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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 12, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> despite all the challenges we face, i remain convinced that, yes, the future is female. >> if ever there were a win/win situation, right? [laughter] greg: yep. [laughter] ♪ ♪ [applause] donald trump is back and he is pistol. i wonder if it will be going forward to do things to make our country safe. >> we will be goingforward and we will be doing things to continue to make our country safe .
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it will happen rapidly. we will not allow people into the country who are looking to do harm. we will allow lots ofpeople in our country that will love our people and do good . >> it's always going to be that way, at least during my administration ãi can tell you that. >> that is after a three-judge panel upheld a position. the lawyers argue the case for the ninth circuit taking a victory lap. >> it's the role of the court to say with the law is and to serve as a check on the executive branch. it's the excellent opinion and the careful and thoughtful opinion.>> you don't have to kiss their butts. the one. >> i want to thank the people across the office like an eagle her, kelly parities and kelly would and krista and windy ?
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>> anyway. >> what are you doing?this is not the oscars. i would like to thank my agent. my gardener ãthe people who click my lawn. the please! >> meet meanwhile, on twitter, someone named hillary clinton said nothing about the ruling. it's kind of sad. she is like an old man sitting outside of a ballpark with a transistor radiobecause she doesn'thave a ticket to the game . go home. >> play at the . you have grandkids. grand president has options. he might fight it out on district court or take it to the supreme court. they wear robes towork and they are perverts. or , scrappy water and get a different approach. >> the court's ruling reflected
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an emotional need for popularity. to them, trump security in knowing the facts and they knew they would be rewarded by media who treated it like the moon landing. you know there will be a movie about this. i just hope matt damon playsthe female judge. >> who is the fan of the travel ban? america . get this ãeurope. according to this massive poll, the majority supports a similar hall and immigration. the band was supported by 70 per sort in poland and 65 in austria and 53 percent in germany and it makes them all racist. three judges decided that is just to mean. they believe anything that restricts islamic terrorism will inflame all muslims. >> isn't this weird?
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it is them who confuses terrorism with islam. they are the bigots ãnot us. screw them. >> [applause] >> let's welcome tonight's guest. he is saltier than your boots in asnowstorm. one of my cohost , bob beckel. >> he is as hot as i am not and she is one of my cohost. kimberly. >> he is my producer, stephen baldwin. >> if it were possible to bottle sunshine ãshe wouldn't read the miserable reporter and
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fox news contributor. >> i would go one way with the show and talk about the trump administration what they should do next the stephen baldwin says something very striking in the green room. i want you to what i told you was greg ãwe are headed towards civil war. here in america. >> that's what i was saying. >> you said in 24 months there will be a civil war. >> between now and the next 27 months ãit doesn't look like it's getting any warmer and fuzzier.>> at least you're not panicking. >> me and my homies. >> you know what i'm saying. >> we are good. >> in a panic room it's a
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container you by when the world will end. >> he had free sandwiches. >> free sandwiches. >> you are the one that has three. >> ahead cheese and crackers. >> i want to talk to the lawyer. >> people who used to do reels are getting off the rails. kimberly? you are the lawyer.>> trump administration ãwhat will he do next. >> a number of things. don't be disillusioned by the ninth circuit court of appeals. they are overturned by the united states supreme court 80 percent of the time. they are crazy. >> they are like a bakery ãall they do is turnover. >> like little pancakes.
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what he needs to dois take it to the district court . try to prevail there. he will simultaneously draft a new executive order that is more specific and tailored for both of those avenues at the same time. if he is able to finish the executive order that removes objections. it's a question for you, bart. i thank you have mixed feelings. you are the strongest critic when it comes to radical islam. you are probably happythat trump got served , correct? >> what he learned is that
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there's more than one branch of government. more than one ceo running a company. he got it handed to him. he has to win on the merits of the law. >> head to upstate new york now. >> atthe end , you ask yourself to re- write the order and why didn't they think about that before they awarded it. >> he sends a save the date card when he invades. >> i've heard that one. >> cat, you are not supposed to remember that. >> that is true. >> cat ãthoughts on this and anything else that told you. >> trump as part of the reason that people are saying it's a muslim man. it's technically a classier form. he will eventually win.
