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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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but the sun has not come up yet. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am jolene turner. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. let's get right to it. >> shocking. hollywood being hit hard. >> actress debbie reynolds sadly dies one day after her daughter carrie fisher. her final words, i want to be with carrie. >> the heartbreaking details and a look at her career. >> it's possible she died of a broken heart. she suffered a stroke as she mourns the loss of her daughter star wars star carrie fisher. the stress of her daughter was too much to handle. carrie fisher died on tuesday after going into cardiac arrest on a flight from london to la. reynolds told her son, i miss
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her so much, i want to be with carrie. hours before she was rushed to the hospital. her hollywood career spanned nearly seven decades. the acclaimed singer dancer and actress starred in more than 40 films and countless tv shows. >> she chanced her way into film history when she co-starred with gene kelly and donald o'connor in "singing in the rain. she had tonies and oscars and stayed active well into her 80's. >> i have been very lucky because i started when i was really young at 16 and now i am, how many years is it. 65 years. i have had a wonderful career and it has been a joy. >> fans gathered to pay tribute and her star on hollywood walk of fame with flowers and
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candles. so sad. unbelievable within a day of each other. >> happening overnight. the last i heard she was in the hospital. her son said she wasn't doing well and to wake up to this this morning. >> friends and fans try to come to grips with the sudden loss. >> debra messing posted this morning, debbie went to be to carrie. she always worried about her. carrie left too soon and now they are together again. she played her mom on the sitcom "will & grace"." >> another writing i will always cherish our chances together. >> marie osmond saying heavy heart tonight for my dear friend debbie reynolds one day after she lost her daughter carrie fisher. >> debbie reynolds was 84 years
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old. >> a diplomatic show down of historic proportions intensifying by the hour. president elect donald trump teaming up with israel's prime minister over the u.n. resolution that has gotten ugly fast. garrett tenney with the escalating war of words. >> this war of words is not going away any time soon after the speech yesterday in the middle east in that wide ranging speech kerry defended the u.s. decision not to defend israel in the security council last week and continued to condemn israeli settlements which he called a threat to any two state solution between israel and palestine. >> a similar number of jews and palestinians living between the jordan river and the
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mediterranean sea. they have a choice. they can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. it won't ever really be at peace. >> israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu fired back in a speech of his own. his country doesn't need to be lectured about peace by foreign leaders also pointing out secretary kerry ignored the fact that palestinians believe israel doesn't have the right to exist. >> i don't seek the clause. i seek security, peace and prosperity and the future of the jewish state, the jewish people have sought their place under the sun for 3,000 years and we are not about to be swayed by
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mistaken policies that have caused great, great damage. israel's leaders are also very publically saying they look forward to working with the next administration. last night president elect donald trump showed why that is when he tweeted we cannot continue to let israel be tweeted with such total disdain and respect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not any more. the beginning of the end with the horrible iran deal and now this, the u.n. stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. israel's prime minister responded directly to those tweets thanking mr. trump for his friendship and clear-cut support for israel. >> it was a remarkable day. >> it was incredible. >> the rebuttal from the prime minister of israel i don't think the story is slowing.
