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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i'm jackie ibañez here for heather childers. >> we want to begin with the fox news alert, russia ramping aggression at this hour first sending a spy ship miles off the east coast then violating a nuclear treaty with the nuclear launch. >> good morning, jackie and abby, new concerns over russian aggression on multiple fronts back to cold era, first the administration says russia has deployed nuclear tip ground launch cruise missiles in violation of the 1987 intermediate range or inf treaty, john mccain calls a significant military threat to u.s. forces in europe and nato allies. the second move, a russian ship was spotted patrolling in international waters just off the coast of delaware moving
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north. it's not the first this has happened but officials finding unusual nonetheless and finally russian jets buzzed a uss porter over the course of several hours in the black sea coming within 200 yards of our ship as it sat in international waters off the coast of romania. these moves appear intended to test president trump. jack: what they're trying to do is humiliate and embarrass the united states particularly in our allies, unrattle them and give them the impression that the united states isn't the strong military nation that it has been in the past and its leadership is not strong. this is obviously done with mr. trump in mind, clearly. and they want to see what his reaction is. >> now the troubling developments come as secretary james mattis, defense secretary james mattis is traveling abroad
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today meeting with nato officials in brussels in just a few hours, it'll be interesting to see if he has anything to say about this as what appears to be a chilling of u.s.-russia relations. >> we will keep a close eye on that one. >> the white house says president trump asked for general flynn's resignation because of broken trust, not because of broken laws. >> the president must have unwavering trust the evolving level of trust as a result of this situation in a series of other questionable instances is what asked to flynn's resignation. it's not a legal issue but rather a trust issue. ababdemocrats demanding investigation between flynn and embassador even after white house reviewed him of criminal wrongdoing. now they consider lieutenant keith kellogg, petraeus.
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>> the administration demanding answers over leaks, the true threat to national security. >> we are very concerned about leaks particularly security information and it's extremely concerning. >> if the shoe was on the other foot, if this was the democrat, you can imagine that texas contracts in the house and senate would be going crazy. >> the white house condemning the potentially criminal leak with flynn's phone call to russian embassador. >> brand-new developments overnight. a woman now in custody in connection with the bizarre cold war style assassination of kim jong un's half brother. two females snuck up waiting on an airport smothering a clock soap with toxins right up to his face. the pair had a strain
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relationship and he was exile in china. so bizarre. márquez also said him and farook planned deadly attacks but never carried them out, he now faces 25 years in prison. >> now several tornadoes and powerful wind tear through houston carving a path of destruction university can see a trailer toppled over here and trees ripped ripped from their s thrown into homes in missouri city, a mother credited with saving her children's lives laying on top of them when a twister flips on top of them. mom suffered serious injuries but expected to be okay. wow. warning remain in place for 200,000 people living next to
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the nation's tallest dam. rain for the east coast as well, abby. >> fox news senior meteorologist janice dean tracking the forecast, good morning. janice: let's take a look at the temperatures. not too bad, i mean, if you're talking about cold temperatures, yes, but we are not into arctic air, 22 in minneapolis, 33 in new york, 43 in dallas, 28 in provo. the same severe -- weather that brought severe to texas, now moving, there's the severe threat today across portions of georgia and florida and in the west coast, you mentioned this, we are worried about the dam.
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we have another round of storms moving in the next couple of days that's going to bring several inches of rain and several inches of snow. they could receive upwards to an inch, inch and a half. we will be watching the forecast. look at the forecast precipitation as we go through time along coastal areas, some areas receiving 4 to 6-inches of rainfall all the way down to los angeles, ladies, this is a good news story obviously, we are wiping out the drought but too much of a good thing is going to lead to flash flooding. there's your forecast today. stormy weather across the southeast, parts of mid atlantic, we will see the lake-effect snow and the next system moves into the west, that's going to be the big story. really in the winter we have seen incredible amounts of rain and incredible -- >> it has been a wild winter. you have warned all along the way.
