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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 6, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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will win. >> toss to white. he is in. patriots win the super bowl. brady has his fifth. what a come back. >> super bowl 51! >> what does this mean to you in the big picture? >> unbelievable. greatest feeling. >> they call it one of the greatest ever. it's indescribable right now ♪ living in the hall of fame steve: we saw lady gaga drop the mike. tom brady had a mike drop unlike anybody else becoming the first quarterback in nfl history to win five rings.
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that's a whole hand. ainsley: what a come back. brian, you were there to see it all up close. you were sitting in that stadium. what's it like? brian: we were sitting on the field for the last 8 minutes of the quarter before the game to see president bush the 45th president -- the 41st. i thought i was watching tom brady get old before my eyes, open receivers and the ball not getting there saw him being hit constantly. man, this is the emergence of the atlanta falcons. as you know, guys, everything changed in the second half. when atlanta scored, they scored so quick that their defense was on the field most of the game. over 40 minutes. they were exhausted. by the time overtime started you said to yourself unless there is a big mistake i don't see anyway new england loses capping the greatest come back in super bowl history. no team has come back from 10 points down let alone 25
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points down. steve: a lot of people on the twitter verse who were watching the game they said, you know, super bowl 51 is just like election night. it looked like the longest time okay atlanta is going to win, atlanta is going to win. until 9:00, just like election night. then boom, suddenly here comes new england. suddenly here comes trump. suddenly it's the atlanta falcons losing in shocking upset. ainsley: this morning talking about the game, brian. so much to talk about from just watching coach crars in his box when he won. watching kenny chesney hugging him. will give with her phone. kissing her husband on the field. the commercials, the patriotism. lady gaga, watching president 41. and there she is. dad missed most of the games over the last year because he was there with his wife. brian: this is the only game that mrs. brady went to. we saw her right at the foot
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of the stage after tom brady accepted the first thing he did was go to her. his dad was at the game beside himself. i have seen the mother and father before because i have had the chance to cover so many footballs. i never saw him as emotional. but add in another layer, deflate gate, two years ago after they win the super bowl. this is the problem. the war with the nfl about it they don't feel as though they were treated fairly. when the commissioner goes up to hand out the trophy he gets booed. the krafts used to be very close to roger goodell. first time they were together they were talking awkwardly with the commissioner. is he going to talk with the this morning. that's going to be awkward again. bob gave us a sweatshirt new england patriots vs. everybody else. that's how they can it without the super stars. no one dropped the ball, no one fumbled. just execution. steve: there were politics
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involved in the presentation. they did interview, our own bill o'reilly did interview donald trump at 4:00. we are going to highlight some of the collision throughout. by the way donald trump pretty much his prediction was right. he said i'm going to take the patriots because. ainsley: some are comparing it to the election because the majority of the folks that are with the patriots, they were supporting donald trump. you had tom brady, coach belichick and you had robert kraft they all like the president. so when they had this come back people were comparing it to them. brian, i did notice when roger goodell was booed and hands the big trophy to coach kraft and all of a sudden the whole crowd we went from boos to just cheers and then did you hear terry bradshaw his first question to coach kraft was my word, you won the super bowl and your quarterback missed first four games. how does that feel? brian: yeah. so that was right at the commissioner flat out. of course you know bob kraft, the owner smart enough to higher the
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quarterback. bill check. totally calm. you would think he was applying for librarian job. halftime i thought it was fascinating. i'm not a huge lady gaga fan if you weren't in awe of the performance the execution the way she put together the mellowed of her music when they did with the coming down. i was there and couldn't figure out where exactly she came from. i don't know if you figured it out. what you are hearing now i thought was so inspiring. she put today a melody. steve: a night free of politics. i started to say except the interview with the president of the united states, who by the way, pretty much nailed the score. he said new england by 8. it was new england by 6. here is lady gaga and you know what? it was a fun show. probably resurrected her career. her last album did not go too well. she got a huge ovation. nothing compared to at the
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beginning of the game it was time for the coin flip and the fellow who back in 2002 was the first american president to do the coin flip, george herbert walker bush and his wife barbara arrived. they were in the hospital a couple weeks ago. he had problems stemming from pneumonia and pretty much everybody in that room it looked like and sounded like was standing and then when it was time to flip the coin, here it is, falcons won and decided to defer to the second half. ainsley: at the party where i was saying wasn't he just in the hospital last week? what a resilient man. it was great to see him. brian: we had a chance to see him. he was sitting right next to us. we walked up the middle. and there comes the 41st president and mrs. bush. they were actually holding hands during luke bryan's national anthem. he said that was the most moving loudest ovation he
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has ever heard. i have never heard anything like this. everybody was on their feet before the first snap. it was absolutely amazing. before the game we had a chance to meet up with the vice president of the united states mike pence. and we talked about everything. including one of the things was he was able to not only go to the game but escort two vets one from the army and one from the marines. his son is in the marines. here is a little of that interview i was able to get with the vice president before he met with the 41st president up in that luxury box. >> will there be time to have a beer today and what beer would that be that you are going to choose to have? can you kick back and be an american citizen and enjoy the game? >> or are you still going to be vice president worried about the weight of the world on your shoulders. >> i'm a big time football fan. it's going to be all about the fan. i'm on neutral soil here. brian: one thing i was watching bill o'reilly's interview with the president
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of the united states before he asked him about vladimir putin. he said putin is a killer. the president said is he a killer. there is a lot of killer. what do you think in your country is so innocent. is he making a moral eequivalencey between vladimir putin and america's way of cooperating? >> look for renewed relationships with countries around the world, including russia. and the statements that he made were not in any way a moral equivalency between the high ideals and practices and the american people and the people of russia. rather, what the president is seeking to do is to begin anew a relationship with the people of russia. and with their leadership to say are there ways that we can begin to work together. look, brian, we face very serious challenges in the world. been down range and looked them in the eye. the truth is we have to develop new coalitions and new partnerships to confront
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radical islamic terrorism and particularly russia and the united states have a common enemy in isis. the president has made a priority of pulling together the world and the resources of the united states to hunt down and destroy isis. so it can no longer threaten us or inspire violence here in the homeland. it's those kind of new opportunities president trump is absolutely committed to pursuing and i fully support him in that. brian: you know you have got another job today. he put you in charge of the investigating voter fraud and you're in charge of the task force. he believes it's up to 4 million people who have voted fraudulently. do you? >> the president and i talked about a week ago. and he announced it in that interview here on fox with bill o'reilly that he is going to set up a commission and his commitment to really looking into the errors, flaws in our voter logs, the possibility of wide scale voter fraud that's taking place in the country. look, at the very center of our democracy is the
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integrity of the vote, the one person, one vote principle. and it will be my honor to lead that commission on behalf of the president and to look into that and give the american people the facts. steve: very thorough, brian, you went from pig citizen to putin. ainsley: no. from beer to putin. brian: yeah. he was having a good time. steve: great get. we should point something out there were some reports late last night that somebody stole tom brady's jersey as it turns out we are now hearing this morning that the equipment manager for the patriots picked it up and put it somewhere and now it is almost as big a susan -- souvenir as the hat. ainsley: how were the falcons when they were leaving the stadium last night? brian: absolutely destroyed. the important story is the patriots won it i don't think they lost it however, they are not going to take it that way.
