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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 6, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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enjoy the super bowl with the latest buzz. the president hit social media just hours ago saying i have instructed homeland security to check people coming into our country very carefully. they're making the job very difficult. there are deadlines looming over the temporaries day of the executive order on immigration and extreme vetting. they start at midnight tonight. we hear directly from resident
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trump in an exclusive interview with bill o'reilly. >> it's another big week for the trump administration. >> the refugee deal, not so much >> it was very smooth. he had 109 people out of thousands of travelers. all we did was get those people very, very carefully vetted molly has reaction inside the beltway. here's more on the outcry over the travel band. let's begin with garrett in palm beach florida where the president is spending the weekend. you and i were on the air live a couple hours ago. we saw him on sunday night
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a judge put a temporary halt on the executive order and ever since in the white house has been on a full defensive effort pushing back against that. for his part today, mike pence went on several of the sunday shows and made his argument that the white house will use every legal tool in its box to push back. the president was fully within his right to issue this order and it was the judge who stepped out of bounds with his ruling. >> we don't appoint judges to our district courts to conduct foreign policy or to make decisions about our national security. under statutory law and under the constitution, that that authority belongs to the president of the united states. >> president trump continued to criticize the judge on twitter
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and warned that bad things can happen as a result of the temporary halt on the executive orde believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him and the court system. tonight the president took a break and attended a super bowl party and attended with the first lady. a little bit through the third quarter, things were not looking so good for the new england patriots, he left and were sure he's tuning and now back at home. >> thank you very much. let's talk about the legality of all of this for that executive order. for more on this let's bring in mali to talk about the legal process. what happens at the circuit court level at this point? >> the ninth circuit court of appeals is moving quickly to consider the justice department appeal of the judge's decision.
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the face of washington and minnesota are challenging the executive order. they have until the end of today to file their legal argument. the department of justice has until tomorrow afternoon to submit its case. they want to halt, temporarily, temporarily, the extra bedding measures of travelers coming in to the u.s. here is one former attorney general on this legal process. >> there are situations where a judge can stop something that president does. they stopped truman from nationalizing the steel industry. there are some situations they can't. here the president was acting in his national security capacity which is something that is generally not something subject to review but it remains to be seen what a panel of courts can do after they get all the papers. >> keep in mind whichever side loses is likely to appeal to the supreme court. >> you and i were on the air couple hours ago when fox report
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normally airs. we were talking about this process with the district judges decision standing for now. there are deadlines looming. >> the decision stands for now. u.s. district judge ruled on friday that it was in the public interest to stop the executive order and the state of washington and minnesota have legal footing to bring the challenge and could win on the merits of their case. the department of justice has agreed and filed an emergency appeal last night to the ninth circuit saying that the decision immediately harms the public by fording enforcement of an executive order issued by the president based on his national security judgment. as the president acted well within both statutory and constitutional authorization, the release harms our system of government by contravening the constitution's separation of powers. the ninth circuit refused the emergency appeal and is now considering the broader case. remember, one more thing, a
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different judge ruled on this matter last weekend in this case the boston judge said that president trump was within his constitutional powers to issue the executive order. >> we have legal experts on a couple of hours ago. no one has said that this battle seems to be over. we will show people what's happening outside, particularly at the super bowl. we saw a pregame protest at super bowl 51. what am i alluding to? these people are putting pressure on their local lawmakers and others. hundreds are marching in huge houston texas in opposition to the travel ban. he has sparked protest all over the nation. here's what it looked like yesterday at the international airport. there were demonstrators both for and against pausing immigration to look at vetting procedures.
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you told us people are rushing to get inside the united states from those seven mostly muslim countries on the list during this stay of the executive order. >> it seems that they are because they don't know when the law will change again. we spoke with one man from iran. he was here to greet his sister. they had a very happy reunion. his sister just arrived this afternoon, ron. she has been trying to get here for a week. last night the family finally decided they had to rush to buy the tickets. >> we are scared that president trump is going to reinstate the ban again. >> of course they were willing to pay a premium to get that ticket. he told me they paid through the roof but it does beg the question, who is rushing to get here next to avoid the president span? >> i have another question.
