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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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"special report" is next. ♪ >> bret: surgical and symbolic, new sanctions on iran. president trump imposing the sanctions and imposing new warnings but does not directly impact his predecessor's nuclear deal. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, i am bret baier. a special is again -- "special report" again on the road tonight. california, specifically hollywood, may be the center of the universe when it comes to opposition to president donald trump. we will talk more about hollywood versus the president and how that plays in the middle of the country a little bit later.
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but first, a more serious kind of conflict on the other side of the country. president trump is sending a direct message to iran and the rest of the world that he will do what he says he will do. the new administration has hit iran with new sanctions in response to its ballistic missile testing. chief white white house correst john roberts starts us off tonight. >> time and time again on the campaign trail across the country, president trump pledged to hold a hard line against iran, and today he made good on that promise, ordering his treasury department to punish the regime for its weekend missile tests. >> and the president's only on camera remarks about the new sanctions today, he rebuked iran in much the same way a parent would rebuke a petulant child. >> they are not behaving. >> targeting 25 officials and companies it says have been engaged in terrorist or missile related activities. most are from iran, but some are chinese, others lebanese with
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ties to hezbollah. a statement saying, "the swift and decisive response proves that our administration is serious about holding the iranian regime responsible for its illicit behavior" ." senator lindsey graham urged the president not to go it alone. >> i don't want a war with iran, but they deserve to be sanctioned. >> this morning, president trump was engaged in his trademark twitter diplomacy, defeating "iran is playing with fire. they don't appreciate kind president obama was to them. not me" ." saying we will never initiate war but we can only rely on our own means of defense. national security advisor michael flynn kicked it up a notch poking a finger and i have both iran and the u.n. in a statement saying the international community has been too tolerant of iran's bad behavior. the ritual of convening the
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united nations security council in an emergency meeting and issuing a strong statement is not enough. while iran was being targeted, the president was focused on american's, citing one owner easing restrictions, another to rollback restrictions implemented after the near collapse in 2009. saying that measure will free up loan money that banks have been sitting on. >> instead of lending capital into their clients and allowing their clients to grow their businesses and hire people and create jobs, they have been taking that capital and hoarding it to meet the regulatory requirements and pay for additional regulations. >> and there was a general warning from the present israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has gone into development overdrive. through his press secretary, the former developer urged israel to take it down a notch. >> we don't believe that the
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existence of current settlements as an impediment, but i think the construction or expansion of existing settlements beyond the borders is not going to be helpful moving forward. >> the president is spending the weekend at the winter white house in mild largo, florida, then take a look at -- mar-a-lago, florida. then back here to washington on monday. >> bret: senate republicans are playing by the rules, but when you control the majority, those rules can give you a big advantage. republicans used that advantage to advance one of the cabinet nominees to the dismay of helpless and bitter democrats. chief correspondent mike emanuel has that report. >> i am proud to stand up and fight back against betsy devos. >> please, please, we can find someone so much better.
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>> despite the pleas of democrats, betsy devos' nomination passed an early procedural vote on party lines. most republicans praised her for support of school choice in vouchers and see her as a visionary. >> i would argue that she has been among the forefront of their leaders like the governors for the most successful reform in the last 30 years. >> democrats, who would love to defeat a drum cabinet nominees, have targeted devos. >> the nominee for the secretary of education is one of the worst nominees that has ever been brought before this body for a cabinet position. >> her final confirmation vote expected on tuesday has gotten complicated with circle republican senators, susan collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska, saying they will vote no. both senator have earned a grades which has called on the senate to reject devos paired with the boat setting up to be a 50/50 tie, he is
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setting up to break it. >> betsy devos for decades has been passionate about helping students in the inner-city, students in poverty, and a student to be able to have every opportunity they possibly can have. >> one critical reason why devos is a before sessions is that they need his vote as an alabama senator in order to confirm her. later in the week, expect votes for steven mnuchin for treasury secretary. lawmakers in the house are not waiting for prices confirmation. they are we looking for ways to repeal key components of obamacare, another early priority. pushing to scrap all of obamacare. >> repeal is the most important part because this thing has been a disaster. repeal every tax, every mandate, every regulation. >> on the other side, democrats are planning to try to mobilize
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support to save obamacare. house democratic leader nancy pelosi is calling on her members to hold grassroots events over the presidents' day weekend. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel, live on the hill. thank you. u.s. police are investigating allegations that i.t. contractors stole computer hardware and falsified billing records. fox news is told the contract employees shared about -- shared by about 40 lawmakers removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment. they also allegedly purchased items at one price, build the taxpayer for another, and pocketed the difference. there were also questions whether they expose the house networks to potential hackers or spies. more people are working and more people are actually looking for work now. those are the headlines on the trump economy tonight, as the white house puts it. here is senior washington correspondent peter barnes. >> it was the worst jobs report
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under president trump, and it came in better than expected but he liked it and promised more. >> 227,000 jobs, great spirit in the country right now, so we are very happy about that. i think it is going to continue big league. >> the unemployment rate ticked up to 4.8%. but for good reason. because of more people returning to the labor market. perhaps because they were more optimistic about their job prospects since the president's election. that could be well-founded thanks to the president's economic plans. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore. >> and his tough talk about penalties for companies and trading partners that don't create jobs and products in america. korea's samsung is now considering building a new appliance plant in the u.s., though in a statement, it would not confirm that. the president reading, "thank you, samsung.
