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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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tonight, i am bill o'reilly reporting from l.a. please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." after a brief one day rest bite from bashing the supreme courtnd nomination, democrats are back to attacking executive order on immigration. >> he can ban catholics, jewish people, we've got to stand for each other right here right now. >> donald trump, 2/3 of your wives are immigrants. your children's mothers are immigrants. do you have any concern for this country? >> tucker: he has shown no sign of backing down.
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he said it's about keeping bad people with bad intentions out of the country. michelle brane, director of migrant rights into the justice programs -- she has called on people to resist president trump's executive orders and said that sanctuary cities make this country safer. she joins us now. michelle, thank you for coming on. i think that your motivations seem totally true, i think you're trying to do good work for people in need. i respect that. but i'm looking also at the polling on refugee resettlement and the public cannot be described as supporting it now or in the past. it's strikingly low support for refugees in this country. do you want them settled where you live in your neighborhood? it's even lower. i wonder why that is. why don't people supported? >> i'm not sure that people do not support it. some polls show that they do
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not. support for the program varies, over time. geographically, among different groups. >> tucker: they are low. >> the americans i engage with, i try to beat diverse in my encounters with people. i think people do support it. i think people are concerned sometimes about how it is going to affect the country. i think if you look at pockets where there is resettlement, there is support. in fact many communities that have resettled refugees ask for more refugees. that is actually more common in communities that experience having refugees. saying we don't want them, righ right? >> tucker: what i find interesting in this debate, there is almost no conversation about the effect of refugee resettlement on americans. if you are fleeing some war ridden country, of course it is a massive upgrade to come to america. but what about the americans?
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you tweeted out recently the people at our borders are fleeing violence. central america is among the most dangerous regions of among the world, that's very completely true. a lot of south americans haveam been resettled we've also seen a cost to that. before large numbers of central americans came, that is a real thing that has affected americans. do you recognize that? >> first of all i would note that ms 13 did not exist before the u.s. started imprisoning and returning central americans to central america. i do not want to get into the root causes of it -- >> tucker: why not? >> it started in los angeles, the gang. deported to central america. >> tucker: i am not sure i'm following your logic here. were they unfairly imprisoned? >> i just wanted to point outrl they didn't start there. >> tucker: there still refugees who are here and their
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presence has created a massive crime problem called ms 13. that is a cost, isn't it? t >> we need to distinguish between refugees and people who come here in other ways. i want to make sure the audience understands that we have a formal refugee resettlement program. which is one of the executivee orders. refugees. central americans coming to the most part are not refugees. there is a small, small refugee program now that just started. and is likely to not continue. it's on halt now. they come in as asylum-seekers which is different. it is a technical thing, we don't need to worry about it. >> tucker: there is no doubt that refugees from centralbo america have wound up in criminal gangs. >> the effect on it, and i think is overwhelmingly a positive affect, not negative.
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>> tucker: don't you think you weaken your case by downplaying or refusing to acknowledge the downside of that? >> there always downsides. who is coming in, right? you want to treat them like anybody else. if they commit crimes, they should be -- >> tucker: i think social science proves that when people 's are coming from war-torn places, have grown up around conflict you want to rescue them from that. it also increases the likelihood that they will be involved in conflict and violence. >> i don't think there's any evidence. >> tucker: there is quite a bit of that. i'm not attacking them at all. it makes kind of sense and i think ms 13 and many other examples, refugees has been resettled and that is a potential cost. would you say that? >> what we know as fact is that communities with higher immigrant populations including the populations are talkinghe
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about actually have lower crime rates than communities with -- there is a lower crime rate among theom immigration populations among the nonimmigrant. >> tucker: does it also makes sense and it is hard to deny it but if you import people from peaceful -- if you bring people from very violent countries, they are more likely to commit violence. >> not if they are fleeing that violence. >> tucker: i don't think that's true actually. >> have you met any of the people you are talking about? >> tucker: we are speaking in the aggregate. i understand why people want to get out of syria and el salvador for sure.. i think it's worth worrying about an american people, to whom we owe our allegiance. and to whom our government owes its only allegiance. >> i have never said all immigrants are great. i think they should be treated like any other citizen in our community. >> tucker: but they are not citizens.ou >> individuals.
