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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 4, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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second tower, the story of the baggage handler locked in the belly of the plane. why he's up in a different city, does he have a legal case? >> jenna: big question to have that happen. the details ahead, "outnumbered" search right now. ♪ >> fox news letter, the showdown over obamacare's future, president obama with just 16 days left in office on capitol hill, huddling with democrats to discuss how to save his signature legislative achievement from the wrecking ball. all this as vice current president-elect mike pence also on the hill, meeting with republican leaders on their plans on obamacare once and for all. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith, here today is harris faulkner, kennedy on fox business "kennedy" ," eboni williams, and #oneluckyguy, you know him from "the o'reilly factor" and a host of "watter's world," jesse watters is here, and he is now in "outnumbered"'s world.
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>> jesse: here we go. there it is, always ready. >> you should stay ready so you don't have to get ready. >> jesse: that's right, that is my philosophy. >> he sleeps in a suit, i hear. >> jesse: how do good does it look? >> no comment, let's move on. >> you look great, let's move on grade we begin with the dueling meetings over obamacare's future, president obama making a rare appearance on the hill in a last-ditch bid to save his signature health care law. the leader of the house democrats, nancy pelosi, mocking republican efforts to get rid of obamacare. >> republican say repeal and replace. the only thing that has going for it is alliteration. they have no replacement plan. they have no replacement plan because they can't, they don't have the votes for a replacement plan. so to repeal and then delay is an act of cowardice. that means we don't really know what we're doing.
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>> sandra: at about the same time, vice president-elect pence, strategizing with fellow republicans. our sources from inside the meeting saying mr. pence says he hopes to have a repeal bill on president trump's desk to sign by february 20th. the vice president-elect says they have to promise to keep. >> what's clear here is the american people have spoken. if they want to see us repeal and replace obamacare. and today, my message to embers of congress is that we are going to be in the promise-keeping business. in the first order of business is to keep our promise to repeal obamacare and replace it with the kind of health care reform that will lower the cost of health care insurance without growing the size of government. >> sandra: meantime, president-elect donald trump weighing in with a warning to the g.o.p. in a series of tweets saying, "republicans must be careful in that the democrats own the failed obamacare disaster. with its poor coverage and massive premium increases.
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like the 116% hike in arizona. also, deductibles are so high that it is practically useless. don't let that schumer clouds out of this web. massive increases of obamacare will take place this year, and dems are to blame for the mess. it will fall of its own weight. be careful." let's go back to nancy pelosi's comments, the only thing the republicans have going is alliteration. talking about repeal and replace. where is this going? >> jesse: it's funny that she says republicans have no plan. she was one that says you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it, first of all. i also like the phrase "schumer clouds," i think that might be the new cricket hillary, so i am looking forward to hearing more of that. obamacare has always been a joke, i say president-elect donald trump is now saying let's make sure the joke is now on not on a spread because untangling the same, i don't trust any washington politicians to to dt effectively, it has to be a smooth landing for employees, and it has to be immediate for
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employers. this thing is a mess, everybody knows it, the democrats created it. i think trumps warning everybody that you don't want to have the republican party out there with a hacksaw ready to amputate this thing, because you know the media is going to come out and interview every single person that is affected by this repeal. not like they did that at all when people lost their health care under president obama, you know, when the she was on the other foot, what the media is going to do. we do i mean the warnings coming from the democrats are dire. chuck schumer, says america is going to be sick again with a republican plan. to their point, 20 million people are affected. there is a lot at stake here. it's before you know what i'm sick of? the fact that is in this conversation there are really two things that we are talking about. one is kind of this messaging thing, it is very adversarial, very right versus left, democrat versus republican, and they are going to do what they do. but to jesse's point, and really what you just said, 20 million people that are going to be affected by what happens in
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washington. and that is part of the policy conversation and that is what is important. it's big, it's not located, i am one of the people that tends to think of this increased premium that makes it nearly impossible, i will be honest, that one of these peoples has every year, do i want to pay this ridiculously expensive premium, or do i want to pay the penalty? because that is just how bad it is. but it has to be fixed and it has to be done the right way. so i think when john mccain says he careful, be slow, it is not that he is afraid of doing something important and radical, it is an improvement to obamacare, but it must be done right and it is not going to be a quick fix, it has to be done in a very cautious and methodical way that includes important people at the table, not just political hacks house. >> sandra: and as donald trump is saying, he wants the democrats to own this is their failure. >> and president obama wants, is he just came out of the meeting moments ago, once his side to make the republicans on their part in this. in fact he says, don't save them, don't help them, just get the messaging out there that this sticks to them.
