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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 11, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. arthel: a fox news alert on a working weekend for president donald trump with a bit of golf mixed in. minister and his wife at the president's mar-a-lago estate in palm beach, florida, with a delegation dinner set to start just a few hours from now. president trump also speaking with two other foreign leaders by phone a short time ago, the leaders of tunisia and colombia. and as you might expect, the a little tweeting on some major issues consuming the administration right now. hello, i'm arthel neville, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. eric: welcome, i'm eric shawn. president trump, well, he was
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back on twit twitter at length this morning about the issues of immigration and border security. the president weighing in on the cost of his controversial border wall and calling the legal system, in his word, quote: broken. that, of course, a reference to the ninth circuit court's ruling that upheld the suspension of his travel ban. arthel: and we have live team coverage. garrett tenney has more on the looming legal battle, but we begin with kristin fisher at the president's estate in palm beach. kristin? >> reporter: arthel, so far the white house hasn't said anything about who won this round of golf course diplomacy or even what was said between president trump and prime minister abe. the press wasn't allowed to take think photos or videos, all we got was this picture that president trump posted on his twitter account of the two leaders high-fiving earlier now, yesterday at that formal white house press conference the two leaders were really stressing their similarities that the u.s. will continue to defend japan, that japanese companies will continue to
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invest in the united states and that the two leaders share, of course, a love of golf. their differences, no mention of president trump's withdrawal from the trans-pacific partnership which prime minister abe supported, no mention of trade deficit which the president had promised to even out. but there's plenty of time for those tougher topics to come up over a round of golf. whether or not they did or whether or not we'll ever find out about it, that's a totally different question. now, before president trump was tweeting about golf, earlier today he took to twitter to defend the proposed cost of his border wall. he said that, quote: i'm reading that the great border wall will cost more than the government originally thought, but i have not gotten involved in the design or negotiations yet. when i do, just like with the f-35 fighter jet or the air force one program, the price will come way down. now, the president also took on the federal appeals court that ruled against his immigration order. he essentially tweeted out, he claimed that, quote: our legal
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system is broken. now, his critics would argue that our country's system of checks and balances is simply >s court, perhaps even implement or sign or introduce a new executive order on immigration as early as monday. but first, we've got that big delegation dinner that he will be hosting here tonight at mar-a-lago, and it is a beautiful evening, indeed, for arthel: it looks gorgeous, i can tell. kristin fisher, thank you so much. eric: as kristin just mentioned, the trump administration could be gearing up for a double legal battle. the white house vowing to fight for president trump's controversial travel ban that, as you know, was suspended by the ninth circuit while also considering that new executive order on immigration and travel. the new one could come as early as day after tomorrow. garrett tenney is lye in washington with the latest on what the administration is
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planning. hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, eric. the goal is to get president trump's temporary immigration ban back in place as soon as possible, and we're also told the white house still has not complete hi ruled out the possibility of appealing this case all the way to the supreme court. most legal experts agree, though, that that option does not seem very promising right now given the high court's 4-4 split. and what's more likely is the administration goes back to the district court in seattle where this challenge originated and argue the merits of their case there. that will buy some time for the white helpaúk> could very well be, but i'd
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like to keep you, you know, i'd like to surprise you. we need speed for reasons of security. so it could very well be that we do that. >> reporter: and as soon as that new executive order is in place, there is nothing preventing the states from again challenging it in court which is something that former harvard law professor alan dershowitz says he expects. >> these challenges are going to persist over the next four years. we now have not only the courts challenging the president, but we have states for the first time really, states serving as a check and balance on the executive branch. and that's a newton phenomenon, and it will be a very important one. >> reporter: of course, the administration's hope is that with this new and improved executive order the courts will allow it to stay in place while any challenges work their way through the courts. eric: it's continuing. garrett, thank you. arthel: okay, we now know that president trump is weighing all options after his travel ban of halted in federal court. but what does it mean for the
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white house to be hit with this early legal setback? nils standish is here, white house columnist for the hill. we just heard reporting that the president is considering issuing i want to talk to you about early reports of what that entails apart from new security measureses and is the focus still on the american people, the safety of the american people, or is the strategy to merely win the case? mr. trump doesn't like to lose. >> i think, certainly, president trump would cast it very much as the safety of the american people. but if a new order is issued -- and that's still a significant if -- i think what we will see will be a more narrowly cast order so that, for example, some of the confusion that that surrounded green card holders in this instance will be cleared away. there's some suggestion that there could even be a change to the language that appeared to favor christians in the original
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executive order. that is legally problematic, at least in the view of some experts. arthel: and, of course, the president would agree with your assessment that you started out by saying that you believe this is, indeed, about the safety of the american people. i want to take a look back at the campaign trail of for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. [applause] we are going to have a new immigration screening test to keep people out of our country values! [cheers and applause] the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. arthel: and there is the president, now-president -- or candidate at the time -- on the campaign trail, you know? that is one of his big campaign promises now facing, you know,
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stinging protests across the country, even sometimes around the world in some cases coupled with his executive order on the travel ban being denied by the ninth circuit. is the president in a bit of a pickle, if you will, when you consider, you weigh in the optics and the politics? >> yes, he absolutely is, arthel. i think that this is the most significant defeat he has suffered in admittedly the short time his administration has been in office. this is a man whose whole self-image and around the idea that he is a winner. now he has been handed a couple of legal defeats; one was the initial stay, then the judges upholding that stay. increased this perceptionafñ?ñ?t he is a divisive figure, and it is a political problem for him. this is not his finest hour in these three weeks by any stretch. arthel: so then if, and we don't know how this is going to play out, of course, but if the president does not end up with
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resembles his original order, what does this signal in your opinion from your perspective in terms of the administration's ability to push through some of the president's top priorities? >> you know, i was speaking with republicans about this just in the past 48 hours, and they feel that one of the dangers in this order is that it calls in to question the kind of competence of the administration. now, if they shift to a narrower order that they can defend legally, that can go into action without some of the chaos that we have seen, that would presumably restore their reputation. but that outcome is not guaranteed, arthel, and so the chances of further protests both in the legal forum and in the street protest forum, that prospect is very real. arthel: but again, let's continue where you touched on there, you know, the flip side of this coin if, in fact, the president does win this case, how big of a win would it be for his presidency? >> i think it would be a very
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big win for a couple of reasons. discussed, it was a big campaign promise of his. but the second thing is that i think he would take enormous vindication from, ultimately, defeating his critics be they political critics or be they judges. if he were to ultimately get an would regard that as a major success, and i think he would also use it to deride his critics as sort of overly concerned with the fine print while he sees himself safeguarding the american people. arthel: nils, i have to leave it there. we'll talk to you again, sir. >> thank you. eric: new details emerging about national security adviser general michael flynn's reported conversation, you know, the one with the russian ambassador to the united states? allegedly, it is said that did touch on the subject of russian sanctions. the washington post reporting the two did discuss possibly
