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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> ooh! greg: stop it, it's a cat. thanks to bob beckel, kimberly guilfoyle, steven baldwin, cat tim of. starts right now. jesse: "watters world" is on. >> i read the papers, i see what's going on in television. i see the lies. "watters world" you saw the interview, but what happened behind the scenes when o'reilly sat down with donald trump. >> fake news is the worst thing you can call a journalist. it's like an ethnic disparagement. jesse: the media is calling fake news the equivalent of the n-word. "watters world" hits the snow storm in search of global warming. and i go to the front lines of an anti-trump protest.
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iran is not a terrorist country? >> no. jess require many the number one state sponsor of terror in the world. i'm your host, jess see watters. the leading lady much congress appear to be blustered, making lot of mistakes. >> when i talked about leading him to impeachment. what i'm saying is he has done enough in a short period of time with whether or note' -- whether note's act:the best interests of this country. and the fact he's wrapping his arms around putin while putin is continuing to advance into korea? >> this only a couple weeks since the inauguration?
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there is complete evidence. we have seen nothing that we -- or that i can work with president bush on. >> mr. president i'm surprised the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> is there objection? >> object. >> i appeal the ruling. >> the objection is heard. the senator will take her seat. jesse: these are smart women who have been in congress a very long time. why do they seem rattled by this president? bill o'reilly leaving the no-spin zone for a trip to "watters world." what do you think is it about trump's style that's provoking these ladies so much? bill: well, i mean, at the core of it is ideology.
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political ideology. they are pro choice ladies, that's always a big thing. jesse: but he's not a pro-life guy. bill: but he made it clear he's gone over to that camp and wants judges that are favorable to the pro-life people. the president has been demonized in certain quarters about this conduct. and so there isn't any common ground. that's the key. no common ground between nancy pelosi, maxine watters and donald trump. none. jesse: do you thinked the democratic party has the strategy to push these women to be the vanguard of the movement? bill: they are flying their constituencies. they are feminists and playing to their people. jesse: weiss so-called feminists are attack every single woman
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aligned with trump. they are going after betsy devos, the education woman, and ivanka trump and kellyanne conway. bill around saw in the women's march the pro-life women couldn't marl in a women's march. i think the facade is all about politics. jesse: are you surprised by the hatred against president trump? bill: i warned him early on this would happen. he's out of the mainstream and not beholding to anyone and he's up against the far left and they hate him. jesse: when you have interviewed the president, was there anything different about president obama behind the scenes than we know about? bill: i think he was more focused. he was focused. that day when he interviewed us in the white house i sat in on a
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meeting with economic advisers, a bunch of pinheads sitting around talking about the economy. they were big economic names. he knocked out the interview for 35 minutes. very focused, paid attention. the one thing i noticed in socializing with him is he would be all over the place. we would be talking about the mets and talking about this. but he very locked in and very focused. jesse: i think he may work harder than you. bill: how many hours a day to you work? >> long hours. right to 12 *, 1:00 in the morning. bill: what time do you have get up? >> 5:00. i read the papers. i see what's going on on television. i take a look. i see the lies -- the lies.
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jesse: he wakes up at 5:00 in the morning. bill: i don't think he sleeps at all. he's a vampire. he's never really gotten a lot of sleep. but he's into it. he's consumed by the job. jesse: i have been consumed by my job. thank you very much. the 300th "watters world." and you are welcome for giving you all these great ratings. jesse: i heard you wanted to take a look at the first "watters world" episode and we have a clip right here. >> michelle obama says she doesn't want young people on facebook. do you agree with it. >> i it depends on the age. i don't think 12-year-olds should be on facebook they put they are 18. jesse: have you ever been in trouble for doing that.