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can you ask plain me why there are lawyers at lax. >> yes, there are a lot of lawyers here at a table behind me. that's filled with lawyers from the aclu and other legal organizations. they say they are here to help travelers avoid the confusion and to help them wade through some of the questions they have about when the law could change, who can can come in, who can't, and of course we know this could all be a showdown of the supreme court, but until then the lawyers say they will be here at lax. i presume they are at other airports around the country doing the same thing until there is some kind of an answer to this temporary ban. >> thank you very much. right now, a rant is threatening the united states military saying it will destroy the enemy
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if it makes a mistake. they want to go after our fleet in bahrain. >> town hall so chaotic that security had to be called in to protect republican republican congressman. this is over the battle that's brewing over
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ran said it's poised to destroy the u.s. fifth fleet in bahrain if the enemy makes mistake. they went on to say a senior official saying if the enemy fires a missile against iran they will retaliate with a missile to tel aviv which would only take seven minutes. they said the stockpile will increase 60% from levels reported in 2015. they have been busy since they said they wouldn't be. this this comes just days after
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the trump administration levied new sanctions in iran in regards to ballistic missile testing. we will keep you posted on that. lawmakers, democrats and republicans are facing some pretty angry town hall crowds in the home district. brian is here with me. what's interesting, and what we didn't get to go in on the earlier fox report is where i want to start with you. democrats are having their own people come out and they are angry about the policies that have been in place under a democratic president. >> constituents on both sides are fed up. i think that's what we are seeing. if there's any doubt that we are living in a very divisive political time in our life right now, just look look at these recent town hall meetings. take a look at these videos. he is being escorted out of his
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home in his own northern california district. protesters are shouting at him and hundreds of people were outside to voice their disapproval of president trump. some 200 people were were allowed inside the town hall pressing the congressman to reverse its support of republican plans to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> we were told the situation was deteriorating and becoming dangerous. we were advised by the police that the event had been targeted by outside agitators and to be where. >> a similar scene in illinois. protesters gathered outside a monthly republican meeting to protest a congressman. >> we need him to listen to us and to put his foot down on muslim bands, on healthcare, you name it.
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i called his office immediately after o'hare and said you haven't said anything on this trump band and i'm shocked. >> it wasn't just protesters. here is what one of his own supporters said inside the meeting. >> it's a little intimidating to walk into a situation like that, but everyone has a right to free speech. >> for us, bring out as many protesters as you can. bring them all because it just brings our base. >> a republican held a packed town hall on obama care, listening to constituents who say they are concerned about exactly how republicans plan to replace obamacare. you say you are going to repeal it, what are the details. >> you know what's interesting about this, we are seeing democrats really take some criticism. it is fine to say no, but do they also have a plan?
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some are shouting at their own town hall. what did they learn in november about this process. >> we saw in kansas city. more than 500 people in the kansas city area showed up for a town town hall meeting for the representative there. he was specifically having this town hall about concerns over the recent travel ban, speaking speaking to other democrats and allies, but even there at least two people tried to jump on the stage and others became angry that at least a handful of people had to be escorted out by police. his own staff, they were befuddled saying this is a room of allies saying what are you doing. we are trying to figure it out. >> i was on air for many years in kansas city. dino the former reverence. he had a huge flock. it's also odd because that is his hometown of church worshipers who used to support him. >> people want results. >> boom. >> that's it. >> one of president trump's next big projects, the border wall, there are plenty of challenges still ahead. fox news got and exclusive interview on with the dhs sec.
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on what those challenges might be. that plus the next elusive interview with president trump. still ahead, brian dropped the mic.
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dhs secretary will oversee the construction of the wall project. we sat down for an exclusive interview. they join us from the border in texas with more. >> i really hope to have it done within the next few years.
