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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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administration, here is how recounted his wife karen's reaction. it is a report of the night. she said "take it, your whole life, our whole life, the kelly family is a life of service." we thank them for that. good night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" from l.a. is on tonight. >> president trump taking to twitter this morning, asking the question, "no federal fronts"" if uc berkeley does not allow free speech. >> more violence against free speech, this time in berkeley, california, . and president trump is tweeting, "if this doesn't stop, there'll be federal action." we will tell you what is going on. >> the world is in trouble. but we are going to straighten it out. okay? that is what i do. >> bill: the controversy over the president's anti-terror policies continues. "talking points" will laid out for you tonight. >> what would you like build to ask the president? >> i would like to ask him how
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he is handling all of this hostility that is being thrown at him. >> bill: also had, jesse watters talking to the folks about my upcoming super bowl interview with president trump. >> i just wanted to see how far he will move with the military. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone" from california. "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump and terrorism, this is the subject of tonight's "talking points" memo. protests continue over the president travel can restrictions level that countries that have major problems controlling terrace. the left's overreaction to this, that is what it is, granting it anti-muslim and anti-immigrant, is predictable. however, the trump administration should have explained exactly why it has chosen seven countries on which to impose travel restrictions to the usa.
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it all comes down to terrorism. the president believes barack obama was far too soft on the islamic jihad. he also believes that america needs tougher standards when it comes to admitting refugees and more domestic security overall. none of that is unreasonable. but in order to blunt anti-trump propaganda, detailed explanations have to be given to we, the people. mr. trump again that process the day. >> we have to be tough, it is time we need to be tough, folks. we are taking advantage of by every nation in the world, virtually. it is not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen anymor anymore. we have seen unimaginable violence carried out in the name of religion. acts of wanton slaughter against religious minorities, horrors on a scale that defy description. terrorism is a fundamental threat to religious freedom.
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it must be stopped and it will be stopped. >> bill: of course, the president is talking about islamic terrorism. therein lies a problem with the left. as we all know, they don't want islamic terrorism to be identified. after all these years, i still don't understand that. reality is reality, is it not? now, one of the nations that cannot send people to the usa for at least 90 days is iran. this week, that nation again provoked the world by firing off a ballistic missile. >> the recent ballistic much a launch is also in defiance of u.n. security council resolution 20 to 31, which calls upon iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons in these and other similar activities, iran continues to threaten u.s. allies in the region. >> bill: the trump administration has "put iran on
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notice." it looks like new economic sanctions on that country will be forthcoming. the left, again, doesn't like that. an editorial in the "l.a. times" today criticized president trump for saber rattling with iran. it is clear that the soft approach president obama took to confronting terrorism is now being completely reversed by the trump administration. apparently, president trump had a rough conversation with the prime minister of australia, malcolm trumbull. according to "the washington post," he thinks that the deal to accept 1250 refugees from a detention center is bad for the usa. however, the white house thinks a deal will go through. but it is clear that president trump is a confrontational guy on terrorism. the refugee problem all over the world will not settle down until america and nato begin establishing or reestablishing world order. ironically, the left doesn't want that, either. in fact, the literal community
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worldwide imposes all action against terrorism or any and all intrusion into chaotic nation where the refugee problem is exploding. on the left, there is no solution, none! they simply expect on mike accept the g how to look at what dominick chaotic world that extends from it. believe me, donald trump is not going to broke that. that is the memo. now come to the top story. joining us from washington, nile gardiner from the heritage foundation and gillian turner, fox news analyst. where am i going wrong here? >> i don't think you are going wrong. but one thing i would fire back at you real quick, if this refugee and immigration eo is the first ever taking a hard-line approach to terrorism, where is the plan, from the trump administration to combat terrorism? clearly, this is part of some larger plan according to that logic. why doesn't the plan come first and then, we take jabs to remedy it? >> bill: he has only been there two weeks. so, you would assume that once he has his guys in place, that
