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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 16, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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twitter@howard kurtz. we'll be back after the inauguration. we'll see you sunday >> back here next week. >> see you then. "fox report" up next. harris: this is the week the inauguration of donald trump as the 45th of the united states, what will a president trump have? we have the answer from an interview made public, watch. president-elect donald trump detailed the first executive orders he will sign once in the white house. he told the times of london they'll focus on strengthening our nation's borders and could include what he calls extreme vetting for those entering america for parts of the world known for islamist terrorism. >> people don't want to have other people coming in and destroying their country. and you know, in this country,
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we're going to go strong borders from the day i get in. one of the first orders i'm going to sign, day one. harris: also developing at this hour, congress is considering to prepare more of mr. trump's cabinet nominees, confirmation hearings tuesday for betsy devs on and interior secretary ryan zinke and former texas governor rick perry. team trump is facing more questions how to deal with recent russian aggression and whether a president trump would repeal new sanctions against moscow. he's vice president-elect mike pence today on fox news sunday. >> i think the president-elect made it very clear that we have a terrible relationship with russia right now. and that's not all our own doing but a failure of american diplomacy in successive administrations and what the president-elect is determined to do is to explore the possibility of better relations.
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harris: a lot to get to. team fox coverage, rob schmitt, kristen fisher are standing by. peter doocy live at trump tower in new york city, and peter, president-elect donald trump is talking about russia and future relations. >> reporter: he is, harris, and mr. trump says that if u.s. sanctions are lifted, he may be ready to make a nuclear arms reduction deal with russia, and that's not all. he also says it may be time to trust putin, even though he thinks intervention in syria is terrible. that goes further than the press conference a few days ago where mr. trump emphasized he may get along with putin, he may not, but sees good relationship with russia as asset as opposed to liability, harris? harris: what is the latest reaction from the trump team to representative john lewis saying he thinks mr. trump is not a legitimate president? >> reporter: it's disappointment, harris, the top transition officials we heard from today all acknowledge the
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work that congressman lewis did during the civil rights movement and wished he use his platform more carefully. >> we need folks like john lewis and others who, i think, have been champions of border rights, actually recognize the fact that donald trump was dually elected, he's going to put his hand on the bible in five days, and i think it's incredibly disappointing and i think it's irresponsible for people like himself to question the legitimacy of the next united states president. >> reporter: the president-elect had just been going after democratic congressman lewis, but today he broadened out his attack to include all democrats, he said this on twitter, the democrats are so angry that so many obama democrats voted for me, with all of the jobs i'm bringing back to our nation, that number will only get higher. car companies and others, if they want to do business in our country, have to start making
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things here again when the president-elect also promised he thinks hatred will soon disappear. harris? harris: peter doocy, thank you. the outgoing head of our nation's top spy agency with a word of warning for the president-elect. cia director john brennan says mr. trump lacks a full understanding how big a threat russia poses to the nation. >> i don't think he has a full and appreciation of russian capabilities, russians' intentions, i very much hope our relationship improves in the coming administration, absolutely. there are very important things we need to, do not just counterterrorism but deal with political instability around the globe, but there is a fair amount of instability to change their behaviors, change their actions. harris: kristin fisher is live with the news. kristin, what advice did john brennan give to the president-elect, exactly? >> the crux of the message was think before you talk and tweet. mr. trump needs to recognize words matter, they can
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significantly impact national security and our diplomatic relations with nations all over the world. >> what i think mr. trump has to understand is that this is more than being about him. it's about the united states and the national security, and he has to make sure that now that he's going to have the opportunity to do something for national security as opposed to talking and tweeting, he's going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that u.s. national security interests are protected and are advanced. >> reporter: as for russia, brennan believes the president-elect lacks a full understanding of the threat that russia poses to the united states. that threat, he says, is the reason the intelligence community felt compelled to notify mr. trump about that now infamous dossier, after it came out, mr. trump tweeted that, quote, intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to leak into the public. one last shot at me. are we living in nazi germany? that statement equating the u.s. intelligence community
