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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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during world war ii prompted an evacuation in greece. the bob was 16 feet under grouped. it had never gone off. the city declaring a state of emergency there in greece. have a great weekend. see you soon. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house-with president trump and the japanese prime minister are departing for florida after a joint news conference. lawmakers from both parties say kellyanne conway violated ethics rules and calling for punishment. a blockbuster report that the national security advisor, michael flynn talked to moscow about sanctions before president trump took office. if that's true, how much trouble could he be in? and president trump lashing out on twitter. the president promising to prevail on the immigration ban. so what are his real options?
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let's get to it. >> shepard: it's friday. good afternoon. president trump says he will announce more national security measures sometime next week after an appeals court refused to reinstate his travel ban. during a news conference with the japanese prime minister, president trump said he will do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe. >> we'll be doing something rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. that will come out sometime next week. in addition, we will continue to go through the court process and ultimately i have no doubt we'll win that particular case. >> yesterday judges denied a motion to reinstate the president's executive order which temporarily bans people from seven majority muslim countries from entering the united states. the president wrote on twitter in all caps, "see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake." this morning the president posted another tweet with a
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quote from the legal blog law fare saying in the entire opinion, the panel did not bother even to cite the statute. that was from the blog. then the president added a disgraceful decision. this comes as two of president trump's advisors are in the middle of a controversy. they're asking the government ethics office to review kellyanne conway's office for ivanka trump's fashion products. on "fox and friends "the color to the president urged viewers to buy ivanca's stuff. the white house press secretary sean spicer said kellyanne conway has been counselled on the matter. last night, kellyanne said that president trump has her back.
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>> we're aware of that letter and reviewing it internally. i'm glad i spent a lot of time of the president of the united states this afternoon and that he supports me 100%. we talk about it. he supports me 100%. it was a very heartening moment. all i can say, at some point in your life, you ought to have a boss that treated me the way that the president of the united states treated me today. >> shepard: the republican congressman jason, chaffetz wrote a state that conway's statements raised serious concerns and appeared to violate federal ethics violations. details in just a moment. and then there's michael flynn. despite his repeated denials, flynn discussed the sanctions with russia. with that country's ambassador to the united states before president truck took office. that is what "the washington post" is reporting citing nine different government sources. senior u.s. officials tell the post that the phone conversation was inappropriate and
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potentially illegal. the obama administration slapped the sanctions and economic punishments on russia for meddling in our presidential election last year. two officials tell "the washington post" that flynn made it clear to the kremlin that the two countries would take another look at the sanctions once president trump was in office. the white house has denied this. general flynn denied it twice the day before yesterday. the post now reports his spokesman seems to backtrack yesterday saying that flynn indicated while he had no recollection of discussing the sanctions, he couldn't be certain that the topic never came up. with all of that as a precursor, let's get to the white house correspondent, john roberts who is live on the lawn. new security measures rolling out. what do we know in details? >> it's a friday at the white house. a lot to unpack. initially when we talked to you after the press conference ended, it was kind of ambiguous what the president had said about rolling out new security
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measures. initially it was thought one of the plans to answer the decision at the ninth circuit court of appeals, to rewrite the executive order on the immigration ban to put in a car route for legal permanent residents which may get it past some of the concerns that the ninth circuit had. now we're learning these may be more generic executive orders that don't have anything to do with the immigration ban. one of them that i have in my hand here is a draft that was circulating around the white house this week would call for the detention center at the naval base in guantanamo bay to be kept open indefinitely. these may be just other national security executive orders as opposed to something specifically looking to get around the problem that they had with the ninth circuit court of appeals. the president with japanese prime minister shinzo abe said he would do whatever is
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necessary to protect the country. >> i feel totally confident we will have tremendous security for the people of the united states. we will be extreme vetting, which is a term that i developed early in my campaign. tremendous threats to our country. we will not allow that to happen. i can tell you that right now. we will not allow that to happen. so we'll be going forward. we'll be doing things to continue to make our country safe. >> so again, you heard the president say we will have extreme vetting, which means one of a couple things. he either needs to win this case in court and the place would be to that on the ninth circuit court of appeals in an emergency appeal to the district court or rewrite the executive order and win. and we're told the white house council is looking at all possibilities. haven't decided which way it will go. it's likely we won't know which way it will go before the end of
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the today. more likely next week. shep? >> shepard: what is next for the japanese prime minister and the president? >> they took off in marine one heading to andrews air force base. the two men and abe's wife will board air force one. there it is in the tarmac in andrews for the trip down to west palm beach. they will spend a weekend together at mar-a-largo. they'll talk about trade, automobiles. i don't think they'll talk about currency manipulation, although president trump has brought it up on twitter. then they'll play golf. they'll play at the trump national court in jupiter and the trump international court in west palm beach. both very beautiful courses. interesting challenges of golf. the national court is a nicholas design and the international court would have a fazio design. i would love to join them. >> shepard: you should. you should say you need one more. just caddie. i would.