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is taking longer than he expected, there would be a plan. i agree with you. there's got to be an overall plan. how much of it is announced, gillian, that is another story. you don't want to put the enemy on notice that you are going to do a to be. but it looks to me that there is a certain logic and the seven nations that have been frozen for 90 days, because those nations don't have any control over who moves in and out of those countries. none. zero. that is why they were selected. so, why is that policy bad for america? why? >> i think this policy is that for america because i think that over the medium to maybe a little bit longer term, it is going to have actually the reverse consequences of what the administration intends. so, what we have to do in order to defeat isis, defeat radical islam, is overcome them, not just militarily come about ideologically. in order to do that, we can't alienate the 1 billion muslims
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around the world, right? we can't unilaterally -- >> bill: i think any muslim who is alienated by the united states trying to protect our own people is -- i don't even care if they are alienated. i have to tell you. this is to you, if you can get on a plane in tripoli, libya, all right all right, anybody can get on a plane. there is no government in place, no one is checking anything, the worst terrorists in the world get on a plane in tripoli, fly to paris, change planes, then, land in jfk eight hours later. our right? that is what this refugee thing is designed to stop. is it not? >> i think this is an executive order is designed to protect the american people, to make america safer, and to save american liv. if you look at what is happened with europe with a huge refugee influx there, thanks to angela merkel's disastrous open borders policy, europe has a massive problem.
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individuals who took place in the paris attacks and 2015 came in under the guise of being migrants. there is no doubt about it. isis is using the refugee flow in order to infiltrate europe. it will attempt to infiltrate the united states, as well. this is a forward-looking policy designed to preempt action by isis in the united states. to >> bill: i understand that theory. but gillian puts forth, she is certainly not alone, that by selecting the seven nations, all predominantly muslim, that the other muslims who may not be -- you know, militants -- but may be in the middle, will hate the united states or pull away from the united states, you know, the propaganda that is being put out. this is anti-muslim, anti-immigrants. the left is all over this. is there any validity to gillian's point? >> i don't buy the argument that this executive order will alienate 1 billion muslims. it is specifically targeted at
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countries known to be war zones, places where islamists are operating. i think that this is not aimed at the entire muslim world. with regard to isis, the argument is, isis will use this as propaganda against united states. isis is going to be committed all the time to killing americans, regardless of executive orders. i think it is only right that the united states is defending itself. >> i have to interject. i think the way that, what i am saying is being characterized, is just a little bit off. i'm not making the argument is as a rallying cry for muslims to radicalize and join isis. i making the point that some of the countries that are on this list, we actually need their help and fighting isis. they are now so angry if united states over the span. >> bill: what country would that be? >> you could arguably make the case that we need all of them. right? iraq, for one. i would start with a rock.
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>> bill: yemen, somalia, we don't need them at all. they are trouble spots. all of these governments -- >> just because they are trouble spots doesn't mean that we need certain kinds of cooperation with these governments. in somalia -- >> bill: gillian, if you are going to not take action and places that are just chaotic with no central government at all, if you are going to not take any action there, to try to supervise who comes in from those countries, that is a policy that mr. obama embraced. >> bill: bill, there is a difference between the span and not taking any action, right? i would also argue that with all to mr. gardiner in the uk, we are not europe. we have really stringent requirements and practices already in place in this country. that is why we don't have the european problem. we don't need this kind of -- >> bill: the president wants to toughen us up. you have to give him 90 days to get at. good debate, you guys. next on "the rundown," the
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and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ♪ >> bill: personal story segment tonight, it is widely expected that governor chris christie of new jersey would be working for president trump after he took office. so far, that is not happen. also, the governor has been somewhat critical of the travel ban rollout. he joins us from new york city. let's take the refugee problem first. but do you think went wrong in the announcement of a? >> it wasn't explained to the right way, not communicated in the right way governmentally, to make sure it was implement it smoothly in the beginning. so, a lot of the way the left has mischaracterized what i think is a policy that really has moved the country in the right direction, it was allowed to mischaracterized because it was not rolled out in the correct way. >> bill: so, you don't oppose the seven nation freeze on the
