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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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he will when we know. have a great weekend, tuned into sean hannity, which follows thi this. >> tonight, today sanctions really represent a very, very strong stand against the actions in iran. >> sean: cracking down on iran over eight ballistic missiles test. plus... paris strikes -- terrorists strike paris again. dr. sebastian gorka is here with reaction. 11 re rested after another liberal anti-free-speech freak out on the campus of new york university. we are in houston, texas, ahead
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of super bowl li, former nfl stars cris carter, tiki barber, tim tebow, joe namath and bob kraft joins us. "hannity" from houston starts right here right now. we are coming to you from the home of super bowl li, we are in beautiful houston. hello houston. we have a full preview between the patriots and falcons. but first, president donald trump is showing the world that there is a new sheriff in town. that is tonight's opening monologue. earlier today, in response to iran conducting a ballistic missile test, the white house announced new sanctions against 13 individuals and 12 companies with ties to the rogue regina and in tehran. off the coast of yemen due to concerns over iran supporting rebels in that country. president trump also took to twitter, warning to iran. iran is playing with fire, they
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do not appreciate how kind obama was saddam. not me. francis on edge after a terrorist attack at east shopping mall. according to authorities, a machete wielding man -- there is no doubt it was an act of terror. president trump reacted by tweeting out a new radical islamic terrorist has just attacked a museum in paris. taurus are locked down and france is on edge yet again. get smart, usa. president barack obama -- there will be a lot the days of all talk no action is over. the time for action is here. joining us now with reaction, the deputy assistant to
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president trump, dr. sebastian gorka. iran is on notice. that was followed of course by iran. a little bit of saber rattling on that part. beyond the sanctions, what am i taking out of donald trump's tweets today? >> i think you've interpreted it exactly right, sean. this is a new dawn. a new age for america and its relations with people who threaten regimes threaten us, our partners or breach our stability. the persian people are in amazing people. with a civilization that is thousands of years old. we have a regime in tehran that is destabilizing from yemen to iraq. all through the world with its financing of terrorism, with its intimidation of our naval vessels. there naval vessels, funding of
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proxies. this must end and we are drawing a very bright line in the sand to defend the message that it has to stop. >> sean: i can tell you, dr. gorka, knowing donald trump as well as i do, i would take his word seriously. that's number one. there has been a new alliance that has been created. he has talked to the general of egypt, jordan, the relationship with israel has been repaired. from what i understand, no love lost between the iranians and the saudi's. can you see such a coalition, america, israel, the saudi's, jordan, the jordanians and egyptians lining up to take out these nuclear sites? aren't you thinking that the possibility? >> we in the administration are
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not going to tip our hand, we are not going to do with the clinton administration did, what the obama administration did and giveaway are great game plan. we are starting to rebuild all those relationships in the region that are crucial. the ones that were almost destroyed in the last eight years. whether it's with jordan, egypt, our closest ally, israel, we are rebuilding all those bridges that were almost burnt to the ground under the obama administration because it is so important that our friends understand we are at their friends and our enemies and adversaries no who the president is and that it is not barack obama. >> sean: based on the sanctions, based on the tweet by the president, based on the uss cole being positioned off the coast of yemen, if you are the
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iranian -- what are they thinking tonight, they are so arrogant that they do not know there is a new sheriff in town? >> i pray to the good lord that the power center of this theocratic dictatorship understands that they cannot go on with business as usual. donald trump is a man of his word. i can guarantee you that they will start to look at things a little bit differently and understand this is not like the syrian redlines. remember the syrian red lines under the administration? no. this is a very, very different situation. hopefully they will start to realize that it is not in their interest to act in the print factum provocative way. >> sean: i think we have to ask a very important question. if they were to ever get nuclear
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weapons, weapons of mass destruction, when you couple a square to be squared c squared, radical iranians dedicated to the discussion destruction of the free world, seems to be a prescription for a nuclear holocaust. isn't that something the world must truthfully face and acknowledge and defeat before that day ever comes? >> your calculation is a very simple one. let's look at the components there. we have a regime that believes in apocalyptic ideas, the think that they are building a counter faith in the end times and that they wish to acquire weapons of mass destruction and will not be deterred like the soviet union. this is not a bunch of rational actors. these are people who may actually think it's a good idea to initiate the apocalypse.
