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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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of you. fascinating night to watch all of this unfold. we will continue to do throughout the course of the evening. bill o'reilly is coming up next with mark. thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow on "the first 100 days" ." ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us a nice. big, breaking news day. led by the ninth circuit court of appeals. upholding the stoppage of president trump's immigration order and that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. let's cut through all the mumbo-jumbo. it will give you a headache. let's cut through the political hackery. here's what is really happening. the trump administration believes that terrorists are nations with no central control can get to the usa in a way that is far too dangerous.
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hypothetically, and isis killer could board a plane and say, tripoli, libya, with a fake passport and fly to paris, to grow our flight, change planes,. nobody in libya will prevent that man. so, he would arrive here with a decent chance of entry. therefore, the president wants to impose stronger security oversight on nations like libya and six others that are essentially in chaos. federal law seems to favor the president. section 212 states "whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or any class of aliens into the united states would be detrimental to the interests of the united states, he may by proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens." the law seems pretty clear.
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so, president trump suspended immigration in seven countries for 90 days. in syria, he also stop also stop refugees from entering until further notice. enter the states of minnesota and washington, where the attorney general challenged the travel ban, saying it harmed individuals and businesses and was unconstitutional because it targeted muslims. federal judge in washington then blocked president trump's order. just two hours ago, a federal appeals court upheld the block unanimously. why? the three appeals court judges basically ruled that there is no urgency to stop travel from the seven countries and that there are strong arguments on both sides of the question that should be reviewed by the court courts. the judges also ruled that no irreparable injury would be caused by a state of the
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president's order. and the court should eventually decide whether the order is constitutional. the judges basically is saying more legal fighting is needed of the terrorist boarding the plan plane. "talking points" believes there is more than a little political motivation in this case. no question, minnesota and washington state took the action because of the liberal politics. they believe president trump's anti-muslim. as to the appeals court, it is impossible to say with certainty what motivated their decision. if you take them at their bird, they simply want more legal hearings on that. president trump says the decision to block is purely political, that his justice department will take it to the supreme court. i say, good, good. let's see if federal law, as written, and which is pretty clear means anything anymore. let's see. in the meantime, anybody coming here from the seven nations
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cited by president trump can expect a substantial weight at the airport. that is the memo. now, top story reaction, joining us from washington, in an attorney and president of the constitutional accountability center. former attorney general for the commonwealth of virginia. am i leaving anything important out? >> i think in terms of the high points, you hit the high points very well, it bill. i think that when this is all said and done, whatever legal course it is, whether they get to their merits, president trump will win overwhelmingly on this. just because of the breath of the presidential authority in this area, this court has essentially violated the separation of powers by restraining matt. >> bill: what you are saying is speculation. as you know, the supreme court is a political body right now. divided 4-3-1, justice kennedy is a moderate. but i am most interested in, you
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are coming at it from a more liberal point of view that mr. cuccinelli, is that the law is fairly free. the president has the authority to do this, barack obama did it and iraq. bush the younger did it. yet, the judges are really kind of scourging that law, trying to find a way around it, are they not? >> i think what you left out, what mr. cuccinelli left out, something incredibly important, the constitution. while it is true that the president has authority over immigration and national security, he must exercise that authority and compliance with the constitution. that was one of the most -- >> bill: everybody trots of the constitution. >> it is kind of important [laughs] >> bill: pieces for fake and what mr. trump is not doing constitutionally. >> first and foremost, he claims that it was not reviewable by the courts. this is something that he is getting an education in the
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structure of democracy. >> bill: that teed off the judges, that was a foolish statement to make if you are trying to get your ban back in place. the constitutionally, the law is pretty clear. as you know, congress makes the laws, not the judges. the law gives the president authority to suspend alien immigration if he deems necessary. >> and compliance with the constitution. >> bill: tell me where the constitution is running that off the road. >> here you go, bill. the court said tonight there is a likelihood that washington state would succeed on its due process claim. this is part of the constitution it says that your important rights cannot be taken away without due process of law. >> bill: what rights are we talking about? the rights of the people in somalia, yemen? those people? >> the supreme court says of the due process clause applies to both citizens and residents alike. >> bill: nonresidents, people in yemen? they have a right to the american constitutional process? >> there is an important
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establishment clause question about religion. you can't discriminate on the basis of religion. >> bill: no one has proven there was any religious aspect at all. >> even this court declined to rule against the trump administration on the establishment clause. >> they didn't consider it but they said they are serious concerns. frankly, rudy giuliani said on this network that trump said he wants a muslim ban. >> bill: what matters is what is written. you know that as an attorney. i'm not smart enough to be an attorney. it is what is written, not what it said. it looks to me, mr. cuccinelli, i will give you both 30 seconds, the judges are trying to find a way around this law as sta due e cornerstone of the court's decision tonight. that is what they used as their benchmark. yet, they gave due process rights to people who do not have due process rights, people in somalia who have never been to this country, people in syria who have never been to this country.
