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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 15, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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addressing them acid any not flowing about the long lasting rivally between the city. rock and roll veteran later apologized on twitter. give him a break. abby: you have got to know about that though. >> all over the place. maybe they are tired. you are right. they should know. abby: be forgiving. have a good day, everybody. "fox & friends" starts now. >> we have to wonder whether or not people entrusted with classified information are leaking that information out. that i do believe is a big story. >> someone made the decision to deliberately listen to general flynn's phone calls. i j just never seen anything like it. >> just this morning flynn tweeted scapegoat. >> in a community they get a goat and they heap all of the ills onto the goat and then they run the goat out of town. >> one problem is general flynn never tweeted he was a scapegoat. >> russia ramping up aggression at this hour. first send ago spy ship just miles off the east coast and violating a treaty with a missile launch.
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>> migrate privilege, the linda mcmahon the next administrator of the small business administrator. >> president trump right now signing a bill to repeal a provision in the dodd frank wall street reform. >> we are bringing back jobs big league. >> german shepherd dog. [cheers and applause] >> best in show. >> rumor has it. ♪ the dog days are over ♪ steve: the big dog show in new york city and we have dispatched janice dean to the big show at madison square garden where last night rumor wins best in show. ril. ainsley: she interviewed rumor and rumor's owner before rumor won and it was the first time this breed has won in like decades. but she also has a dog named after her down in florida, remember. brian: a racing dog. ainsley: janice dean the weather machine who wins too.
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brian: runs fast. anything the machine thinks you though there is something special about it bionic. steve: i have learned additional information that is the owner of the dog janice dean the weather machine down in florida has a number of fox news dogs. apparently there is steve doocy dog that has not won yet. [grewing] ainsley: you are a winner here, steve. steve: they have to look at another litter. there is going to be a brian kilmeade dog and ainsley dog. brian: i hope. have knee problems like my real life dog. i had four german shepherds in my life. this is a great moment for the kilmeade family. finally. ainsley: what are they known for. >> being great watchdogs. they pay attention. they don't run away. steve: big eaters. brian: let them know if they are bringing friends over. that happened to me first. go in first i will me meet you n the inside. i never told my dog he went after them. ainsley: does your dog bite?
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that was not by dog. brian: my dog did. they are great dogs. they have hip dysplasia. we will talk about that later. two minutes after the hour. so much going on. we begin with a fox news alert. russia aggression at this hour again. ainsley: first sending a spy ship just miles off the east coast then violating a cold war nukely treaty with a missile launch. kristin fisher at the white house where all eyes are on the administration and next move. good morning, chris citizen. >> reporter: good morning, guys, even though president trump has been playing nice with russian president vladimir putin. there have been three major provocations by russia just over the last week. first, as you mentioned, right now there is a russian spy shilpa controlling off the east coast of the united states for the first time during the trump administration u delaware in international waters. it is armed with surface to
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missiles according to u.s. missiles. for russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in the black sea. highly provocative. third, yesterday we learned that back in december, after president trump had won the election, the kremlin secretly deployed a new cruise missile inside russia. apparent violation of arms control treaty signed at the end of the cold war. you add it all up and according to general jack keane russia is clearly trying to test the new president and see what he will do, if anything. >> what they're trying to do, martha, is humiliate and embarrass the united states. particularly and our allies, rattle them and give them the impression that the united states isn't the strong military nation that it has been in the past. and its leadership is not strong. this is obviously done with mr. trump in mind, clearly. and they want to see what his reaction is. >> reporter: of course, this is all happening one day after the stunning resignation of president trump's national
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security advisor general michael flynn for reportedly communicating with the russian ambassador to the united states. so so very interesting times and a lot of people are going to be looking to see how president trump will respond to these recent provocations. brian, ainsley, and steve? steve: we thank you very much. that's exactly right. so u. have got this aggression on the part of russia. donald trump out on the campaign trail talked a tough game. let's see what he does. brian: absolutely. the russians have rolled over because of their alleged relationship with donald trump, haven't they? that sounds like how they have been acting over the last six years. the president yesterday everything was about rushing shah once again. president trump blasting the unprecedented links into the intelligence community is he saying look we know what happened with michael flynn. we know he had a conversation with the ambassador. how do they get out there? who is tapping his phone he? has not even got a formal relationship with the government. who has got him. who released these transcripts? evidently donald trump and the
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staffers looked at what the interaction with mike flynn and with this ambassador and they saw no problem with it. steve: they stead mike flynn did not break the law. is he not in violation of the lologan act. he was asked to resign because will he not been truthful the vice president of the united states put him in a tough spot and the president said he could not trust him. here is the thing ultimately though how did to the earlier larger point we talked about on this program how do these stories get out there? how do they realize if there is a conversation between an american citizen and somebody internationally you always mask the name of the american citizen. somebody probably in the last administration unmasked it to make probably trump and flynn look bad. then did you go back a week or two ago and who told the story about what was said in the private phone conversation between the president of the united states and the president of mexico and the prime minister of australia? there is a leak out there. ainsley: there is a leak. there is a lea
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we have got figure out who this leak is and how that's going to happen, i am not sure. does it put all of us at risk? that's the problem. these are top street conversations and they are getting out and "the washington post is saying they have transcripts. have you got the "new york times" saying they have transcripts. these people who work for these agencies that are leaking they are supposed to be by the book. many of these people who work for these organizations, like national intelligence, they have been working for different administration, so they might be -- they might have voted for obama, they don't like and be by the book. brian: didn't like the way things were done when he was in uniform. when he came out he wrote a book. in his book field of fight he is brutal to the russians. so anybody who thinks that you have this great relationship with russia. he went to one event in russia. he was open to setting up an appliance where it made sense. an explosive story yesterday on bloomberg essentia essentialy
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looking at whether a is going on with the leaks and how flynn has been a target and maybe of a past administration. >> never see this kind of thing. it's not just u.s. citizens it's also u.s. officials. this is the kind of thing that happens in b banana republics when the national police will go after political leader they don't like and use egg extraordinary powers. we trust the nsa and fbi to use these powers to catch criminals and terrorists but that should not interfere in our politics and that stuff is interfering right now in our politics. steve: absolutely. i was talking to somebody last night who was at the department of justice during the reagan years. i said what should happen given the fact that these leaks involve our biggest secrets? and they said there should be immediate department of justice investigation. call a grand jury, a federal one because the number of people who have access to this kind of super secret information is very, very small. call them all in. ask them the questions. somebody had to sign off on unmasking mike flynn's name.
