all
4:42 am
across the nation. freezing rain drenching new england. >> in some parts of florida, it's the warmest december on record. >> santa was wearing a hawaiian shirt in florida. all that warm air is moving northward and we're setting records across the east coast. new york is at 56 degrees. you can see where that cold front is moving through. this time tomorrow it drops like a rock. 15 degrees below what we are right now. be prepared. this is the one day of spring we're going to get and back to more seasonal temperatures and we have to watch for the potential of maybe a nor'easter on thursday. i think it's going to be a little bit too warm for big snow across the coastal areas but interior sections could get a lot of snowfall in new england. that's something we have to watch. this system is exiting the east coast. a new one into the west coast and that's going to be the big
4:43 am
weathermaker as we head into thursday and friday. maybe something on saturday and sunday because it is new year's e eve. there's your forecast precipitation as we go through the next couple of days. 57 in new york is your daytime high. loving it! and cold front sweeps through tomorrow. more cold air sinking in from canada and potentially snowstorm on thursday, friday. lots to talk about. back inside, ed, brian, and abby. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump says the world was gloomy before he won and there was no hope and america agrees. the new poll shows how fed up we were with 2016 in case you didn't know you were fed up. and a very close call for these drivers. the wild scene on the highway. i'm guessing it involves a bear. >> is that real? >> i'm thinking it is.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
quick animal headlines. time running out fast for the cheetah. now in danger of extinction, experts say. 7,000 are left because they are being hunted and illegally traded as exotic pets. and brazen thieves stealing puppies on christmas morning. they make off with a three-month-old huskie and a two-month-old boston terrier. a black bear is taken back to the wild after found beiwalk on a wisconsin highway. she's been taken back to rehab.
4:47 am
the world was gloomy before he won. the world agrees with that. >> we put lisa booth on the story. lisa, how do we feel? >> i'm on it. most of us are ready for 2016 to end and are looking forward to the new year which can only go up from here. a poll by the associated press and time squares alliance revealing 18% thought the country got better. and 33% said things got worse. and 47% said things didn't change at all. things are looking better for 2017. mr. trump vowing to the american people that things will get better once he comes into the white house next month. he's already touting the economic boost this holiday season. the world was gloomy before i
4:48 am
won. there was no hope. now the market is up nearly 10% and christmas spending is over a trillion dollars. and jim wrote, a potus who will stand up for the citizens of this great country and make enemies worried. andrea is happy. >> dick is looking forward to a better economy so i can retire. >> i don't blame you. >> three happy people. >> we didn't even post all of them. there were a lot of good responses that came in. those are three. >> the ones that aren't happy are outside the trump tower right now. you know where to find them. >> brian is looking forward to 2017. >> because i believe the giants are going to end up in the super
4:49 am
bowl. >> jill stein is not happy. >> i care so much. there are there are so many five days left in the year and there are still deals to be made in the mall. 25% off of tvs and 40% off clothes. on this date, 1968, the apollo returned to earth. in 2001, prink ners will be held at gitmo. 1988, poison released its song "every rose has its thorn" which is played every 45 minutes somewhere.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> cars, they got to get rid of the old models. >> exactly. you'll see scounts zsh scounts up to 20 and 30%. some of those bunding dealings at best buy and amazon, you'll see those two. >> all those new models are coming in. >> if you get a tv, you might want the x box on another video game. >> exactly. that's not the only things that are on sale as well. you have all these different gaming and electronics. you got that x box. that 1980s x box that everyone wanted this holiday season. let's say you got a newer
4:54 am
version. all those video games that are available are now on sale up to 20 to 30% and again you can get not only video games but dvds as well. >> end of the year, people start thinking of the new year, maybe redoing the house, getting on the ladder and working on stuff, home depot and lowe's get busy. >> let's say you are that person who wants a bunch of power tools, home improvements on your own, i'm not that person, however, if you are that person out there, all those power tools, you know, different type of hardwares at lowe's and home depot that's going to be discounted up to 40%. >> you are not thinking about christmas decorations. you say go and buy them next year. >> now is the time to buy that. i bought off oddly enough cards for next year. let's say you want to give out
4:55 am
certain gifts, it's always good to have those generic cards around. >> that is discipline. >> wrapping paper. now is the time to do it. it's discounted. people take advantage of the products are returning. retail me not is saying 30% of people have returned their gifts over this holiday season. basically, there's going to be a lot more merchandise that stores are trying to get rid of it going into the holidays. >> a lot of people order from these stores and do it on line. now they got to do physically back. who wants to wrap something up into those stores and return them? >> right. exactly. that's another thing. all that merchandise is going to be going back. >> this is why i love gift cards. because the clothing goes so low after the holiday that you get more bang for your buck. >> that's a good point. during december now we're starting to see a lot of turnover for springtime, so all those stores are going to start getting all their spring merchandise, sweaters, coats, scarves, that's all going to be discounted as well.