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i mean n citizen as a person. they should be treated like anybody else in our country,y, that they should commit crimes,d they should be charged with those crimes. >> tucker: we are doing this voluntarily.d >> these populations we are importing as you say are not criminals. >> tucker: some are, not most but i know they want to be here for the right reasons and i get it, if you are importing people at your expense and we pay for it -- >> we are not paying for asylum-seekers to come to the u.s. -- >> tucker: disproportionately support communities, i know buffalo is one of them. there's a piece today by "the new york post," last decade, 10,000 people go to buffalo. 45 languages which are spoken there, 75% of the students are just learning english.
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this is one of the worst schools in the state of new york. 14% of people graduate on time. a massive burden for the school. the obvious question is, why are we not resettling them where people support refugee resettlement? like beverly hills, california. people don't want to bear the cost. >> refugees resettled in communities that do voluntarily accept them.ea the government does not force refugees. as i said earlier, communities are benefiting from refugees. >> tucker: if you had a child at a school that all of a sudden became half immigrant nonenglish speaking, i don't care for every one of those kids is smart and disciplined, it is a massive cost.e >> i'm really glad you said that because my kids to go to a school like that. there are several kids in their class -- >> tucker: at the high cost to the school. >> it is a cost to the school
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but the community that i am in and that my children go to school in is welcoming of those kids, happy to have it. parents volunteer and work with them. the kids learn a lot from having this diverse culture in their classes. overall, i would say it is a positive thing. i would not deny it is a cost. >> tucker: here's what bothers me. there is an unfairness for affluent people like us to turn to the rest of the country and say you are bigots for not supporting the resettlement of people who do not speak our language, our culture and whose cost we will pay for. you are a bad person if you are for that. >> i do not think i called anyone a bigot. >> tucker: anyone who is for this is for bigotry, is what people are saying. >> that is not what i am saying. i am saying that receiving refugees and welcoming refugees and what i believe is an american tradition, is something that i am very proud of as an
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american. it's something that i don't like to see turned its back on. that's my point. > tucker: here's a question, it is about assimilation, some of these always have values but are different and opposed to ours. they don't believe in an open and liberal society. i have data to back it up. what are we doing when we import somebody from country where 98% of women go through genital mutilation and they say hate gays? >> well, i think you will see it takes one generation or less for people to really becomeyo assimilated and in fact studies are showing that currentop recet immigrants are actuallyac assimilating much quicker than they did they learn english. they have american friends, they adopt american social norms and
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cultural experiences. >> tucker: what percentage of immigrant families from somalia -- where there is a 98% occurrence of genital mutilation that occurs with their girls... >> when i speak to somali youngo women who have immigrated to this country or whose parents have immigrated, they are very american to me. >> tucker: do you tell them that that's wrong? >> i haven't had that conversation. >> tucker: why not? >> look, i was at the board of immigration when the famous piece on fgm came up. a lot of people came up and said that fgm is not a practice, especially by force. >> tucker: it's illegal among other things. >> i don't know what the rates are in the >> tucker: thank you for joining us, michelle.
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iran is on notice today while the president and his daughter ivanka went to the dover air force base, we heard from the secretary of state swearing in ceremony. trace gallagher is following all of it and he has an update. >> former exxonmobil chairman tillerson was confirmed by the senate today to become the nation's 69th secretary ofso state, the final vote was 66-43, the no votes for the most in senate history. at the swearing in ceremony a short time ago, here's how president trump addressed secretary tillerson. >> though you inherit enormous challenges around the world, i do believe we can achieve peace and stability in these very, very troubled times. >> the president also talkeded about his unannounced trip to dover airport, returning the
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remains of a navy seal. william ryan owens was the first u.s. combat casualty since trump took office 12 days ago. here is the president. >> just returned from an amazing visit with a great, great family. at dover. it was very sad, very beautiful. >> the owens family requested the president visits and the transfer of remains be quite private. meantime, national security advisor flynn made a statement saying that unlike the obama administration, the trump administration will not put up with iran's behavior. t flynn is referring to two separate incidents, the testing of a ballistic missile and iranian backed rebels attacking a saudi naval of vessel. the attack on the saudi ship may have been met for an american
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warship. the american security advisor made an apparent reference to the obama administration iran nuclear deal. >> instead of being thankful to the united states in these agreements, iran is now feeling emboldened. as of today, we are officially putting iran on notice. >> the president is now advising senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to go nuclear if need be. trump says if democrats try to hold up the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court, senate republicans should change the rules, allowing gorsuch to be confirmed with a simple majority, 51 votes instead of 60. some democrats are also urging their colleagues to give gorsuch a chance. >> tucker: great, trace gallagher. after the break, we will be joined by a colorado state representative that has written a bill that crimes by legal limits to the logicians who --
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even some democrats seem content with president trump's nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. we will talk to a democraticil strategists says core such as an unacceptable extremist whon should be stopped by any means necessary. stay tuned holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> tucker: in case you missed it, the trump administration has announced plans to cut off all funding of local governments that call themselves sanctuary cities. miami has bent a knee, other cities say they will continue to defy the federal government. they want to give resources to the victims of those policies, and colorado.