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we would love to have you" ." when the japanese prime minister visits the president next week. that could create 700,000 new jobs. >> i think you're going to see the president claiming a lot of credit here, probably do a lot of credit because business sentiment has increased so much since he has been elected. >> job gains last month were broad-based, to construction and financial services. numbers compiled before the president took office. one disappointment, hourly wages rose just three cents by a 10th of 1%. much lower than expected. >> not everyone is happy with the president's new approach. on thursday, the ceo of huber, the retching company in cummaquid the president's economic advisory council made up mainly of business leaders over his new executive order temporarily banning travel to the u.s. for people from seven
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predominantly muslim companies. bret? >> bret: peter, thank you. stocks were up-to-date, the dow gained 187,000. the s&p 500 -- nasdaq jumped 31. the week, the dow lost, s&p 500 and the nasdaq gained about a tenth. president obama made it rain for the united nations before he left the white house. rain money, that is. fox news analysis of state department data indicates mr. obama showered about $9.2 billion to the u.n. and its affiliates during his final year in office. those kinds of figures will be analyzed by the new administration, according to white house officials. they have promised to take a critical look at u.s. funding for the u.n. one of the most famous of the navy's warships is in a position to carry out any actions president trump may order against iran. and there are some red faces at
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the pentagon tonight, read as an angry and embarrassed about description of another operatio operation. here is jennifer griffin. >> in an embarrassing about-fac about-face, releasing video clips that it said had been collected during the weekend. on an al qaeda compound in yemen. the video showed a hooded bomb maker demonstrating how to destroy a christian cross. the pentagon hoped to use it as an example of some of the valuable intelligence at nabbed as a result of the raid. but the video was 10 years old, already in the public domain, forcing the press department to cancel a briefing and remove the video clips from the centcom web site. the uss cole arrived to patrol a vital straight strait, the sams who carried out a attack on a warship this week. one of several examples used by
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mike flynn when he, "put iran on notice this week" at the white house. the uss cole was bombed by al qaeda while locked in yemen 17 years ago. in asia on his first visit overseas, defense secretary jim madison attended to reassure allies in korea and japan with a stern message to north korea. >> any attack on the united states or our allies, will be defeated. it will be met with the response that will be effective and overwhelming. >> a former deputy ambassador to london spoke from seoul about why he fled the communist regime with his family. >> i had to leave this system, not only leave, but fight to topple, you know, this system for the sake of my family and also for the sake of my colleagues. >> the north korean ambassador had been tasked with spying on
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his colleagues at the embassy and london, forced to report on signs. now he lives in north. -- >> bret: president trump is blaming what he calls a new radical islamic terrorist for today's machete attack at the louvre art museum in paris. the president says there is no doubt it was terrorism. the man shouted "god is great" in arabic. having an entrance to the shopping mall that extends beneath the museum there. visitors were sent to special safe rooms with no windows. a woman with a reputation of being very tough on terrorists is the new deputy director of the cia. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us that reputation has some on capitol hill questioning whether she is the right person for the job. >> democratic senators said the
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new see a deputy director's background, "make certain suitable for the position. white house spokesman sean spicer. >> she has had a distinguished career as a covert operative. she basically gave up that to come out and serve in this role at the request of director pompeo. >> gina haspel has worked in the shadows for decades. >> we have declared in the country that we will not use torture, i want to make sure that whoever is in the senior management at the cia shas that belief. >> former see a deputy director mike morrell said that haspel directed mmo to to destroy evidence of waterboarding. the aclu wants haspel to make the same commitment is mike