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and that should be very easy to find out. and then you start connecting dots and people could go to prison. brian: anyone who says is he lying is not telling you the truth. lieutenant general michael flynn never said he lied to anybody. he could have given more detail to the vice president. he did talk to 30 different leaders before he became national security advisor. obviously yesterday the democrats who have been relentless targeting donald trump and the staffers saw this as opportunity to fain outrage and say we need massive investigation. then they went ahead and cited a firestona phony tweet that thd general flynn put out there. listen. >> i didn't know until i heard from our colleague that the tweet of general flynn today was scapegoat. scapegoat. do you know what a scapegoat is? that means in a community where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat, and they heap all of the ills onto the goat. and then they run the goat out
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of town. so the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people have blame that should be shared in all of this. i have a tweet i'm going to make. i'm telling my staff right now. it's not scapegoat. it's stonewall. steve: stonewall. well, her tweet would actually be a real one unlike the other ones. the problem is fake. ainsley: a guy claiming to be general flynn claiming i was the scapegoat. turns out that guy is not the real general flynn. so nancy pelosi holds a press conference and says i can't believe is he saying all. this she and her staff probably should have checked to see if that was really general flynn. steve: cummings quoted it as well. that is embarrassing. how quickly the democrats are trying to make this as bad as possible. it is to their political advantage. ainsley: he served our country for 30 years. did he not break the law by talking to russian ambassador
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about the sanctions. buff he did not tell the entire truth to the vice president of the united states. the vice president in a press conference who is very trustworthy says no, he didn't talk about sanctions. so it made him look bad because he actually did talk about sanctions so he resigned. let's move on. we're going to find someone else for that position. and move on as a country and focus on the things that you all. steve: let's worry about russia. brian: good to know what a scapegoat means. steve: first did you go in to town and get it i got. brian: because i see goats everywhere. where is that goat escaping from. steve: are you kidding me. heather: good morning, everybody. hope you are off to a great day. i have weather to start you off with today. extreme weather taking place. several tornadoes tearing through texas carve ago path of destruction. you can see a trailer toppled over and then trees ripped from the roots and roofs torrential off of homes. a mother credited with saving
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her children's lives. she covered herself over on top of the children when a twister flipped their home upside down. that heroic mom is expected to be okay. janice dean has more on this. the coast guard calling off ship for a cruise ship passenger who fell overboard off the coast of baums. 24-year-old man from georgia falling from the 11th deck of the carnival elation that happened just before 3:00 a.m. he wasn't reported missing by his wife until the ship reached its port which was six hours later. high expectations as primp meets with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just hours from now in washington. >> the a alliance between israel and america has always been extremely strong. it's about to get even stronger. heather: brand new video of the israeli leader in washington overnight. on the agenda a whole lot of stuff including the palestinian iran, syria, that
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expected to take center stage. first time the two leaders meet face-to-face since president trump won the election. lots going on down there in washington. lots to talk about. steve: thank you. ainsley: thanks, heather. straight ahead on our show 2 hours and 50 minutes. the white house press corps more ruthless than ever this week. are they taking the administration's eye off the ball when it comes to our national security? former nsc staff to president bush and obama gillian turner here next to examine. ainsley: speaking of reporters, what happens when turk carlson smacks one of them with the cold hard facts. >> you are a little obsessive about fox news i noticed. have you covered fox news in the last 10 months 23 times more than msnbc. ainsley: the he is heated exchange have you got to see straight ahead. ♪ help ♪ you know i need someone ♪ when i was younger ♪ so much younger than today
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but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪ what's wrong? ready or you're not. i got ten new guys starting tomorrow. ten? paul, pauline... is pauline a guy? sorry. mike, mike, mike and mike. michelle. okay, you need uniforms, work gloves, goggles, hard hats, all the safety gear. i'm on it. well that's good, 'cuz i got 15 more new guys starting tuesday. i'm ready. you're ready? ♪ oh, i'm ready... am i ready? what? am i ready? you're ready. i'm ready! cintas. ready for the workday. >> day one of what is arguably the biggest presidential scandal involving a foreign government since iran contra.
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>> do you hear the silence? this is the sound of house republicans conducting no oversight of president trump. >> right now this is an example of a president who is incompetent, reckless, and strategically incoherent. ainsley: michael flynn's resignation and the white house shakeup, now the big focus for democrats and the media what about the national security threats that we're all facing? here to weigh in on this is former white house security staff under president george w. bush and president obama. fox news contributor gillian turner. hey, jillian, good to see you. >> hi. ainsley: you worked in the white house under two administrations. when it comes to general flynn's resignation what is happening behind the scenes. >> i think the focus right now at the white house is probably going to be who the permanent replacement for him is going to be. they took swift and desizeable action the day before yesterday to have michael flynn step aside.
3:19 am
that was the right thing to do. i don't think we can afford distractions over white house officials behavior. we just have too many national security threats. so the sooner that they can get someone permanent in that position and start looking forward again, i think the better. ainsley: how big is a distraction is this for the trump administration? >> i think, you know, my guess is if you spoke to president trump candidly, he would tell you that the main reason aside from the lying that he had general flynn really step aside is because the national security advisor is never supposed to be the national security crisis, the story. he is the person that is supposed to help the president implement his policy, smooth things over with the executive branch interagency. he is not supposed to be the stumbling block. when this is what flynn became it's a huge problem for the president and his aagenda. this is a step he took really for the nation. ainsley: what are the biggest national security concerns
3:20 am
that the media should be focusing on? >> i think the media and white house should be focusing number one on russian provocations around the world, which they're doing not only in eastern europe and crew rainy but along u.s. border line waters that came this past weekend as well as north korea. those are the two big ones right now and isis, of course. ainsley: gillian turner, thank you. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. who are these popping up it the town halls? >> who here has read the affordable healthcare plan? [cheers] >> i seriously doubt that. many asking if obama behind the alt right movement will help save his signature bill. telling you about illegal immigrant thrown into jail five times. this morning she wants to explain herself. the jail house interview ahead ♪ we can read my poker face ♪
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steve quick look at workers' compensation morning headlines. a woman arrested overnight in connection with with the bizarre cold war style assassination of kim jong un's half-brother. news media in malaysia stwi females snuck up on him while waiting in an airport smothering him with a cloth soaked with some kind of poison. police are still searching for the other woman. also stories they may have jabbed him with a needle or something. don't know. and drug smuggling reaching a new high. take a look at this massive pot catapult at the mexican arizona border. agents saying a cartel has been using it to catapult
3:25 am
marijuana over in to the united states. that's no longer in use, however. the agents have de-catapulted it. brian over to you. brian: okay. organizing for action nonprofit group grown out of former president barack obama's 2008 win. this morning, it's back in the spotlight, ramping up efforts to tear down president trump's agenda. in a recently released video, the organization with a special appearance by president obama calls for change. >> nothing's more powerful than millions of voices. >> calling for change. >> we've seen it? >> we've seen it. >> yes. it's true. we are community organizers. >> and we're actually really proud of it. >> this movement is the single greatest prep to the way that the powerful interests in washington do business. >> but it depends on you. brian: so what influence have they had in the growing anti-trump movement we see in all these town halls and should the former president be that closely involved or is he? here to debate matt schlapp
3:26 am
chairman of the american conservative union and author of the federalist society how the took the back from liberals. did you ever think that president obama is on the beach pulling the strings. >> no president obama is on the beach kite surfing and get a break from the presidency for a while. i think there is no question when he comes back to the states is he going to set up shop back in d.c. where his children are preliminarily anyway. i think he will be involved in some extent to democratic politics. he wants to build a bench of young democrats who will do what he started. he cares about progressive ideas. he care cares about affordable r care strong and middle class and energy independence. i think we will see that. brian: ben, there is a sense that these uprising in these town halls these demonstrations from minneapolis to north carolina to new york and san francisco over the weekend are orchestrated by this group. >> yeah.