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the colorado politician and accountability act would allow the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens to sue the political leaders of the sanctuary cities they live in in civil court. representative williams joins us from denver.y thank you for coming on. how exactly would this work? >> what it would do is to empower victims like kate's family to sue or file civil suits against these lawless politicians so they cannot only win in the court of opinion but in the court of law. >> tucker: so if you'rein injured by someone who is here illegally you could sue the city council that town. >> absolutely, if these politicians create the environment, they have to own it. that's the name of the game. >> tucker: people are going to say this is an anti-hispanic bill. what you say to that? >> that is far from the truth. i am hispanic myself.
9:20 pm
what this is about is keeping the community safe in colorado. we have people die in our state and around the country and we need to hold people accountable for that. >> tucker: who is against this? >> i don't know what a reasonable argument would be for against this. anyone who is opposing this bill wants to violate the bill of law. and once criminals to run the streets. >> tucker: it doesn't target the people here illegally, at the people who allowed them sanctuary while they committed crimes. in effect, opposition to thisths an endorsement of crime -- would that be the argument? >> that is the argument. that's what the democrats are arguing as we speak. they will run their own opposition bill. to make colorado a sanctuary state. they are endangering the lives
9:21 pm
of people they should be serving. >> tucker: this would allow them to get recourse in a sanctuary court. >> they're actually not for it. even though i would help them make them a little bit richer, they still do not want to do the right thing. >> tucker: trial lawyers shouldn't have recourse in court to address injuries done to them? they are saying that out loud? >> i do not know if they are saying that out loud but in conversation they've had, they are not in favor of this bill. >> tucker: because you believe they are puppets of the party that opposes it. >> this is nothing more than a bunch of liberals that are getting together and advancing an unlawful agenda to endanger the lives of the people they are supposed to be serving. >> tucker: so interesting, considering they are for opening suits against anybody. but they're not for this.
9:22 pm
what you think the chances of colorado becoming a sanctuaryth state would be? >> i think it's not going to happen. fortunately, we have republicans that are in the senate. if my bill were to die, i will try to get it passed so we can prolong the debate and make sure we take ample opportunity to make colorado safe. >> tucker: stateke representative dave williams, godspeed. fox news alert, a massive protest breaking out right now at the university california berkeley right across the bay from san francisco, where milo yiannopoulos had gathered to give a speech and some protesters even launched fireworks at the building.e as of right now, the speech has been canceled because ofpe safey concerns, we will provide you more news on the situation as we get it to you.
