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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 12, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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coming up next. and remember i'm watters and this is hide world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice with judge jeanine," in the line of fire. >> this is a direct attack on his policies and her name. judge jeanine: ivanka trump's pop there are a clothing line is the latest victim of the far-left hit squad. ivanka may be staying quite, but i'm not. it's tonight's opening statement. you are aptimistic man, ben stein. ben stein joins me live to talk about the president's immigration policy once next in the travel ban saga, and maybe this time we'll agree. >> how is he going to fix it? judge jeanine: start putting the
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criminals in jail. later, you wear ivanka trump shoes? >> no, i don't. i visit one of the world's most fame to us stores to find out what america thinks of ivanka trump, her clothes and the liberal left assault on her brand. you know what? do we a favor. finds out what child labor made your shoes. "justice with judge jeanine" starts now. breaking tonight, a ballistic missile fired by north korea. the first test firing since president trump took office. welcome to "justice with judge jeanine," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. the u.s. military said it detected the missile launch from north korea ames assessing the situation. president trump just made an appearance with the president of
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japan in florida but they did not address the launch. officials say they believe it was a show of force in response to the trump administration's hard-line position against the north. the white house says the president is monitoring the situation and we'll keep you posted. now to my opening statement. we have to stop destroying women based on the men in their lives. a woman cannot, should not, must not be judged by the man she is with. i am infuriated. this fight is supposed to be long over. why are we even talking about this? it is 1984. i am congresswoman geraldine ferraro, and yes i can be a candidate for vice president. you have no right to define me or malign me based point
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conviction of my husband. i am worthy of so much more. it's 2006. i am district attorney jeanine pirro running on my record, a record of accomplishment, a record which i am proud. you cannot and will not judge me or take from me my record of firsts as a woman or my successes based upon the deeds or misdeeds of my husband. i'm worthy of so much more. it is 2017. i am ivanka trump. an accomplished goritor, builder, fashion designer, business woman and writer and you cannot and will not judge me, based point actions of my father. i'm worthy of so much more. this must stop. this week a female nordstrom
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executive proudly trumpeted they were dropping ivanka trump's fashion line. they could have done it quietly, phasing it out. but instead they chose to public size it. antigen is of all this? an consider and the genesis of all this. a woman who didn't like the results of the election. she showr she started the hashtag grab your wallet to punish ivanka for the deeds or misdeeds of her father. chelsea clinton was never punished for the clear misdeeds her dad. nordstrom stated reason for dropping the line isn't important. reduced sales, maybe.
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amazing what product placement can do, you know. but what i can tell you is that overall, ivanka's brands revenue is up, 21% from 2015 to 2016. and pray tell if her brand wasn't selling well in nordstrom why did they order more products for the spring 01 -- for the 207 season? now to the woman herself. to save she is accomplished is an understatement. she has been wing awards and empowering women since she started her brands. she was named by fortune magazine as one of the 40 under 40 excellence for women in the world. she helped the ace break through
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award and the girl up foundation at the united nations. she was described at the international women's summit as a woman with a drive to support other women. she a won the good award for supporting individuals in diamond-producing nations. even teaches high schoolers about advancement and empowerment of women. she frowns on being a political surrogate. she says her role was about women and what her father would do for women in the country. >> he will fight for equal pay
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for equal work and i will fight for this too, right alongside of him. judge jeanine: after her dad wins she leaves the family business, the one she was groomed to run from the time she was a little girl. a woman groomed to run. we'll see if the male-dominate dominated business so she can continue to advocate for women in the workforce. leaving her own business working with a talented team of women, leaving her home, moving her family because she believes she can help tens of millions of women. so for all you hashtag heart is and loud, classless women, and the stores that capitulate to them by hitting her, you did hurt her dad. but she is stronger than you. and you know, the very feminists
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who hard and purport to advance strong independent women are the very ones rallying to suppress another who epitomizes every quality they claim too champion -- claim to champion. i challenge you all to put your money in your hashtag where your mouth is and support a strong independent woman that you claim to march for. try as you might, you won't defeat this woman, and you will not set us back. we work too hard and fought too long to be pulled back by small, jealous women. too limited to even comprehend the advances that are still ahead with ivanka trump. we, all of us, are worthy of so much more. and that my open. tell me what you think on my
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facebook page or twitter #judgejeanine.
