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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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it's always so exciting to see the ball drop. >> janice says it will be relatively warm. so there you go. >> thank you for having us today and that you understand. >> "america's news headquarters" starts now. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu now responding to secretary of state john kerry's speech on the middle east. hello everyone, i'm heather nauert. let's listen in. >> the disagreement between our two governments over ways to advance peace and stability in the middle east. i have no doubt our alliance will endure the profound disagreement we have had with the obama administration and will become even stronger in the future. but now i must express my deep disappointment with the speech today of john kerry.
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a speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-israel resolution passed at the u.n. last week. in a speech ostensibly about peace between israelis and palestinians, secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. what he did was to spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace by passionately condemning a policy of enabling jews to live in their historic homeland and in their eternal capital, jerusalem. hundreds of suicide bombings, thousands, tens of thousands of rockets that the people of
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israel had to endure because of policies that at the time won the thunderous applause of the world. i don't seek applause. i seek security, peace, prosperity and the future of the jewish state, the jewish people have sought their place under the sun for 3,000 years. and we're not about to be swayed by mistaken policies that have caused great, great damage. israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. israel's hand has been extended in peace to its neighday one, f day. we pray for peace. we've worked for it every day since then. thousands of israeli families have made the ultimate sacrifice
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to defend our country and advance peace. my family has been one of them. there are many, many others. no one wants peace more than the people of israel. israel remains committed to resolving the outstanding differences between us and the palestinians through direct negotiations. this is how we made peace with egypt. this is how we made peace with jordan. it's the only way we'll make peace with the palestinians. that has always been israel's policy. that has always been america's policy. here is what president obama himself said at the u.n. in 2011. he said peace is hard work. peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by now. that's what president obama said. and he was right. and until last week, this was
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repeated over and over again as american policy. secretary kerry said that the united states cannot vote against its own policy. but that's exactly what it did at the u.n. and that's why israel opposed last week's security council resolution, because it effectively calls the western wall occupied palestinian territory, because it encourages boycotts and sanctions against israel. that's what it effectively does. and because it reflects a radical shift in u.s. policy toward the palestinians on final status issues, those issues we always agreed, the u.s. and israel, had to be negotiating directly, face-to-face, without conditions. that shift happened despite the palestinians walking away from peace and from peace offers time and time again, despite their refusal to even negotiate peace for the past eight years and
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despite the palestinian authority inculcating a culture of hatred towards israel and an entire generation of palestinians. israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump and the american congress, democrats and republicans alike, to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done and ultimately to repeal it. israel hopes that the outgoing obama administration will prevent any more damage being done to israel at the u.n. in its waning days. i wish i could be comforted by the promise that the u.s. says we will not bring any more resolutions to the u.n. that's what they said about this previous resolution. we have it on absolutely incontestable evidence that the united states organized, advanced, and brought this resolution to the united nations
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security council. we'll share that information with the incoming information. some of it is sensitive. it's all true. you saw some of it in the protocol released in an egyptian paper. there's plenty more. it's the tip of the iceberg. they say, but we didn't bring it. and they can take john kerry's speech, and the six points, it could be raised in the french international conference a few days from now, brought to the u.n. france will bring it, or sweden, not a noted friend of israel, could bring it. and the united states could stay, well, we can't vote against our own policy, you just enunciated it. i think the united states, if it's true to its word, or at least if it's now true to its word, should now come out and say we will not allow any resolutions, any more
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resolutions, in the security council on israel, period. not we will bring or not bring. we will not allow any. and stop this game. i think that the decisions that are vital to israel's interests, and the future of its children, that will be made through speeches in washington or votes in the united nations or conferences in paris. they'll be made by the government of israel around the negotiating table. making them on behalf of the one and only jewish state, a sovereign nation that is the master of its own fate. one final thought, i personally know the pain and suffering of war. that's why i'm so committed to pea
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peace, because war is horrible. i want young palestinian children to be educated like our children, for peace. but they're not. the palestinian authority educates them to lionize terrorists and murder israelis. my vision is that both israelis and palestinians have mutual dignity and respect, and coexistence. but the palestinian authority says they will never accept the existence of a jewish state. how can you make peace with someone who rejects your very existence? this conflict is not about the gaza district or anywhere else. this conflict is and always has been about israel's very right to exist. that's why my hundreds of calls to sit with president abbas for peace talks have gone
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unanswered. that's why my invitation to him to come to the knesset was never answered. that's why the palestinian government pays anyone who murders israelis a monthly salary. the persistent palestinian refusal to recognize the jewish state remains the core of the conflict and its removal is the key to peace. palestinian rejection of israel and support for terror are what the nations of the world should focus on if they truly want to advance peace. and i can only express my regret and say that it's a shame that secretary kerry does not see this simple truth. thank you. >> that is israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, addressing john kerry's earlier speech today. he called john kerry's speech, which lasted about 70 minutes long, unbalanced.
