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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 9, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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of chest injury goes up 15 times. fascinating. they have to think about that stuff. the changing sides of the american public. everybody thanks for joining us today. a busy day. i'm heather. see you back tomorrow. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house where president trump is attacking senators from both parties. accusing the democrats richard blumenthal of misrepresenting comments from the supreme court nominee and criticizing john mccain. ahead, the latest trump attacks and the response from both sides. we're waiting for an appeals court to make a major ruling on the president's travel ban. one top democratic lawmaker is already calling for congressional hearings on the president's actions. and trump advisor kellyanne conway going on tv and telling people go out and buy ivanka trump's merchandise. did she go too far? the white house seems to think
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so. let's get to it. >> now, "shepard smith recording live from the fox news desk." >> and president trump taking aim at two different congressmen. the president blasted john mccain after he quested the recent military raid in yemen. details on that in just a moment. first, president trump taking issue with claims about his own supreme court nominee. these come after democratic senator richard blumenthal revealed details of a conversation he had with judge neil gorsuch. he said the supreme court nominee called president trump's recent attacks on judges disheartening and demoralizing. president trump said that's a misrepresentation, he's wrong. a spokesman for gorsuch said the comments are accurate, so did ben sasse and chuck schumer and
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kelly ayott. she's working with judge gorsuch in the nomination process and was in the room, in the meeting with senator blumenthal. the president has taken shots at the federal judge in seattle that lifted the travel ban nationwide. today he went after senator blumenthal's credibility. >> ask senator blumenthal vietnam record that didn't exist after he said it did. ask him about his vietnam record. he misrepresented that just like he misrepresented judge gorsuch. >> shepard: the president is referring to blumenthal's said that he served in vietnam. he later clarified said he served during the vietnam war as a member of the marine corps reserves, which he did. senator blumenthal responded to the president today. >> there is no question about
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what judge gorsuch said to me. the white house staff was there. it was confirmed by judge gorsuch's own spokesperson. >> senator blumenthal says he wants more. he's calling on judge gorsuch to publicly condemn the president's comments. so far that's not happened. on the decision to reinstate the president's travel ban, we're expecting that today from the federal appeals court in san francisco. the timing is not certain. today the white house said the president has no regrets about his comments on judges and that he will continue to speak his mind. the president also went on a twitter tirade about a fall lay target, republican senator john mccain. mccain has questioned the raid on the al-quaida compound last month. he said he can't call it a success because it ended with the death of william ryan owens.
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trump said mccain should not talk about the success or not success of a raid. our hero, ryan, died on a winning mission according to general mattis, not a failure. time for the u.s. to get smart and start winning again. during the campaign, candidate trump said senator mccain is not a war hero since the enemy captured him in vietnam. senator mccain refused to respond to the president on that today. a spokesperson said senator mccain will continue to support the brave men and women of the uniform. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come to senator mccain's defense. also last hour, the white house responding to criticism that. trump's advisor violated ethics rules when she told people watching fox and friends this morning to go but i -- buy
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ivanka trump's fashion merchandise. kellyanne conway has been counselled on the matter and that's it. the president has challenged some of the details of his supreme court pick, john. >> a typical day here at the white house. a lot to unpack. let's begin with that. the president on the war path against richard blumenthal over claims that he added to what judge gorsuch said to him in the private meeting. one thing you have to know, you have a private meeting, it won't remain private for very long. here's the issue at the heart of this. yesterday during that meeting with the connecticut senator richard blumenthal, judge gorsuch according to two sources that i talked with and you heard other people say that he believed attacks on members of the judiciary are disheartening and demoralizing. when the senator came out to talk about it, he added that judge gorsuch was talking about the abhorrent comments made by
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the president. people close to the judge said he never used those words. he said that he was only talking in generalities about the whole thing and not specifically speaking to what the president said about the judge in seattle and about the proceedings at the ninth circuit court of appeals. senator blumenthal sticking by his guns and adding that he's still weighing whether or not he would throes his support behind judge gorsuch. here's senator blumenthal. >> this is a prerequisite. >> just a short time ago, the president held a listening session with a lot of senators to decide the fate of judge gorsuch. some of those senators included tester and manchin of west virgin virginia, all of whom are up for re-election in 2018.