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that is why acquisition of nuclear weapons is bad. >> sean: i want to be very clear. i think especially after 58,000 lives were lost in vietnam and the war becomes politicized, we have to ask why did these men fight, bleed, and die? 5,000 dead, many more lost their limbs and were severely injured. and then it becomes politicized and we lose the cities. my question to you is, is it possible to remove those sites and the threat of them getting nuclear weapons without putting boots on the ground because i don't think any american wants that to happen? we included. >> i'm not going to comment in regards to what is and what is not possible. that would be tipping our hand. actions like this have been taken in the past. if you look at iraq, other nations, if you look at what the israelis have done.
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and the president is clear on this. we are not interested in invading countries. that is not what we do as a nation. this nation was born in resistance to imperial attitude attitudes. >> sean: let me ask this, dr. gorka. i think there's a very fundamental report in question. the iraq case. it was more like condemnation of israel and that it was only years later that people recognized it was the right thing to do. it was almost not reported what they did in syria. but the iranians, they are evil. they are not stupid and they have buried these nuclear facilities way down deep in the ground and all around the country. we are talking about a lot of ground to cover here. i've got to imagine that is a difficult, challenging military operation. i will give you the last word. >> it may be challenging but remember, this is the greatest nation on god's earth. we have the best military and
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the best intelligence agencies out there. just look at the dash what we've done in the past. and, you don't necessarily have to use military tools. i will just leave it at that. >> sean: all right, dr. gorka. our thoughts and prayers with the military guys. i would say the iranians are very foolish if they are going to test this president. it will not end well from them. we are in houston, texas, the home of super bowl li. tonight jim gray joined us with his predictions. along with fs1 chris fs1 cris . we will get to all of our other guests and also, robert kraft, owner of the patriots tonight. >> [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> sean: more left wing lunatics, agitators, causing
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>> live from america's newsroom headquarters. a federal judge in seattle, washington, put a temporary halt to trumps order banning travel from seven predominantly muslim countries. he signed the executive order earlier this month. sparking nationwide protests. they had overturned -- will appeal to have it overturned. >> judge robart's decision, effective immediately, effective now, puts a halt to president
7:14 pm
trumps unconstitutional and unlawful executive order. i want to repeat that. it puts a stop to it immediately. nationwide. >> the department of homeland security issued a statement that read we do not comment on pending litigation as a matter of policy. now back to "hannity." have a great night. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are in houston, texas. the site of super bowl li. they tried to shut down a conservative speaker last night, at nyu in new york city. >> kill yourself you not see [b> [bleep].
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>> we are out here in order to let nyu, nypd and new york city not to sit back, to have nazis platform. they cannot become triple. >> sean: of course, this comes after the near riot we saw at uc berkeley. just cancel a speech by the breitbart editor milo jan annapolis, by smashing windows, throwing molotov cocktails at the police and even setting part of the cave is on fire. milo yiannopoulos. trump tweeted... any trump fans here? just checking. who did you vote for? just checking, joining us now at
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reaction, troy warden and lisa boothe. i thought liberals were all about freedom of speech. i thought uc berkeley was the home of the the free speech mot movement. >> thank you for having me on sean. i just want to say yes, we call ourselves the home of the free speech movement but wednesday night, absolutely contradicted that. we just wanted to exercise our right and wanted milo yiannopoulos to speak. but outside groups and agitators aided and invented by students used fireworks, firecrackers, what have you and these things were exploding against the building. i was inside and i detailed my terrible experiences on it felt like a world war countr country. i do not think we are in a civil society anymore because the left is too intolerant. >> sean: i thought liberal
7:17 pm
ones were supposed to be tolerant. they love everybody. they argues conservatives are racist, sexist, xena phobic, slum a phobic. i cannot even remember all the phobias i'm supposed to have. it's really dumb better and taller then. true or false? >> 100%. there is no tolerance. i really think it's important in the terms in which we describe these riots. we need to be careful not saying anything and where the guards to protesting. protesting, the exercising of the first amendment i think we can all agree upon. riding is covered under the first amended. they are criminals, thugs, should be condemned i terms. i think the media and especially the mainstream media needs to be really careful by not condoning or enabling this behavior by saying that is protesting. but somehow it covered by the first amendment. it is absolutely not.