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with nazi germany is something brennan took great umbrage at, even calling it outrageous. harris: the conversation about the dossier came up with the vice president-elect mike fence who was also on fox news sunday. >> he was on fox news sunday. what he said about the leak of the dossier is called it an act of responsibility for the news organizations to put the unsubstantiated news out there. he was asked by mike flynn, making contact with the russian ambassador to the u.s. on the same day that the new sanctions were announced by the obama administration. mr. pence called the timing strictly coincidental, as for any other members of trump's inner circle making contact with the kremlin during the campaign, mr. pence said flat-out that that did not happen. >> of course not. why would there be any contacts between the campaign? chris, the -- this is all a distraction, and it's all a
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part of a narrative to delegitimize the election and the question the legitimacy of the presidency. the american people see right through it. >> reporter: a senate panel is set to investigate if anyone involved with the trump campaign had contact with russia. harris? harris: thank you very much, good to see you. for more on all of this, you can tune into fox news sunday tonight. chris wallace talks with vice president-elect mike pence as you saw. sat down for exclusive interview with cia director john brennan which we showed you a touch of. all of it reairs at 10:00 p.m., you can watch it in entirety. democratic leaders speaking at rallies across america. what they call a national day of action. some democrats are looking to galvanize supporters of the party as it enters a new phase of opposition, rob schmitt has more from the new york city newsroom. looks like senator bernie sanders is able to draw an impressive crowd. big numbers we saw from him? >> reporter: rough 2016 but he is fighting, democrats in
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congress calling supporters to rally to make voices heard and a massive crowd showed up for bernie in michigan. the goal, to show the president-elect that millions stand against republican desired overhauls to entitlement programs, as well as trump's plans to repeal and replace obamacare which democrats say will leave millions uninsured. senator sanders said there are 70 different events today, some attended by high-ranking politicians. senator chuck schumer was with sanders outside the detroit rally that attracted thousands to see the high-profile duo speak. nancy pelosi attending a big event in northern california today. other rallies like this one in pennsylvania hosted by less-known members of congress who drew smaller crowds, harris? harris: this took us by surprise, for me, i was. bernie sanders then seemed to
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hint he might be comfortable, depending what it would look like with the replacement of obamacare. what was he talking about? >> reporter: he softened a bit, at the rally in michigan bernie said democrats will not allow donald trump to lay a finger on medicare, medicaid or social security but stance was softer on obamacare. essentially admitting that the affordable care act does need work but it can't be repealed without a viable replacement that does not leave americans uninsured. >> some people like it, some people don't like it, but very few americans believe that we should repeal the affordable care act without a replacement program to make it better! [cheers] no, we are saying to our republican colleagues, we will not allow you to throw up to 30
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million americans off of health insurance. >> reporter: showing flexibility there, president-elect trump wants to repeal and replace obamacare with a better plan almost simultaneously. many in his own party say it's necessary to save them from bankruptcy. democrats say today was all about making sure mr. trump keeps those campaign promises. harris? harris: interesting on obamacare senator sanders can't argue with the double and triple digit rate hikes for people in their health insurance across the country. hard to argue with that. the better plan, he agrees with that. rob, good to see you, thank you. right now a reverend who marched alongside congressman john lewis in the civil rights era is urging protesters, including mr. lewis, of the incoming president, put aside their anger and take a second look at president-elect donald trump. in the "fox report" interview, i'll ask him why, and who's
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. harris: as we reported, during "fox report" this hour, congressman and civil rights icon john lewis questions the legitimacy of president-elect donald trump. according to my next guest, the congressman and other black lawmakers should be encouraging constituents to give the president-elect a chance. joining me is reverend william owens for tonight's "fox report" interview, and he's the founder and president of the coalition of african-american pastors. sir, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to start with the news of the day about the lewis being a prominent member of congress, saying that he will not attend the inauguration this week. you disagree with the posturing by mr. lewis, why?