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new york mayor de blasio said he is willing to protect illegal immigrants who drive drunk from deportation, which directly endangers lies behind it. it is a minor defense says de blasio in an appearance on cn state of the union. he said t this. >> is grand larceny or drunk driving a minor offense? >> drunk driving does not lead to any other negative outcome, i could define it as that. >> tucker: tell that to the cops next time they pull you over and walk the line. he denounced trump's restrictions and said it was religious discrimination. he had a different view a few months ago on religious discrimination when he urged a citywide boycott of chick-fil-a due to its founder support of traditional christianity. we are the consistency police here. a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief over trump's selection of neil gorsuch. we will talk with someone who
9:24 pm
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across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at >> tucker: almost all republicans, even some democrats were relieved when the president announced neil gorsuch as his pick to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. the president picked a popular jurist who was confirmed
9:28 pm
unanimously just a decade ago. the liberals to support gorsuch. one man is not sold. he is max and a democratic strategist. he is consulting more than 100 campaigns and he says course which is an extremist, i nominate democrats all to fight. thanks for coming on. i think it's totally legitimate to be against the gorsuch on the merits, but extremist does not seem to fit him.ot >> we have got to look at the history of the supreme court here. antonin scalia was considered to be the most supreme court justice of the last 75 years. if gorsuch is a scalia clone, he's pretty far out of the mainstream. he ruled parents should not be able to sue a police officer who tasered their son that's extreme if you ask me. >> tucker: why do you think he
9:29 pm
didhi that? he just did not like the kid? is that pure meanness you think? >> i think that gorsuch believes there is some plausible presumption of innocence for someone in a position of authority, we should be deferential to it's concerning with the person in the highest position of authority, donald trump has shown a willingness to drop the constitution. if gorsuch went out and said if the president tries to round up internment camp people, i will say no to that. >> tucker: you've had a sip of paranoid citizen. you are not as familiar with gorsuch's cases. there have been a couplecl occasions including one pertaining to american indians where he said the state cannot interfere because it can't interfere with people's't religious principles. >> absolutely. there are a few cases where he has ruled the way scalia ruled on civil liberties which is reassuring but on issues like
9:30 pm
abortion, contraception and most donald trump said that he was going to drain the swamp when he came into office, and gorsuch believes that campaign contributions of unlimited qualities are a fundamental human right in that we all should have the right to brag politicians all we want. i make a political consultant, i would benefit that laws in place -- >> tucker: let's have an adulte conversation here.e. there is an adult debate whether expressing e your political vies extends to giving money to political figures to espouse their views. that's not a small thing, that gets to the heart of what the first amendment means. you might disagree with people on the other side but that's not for bribing politicians. by the way, as you know, he supported a candidate who raced twice the money is donald trump. let's not get partisan andmp stupid here. why is he in extremist? >> as i mentioned on campaign contributions, this is not a small thing. up until ten years ago, it was
9:31 pm
jurisprudence that there is of course there is a right to how much you give to a candidate because if you give someone $100,000, they are more likely to vote your way. in the case of donald trump, $150 million on him and his candidates in the super pac -- >> tucker: as you know, this is not a defense of trump, trump took a half as many campaign donations as a hillary clinton. i just want to explain is what you are saying is dumb. this guy is saying, the supreme court nominee is saying that in a lot of cases the court should not be making decisions that the congress ought to be making. the executive and judiciary should not be making laws that are for the legislative branch. is that not empowering to the population? should they not be able to vote
9:32 pm
for lawmakers who make the laws rather than have judges make them? >> that is a good thing. his ruling on executive power, m there are some of them that area reasons to find hope in. i'm not going to be an ideologue about this. if he stands firm and says i'm going to stand up to the executive branch, that would be a great thing. there are issues where antonin scalia did that and where he diu not. if you look at the record of gorsuch's compared to scalia's, prior to his service in the judiciary being something of a partisan political figure. his work in the bush administration, his mother was a partisan political figure before him. he is not come from a background of purely scholarly legal inquiries. his background is largely been one political party. >> tucker: should we hold him responsible for the actions of his parent? >> if someone's parents commit crimes the way that his mother's is accused of committing, maybem
9:33 pm
they should not be dominated for the supreme court unless they answer some pretty basic what does he know, when did he know it -- >> tucker: do you believe in collective punishment? >> no -- he is being nominated to the supreme court of the united states of america. the most important judicial body in the history of the world. frankly, the fact that the first time his name appeared in the news with his mother was implicated in one the largest ranging scandals -- >> tucker: are you really attacking his mom? he passed unanimously. >> i've said words 1, 2 and 3 oe his views on the court, his rulings on unlimited campaign contribution to contraception, the idea that private companies not be required --
9:34 pm
>> tucker: last question, the guy has been a federal judge for ten years. i've not heard a single complaint about him. have you? >> no, i hadn't heard a single complaint about merrick garland. the republican's did not give him a vote for an entire year. where were you a year ago on that issue? >> tucker: i was never for that. i think he should have gotten a hearing. we are out of time, thanks. >> tucker: fox news alert, uc berkeley where breitbart editor milo yiannopoulos was supposed to give a speech. instead, it was shut down by the tolerance police, violence and threats of it. police are trying to contain the writing as we speak. live pictures right there, a fire raging apparently outside
9:35 pm
the auditorium where milo yiannopoulos was going to speako but could not. he has left the scene. we will bring you updates. and we will. distressing. a professor at brown university said trump's win was 30 years in the making. we will hear why. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> tucker: at first they wrote it off as a joke, then they said he could not win the nomination. the political class was caughtuf by surprise by donald trump's arise to say the least. three months later, they still have not recovered or learned much from it. a professor at brown university says it was not surprising. the roots go all the way back to the 1980s or earlier. thanks a lot for coming on. i saw a lecture you gave in november, i thought it was one of the smartest things i've ever heard, i mean that.