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>> they tried. jesse: who is they? >> the detective. bill: how long ago was that? jesse: six years ago. bill: watters. jesse: i think i look better now. did you see the hair? it was all over. i didn't even have a hairstyle. thank you very much, bill, and thanks for taking the time. coming up, ivanka trump's clothing dumped by stores for under performing. we have the sales numbers they don't want you to see. "watters world" is at trump protests trying to find someone who knows why they are there. he's against african-americans. he said black people are ignorant. jesse: he d d d d d
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>> they are facebooking us, emailing us. you don't get together, [inaudible] jesse: those our friend diamond and silk very upset after ivanka trump's highly successful clothing was dumped by north nordstrom supposedly because of slipping sales. >> i'll give a free commercial here. go bite today, you can find it online. jesse: that statement got her in trouble. jason chaffetz is on the attack. he wants an ethics investigation. you will see the mainstream
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media run with that story line. but this is about ethics. it's about political jihad. if ivanka trump's father was a democrat, wouldn't we be hearing about girl power? we have some numbers, ivanka trump's company is private. her company's revenue is up 21%. her clothing line did $100 million in revenue. so i this really about profitability or is it about politics? >> i think it's a bit of both. as an owner of a company you have the right to refuse service and the right to refuse carrying a certain brand, whether it was baits was made overseas. you are talking about her
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company's figures. jesse: a thousanders to and they are not doing well in the fivers to that dropped her? you said something, a business can do whatever they want. when the christian bakers didn't want to bake a gay wedding cake for a couple, they were maligned viciously. isn't that discrimination. then you have nordstrom dropping ivanka, isn't that discrimination? >> i don't think -- i don't think that having the power to shop where you choose as a consumer, where i spend my money, that's my choice. and i defend somebody's right to say, look, you do legally have the right to refuse a service. we see those signs everywhere. if there is a vie laying of law when you are discriminating
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against someone based on gender, race or religion. jesse: that's wrong. but you can't discriminate against republicans or democrats? is that allowed? >> it's perfectly okay to discriminate against republicans. let's call these businesses what they would be called if they were -- if ivanka were the daughter of a democrat. they would be called misogynist. but it's okay to target ivanka. it's okay to go after the first lady and fashion designers saying, i am not going to dress melania trump. jesse: if ivanka wanted to profit off her white house connections, she would have every one around in the white house wearing her clothing line.
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the head of noard strong is a hillary donor. this is donald trump on twit arer responding to what he considers unfair treatment. my daughter ivanka has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom. she is a great person always pushing me to do the right thing. harry truman when he was president went after someone who wrote a nasty review of his daughter when she was performing, when she was singing. he said some day i hope to meet you. when that happens you will need a new nose, a lot of beef steaks for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below. >> could you manage if social media existed in even a small way? he's threatening to beat living
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bejesus out of this guy. kellyanne conway comes out to defend her boss' daughter and there's going to be an ethics investigation with taxpayer money. jesse: there are a lot of other things to investigate in the swamp beside ivanka trying to sell some threads. you heard the president talk about fake news? have you actually seen the stories? i'll give you my take. these protesters hate trump's extreme vetting plan. but why? >> they are not terrorist countries. jesse: iran is not a terrorist country? >> no. jesse: it's the number one sponsor of terrorism in the
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jesse: this is a fox news alert. big news coming out of the 9th circuit court of appeals. it is decision that has many shake their heads. >> the due process was the cornerstone of the court's decision. yet they gave drew process rights to people who do not have due process rights. people in somalia who have never been to this country. people in syria who have never been to this country. they don't have due process rights. they don't have constitutional rights of any kind. jesse: nearly a third of the refugees since the ban are from syria alone. still people in the u.s. are
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protesting mr. trump's executive orders. but many don't seem to know why. earlier this week i went to a student protest in new york city. roll the tape. [♪] jesse: are you cutting class to go to this protest? >> yes. jesse: which class? >> i would have missed any class, by the happened to be lunch. >> i'm cutting my calculus class. i have a test. jesse: what happens when the teacher fails you? >> i think if he fails me web's a [bleep] jesse: do your teachers know you are cutting? >> yes, many of them are we understand why you aren't going to be here for you. jesse: what are you here to protest. >> i would say i'm here to protest the ban and immigrants and refugees. >> the travel ban [bleep] it's
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un-american. >> what he's doing is not right, it's fascism, not democracy. >> he wants to ban people from this country. it's sad when you don't like a person for what they look like. jesse: what don't you like about trump? >> he's racist. he's against african-americans. he said black people are ignore ranltd. jesse: he did? >> yes. >> jesse: when was that? you were chanting america was never great earlier. do you believe that. >> it's a chant, 5, 6, 7, 8, america was never great. jesse: america was pretty great when we defeated the nazis. which nations are on the temporary travel ban list? >> as of right now i'm not completely sure about the actual countries. >> libya, iraq, afghanistan.