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people are going to say that they are the ones who had the biggest lead in the history of the super bowl and lost it they have a lot of talent. i'm sure they will be back contending for it next year. ainsley: we have to find the silver lining which is they went to the super bowl against one the best teams. steve: what a season cull anyoneating last night. more coming up with brian and "special report." shocking new news is isis trying to recruit child refugees to come to their side? ainsley: "saturday night live" taking aim at white house secretary sean spicer. look. >> i would like to begin today by apologizing on behalf of you to me. and that apology is not accepted. [laughter] ainsley: so is sean spicer laughing at that? brian not only got the vice president of the super bowl. look at that he also tracked down sean spicer. we're going to hear his reaction to the "saturday night live" thing. steve: let's see if he throws the podium
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you cannot come at me like that. i will put you in the corner with cnn. >> we're not fake news! [laughter] >> you like that? you like that, dork? what's that, dork? steve: there you are melissa mccarthy playing sean spicer on "saturday night live." what do you think? do you think sean spicer thinks that's funny? ainsley: brian not only caught up with the vice president at the game but you also caught up with sean spicer. did you ask him, brian? brian: you know what? it was the first thing i brought up. we have all been through this before when you start getting text messages and you realize someone is mocking me and probably have a national network show doing it i asked sean spicer before the game did you enjoy the imitation? here is how it sounded. well, sean spicer a lot of things have happened over the last two weeks. probably the most indelible will be how you were portrayed less than 24 hours ago on "saturday night live." when did you realize that
3:18 am
sean spicer was in play? >> walking out of church i looked down and a lot of texts this morning. so i had to click on the link and see what it was all about. brian: your thoughts? >> it was cute. it was funny. i would rather us be talking about the issues that the president is so committed to helping americans on but, you know, it's part of american culture. brian: right. i clearly got it worse than you got it. >> that's true. brian: you agree with that let's talk about the issues at hand. the zord that came out two weeks ago that looked at seven terror laden nations that put a pause for 120 days until we can find out what the investigating procedure would be held up in the court. so even regardless of tonight's decision. what's gone wrong there? >> i think you have one judge -- the law is very clear that the president has broad powers to keep this country safe and limit access to people who could come in to this country and
3:19 am
do us harm. he did this to make sure our people are safe, our country is safe, our institutions are safe. it's somewhat sad to see a judge go rogue like this. it's a shame we are not focused more on making sure that we are applauding the decision by the president to make a renewed focus on keeping this country safe. brian: do you sense instead of being organic disruption do you sense there is an organized push back and people are being paid to protest? >> absolutely. protesting has become a profession now. they have every right to do that. don't get me right. i think we need to call it what it is. it's not these organic uprising that we have seen over the last several decades. the tea party was a very organic movement. this has become a paid astro turf type movement. steve: that's an interesting answer. brian, i have got to take exception to something you said to sean spicer. you said that you got it worse being portrayed on "saturday night live." you were portrayed by bobby monahan an italian guy. he was portrayed by melissa
3:20 am
mccarthy, a woman. >> right. brian: ainsley, you be the tie breaker. who it had worse? who outweighs you by 100 pounds and three chins. steve: let's have the voters watching tv right now email us, tweet us, who got it worse? sean spicer or brian kilmeade? brian: right. i actually thought some of that stuff was pretty funny. steve: it was hilarious. ainsley: that was your first question, he had a big smile on his face. i was happy with that. all fun. steve: brian stand by with us. more on the his i have of super bowls. if you cheat on your taxes you are supposedly going to go to jail. apparently that rule doesn't apply if you work at the irs. ainsley: this is a super bowl commercial. it took a direct swipe at president trump's plans to build the wall. but is that really what football fans wanted to hear last night? the brand new dials are just
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ainsley: good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends." a few quick headlines to bring you right now. a shocking confession in the brutal murder of a new york city jogger. d.n.a. evidence and a revisited 911 call finally leading to the arrest of 20-year-old chanel lewis. he admitted to raping and killing. fueled by hate for women. body found by her father off a remote trail. all of this leading up to emotional first court appearance for the victim's family. watch this. >> do you think this is
3:25 am
justice? >> absolutely not. >> go away. go away. go away! heather: lewis is being held without bail and faces 25 years to life. what a tragedy to her family. you need to pray for them. president trump is lashing out over leaked transcripts of his calls with mexico's president and also australia's prime minister. the president blaming quote obama people for giving those transcripts to the media telling fox news, quote, it's a disgrace that they leaked because it's very much against our country. it's a very dangerous thing for our country. those are your headlines. i will see you shortly. ainsley over to you. ainsley: thank you so much, heather. it was an ad extravaganza as shelling out a million dollars to secure just 30 seconds for a commercial. so about super bowl 51 commercials live up to the hype? here to break it down is lee carter. good morning, lee. >> good morning. ainsley: there were some controversial ads last
3:26 am
night. lumber company called 84 lumber taking a swipe at president trump. it was a mexican mother with her daughter. watch the ad and we will talk about it. ♪ ♪ >> there are not many super bowl advertisements that just go flat line like that. overall grade here was a d. people very political who are anti-trump who thought this was a great statement. but for the most people what
3:27 am
people said is, look, this is a super bowl. this is not time for politics. i wanted to tune in for four hours and just have fun there were ads that skirted politics like the anheuser-busch ad. this overtly went after it and people didn't appreciate it. ainsley: there was a funny ad that kia had. she was battling the rhinoceros and whale and falling tree. >> the ice caps are in trouble ♪ hero until the morning light ♪ [screams] >> hey, melissa, now the rhinos need saving. >> rhinos. >> it's hard to be a warrior but it's easy to drive like one. introducing the most efficient crossover. >> this was super bowl perfection. this one got an a plus. it was entertaining and
3:28 am
funny. perfect tieing to the product environmental warrior. all across the board people loved this advertisement. ainsley: steve doocy was talking about the anheuser-busch commercial he had seen before the super bowl. we want to show you if you hadn't seen it mr. anheuser meeting mr. bush but their journey into america. watch this. >> i want to prove to you. >> you are not wanted here. go back home. >> abandon ship. >> welcome to st. louis, son. >> thank you. the next time this is the
3:29 am
beer we drink. anheuser. dolfus busch. >> overall this one got a b. what we heard they expected this ad to be very political because this was the hype. what they saw when they saw this. this is very much of an american dream story. if you wanted to see this political you could. if you didn't, you didn't have to. there were people calling for a boycott of budweiser. ultimately when they watched the ad they felt it was feel good ad although people missed the clydesdale. ainsley: we just don't want politics when we're watching a game. >> and what a game it was. ainsley: it was. what a come back. shocking new report is isis trying to recruit child refugees and brian had a front row seat to the super bowl last night. he takes us onto the field after the big game live from houston. that's next. but, first, we want to wish a happy birthday to guns and
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before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her ♪ through the night ♪ with a light ♪ from above ♪ >> one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. steve: lady gaga. look at that apparently they are saying that that particular scene with the flag and everything was --
3:34 am
they had drones outside the stadium. but, brian, that had to have been filmed earlier because the roof to the stadium was closed, right? brian: no. they opened it. it was amazing. as the team was running off the field and thought the patriots was going to lose. okay, that's it. she is actually going to come from the roof. i am thinking to myself is she a stunt rom? how the heck are you going to do that. scariest. by the time they sat up the set i still haven't quite figured it out where she came from. it looked like she was perched on the roof. looking like a gymnast. flipping around. from what i could tell because i grew up in dance, i thought it was perfect in terms of corography. ainsley: does that mean you were able to see the flyover. on tv we could see the air force the planes coming toward. we saw the planes but then everyone at our party was saying it's a dome if you are in the stadium you can't
3:35 am
see the flyover. could you see it? brian: they put it on both side screens they are as big as mountains. you saw luke bryan, talk about that he kept rehearsing had to get to 2:07. kept finishing at 2:20. leaning on him. cut it down, speed it up. it was fun to see that whole thing to come together. did you like it at home? steve: lady gaga was great. she did not get political. you know what? remember at hamilton. the big show here in new york. mike pence showed up and at the conclusion of that particular performance he was lectured by one of the stars. last night a trio of actresses from hamilton sang america the beautiful and lady gaga didn't get political but some are saying they got political because they added in the song america the beautiful after the word brotherhood, they added the word sisterhood. ainsley: listen to this
3:36 am
performance. ♪ crown thy good with brotherhood. >> and sisterhood. steve: and that got a cheer. ainsley: it didn't bother me. it's not like the national anthem and they are changing the words. what do you expect? they are actors actors in new y. after they treated mike pence like that. they want us to talk about it this morning because they probably sold more tickets after the mike pence thing. it doesn't really bother me. what did you think, brian? brian: well, number one, for example, ainsley, if you are hanging out with your posse, kimberly and everybody else. i might say what are you guys up to. it doesn't mean i think you are guys. it's an expression. when i think brotherhood, i think the same thing. meanwhile back to the game. when we started the second half i thought this game was legitimately over. boy, was i mistaken. here is a look at the game that was the history of the super bowl games 5 games
3:37 am
long and tom brady's fourth mvp. watch how it unfolded. >> history was made. come back in super bowl history. and their fifth title will go down in history as one of the greatest feats in sports. what might go down as the greatest super bowl in nfl history started with great fanfare and pageantry. national anthem, luke ryan ♪ the bombs bursting in air. brian: perfect. what brought the fans to their feet before the game? the coin toss. conducted by none other than 92-year-old former president george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush. after a scoreless first quarter by defensive plays. it was matt ryan who ignited his falcons into second.
3:38 am
devaugntah freeman touchdown. trailing 14-0. brady went to work. but he also made his biggest mistake. interception, falcons up 21- 0. 21-3. i never doubt the team i work hard with every day. brian: halftime with the falcons in control 21-3. time to switch off football and dial up lady gaga ♪ god bless america ♪ brian: she was patriotic and perfect. ♪ i'm on the edge. brian: would the third quarter bring a different game? not initially. falcons score quick. they have 28-3 lead if the pats were going to get their fifth super bowl title they have to score historic come back. tom brady goes to work finds james white.
3:39 am
>> went in halftime made some adjustments and our guys were fired up the whole second half. defense. we tried to put the points on the board and keep narrowing the lead. brian: after a field goal step up forcing this fumble. >> ball is out. this is a full fumble. brian: bread would take advantage. finds david amendola. >> it ain't over until it's over. four quarters, over time. we are playing until it's over. brian: drive his team deep into new england's territory. >> vine sacked. they falter. brian: look to cap off the greatest super bowl in history. they need miraculous catch which they got. >> allegedman comes down with the football. they say it's a catch. >> i was able to come up with it and that's thousand goes sometimes. brian: they drive it to the
3:40 am
2. happened off james white. touchdown. yet, they need two more to tie the game. >> amendola is in. brian: they get it. >> we work on those plays all week. i don't know. josh and i had a sense we might need a couple of them. so they were well executed. brian: greatest come back in nfl history would not be done without an extra period. the pats would win the toss and pull off the victory. >> toss to white. he's in. patriots win the super bowl. yeah, baby. let's go, super bowl. >> we never gave up, man. we kept playing hard. we said we had a whole another game and that's what we had. >> it's a great lesson for anyone who really wants anything badly. things happen that are unclear sometimes. and things goes against you
3:41 am
but you don't give up. hang out with good people. check your ego at the door. put team first. never give up. steve: what a night. ainsley: that was so much fun to watch, brian. that come back. i'm sure being there in person. you were there to witness history. brian: absolutely. 39 years old tom brady said that's it. i'm in the second half of my career and maybe i don't have it in the second half he had it. little bit later you will see posted on extended interviews including one did i with bob kraft after the game as i reflected on not only that but the rivalry with roger goodell. stuff he refused to answer is interesting this morning. mvp award given to tom brady by the commissioner of football a man who suspended him the first four weeks of the year. bottom line everyone got their money's worth. ainsley: commissioner roger goodell did get booed.
3:42 am
steve: we will be back with you shortly after the biggest super bowl in history on fox last night. he just overturned president obama's immigration order over the weekend. did you know this judge. ainsley: president trump's immigration order. steve: known for helping refugees. does that sound impartial to you judge andrew napolitano coming up on that. ainsley: if you missed a second of "fox & friends" live. steve: man did we have a weekend ♪ my baby is singing along ♪ summer comes on ♪ i love my small town world ♪ i love my country girl ♪ except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track.