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>> absolutely disagree. i marched with mr. lewis in nashville, tennessee. we all marched together, we fought together, but mr. lewis is on the wrong side of history. mr. trump was elected legally. he is the president of the united states, the president-elect, and i think what they're looking at is a way to find out why hillary was not elected. she was not elected not because what the russians did. she was not elected because of what she said. one great thing mrs. clinton said was we had to change our religious beliefs. we're not going to change our religious beliefs for a political party, not a leader. and that was a grave mistake, and millions of people heard her loud and clear. she overreached what mr. obama started, she was going to finish, but she did not know that there were millions of
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people, christians, blacks, who voted against her, voted for trump because of that. she cannot tell us about our religious beliefs. she does not have that right. harris: you know, i'm listening to you and i know that you were at the national press club yesterday in washington, d.c., and you said some of what you just said now, but it was an announcement that you wanted to make, and you wanted particularly black lawmakers like mr. lewis and others who are saying they will not attend the inauguration on friday, and clergymen and women in black churches across america to hear a single message. what is it? >> the single message is we should respect the law. give mr. trump a chance. if blacks in america have problems, you can't look to mr. trump because of those problems. look at the prior administrations. i was shocked last december when i learned that president johnson started the war on
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poverty to get blacks to be dependent on the government. i didn't know it. he was one of my heroes. i -- i praised him for what he did about the voting rights act and all of the things but i was speaking to a historian and i say, you know, mr. johnson had good intentions but he had unexpected consequences. he said, bill, you have it all wrong. mr. johnson intended to do what he did and gave me the research. when i researched and found that he did that to give black women on welfare, they had 100,000 federal workers throughout the country to get black women on welfare and get the father out of the home, it destroyed the black community, and i don't like it because my community has been destroyed because of votes, and the same thing is still going on. during that time, i said we could just get a black mayor. if we could get a black congressman, things would be better.
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we have more black politicians now than you can think of. look at our conditions today. look at education. look at our young people. look at our prisoners. why? harris: what is the answer? i hear you saying this, and look at baltimore as an example when you talk about the black leaders and how many african-americans have held office and been there and then we have the riot situation in baltimore and things falling apart with the police department there. so i understand your argument. but what is the answer moving forward? >> i think i can tell you some of the answer. i can tell you what i did. i don't mean to brag. but in four years, i put 400 students at a major university in this country. students that otherwise could not have gone to college and we called it give me a chance ministry, and that was the reason mr. trump said give me a chance resonated with me so. we put the 400 students in
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college, and had a 75% graduation rate, and 90% of them would not been able to go to any college. we gave them hope, and the university gave them a chance. harris: what is the response from leaders in the black community? have you talked with congressman lewis? what is the response? >> no, i have not talked with congressman lewis. i would love to. >> reverend al sharpton? >> my pr person just the other day reached out to reverend sharpton and asked if we could have dialogue. i respect him very much, i respect his views and want him to respect my views. i think we should dialogue. much is at stake in the black community. too much at stake for us to play with the lives of our children. the born and the unborn. there is too much at stake for us to pimp the community, and i want dyeing dialogue with mr. lewis, mr. sharpton and
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other black leaders, i'll show you my facts and you show me yours. harris: that's a strong word what some are doing with constituents. no doubt you saw the thousands marching anti-trump along reverend sharpton. quick last thought? >> my last thought is people will follow. they want something to do. i know people that lean to a certain party and can't tell me why. i said why do you stand for the party. what are the facts? they don't know. they listen to leaders and i hold mr. lewis and reverend sharpton to high standards. a high responsibility to be responsible for the things that you say and do in this society because people will follow you. harris: have you met mr. trump? >> oh, yes, three times. harris: all right, so you have talked with him. sir, i appreciate your time tonight. i saw on social media, a hot fire when i put out you were going to be on the program. you have a lot of people
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watching and listening to your leadership tonight. we appreciate you coming on. reverend owens, thank you. >> thank you. harris: stand-ins wore the name tags reading donald trump and
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. harris: capitol hill in all-out preparation mode today. crews conducted full rehearsal for the inauguration of president-elect trump. stand-ins wore name tags of the people they were representing. caroline shively has more. >> in five days this town will be half party, half protest. take a look at the party part. they wrapped up practice session. this is where mr. trump will take oath of office. stand-ins have been practicing movements from walking down the steps to flatbed trucks rolling
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in the parade. official scene is uniquely american, celebrating the peaceful transfer of power between administration. president ronald reagan said in his address in 1981, quote, in the eyes of many in the world, this every four year ceremony we accept as normal is nothing less than a miracle. securitywise police have 3,000 extra officers and 5,000 national guard troops here. secret service agents prepping at training facility in maryland that includes a mock-up of the parade route. everything from mr. and mrs. trump spraining an ankle to mortar attack. more than 700,000 people are expected in d.c. this weekend, including protesters. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. harris: that's kind of cool, right? secretary of state john kerry only has a few days left in his job, and now he's offering some advice for president-elect trump. what is he telling the next commander in chief about our next steps on the war in syria? we'll get into it.