3:27 am
they absolutely are. and let me just say i think it's president obama can't get enough. it's very graceless to continue to want to be front and center of politics after you have been president. the fact that he has commented several times in attacking fashion against president trump just i think it's revealing of his character. i think is he absolutely wanting to be -- look they have a big race to see hot next head of the dnc is. i think it's barack obama. i think he is pulling strings. i think is he involved. i think he is going to be the head of the democratic resistance throughout these trump years and i think it's very tacky. brian: danielle you saw how devastated he was when trump won and sense plan put in place at that moment to really make donald trump's administration implode. and now there is some thought that maybe ben rhodes is behind the ousting of mike flynn and some of the orchestration of some of the things that came out. because mic flynn was the biggest critic of the iranian deal.
3:28 am
>> i think we need to suppress facts from fiction. osa the organization we are talking about here was started in 2012, 2013 after president obama was reelected. and so this is a long-term plan for progressive values. i don't think the president wants to be president anymore. in his farewell address he talked about the power of people. he talked about the idea that we should be dedefending our own bill of rights. i don't see him delving in to politics too much. brian: did he tweet out about the demonstrations he was seeing. >> he appears in this video. he standing side by side with the people going to these town halls. is he trying to defend the only real legislative item in his legacy, brian, and that's obamacare. and he is very engaged in trying to keep it. even though the american people have never really accepted it and it's very unpopular and because of obamacare and the other parts of the radical jend, the democrats never lost so much
3:29 am
than under president obama. brian brian danielle has a theory as long as president obama is around, nobody else is going to emerge on the left. so it might be good news for president obama but not for the party. >> he needs to do what he can i think to build a bench. i think he will step away. in terms of affordable health if republicans can find a way to provide healthcare that is more affordable to more people he is 100 percent behind it i think democrats should be too. brian: all right. he will be back in town soon we will find out. thank you for joining us. coming up straight ahead. they will do whatever it takes to save the planet from evil oil companies. even hurl themselves in front of a car. pipeline protesters going wild next. rumor the german shepherd wasn't the only big winner of the westminster dog show. >> am i a winner? >> you are a winner. stand up on the podium. brian: that's right. we unleashed janice dean the weather machine.
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3:33 am our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night. brian: the kentucky all state choir singing star-spangled banner from the hotel balcony. ainsley: beautiful. spectacular show of patriotism voices echoing in perfect unison in 18 floors of the louisville hotel. steve: students do it every year at the kentucky music educators association conference and let's listen to the conclusion ♪ banner yet wave
3:34 am
♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ an. steve: you know how you always sing better when you sing in a shower. same thing with hotel a trims. they sounded great, didn't they? ainsley: so beautiful. steve: very nice. ainsley: the power of television. brian: defensiv brian: brian thanks to devon elliott using his iphone. steve: heather, let's talk about the news. heather: i bet they walked in there and said the acoustic perfect. illegal immigrant convicted of voter fraud crying foul said it's not fair she is being made example of this even
3:35 am
after voting five times. >> they could have did this to somebody somebody else who really did something wrong really did the crime. against me, against me, against me just for being an example. it's just not fair. heather: it's just not fair she said. rosa ortega said she didn't know the difference between citizen and resident when she cast a legal ballot for a decade. judge in texas sentencing her to 8 years behind bars. and fox news' tucker carlson taking on media bias and reporter for his repeated attacks on fox news. the host of "tucker carlson tonight" calling out the host who refused to report on his own paper. >> you are a little obsessive about fox news i have noticed. you are covered fox news 23 times on msnbc. you are a lefty. angry about politics i get it? >> i will put "the washington post, the freedom that i have
3:36 am
and the times that i have criticized my own paper against anyone in this industry. okay? >> i'm starting to feel bad for you. you have the freedom and it's great. you should use it to do something useful like reporting on russian propaganda in your own paper. heather: what tucker is referring to is the "the washington post" has published russia beyond the headlines. steve: advertising. heather: this driver has no time for protesters. watch as this car refuses to divert for. instead of going around the crowd they drive right into it when whenever the people don't move the driver takes it a step furnished. riding on the hood for 30 is he seconds before falling off. we will see you back here shortly. >> and you had a good time. >> i did. >> excited to hear about it. >> i saw heather's instagram. she is posing with two german
3:37 am
shepherds big winners last night here in new york city. janice: first time in 30 years. only second time in 141 years has a german shepherd won. can i just say thank you "fox & friends" for giving me the time of my life. groundhog couple weeks ago. westminster dog show. i have never been. this is incredible. i want you to have a look. >> steve: excellent. ♪ we are at the westminster dog show. we are here early. the dogs have getting pammered back stage. we are going to find out what we can examine at the westminster dog show. ♪ ♪ >> what kind of people come out to these shows? >> all kinds of walks of life. i think dog love cuts across every demographic. every group. janice: justin tuck tell us what you are doing here
3:38 am
tonight. >> i'm coming to see real athletes for once. i'm a huge dog fan. >> westminster dog special because everybody gets into it. whether you bred dogs or in to them everyone loves westminster. janice: are you ready for this? do you think is he nervous. >> no. janice: afterwards, will you let him eat some hamburgers? >> no. i'm a veterinarian so he is not going to be eating hamburger. >> will you let him eat hamburger afterwards. >> yes. hamburger, cheesecake, ice cream. janice: you are a dog after my own heart. tell us your grooming for her? >> it's a labor of love. it's definitely hours a week. days but, you know what? it's a beauty pageant. we are here to look our best. it's worth every moment of it. janice: there is a lot of dogs here but this dog is working the crowd. >> he is working it. up and down the tables like crazy.