7:18 pm
>> sean: troy, i look to all of the issues. i'd do not know a conservative that i know that is racist. i don't know any conservative that makes a distinction between radical islam and those that are practicing a religion. they make a distinction. i don't know anybody that gives a flying rip about anybody's sex life. i don't know anyone who cares. i do see intolerance here. molotov cocktails here. people being beaten in other instances. it's kind of been topsy-turvy in terms of a national debate. >> it's been absolutely crazy, sean. i know gavin. i've seen them on your show. he is not a white supremacist or a nazi. and same goes from milo yiannopoulos. they do it with controversy and
7:19 pm
humor. students at nyu and uc berkeley are not being taught by their professors to distinguish between performance and facts. i want my peers to protest, sure. i also want them to address the facts and statistics milo and gavin bring to the table. not to shout us down and use violence to silence us. i do not think berkeley stands as the free speech movement anymore. >> sean: last word, lisa. >> i do not think the left wants us to have a debate. we did not see this kind of behavior and violence at the march for life. or at tea party rallies. when they say that trump supporters are the ones that are supposed to be deplorable and you see these actions, look at some of the signs, the language and rhetoric. at the women's march. it wasn't a woman's march because it included groups -- it was just a pro-choice march. look at how they conducted
7:20 pm
themselves. it's is absolutely ridiculous. they do want constructive conversation. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. when we come back, we are in houston. the site of super bowl li. jim gray joins us. along with nfl hall of famer cris carter. also tonight, tiki barber, tim tebow, joe namath. the owner of the new england patriots, robert kraft. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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>> sean: that was president trump earlier today, at the white house, while many americans are into politics. nfl fans across the country are gearing up for the highly anticipated matchup between the atlanta falcons and the new england patriots. it is all happening someday, airing on fox. you don't want to miss it. joining us now, a preview of the super bowl. a sportscaster fox news contributor and friend, jim gray. if s1 nfl analyst, cris carter. we will never talk politics again, are we? >> no, i will come see you. absolutely. i am coming to your spot. >> sean: when you say come to my spot, do you mean take my job? >> no, absolutely not. i can do that. i'm a member of the fox family. >> sean: let's analyze this game, so far, so good? how many here think new england is going to win?
7:24 pm
how many think that atlanta is going to win? let's break it down. >> this is the seventh time that tom brady and the patriots have been in the super bowl. only five days total on the atlanta falcons. brady has more experience in the entire falcons team. that plays into something. our former partner, mina nbc and yours at espn. he said, he hyperventilated and could not breathe in first quarter and half in this first super bowl. how was i going to hit some of the falcons? you've played in big games, this is a much different thing than a big game. >> sean: let's talk about it from your perspective. the big game. >> it is bigger than any game i played in. i've never made it to the super bowl but i had a lot of coaches and players that played in it.
7:25 pm
a tremendous amount of time between the warm up and the time the game starts. if you look at new england in their last six super bowls, they have not scored a point in the first quarter. coming into the game, atlanta scored 30 points and six straight games. it's going to be very, very important early in the game to be able to see if they can get them information and get them some type of point. new england, typically they start off very, very slow in these games. people say oh, get off to a fast start. in this game, it's very, very important. >> sean: i want you to respond to this. this is tom brady's seventh super bowl. the only team to beat him for the giants. bill belichick and him have been together 17 years. >> is tough to beat that but atlanta has an average age of 27.7. but they have four rookies contributing to their defense.