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they don't have due process rights. they don't have constitutional rights of any kind. rather than restrict the restraining order to those who arguably might have such rights, they left this extraordinarily broad temporary restraining order. now, trump's position ought to be to withdraw the order, break it up into four or five different orders, and consideration of what the court said. 99 night .9% -- >> bill: i got to go. miss wydra, last road, please. >> tonight, we are seeing the vindication of the constitution, with respect to structure and fundamental american values. it is vindicating. >> bill: very good debate, counselors. next on "the rundown," did nordstrom's remove products under ivanka trump's name for political reasons? and the decision about the aliens.
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i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> bill: outrage of the week segment, punishing the trump family. with this now, judge jeanine pirro. i got a little confused with miss wydra saying the people in yemen and libya have constitutional rights even though they are not on our soil. >> you were right. the reason that it made no sense to you is because he grew from libya or somalia, you don't have constitutional rights. that is a problem with the left. the first thing they start claiming is that oh, my goodness, the reason it is wrong is because that is unconstitutional. that is hogwash. >> bill: if they were here,
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they would have constitutional rights? anybody on our soil. the ruling in general is basically driven by -- there is no urgency here, so, the president, we need to see this -- we being the legal system -- we need to take a look at this. they are not upholding the stated law. >> they are not. you quoted the law perfectly in your "talking points." a judge should have the field of dresses in front of him or her, which should become of the national security, the security, and the interest of the plaintiff. the interest of the plaintiff, the state of washington, is not primary. in fact, the state of washington does not have an interest. it is students from another country in the state of washington that does not tip the scales. let me tell you something, bill. the reason of the state of washington is suing is because they know the appeal goes to the most laughed at -- >> bill: one of the judges is a republican appointed by bush
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the younger. it is too easy to dismiss it in a knee-jerk. i will make a prediction, the supreme court will throw this out because washington state and minnesota don't have standing. that is what they are going to do. >> that is the point. by standing, that means that they do not have a direct, immediate interest. it is a third party interest, may become as opposed to the interest of the united states of america. this people, the citizens. he will tell me, bill, that a citizen of another country, who we don't even know, who's country won't even tell us who that person is, has primacy over the united states citizens and of the presidency of united states testers to help the federal judge while you under section 8 about our growth article one of the constitution of the united states that has primacy and gives the president the power? that is hogwash! the supreme court will give trump the win on this.
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>> bill: even though it is four liberal justices. >> i think of the liberal justices understand the constitution. this is not a close one, bill. >> bill: tomorrow night, on your fine program, saturday night at 9:00 -- you owe me big for that -- i'm sorry, saturday. i am just hoping it is friday. you will deal with his ivanka trump thing. now, nordstrom's said, we ask for a statement, they said, we made this decision based on performance over the past year, sales of the brand declines to the point where it didn't make good business sense for us to continue with the line. now, everybody is mad at nordstrom because they are saying is a political deal. you say? >> i say that nordstrom is responding to the demands of a group on social media called "grab your wallet." hashtag grab your purse, one of them, who hate the trumps, who hates donald trump. >> bill: how do you know that? >> because her brand was selling very well for many years and
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then, all of a sudden, and response to the social media, already set in, it is going down. now, other countries are joining it. in a week income are you telling me, three days, now -- >> bill: you think it is all political, they are caving to the far left? trump supporters aren't going to nordstrom. it won't help them. >> you know what? nordstrom's assets. shame on them. >> bill: more with the judge saturday night at 9:00. directly ahead, elizabeth warren scolding the senate, as we told you, for attacking jeff said and done mike's sessions. we will have a follow-up report. later, those reports after these messages. if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere.