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>> 200,000 residents just coming home this morning. a fox business alert for you, president trump working hard to deliver on two major campaign promises, tit taxes and make america work again. >> cheryl casone here with the big meeting that's on tap for today. cheryl: good morning, guys, the ceo's of the some of the nation's biggest retailers are to sit for a listening session, tax reform on top of their mind. target, best buy, the gap, auto zone, wall genes, jc pennies and tractor supply company. the brick and mortar sector in particular hard hit by the rise of amazon with big box stores closing and job losses in the tens of thousands, along with infrastructure and the possibility of border, topic of jobs will be front and center
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certainly. >> we have many more left. we are bringing back jobs bigly. we are bringing them back at the mind level, the energy jobs are coming back and you see what's going on with the stock market. they know that we know what we are doing so it's going up. >> well, by the way, new heights for the market yesterday, the markets are on a terror, that's for sure. the order would repeal controversial regulation that would have required energy companies to discloses payments to foreign governments, guys, back to you. >> we will keep a close eye on that. >> super bowl li mvp and president trump tom brady he says it's a privilege to visit the white house. >> always a privilege to be able to do, you won a championship and got to experience something cool with your teammates.
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>> james white who scored three touchdowns announced that he has not decide to see the president f he declines he will join six patriot players who are refusing to go because they disagree with president trump. >> starting next month you can now tour the white house again. let's do it, abby, first lady melania trump announcing the news, towards temporarily suspended as you know which is typical when there's a new president. doors are officially back open march seventh, mark your calendar. >> let's get our tickets, jackie. time now 10 minutes after the hour and a truck engulfed in flames, how one great police officer stepped in to save their lives. >> you're on assess about fox news, i noticed. you covered fox news 23 times more than msnbc. >> there's our tucker carlson taking on media bias reporter
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for repeated attack on fox news. the confrontation you have to see abby. >> senator kid rock, the country rock star, you have to stick around for this. . . .
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safety doesn't come in a box.
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it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. >> good morning, 13 minutes after the hour. mexican dreamer arrested. medina was brought to the u.s. illegally as a child but was protected from deportations and given a work permit under obama administration, he was taken to custody on friday when ice agentings arrested his friday. the feds say ramírez told them
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he was in a gang, the lawyers denied those claims and argue his right violates constitutional right. well, immigrants who registered to vote illegally can now be deported. a federal court making the ruling following the case of an illinois woman who voted in two federal elections despite being a resident of perú. woman said she registered while getting a driver's license. >> tucker carlson taking media bias for repeated attack on fox news. the host of carlson tonight, refused to report on his own papers glaring agenda. listen. >> you're a little on on assessive of fox news, i noticed. you covered fox news 23 times more than msnbc. you have a political agenda, you're a lefty, i get it. >> i will put the washington post, the freedom that i have and the times that i've
2:15 am
criticized my own paper against any one in this industry. >> i know, you have the freedom and i think it's great. you should just do it in reporting something useful. >> the washington post known for publishing news directly follow russia on its website, russia beyond the headlines. >> i love tuckerson. >> nearly three weeks into the presidency and the people have spoken according to fox news poll, a new one. majority of americans viewing president trump as the strong leader that he promised to be. more than half of the voters says he's a stronger leader now than he was back in august. temporarily halting immigration from seven terror prone countries, more americans say they felt safer after it was signed with the vast majority agreeing it's better described as a terrorist hot spot restriction rather than a ban. immigration is not the top priority for voters, twice as many saying they want to see the
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president cut taxes and replace obamacare within first one hundred days. >> he has certainly done a lot that's for sure. >> three weeks only. >> she's still going. trucking away at it. 16 after the hour. high-flying drama for harrison ford but this was no movie, folks, how the star nearly smashed into a plane packed with people and the investigation is underway right now this morning. >> 141st annual dog show, the german shepherd dog. >> the big winner from the dog show, that is coming up next.
