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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 3, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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weekend. heather: almost time for kickoff. i'm heather childers. thank you for starting your weekend with us. abby: it is the number one killer for the united states. make sure you put on your red today. heather: be aware of the signs. president trump refuse to go rule out military angst against iran and threatening new sanctions as early as today. abby: live for us in washington, d.c. with the very latest on the escalating tensions, garrett, good morning, where do things stand this morning? >> good morning to you, the trump administration is not wasting any time turning that tough talk into some tough action. we are told that those new sanctions could come as soon as today and would likely target multiple iranian entities and this comes in response to iran's
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string of missile test all in violation of un security resolutions. president trump didn't rule out taking further action as well. >> military off the table in iran? >> nothing is off the table. i haven't eased anything. >> in response to that and the reports of new sanctions, a top adviser to iran supreme leader called them useless threats from an inexperienced person. it vowed it will continue carrying missile test. in a separate incident, president trump is defending tough talk with australia's prime minister over a deal obama made before he left office. >> i love australia, but president obama said they were going to take probably well over a thousand illegal immigrants
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who were in prisons and they were going to bring them and take them into this country and i just said, why, i just we wanted to ask the question, why. >> those weren't illegal immigrants but rather refugees that the agreement dealt with and that likely won't be the last phone call president trump has with leaders. not to worry about them but they are needed simply to make sure america is no longer simply taken advantage of. abby: president trump troubling down that we need to get tough on our enemies. heather: he's off to a good start. >> he's absolutely right because barack obama projected weakness into the world and consequences oh absolute disastrouse. we need to start supporting allies. that's what he's doing when it comes to israel. he's making a statement of support. he needs to realize that australia is an ally too and we
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need to support them and we need to focus toughness on enemies and quite frankly he's doing that too. you look at what's happening in iran where he's imposing sanctions on them for ballistic missile test, far cry from when barack obama was sending pa lots of unmarked bills on secret planes. he's getting tough on al-qaeda. barack obama was sending drones to take out these guys, donald trump sent a special operations team. he's getting tough on our enemies. i think he's off to a good start. >> james mattis second stop as secretary of defense. reassuring our allies that we've got their backs. new pentagon chief sending a strong miami of support for the stern warning to north korea's provocative new act. >> any attack on the united states or on our allies been
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defeated in any use of nuclear weapon will be met with the response with effective overwhelming. heather: north korea has been carrying out a series of nuclear and missile tests in defiance of un sanctions. >> enough is enough. 90 minutes from now republicans will try and democrats fill bust e betsy devos. tie-breaker would come from vice president mike pence and that would set up a final vote on monday. nominees for attorney general and health and human services and treasury could see votes a early as tomorrow. president trump's cabinet now taking the longest ever to fill thanks to the delays by the democrats. heather: soldier credited for stopping an attempted terrorist attack. a police in france said a woulde atalker tried to get in gallery
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in paris. the man had been armed with a night. he attacked a soldier nearby who was armed but the soldier opened fire injuring the suspect and the suspect is now in custody. a breaking story, it is still unfolding at this very minute and we will bring you the latest as we get it. abby: -- heather: police in denver colorado said that joshua, radical islamist killed scott because he looked like a police officer, months earlier a group of muslims contacted the feds about cummings saying, quote, he seemed pretty advance in path of radicalization. cummings was on the terror watch list. abby: also this morning trying to sell son's dirt bike killed in cold blood. tampa police charging two teens with murder. the pair allegedly planned to rob james when williams grabbed
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the dirt bike and johnson pulled the trigger killing beck right in front of his 15-year-old son. the boy was not injured. heather: hours from now méxico's most famous drug lord and escape artist faces judge in brooklyn court. joaquín el chapo guzmán will appear in person after being ruled too dangerous to escort to court. el chapo was extradited to the united states after several elaborate escapes from prison. abby: super bowl ahead of the super bowl. the fed seizing super bowl gear. 56 were arrested in that sting. ♪ ♪ heather: super bowl li. the fans are out in full force
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in houston as security hits full throttle before the game. abby: casey live. >> hey, it's here, it's super bowl weekend and we are having a ball here in houston texas and the city is starting to fill up as football fans from around the world really converge. officials with the city are saying upwards of 1 million people are expected to not only attend the game but all of the events leading up to kickoff on sunday. of course, security was something like this bra mount at an event by air, by land, dozen of law enforcement agencies hard at work and lots of technology being used as well, check this out. xe trucks, every single trailer with supplies coming into the stadium are scanned.