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the prime minister also went on to say that he predicts the united states and israel will have an even stronger relationship in the future, we have to assume he means because donald trump will be taking off before long. he went on to say he was disappointed in the featurspeect he found it to be unbalanced, that he spent most of the speech blaming israel. in the meantime, we have team fox coverage. our folks have been following this, peter doocy is live in palm beach, florida, where president-elect trump has been sounding off on israel and is about to make a major economic announcement. ri rich edison, let's go to you. >> reporter: this was a speech, heather, that was billed as a way forward that the obama
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administration wanted to give. secretary of state john kerry spent much of the speech criticizing the israeli government for settlement building. he's not saying that's the only impediment or roadblock to peace, but he did spend most of his time explaining why the united states blocked a unity nations security council last week that condemned israel for the construction of those settlements. he says israel's settlement building, among other problems, are preventing peace in the region. >> some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means the u.s. must accept any policy regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles. even after urging again and again that the policy must change. friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. >> reporter: with only three
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weeks to go in the obama administration, there is dramatic change likely coming in u.s. foreign policy. the secretary of state addressed that, saying that this administration, the obama administration, cannot in good conscience do nothing and say nothing when we see the hope of peace slipping away. he did also criticize the palestinians, although not to the same extent he did the israelis, saying they cannot promote and must condemn acts of terrorism. >> rich edison at the state department, thank you. let's go to dr. dorie gold, former israeli ambassador to the united states and foreign policy adviser to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he's now the director of the jerusalem center for public affairs. sir, let me get your reaction to what mr. netanyahu said and to what mr. kerry said. >> frankly, secretary kerry's speech was billed as a way
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forward, as how to move the peace process into a positive direction. and much of the world has been thinking about that question for a while now. but frankly, what came out from secretary kerry was no clear path for how to do that. there are principles that israel could never agree with, like returning to the '67 lines, setting the stage for the redivision of jerusalem. that is not going to happen. but for example, the u.n. security council resolution, which secretary kerry ordered the u.s. to abstain on and let it go through, that resolution reinforced internationalization of the conflict. secretary kerry didn't explain how he's going to remedy what he created with that resolution. >> it's interesting, secretary kerry today, and i was struck by this, he seemed to paint
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israel's plan as creating more settlements in order to push out palestinians altogether to create just one state. kerry says the u.s. is trying to prevent that and promote a two-state solution. what is your reaction to that? >> i think this focus on settlements is almost an obsession. israel gave back 90% of the territories that it captured in a defensive war, the six-day war, when it returned the whole sinai peninsula. there were settlements in sinai in the north and in the south. but that didn't stop egypt and israel from reaching peace. we had a whole issue of disengagement from the gaza strip. israel withdrew all the settlements, all the settlers, even withdrew the bodies of people who had been buried there. that didn't create peace. it set the stage for rocket attacks on the rest of israel. so the real challenge is how you move peace forward but you keep
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israel secure. prime minister netanyahu knows how to do that and he'll insist on those conditions. secretary kerry seemed to be tearing away from israel the kind of territorial buffers that these fathers of israel's security, the architects of our national security doctrine have always insisted upon israel keeping. we're not going back to the '67 lines. >> secretary kerry says he believes this would help the peace process, it sounds like you believe it would hurt the peace process. interesting that the united states issued some demands, that were pretty surprising, for israel to acknowledge the suffering of the palestinians, help palestinians find new homes, and among other things, that any changes to the border must be agreed, and you just touched on this, but by both sides, the israelis and the palestinians, as well as an international body. is it our place in the united states to tell israel and the palestinians what to do?