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>> i would caddie to be there. any day on a golf course is a day better than at work. >> shepard: president trump talked to the chinese president over the phone. do we know details on that? >> we're learning about what they talked about. clearly when we see the leaks of the leader calls, they're trying to keep this one close held. he said he had a good conversation with the chinese president. they talked about a number of issues. the president affirmed the one china policy and brought this up at the press conference with prime minister abe because the president said he thought that he might be able to be a good go-between between beijing and tokyo. there's a lot of issues on which japan and china disagree. the president said maybe i can bring them together. here's what he said. >> i think we're on the process of getting along very well. i think that we'll also be very much of a benefit to japan.
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we had a good talk last night. discussed a lot of subjects. it was a long talk. we're working on that as we speak. >> as part of that conversation, the chinese president invited president trump to come to shine. and president trump invited him to the united states. prime minister abe invited the president to come to japan. guess what, shep? we'll be doing a lot of traveling in the next six to eight months. >> shepard: sounds like food. the kids will forget your name. we're looking at andrews where marine one has landed. they'll make the transition where history is tradition. and i'm curious about this general flynn business. what is the white house saying about this? >> not a lot. the white house insisted in the past that the conversation between general flynn and the ambassador to russia was to merely exchange christmas greetings and set up the phone call that occurred between the
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president and russian president vladimir putin. but now we're learning -- again this is through leaks -- i don't know where they're coming from -- that there may have been more to the phone call. dick durbin is calling on the white house to release the transcripts. you mentioned that at the beginning, that general flynn said to "the washington post," they did not discuss this idea of sanctions. then they kind of walked that back a little bit on thursday according to the post saying maybe we did, but i don't recall. at issue here is whether or not general flynn encouraged russia to not react to the sanctions that the obama administration slapped on russia after the whole hacking scandal. certainly when the vice president went out on the sunday shows and we won't play that sound because we want to take a look here at the helicopter. when he came out on the sunday shows, he said no, there was no conversations about sanctions. so we seem to be in a little bit of a disagreement, shep, with
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who said what to whom when. maybe we'll get this straightened out. i doubt the white house will call for the release of those transcripts of that phone call, particularly since those were intelligence intercepts. it's not like they had a transcript of the telephone calls. this came from the c.i.a. that regularly monitored conversations with foreign leaders here in the united states, shep. >> shepard: a little dizzying watching the shots here as you were speaking. they always have decoy helicopter. you never know which one he will be on. >> it's the aerial ballet we call it. when they come in for a landing, it's the most interesting thing. you'll have two sometimes three helicopters. a couple of the big ones here and maybe a blackhawk following on. the took off on an osprey, which is a fun ride. they'll come in and one will come in low and peel off and another one might sort of approach from high.