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>> mr. trump being criticized for being anti israel. obama administration getting slammed for colluding. >> they are taking aim at the administration for setting back the peace process saying president obama deliberately tied the hands of his successor. >> of course they had a role. there will be congressional hearings and then he will have to raise his hand and swear under oath. when he is cross examined he is going to acknowledge what role he played what role vice president and what role the president of the united states played. this could not happen without the complete support and encouragement of the united states. president obama tied the hands of his successor by having the resolution of the security council that cannot now be undone because of the veto power. it is so undemocratic for a lame
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duck president to take his aim and peak at another country by tying hands of another president. it will make peace much much more difficult to achieve. >> a parting shot for vladimir putin as president obama is expected to announce new sanctions over russia's alleged interference in our 2016 election. critic of the outgoing administration is slamming the president for weakness when it comes to moscow. insisting iron fist isn't the only way to stop russian meddling. >> vladmir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer. he understands strength. we are still the strongest nation on earth. we have to do it right. >> now the fbi and cia have evidence showing russia intervened to help mr. trump
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win. russia denies that and is making possible retaliations of its own against washington. >> now to a fox business alert. donald trump delivering on his promise to bring more jobs to america. >> cheryl casone is here with mr. trump's big announcement. >> all of this going down yesterday. the president elect wasting no time. 8,000 new jobs would be created in the united states when he becomes president. >> he said because of me they are doing 5,000 jobs. >> talking to reporters in mar-a-lago palm beach, florida where he is spending vacation with his family. 5,000 will come from telecommunications company sprint which is owned by japan. his son visited trump tower
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earlier this month and seems to have orchestrated this move. of the 8,000, 3,000 jocks will be created a new company called one web. trump also bringing up the deal he made with indiana based kr carrier that created an uproar when they were planning to move 1,000 jobs to mexico but instead is keeping 1,000 jobs here at home. he is saying quote they are coming back to the united states which is a nice change. back to you. >> thank you so much, cheryl. appreciate it. >> now a major winter storm brewing down in the northeast right before the holiday weekend. >> janice dean here with more on if our new year's plans are in jeopardy. >> we will get this storm system out of the way before the big celebration on new year's eve. look at the current temperatures 36 in new york, 34 boston. you have the cold air sunk southward and along that jet stream the potential for a nor'
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easter. winter weather advisory posted for up state new york as well as the mountains in virginia, west virginia up towards pennsylvania and then new england you have winter weather advisories and warnings in effect where they are going to get the big snowfall totals in some cases over 2 feet. so watching the storm develop along the coast and with that the potential for very gusty winds especially as we head into the overnight and friday for new england. wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour along the coast. that will cause problems with blowing snow and travel conditions. be aware of that. by friday it is out of the way and looking ahead to new year's eve, not too bad a forecast ladies. 38 degrees cloudy skies. that's not bad when it comes to winter here in time's square. we could be dealing with sub zero temperatures. we are not. it will be around average and cloudy skies. >> not too bad. >> better than sub zero. >> got to be thankful. >> thank you very much, guys.
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>> a mistake as the president continues to push through his agenda before leaving office. the white house tweeting out this picture after announcing two monuments. bears ears in utah and gold butte in nevada haare now protected land. the problem is the picture is of the arches national park which was designated a national monument nearly 100 years ago. >> for the first time in 40 years the catholic bishop will participate in a presidential inauguration. cardinal dolan one of the leaders taking part in next month's swearing in of president elect donald trump. he will be reading from scripture and giving the invocation in january which is in washington, d.c. >> the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. what does it take for an illegal to get into the country. apparently an egg roll and some cash. the disturbing new report showing how border patrol agents
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were bribed. >> and lucky to be alive, the moment three teens are rescued from their capsized boat. how they stayed alive while stranded on the high seas. >> thanks but no thanks. a big screen role any one would be honored to fill playing with ronald reagan. an actor who doesn't think it is such an honor. quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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federal agents letting drugs and i am grants into the united states. 200 employees pocketed nearly $6 million in bribes over the
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past ten years alone. >> president obama and a race against time to resettle a staggering number of refugees before he leaves office at the jaw dropping rate of 290 per day. as of october 1st nearly 3500 of the refugees came from syria. the most shocking number of all the u.s. state department reports and completes background information for more than 26 percent of those syrian refugees being ushered through our borders. >> that brings us to look who is talking. brian babb bought is calling for extension of the controversial refugee celtment program. it is slamming him for making trump's transition more difficult. >> we have seen over and over again it turning into a trojan horse not only in western europe but also in america. when a president wants to double
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the funding for his office of res refugee resettlement and spend more money bringing in more refugees he will be doing this up until the last days, hours and minutes of his presidency to make as much mischief to try to keep president elect trump from undoing what this president has done in terms of en dangering american sgcitizens. president trump will be at a disadvantage. >> outrage against the professor whose husband verbally lashed ivanka trump in front of her husband and children. 30,000 demanding that hunter college fire professor matthew laz ner over his partner's actions. the couple gaining lots of attention after he tweeted
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ivanka trump and my husband chasing her down to harass them. >> another cushy state places and tc police havens. they are handing out buttons displaying preferred gender pronouns. >> they come in three different variations, he, him, his, she, her and hers, for those who don't identify as male or female they them and theirs. they are saying they are silly and a waste of money. >> it is part of a campaign to lure undergraduate students. interesting, because i kind of get where they are coming from, we are trying to accommodate everyone but it becomes a little silly at some point. you want everyone to be comfortable and happy but there's a certain limit. >> let us know how you feel about that one. we would like to know your opinions. afraid for their lives a school bus packed with children and
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asleep at the wheel the desperate text messages to tfro the middle schoolers to their parents. >> 2016 is on its way out. those leaving the country are not. what will happen to black lives matter the next of what to expect in the new year 2016.
