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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 11, 2017 8:30am-9:01am PST

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line that goes up and down more than an ocean wave? >> oh, boy, two different opinions on that. thank you, gang. that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend and a great valentine's day. the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashin' in. eric: president trump supporters accusing the mainstream media of intensifying its assault on the president. here is a big reason why. msnbc suggesting that president trump maybe headed down, quote, a dangerous path like russia where journalists are being killed. take a listen. >> what is your sense of why this president is going above and beyond, bending over backwards, if you will, to stay away from criticizing the russian president and to almost give him an excuse. as we know, there are some -- since 2000 a couple dozen journalists deaths.
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donald trump has no secret going after journalists and his distaste for any news that doesn't agree with him here. do you find this is a dangerous path he's headed down. eric: wow. hi, everyone, welcome to cashin' in. our crew this week, rachel, amy holmes and richard fowler. amy, the media coverage of trump hitting a new low. >> when you thought they couldn't sink lower they get out the shovel and start digging. this is outrageous, to be suggesting that president trump would be imprisoning, torturing journalists and diminishing the acts of torture and persecution happening around the world in cuba, in iran, in saudi arabia, in many places where donald trump is trying to have a moratorium for individuals from those countries coming to the united states. is this a real question? yes, it's outrageous to be making those accusations. eric: and let's say katie, is a
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journalist, not an opinion journalist, but a straight journalist at msnbc. >> i don't think we're watching the same tape. clearly, what katie is saying, president trump is supporting putin who has persecution of journalists, and took one step further that donald trump is going down a dangerous path. that if something happened to a journalist, it would be his fault. >> if you listen carefully, donald trump has also chose to attack the media. she never said that he was going to put the media in jail or kill them. the second point i want to make and the most important point is the point that amy brought up. they're persecuting journalists in saudi arabia and they're missing from donald trump's muslim ban ekatie, did he cross the line? >> i think that richard is watching a different tape than the rest of us. what she said is insane. there's a reason why the trust
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in the media is at an all-time low. you remember the media outlets running the whole fake news bit are the perpetrators of it. there's a washington post story literally making up a meeting between steve bannon and homeland security secretary kelly, which never happened. and they never even consulted or reached out to the white house for comment about that meeting and secretary kelly said that that was pure fantasy, so i think there's a big problem when the media covers president trump this way. and all time low. eric: we need distinction between people who claim to be straight journalists reporting the news as it is and the opinion people. the opinion people, look, i would say, okay, there is some rhetoric and provocative comments being made. but she's saying she's a straight journalist-- and the media tough enough or
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not tough enough. 36% of people gallup say they're too tough on donald trump's presidency. >> yeah, there's another poll that came out that said that they trust donald trump more than the media and this is why. i mean, comparing the poisoning of journalists, by putin, to mean tweets, to chris cuomo or whatever it is they're upset about, that he did to journalists is just outrageous. donald trump says about the media all the things that we think about the media and they're angry because he has the biggest bully pulpit in the world to do it. look, what the media needs to do, if they want to be treatser more fairly and nicer by donald trump they ought to try it themselves. what we're seeing here is anger. they did everything they could to elect hillary clinton and didn't work. >> you know what you're doing, setting up my sound bites. i want to play two sound bites. one from donald trump on the campaign trail and one in a press conference and show you
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the hostility that's really kind of emulating from this administration and the media and talk about why. first jorge ramos. >> who is next? >> yeah, please, excuse me, sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to-- >> no, you don't, you haven't been called. >> i have the right. >> go back to univision. >> since you're attacking us, can you give us a questions. mr. president-elect. >> go ahead. >> since you're attacking our news organization. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question sir. >> go ahead, quiet, quiet. >> mr. president-- >> don't be rude. >> mr. president-elect, don't be rude. >> since you're attacking us, request you give us a question. >> i'm not going to give you a question, you are fake news, go ahead. >> okay, i want to talk about this. and start with you, here is the issue, i don't remember president obama's presidency
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early on that the media would pepper questions when they weren't called on keep going, keep going. called on someone else and keep going. i found it disconcerting and not because donald trump was being firm with them, but they wouldn't stop asking the question. >> that wasn't a good performance by that white house correspondent. the media had eight years with president obama and kissing, and now donald trump as the president, as rasmussen media is early half the voters biased against trump. only 12% said in favor of trump. eric: let me bring it to richard. you want it hold a press conference, right, you're allowed as president or the person behind the podium to pick and choose who you're going to go to when you want 0 to go to. there were years, years when president obama would skip