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the syrian war one of many foreign policy challenges facing mr. trump, also russia, china, north korea, the list a long one at this point. coming up, a look at what the president will inherit on friday.
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. harris: what kind of a world will president-elect trump inherit at noon on friday? overseas mr. trump's immediate challenges include new threats from russia, an increasing tensions with china. here at home he will be greeted by america which after eight years resembles a center right nation with a republican congress and a supreme court vacancy that will likely go to a conservative justice. joining me now are evan zig freed author of gop gps, and doug schoen, former adviser to president bill clinton and fox news contributor and long time report or "fox news sunday". gentlemen, great to have you. >> great to be here. harris: we were here at the beginning of the year, and it was kind of spicy! >> absolutely. harris: let's start with here at home and what things look like. just looking back on day one,
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president obama had several confirmations -- what am i trying to say? cabinet confirmations of nominees, same with george bush, what are we expecting this week? >> a lot of confirmations right when president trump takes office. harris: friday? >> we're going to see jeff sessions put in there, that might be the following week, i think democrats want to fund rays off of that. james mattis will be instantaneous, mike pompeo will be instantaneous, betsy devos as well, we'll need cabinet leaders immediately. harris: there is a new times of london reporter we were getting pictures and video coming from that, and lots of information now from that, the executive orders that mr. trump wants to carry out he's talking in detail. they will be signed monday to strengthen america's borders which could include travel restrictions including extreme
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vetting for those entering from parts known for extreme terrorism. your thoughts. >> area with islamist terror, he promised he said he would do it, and most americans think there is substantial logic behind it. to do more tight scrutiny of our allies in western europe when we're trying to keep the nato alliance together. stand together against russia and china, striking me as an injudicious idea and temperate idea not to discuss with his own cabinet after confirmation. harris: so you're concerned that maybe the nation might benefit from hearing some of the conversations too, and this would go around that? >> i think that's right, and it's a much more controversial idea. harris: all right, couple of more things out of the times of london interview. mr. trump believes angela merkel of germany made a catastrophic mistake when she
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led more than one million migrants into germany, adding the eu, the european union is a vehicle for germany. he will start off by trusting mr. merkel and mr. putin of russia, but that that might not last long. is that mutually exclusive to trust merkel and putin? >> i think the two are separate from one another. harris: okay. >> angela merkel did make a mistake with the refugee problem. the rash of sexual assaults throughout germany and now seeing terror rearing its ugly head, especially just before christmas at the christmas market. i would like to see president-elect trump and most americans would like to see him come out harder against putin. russia made it legal for certain cases of domestic violence, that's not an american value, and donald trump should say that's not right but i'm willing to work with you. >> i'm frankly more worried what vladimir putin is doing overseas, both funding far-right and far-left parties in europe, trying to divide nato.