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3:46 am
report counter terrorism film firm radicalizing young children under the age of 18 and paying human traffickers to smuggle them into europe and u.k. terror experts say more than 300 children went missing alone in 2015. and if you cheat on your taxes, you will probably end going to jail. apparently the same rules do not apply for irs employees. there is brand new inspector general report showing nine employees were caught cheating on their taxes between april and september. all of them still have their jobs. and those are your headlines. i will see you shortly. ainsley, steve. ainsley: this weekend an appeals court denying a white house bid to restore the temporary travel ban. in a tweet the president wrote the opinion of the so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. steve: as we learned this quote "so-called judge" helped settle refugees pro bono wise before overturning
3:47 am
the president's immigration order. that's in his past. here now to react is judge analyst napolitano. >> >> trial judge in seattle. circuit is a appeals court. he was persuaded by the state of washington suing on behalf of its employees and everybody who lives there in the state of minnesota in a similar lawsuit that, a, they are likely to prevail because, b, their governmental administration will be so disrupted if the president's executive order stays in place. steve: is that true? >> it may be true but it is really not for him to decide. in this respect, donald trump is absolutely correct. not that this is a so-called judge. this is real, valid article 3 judge. meaning a life tenure judge appointed by president bush, confirmed by the senate. here is where sprump absolutely correct. whether you think this is
3:48 am
wise or not. whether you think it's disruptive or not or fair to stop everybody, including people with hardship cases in order to keep a few bad people out that is a decision for the president of the united states and the president of the united states only. the statute. steve: it's his job. >> the statute couldn't be clearer. it's a 1952 statute that specifically says the president of the united states on his own may suspend the immigration of any class, group of people for public health, public safety. end of the story. ainsley: if it's that clear why is this judge doing this? >> i don't know what's in his head and i read his opinion over the weekend. and i reread it this morning there is not enough there. i don't know what the ninth circuit of appeals is going to do. you have three well-respected judges there. they refuse to get involved because they wanted to know more. steve: so now the u.s. department of justice has until what time today to make their case? >> until 3:00 in the afternoon west coast time. 6:00 in the afternoon here.
3:49 am
i expect a decision by 9:00 tonight as to whether or not they are going to uphold judge row bart's decision. if they do, there will be a trial in his courtroom over the lawfulness of president trump's order. and if they don't, then the order is go back to where we were when he issued it on january 27th. the authority is his. whether he exercises that authority prudently is a political judgment. it's not a judicial one. steve: all right. and when donald trump says so-called judge and you look at his history from the bench? >> i think the president was upset and i -- knowing him as i have gotten to in the past few months, i think i can understand his being upset by that what this judge about politically before he was on the bench i honestly think is irrelevant. he has a reputation as a mainstream even courageous judge. but, all judges make mistakes. i can tell you from all the times i got reversed. that's why they have appellate courts.
3:50 am
ainsley: you are expecting a ruling at 9:00 tonight or around that time. steve: it could all change. >> turk may have -- tucker may have this ruling live. ainsley: recap of what we did at the super bowl coming up next. steve: we did a lot ♪ sults are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at nice, this stuff check this our house. ♪ whoa ♪
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3:53 am
steve: we have had nonstop coverage from houston with the super bowl. and for anybody who missed our coverage, there was a lot and here are some great nuggets from the last four days. ♪ ♪ steve: we are here in the heart of houston.
3:54 am
bribe brian we're thrilled to be here. >> welcome to texas. ainsley: thanks so much. >> i love fox and i love starting my day with you guys. >> morning and awake. it's all good. what's up big man. ainsley: we have women that are now in your man cave. we're taking over. brian: hey no, feet on the furniture. brian: you cannot have a "fox & friends" super bowl show without drew brees. brian: 10 or 15. here we go. oh. steve: nothing says breakfast like brisket. ♪ steve: billie, come on, patriots or falcons?
3:55 am
>> i think atlanta is going to win in the end. >> his or her ho is going to win? >> patriots. >> falcons. >> i have got to say patriots. >> i'm a new england guy. only 27% of the country wants the patriots to windows that bother or inspire you. >> brian, the polls are wrong. >> i predict you this will be the first over time game in super bowl history. >> we're close to nasa. we are not rocket scientists. ainsley: tonight is the big game. steve: 11 hours before the super bowl. do you have tickets? >> look at that. ainsley: surprise. how do you feel? [laughter] brian: former seattle nate
3:56 am
steve. brian: joe namath. this is the best show ever. steve: going to be in texas we have to ride out on horses. worked well in rehearsal. january january what a fun trip. armadillo is right. ainsley: highlight for me in addition to so many wonderful patriots that we method. not the team but i'm just talking about regular folks was going to nasa and seeing what they do. they were fantastic at the space center. ainsley: brian, did you miss your flight? brian: yes, i did. how about joe buck saying that i predict this will be the first overtime game ever and i saw him after the game and he said i go do you remember what you said he said yeah, i got it right: he got it right. steve: great couple of days we had down in houston and brian is going to be down there today. steve: have you returned
3:57 am
that trombone to that child yes january january i think it's still in my -- brain brian that's all about great producing. they provided all of that. ainsley: stay with us, brian. should call your mom. bye. campbell's chicken noodle soup. there when no one else is. campbell's. made for real, real life. ♪ why is the radical left so full of rage and hate? they still can't accept that trump won and they lost. now extreme liberals like elizabeth warren are trying to stop betsy devos from becoming secretary of education. why? devos angers the extreme left
3:58 am
because she exposes their hypocrisy. devos wants low-income kids to have the same choices that liberal elitists have for their families. devos wants equal opportunity in education for all kids, and that makes angry liberals... even angrier.
3:59 am
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4:00 am
♪ >> i hate to make predictions. >> but you gotta. >> i will say the patriots will win. >> by how many points. >> by 8 points. >> president bush, could you please toss the coin. [cheers and applause] >> with two seconds left in the half, the patriots are on the board. they trail by 18. >> one nation, under god. indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. brian: one of the great things about being the vice president you don't have to call stub hub if you want to go to the super bowl. [laughter] >> it's a great privilege for karen and our daughter charlotte to be here at the super bowl. it's made even more special by being with a couple of
4:01 am
american heroes ♪ i want to hold them like they do. >> the two point conversion tie this thing up and don't ever count tom brady out. toss to white. he's in. patriots win the super bowl. brady has his fifth! what a come back. >> super bowl 51! [cheers and applause] >> what does this mean to you in the big picture. >> it's unbelievable. they call it one of the greatest ever. >> we're bringing in tom brady ♪ we are the champions ♪ we are the champions ♪ no time for losers steve: well, the new england patriots have another vince
4:02 am
lombardi super bowl trophy for their trophy case as tom brady, mvp for super bowl four times. and, brian, as it turns out. donald trump was right. his estimation with bill o'reilly was that they would win by 8. they actually won by 6. brian: you know what's kind of interesting, guys. i guess on twitter in the middle middle of the game when it looked like twitter was going to get blown out everyone was calling it the trump curse. donald trump, see what happens when he endorses somebody, they have all these problems. oops? what happened to the trump curse? it might be the trump blessing. first overtime game and greatest come back and 39 years old patriots are primed to be right back there again next year. ainsley: so many stories that came out of last night's game. we watched as robert kraft -- we had robert kraft -- we viewed interviewed him a few days ago. he said he was a lifelong friend with donald trump. donald trump came to his wife's funeral and called him every week for a year. they are very close. you saw mr. kraft in his box
4:03 am
hugging kenny chesney. steve: tom crying. >> mr. kraft, meijer'sy is missing. it's not in my locker. it turns out the equipment managerrer we are hearing this morning actually had the jersey. when mr. kraft said that to him he said you better check online. steve: tom brady had reason to celebrate in addition, brian, because this was the first game, of course, the biggest game of the year that his mother galen was able to be in attendance. according to bob kraft she has been undergoing chemo and also radiation the entire season. she told local boston reporter that she had been praying the whole game that the patriots would win. and it's interesting. when asked how tom remains calm. tom senior said he gets that from his mother. there is the entire brady bunch after the game celebrating. >> never thought about it brady bunch. >> celebrating five super
4:04 am
bowl rings. he has got it for four fingers and a thumb now. >> yeah. you see he got on the stage late because he was hugging his mom right below the stairs and then afterwards we were able to see his mom walk off surrounded by a couple security guards to make sure. she is clearly battling back after suffering the effects of chemo and it's been a tough year for them. man, if you talk about elation and happiness. they say that the best thing you can do when did you go through something like this is happy and optimistic. it helps when your son is the best quarterback ever and wins the super bowl by mounting the greatest come back ever. ainsley: i'm glad she was able to be there. how about howie young. i watched the coverage, they got his reaction. in the next scene he wasn't on set with those guys. he had gone down there to hug his son. steve: i don't blame him. brian: he said he was more nervous for this game than he was when he played and won his super bowl. his wife, mrs. long, was a guest on the scoreboard show and, of course, everybody was on the field. they are unbelievably
4:05 am
athletically talented family. good at multiple sports and chris goes ahead and last years drafted by the rams. he signed with the patriots. he said i would have played with a dollar just to be with this organization. he wins up with a super bowl trophy. he is one big guy, very talented guy. one happy guy this morning. steve: absolutely. donald trump was down in in palt his resort for the weekend. a big red cross ball was saturday night. he tweeted out congratulations to the patriots as well. he did do an interview apparently they white house before he left for mar-a-lago with bill o'reilly. while there is a lead story in the "new york times" today about trump and staff rethink tactics after stumbles, it is suggested that one of the stumbles was with the roll-out of this immigration order regarding people from seven different countries. bill o'reilly asked the president about that. first question out of the gate about whether or not he had second thoughts about it being chaotic. as it turns out the
4:06 am
president thinks it went smoothly. listen. >> i think it was very smooth. you had 109 people out of hundreds of thousands of travelers. all we did was vet those people very, very carefully. brian: you wouldn't do anything differently if had you it to do again. some of your people didn't know what the order was. >> that's not what general kelly said. general kelly who is now secretary kelly he said he totally knew. he was aware of it and it was very smooth. it was 109 people. ainsley: he was saying it's very smooth, brian. because he said i couldn't go out in public say i'm about to do this it would have changed everything. people would have been coming over in droves. he said i had to do it this way. i didn't have a choice. brian brian in one case that's correct. on the other hand the communication was terrible. it never got out to homeland security. the secretary was never informed. the not fully up to speed. reince priebus going through this story put together 10 point punch system hit
4:07 am
everyone one of these points before you put out any executive order or any other operation in place. keep in mind, too you have a justice department that is a bunch of obama appointees. you have homeland security with homeland security secretary who is only there a couple of days. and you ask yourself in retrospect like every new administration what could we have done better? a lot could have been done better. although the intent was right. the execution wasn't. hopefully donald trump doesn't thoroughly believe what he just said to bill o'reilly. he was just spinning it to getting people to understanding what he meant to do and how he expects to reclaim it and get the courts in line what he believes to be. ainsley: is he not a politician. is he learning as he goes. is he a businessman. a lot of conservatives like the fact that he did that. we have to see what happens later today. steve: one thing he does not believe. brian: how did he it. not what he did. steve: he does not believe in the polls. he just within the last five minutes the president of the united states tweeted this out. any negative polls are fake news just like cnn, abc, nbc
4:08 am
polls in the election. sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting. so apparently one of the other networks, which we are not watching because we're doing this network show, looks like has a poll out about the extreme vetting. ainsley: when brian was interviewing corey lewandowski the other day talking about the game. he said the polls are wrong, brian. we will have more on that bill o'reilly interview tonight. bill o'reilly is going to have it on his show and tomorrow night. we will be watching. brian: meanwhile yesterday i caught up with the vice president. i asked him about that. he said we are going to win over those protesters and nay sayers. i talked a little about russia and, of course, going to the big game. here is part two. >> couple of things going on outside this world and there is a lot of protests going on. i think there is 500 people out here today there was also in philadelphia we saw the chaos at berkeley and nyu. is it your sense that this isn't just people speaking up, there is organized push
4:09 am
back against you guys? that people are being paid? >> clearly there are strong feelings. and our country is facing serious issues. and people have every right to protest peacefully, to be able to let their voice be heard. but my hope is as time goes on, as people continue to see the strong ebb energetic leadership of president trump, putting the safety and security of the american people first, doing what he said he would do to get this economy moving again, i can't help but feel a stronger more prosperous america is going to be more united america. brian: you know you have another job today. he put you in charge of the investigating voter fraud and you are in charge of the task force. he believes there is up to 4 million people who have voted fraudulently. do you? >> the president and i talked about a week ago. and he announced it in that interview here on fox with bill o'reilly that he is going to set up a commission. his commitment to really looking in to the errors and flaws in our voter logs.