3:39 am
janice: you don't mind louie. >> i love dogs. i love new york. it's a perfect combination. janice: lieuy, congratulations. it's valentine's day. who is your favorite dog? >> beanie. janice: have you seen brian kilmeade do the little jaunts. >> no. janice: he is very good at it are you protecting her? >> i'm just protecting her so she doesn't jump out. janice: how long won best in show. >> 1987 january january people say she is predicted to win. >> i can't say that. >> westminster kennel club dog show the german shepherd dog. >> rumor wins best in show. janice: am a winner? >> you are a winner. stand up on the podium. janice: seriously? >> there you go. i like it.
3:40 am
you got this down. i like that. perfect. steve: what are you a pointer there? >> i couldn't believe that i got in the winner circle. i was on the little podium where the best in show dogs go. i had the time of my life. people plan their vacations to come to new york to see the westminster. ainsley: plan their whole lives around it. is the movie accurate best in show? janice: i asked the handlers how accurate? they said very accurate. these dogs are treated like rock stars. you could not get through the crowd. it was really truly amazing. rumor has it we have the dog rumor coming on the show later today on "fox & friends." ainsley: i love you included brian kilmeade's little -- janice: we do have a gift. brian: "fox & friends first" foray. janice: we have had the westminster dog show for 10 years.
3:41 am
ainsley: what was the best part? janice: meeting rumor. all those dogs interacting with the crowd which was amazing. rumor was very calm. had a nap before the show. brian: like a champion. janice: i think that's key. we perform best when we nap. brian: you cannot tell a dog to nap. they decide. steve: right. they are dogs. janice: i can't wait for you to meet her she is beautiful. she came out of retirement to win. brian: what do dog does in retirement. janice: have babies. steve: we have rumor on the show. ainsley: rumor has it. janice: the dog was named after the adele song. brian: not after the bruce willis kid? steve: another rumor. you never know. he. janice: stick to jaunting. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, former president obama wanted to shut down gitmo. so what's going to happen there now? >> we're going to keep, as you know, gitmo, we are keeping it open. we are going to load it up
3:42 am
with bad dudes. steve: senator cory gardner says don't just keep it open. expand it even more. what's he talking about? he is next. ainsley: kate upton gracing the cover of sports iflted again and making major headlines at the same time. ♪ ♪ know when i got sick my mom used to make me chicken noodle soup. aw, ok... you should call your mom. bye. campbell's chicken noodle soup. there when no one else is. campbell's. made for real, real life. this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade, told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: well, former president barack obama wanted to shut down gitmo but the current new president has promised this. >> we're going to keep, as you know, gitmo. we're keeping that open. and we're going to load it up with bad dudes. steve: bad dudes. now 11 lawmakers are calling for president trump to keep
3:46 am
those promises and expand the use of the prison which right now is down to only 41 detainees. one of those lawmakers joins us now republican senator from the great state of colorado cory gardner. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: at its height weren't there like 500 or 600 guys in. >> there 600 to 700 people there. they were there because they were bad people. it ain't martha stewart we are putting in guantanamo bay. they are people steerve to be there. they earned it. facility tailor made for terrorists. steve: we're down to a couple dozen. there had been some suggestion by the barack obama administration let's put them in super max in your state or in leavenworth my state of kansas. people in those states didn't like the idea very much. >> absolutely not. one of the first campaign promises that president obama made was we're going to close guantanamo bay and we're going to put them on american soil where they would have new rights, subject to new court opportunities, where they would stop providing the actionable intelligence that people in guantanamo bay are still providing today and be a
3:47 am
danger to the people of colorado, the people of kansas, the people of this country. steve: sure. >> that's why some people rejected this around the country. steve: now, 11 senators, lawmakers are calling for the president to expand the use of it. all right. what do you mean expand gitmo? >> absolutely. during the campaign and now as president, president trump has talked about using guantanamo bay to keep enemy combatants, to keep really bad people in a secure facility off u.s. soil where they don't add additional or gain additional rights, to make sure that we can get the intelligence we need from them to protect our men and women in uniform around the globe. steve: all right. i know that donald trump is working on apparently an executive order regarding gitmo. >> that's correct. steve: have you guys been dialed in? are you part of the process at this point? >> there has been some information that we have seen from elements of the white house. what we know is a focus, i hope, as our letter mentioned on this periodic review board that has let some really bad people be released. have you people in guantanamo
3:48 am
bay right now, the nephew of khalid sheik mohammed helped plan the september 11th attacks. steve: sure. >> you have got people in there who bombed the "u.s.s. cole." have you bad professional jihadist who don't deserve to be on u.s. soil. they need to be there with company. worst elements around the globe as we keep them in a secure facility where we can get the kind of information we need that can make a difference to help our efforts to stop terrorists. >> steve: sounds good to me. thank you cory gardner for stopping by and the effort. >> thank you. steve: let us know what you think at brand new poll show many think president trump is a strong leader. why won't democrats give him a chance? he has only been in the white house three weeks. isn't that why they lost the white house? we will talk about thravment supermodel kate upton just 24 years old gracing the cover of "sports illustrated" making a milestone at the same time. top trending headlines of this wednesday morning.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
♪ steve: well, he has got one of the most important jobs in the world but the vice president, mike pence is just like all guys, it seems like, on valentine's day as he is spotted buying last-minute flowers at the grocery store in d.c. ainsley: how sweet. here with more of today's top trends fox news headlines reporter carlie shimkus. steve: waiting until the last minute. >> should we give him a pass on this one? pretty busy guy. steve: i went to the grocery store yesterday myself.
3:53 am
>> you have to buy flowers at the last minute or else they will wilt. brian: put your deposited down the week before and show your thought ahead of time. ainsley: bought them for his wife and daughter. >> c-span that we just saw with the caption while grocery shopping for our family husbandy seen @ v.p. hope my husband follows the vice president's lead. the funny part here is that the vice president actually saw that tweet and responded saying don't ruin the surprise. share our 34th valentine's day with my valentine karen. two in that picture for daughter charlotte saying no matter what no matter where dad always comes through on valentine's day. ainsley: that's what dads do it my dad called me yesterday. he shops the grocery store a lot. he bought ice cream for his wife. >> is he an ordinary guy like you and me.