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment. as we reported, i'll elizabeth
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warren tried to brand jeff sessions a racist by reading a letter written by coretta scott king. miss warren was not allowed to read that letter. >> i asked a leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> is their objection? >> i object. >> i appealed the ruling -- >> objection is heard. the senator will take your seat. >> bill: with us now, kerry kennedy, president of the robert f kennedy organization. her late father was a senator from the new york new york star late uncle, a senator from massachusetts. you rejected senator warren being silenced, why? >> she was there looking into the appropriateness of jeff sessions as the attorney general of the united states. she was bringing legitimate questions to his record. she should not have been silenced. >> bill: there is a clear
5:21 pm
rule, i will read it now. senate rule 19, section two. "no senator and debate shall directly or indirectly, this would have been indirectly, by any form of words, and impute to another senator or other senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator." she was trying to make the point, elizabeth warren was, that sessions was a racist. and doesn't deserve to be attorney general. this clearly violates senate rural 19. >> actually, that rule was put into place so that senator is talking about other senators as senators would not attack each other. >> bill: they didn't want them leveling personal attacks. >> that is not what was going on here. here, she was talking about and attorney general candidate who happened to be a senator. but her point was not to talk about them as a senator, her point was to talk to him as a
5:22 pm
potential attorney general of the united states. >> bill: it was still being done in the senate to another senator. so, they both got ruled. >> that is true. they have never done that in the past. they have spent a lot of time in 1979 when ted cruz attacked a senator -- >> bill: it wasn't '79. cruz wasn't in the senate there. >> the invoked rule 19 -- the last time the invoked rule 19 was 1979. i think it was much mcconnell, ted cruz called him a liar. they didn't use that. >> bill: you don't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. if i were elizabeth warren, i would have said, i don't believe that jeff sessions is worthy to become attorney general and here is why. to back up my contention, i point to a letter written by coretta scott king about mr. sessions prosecution of civil rights workers in 19 whenever it was.
5:23 pm
and you can read that letter on my web site. she could have done that easily. easily. it wouldn't have been in violation of anything. but she wanted to hot shot at. grandstand it for her own constituency. you know what she was doing. you have been in politics long enough. and they caught on to it. this was demeaning. she didn't have to do that. you could of got your point across. >> you know what, that is one way of approaching it. i think that coretta scott king is an american icon. >> bill: sure. >> her husband was the leading civil rights -- >> bill: that doesn't mean you violated senate rule. you can direct people to -- >> i don't think she was violating the senate rule. >> bill: okay, but that is not your call because that is a call that was made by the senate. >> we know people in power don't always make calls that are -- >> bill: i don't mind you criticizing mccall but there wasn't really much argument from the left on it because the role, as i just read, is pretty explicit. >> i think the point here is not
5:24 pm
whether, did she break a technical rule or not. the point is, showed this man, with a racist past, and who says that to -- >> bill: that is your opinion. >> no, no, that is not an opinion. >> bill: he was never branded a racist by anybody. >> excuse me, but i think that nobody has come forward, not one republican has come forward to dispute -- >> bill: sure, they have. >> excuse me, to dispute what coretta scott king said about him, which is that he tried to -- >> bill: i'm not sure whether anybody delved into that case 31 years ago. but 52 republican senators voted him attorney general. many of whom -- >> are you saying that senatorsn the united states would vote a racist -- >> absolutely. they have done it in the past. >> bill: i don't think it is fair to brand him a racist. as i said, it has never been proven in any way, shape, or form. he is put forth his point of
5:25 pm
view, u.s. attorney in alabama, he prosecuted racists, put racists in prison. he did civil rights legislation aggressively. you can think he is. it is not fair to say definitively that he is. last word. >> let's say this. let's look at what he is going to do, the way he is acting. i can tell you that robert f kennedy's human rights will be watching him every single day. >> bill: and the aclu. >> we will be holding them accountable and calling him out and i look forward to coming back on your show. >> bill: you are always welcome. you do yourself a disservice and you know that i respect your late father in measurably by branding people a racist. i don't think it's the right thing to do. just my opinion. miss kennedy, thank you. plenty more ahead as bcc moves ahead. the verdict is in on the wounded warriors charity. some say there is too much spending, and anna helping of the wounded vets. we have new i. also, watters confronting students who walked out of class
5:26 pm
to protest a refugee order. >> why don't you want people extremely vetted before they come here? >> why should they be? >> because those are havens of terrorism. >> america is a haven of terrorism. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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5:30 pm