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it doesn't represent the general opinion. also, he says he will win and when he says he will win ãno matter how likely it is, he kinda does. >> he loves trump more than trump loves trump. >> how is your family taking this? >> i haven't said a word. >> how is your family taking this now that trump one?your family ãhow does they take it ãthe baldwin's. >> i haven't spoken to anyone. >> do you ever make your brother dress upfor trump for you. >> no. >> would you ? this is what bothers me. people keep saying it's a recruitment troll and they say that about gitmo. there is no evidence. it's how giddy the press was
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when the decision came down. they were so excited but it was like the press's a bit weird. >> they have been getting up so badly. the press was dishonest. >> untruthful. >> this is a the clintons that are just so honest as the day is long.>> they are off by about 20 points. i don't think this guy knows how to tell the truth but he gets himself in trouble. >> would you get this from? >> out of his mouth. >> that wasn't even the question. >> anyone who wants to go on about it ãit's how many people who came out to vote illegally ãwhy does he let them go. >> can i ask you a question? straight up ãwhy do you hate
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him so much? >> idon't . >> we don't like each other but i don't hate the guy. i think he could be a nice guy but if the president of the united states ãhe will not make it. >> the liberals are getting old and scary ãnot talkingabout you but if you look at your side ãit really is . >> that's a good argument. >> he was doing that trump thing. >> this is a crazy show and it just started. guess who is now speaking out after keeping silence for eight
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♪ ♪
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>> all right ãanother full week for president trump. he got his attorney general approved and he got his health and human services guy in. he met with moderate democrats and airline executives. he met with the japaneseprime minister and put his hand in a vice grip . keep your eyes on him. >> he will have to start using his left hand for a while. >> he had lunch with the troops. he fought off a bunch of
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warriors in the village. >> he is busy. check this out. executive action three ã justice strikes back. >> [applause] there is a new sheriff in town and he is working harder than a broom at a barbershop.
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meanwhile i haven't plopped in two days. you look at everything he has done and it's kind of normal. nothing crazy going on put the nation's crazies act like the world is collapsing. >> donald trump was out on the lawn making a snowman. because it was white he appointed it to the cabinet and it's not a surprise that trump is looking to cash in.we saw it coming when during the inauguration he puts his hand on the bible and swore to get rich or die trying. >> the latest poll shows trump has an approval rating in the low 40s. that means he is probably about to dump it in the low 20s. >> funding. >> they see trump is a combination ofhitler , satan and the guy at the chicago ads. >> you know who i'mtalking about . [laughter] i hate him. >> why is this? it gives the comedian an excuse to find their balls and they went awol the past eight years.
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why so bold? he criticized obama and he would lose friends, miss out on parties and you wouldn't get the free cocaine. you make fun of obama and it took guts and nuts. they say their mo for trump. there wasn't a lack of material. obamacare, the irs, his executive orders. had the iran deal in the national debt. you have him calling terrorism and that's 20 years of material packaged into a. the problem is that none of it is funny. obama's blunders are as lol is trump's achievements. he posts the worst economic growth since hubert hubert and it's boring. they are not that good at math but trumps hair rights itself. i think it canwrite . [laughter] trump is so easy to
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make fun of. one thing he is gotten done ã tell me. >> i just wentthrough a litany . what were you doing? sleeping. >> what a hater. the guy gives me more material in a day. >> why do you always say that? >> i don't understand what you're saying. >> that's because you are puerto rican and irish. >> that's what it is? >> don't you wish you were. >> actually, i am part irish. >> the part of irish that you were has been removed. >> how about ivanka trump in the line of clothing? that's a good one. >> if you have to reach for that you know you have to reach for something.
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after snl did their little thing, you notice something very interesting. >> i drive to my car and there is news reports and they are talking and it's pretty credible. she did such a terrific job. obviously, mr. spicer won't be around for much longer. i'm going ãreally? the people's perception is that hollywood has that much power and influence that this president will say ãspicer can't stay anymore. >> they don't even care. >> i am glad when comedians do what they're supposed to do rather than getting on t.v. and crying over trump. >> rosie o'donnell saying she wants to play and that's great. not saying she wants to enact martial law and the delusion
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that she had. go ahead and make the jokes ã yes , they only make them about the people keeping them popular but at least they are done crying and having panic attacks and it's so boring for me to watch. >> he has to be gone and it has nothing to do with comedians it's because he's nogood. >> that makes more sense . >> awkward. >> the guy comes out in the first thing he does is lie to the president walk away and he's afraid to take questions. >> you seem to me that you are a great american. what i want to ask you is this ãshouldn't we even give president trump any chance at all? >> it's coming out of your mouth now. >> the difference is that he
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wasn't on drugs. >> none that we know of. >> we know that he doesn't drink. >> what were you going to say about billy.>> we were talking about that. you have rosie and a fan of billy baldwin putting the word out playing eric trump.>> we saw that. >> what's really funny is that they willget trump gigs . >> why don't you be downey junior? >> you kind of have a trump gig. >> i would rather be the guy that makes so much money i could just buy all of that trump stuff that they are doing. >> you should become dannon. that's what you should do.>> rosie o'donnell is dannon. >> i like bannon. i get along with them very well. >> what is that mean?