4:56 am
so stores, as we no, we go to department stores in the mauls, they have have the biggest discounts up to 70%. >> go buy christmas cards, decorations, santa suits. >> thanks for having me. we talked about holiday shopping but wait until you hear how one kid got exactly what they wanted for christmas. here's a hint. she used her mom's thumbprint. >> and president-elect trump has a big job ahead. more than 100 federal court vacancies to fill. what could this mean for big issues facing the courts this year. ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning to you. it is tuesday, december 27th. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt this morning. he campaigned hard for hillary clinton and she lost. president obama insisting he could have beat trump. >> if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized the majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> this morning, the president-elect is firing back. >> and new this morning, a u.n. resolution that would ban jews from praying at the western wall. >> we have evidence. it's very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. >> how serious is this? charles krauthammer lays it all out for us. >> it's the picture that has everyone talking this morning. do you see what wrong with it?
5:00 am
your comments are pouring in. i don't have a problem, but everybody else does. let me just remind you, it's 8:00. you might be off. we're not. take us in and get dressed. ♪ ♪ i keep saying i love this song, but whoever is picking it this morning they are on point this morning. >> what is it, abba? >> no. ellie goldman. >> is that 70s? >> i'm just saying it sounded like -- >> that's the daughter. >> that's a total dad move. >> when you get outfit car, your kids are like dad. >> they want to hear anything
5:01 am
except talk radio which is all i listen to. >> it's not all your own show you are listening to on rewind. >> yes, it is. ♪ >> president obama -- >> this is abba. ♪ >> abba is great, but, brian, that was two decades ago. >> it was a successful play. the 70s called, they want their music back. >> snuck in. >> you know who wants their job back as well? >> it seems president obama who is saying -- he did a podcast with david axelrod. he was asked could he have won this election against now president-elect donald trump. he is he he could have? >> how could he win with the russians throwing the election? >> he believes the american people like the progressive message he thinks that maybe they didn't get it from him which is the problem. how do i know? he said it. >> in this vision because i'm
5:02 am
confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> you know what, initially people read this as a shot at donald trump. it's also a shot at hillary clinton. one of my buddies on facebook says for starters he doesn't have a private email server and he didn't give $225,000 speeches to goldman and sacks. even democrats were saying hillary clinton she's not the best candidate. before the election, they weren't saying that. president obama was out with her in philadelphia, tens of thousands of people. >> he and his wife michelle were out. he said would have been an insult to me if hillary clinton doesn't win the election.
5:03 am
we saw what happened. she ended up losing this election as he said back in september in this speech, this would be an insult to me. >> president obama ran against john mccain and he ran against mitt romney. he's got nowhere else to run against the tornado which is donald trump. hillary clinton still can't accept what happened. for anyone to see that donald trump would lose has not been paying attention. donald trump tweeted back with class to show he wants to rescue -- keep this relationship steady. he said president obama said that he thinks i would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way, in caps. jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. that's what really resonated. when he got michigan, wisconsin, took pennsylvania, he almost took minnesota, he did it because these people were out of work and felt like they were ignored. >> elections are always about the mood of the country at the
5:04 am
time. eight years ago, that was a movement and time people wanted hope and change. eight years later. it's a different mood. it's a different time this past go round and people are wanting a different direction than we've seen in the past eight years. donald trump campaigned on immigration. stricter laws on that. campaigned on obamacare, repealing that law. these are all issues. what president obama did is what jay-z and katy perry and bruce springsteen have done. he brings big crowds and emotions. when he leaves. >> barack obama is great for barack obama, but he's not proven great for the democratic party. >> we just showed the seats lost
5:05 am
since president obama took office. 1,300. >> he talks about if only i would have been on the ballot he would have won. you told the voters that my legacy is on the ballot, my issues are on the ballot and the voters rejected that legacy and the issues and the positions that he took and he says well, in this podcast later, it's fox news' fault. it's because of their negative influence. what binds all this together? a, he's arrogant enough to think i could win no matter what and when you say people rejected it, it's somebody else's fault. it's not my fault. >> it's easy to do when you don't want to put the blame on yourself. >> he goes out in what he thinks is a blaze of glory. one of things he did is took a shot to the solar plexus at benjamin netanyahu and israel. he said he had nothing to do with what happened at the united nations but samantha powers who