7:26 pm
they have youth but a lot of team speed. tom brady gave us a little insight into his life. he gave us a personal shot that he is human. he talked about his mother and her health. and he also said that his mother had seen him play this year. we know how special our mother is. so jim, can you imagine the pressure that tom brady -- has had an epic type year and this game is the only game this season his mom is going to be a at? he could be a five time super bowl champion, no one has ever done that as a quarterback. i believe there's more pressure on brady. what he wants to do -- go >> sean: does he have something to prove to the nfl and the country this year? >> tom comes on with us every monday night. >> sean: i never got invited on the show. >> i do not think he feels pressure. i don't even think he thinks about it. he dedicates his life to getting
7:27 pm
better at football every day, from every ounce of water that he intakes to avocado ice cream, running sprints. everything he does. his family and football and winning are all that matter to him. this is now an opportunity for him to separate himself. it is redemption because he and his reputation were dragged through the mud by the national football league over absolutely nothing. >> sean: i thought it was awful. >> now he can put it behind him and to rest. they could've played with pillows in that game. don't think that this guy does not have this -- as classy as he is, that's not in the back of his head. >> sean: a lot of people, you put a camera in front of them, it does not matter how articulate they are, they are scared to death. you go on tv. you do radio tv. do we think about it? isn't it like that for the real pros in the nfl? they're not going to be thinking about the crowd, they have learned to turn that off. >> he has a lot of talent and
7:28 pm
self-discipline. he will be able to focus like no player that we've ever seen. he could be 15 years between super bowl wins. after this, he will be tom brady the greatest quarter back but also, is he the greatest nfl player we have seen? >> sean: he has to be. >> because of his longevity and success. >> this is his 16th year. one year he's out for a knee injury. he's really eligible for 15. now he's playing in his seventh super bowl. decimals 50% of the time. they played 51 of these things. he's played seven, that's 15%. >> sean: what about robert kraft in the nfl, like the nick sabin in college football? what is it about the culture that the same people keep getting here? what are they doing?
7:29 pm
>> they are together, they know each other. tom brady is great. him being great makes it easier for bill belichick. he was not great with bernie. but he grinned the position, he has been the greatest coach ever for tom brady and brady would not want to play any place else. bob kraft has done a magnificent job in keeping them together. they're not jealous about each other's success. >> sean: college, it's nick saban. in nfl, it is bill belichick and tom. >> if you have a good system, you put talented people -- part of it is the talent. you have to have a little arrogance. a little ego. >> sean: i want to be humble. i am a christian. i want to be humble. we are number one. >> i believe in systems. both of them have very good
7:30 pm
systems but also, they look for certain players who will sacrifice for the overall team good. that's why the patriots are very, very successful. >> sean: i think matt ryan has had a phenomenal year. i'm very impressed of them as a person and as a quarterback. he has done so well with the falcons. but i wonder, are we paying too much attention to the offense? matt ryan is going to face the toughest defense he's faced all year. when the number one offense is playing the number one defense, 6 out of 7 times in the super bowl, the number one defense wins. 6 out of 7. >> sean: and how about 7 out of 8? we will see what happens. atlanta has a great team. they could win this game. they are a small underdog but they can score so many points. you just don't know. anyone who tells you they know, they do not know, sean. we should all just run out to las vegas and become very lucky
7:31 pm
people. >> matt ryan is underrated as a quarterback. in their first nine years, he has a record for most yards. i always thought matty ice was a good quarterback. he is a great competitor, a student of the game, he has changed the system to make it more simple, left verbiage, hand he's over utilizing it. they are very, very explosive. they can throw the ball to their tight ends and running backs against new england leinbach, that's the best match up that they have. >> sean: can they pull it off? >> it's going to be a more interesting game than people think. i think new england's going to win the game. lincoln patriots 26-24. atlanta falcons. >> 31-28, new england. wow, all right, you're calling the game. we will have president trump on. is not great?