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>> you know, years ago i was invited to china. and i went to beijing. the chinese don't always vote with us at the united nations. but i asked them, how would you feel if people were dictating to you where the border should be in the south china see? how would you feel if the united nations adopted resolutions saying your borders should be here, not there? of course they all said, never, we would never agree to that. i said, then why do you support these palestinian resolutions at the united nations? only israel can decide how its security will be planned, implemented, and above all, safe guarded. unfortunately secretary kerry's speech veered away from that principle, trying to reintroduce the '67 lines. more than 80% of the israeli public oppose the line that secretary kerry put forward
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today. >> all right, sir, we're going to have to leave it there, dr. dorie gold, thank you so much for joining us with your reaction to secretary of state john kerry's impassioned speech today, it seems like he got more worked up about the israelis and palestinians than about syria or just about anything. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. meantime, president-elect trump is slamming the united nations resolution, calling it disrespectful for israel and urging the jewish state to stay strong until his inauguration. peter doocy is live from palm beach, florida. peter, how quickly does it president-elect believe he can repair the u.s. relationship with israel? >> reporter: he's getting started 3 1/2 weeks from now. all we need to do have one of the supreme court justice swear him in as the next president. apparently, according to mr. trump, things are going to change a lot, if you look at the words he's using to describe how
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the current administration is treating our ally in the middle east, israel. mr. trump tweeted this: we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but no more. stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. prime minister netanyahu likes the sound of that, we know so because he tweeted back this: president-elect trump, thank you for your warm friendship and clear-cut support for israel. his account had previously posted a few days ago a plea to the u.s. to veto that anti-israeli resolution but the u.s. didn't do it. now it appears israel's leader is choosing to look ahead to a time when they don't have to ask the obama administration for anything. >> peter doocy live for us in palm beach, florida, thank you so much. let's check in with jeff
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dewitt, a special adviser of operations for the trump transition team and state treasurer of arizona. sir, thank you so much for joining us. before we get to the issue of the economy and the speech that president-elect trump is going to give later today, reaction to what has unfolded today and how you believe the trump administration will reach out to israel to reassure them that the united states does in fact have a strong relationship with them. >> well, israel will have a very good friend in the trump administration, and, you know, it's really sad to see what a lame duck president is doing on his way out the door. actions speak louder than words. as benjamin netanyahu just pointed out, john kerry's speech was nothing more than lip service and if anything, it set the process further back. we need to be a strong friend to israel. they are our ally in the middle east. te they're in a very, very rough part of the world and need our
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support. as state treasurer, it's a little-known fact that one of my first actions as state treasurer when i got into office was to double the size of the israeli bonds we purchased. i'm a strong supporter of the state of israel and we have to do that. the trump administration is going to be a very good friend. in 21 days, just over that, you'll see that change. >> let me ask you about his economic change that's expected in two hours. he says it will be positive for american workers. what can we expect from that? >> i think what you can go back to, without saying anything about the speech, is everything we're going to see come forward is america first. that's what everyone wanted. president obama basically did run for a third term in supporting hillary and trying to keep his policies going forward. and the american public resoundingly rejected that. and now we're going to see president-elect trump start to unveil some of the policies he's manufacturing, a ard which is lower tax base, and approving jobs in america.
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i think that's a bit of what we're going to see coming forward in getting ball rolling on those. >> jeff dewitt, a member of the trump transition team, from arizona. thank you for joining us. we're all used to hands-free talking while we drive. one state's new action to make sure your hands stay glued at 10:00 and 2:00. plus a major winter storm brewing ahead of the new year. which states could get a foot of snow and even more. we're looking at a possible nor'easter here on the east coast. if you're planning to travel, you might want to keep an eye out.