allegedly committed violence on inauguration day. here now our truth serum correspondence. it looks like the d.c. authorities are cracking down hard on these. >> they really have. 230 harper in charge, 209 have been indicted. bill, it is serious because these are felony rioting. that carries a charge of ten years in prison, 20 $2,025,000n fines. usually, the they are taking to the pre-sect and they get a ticket. may be a misdemeanor. this stuff is serious because of that violence. >> it is interesting but because d.c. is so liberal -- these are federal charges, by the way. these clans that commended this violence, this is serious business. they convene a grand jury, the folks, not a judge, which can
5:31 pm
just toss it on some technicality. they come back and they say, we are going to hold his people accountable. federal courts, as you said, may be a 10-year, if it is a first offense, they won't get ten come up with the message that i'm seeing is that we won't tolerate the anarchy in the district of columbia. >> you've got the new form of protesting, the black block protesting, and it started in berlin and the '80s, they all dressed in black and may cover their faces. that is some of the violence we have seen. i think they are looking at those groups, those anarchist groups and looking at that style of protesting and are getting covered off the bat. >> bill: and and a lot of themd their faces covered, that is against the law and the district of colombia, you cannot have your face covered. the reason there are so many prosecutions his cameras. cameras are everywhere. if you do it, they will catch you. let's go over to a cbs poll on
5:32 pm
whether islam is a violent religion. most of the stats up. the question is, generally speaking, do you think the islamic religion encourages violence more than any other religions around the world? less than other religions, the same as of the religions? result, you can seek him a 50%, the same amount! 33% more, 6%, less. what is the why behind this? >> i think that 66% of democrats believe that it is no more violent than any other religion. as well as half of the people that were polled. one is going on, you think i'm a bill come about the political correctness and society. you think about president obama and the efforts he made, this is not -- >> bill: you can't signal out muslims. >> that is part of it. >> bill: here's the interesting thing about the question. the muslim religion. that's the keyboard. you can say there are radical
5:33 pm
clerics, imams, driving it. there are. much more so than christianity or buddhism or shintoism, much more so. i think that word is picked up by the left and they say, it is not the religion, it is just the fanatics of it in the religion. >> people don't want to believe that it could possibly be their religion. i hear you, it is fanatics who have taken hold of the religion. but people don't want to say this. think about it, someone asks you this, it means you are condemning islam in some way. they have been taught that they shouldn't do it. >> bill: 63% of republicans think it is more violent, islam, 66 of democrats aid is not. okay. wounded warrior projects, advertises a lot on fox news channel, a big controversy that the money that the folks are sending and wasn't being used to help the vets as much is that should be. with the better business bureau investigated, correct? >> that is correct.
5:34 pm
>> bill: a big organization. what if they find out? >> we covered a lot. they found out it is not true. the better business bureau said there was no evidence of lavish spending. they have pumped up wounded warriors rating and now has four stores at a four. 96 out of 100 accountability. so, -- >> bill: people were fired, people were moved out of the organization. >> the core founder, 85 people were fired, they had to cut expenses, they lost donations. now, the better business bureau says, there is no evidence of the stories. >> bill: book, because if they do advertise on the fox news channel, and a lot of you give them money, your money is going where it should go. that is the bottom line, that is going to help the vets. >> all they have to do is look at charity navigator. >> bill: i bet you don't hear the story on any other network but here. i bet you don't. trish, eric, thank you. when we come back, bernie
5:35 pm
goldberg on fake news. will it ruin the entire journalism industry? and watters with protesting students. do they know anything about what they are protesting against? we will be right back. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. withevery late night...g... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security
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"the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. "weekdays with bernie" segment tonight, fake news. january 31st, a fabricated news story claims that donald trump's executive order on refugees led to the capture of a nicest leader, rashida mohammed. the web site,, put that fake news out. joining us now for miami, bernie goldberg. this fake new stuff, not going to stop. how much do you believe it will affect history to news down the line? >> it can have a very big negative effect on straight news. any time you mix something that is fake, whether it is news or art or money, or something that is real, it if the fake looks genuine, you don't know what to believe. is that a real picasso are fake because her? a real $20 bill or a counterfei counterfeit? as it pertains to news, this stuff starts out in the sewer.
5:40 pm
in the blink of an eye, it is all over the place. it is on facebook, it is on twitter, and is on other web sites. sometimes, it's in newspapers. and that erodes the credibility, it gives the appearance, rather, the credibility and legitimacy of something that is real. but it's only the appearance. >> bill: first of all, i want to go on record essay that i have warned people not to take their news from the internet for years. i don't care what internet site it is. do not take your news from there! and that is the first rule. but the second rule is, i think the legitimacy, as you just put it, of the journalism industry in america, is collapsing. because a lot of the papers and a lot of the cable news takes this garbage, doesn't fed it, and throws it out there. they say, it is not our fault, we just saw it online. where are the standards?