5:06 am
did nothing when 400,000 people lost their lives in syria when the red line was crossed and millions left and just pushed everyone to take in these refugees, she had to put her hand up and abstain when asked about a resolution that would stop all building in the west bank. and they believe, even though senegal sponsored it, along with new zealand and venezuela, they believe, does israel, that the u.s. was behind it, and authored it and when egypt stepped aside, they pushed it forward again on friday. here's ambassador ron dempleer. >> we have had that evidence and we're going to present it to the new administration and if they choose to share it with the american people that will be their shois. we have evidence. what david said is only part of what we have and it's very clear that the u.s. orchestrated that. >> they are handing that over to the trump administration. we'll see how they handle that. if they are going to release it all. we had governor huckabee on earlier, he's very concerned about what is going on with
5:07 am
this -- >> he's heading to israel next year. >> he goes there all the time. here have his biggest concerns. >> they are trying to push israel into accepting borders that would essentially be a suicide pact if israel ever were to agree to it and to say that jerusalem should be divided, this is nonsense. jerusalem has been the capital for only one people in its entire history, dating back 4,000 years and that's the jews. there's never been a palestinian capital, never been a arab capital in jerusalem ever. >> it always goes to the democrats. how much longer after moves like this? >> interesting question. governor huckabee said go to the palestinian side and ask them for a map and look for israel on the map. you won't find it. >> huckabee made the point when we were dealing with so much in that part of the world, so many things that are uncertain, most importantly terrorism, why are we spending our time -- why is
5:08 am
the u.n. spending their time making our most important relationship in the middle east more difficult and more challenging. >> donald trump was tweeting this was just a club for people to get together and talk and talk for free. >> his previous tweet all about how, he said have a good time, so sad. >> his previous tweet he had written a couple days ago, basically said all of this is going to change at the u.n. come january 21st. we'll see. >> he's made that very clear. krauthammer was on and he gave an interesting idea as to what we should do with the u.n. he was on last night. here's what he said. >> it is an organization that exacerbates tensions. it does not assuage them. it was born in hope. the end of the second world war. it turned out to be a disaster. any move to minimize our support for it, any move to get it out of the u.s., imagine if headquarters were in zimbabwe, the amount of weight and coverage it would get would be zero.
5:09 am
i this think that's good real estate in downtown new york city and trump hawt to fth a -- find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos. >> governor huckabee said he would use a jackhammer. >> get the people out first. >> israel says they are not going to pay their portion and they are going to hold things back. we know the ramifications of what's happening. overall the united nations is a great model. we've got to get it to work more efficiently. >> what do you think? what should we do with the u.n.? make sure you email us. >> heather nauert speaking to the league of nations, you loved woodrow wilson's idea. >> good morning. hope you are off to a great day. serious news. it's a fox news alert. we have some chilling new surveillance video showing that cold blooded killer on the run in germany. the footage taken three days after the berlin attacker plowed a big rig through a christmas
5:10 am
market killing 12 people. a source close to the investigation says cameras captured him walking through a train station in france. that video hadn't been released just yet. he boarded a train to milan italy, where he was shot and killed by police hours later. breaking news surrounding pop star george michael's sudden and shocking death. a source saying he secretly struggled with a heroin addiction. another source he died of an overdose. his manager says it was heart failure. another fox news alert to bring you. pandemonium and chaos at malls across the united states after people duke it ought over those christmas deals. violent scenes like this one playing out across ten states. watch. well, that one in aurora, colorado, teenagers handcuffed
5:11 am
outside the mall after a big brawl prompted a mass evacuation. the fight was planned on social media. this one, parents, watch this. a little genius and also scary. a kid wanted to add $250 worth of pokemon stuff to her collection, but instead of asking her parents for permission to buy it, she took matters into her own hands. well, technically her mom's hands. the six-year-old, using her mom's fingerprint while the mom was taking a nap to unlock the iphone and the child ran wild from there. she got to keep what was bought as a christmas present and those are your headlines. can you imagine? you swipe your mom's iphone. this is something my kids would do. do the fingerprint and you buy all the junk. >> my little sister actually did this and she opened her ipad and found all these things that were ordered on line. she found videos that were ordered. books that were ordered. kids are smart.