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pompeo. >> will she say that she agrees with his position that torture and abuse are illegal and will not be used by the cia. that will go a long way towards correcting the record and making clear what this administration stands. >> michael hayden and an intelligent a part of the appointment, "when we went on the offensive, she was a rock. she, like others, worked to destroy the core." while she does not require confirmation, it has touched a raw nerve because of president trump's previous endorsement. >> bret: thank you. as we told you earlier, we are in los angeles tonight to see what is going on in the nation's most populous state. two of the major industries out here, entertainment and high-tech, have been very vocal about opposing president trump. we'll discuss hollywood shortly. first, correspondent william on-
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>> i urge you to take movement. >> this is the first time a public, taxpayer supported institution admits to outsourcing jobs to india. >> i am pleading with you all to rescind your decision, to honor americans. >> robert harrison is suing the university for giving his job to a lower paid worker on a visa. >> do you have any opinions on the program? our top obligation are two american workers. >> eight years ago, as homeland security secretary, she vowed to cracked down them, today, accused of abusing them. as you see president, she is replacing 97 tech employees with foreign workers. >> sending jobs to india. >> the university hopes to save
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$30 million by paying indian labor 75% less than u.s. workers. >> i got two notices for music, one is the bill for my daughter, the other is a layoff notice. >> in this case, discrimination because they are taking a diverse workforce and replacing it only with people from one country, to wait, india. >> speak at the says outsourcins necessary. but in a letter napolitano, democratic congresswoman says it was intended the program be used to undercut wages and facilitate the off shoring of jobs. the u.s. issues 81,000 of these a year. silicon valley once more to attract the best and brightest, both the administration and congress are moving to clamp down on the cheap labor
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pipeline. bret? >> bret: thank you. up next, why hollywood hits president trump. and backlash to anyone who doesn't fall in line. delaware, where a prison guard killed during a hostage situation has been called a hero. union official says that sergeant steven floyd called out to officers coming to his aid that inmates had set a trap. authorities are now not say how floyd died, it ended when police used a backhoe to break into a building. talk 6 -- fox 6. mobile already conducts government sanctioned trade with havana, the new packed centers on projects including marketing studies, promotion, and strategies. and this is a live look at narrow, or affiliate fox 5.
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mexican drug lord makes a court appearance, lawyers complaining conditions are to strict. he was extradited to the u.s. last month. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we are outside the beltway too in los angeles. we will be right back. >> announcer: this program is project to buy pfizer hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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>> bret: welcome back to los angeles. road trip edition of "special report." hollywood, the entertainment industry, a major economic and cultural force. it is also a very liberal force, and many of the top people in show business are quite vocal about their dislike of
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president trump. senior correspondent adam housley looks at that for us tonight. >> i am outraged. >> from the streets of d.c. and new york to the award show stage, hollywood's political outrage has never been so loud. >> he is a bad example of this city, this country. >> this unbelievable narcissist who could change the face of our world. >> we are human beings and citizens before we ever became actors, and it is up to the citizenry to speak out. >> while some are calling for protests at the upcoming grammys in academy awards, industry insiders say it is all part of the show. >> if you are part of that, you want those entertaining moments. if you are a viewer, even if you disagree with the politics, you want to see them. it is more interesting. >> many folks in the conservative minority, such as acting dean cain, believe the opposition and downright hostility toward president trump is unprecedented hypocrisy.
3:24 pm
>> i have never seen the kind of the trail coming out of hollywood toward a president of the united states in my lifetime. this hypocrisy coming out of hollywood right now, if you say things like i am saying, supportive president, they turn on you, it is shocking. the farthest thing from tolerance or love or any of these things they are espousing. >> other winners such as matthew mcconaughey and have spoken about finding common ground. >> no matter how much you disagree along the way, it is time to think about, how constructive can you be, he is our president for the next four years at least. >> morgan freeman also weighed in on the side of finding peace. saying he is "holding out hope that donald trump has to be a good president." posted editorial by angelina jolie who says in part "shutting our door to refugees is not our way" bret? >> bret: adam, thank you.