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welcome back. 2017 fast approaching, and come january 1st in california, just putting your finger on your cellphone while you're driving will be a crime. no more checking texts, no more skipping to the next track on your favorite playlist or anything. and definitely do not even think about making a phone call. trace gallagher has more. trace, i guess that means looking at directions too, you
11:25 am
can't even do that. >> reporter: i was thinking, come on, on the way to work i saw 30 people holding their phones. unless habits change in the next few days, we'll have lawbreakers up the wazoo in the golden state. the law says you can't hold your phone for any reason, as you said, certainly no calling. california already had a hands-free cellphone law on the books which bans talking and texting while driving. any other use of the phone such as shooting video, scanning facebook, that's technically legal. the deal now is you either have to be totally hands-free, meaning you have to use phone recognition or use a cellphone mount. and once your phone is mounted, the law allows you to touch your phone one time to activate or deactivate a function. it's unclear how police officers plan to prove that the time they saw you touch your phone wasn't
11:26 am
the first time. in other words, it will be tough to enforce. there's no doubt that distracted driving in california and elsewhere is a problem. >> there's times when you're in traffic, i piyou pick up your p real quick, then the car in front of you are starting. >> reporter: one out of eight drivers in california is paying as much attention to their cellphone as they are the road. i think the numbers are higher. and if you get pulled over for touching your phone, the ticket is 20 bucks the first time, 50 bucks the second time. so they're going easy on you for now. >> at least for now, okay. trace gallagher live in l.a., tracer thank y trace, thank you. there is a major winter storm taking aim at the northeast, threatening to unleash a foot of snow on parts of new england. our chief meteorologist rick
11:27 am
reichmuth is live in the weather center with more. >> it will be tomorrow into tomorrow night. it's going to be interior sections of the northeast. the big cities are going to be primarily rain, and that i-95 corridor will go inland, we have winter storm warnings in effect. a lot of western massachusetts and much of vermont, new hampshire and parts of maine, that will be the bullseye for the heaviest snow. that's why we could like to get snow and people skiing this weekend over new year's. radar picture right now is really calm, not much going on. this is the future radar of what happens. this is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and you see this getting going. here all along the cities, it's way too warm. we'll be dealing with rain, not snow, which for a lot of people will make them happy. you have to drive inland to get that. it moves out of there. boston, you see wraparound snow as colder air filters in behind it. friday is going to be really windy. i'll show you that in a second.
11:28 am
this is the forecast precipitation. that's why the heavy snow is. it's all rain along the cities, probably a half in which or so of that. the wind will get going by the time we get towards thursday evening, and then into the day on friday as the storm really strengthens, it strengthens too far west to be snow. we can expect to see big winds for friday, likely causing delays you will up and down the eastern seaboard. >> thank you, rick reichmuth, we'll be watching. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is firing back against secretary of state john kerry, saying israel has evidence that the united states is behind the whole thing, coming up. and wells fargo customers affected by that fake account scandal, how much do they calculate how much the victims get? and russia is vowing retaliation against the white house if the white house carries out its threat to punish moscow
11:29 am
for interfering with the u.s. presidential election.
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i wish i could be comforted by the promise that the u.s. says we will not bring any more resolutions to the u.n. that's what they said about this previous resolution. we have it on absolutely incontestable evidence that the united states organized, advanced, and brought this
11:32 am
resolution to the united nations security council. we'll share that information with the incoming administration. some of it is sensitive. it's all true. you saw some of it in the protocol released in an egyptian paper. there's plenty more. it's the tip of the iceberg. >> that was just a short while ago. tensions now boiling over between the united states and israel as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu claims his nation has more information that the u.s. was behind that u.n. resolution. let's bring in alex conant, former communications director for marco rubio, now a political consultant as firehouse strategies, and shaally marshal a fox news contributor. leslie, why wait until donald trump takes office, if they have this information? why not put it out now? >> you must be reading my mind, that's exactly what i was
11:33 am
thinking when the prime minister was talking. i don't think they have it, and if they had it, they would put it out now. president obama leaving with a president-elect coming in, threatening to undo everything that is part of the obama legacy would definitely not help him. there's just no reason to do this for the president, especially with donald trump coming in as president next year. secondly, i believe if you look at wikileaks or anybody else who has made threats, on tuesday we'll make this big announcement, we have evidence, it would have more weight if it was released now, so frankly i don't think they have it. >> alex, what do you think? >> it's a good question, time will tell. some of it has already been reported on, back channels between the obama administration and other foreign governments at the u.n. i think the more important thing is, how does this impact u.s./israeli relations moving forward? the u.s. has no better friend in
11:34 am
the middle east than israel. it's the only other democratic government in the region. there is a long tradition of the u.s. showing no daylight between the u.s. and israel. >> except president obama has certainly up ended all of that. >> exactly. obama is shredding that tradition. john kerry's speech today, which i think was the last flaming attempt to muster some sort of legacy after eight years of failed foreign policy, will only do more harm. i think it does give donald trump a tremendous opportunity when he takes office on january 20th to not just mend that relationship quickly but move forward in a dramatic way on strengthening israel's security and bringing more peace and stability to the region, a region that's really suffered over the last eight years. >> john kerry referred hamas as a militant group and netanyahu as a, quote, extremist. yet we, the united states, try to paint ourselves as a neutral party. that's hardly neutral language. >> first of all, hamas is a