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judge jeanine: she did not say go to my website and find out way wore tonight. let's move on. you and i disagree. you know what? if you are not proud of what you do or what you make. i'm proud of what i write and what i say. and i promote it. if she made that, she should wear it. >> she introduced that dress into politics. she put it -- >> she should wear it when she goes grocery shopping and be ashamed of it. >> michelle obama wore a dress and it sold out but she did not make a profit off of it. judge jeanine: she left everything that was personal to her and went to washington.
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>> no one is hurting her by not buying her dresses. they are sending a message to her father. judge jeanine: they should have gone the out and voted. the fact is, he won. what do you think about nordstrom? >> neiman marcus pulled it as well. judge jeanine: neiman marcus i think pulled some necklaces. why did they order the spring line if she was doing so poorly? >> according to the "wall street journal," they stead sales were down 0% from october last year to october this year. sales are down 70%. >> overall, there are up 21%. noird strom is one of -- that's all in a matter of three days. doesn't that tell you it's political? let me ask you this. nordstrom, a gentleman by the
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name of peter noard strong says if ivanka trump's brand has grown to be a sizable and successful business and it's not worth jettisoning even if some customers file should be gone. this is just before the election. >> then after the election sales started going down. judge jeanine: do you believe that? >> i do believe that. fit was selling so well and nordstrom was making so much money -- judge jeanine: don't you believe product placement has a great deal to do with whether something fails? >> smaw >> marshalls and tj maxx did the same thing. judge jeanine: the emmyees at marshalls and tj maxx said they never saw an email like that
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before that said take count signs. >> i loved her speech. then when i found out that dress was -- judge jeanine: her father is proud of what she does. >> i was upset she brought her line into politics. judge jeanine: because she wore a dress she made. do you believe that a woman who devoted her life to women -- >> she was using her name to sell a product. right now her name is not that popular and the product is not selling. judge jeanine: thank you so much. back to breaking news. a ballistic missile fired from north korea. here to join us is chris colins from new york. >> good evening judge. you had a great opening statement. judge jeanine: i know the trump family, i know i van case an
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elegant woman too smart to fight with anyone. it's her promise to not even gang in anything that involves business and the government. and that's a classy woman. >> she defined class. judge jeanine: but let's talk about what's going on with north korea. >> they are just flexing their muscles. not surprising we you a iran do it as well. i think america can be very happy today. president trump will keep our country safe whether it's general flynn or general kellogg or our new attorney general jeff sessions. he has got a-team. general mattis. it will keep us safe. this is nothing more than a little posturing as some suggested. north korea feels left out. they are talking about china and iran, now japan. mexico. so this is not unexpected. it was not an intercontinental
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ballistic missile it was point mediate range. i know donald trump, president trump and his team, they will keep an eye on iran and north korea. they will not let either of those countries threaten stability in the world. judge jeanine: kim jong-un isn't the most stable leader either. >> that's well said. i wouldn't want to be a family member. because he's propped up by china, it's china propping up north korea. china depend on the u.s. consumer for their economy. there are a lot of issues on the trade side to enter the mix. when you think about the art of the deal, i wouldn't be surprised if president trump and his frayed negotiators -- and his trade negotiators get involved.