5:41 pm
>> look, you and i have criticized a lot of the mainstream media. let's take the bible -- the liberal bible, "the new york times." whatever they are, whatever biases they have, except in the rarest of cases, you know, jason blair or somebody, they don't deal in fake news. i know there are people listening right now saying, oh, yes they do. no, they don't. fake news is made up news. fake news is not mistakes and it is not, as president trump likes to believe, that any news you don't like, he says is fake news. that is not fake news. fake news is made up news. the most outrageous fake news, it helps if you are both gullible and hyper- partisan. >> bill: hyper- partisan. you want to believe, like the hillary clinton thing, remember that? there was a hillary clinton thing about some kind of sordid pizza parlor that was -- a total
5:42 pm
b.s. >> you have to be an idiot to believe that. if you hate hillary clinton, you might. it goes the other way, too. >> bill: i'm going to dispute two and a general, nonspecific way. since i have been in this business, 40 years now, i have seen standards drop dramaticall dramatically. the editorship, where did you get it, who said it, both sides of the story. you know what the con is now, goldberger? you know what the con is now? the liberal press writes articles and all the interview are liberal people that don't identify them as such. i see this over and over and over again. they never tell the reader who is saying these quotes. so, they stack it, six or seven. that is not fake news, that is contrived news. as it is in the same soup can,
5:43 pm
though. it's because there is a difference between bias -- i wrote the book on bias, there is a different between bias and fake news. you gave the example of the sort of hillary clinton , look, i will say what it is. hillary clinton was running a sex ring for children under a pizza parlor. you have to be a moron to believe that. if you had hillary clinton, you might. on the other side, i saw a picture on the web of donald trump standing next to his parents, his real parents, but they were dressed in ku klux klan outfits. what kind of imbecile is going to believe that? if you hate donald trump, you might. >> bill: i got a letter today, this is around, i think it is a little on talk radio, too. i got a letter that said, george soros gave money to john mccain and lindsey graham graham. and it is so untrue -- you know, a few people who once worked for
5:44 pm
soros way back made donations but they don't have anything to do with him now. individuals. i will tell you what. all of coming at us and all of these ways is going to destroy journalism. quick last word. >> quick last word is this. if you want to believe this stuff, there is a much better chance that you are going to believe it. that is the key. the audience is also guilty. it's not just the worms who put out this vile stuff. >> bill: but the worms are the most guilty. >> okay. >> bill: bernie, thank you. watters is next. compelling story tonight, some students walk out of class, protest a refugee order. but how much do they really know about what president trump has in mind? watters is next. key to perfecti, and make stuffing from scratch.
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>> bill: "back of the book segment," "watters world." hundreds of new york city students, most of them in high school, walked out of classes to protest president trump's temporary travel ban leveled against seven mostly muslim countries. the event was arranged on facebook, no surprise. we sent watters to talk to some of the protesters. ♪ >> are you cutting class to go to this protest? >> yes. >> which class? >> i wouldn't miss any class. it happened to be lunch. >> i will turn the fryers back on and throw some wings and for you. >> i was cutting my calculus class, i had a test. >> what happens when the teacher fails you? >> i think that if he fails me, he is a [bleep]. >> geometry and p/e. >> you don't like jim?
5:49 pm
>> competitive sports. >> do your teachers know you are cutting? >> many of them were like, we understand a lot of you want to be here tomorrow, good for you. >> what exactly are you ladies here to protest? >> i would say i'm here to protest for ban on immigrants and refugees. >> the travel ban. [bleep]. that is un-american. >> what he is doing is not right and it is fascism. it is not democracy. >> we are protesting against trump. he wants to ban people from this country and it is sad when you don't like a person for what they look like. >> what i do like about trump? >> he's racist. he is against african-americans. he said that black people are ignorant. >> he did? >> yet. >> when was that? >> he said it. >> you were chanting that america was never great earlier. do you believe that? >> it rhymes. five, six, seven, eight, america was never great. >> you know america was pretty great when we defeated the?