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>> well, this is a fitting song. we have dramatic dash cam video this showing a police officer saving a restaurant packed with people from going up in flames. you have to see it. the cop in texas jumping into action pushing this truck that turned into inferno out of a jack in the box drive through, he hops the curve, gets right behind and pushes it into the parking lot, luckily everyone escaped safely. >> if you could prevent your child from being born with a disease or disability, would you do it? >> after screening we are left with two healthy boys and two very healthy girls. naturally no critical fetus
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position to major inherit diseases. >> scientists saying they are one step closer to being able to edit your baby's dna, scientists supporting clinical trial but based on ethical concerns for safety, they say it should only apply for serious conditions and under strict supervision. >> and bad news for motor city, detroit, michigan, unhealthy to live in right here in the u.s. food, fitness and green space when comparing the 150 most populated cities, meanwhile san francisco once again took the top grade as the healthiest city followed by salt lake city, utah and scottsdale, arizona. >> last night new york city went to the club.
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>> but who took home best in show? >> before he got the ribbon and trophy, janice dean got to meet him. >> i had never been, it's been on the bucket list and we went last night and it was fantastic. if you have not been to the westminister dog show, i recommend it. i was surprised -- the dogs are like rock star. people gather around to meet the dogs and they all have their personalities, trainers and owners do as well, the great part is i met rumor, she was the last month i interviewed the trainer and the owner and she won best in show. she came out of retirement. >> she's beautiful. janice: let's take a look. it was the 141st westminister club show which makes it the second oldest sport right behind the kentucky derby.
2:23 am
people really love these dogs, take a look. we are at the westminister dog show. we are here early. the dogs have not arrived. what kind of people come out to these shows? >> all kinds of walks of life. dog love cuts across every demographic, every group. janice: are you ready for this? do you think he's nervous? >> no, he's not. janice: will you let him eat hamburgers? >> no, he won't be eating hamburgers. janice: would you let him eat hamburger after this? >> oh, yeah, hamburger, cheesecake. >> this dog is working the crowds.
2:24 am
>> he is working it. up and down the tables like crazy. >> i love it. i love new york. perfect combination. janice: loui, congratulations, it's valentine's day. who is your favorite dog? how long has it been since a german shepherd won best and show? >> 1980. janice: people say she's favored to win. >> we are all very hopeful. >> good luck, rumor. >> you can't get here until you win. >> best and show at the 141st dog show the german shepherd dog . [cheers and applause] janice: am i a winner? >> you are a winner. stand up in the podium. janice: seriously? >> you got this down. i like it. perfect.
2:25 am
>> that is amazing. janice: i got go in the winner circle and go to the podium. it was such an amazing event truly. spectacular. >> dogs don't get nervous. janice: here is the key, though, rumor was the only dog that took the nap before the show and i believe that's the key because when i have a nap i'm the best at my game. >> we need to nap more, girl. [laughter] janice: napping is key. >> beautiful dog. >> they're so tbraisful the way they prance around. janice: you have to meet her, amazing dog. >> awesome. >> time 25 after the hour and westernling tone coat factory facing a fire storm over dropping ivanka trump products, the online campaign now targeting that department store.
2:26 am
>> america's girl new dolls is a boy. look at that. the mixed reaction flooding social media. >> first day in 1903 the first teddy bear went on sale, it was named after president theodore roosevelt. >> in 1998, finally won his first daytona 500. the geico iny recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira.
