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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 27, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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newca drup lets. -- quadruplets. $840,000 donated so far. thank you! . >> let's keep it going. we'll keep it going on fox news. thanks for joining us. america's news head quarters starts now. >> fox news alert, president plump holding his first bilateral news conference as president with teresa may. reatimering ties between the united states and great britain. the president says he believes they will have a fantastic relationship. his words. we have got you covered right honorable lord john taylor of warwick, a member of the house of lords in the u.k. parliament is standing by as is washington abouter columnist david drucker. first, white house correspondent don roberts who was given the opportunity to ask the president and prime minister a question.
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>> i had the opportunity, fox is pooled today, as it's called, to be in the oval office when the on two of them first met. can i tell you, the body language between two of them seemed warm, friendly. it's clear that teresa may is looking for a friend in president trump, a couple of years from now the u.k. will be standing on its own. it needs a strong bilateral relationship with the united states. needs strong bilateral trade agreements as well. two of them were standing on either sooifd of the bust of winston churchill, president trump saying it's an honor to have winston churchill back in the oval office. teresa may saying it was an honor to be in the oval office. only point of concern is what the future of nato is. president trump made no secret of saying on the campaign trail that he's concerned about the fact that the united states seems to be pulling more than its fair share of the weight when it comes the nato. wants the other can unfridays to make sure they pay their --
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countries to make sure think pay their share. prime minister way wants his commitment to nato to be unwavering. and the other sanctions on russia, the white house is looking at potentially lifting some of those sanctions, easing them back a little bit. teresa may firmly in lock step with the rest of europe saying the sampbs are there for a reason and they need to stay on. there was also, i had an opportunity to ask the president a question, about the spat with mexico because we learned just before the press conference that he had an almost hour-long phone call with enrique pena nieto. i asked the president, he said it was friendly conversation, but went on to reiterate he believes the trade relationship with mexico is skewed in mexico's favor. he tweeted about that, this morning. about five hours ago, would have put him on the phone with nieto. he said they have a good
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relationship. i'm not sure how they're going to put hump ty dump ty back together again, with the summit scheduled for tuesday being cancelled. president trump assuring us that we will continue to have a good relationship with mexico. we'll see how that shakes out, though, in the days and weeks ahead. >> sandra: and, john, i joked at the top of the hour that the actual press conference was short and sweet. but there was really a lot that was said and a lot that wasn't said. there did seem to be a differing of opinions between two on russia. >> correct. we know that the president as a phone call scheduled with president putin tomorrow. the difference of opinion seems to be over sanctions. there is a memo going around, kellyanne conway said it could be coming today, maybe not until tomorrow or next week.
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we don't know what the content of that is. kellyanne conway on "fox & friends" said they're looking at potentially lifting some of the sampgss, rolling them back. we don't know if it would lift all of them or incremental type of thing. we'll learn about it hopefully in the hours ahead. >> sandra: one roberts, well done, thank you. more on this, let's bring in the right honorable lord john taylor of warwick, nonparty affiliated member of the house of lords. and david drucker, senior washington correspondent for the "washington examiner." lord taylor, i'll start with you. it was quite the news conference, started about ten minutes late, which was pretty off time as far as the trump administration so far has shown. but teresa macon grate lated him on his stunning victory -- theories a may congratulated him and reaffirmed their commitment to nato. listen to this. >> defense and security cooperation there, we're united
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in our ek recognition of nato as the bull work of our collective defense and we reaffirmed our xwhitment, you confirmed you're 100% behind nato, mr. president. >> sandra: you heard her rerns that he confirmed that as well. we didn't confirm that directly from him. your thoughts? >> good afternoon, and greet fringes london. i thought it was a very successful press conference. you talked about business. well, i think president trump and president may are very much about business, they're there to do trade deals, they're there to consolidate and improve upon this special relationship. it's a phrase that was used by sir winston churchill after the second world war. there really is a bond between those two individuals and our two countries. >> sandra: it did, david, didn't last very long but it seemed very am ibleca, and she said that she was honored to meet with the president. and that they had a very significant conversation before they stepped up to the microphone.