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right over the fox correspondent. and he shouldn't have, and i don't think that donald trump should skip over cnn. and it's ridiculous for him to say that cnn is fake news and we all know that cnn is a trusted news source just like us here at fox. i've got to tell you, if donald trump professes to be this tough guy, going to be tough and make america strong and make america more secure, but seems to me that he's the snowflake here. he can't handle a question from a journalist, he attacks-- . the only reason why he attacks the new york time is because he's afraid of them. eric: why did jorge ramos and jim think they had the right to pepper the question about the question when it wasn't his turn. >> he's afraid of them. eric: it's clearly not fear. richard, what i'm talking about, you're talking, i'm trying to go to someone else. the point is you have to have order if you want to impart information and have a debate and discussion, you have to
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have order. >> he makes things up, he lies. eric: stop, hold on, richard, hold on, stop. provide order. go ahead, lisa. >> so, richard brings up donald trump's, you know, lying, et cetera, et cetera. what about the obama administration? what about intentionally misleading the american people, lying about the benghazi attack after obama said al-qaeda was on the run before an election, what about ben rhodes bragging about the fact that he lied to the media and the public about the iran deal. what about that, richard? what about the intentional lies. >> i have one response, breaking tonight-- >> and what about cooling the rules for the. >> obama is not the president anymore. >> no, but there's a clear double standard. eric: the point is well taken that president obama was treated one way by the president and president trump is treated another way. >> obama is not the president, let's talk about trump.
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eric: rachel, your turn. >> donald trump is a threat to the press because he's challenging their credibility and he's doing something else, teaching the other republicans that they don't just have to sit back and accept the media bias that's baked in the cake which what we have been doing for the last, god knows decades. this is the first time a republican has stood up to them. called them out on their stuff and i think that they obviously can't handle it. they are the snowflakes, richard. eric: final thought, amy. >> i would add that president trump and sean spicer, because you're new york post or other fake media news organizations, you don't have to have the press and i like the skyping to have questions and-- >> see how fair and balanced we are, i'm going to give you the last word. >> thanks, eric. >> no pressure. >> better be good. >> here is the thing, i agree with rachel, yeah, he's
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standing up to the press, but at the same time let's realize that donald trump traffics in false fact. says he had a million people in the inauguration, false. >> and 47 year high. >> and the press reported that he removed martin luther king's bust and that's false. >> absolutely falsehood. eric: we'll leave it at that even though there are some who may disagree. one senator warning that our dysfunctional senate could end up looking like this. it's never been easier. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track.
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>> turn on the news and watch the parliaments around the world where people throw chairs at each other and punch and ask yourself how do you feel about those countries? it doesn't give you confidence in these countries. we're not there tonight, but we're flirting with it. we're flirting with it in this
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body and in this country. eric: we could desolve into these parliaments, on both sides of the aisles the senate is turning into mess. rachel, is that the way to run what supposed to be the most prestigious congress in the word? >> no and i hope that mitch mcconnell does everything he can to restore dignity and civility to that body because we need it now more than ever. last year, if you recall, there was a debate over gun control and the house democrats staged a sit-in, which was also against the rules and there was also, recently, just with jeff sessions nomination, there was a democrat who voted against jeff sessions about you they were friends, so he went afterwards and gave him a hug, and the liberals went ballistic over this. they say they want to primary him. you can disagree on ideas, on even nominating--
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even the nomination of your friend and you can't give him a hug to say, hey, you know, i just think elizabeth warren, these people are the fruits of radical progressivism. this is sal walenski, this is bill ayers and i hope mitch mcconnell brings order back. eric: mitch mcconnell tried to bring it back as he asked elizabeth warren to stop reading from the letter. your thoughts? >> he used an archaic used in 199 and then 1902. i believe that marco rubio is right, the senate needs civility and it's on the head and shoulders of mitch mcconnell to get it done and voters who voted for trump rejected the establishment and rejected establishment republicans just like mitch mcconnell been in the senate probably since i've been born
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which shows that america wants real leadership and not people who have been there for almost two or three decades. eric: okay, i'm not sure how that applies to what we're talking about, but, cut you off-- >> and use the establishment and the voters rejected that, didn't they? >> we're talking about whether there's order maintained on the senate floor and amy, you have experience on this. >> he can't do it because he's the establishment. >> now i've got you. >> i have some experience with this, i with as a speech writer for the senate floor for the former senate majority rulers, bill frisk. they're not archaic, mitch mcconnell was enforcing them. we've seen the senate going down this road. and i heard one senator apologizing, and harry reid campaigning from the senate floor when he was attacking mitt romney in 2012 and again, of course, donald trump.