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i thought this was interesting. representative mark, day, republican in nevada, said this as he was walking out of the meeting. i walked out with a very real worry that republicans might make the same mistake as nancy palacios and harry reid, in doing it just behind closed doors. still flip that, senator schumer said republicans don't know what to do, they are like the dogs that caught the bus. so the rhetoric and all of this is really heating up. the american people though, kennedy, are waiting for a plan. >> kennedy: that is exactly what is going to happen, is the american people are the ones who are going to lose, and the insults may be florid and pretty, and i love the idea of schumer clowns, but in the end, what we are looking for is being homeless. because obamacare is like a house. and you have a choice as a home owner, do we tear this house down? it's got termites, it's got wood damage. it structurally unsound, or do we try to salvage what we have, because then we have to bring in a structural engineer and we have to reinforce the whole thing, which is going to be
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twice as expensive, and it's going to take twice as long. but if you just mow the whole thing down, and you have a good architect, then that way, if you've got a sound foundation, you can build something that is much better. i would argue that somebody like tom price is going to become health and human services secretary, and an orthopedic surgeon who has been a vocal critic of obamacare, and also i think one of the best analysts as to how to fix a lot. you get people like him. >> they are running out of time. trump is promising on day one to use executive orders to take some of this apart. >> in the meantime, the question has to be answered for this 20 million that didn't have any question before, to have some kind of coverage and whether it is medicaid or whenever, it is in the meantime question that kennedy brings up has to at least be addressed. >> jesse: any architect is better than the democrats architect, jonathan gruber, who says they passed the same because of the stupidity of the american people. just go back to what you are saying, harris, you have in a
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meeting with democrats with president obama, a lame-duck, i would love to be in that meeting, because these democrats lost everything because of obamacare. they lost the house, they lost the senate, they got smacked down, and now he is begging them to sit back and do nothing? >> you are so right, so the representative from new york said when she walked out of the meeting she realized that they don't even have anything to replace the law should it be right wiped away. democrats weren't given any plan, either, and it is their law. >> let's go back to some of the warnings, that you said, john mccain. coming from republicans. newt gingrich is angry public and have to be careful that they don't get blamed for taking away people's health coverage. john mccain saying he is always worried about some thing that takes a long time in the making, and we got to concentrate our efforts to make sure that we do it right and nobody is left out. >> a surprisingly high percentage of the people on obamacare, as it's known, are on medicaid. and that also means that bureaucratic bloated entity is
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too big and it is also collapsing under its own weight. >> jesse: too big to fail. >> kennedy: of medicaid were so great and the answer to everything, then that could be the stop gap until you have replacement legislation, and systems in place. >> that is an interesting idea. >> kennedy: that is one of the things that republicans had come up block grants medicaid to the states, and let the states and figure out how best to issue that money to the people who are living there, and also have health insurance accounts that you can sell across state lines. >> one thing that is happening for sure that is positive, they are looking at it. >> sandra: it is a showdown for sure, and before his comments today, senator chuck schumer giving his first speech as minority leader yesterday, and he didn't hold back, check this out. >> if you abandon change and simply embrace the shopworn, hard right, pro-corporate, pro-elite policies, diametrically opposed to the many campaign themes that help you win working-class votes and
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get you elected, your presidency will not succeed. we will hold your feet to the fire every time you abandon your pledge, and work instead as an ally of the hard right these issues are too important for mere words. our challenge is to entrenched for mere tweeting. making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. many americans are afraid, mr. president-elect, that instead of rolling up your sleeves and forging serious policies, for you, twitter, suffices. >> eboni: it was just such an indictment on twitter, and whether you like it or not, donald trump has actually done