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but, david, she moved on to say she's convinced a trade deal between the u.s. and the ucla is in both kun -- and the u.k. is in both country's interest but we didn't get a lot of detail. >> president trump believes in one-on-one trade deals specifically to the exclusion of multi lateral trade deals and would like to get a trade deal done with the united kingdom, particularly after brexit. i think he sees this as a big achievement and binding of president u.k. and united states that have moved at least in his view in a more nationalist direction. that's what he would like to do. i thought the prime minister's comments about nato were so fascinating, really, because there are so many people around the world, u.s. allies, republicans here at home, that are so concerned that trump could diminish the importance of nato as a part of our foreign policy. and they're all trying to tell news the media rest assured trump desiren't believe what
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trump says, when he seems to question nato's value. he doesn't believe what trump says. he really wants to bulk it up and prioritize this traditional alliance. we'll to have see what happens. clearly, it's important to the prime minister. >> sandra: and clearly of importance, with a discussion on russia, that was brought up, lord taylor, sanctions on russia was a big point of conversation. theories a may said they want to have a relationship with other countries. president trump said if we of a relationship with russia it would be an asset of the. >> i free with that. making enemies of other countries isn't in our interest. both brit and an america want one-on-one trade deals. brexit gives us that opportunity. we trade with each other, we want to do more. remain positive, please, two strong leaders who have a positive vision for our
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respective countries. >> sandra: and this, david, is coming ahead of the phone call that we believe is happening tomorrow. he was asked about that, he said he believes that has been set up. that conversation would be happening tomorrow. what did you think of his comments leading up to that? >> well, you know, the interesting thing about russia and vladimir putin, the president never hesitates to say in his words, good, bad or indifferent, about other u.s. adversaries. but he carved out russia for special status. makes you wonder if he's going tossian reset. i don't think the question is whether or not we should have good relations with other countries. that's clearly always preferred. the question is, on whose condition. are we going to have good relationships with russia, china and other adversaries based on what's good for the united nations and the west or what's -- for the u.s. and the west or what's good for them.
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>> sandra: the president was also, i want to get to this sound as well, torture and terror came up in the press conference. here's what the president said on torture specifically. and what decisions he will be making on that, listen. >> president trump: general james mattis, and he has stated, publicly, that he does not necessarily believe in torture. i don't necessarily agree. but i would tell you that he will override because i'm giving him that power. i happen to feel that it does work. i've been open with that b. that for a long period of time. but i am going with our leaders. >> sandra: not necessarily what he believes in but he's relying on mattis, he says. lord taylor? >> well, in relation to this, the president would always put america first, remember that, he won't be the poodle of any other country, i'm sure of that n relation to torture, it is imlegal, internationally. off was expressing his opinion. but president trump said he will
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listen to his advisors. i don't see a problem there. >> sandra: all right. >> i think the media looking for problems. be more positive, please. i believe in america. >> sandra: there are a lot of problems out there. i'm going to have to leave it there. >> you have a great president. thank you. >> sandra: thank you, david, lord taylor. mr. trump rolls out a flurry of executive orders aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration. one border state governor is making tough moves of his own. >> we are in a legislative session, we are working on laws that will, one, ban sanctuary cities, we move from office any office holder who promotes sanctuary cities, impose criminal penalties as well as financial penalties. these birds once affected by oil
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hard line on u.s. immigration, signing an order to build a wall along the u.s. border. that decision will have a huge impact on texas which shares more than 1200 miles of common border with mexico. almost all of that land privately owned. and some in the lone star state seem to be split on the president's plan. >> we can build a wall but it will be a waste of taxpayer dollars and its not going to stop people from coming across the border. we spend billions of dollars on this, we'll take a lot of local people's land for what? to slow people from crossing by two minutes? >> whether it's brick and mortar wall, some type of fencing, virtual fencing, technology, sensors, aerial surveillance, something needs to be put in place to help the agents. >> sandra: joining me is texas lt. governor dan patrick. thanks for being here this
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afternoon, sir. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: what do you make of the criticism you're hearing? >> we've heard from the same people for a long time. they're just wrong about this issue, san drachl the president is right. we need the wall. as i mentioned yesterday when i was on fox as well, one of the reasons we need the wall, the president has said we're going to deport the criminals in this country illegally. we know, sandra, from looking at case after case after case that we deport them, they come right back. sometimes within days, to commit more crime. you want to keep out the criminals, the drug and the contraband. then you find legal immigration reform so people can cross who want to come into the country for the right reasons and the ones we say we want in the country. right now, it's still a wide open zone in many areas. >> sandra: i want to share with you what texas g.o.p. representative will herd is saying about the cost. he's saying building a wall is the most expensive and least effective way to secure the border.