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i wouldn't be surprised if that's not part of the discussion moving forward. judge jeanine: let's talk about quickly moving forward, the executive order and the 9th circuit, the most liberal leftist left circuit in the country. what do you think the president will do? do you think h he will draw up a new one and call it a day? >> i would think that's a good idea. it was a liberal judge, then a liberal court decided they didn't see any urgency to stay, to reverse the stay. so a smart thing is to take what the judge said which was not accurate. things like it was a muslim ban. things like it was a religious litmus test. they can be easily addressed and a new executive order speaking clearly. it doesn't affect green cardholders, students in and so forth. >> it wasn't clear and it was
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interesting how they said we are not going to take at his word when he said it doesn't affect these -- >> the judge did give us the roadmap to doing something they are not going to be able to claim any constitutional basis. they may sue again. but it would be expeditious. >> to me it would be expeditious. you know what i find incredible? i don't think the state of washington had standing. they did not have a direct and immediate effect on the state of washington. how could somebody who is not even a citizen have standing against the president as it relates to national security? >> it goes back to the stretch that they had a student who was denied entry. i would grant you a student with a visa, and it was clarified,
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they would be allowed in. but that was the stretch. there was a student with a visa that wasn't allowed back into the country. that was the nexus they had to try to claim standing. judge jeanine: that really tips the scales, doesn't it, congressman? >> it sure does. judge jeanine: the travel ban drama dominating the news this week. so what's the president's next move after the court of appeals ruling? deputy assistant to the president sarah huckabee sanders is standing by live to talk to me about that and so much more. street justice in america's most famous store. "justice" rolls on in a moment. do you think any wom punished if she has her own business because her father is the president? >> probably not.
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judge jeanine: how about definitely not?
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judge jeanine: president trump considering a new security move in the wake of the 9th circuit
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court of appeal ruling. now word of a missile launch by north korea. joining me is sarah huckabee sanders. we hear about north korea and the missile launch. what can you tell us about it? >> right now all i can say is the president is very aware of the situation. he has been briefed. and we are monitoring it closely. as he gets more information we'll make a decision at that time. judge jeanine: this is something that has been confirmed by d.o.d. we have confirmed this happened? >> i believe so, yes, and again the president is continuing to day in close contact with his leadership team and monitoring it very closely throughout the evening. judge jeanine: let me ask you what i asked congressman collins from new york. the executive order looking forward. i don't want to go into what
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happened and everything that happened last week. sarah, none of it is a surprise to me. the 9th circuit as it's called, 85%, 90% of it decisions overturned by the supreme court. is there a chance the president will draw up a new executive order that is a little more pal thattable to the 9th circuit? >> right now the president is keeping all options on the table. one thing i can assure you of and prop is you is he will do whatever it take within the constitution to keep americans safe it's what he campaigned on. what apromised, what he has been doing and what he has taken action to do in his first days in office. >> i believe he was doing that already and acting within the constitution. and, you know, article one, section 8. but apparently 9th circuit didn't agree. but i think it issue today has to do with i.c.e. and the claim there are random sweeps going on
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and that there are now i.c.e. checkpoints in los angeles, and people are being deported. i find it fascinating that there are now legal setups and legal attorneys and point for illegals so they have their right explained to them so there are people who can fight deportation who are here illegally when many people have felony convictions as i understand who have been deported. talk to me about those numbers, if you can. >> the bottom line here is the i.c.e. team and the i.c.e. officers are simply enforcing the law. and law that existed before donald trump even took office. they are actually enforcing it. this is real simple. people who have come in illegally who have felony charges are not going to be allowed to stay. this is a law that needed to be even forced and something we
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have to do to protect our country, and they are stepping you have and following the law and i don't know why anyone would complain about our law enforcement doing their job and enforcing the law. judge jeanine: they are complaining because they are not used to it. but to be fire, this is something that was done apparently occasionally by the prior administration, but for those who are arguing that there is no due process, there is no hearings, my understanding is that deportation is not just those who have felony convictions and here illegally, but those for whom there are already adjudication orders. so there already has been due process adjudication in court that you are illegal, you have to be deported and they never showed up to be deported. are you comfortable that even without the wall, that the people we are deporting now can be kept out or do you think
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we'll on have to go through this again? >> you know, i don't want to get ahead of where we are right now. the bottom line is the main authority we have to do, we have to know who is in our country. why are they here? are they here for the right reason? if they are, let's put them through the process and do this in a legal form and fashion. let's not have open border. that's been one of the big priorities of the president. he's going to enforce the law, build a wall and secure our country. that's the number one job of the president and it's one we finally have a president that takes that seriously and will take every measure under the constitution to do just that. street justice from macy's harold square. president trump's next move on security. and will the travel ban go all
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the way to the supreme court? next the justice rolls on in a
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." the and is here to talk about a big week in the white house. thank you both for being here. indeed, gentlemen, it was a big week. i have got to start with you, neil. was that ban a religious ban? >> yeah, it was. there is some real questions about whether he violated the establishment clause of the constitution. the record shows that he wanted to have a muslim ban back in december 2015. rudy giuliani bragged -- judge jeanine: are you a lawyer?