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let's talk more about hollywood versus president trump. joining me in los angeles, dr. gina louden, host of american trends, and leslie marshall, syndicated talk radio host. thank you all for having me to your lovely place out here. >> sorry about the rain. >> bret: leslie, how about this? is it different than it has been? is it different, as you heard dean cain there, kind of reaction? >> i don't think so. i saw hollywood acting this way -- hollywood is typically democratic and liberal and angry and yelling at a republican president. we side with george w. bush, when we invaded iraq. i don't find that different. so many celebrities that either saying embrace, or i support. clint eastwood, you heard matthew mcconaughey, organ freeman. it's not that different.
3:26 pm
>> bret: gina, i have some friends in the industry, and they say to me that they feel the pressure if they say anything, do anything, that the industry comes down on them. >> absolutely. it is tyranny of free thought. you are not allowed to not be lockstep with what the elite and hollywood thing. you're dealing with people here, bret, who specialize in making things up and make money for making things up, then they expect the american people to believe what they say and somehow represent the reality when they just don't. and so i think that if they would allow -- think about this for just a moment. just a little dissent, just a little civil discord, -- civil discourse. people would be interested in what they have to say. >> bret: you look at morgan freeman, who has this quote. he says "i supported hillary in the election. now it feels like we're jumping off a cliff. we have to find out how we can
3:27 pm
land. i'm not scared though. i'm holding out hope that donald trump has to be a good president. he can't not be. what i see is a guy who will not lose." that seems practical. you can be opposed to him, but at least you're going to get him a chance, right? >> that is his opinion. he is entitled to it. just as people who say, hey, i am jumping off a cliff and they do feel frightened. or the people that love and support the president even more so than with morgan freeman would say. when you look at what morgan freeman is saying, i don't see any attacks against morgan freeman. i don't see that guy short of work. he is on everything i wash. >> but he is iconic. >> matthew mcconaughey, harrison ford, they are not losing jobs and money. if you look at the box office, hollywood is not losing cash, now there are these actors. >> here is what is happening. there is such dissension because these people are stirring it up, have the riots, for example, at
3:28 pm
berkeley, actors and directors treating horrible things out about violence. madonna actually saying she wants to blow up the white house. these kinds of things. i was very afraid when obama was elected. obamacare scared me and my conservative friends to death, but there was no violence, there were no threats. it was peaceful protesting. i wish that we could have that sort of civil discourse with the left right now. we understand being afraid. we work for eight years. >> bret: you are shaking your head. >> they were democrats supporting the affordable care act who had their lives and homes threatened and their officers threatened. not necessarily by you but by some people who were very frightened, not only by president obama, but certainly the affordable care act and passage of that legislation. so i would disagree. >> bret: does hollywood realize how they play in the middle of the country? example, for the states that really turned the election, how they kind of -- their message plays in the michigans, the
3:29 pm
ohios, the rust belt states. >> i don't think they care because people are going to watch their movies, people largely will watch their movies because it is an escape from our lives, whether we are happy or feeling pain. i don't think they think about that because they are not running for office. quite frankly, they are in a very different leak, as you know. they live in a very different league. i have a friend who works in the music industry, okay? i will not mention her name, but somebody very, very big. sat down to eat lunch and got up and walked away, and he said, she couldn't even throw something out because somebody does it for her. they don't live where middle america and the rust belt are. they have the cameras rolling, they feel some of them, that it is their responsibility, or because they have that power and that outlet, the ability to use that to further their cause. and hollywood has always been
3:30 pm
very liberal and democratic. >> bret: select disconnect is there. >> they shouldn't act like they're campaigning for the little guy. they think that because they are famous, their opinion models more than that guy in middle america. i have a problem with that when they are saying that they are standing up for the little guy when they simply are not. i guess it is a good thing that people and hollywood can sing, because they are preaching to the choir. obviously people aren't buying what they are selling. they want them to shut up and swing. -- shut up and sing. i'm afraid they are going to get that handed to them and one way or another. >> bret: thank you very much. the center of the sports entertainment universe this weekend, of course, houston, texas, the new england patriots take on the atlanta falcons in super bowl li. more than 70,000 will watch it in person. more than 100 million will likely watch on tv in the u.s. that is not even across the world. all of that adds up to a lot of
3:31 pm
money for the nfl and the city where it is played. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in houston tonight. >> the super bowl is about far more than turgor teams on one field. for the host city, it is a chance to show off and cash in. discovery green is a part of revitalizing urban houston, framed by two brand-new hotels, transformed into a sea of temporary tv studios, home to super bowl live in the nfl experience, drying fans who may not have game tickets but want to be part of the action. >> i am trying not to walk like a peacock. [laughs] to be a native houstonian and know where this city has been and where we are right now, i am so proud. >> no one is more psyched to have the super bowl in houston and the mayor of houston. >> we are a little bit of country but urban chic at the same time.