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upwards of 200 trucks are processed. and it is going to be star studded as super bowls always are, country artist luke bryant will sing national anthem and the half-time show have people talking with lady gaga singing while suspended from the roof. more than 250 feet in the air. she says her performance will send a message. listen. >> the only statements that i'll be making during the half-time show are the ones that i have been consistently making throughout my career. i believe in a passion for inclusion. i believe in the spirit of equality and the spirit of this country. >> it'll be certainly a highlight of my career and my entertainment life to be able to walk out there and -- and
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hopefully perform the anthem in the way that i've always dreamed i would do it. >> now, remember lady gaga sang the national anthem at last year's super bowl and there are a lot of rumors swirling that she could make some type of political statement during half-time show. she's being pretty tight lip when she was asked about that at a press conference yesterday, but we will have to wait and see. that would be spectacular seeing her all the way on the roof of the stadium. heather: maybe she will jump with an american flag. >> who knows. abby: how is the weather shaping up for super bowl 51. heather: janice dean live for us in houston. janice: good morning, ladies, i
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have got a marching band us. all sorts of great activities here in houston, texas where we are going to be live today, tomorrow and super bowl sunday. temperatures 52 in the houston area. let's take a look at the map across the country. 6 in rapid city, that's minus 6. 27 in new york city. 60 in san francisco, 42 in dallas, you can see where the cold air has sunk down. just a quick look at the great lakes and northeast where we continually have lake effect snow happening and then across the west we are going to see another storm system move in for you. be aware of rain and mountain north in northern and central california. for houston, texas, cloudy skies for the most part. it'll be cool in the morning, you can see daytime highs, 58 that's cool for this time of year in houston texas, saturday
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looks like 62 and for sunday the big day, super bowl sunday we could see some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. the good news is we have a dome over where we are going to be playing the super bowl on sunday. people need to be cautious if they are headed to the game. i'm so excited to be here. ladies, i'm sad that you're not here too. heather: so much fun last year covering it so i'm missing out. at least the panthers aren't playing. if they were there, i would have been there for sure. janice: you got it. heather: so much fun. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. rolling back regulations, extended background checks to undo obama's policy. >> political violence in response to mainstream opinion. abby: liberal college cry babies causing hundreds of thousands of damage to their own campus, do they even know why? the man they were protesting now
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slamming their cause. >> you play for the devil. >> you're fired, you're fired, buddy. heather: video you have to see. [laughter] bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied.
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and always working to be better. . .
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abby: 15 minutes after the
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hour. the president trump's home is about to get a higher wall. approving to build a taller fence around the white house and have anticlimb and intrusion technology, the decision after
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several people were able to jump over to the fence in the white house lawn over the past few years. heather: now trying to swash free speech overnight at nyu. now the target, look at that. the target with conservative comment at a timer, he barely got through the door being being swarmed with pepper spray by the angry mob. [shouting] [inaudible conversations] heather: 11 people arrested throughout that. causing disturbance but still finished speech and makes frequent appearances on red eye right here on the fox news channel. this of course, comes one night after this after violence broke out on the campus of uc berkeley. protesting a speech being given by milo yianopooulos, anybody
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who thinks it's a real protest, they are dead wrong. >> as protest. wereasn't, it was violating physically assaulted, people were bleeding and beaten, all sorts of things happened. not all of them, but just who wanted to come and listen to what i had to say and those people were attacked, physically attacked. this is political violence in response to perfectly mainstream opinion and what cnn and other networks like that want to do is suggest that there are other sinister about me to light miez bad behavior on their own side. heather: a trump supporter was pepper sprayed outed of the demonstration. abby: he may be born in the usa, apparently bruce springsteen is not proud to be an american.