9:40 pm
about american politics. he said i'm an american, not a trump supporter but this was not a surprise, because it was rooted in economic conditions. will you explain what you meant? >> let's go back to the 1970s and start there. the last time capitalism was being questioned by a lot of people. part of that was because labor markets got really, really tight and wages were being up all the time. the only way businesses could respond to that was pushing prices off. we just move and that's what creates -- deregulated the financial sector, what we now call globalized production change, the world changed. when we did this, we stopped caring about full employment as a thing. we started caring about price stability. what you get is a world as productivity has gone up. wages have stagnated. it's not just in the u.s., it
9:41 pm
explains brexit, france, the industrial regions. productivity and wages, what have people done in response? they've taken on lots of debt, personal debt. that debt is very hard to pay that back when you're wages are not rising. politicians everywhere saying everything is fine, vote for us, through the past 30 years, they are not getting wages that are moving up. it's everywhere. >> tucker: without inflation of course, that is harder to pay that debt off. you had a line in here and i actually didn't check these numbers, hopefully you are right. in 2015, wall street bonuses totaled $28.4 billion in the united states.
9:42 pm
just a bonus. meanwhile, total compensation for all americans working for billion,age was $14 less than half. globally, the middle class is dying. is that an overstatement? >> it's not as much of an overstatement as we would want it to be. suddenly it's true. another simple statistic, most americans, more than half of all americans who are working today are working for less than $22 an hour. at the same time, the economy has never been richer or more productive. that should average to be much higher. when you are a politician, republican and democrat, coming into the blue wall states that are supposedly rock-solid and saying everything's okay when clearly it's not, of course are going to get a reaction to that. >> tucker: because we know political turmoil is bad but it
9:43 pm
almost always follows economic turmoil, this is obviously a problem, decades in the making. why didn't the political classss respond to that in a meaningful way? >> so much of it has to do with campaign finance. so much of the system is gearing towards raising money. when you've grown up in an economy that belongs to very small segments of society, itec becomes an insider game. when you have a policy which is its own little bubble, i also saw this with brexit, the classes in london cannot believe that the uk would vote to be out of the eu. it doesn't make any sense. we are much better off. those connections are just not as clear. >> tucker: no, they are not at all. more turmoil ahead if they don't recognize it. fox news alert now, uc berkeley is in turmoil tonight, rioters set fires in the cancellation of
9:44 pm
a speech by writer milo yiannopoulos. trace gallagher. >> you can see, these guys are burning flags, busting windows, right now the entire campus at uc berkeley is on lockdown, the police are trying to disperse a crowd but so far they're not going anywhere. you can see the fire right there, the teachers and administrators are on top of the building, try to spray fire extinguisherss down. this was all over it speech by milo yiannopoulos, he is a breitbart writer. the push tonight was to start this so that campuses like uc berkeley that are considered sanctuary campuses -- they harbor illegal immigrants will not work with the federal government when it comes to illegal immigrants, they were trying to start this push to get federal dollars taken away from these uc campuses.h anybody who does not know the former head of department of homeland security, former
9:45 pm
arizona governor, she is now the president of the uc system and right after donald trump was elected, she made this push to start this sanctuary campus policy that they would not t comply with the feds and what the republicans on campus -- this speech was to try to get this campus get federal dollars taken away. this speech was supposed to start tonight at around 6:00. they canceled it at 5:00, the riots really began around that same time and now you can see the crowd -- it seems to be dispersing, half the signs are anti-milo signs, the other are anti-trump signs. there is clearly a bigger issue going on here. the young republicans on campus were putting this thing on, they were told they could have the speaker but they would have to pay the cost of the extra security and they said fine.
9:46 pm
of course, the protests as you can see have been ongoing out for a couple of hours and police are having a difficult time trying to disperse its crowd. the entire campus remains on lockdown tonight. except for these people, who apparently will not leave. >> tucker: so, what exactly are we looking at? pictures here, which are either live or briefly delayed. it appears to be some kind of vehicle. i cannot tell what it is. what is that? >> it is. to be honest, i do not know what that vehicle is. some kind of a vehicle, if you know, yell out at me. they are slamming and busting into the windows, throwing stuff at the police officers. carrying protest signs around, lighting flags on fire and when one fire is put out, they laid another one.