3:32 pm
when you look at everything, our diversity has been our asset, and we get along very, very well. >> the nfl has pop-up shops, and so do local designers and artists given a chance to show their stuff. the city's 10,000 bars and restaurants are drawing big crowds, giving a big stage for upscale mexican cuisine at this new restaurant. >> it was a huge effort. we got it open. that is what counts. >> all of the money spent on parties and blues and hotel rooms as a. an estimated $350 million. >> this is a chance to present houston to the world. you just don't find better venues, better opportunities than the super bowl to market your city. >> but the financial impact may not be as great as advertised according to an economic professor at holy cross. the real value may be between
3:33 pm
$30,000,000.130 million because of all the costs involved and they give back to the nfl, free police escorts and more. as for ticket prices, the average costs this year as well over $4,000 per seat, the cheapest seats will cost you about 2800 bucks, bret. you going? >> bret: that gets you somewhere. president trump slaps down iran and warns of more to come. we will talk about it with the panel and washington when we come back. some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online.
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♪ >> today's sanctions really represent a very. strong stand against the actions that iran has been taking. i would never rule anything off the table. >> this is a country that could
3:37 pm
start world war iii. >> this is dicey, but he is doing, i think he has to understand that the words of a president, for that matter, the tweets of a president, carry weight. >> we have seen that in the past, wary of new players, you need to crack down on it. >> iran sanctions put in place by president trump and the trump administration. a u.s. navy destroyer makes a move into the red sea, the uss cole, a lot of people remember that name from the destroyer that came under attack off the coast of yemen. this comes after a number of provocations by iran. 16, actually, since signing the u.n. nuclear agreement in july 2015. at least five ballistic missile tests, four under president obama, one under president trump. one what is called a highly
3:38 pm
provocative rocket test. harassment with the u.s. military in the persian gulf, and those fast boats confronting navy vessels. a start here on navy policy, bring in our panel from washington, tonight, steve hayes, editor-in-chief, lisa boothe, columnist with the "washington examiner" ," and tim farley, portis on sirius xm radio show obviously, they seldom plan as an option under the obama administration. >> thank goodness, this is such a long time overdue. if you think back about the way iran has behaved over the past decade, whether you're talking about deliberately killing u.s. personnel in iraq and afghanistan, funding a variety of terrorist groups, providing what usama bin laden himself
3:39 pm
called the main artery for al qaeda, whether you're talking about providing support for palestinian terrorist groups, the provocations that you mentioned, any of a number of reasons that we can point to over the past decade, reestablish itself as the former state sponsor of terror in the world. needs that these actions are wildly overdue. when was the last time that you heard anybody stand at the white house podium, as general flynn did the other day, and suggest that what iran was doing was wrong. we just haven't heard that for eight years. and it is long overdue. i'm glad we have this kind of forceful statement. i think the trump administration is exactly what to do this. what is so shocking to me is that he would have objections from democrats like chris murph. it is hard to imagine having anybody have a problem with scolding the iranian regime given what we have seen the regime do and the hostility to
3:40 pm
the united states over the past decade, really longer. >> bret: elisa, if you don't think the twitter, monitoring twitter is important, we read a lot of tweets because the president reads, today there was international tweeting going on. president trump tweeting "iran is playing with fire. they don't appreciate how kind president obama was to them. not me." 20 minutes later the iran foreign minister tweets, "iran unmoved by threats as we drive security from our people will never initiate war but we can only rely on our own means of defense, then we will all know mike never use our weapons against anyone -- let's see if anyone who complains to make this statement makes him statement." >> president trump is in the infancy of his administration, important for him to set the tone particularly in regards to iran. anyone that thought that iran
3:41 pm
was going to temper their behavior because of the iran deal has been completely dispelled by the provocations we have seen, as he spelled out earlier in the show, this most recent testing of a ballistic missile. not to mention the fact that two weeks after implementation date of the deal we saw, iranians put sailors on their knees and shoot it for propaganda purposes. how did the united states responded to that? we responded by a $1.7 billion ransom, having the obama administration encouraging businesses to reengage in the iranian marketplace. yeah, this is a big, strong message that the trump administration is standing. st pointed out earlier, i think it is one that is wanted and needed. >> bret: the democrats have said that they are going to fight and resist on a number of fronts. take a listen to -- and you heard steve mention senator murphy, here is senator warner.
