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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 14, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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you're watching "fox & friends first". >> thanks for starting your day was. thanks to fox news alert. security adviser front and center after white house shake-up. >> general mike flynn retiring overnight after calls to russia. griff, what happened and who is standing no n to replace him now? >> good morning, heather and rob. michael flynn, general flynn issuing the statement late last night. quote, unfortunately because of the fast-pace of events i briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian embassador. i sincerely apologize to the president and vice president and they have accepted my apology. flynn had initially indicated that he did not discuss the
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lifting of u.s. sanctions in conversations with top officials including vice president pence. the matter is now being looked at and under investigation if he actually violated any laws, all of this coming, a major set-back, 25th day of the young administration and to lois such a valued confidant is a tough thing. >> having served in the white house, the national security adviser, the senior staff absolutely has to have confident of the president and the vice president, and if that is broken you have to move -- >> current chief of staff as acting national security adviser. kellogg is one of three names
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being floated as possible replacements for flynn. also topping the list you see there general david patreus and howard, a former navy seal, a tough guy they say, they are huddling today trying to figure their way out of this and it's important to also note that this is position is not subject to confirmation. >> former speech writer is calling this a cover-up without a crime. >> lieutenant general flynn didn't do anything wrong until he misled the vice president. >> the cover-up is almost worst than the crime. he did nothing illegal. having the conversation with the russian embassador is not
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against the law. there were wars crimes committed against him, against the united states law to spy on an american citizen. if you are listening in the russian embassador and you get a conversation with american, there are steps that have to be taken to mitigate. the fact that he's in an intelligence report, number one, is problematic. >> president trump letting the legal process play out over the border backlash appealing, majority of illegals rounding up in ice raids in the last week are violent criminal offenders. kelly wright joins us with the latest development. >> good morning to you, president trump facing a new legal hurdle over executive travel order. a virginia judge says it violate it is constitution putting a temporary injunction in place citing religious bias. just last week a federal appeals court in california up loading a restraining order that prevents
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executive order from being enforced nationwide. the president's team trying to figure out next move. >> they can pursue the challenge all the way. >> immigration and custom enforcement agents crack down arresting nearly 700 illegal immigrants scattered in cities from los angeles, chicago, atlanta, san antonio and new york. president trump says he's just doing what he said he would do. >> i said at the beginning, we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones. we are getting them out. >> homeland security said, 725% of the illegal immigrants arrested have committed violent crimes against others and are repeated immigration law offenders, senate minority leader chuck schumer of new york wants details on the raids,
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reports that they targeted nonviolent immigrant families over the past week are deeply disturbing, undocumented immigrants live in fear and they are confused and scared. meanwhile president trump says the united states cannot allow the wrong people into this country. he vows his administration will not allow that to happen. on the legal challenges, the president may issue a new executive order to replace the one being challenged in court right now. heather. heather: kelly wright, thank you so much. trump administration cracks down on illegal immigration. a retired ice agent quad arnold, he says that these types of arrests are actually nothing new. listen to this. >> this operation was a fairly routine operation. the same type of operation they did conduct under president obama throughout his administration. but it was being characterized
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as something that it wasn't and what that did, it caused hesteria in the communities in doing the targeted operations which clearly were targeting felons, criminals. they have the discretion to arrest someone. heather: under president obama there was arrest netted 2,000 compared to 700 last week. >> the financial system is in great hands thanks to pick for treasury secretary. >> i share your economic vision and goals and committed to working with you to enact policies, to grow the economy and make better economic opportunities for all americans. >> steve mnuchin swore in overnight after a tough
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confirmation thanks to liberal lawmakers. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has scheduled dates to vote for six more nominees including ben carson for department of housing and urban development and former texas governor rick perry for secretary of energy. >> stop testing missiles or prepare for the consequences, un security council condemning the weekend launch calling on members to, quote, redouble efforts to implement sanctions. u.s. embassador to the united nations nikki haley putting down her foot writing, quote, it's time to hold north korea accountable with our words but with actions. president trumpicoing the sentiment with the canadian prime minister. here is that. >> obviously north korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly. >> no word yet what kind of action the administration plans on taking but we will keep an eye on it.