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some pretty effective piling, clinically speaking, i don't mean that pejoratively, he's actually been quite effective in getting his point across. and the good thing about it that i like about twitter is that it's completely transparent, it is instant, and you don't have a middleman to mince words and reframe or repackage, for better or worse. so i really don't know why, in this kind of grand introduction of what schumer is going to be like as a minority leader, he spends all his time chastising the president-elect on the issue of twitter. >> president obama even said after donald trump was elected, we need to give him a chance. that doesn't sound like a leader of the democratic party, who is telling of a buddy hey, let's give him a chance. >> jesse: the democrats don't want to be the party of no, while president trump is making america great again, that is not a good look. lesser member what happened during the election. trump fractured the democratic party. if they continue to go left they are going to continue that fracture. they need to get on board. and i think schumer is just try
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to overplay his hand and send out the right signals to the donors into the base, but i think when they get behind closed doors with donald trump, he is a better negotiator. harry reid was a terrible negotiator. i think this guy can do deals, who cares when he comes out into the sunlight and bashes trump, that is just politics? >> by the way, chuck schumer very critical of something president obama did, israel, for example. >> absolutely, but this is such a game of politics. again, the bottom line is does anybody have a plan to move the country forward, no matter what we are talking about, particularly deal the affordable care act. >> what is the alternative to 140 characters? charles schumer standing up for the senate and spewing thousands of words? looking down, condescendingly, over his reading glasses, blathering on and on and on and not saying a thing? and all they have is this opposition messaging, and i know we are going to talk about that later in the show, but that is what people are sick. this is the exact dynamic that made people so nauseous that they took a much more extreme
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choice than they traditionally would have. and charles schumer is part of the reason that they are doing that. and he should be, jesse is absolutely right, he should be finding common ground. he was not only opposed to the u.n. vote, he was also opposed to the i run deal. and then this obama administration chastised him for that. >> he may be right, but you are still outnumbered. as we go to break, jesse numbers. the president-elect having his announcing his first formal news conference since being elected, did he wait too long quest mark and will members of the media come out swinging? and the president-elect also taking a swipe at intelligence officials over the briefing on russian hacking, or what he calls "so-called" hacking. after the show, join our "outnumbered overtime," or go to, or you can always tweak us, we look at them during the show, @outnumberedfnc. we will see you there. it's the phillips' lady!
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>> sandra: a little hump day sizzler, the first wednesday of the new year, the president-elect announced the date of his long-awaited first news conference since his november election victory, how did he do it? he hit the social media, tweeting yesterday, i will be
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having a general news conference on january 11th in nyc. thank you. the transition team then said that that could shift to the next day, january 12, we will keep you posted. you will recall president-elect posted talking about having one in december, but that event has been postponed. his normally, the president-elect normally holds a formal news conference just a few days after the election, and now the question is about the tone we might see between mr. trump and the media come january 11th or 12th or whatever it turns out being. so i'm a little confused by this. because some critics are saying, you are just going too fast or too slow with all this cabinet picks and anything else. and with the news conference, it's too soon. you can make every buddy happy. >> jesse: you can't win, and i think president obama gave the least amount of press conferences during his first term then both bushes and clinton. so didn't hilary go almost a year or two without giving a press conference. >> more than 270 days. >> jesse: are a member of the
9:19 am
questions that president obama used to get at his press conferences, how enchanted by are you by the white house? >> what did you do for family weekend? >> jesse: is in a just upsetting that people think you're a bad guy? so he is probably going to get daggers thrown at them next week, president-elect donald trump read it will be vicious, hopefully jorge ramos shows up and ask out and he gets booted like last time. it will be very entertaining, and i think the media will go wild, because i consider it a badge of honor when they get attacked by president-elect donald trump, so i think it will be very feisty. >> in our previous segment we are talking about all the tweets, and how we are hearing from the president-elect all the time. we are hearing from the president-elect all the time. >> is going to say, doesn't he essentially address every concern from the media with those tweets? whether it was israel or russia, he gets on the horn pretty fast, arguably too fast, and kellyanne conway, sean spicer, they have alluded that there will be differences to how this white house communicates,