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>> homeland security chief john kelly said an ambitious timetable for the wall. >> it will be built where it's needed most first and then filled in. fox news traveled exclusively where we saw the challenges firsthand. just over my shoulder we have mexico. this is one of the most heavily trafficked area along the border. on any given day border patrol agents pick up at least 600 people people who got into the u.s. illegally. they call it the rgb sector. the rio grande valley is notorious because illegal immigrants hide in the high brush and bends in the river. it's about 100 miles as the crow five but more than 300 miles to should secure the shoreline. >> there is discussion of physical barriers and also technological sensors and things like that. it's a layered approach. this strategy includes pushing more resources to the border for expedited processing of illegal immigrants. >> if we could surge the court
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proceedings, that would alone act is a huge deterrent for people who are considering making the trip up. >> is the wall worth the political cost. >> does it protect america? the answer to that is yes, then i'm sorry but were going to build the wall. despite political differences, his military service included south and central america and wants to work with mexico and other countries to disrupt smuggling operation. >> we have such an insatiable appetite for drugs in our country and the profits that come out of the united states are massive and they're available to pay off anyone and by governments, but we have to help those country. >> after 45 years of military service, he was not looking for another job. he got. he got a cold call from the trump transition team. it took me 15 seconds to say yes. >> on the border. >> the president's choice for education secretary is awaiting confirmation, but with some
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republicans withdrawing support, the senate vote on betsy devos could be a close one. the president supreme court nominee is also in limbo right now. some say they stole the vacant seat when they refused to consider the nominee. will they return the favor? they join
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we want to welcome everybody
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with the super bowl just ending and for those of us who thought atlanta could pull it out, we were wrong. now i can tell from my twitter feed lots of people are tuning in. we want you to see the important interview and we also have standing by doug schon and add roland as our special panel. there is a lot to get to a head. we are glad you have joined us after the super bowl. let's get to it. the president said the job of keeping america safe from potentially dangerous people coming into this country just got a lot harder. working from his estate in florida he's blaming the courts that paused his immigration ban. earlier the president sat down with bill or riley for an exclusive interview. he weighed in on everything from russia's vladimir putin to the game that just ended. watch. >> another big week with the trump administration. >> the refugee deal not so much.
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>> i think it was very smooth. he had 109 people out of hundreds of thousands of travelers and all we did wasn't that those people very carefully. >> you wouldn't do anything differently if you had to do it over again. >> some of your people didn't really know what the order was. >> that's not what general kelly said. he said he totally knew, he was aware of it and it was very smooth. it was 109 people hundred nine people. >> let's talk about iran. your assessment, do you think we are on a collision course, the united states. >> i think it was the worst deal i've ever seen negotiated. it was a deal that should have never then done. i think it's a shame that we've had a deal like that and that we had to sign a deal like that and there was no reason to do it and if you're going to do it, have a good deal. we gave them $1.7 billion in cash which is unheard of and we put the money up and we have really nothing to show for it.
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>> i can say this. they have total disregard for our country. they are the number one terrorist state, they are are sending money all over the place and weapons and you can't do that. >> sanctions, that's how how you're going to start with them. >> they never talk about military moves. president obama would always have an announcement that they're going into mosul or someplace and give the date and time. i don't believe in that. >> you are not bullish on iran. >> no i'm not. i think they have total disrespect for our country. i would've lived that deal if they would've said okay, were all together now but it was just the opposite. it's like they're emboldened, they follow our planes, they they circle our ships with their little votes and they've lost respect because they can't believe anybody could be so stupid as to make a deal like that.
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>> you talk to vladimir putin last week. you had a busy week. >> a busy week and a half. >> due respect vladimir putin. >> i do. >> y. >> i respect a lot of people, but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with them. he is a leader of his country. i say it's better to get along with russia than not and if russia helps us in the fight against isis which is a major fight and islamic terrorism all over the world, major fight, that's a good thing. will i get along with him? i have no idea vladimir putin -- >> vladimir putin is a killer >> do0?ñ?ñ you thinka0ñ?ñ? our s innocent? we have made a lot of mistakes. >> mistakes are different. >> a lot of mistakes, but a lot of people were killed. >> when you talk about mexico, you told him, the president,
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this was the report. i want to know if it was true. you said if his army army couldn't handle the drug cartels, that u.s. army soldiers would. did you say that. >> we have to do something about the cartels. i did talk to him about it. i want to help him with that. i think he's a good man and we have a good relationship. he seemed very willing to get help from us because he has got a problem and it's a real problem for us. >> don't forget those cartels are operating in our country and they are poisoning the use of our country. >> do you consider mexico a corrupt country because the stuff has been going on for decades. >> i love the people. i really like this administration. i think he is a good man and we get along very well, but they have problems, controlling aspects of their country. there's no question about it and i would say the drugs and the cartel is number one.