4:10 am
the possibility of wide scale voter fraud that's taking place in the country. look, at the very center of our democracy is the integrity of the vote. the one person, one vote principle. it will be my honor to lead that commission on behalf of the president and to look into that and give the american people the facts. ainsley: great job, brian. that was awesome. brian: yeah, i mean you will meet a little bit later the two families, the two couples sitting next to him one is marine and one is army selected to go with the vice president to go watch the game last night. he went into the box with the 41st president and former first lady barbara bush. steve: all right. britain, great interview with him. donald trump we just read you the tweet about how he doesn't trust the fake polls that. so other what he calls fake news. he just put a new tweet out in the last minute. during the report. he says i call my own shots largely based on accumulation of data. and everybody knows it. some fake news media, in
4:11 am
order to marginalize, lies, exclamation mark. we don't know whose poll it is because we are running this channel right now. we will hand it over to heather nauert who has headlines for us. heather: i certainly do. good morning to everybody. hope you are having a great day so far. shocking confession brutal murder of a young new york city jogger. d.n.a. evidence and revisited 911 call about a suspicious person near a park have finally led to the arrest of 20-year-old chanel lewis. police say he admitted to raping and killing corinna i have the vitrana in an attack fueled by hate for women. discovered by her father off a remote trail. all of this leading tomb an emotional first day in court for the victim's family. watch. >> justice, absolutely not. >> there is no more further comment. >> no more.
4:12 am
go away! go away! go away! >> such a hard situation for them. we are praying for them and that beautiful young family member they lost. nearly 100 tech companies from apple to twitter stepping up an illegal fight against president trump's immigration order. those companies have filed a lawsuit with the federal appeals court slamming the crackdown as a deal breaker for innovation. say many of their employees are immigrants. tech bosses say it forces them to move their companies outside the u.s., the white house though not backing down. and violent protests like this not only disgusting but also dangerous. now rioters protesting the president's immigration order are accused of blocking an ambulance carrying a critically i will patient in connecticut. police in new haven say this guy was leading the pac, forcing emts to perform emergency procedure on the spot. he was arrested and charged. luckily we are told that patient is going to be okay.
4:13 am
those are your headlines. steve: why did he think it was okay to stand in front of an ambulance with somebody who is critically hurt. ainsley: what a horrific idea truly. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: caught on camera, 12-year-old kid bullied and beat up because of his make america great hat. >> you want to build a wall? you want to build a [bleep] ainsley: that happened on a school bus. where is the school bus driver? what happened next is even worse. hear from his outraged mom coming up. steve: borders wide open while the put on hold. congressman sean duffy has supported the president's plan from the beginning. look, he is live in the studio. is he next on "fox & friends." come on in. ♪ every day see one more card ♪ take it on the face ♪ you take it to the heart ♪ the waiting is the hardest part ♪ed ually there's 5.
4:14 am
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4:18 am
president's executive order, republican representative of wisconsin congressman sean duffy. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. thanks for having me on. ainsley: this could all change today. you are in favor of what president trump is trying to do. >> first of all i think the rollout was a little bit columnsy. presidentpresident trump is tryo protect the american citizenry from people who come from terror ridden countries. look to europe. they take up guns. they get in trucks and they kill innocent people. and mr. trump is saying let's take a pause. make sure we can appropriately vet them. yeah i support the policy and i think a lot of my constituents support trump. ainsley: in my ear president trump what did i say? >> did i say mr. trump. ainsley: president trump. steve: here's the thing. president trump made it very clear is he interested in national security. but at the same time, when the courts look at this, they are going to go the way the constitution was written, noncitizens, people from other countries, they don't have any protected rights under our constitution. >> you would hope that's the
4:19 am
way they view it but i think politics, i think infiltrates every aspect of our government and even the courts. and pump and the congress our first responsibility is to the american people. not to refugees or folks from other parts of the country. and by the way, we are a great country who allow people and who come from hard places who are -- who are attacked and demonized. in my own community we have a huge mung population we open them with open arms. these are people who want to buy in to america. ainsley: tweet a country is no longer able to say who can and cannot come out especially for reasons of safety and security big trouble. what's your reaction? >> i think he is spot on. we see protests all over america. people breaking and beating and breaking windows people who go to work every day. say is he spot on. thank you for protecting me.
4:20 am
frankly thanks for being a politician or businessman who ran for politics and you are doing what you said you would do. ainsley: like all these protesters, why aren't you working? how do you have time to do this? steve: he is doing what he said he was going to do. curious, you watch the other channel's mainstream media they say it's chaotic. people running around the white house. they don't know what they are doing. they are getting so much done. your constituents, are they looking at this as chaotic or thinking yeah, this is why we sent him there. >> when they have time they do the slow clap for donald trump. they love it that's what people are missing. you mention other networks with other polls. most people at home applaud what they are doing. they know is he looking out for them. think of the women's march the day after inauguration he hadn't done anything yet. saved a few thousand jobs. this is just protesting his election. and in the end, i think you are going to see america rally around him because this is the right policy. steve: all right. sean duffy, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me on.
4:21 am
steve: another critical question about these court orders on immigration. are they making our country less safe. the woodhouse brothers are going to debate. we hope they talk one at a time. they probably won't. they're next.
4:22 am
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now to news by the numbers. super bowl edition. first 300 how many drones helped lady gaga create the show in the sky super bowl show. that act put on by intel put on last week due to airspace restrictions. 2 feet 4 inches. that is the difference in height between nba super star shah kneel owe keel. the 4'9" gymnast tweeting
4:25 am
this picture out of herself with the 7'1 o'neil. she is not even reaching shaq's chest. and 1.1-million-dollar bet. that is how much 1 falcons ban is out after losing a massive bet against the patriots. the anonymous gambler trying to gamble his money, betting that the underdog falcons would win the big game wow. that spouse is not going to be happy. steve: no kidding. diplomats and security officials filing affidavit in federal appeals court against reinstating the president's order. filed by democrats claiming this order cannot be justified on national security or foreign policy grounds. it does not perform it's declared task of entry into the united states do though make us safer. let's have a debate with
4:26 am
woodhouse brothers. dallas and brad presidents united for change. they are on polar opposites of the political spectrum and that's why we invite them on. good morning, fellows. >> good morning. steve: did one brother take atlanta and the other brother took patriots. >> i didn't care, steve. i wanted a good game and half way through the fourth quarter it looked like a terrible game and look what you have. you made history. steve: dallas? >> the falcons had more electoral votes. steve: you are right about that. >> good one. steve: let's talk a little bit about this filing this filing diplomats saying the trump plan, dallas, does not keep us safe. what do you say to them? >> well, i think this is why you elect a president. and the justice department did a pretty good job in their response to the judge in washington state saying, look, you don't have the right to second guess a president who has been
4:27 am
installed with this power by the congress to make foreign policy decisions. >> that's not true. >> any time a court gets in the way of a president and president clinton made decisions like this. president reagan and president obama to suspend certain alien classes right to immigrate. no foreign national has inherent right to come into the country. i think it's very dangerous when a court steps in a way with steps in the way of a president doing his constitutional duties. people can disagree with him but he at least ought to have the ability to do it in the short-term until the courts make some other determination. steve: sounds like the court could actually reverse themselves again because the department of justice has until, i think, 9:00 eastern time to file a report brad your brother is right. >> he is not right.