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threaten the balkans, clearly continuing -- harris: that's not new for russia. they've done this in history, gotten involved in certain elections. >> right, that's why i hope donald trump changes his position on russia quickly and sees what's going on which is very, very dangerous and threatening to the united states. harris: talk quickly about obamacare and the idea of repeal and replace. mr. trump said he would do it on the same day. do we have a little of senator rand paul? let's watch. that he has different ideas but seemingly come on board, let's watch. >> we've had six years to complain, we've complained, i'm one complaining about obamacare, replacement should be the same day. we're going to legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance, that means getting rid of obamacare mandates on what you can buy. we're going to help people save through health savings accounts as well as a tax credit, and one of the things we need to talk more about, this is the third part of the replacement bill is allow individuals to come together in associations
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to buy insurance. harris: all right, so you know, rand paul, actually voted with democrats a couple of weeks ago when they were looking at the initial steps to get to repeal within -- among the republicans, it was interesting to see him then change gears here seemingly, or is he not? >> i think rand paul is very concerned about how we repeal and replace obamacare. harris: so is the president-elect. >> yes. but he's putting out a vision and messaging that many democrats could get behind. harris: no? >> let me tell you why. when he says we're going to get rid of the individual mandate, that potentially leaves 20 million people without health care. i'm all for fixing obamacare even repealing, but if 20 million people are going to be put at risk where we have no idea of the cost implications of that, harris, i'm worried and nervous. >> doug, the problem is when you have obamacare as it is.
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premiums going up and sky high deductibles. >> don't disagree with that. >> two of the people -- they don't get health care. in 2016, we actually saw the life expectancy of americans drop for the first time in decades. >> i get it. >> when you have rand paul making a case that democrats here and it's not we're going to take away health care and grandma is going to be kicked to the curb. >> health care could go away for up to 20 million people and the insurance companies who will be part of the competitive market could well end up being out of those markets again putting people at risk. harris: before we go around and around in circles on this, i want to make a couple of things very clear here. the republicans are now in the same position that the democrats. >> were right. harris: they have bicameral and the white house. bicameral leadership, they run both houses of congress. really, they can do this. they can get this done. >> right. harris: how important is it to get democrats on board? were there lessons learned from the obama administration about going it alone? >> absolutely. republicans need to work with democrats to show they're
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putting country above party. if we can go out and say -- harris: even though this is what trump did campaign on. he's got to get this done. >> yes here, can get it done and convince democrats. we live in -- harris: you think he can? >> not this democrat. i don't see it. >> predominantly liberal, every doctor says they hate obamacare. >> doctors don't like obamacare. the vast mass of democrats want a bill that is cost effective, covers 20 million people. doesn't blow a hole in the deficit. harris: can i ask you a question? why didn't they do it? >> because they failed, and you know what, harris in the election results reflect that failure. harris: all right, are democrats going to spend all capital being a party of no or figure out areas where they can agree on obamacare? >> again, this democrat would cooperate with the president on obamacare. harris: which is why evan is saying for coffee later, decaf. >> and my dinner. harris: wow, you eat late. >> we do. harris: quickly, i want to talk
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about this, you saw reverend owens of tennessee on and talked strongly about democratic policies that failed blacks and other people of color in this country for decades. i brought up the example of baltimore, it's a fair one. we can talk about other cities if you'd like. but i want to come back to something that our team has just put together. and this is the growing list. now 22 people in congress of color who are not attending the inauguration. >> i see this as very sad. i think all americans should participate particularly members of congress. there's a but. with president-elect trump, in my judgment, injudiciously attackingly authentic hero as close to a saint as we have in this country politically, john lewis, i just feel that -- harris: thanks for cleaning that up, i didn't think he was clergy. >> no, but he's been very close to the church. when i was working the civil rights movement. harris: sure. church being the cornerstone of
1:39 am