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>> have you figured out what kind of tariff you will levy to pay for the wall? >> right now it's very unfavorable. we are losing our jobs to mexico. you look at the plan and these massive plans, have to tell you, i've turned it around. you see that. ford has been phenomenal. they canceled. they canceled the plan and their building. >> you intimidated them. >> no. >> they want to do what's right. >> why didn't they do what was right in the past. they are afraid of you. >> are gonna do what's right and bring the jobs back to michigan and ohio and all the places that lost the jobs. that's already happening. i think you are going to see a tremendous job growth in this
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country. >> let's turn to domestic policy. i just spent a week in california. as you know, they are now voting on whether they should become a sanctuary state. california and the usa are on a collision course. how do you see it? >> i think it's ridiculous, sanctuary cities, as you know i'm very much opposed to sanctuary cities. they breed crime and there's a lot of problems. if we have two, we will defund. we give tremendous amounts of money to california. >> so you're going to defund. >> california in many ways is out of control. the voters agree or they would've voted for me. >> defunding is your weapon of choice. >> no, it is a weapon. >> i don't want to defund anybody. i want to give them the money they need to operate as a city or state. if they have sanctuary cities we may have to do that. certainly that may be a weapon. >> is there any validity to the criticism of you that you say things you can't backup factually. as a president, if you you say there are 3 million illegal aliens who voted, and then you don't have the data to back it up, some people will say that's irresponsible for a president to say that. is there any validity. >> many people have come out and said i'm right. >> you have to have data to back
1:34 am
it up. >> it doesn't have to do with the vote. it has to do with the registration. when you look at the registration and you see dead people who have voted, when you see people who are registered in two states and have voted into states, when you see illegals or people who are not citizens and there on the registration, we can be babies but you take a look at the registration, you have illegals and dead people, it's really a bad situation. >> you think you will be proven correct in that statement. >> i think i already have. a lot of people have come out and said. >> data has to show that 3 million illegals voted. >> forget that. just take a look at the registration. i will set up a commission to be headed by mike pence and we will look at it very carefully. >> that's good. let's get to the bottom of this. 2017, can, can americans expect
1:35 am
a tax cut. >> i think so and i think before the end of the year i would like to say yes. >> can americans in 2017 expect a new healthcare plan rolled out by the trump administration this year. >> in the process, and maybe it will take until sometime into next year, but we are certainly going to be in the process. it's very complicated. obamacare is a disaster. you have to remember, obamacare doesn't work so we are putting in a wonderful plan. it is statutory all take a while to get. we will be putting it in fairly soon. i think yes, i would like to say by the end of the year, at least the rudiments but we should have something within the year end the following year. last question. >> you get four hours of sleep or something like that. when your head hits the pillow, do do you ever say to yourself, i can't believe i'm here, i can't believe i'm the president of the united states. when i wasn't a politician, i didn't start out this way, that wasn't my life goal.
1:36 am
does that ever come into your mind. >> i must tell you, the other other dad walked into the main entrance of the white house and i said to myself this is sort of amazing. when you walk into air force one, it's like a surreal experience in a certain way, but you have to get over it because there is so much work to be done, whether it's jobs were other nations that truly hate us, we have to get over it. >> football, football, how do you see this game. >> i like bob kraft, i like tom brady,. >> they're all taking a lot of heat because of that. >> i know, but they're also getting a lot of popularity out of that. i think think they will do very well. tom is a winner. >> you are rooting for the coaches. >> i think the other team is fantastic. i take is a fantastic team. it turned out to be a good quarterback. but, there's less pressure on the patriots because they've been there. once you've won, once you've
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done it, and they've done it, there's a lot less pressure so we will see what happens. you have to stick up for your friends, right. >> sure. now, fox sports is demanding i ask you to make a prediction. >> well, i hate to make predictions, but i'll say. >> i don't even know what are the odds. it's pretty evening so even so all say the patriots will win by eight-point. >> okay, that's a good presidential prediction. >> i hate doing those things, but that's okay. >> thank you very much for taking the time. >> all right, so the president had the them by eight, they took up by six. we will move on. i was just a little little bit, a taste of the conversation. catch more of the exclusive interview on the o'reilly factor monday and tuesday right here on the fnc for the cool kids. check your local listing.
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they're standing by to break down all the issues from that interview and more. the major capitol hill showdowns on the docket and ran is telling us they want to take out our fifth's
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white house awaiting approval for the president's choice to succeed or secede justice scalia. mike pence and part of his weekend trying to rally for his nominee. ed is a former campaign manager for the reagan-bush 84 campaign and worked closely with the trump campaign pre-election.