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>> in 1965, used to send letter back home. abby: playing the song don't hang up mocking the president's call to embassador. heather: and the time now is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. protesting the president the presidents now paying employees to miss work and participate in violent riots? >> we have the shake and the shimmy, shimmy shake. abby: social media exploding over, the mobile's tv commercial starring justin bieber. you have to see this one.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", congress taking its first steps towards strengthening gun ownership over donald trump. the house voting to undo obama's policies but extended background checks for gun purchases by some social security recipients. the white house supports the measure and is expect today sign it. abby: watch out, you have been warned. the irs has a brand-new weapon to make sure you pay your taxes by taking your passport. a tax lien has been issued. if that happens, you're required to pay the taxes in full. heather: super bowl sunday is coming up. abby: it is, if you won't be in
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houston for the big game, because it turns out watching from home will be more awesome than ever. here to explain live from houston. we are experiencing fear of missing out. for all of us that don't get to be there, why is this year going to be more fun than ever? >> it'll be a winner no matter where you are. good morning to you and welcome to discovery green, epicenter of super bowl houston. we are talking about technology in the game that's going to be radically different. first of all, if you wanted to go to the game, current stub hub prices, 27.59 for two tickets in the nosebleed section, but for free you can watch at home extraordinary technology that's coming out that we are going to see the first time this year at this super bowl that will be like no other perspective. what we are talking about is fox sports along with intel putting together 38 ultra high def
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cameras mounted in the rafters and will give you at home a technology call be the player, what does that mean? when you're watching the game this sunday unlike any other time you're going to be able to see the perspective if you're the quarterback, for example, they can rememberedder -- render the view and play that back to you. it looks absolutely stunning. it goes to this giant computer that gets it done but it takes about a minute to a minute and a half to render it. so you're not going to see it constantly through the game, first time we see major upgrades to viewing at home. so there's no way of losing this year when you're watching from home. in fact, i have a lot of friends who are even out here saying, you know what, i'm going to the game. i think this year your ticket at home is going to be extraordinary when it comes to the quality of the technology from the viewing being at home, 38 cameras, not to mention all the other bells and whistles
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that they put into the game itself. heather: that's like a better seat than watching it there live. basically takes it and makes it 3d for for you at home? >> it does, it takes us 38 cameras, those input into a giant computer that's there at energy stadium. they render that back out and they have this extraordinary image as if you're any one of the players, now they can go and select a referee, they can select any player, watch this weekend, you're going to see that they pick the big shots out on the field, for sure. abby: you have been following this closely as well. a lot of people are thinking about security with so many people there given the reality of the world that we live in now, how do you feel being there. do you feel like everyone should feel secure in the dome? >> let me tell you. we are adjacent to the energy stadium here and just this morning to get where i am there was about four blocks of police barricades where we had to clear
2:26 am
security two times. there's a lot of hefty security here in the city of houston. heather: all right. for all the guys at home you can be the player on the field but you can't necessarily pretend that you're married to giselle bunchen. >> that's true. [laughter] abby: time is now 26 after the hour and veggie trays, deli dips, guacamole, all the food that fuels the fan. heather: of course, the wings, you will never guess how many wings super bowl fans eat. abby: do we want to know? heather: up next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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heather: we are live from houston you fox is airing the super bowl this coming sunday. abby: a little bit jealous. heather: who do you pick? abby: patriots. i'm a tom brady fan. heather: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends" fist, i'm heather childers. abby: i'm abby huntsman, it's 30 minutes after the hour. president trump threatening new sanctions as early as today. heather: garrett is live for us in washington, d.c. with the latest on escalating tensions and i understand iran is saying, this is no big deal. >> yeah, iran is trying to brush this up a bit and not playing intimidated at all by the trump administration.
2:31 am
now as far as the new sanctions that could come as today go, exactly what they will intel and how effective will be is still unclear. what its clear is that the trump administration is determined to get tough on iran after what it's described as eight years on weakness on the international stage. now in response to iran's recent missile test which violated un resolutions, the white house said that it was putting iran on notice and yesterday like previous commander in chiefs the president said he was not taking anything off the table. >> military action off the table in iran? >> nothing -- nothing is off the table. i haven't eased anything. >> iran not backing down either, though, a top adviser to iran supreme leader says his country won't yield to useless threats from an inexperienced person and vow to continue developing its missile program. the u.s. is having tough conversations with its allies as well.
2:32 am
yesterday the president defended his phone call with australia's prime minister last weekend over deal the obama administration made in november to takes 200 refugees from australia. >> the world is in trouble, but we are going to straighten it out, okay, that's what i do, i fix things. we are going the straighten it out. believe me, when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it, just don't worry about it. they're tough. we have to be tough. it's time we are going to be tough, folks. >> president trump said that this is part of fulfilling its promise to make sure that america is no longer taken advantage of in the world. heather and abby. abby: we will see how all of this develops to do. heather: we are going to switch gears right now and head out where one million fans, more than one million are descending on houston for super bowl weekend. abby: security is tight.
2:33 am
authorities x-raying trucks. heather: lady gaga and luke bryant all putting finishing touches on their act. luke bryant singing national anthem and lady gaga, she's expect today no doubt wow the crowd. she's not saying whether or not she will get political. abby: ticket prices, where do they stand right now, cheryl, everyone wants to know that? cheryl: it's been fluctuating, guys, good morning from houston, texas, super bowl live, we are wait if for crowds today. a lot of crowds will be coming without a ticket. you want to get the last-minute ticket, the knows bleed seats $2,000 but the average price $2,744. now the largest now recorded so far and it could change, $74,928 for a ticket.