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lebanon. many like -- like -- like. >> this isn't turning out the way i want it to. >> what he wants is not american. that's bads bad phrasing, i'm on tv. jesse: why wouldn't you want people extremely vetted before they come here to this one tri. >> why should they be extremely vetted. jesse: because they are havens of terrorism. >> americans are havens of terrorism. jesse: if you this this is terrorism you have should see syria. >> iran is not a terrorist country jess require many the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world. do you believe in borders? don't you want to check to see
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if someone is cool but let them in? >> of course you always want to check. jesse: that's why we want extreme vetting some of course. of course. jesse: so you do agree with the trump ban. what does your sign say on the back? >> it says trump is a nazi. jesse: i thought said you don't believe in violence. >> i do believe in violence, just not gun violence. >> i'm an immigrant from south africa do you have think i knead to be extremely vetted? jesse: after some of the comments you have made, yes. a big thanks to riley, bruce and monica who edited that piece. we wanted to hear what you have thought. driewf says i have apologize for my generation. jesse: apology not received. rebecca stevenson said those kids learned more from jesse
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watters than they would have learned if they stayed in class. watters making himself feel smart by trying to trap protesting high school students. pathetic. i don't need to do that to feel smart. i am smart. chris cuomo says what? >> fake news is the worst thing you can call a journalist. jesse: comparing fake news is the same thing as saying the n-word? i'll show you have the fake news storists out there and let you decide. i hit the streets to see if people believe the global warming hype. you know what i call this? global warming. climate change. you know what i call climateulio
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"watters world."
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>> i was a business guy. i got good press. i have never -- i call it fake news. some of the networks and some of the papers -- the level of dishonesty where they will take a story that should be good. i know good from bad. jesse: cnn's chris cuomo * took it very personally. >> fake news is the worst thing you can call a journalist it's like an ethnic disparagement. we all have ugly words for people. that's the one for journalists. jesse: tonight we'll begin a segment examining fake news stories that have been pushed by the hide yeah since trump's election. the story about the mlk bust being removed from the oval office.
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daniel payne put together a rundown of some of the stories you may not have heard about. rumors spread on line hat transgender queens were killing themselves in response. multiple other outlets picked it up and the story was shared 100,000 times just on facebook alone. there was no factual basis for it. it wind up anti-trump hysteria. completely irresponsible. november 22, "new york" magazine writer david sherman dropped a bombshell. asserting election lawyers were demanding a recounseled in michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania was there was evidence of hacking. the next day it turned out it was demographics, not hacking
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which explained the inconsistencies sherman was pushing as evidence. but the damage was done. fake news contributes to the perception that trump's election was illegitimate. there was a report that trump's company:foreclosed on an elderly woman over a 2 can't error. almost everything in the article was false. the 90-year-old woman wasn't foreclosed on and it wasn't mnuchin's bank that brought the suit. people absorb the fake news, but never the correction. january 26, josh groban dropped this bombshell that there was a mass exodus at the state
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department. quote the state department's entire senior administrative team just resigned. but the truth is this is standing operating procedure. mark toner clarified. as is standard with every transition. the outgoing administration along with the incoming one requests letters of resignation. the entire presumption of the article was false. it is no wonder the majority of the americans don't trust the media. according to an emerson poll, 53% don't trust the presents. according to that same poll, more people trust president trump than don't truth him. still the media continues to
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call trump a liar. >> it's called why nobody cares the president is lying. jesse: that was brian williams who was dede motored from nbc for lying. the irony was lost on them there. a new poll by politico shows trump's immigration baines one of the most popular executive order to date. intel announced a $7 billion ingestment in arizona lead -- investment in arizona. the first lady melania trump won her lible suit dense fake news merchants. bernie sanders reduced the -- ted cruz reduced bernie sanders to rubble. >> why would you want more power in washington in the premise is the government is corrupt?