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we always have the little dollar bet running on which one is a, you'lly carrying the president. so you saw a little of the aerial ballet at joint base andrews. not as dramatic as here at the white house. the -- moving the president around is such an interesting logistical feat, whether it's the secret service on the ground or the marines or the air force in the air. it is quite something. >> shepard: you said the press took an osprey? have you ever ridden one? >> shepard: i have not. i covered the presidency in 2006. flew on just about everything besides an osprey. i'm sure, shep, one of these days i will get the opportunity. >> shepard: who was on there today. you said the press was on it. >> who is pool? cnn is pool. >> shepard: figures. >> we'll be pool tomorrow at mar-a-largo. >> they were probably angry on the osprey. they seemed very angry. >> as i said, i've never flown
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one. i've heard it's an experience. >> shepard: goes straight up and goes straightforward and a noise i hear. >> yeah, the guys here, ed and crihristian have been on them. >> what is it like? >> they say the transition between vertical and horizontal is like catapulting off an aircraft carrier. >> shepard: wow. your stomach stay as little behind you. >> exactly. where it's supposed to be. as long as it's not coming out the front, it's okay. >> shepard: the reason we're chatting none -- nonsinsically, we're waiting for the president to come off air force one. maybe they're having tea and
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chatting it up. >> they can. the president doesn't drink. the stay at mar-a-largo has had some controversy attached to it. it's a club and shinzo and his wife will be staying there. people wanted to know who will pay for it. apparently this is a personal gift from president trump to the abes. >> shepard: are ivanka and jared going to be there. >> i believe melania and baron will be here in d.c. >> shepard: and the president abe's wife. >> yes. foreign leaders don't ride on air force one. i don't want to say it's unique but it's an opportunity. >> shepard: he got some
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interesting questions from the fox business network and abandoning the trans pacific partnership. i guess that will be touchy. >> yes, he avoided a direct answer on that question. he did indicate to my colleague that bailing out of t.p.p. wasn't necessarily a bad idea in the way that he indicated that. he said that having strong bilateral trade agreements that he hopes that japan has with the united states are a good way to go. when you look at the asian -- the pacific arc on the asian side, they like the multilateral trade deals. they like the idea that was gan china. so i think what he said publicly may not be the pry it is sentiments that he has. when you're standing there with the president of the united states unless you're hugh grant and bobby bob thornton, you don't want to tick the president
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off. >> shepard: john, i hope you get a weekend out of this deal. >> yeah, i'd rather be going to mar-a-largo with my wife and family and hanging out down there. that would be fun. >> shepard: let him know. he will be watching when he gets on the plane. mention it in the next live shot. who knows what will happen. >> yeah, they don't have the big screen that they have in trump force one but they have a lot of opportunities. >> shepard: that's comfortabling. john roberts, you're the man. let's go to chris wallace. chris, as the president takes off with his guests, this matter with general flynn is not going away and it's not partisan now because leaders from congress on the left and the right from the republicans and the democrats, what is this? help explain to me why it would be such a big deal if these
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discussions happened prior to inauguration? >> it is a big deal. remember, the whole question of sanctions on russia, shep, started because of the fact that the russians according to president obama and according to the entire intelligence community were deeply involved in trying to hack and disrupt our election. as a result, in response to that after the election, president obama in mid to late december said he was going to announce sanctions against russia as punishment. we later learned that the day of or the day before that michael flynn, who had been named as the national security advisor but to the president-elect, not the president, he wasn't in office, had a conversation with the russian ambassador here in washington and of course the question came up, naturally, when we learned about these conversations, did they discuss the sanctions that at the same time, president obama was
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imposing. michael flynn repeatedly said that no, that had never come up in the conversations and then last month in a conversation with vice president pence on fox news sunday, we asked him about it. he said clearly relying on flynn, because he wasn't a party to the conversation, that no, it never came up, which is always curious why it wouldn't have come up at the time that the new sanctions were being imposed. if you remember at the time that they were imposed in december, vladimir putin the next day took a very mild response and basically there was a lot of thought that he was going to fire back. if you remember, there were dozens of soviet -- russian diplomats/spies that were kicked out of the country. there was no response from the kremlin to that. so it was a very surprisingly mild response from the russians. now after months of denials, as i said from michael flynn and
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based on his word from vice president pence, now the word in "the washington post" today is that u.s. officials are saying he did discussion the sanctions. when flynn was asked two days before, he said no, i didn't discuss it. yesterday he apparently told "the washington post" through an aide, i can't remember whether or not it came up. >> shepard: we're working -- i want our viewers to hear the vice president pence speaking from your program. here it is. >> i talked to general flynn about that conversation. actually initiated when -- on christmas day he had sent a text to the russian ambassador to express not only christmas wishes but sympathy for the loss of life in the airplane crash that took place. it was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation. >> shepard: that was from "face the nation" on cbs.