4:28 am
steve: don't have a right to get in to our country. >> the issue is not whether or not they have rights. it's whether or not the president is following the law. and, look, you know, our judiciary which should be independent, i don't think my brother or you, steve, or any american with good sense would think that the president should be attacking judges personally like he did all weekend. they will make the decision but the president cannot usurp the laws there is a law passed 50 years ago say you cannot discriminate on immigrants based on their nation of origin. that's exactly what this ban does, also discriminates them based on their religion. steve: you know that is not true. you were talking about the judge and trump. he did tweet this out yesterday, i believe just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such
4:29 am
peril in something happens blame him and court system. people pouring in, bad, he writes. dallas hold on, dallas first. >> i think it's important to note, steve charged with supervision judges are not. that's why you have to have one ultimate decider on something like this. taking a lot of responsibility. let's remember what the harm is here. if you simply have the temporary ban, there are people inconvenienced. if the president is right and bad people are coming in to do bad things. then the harm is much more serious to the american people. steve: bradley? >> dallas, the harm here is we denied entry to an iraqi general who has been helping us fight isis in iraq who was coming here to see his
4:30 am
family. who has been moved here for their own safety. there is not report that we have stopped the potential terrorist or terrorists. but we handcuffed a 5-year-old. we stopped an iraqi general. we prevented a family from coming here and seeing their dying mother. this policy is a joke. it has not made america safe. it has made america less safe. when you tell people of a religion we don't want your help in the war on terror. we're suspicious of you, you're not welcome. steve: you know it's not a muslim ban. >> of course it's a muslim ban. >> i disagree with my brother. steve: of course. he's your brother. you're going to disagree with him for your whole life. brad and dallas, thank you very much. that's why we invite you on. it's always spirited and i'm always between them. all right. guys. thank you. meanwhile, it's every bernie bro's favorite catchphrase. >> colleges and universities
4:31 am
tuition free. >> tuition free. >> free, free. free. >> but this morning palestines -- millennials isn't tuition few free. mike pence made a stop to pick up american heroes. up next more of brian's chat with the vice president here on "fox & friends" ♪ i'm american are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday.
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4:35 am
of weeks ago george herbert walker president was in the hospital. so was barbara bush. he had respiratory problems started by pneumonia. he had been scheduled to go ahead and flip the coin. last night it happened. brian, everybody in that arena must have been on their feet clapping and crying. brian: yeah, i don't know when if you saw the cut away. we are in the tunnel and out comes the president, the 41st president along with mrs. bush. they were holding hands the entire time looking at each other. there is dorothy bush, the younger sister of the 43rd president. she came over and we said hello. she said to me this has been the goal all along. get them here. let them be here. let them play a role in this. and they also, i think, in her mind, for them to hear the cheers and support from 70,000 people and believe me, it was tremendous. we all know bill belichick is a little mild mannered and focused before the game. if you saw the cut away of him, he turned around like
4:36 am
he -- like it was an emergency and he started clapping. it just jarred everybody that it was amazing how everyone could agree on one thing, great man, great american, great couple. they really rallied at a time. to see them with their family and to see everyone feel that good, remember maybe it's possible for us at some point politically to get together and rally around one candidate again. meanwhile, the vice president of the united states was able to spend the game with the 41st president before he did that. he came down and visited us. but he made sure we knew we had some special guests coming our way, two wounded vets a marine and army guy along with their wives. here is a little of that interview. >> hi, mr. vice president. one of the great things about being the vice president you don't have to call stub hub if you want to go to the super bowl? [laughter] >> it's a great privilege for karen and our daughter charlotte to be here at the super bowl. we have been to a couple before.
4:37 am
but it's made even more special by being with a couple of american heroes. brian: tell us about them. >> sergeant tony manino is a united states marine injured in the line of duty and sergeant frederick manning is with us as well who is career army. both of these men were -- continue to be treated at walter reed and our great privilege to give them a ride down to houston today and share what we know is going to be a great super bowl. brian: bush 41. the president of the united states great to be here in the hospital two weeks ago. >> speaks of the great sthents of that man. we all know him as a president. he was vice president. he served in many different positions in the government. he started out in uniform. people who know the story of george herbert walker bush know he was an avenue aviator. people who know his whole history know is he a great man of personal strength.
4:38 am
not surprised to see him. out here flipping the coin after being in the hospital. brian: go upstairs and share some wings with him. >> i just got a very nice warm personal note from president bush. encouraging me and a good word of encouragement for the president. we couldn't be more grateful for that but the privilege of our little family being able to spend time with the 41st president at the super bowl and with these american heroes is really hard to describe. steve: it is hard to describe. ainsley: beautiful interview, brian. that's great. you got to hang out with president bush 41. you got to hang out with the vice president. and watch history in the making. that was quite a come back. and the only time we have ever gone in to overtime for a super bowl. you had a good day. brian: i didn't even know this. yeah, i didn't know it was 10 points up until that game. they were down by 25 and they came all the way back
4:39 am
to win their fifth time. we have a lot more sights and sounds of what went on there. the vice president is back to work today. he was able to get his own plane and get home. meanwhile. ainsley: brian, i have got to ask you this. out of everything, being in a sports guy and being in your element, what was your favorite thing? >> i, let me see. that's really tough to answer. let me say. this i love historic moments to be there. i don't care who wins and loses. i want to see how people react. i thought these champions had such an air of humility about them. the people who won that game. a lot of them were low draft picks. free agent sign yes. they bought into the system. the big stars didn't come in to the system. they became such stars in the system. that's why they are so hum being. to see them hug the players. the owner afterwards and they all feel like family it's not cliche. that's the thing that stood out with me, ainsley. steve: other thing is atlanta had a great thing for the first three quarters. they were holding the -- the
4:40 am
new england patriots. ainsley: they made it to the super bowl so they are still heroes too. steve: hold your head high, atlanta. ainsley: heather what was your favorite thing? heather: the national anthem. the flyover. great game as well. good morning to all of you. i have a couple headlines i want to bring you now at 40 minutes after the hour there was sixth grade child who was attacked on his school bus just for wearing a make america great again hat. well, someone was suspended but guess who it was? the victim. unreal. well, the video shows classmates shoving the 12-year-old st. louis boy while yelling at him for supporting the president. his mom outraged. she says she is horrified. >> i saw him being berated and bull idea and beat, literally beat. because he feels strongly about the world today. heather: the school responding saying all of the students involved are facing
4:41 am
consequences. we will update you as we learn more on that. vice president mike pence says betsy devos will be confirmed as the next secretary of education promising to cast the tie breaking vote. >> we're very confident that betsy devos is going to be the next secretary of education. it will be my high honor to decide the tie breaking vote on the floor the senate. heather: two republican senators are planning to vote against devos setting up the potential for 50/50 split. bernie sanders supporters fired up about his plans to do this. >> free tuition at public colleges and universities. >> television-free. >> tuition free. >> free, free. free. heather: free. now some college students are whining that the promise of free tuition doesn't mean free cleaning. some students telling the associated press even with a free tuition school is still too expensive. they have room and board thing and food and all that stuff.
4:42 am
books still rack up thousands of dollars in costs. i'm sure there is a government solution those students would propose. pay for everything. steve: tuition free not actually free. heather: right, imagine that. steve: tuition free. meanwhile a warning in the mainstream media the outsiders are coming in to the press briefing room. >> so much for taking questions from outside the elite media bubble there in d.c. my question is about immigration. steve: big smile that radio host who just made history by appearing in white house press briefing is going to join us via skype next. ainsley: everyone thought that lady gaga would get political during the super bowl halftime show. her performance is already stirring up some debate. how is the world reacting on social media? we will tell you. stay with us. steve: from the pop, pop, pop, paparazzi.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
steve: well, a radio talk show host is getting some attention for his question at friday's white house press briefing. watch this. >> let me go to the fourth jackson wttn in huntville, alabama. >> thank you, sean for taking questions from outside the elite media bubble there in d.c. my question is about immigration. steve: the elite media bubble. no wonder sean spicer has a smile. dale jackson blasting the bubble from the new white house skype seat. and the mainstream media not happy with his remarks at all. joining us right now via skype dale jackson who joins us from tennessee in
4:47 am
somebody's lake house who is a friend of his. dale, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you very much for having me. steve: okay. so you took a shot at the people who were in that room and i don't think they liked it. >> no. they didn't. i had an opportunity to be there via skype and i took that opportunity to point out that the rest of america, flyover america is a little tired of people in that room. and we are done listening to everything that they say and they feed us they filter us. and what this white house has done that i haven't been a big fan of donald trump from the beginning but what this white house has done is allowed people like me who would never be allowed to come into that room to get in there and ask an actual question. steve: absolutely. i understanding some members of the mainstream media though said we cannot have these local people asking questions because it's taking time away from the real journalists inside the white house press briefing room. that's what they said. >> oh, no. they absolutely believe that they have some sort of
4:48 am
higher calling and they should be the only ones allowed in there and only they should be allowed to ask those questions. if they honestly feel as if me being there infringed on their time to ask about the bowling green massacre or whatever else they wanted to ask about. the simple thing is i had a real question to everybody cares about. the only thing they care about is their feelings were hurt. steve: you get to ask about damascus pa dhaka the dreamers. >> foundation of the campaign and folks are still out there getting work permits today. that is not what the people who voted for donald trump wanted. they wanted this thing done away with from day one. steve: you know, from day one, you were not a fan of donald trump, were you? >> no. personally i'm still not a fan of donald trump. i think he is somewhat of a jerk. but i will tell you this. the simple fact is he has done everything he said he was going to do at least most of the things i guess
4:49 am
that's more accurate and he has upset all the right people. and as long as he continues down this path and he follows some of his promises like he did with the supreme court and he eventually follows through on this immigration thing, i'm going to be happy with him. i'm going off of his action at this point. hold him accountable. steve: we had a little trouble hearing the last bit of it i think we got the thrust of it we thank you for joining us today via "fox & friends" skype. steve: and then he said something. we just couldn't hear it broad band problem. meanwhile, everybody thought lady gaga would get political during the super bowl halftime. and her performance is already stirring debate. what is it? carlie shimkus here with the top trending super bowl stories here this monday morning live from new york. >> one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause]la
4:50 am
it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
♪ steve: what are the trends all about the super bowl an epic come back for tom, terrific last night and the patriots and super bowl 51. that's not all the folks are talking about. ainsley: here with more what's trending on social media from last night's big game fox 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. >> what an amazing incredible game. 27.6 million tweets were sent out about the super bowl last night. i have a feeling that number would be a lot lower if it weren't for that incredible finish. amazing. it kept a lot of people up late, right? here is. so reaction that's getting the most attention online.