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lifting the sanctions on moscow once mr. trump took office. the conversations coming just after christmas before the president was inaugurated. some critics are calling flynn's phone calls not just improper and inappropriate, but possibly illegal. and some democrats on capitol hill are now calling for him to be fired. lauren blanchard has more on all of this from washington. >> reporter: if national s.s[ did discuss russian sanctions with the russian ambassador before president trump was sworn in, it would be a violation of the logan act which bars citizens from unauthorized interference with u.s. foreign policy. the obama administration was still in power when flynn reportedly had phone calls with russian ambassador to the u.s. to talk about then-president obama's newly-instated economic sanctions. if true, flynn's conversation would have been considered a breach in diplomatic protocol. flynn denied the sanctions talk ever took place, and in mid january then-vice president-elect pence defended
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flynn. >> i talked to general flynn yesterday, and the conversations that took place at that time were not in any way related to new u.s. sanctions against russia or the expulsion of diplomats. >> reporter: now a spokesman for flynn is walking back that previous denial. in a statement to "the washington post" saying flynn, quote: indicated that while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn't be certain that the topic never came up. misleading vice president pence would put a strain on the national security adviser's role in the white house as multiple members of congress are calling for an investigation into flynn. even fellow republicans are concerned about any possibility the trump administration would go easy on a country many consider a photothe u.s. -- a foe to the u.s. that there will be a violent reaction in the congress against lifting russian sanctions. >> reporter: plus, a top deputy to flynn has had a critical security clearance denied by the cia which
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essentially forces one of flynn's right-hand men out of the national security could be chill. tensions in the community. eric? eric: we will ask james wooly if general flynn -- woolsey did do anything wrong and what that could mean. arthel: proof that law enforcement put themselves in the line of danger each day. this after powerful winds -- wow, whoa -- knock a tracking to have trailer over onto a state trooper's cruiser. eric: and president trump reaffirming america's commitment to japan's security. you know, he raised a lot of questions about that during the campaign. this as he has also now backtracked from earlier comments about beijing now embracing the one china policy. what does this mean for relations with beijing as china continues to flex its military muscles, and what does it mean for relations with tokyo? general jack keane will weigh in
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on all of this straight ahead on the fox news channel. ♪ ♪ afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> he is also sending messages to our other allies in the
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region. our allies need reassurances because they've been wavering based on china forward deploying their military our and all the provocations that they've been doing to clearly intimidate our allies. so i think what the president is fundamentally strategically saying is we are going to back our allies here. now, where we go from here in terms of negotiation with the chinese is another matter, but he's establishing a very strong foundation for it. eric, and how troubled are you about those provocations? look, you've got the manmade islands where apparently there's a military base being built on one of them, and this week this was a close call between a p3 orion and a chinese propeller prop plane. remember back in 2001, that's when a p3 collided with a chinese war plane, and the chinese pilot was killed, 24 of our guys, the crew members, were held by china for a while.
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so as you see these provocations and these increases, what do you second. what's your view of when we see something like what happened the other day, what if it gets worse? what if something potentially really serious happens? >> well, what we can't be afraid of, which i think has been our concern for the last eight that president obama was somewhat paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequence. in other words, the fear of something could escalate. but he never clearly understood that by doing nothing it also has consequences. and i i believe what this president is going to do, one, send a very unequivocal message to the chinese, to the russians, to the iranians, to the north koreans by rebuilding our military. and that is a significant statement in and of itself, because the chinese know that they have certainçç technologl advantages over us in the pacific. i'm not going the to go into
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that in detail here, but they know itwe know it. he's going to fix that problem. number two -- eric: that sounds like ronald reagan. >> our resolve, eric, our resolve is very -- it's one thing to have capability, and you have to have it. and ours has been eroding. the second thing is you have to convince your adversary that you have the intent to use it. and they must believe that. believe and you have capability that'sññ?ñ? real, that actuallys the credible deterrence that we had throughout the cold war. that is being eroded now. and i believe this president -- don't know for sure until it right path, is what i suggest. rebuild the military, stand up against our enemies and convince them that the united going to exercise its fundamental leadership role and its right to have interest in the pacific because we are a
2:23 pm
pacific nation, and we are going to back up our allies. that is a big statement he's making, and i think he's going to carry through with it. eric: so, general, what do you make of this? after the close call that we just had, this is from the daily -- global times. it's an english/chinese newspaper, and they blame us. quote: the chinese pilot responded with legal and professional measures. quote: we hope the u.s. side keeps in mind the present be condition of relations between the two countries and militaries, adopts practical measures and eliminates the origin of air and sea mishaps between the two countries. so they're sounding like it's our fault. what type of message do we send to beijing about this before it happens again and there's something that could be -- >> well, they're always going to spin this in their favor, and we cannot be afraid of confrontation. and i think that's the problem
2:24 pm
we had for the last eight years. it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to lead to military conflict, but we have to be willing to entertain confrontation. and i think the president, by acting in another theater missile firing that the iranians did, number 14, i will add, and he responded to it almost immediately, within days, and said i'm slapping sanctions on you. stop this provocative behavior. we're not going to entertain this anymore, and he's telling them enough is enough. believe me, the chinese are watching that with wide eyes as are the russians. so i think the relationship with china is something we have to get right. it's a bilateral relationship, the most important one in the 21st century because we are the economic giants in the world. we have to figure out how to work together at the same time, we cannot let the chinese trample on our interests or allies' interest. eric: general jack kane, thank you for your insight -- jack
2:25 pm
keane, thank you for your insight and your service to this country. we always appreciate your analysis. >> thanks, eric. arthel: when we come back, raids across the country rounding up dozens of illegal immigrants this week. there are claims& operations have to do with president trump's immigration policies, but immigra4?ñ?ñ?iond customs enforcement says that's not the case and that they were planned during the obama administration. and despite this, new reports suggest a group of mexicans plotting to to fight the president's immigration stand. ahead, how they might be planning to break the court system. ♪ ♪ measure to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy
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eric: and we have a fox news alert, te have been more arrests of undocumented immigrants across the cub this several law enforcement -- the country in several law enforcement operations. a wave of raids in six cities this week. i.c.e. officials say more than 160 people were arrested in those, and three-quarters of those people they arrested had previously been convicted of felonies. and they say the law enforcement actions, though, were not a ramped-up operation in the trump administration, but something that's routine and that they had been conducting all along. will carr is live in los angeles with the details. hi, will. >> reporter: hey there, eric. and the arrests sparked fear and rumors in cities across the country that you saw on that authorities tried to set the record straight saying the rumors of random sweeps were false, irresponsible and put members of law enforcement in danger. they went on to say they had planned the raids for weeks, that the vast majority of the 160 arrested here in los angeles were convicted felons and that
2:31 pm
during these raids than they did during an operation last summer under the obama administration. department of homeland security secretary john kelly said these aren't round-ups, they were simply arresting illegal immigrants, the majority of whom are dangerous criminals. >> if there are laws on the books that are bad laws, then change them. but people like me, cvp, i.c.e., local law enforcement, we have no alternative but to enforce the law. we can't ignore the laws. >> reporter: i.c.e. officials did anytime that some people -- admit that some people were arrested because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. the raids mixed with the administration's hard line on immigration led to protests in down down los angeles thursday night. now critics say they're prepared the challenge the administration moving forward. >> people are scared. they are panicked. but as nonprofits, we have this plan in place. we're ready.