7:32 pm
>> he'll be on telephone. >> sean: guys, good to see you you. >> i'm coming to new york to beat up on them. >> sean: coming up next, right here, tonight on "hannity." >> it means a lot to playing this game for sure. this is what we've worked so hard on for so long. >> i want to win it because i want to win. our team has put a lot into it. we want them to show for it. >> sean: tom brady, matt ryan, ready to face off in another super bowl. up next, tiki barber, tim tebow, joe namath, sunday's big game and later, the patriots owner robert kraft is here. we will ask him about his special relationship with donald trump and about sunday's showdown as it "hannity" continues. where are we?
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all seems beautiful to me.
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>> this is what you worked so hard on for so long, to give yourself this opportunity. i think it is great for our city. we have got a great fan base, great people. >> winning the super bowl, it is important because it is this one. you can't do anything about the ones we've won in the past, the ones we've lost in the past. next years. this is the only one we've got. i want to win it because i want to win. our team has put a lot into it. we want something to show for i it. >> sean: that of course was -- it says matt ryan in my prompter. that was not matt ryan, but with him first but that was
7:39 pm
tom brady. how important playing of the super bowl is to them. it airs on fox, happening sunday. joining us now, tiki barber. tim tebow. and former super bowl champion, hall of famer joe namath. >> they love you, joe. >> sean: when you won the super bowl, you made a prediction you were going to win. >> called! >> we had the best team. >> sean: if only the jets could get a quarterback, we would be in great shape. >> i don't want to go there right now but they have great fans. >> sean: it is great to see you. i cannot believe -- i am so happy. you are such a competitive, hard-working fighter. my friends and the mets
7:40 pm
organization said you are doing really well. >> living the dream, every single day. cannot wait for spring training to start in a couple weeks. >> sean: tiki has a tv show, he'd never invited me on his show. >> i see him in the evening. >> sean: is there anything more fun in this moment in american sports, being at the super bowl's? it never gets old, right? >> the more fun his being there winning it. this is the best week of course. i believe along with the sweet 16. >> sean: you have seen the growth of the nfl, the importance of the super bowl in this country. pretty huge. >> yeah, it is huge. that's the one negative thing i think about these two teams. that's the only adjuvant giving to new england. that have time.
7:41 pm
>> sean: tom brady, bill belichick, 17 years together. come on. >> whatever teams beat themselves will lose. atlanta can be the team. >> sean: i'm throwing the football to you, all right? all right, you had an amazing moment with the broncos. i will never forget that day. it went to overtime. you win the game. that was probably your best moment in the nfl? >> special moment for sure. >> sean: heisman trophy also. >> that felt pretty good as wel well. >> sean: d.c. all these great fans -- >> it's the patriot way, right? they are not cut up in the media, what people are saying. that's what makes new england different. their culture is such a culture undo your job, do not worry about what people are saying, do not worry about the outside noise. i was there.
7:42 pm
they literally block it off and is led by great leadership. tom brady, all these guys. >> sean: is that why they are here so often? >> there are a couple reasons they are here so often. >> sean: he is a long-suffering jets fan. so, brady -- this is his's seventh opportunity. he was stopped twice by one team. the new york giants. >> i was not there at the time. the giants had the answer, which is this pressure on him, early. the issue is really in this game, dan quinn knows how to play against them. do you forget that super bowl ii years ago? down by ten points with 7 minutes to go, but you can't stop tom brady forever. >> sean: i do not know why this year, it's like all the sports writers, they are the worst human being on earth.