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senator manchin when he came out from the meeting said he enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with the president. >> i'm so incencouraged to have this type of a meeting. nobody got into name calling. it wasn't that. you'd be surprised. not only did we talk about the nominee for supreme court, we talked about many, many subjects. >> the reason why the president had them at the white house, he's trying to get 60 votes for judge gorsuch to ward off the filibuster. he has gone on the record, a question i asked him about a week ago, he's encouraged mitch mcconnell to invoke the nuclear option if necessary if it looks like the democrats will filibuster and they can't get 60 votes. going nuclear means that he would be confirmed by a simple majority. shep?
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>> shepard: what are we hearing on the comments regarding senator mccain? >> hearing from senator mccain and his colleagues. he declined to respond to what the president tweeted about him. the president said he doesn't like whether or not military operations were a success or failure. some democrats don't like what the president said about him. listen to what florida senator bell nelson said about him earlier today. >> when president trump assaulting senator mccain, he better watch out. this is a guy that knows what he's talking about and not only has he walked his talk, he's been there. that's a dangerous area for president trump to continue to trash john mccain.
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>> john mccain did say that he listens to the people that the president has hired and put in prominent positions. people like the secretary of defense, james mattis, general john kelly. it's clear, shep, that it's not likely that the president and senator john mccain are really going to get along with each other, not any time soon. >> shepard: no, it would appear that is accurate. vlad putin is in the news again today. the white house weighed in on a report that president trump talked to him about a nuclear arms treaty? >> yes, a phone call that they had saturday. another leaked transcript that comes from people that don't like what the president has to say. this is a new stark treaty. it fully goes into effect in 2018. this limits the united states and russia to 700 intercontinental ballistic missile, 750 war heads. the president according to a partial transcript reported by
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reuters, the president didn't like the deal too much and think it comes down too much in favor of russia. i asked the press secretary about the briefings a short time ago. listen. >> i asked a question. reuters said a partial transcript of the call with vladimir putin. he expressed doubts about the new stark treat by. would he like to see it renegotiated? >> the conversation with president putin is a private call. i'm going to leave it at that. we have nothing further beyond that. simple. >> the white house just not going there, shep. in response to my question, here's the thing. the president needs to have a reasonable assurance that conversations he has with world leaders are private. clearly there's some people in this administration that want certain parts of the conversations out in the public. very frustrating for the white house. >> shepard: before we let you go, kellyanne conway on "fox and
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friends" she called it a commercial for ivanka trump's line. that's an ethics violation. >> if it's not a violation, it's close. the white house has been coming out in defense of ivanka trump. kellyanne conway encouraged everybody to buy her clothing line and jewelry line. she did it from the confines of the brady briefing room. she was on government property, a government official. today the white house reported she crossed the line, it's unacceptable. i asked sean spicer if the white house say it as that way. here's the response. >> questions have been asked about kellyanne conway with fox news this morning where she appeared to from the confines of the brady briefing room promote the products of ivanka trump. do you believe she crossed an ethical line. >> kelly has been counselled on
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that subject. that's all we're going on. that's it. >> they didn't say exactly how she was counselled. probably by down mcgann, the chief white house counsel. she's been a soldier of the president. in this particular incidence, looks like she stuck a toe and maybe more of a foot over the ethical line. she's been warned about it, shep. >> shepard: thanks, john. john roberts at the white house, this is the part i'll tell you about my brother's new restaurant but it be counselled on that. the strongest snowstorm of the season causing chaos in the northeast. more than a foot of snow in some parts making travel -- it's not been chaos really. new york city sanitation department did a bang-up job this morning. a lot of snow shovelling. in some places a foot. hang on now. constipated?
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i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. >> shepard: so many, many sources confirmed to fox news the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch said the president's comments on judges were both demoralizing and disheartening. that's the quote. at the same time, the president says to his followers that that's a mischaracterization. there's the facts on one side, what the president said on the other side. does that really work very well
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for the president? very well may. let's katherine. if the president tells his people he never said that, but all the democrats that might want cover voting for him when he's admonishing the president, maybe that could get him more votes, this might be good for the goose and good for the gander. >> hard to know what's going on here. gorsuch needs to be confirmed in the senate. he is distancing himself somewhat from the president and that might prove to be effective. it's clear that the democrats want to see more than what has opinion said so far. >> shepard: they're wanting neil gorsuch to said in public what he said in a private meeting when white house staff was on hand. is there any indication that he might to that publicly? >> i have not heard that.