5:12 am
>> what a surprise. >> how old is she? >> she's 10. >> well, this girl was six to do that, but to be able to keep your gifts, what kind of lesson is that? don't you have to crack down on kids at some point? >> no, you have no -- as a parent you took your sleeping mom's hand. >> you take the iphone or ipad immediately. >> or don't get the consistent gift that she ordered. >> president-elect trump has more than 100 vacancies to fill in u.s. federal court. what kind of impact will he have? i keep reading the hooters tease. you've seen them many times. they have been on our show, but soon you'll be seeing bombshell girls, the military theme concept coming to a city near you. ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
the replacement of our beloved justice scalia will be a person of similar views, principles, and judicial philosophies. very important. >> that was president-elect donald trump back in july talking about appointing, nominating a new supreme court justice. not only does mr. trump have that important position to fill, he has more than 100 federal court vacancies to also fill. double that what president obama had in his first term. here to way in, it's going to impact all of our viewers.
5:16 am
we appreciate you coming in. we'll get to the supreme court in a moment. let's talk about these federal court vacancies and what issues like gun control that might really see an impact quickly. >> the fact of the matter is when you look at the lower courts, the courts of appeals, that's where most of the cases are decided. on the issue of abortion, on the issue of second amendment rights, on the issue of executive power, those cases are generally decided by the courts of appeals. it's only a very few, less than 100, usually less than 90, that actually get to the supreme court of the united states. so the reshaping, so to speak of the federal judiciary, you've got the fourth circuit and 11th circuit now very closely divided, a trump judicial selections will have big impacts for generations on the federal judiciary no doubt. . supreme court, i mentioned. only one vacancy for could be talk about that in a moment. but the u.s. court of appeals, 14. u.s. district courts, 84.
5:17 am
the u.s. court of international trade, two, and the u.s. court of federal claims, six. talk about why this is important when you note a moment ago you noted a lot of these used to be conservative courts, now they are evenly divided. could donald trump now tip the balance in the favor of the right? >> he can. and i think he will with his judicial selections. the issue that's in the news right now today is the issue involving israel. you know, there was a case that ended up -- went through the d.c. circuit court of appeals. ended up at the supreme court of the united states on whether jerusalem could be recognized as the capital, that case is probably coming back and the nature of the judiciary impacts even issues like that. so you look at the ability to impact the court for generations, and donald trump, president-elect donald trump, that's what he has, as you know this, the fact of the matter is we're going to see -- we've got one vacancy now. a hypothetical vacancy.
5:18 am
another one in a couple of years. >> and democrats upset about obama's nominee getting a vote. krauthammer saying he thinks that donald trump should pick a fight with this nominee and not trying to have some compromise pick. go hard right. show conservatives he's serious about tilting the court. >> i look at some of the nominees. bill pryor from the 11th circuit. dyan sanks. these are judges with a proven record and philosophy. first of all, we're replacing the late, great justice antonin scalia. it needs to be someone in that judicial mold. no need to compromise. you got to go full bore. we should not hesitate in working these nominations
5:19 am
through. period. [ voices overlapping ] >> i talked to a high-level source who told me a couple of days ago that there could be four or five supreme court nominations in trump's first term because of retiemplets -- retirements and health issues. >> you've got octogenarians on the court. may not want to serve until they are 90. they may want to teach. if you look at the statistics, there's probably going to be two to three selects. that's the supreme court for the rest of my lthing -- lith -- litigating exterior. >> let's be clear. you are a still young man so a long time. the video is unbelievable. a toddler run over by a truck and yet the toddler was able to walk away. what happened to the driver who hit him?
5:20 am
he might be getting off scot-free. then, it has been six months since these two dallas police officers were killed in an ambush. we put out a call for action to help their families. >> let's raise money. let's pay off their mortgages. let's let them know they are not alone. >> you answered that call. our viewers. frank siller with the tunnel to tower foundation joins us. go, go!