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refugee freeze temporary, you just wanted more articulation about why they were doing it? what exactly would you have put in the press release? >> there was not enough communication even within the administration, it's clear. the homeland security saying they never saw the executive order. others in the administration who were not as well briefed as they should have been. that is what leads to withholding entry from people who had green cards, who had already gotten through, extreme vetting and the other problems that happen. when those problems happened at the beginning, it allowed those who were opponents of the trump administration to mischaracterize it and attack -- the president deserves better. >> bill: do you think it is a rookie mistake? they didn't anticipate that this would be -- devolve into hysteria, which it absolutely did? >> i think the president deserves much better. let's face it, bill, he started off on a campaign with a complete muslim ban, which i and
5:16 pm
others opposed. he moved his policy very much towards a sensible place, which is to say, where are their countries which do not have the internal control to be able to be a partner with us and vetting who is coming into our country. he has made great progress, i think i meant doing this the right way. he was allowed to be attacked viciously in the media over this, unfairly, because he was let down by the people who were implementing it. the president deserves to be served better. that's is what i was saying the other night. it's. >> bill: okay. how come you are not working for him? >> i am not working for him because i didn't get offered something that made me want to resign as governor. my view was that it was have to be something very, very special to get me to not complete my full eight year term. i have a great relationship with the president. we still talk in a regular basis. i work with his folks all the time and have conversations. the fact is that i wanted to be the governor of new jersey and if the president had offered me something that really was compelling me to get to
5:17 pm
washington, i would have made the sacrifice to do it. but i want to say, i want to finish my term. >> bill: you got one more year left in new jersey. if you had been offered the attorney general ship, which many of you thought you were in the running for, you would have accepted that? >> i given that i would have ben seven years of my life in this department of justice, that would've been a hard thing to turn down. >> >> bill: okay. senator sessions, you like that pick? is he the right guy for the job? >> he's a very good man. honest man. he got to work with him a great deal during the transition on the preparation for the transition. i am sure that jeff sessions is going to be a really, really good attorney general. >> bill: now, the left fears him for the democratic party doesn't want him. why? >> they don't agree with him ideologically. the fact of the matter is that jeff sessions has been the united states attorney, the alabama state attorney general, in addition to being a senator.
5:18 pm
this is a guy who understands the law, who understands beliee and believes in enforcing the law and the constitution. we will always have ideological differences. what you care about is someone who will respect the constitution. i think jeff sessions record of the course of his career shows l respect for the constitution of united states. >> bill: he's a tough guy. when he is confirmed, i think he will be, but it will still be a struggle. newark is a sanctuary city. i think sessions will go after all the sanctuary cities. >> when i ran for president, is that i would do exactly the same thing. the fact is that those folks should be enforcing federal law. the federal government has to give tools to the states to be able to help them have the enforcement of federal law. the obama administration had no interest in that. i hope the trump administration well. if they do, they will have a really willing partner in me. >> bill: >> bill: here's somethg interesting. two segments after you, we will have governor abbott from taxes on. he is denying funds to austin,
5:19 pm
the county that austin is in because they are sanctuary city. would you deny funds to new work? >> first, the federal government needs to ask, bill. when you talk about a sanctuary city, they are not refusing to enforce state laws, they are refusing to enforce federal law laws. the federal government -- >> bill: any law, if you are to refuse any law, i will take their money away from you. >> governor abbott governs a very different state than i do. i will tell you this. i think this has got to be something of the federal government has to do. if they do what, if they take the actions necessary, i think we will have federal law enforcement on every level. the fact is, governors can't do that on their own. they need the federal government as a partner. >> bill: all right. good to have you back on "the factor," governor. good to see you and thanks for taking the time. >> good to be back. thank you. >> bill: directly had come out rage of the week, judge pierre ojai something that may make