2:32 pm
we're here to fight, we're here to resist. >> reporter: 37 of the 160 were from mexico, and they've already been deported. eric. eric: all right, will, thanks so much. arthel? arthel: eric and will, also on the immigration front "the wall street journal" reports that a powerful and influential group of mexicans are pushing an aggressive strategy to fight president trump's deportation policy. they're urging people who are targeted to fight extradition efforts, jamming the u.s. immigration courts in the hopes that the already-struggling system will break down. to talk about this is david bruno, criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor and trial attorney and mercedes colon, also here, a fox news legal analyst. mercedes, before we get to the, that proposal that is actually resip tated by the executive order -- precipitated by the executive order on the travel ban, i want the talk about that very order s. the executive order fundamentally lawful, and how difficult will it be to
2:33 pm
prove the president's determination that the suspension of travel from those seven countries was necessary to protect national security? >> great questions. fundamentally, it is lawful. there is lots of precedent where it comes -- there's law on the books that says what the president has done is lawful. he is simply enforcing what laws are already on the books, he's enforcing what he is permitted by congress to do which is to stop the aliens if, in his determination, these aliens have those seven countries have already been identified by congress and the former administration, president obama's administration, that they pose a threat. there was lots of terrorist act tates in these seven countries -- activities in these seven countries. and by the way, because of that heavily statute thesed in those seven countries under the former administration. given those two facts, it's definitely lawful. arthel: david, should the president present the same case or a brand new order on immigration, and what should the
2:34 pm
composition be? >> brand new. and i fundamentally agree that he does have the power under 8usc is 1182f, okay? that's what gives him the power. but the problem here is the text of it does not make clear whether or not it applies for lawful residents. and that was, that was the crux of the ninth circuit's decision. arthel: that's why you're saying he should come up with a brand new order. >> he should redraf it, and -- redraft it, and be i think that's going to happen on monday. arthel: okay. maybe you'll be back to analyze that. i want to move to this proposal i first started talking about. in anticipation of a likely increase of deportation of people from mexico living here in the u.s. illegally, mexico's former foreign minister had this to say, pop this up for me, guys. w .n!+'k24z4.sb7yx5ñ"/v@+h
2:35 pm
donald trump desists in this stupid idea, end quote. so, basically, you have these influential mexicans telling undocumented mexicans who are living in this country, listen, take your case, fight to court, jam the system. >> right. it's very overburdened, you can break the system. >> sure. arthel: is this a good strategy? can it work or will it backfire? >> on a practical level, it probably can work. but what can be done in order to contradict it or fight that is simply get more judges, get more enforcement. get it -- fix already what we have. this agency, immigration and national relations service, already is difficult, problem problematic. fix that system, but you can do it with the funding. so the federal government can definitely counteract what they're trying -- arthel: yeah, but you've got groups today in phoenix, for instance, working on this plan, you know? that's happening now, basically. so what you're talking about, mercedes and david, you jump this, new judges, that takes
2:36 pm
time. they're talking about doing this immediately. >> i think it's horrible because of the motivation. and, essentially, what they're saying is that they want to back up our system. but what the funding does is it gives people the resources. arguments that make. there are certain waivers, there's the cancellation of removal, there's the possibility of asylum, okay? and sometimes it boils down to the resources that people have to hire attorneys and make these arguments. so i think that in that context it may be good because it gives affecters. >> the laws -- arguments. the laws are there. the laws are clear, if you commit a felony, you're out of this country. if you're here illegally -- and many of these individuals have adopted identities, so there's identity theft. they have false social security numbers. look, a lot of us are immigrants, my family emigrated here, my father from germany many, many years -- arthel: i was going to say, from
2:37 pm
connecticut? [laughter] >> but my mom was puerto rican, she came here lawfully. so many of us have immigrant backgrounds, this is the type of thing that you do. go through the process, do it correctly. do it in way that's lawful so, therefore, you don't face deportation. >> yeah. what secretary kelly said in the beginning of this piece was that the laws are on the books, and it's as simple as that. under the immigration and national nationality act, any alien who's here illegal is deportable. and the obama administration had a policy, and they actually memorialized it in a 2014 memorandum that prioritized people with criminal records. i mentioned that happening in lawyers as well as the mayor there in phoenix be, greg stanton. you've got arizona senator jeff flake from, he's a republican senator. and senator flake says, quote: mr. trump's proposed policies pose risks to mexican/u.s. relations. what do you say to that? something that president trump,
2:38 pm
obviously, has to determine whether it's really worth it. it's going to be one of these balances. you're going to have to balance the pros and cons of that type of relationship. but frankly, at the end of the day, mexico probably needs the united states more. >> this is up to the legislators to change the law. the laws are on the books, and it's the president's responsibility to execute the laws. and that's what i think this administration's going to do. arthel: okay. so what dueck's going to -- do you think's going to happen come monday night? >> the ninth -- arthel: with the executive order. >> it's going to be modified because there's certainly people that have the green card that have already been heavily vetted to be in this country lawfully. it'll have that carveout. >> sure. has to have the exception for the green card holders as well as the visa holders. arthel: which probably should have happened in the first place, and it didn't. hey, do you think, david, that it's a good sign for the president that friday the ninth circuit judge asked the other judges, said, listen, why don't
2:39 pm