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sounds like something. i don't know. the vice president may have been misinformed. if he did have the conversations prior to inauguration on that same day, what can happen? >> well, there's something called the logan act, which was passed in the 1700s at a time when relations and what government and nongovernmental bodies were much more fluid than they are today. a private citizen cannot get involved in a foreign policy issue, in which the u.s. is in dispute. they didn't want the idea of the founding fathers working against others of the founding fathers by carrying it private diplomacy. it's never been prosecuted. questions are being raised whether or not general flynn talking to the russian ambassador about sanctions that the president of the united states, barack obama was putting
12:21 pm
in place against the kremlin, whether that was a separate, private channel of foreign policy and whether it violated the logan act. do i think anybody will be prosecuted for this? no. it's very embarrassing and very troubling, the idea that the national security advisor repeatedly denied this was brought up and the vice president of the united states -- i think we need to protect mike pence on this. he was basing it on his conversations with mike flynn. what mike flynn represented to him, went out on the line and said no, it didn't happen. now apparently it did happen. that is troubling. >> shepard: there is a transcript, right? are we going to get that transcript? >> well, i don't know that there's a transcript. supposedly a private call. one of the reasons this came up -- no, it wasn't an official call. >> shepard: it wasn't official. >> mike flynn was not the national security advisor. he was a private citizen. but it was routine.
12:22 pm
u.s. intelligence routinely spies on russian diplomats in our country just as they spy on our diplomats in their country. so there was apparently electronic intercepts. we knew what was discussed and it was leaked the fact that this conversation had taken place between the two of them. there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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>> shepard: kellyanne conway's sales pitch for ivanka trump's fashion line was clearly over the line and wrong, wrong, wrong. that is a quote from the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz. lawmakers demanding that the office of government ethics review this matter. trace gallagher has the news. explain the regulations that she's being accused of violating. >> technically, shep, she's accused of breaking the law, but
12:26 pm
not a criminal law. she violated a federal regulation that reads in part "an employee shall not use his public office for private gain for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise or for the private gain of friends, relatives or personal with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity." so not only is the house oversight committee asking the office of ethics to review her comments and report back to the econo committee asap, now you have watch dogs asking the feds to get involved and investigate. even judicial watch which hounded the hillary clinton foundation, that group says conway crossed the line and so far it does not appear anybody out there is saying that what she did is no big deal. shep? >> shepard: she said she had been talked to about this. what kind of punishment can
12:27 pm
there be for this? >> no surprise, the partisan groups are calling for her to be fired. the oversight committee will give a recommendation of what it considers appropriate disciplinary action like reprimand, suspension or dismissal. remember, any recommendation is nonbinding. when all is said and done, it's up to the president. as you mentioned, kellyanne conway says trump is a great boss tweeting "potus supports me and millions of americans support him and his agenda." of course, she's been "counselled" though nobody explained to us what that means. we should say in conway's defense, experts say it's very likely that she really had no idea she was breaking the rules when she made the comments. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. let's bring in emily gooden from
12:28 pm some things are a big deal and then there's you talk on television hours every day. i don't know. you said something nice about ivanka's stuff. seems like a bucketful of nothing. >> that's what we're hearing that president trump thinks about this, too. as pointed out, he's her boss and he will have the ultimate say over whether or not she should be disciplined. so yes, that's -- yes, the white house is saying it's national security advisor a big deal. >> and the president said nordstrom had been terrible to her. should be nice to her. she's awesome. and kellyanne conway said the same thing. with all the things people should be worried about, eight seconds on "fox and friends?" it's kind of a chatty show. it's not like everything -- i don't get it. do you get it? >> i think for democrats, they see this as an opening to maybe start to investigate the trump administration. remember, they've been
12:29 pm