2:34 am
we believe the buyer was from méxico. whether or not patriots or falcons fan, we cannot find out but that's the number that we've got. now, look, if you wanting to out there and get to the game, a lot of folks, mostly people want to watch it in the comfort of their own home and they'll be having super bowl parties. 1.3billion chicken wings, guys, 1.3 billion in chicken wings, average american $75 each, but 1.3 billion wings, you know what that is? 300 times the weight of all the players in the nfl. also avocados for the guacamole, 105 million pounds of avocados, sounds pretty good, i love my guac, $23 million but on deli trade, 27 million on chips and finally, ladies, the most important product at the super bowl on sunday, $1.2 billion spent on beer.
2:35 am
i wanted to give you the final number. heather: a lot of time on their hands. abby: 1.3 billion chicken wings. that's unbleeivelg. we are all wearing red, of course, because today it's heart disease awareness day. the number one cause of death for most women in this country. heather: go red for women day and everyone in the country is encouraged to do that, . we are not done with the super bowl, whether he standby with janice dean to see if the weather will cooperate. janice: 54-degrees, daytime high 58, i believe, and the average this time of year is about 67, so we are off a few degrees in terms of averages here in houston, texas. let's take a look at super bowl forecast.
2:36 am
the good news is we have a dome over nrg studios, so we should see thunderstorms heading in. i don't think we are going to see severe outbreak but certainly showers and thunderstorms. kickoff is in the 6:00 o'clock hour and again people will be in the stadium, not a big deal and the temperatures will be warm, warmer than average 70-degrees for kickoff time and slight chance of storms. there your current temperatures across the nation. in houston 52-degrees. cooler across the northern plains, i don't have anything to complain where we are dealing with minus 6 in northern plains, we are dealing with more rain in the forecast for our friends out west including northern and central california, we have a couple of systems off the pacific that are going to move inland and the rest of the country is relatively quiet. we could see like-effect snow across the northeast and hit or miz showers. for houston, we will be dealing with temperatures, you know, not
2:37 am
too bad, a little few degrees off average but as we get into sunday, temperatures will be nice and warm and again just a chance of showers and thunderstorms. as for today and tomorrow, ladies, it's going to be kind of humid so if you watch us throughout the day, you know our hair is going to get frizzy. [laughter] heather: time now about 3 minutes, no ten minutes till the top of the hour. abby: 20 minutes. heather: way too early to do math. ivanka trump dropped by nordstrom. abby: good morning, carley
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heather: president trump taking
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aim at the new host of celebrity apprentice but the terminator is firing back. abby: that was good, that was really good. carley shimkus with what is trending. carley: i like this. in all of this by the way happened at the national prayer breakfast. majority the speech was serious but the president vowed to defend and protect religious liberty but in a surprising turn the president also blasted his celebrity apprentice success or arnold schwarzenegger, take a listen. >> the ratings went right down the tubes, it's been a total disaster, i want to just pray for arnold if we can. carley: of course, arnold took
2:42 am
to twitter. >> why don't we switch jobs, you take over tv because i -- he's expert in ratings. carley: wow. schwarzenegger who endorsed john kasich has criticizing over travel ban. heather: he was trying to crack a joke, we should say. all of the stars, celebrities one after the other slamming president trump, differentpolis -- different policies, sarah silverman. carley: calling on the military to overthrow the president. wake up and join the resistance once the military is with us, fascist get overthrown, mad king and his handlers go bye, bye.