11:35 am
terrorist group, we know that. >> but he called them a militant group, that's a big difference. even the state department considers them a terrorist group. >> correct. we can get hung up on the semantics. i think he was wrong not to say they are a terrorist group. but when you have a portion of palestinians that did vote for hamas to be their leaders in a certain section of their territory, where they're currently residing, i think that he was being politically correct. i don't think that he was in any way not referring to hamas specifically as a terrorist group. like you said, the state department which he heads up does consider them terrorists. >> alex, what about the palestinian talking points? >> the entire speech was a huge embarrassment, to have our top diplomat to give a speech where he used those terms, which are not consistent with what u.s. policy -- certainly not
11:36 am
consistent with what the u.s. senate, which has a big role in setting foreign policy, believes. it ignores the reality of the moment. and so i think it's an embarrassment. he shouldn't have given the speech, but i do think it will be quickly forgotten once trump takes office. >> some prominent democrats called on him today to not give that speech but of course he went ahead and give it anyway. leslie, do you think there will be another resolution before he leaves office? >> i'm not sure. i don't think this came from the united states. when we look at realities, we have to look at realities and numbers. not only is israel our strongest ally in the region, but our other allies voted in favor of this and the world wants there to be peace specifically in israel and there will be no peace without a two-state solution. i do agree with secretary of state kerry when he says continuing to build the settlements is not going to bring the palestinians to the table, it doesn't help but further delays any peace
11:37 am
process. and we're going to look at the same mess in the next four, eight, 40, or 80 years. >> when president-elect trump comes in, he certainly has a big mess to clean up, that's for sure. leslie marshall, thank you so much, alex conant, thank you for coming in as well. russia is vowing retaliation against the united states if the white house carries out a threat to punish russia for interfering with the u.s. presidential election. our white house correspondent kevin cork is live in hawaii with more. >> reporter: hi there, heather. when exactly will the u.s. punish the russians for alleged cyber activity in the runup to the 2016 election? which administration or which president might dole out said punishment? those are just some of the questions surrounding the reports that we're seeing out of "the washington post," that the obama administration says they
11:38 am
will in fact punish the russians for alleged activity and cyber hacking in the runup to the 2016 election. again, a lot of people are wondering, what does this mean moving forward? well, president obama has placed the blame squarely on russian president vladimir putin. in fact in his words, he warned him to cut it out. but where do we go from here? here is what president obama himself said about the issue at his year-end press conference. >> that should be a bipartisan issue. that shouldn't be a partisan issue. and my hope is that the president-elect will be similarly concerned with making sure we don't have potential foreign influence in our election process. i don't think any american wants that. and that shouldn't be a source of an argument. >> reporter: argument about punishment for meddling in the election? not really. obviously feels like that shouldn't happen, that's not a dispute, at least among
11:39 am
lawmakers on capitol hill. rather, a lot of people are wondering who would be best suited to dispense the justice. ut the door that'ses to do not sustained, then you send the wrong signal. >> this administration has passively observed vladimir putin invade countries, violate international law, basically act in reckless abandon, but more importantly with threats to the security of the united states of america. vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer. he understands strength. that's all that he understands. and we're still the strongest nation on earth. we just have to do it right. >> reporter: and heather, a lot of people are going to ask this question: is this really the obama administration trying to paint the trump administration into a corner, by doling out
11:40 am
heavy-handed sanctions before donald trump takes office? >> there could be some parallels between that and also what's happening with israel right now, painting them into a corner, potentially. kevin, thank you so much, great to see you in hawaii today. wells fargo trying to compensate thousands of its customers affected by the bank's rogue account scandal. earlier this year, federal regulators revealed the bank opened accounts and issued credit cards without customer consent. however, some are questioning how the bank will calculate those damages. the damages include lower credit scores, imagine that, and possibly missing out on a loan or mortgage payment. nicole pedestritallides is livee new york stock exchange with more. >> reporter: how do you determine that someone now has to pay a higher mortgage rate because of what happened, or if you cancel an authored credit card that wells fargo created, and now you have a black mark on
11:41 am
your credit score and can't get a loan, a student loan, a car loan and the like. let's break it down, how it hits the customers and their credit scores, this scandal. you can see the black marks for cancelling these unauthorized credit cards. also now they've generated fees and penalties, some of them had minimum balances, of course people couldn't keep up with it. and now customers sometimes were paying higher mortgages, higher car loan payments and the like. wells fargo is working with creditors such as equifax, experian, trains uninsunion. they are working on one case at a time. they do plan to compensate borrowers, remove customers' outstanding charges, fix their credit reports, and repay them. but the big picture is, how do you possibly quantify something that someone may have missed out on because they had a lower credit score or because they had
11:42 am
this black mark and the like, and they got all of these fees, some of them couldn't meet the balances, their money was moved. so the scandal continues, the investigation continues. they're still working closely with the department of justice. and they have to figure out how to compensate these customers, heather. >> they sure do. banks have all those algorithms, i would think they could put something together with that. nicole petallides live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: and they're having a hard time reaching these customers as well, through e-mail or telephone, because some of them aren't havenianswe. >> my goodness. pick up the phone in that case. nicole petallides, thank you. police are asking for amazon's alexa's help. it's a case that could spark major privacy concerns, when we come back.