questioning a lot about the president's ties to businesses. the president isn't held accountable to the same government ethics rules that his staff is. so democrats can see this as an opening and maybe smell a little blood in the water here to get in there and start investigating. >> shepard: so like in a courtroom, if you bring up a topic that hasn't been brought up by the opposing side, it's ready for the opposing side and they're using that tactic? this investigation wouldn't be about this, but to broaden it to other areas of interest regarding his money and finances and his businesses? >> yeah, we could see that happening. people are still asking to see the president's tax returns, which we haven't seen. it wouldn't surprise me to hear that get drawn back into this. >> shepard: so they're using this as a way to do what they've wanted to do from the beginning, find out about his business interests to make sure he's not making decisions on behalf of the united states to benefit his own enterprises? >> exactly. one question i have is all this defense about ivanka trump, will
12:30 pm
this help or hurt her brand? if you're a retailer or department store, are you going to want to stock her products and getting the risk of a tweet? businesses are questioning whether they want to do business with the trump empire. >> shepard: one way to look at it, he's like, you know, don't punish my wife for me being here and be controversial. leave her alone. she's doing her own thing. that's what it seems like, doesn't it? >> shepard: yeah, absolutely. he sees this as a defense of his daughter. we've seen the comparisons to harry truman who did the same thing for his daughter. it's tough on families to be in this bright spotlight. >> shepard: i'm confident of that. every one of these families still wandering around on this earth will tell you the same thing. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: see you in court! that treat from president trump as he promises to defend the travel ban or come up with the
12:31 pm
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with the fox report. a pipeline blast in louisiana. a worker is missing. that's according to phillips 66. the sheriff's says six workers were cleaning the line when it blew up last night. two hospitalized. the fire is still burning and no sign of the missing worker. a hole at a dam in california is getting bigger. pieces of concrete started breaking offer. the hole hundreds feet across. engineers say the dam is not in danger and there's no risk to the public. the nba told to avoid twitter
12:34 pm
wars. two players got back in forth over an air ball. parsons laughed it off. the nba told teams to avoid mocking on social media. more from shepard smith after this.
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>> shepard: so president trump lost the appeal over his travel ban. but he still has open -- options. neil gorsuch likely can't be confirm for a tie. the bench is split evenly. so the trump administration so the trump can bring it back to the appeals court on the west coast. they're in the ninth circuit where a larger panel, 11 of them, would hear the case again. considering democrats appoint the majority of the judges, the president could face an uphill battle. so the appeals court hinted that president trump could cut his
12:37 pm
losses and write a new executive order. what might that look like? dan springer has the news in seattle where the federal judge kicked off this legal battle. hey, dan. >> hey, shep. the president has a lot of legal options. the legal team here in washington state is preparing for all of them. after a second victory against the trump administration in less than a week, washington general tried to give the advice. >> the president does have a choice. he can continue to fight this or he can tear up this executive order and start over. i would strongly encourage him to consider the later course of action. >> here's the four options the president has. he can appeal to the larger 11-judge panel. he can go to the supreme court where justin anthony kennedy would decide whether to reinstate the travel ban temporarily while the full court would make it permanent. that would take five justices. he could just let it play out in district court and he could
12:38 pm
rewrite a new travel ban that would not include legal permanent residents. in his news conference, he suggested that he may do the last two, write a new order and try to prove in court that the original order is constitutional. shep? >> shepard: this whole thing really could end up there in seattle, couldn't it? >> yeah, that's right, shep. if there's no higher appeal, this case would go back to federal court in seattle for a full hearing on its merits. that would mean briefs field possibly as early as wednesday followed by depositions and discovery. judge james robart who issued the order and called by trump a so-called judge would hear the case. the ruling would come weeks, month later. if there's a new executive order issued, do opponents find it legal. washington and other stays could challenge it as well if they believe it's religious discrimination. >> shepard: dan, thanks very much.