2:43 am
some twitters replied calling her delusional. abby: people are loving the, the , t mobile commercials. carley: takes us through the history of touchdown celebration. >> first there was the high-five and then there was this. carley: i love it. app proving to be a touchdown belong beliebers. i lost count actually on how many times i've watched it today and i'm about to sleep but his dance moves still stuck in my head. abby: i love it. heather: not that justin bieber
2:44 am
has ever done this but bad lip reading. carley: geniuses behind lip reading, a look at what the players really said this season. >> give it a second. >> look at my golden hair. >> you play for the devil. >> you're fired and you're fired, not you buddy. >> i'm pretty and pushy. >> somebody took the nickels out of my locker. >> every one of you guys is now a suspect. carley: he wants his nickel back. i get it. 4.6million times. the amount of time they have on their hand. abby: what a fun job. i love it. i have a feeling we will see you monday. [laughter] carley: absolutely, let's do it. heather: justin bieber is trying to b like justin timberlake. abby: steve doocy live in
2:45 am
houston of what's coming out on "fox & friends". >> i'm here in the heart of houston right now in a man cave. how great is this, i have a tv, a ball, a whole bunch of stuff and we have great guests. of course, we are going to talk about the news of the day and so much happening right now in trump world. but because we are at super bowl 51 we have dan marino, drew brees, tim tebow, bob, kirk cousins, right over there we have the jersey village high school marching band. they are going to serenade us all morning live. live from super bowl li. "fox & friends" in about 15 minutes. ladies. abby: thank you, steve, we will see you soon. heather: we are not done yet right here, we will be right back. abby: stay with us mmm
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heather: welcome back, "fox & friends first" paid protests, companies including one to have nation's largest media corporations now offering its employees paid time off to do this, to protest president trump. a top ball supporting comcast employees for walking out of its own headquarters in pennsylvania and the ceo of lux valet but show proof that they were protesting. they should give equal time off to employees who don't want to protest trump. david posting on facebook, it's their money and should be able to do what they want. pam says it's just another excuse for libl reals not to work. abby: department store blaming declining sales, ivanka's line
2:50 am
include clothes and shoes. it's about 10% of inventory is cut every year to make room for new lines but a lot of of people -- heather: a lot of people like her shoes. biggest football game of the year just around the corner so what better way to get into the super bowl spirit than with a classic football movie. abby: kevin mccarthy to tell us top five for football. kevin, good morning. >> heather and abby, good morning, it's 2:50 a.m. in los angeles. does that mean it's good evening for me or good morning for me. i can't figure it out. heather: it means you really love "fox & friends first". >> good morning, to you as well.
2:51 am
the longest yard, last boy scout. we are marshal and also the blind side, some of my favorite football movies of all time. five to one, invincible. i love this movie so much, mark wahlberg, i love the idea behind this film. listen, this is a movie that does combine fictional elements with nonfiction. you to buy into that. hollywood does that in order to tell the story in a two-hour window or so but in real life, he was playing for the semipros and profootball for years prior to this event. to me it's a really fun film. i love mark wahlberg, that's my number five. number four, any given sunday. i love this movie. abby: classic. >> amazing. what a great film maker in regards to getting the football intensity on the screen. the beauty of this movie it was great mind the scenes as well as on the field. the intensity was there in both
2:52 am
elements and al pacino and cameron díaz are fantastic in the film. some are intense to watch and i love the chemistry between the actors in the movie. that's my number four. number three only because i'm from washington, d.c., remember the titans and this was denzel washington. for me growing up, it's a great story. denzel washington, fantastic in this film and it really was an inspiring based on a true story. heather: that was in my number one. that would have been my number one. >> oh, no, wait till i get to my next two. you will change your mind. that's my number three. number two, jerry mcguire. watch the famous scene, watch this. [laughter] >> i'm not going to do what you all think i'm going to do which is flip out.
2:53 am
who is coming with me? >> i love that scene. he has the fish in the bag. i don't know, i love that film. abby: that movie never gets old. i have to finish it and watch it. heather: i thought the memorable scene was going to be show me the money. >> that's a great scene too. by the way, the young kid in the film, he's 26 year's old now. now i feel really old, that kid is 26 year's old. abby: that's frightening to think about. [laughter] >> number one, here we go, rudy. no question, rudy is a masterpiece, one of the most inspiring films i have everundeg story, you know information, the final game day shoot in the film, i read somewhere that they actually shot the scene at a real noter dame football game versus boston college. they went out there during half
2:54 am
time and shot the sequence. if you look closely into the stand, you can see some jerseys from the actual film and sean is amazing in the movie. i love the underdog story. for me it really makes you feel like you wanting to out and change the world. abby: that's what i love about football movies. the ending is always happy. my favorite is friday night lights. it makes you feel good at the end, doesn't it? >> friday night lights it's a master piece, it really, really is, abby. heather: i also saw leather heads the other day. >> can george clooney. abby: make sure you tweet kevin and let him know what your favorite football movies are. >> tweet me at kevin conclude mccarthytv. abby: you can't deny that. heather: six minutes until the top of the hour.
2:55 am
intercepted the mother fumbling a play and losing her son's super bowl tickets. abby: oh, no. slippery surprise, a family finding a giant rattlesnake in their toilet and the worst part is that wasn't even the worst part. is that real? heather: wow
2:56 am
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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heather: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. >> first the good, a special deliver for decision police right inside a post office. helping to deliver a baby who couldn't wait to come into the world. the auto snake removal expert finds two more dozen the house is now snake free. could you imagine? and i never ever want to
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imagine. right now we are going to take you out to houston. all the fun just getting started. and fox news will be live all day and night there don't forget to watch super bowl this sunday the kickoff 6:30 eastern time. let humane society our own bill o'reilly interviewing president trump. it's a big one. "fox & friends" starts right now live from houston. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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