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that's against senate rule. it's been out of control for a long time and happy to see the majority leader enforce it. >> and it's not only the republicans, democratic senator joe manchin warned the senate could, quote, his words, disintegrate if senators don't change their bitter partisanship. >> let's be clear about one thing. senator elizabeth warren was setting herself up for a presidential run and that's it. that's the reason she did what she did. that's in herself interest and that was all. reco regarding the senate, it's the greate greatest deliberative body. when harry reid changed the rules in 2013 invoking the nuclear option and warn republicans, i don't think that they should invoke the nuclear operation recording president trump's supreme court nominee. i think they should look to pull in the democrat votes. if the democratic party chooses to filibuster the party nominee, the second time in
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recent history that the democrats did that, in 2006 as well. eric: we've got to leave it here. as long as i've been alive i've never seen so many partisanship. and on the senator floor. an illegal immigrant was detained and deported should they be protesting officials for upholding the law? y282ty ywty
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(vo) when it comes to helzberg diamonds knows bigger isn't always better. our beautiful diamond heart pendant is just $299.99. that's $200 off! helzberg diamonds. here's to love. >> coming up, a group of protesters taking to the streets outside of the immigration office. i repeat they're protesting law enforcement for enforcing the
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>> this is a fox news alertment i'm elizabeth prann. good saturday morning.
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first lady melania trump making her debut in the dip plat -- diplomatic stage with the wife of the japanese prime minister. the gardens are in a japanese design. it's the debut of mrs. trump with a foreign leaders's spouse. the president said any action wouldn't come until early next week and established doing this quickly is important because of national security. i'll see you at the top of the hour with leland vittert. for now i'll send you back to cashin' in. eric: protests erupting at an
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immigration and customs office in phoenix after an illegal immigrant was detained. the woman who had a prior conviction for criminal impersonation was deported to mexico. they were enforcing the law, so why protest? >> right op shame on them for making the police officer's jobs more difficult than it is. i would offer to you the lesson the media has made it much more difficult for police officers to do their jobs over the years by presenting mistruths and pop propagating falsehoods. eric: everyone has a right to protest and why not protest something that's legal. >> i agree with lisa. protesting really bad laws. the police aren't to blame. >> what law, richard? what law are they protesting. that they've come over here illegally and you should go home? >> it's not this over and over we've seen this. this is a historical pattern where police officers are blamed for enforcing laws that
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were created by misguided lawmakers. >> wait a minute, you said misguided lawmakers and you're talking about our immigration laws. amy your thoughts on whether we have-- i get neve a right to protest, come on, it's the law. >> eric, you're exactly right. and it just exposes the agenda of the left, which is open borders. that they don't want there to be any distinction between legal and illegal immigration and look, i have a personal connection to this, my father is a former customs inspector, now, retired, hi, dad. the laws are dually enforced and the former president dedeported people, too. >> i'm expecting my kids to protest breakfast tomorrow. i thought he was going to deport bod ombres.
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though the woman was here, she was here when she was 14, and had two american children. i think he would get more buy-in if he would get the dangerous guys out first. >> now, richard, the mexican governor says they'll help the illegals who are deported from the u.s. into mexico. offer some assistance. final thoughts? >> i agree with rachel duffy, if your kids protest breakfast, i'll be there between you and them. [laughter] >> that's a good way to end that segment we have more to come. and a big surprise for somebody who likes this book. we have more. uhhh- and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering?
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit >> you were a great sport this week. thanks, everybody. time to wake up, america. >> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to
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hear the words we all are about to say. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. eric: it was a rallying cry by the people who elected donald trump. the d.c. swamp filled with corrupt-o-crats who feed off what our tax dollars provide. gun running, corruption to suicide, the swamp is overflowing. that rallying cry remains as candidate trump becomes president trump. we deplorables still want that swamp drained. that brings me to this, my new project is called "the swamp". i outline the outrageous and egregious scandals. we're receiving requests for access, unfortunately, there's
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an abundance of creatures in the swamp lurking, waiting to prey on us, the american people. the book will be available everywhere books are sold and on let's drain that swamp together, you and me, what do you say? have a great weekend, everybo everybody. leyland: president trump calls the u.s. legal system broken today as he considers a brand new travel ban executive order to protect the country from potential terrorists. this, as he hosts the japanese prime minister at the winter white house over the weekend. elizabeth: plus, did michael flynn discuss lifting sanctions with the ambassador to the united states before president trump took office? >> and there are still members of mr. trump's cabinet who needs senate confirm makes, weeks after swearing in. among them his pick for treasury secretary steve mnuchin.


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