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i'm jon scott. more ahead on secretary of state john kerry's speech today defending the u.s. decision not to veto last week's resolution at the u.n. israel's prime minister calls the speech skewed and praised the next president. what does it mean for the u.s.'s relationship with israel? when i fill in on "shepard smith
11:46 am
reporting." a voice-controlled virtual assistant could hold clues to a murder investigation. arkansas police issuing a warrant asking amazon to turn over data from a suspect's echo device. fox business network's jeff flock has the story from chicago. >> reporter: it's a case from arkansas, heather. a guy turned up strangled and drowned in his hot tub. he's charged with murder and police want information from the amazon echo turned over to them. the echo is that cylindrical thing you have in your room and you say, alexa, tell me what the temperature is or who won the world series in 1963, i think it may have been the yankees, but anyway, they record that stuff and keep it on file. amazon says in this case they're not going to turn it over.
11:47 am
>> okay. so why will amazon not turn it over? >> reporter: well, good question. they have put out a statement, no interviews yet, but they did put out a statement, i'll read a portion of it. it says amazon will not release customer information without a valid and legal binding demand properly served on us. they say the warrant they've gotten is kind of overbroad and they're not just going to turn it over. alexa does listen to you. you had you have one in your house, it listens to you all the time, but it doesn't transmit that to the internet or to the cloud unless you say the word "alexa." so it's not listening all the time. but if you search for something, like hey, alexa, how do i get blood out of my carpet, maybe prosecutors would want to know that. it's a little like the case of the san bernardino terrorists with the apple phone, they didn't agree to unlock that, and these guys are not agreeing either. >> we'll talk about that in just
11:48 am
a second. jeff flock, thank you for explaining all of that for us. for more let's bring in a defense attorney and a former prosecutor. one of the things he just brought up was the issue of investigators who wanted the information off the iphone of the san bernardino terrorists who killed 14 people in that office building. apple refused to unlock the iphone. the feds had to go to an outside company to get them to open it. what happens in this case? >> so this case is a little bit different but it has a lot of similarities. there's so many moving parts to this, heather. what this is not, it's not a case where investigators want to pick up alexa, dissect it, and get what information they can off of it, that would be perfectly okay, we wouldn't be discussing it today. the question is how long does the long arm of the law reach, because investigators now want to go to a third party who had nothing to do with the crime and see if they can pull information from the third party. >> meaning echo, the company that makes it. >> amazon. >> how is that dissimilar from
11:49 am
asking apple to hand over information about a man responsible for killing people? >> in apple's case, they were asked to provide -- create a new code so somebody could get into the phone. that ended in a standoff. the interesting thing is, we don't have a court decision on this. apple said we're not going to do it, they ended up getting the information another way. we don't have a resolution there. in this case amazon is trying to protect its customers and shareholders by saying, look, we're not going to simply respond to your search warrant, we don't think it's good enough, we think it's overly broad. but if a judge comes in, which arkansas can force their hand, if a judge comes in and says we have to do it, then we will most likely do it, they're not there yet. and i am happy with amazon's decision to not turn this over. >> i wonder if this is a case where the technology is just so far ahead of the law and the law has a lot of catching up to do. >> it really does. but you have to remember one thing. whatever is on echo, it's not going to be, hey, i can solve
11:50 am
this crime. it's not going to say colonel mustard did it in the living room with the candlestick. what they're looking for is maybe a voice snippet of something. it might not even help in the investigation. so that's why amazon is being very, very cautious about this. >> or it could pick me up yelling at my kids in the bathroom. and i yell at alexa, that's even worse. interesting that they store that on the cloud, that extra information. we have to leave it there, tau so much and happy new year. now there's a shortage threatening restaurants across the united states. we'll explain what's going on.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
welcome back. a shortage of cooks causing a crisis in america's restaurant kitchens. the bureau of labor statistics predicts some 200,000 new chefs will be needed in the coming years, but the pricey cost of culinary school and low wages driving aspiring cooks away. anita is live for us in los angeles with the details. anita, no.