w8úuf9iw+ft@ judges? a motion. there's 27 judges, and one of the judges in the circuit made a request, and there's going to be a vote. and all the judges will vote, and if there's a majority, they're going to rehear it en banc. >> well, that's, certainly, that's great. you have more voices. it was a very hotly contested forward before just the three judges. so it'll be interesting what will happen with the 11. >> if it's redrafted, then it's moot, and there's not even going to be a reconsideration because it's going to change. >> the issue at hand is the limited executive order as it existed, once it becomes modified, it's no longer under the jurisdiction of this court. arthel: which is probably why they will modify it. >> exactly right. and let's just be practical about it really. >> the president made some comments yesterday, and this appeals process takes time. arthel: right. >> so if he changes it on monday, then that ban will go into effect monday. arthel: okay. and it is about time from the
2:40 pm
president's perspective. got the leave it there. david, mercedes, nice to see you both. thank you so much. eric. eric: take a look at this, some incredible video caught on one police dash cam. powerful winds in wyoming, look at that, flipping over that massive tractor-trailer right on top of a police officer's cruiser. it happened earlier this week on investigating another crash. thankfully, noboñ?ñ? one was hu. the troopers happened to be standing outside of that patrol car when the big rig tipped right over on top of that, but it shows you the dangers of what our law enforcement can face. arthel: yeah. and it shows you what weather can do. storms in the forecast across the northeast as people in the region are still recovering from a snowstorm that hit just days ago. well, a new storm expected to follow tomorrow into monday with blizzard conditions in some areas. meteorologist adam plotz, very
2:41 pm
busy with the details. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, diving into the snow in lking aboutst, but i have to snow in some areas, other spots feeling more like spring, maybe even more like summer. look at some of these numbers in the middle of the country, unheard of for the middle of february. numbers close to 90 degrees, and if i zoom in on portions of north texas, 88 in dallas, 88 in oklahoma city, even farther be up towards memphis be, nearly 80 degrees. so very warm weather, very warm air piling up in the center of the country. despite all of that, yes, we're still tracking a system that eventually is going to be moving to the northeast. across the country right now the snow that we saw just the last couple of days from new york up foot of snow. clearing off for the weekend, but that next round is on the way pretty soon. here it is, starting as mostly just a rain/snow mix. this is actually running into early tomorrow morning.
2:42 pm
this is that next winter system. this is still some cold air up in the northeast, so as that colder air, that's when you see it shift into the area. stretching all the way up to maine, and those are areas where we have winter storm watches and warnings and, actually, this just shifting to a warning to this point. upstate new york, over towards boston, farther north towards portland, maine, all areas where we're going to be looking at another winter system,al the while temperatures closer to 90 in some spots in texas and oklahoma city. arthel: crazy the way weather works. adam klotz, thank you very much. eric: we have a recall to tell you about. if you have any of the wisconsin-based cheese maker star general toe in your refrigerator or, the longhorn colby cheese was possibly contaminated by listeria, a food-borne disease. the company recalling some other
2:43 pm
products that were made on the same assembly line, so far though no words of any illnesses, but take a look if cheese. arthel: that's also a good reason you don't cross-pollinate your knives. just saying. coming up, russia mulling over returning edward snowden to ulterior motive behind the move? ♪ ♪ what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at eric: well, you know, president trump called him a traitor, a, quote: spy who should be executed. soon could whistleblower who gave up top nsa documents be on his way home? there's a new claim reporting that kremlin may turn over edward snowden to the united states. using that act as a bargaining chip, they say, for russian
2:48 pm
president vladimir putin. brian ennis has more on the possibility of all this from our new york newsroom. >> reporter: at this hour new tweets by edward snowden on the topic, but first, let's explain. a government source tells fox news that russia believes they have exhausted edward snowden's value, and he is now more useful to them as a bargaining chip to russian president vladimir putin. the implication that the russians would give up snowden in return for something. what, we don't know. president trump has called the whistleblower a, quote, terrible traitor and tweeted that snowden deserves to be executed. also says snowden deserves the death penalty. this information to fox news comes after an nbc report which seems to take things a step further than our reporting citing two government officials. nbc reports that russia's considering handing over showedden to the u.s. as a,
2:49 pm
in an attempt to curry favor with the president. now, yesterday snowden tweeted that he believes these reports prove he obviously is not a russian spy, because a country would never give up a spy that could then harm them. and today he tweeted more suggesting the russian government is actually out to get him, tweeting, quote: days ago i criticized the russian government's oppressive new big brother law, now threatening rumors, but i won't stop. i don't know if the rumors are true, but i can tell you this, i am not afraid. there are things that must be said no matter the consequence. don't be afraid, be ready. there are more of us than them. russia has granted snowden asylum until 2020, fueling accusations he has given russia u.s. secrets in return for safe refuge. and a department of justice has made it clear they would welcome snowden's return back to the u.s. he's facing at least 30 years in prison for violating the espionage act, and snowden's lawyers insist he would like to come back to the u.s. but with
2:50 pm
no criminal charges looming over happen or how the negotiations, if there are any, will continue. i know you'll bring us up-to-date. brian, thank you. >> reporter: no problem. arthel: french police saying an imminent attack was averted with the arrests of four people. what authorities found in a raid that could have led to devastation.
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
arthel: france's prime minister praisine work of anti-terror investigators after a foiled attack on french soil. police arrested four people yesterday including a 16-year-old girl in a series of raids across france. authorities also uncovering a makeshift laboratory with the same powerful explosive used in the deadly attacks in paris and brussels. kitty logan has more now from london. >> reporter: arthel, anti-terror police made four arrests near montpellier in the south of france yesterday. one of those suspects is a 16-year-old girl. the french interior ministry says the suspects were planning an imminent attack in the france. according to police, the group had been monitored buying bomb-making materials and had set up a makeshift lab.