4:54 am
kobe bryant five rings can't be deflated. how about that a tweet from our viewer jonah this super bowl has a very 2016 presidential election feel to it. you don't think someone is going to win. steve: it's atlanta. it's atlanta. oops, 9:00 it's going to be. >> this tweet from tom harbaugh tom brady's football coach at michigan. tom brady is the best football player of all time end of discussion. and we have one more here a picture of -- this is my favorite steve harvey with the reaction congratulations to the super bowl winner atlanta falcons. he is never going to live that down. ainsley: self-deprecation. steve: people are talking about lady gaga. as it turns out that first shot where you see her on the roof, that was filmed the week before. >> isn't that neat? steve: because of the faa restrictions. they opened the roof last night to make it seem like she was there.
4:55 am
>> twinkling lights behind her are drones. it's 2017. she not only sang but repelled from the roof. social media very, very impressed. ben shores tweeted i wish i trusted anyone as much as lady qua go trusting those suspension cables helping her fly through the air. this other tweet from down goes brown. pat fans now whining will lady gaga being suspended too long. a little deflated gate. steve: only suspended for a game. >> murphy says i can't believe lady gaga won the super bowl. she certainly did. she did a good job. hillary clinton also sent out a tweet praising her as well. steve: real briefly tom brady's mom? >> yeah. it was emotional night for tom brady. he even looked like he broke down towards the end after he won. possibly also because his mom has been sick. ainsley: hasn't been able to go to the games. >> hasn't been able to go to any of the games. he gave his mom a big hug at
4:56 am
the end of the game. she also deserved that he also posted a bunch of pictures on social media focusing on his family and his support system. ainsley: i love that picture he has his daughter in his arms kissing his wife will give and hugging his mom. a circle of love. he certainly deserves the praise and attention today. steve: it was the first, there he is hugging him. first game she has been able to see this year because she has been going through chemo and radiation. >> we wish her the best. steve: she said she was praying the whole game the patriots would win and after hearing her story we pray for her. man oman what an emotional show. meanwhile, another big story coming out of the super bowl. this commercial that took a direct swipe at president trump's border wall plans from a lumberyard. abs ains here is the question. is that really what football fans wanted to hear last night.
4:57 am
tucker carlson is going to weigh n the next hour.
4:58 am
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>> i hate to make predictions. but i will say the patriots will win. >> by how many points? >> by eight points. >> president bush, could you please toss the coin. >> with two seconds left on the half, the patriots are on the board, they trail by 18. >> one nation under god with liberty, justice, for all. >> there's one great thing about being the president, you don't have to call stubhub if you want to go to the super bowl. >> it's a great privilege to be here at the super bowl. made even more special being with a couple of american heroes. >> the two-point conversion to tie this thing up and don't ever count tom brady out. he's in. patriots win the super bowl.
5:01 am
brady has his fifth. what a come back. >> the falcons had more electoral votes. >> they called it one of the greatest ever. >> we're bringing this sucker home. >> tom brady. ♪ ♪ ainsley: he is on top of the world. tom brady this morning winning his fifth super bowl. breaking a record. this was an epic come back. at the beginning of the game or going into halftime, everyone was thinking the falcons were going to win. steve: yep. ainsley: it was a 25-point come back and never in the history of super bowls have we gone into overtime.
5:02 am
steve: the cover of the boston globe this morning went for the ages, patriots 34, falcons 28 in overtime. and of course brian kilmeade was there for all of it. brian, what a show. brian: yeah, it was unbelievable. scoreless first quarter, then atlanta was doing to the patriots what they did to the packers. they started scoring, they looked like they were going to be unstoppable. they were leading 21-3 then 28-3. what bill belichick does, he made adjustments and wore them out. the offense was on the field by 30 minutes, it was about 40 minutes you had new england on, and it wore out atlanta's defense. it was exhausting, it was hot, and it was a grind. and then you begin to panic. oh, my goodness am i going to be the team that blows the biggest lead in super bowl history? and sadly after this great year, that's what the people are going to remember about the atlanta falcons. steve: sure.
5:03 am
ainsley: brian, there were so many great moments last night from the national anthem to lady gaga to watching the owner of the team mr. kraft hugging kenny in the box afterwards but also tom brady because he won five super bowls. that's never been done before. and then i was watching giselle in the box, and she started going crazy. i started following her on instagram to see if she was going to post of video. she did not. his mother hasn't been able to make any games this year because she was going through chemo and radiation. he was holding his daughter and hugging his mother. steve: you have to imagine. if you were a patriots fan, you were hoping that they would win rodger goodell in one of the most issued things ever having to present the vince lombardi trophy to the
5:04 am
patriots. and i held up the boston globe. and if you are a subscriber, you got this -- ainsley: it came in the paper? steve: yeah. many people are going to be wearing this all across america who are fans of the new england patriots. brian: right and just to defend the commissioner who we all know, he's a great guy. and he is in a tough situation. he says at one point every team in the league gets mad at me. that's not my job to be popular and the league is the best league in the world. ratings i think are going to come in at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. and they're if we could to be the biggest ever. new england won big, fox won big. i was able to get on, and here's the instant reaction from some very elated new england patriots. >> we never count ourselves
5:05 am
out. we do what we do, we made adjustments at halftime. god made plays, and we got a chance. and here we are standing under the confetti in our team colors. >> super bowl. super bowl. we put in the work every day no matter what anybody says about us. he find we do the exact same thing. >> we face a lot of diversity. facing the super bowl in a game this big. >> i refuse to believe. we've got the best quarterback in the history of the nfl bar none. steve: i have a question for you. do they still do that, hey, tom brady, you just won the super bowl. you've got more super bowl rings than anybody else. where are you going? disneyland. do they still do that? brian: it was genius. i really have no idea. it would have been smart to have done it. quick word about that guy jackie slater, he played for
5:06 am
the rams. he was a legend. but it was his son who won the championship, and he was just hugging his son at that moment when we were able to walk over. he said i much rather he had won it than i won. and his son is just a utility teams expert. ainsley: like howie long who was watching his son and they said stop the coverage, just go down to the field. steve: some of the ads were a little on the political side. i think coke had a political ad and then there was a hair gel commercial that said, hey, get ready for four years of bad hair, taking a shot at donald trump. donald trump tweeted about the big win. ainsley: he said what a and win come back by the patriots.
5:07 am
he said tom brady, bob kraft, and coach b are all big winners. and we know he's friends with all three of them. he said he's always voted democrat, but the reason he likes donald trump, they've been friends, president trump and melania showed up to his wife's funeral. and called him every day for a year to check on him. steve: and bob kraft had a party for his friends and was talking about loyalty and how important that was. brian: a quick word on this before you go ahead. the one thing that stood out, it reminded me a lot about youth sports. is that moms and dads were on the field like i've never seen before. and when you saw bob kraft hug julian edelman, they're, like, oh, that's my son. he's hugging my son. i don't know care if you're 12 or 18, it is still a family
5:08 am
sport and a family celebration. it just so happens these guys are multimillionaires. ainsley: right i'm glad we were talking about lady gaga. i was listening to that side byte. and it's not about your color, it's not about how you voted. this is an american sport, and you see tom brady and his mom who has been through so much and the owner and his story and the story about what went through with his life, and you just think life is so short. let's just remember this moment and forget the politics for one night. brian: and all of us win a super bowl at some point today; right? whatever you do, get a trophy. meanwhile i had a chance to talk to the vice president before this game. he ended up getting a great game. i talked to him everything from vladimir people to the people he had with him. some very distinguished guests. >> would there be time to have
5:09 am
a beer today? and what beer would that be? can you kick back and be an american citizen and enjoy the game? or are you still going to be vice president worried about the weight of the world on your shoulders? >> i'm a big time football fan. i guarantee you it's going to be all about the game. i'm an indianapolis colts fan, so i'm on neutral soil here. brian: one thing i was looking at, bill o'reilly's interview, and one of the things he said was putin's a killer. the president said there are a lot of killers. we have a lot of killers. why do you think our country is so innocent? is he making a moral plea between putin's way of operating and america's way of operating? >> what president trump is trying to do is reassert american leadership on the world stage and look for renewed relationships with countries around the world including russia. and the statements that he made were not in any way a moral equivalence between the
5:10 am
high ideals and practices of the american people and the people of russia. but rather what the president is seeking to do is begin anew, a relationship with the people of russia, and with they're leadership. and say are there ways we can begin to work together? look, brian we face very serious challenges in the world. these heroes today have been down range. they've seen the enemy and looked them in the eye. the truth is we have to develop new coalitions and new partnerships to confront radical islamic terrorism and particularly russia and the united states have a common enemy in isis. the president's made a priority to pull together the world and resources of the united states to hunt down and destroy isis. so it can no longer threaten us or inspire violence here in the homeland. it's those kinds of new opportunities president trump is absolutely committed to pursuing, and i fully support him in that. brian: you know you have another job today. he put you in charge of the investigating voter fraud, and
5:11 am
you're in charge of the task force. he believes up to 4 million people who voted fraudulently. do you? >> the president and i talked about it a week ago. and he announced it in the interview with bill o'reilly that he's going to set up a commission. his commitment to really looking into the errors and flaws in our voter logs. the possibility of wide scale voter fraud that has taken place in our country. look, at the very center of the democracy is the vote. the one citizen one vote principle. and it will be my honor to look into that and give the american people the facts. steve: brian. brian: yeah, we should say mitch mcconnell after that said i don't really want to finance this task force, so i don't know how the rubber is going to hit the wall there, but i would love to titan up the election system. i think both democrats and republicans would agree on that.