11:16 am
big bend national park and many areas in my district are perfect examples of where a wall is unnecessary. and would negatively impact the environment. private property rights and the economy. these are not light opinions, and they're really warning people of the state that this will damage the economy? this will damage their ability to do business? it will be costly. >> well, sandra, congressman heard is a terrific congressman and i was -- i support him. but i disagree with him in this instance. look, we have, i've been down on the border many times. folks who have never been down there don't realize in some places it's sonar re you can throw a baseball across it. some of our crossings, can you wade across them. they're just 10 or 15 yards. can you throw a football, short pass across them. other areas are larger. where we need the wall is mainly in our big cities, our big
11:17 am
krogings. that's where people cross illegally and disappear into the city. we need a lot of protection around our big cities. then we need walls out in specific areas along the border, where we know a lot of crossings happen, with drugs and criminals. i do agree with the concept, and i don't know what the president's full plan is, but there will be places that we can do it with technology, with air cover, with cameras. we have 4,000 cameras on the border. when you fly over as i have before in helicopters on the border, you can look down at the various paths coming over from mexico in the more remote areas. it will be a combination f i were doing it, of wall -- particularly in our cities. where you have major city crossings, populations 1600,000 or more, you need to extend the walls to wish people down to those remote areas. easy to spot from the air. easy to signal to the border patrol or our state troopers on the ground, to intercept those people crossing. we can do this. and the private property owners,
11:18 am
i've talked to many of them, i have yet to talk, i'm sure there are a few concerned, but i've yet to talk to anyone who doesn't want a secure border. and that includes their land if they have fencing or technology or a wall, i think most will want to be involved. because up until just recently, until texas put forth a big effort, they were being overrun. they were losing their property. they off would have to carry a gun to go out on their own property. it's dangerous. >> sandra: i want to move on to another big concern in your state energy the city of austin, texas, and the sanctuary city status. and the words that we heard from austin, texas sheriff sally hernandez, staying i'm following all state and federal laws and upholding constitutional rights to due process for all in our criminal justice system. our community is safer when people can report crimes without fear of deportation. and of course that is the goal of many that achieve the sanctuary city status, so the people still come forward.
11:19 am
your thoughts and what you would tell -- how would you respond to her on that? >> well, first of all, she is very liberal in her thinking on this issue. very clear. and my partner and governor abbott has made it very clear we're going to take money away from her if she does not follow the law. under her guidance, for example, sandra, some one could rob a bank multiple times and she would not consider that a crime to hold some one for. you don't get to select who you want to hold, you follow the federal law as well as state laws or you lose federal funding from trump and state funding from us. and we're going to be very strong about this, sandra. >> sandra: so be specific when you say you're going to be strong. >> we're going to fast track within two to three weeks pass the sanctuary city law and it will have teeth in it. >> sandra: how specifically will you hand that will? that's a cher any of the city of austin. >> they get state funding and we will hold state funding. i know the governor and our
11:20 am
office, we're looking at all funds that go into that city. and in some of our cities in the state it's significant amount of money they need. we will hold their funds if they do not follow the law. and then, i believe president trump will hold federal funds. at some point if you don't follow the law you may find yourself in trouble with the law. all we're asking is for these sheriffs to hold the criminals that are terrorizing our cities, and any cher that i have doesn't want to do that is putting our citizens -- any sheriff that doesn't at one time do it is putting our citizens in danger. they will be held responsible. >> sandra: thanks for being here. a live look at the march for life with a, d.c. where vice president mike pence spoke not that long ago. we'll tell you where they're heading. republicans move closer to an
11:21 am
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capital. right now, marching in front of the supreme court, for the annual "march for life," the first time a sitting vice president has spoken in person at the rally since its inception in 1974. vice president pence applauding the marchers. >> because of all of you and the many thousands who stand with us in marchs like this all across the nation, life is winning
11:25 am
again in america. [ applause ] >> sandra: we're live from the national mall in d.c. doug, what was the reaction like to the vice president's speech? >> i think tremendous enthusiasm here. i think there is a pal possible sense among the marchers, that the epoc has changed. for 44 years marchers have been coming to washington in an effect to try and change row v. wade, overturn or put dents in it in one worm or another. that law has remained in effect for all of those 44 years. there is now a very palpable sense that is going to change. they have a friend in the white house. the president tweeted out this morning as they were assembling, the march for life is so important to all of you marching, you have my full support n addition, heavy hitters in the administration, kellyanne conway and vice president mike pence, who is the -- was high-ranking public official over to speak at this gathering, spoke here today.