9:20 am
whether at social media, facebook, in lieu of some of the daily press briefings. but, i don't know that there is any concern that we are not hearing from the president-elect enough. >> i'm not at all mad about this delay, unprecedented delay, of hearing from president trump in a press conference format, because really that's just a lot of pageantry to me and i can do without that. i'm not impressed by that. he's got a direct connect to the american people, you are exactly right. so since he's already figured out a way around that traditional way of communicative with the people, i'm good with that. >> i'm not good with that! i don't have a problem with twitter, i think twitter is fantastic. my monologue on my fox business show tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern is all about why twitter is so fantastic, mostly because it gets people like charles schumer, house republicans, and china, and such a bundle that they should just all go fight each other and stop spending money. i don't have a problem with twitter at all. the problem that i do have with only twitter is that it can be one-sided! >> well it is one-sided. >> kennedy: is a tool for
9:21 am
propaganda. i think it's important for the president to be challenged. do i trust every member of the media to ask objective questions? no, not at all, but hopefully there are still people out there who are educated and curious and who have the public's interest at heart, and they will challenge the president-elect. >> she looked at me lovingly when she said that, so i hope i'm in the second category. but i will say this, there are some questions to be asked. you are talking to your followers, so most of your tweets are one-sided, that is the whole point of talking to your followers. >> jesse: but when president obama gives a press conference, he can call on six people and speak for one hour and make no news. donald trump will call on 16 people and make tons more news than president obama. >> so do you think you should do an open twitter news conference forum perhaps? >> maybe could do a reddit ama. >> jesse: i don't even know what that means. >> that means ask me anything. >> jesse: i don't know you can do that on camera. >> it's not "the american medical association"? never mind, let's move on.
9:22 am
of the president-elect tweeted that the intelligence briefing on russia's hacking was delayed until friday, but officials reported lee said the briefing was always scheduled for that day. what exactly is going on with that? and with the new session of conference congress underway, mr. trump already seems to be influencing republican leaders. the tweets, the response, and what it all means about the relationship? are they getting along?
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9:27 am
meantime, cia director john brennan is urging patients. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the reports, have not yet been briefed on it, that they wait and see what it is that the intelligence community is putting forward before they make those judgments. >> someone's out of a job. intelligence officials reported lee say they briefing was always scheduled for friday. so, jesse, what do you take from all this, because it definitely seems politically motivated, but has our intelligence apparatus been so compromised by politics that they are no longer capable of doing their job? >> i don't think trump trusts obama's intelligence team, and remember john brennan wouldn't even say islamic terrorism. and they have used and abused agencies under this president to target people don't like, the irs, they spied on james rosen, and james rising bread and so there is a lot of abuse in the system, and so they are saying if hillary can rig the primary
9:28 am
against bernie, is obama rigging the transition against me? let's get a fresh set of guys, my guys, and there and will make a different assessment. >> if you are saying it's okay to be skeptical of the intelligence coming out of obam obama's intelligence teams, is that okay to make it public? >> jesse: i think trump makes everything public, and obama sure made what he's been doing public, so i think it's tit for tat. >> language. >> i have to ask you about that very thing, what are we entitled to know? i think we are strong enough as a country to learn exactly what russia is doing, is there enough of a case there, or are they hiding something? >> he's the president-elect, the moment that he says knows something that they don't and that we don't, don't you think that should be disclosed? >> jesse: maybe he will discuss it at his press conference next week. >> that's fine, but i will leave you without thought. secondly, i think it's totally okay for him to be skeptical in the way that he's meeting with all of these intelligence heads and saying, do you agree with
9:29 am