5:12 am
steve: and maybe what he was going to suggest is that if there is going to be an investigation or commission, the states should pay for it because that's where the elections are run. by the states. ainsley: yeah, just to make sure the voting is alive. steve: because every state has different rules. so that makes it patch who work. ainsley: right. steve: great work from the super bowl, brian. brian: great place to do it. steve: plus a christian town to remove a flag. ainsley: and reaction to the pricey super bowl ads. did the risk of doing a live commercial pay off? next. steve: good question. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake!
5:13 am
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yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. ainsley: it was an ad extravaganza last night as advertisers were shekel down 5 million bucks to secure just 30 seconds. so did super bowl 50 commercials live up to the hype? here to break it down for us.
5:17 am
give everyone a dial, and you can go up to 50 if you like it or down if you didn't like it; right? >> that's right. ainsley: the first one we're going to watch is the bye ad. >> i just want to tell you i've had enough. it might sound crazy, but it ain't no lie, baby. bye, bye, bye. >> five calories, no artificial sweeteners, tastes amazing. >> it got a high grade. people gave this an a. who doesn't like justin timberlake? ainsley: he seems like he's a lot of fun. let's look at the snickers ad from last night. >> third quarter. >> this is the third quarter.
5:18 am
>> jeremiah, you got us. >> oh, jeremiah, you have saved our town. >> doing what's right, ma'am. ainsley: all right. so snickers trying something new. a live ad. >> they were trying something new. a lot of people were waiting for it, and it just fell flat. it wasn't one of the best. it wasn't one of the worst either. ainsley: do people really believe it? there was the shoot-out and then the sets collapse and then the smoke. did you really get it? >> no. i think they tried to do too much with what it was. it didn't resonate. ainsley: it stood out and we're that you get morning because it was live. the next one was melissa
5:19 am
mccarthy and she was so funny. in an ad for kia. watch this. >> the ice caps are in trouble. ♪ >> hey, melissa, now the rhinos need saving. >> it's hard to be an equal warrior, but it's easy to drive like one. ainsley: a hybrid car. so they're talking about the environment with the ice and save the rhinos and all of that. >> she's so funny. so funny. folks gave this an a-plus. they loved this ad. loved the humor. great tiein with what the product was. this was really the highlight of the night. a lot of people were super disappointed in the ads this year. if there were so many animals. ainsley: my favorite one was after the super bowl was over, they did that ad with the soldiers skypeing or facetimeing or whatever that
5:20 am
was for with the soldiers and their families at home, and i loved that. >> that was a beautiful ad too. people love the patriotism. lady gaga brought that out in us without being political. that's the stuff. write us and tell us what your favorite ad is. thank you, lee. is the super bowl the best time to lecture on immigration? one company thought so. tucker carlson, i'm sure he'll have a different take. and lady gaga didn't get political during her halftime performance or did she? ♪ ♪ ♪ with advil, you'll ask what sinus headache? what stiff joints? what time of the month cramps? what nighttime pain? make all your pains a distant memory with advil
5:21 am
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5:23 am
5:24 am
ainsley: good morning. welcome back to fox and friends. a few quick headlines to bring you right now. nearly 100 tech companies from teem twitter now stepping in in a legal fight against president trump's immigration order. they've now filed a lawsuit with a federal appeals court slamming the crack down as a deal breaker for innovation. that's their claim. the white house vowing to not back down. the president will make his first trip to the military headquarters at overseas operations in the middle east. air force one is expected to arrive at macdill air force base in tampa around 11:30 this morning. that's where central command is located. and then the president will head back to washington d.c. that comes as tensions continue to rise with iran and its nuclear program. that rogue nation announcing to cressets uranium stockpile. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here soon tricky thanks. ainsley: we're going to bring in tucker carlson to get reaction from him about the news of the day. hey, tucker.
5:25 am
>> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning to you. let's talk about president trump. and he loves to tweet. and he's tweeting blasting judge for his immigration order. he tweeted i cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him and court system. people pouring in. bad. what's your reaction? >> well, there are a couple of ways to look at this. first, on the merits i think the president is right. people are pouring in. we don't know who they are. the stakes are huge. it has had a big affect on the country not just from the security perspective but from an economic one. and the opponents of this are literally hysterical and ignoring the facts. so he's right. on the other hand, to tweet out something like this that says if something bad happens, blame the judge suggestions that the primary concern of who to blame rather than how to keep the country safe. now, i don't think that was the president's intent. that's part of the limitation of twitter. you have 140 characters. it's not enough to express a
5:26 am
nuanced view and in some cases like this one, you need a nuanced view. i continue to think that twitter and other social media are forms you ought to use sparingly to make precise points, and this is just not a great way to express that. steve: or buy an ad in the super bowl. so last night, apparently fox would not allow them to run the commercial that they wanted to, so they ran -- and they say it's a pro immigration ad. ainsley: because the rules were you can't get political; right? steve: well, yeah, that's what they said. so instead of a wall, they had a fence. however, they said at the end go to online, and you'll see the other version that we wanted to run and that version has a wall in it. it's perceived as antiwall message. what do you -- but pro immigration they say. watch. hold on just a second. ♪
5:27 am
steve: and with the welcome home, it was the woman and her child, and they were trying to get across the country, and then we saw the big, beautiful door open. what do you think is going on in that ad? >> another self-righteous ad from corporate america. i watched the whole thing thanks to you, steve. and it's not just pro immigration but illegal immigration. and part of what we've been seeing the last couple of years is where the privilege sectors of our society lecture of rest of us about our shortcomings, et cetera, et cetera. part of it is economic calculation. who benefits from illegal immigration? obviously low page people who employ lots of low wage laborers. so it shouldn't really surprise us that big corporations are in favor of this because they benefit and they're the reasons we have these policies in the first
5:28 am
place. this has been going on for many decades. we don't enforce our immigration laws. and there's absolutely a reason because massive amounts of pressure brought to bear on lawmakers here in washington by companies, again, that make a lot of money from it. but the problem is the taxpayers pick up the tab. this is hugely expensive to support and educate people who are here illegally or lower wage workers in general expensive. ainsley: talk about tickets. the tickets for hamilton are outrageous. a lot of people can't afford to go. mike pence went. the stars got on stage and gave him a lecture. some of the stars were there at the super bowl last night, and they were singing america the beautiful. gorgeous voices. but when they had to get to the worry brotherhood, they added an extra word. listen to this, tucker. >> with brotherhood and sisterhood.
5:29 am
steve: a little ad-lib there. they added sisterhood. what do you think of that little rendition? >> well, when this happened, my three daughters with tears in their eyes said we finally feel empowered as americans. [laughter] this is sort of an endless series of symbolic issues like this, and you wonder what is the point. i'm as pro sisterhood as anybody, probably most than more women, probably, actually. but what's the point? the point is to make the person who said it virtuous. and i guess it's comforting to them. but what does it add up to? not a lot. and the rest of us, just like to be entertained. and hear the songs i grew up with without political statements in them. steve: people are expected to do stuff. that's why people were afraid lady gaga was going to do something crazy. as it turns out the only crazy thing she did was jump off the roof of the dome. >> that's enough.
5:30 am
just entertain me, that's all i ask. i'm not looking for much many prime time. just entertain me. steve: you're in prime time. ainsley: there might be a ruling. >> usually happens. news breaks at 9:00. great to see you both. especially you, ainsley. ainsley: you love steve too. steve: he always sends me a tweet. he says you're right up there, steve. >> pretty close. steve: my top five of people on fox and friends. ainsley: tucker is my favorite. steve: i know. i know. ainsley: i'm just kidding. bye, tucker. an incredible moment before the super bowl, president george h.w. bush flipping the coin. that moment is next. with every early morning... every late night... and moment away... with every and paycheck...
5:31 am
you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
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5:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: how beautiful was that? and there goes lady gaga jumping off the dome.