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that is right. that's what some democrats are calling for and would like to see. >> shepard: this is an unusual transition obviously, an unusual first 100 days. a number of false utterances from behind the podium. what is it like working there? >> i'm new here, too, but there's never a dull moment. constant activity. the president is working practically around the clock. he's tweeting at all hours. so it's a very, very busy time. >> shepard: regarding john mccain, what has the specifics of the white house's words been regarding john mccain's statements, especially on the heels of the president saying he was president a war hero? >> obviously this is the latest dust-up with mccain. it's not the first time that they have tangled. goes back a long way early on in his presidential bid.
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the president made some comments about mccain's war record. on the campaign trail, those didn't appear to hurt him. a lot of his base were supportive of that. as we saw, it worked out for him. the issue now is this an effective strategy that i can use to work with the senate to advance his agenda. is it helpful. i think we'll see how that plays out. >> shepard: the president, while he was a candidate, some of his biggest promises off the bat were a border wall, tax cuts, those two specifically. is there any progress -- and repealing and replacing obamacare. is there any progress on any of those fronts? >> he's started on all of those fronts. i don't think -- it's only two weeks in. he is talking about all of them. he's still trying to get his hhs secretary confirmed.
12:19 pm
on the tax cuts, the white house says there's more information coming out soon. those are all works in progress. >> shepard: catherine lucy, good luck. >> thank you. >> the senate getting ready to vote on another cabinet nominee. republicans say this confirmation will let them really get to work on repealing and replacing the affordable care act. we'll get details of that next.
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>> shepard: fox extreme weather alert now. what a difference a day makes for us in the northeast that woke up to lots of snow. it was coming down blizzard-style. less than 24 hours after spring-like temperatures hit, we
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have 62 in new york city. the storms stretching from the mid-atlantic, new england. thousands of flights are grounded. schools cancelled. people that do have to go to work dealing with messy commutes. this is beacon hill in boston. wow! you can see cars are not aplenty. it happens to be america's oldest public park in all of the nation. not many cars, as i mentioned. crews on long island in new york are trying to catch up. a foot in some island towns. officially nine inches and counting in central park. it really looks like in the big city, we've had what we're going to get. we were afraid we would get 12 inches. we got 9 inches. sanitation did a good job. >> came down a little too fast, especially the outer areas. the streets are bad. here's a look at the storm. moving out of new york. we'll see a few more flurries. boston has a long ways to go.
12:24 pm
about four hours. it's about four hours of intense snow. that means they'll probably get another 6 to 8 inches. we've been seeing lightning in this. so thunder snow. that means it's really active, a lot of energy. >> shepard: love that. >> take a look at the snow. this snow has been across the west. we've had some in the northeast. so we're headed to the weekend. if you're a skier in the northeast, this will be a good one. >> finally. >> we have the blizzard warnings in cape cod, all the coasts of massachusetts. we'll see the winds at time around 15, 16 miles an hour. the storm strengthening. as it strengthens, pulls away and gets more blowing snow for another 12 hours. >> shepard: schools cancelled tomorrow in boston. >> a good idea. >> shepard: so nice yesterday. any chance we could get back to faux spring? >> yesterday was crazy. 62. here's a look at what happens.
12:25 pm
it's going to be cold tonight, tomorrow morning. the roads are going to be icy tomorrow morning. tomorrow, a chilly day. look at this area. baltimore, 38. take you through the next few days. we warm up a little bit in d.c. take a look at saturday. d.c., 65. >> all right. >> neil: that's that breaking point. the northeast stays in the 40s and 30s all weekend long. we warm up a lit in the mid-atlantic. >> shepard: middle of february? a good number. i like it. >> thanks. >> shepard: thanks, rick. the u.s. senate is working overtime ahead of a confirmation vote for health and human services secretary. some republicans say he could be the key to repealing and replacing the affordable care law or obamacare. here's a live look on the senate florida. full senate vote to confirm tom price is set for the middle of the night. around 2:00 a.m. tonight.