1:42 am
it's good to have you. >> i do want to eventually get to the supreme court, but i want to start with the news of the day. something you said pre-this segment really hit me. it resonated because you said the leaders being buried, why. >> this is an administration that is measuring motion. they think they get a lot of things done, a lot of promises made in a lot of promises caps, but they don't understand they have months to put the stuff in play. the committee to build a wall, doing the immigration over a. of time if it was done well, doing most of the things the president has done well, this has been an exhausting two weeks. i'm sure the staff which is a brand-new staff, there's only two people who have been in the white house before. that staff has to be exhausted. they will make mistakes. it doesn't mean the policy is wrong but the implementation is wrong. >> all right. what we were talking about previously was the fact that this immigration pause, the pause for extremely extreme
1:43 am
vetting and everything else, all of that and now you've got the stay. and forgive me because you've got all that going on and that's kind of overtaking the message of the supreme court nominee and democrats have to be happy about that. >> democrats are concerned about something else which is their base is so angry that you have the trump resistance coming to the floor. it's all right and good that the opposition opposed to those aspects of a president's policy that they object to, but to object to everything, to be out in the streets, to the streets, to be rallying against senator schumer at his home is painting the democrats as just obstructionist and as we were saying and ed was saying, the administration didn't sell their
1:44 am
policy on immigration. the president could have done a primetime address on that and the wall. >> you think he should've done that previous to rolling out the executive order. >> that's what i would've done. >> what you do with the argument of keeping us safe if you telegraphed so much that's going to be coming down the pike. how do you protect the american people. >> you do the announcement as a primetime address with the next lunation that begins, as i am speaking we are implementing. >> okay, interesting. >> and you're in agreement ed. >> i'm in total agreement. one of the things they've done, the president only has four of his cabinet members approved in the secretary of state had 43 votes against him, a large number of votes against any secretary of state in the country. four of the smallest number are who can be approved in the first week. there were several democrats that could make serious charges against but they didn't. betty divorce is closest because
1:45 am
they went after all of them and they didn't do very well and i walked away from the hearings as opposed to standing up in the hearings in saying this is outrageous for all of these reasons. they basically need to show up. it was a bad tactic anything to a certain up stem they want to be nothing but an opposition party. he's gonna get his cabinet and they're not going to have the support they need. can you just talk to me about where we go from here for democrats because they seem to be really out there. you are hearing that republican leaders, we have brian reporting earlier this hour that they're having to be escorted, and some cases people in your own party, there has been chaos at town halls from angry democratic voters against democratic leaders and they've had to bring in security for your own people. here's the thing, i think my party is making a profound mistake. ed and i were talking before, i
1:46 am
think we both believe that the democrats should oppose those policies that they cannot support like the immigration ban, but, but things like tax reform, like infrastructure, they are policies that they can and should support and find ways to pay for those policies in a way that support democratic values. instead we are getting violence or violent intentions by angry democrats hurting their cause. >> i want to talk about the u.s. supreme court. with regard to this immigration clause we could see a situation where it actually reaches the court. you seem to think they would delay any sort of decision until they are no longer a justices which thou could be split on the issue of reinstating that. >> you can't overturn an appeals court. i assume on monday, there's two judges that basically hold up the judge in seattle .
1:47 am
they could probably make it go to the court but traditionally the ninth court is full of democrats in a probably won't happen. the likelihood is very high that it has to go to the supreme court. that will be two or three months and i'll take five votes to overturn otherwise it will be a four for tie in the appeals court holds and you're in this dialogue for a long time. so, as we move forward we saw some of that bill o'reilly exclusive with the president. you know what's interesting about that is we learned a couple of things. one of them was that it could be a year from now before we see any changes to obamacare. i'm hearing that might be a good thing, particularly for the republican party. >> this is a good place for democrats who basically left republican the last time there was a lot of expertise on part of the democrats. i think most people are valid thinkers and they don't think the system is working. that's a good place to have some bipartisan support because republicans realize they can repeal it but they can't fix it sort short term.