11:54 am
>> reporter: yeah, nice location here. we're at louie's restaurant in west l.a., a popular spot and one of many restaurants across the nation having trouble keeping cooks in the kitchen. heather, it seems even aspiring chefs nowadays don't want to work their way up the food chain. >> here we have jamie, right now he's a line cook, but due to the nature of the shortage of line cooks, jamie is also, like, my kitchen right-hand man. >> reporter: john atkinson owns two restaurants in southern california and like many others across the nation, has trouble finding young, aspiring chefs who are willing to get their hands dirty. >> it's not what you see on tv, there are no bobby flays in any of these kitchens. it's really just sweat and hard and hot. >> this is our secret spice that we have. >> reporter: it's the same story in new york where salvatore likes to keep both his manhattan eateries brimming with his old italian family recipes but worries about finding enough help. >> long hour.
11:55 am
they're getting paid $15, $22, $25 an hour, still good money, it's not where people are not earning, it's just a very difficult job. >> reporter: the bureau of labor statistics estimates 200,000 more cooks will be needed in the next eight years but the supply has been chopped by the high cost of culinary school, low wages and millennials wanting to go out on there own like aspiring baker britney hicks. >> by the time we graduate we really are like, okay, i've kind of done that already, let's branch out and do it for myself. >> these are students who saw how their parents were impacted by the recession of 2008, they don't want that to happen to them. they're completely entrepreneurial in spirit. so their desire is to go out and start something on their own. >> reporter: so without enough cooks in the kitchen, one thing restaurant owners are having to do is take a look at their menus and pare it down. this particular restaurant offers five chicken dishes.
11:56 am
the owner may have to cut it down to three or four if he can't keep the cooks in the kitchen. he's a real foodie. he would hate to do it. he's got to keep the doors open here. >> certainly. anita vogel, happy new year to you in los angeles. thanks a lot. with days to go until the new year, times square is prepping and letting people say good riddance to 2016's memories. how can you say good-bye to all of that before the ball drops? ♪ when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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♪ it's the final countdown welcome back. before ringing in the new year, some americans are looking to cast out the demons of the last 12 months by celebrating what's known as good riddance day. new yorkers writing down their least favorite things about 2016, and then tearing them up into bits in a giant shred it truck. don't worry, they say it's all getting recycled. the holiday invented by the same organizers of the new year's eve ball drop, you can take part on twitter by usin using #goodriddanceday. sounds like a fun one. and then there's this. c-span unveiling a new oil portrait of president-elect donald trump, check it out, it is the first painting of mr. trump's likeness since he was elected. it's part of c-span's american
12:00 pm
presidents exhibit, it will be displayed alongside similar p t portraits of trump's 44 predecessors. everyone, thanks for joining us today. see you tomorrow. in the meantime, here's jon scott. he's in for shepard smith. secretary of state john kerry defending the united states for refusing to veto a u.n. resolution condemning israeli settlements. kerry explaining the obama administration's reasons and what he thinks it would take to bring about peace. ahead, analysis and reaction from washington and jerusalem and why the israeli prime minister says secretary kerry ignored a big part of the problem. plus, donald trump tweeting today that israel's been treated with disrespect. and trump promises things are going to be different soon. the president-elect also ripping president obama for how he's handling the transition of power. ahead, more on what he said. and trump's team staffers promising big news on the economy this afternoon. they


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