12:26 pm
mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. you staying up all night? you have kids at home. >> good question, shep. the third confirmation vote of a third secretary this week could come at 2:00 a.m. dr. tom price, republicans say he's qualified to address problems in the healthcare system. he's worked as a orthopedic surgeon. he's worked in the hospitals and medical system and a lawmaker representing georgia. he's offered ideas on how obama care could be replaced with a republican alternative. senator mitch mcconnell says price is the right person for the job. >> the american people need dr. tom price applying his practical knowledge as a doctor and legislator at the department of health and human services. an agency in great need of new leadership. >> democrats have brought up
12:27 pm
their concerns, but it appears he will have the votes to be the next secretary of health and human services, shep. >> shepard: i'm seems some of the democrats have shifted their focus to another nominee. >> no question about that. steve mnuchin the next one up for treasury secretary appears to have the votes and will get confirmed. democrats have set their sights on the nominee for labor secretary, andrew puzzner. senate democratic leader says he should withdraw. >> andrew puzder has proven himself to be a champion of workers rights. nominating puzder to oversee the labor department is clearly having a fox guard the hen house. a sharp-toothed fox at that. >> puzder's hearing has been set a week from today. all indications are, it should
12:28 pm
be feisty. >> shepard: thanks, mike. a plan in the u.s. senate to sink the president's controversial travel ban. first, word of anti-terror forces stopping a catastrophic terror attack. ahead where they say they discovered two dozen explosive belts along with the men accused of planning it all. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪
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>> shepard: headlines from the fox news desk. police in turkey busting four people out that were getting ready for an attack from isis. they said they found 24 suicide belts. it happened in a turkish town near the border of syria. they found guns, tnt and phones to be used as detonators. radiation in the fukushima nuclear plant is so bad it's
12:31 pm
making roberts sick. power companies said they sent a robot to clean a passage but had it turned back because of glitches possibly caused by radiation. in 2010, a tsunami cause damage to the plant. and u.s. customs and border patrol found a shipment of lines with marijuana in them. they have a tapping resemblance.
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>> shepard: bottom of the hour. top of the news. we wait for the appeals court to rule on president trump's travel ban. a top democrat is calling for his u.s. senate hearings. the number 2 democrat, dick durbin sent a loader to the secretary of the education subcommittee. they say they have to address the serious questions that have been raised about the legality and morality of these orders. senator durbin is the top
12:34 pm
democrat. he says that republicans should have hearings on president trump's immigration policies just as they did for president obama. peter doocy has more. what is the strategy? >> because democrats don't control any branches of government or congress, they're limited with what they can do. that's why durbin here is ask h scheduling hearings because he can't. he's the number 2 democrat behind chuck schumer and he said that we must show president trump that congress is an independent branch of the federal government that won't be intimidated business his bullying behavior. these executive orders fall under the jurisdiction of this subcommittee and there's precedent to hold executive actions on immigration. john cornyn wrote back when democrats were in charge and republicans wanted a hearing about balanced budget act, he
12:35 pm
did them a favor and they had a hearing. so durbin says he wants the favor returned. >> shepard: has anybody responded, peter? >> no. the most recent republican response came from the white house last night where policy director stephen miller says he doesn't see any reason for a court to overturn it. >> this power is vested in the president. this was an issue put before 300 million american citizens and they voted with their ballots in november to put in place new tough vetting measures so that we don't end up like we see in parts of france and germany and belgium with a permanent progress of radicalism in our country. >> miller insists that the case where the federal judge halted the order is a case of judicial activism. >> thanks, peter. america's top prosecutor is in
12:36 pm
charge of defending the president's travel ban. jeff sessions talked about immigration after his swearing in at the white house. >> we need a lawful system of immigration. one that serves the interests of the people of the united states. that's not wrong, that's not immoral, it's not indecent. we need to end this lawlessness that threatens the public safety. >> shepard: while attorney general sessions says he will defend the president with vigor and determination. let's bring in eliana johnson. he's from politco. good to see you. thank you. >> good to be here. >> the sessions confirmations changes things in interesting ways. in other ways, nothing changes, i guess. >> yeah, as a legal matter, session's confirmation doesn't change things. it's his deputies that are arguing this case in the court. one of the most interesting and i think undercovered matters of this is that the top two justice department lawyers had to recuse themselves from this case because the law firms that they
12:37 pm
work at when they're not at the justice department filed amicus briefs opposing the order. it was the number 3 lawyer at the justice department, very unusual that argued on behalf of the government in this case. that will continue to be the case as this goes forward. that's unusual. it's also very, very unusual for the attorney general to argue this case. sessions won't be arguing it. you know, now that he is confirmed, sessions himself will be able to give trump advice and perhaps to say hey, you know, it's inappropriate for you to be insulting judges and so on. so we'll see him publicly making comments about the case and also seeing -- advising the president. >> shepard: if anybody is in a good position to defend this thing. it's senator sessions. he's been there a couple decades. >> yeah, he's been on capitol hill for 20 years with the
12:38 pm
leading immigration hawk in the senate quite effective scuttling george bush's 2007 immigration bill and the gang of 8 bill. now he's in a real position of power, trusted advisor to donald trump on the campaign trail. a lot of the political allies that trump had, newt gingrich, judy guliani have fallen away, not jeff sessions. that's a trusted ally of the president and he's in a position to advise him closely on the matter. >> shepard: he was the earliest supporter of candidate trump in the united states senate. he was out there, out there often. donald trump rewards loyalty. always has. anybody that deals with him in business has. when you're loyal to him, he's loyal to you. he's been a very polarizing figure. what are the matters that people have concerns? >> yeah, i think, you know, sessions is the chief law
12:39 pm
enforcement officer essentially of the nation. while presidents typically put loyalists in this position, eric holder and loretta lynch and john dean under richard nixon that went to jim for him come to mind. they don't typically rally for them like sessions did. he will be more strained in his language now he's attorney general. nevertheless, he will be very close to president trump and playing a key advisory role. >> shepard: thanks, eliana johnson. great to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >> shepard: a private plane got a little too close to air force one. now the feds are investigating. that's what sources are telling bloomberg news. this happened last friday. see here? during the president's flight to palm beach in florida. the private plane got within a couple miles of the president's jumbo jet in the air. one mile closer than allowed.