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>> all right. race against the clock to repair the spillway in california's oroville dam. >> 200,000 people leaving everything behind with fears that the dam spillway could spill. >> it's holding up for now but the rain could bring a real catastrophe. a lot of folks nervous about that. >> janice dean now with the very latest. janice: good morning to you both. unfortunately we are going to be dealing with more rain in the forecast on thursday. right now radar looks clear but the impending storm is on its way. there's oroville as we get get to tuesday, wednesday and thursday, any more rain is going to cause a potentially treat
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trophic situation. let's look at the forecast precipitation. several inches of rainfall. again, they don't need to hear any more of that news and we have seen epic rainfall this winter which has helped the flood situation but flooding, mud slides, ongoing. the next 24 to 36 hours clear and then the next storm system moves in and certainly forecasting it for you. also want to mention we do have snow and rain across new mexico, the southwest into texas, that's where we could have the potential for severe weather for today. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for southeast texas and the system is going to move east ward also watching the effects for lake effect snow for the northeast. quick look at your highs today, looking good. above average for a lot of folks and, of course, i want to remind you today is valentine's day,
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hope your day is sunny and sweet. back to rob and heather. heather: janice, thank you. janice: you got it. heather: she did manage to steal the show, take a look. the best in show award. how cute. who doesn't like a dog run around. >> how does a dog not freak out when you have 50,000 people screaming at you. heather: exactly.
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>> ivy league school for planning honor to the panther party. >> what every driver needs to know before you leave the house. heather: that didn't last long. why playboy is bringing back nudity. >> i know, i heard all about it. [laughter] double a's here, batteries you can trust against the ear hair you can't. without them you're conducting business with an armpit on the side of your head. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust.
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♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪ go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing. heather: welcome back, quarter past the hour. keep guantanamo bay for business, the message for more than u.s. senators in a letter to president trump supporting campaign promise to continue
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using the facility. now this move a major reversal from president obama who worked hard to close the facility before he left office. 41 prisoners now remain at gitmo, that's down from 242. nearly 18% of those detainees have returned to the fight according to government statistic. military judge slamming president trump calling his words to describe the disgraced army sergeant bow burdough. >> he was a rotten rotten deserter, a no good trader. who should have have been executed. heather: they played it during a pretrial hearing in north carolina claiming the soldier cannot get a fair trial. the judge has not made the decision yet. the u.s. tradeed taliban's worst
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for his return. >> playing host to celebration of violence against police. the afro-american cultural center planning a black panther party as part as black history month. movement known for its violence. school has not commented. yale also putting the pc pressure on clemson over slavery ties. clemson students unfortunatelying school to rename building, renewing calls to name after senator south carolina who was a slave owner. the school has yet to budge. heather: yukon's basketball team
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net 100 consecutive wins. they are amazing. >> absolutely amazing. beating 6 seed south carolina in front of sold-out at home. heather: the last time the ladies lost the game, november of 2014. aren't they incredible? >> they barely lost. crazy. 17 minutes after the hour. cutting costs, the school now using your kids to clean the classroom. heather: actually not a bad idea. mark cuban for president, what the mavericks owner revealed about a future political run, we will be right back
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>> fox news alert, urging warning about the flu as deaths spike and spreads to 40 states. cdc saying its claimed the lives of children, the flu widespread in all states in blue here. we are at the peak of the season right now and still urging people to get vaccinated, 14,000 cases have been reported in the u.s. this year. heather: an important note there. potentially deadly concern as federal investigators are now looking into ford explorers after complaints that carbon
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monoxide, now the investigation focusing on model years 2011-2015. it's almost deadly for california police officer who passed out behind the wheel before slamming into a tree. so please do be careful. rob. >> outage over this one. teen having magazine, published a gift guide entitled what to get a friend post abortion. this is teen vogue. it suggests series of gifts like angry uterus heating pad and a supreme court justice ruth ginsburg coloring book. heather: that's something else. as a mom, i love this story. frisco school district in texas, looking to do a science chore for students in desperate
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attempt to cut costs, the dallas area district facing major short fall and now taking money saving suggestions, one encouraging them to cut back on janitorial hours by having students do cleaning. the suggestions going before the school board to review it. i like that. they could maybe take out the trash, some of it certainly. show some hard work. not a bad idea. >> you know your taxes are paying for that stuff too. >> i want my kids to do more work. exactly. >> does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth in. >> what do you mean you're out of chocolate? how can that be. i need chocolate. heather: you're in luck this valentine's day. why? who has the answer for us. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business. we all love chocolate. cheryl: good news, guys, it's cheaper this year. that's the good news for all of you. maybe it's going to go the other way around, maybe the boys are buying it for the world.