2:55 pm
at least one of the suspects was known to intelligence services and was thought to have had plans to travel to syria. and the girl has allegedly appeared in a video pledging allegiance the isis. this all follows an incident a week ago when a man tried to stab french soldiers near the louvre museum in paris. he is now facing charges of attempted murder as well as association with a terrorist group. the french government says this was an attempted terrorist attack. france is still under a state of emergency after mass be takes over the past two years which have killed more than 200 people. thousands of police and soldiers patrol the streets of paris and other major cities as a precaution. but a carnival in nice today has passed off without incident so far. security had been stepped up people there last july. authorities will be relieved that this latest plot has been disrupted, but france remains on
2:56 pm
high alert, especially with an election campaign now well underway. arthel? arthel: indeed. kitty logan, thank you very much for that report. everything, two rounds of golf, a delegation dinner or tonight and some high-level diplomacy on the links. arthel: the latest on president trump's weekend in florida with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. ♪ ♪ managing my diabetes has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours,
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eric: we started the "fox news" alert president trump wrapping up the day of golf diplomacy. they japanese by mr. shinzo abe at the mira lago club in palm beach florida. the president first lady will be hosting a delegation with the prime minister and his wife in just about two hours from now. the trump national golf club in jupiter florida about the only thing that the present is on his mind today. there's also a possible legal battle over the rise and fall of legal band. i'm eric shawn and this is a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." arthel: president trump fired
3:01 pm
off a series of tweets about national security weighing in on the cost of the border wall with mexico and calling the legal system broken after his administration failed to have the travel ban reinstated to the president has made it clear this issue is far from over saying he will win in the end. >> we have team "fox news" coverage. garrett tenney on more the legal fight coming up but first let's talk to christian fisher who is right outside of the president's estate in palm beach florida. >> president trump is now back here at mar-a-lago after playing golf and having lunch with prime minister abe. on the surface it may seem like this is a more relaxing weekend than what we have grown accustomed to but behind-the-scenes administration officials are working very hard to contain two controversies. first, the fallout from that federal appeals court rejecting his immigration order and then
3:02 pm
second on the report that his national security adviser michael flynn had discussed the possibility of lifting sanctions on russia with the country's ambassador to the u.s. before president trump took office. president trump was asked about those reports on his way here yesterday aboard air force one and here's how he responded. >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. what report is back? >> reporting that you talk to the ambassador of russia before you were inaugurated. arthel: today was all about the golf course diplomacy per president trump posted this picture on twitter high-fiving prime minister abe. all the white house will say publicly is the two had a quote great conversation on a wide range of subjects. we don't know what those subjects were though and while they were playing golf the first
3:03 pm
lady and mrs. abe visited a japanese garden over in delray beach about 30 minutes from here. not only was her first morning out with a world leader spouse but her first solo public appearance ever as first lady so a very big day for her and it's not over yet. eric: the dinner is at eight. arthel: the president saying he is considering a brand-new order but also vowing to fight for his current travel ban. garrett tenney is live in washington with those details. garrett. >> the president continues to make the argument that his executive order is about protecting americans here at home and that's why he's using every available resource to get his temporary ban in place. the challenge is the order ties of course run the country or court proceedings will be
3:04 pm
playing out for weeks if not months something the president acknowledged yesterday on air force one. >> the unfortunate part is that takes time. we also have a lot of other options. >> a new executive order could come as early as monday or tuesday. the advantage to issuing a new one is via a can the can the competence goals of securing our borders and securing its betting system while being able to change the wording to address some of the concerns addressed by judges in these court proceedings playing out already in one of those concerns that is repeatedly come up is exactly who this order targets and who it is that it prevents from coming into the country. this morning on "fox and friends" retired law professor alan dershowitz laid out some of what the administration can do with this new order to address that. >> you have to distinguish
3:05 pm
between categories of potential visitors to the united states and you also have to put a few new due process safeguards in the process so that it seems to be fair to the courts and maybe tone down some of the religious language. and with this new executive order you are also likely to see a whole other round of legal challenges from across the country. the administration's hope with these new and proved wording the temporary ban will be able to stay in place while the challenges work their way through the courts. arthel: garrett tenney thank you. eric: commander-in-chief for less than a month after president trump's freewheeling style of governing is already running into hurdles. most notably the ruling that suspended the present travel ban and other of the troubles that are beginning to bubble up. revelations the national security advisor general michael flynn may have broken the law by legislating discussing russian sanctions with the russian ambassador of the u.s. before
3:06 pm
president trump took office. what does the president need to do to change his style or does washington have to be the one that changes? he's a national correspondent with the national post. for those of us like myself who have covered donald trump over three decades. as a new york reporter that seen them in action at the trump tower. no matter what you think of him he's a man of passion. order after order rather had people coming into his office saying hello mr. trump yes mr. trump i'm going to do this and that. the guy is like whirling dervish. does that action can-do businessman type of behavior how does that translate to the oval office? >> i think you hit the nail on the head in terms of the challenges. we are talking about a guy who for decades literally decades has been the chief executive. it's his company.