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jesse: both over 50% of reuters and rasmussen tracking polls. when people complain about trump tweeting so much, he wouldn't have to if he wasn't under constant assault from fake news. we discovered a bit of fake news regarding the climate. block buster revelations out of noaa. scientists gave daughter to fit the narrative that climate change is real. so we went out in search of global warming. >> what do you think about this global warming? >> it's for the birds. jesse: you know what i call all this? >> a winter wonderland?
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>> global warming. jesse: a lot of global warming out here. it is winter though, so this is what happens in winter. >> we do have sunshine, that's what i'm told. >> be quiet. i have to go. jesse: pretend it's al gore. you sounds like a girl. i would like a little more global warming. it's too cold for me. i can go to the beach all year? you just don't want to see me with my shirt off. what you do i al gore is thinking about right now? >> he's probably someplace really warm. jesse: probably some island on his jet. >> no carbon emissions from the
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jet. jesse: anything you want to tell al gore? >> what. jesse: what are we going to do about this global warming? >> i don't know, maybe your president could do something. jesse: he's your president, too. >> no, i'm from finland. jesse: i'm sorry to hear that. >> it's trump's fault. jesse: everything else is trump's fault. give me a break. up next. they are back -- he i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. jesse: what the ladies in the women's march are now threatening to do. who has the biggest beef of the
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jesse: as we discussed earlier in the show, president trump since taking office. it seems it's the left's target to protest everything. watch what happened when the new
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education secretary betsy devos tries to visit a school. protesters try to assault her and block her car from leaving. protesters are planning a day without women. what's their point and how does that help the unity they say they want. julie, can you please not strike -- women stay home, this country will unravel. i can't have that happen. my family can't have it happen. the country, every city, every school. don't do it. i'm begging you. >> i need a day off. when are we supposed to strike? jesse: maybe we can afford losing you, but other women, no. it's these privileged women that show up in dior and say i'm not
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going to do anything today. but regular ladies, the ones that actually have to work with their families and take the kids to school and get everything organized, that job was much harder than my job. these women -- are they really speaking for the rest of the females in america or not? >> no, they are not. these are liberal privileged women who were bags that cost $10,000. and they have working class women working for them, cleaning up their kids' vomit, cleaning up the house. but they are saying we want to you risk, middle class women who primarily voted for trump, we want to you risk losing your job and not taking care of your family because hillary clinton lost the election. jesse: do you believe the ladies, the tip of the spear as they say leading this feminist
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charge against donald trump? do you have think they are leading women in this country in the right direction? >> an ermes bag is about $30,000. it's not a matter of women not going to work. it could object matter of women -- women decided not to have congress gal relations with their husbands. jesse: if that happens, it will bring this country to a screeching halt. >> there are different waives they can express their disenchantment. jesse: they have been targeting a lot of the women surrounding donald trump. they are going after kellyanne and ivanka it's vicious. i thought women were supposed to support other women.