5:20 pm
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>> bill: "outrage of the week" segment tonight. as you know, sanctuary cities are refusing to obey very simple federal request that when an undocumented immigrant commits a crime and is put in jail, the city or county informs homeland security. >> the city of new york shields from the feds undocumented immigrants who commit what are deemed to be lesser offenses but they include drunk driving and to grand larceny if you are a drunk driver and you are an undocumented immigrant, why should there be a place for you in this country? >> jake, there are 170 offenses and that law that are listed as
5:24 pm
serious and violent crimes that lead to automatic cooperation between the city of new york at our federal partners. >> grand larceny or drunk driving a very minor offense and call mike? >> drunk driving that does not lead to an negative outcome i could call that. >> bill: drunk driving not a negative offense? joining us now from new york, judge jeanine pirro, who anchors their own program on fnc at 9:00 p.m. saturday evenings. some mothers against drunk driving outrage, people who have lost loved ones, the carnage, they can't believe what they are hearing from de blasio. what are you saying? >> you know what, as someone who has prosecuted these cases, this man, de blasio, the mayor of new york city, does not deserve to be the mayor. i will tell you why. for him to decide that oh, i have 170 different crimes that i think are worthy of being considered but drunk driving isn't and bill, by the way, neither is sexual abuse are
5:25 pm
sexually motivated felonies or forcible touching, but i digress on that. he thinks that drunk driving that doesn't "lead to other negative outcomes" shouldn't be included, therefore, if you are a legal and commit a dwi, we will protect you in a sanctuary city. that is not only protecting illegals who are criminals, it is putting americans in danger of an illegal. he has made the decision that if you are illegal and you want to commit a crime in new york city, we are going to take care of you. if you are an american, we are going to endanger your life by keeping this illegal here. >> bill: you are still subject to the stage law. they don't just dismiss the charges. charges. but welfare fraud is included on this list? de blasio will not inform. at grand larceny. grand larceny. i mean, major. so, you are right in the sense that de blasio is basically
5:26 pm
saying, i will decide what crimes i am going to cooperate with on the federal government level. so, the question then becomes, it is outrageous on its face, i think 90% of our viewers watching right now would say, it is wrong, it is wrong morally, wrong politically, wrong public safety wise, so, why? why does de blasio put himself in this position of basically giving his own people the finger? that is what he is doing. >> he is giving his old people the finger. if you think about drunk driving for a unit, where is a more dangerous to be a drunk driver in, in new york city where there are hordes of people at any given time, walking on a sidewalk are walking in the streets? look, if you believe in america and everything that we stand for, it is time to demand an end to these criminal enclaves and an arc has, socialist, whatever you want to call this guy, who believes that for some reason, these illegals, who violated our laws to come here
5:27 pm
in the first place, who then, violate our laws again and thumb their noses at us, they have a right to stay here and we victimize americans. by the way, bill, do you know that before a drunk driver is arrested, the average statistic is that they drive drunk 80 times before they are ever convicted of a crime? >> bill: before they're caught. >> that's ridiculous. >> bill: you said, for some reason, do you know the reason de blasio? >> i can't get into his mind. i think he's a halfwit. he doesn't have the right to decide what is more criminal or what is the worst felony because to me, you talk to me about sexual abuse and in the second degree or forcible touching, i could tell you stories that would make you hair stand up, bill. this guy doesn't have the right to say that because you are illegal, i will protect you from deportation and i am going to make sure that more people are subject to your forcible touching our sexual abuse. this man does not deserve to be in this country. by the way, if you want to make
5:28 pm
sure that more people who are criminals are out of jail and outside of the hands of justice, let some americans out of jail. >> bill: all right, judge jeanine pirro. plenty ahead as "the factor" moves along. the state of texas is stop giving money to a county that will not obey immigration law. watters asking the folks about the big super bowl interview with donald trump. >> do you think bill will be as tough on trump as he was an obama? >> i think you will be tougher on trump than obama. >> really? fair and balanced? >> trunk and take it. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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♪ >> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, punishing sanctuary cities. in texas, the capital city of austin, is refusing to honor requests from the federal government to hold illegal aliens who have been arrested. that is not sitting well with the governor of texas, greg abbott, who joins us now from austin. what will you do to the company, governor? >> texas will not tolerate a sanctuary city policies. i withheld more than $1.5 million in government grants from the governor's office to the travis county sheriffs office, also, today, we introduced legislation that will put the hammer down on travis county, as well as any sanctuary city policy in the state of texas. we are seeking fines, to