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>> no, i'm not. judge jeanine: let me give you a primer. a contract is decide based on what's in the four corn of that document. so the executive order stand on its own it has nothing to do with what was sd before. fit was a religious ban, then how koiment only applies to 12% of the muslims in the world as opposed to 100% of them? >> it doesn't matter if it's all muslims or just 12%. the question is whether it's a religious test. you are getting a special privilege to get into this country if you are a refugee -- that is what they are trying to do. judge jeanine: neil, you have to note facts before you come on my show. >> these are the facts. judge jeanine: you can't tell me the facts, i'm telling you the
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facts. david, refugees, if you are a minority religiously percent cute you are automatically coming. that's the whole point of being aina refugee or asylum status. if you are a muslim, christian or jewish person from any of those 7 countries, you have to be reviewed and band, is that correct? >> judge, i am not up to the details completely on that. to neil's point that there are a number of legal scholars on the liberal side of the equation that don't agree with his assessment. that in fact they don't think there is standing. that the state of washington and minnesota don't have standing to have this case. they don't believe legal experts
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also don't believe there is religious discrimination. they are not sure about the due process clause. but here is the most important point about all of this. donald trump has gone through the legal process of going through the courts to find out what they are going to do. while's also looking at take other action. contrast that to when franklin roosevelt couldn't get his policies passed, he tried to pack the courts and add more people to the supreme court so he could get his laws enacted. judge jeanine: that's off the point. now i'll move back to neil. here is the thing. if it were a religious ban, then no muslim could enter the country from anywhere else. >> that's not true, judge. you can have a religious ban that is only focused on those 7 countries and it would still be an illegal religious test. we can't have tests on religion.
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judge jeanine: it's based on where you are from and whether you are a danger. and it's temporary. >> there is no is danger. judge jeanine: how do you know what is in classified documents and even barack obama's administration found if was dangerous countries? how can you say. >> there has not been a single terrorist attack in this country by anyone who has come by a refugee. it's a fact. judge jeanine: when is the last time japan attacked us? that's got nothing to do with what's going on today? what i'm telling you it's based on the facts today, not what happened before. so let's talk about -- >> these are some of the most vetted refugees we have ever had in this country. judge jeanine: do you know what just happened at a university in
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ohio where a somalian refugee got behind the wheel and drove into a bunch of of people and got out of the car and started stabbing people? do you think the trump administration is wrong to start arresting people who are here illegally? >> do i think it's wrong to arrest people who are here illegally? if they commit violent crimes they should be deported. bust idea of arresting a mother of two and deporting her because she was here illegally doesn't make any sense. it makes no sense. judge jeanine: david? >> the overwhelming people in this recent pickup of illegal immigrants almost all of them have committed a crime or one was wanted in brazil for going after young children. so president trump is well within his right as he is with the immigration ban earlier.
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>> muslim ban. that's what it is. >> knowing who is coming into our country. should we know who is coming into our country or shouldn't we know who is coming into our country. judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. street "justice" still on deck. ben stein is on deck with insight on what the president can be thinking when it comes to security
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stein. good evening. this executive order, do you have think the president is going to do. do you think he will draw up new one? should he go to the supreme court? what should he do as it relates to national security and that temporary ban? >> i think he will break it up into several different parts, sends each of them out as an executive order and appeal the blanket decision by the court in seattle and also en banc koaferlc coastappeals ruling. what the court did was outrageous. there hasn't been a court to block a president's executive order since 1942. judge jeanine: do you think they were motivated by politics? some of course. i went to yale law school.