7:43 pm
they are so rough on tom because he supported donald trump, right? i am like oh, so what. i thought deflategate was a bunch of bull. i thought it was so overplayed. they were not by 40 points. they won by 40 points. he's good. he wins. he has a good-looking wife. you know all about that. it's a lot for people to handle! you are pretty close second. why are the patriots -- >> they are on the mountaintop, you want to get the top guy off. >> same thing with alabama. everyone was voting for clemson. >> sean: is this the same thing culturewise? >> so similar. not to mention that alabama --
7:44 pm
they do not recruit, they select. that is the different level that they are doing right now. >> sean: when you went to florida, did alabama court you? >> yeah, i chose florida over alabama. >> bill belichick, nick saban, when every business, you've got the guy up top. it kind of starts with them and they put it together. >> sean: you want me to silence three incredible people? who would you vote for. i am only kidding. i'm fans of all of you guys. it's an honor to have your michelle. it really is. love you. coming up next, we are in houston. hannity continues. >> he came to the funeral with melania, he visited me.
7:45 pm
he called me once a week for a year. >> sean: that was robert kraft talking about a very special relationship with donald trump, a next, the man himself. he will join us on set as "hannity" continues from super bowl li, we are in houston. on the road, having a good time. with every early morning...
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>> in the audience, we have somebody who is under no pressure whatsoever because he has got a great quarterback, tom brady. and a great coach, named bill belichick. bob kraft. good luck, bob. your friend tom just called. he feels good. he called to congratulate us. good luck. you're going to do great. >> sean: that was president donald trump, the night before his inauguration, having some fun with the crowd and pointing out once again, the
7:51 pm
new england patriots are in the super bowl and their owner robert kraft was in the house. they have a special friendship. donald trump called him once, a week, for a year after his wife died. we are speaking the man himself. robert kraft. >> good to be with you, sean. >> sean: a lot of people think donald trump is tough all the time. that is not a tough side of him. >> he and i, we've never done any business together but we've been friends over 20 years. we've had a lot of fun together. i went to his wedding to melania, bill and hilary were sitting at the next table. >> sean: he's been a part of history and football and politics. >> when my beloved wife died, the most difficult thing in my life, he and melania came out to
7:52 pm
brookline. he called me once a week. for a year. how was i doing, invited me to things. we were just friends. no business reason, we've never done business. i will never forget that. that is the kind of guy -- >> sean: you had a really close relationship with your wife. very hard. >> my kids were afraid i was leaving this earth. i am a pretty strong guy most of the time, we were privileged to be married for 48 years even though i think i am 35. she was awesome. the great lady, a great partner. i always thought she would outlive me 30 years. she read four books a week. she ate healthy. worked out every day. only went to the hospital to give birth to five sons. never sick a day in her life. got the horrible ovarian cancer. >> sean: all the years i've
7:53 pm
known him, here you are back in the super bowl again. tom brady has four super bowl rings. this is his seventh time the super bowl. everyone asks, what are you doing differently that these other teams are not doing? >> we are privileged to have a certain culture on our team, everyone checks their ego at the front door. you are in the media, you know how personalities can get out of control sometimes. my job is to keep everyone together and in the case of tommy and bill belichick, we have been together 17 years. >> sean: is there any press conference with bill belichick? >> once he started working, it was the best. until you wind and improve it, but he is so clever and so intelligent. he can bedpan. but he has another side.
7:54 pm
he can be very engaging and charging. >> sean: good luck on sunday. i have my money on you. nd time, i'm a fan of tom brady too and coach bill belichick. you are one of the gray owners. good to see you. >> honored to be with you. >> sean: we have our question of the day, it is super bowl related and that is straightahead, as we continue. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
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8:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> jesse: hi, i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly who is on assignment. we are broadcasting live from houston at the site of super bowl li. thanks for watching us tonight. our top story, anarchy and violence throughout college campuses as a force to bludgeon free speech. last night at new york university, 11 people were arrested after protests turn violent. >> i will not sit back and i will not be silenced. w allow nazis to feel comfortable. >>