12:40 pm
according to the report, there was never a risk of collision but a rule is a rule and no word on what happened. today president trump met with airline representatives and said today's aviation infrastructure is a mess. >> my pilot is a smart guy. he knows what's going on. he said the government is using the wrong equipment and instituting a massive multibillion dollar project, but they're using the wrong type of equipment. >> shepard: the president says he will announce a plan soon to upgrade the country's infrastructure. updating our extreme weather alert. airlines have cancelled now about 4,000 flights and delayed another 5,000. the roads are not a lot better in some areas. the governors of massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island where the storms are in play.
12:41 pm
a live look at j.f.k. airport in new york city. all four of the runways were closed. they were just as of about an hour ago so crews could clear them. things are looking better and getting better. the website flight aware shows how miserable things are. when it's in the green, the flights are doing well. when it's in the red, they're doing poorly. so better in d.c. not so good up there in new york city. we have four, five major airports here. kennedy shut down. la guardia not going so great. there's white plains and narc. not good. if you're traveling, give a call to someone. the fox business network is at o'hare port with jeff who thought things wouldn't be too bad. >> it's sunshine, blue skies. you look at the board, you see a lot of red. the northeast, it's all the northeast. boston, the new york airports still cancelled.
12:42 pm
in fact, we have the latest numbers on cancellations. new york is the epicenter of this. the latest numbers have gone up since we posted this. la guardia is over 800 flights. it was 776. newark is over 700 flights. j.f.k. now approaching, we're told, 700 flights cancelled as well. pretty much anywhere in this country, even if it's beautiful, blue skies and sunshine, flights have been cancelled because you can't get to the northeast from anywhere in the u.s. right now. shep? >> shepard: cancelled some flights into the new york region last night. the planes wouldn't be out of position. is the thinking they'll get this back on track for the weekend? >> some of them may be able to get back in shape. in places like boston where the storm is still hitting, we're at -- we have 721 cancellations in boston and more to come. you'll still have planes out of
12:43 pm
position. friday is a busy travel day. a mess friday. fortunately, it's the weekend after that. some opportunity to get back to normal. >> shepard: let's home. jeff flock, thanks. our military does not have enough war planes. doesn't have enough ships. doesn't have enough troops ready to fight. that's the word from commanders. a close look at the state of america's armed forces next. fun in art class.