1:48 am
i would argue that's a good place for them. >> and it's a good place for the democrats to let it be the republicans problem. one quick point about that interview. i say this as a loyal patriotic american. i cannot accept model equivalence between the united states and russia, vladimir putin and our leadership, democrat or republican. i just can't. >> you brought up one of the key issues on this on sunday. i know it's super bowl sunday and a lot of people have been focused on football, but as we set up for next week you're on fox report with what will be talked about in politics and news and beyond, that is a sticking point for your party. there are republicans coming out and announcing any idea that there would be equivalency on any level between the united states and russia. what say you. >> the senate leader basically mitch mcconnell is going to be the key leader long term. he has a very narrow majority that he has to work with and condemned it today and basically said that's not, we don't tolerate that. >> why doesn't the president say it. what do you understand him to say. >> i think what he said as he
1:49 am
wants to have a good relationship with vladimir putin. he doesn't really know him. the question raised raised by o'reilly is that vladimir putin has murdered people who have been against them. trump responded by saying america has done things they shouldn't have done either and o'reilly said they were mistakes as someone who believes in our values, to equate our values to the russians, what we've done overseas to try to support america is just something that is wrong. i can't accept accept it and i would urge our president to clarify. >> we have some big confirmations coming up. one would be the education secretary betty divorce. what are your thoughts about her. >> she will be confirmed. it's a 5050 vote at this time. they have to wait, they have to get her up before the attorney general gets nominated which
1:50 am
will probably be the next two or three days. they need that 51st vote. if he gets confirmed first they have to wait. it's great to have you. thank you. >> the super bowl has ended. i don't know if you heard about that football game that was going on out in houston. from an rg stadion with rick leventhal as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at
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. . tory made in houston texas. for the first time ever the super bowl went into overtime and the new england patriots came away victorious. that's not breaking news because they've done it for other times. the overtime part was a big deal
1:54 am
donald trump tweeted about it just a few moments ago. he said what an amazing come back and win by the patriots. they are total winners. senior correspondent rick leventhal is live on the in houston. it's a pretty wild scene out here. there are a lot of stunned atlanta falcons fan. the team was up big for most of the game. tom brady was looking his age, but in fact he won his fifth super bowl getting a lot of records including the most yards ever for quarterback in the big game. a lot of stunned people and a lot of players celebrating a really dramatic and emotional scene. the players and their families. in fact, paul, come back this way to show this player on his back on this field. these guys they are surprised as
1:55 am
the fans were that these were able to pull the game out and take it to super bowl history and win in dramatic fashion. it's pretty incredible. >> i take exception to the fact that the player that got off the ground was stealing your dance moves. >> i do like to do that. >> that's true. i picked the falcons to win. i was sure they were going to do it, and they were winning big for most of this contest, but at the end, the patriots show why they have been here nine times and why they've won it now, how many, six times. >> i picked atlanta to win two. it was my birth city so i understand that, but you know, tom brady, he brought it once again. we need to give up big shout out , they have the super bowl tonight and they've had a very
1:56 am
long day as this thing went into overtime. what was it like as they rolled into historic territory with overtime? >> first of all, we were were down in the end zone as the patriots drove down the field, scored scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion. then they tied the game and sent it into overtime. then, to see them drive down the field with a penalty, they punched it in and the place arrested. it was a pretty dramatic and incredible win for a team that has been here so may times before. thank you so much.
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football game ended and the party broke out. the stadium is emptying out pretty quickly right now. the players are still celebrating and giving interviews as you can see. it's been a very big night. 3428, the patriots took it. it was the first time ever for the super bowl overtime. history being made there. >> patriots win the super bowl! brady has his fifth. what a comeback. heather: unreal. monday february 6th and super bowl stunner to say the least.
1:59 am
the new england patriots historic win in the super bowl ever to go into overtime. the epic comeback that left mvp in tears. more more -- clayton: the original hamilton getting political. heather: president trump's immigration order has been lifted aztec companies tackle travel ban. >> we will use all legal means at our disposal to stay that order and move forward. heather: live on capitol hill as the legal battle heats up.
2:00 am
"fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ clayton: that was a performance. good morning, everyone, we are all still recovering. heather: thank you so much for starting your day with us. as always, we begin with the epic super bowl tom brady coming back from a 25-point deficit to beat the falcons from the first super bowl ever to go into overtime. >> tossed to white. he did it. patriots win the super bowl!


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