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>> look what happened to the education secretary betsy devos. liberals want the right to express their freedom of speech, but you have liberal women blocking her from entering a school. attacking kellyanne conway for sticking. you for another woman, ivanka trump, a mother of three, an entrepreneur. there are different ways of working inside the home. maybe you said it. jesse: you had palin and carly fiorina. these women are real role models. >> betsy devos is inexcusable. ivanka trump -- it's wrong for the president -- jesse: not true. the sales were up 21%. it's a polite cool jihad against
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her. >> why did nordstrom's stock go up? jesse: we don't like crony capitalism. ladies, thank you very much. coming up. we have the biggest political beast of the week. >> i'm not here to be your buddy. i'm here to swallow gulf and take names. what does she think about snl's take on
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>> everybody through president trump and sean spicer were battling it out this week.
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first off, it's president trump versus senator mccain. raid in yellen that saw the loves a navy seal. senator mccain addressed what he calls a failure. >> i think when you lose a $75 million airplane and americans lives -- a life is lost and wounds, i don't believe you can call it a success. jesse: president trump respond on twitter saying senator mccain should not be talking about failure or success of our missions. it only emboldens the enemy. he's been losing so long he doesn't know how to win any more. our heave rove ryan died on a winning mission, not a failure. they killed 14 al qaeda guys. who is right in this beef?
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>> successful operations often result in a loss of life. i can't criticize senator john mccain. he believes in the mobility of this country. he believes sending troops to fight the bad guys and right wrongs all over the place. but he doesn't want to talk to putin. this a new guy in town, a new mentality. jesse: trump said he doesn't like heroes who are captures. >> that was unfortunate. but he's a good man. i have no beef with senator mccain. jesse: president trump ripping senator blumenthal saying neil gorsuch said he found trump's attacks on the judiciary demoralizes.
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so the back story is after they came out and said this what else gorsuch said, they said he wasn't talking about what trump said about the judiciary, he was talking about in general about attacks on the judiciary. >> either way, senator blumenthal should lay low. this guy is sick. he's brian williams sick. at least nbc had the good sense to yank wrien williams off their evening news. he lied re-petedly and voters decided to send him to the senate. navy seals should haul him off to arlington national cemetery. jesse: in the senate when you have lie well you get promoted it was senator warren versus
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sessions when she got benched on the senate floor. ee is i believe a disgrace to the justice department and he should withdraw his nomination and resign his position. >> is there objection? >> i object. >> i appeal the ruling. >> the senator will take her seat. jesse: i think it's warren house the racist because she lied about being a native american to get into harvard to take another native american's spot. >> she makes hillary clinton look like mother teresa. between blumenthal and see you toes and jew haters running the democratic party. jesse: snl takes on sean spicer. >> i want to begin tonight by
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apologizing on behalf of you to me. you need some props? my words too big? when it comes to these decisions, the constitution gives our president lots of power. and steve bannon is the keep advise advisor. and our president will not be deterred. in his fight against radical muslims. jesse: i think that's almost as good as larry david doing bernie sanders. >> they are see mean spirited and angry, they are not usually funny. except maybe it's a little emasculating to be depicted by a
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pint-sized woman. how about been carson by oprah winfrey. jesse: whoever is watching at snl, do not listen. you
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jesse: you remember the ice bucket challenge raising money for als, lou gehrig's disease. now there is a new challenge called the trick shot challenge. a new friends of mine was diagnosed with als. he's a friends of mine and he's fighting for survival. what are we doing today? >> we are at the home of the fighting celtics, rich in
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basketball tradition and history. we are going to kick off the trick shot challenge right here at the patrick school. jesse: let's see what we got. [♪] jesse: remember, this is my world, okay? who are you going to nominate? that was nick richards. he just challenged three nba players. but you don't have to dunk to do the trick shot challenge. you can even crumble up a piece of paper and toss it into your wastebasket at work. nominate three people.
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that's it for us tonight. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. justice with judge florida ♪ >> tom: welcome to red eye. i'm tom shillue it. let's check in with andy levy. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump tells bill o'reilly he stays up till midnight and 1:00 a.m. and wakes up at five. sounds like he's missing out on the best show on tv. plus, should scientist be


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