5:33 pm
withdraw more state funds, seeking court orders that will compel these officials like this sheriff to comply with the law or possibly go to jail themselves. >> bill: what does sheriff hernandez want? >> she wants to pick and choose which laws she will follow and which laws she will enforce. the way she is constructing her policy is exactly what happened with kate steinle. if you look at the man who killed kate steinle, he would have been released by this sheriff in travis county. i would not allow that type of conduct to occur in texas. >> bill: all right. so, even though i.c.e. may ask for a detention, a hold, sheriff hernandez says, i am not going to hold criminals that homeland security might want incarcerated? i'm going to release them? is at the what the woman is doing? >> that's exactly right, bill. even if these people have had a past record of arm robbery, criminal record, working with
5:34 pm
the mexican drug cartel, regardless of what type of heavy duty crime except for three exceptions see listed, she will let these people loose on the street in the state of texas and across america, i will not allow it. >> bill: austin is a very liberal place. travis county, outside of austin, regular texas place. what is her justification? what is the sheriff's justification for defining the federal law? >> it is her own policy, her own belief of what she thinks is right. remember this, bill, she took an oath of office to uphold the united states constitution and laws. what she is doing now is violating that oath. >> bill: but why? why she violating it? >> because this is her own perception or perhaps, the perception of some people in the liberal austin city that think, they don't want to hold these people behind bars. >> bill: is ms. hernandez doing this for political reasons? is she trying to curry favor with the far left?
5:35 pm
i don't understand her motivation? >> it is both of those that you mention. currying favor with the far left. political grandstanding. certainly, bad policy for the safety and security of the people who live in travis county and the state of texas. so, basically, her policy is idiotic. she is doing it to pander to the ideology of the left, just like what you see in california, which i will not allow to happen in texas. >> bill: you are going to put the hurt on the county on the sheriff. no, you did a tour of the texas border with mexico with the new homeland security chief. what was that, yesterday, did you go down there? >> that was yesterday morning. met with them and he explained to me precisely what they want to do, when they want to do it, how they want to do it right it was his first time to see the real river -- the rio grande river. that we had a better feel and take away for what it would be like to secure that region of the country. remember this, bill, the rio grande valley is the most insecure, the poorest part of
5:36 pm
our border right now. >> the national park, one of the beautiful parts of america. you don't need a wall there, it is so hard to get through because of the mountains and rivers and everything. it will be a wall where you needed. is that the vision? >> that is exactly right. what the secretary understands as it is called "a layering of assets." boots on the ground, detectors on the ground, boats in the water, several layers of air technology, plus, the fencing used strategically, all combined will finally secure our border. also, remembering, it is just a policy difference from of the obama administration did, which was "come on across the border don't worry about it." the trump administration is making it clear you won't be allowed across. >> bill: all right, governor. thanks for your time. when we come right back from southern california, bernie goldberg and jesse watters both will preview my super bowl interview with president trump. moments away. if a denture were to be
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killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> announcer: "the o'reilly factor." the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bell o'reilly reporting from l.a. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, we write to the purveyor of who joins of her miami. my interview with president trump will be mostly
5:41 pm
about policy, bernie. in your opinion, what is most important in that arena? >> first, let me say for the record, that i am against presidential interviews on super bowl sunday. it is the one day of the year that red-blooded americans should not have to be exposed to political b.s. i got that out of the way. second, because i am your friend, i often give you advice. i'm hoping that you will get better at your job and maybe someday really be successful. i'm hoping that. >> bill: [laughs] >> i told you, don't do a policy interview. don't ask about immigration and taxes and obama. don't do that. ask out of the ordinary questions. i gave you it last week that you didn't like. >> bill: i am rejecting it. not going to do it. >> mr. president, why do you brag so much? i got another one for you that you won't ask either. but take a listen to it. if you have a pencil, if you have a pencil, write it down. >> bill: i got a pen.