12:39 pm
let's go to john bussey from the "wall street journal." if you change it, start it off, it's as if this didn't happen. >> yes. you have to be sure that you address the court's concerns, where that the current ban doesn't have the proper due process associated with it. if you don't rewrite it sufficiently, it ends up in the courtney ways on the basis of why the case was brought to the court to begin with, which was at the proponents of the case say this discriminates against people based on religion and other issues. so all of these possibilities are out there for the president. if it goes back to seattle, he's got to think about an additional layer of complexity. if he decides of the four different possibilities, supreme court, bigger, ninth circuit court of appeals panel, rewrite it, going back to seattle and trying it, that means deposition, that means people being brought in to say what was on your mind when you wrote this.
12:40 pm
what about these tweets here, what about the statements on the campaign trail. don't they bolster our case, the people bringing the case, that this was discriminatory. >> shepard: that sounds like a less likely route. >> yes. be u.s. -- but you don't know with this president. he doesn't like to lose. he feels like he can't back down because it would be a defeat. if he chooses to rewrite it, it could end up in courtney way. it's a complex issue right now for the administration. the court gave him a collection in the constitution. the argument of the justice department's part is look, it's the president of the united states. it's national security. he has the right to decide what is in the national security interest of the country and to bar whoever he wishes. >> shepard: he does. it's explicit.
12:41 pm
>> the court said, we the court, have the right to decide if you went too far. in this instance, we agree with the district court, the lower court, that you went too far and that these issues need to be adjudicated in the lower court. we're not going to at least lift the ban while they're being decided. we agree the ban should -- we should -- there should be no ban until the issues are decided. we're not going to agree with you that it should be lifted and your executive order should be in force while the issues are decided. that's the right of the judiciary. three person panel, democrats and republicans. that was the decision that did not go the way the trump administration wanted. >> shepard: there's a suggestion from those opposed to this, although there's many areas they're opposing, you need to be more specific. you can't take out any class of people. you have to ban specific people
12:42 pm
for specific reasons. >> that's what the judges said. show us why this should be the way it's written. give us data points. give us information. their argument against the justice department's argument in court is what you're telling us is the president has the authority to do this. we don't think so. the judiciary has the oversight responsibility on matters of law is what the judges said. it was an argument about the constitutionality of what happened. that's what's shaping up here. it could be a constitutional conflict over who has the power to make this decision. >> shepard: could have quite a few of those constitutional moments. >> yes. >> shepard: good to see you, dr. bussey, late last night, the united states senate was at work confirming a cabinet pick. tom price from the health and human services with a potenti potentially big role in
12:43 pm
overturning obamacare. it's the third cabinet confirmation this week. team trump has a lot left to do. that's next. ggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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>> shepard: so the education secretary, betsy devos went to a washington d.c. school this morning. it didn't go great. the visit was apparently an attempt to make peace after a rough confirmation fight. some of the demonstrators shouted her down as she left the building. >> shame, shame, shame! >> that sounded like one demonstrator. once secretary devos was in her s.u.v. -- there's more now. one protester ran in front of the s.u.v. and blocked it as you'll see here. others convinced that demonstrator to just let her go. devos released a statement saying i respect peaceful protest and i will not be deterred in executing the office of the department of education.
12:47 pm
no school in america will be blocked from those seeking to help the school children. the u.s. senate has given the green light to tom price to dismantle obamacare. mike pence swore in the new secretary of health and human services. president trump has called cad the affordable care act a disaster and vowed to replace it. tom price is expected to work with republican leaders in congress to make that happen. the next confirmation vote is set for next week with outnumbered democrats doing what little they can to try to slow the process down. mike emanuel keeps watch by day and by night. who is next, mike? >> well, shep, there's three senate confirmations next week with the treasury secretary first. that's steve mnuchin. he will get his vote monday evening. after that will be the v.a. secretary nominee. that is david shulkin.