5:50 pm
>> that's just not good for you it >> which nations are on the temporary travel ban list? >> as of right now, i am not completely sure about the actual countries. >> libya, iraq, for sure, afghanistan. >> lebanon, many like, like, -- >> this isn't turning out the way i wanted it to. >> he wants them not in america. that is bad freezing. >> what a great show. >> why don't you want people extremely blessed before they come here for most countries? >> why should they be extremely vetted? >> because they are havens of terrorism. >> america is a haven of terrorism. >> if you think america so bad, you should try syria. >> you can't even set foot in a parking lot. >> the countries that he blocked, they are not terrorist
5:51 pm
countries! >> iran is not a terrorist country? >> no. >> it is the number one sponsor terrorism in the world. >> what are you talking about willis? >> do you believe in borders? >> if you are cool, you are coming in to help me. not coming in here to mess things up. >> don't you want to check and see if someone is cool before they let you and? >> he want to check. that is why we have -- >> that is why we have extreme writing. >> of course. it's because you do agree with the trump ban? ♪ >> what does your sign say on the back? >> on the back it says punch a nazi. we go i thought it use you don't believe in violence. >> i don't believe in gun violence. >> i am an immigrant. i am from south africa. do you think i need to be extremely vetted? >> after some of the comments you made, yes. >> i'm just being humorous. >> bill: marketing the little
5:52 pm
high school student, watters. >> i feel so bad about it, too. >> bill: did any of them know anything? >> they could name a few countries that were on the list. you know what they said which was strange, i think they got it from somewhere. they said trump is not banning people from countries he does business with. so, i said, is there a trump tower and afghanistan? and they just sat there with a blank stare. >> bill: okay. so, how many high school kids did you talk to? >> probably about a dozen. >> bill: okay. did any of them have any idea about this issue? >> i would say no. >> okay. so, none of them? >> there were hundreds of them out there. so, they were there, basically, for social reasons, because their friends were there and this was skipping school, right? >> did you ever walk out of class, when other kids do it, you tag along. i think that was part of it. i would not have done it because it would have us freezing raining. >> bill: it is a waste of time.
5:53 pm
it is kind of sad. >> it is sad. these people will leave the country, possibly. >> bill: they are indoctrinated already and they don't know really what it is, from what you brought back. >> may be if they watch tonight, they could wise up and learned something quite >> bill: the odds of them washing tonight, long, long come along. all right, watters, watch his program on saturday night. i will be honored. >> wow. >> bill: the ratings will go -- then, as soon as i'm gone --dash watters 8:00 saturday night. quick note if you live in omaha, nebraska, or tacoma, washington, nearby, and you are looking for a good valentine's day gift, they are still tickets left to see watters, miller, and me, the last weekend in march. details on also, a podcast on and itunes, where robert samuel talks to me about the trump to be behind the scenes. a factor" podcast. "tip of the day," what can the
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5:57 pm
other cabinet appointment. that's not what we do here. we keep an eye on all the powerful people. second it's obvious that many public schools are not able to teach children effectively, it's obvious. that has to change. perhaps mr. devos can improve things. chris and dottie grapevine texas, senator franken may have taken big money from the teachers unions, but mrs. b6 has donated 100 of thousands of dollars to republicans, shame on you. secretary devos helped republicans. franken opposes school choice and profits by taking union money from the teachers. and you're making a comparison, come on? al franken for president and joel stein for vice president, the franken-stein tickets. indicates he doesn't watch the factor everybody knows her name and town, how many times do i have to say it? your sources reveal that applying the socratic method of
5:58 pm
teaching favor indoctrination of professors, i'd be interested to know where this is occurring. unless you live in a cave, it's occurring everywhere. that's not really in dispute and you know it. houston, texas, you and miller don't know who took the tom brady jersey, putin has it! bill, i thought your interview with president trump was excellent, your total is not confrontational but not cozy either. harder knows interview, that's the way it should be. the entire interview unedited posted on order that on kindle last night went to sleep. thank you for reading the book. the factors be 29, another book. read about history mostly american-based. there's a new one called the first christian emperor
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you have some time but you might want to check it out. thanks for watching estimates, i'm a bill o'reilly, police were never that the spinner stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: a fox news alert, a federal appeals court has ruled against president donald trump and he is not happy about it, you will hear the president's reaction to the decision, the ninth circuit rejection of his travel ban. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," just a couple of minutes, washington, d.c.,'s attorney general will be here to ask blaine why he is fighting the president's band. charles krauthammer will also respond to that. the head of a human rights organization defends his group's claim that the president trump is a top global threats to human rights and he'll explain why. first fox news correspondent trey steck gallagher on what is happened today in the ninth circuit. speaker of the key argument


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