9:47 pm
right now, they looked to be just standing around. there is clearly an element of this crowd that is trying to stir things up. they think it is partly teachers, a lot of students there and a lot of outsiders that came specifically tode protest milo yiannopoulos' speech tonight on campus. the breakdown, we don't know. some of these pictures are from earlier. this is not the campus.f that is in downtown berkeley itself. when they kind of widen out, you can see that there is a fairly sizable crowd on hand for this. again, it looks like it could be some kind of a cart that was overturned? and then lit on fire? quite honestly, i am not sure. a food trailer of some sort. >> tucker: with the tires burned there is no evident law enforcement present. people are standing around, this burning vehicle like a campfire. where are the a cops?
9:48 pm
>> they are they are, it is kind of hard to see but we have been watching this for awhile. they were inside the building, on top of the building. they are certainly not being aggressive. you're talking about uc berkeley, the protest here go back 50-60 years. they knew this was going to happen. >> tucker: earlier we had shots of protesters trying to ram something through a glass barricade, a door. which does seem a little over the top. has anyone been arrested? how is the state or city responding to this? >> we have not heard of any arrests so far.. i do not know if that is tape or live, that's videotape from earlier. they keep lighting these. we do not know of any arrests so far but again, this is all sorted if a fluid thing.
9:49 pm
we do not know the response, uc berkeley has their own. they are kind of in a back-off position right now. they told people to leave, this is kind of a lockdown situation. as far as teargas, going after or pushing these students were teachers away, we have not seen that there is a police presence. >> tucker: just to recap, it was certainly precipitated by a speech that was supposed to be given by milo yiannopoulos, a writer and provocateurpi conservative, among other things. where is he? do we know? >> he is gone, he left. he was supposed to speak, made it on campus he left.
9:50 pm
as soon as this stuff got kind of violent and they started lighting fires, they escorted him out. 45 minutes ago, milo yiannopoulos was gone. he left the building, canceled the speech and that was at. these guys did not leave. the protesters stayed on. when they were told to push back, they started getting a little more violent, started breaking things and lighting things on fire. there are certainly some agitators there that are trying to cause some trouble. >> tucker: the people who started violence got to speak but not the person who is supposed to give the speech. again, if you're just joining us now, looking at massive protest in berkeley, california. both in the city and outside the university of the california at berkeley. the flagship of the university of california system. milo yiannopoulos, a pretty well-known figure among younger
9:51 pm
conservatives, i do not think a we've seen anything like this where protests have flowered into outright violence. he asked trace gallagher just said left the scene, not voluntarily, without speaking. after the crowd began burning things, i hope we have a tape of this protest -- the rioters trying to preach a glass door with some sort of rolling object. reports that fireworks were thrown. and some kind explosion going off. in the bonfire there. a vehicle was torched. police on the scene, they are not present in any of these videos. it's a little unclear exactly what is being done to quell these protests. trace gallagher is still with us. have we heard anything from the civil authorities at all?
9:52 pm
in berkeley or across the bay or santh francisco? >> we have heard nothing. we are checking the wires right now and making phone calls. we have heard nothing from across the wires from any of the officials that are in berkeley. nothing from the administration except that this was canceled. we found out about 30 seconds ago that this was one of a couple of speeches that milo yiannopoulos was supposed to give. in fact, he was supposed to speak at ucla. part of the same thing, to take the federal money away. now, that invitation to speak has been rescinded, that will not happen tomorrow night because they are afraid the same thing might happen. as far as response from any officials, either on the campus of berkeley or around the police authorities, we have heard nothing except for the fact that it is on lockdown, the crowd was told to disperse, the event was canceled.
9:53 pm
milo yiannopoulos was taken away but as far as what is next, and what the ramifications are if you stay on campus and keeps protesting -- we have so far heard nothing. >> tucker: berkeley -- the irony is, is known as the so-called free-speech moment. this is a place where you could say whatever he wanted, no matter what the man thought. of course we are looking atou something that is very much the opposite of free speech.o censorship by violence. the only people who get to speak are the ones who set things on fire and break windows. you were added disadvantage because this is breaking now but i wonder if any of the guardians of free-speech have piped up about this. >> so far we have heard nothing about that. in the days to come, we will p probably hear a lot about this. berkeley is very much a left-leaning campus.