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cocoa prices, 70% of the global's cocoa production in surplus, 9-year low, chocolate, anything chocolate, any day, not just today is actually going to be just a little bit cheaper. also we are looking at spending for valentine's day, that's the other big story, dinner or a show, maybe you'll buy jewelry which the popular guest average spent right now around 500 bucks. so the chocolate is cheaper but you're going to be spending average $500. overall spending for valentine's, 7.6% drop this year over last year for valentine's spending in general. maybe it's because we are all thinking about the 500 dollar evening that we are about to have. >> are people crazy? heather: i was thinking the same thing. cheryl: dinner, show, a lot of people go all out. [laughter] heather: let's talk about
2:25 am
playboy magazine a parentally they got rid of naked magazine, now they have the naked girls back again. cheryl: you don't remember me doing the playboy story? playboy got rid of nude models years ago, readership had been down, everything went online as far as the industry. let's just get rid of nude models in general. it's all about the interviews, right? they are realizing they made a mistake. bad business choice, it hurt the numbers and revenue for the magazine and the empire, if you will, even more. cooper he was ner who is the son of hue he was ner sent out the statement, quote, i'll be the first to admit the way in the magazine portrayed nudity was dated but removing it entirely was a mistake. nudity wasn't the problem. today we are taking our identity back rediscovering who we are.
2:26 am
they have lengthy interview with scarlet johansson and they are bringing back nude, playboy models. >> i have to say i saw this coming. this was like mcdonalds stop making fries because everybody is making fries, that's your bread and butter, that's what you do. heather: make america dress again drew so much attention, tell us about the sales? >> joy villa who is not a big game up until the grammys wore the make america great again dress. she's laughing all the way to the bank because her music is one of the top sellers on amazon and on i tunes, her single, i make the static went to top spot on amazon after, of course, the dress in the red carpet and now entire album is number 7 on i tunes. last i looked was number seven. good for her. she's going to be on "fox & friends" today to talk more
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about it but she's, you know, hey, if this is what it took her to get her album to go out there, why not? i like the dress. by the way, i was looking at the designer andre soriano. heather: good way to get attention. >> everyone was talking about the dress. >> one top republican is demanding action. >> we are going to identify all of the los angeles that have occurred over the last 60 days. >> ivanka trump advocating for the working women. why the picture she just tweeted is sparking controversy fair tra, told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm in for heather childers. >> i'm rob schmit. heather: straight to fox news alert. search for new national security adviser front and center after a major white house shake-up. >> michael flynn resigned overnight after misleading the vice president about phone calls from russia.
2:32 am
griff with details. >> 25 days into this administration national security adviser general michael flynn resigning. general flynn issuing the statement late last night. unfortunately because of the fast-pace of events i briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian embassador, i sincerely apologize to the president and vice president and they have accepted my apology. flynn indicated that he had not discussed the lift of u.s. sanctions with his russian counterpart later admitting that he mislead them and as a result the justice department became concern, flynn would be subject to blackmail, lieutenant colonel, a fox news contributor who serveed in bush administration call to go kelly wright overnight had this to say. >> it is a shame to see this controversy and see him in it
2:33 am
and if it does it would not surprise me that it is the case that he did truly step down to clear the path for the president to move forward with this, policy agenda. >> president trump has named lieutenant keith kellogg as acting national security adviser, kellogg is one of three names already being floating as possible replacements for flynn. also topping the lead dental portraeus. one thing is for sure, guys, they are huddling today and its worth noting the national security adviser is an appointment, it's not subject to the senate confirmation process so i think we will probably see something coming swiftly. heather: griff jenkins live for us in washington, griff, thanks. now sending top republicans on a mission to plug the potentially criminal release of information. now calling on the feds to find and even prosecute those
2:34 am
responsible. >> we are going to identify all of these leaks that have occurred over the last 60 days and we are going to let the fbi know that we want to have an assessment on this. heather: now the most alarming release we were told came amid reports conversations between flynn and the russian embassador. national security officials, constitutes serious crime raising red flag to threat to national security. the president is vowing a major crack-down this month after reports of a heated phone call between the leaders of australia and méxico were released without white house consent. >> president trump says the nation's financial system is in great hands thanks to his pick for treasury secretary. >> i share your economic vision and goals and committed to working with you to enact policies, to grow the economy and make better economic opportunities for all americans. >> all right, steve mnuchin