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>> come on, abby. >> there's no other place i would rather be. >> first sending spy ship than violating nuclear treaty with a missile launch. right to griff jenkins with the very latest. what are you hearing this morning? >> good morning, abby and administration concern, first the administration says russia has deployed nuclear ground launch cruise missiles in violation of 1987 range nuclear forces treaty, a move that senate armed services committee that john mccain calls a significant military threat. russia denies they have violated the inf treaty, the second move a russian spy ship in international waters just off our coast of delaware. it's not the first time this has
2:31 am
happened. the timing is unusual nonetheless, the officials in final provocation happened, russian jets buzzing the uss porter over the course of several hours in the black sea coming within 200 yards of our ship as it sat in international waters off the coast of romania, fox news contributor retired general jack ceen telling martha maccallum, the moves appear to test president trump. >> what they're trying to do martha is humiliate and embarrass the united states, unrat el them, give them the impression that the united states isn't the strong military nation that it has been in the past and its leadership is not strong. this is obviously done with mr. trump in mind, clearly. >> james mattis is traveling abroad and meeting with nato officials in brussels later today. many wondering here in washington if we are seeing a
2:32 am
new chilling of u.s.-russia relations. >> we will see how this all plays out. >> the governor of illinois making a push for hundreds of state troopers to fight gun violence in a budget speech, propose the state pay to add more police on chicago area expressways, this comes as two young children are killed in gun violence. the 2-year-old shot in the head in what is believed to be a gang attack. horrible. 11-year-old girl shot just died from injuries, so far 410 shootings in chicago. >> just heartbreaking. also overnight, the coast guard calling off the desperate search for passenger who fell overboard. authorities are saying that surveillance video shows the georgia man tumbling the 11th deck and into the water about 15 miles off the coast of the
2:33 am
bahamas. another close call for actor harrison ford, the 74-year-old piloting his plane almost crashing into an american airlines plane that was packed with more than 100 passengers, ford landing in a taxi way instead of runway in santa monica, california. he didn't realize that he made that mistake asking air traffic controllers if the jet was supposed to be below him. the faa is investigating and ford could lose his license. the actor crashed another plane he was flying two years ago. >> drug smuggling reaching a new high. agents saying cartel has been using it to throw marijuana over into the u.s., nearly 50 pounds worth of drug were also found near the immediate value catapult and no longer in use. border patrol agents dismantled
2:34 am
it. >> burr -- burlington coat factory. cheryl: we have many retailers drop ivanka trump items and two more companies. burlington coat factory and you cannot fight any items on the website, grab your wallet folks are saying, well, we still think brick and mortar stores have to get rid of those things. there's a small grocery chain. here in the northeast they have 10 stores that are selling trump wine so they are also being targeted with the boycott. just a lot of hatred against trump family. the wine is good. >> is it?
2:35 am
>> her shoes are good. i'm wearing them right now. >> exactly. nice. >> a more positive story, am done could deliver even faster than just a drone? >> they filed for a new patent that would not only be a drone but the drone would be in flight while delivering the package. it's in the researching stages, with anything amazon, i will probably end up seeing in four to five years. they have been working on this since 2013 and actually in december they did first drone live ri, it's coming. >> amazon is pretty fast. >> now parachute and it'll be there. >> taco bell has new offer for couples. >> the day after valentine's day, if you got proposed to yesterday you can go to vegas and get married at taco bell. >> my dream come true, cheryl. [laughter]
2:36 am
cheryl: ceremony within the restaurant, four hours notice, you get some t-shirts, a dinner for two, yes, includes tacos and the bouquet is made of sauce pact. >> ended with a fried chicken chalupa. cheryl: this is something we can get behind, starbucks is actually looking at creating the test drinks that will combine hot or cold coffee and different flavors of ice cream. i can see this happening. little expensive, though, they are going to be 6.45. they are going to test it out in orange county, a hundred stores. in italian means drown. drowned in coffee, ice cream, chocolate. >> looks like a root beer floor. >> we are utah girls we love root beer floats.