3:42 pm
>> i am not sure what he means by putting iran unnoticed. is this similar to the obama redline in syria? i don't know what that means, and none of us up here on the hill have gotten any kind of assessment from the administration of putting them on notice. >> for somebody that presents himself as being strong on foreign policy, but look at the context. nobody is afraid of the sky. the russians, literally, within hours of the phone call, started advancing on eastern ukraine. >> bret: two different messages, either too ominous or too forceful, or they don't know what it is, like obama's redline. >> almost sounds like a couple of republicans talking about president obama not dealing with the redline in syria. one thing became up-to-date with aside from what we heard on iran -- then we heard nikki haley, the advancer to the united nations, saying the united states could be very
3:43 pm
strong in its dealing and was going to support the ukraine. he has typically, in the past, said he doesn't want to show his hand. he is sort of, but maybe not. obviously he has sat down a marker. the question is, what are the circumstances under which you will deal with that marker and what are you going to do? not so much what he has said right now, to it. it is what kind of action he han to be tough. he has to make sure whatever he does afterwards is equally as tough and it matches the rhetoric he is using. >> bret: and steve, i want to touch briefly on the settlements, the israeli settlements, the statement out today that new settlements are not welcome as far as moving towards peace. but the old settlements
3:44 pm
essentially, don't factor into that. can you read between the lines here where this administration coming down on the israeli settlements? >> i think there is some confusion. unlike what we heard about iran. if you go back, just to make a quick point to follow-up on tim's point. if you go back to senator warner that he doesn't know what it means to put iran unnoticed, what it means, we can say with certainty, is that the eight years of accommodation policy towards iran is over. we know that much. on the settlement question, i think it is much less clear. you heard sean spicer address that from the podium today. you've had indications, i think, pointing in a number of different directions. this is one of the hazards of sometimes doing policy by twitter and short bursts. some of these problems are complicated enough that it requires more explanation then you are allowed to give or capable of giving insured hours outbursts. >> bret: not a lot of neurons and 140 characters. clearly the issue is different than in the obama administration. next up we will go to the panel for the friday lightning round. stay with us.
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♪ >> 227,000 jobs, great spirit in the country right now, so we are very happy about that. it is going to continue big league. we are bringing back jobs. we are bringing down your taxes. getting rid of regulations. >> today's report reflects consumer confidence that the trump presidency has inspired. according to a recent gallup poll, economic confidence is at a new high, 227,000 jobs is a great kickoff. >> bret: 227,000 jobs, the jobs report and the employment rate takes up, fewer people out there looking for jobs, but
3:49 pm
you have the democrats saying, and this is chuck schumer, the minority leader, saying jobs numbers are up again, 76 76 mos in a row, #thanksobama. what about democrats saying this is the obama's economy reflected in these jobs? >> i think president trump can at least claim new confidence in regards to both the dow hitting 20,000 for the first time, the fact that sean spicer pointed out, also the university of michigan study that came out saying that consumer confidence is at a new high, saying they are now going to keep jobs in the united states, may be hanging on to employees versus playing them off. i think they can claim increase confidence based off the economic policies they have put forth or at least discussed. >> bret: tm? >> i think the number that matters, 641, the number of days
3:50 pm
we are away from the midterm elections, and people will buy make determinations as to whether or not they have a job. regardless of what you want to give credit to, that first segment of man unemployed is still a pretty bad figure. >> bret: steve? >> i think credit goes a little bit both ways. the reference point was january 12th, a full week before president trump took office. i think what lisa says has some merit. businesses, business leaders showing increased confidence about the possibility that regulations would be lifted or eliminated, that taxes would be lowered, what have you. >> bret: next up, we have god dodd-frank and the pulling back of those regulations >> we expect to be cutting a lot of art because frankly, so many people, friends of mines, have a nice businesses, can't get any money because the banks want to let them the rules and
3:51 pm