5:21 am
5:22 am
[ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ]
5:23 am
brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! >> now, it's time for your news by the numbers. first, 162, that's how many readers an oklahoma newspaper lost after endorsing hillary clinton. it was the first time the news and eagle endorsed a democratic cad candidate and the paper only had 10,000 readers to begin with. $500, that's how much house republicans want to fine democrats if they stage another gun control sit in on the house floor. last summer, they did it for 25 hours. finally, 100. that's how many locations the
5:24 am
military themed restaurants and bars are aiming to open across the country in the next five years. it features waitress with world war ii inspired uniforms, including rounds of ammo as belts and across their chest. nice. >> brian, you've been reading that story all morning long. >> i love this one. we put out a call for action and you answered. six months since the deadly ambush that killed five police officers in dallas. the tunnel to towers foundation is working to help the families that were left behind. >> every time something like this happens, we want to bring america together to say you can't do this to our good police officers, firefighters, whomever, our money and women in uniform. let's raise money. pay off their mortgages. let's let them know they are not alone. >> that was on july 9th. thanks to your help, they have fulfilled that promise. joining me right now is the ceo.
5:25 am
frank siller. you want to come here and say thank you. we have so many incredible viewers of this show that helped you out and saved people's lives. >> it most certainly changed people's lives. thinks of these families, their husbands went to work to protect their community and didn't come home and how their lives have changed and to be able to pay off their mortgages and help them with their housing needs makes a tremendous difference in their lives and we've come to "fox & friends" many times. we, the tunnel of towers foundation have been here asking your viewers to help us, to raise money to do the good work that we do. and they come to the aid of these families all the time. firefighters, police officers, veterans. >> that's what the foundation originally started was back after 9/11. >> yes. my brother was in new york city, firefighter. gave his life up. he ran toward the towers. he ran through a tunnel to get there just like officer thompson
5:26 am
for the dallas police department who trained for sniper situations. he knew that day that you had to go right at the sniper and not sit and wait. he ran to them and got shot and gave up his life. so many acts of her rowism. we have to send a message to america and most certainly to first responders families that when something horrific happens like that, we're going to be there for them. we're going to support those families and take off that added pressure of maybe their mortgages and whatever it may be. that's what we're focusing on. paying off these mortgages around the country. >> i love that. >> the viewers are great. the tunnels to towers. we have an $11 campaign. just $11 could change somebody's life forever. >> i love that. because so often we report on stories and it's forgotten about and you don't think about the families that are left behind and how their lives have changed. there's one story in particular, an officer in iowa. tell us about that.
5:27 am
>> well, if you remember during the elections, there were two police officers that were assassinated in iowa, and we went there. we came here on your show, again, as we do many times asking for help, and last week, we were able to pay off the mortgage. it was nearly almost $200,000. your views donated money. we were here with rudy giuliani asking for support, and we were able to accomplish that mission, but it was forgotten about because it was during the elections and we're not going to forget. our foundation is not going to gert. "fox & friends" most certainly doesn't forget. your viewers don't forget. last week, we did all five mortgages for the dallas police officers, the mortgage for iowa and we delivered a home for a double amputee in canton, ohio. >> how have the families responded? >> i'll tell you, they are very grateful. they know that it's an added pressure that they don't have to think about anymore.
5:28 am
you know, we first did that here in new york city just two years ago because it was the anniversary on december 20th for officers liu and ramos and we were able to raise enough money to pay off their mortgages and pay off their homes. our mission is to make sure that we are there for first responders and our military in times of crisis. thank you for being our partner. >> so great. thanks so so many people out there who donate. where did people go if they want to make a difference? >> tunnels2towers org. it's $11 we're asking for. stand tall is our campaign. they stood tall for us. these men and women in uniform. our first responders. we have to stand tall with them. >> thanks for being here this morning. such an incredible mission that you guys are doing. still to come, it is the picture that has everyone
5:29 am
talking this morning. can you see what is wrong with this photo? your comments there pouring in on this one and the markets are about to open for the first time since christmas and all eyes are on one number, right, nicole? >> absolutely. this is not what it is. this is down 19,000. we have the hats for dow 20,000. we're less than 70 points away. why can't we just cross it, maybe this week. more coming up after the break. your insurance company
5:30 am
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. in 30 minutes the market opens its first trading day after christmas following another high close on friday. >> this morning, the big question on wall street, will the dow hit 20,000 before the new year? >> ed won ask me that question,
5:32 am
but he would ask someone who knows. be nicole. >> i just yelled to a booth of guys. hey, guys, you think we're going to hit 20,000 this week. one gave me a thumbs up, one a thumbs down. it's a 50-50. whether we hit it today, stock market futures are pointing to a high open. we've a very narrow trading range. there's no doubt we've had so much optimism with donald trump's selection and talking about jobs staying here, infrastructure, and corporate tax rates and the like. all of that has brought hope and optimism to this market. let's go over a couple of points here which is that the dow is up 7 weeks in a row, right? so that's amazing. up about 8% since the election. 19,000 happened on november 22nd. the problem right now is we have a directionalist market. sort of a pause. i don't know if it's because of the light volume, people are away. on friday, for example, we had a
5:33 am
narrow trading range of just 35 points, went over the unchanged lines 171 times. while we're less than 70 points away from dow 20,000, there's still the belief we can do it this week. there's no doubt when you walk around the floor, everybody thinks we're going to hit it at least sooner than later and that's because of all the optimism. >> nicole, you are looking for a reason why. there's no reason why. oil going up, oil going down. >> no, there is reasons why. better ideas from trump. pro business policies. we have seen energy rising higher which has helped energy stocks. the bad side of that is gasoline prices go up and that does hurt some consumers. but spiking mortgage rates that's also going to hurt consumers. >> you don't see any reason why it would or wouldn't go over 20,000.