11:26 am
here's pence and some of what he had to say. >> it is this administration, we'll work with the congress to end taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers. and we will devote those resources to healthcare services for women across america. >> as you heard, he also said in that earlier sound bite, life is winning again. this crowd definitely senses that. you see it in the crowd. >> sandra: how does this play into the upcoming battle over the supreme court nominee? >> that's really the linchpin upon which change hinges. people are excited about president trump's pick for a nominee. we know that that's going to be announced next thursday. we also senate democrats are very much interested in trying to block that nominee, if as in the words of senate minority leader chuck schumer, that nominee is out of the mainstream. i spoke to james langford from
11:27 am
oklahoma a while ago at the march, he said there's no way democrats can block the nominee. >> there are a lot of other ways to address. this we'll look at all openings on the table. at the end of the day we will have our nominee for the supreme court. >> and of course the president trump has said that he is no in favor of a full nuclear option. in other words, a simple majority vote to push it through. should it come to that. >> sandra: doug, thank you. congressional republicans wrapping up their retreat in philadelphia this morning, before heading back to washington. and a big topic of discussion, sorting through the various plans to replace obamacare. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is live in washington. what are some of the ongs throughout? >> a range of ideas. one expert said it would be wise to offer some proposals that would get at least some democrat support. kentucky senator rand paul, a medical doctor, has a replacement plan when focuses on tax credits and health savings accounts.
11:28 am
it would abollish many of the central components of obamacare and would encourage allowing inexpensive insurance to give people the freedom to buy the coverage they want. there is a more moderate plan from louisiana senator dr. bill cassidy and maine senator susan collins. their plan would give states the options to keep obamacare, choose a new state alternative, or design a solution without federal assistants. it would scrap the individual and employer mandates. the president's point man on healthcare was asked this week about what's next. >> when i commit to, senator, working with you and every single member of congress to make sure we have the highest quality healthcare and every single american has access to affordable coverage. >> lawmakers are facing time pressure as con congressional leadership has set a goal of repealing and replacing obamacare and doing tax reform by august. san . >> sandra: how is this going to work? . the leadership aids i talk to say it's not going to be 2,000 page bill. they know some changes will come
11:29 am
in the repeal process which requires just a simple majority in terms of support. sources say the trump administration will likely scrap thousands of pages of regulations imposed by the obama team. then there will be votes on bills which would require 60 votes in the senate and at least some democrat support. a republican senator tells us the priority is getting it right. >> i think the president is open to whatever we can pass that solves this problem. this is not the republican's problem. this problem was caused by the democrats. we feel an obligation to fix it and we're committed to fix it. >> ultimately it will likely require the president and his team to identify much what they want and then fight for it. >> sandra: mike emmanuel, thank you. president trump heading to the pentagon within the hour for a meeting with his new defense secretary as he targets america's enemies and openly says he disagrees with him on torture. plus, president trump welcomes britain's prime minister to the white house.