2:35 am
sworn overnight. up next va secretary nominee david to be confirmed this afternoon. ben carson for department of housing and urban development and former texas governor rick perry. heather: appealing the immigration ruling. >> this as homeland security confirms that the majority of illegals rounded up are violent criminal offenders. kelly wright here with more development this is morning. >> rob and heather, good morning to you. president trump facing a new legal hurdle over executive travel order, a virginia judge says it violates the constitution putting a temporary injunction in place and citing religious bias. just last week a federal acourt holding restraining order that prevent it is order from being enforced nationwide. now the president's team is
2:36 am
trying to figure out just what their next move will be. >> they can try to rewrite the executive order to make it unobjectionable to the courts or they can pursue the court challenge all the way. >> now, the latest hurdle comes as ice agents arrest nearly 700 illegal immigrants scattered over cities from los angeles, chicago, atlanta, san antonio and new york. president trump says he's just doing what he said he would do. >> i said at the beginning we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones. we are getting them out. >> homeland security says 75% of those illegal immigrants arrested have committed violent crimes against others and are repeated immigration law offenders, house minority leader, actually house minority leader nancy pelosi of california wants details on the raids. she says the news of ice raids targeting hard-working immigrant
2:37 am
families is deeply upsetting, tearing apart families and dragging parents out of their homes does not make america great. president trump says the united states cannot allow the wrong people into this country. on the legal challenges he's facing, the president may issue executive order to replace the one being challenged in court right now. heather. heather: all right, kelly, thank you so much. thousands flooding the streets protesting fox news contributor, you have seen him on our channel. he has a proposed plan to crack down on illegals, watch this. [shouting] heather: sheriff clark wants to allow local and state police to arrest and detain undocumented immigrants just like ice agents do, protestors say they are against it. it could lead to mass deportations, clark apologizing for missing the rally said he was busy working with customs enforcement to identify convicted illegals. that happened in milwaukee
2:38 am
yesterday. >> gun advocates taking fight to congress to ease restrictions on gun silencers, they say the tools can help save people's hearing and could help hunters be more aware while out in the woods. it currently takes eight months or more, critics arguing that easing the restrictions would make it easier for criminals to use them. pot prices plummeting right now because of big business. the cost of marijuana in these legalized states falling 60% in the last year, that's because of big businesses growing more pot than the market demands. it's bad news for small businesses in the state that is legalize pot early on because they base their tax codes on revenue, now more states base tax codes on the volumes hold. heather: liberal lawmakers hope to go recruit ivanka trump to support a bill aimed at expanding family leave, democrats calling on the president's daughter to back legislation that would provide
2:39 am
six weeks of paid leaf to all federal workers including both mothers and fathers. ivanka has been outspoken supporter of expanding maternity benefits in the workplace. >> urgent situation at this hour. race against the clock to repair roroville dam. heather: fast-approaching -- >> 2,000 people leaving behind amid the dam could fail. heather: crews are pumping hundreds of thousands of gallons through it each second. it's holding up for now but the rain could bring a real catastrophe and that's what has people so nervous. janice: it's been a rainy season for parts of the west including california and we have a storm system thursday. there's your satellite imagery. clear skies right now but we
2:40 am
have another storm moving in and, you know, we have seen so much rain in this area that the drought is almost i raised in parts of california. there's the few ture -- future radar. dry day today, cloudy wednesday and more rain on thursday and friday. people are urged to listen to local firnls. -- officials, i also want to make mention that we have potential for severe storm. threat for severe storms for parts of southeast texas into louisiana and mississippi. so we will watch that as it moves east ward bringing potential for more heavy rain in the south effect in the east. >> security flaws at the
2:41 am
nation's airports, tsa workers under arrest. brand-new fears being raised. heather: why the company is accused of selling air. this is quite a story. >> a drug hedgehog tracked, video you have to believe it's an important question you ask, but one i think with a simple answer. we have this need to peek over our neighbor's fence. and once we do, we see wonder waiting. every step you take, narrows the influence of narrow minds. bridges continents and brings this world one step closer. so, the question you asked me.