3:07 pm
he knows what he wanted now he is sharing the government of the legislature and the judicial branches. that's very different. early in the program it was mentioned how he said the judicial system is broken. he is one part of a three-part pyramid that runs what happens in the states. that's the thing. eric: it seems as if he disagrees with someone he is critical of them. the judicial system, saying the system is broken and on and on. >> he clearly has internalized the idea of the american people have given a mandate to meet the leader of united states. that's way he approaches it. >> being the leader of united states is not be -- me being the chief executive officer. essentially what happened is he a sliver of his campaign promise of going to washington. he's likeable in a china shop china shop of the problem is you have to run the china shop. that's a situation and not the situation --
3:08 pm
eric: is also the author of the art of the deal. he is known charles schumer for years and years. >> now, that's exactly the point. he had an opportunity to change because he had a republican legislature. you want to make changes so fast and he got so far ahead on things like his executive order that now it seems as though a seven to be pushed back in all these different direction. the legislature can send a lot of things in the law but that's a lot slower process. eric: give the general flynn controversy that is not going to go away anytime soon. how does he deal with this end like we saw with the one china policy basically. we seen him pull back some of his campaign rhetoric. >> there's a big difference in the famous "by mario cuomo that you campaign and you govern in prose. donald trump's learning the difference between campaigning
3:09 pm
and governing. obama cares a tricky situation and not very popular with the base but there a lot of folks who are very strong evidence of it and now people out in the congressional districts are talking to those people about it. it's tougher up congress people to say no to those folks. that's the reality. eric: we see a lot of folks yelling at senators a town halls last week. >> that's exactly right. you're going to find if any of these policies it's easy to tweet something a lot of people read tweets in say yeah is great i agree with you but there a lot of people who won't respond until her who will respond in person. i understand there is some organization behind this process that is them pointed out as well but that said a lot of people are unhappy with what donald trump's doing it he is to govern those people. eric: there was a big demonstration last night against immigration and no matter what the issue is you are seeing people out in the streets. how does he deal with that when he turns on the tv and sees
3:10 pm
thousands or tens of thousands out in the street protesting against an? >> of fundamental issues he needs to learn what it takes to be a political leader. he doesn't come to politics from politics. all of these other politician understand. donald trump talks about making deals that has never sought to reach out to the other side even after he won the election. yesterday got where the middle ground is and it's not in his nature. nature is simon trump ground. >> didn't president obama as a person of some of that to? you can really reach out to the opposition party wasn't lbj or bill clinton. that's what you need is president so donald trump being the type of guy that he as we know that from personal experience that he is like mr. hey come over here. >> if you look at something like the affordable care that was modeled on the policy they came from the right. it was modeled on us
3:11 pm
single-payer system that a lot of people unless wanted to see. the policies, the advance policies that were more thoughtful -- eric: do you think he can adjust his style or is that what the american people don't want to? the mayor of new york when i covered him he first came into office saying gee i do know al-thani which is the capital of new york control so much. he was used to bloomberg llp just like trump. >> it's an interesting analogy. i'm not sure it necessary holds up because they are different personalities predicting donald trump's a lot more brash than michael bloomberg was so doesn't serve them well this moment. we have four years to go and months before congress starts passing legislation putting things on his desk to look at. i think things are going to have to slow down to some extent. i'm not sure whether trump is
3:12 pm
going to enjoy that but i don't know he's going to have much choice. eric: what is the reaction from washington? in georgetown when they sit around the dinner tonight to this brash new york billionaire who is now among you. >> i mean i think it's not really an institutional washington was not particularly enthusiastic about seeing what would happen once donald trump came to washington. again he is come and and he is not a lot of heads. for good or for bad that is what is done. he has gotten a lot of pushback as a result of that as well and we are so new to this thing to your point earlier we will have to see out plays out. eric: the clintons example, you always see this washington creature in the oval office. >> it to some extent but we can all agree that donald trump is far farther outside of washington than most most. eric certainly shaken things up
3:13 pm
and we will see how it continues. thanks for joining us. art val at a freight train topples off an elevated track plunging into a flooded river. what officials are saying may have caused that rack plus president trump talk about a phenomenal tax announcements in the details of his proposal are murky. while this talk lead to action what will happen to your 401(k) if it doesn't?
3:14 pm
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there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ eric: a freight train derailed in northern california and sent 22 real cursor into a flooded river. beginning pacific train was carrying food products when it derailed south of the state stae capitol. lu board were not injured. officials at this moment do not yet know if that had anything to do with the real meant -- derailment. president trump's rally with u.s. stocks hitting record high on friday. investors remain a presence promise. questions remain about trump
3:18 pm
panting that answer could come soon during a meeting this week with airline industry executives at the white house on thursday. >> lowering the all over tax burden on american businesses is coming along very well and we are way ahead of schedule and we are going to be announcing something i would say over the next two or three weeks that will be phenomenal. arthel: that will be phenomenal and that was enough to keep veterans happy. joining me is that present a financial advisor at diversified financial consultants. dominic is this good for 401(k)s and what's really going on here? >> look if you are looking on line and looking at here 401(k) or your ira you have to be smiling from year to year. markets hit an all-time high in friday so this is all positive and healthy wonderful stuff but at some point reality has to set in.
3:19 pm
the reality is as much as president trump is capable of it the reality is he won't in time. >> you are talking about perfection. can we ever see perfection and? >> without getting too wonky look at the s&p 500 and if it's going to earn $125 this year that means the s&p should be 2900. closed on friday at 2300 meaning the anticipation by most investors is that we are going to get a tax cut and that will help help the bottom-line profitability of corporations. we might get regulatory reform that will help profitability. we might get infrastructure. that will help profitability in the economy is good to grow faster so all these things are wonderful if and when they happen. it's just going to take time. arthel: we are hopeful they do happen for sure but as you know when things are chaotic and washington things get shaky on wall street. are we perhaps going to see a rollercoaster effect on the market?
3:20 pm
>> i have been doing this for 33 years and i don't ever remember year where was not a rollercoaster so investors should anticipate that. investors should anticipate there's going to be noise and there might be a trade embargo and it might be a trade war with china and that will send fear into the market. we will see the rollercoaster ride. we should look at those as buying opportunities. all the dollars we have had sitting on the sidelines. we might have a little bit of a sale here use that opportunity. arthel: i have done that but what about the people who are not in the market? everybody has individual stocks, how does the trump rally your tumble effect the overall economy? >> two things. there's a lot of money sitting on the sideline. that money is going to come back into the market. unfortunately people want to buy when things are great and they don't want to buy when things are terrible.
3:21 pm
the average investor typically makes that mistake but a positive stock market overall makes people feel better and when people feel better they spend more money. it's kind of the cycle that helps the overall economy. arthel: before we go again i want to get back to this and we expect the term presidency to have a palpable effect on the economy and the successful businessman who says he can make the business of america successful. >> you can argue that since the election there's an overall positive feeling on the economy so you find consumer spending more and find businesses hiring more. that's intrinsic restarting immediately but the realistic agenda some of these policy changes literally can be later on in 2017 or like he 2018. so don't let the short-term noise, the tweets and the infighting between parties get you depressed and stay with a
3:22 pm
plan for a long-term investment portfolio. arthel: i can lean on that good in and that right there. domick tavella thank you so much. eric: arthel and dominic those interest rates getting a lot of attention as we can. claiming it's part of prison terms policy to clamp down on the undocumented but the agency says no, he will have a full report on that coming up in controversy over national security adviser general michael flynn and those calls with the ambassador from russia. he didn't do anything wrong. any break the law as critics claim how serious is this? the former director of the cia james woolsey is here to tell us. ooh...
3:23 pm
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eric: immigration and customs enforcement carrying out a series of raids across u.s. cities this week. officials from the agency saved more than 160 people were arrested and those raids were planned they claim before the trepid administration even took office. will carr his life in the studio. kind of a controversy going on about this especially among some advocates will about when this was planned at how was carried out. >> absolutely eric and those raids took place across the country or for the past five days sparking fear in rumors and a variety of cities but on friday federal authorities tried to set the record straight. officials saying the rumors of random sweeps were false, you're responsible and put members of law enforcement in danger. they went on to say they had planned the rates for weeks and the vast majority of those
3:28 pm
arrested were convicted felons and here in los angeles around 160 people were arrested. we find that 37 of those were from mexico and the party been deported. authorities pointing out that they rested fewer people during the raids in southern california than they did last summer during a similar operation under the obama administration. barbara poma security secretary john kelly weighed in after touring the border yesterday. >> i.c.e. is executing the law and i will tell you i've been around a lot of. darned good men and women in the armed forces and what i saw today is professionalism that i personally assert -- observed in a potentially dangerous environment and he gave me great pride. eric: the rates mixed with the administration hard line on immigration at the protest in downtown los angeles thursday. critics say they are prepared to fight the administration moving forward.