11:30 am
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11:34 am
the president is meeting with defense secretary james mattis, and the joint chiefs of staff where he will be briefed on isis, syria, and other national security concerns. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. what do we expect from president trump's visit today? >> well, we've just learned that president trump will sign an executive order decreasing the size of the national security council, which critics said had grown into a large expansive seditionmaking body in a micromanaged war planning and operations. we expect president trump on arrive for his meeting with the joint chiefs at 3:15 p.m. he will oversee a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for his defense secretary, jim mattis. we're told he will three sign three executive orders, including one ordering a program for extreme vetting of those seeking visas to come into the u.s. especially from countries that pose a threat to the u.s.
11:35 am
he will sign an executive order dealing with military readiness, calling for the modernization of the u.s. military and the nuclear force. this will include creating a larger military. >> we have to take care of our military. our military is more important to me than a balanced budget. we'll get there with the balanced budget. we have a military that's really depleted. i want a strong miltie. to me that's much more important than anything. . >> president trump has said he wants to increase the harley by 28,000 troops by september, the air force by 30,000 airmen, marines by 10,000 troops, he wants more warships and plans to increase the size of the navy from 273 battle ships to 350. sandra, all of this will mean a bigger defense budget. >> sandra: what do we know about president trump's plans to accelerate the fight against isis? >> we know the president has given the pentagon 30 days to come up with a plan to defeat isis. some of his chiefs have already said there is no military solution to isis.
11:36 am
trump will meet with the joint chiefs in the secure conference room at the pentagon known as "the tank" where he will issue a directive to the army, navy, air force and marines to accelerate efforts to defeat isis. none of the options have been signed off by the white house as of yet. but we have indication of what the pentagon will be suggesting. the plans include spend sending more special operations to syria, there are 500 troops on the ground there. deploying artillery, possibly. and apache helicopter gun ships, rocket launchers, staging them we're told on ships perhaps in the mediterranean. >> sandra: jennifer griffin live from the pentagon where the president will be very shortly. before heading to the pentagon, president trump held his first white house meeting with a foreign head of state, the u.c. prime minister theresa may, followed by a joint news? evens where mr. trump was asked about america's relationship with mexico. >> president trump: well, i think the prime minister has things she's more worried about
11:37 am
than mexico and the united states relationship. but i will say that we had a very good call. i'm not as brash as you might think. and can i tell you that, i think we're going to get along very well. >> sandra: marjorie is former assistant to the obama campaign and consulting. beverly hallberg the president of district media group. marjorie, you first, that was really a response that, you heard laughter from the press there. that was a response to president trump basically answering the question for theresa may, say sheeg has better things on do than worry about the relationship between the u.s. and mexico. he answered for her. then when it did come to her responding to that question, she said that's about right, we'll leave it to the u.s. and mexico. your thoughts? >> there was a lot more at stake for theresa may than donald trump. right now, given brexit and her need to execute on that exit from the e.u., she needs the u.s.
11:38 am
she needs good relationships with donald trump there. 's a lot of eyes on how this was going to play out. they're very, very different personality types. him being the quintessential salesman and she being more reserved and sort of a process in gray. how that was going to work out. he knew that she niedz him. that's a good position to be in. he had a lot to make up for, given the president of mexico cancelling his trip. he needed this to go well. >> sandra: beverly, how did you see this news conference, it was short and sweet, the answers were very to the point. some weren't even answered. your thoughts? >> well, i think as president so far he's kind of done the opposite what we saw on the campaign trail, which is he would speak for a long time at his rallies. when you take a look at his inaugural speech, which was very brief, then you come to this short press conference, i wonder if he's going to be a little more short and sweet. another aspect that was really interesting about this, is not only is this his first press conference, but you have two
11:39 am
leaders that we would have never expected to be on the stage about a year ago. that is because of the working class in both countries rising up. i think the element of brexit, which they did in end the press conference on, is something you can unite on both sides of the pond. >> sandra: theresa may addressed the very thing that they both have in common. she said, we want to put interests of order working people first. >> well, it's a great talking point. it was funny, the gift she brought donald trump was a drinking cup from scotland. he celebrates his scottish heritage. he actually is a tee-totler. i wondered how that would go. finding any common ground is key. >> sandra: seemed like a good meeting, she said she was hon honored to meet with him and he said they had significant conversation. i want to talk about vice president pence. he spoke about trump's support at the march for life today. listen to this.