5:42 pm
i have it. >> here's a question. mr. president, powerful people often get into trouble because they pay too much attention to their most devoted supporters and not enough attention to their critics. is there anything your critic could tell you, mr. president, that would make you a better president? if he says no, you have made news. that clip will be played 10,000 times. if he says yes, then, you will ask him, well, what can you learn from your critics that are making a better president? i have no illusions, bill, he will ask that question. >> bill: i am not going to ask it as a stand-alone. with that kind of a question on the heels of another question, which i'm going to ask a very early in the interview, people have to understand, fox sports is going to play 10 minutes of this interview. okay? 8 minutes of the policy hard news and 2 minutes of football.
5:43 pm
that will be it, 4:00 p.m. on sunday. the rest of it is going to be on "the factor" on monday and tuesday. that is not a crazy -- the other questions weren't crazy, either, i don't want to demean them. but what i have to do, in my mind, is get into the policy aspect because so much that is happening so quickly in america that people need to process this. i have this rare opportunity in history to sit down right across from him and say, "why are you doing this, why didn't you do that." when is this going to happen, so, i'm going to do that. >> policy questions are asked every day and a rare interview with the president -- 's people are not the asked them. >> i'm about to say that you are a veteran, certainly, better than most. that's an understatement. but in your last interview with president obama, if my life depended on it, i couldn't
5:44 pm
remember anything but one very important thing that you got out of president obama. very important. he looked you in the eye and he said that there wasn't a smidgen of corruption at the irs. the reason we all remember that it's because it was breathtakingly dishonest. the irs scandal was a major scandal. so, hats off to you, bill, for that. >> bill: there was another big moment in that interview that you -- that was about the muslim brotherhood who had taken over in egypt. and i told him that these were bad, to use the word president trump uses, hombres. we will talk about mexico on sunday, as well. i think that your guidance is good. but it is going to be a policy thing, it will be right to the heart of the matter. >> you have to understand, my only concern, my only concern is to try to make you successful in your job.
5:45 pm
so, that is why -- >> bill: [laughs] you do that every week by coming on the "the factor," goldberg. we really appreciate it. watters on deck. he is asking the folks about my interview with the president. >> any policy that you would like to see bill drill down on with trump? >> bill: that report up next. ♪ it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new
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>> bill: "back of the book segment," "watters' world," what do you want to know about president trump edition. with my super bowl interview looming on sunday, we asked watters to sample what the folks would like to know. ♪
5:49 pm
>> bill o'reilly is interviewing donald trump at the super bowl. what would you like bill to ask the president? >> i would like to ask him how he is handling all of this hostility that he is being thrown at him. how does his family stand up after that? >> why does he think liberals are so sensitive? >> what would you like to see asked of the president? >> what the hell is going through his mind? [laughs] >> i just want to see how far he is going to move with the military. i, myself, a veteran would like to know and secure my future. >> the future of women's health in america. >> you don't want to know what the future of women's health will be under a trump presidency? >> yes. >> i want to ask him what he is not releasing his tax -- >> tax returns. >> the question is, who cares? >> what would you like bill to ask the president? >> tell the president i think he is doing a wonderful job. >> do you think bill will be as tough on trump as he was an obama? >> i think you will be tougher on trump than obama. >> fair and balanced. >> that's exactly the way i
5:50 pm
feel. >> when his truck going to come to russia? >> that while they ride horses back shirtless? >> i think people are dreaming about that. >> oh, my god, what a nightmare! think of what is your plan for the super bowl? >> i am an eagles fan. ♪ >> super bowl party, my house, 3:30 p.m., be there. >> this is the funnest night ever! >> what you guys like to eat at the super bowl? >> buffalo wings, dips. definitely alcohol. >> double bourbon. >> do you know who is paying them a super bowl? >> no. >> the philadelphia eagles of the tampa bay buccaneers? >> he's lying. >> philadelphia eagles. [buzzer] speak about it you just say? >> i don't follow the super bowl. super bowl. >> dispute and let you watch the super bowl? >> yes. he's pretty chill about that. >> come on, now. >> who is going to enact the game? >> should i take that to the bank? >> probably not. >> was the matter with you?