3:29 pm
>> arrests and detention and arcane c. are causing great damage in great pain. we believe yeah we do have and immigration problem but we also have to inject humanity and compassion to the law and we are destroying families. eric: the operation took place around the same time across the country. i.c.e. officials in los angeles said their rates were not coordinated with other cities. eric: will thanks so much. arthel: new information on the fallout from allegations that national security advisor michael flynn spoke with moscow about lifting sanctions before president trump took office. this as we learned the cia rejected security clearance for a top aide to serve on the national security council. lauren blanchard has now from washington. >> national security advisor michael flynn did discuss russian sanctions with the russian ambassador before president trump was sworn in it
3:30 pm
would be a violation of the logan act which bar citizens from unauthorized interference with u.s. foreign policy. the obama administration was still in power when he reportedly had phonecalls with russia to talk about than president obama's economic sanctions. it's true flint's conversation would be considered a breach of diplomatic protocol. he denied the sanctions ever took place and by mid-january vice president-elect pence defended flynn. >> i talked to general flynn yesterday in the conversations that took place at that time were not in any way related to the new u.s. sanctions against russia or the expulsion of diplomats. >> a spokesman for flynn is walking back at previous denial in a statement to the "washington post" saying flynn quote indicated that while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions he couldn't be certain that the topic never came up. this leading vice president pence putting a strain on the
3:31 pm
white house securities adviser in the white house. fellow republicans are concerned about any possibility that the trump administration would go easy on the countrymen to consider a photo to the u.s.. sin there will be a violent reaction in the congress against lifting russian sanctions. >> a top deputy to flynn has had a security clearance denied by the cia which essentially forces one of flynn's right hand man out of the national security council or they could severely ratchet up tough relations between flynn and the intel community. arthel: lauren thank you. eric: what does this mean for general flynn for his future in our country's national national security quite joining us now is ambassador james will see former director of the central intelligence agency and former senior advisor to president-elect trump. thank you for joining us this evening on this saturday.
3:32 pm
how serious is this if general flynn did insist deep speak to rush about sanctions and what does that mean? >> while i don't know without knowing all the facts. we have a situation which we go through a transition from administration to administration the u.s. government that takes eight or 10 days for the british to do it. it takes us months and as you do if you have to have a lot of coordination between government and discussing issues and taking over issues from people that otherwise have been delisted and is not impossible to get mixed up on what day you said something and it did not sound as if general flynn was saying was the sort of thing that is normally regarded as outside the authority of someone to discuss. i think that we need to keep in
3:33 pm
mind that the people who are working on this are doing it most of them for the first time. they haven't handled transitions before and some of them are looking for jobs and are keeping an eye cocked at the person on the next desk in the next desk over etc. and it's not a real pleasant situation. i worked a little bit on a couple of transitions and it's not an enjoyable part of the government. eric: we are hearing for the first time about the logan act. the "washington post" says officials say he did discuss actions and they denied it and they are backtracking against that. what is the level of wrongdoing? what is the level of lawbreaking? what is the level of doing something against your national security if you say something
3:34 pm
like when donald trump gets into office we will drop the sanctions are reassuring the russian ambassador. is that wrong and to what level is at? >> first of all when asked to look at a situation the exact same thing was said with exactly the same authorization three days later or four days later in order to get a feel for how serious it is. the answer in those circumstances may be not so serious. on the other hand if there was discussion of the sanctions and it had something to do with it back door communication from someone either through general flynn or general flynn on his own taking an attack on sanctions that were not a popular one that could be more serious but i think frankly we ought to have a little bit of sympathy for the people trying to make this position occurred. >> eric one of the transcript
3:35 pm
did show up quid pro quo promise of wrongdoing. what happens then? >> then you have a serious problem no doubt about it and it depends on who ordered what and how they ordered it and who was doing what that yes that could be a serious problem. it. eric: what happens in a demonstration i'll show you this clip we saw it a few seconds ago. publicly in january saying no sanctions were not brought up. that may not be the case and accusations that someone lie to somebody about this. let me show you vice president pence. >> did general flynn never discuss lifting sanctions? >> i talk to general flynn yesterday in the conversations at that time were not in any way related to u.s. sanctions either to russia or the expulsion of.
3:36 pm
>> what if it turns out that's not true or if it is true? >> well as stated it doesn't sound like it creates a major problem if of the stated in a different way could be quite serious. all of this is a matter of nuance and precision and exact way on what day did you say that it's very hard to get it sorted out without extensive cross-examination that i used to spend my time doing that. eric: could there be a persecution or type of investigation? could we see the democrats on capitol hill, some are calling for him to be fine. >> i think you would have to have an intentional violation in the personal advantage of someone. i don't see that yet. i do understand how people are bothered about the sanctions. we really need to take a firm
3:37 pm
hand with russia on all this and to make sure we get the job done and keeping them from her ranging around and -- countries which is kind of the propensity but i do think we need to be a little patient and find out exactly who said what when and what the motivation was and what the potential gain was. this may not be much more than a misunderstanding. eric: is becoming a bit of a firestorm. let me give you one quote from the democratic representative eliot engel who issued a statement that says this. some acceptable during the transition general flynn discussed lifting sanctions with russia's ambassador. this action would be deeply troubling under any circumstances, either general flynn and lied to the administration or lied to the --
3:38 pm
the administration lied to the american people. this is ward a full-blown investigation? >> i think this is vague and ambiguous enough this may be the kind of thing but some of the statements are sufficiently vague and sufficiently imprecise and what is being referred to etc.. i think congress may well end up having a hearing on it. eric: finally those of us in a certain age 1980, william casey. it was all over the place. casey had secret meetings with the iranians to make a deal with the men's duration to remove hostages when he was inaugurated and there were congressional investigations. there was no credible evidence of any of that. how do you think this will play
3:39 pm
out? >> well quite frequently malevolence is alleged and you find out that it's confused. that's especially true in situations like this. i think we owe not only in court but in a congressional hearing, we need to allow the benefit of the doubt to be residing in the person and the people who are being questioned and not tea them up for being carved to shreds on the witness stand in front of tv cameras but ask patient and straightforward persistent, yes but patient and straightforward questions. i was general counsel for the senate armed services committee for three years and nice to run these hearings. it's easy to get into flamboyance. you don't want to do that.