5:34 am
there's no big news that came in that might propel today being the day. >> very passionate about this, nicole. >> there's no actual reason why today is the day. i will say the optimism continues on wall street. the financials will have a better deal and less regulation and the idea is that we will continue to trend to the upside. to down 19,000 was in november, and i've been wearing and i'm pretty tired of wearing it since last tuesday. dow almost 20,000. it's a psychological number. >> nicole, we'll get you a new hat by the end of the year. >> the big picture here is that the psychology, hope, optimism, better earnings, so there really is this good feeling on wall street overall and for u.s. companies. >> that's a good way to go into year 2017. >> nicole, good to see you this morning. >> let's hope this week, let's get it in.
5:35 am
let's go over to heather nauert for headlines this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we start out right now with a fox news alert. manhunt that is intensifying right now for the last of six inmates who broke out of jail by using a leaky toilet. police in eastern tennessee now warning that convicted felon david frazier seen right here is the most dangerous one of the bunch. that group escaping by ripping a toilet off the wall. it had rusty bolts. they kicked through that wall and knocked down a door. >> we have some incredible video that you have to see to believe, but you first need to know that this one does have a happy ending. there is a box truck that practically runs over a toddler as his grandmother pushes his stroller in china. the three-year-old miraculously walks away with scrapes and bruises. the truck driver was fined $20. a ploefer with a history -- a professor with a history of
5:36 am
hating white people, saying he is not the problem. critics say his satire cal remarks. >> all i want for christmas is white genocide and that has sparked nationwide outrage. he says it was a joke. drexel calling the post very disturbing and they have a meeting set up with the professor to talk about it. >> and can you see what's wrong with this picture? a group of six friends leaving the internet stumped this morning. one of the women seems to be missing her legs in this picture. folks coming up with all sorts of answers for the optical illusion. >> john from ohio emailed it's probably cut and paste job. if you notice, one side of the couch arm rail is completely different than the other or as brian kilmeade who is the lady
5:37 am
with the big thighs? >> oh! >> he did ask that. >> brian, you don't talk about that. >> that's not what i said. i said i see plenty of legs, and the -- >> in the photo. and i just saw if you look at the legs, i would look for the woman with the bigger thighs. >> it doesn't end well. >> you are not helping yourself, buddy. >> you are trying to help dig out. >> brian is having a rough morning. >> we have some extreme weather to get to. it's wreaking havoc on travelers trying to get home after the holidays. a blizzard in areas of the midwest up to 16 inches of snow shutting down nearly every highway in north dakota and western south dakota. knocking out powers to thousands. >> the storm weakening. causing flight delays.
5:38 am
airports under the gun. freezing rain drenching new england. more to come today. >> the woman wrote the whole introduction to herself, she wants it longer, is janice dean. she's focusing on florida where it's the warmest weather in their history. >> how warm is it? it's so warm there was air conditioning in brian's office. >> it was 10 degrees in my office. >> what's your name, young lady? >> cecelia. >> where are you from? >> bozeman, mt. >> what's the weather here in new york? >> cloudy, 57. >> amazing. what's your name my friend? >> thomas. >> where are you from? >> cincinnati. >> what did you get for christmas? >> iphone 7. >> what about you? jaden crew.