3:54 am
brian: let's talk football tom brady. >> six members of the new england patriots say they are not going to go to the white house to celebrate their super bowl victory and their leader quarterback tom brady responded to this news yesterday. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i wasay. >> it was something a privilege to do meant you won a championship and got to experience something cool with your team, with your teammates. >> he says it's not political. he says it's a celebration of their achievement. he did not attend the white house celebration in 2015. so he said that there was a scheduling issue at that time. brian: he has a lot of opportunities to go. steve: absolutely. >> >> he has been four times before because he went once in college as well. brian: is he busy. ainsley: how about kate upton? she is on "sports illustrated" again not the first time. >> not the first, not the second. this is her third cover. she looks incredible. i can't believe she is 24 and already achieved the cover
3:55 am
three times. fourth woman to do. this tara banks, heidi klum and christie brinkley all landed the cover three times. she tweeted about it saying wow, so honored and excited to be back on the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue that celebrates beauty and confidence in all shapes and sizes. a lot of people like her shape and size. [laughter] ainsley: a lot of people do. is this the same one that christa brinkley is going to be in with her daughters. >> she is in her 60's now. looks about the same age. brian: this is what steve and i find surprising we read the story last week that kate upton was a diva they weren't going to give her a cover. steve: she was so demanding behind the scenes. she wanted all sorts of stuff according to "new york post" page 6. >> not only did they give her one cover they have honored her with three different covers. steve: for this edition. which is brilliant some will wind up buying all three.
3:56 am
>> this cover we showed you the only family friendly one. ainsley: on the cover? steve: while it is a sports event magazine the swimsuit edition is the biggest seller by a mile. >> of course. it appeals to both men and women. ainsley: when you are at the grocery store you are like i have a few seconds. i wouldn't buy it but i don't mind flipping through it. brian: there are sports in the back. >> good gym incentive. ainsley: thanks, carlie. a fox news alert. russia testing the water of the trump administration by sending a spy ship off the coast of delaware and buzzing one of our war ships. so why is the mainstream media only talking about trump staff? steve: we're going to talk about that. coming up, a brand new fox news poll show the majority of americans think president trump is a strong leader. why won't democrats give him a chance? isn't that why they lost the white house? overblown opposition next up on "fox & friends" live from new york city.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare. >> we have to wonder whether or not people who are entrusted with classified information are leaking that information out. >> someone made the decision to deliberately listen to general flynn's phone calls. i have just never seen anything like it. >> just this morning flynn tweeted scapegoat. >> do you know what a scapegoat is? in a community they get a goat and heap all of the ills onto the goat and then they run the goat out of town. >> one problem is general flynn never tweeted that he was a scapegoat. >> right now there is a russian spy shilpa controlling right off the east coast of the united states and it is reportedly armed with surface-to-air missiles. >> high expectations as president trump meets with the benjamin netanyahu just hours from now in washington.
4:01 am
>> the lines between america and israel about to get stronger. >signing a bill repeal the provision in dodd frank reform. >> sign the bill. >> rumor best in show. >> rumor has it. ♪ go on ♪ and just roll with it baby ♪ ♪ roll with it, baby ♪ hang on ♪ and just roll with it, baby ♪ ♪ hey i waited too long steve: well the garden party last night westminster dog show the 141st edition of it that dog by the name of rumor won it we have rumor right here on the curvey couch made of plea they're. ainsley: we can wipe it off.
4:02 am
how cool is it when they gave the award rumor has it. brian: i love it thought we had big news the first hour. janice dean says a dog napping before the event is key to victory. steve: not dog napping but dog napping. ainsley: all in the way you pronounce it monologue or how did you say it. >> monologue. steve: remember back in the old days come to work and man what's going to be our lead story not much to talk about. that has not been a problem lately. brian: men from mars and grim venus? remember those stories? we used to do talking points what do men like and what do women like battle of the sexes. ainsley: i have been on the show a year we have not had a talking point like that. brian: things have been intense. ainsley: i miss those talking points. russia testing the waters of the trump administration. brian: we are learning that the kremlin planting a spy ship 70 miles off the east
4:03 am
coast of the united states while violating a cold war arms treaty and buzzing our destroyer. steve: sounds like mr. putin is trying to get mr. trump's attention. what happens next. turn to kristin fisher at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, foreign leaders hostile to the united states are very clearly trying to test this new president. first over the weekend you had north korea missile launch test fire of a ballistic missile. now russia is making moves both in our own backyard and overseas. on friday russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in the black sea. no accident since it took place over the course of several hours. at times coming within 200 yards of the uss porter. u.s. officials say the kremlin has also violated a cold war era arms control treaty by deploying new ground launch cruise missiles inside russia. then yesterday a russian spy ship was spotted just 70 miles off the coast of delaware
4:04 am
heading north. the first time that this has happened since president trump took office. fox news contributor retired general jack keane says the time something likely no coincidence. >> what they're trying to do, that that aremartha humiliate ae race the united states. rattle them. give them the impression that the united states isn't the strong myrtle nation that had has been in the past and its leadership is not strong. this is obviously done with mr. trump in mind. clearly. and they want to see what his reaction is. >> so far no reaction from president trump this morning. but these russian provocations will almost certainly come up when defense secretary james mattis meets with the nato secretary general later today in germany. back to you. brian: yeah. thanks, kristin. if everyone said well, wait a second, donald trump is in bed with the russians and we'll show you how well both country dries are going to get along. nothing has changed. that behavior is unacceptable. just like it was unacceptable for the last 8 years.
4:05 am
just like you can go back 10 years or nine years when they invaded georgia. then they invaded the ukraine and take crimea. we see these series of events. nothing has changed. so if the donald trump that we have all been able to study over the last year and a half is going to be true to his personality, there is going to be reprisals. ainsley: right. brian: there is going to be reprisals in coordination with security team. ainsley: that is a4r5r78ing when you learn they have a spy ship so close to the united states. we have to act and do something. brian: these are submarines but they want to be seen. ainsley: right they want to be seen. steve: what donald trump does next so important. we have seen donald trump be tough out on the stump. he is going to come out with a statement and be very strong. i bet that spy ship turns around. ainsley: i hope. so. brian: i wouldn't be surprised. north korea tested us twice with two missiles and iran two missiles. now have you russia doing these three things. the president has the team in place to acts. general mattis is now there. it just makes you wonder how
4:06 am
much longer are they going to hold back his other nominees and keeping his cabinet in limbo. steve: if you turn around and click around to the other -- if people actually do click around, if you take your remote and look at the other channels they are just on mike flynn he got fired. ainsley: national security story is a much bigger concern. steve: how do we find out about mike flynn's private conversations on a phone with somebody in russia? somebody in the intel community unmasked him. they took. so biggest secrets in our foreign -- in our international relation situation and made them public, released them to newspapers. it's the same thing a couple of weeks ago where suddenly we are learning the contents of super secret conversations the president of the united states had with the prime minister of australia and the president of mexico. how do those secrets get out? well, somebody inside the intel community does not like donald trump released them to the press.