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>> they took these pictures of the bus driver dozing off.
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one saying hurry up i am scared. he took methadone and nyquil. he is banned for driving for the district and facing multiple charges. three teens are lucky to be alive with their harrowing deal the boys forced to climb on top of the rental vote after it started taking on water and capsized. their life jackets got caught trapped underneath. the teens managed to keep one of their phones off the water long enough to get a signal and call 911. crews found them before sunset. heather? >> 2016 coming to an end. crisis carrying over to the new year. how will the biggest stories play out in 2016? joining us to weigh in is aaron. >> let's begin with police shootings and the black lives matter protests that have followed.
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8 major police shootings have happened. we can show you these that led to protests. that's what connects these specific shootings we are talking about. according to the "washington post" police say we shot 955 civilians in 2016 on the other side 64 law enforcement officers have been fatally shot in 2016. that is the most in five years. so how will this shape things to come in 2017? >> one of the things we heard from the black lives matter movement from its founders, after donald trump was elected they called him a white supremacist. i would point out the black lives matter movement is a group with a lot of local leaders. they tend to take things in their own hands. they said they want to have more protests during the trump administration. they don't want to meet with donald trump or any of the top officials. instead they are going to continue to protest. when you have rhetoric that is flying and emotions that are raw and running high you can see this is really spilling out again in to 2017.
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you saw it reached a boiling point back with baltimore and ferguson. we may see that step up again. >> clearly something else that will probably continue to step up in 2017 the dnc leaks in russia's involvement in the election just yesterday we had president obama speaking out about that and saying he is going to release a retaliatory plan against russia. >> that's right. we still haven't gotten to the bottom of the depth of rush shae's involvement in the election. obviously democrats are furious about this in part because so many more democratic e-mails got leaked. we don't know the extent to which the republican committee was hacked although obviously reince priebus and others said if they didn't get into the republican servers the way they did get into democratic servers. we don't know how involved russia was. this is going to be a sproes of hearing a number of republicans saying donald trump gets to the
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bottom of what exactly russia did. >> spoke with senator john mccain yesterday. fbi director james comey. this is not ending either. the clinton e-mail investigations a lot of democrats blaming hillary clinton's loss on this, what 11 days before the election he announced congress would renew the probe into her e-mails and a lot of people saying that's why she lost. >> that's right. remember that comey's decision in july to essentially clear hillary clinton infuriated republicans back in july. back in july even we heard a number of political analysts saying the election may be over just because they gave in. >> democrats loved her then. >> got a ton of raise afromback obama and a number of democrats. the same democrats criticized comey in october when he reopened the investigation
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because there were more e-mails he was looking into. two-days later he said oh, never mind. that's ore with. james comey is supposed to be an independent op operate tore. the fbi is supposed to be an independent agency. he was essentially politicizing it. he is two years in a ten-year term. it tarnished his reputation. the fbi is a leaky sieve of what's going on there. >> they have comments, something to say about all of this after the inauguration of president elect trump. finally the spread of isis, the terror attacks including here at home the orlando shooting amongst others. how will that impact 2017? >> if you think about it we had the belgium bombing in march. then you had the attack in nice in july. no one has gotten a handle on this and the orlando shooting back in june was the deadliest mass shooting we have seen in the united states ever.