5:39 am
>> where are you from? >> my riddian, mississippi. >> from where you from? >> dexs texas. >> what's your name? >> shelly. let's talk about the temperatures because it's warm across the east coast. how warm is it? it's 24 degrees above what it was this time yesterday here in new york city. 57. you were right on the money, my friend, and the cold front is going to move in. a weak system pushing across the east coast. that's bringing temperatures down labor and we're going to be watching possibly a nor'easter later this week across the northeast that could bring some snow and rain. that's going to be the big headline. anybody here for new year's celebration? no. just here for "fox & friends." wave to everybody at home. yea. thanks to coming to "fox & friends." >> nicely done. >> i'm just amazed at the kid at the end.
5:40 am
he wouldn't sit up straight for you. he's so relaxed. >> are you relaxed being on tv? brian, you could go in and replace brian for a couple of news stories, what do you think? >> he's excited about that. >> go ahead. >> it's great. >> thank you, janice. >> must be talking to pete hegseth. no one is going to be replacing me. president-elect donald trump said the world was gloomy before he won and a new survey agrees with that. >> lisa booth is here now. are we sensing that '16 is behind us but '17 could be happy. >> i think so. most of us are ready for 2016 to end and are looking forward to the new year which can only go up from here. a poll by the associated press and times square alliances revealing a measly 18% of people thought that the country got better this year. 33% saying things got worse and
5:41 am
47% didn't see any change at all from 2015. but on a personal level, they are optimistic about 2017. with 55% believing things are going up. that is a 12-point improvement from last year's poll and mr. trump vowing to the american people things will get better once he moves into the white house next month. he's already touting the economy boost this season. cheering the world on twitter. the world was gloomy before i won. there was no hope. now the market is up nearly 10% and christmas spending is over a trillion dollars. we asked you. steve on facebook saying i like how mr. trump talks to america. it's always we, not i, which is 180 degrees already. nancy says i'm looking forward to truth, honesty, the love of god, someone that loves and believes in america again. thank you for all your feedback guys. we appreciate it. >> a lot of people happy people
5:42 am
out there. >> it's positive for 2017. >> brian is happy. >> i'm very happy. >> this little guy out there is going to come steal his job. >> he's certainly relaxed enough. >> thank you, lisa. >> thank you guys. critics blasting president obama's legacy on the world stage after he snubbed israel. >> he will go down in history, president obama, as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever. >> is there anything president-elect trump can do to clean up the mess? pete hegseth breaks it down country by country next. >> oops, they did it again. britney spears is very much alive. why does the internet think she's dead? crazy internet. >> come on! as a control enthusiast,
5:43 am
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>> good morning again. a quick look at your headlines. flight attendants armed with stun guns will soon be a reality on korean airlines thanks to singer richard marks. he blasted the airline by saying they were untrained. britney spears is alive and well. ♪ >> hackers breaking into sony's twitter account, hitting it one more time, i guess, and sending this message, r.i.p. britney spears, followed by rip brittany, 1981-2016. the tweets have been deleted. i think sony should do
5:46 am
something about their security but that's scbrus me. president obama facing a failing grade on foreign policy as he prepares to leave office. >> he will go down in history, president obama, as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever. the president has deliberately tied the hands of his successor. it's going to make it much harder for president-elect donald trump. >> by the way, he's a liberal democrat. what message does he need to send to the rest of the world? here to breck it down pete hegseth. you picked four countries that you think need to be tackled and addressed quickly. >> important relationships to establish american leadership. israel, we need to reestablish trust. what he's done in light of the u.n. vote is important and symbolic, saying we will stand with you in the face of international criticism.