4:07 am
they are trying disrupts his presidency. ainsley: not just somebody. accord ing to "the washington post. there were nine leakers. i was reading another article today in daily caller. brian: that shouldn't be hard to find. ainsley: the number is substantial. why can't they find out who these leakers are. i know reporters don't have to give up sources. but you would think they would be able to find out who leakers are. brian: donald trump taking on the intelligence community how disappointed. clapper did not get along with him. you wonder if they mined the place before they left. who knows. othey conducted a thorough review of flynn's reactions including the transcripts of the calls secretly recorded by the u.s. intelligence officials and found nothing illegal. the problem is donald trump found out a few days later. they never turned around and told the vice president who went out on face the nation and other outlets and said sanctions never came up. but the content of the calls reportedly nothing was wrong. steve: that's right. did not break the logan act. folks, this is political theater. people on the left probably people from the holdovers from
4:08 am
the obama administration or people who were in it and no longer in government coordinated this effort to plant these stories in newspapers to make this president and his administration look bad. elon lake wrote yesterday in bloomberg view about the political assassination of michael flynn. this was not random. this was targeted. and he says he was on last night with hannity. he says, look, this is not the kind of thing that is supposed to happen in the united states of america. >> we almost never see this kind of thing because it's not just u.s. citizens but u.s. officials. this thing happens in banana republics when national police will go after a political leader they don't like and using these extraordinary powers. we trust the nsa and the fbi to use these powers to catch criminals and terrorists but that should not interfere in our politics. and that stuff is interfering right now in our politics. brian: senator rand paul was on the radio with me yesterday
4:09 am
and he said by the way the nsa tapes all the calls. they can provide everything at all times. meanwhile elon lake made headlines yesterday with his reporting. this is one of the things we wanted to highlight. he says this nunez told me monday night that this will not end well. first that is defensive nunez. first is flynn. next kellyanne conway then it will be steve bannon then it will be reince priebus he said but another -- put it another way. flynn is only appetizer. trump is the entree. steve: that's right. they are intent on trying to destroy donald trump. keep in mind. these leaks are major felonies. i was talking -- i mentioned this earlier i was talking to somebody at the department of justice during the reagan years. they said there should be an immediate department of justice inquiry. they should impanel a federal grand jury. the number of people who know this super secret sufficient is so small, subpoena them. ask them the questions. ainsley: the left media why don't they come out and say we
4:10 am
are just trying to destroy him. it's so obvious. it's three weeks. in shouldn't everybody care about jobs, national security, the borders? brian: just wait whether he addresses both chambers of commerce. i bet you half of them do not show up. walk out. ainsley: finding a narrative here and running with it in fact, nancy pelosi pelosi was at that press conference with other democrats saying michael flynn saying on twitter he was the scapegoat turns out and she went on with long desks of what a scapegoat is. turns out that twitter page is fake. that answer the even michael flynn. it's so obvious, i feel like, they are trying to run with this narrative how bad donald trump is and not give him a chance. steve: republicans in congress are not going to sit by. debbie nunes wants the fbi to investigate. the problem is the faceless bureaucrats who are leaking this stuff. they are doing damage to the people in the intel community who do great work for us. ainsley: doing great damage to all of us.
4:11 am
these are national secrets. steve: that's correct. once upon a time people in secret department keep secrets when you don't like the guy in the white house you try to make him look bad and that's where we are today. brian: dr. larry sabato not a medical doctor said the wave of leaks is unlike any he has ever seen and he does this for a living. steve: the president, congress white house need to do something about it. brian: when in trouble sing this land is your land and what a scapegoat is. years ago we used to take all our problems put them on a goat and send them out of town. ainsley: i bet she was so excited she knew the definition of it and had to look it up. later in the day when she learns that wasn't his tweet she is like oh my gosh. brian: does she ever have that moment. ainsley: same when she thought president bush was still in office. remember that last week? steve: that's some of the craziness going on in washington, d.c. there is other news that's actually weather, heather. heather: certainly. good morning. we are tracking this storm and janice dean is following it as well. extreme weather taking place
4:12 am
in texas. several tornadoes tearing through the houston area overnight carving a path of destruction. you can see a trailer toppled over and trees ripped from the roof thrown on to homes. this in missouri city, texas. and then a nearby town a mother credited with saving her children's lives. she got down on top of her kids to try to protect them when a twister flipped home upside down. that mom expected to be okay. more on this weather when we get it brand new video of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu landing in washington, d.c. overnight where in just a few hours he will meet with president trump. it will be the first time the two world leaders meet face to face since president trump won the election. now, on the agenda, the palestinian conflict, iran and the nuke deal. also syria and israel security will take center stage as well. well, starting next month, you can now tour the white house. first lady melania trump saying that the news she is excited to share the beauty
4:13 am
and the history of that building. tours were temporarily suspended, which is typical when there is a new president who comes in office. doors will officially be back open on march the 7th. a lot of people looking forward to that those are your headlines. steve: that would be great. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. refugees frantically fleeing from the middle east in desperate need of food and free wi-fi? password, please. steve: password is password. ainsley: we polled the american people can you guess the top priority tax cuts. where are they? stuart varney is here to tell us. brian: he has them in his hand. are those tax cuts? >> i wish. ♪ ♪ sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy!
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♪ steve: president trump signing a new executive order delivering on one of his biggest campaign promises. watch. >> this is one of many that we have signed or tha. we have many more left. we are bringing back jobs big league. we are bringing them back at the plant level, the mine level. the energy jobs are coming back and you see what's going on with the stock market.