each other's assessment? because that is what he is doing. >> jesse: we do know what happened, what happened was john podesta gave his password to a hacker, and guess what his password was? "password." that's a true story. >> let's not forget, here, that the fbi and cia have very different versions of some of these issues. >> i don't think that's necessarily something that breaks news. i would imagine that intel agencies and how they gather things with different parameters, sometimes they may come up with different stories. >> yes, but if your conclusion as they hacked the election, therefore they change the outcome of the election, that is something you have to get together on. >> that is politics. because i haven't seen anybody say a+ a equals something, while they wouldn't, they would say two plus two. nobody is saying that would be five. but that is the politics getting in. so senator lindsey graham was talking tough this morning and he said that he hopes on friday that the president-elect comes to the same conclusion that he and others have, and that is that russia actually did hack
9:30 am
us. he didn't give the parameters of why they would've other than they hate us. like it didn't have anything to do with one person winning the election over the other. but his hope is that we will then look at that and try to keep it from happening again. when you make your password "password," it gets hard to protect you. >> jesse: why is it a hack if you give someone your password? that is not a hack, that means you got duped. podesta is not very intelligent. >> a cause of the acronym cya. >> that is an intelligence failure. >> i will say this. i am with sandra and jesse on the five that i don't think president-elect trump has to blindly trust intelligence agencies period. but i do think, i have a personal problem with, though, when you undermine and you have such suspicion before you've seen the report, that i really don't feel like i'm going to hear anything from president trump even after he sees the reports that's going to be any different. so i guess my question is, is president-elect trump going into this with a real open mind? is there anything that he can be presented with that is going to change this for him?
9:31 am
and that is what i already have questions about because of the public way in which he talked about it. >> you also have to be careful here because you can't assume that, because perhaps there were other comp countries, perhaps there were other groups of hackers that were hacking us, maybe it wasn't only russia. >> can i jump in with this customer this is just outcome of the intel committee ranking member, just put out a statement saying president-elect trump should avail himself of the world's finest intelligence resources. the very last line of this is the most important one. he says, where he belittles the reputation of the brave and hard-working professionals in the intelligence committee he impairs our national security and the prospects for success of his administration. >> jesse: he's never trump, let's remove that. >> he's a democrat from california, but i'm sorry, he's being hysterical and political and just trying to recategorize something. >> senator graham said today something very similar to that. he said he is choosing to
9:32 am
believe in the people who took the oath to abide by the constitution, those patriots who gathered that intelligence. >> that's fine, but what other intelligences there? what do we know about north korea and china? >> are there other republicans who are like him and what will that blowback be? >> they are politically motivated. lindsey graham has always hated russia. again, this is a type of confirmation bias where he is looking for another reason to reaffirm what he already believes. >> it might be politically motivated, kennedy, but i have to say this, there were so many political casualties in this election bred the state department, the intelligence agencies, and the fbi. if we are to turn the page going into 2017, that is my hope for the new year, that our very important government agencies that lost tremendous credibility in the selection can be on track to regain it. >> you know what i love about this customer you are obviously a woman of prayer. >> i am. >> that is what is going to take, and i love it when we are all talking over each other and jesse just sits there. >> jesse: on the quiet,
9:33 am
reasonable one. >> president-elect donald trump is taking to twitter to crack the whip on congress. and republicans in congress. specifically, house republicans, over planned changes to the office of congressional ethics. this is breaking news as we came to you yesterday, so we will move the chapter along. here's what he tweeted that broke this wide open. "with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independence ethics watchdog, as unfair as it may be, the number one act and priority? focus on tax reform, health care, and so many other things out far greater importance." those tweets went out around 10:00 a.m. yesterday, and then at noon eastern right here on "outnumbered," you side. the lawmakers scuttled and said we are pulling the plan, prompting questions to lawmakers whether mr. trump's pressure was a reason why. watch. >> was at donald trump's tweet, and what role do those play mike >> i don't know that it played any role in my decision. but maybe in some others.