5:47 am
>> the donald trump has been briefed from the mussad already. >> either moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem or admitting the two-state solution is not viable. >> also doing something by naming david friedman has ambassador that. >> other presidents have said and didn't do it. calling out enemies. hezbollah, hamas, where will he stand when the bullets start flying? that's a great opportunity to stand by our allies. >> and iran. he's already ripping up the deal. >> you still got to prevent them -- the reason for the deal as it was sold was to prevent them from nuclear weapons. that's still a strategic imperative for the united states. he's going to have to find other ways, even though they have enriched themselves to prevent a
5:48 am
nuclear bomb. >> they are allowed to enrich uranium. >> that's a part of the problem. there's a lot of secret side deals and it hasn't been enforced. they are going to act out. iran already is in barack obama. look at the persian gulf with our sailors. >> would you bait that into them to show there's a new sheriff in town? >> they will present a moment. under mining the regime either through oil and energy and looking at dissidents. >> the mek, that dissident team that was recognized by at lot of different important people saying recognize me. >> russia, this is a big question mark. not everyone knows what the president-elect will be and will go on russia. not allowing them to become the world power that they once was is going to be important. >> how many them starting to pull out of the ukraine in order to get the donald trump -- >> i think he might get some
5:49 am
concessions on that because he has talked about trying to find common ground with russia and fighting radical islamists. john mccain said it's a gas station with a flag. >> they could drive the new prices up. >> china, south china sea isn't theirs. they are sending carriers, building f-35 equivalents. japan, stram, taiwan, great opportunity there. we're not going to be able to do it brian unless we rebuild our military which donald trump has said. >> this is exactly like the class at princeton. >> yes. foreign policy 101. coming up straight ahead, two days until christmas, it's time to undeck the halls.
5:50 am
how long is it going to take your decorations down? we'll ask an expert next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
well the hustle and bustle of the holiday is quickly winding down. that means it's almost time to
5:53 am
undeck the halls. but something untrimming the creates more than a mess than unwrapping presents on christmas morning. >> here are some tips to safely store your christmas decorations is lenore. >> a lot of people ask when is a take down the decorations. >> some people have them all year long. >> there's a lot of beliefs and superstitions. take them down by december 31st, because we don't want to bring the old year into the new year. some people believe january 35th is the day because it's the 12th day of christmas and some people believe january 6th because of observance of the epiphany. >> by february, it should be done. >> regardless, let's find a way to store them safely and effectively. >> great. now we have lights. a lot of times people just take the lights, put them down, throw nem in a box and it's a tangled mess. what you want to do is take a
5:54 am
piece of cardboard and you can start wrapping the cord of the string lights around the cardboard. you can see we have them right here and what i've done is you can actually then once you are done wrapping it around the cardboard, you can say what section of the house it was for. was it the mantel and the stairway, thing like that. >> we started labelling boxes recently. that's been a big help. with all these amazon deliveries, we have a lot of cardboard. >> exactly. >> i love this creation. what is this? >> so paper towel rolls. those are going to be your saveor. you can do it for candels or extension cords. you can roll it right into the paper towel and this is the extension cord and you do the same thing, where you just -- if
5:55 am
you have some extra space, you fill it in with some more paper towels. >> this is something like the pilgrims would do. >> with a sharpie or a pen you can write gold candle, white cand candle. >> your wife is going to be really proud of you. >> you say to yourself i'm tired of keeping that old raggy box around. >> if you have a small ornaments, you can take an egg carton and put the small ornaments into the egg carton. >> they don't break. >> you know because they are in a egg carton, you realize you want to be more fragile with it. >> this is genius. >> you take either solo cups on these small cocktail cups.
5:56 am
you put the ornaments inside. a lot of times, you'll see the storage boxes that already have the indentations in there. this is expensive. you can make your own and you put a piece of cardboard to layer them and you put it on top and like nice -- >> these are great ideas. >> you can label it. >> it's really easy to do and things you probably already have around the house. >> and inexpensive. >> a lot of times if you have maybe -- things that you have just, if you don't have enough paper towel rolls, use the inside of the gift wrapping. >> or brian, with the toilet paper rolls. >> we'll see how that goes. great tips. we're going to need them. ♪ en it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr.
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5:58 am
here's one for the road. jill stein just won't quit after failed recount bids in
5:59 am
pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, she is now calling on the department of justice to investigate the integrity of the nation's electoral system. >> what happened. >> the one singer who did sign up for president-elect's inauguration just hit number one. ♪ >> that was her here on "fox & friends" back in 2011. she is unbelievable. that is jackie evancho. she's just one of -- she was just 11 years old there when she came on the show. >> she's all they need. she's amazing. she's going to perform at the inauguration. >> our friends say scott sabol, he had to grow that beard all through the summer into next
6:00 am
september but they took it off after 109 days. that's what it looks like. congratulations. >> i'm so glad you never asked me to grow a beard. >> well, president obama said he could have done what hillary clinton did not. beat donald trump in the election and win a third term but the president elect, though, taking to twitter to answer basically saying, what, really? no way. good morning, everyone, i'm we c sean. >> final presidency to former top adviseer david axelrod. and that he could have won if he had been allowed to run again. listen. >> i'm confident that


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