12:48 pm
leading senate democrats say they're right to scrutinize, even delay, if they cannot stop the cabinet nominees. >> we're using everything we can to stop the awful nominees, whether it's staying late and speaking, whether it's holding press conferences, whether it's going on facebook live. we had huge turnout last night. >> three cabinet nominees were confirmed this week. it took some all nighters and late days. >> shepard: the pace of confirmations is picking up. what are republicans saying? >> they're not satisfied. they're frustrated. they say the democrats have aggravated their efforts to get things done. they say the delays have really prevented them from getting started on doing the american people's business. >> no time in history have we seen this sort of frog walk delay being perpetrated on the people of america. they're using the rules of the senate inappropriately in my
12:49 pm
mind to slow down and bring to a halt the confirmation process of a president that they don't support. >> part of the frustration is the president and the republicans have made a lot of promises to the american people in terms of repealing and replacing obama care, doing tax reform. there's no doubt about it that confirmations have at least eaten a lot of calendar time here in the senate, shep. >> shepard: thank you, mike. mike emanuel on the hill. president trump is taking step to re-assure the leader of china. remember, the president took a cale from the leader of taiwan that the chinese did not like. we'll see how president trump is liking to smooth things out with beijing. that's next. ♪
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
have become a major fight with china after he says he had a very, very good talk and that is a quote with that country's president. the white house said during a phone call last night, he told the chinese president that we will stand by the one china policy. that after president trump previously hinted he just might use the relationship with taiwan to negotiate with china. the one china policy requires that the united states does not have an official relationship with taiwan, which china calls part of its own territory. president trump broke with that decades-old tradition when he took a phone call with the president of taiwan after the election. he said it didn't feel bound by that policy. seems now he does. rich edson is in the state don't. hey, rich. >> hey, shep. president trump spoken to several foreign leaders by the time this happened. the only communication with trump and the president of china had been via letter.
12:54 pm
we're talking the two largest economies in the world. this happened days before shinzo abe came to the white house. president trump was asked about the relationship with china. so during that call allowed the u.s. administration to sort of clear the air and move forward of the china one policy issue, shep. >> shepard: and the united states and china really have a lot of issues to work through here. >> absolutely. the u.s. and china have been working on a host of economic issues for a number of administrations. you put on top of that the fact that the rhetoric that then candidate donald trump used during the campaign, some of the comments he made in the transition, it was very aggressive and unprecedented, confrontational with china. this phone call allowed the two sides to move forward and work on their relationship. >> shepard: now the call hats been made, the president reinforced the china one policy, he cleared out the issue that the chinese had with him.
12:55 pm
the chinese now have to president are him and offer something in return. >> plenty to work on when it comes to trade, china's currency, what the administration called -- president trump called currency manipulation when he ran for president and issues with the military. china is building on the islands in the south china sea. something that the administration and president trump has promised to bring up. a lot to talk about. >> shepard: thanks, rich. a close call for man kind after the first round of a face-off that pit man against machine. it happened on this day in history.
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: a scary video out of new hampshire. an s.u.v. barrelling off a road there, barely missing the camera. ouch! that happened in pelham about an hour north of boston.
12:59 pm
police say three people were inside the home, but they were all upstairs. so nobody got hurt. firefighters say the driver broke his leg. that's it. investigators say it looks like speed and the bad road conditions caused the crash. on this day in 1996, the chess grand master gary casperoff faced off against ibm's deep blue. casperoff against deep blew a super computer. casperoff lost the first game. he said the computer's move were so sophisticated were almost human and that threw him off. casperoff eventually beat it. but it was check mate for the human champ 21 years ago. that's been 21 years? i'm feeling old over here. should news break out, we'll
1:00 pm
break in. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up. maria bartiromo is coming up. the dow reached another never before seen greatest number ever. if you feel like looking at the 401(k), this might be the day. >> there it is. protesters in iran shouting "death to america" as the president vows to install new security measures to keep america safe. welcome, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo in today for neil cavuto. this is "your world." in iran where the protests are taking place is one of the seven countries covered by the president's order called for extreme vetting. an order that is being held up in court. florida's attorney general has more on that. first, kristin fisher at mar-a-largo in florida where they're -- the president is headed with japan's prime minister.