2:37 am
[laughter] >> thank you, cheryl. >> the time is now 37 after the hour and up in firearms outrage after a school shooting course, was this a decision about safety or was it social bias? we report, you decide. >> president trump's search for new security adviser now underway with three respected men in the running. u.s. army veteran pete is here -- >> he thinks -- >> good morning. >> the third time is a charm. kate upton. >> this is why you came this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't
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>> good morning, 40 after the
2:41 am
hour, gun owners outage saying shooting program was canceled over a social bias. the university of massachusetts claiming they wanted a broader program that included hunting and fishing, but critics claimed it was over a gun bias. the program would have served more than 1,000 children and would have taught leadership and recordkeeping. and let's keep talking about this. what do you think? is this about safety or social bias against guns? of course, log onto "fox & friends first" facebook page for a live debate, #keep talking a liberal college at the center of controversy, students in pennsylvania wearing white puzzle piece pins to raise awareness about white privilege. the personal identity campaign focus on how race effects everyday life. the pendants serve as struggles and effect on minorities that is is.
2:42 am
>> president trump expected to announce new national security adviser by week's end with three names floated for the job, retired joseph keith, retired petraeus, who is best to keep america safe. >> glad to be here. >> whoever he picks out of the big three it's not a huge departure. >> no, because president trump sets the tone. he tried to change the way we look at national security with some of alliances look like and that means national security adviser will be central to that. you'll do a lot of react to go president trump, but what he wants to do, this figure is going to have to prepare to manage bureaucracy. >> not an easy thing to do. let's break some of these down. keith kellogg, formerly was a national security counsel chief of staff, what do you make of him?
2:43 am
>> he's well known by mr. trump and served a couple of tours in vietnam. early days of iraq, some in the mainstream media may hold against him because it was a difficult period in that time but he has the trust of the president which is a big deal. he went in and did the best he could and had a lot of management experience since. >> we know a little bit about him, he was up for secretary of state most recently. >> the post 9/11 general, commander, we are all familiar with his work during iraq and afghanistan. most recent controversy with the leaks, that's what will folks try to use against him. this is a mainstream media, you're going to replace a leaker with a leaker, that's not fair, that's not who general petraeus is. >> from what i hear, pete, he's well respected among military and national security. >> well respected.
2:44 am
the only thing he's maybe got a bit of a different perspective than president trump on counterterrorism and how involved we should be. nation building versus going in there and breaking it down and coming out quickly. >> ceo of lockheed martin, former vice admiral. >> he's a navy seal. this guy has been involved in combat operations everywhere since 9/11, iraq, afghanistan and elsewhere. some people say he's in some way front runner. i don't have that on first information myself but he's extremely well respected. mr. trump loves somebody who has that kind of combat experience and background. i wouldn't be surprised. who knows. >> he also loves loyalty. who is your pick, who do you like best? >> i've always been a fan of general petraeus. the question is whether or not he would fit the mold that president trump is looking for.
2:45 am
but lieutenant general kellogg has known for trump quite sometime. let's see what happens over the next couple of weeks and let's see how long the pick takes. if he slips in nicely, he could end up staying. they are going to want to get this done quickly. >> whoever it is out of the three, we are going to be in god hands? >> i think so. no doubt. >> we want to check with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". new report that 12 million americans have a secret bank account, you're not one of them, do you? >> no, but i have information about your husband. would you like to hear about it. [laughter] steve: crazy. millions of americans have secret bank cards or credit card accounts, we will tell you how to figure it out.
2:46 am
there are tale tell signs. the commander and dana lash, we have a busy three hours kicks off 14 minutes exactly from right now. the channel people trust for news. abby: i have never been more jealous in watching the show yesterday. one of my favorite bands of all time. how were they? >> they were fantastic. they warmed up the studio on a day outside here in new york that it was as cold as ice. abby: i love it. the west mr. dog will be out and he will be there. we cannot wait for that one. we will see you shortly, steve. we will be right back without them you're conducting business with an armpit on the side of your head. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> a block away from us here "fox & friends first" studio there in times square. ten minutes till the top of the hour. all-out twitter war. carley shimkus here with what is trending and what has social media buzzing this morning. hey, carley. carley: twitter appears to be a pretty popular battleground these days and the latest war of words that has folks across social media buzz asking between daily show host trevor noah and scott bao. pledge today boycott in nordstrom. he tweeted a picture of rewards summary along the words never again. he spent $30,000 at the department last year.