5:51 pm
>> would you ever like to watch the super bowl super bowl with bill o'reilly? >> yeah, oh, my goodness, i would love that! >> would you like to sit in between trump and bill o'reilly and watch the super bowl altogether? >> i actually would. i think those two would be a really good time. >> we are the three best friends that anybody could have. you know who i am? i am watters. watters. and this is my world. >> nice. this is pretty much the worst video ever married. >> bill: watters joins us from houston, texas. what are you doing down there? annoying people? >> that is what i usually do. we will head the party circuit hard the next couple of days. there is a maxim party, leather and lace party, rolling stone party, i will ask these athletes and celebrities about trump and football, the two most important topics of the day. >> bill: and you will run not on your opus saturday nights at 8:00? that's where we will see it?
5:52 pm
>> you will see it saturday night at eight. you will also have someone throwing footballs at me, i'll try not to break too many fingers. we will also have sean spicer, white house press secretary laying down the law. we will also have a quiz on the supreme court justices. i held up a picture of clarence thomas and i said, "who is this!" one woman said, as is o.j. simpson? >> bill: are you anchoring "watters' world" from houston? will you be down there or will you come back to new york? >> it is a show down here. i will be roaming around their live studio audience here in houston. so, anything could happen. watch out for that. >> bill: how much did you have to pay the live studio audience to sit there for your our? what did you have to give them? >> [laughs] i just give them drinks and they will show up whenever they want. >> bill: great. an intoxicated audit audience for "watters' world." >> to make a much funnier. >> bill: there you go. all right, watters. have fun. "the factor" "tip of the day,"
5:53 pm
what should we do with people who are literally trying to destroy our country? what should we do with them? "the tip," moments away. ♪ our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. companies across the state are york sgrowing the economy,otion. with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route.
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and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. >> bill: "the factor" "tip of the day," destroying america. first, the mail. we ask you guys last night for some questions for me to ask president trump. we got about, ready, 8000 email emails!
5:56 pm
>> first of all, julianne, it is "did you do well in school." secondly, if i asked the president that question, he will take a pretty much all of the interview giving us his grades in various subjects. [laughs]
5:57 pm
but i am very glad, julianne, that you were watching "the factor." in a couple of other notes , >> bill: did not say in advance, alberto, i said that te policy of closing down refugees from certain countries should have been better explained. >> bill: there will be a kids book off of "killing the rising sun" publishing in a few months. we look forward to that. finally, "the factor" "tip of the day." in berkeley, california, a right wing guy named milo yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the university there. as we have seen in the past,
5:58 pm
free speech at uc berkeley is risky. >> [bleep] >> bill: mr. yiannopoulos' speech was canceled by the school, leading president trump to treat today the federal government may start denying funds to colleges that cannot control their environments. so, here is "the tip of the day," it is directed to every college president in this country. the scholastic environment is now out of control. pc madness running rampant and harming your students. unacceptable behavior tolerated by many universities. so, his political indoctrinatio indoctrination.
5:59 pm
it will not be long until the federal government does get involved in the way you guys are doing your business because you are not fostering a safe and free atmosphere on your campus is in general. so, wise up and accept this "tip of the day." stop the madness now. and that is that for us tonight. please, check out the fox news "the factor" web site, which is different from over the do not be a pull troon. i want to thank everyone here in our los angeles bureau for fox news. always a pleasure to come out here. very professional people. the weather in l.a. during the winter, can't beat it. i am glad the drugs over for you guys. a little rain tomorrow. we have a big weekend planned because we have to go to the white house to do the
6:00 pm
president trump interview. lots of stuff going on. again, we think you offer watching. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, that ""the spin stops here"" in southern california. because we are looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: violent riots last night at the university of california at berkeley, you watch them break out live on the show last evening. the man who made that campus tremble joins us tonight in studio for his first interview following the outbreak of violence. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." few people are hated more by the left than milo yiannopoulos. the jewish immigrant who has become the face of the right. evidence was on full display last night at berkeley where milo was scheduled to speak but was evacuated shortly before the speech for his own safety. watch what happened.