2:24 pm
>> i think is very smart. he has great ideas.he was able to do the cheap strategist to put donald trump in the white house. >> i'm very happy about it. >> i did the best i could do not to think about bannon because it scares me. >> anything that scares liberals is good strong military and law and order. bathing. >> you want to put an umbrella in this intricate on the beach. >> is it right to call people who throw rocks protesters or would a better word be a violent jackass ? that is two words. >>
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i love how usaa gives me the and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. speaking with chris wallace and stephen miller is the chief policy advisor and author of the order saying the high court challenge is one option.
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the new immigration order is also on the table. mr. trump says that could happen as early as tomorrow. new challenges for trump overseas. north korea reportedly fires its first ballistic missile since mr. trump took office. just as he hosted the japanese prime minister at his florida estate. he condemned the launch while the president says the us stands behind japan 100 percent. i am marcel neville, back to greg. i will see you alongside eric and 30 minutes. [music] >> all right. funprotest fact . the pool of protesters about that 92 percent lived with their parents and one in three are unemployed. i did not say they were surprisingfacts but i just said they were fun . >> meanwhile ãbrutality is being defined as a protest. a nonviolent protest is best.
2:30 pm
the wisdom is being challenged. they say trump merits a violent reaction and the former suitor for berkeley says if you ask people to maintain the dialect it's a violent act in itself. >> i wonder if she bathed this. now they want tougher penalties. authorities say fires were likely intensively set at pipeline construction sites. causing $2 million worth of damage. most recently, protesters left a mountain of garbage that threatened to contaminate the surrounding rivers.the e effective outcome for a protest against something that will hurt the environment. it makes no sense. it states that laws for protection for drivers who unintentionally one lawmaker
2:31 pm
had economic terrorism.went to protesters for a response. >> the girl of my dreams. kimberly lawyer ãcan this happen? i love these rules. >> i know it sounds cruel but unintentionally running over it is an accident. you should not bepunished . it lacks and step on the gas ã it should be unintentional. >> you have the restless leg.
2:32 pm
youcan just tap on it . >> this could happen. i think it's great news. you are a protester and you hate violence. one of the things about the protest is the way you set it up ãit's all liberal and democrats. >> you never get it right.>> i agree ãi am for that. people were throwing fire into the air and rocks at cops. the response is from past students for violence is a good thing. it's a radical and conservative view. >> a lot of them said liberals
2:33 pm
like you try to distance themselves. they are idiots and they should check the privilege. throwing rocks at cops and it's bad and you will change public opinionagainst you if you don't . >> it's more and more mainstream. >> is that your second one? i was curious. >> you are the onespewing it . >> you know ãi could say something right now but i won't say it because it's ã? >> right now we want to give you the opportunity ãjust look at the camera and tell the folks ãstand down and do the right thing.just all come together and give the president. >> isn't that a good idea.
2:34 pm
>> you could do it yourself ã stop with the violence. >> peacefully protest ãgo ahead. >> did you see what they did to betsy devos today? >> that was never supposed to be in the public schools. >> it's not just about her ã it's about school choice and there is a huge distance difference. >> giving people more options. >> i am talking about specifically school choice. it's not the same thing. >> people said you said kids would die. it's not the same thing. >> could assure you this piece of tape?blocking her from going into school ãlet's watch the tape, shall we ? >> go back.
2:35 pm
>> shame! shame! shame! >> the shame is that is probably living at home with his parents and he wakes up every morning to sniff his fingers. >> that is nice, greg.>> what is the deal? these guys are educational obstructionist. they don't want children to have the benefit of a quality of patient to pull themselves out of these impoverished communities to havea chance in life and stop the cycle of violence . >> that is the problem. the overwhelming percentage of public schools ãyou have the union shots and the fact is most of these public schools are just fine. it's wrong. >> barack obama sent his kids
2:36 pm
to private school. >> someone or twitter said, it's always democrats walking interest to schools. >> right .
2:37 pm
>> first,hillary clinton says the future is female. good thing i'm on hormone therapy. >> . [music] email >>
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here she is talking about the women's march in washington. it's tape for this week's maker conference. >> despite all the challenges that weface, i remain convinced that yes , the future is female. >> just look at the amazing
2:42 pm
energy we saw you last month as women organized a march that galvanized millions of people all over the country and across the world. >> that was the opposite of natural. >> it's like the animal tronic presidents in disneyland. >> it's a river otter with bad here. >> barack obama checked out the caribbean with richard branson. can't say i blame him. >> is good of reason as any. it's as if he just got divorced. he got the settlement check and he took off for thailand making offer lost time. later, america ãyou suck . >>.