the black community for decades. >> i saw him working with it and saw how african-americans and whites of conscience and commitment related to him, and it was an almost like -- >> my friend doug, have you john lewis and it's the absolute fact he was a hero of the civil rights movement. and also a fact he's absolutely wrong for claiming that president-elect trump is illegitimate. >> i agree with that. >> democrats are losing their darned minds and we can't have that. harris: and i stand corrected, the producer just said in my ear, at least 22 congressional members are including people of color but many others are signing on. and to your point, the back and forth, though, that went on, so you've got congressman john lewis saying this president and his presidency not legitimate, he points to the russians, he can point to whatever he wants to with regard to that. that's what he says. and donald trump going full bore on twitter, and even some republicans saying that's not how you deal with it either. congressman from michigan, if
1:40 am
we've got his tweet in response to donald trump going after congressman lewis. one second, can we pop that up on the screen? congressman john lewis should finally -- this was donald trump's tweet, should focus on the burning and crime infested inner cities of the u.s., i can use all the help i can get and then the congressman of michigan's response to this. can we pop that up on the screen. dude, just stop. >> i can make a suggestion? donald trump should pick up the phone and say mr. lewis, i apologize. i want you there, i want as many of your colleagues there. >> what should donald trump apologize for? he was dually elected. >> if i can finish, would you let me finish? >> all right. >> what i wanted to say is he should make it clear he would ask john lewis to apologize for calling his election, which you correctly said was and is a legitimate -- harris: you think donald trump should do that? >> i don't know, donald trump
1:41 am
would be in a stronger position if he made it clear he made a mistake. >> eight years ago there was a faction of the republican party who said that president obama was illegitimate. and now and we in the republican party condemned them. now eight years later we have john lewis saying this president is illegitimate and democrats aren't condemning. >> did you hear me? i said it was wrong. i'm a democrat, i'm talking about the real way to reconcile these issues because we're one nation, harris, and on inauguration, day, we all, black and white, democrat and republican, liberal and conservative, should come together to stand behind the greatest nation in the world. harris: i hear you, i'm watching twitter, as we are want to do on "fox report," we look down and include a comment. i'm seeing a trend here, and people in disbelief that we have gotten to the point we are so divided that we're arguing more about the tweets and other things and not about the substance. >> precisely my point. harris: we understand the priorities here. >> right.
1:42 am
harris: moving forward, the inauguration is more than just about the president-elect, and members of congress. it is a rally call for our smooth transition in democracy. >> precisely. harris: my question remains, regardless of who apologizes to who, why wouldn't you be there if you're an american elected to congress? >> it will facilitate if they both apologize, more congress members showing up, and donald trump should extend an olive branch as should the democratic congressional leadershipship. this isn't a tit-for-tat. this is the united states of america, and as you correctly say, harris, this is about celebrating us and a symbol to the world. i remember john f. kennedy standing up. i was a young boy. it's what brings me here today as a proud american, proud of our values, proud much our commitment to one nation under god, and we need to celebrate that, not decry it. harris: at least 22 members of congress are not attending the inauguration. representative john conyers of
1:43 am
michigan, representative barbara lee of california. we know representative john lewis of georgia and the list goes on. judy chu, representative of california. maxine waters, representative of california. quick last words? >> lot of democrats are posturing by doing. that they want to go back to districts because these are very overwhelmingly democratic districts. there is adrianno espieiot and the first illegal immigrant to serve in congress. harris: doug and evan, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. harris: remember, you're paying for dinner. >> we democrats need redistribution. harris: president-elect trump is set to inherit a world in flux. we've been talking about it and outgoing secretary of state john kerry is offering advice on one very fluid confnfnfnfnf
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. harris: secretary of state john kerry urging the incoming trump administration to take a russian invitation to syria peace talks next week. they are in kazakhstan and cosponsored by russia, turkey and iran, kerry's comments come after the peace summit in paris. conor powell has more. >> reporter: harris, today's paris conference is clearly a warning to both israelis and palestinians, and it comes amid rising tensions between the two. after the u.n. passed a resolution last month, condemning israeli settlements. 70 countries, including ones from key european and arab nations, reaffirm positions that the only way to bring about peace in the holy land was a negotiated two-state solution. the paris conference was led by french president francois hollande who said the two-state solution is under serious threat.