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so getting to the bottom of lone wolf attacks and how to prevent them no one has figured out who to do that. the terror is spreading. this is something the trump administration has got to get a handle on. we are seeing the terrorist attacks spread. >> the christmas market massacre in berlin 12 people killed with a truck. >> thank you. >> the time now is about half past the top of the hour. the president elect speaking of donald trump is he putting our veterans first? oo make something great for the veterans. they have been treated very, very unfairly. >> the healthcare options he is putting on the table. >> a serious illness making pot smokers really sick.
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>> it is thursday december 29th. death by an heart. debbie reynolds passing away one day after her daughter carrie fisher. her heartbreaking final words as tributes poured in overnight. >> mr. trump's message to israel, stay strong. >> we are very, very strong on israel. i think israel was treated unfairly by a lot of different people. >> the president elect teaming up with benjamin netanyahu as secretary carrie admits the obama administration kicked in the chair out from israel at the negotiation table. the firestorm he has now created. >> nicolas cage reluctant to take a role playing ronald reagan. why he says it could ruin his career. fox & friends first continues right now. >> and good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am jillian turner.
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it is 32 minutes after the hour. let's get to the fox news alert. tragedy sending shock and sadness through out hollywood. >> horrible news to wake up to this morning. debbie reynolds died one day after her daughter carrie fisher. her final words, i want to be with carrie. >> jackie ibanez with the heartbreaking details and a look back at the legendary career. >> good morning. it was too much for her to handle. debbie reynolds suffering a suspected stroke as she mourned the loss of her daughter star wars star carrie fisher. she died tuesday after going into cardiac arrest on a flight from london to la. according to tmz reynolds told her son, i miss her so much, i want to be with carrie hours before she was rushed to the hospital. she was extremely close to her kids writing in her twitter bio my two children are the light of my life. her career spanned nearly 7
2:34 am
decades. the acclaimed singer, dancer and actress starred in more than 40 mill ams and countless tv shows. ♪ >> such a career she had. she danced her way to film history in the 1950's when she co-starred with gene kelly and donald o'connor in "singing in the rain." >> she stayed active well into her 80's. >> i have been very lucky because i started when i was really young. i was 16 and now i am, how many years is it? 65 years. so i had a wonderful career and it has been a joy. >> they had flowers and candles and her cause of her death is
2:35 am
still unknown. william shatner among those tweeting this. debbie reynolds was one of the last of hollywood royalty. it breaks my heart she is gone. i hope my believing is done for 2016. >> duane the rock johnson wrote so blown away and saddened by this news one day after her daughter's passing. so much love and strength for her family. >> they posted this photo writing an actress and hero rest in peace debbie reynolds. she was 84 years old. >> now a diplomatic show down of dramatic proportions intensifying by the hour with president elect donald trump and israel's prime minister. it has gotten real ugly real fast. garrett tenney is live at our nation's capital with the escalating war of words.