2:43 pm
>> you would never do that. >> that's what i told them i am all covered with that stuff. >> can ask you a question? how did you guys react to the fact that more women march then went to trump's inaugural. >>prove it ! >> there is pictures. they don't lie. >> will some of yours do but real still photos. >> if you allow me to react ã in the areas where there was a march, more women voted for trump. metropolitan areas in new york cityand la where she had more women vote . it's easier for them to get to the city. they will not get in their trucks and anti-march. >> 67,000 cities. >> i hardly. >> 67,000. >> that's nothing. >> i have a restraining order
2:44 pm
and like 67 cities.>> i've been arrested and that many. >> all those guys came out and protested. they spoke their minds and amen ãthat's wonderful. you are taking pictures of them. >> that would be you. >> what will they do if they still have hillary as the party guests that won't lead. they try to get her to the door and everyone does the dishes at the partyand she still talking. >> please go . we are going to bed. >> elizabeth warren think she is the future. she is quoting ted kennedy. >> he drowned them with affection. >>. [laughter] they were comparing her to rosa parks.
2:45 pm
>> people were comparing her to rosa parks for reading her the mind like joan of arc forgetting her bed. calm down, please. >> she is down in the polls and needed some fundraising booze so she got up there and was out of line and trying to gin up some cashand a little bit of monopoly money to keep her in office.>> so sad . >> he is really good at setting up old school but republicans. turned her into a big dumb and just letting her talk. the moshe talks the more she makes republicans. >> it also shows how in the
2:46 pm
using of loretta scott king words ãthey get all tricky there. they say these are her words. it's like a negative reflection. talking about who he is. >> what are you talking about? >> elizabeth warren read a letter. in the letter ãsomeone help me. >> someone help me ãyou have to get out of here. >> we should just left ms. king rest in her grave. >> you said you wanted to come
2:47 pm
up state so here's what we should do ãstart a moshe group up there ãme and you and call it rule 19. >> stephen reaches over and snatches hisoffenders ãmore of this . >> really excited to introduce
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new sponsor for theshow. it's a new drug . >> it's not what it used to be. used to work fine. now, it's not working at all. >> the democratic party ãit's not performing. it's slow, sluggish and confused. it may be time for victim whil . you are old and tired that no longer work. it gives you the added boost to get you to where you want to be. >> i started taking it and now
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i can yell at people much louder than before. i see everyone is really works. >> it allows you to take advantage of your bodies secret source of grievances. that way you have more energy to call people names like homophobic or islamic phobic. >> i could barely call donald trump a bigot but after taking it, i left 12 messages calling him uncle tom. >> are we ready, guys?>> when identity is dead, we breathe new life. >> don't take it at all ãget a life. >> it's the only drugyou never took . >> what wrong it with your party? when will on the victimization?
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>> you keep talking about it ã your party is now a group of identity blocks. >> we still lost. i can't even think about it. >> had a message and had tremendous movement throughout the country. >> so brilliant and does some great things. >> identity politics elected donald trump and that's the way i see it. >> i think we should get rid of the electoral college? >> i think it could make some sense. >> they ended in my life. they were people watching and i didn't know it.
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>> it could be an issue. >> it's very easy to play the them. i have done it but only my personal life . only in where they are mad at me. they will apologize and you are up here. >> well done. >> i don't know what kind you hang around with but that line doesn't work. >> you are more mullet manipulative than that. >> final thoughts are next. >> is just $299.99. that's $200 off! helzberg diamonds. here's to love. remember when you said men are supeyeah...ivers? yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence.
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. . >> we are running out of time. to say, so here's your chance to say it. right now. greg: bob. >> greg, it's been a real pleasure -- [laughter] you've got a great audience, eat audience. great friends. a very good show. either way, if you want is have
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a good book it's called i should be dead.go i should have been dead t politi. it's about overcoming addictions. greg: there you go. get that book, it's fantastic. [applause] >> all right. greg, pleasure being here with your fantastic audience. you guys, well done tonight. [cheers and applause] and, greg, congratulations on stealing me from jesse waters from wattters' world. greg: baldwin. >> congratulations to my very good, dear friend greg gutfeld for all his success with the new show. [cheers and applause] greg: all right. and to bring it down, kat timpf. >> so today i thought i left my oven on, burned my apartment, and my cat was dead. i went back, oven wasn't on, but i just realized i didn't actually check to see if my cat was dead. greg: well, maybe you'll have dinner when you get home. >> i'll update you.
3:00 pm
>> ooh! greg: stop it, it's a cat. thanks to bob beckel, kimberly guilfoyle, steven baldwin, cat tim of. >> a fox news alert onto developing stories involving the trump administration. one at home, the other overseas. first, the possibility of a new executive order on the travel ban. we are told it could come as soon as tomorrow. second, president trump and our nation facing a new threat from a familiar source. north korea. test fires another ballistic missile, this, ballistic missile, this, the first time since mr. trump took office. experts believe it was partly a message to the new administration because it came in the middle


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