1:48 am
>> it's threatened, he said, in the field by increasing israeli settlements, and threatened politically because of progressive weakening of those who are in favor of peace. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, called a conference, quote, useless and comes as many world leaders fear that president-elect donald trump's policies will exacerbate the conflict. trump is an avid supporter of israel's building settlements on palestinian land, and he's vowed to shift the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, a move that would undermine any hopes of a negotiated two-state agreement. israeli officials are overwhelmingly excited for a trump administration, but his policies have the potential to fracture european support for israel, which it desperately needs, harris? harris: connor, thank you. extreme weather alert, ice storm warnings in effect for the central united states, the crippling weather blamed for
1:49 am
six deaths in three states. adam has more. >> this is a big system, you mentioned the ice off the bat. i want to mention on the southern end of this system running into poergsz portions of texas we're looking at a tornado watch. this is a large system going to continue to sweep across the south, tornado watch for portions of texas farther to the north, that's where we're talking about the ice. running up into oklahoma, at this point lifting farther north so northern areas in towards nebraska at this point lifting that direction towards iowa and up towards wisconsin. by early tomorrow morning, areas are seeing maybe ice as far as chicago. here's how this times out for us, this will take us to the overnight hours, a large system, ice especially overnight as the temperatures drop anywhere from half inch up to an inch of ice, that's enough to bring down branches, power lines, wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple of power outages heading into the martin luther king weekend, the extra day off there. rain filling in on the back side of this as temperatures
1:50 am
begin to warm. the real story, the ice continues to fill in, there it is, half inch up to an inch stretching up to portions of wisconsin, going to be very slippery for a lot of folks come early tomorrow morning, going to want to give you extra time if you have to head anywhere tomorrow morning. harris: adam, thank you. the lights are about to go out on the greatest show on earth as it's called. what's next for the animals? [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette.
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. harris: after 146 years, the curtain is closing on ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus, the final act of the greatest show on earth is planned for this may. there is a little time to see it. will carr is live in los angeles with more. will, why is it closing? >> reporter: they're not making enough money, this marks the end for a circus that's been performing for 146 years, entertained generations of families with high-soaring acts and exotic animals. circus faced extreme criticism from animal rights groups leading it to retire all elephants last may, and continued to showcase a number of other animals, profits dropped dramatically, fans are rushing to buy one last ticket before the show shuts down for good. >> now, it's just terrible. i mean, what do you do? there are no clowns anymore. there are no trained dogs
1:55 am
anymore. i just think the whole part of americana is gone. >> it's a shame. we as kids dpru up with it. how about the kids today? they're seeing it probably one and only time. it's a shame. it didn't have to be. >> reporter: peta tweeting, 36 years of protests documenting animals left to die and beaten animals reduced attendance to the point of no return. >> for more than 30 years, the activist community telling the public what goes on behind the scenes and more than 14 decades ringling brothers abusing and killing animal performers. >> reporter: feelings strong on both sides, harris. harris: will, what will happen with all the animals? >> the elephants that they retired live on a reserve in florida. as for the other animals, somewhere contracted so they'll go back to owners and we're told that they'll be looking for suitable homes for all of the other animals, and as you mentioned, they have a little time, the last show will be held in may in new york.
1:56 am
harris? harris: will, thank you, we'll be right back. i didn't know where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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thanks for letting us keep you
1:58 am
up for the weeks ahead. the referent is telling lawmakers to give donald trump i chanced he's getting getting heat on social media. we've just clipped it for you to watch. it is online and we will tweet that out as soon as this show wraps up. i will be back with you for tomorrow's outnumbered at noon eastern to get ready for inauguration week. up next, three days in and we have a fabulous sweep
1:59 am
police and military jury met for an inoculation like no other as protesters and tram supporters get ready to go head-to-head. >> there will be some 28,000, approximately 28,000 officials dedicated to the security. >> the unprecedented security and parade reversal is nearly a million people planned to descend on tour nations capital.
2:00 am
♪ >> the countdown is on for days and good morning, everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. welcome back his >> great to be back with everyone. starting your day and your weekly pass. >> and gitmo detainees sent to oman, the country's government says president obama requested the transfer. the names of the prisoners have not been released. president obama has transferred 184 detainees since taking office


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