2:36 am
secreta secretary of state john kerry kicks off a new round he defended the u.s. decision not to defend israel at the security council last week. >> regrettably some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means the u.s. must accept any policy regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles. even after urging again and again that the policy must change. >> in kerry's speech it set off a new round of rebukes from the israeli government including prime minister me thibenjamin netanyahu and said it ignored the fact that palestine is against the existence of a jewish state. >> the jewish people sought their place under the sun for 3,000 years. we are not about to be swayed by
2:37 am
mistaken policies that have caused great, great damage. >> president elect donald trump weighed in on kerry's speech as well expressing his support for israel tweeting we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such society tal disdain and disrespect. they used to have a good friend in the u.s. but not any more. the beginning of the end of the horrible iran deal and now this stay strong israel. january 20th is fast approaching. >> january 20th is when mr. trump takes office. he is not shy saying that day can't come soon enough. >> that is certainly the foreign policy news. thank you for staying on that, garrett. >> well, a major winter storm is bearing down on the northeast right before the holiday weekend. wouldn't you know it. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean has more on our are our new year's plans in
2:38 am
jeopardy? >> no. it will be a year end storm no doubt about it but it will be cleared out by friday. that is the great news. current temperatures chilly air around this cold front this trot that has dug as far south as the gulf coast. along this front is where we are seeing our coastal low. it is bringing blowing snow conditions to new england. there's the storm as it transfers it is energy across the atlantic ocean. we will see the potential for big snowfall totals as well as gusty winds overnight tonight and into tomorrow. there is the forecast temperatures and radar. a snow event for exterior sections. we will see lake-effect snow as we head into the weekend. forecast precipitation again you can see where the rain is. you can see where the big snowfall totals across new hampshire and vermont and maine. good news for skiers for your
2:39 am
new york forecast. friday looks good, saturday looks good and saturday night looks also very good. temperatures around 38 degrees and cloudy skies. as far as the new year's eve forecast goes, that's pretty good-bye my book. >> going to be fun in time's square for sure. >> the time is 39 past the hour. a fox news alert for you. a parting shot at vladimir putin. the punishment for their alleged election interference. >> the brother of jonbonet ramsey taking aim in a bombshell lawsuit. >> would you let your child wear these? outraged parents slamming the hot pants being marketed for young girls.
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>> the christmas murder mystery. shawn bonet ramsey. her brother burke is suing cbs for $750 million after they blamed him for his sister's murder. it is his second lawsuit over the series which he says permanently damaged his reputation. earlier this year burke spoke to doctor phil about his distrust of the media. >> they would follow us around. seeing that as a little kid it was a nightmare. >> i was skeptical of any media. it made me a private person. >> the family was cleared in 2008 jonbenet's murder remains unsolved. >> after nicolas cage worried about accepting a new roll because it may infuriate liberal hollywood. >> okay, let's wrap. >> the oscar winner in the running to play former president ronald reagan in a new movie.
2:44 am
it is expected to show the conservative president in a positive light something cage fears could hurt his career. >> a violent mysterious illness on the rise with legalized marijuana. medical marijuana used in 2009 that causes kidney failure and is often misdiagnosed. it will go away in days after stopping drug use. would you ever let your children wear these pants? they are disgusted by them. they were on amazon by a hoar wi fied grandmother shopping for christmas presents. they are 10 bucks a pair they are described as little girl's fashion. photos on the site shows the pot leaf legings displayed among
2:45 am
toys. >> we will be right back. you decide.
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>> president obama preparing a shop for vladmir putin. >> announcing sanctions today over russia's alleged interference in the 2016 elections. >> doug luzader is live in washington, d.c. with the breaking details. >> good morning. >> good morning. we will see if we get any information on the whifrom the e on this. this is something the white house said has been in the pipeline. it may further drive a wedge between president obama and president elect trump. there may be a cyber component to this as well. president elect trump was asked about this last night.