regulations and dodd-frank. >> bret: elizabeth warren, senator from massachusetts, putting out a statement. "president trump talked a big game, but as president, we are finding out whose side he is really on. the wall street bankers and lobbyists who may be toasting each other with champagne, but the american people have not forgotten the 2008 financial crisis and they will not forget what happened today." >> not surprising that elizabeth warren would like the economy to be run by washington. this is good for banks, good for consumers. you have seen nearly 2,000 banks wiped out since the beginning of dodd-frank, many of those community banks. this will strengthen consumer choice. spun all right, tim? >> as barney frank said, bigger banks made it is there for them to swallow other ones. i thought it was interesting that he had a blackrock executive who is named for such a great job increasing his
3:52 pm
access with the great returns he wanted to thank them for. a very different approach from the president obama screaming about the fat cats on wall street. we'll see how it goes from here. >> bret: he is meeting with a lot of different types of folks, including away or just passing that president trump will have a breakfast meeting with the airline chief executives soon. lisa, what about the dodd-frank moves? >> he should be meeting with those business leaders. this is also sung that president trump said he was going to do. he said he was going to do away with dodd-frank or replace it, he has been heavily critical of it, and look at who he surrounded himself with. he also had a chairman with him who has been very, very critical of dodd-frank and who has been working on legislation to replace it with the choice act. he put out a statement today saying that president trump, the steps that he is taking is in line with the choice act. sort of unsurprising for him to be taking these steps to do what
3:53 pm
he said he was going to be doin doing. >> bret: some breaking news, a federal judge in seattle has blocked some components of president trump's travel ban, the restrictions, the executive order on those seven countries. seattle judge james robards grants a nationwide restraining order against the most controversial provisions of the restraining order, stopping the government from these parts of the executive order. bottom line, you have the judge, steve, stepping in here. we should point out despite all of the calls that this is a muslim man, it is not. there are many muslim countries that are not included in this seven countries, including the most populous muslim country, indonesia, and also egypt. your thoughts on this judge's
3:54 pm
action? >> without knowing the specifics of those sections, i can't speak to exactly what the judge is ordering. i can say that it is interesting to me that this seems to be how we are making law and our country increasingly. a president that makes an executive action, going back to president obama, now god president trump doing some of the same thing, judges seeking to immediately undo those actions. i would suggest that the legislature might want to step in and do its job, particularly on these kinds of issues that i think merit a deep and broad public debate on something like this kind of a ban. >> bret: panel, thank you, judge robart appointed by george h.w. bush in 2004. next up, a fun look back at the nfl season and the panel's super bowl picks. ♪
3:55 pm
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>> welcome back to los angeles. coming up in just a minute, our super bowl picks from the panel. i know you guys are waiting for those. but first, ad-lib readings take take the nfl season. >> i've got books on this show, but who reads? >> how is your mom? >> i ate breakfast today. >> i've got something to tell you! where are you going? >> how do i wash the snack? >> i swallowed a penny. >> you are fired, and you're fired, and it definitely, you're fired. it not you, buddy. >> you can't touch me!
3:59 pm
>> i love those things. now for our picks. new england versus atlanta. >> simple, newegg woodwinds because new england has 33 electoral votes. at the end of it, atlanta will probably claim that they had more yardage. >> atlanta falcons, 31-28. it's going to come down to defense. >> how about that? >> i asked my brother. >> i've got atlanta, 41-38. any team that can pound the green bay packers into oblivion like the falcons dead, is clearly the best team in the country. >> nice. i'm going with atlanta where i grew up. 31-24. by the way, thank you panel. today is national where red day.
4:00 pm
this day is in memory of those who have died of cardiac arrest. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. the first 100 days with martha starts now. >> martha: breaking tonight, new challenges for president trump's travel ban. one week to the day after the executive order was issued but welcome to a town hall edition of the first 100 days everyone. i martha maccallum. over the past week, we have witnessed political fireworks, protests and out legal over the president's executive order. the president and his supporters argue that it's a matter of national security. some