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we learned legal reamism. journals make decisions based on what will please their friends and neighbors. in seattle do you think anyone will consider them big shots for being friends of donald trump? no f way. they are big shots if they put their thumb in trump's eye. they wanted to show off and that's what they did. >> i wrkd for the government for 30 years. i'm one of those believe pitch want to believe in truth and justice. especially in a federal judge who has a judgeship for life that there is some honor and dignity and justice. >> i'm sure there is plenty. judge bourke had a lot of it. but these guys in seattle are political puppets of the left and the media power. the media is the supreme power in america right now and they are trying to cut president
1:46 am
trump down to size and using the judiciary as one of their pawns. judge jeanine: what do you have thrift media, the fourth estate, at least with the three branches of government, there are checks and balances. with the fourth estate the media, there is no checks and balances. when they point out someone has a mistress or girlfriend or speculating on stocks, they are all speculating on stocks with mistresses and girlfriends. judge jeanine: and they don't have to say what their sources are. >> they can make up sources and have them go down in the history books as great journalists. they make things up. judge jeanine: do you think president trump will change that paradigm somehow, some way? >> no. i think he will try. but i don't think he will be
1:47 am
able to succeed. although the new social media has under mined the media somewhat. cutting count mainstream media a little bit. the question is, is the new social meade yeah going to be able to outwit the mainstream media? it's an open question. social media helped elect mr. trump, but it can be turned against him, too. judge jeanine: let's talk about immigration. they are calling it a roundsup in l.a. your part of the world. most live those people here illegally with felony convictions. we are starting to see protesters, confrontations. when are the people on the left who were so angry. when are they going to pipe down? or is it never going to happen? >> i have been in protests. when i was in law school we went to protests all the the time. it's a way of to get out of
1:48 am
class and pick up girls and a way to get high. people don't protest because they have any real principle. they don't know what they are talking about it's a big party in the streets. you can get a job and be a responsible citizen or do your homework and be a responsible student or join the party. judge jeanine: i can't believe it, ben stein. it's always a party having you on. thanks for being with us tonight. want to go shopping? i'll take to you mails why
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judge jeanine: if you watched tonight's open you know how i feel about several stores' decision to drop ivanka trump's clothing line. but what about you? take a look. so nordstrom decides to take ivanka trump's clothing out, they say the am not selling. but macy's is still selling their stuff. good or not good? >> i think they should sell her stuff. judge jeanine: what do you think is going on when businesses are dumping her products. >> it's the anti-trump culture.
1:53 am
they are punishing anyone for trump. >> i don't think they should penalize the daughter for something because the father became president. there is no reason for her to suffer. judge jeanine: isn't it more offensive when the people behind the dump trump stuff are women who call themselves feminists? if they are feminists they need to stick with the women's stuff. judge jeanine: they are still selling ivanka trump shoes and clothing. then you have nordstrom who decided to dump her stuff. do you think she should be punished because of her father's policy? >> i think it's very unfair. a corporation like nordstrom that shells products made in
1:54 am
china -- that sells products made in china shouldn't take a and like that. >> she has taste and culture. she is a really smart woman and i don't think they should take away her clothes. >> that's the way it goes. number two, the president should have better thing to be concerned about than tweeting about his daughter's clothing. judge jeanine: wouldn't any father want to protect his daughter? >> not the president of the united states. he's the president of the youth. it's irrelevant. judge jeanine: she divested herself from the company. and the company has employees selling a product. and it's the women behind the hashtag grab your wallet. isn't that anti-feminist? she created her own product. >> now she is involved in something else.
1:55 am
she is the daughter of the president of the united states. >> i like her clothes and shoes, and right now i'm going to macy's to buy something of hers. >> what are you doing? >> my job. judge jeanine: let's help her out. somebody looking for you? >> no. you s no trump shoes. judge jeanine: how do you know your shoes weren't made by kids in china. how do you know that? this is america shouldn't i be able to buy of what i want. >> you can buy of what you want. but i won't buy them. judge jeanine: find out what child labor made your shoes and what country they are from. do you wear ivanka trump shoes? >> no, i don't. judge jeanine: do you think they come in your size? >> i don't know what they look like. >> what do they have to do with
1:56 am
politics. they should leave the family out of it. it's not right. judge jeanine: could it be because you are wearing that hat?
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