2:49 am
>> i think we ought to get on with our lives. computers complicated lives very greatly. the whole age of computer made it so we don't know exactly what's going on. >> it is a shot between president obama and president put tin who have had a tension filled relationship to say the very least. president obama argued it should be a bipartisan issue. there are some republicans on board with some kind of response. some think this is better left to the next administration and to the next congress. >> the new congress and new russia passed new saipgss tougher than the ones we already have. >> as far as russia's response, there could be some kind of retaliation on their end as well. >> mexico is hoping to cut a
2:50 am
deal with president elect donald trump over trade. one of the bargaining chips, th trump. >> we will build a great wall over the southern border and mexico will pay for the mexico willing to beef up border security and may pitch in to help build the wall. in return, the country wants mr. trump to back away from another hot-button campaign promise, scrapping nafta. and president-elect donald trump says he is fed up with the way our veterans are being treated when it comes to health care. a lot of folks agree with him there. and now the incoming administration says it is working on a public/private option for the v.a. >> well, we're going to make it great because the veterans have been treated fairly unpoorly. in many cases, they have a minor illness and can't see a doctor
2:51 am
so it turns out to be a major illness and beyond that. >> the officials confirm to the press that this is just one of the options on the table. and the prices at the pump are getting a major bump in 2017. >> carol is here with the latest from fox business. >> seven states are going to be seeing their gas prices raised because of new state taxes. here are the states, pennsylvania, michigan, nebraska, north carolina and florida. because of these taxes, one in pennsylvania, could be 8 cents per gallon. on a national basis for 2016, u.s. drivers saved $27 billion versus the year before because of lower gas prices overall. >> i guess, just when we spent
2:52 am
all our christmas bonus and the savings, we'll have to pony up more for gas. >> the holiday is over. >> officially over. and samsung is in more trouble? >> listen to this. there are now new reports that the company is not yet responding to the new samsung galaxy 7. the rear camera is shattering. initially, there were a few reports that a couple reached out to the company, they said, hey, look, you damaged it yourself. but now there are reports everywhere that basically the rear glass, the rear camera glass is shattering and being described as a circle shatter. it looks like a bullet went back through the phone. no response yet from samsung, but certainly not good news for them. >> seriously, cheryl, i needed to replace my samsung because it was getting hot.
2:53 am
i finally replaced it and now it will probably have this problem. >> and it's sitting in the case, which is the weird part about this issue. >> not good. >> also hearing that carrie fish fisher's book is on the best seller list. >> she was an amazing actress, but a very accomplished author. and several of her books are now in the top category. and amazon has "postcards from the edge" which became an off-broad way show in new york. as well as "the princess diaries." five of the best movers and shakers are from carrie fisher. and hbo is coming out with a documentary about debbie reynolds and carrie fisher next year. that was already in the works. and on new year's day, they will replay the broadway show, "wi
2:54 am
"wishful drinking." >> they lived next door to each other. >> amazing. i can't wait to see the documentary. >> thanks. now taking off your shoes is nothing compared to this, lie detector kiosks could be coming to an airport near you. researchers in arizona are looking into a machine that can ask questions and test your body temperature to figure out if you're telling the truth. if not, you'll face further screening by an agent. well, getting change to make a change. cities across the country are installing spare change meters to cut down on panhandling. connecticut is the latest to install the meters. the money will be used to help fund programs that help find work for the city's homeless. and now let's check in with pete to see what is coming up in a few minutes on "fox &
2:55 am
friends." >> good morning. nice job this morning. yes, coming up on "fox & friends," together we'll break down the meeting between john kerry and benjamin netanyahu. but you have also seen these commercials. >> alexa, what is on the calendar today? >> now amazon alexa could be a witness to a murder case. should it be allowed as evidence? plus, we'll pick our favorite steak for the new year. mine has a lot of marbling in it. stay tuned. "fox & friends" is up next. stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums it helps put some distance.. between you and temptation.
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clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. beer can apparently help you lose weight. if shedding pounds is your new year's resolution, nutrition experts say to use beer instead of oil when cooking. now beer has nearly 50 less calories a serving than oil and is packed with vitamin d. >> don't know if i buy that. the bad, holidays may soon give way to brutal heartbreak. >> i'm done. >> what? >> i'm done! i don't deserve this! >> according to trend data collected by google searches for "should i break up with my boyfriend"? and "should i break up with my
3:00 am
spouse?" they reach a new high. and no word if this guy ended up in the penalty box after the game. yeah, i'm feeling good. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning to you. it's thursday, december 29th. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt. an army helicopter crashes killing two service members. their chopper crashing right into the water 25 miles south of houston, texas. we've got the breaking details just moments from now. and a war of words. secretary of state john kerry delivering a blistering attack against israel. and israel is firing back. >> it's the choice that israel can choose to be


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