4:18 am
they know -- they know that we know what we're doing. so it's going up at record -- ainsley: today meeting with ceos from some of america's biggest retailers to discuss these very issues creating jobs and cutting taxes. here to weigh in on this is the host of varney and company on the fox business network stuart varney. i'm sure is he going to be talking to c.e.o.s about border taxes. >> border tax. those retailers hate it with a passion. they hate the border tax. the border tax is a tax placed on all imports. everything coming in to the country gets taxed. of the proposal that i hear is a 20% tax at the border which stuff comes across. that would raise prices for all those retailers who stock their shelves with stuff from overseas. brian: who would be hurt by that. >> if you say hurt. that's a pejorative word. we will all probably be paying higher prices because for all of those imports, the tax on
4:19 am
it would raise the price. ainsley: wouldn't it encourage more people to make these products here in america? >> yes. in the long term it would. but in the short-term you pay higher prices. steve: now, stuart, i heard somewhere that the reason it's 20%, the border tax is because there is a 20% tax on things made on here in the united states. in and out 20 in, 20 out. >> it's an attempt to equalize the taxation overseas and taxation here. steve: that sounds okay to the average person. >> i think we are missing something here. this border tax proposal is a very big deal. until now, we tax income. what you earn is what gets taxed. in the future we would start to shift towards taxing what we buy, what we spend money on. consumption as opposed to income. somewhat similar that is a huge shift in the nature of taxation. not going to be popular universally. it raises prices. and, remember, poorer people who are paycheck to paycheck
4:20 am
people suddenly going to find themselves paying higher prices because of al tax imposed by the trump administration. brian: buying american. keeping it here. bringing manufacturing year less than jacking up prices. >> hammer home the point you will be paying higher prices. that's what they will higher home. ainsley: more jobs in america. i see both sides. >> i don't think there are the votes in congress for a border tax. when push comes to shove. steve: we just did that fox news poll number one issue with people in the united states number one is cut taxes. >> income tax cuts. corporate tax cuts. not a border tax increase. brian: 52% want that and replacing obamacare is second. stuart, watch you 9 to noon all three hours. >> thank you very much. steve: have you seen uncontrollable rage from democrats taking over republican town halls. [shouting] [chanting this is what democracy looks like] steve: are those noisy people
4:21 am
training do this. republican about to face off with the town hall is going to join us coming up next. brian: congratulations. it's a boy. of course, i'm talking about the brand new american girl doll who is a boy. his name is logan. ♪ here. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. what you wear every day actually making your body feel better, making your whole day better. that's exactly what tommie copper does for people everywhere coping with life's everyday aches and pains. they call it "wearable wellness," and tommie copper has infused it into everything they do. why not treat yourself well this new year?
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♪ ainsley: some quick headlines for you. would you edit your baby's d.n.a. if you could? >> after screening we are left, as you see, with two healthy boys and two very healthy girls. naturally, no critical position to any of the major inheritable diseases. ainsley: scientists say they are developing technology that could rule out diseases and disabilities before your baby is born. the process is called genetic engineering. it's expected to begin clinical trials for serious conditions pretty soon.
4:25 am
and students at a liberal college sparking outrage for wearing white puzzle piece to call out white privilege. the personal identity campaign is at elizabeth town college in pennsylvania. they are saying the pins raise awareness about racial identity and negative effects on minorities. steve? steve: all right. thank you very much, ainsley. screaming, heckling, booing, some the many reactions at some republican town halls across the country. look at this. [crowd booing] if. [chanting this is what democracy looks like] steve: okay. they are chanting right there. liberal activists are training people to do just that ads like this one popping up in local newspapers recruiting protesters to come out. that ad in tom reed's district in upstate, new york. congressman, good morning to you. >> thank you very much for having me on, steve. steve: who are these people putting the ads in the papers
4:26 am
trying to show people how to organize and how to effectively go to one of your town halls and make a lot of react? >> well, you know, we have been doing town halls for my entire career in congress and we'll continue to do them. there has always been organized protest at times. i think this is just a higher level of that organization. and some of these folks are just very passionate on the hard left. steve: okay. it's political activist training. training to do, what? >> my hope is it's training to have a conversation. but i think what you see with the videos that you are showing and things like that, training to disrupt. and to disengage the process. i trust the american democratic process. i trust the american people. and my hope is that disruption doesn't occur and we get to real conversation when we do our town halls. steve: we just saw an image of jason chaffetz who had a town hall out in utah within the last week or. so and somebody would ask him a question and he would start to answer. he would get about five words in and then they would continue to make the noise. where it looks like the
4:27 am
tolerant left wasn't very tolerant. >> i'm concerned about that. because, you know, we represent 717,000 people. that's why we down doo town halls. we have done over 200 of them. we stand in front of people. i know what i stand for and believe. in i also want to listen. i care about these people individually and as a whole. we want to engage in the conversation. and you know they want to disrupt the town halls it's an opportunity lost. steve: congressman. it seems like the people at these town halls we are showing right now were angry about something. what do you anticipate the people coming to your town hall are coming. what's the reason for their appearance at it. >> we did four town halls in the district and folks show up they didn't realize that president trump had won. they expected hillary clinton in the office. so there was some of that there was also just this anger on the left that their agenda is threatened. so what we're talking about is putting our philosophy of empowering people, empowering individuals. getting government out of the way. i think that resonates in the districts like mine and across the country. >country.
4:28 am
steve: so what do they want you to do. >> a lot of them want 180-degree turns in our policy shifts. steve: you can't do that you ran on your record. you said this is what i stand for and this is what i'm going to do. they don't like it, it's a little late, isn't it. >> exactly. i can continue to engage in the conversation. we have done these so many times after about an hour and 45 minutes getting yelled at. it's amazing how many people say i think can i work with you on this and work with you on that. that's what i'm trying to get to going forward on town halls. steve: let's hope your town hall homecoming. people have showing up to protest what. >> i don't know exactly what they are protesting other than they are taking over the office. we welcomed them. we actually said turn out the lights when you are done. but, you are more than welcome to stay here and have a conversation. we brought them coffee and donuts this morning. the bottom line is to disrupt the process is one thing. but tone gauge in the process in a constructive way, i'm all about that and we will engage in that conversation.
4:29 am
> steve: is this constructive if they come and sit in your office and keep from you doing your work? >> obviously that is not productive. that's not constructive. that's extremism. that's extremist taking a tactic like that. we will just continue to engage in the conversation because we trust the people we represent. steve: that's good at some point do you wind up calling the cops and saying hey, you know, it's day 20. i can't get anything done? >> you know. i think that's what they are looking for. they are looking for that. i'm going to let their behavior speak for itself and all i can control is what i do. i will keep showing up and listening to people because i care deeply about them. as americans we have got to come together to solve these problems. avenue. steve: amen to that. congressman tom reed, good luck at your town hall. let us know how to turns out. >> i appreciate that and i definitely will. steve: 7:29 in new york city. fox news alert. rush russia testing the waters for the trump administration spy ship delaware off the
4:30 am
coast. what kind of message is putin trying to send to trump. the former officer of the "u.s.s. cole" coming in next. officers fleeing from the middle east in desperate need of food, shelter and i need some free wi-fi, okay? what's the password ♪ going to rock down to electric avenue ♪ take it higher ♪ trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade, told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia.