9:34 am
>> the president-elect is criticizing this move, does that play any role in the decision today? >> yes, it animated the press. >> wow, they just threw us under the bus. how minority leader pelosi was quick to pounce with a statement, reading in part, once again the american people have seen the task sick dysfunction of a republican house that will do anything to further their special interest agenda, thwarts transparency, and undermine the public trust." >> jesse: so trump comes out and promises to drain the swamp, and the first thing on day one, republicans get caught sticking their fingers to plug that swamp during out. it is totally pathetic and just shows you how shady the instincts are of house republicans. and they got called out on it, and good for them. he impairs them. it shows trump's bold leadership, that is kind of above party, and i like it when president of either party buck their own party, because it makes things unprintable, and that is what is fun about washington, when people go against each other, because the
9:35 am
rest of the time it is so boring. >> then i was reminded yesterday that that is not exactly what he said. and i had to go back and look. he was taking issue with the timing. in that it shouldn't be the first priority. >> you don't know, you don't know. but he didn't directly address the timing and the wording of it. he said let's get to tax reform, health care, more important things to do, basically is what he is saying. >> but once again, guess how he pushed republicans on this? twitter. it seemed to be effective. >> nancy pelosi can't have it both ways. she can't be upset at republicans for wanting to tinker with this oversight, this ethical oversight -- >> you know you want to do an impersonation right now. >> [as nancy pelosi] you have to have ethics, that's what we have to say, you have to have ethics. and the giants and madison baumgartner. >> she can't be mad at donald trump for smacking paul ryan with his own gavel.
9:36 am
>> this is the exact type of effectiveness i'm talking about from trump saying, you don't need a press conference, you don't need all this hoopla, you just lay it right down the center and really he called it out. you are right, he totally kind of embarrassed his own here, and in a good way. whether it's because he doesn't want this at all or he's got issue with the timing or the priority of it, regardless, the point was taken, and the adjustment was made, and that is the part i appreciate. >> i love the fact that the one lawmaker said he had, but it's the media's fault. >> we move on. the list of companies keeping jobs in america keeps growing, whether president-elect donald trump is turning out to be a job creator in chief before even taking office, or is he patting himself on the back much too soon? we will talk about it. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> president-elect donald trump may be proving to be quite the job creator, and he hasn't even taken office yet. first he took aim at gm, tweet incorporated "general motors is sending mexican-made model of chevy cruze to u.s. cartilage tax-free cross-border." gm pushed back saying they build those cars for global markets, and there is no demand for them there. but then, ford announced it will cancel a $1.6 billion plant planned for mexico, and will instead invest in the michigan assembly plant, creating 700 jobs. mr. trump tweeting, "thank you to ford for scrapping a new plant in mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the u.s. this is just the beginning." ford ceo mark fields calling the decision a vote of confidence in the president-elect policy. >> we are also encouraged by the
9:42 am
pro-growth policies that president-elect trump and the new congress have indicated that they will pursue. and we believe that these tax and regulatory reforms are critically important to boost u.s. competitiveness. >> the announcement from ford follows mr. trump taking credit for keeping thousands of jobs, you will remember, at sprint and carrier, by the way, and keeping those carrier jobs from moving down to mexico. critics saying the president-elect is exaggerating his numbers and a job keeping skills, claiming plans to retain these jobs had been in the works for some time. it's unbelievable when this news comes out how everyone picks it apart. wait, they were going to do this to begin with, or is this really a result of donald trump getting elected president? >> jesse: nobody wants to give trump any credit. i think i heard josh earnest, white house spokesman the other day, say oh, president obama he has created 900,000 manufacturing jobs.