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what is the key? it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia >> chicago's rahm emanuel meeting with attorney general jeff sessions to combat violence in the windy city and president trump has vowed to send in the
2:45 am
fed ifs chicago doesn't bring down its alarming murder rate, at least 400 people have been shot in chicago just since the start of this year. heather: president trump slapping sanctions on the vice president of venezuela accusing him of being an international drug kingpin. u.s. officials have been investigating to wreak for years over alleged ties over drug trafficker, linked to violent mexican drug cartel. the venezuelan government has yet to comment on this but we will keep an eye. rob: fox business alert, trouble business aletter taking another hit, report uncovers security flaws at airports across the nation. heather: cheryl casone is here with the problems they are facing. cheryl, what's going on? cheryl: a week ago that a government report found flaws in tsa screening of airport
2:46 am
employees, now 12 people have been arrested charged with smuggling 20tons of cocaine with insider help. of the 12 six former and transportation security administration agents were charged with smuggling drugs into the u.s. from puerto rico between 1998 and 2016. agents would make sure that suitcases filled with cocaine passed x-ray machines at puerto rico's main airport, minimum sentence of ten years behind bars, up to life in prison. the u.s. attorney general for puerto rico, quote, these arrests demonstrate the success of the air-tight nirktive which has -- initiative which has the report found that lack of security screening for workers
2:47 am
without securing areas could report insider threats. a new york congressman introduced legislation that would serve as road map for airlines to deal with airport weaknesses. guys, thank you. heather: cheryl casone, thank you. let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> it's valentine's day. we have the tips to keep your love alive. you can only get here. someone cheating on you when it comes to netflix. we will tell you that story that you have to act on today. we also have the singer joy villa who wore her make america great again dress. she will talk about her dress, her body and career. we also have kellyanne conway to talk about the white house parting ways with lieutenant general michael flynn.
2:48 am
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heather: welcome back, black lives matter leader now sparking outrage for calling white people subhuman, posting message on facebook saying, quote, whitens is not humanex, that's actually a word, it's a genetic defect of black people. wow, while using a gender-neutral alternative. she made the comments months ago
2:52 am
after calling canadian prime minister justin trudeau a supremacist. rob: federal judge refuse to go block suit in 7-year-old case, armstrong defrauded the government by accepting millions in sponsorship money from usps as he won a string of tournaments while doping. the cyclist was stripped of his titles and banned for life. heather: billionaire businessman mark cuban thinking challenge to president trump, hinting at a 2020 presidential run telling business insider, quote, we will see. i know mark cuban well, he's not smart enough to run for president. well, cuban responding with a screen shot of an e-mail exchange reading in part, quote, i may go after that job one day and it could be against you. rob.
2:53 am
rob: there you go. ivanka trump stirring up controversy into the white house policy, sitting along side her father, president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau, that was yesterday. unique challenges faced by women in the workforce. comes as retailers yanked her chandize from the shelfs with recent comments the white house prompting inquiry over possible conflict of interest. heather: going viral this morning, a prickly situation. rob: cops there coming across this hedgehog for us to see, they say it was looking for drunk, drunk hedgehog, turns out it's because it had a yogurt cup. heather: after a brief foot her suit they were able to corner the animal and remove the cup. gets lots of attention and
2:54 am
shares. we have to show you cute animals once in a while. [laughter] rob: we don't have to worry about that. 5:53 on the east coast. remember the deliver ri driver who stopped the american flag from going up in flames, the honor he was given for saving up old glory. heather: they took couch to mcdonalds drive through. rob, that's where you were last night, right? [laughter]
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test test test
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i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. rob: coming up on the top of the hour, before you leave the house, here is what is happening today. the case of a inmate in the making a murderer brendan dassey is serving life in prison after admitting to detectives that he helped his uncle steven avery kale wisconsin woman. a judge overturned his conviction saying investigators forced that confession. an approaching storm threatening to bring catastrophe to northern california racing around the clock to repair the oroville dam.
2:59 am
national security advisor toll president trump michael flynn said he inadvertently mislead about his calls to the russian diplomat. kellogg has been named acting reiner. >> now time for good, the bad, and thing you. fedex driver saved two american flags burned by protesters being honored by veterans. american legion post in iowa presenting matt urine with a certificate of appreciation. he said it was something he simply had to do. >> a lot of people see it as a flag. to me i see it as my brothers and sisters who never came home. heather: flag burning is not illegal it's protected under free speech. the makers of mike and ike's candy only filled up halfway. only 46% full. the manufacturer says the accusations are baseless. and finally the ugly two. men under arrest after riding their couch through mcdonald's drive through. can you see the homemade
3:00 am
pulled by atv in canada. said they were drunk. rob: happy valentine's day. heather: that's right. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you in just a minute. >> a major shakeup within the trump administration. >> national security advisor michael flynn has resigned. >> if he hadn't lied to vice president mike pence he would be perfectly fine because quite frankly he did nothing illegal. >> it is my present our new treasury secretary. >> i share your economic vision to grow the economy for all americans. >> he is trying to be a tough guy so he is going to go after the maids. >> every day couple thousand sand have been deported out of the united states. what's new is the major outrage. >> lay it up and in. uconn makes it 100 consecutive wins. >>


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