3:40 pm
you want it to be straight and i think we don't have any reason to expect at this point that it's not straight but we need to learn. eric: ambassador james woolsey former director of the cia thank you for your thoughtful, studious injudicious analysis. we do appreciate you coming in tonight. >> my pleasure. eric: we will continue. arthel: we turn to weather and an unbelievable video to show you incredibly strong winds and wyoming flipping a massive tractor-trailer onto police car. happened earlier this week on the interstate where police were investigating another crash. luckily no one was in the car when the big rig tipped over. eric: is a family place where you got bad weather over the weekend. winter storms are again on the way across the northeast. people are still digging out from the snowstorm that hit a couple of weeks ago.
3:41 pm
the new storm is expected to follow tomorrow into monday with blizzard conditions. of course it is winter. meteorologist adam klotz is in the weather center. >> is the tale of two parts of the country. this is what i will be talking about for starting off with these are almost unheard of temperatures in the middle of february. you're looking at numbers easily piling up closer to the 90-degree range especially in spots in texas 91 degrees in midland 87 in galveston and even stretching back farther to the east behind me noticed temperatures getting closer to 80 degrees in the middle of winter. the spots where is winter like those spots are in the northeast so we will be seeing a secondary system. for now we are in a little and things are looking okay across the northeast at the moment. we have another system heading this way. it's going to be looking up from the plains states and running into the ohio river valley.
3:42 pm
here you are getting into future radar tomorrow morning beginning with perhaps a little bit of a wintry mix. this one sending colder air and that's when you will see it turning to more snow. upstate new york stretching to maine all areas throughout the day on sunday and into monday for her we could see some of the snowfall and at times fairly heavy snow. as a result we have winter storm warning stretching from large portions of new york towards boston with the north into portland maine running to the canadian border. this is one we are paying close attention to tomorrow and into monday as well. we will be keeping our eye on it eric. eric: are right at him thank you. arthel: russia may be ready to turn over edward snowden to the us but a new report claims the move comes with strings attached. we will play that for you, next.
3:43 pm
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arthel: chuck schumer and bernie sanders calling out constituents and their fellow senators to lead rallies across the country protesting president comes plan to repeal obamacare saying in a letter more than 75% of americans support the law. this coming one day after donald trump was sworn in to lead the health department the georgia republican hit the ground running on rolling back the affordable care at. eric: president trump caught in a quote -- a spy who should be executed through the president talking about former national security agency contractor edward snowden who you know leaked a ton of ossified documents. he could be back in the u.s. if reports to moscow are true. russia reportedly considering returning snowdon to u.s. soil. as the way they say to gain favor with president trump. the fact that snowdon is now
3:48 pm
saying proves he is not a spy. bryan llenas is in the newsroom with more on if this could potentially happen. >> a governor source tells "fox news" catherine herridge that they have exhausted ever snowdon side and he's more useful as a bargaining chip to russian president vladimir putin. implication is the russians would give up snowdon to the u.s. in return for something. what, we don't know. we do know that president donald trump's called the nsa whistleblower a quote terrible traitor and tweeted before he was president he believes snowdon deserves to be executed. new cia director mike on tale also says snowdon deserves the death penalty. this information comes to "fox news" after an nbc report which seems to take things a step further than our reporting sighting to government officials report reports that russia is considering handing over snowdon to the u.s. as a quote a quote gift to president trump in an attempt to curry favor with the
3:49 pm
president. some skeptics say gifts aren't given. they are going to be some strings attached in some believe it could be of the sinister nature. that depends on icy despair yesterday's snowdon tweeted he believe these reports prove the opposite is not a russian spy because the country would never give up a spy that could come back and harmed them. today he tweeted more suggesting the russian government is actually out to get him tweeting quote days ago i criticized the russian government big rather a lot now threatening -- but i won't stop at on of the rumors are true but i can tell you this i'm not afraid. very things it must be said no matter the consequence. don't be afraid, be ready there are more of us than them. russia has granted the snowdon asylum until 2020 under the accusations that he is given russia secrets. the department of justice has made it clear they once snowdon back in the u.s.. he may face 30s imprisoned for
3:50 pm
violating the espionage act. he wants to come back to the s. with no criminal charges looming and a spokesman for president vladimir putin said all of this is quote nonsense. eric: we will see what happens brian, thank you. arthel: france already on the edge in the wake of devastating terror attacks. now this word that authorities inside the country prevented another potential massacre that officials described as m&a. we'll have the latest on this very latest developing story. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax.
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arthel: a "fox news" alert french police arrested four people including a 16-year-old girl suspected of planning an imminent terror attack. more now from london. >> arthel anti-terror police made four arrests south of france yesterday. one of the suspects is a 16-year-old girl. the french interior ministry says the suspects were planning an attack in france according to police. the crew had been monitored buying bomb-making materials. they have also set up a makeshift -- one of the suspects was known to intelligence
3:55 pm
services and was thought to have planned to travel to syria and the girl was allegedly pledged allegiance to isis. this follows an incident a week ago when a man trying to stop the french soldiers did the louvre in paris is facing charges of attempted murder as well as association with a terrorist group. the french government says this was an attempted terrorist attack. france is still under a state of emergency after mass attacks over the past two years which have killed more than 200 people thousands of police and soldiers patrolled the streets of paris and other cities as a precaution. at a carnival in nice has gone without incident so far. security has been stepped up after truck attacks killed 86 people there last july. ortiz will be relieved that this latest plot has been disrupted. france remains on high alert
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
the alligator attacked him wednesday as he was lining up a spot in north fort meyers. arthel: he was able to escape using the only weapon he had come a powder. we hope to see you tomorrow at noon. eric: at four and six. julie: a busy weekend for president trump as he whose leader of japan and in just about an hour a delegation set to get underway hosted by the president and first lady. mean i'm julie banderas for "the fox report." japanese prime minister shinzo abe kicking off a visit yesterday at the white house meeting with president trump and taking questions from the media. then in florida today the president tweeted a picture of the payer on the golf course before the president got some work in speaking by phone with two more foreign leaders from tunisia and columbia. little rest for the presence twitter finger with postis


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