9:43 am
that's not true, he has actually lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs since he's been president. so if you want to play that saved or created game, i think trump might already be ahead. listen, he has the bully pulpit, and he's a keen negotiator, and he has that pro-growth policy agenda behind him bread when you combine all of those things, that is really keeping these jobs here. president obama might have tried that, but he didn't have the pro-growth policies in place to convince the ceos to keep jobs in america. something it's great. >> in the case of ford, the ceo is on with neil cavuto yesterday saying this was a demand story, we weren't seeing the demand for the small cars. so everybody saying this isn't because trump. what is it? >> that might be, i think he is really smart to pull that out there, and crafted steel in a way that donald trump immediately tweets about it, because that is the first thing i thought for the president-elect actually put it out there on social media is, he's going to give ford a big bump right now. believe it or not, that can have affect on the stock price, but also perception when people go
9:44 am
buy a car and they say oh, i just heard that ford is going to keep their plant going in michigan. fantastic, let's go buy a focus. that's good, but also if you listen to what he said, he talks a lot about the regulations and the business environment in this country, being optimistic, reaching out, saying if you are friendlier to big companies, we will stay here, and that is the ultimate message that ford is putting across to this president-elect. >> could you fit the snowboards and the skis? >> you've got to get a rack on top or a box. >> let me tell you, kennedy is gifted at packing. you are gifted. >> general motors is out there, you have other carmakers out there who will be watching this, they are having their own issues. i wonder if this sort of thing will be contagious. i did read that ford saved a big pot of cash by building a plant in michigan versus mexico. like it was going to be over $1.6 billion in one, and then about 750 million in the other. where the numbers that i saw, i'm not sure on the my own.
9:45 am
>> jesse: it's not only good policy, it's also good politics, because a lot of these manufacturing plants are in these rust belt states that trump won, so if you can keep creating these manufacturing jobs in michigan and pennsylvania and ohio, first-term become second term, democrats are terrified. >> by the way, 700 people, that is families. extrapolate that outcome of those are a lot of lives. that's a good start, right? >> that is the bottom line here, whether trump should be credited, whether it was going to happen anyway, for me that is really moot. what is important to me is at the jobs are staying in america wins. and i don't want to credit this quote, because it's always miss credited, but amazing thing happens when you don't care who gets credit for them. and i understand the political ramifications and those are not lost on me, but again, for me, that trump tweets it out is good, because it can be contagious and it can really kind of shift and motivate us all to kind of think in this pro-american, pro-growth spirit, and that is a good thing.
9:46 am
>> you can't deny what the stock market has done in the confidence that we have seen in his proposals to rollback regulations and cut taxes. president-elect trump may be democratically elected, but hollywood celebrities just can't seem to get over it. in a new video message to congress featuring 20 stars, including rosie perez, they continue to bash the president-elect. is it time to move on? we will debate. >> the majority of americans, regardless of who they voted for -- >> did not vote for racism -- >> for sexism or for zeno phobia. >> and yet donald trump won. >> you represent us in congress. >> you are over last line of defense. picking up for kyle.
9:47 am
here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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>> we are making more "outnumbered" than just a moment, for now let's go to jon scott with what is coming up on the second hour of "happening now." >> because we are going to be making "happening now," harris, in our next tower. device president-elect mike pence going after obamacare is republicans on capitol hill prepared to dismantle president obama's signature legislative achievement. the president, holding meeting with democrats, as they try to save his affordable care act. we have the fireworks and some new details. also, another northeast train crash to tell you about, more than 100 people injured, a lab report on that ahead on "happening now." because we will see you then,
9:51 am
thanks. >> hollywood just can't quit talking trump. celebrities including sally field, rosie perez, and steve bush ma, releasing a video message to congress demanding that they take a stand against the president-elect. >> here's what we demand. >> to the extent that trump pursues racist -- >> sexist, anti-immigrant -- >> antiworker, anti-somatic >> anti-environmental policies. >> we demand that you vigorously oppose him. >> we won't remain silent. >> we will work harder to mobilize a vote. >> and our communities. >> but we need you and we expect you to have our back. >> to protect your civil liberties -- >> and to use or congressional powers -- >> to obstruct. >> obstruct. >> defeat. >> anything. >> anything that violets are core values as diverse americans. >> but they aren't the only ones i just can't seem to move on, celebrity shaft anthony board a and crediting smug liberals like
9:52 am
himself, he says, for trump's rise in a recent interviews. part of his, reading, "the utter contempt with which privileged eastern liberals such as myself discuss red state, gun country, working-class americans, as ridiculous, and morons, and rude, is largely responsible for the up swell of rage and contempt and desire to pull down the temple that we are seeing now." how about that? >> vigorously taking notes. >> jesse: listen, i can't say anything about rosie perez, because i used to have a huge crush on her in "white men can't jump." all the other actors and actresses are out of it. they are talking about trump is this bad guy prayed i don't think hollywood is as paragon of virtue. weren't they just criticized for shutting out black nominees? i think all of them have the legal masks second day laborers watering their lawns every day. half the time they are getting caught smacking their wives around during some drug or scandal. >> and they are not outraged about any of that.