5:35 am
okay. we can tell you now they used 300 drones above the stadium. ainsley: that look like stars. steve: that brian is outside now. they shot that a week ago because of the faa restrictions. ainsley: planes are not allowed to fly over. steve: right and brian and i asked you earlier if they opened the roof at the time of her performance, and they did, but that was just to make it seem that she was actually jumping off, and she did not. it was taped. brian: let me just say this. i liked it because they got all the smoke out. one time they brought motorcycles in with the roof on and no one could breathe. so this time they opened it up. it's good to have that power to have a moon roof on your stadium. so they opened that up. i have no idea how she pulled that off. i don't understand why she jumped in the foam at the end. there's a lot about dance that i don't understand. i thought it was a perfect performance. the choreography was great. my problem with lady gaga there's no one song that i say
5:36 am
to myself i'm so glad to be listening to that sopping. i feel it's so overplayed. steve: that's so contrary to what you told us all week and you said you pretty much dedicated your life to the song poker face. brian: right. steve, that was a moment of vulnerability that i told you that. i didn't think you would tell it to the national audience. ainsley: i do like how she said under god because so many people are taking out now. i like that she did that. she didn't get political because what happened since the inauguration with people protesting. i loved that for just a few hours, we could come together as a country and watch a great game. steve: yeah, and she wasn't lip syncing. at one time she actually said hi to her mom and dad. brian: yeah, that was great. ainsley: really close to her family. brian: she also had a costume change, which i'm envious of because i would love to change costumes. steve: of course you would. brian: meanwhile one of the other things i walk out, and i'm standing right next to
5:37 am
president bush and right next to mrs. bush, and i with all due respect them hold hands before he was able to go out there and toss the coin. and i talked to dorothy bush, the younger daughter -- one of their younger daughters, the younger sister of president bush 43 and neil bush and everyone else. and she said this was the goal. that they wanted together to go out and flip the coin when houston got the super bowl again, and they achieved it. and they were very emotional. afterwards, i asked luke bryan. what was it like being on the field as you knew the next person up was the former president? and there was thunderous applause. here's what he said. >> it was something that i'll never forget. especially when a secret service man got me off the field. but, you know, with what they're dealing with health-wise, i think it was an honor and a privilege for america to see them. what a beautiful family, in my
5:38 am
opinion, what a beautiful family. and for them to be here together, it was a special moment. i was glad i got to witness it. steve: in 2002, george h.w. bush was the first president in history to do the coin toss and of course it was in houston. and i understand then he went to a number of other games. he just really loved doing it. ainsley: at the party i was last night, brian, people were saying my gosh. wasn't he just in the hospital last week? you know, we've been talking about it. but for a lot of folks that don't watch the news constantly, they were kind of asking each other. wasn't he just in the hospital? and you said they got such a huge reaction. almost more than the players did. brian: yeah, i noticed a couple of things. i think back to president bush who wrote about his son wrote about his dad and one of the things how his dad was crushed after losing reelection. but he ended up being a great
5:39 am
ally and being inseparable friends. and in the long run they've been he's a one-termed president. he wasn't a failed president. and the way this crowd greeted him, wasn't just texas, 70,000 strong, it shows you when sometimes you lose, your victory comes later down the line. and i thought joe buck said something pretty cool too. he said there's not a tougher man in the building. and at 19 years old when you're a fighter pilot and your dad you could have gotten out of it, and you've been fished out of your water and you have your whole life to live and ends up being president. ainsley: just in time. rescued by the submarine. steve: looked like he was going to be caught by the japanese, but they popped up at the right moment. and said how would you like to go with us? and the rest is history. ainsley: excellent job. steve: great job. you'll be able to nap on the plane here shortly. brian: after radio. steve: after radio. that's right. another three hours. meanwhile, we have had a very busy weekend.
5:40 am
heather was with us in houston. we had a great time. >> yeah. it was such a terrific time. so many great folks down there in texas. there's a bombshell new report that backs up the president's calls for extreme vetting. there is a counter extremist firm now saying that isis is recruiting child refugees to go to europe and now hundreds of those refugees are missing. experts warning that the terror group is radicalizing young children under the age of 18 and then paying human traffickers to smuggle them into europe and the uk. more than 300 children went missing alone in 2013. forces a mayor to remove a christian flag from a veterans memorial. watch this. hundreds of supporters in a mississippi town standing up to the freedom of religion foundation, which is threatening a $500,000 lawsuit.
5:41 am
they call the flag offensive. the town hired a lawyer promising a legal battle. we'll keep an eye on this story. and today we celebrate the birthday of our 40th president ronald reagan. he was born on this day 106 years ago. reagan proudly served for eight years as our commander-in-chief. >> government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem. tared down this wall. >> such a great moment. left office with a 68 approval generating. matching fdr. a birthday celebration happening tonight at the museum in his hometown illinois. those are the headlines. steve: thank you, heather. ainsley: thank you, heather. coming up as the president's immigration order hangs in limbo, our orders are open. so who are we really letting in?
5:42 am
and do they -- are we all in danger, basically? filmmaker is going to join us next to discuss. steve: and if you missed even one second of fox and friends live at the super bowl, you missed a lot. we've got a super recap coming up. stuff like this. >> i love starting my day with you guys. >> 5:00 in the morning, but it's all good. use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief knowing where you stand. it's never been easier. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan...
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♪ time to think of your future tech: don't let a cracked windshtrust safelite.plans. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. steve: all right. well, the legal battle over president trump's immigration executive order plays out in courts, the borders are still wide open. so who is letting them in and what do they want to do? make a better life or make horrific with our life? next movie biggest hit, what's going on?
5:46 am
why is there such push back with this? is it push back with the white house or something else? >> well, look what the judge is doing. he's basically saying there's no rational basis for trump's immigration policy. it doesn't make sense to him. but the question i have is who's in a better position to decide? the judge or the president? remember, the president gets a daily national security briefing. this judge sits in his chamber. he reads law book. so his job is to hold up the order, hold up the constitution, put the two side by side and see if it puts anything in the constitution, which it doesn't. so we have a situation now where these judges are now exceeding their job and doing things that they are not in a good position to be able to know. brian: and donald trump tweeted about that. well, you could see just popping up when you can. he was upset about the judge and maybe the judge should feel guilty if something happens here if someone's hit. like what we saw what happened at the louvre, in france.
5:47 am
these are people who come from outside, you have open hearts and end up with a lot of deaths. but i want to bring to you to something else. did you feel as though the justice department was making the case for donald trump, president trump even into this? they're all barack obama appointees. this is not even his team. >> that's true. one of the first task of the president is to fumigate the house and bring in his own guys. there are some conservatives who are uncomfortable with trump challenging these judges. but remember, the checks and balances goes both ways. if the federal judges are supposed to be a check on presidential overreach, there's nothing to say that trump can't be a check on judicial overreach. so it's checks and balances cut in both direction. brian: people don't like to weigh donald trump. but the bottom line is every executive has problems with the decision. and they all talk about it as we know what barack obama did at the state of the union address. finally, when you talk about these protests, these are organized -- they even have
5:48 am
uniforms, they act in mass actions. who's behind this? >> well, this is the first time i think in american history that we've seen this phenomenon of the paid terrorist. in the 06's we had lots of demonstrators. but there was no sense that someone was actually giving them money to go out and burn a car or a store. so, to me, this is driven by people like george soros. i call it sort of venture hooliganism. because soros is putting money behind these guys and saying go out and cause trouble. brian: prosecute trump against george soros' paid fans. and i'm wondering where this is going to end because the trump supporters, they're very proud, and they're not going to let their guy get run over. it's going to be ugly. >> yeah. for the first time after the dc protests, they charged these guys with felony rioting. i think it's important to push through with these prosecutions because unless these guys are going to pay a penalty, they're going to pay the 50 bucks because they know
5:49 am
they'll be back on the street tomorrow. brian: thank you very much. you were put forecast on this before anyone else was. coming up straight ahead. fox and friends takes you to the super bowl and takes you into the week it was from our perspective. >> i love starting my day with you guys. >> it was 5:00 a.m. in the morning, and we're awake, but it's all good.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
ainsley: all right. we had a blast in houston covering the super bowl. we're just chatting about right now. steve: we're all here in new york, brain's back in houston. for anybody who missed some of the coverage, here are some of our favorite moments. ♪ ♪
5:53 am
>> we are here in the heart of houston. thrilled to be here. >> welcome to texas. >> thank you so much. >> i love fox. i love starting my day with you guys. >> it's 5:00 a.m. in the morning, but it's all good. >> what's up, big man. >> we have women now in your man cave. we're taking over. >> hey, no feet on the furniture. >> you cannot have a fox and friends super bowl show without drew brees. >> 10 or 15? >> nothing says breakfast like
5:54 am
brisket. >> millie, come on. patriots or falcons? >> i think atlanta's going to win at the end. >> who's going to win? >> patriots. >> falcons. >> i've got to say patriots. >> i'm a new england guy. only 27% of the country wants the patriots to win. does that bother you or inspire you? >> brian, the bulls are wrong. >> i predict to you this will be the first overtime game in super bowl history. >> we're close to nasa. we're not rocket scientists. we football. >> tonight is the big game. >> 11 hours, 57 minutes, and 10 seconds. >> are you going to the super bowl? >> look at that. >> surprise. how do you feel?
5:55 am
>> former see that seahawk. >> shannon, super bowl champion. >> this is the best show ever. >> we're going to be in texas, we've got to ride out on horses. steve: yes, and our thanks to sundance ranch for bringing in those horses at the very conclusion of our three-day. ainsley: extravaganza. >> yeah. it was an extravaganza. >> what was your favorite moment? steve: i loved going to the nasa and see all the people across the country coming to see their team play in the super bowl. so many of them are fox and friends fans. brian: well, i loved at the end when i get to keep the boots and you get to. ainsley: why don't you just ride it home? brian: that would be great. i'll be a little sore so bring
5:56 am
some ointment when i get there, if you know what i'm saying. >> we have to thank everyone who put that together. i mean, from the stadium shots to the football field to the bands that were there to the people who cooked for us. i mean, it really did take a village, and it looked spectacular. >> those people behind the scenes that you don't see, they're the ones who did that. we just got to show up. there's so much planning that goes into that. our whole production staff was there a week before setting up the stage, the floors, and all of that. >> and you got good feedback; right? steve: i went home the other day, i went to the grocery store out in new jersey. four people came up to me and said what are you doing here? you were at the super bowl? and the coverage was great. brian: and the connection with steve canon and the atlanta falcons and of course you. steve: there you go. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment. what powers the digital world. communication.
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>> thanks to the cast and crew for putting on a great couple shows from houston and thanks for the people in texas for your hospitality. >> brian, we'll see you back here soon. >> join me on the radio next. >> bill: and we're waiting to hear live from the man everyone is talking about across the country this morning. super bowl mvp tom brady. did you see the game last night? >> it was amazing. >> bill: he is set to hold a news conference any second. after that incredible win last night. what a comeback. everyone around the country calling this an instant classic. >> toss to white. he's in! patriots win the super bowl! brady has his fifth, what a comeback! >> there were 20 something down, 20 minutes to go and they did that. his fifth super


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