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. >> shepard: the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says he needs more troop to help america's longest war. john nicholson telling congress that the united states is in a stalemate with the taliban and that he needs 2,000 more boots on the ground to break it. the commander says he has enough soldiers to fight terrorism, but needs more to train, advice and assist afghan forces. general nicholson noted a
12:47 pm
special services soldier has been wounded in fighting in the southern part of the country. the u.s. military needs more money to fight threats around the world and keep soldiers safe. that's a warning from four star military that says congress should repeal the law limiting defense department spending. the commanders say they need more money or they wouldn't have enough equipment or trained soldiers, this comes after president trump promised military leaders would get more funding. and now the military is asking the congress to increase the budget by $30 billion. lea gabrielle is here. >> shep, the vice chief of the four services were on the hill and testified to the house and senate armed services committee saying the long-term readiness of the military is in steady decline. it's because of the high missions that they've had to support over the past several years along with budget constraints and budget incertainty. one example, the navy's number 2
12:48 pm
officer says more than half of the navy's aircraft are grounded because they need maintenance or spare parts and supply cannot meet demand. >> the smallest navy we've had in 99 years can only answer 40% of combatant commander requirements today. on 9-11, we had 316 ships and over 400,000 sailors. today we have 275 ships and nearly 90,000 fewer sailors. >> the other officers gave specific examples. the marine corp said 80% of their aviation units are below ready. shep, the average fleet of aircraft in the air force is 27
12:49 pm
years old. an airliner in the u.s. average 13 years old. >> the fact, that the u.s. spends more money than any country on their military. >> that's right. the number last year was $600 billion total. that's compared with china, which is number 2 that spends less than a third of that amount. senior military analysts say the military needs to spend so much money, the u.s. military has taken on a stewardship role an increased environment. you mentioned that current law that limits defense spending. there's sentiment on both sides of the aisle of the hill to repeal the law. the problem is as republicans want to increase defense spending, democrats want increases in domestic spending to match it. >> shepard: we'll see how that weighs in. nick wallenda says the show must go on tonight after five of his
12:50 pm
fellow performers feel 30 feet in a practice in florida yesterday. nick wallenda says tonight's performance will be in honor of his teammates, some of who were family members. >> i've asked every one of them individually, privately, separately, everybody unanimously said yes, we want you to get on the wire. that's what we do, who we are. so this evening i will perform along with some of the other guys in the accident. you hear the show must go on. >> it happened yesterday in sarasota. with wallenda said they were practicing an eight-person pyramid stunt on a high wire without a net and somebody may have fainted. those that felled that broken brokens and bruises and scrapes. doctors said it was a miracle nobody was hurt. they were trying to break a
12:51 pm
guinness world record for a spot tonight. a last look at a big snowstorm that is causing headaches across the northeast. how people have adjusted daily routines to deal with the rough weather coming up. you get rewarded for buying stuff. like what? like a second bee helmet with protective netting. or like a balm? you know? or a cooling ointment for the skin. how about a motorcycle? or some bee repellant. i'm just spit-balling here. nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. told you not to swat 'em.
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>> shepard: quick update on the extreme weather alert. the winter blast in the northeast. we haven't had much so it seems like a lot. if you're home right now, snuggled on the couch, you're lucky. some people had to get out in the snow today. some images for you on our slide show this afternoon. today's weather didn't stop a couple of u.s. coast guard cadets from raising the american flag today. this is at the -- at their academy in new london, connecticut. this is the brand new
12:55 pm
transportation center down by the world trade center. what a fantastic transportation hub that is. only this one dude there today. everybody but us took the day off. these dedicated runners jogged in massachusetts. i don't know. that's outside boston. it's chilly. this car and truck now blocking the road after they collided in trenton, new jersey. just one of many crashes throughout the day. nobody drives well in snow. we'll be back with the look at a birth of an agency having a very busy day. that happened on this day in history in your top-of-the-hour headlines a click away. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> shepard: it's national pizza pie day in america according to the interwebs. so in honor of that, important pizza news. the dominoes chain rolled out a wedding registry website so you can give the newlyweds pizza to eat off the fancy new plates.
12:59 pm
you can sign up on the site or request gift cards. the packages range from $20 to $100 and they have wedding themed names. dominoes. on this day in 1870, president u.s. grant signed a bill to create what we call the was in. the smithsonian had been tracking storms across the country with volunteers using the telegraph. members of congress wanted a more centralized system. the military set it up and transferred control to civilians. in 1970, it official became the was in. after the government tried to make our lives more predictable 147 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the dow is having another great
1:00 pm
day. the highest close in the history of the dow jones. there's that. a good day to peek at the 401(k). george clooney and his wife we have learned in the last hour having twins. so send them a dominoes certificate. >> neil: all right. thank you, shepard. we're looking at wall street and record territory. not only the dow but the s&p 500, the nasdaq. a lot inspired by what was going on inside the white house today. not the controversial stuff. i want to focus on the good stuff, the stuff that wall street likes. money. this is not about red or blue. this is about green and the prospects that they'll get their treasured tax cuts. no matter how you feel on this subject, this is what guides this market and it is what has guided it ever since donald trump was elected president. these guys are, again, about money, making money. and netting more money and maybe by extension you netting more money in your paycheck.