9:53 am
>> jesse: but trump says one main thing and he is like the worst person in the world. i don't think these endorsements really matter anymore. i think jon bon jovi and katy perry, those days are over. jay-z. beyonce. they put skin in the game last time in philly on the eve of the election and they got smoked. all of these other celebrities are little older so their brand is a really hanging in the balance as much anymore. >> everybody! >> i will say this, not only do they not only matter, but they have the opposite effect. not only do they turn off a majority of voters who are like, yeah, i get it, you don't speak for me, you live in a bubble. and, by the way, hollywood has not done a great job of employing women. they are actually worse at employing women especially in top executive posts, then hillary clinton was at pay parity in her senate office. >> talk about anthony bourdain making that point, saying it is actually this liberal elite, east coast echo chamber that is responsible for.
9:54 am
>> he's honest and transparent, that has to be refreshing i would imagine. >> he doesn't call it a mischaracterization, though. >> he just admitted to it. >> i sighed as an admission not only for himself, but just, this is why half the country need to be heard. it's the thing that the democrats are not doing right now. they are not looking introspectively. i would say that if i were one of those actors, and i don't want to hit them on the age belt, but since you opened the door, i'm going to walk through it. if that is the last thing that people saw you do was this psa, how does that play for you when you go for a reading? >> let me ask you this, bruce springsteen actually did a radio interview, and he had quite a bit to say, let's take a look. >> i felt disgusted for it. but never the kind of fear that you feel now. it's as simple as the fear of, is somebody simply competent enough to do this particular job? forget about where they are
9:55 am
ideologically. do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility? >> sandra, he talks up about it not being about ideology, at least at that point, it's about competence. >> and his fear read give us an example, what is it that he feared so much? i have a hard time taking this seriously. look, bruce springsteen is an amazing musician, he has had an amazing career. but i listen to that, and i don't know. it turns you off a little bit. >> jesse: i think they fear trump's success, because in there on the opposite side of the ball. talk about trump being incompetent, hillary was pretty incompetent during the last election. she had all the money in the world and every thing going for her, and her campaign blew it. >> i think there is fear of it, i don't know if it so much about trumps success, maybe a little bit, but i think it's mostly about relevancy. they no longer have someday in the white house, and you know that the obama's are throwing
9:56 am
their failure farewell party at the white house, they don't have somebody who is going to be inviting them to come and play. >> we will see what happens. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. life can feel like a never ending search for food that won't cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil. introducing pronourish. a delicious nutritional drink that makes a great mini meal or snack that has protein and fiber.
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and pronourish has no gluten or high fructose corn syrup. and is low in fodmap ingredients that can trigger digestive sensitivities. the search is over. new pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about.
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>> what exactly would make jesse watters cry like a little girl? [laughter] >> it is a teaser for the ages. >> here to talk about it in a
10:00 am
couple seconds. >> tune into what do you call it? >> 's b-29 overtime, and you will be with us. fox and click on the overtime tab. are you screaming now? >> jenna: fox news alert as a top democratic lawmaker just wrapped up a meeting with rex tillerson. >> jon: mr. tiller's and the former ceo of exxonmobil announced he has cut financial ties with that company. we are covering all the news "happening now." >> it was off the tracks, yes, in the air. >> you had to jump down to the platform to get off the train. >> jon: mayhem on the morning rush, a new york city train derailment injures more than 100 people. now investigators try to figure out what went wrong. plus, as president-elect trump prepares to take office, we will ta


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