11:40 am
>> that is evident in the election of pro-life majorities, in the congress of the united states of america. [ applause ] but it is no more evident in any way than in the historic election of a president who stands for a stronger america, a more prosperous america, and a president who i proudly say stands for the right to life, president donald trump. [ applause ] >> sandra: beverly that, headline is just about everywhere. that you look right now. what did you think of that historic moment? >> i was out there earlier, and i think where the energy the crowd came from, the highest elected owe firm that's ever attended the march for life. i think there was added energy, this is coming less than a week after the women's march. the thing i think is interesting, you did see these individuals coming up on one issue.
11:41 am
especially after you had a women's march that said pro-life organizations were not allowed. this was more energetic than normal, not only balls the v.p. was there but also because women are standing up and saying, i care about the issue of life whether or not the media want to report on it or not. >> sandra: marjorie? >> the media is reporting on it. and i think what is interesting and is important about this pro-life march, as a catholic can i speak to this, pro-life is not just abortion. there it isn't a single issue, it's death penalty, how we treat refugee women and children, it's schools. when you think about life, and this administration talks about being pro-life they need to be thoughtful about how that encompasses all of the issues that are pro-life and making adoption accessible, supporting women when they're pregnant. before we have that conversation we can't move on to issues of abortion. >> sandra: it has been a big day and there is still a lot going on. the president is about to arrive at the pentagon. thanks to both of you ladies for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: tens of thousands are
11:42 am
taking to the streets for the annual march for life rally, president trump is closing in on his choice to fim the vacancy on the supreme court. with major implications for the roe vs. wade decision. mr. trump charting a new course after pulling out of the trance pacific trade deal, why america's farmers are anxiously watching the president's every move. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof.
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>> shepard: president trump about to arrive after the pentagon for a ceremonial swearing-in event for james mattis. the president has also weighed in on his disagreement with secretary mattis over the use of torture. we'll talk about that and more with the fox news sunday anchor chris wallace on "shepard smith reporting." >> sandra: american farmers wondering what's next as the u.s. pulls out of the trans-pacific trade deal. they're worried about the growing rift between the u.s.
11:46 am
and mexico. dan springer is in the court of washington. president trump believes we need to renegotiate trade deals with other countries as well? >> yeah, that's right, as you know this trade issue is so intertwined and such a state of flux. mexico central to the nafta deal, was also one of the 12 countries involved in the tpp. with that trade deal now dead, exporters throughout the u.s. are worried about future growth. washington state run as big trade surplus with major companies like boeing, microsoft. farmers are also important players. one-third of the state's apples are exported, 60% of all potatoes shipped abroad. the big concern is china which is the biggest producer of potatoes and always focused on more exports. >> if we lose market share we lose the ability to produce our product. if we lose that capacity, then we'll see a reduction in our acres. which impacts rural washington state dramatically. >> in 2013, washington state had
11:47 am
exports total in value of $82 billion. that was one-eighth of the u.s. total that year. sandra? >> sandra: and farmers are hopeful trump can get the job done? >> yeah, it's interesting, they were both hopeful and also worried. most of those people we talked to are trump supporters. they believe he can work very quickly in replacing the tpp. but the big question is, would these bilateral trade dpreements that follow address the concerns of many who oppose t.p.p. all of those touched by trade will be watching closely. >> we continue to believe that we can find the best pieces of that agreement and maybe they'll carry forward into a new vehicle down the road. >> and trade experts say that the value of the u.s. dollar is also critical. that's something president trump is also addressing, saying it might be overvalued right now. >> sandra: dan, good to see you live from seattle.