2:51 am
well, in comes mr. noah. that sucks for nordstrom, now they have to find another cashier. bao didn't find it funny. when you trevor noah learns how to be an american, then you have a say, until then, enjoy your money and shut your pie hole. >> pretty rough words. >> what would we do without twitter, guys? >> i can't rent what it was like. >> bringing back the pie-hole. >> kid rock running for political office. >> testing the waters. carley: certainly for bad boy rocker to elected officials. interest in kid rock running for senate seat in michigan. kid rock whose real name is robert was discussed as an option as convention for michigan republicans last week, some saying that he could bring
2:52 am
enthusiasm to the senate race as donald trump did to the presidential election, the news, of course, creating a lot of buzz online, stewart says, why not, it's all about popularity rather than substance anyway but he says he has to move to canada. >> i like the idea. >> right. >> i like this idea of people who aren't career politicians wanting to step in the ring. >> different backgrounds. >> absolutely. >> kind of like the all american. >> anyway, we are moving on. >> american girl doll adds new doll to the collection and causing controversy. >> american girl getting strong reactions from parents after they announced the release of the first boy character. the doll named logan i everelt will be available. played by no one.
2:53 am
surprise, you aren't boycotting for american girl or world girl. john writes the gender confusion agenda continues. >> looks like a logan. >> he comes with a drum. >> okay. >> i could buy my daughter one of those. >> why not. >> kate upton named model for cover for the third time. >> once again this is like you said the third time she will appear on the cover. let's get some reaction on this one, jonathan. appreciating greatness. don't you have anyone else? what do you mean? >> she looks pretty good in the photo. >> this is her third cover, three covers, so they'll be three covers that the men and
2:54 am
ladies can select out there. i like looking at the magazine too. >> third time is the charm. >> the time is now 54 after the hour and no guard dog needed here. how this trustee pet squirrel took a bite of crime. >> welcome to the jungle, the epic error that just got guns and roses booed right off the stage. >> how did you guys meet? >> actually we met online. >> our first date was on a coffee shop. >> unlike your date, she actually showed up. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price,
2:55 am
he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. test test test test test test test test test test test test
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in case i decide to go from kid-friendly to kid-free. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah before we lease leave the house, here is what is happening for you today. president trump is meeting witmeetingwith benjamin netanyae the election. could agree on a two state solution. healthcare provider the first major insurer to drop out of obamacare. the company says the market isn't stable knupp enough to stay in and losing money. plans to outline out all of the exchanges by the engted of the year. watch out for millennials on the road. new aaa report finds drivers between 19 and 24 are the most
2:59 am
reckless behind the wheel because they are the most likely to text and run red lights. >> now for the good,ed bass, home invasion thwarted all thanks to a trusty pet squirrel. furry friend scratching the crook he's items from idaho home. they noticed the marks and the burglar actually admit to the crime. good for him. next, the bad, these crooks are still on the run, according to tmz. thieves swiptiond $2 million in jewelry from singer says l.a. home. morset was not home at the time and has not commented so far. finally, be ay, the ugly, epic on stage air and of course a boo for guns and roses, listen. [crowd booing] >> 70,000 fans were pretty upset when the band's announcer mistakenly
3:00 am
addressing them acid any not flowing about the long lasting rivally between the city. rock and roll veteran later apologized on twitter. give him a break. abby: you have got to know about that though. >> all over the place. maybe they are tired. you are right. they should know. abby: be forgiving. have a good day, everybody. "fox & friends" starts now. >> we have to wonder whether or not people entrusted with classified information are leaking that information out. that i do believe is a big story. >> someone made the decision to deliberately listen to general flynn's phone calls. i j just never seen anything like it. >> just this morning flynn tweeted scapegoat. >> in a community they get a goat and they heap all of the ills onto the goat and then they run the goat out of town. >> one problem is general flynn never tweeted he was a scapegoat. >> russia ramping up aggression at this hour. first send ago spy ship just miles off the east coast and


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