9:54 pm
they do have a fairly sizable republican group on campus that actually promoted this. they got the administration to let milo yiannopoulos speak. again i said earlier the caveat being if he spoke the republican group would have to pay the extra cost for security and they said fine. i'm sure nobody thought this was going to happen but they clearly knew they were going to be protests, social media, the past couple of days, this has been planned. this has been stoked. metaphorically, to have that kind of a protest on campus tonight. nobody quite expected this. as for who is handling it and who is in charge and what reaction we are supposed to be getting right now? it almost seemed to be a little slow on the pipeline. >> tucker: i have noticed that. obviously nobody is in charge. if i heard you correctly, theke group that brought this writer,
9:55 pm
whether you agree with milo yiannopoulos or not, he is a writer with political views. which he was hoping to express. you are saying that the school was forcing the people were bringing him on campus to pay the cost of extra security. not groups holding the protests. the once threatening violence to pay the cost of security. is that right? >> that is correct.. the deal was they were going to. be added cost, if you want a controversial speaker to come on campus, there will be protests. they need to have security and apparently the republican club decided they would foot the bill for the added security. we have not spoken to anybody from this group and we do not know if people from this group are milling around among these protesters, trying to get their point across as well. we don't know the breakdown of the protesters. we know some students, some are teachers, outsiders. the rest, we can't fill in the blanks.
9:56 pm
this began getting very violent with the fires, breaking windows and such. again, we would say we don't know who the agitators are in the crowd. are they outsiders, students, are they professors? we do not yet know that. >> tucker: if you will just stay with us, we have milo yiannopoulos on the phone. we want to go to him. milo, are you there? >> hi, tucker, how are you? >> tucker: you were set to give a speech at uc berkeley tonight, and then violence erupted and you had to leave. is that correct? fill in the blanks.nd >> the social media activity, i do pretty good sense that things were going to get rowdy. obviously it is a liberal campus.
9:57 pm
they particularly did not like libertarian or conservative people, people like me. we started preparing for the show, people started arriving in black clothes, carrying weapons and things. rocks being thrown. eventually the ground floor was breached and i was evacuated. >> tucker: who evacuated you? >> my security detail, i have an excellent team of navy seal-type people and then some of the police from the campus. >> tucker: tell me if i am just reading this, this seems like a nightmare scenario. this looks like political violence designed to squelch opinions. >> that's exactly what it is, what should be particularly troubling, it happened on an american campus, places where you should be able to engage with different opinions.
9:58 pm
students who come to my talks don't necessarily agree with me but want to see the other side. they were prevented from doing so this evening from violence from the left. the left that is terrified from anyone who might be persuasive or interesting or might take people with them. i am not a scary far right neo-nazi as some of the protesters claim. instead, i'm just a libertarian, gay, trump-supporting provocateur who likes presenting interesting arguments, we have huge shows, sold out. the left cannot tolerate anyone on their campus who does not subscribe to their own crazy views. >> tucker: i guess the point isn't what your political views are. i would be every bit as outraged
9:59 pm
and afraid if i disagree with you. i'm sure i do disagree with some of your abuse. if that is hardly the point. your political views were squelched by violence, and at the irony of course is people calling you a when using violence to intimidate you into shuttingng up. >> this is exactly the same thing that happened when my book was announced. in 24 hours of being announced, people were saying they were going to burn my books. if you don't agree with my position, people on their owno side or trying to squelch this stuff with violence. the left is profoundly apathetic to free speech, my point is being proven to me over and over and over again. >> tucker: it's remarkable, we're going to reset into the "hannity" hour. we've got breaking news in progress, we will have live coverage with with going on in berkeley, california. it is violent, unfolding as we
10:00 pm
speak. we have milo yiannopoulos, the focus of this violence on the phone with us. we will be back in just seconds. >> sean: welcome to hannity and tonight, house majority leader kevin mccarthy, ari fleischer, are all here with reaction. but first a fierce battle is brewing in our nation's capital over president trump's supreme court nominee, and that is tonight's opening monologue. it didn't take long for democrats to break out their hateful device of playbook and to attack president donald trump's highly qualified supreme court nominee, judge neil gorsuch. after last night's primetime announcement, liberals like house minority leader predictably gave a preview of what is


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