11:48 am
as we follow the march for life rally in our nation's capital, there's also activity at the supreme court. as we look ahead, to president trump's imminent nomination for the vacancy created by the death of justice an to nin scalia. karl cameron is live outside the high court in washington. hey, karl, a lot of anticipation over the scotus nomination. what can you tell us. >> the president says he's already made up his mind. we can tell you that the festivities on the mall ended about a an hour ago, the marchs are moring on the supreme court. they've been arriving for the last 45ments or so. the supreme court block is literally ringed with demonstrators. the street in front of the capitol, between the supreme court, is absolutely jammed with demonstrators. 99.99% of the folks here today are pro-life. here at the court, there are pro-choice demonstrateors but
11:49 am
they're outnumbered by huge amounts. the parade has been going, as i say, likely to go for another couple of hours. organizers say this is the biggest crowd they have had for the march for life. and clearly, they're very enthusiastic about what donald trump is likely to pick. they know that the president said he's almost made up his mind. mr. trump has not left the possibility of changing his mind at the last minute but told shawn hannity that in his mind he's made up that mind, we're going to have to wait until thursday. >> sandra: made up his mind and expected to make that announcement thursdays you mention, karl, for his pick for the supreme court. what can you tell us, what more do you know about that? >> well, the president has said that he started with a list of 21 potential supreme court picks. it was a list that he had help from the heritage foundation and the federal society picking. all 21 of them are pro-life. the president has said those he does not pick for the supreme court will be used to pick for appellate and district courts
11:50 am
around the country. this is the vacant seat left by the demise of antonin scalia, one of the more conservative jr.ists to sit on the high court. republicans believe they can and should be able to replace and fill that seat with very, very conservative -- a very, very conservative nominee. mr. trump has said he's narrowed it down. aids say it's probably down to three and perhaps as few as two. neil gorsuch from denver is an originalist, a constitutionalist, very much in the mold of scalia. tom hardiman has a sister on the court in pittsburgh, he's high on the list. and then william pryor, who was considered to be a frontrunner but seems to have fallen into disfavor for a trans hive gender decision. >> sandra: we will be back. ir e. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. decision. >> sandra: we will be back. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
11:51 am
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11:54 am
of the obama administration's final acts in office. a former president obama struck a deal to share intel with cuba, absent was a deal for joanne chessimard, convicted of murdering a trooper and hiding in cuba. rick? >> that's right, she's one of dozens of fugitives living in cuba. the superintendent of the new jersey state police calls it a slap to the face she and other killers and domestic terrorists are being left alone. >> i'm mystified by this. a lot of peep in law enforcement are. >> she was a member of the black liber asian army, wanted on numerous charges when she was pulled over by police tw two other militants in the car. they were armed with handguns and extra ammo with more weapons and ammo in the truck. when the trooper arrived as backup the crew opened fire and
11:55 am
forrest was killed. she was convicted but escaped in 1979 and found safe haven in cuba. president trump could revisit the deal, his administration has already threatened to terminate it unless political prisoners are released and fugitives from american law returned. the trooper's only son also pleading for justice, eric forrester, three years old when his father was killed, told fox news her return to the u.s. was not part of the deal is a disagrees. it disrye expects our family and every police officer out there who risked their lives every day and shows how much the obama administration regarded law enforcement. >> i can't understand as much as i troo i to rationalize this, i can't understand why it has not occurred in the dozens of meetings between the u.s. and cuban officials over the last two years. >> if the government can't help, someone else might. there's still a $2 million return for her return. >> sandra: thanks, rick, be
11:56 am
right back. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> a manmade avalanche in colorado creating quite a sight. >> whoo-hoo! >> unbelievable footage there. that is about 200 miles south and west of aspen. they got 95 inches of know this month. the snowiest january in 40 years. those controlled explosions help avoid natural avalanches. an inferno fire in florida. in tampa, climbing 27 flights of stairs to put out the flames. the fire contained to a corner of the roof.
12:00 pm
fire marshals determined debris left up there after workers had done repairs earlier in the day. the hotel staff evacuating guests. nobody reported injured. we're awaiting for the president at the pentagon. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the pentagon where president trump is expected in minutes. he's meeting with the defense secretary and the joint chiefs and we're already hearing more about his plans to take on the terrorists of the islamic state. he said to sign an executive order that restricts refugees from entering the united states. details to come. the president getting comfortable with his fellow world leaders holding a news conference with theresa may today and preparing to call others including vladimir putin tomorrow. they made news on multiple fronts. the program for wounded warriors that let him hit the slopes for winter sports. find out what you can do to help. let's get to it.


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