4:33 am
this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. brian bribe we have a fox news alert right now. you won't believe the series of events. russian aggression on the rise. spy ship just launched off the u.s. coast 70 miles off the delaware. missile cruise -- cruise missile also secretly deployed. which is in violation of another agreement. that's a cold war era arms control treaty with a nuclear war head. ainsley: this is russia's first provocation since the president took office. so how worried should would he
4:34 am
be? steve: kirk liphold was the officer of the uss cole. he joins us now. good morning, commander. >> good morning. glad to be on. brian: they just buzzed our destroyer again with one of their fighter jets. what do you do from here? number one, if you were the commanding of that destroyer, what would you do? >> well, i think what we're seeing is the trump administration is being quietly challenged in many cases not so quietly by the russians and learning they are not quite the allies that they thought they were. you now have very strong signals being sent. the deployment of the intelligence ship that is a ship that unlike the soviet a.g.i.s that use to parole off our coast this one is designed to collect intelligence. here to send a signal forward deploy. missile deployment great concern not only to the united states but especially nato in europe because they are the ones that live with the employment of that first and foremost. and when you look at all the other things they are doing,
4:35 am
they are stirring up trouble. ainsley: all right. commander, how should the president respond to this? what does he need to do? >> first thing i think he does is employment deployment of the missile is operational matter. we go to the russians, we call them out by the treaty. we tell them they are in violation. we do it in coordination with our nato allies and then we work with them to develop a response so that nato and the united states, there is no daylight between us and that we, in fact, show that it's going to be a solid front and begin to hold them accountable. steve: that would be, you know, refreshing that given the fact that during the last administration we didn't really stand up to russia so much, did we? >> i think there was a lot of concern about the ramifications. we weren't doing the groundwork necessary with some places like nato to make sure that they were fox all star square solid behind us and us behind them. we need to make sure that we do that in the future because this is going to be a very dangerous deployment. we do not want to have a violation of a treaty because that's a whole new ballgame now. brian: keep in mind, commander, as you know, we
4:36 am
have been tested by north carolina wittest -- by northkore launches and now seeing this with russia who obviously in bed with obviously that's fool hardy. over the weekend i was stunned to hear the ukrainian ambassador say nikki haley the u.n. ambassador came out and condemned their aggression in the ukraine. the face on the russian ambassador was relatively stunned. they weren't expecting that. are they beginning to understand on some level or are they going to be forced to understand that there is a new sheriff in town? >> you know, and i don't think we should push and say necessarily a new sheriff but we should definitely make clear that the united states acting consistently is not going to continue to tolerate these russian aggressions. they have invade georgia. they have invaded ukraine. we need to make sure that we start looking at things at how we can give things to the ukrainians so they can begin to fight back against these separatists so we can create a country. ainsley: if donald trump does
4:37 am
fight back how is that not a new sheriff in town? you talk about consistency. it would be totally different than what obama did. >> that's a failure of the previous administration. this administration is setting a new tone and a new way of doing business. we need to start getting congress off top dead centered. get the government fill you had with the appointees that the trump administration needs in order to conduct operations and make policy worldwide and right now with the democrats slow rolling this, they are actually undermining our national security by not allowing them to get confirmed. brian: at least five times that we know of, there is video that exists of the russians buzzing our ships. can you guys start locking in on them, let them understanding we can take you out in a second? there has got to be something we can do quickly or this is only going to get worse. what are our options. >> first thing we do incident sea agreement. we tell the russians once again lay it on the table so we are documented and have it
4:38 am
out there that they're violating that agreement in how they are approaching our ships. trust me, brian, we know when af who they are communicating with, how they are being controlled, whether they are armed or not, how close they are going to come. we have them essentially like you said locked and loaded, we're there, we're ready if they provide any instance of hostile intent or a hostile act, trust me, i have every confidence that the navy has empowered those commanders to defend their ships and their sailors and they will shoot them down. steve: well. putin has spoken. now let's see how president trump responds. commander, thank you very much for joining us live today from washington, d.c. >> thank you. great to be on the show again. steve: good to have you. ainsley: made a good point about these cabinet picks. got to get them through because it's affecting our national security. brian: meeting the vice president of nato today. steve: meantime, it is 22 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has a whole bunch of headlines. heather: on though note, brian. general mattis saying all nato
4:39 am
allies need to pay essential their fair share the u.s. pays 22%. couple headlines to right now. refugees say they need a phone charge and also wi-fi to survive? according to the economists cell phones are so important in refugees camps that some are willing to go hungry just to get online. the u.n.'s riff gee agency saying it's not uncommon for some to save up for pricey sim cards imported from europe and some will walk nearly a mile just to find the free internet connection probably trying to communicate with family members, perhaps. fox news tucker carlson taking on a reporter for repeated attacks on fox news. the host of "tucker carlson tonight" calling out "the washington post reporter eric wemple who refused to report on his own newspaper. listen. >> you are a little obsessive about fox news i have noticed have you covered fox news 23 more times than msnbc. have you a political agenda. you are a lefty, you are angry about politics i get. >> it no. no. i will put "the washington
4:40 am
post, the freedom that i have and the times that i have criticized my own paper against anyone in this industry. >> i know. >> okay? >> okay. i'm stuarting to feel bad for you. the point is you have the freedom and it's great. you should use it to do something useful like routeing on russia propaganda in your own paper. heather: that's what tucker tucker is talking about. paid content from russia. known as advertising supplement. it was called russia beyond the headlines. and american girl's newest doll is a boy. meet logan first male toy for the company known for the designer brand of dolls so expensive. parents know all about that. american girl saying that fans have been asking for a boy doll for years and plan on rolling out more males with different background. to not everybody is a fan of this. it's going to confuse gender identity for youngs children. what do you think about that? brian: ken was confusing for my generation.
4:41 am
we didn't know should we play with ken put him with the gi joes? steve: would it be confusing all female dolls? ken and barber. brian: who is your market? do you want men at the american girl doll store? do you want boys there? ainsley: i don't care who goes there. i'm not losing sleep over it. brian: i am. if you are the american girl doll investor. are you trying to get boys? steve: it's hard for us to tell, brian because we didn't generally buy dolls. ainsley: little girls going to buy them because they want boyfriend. i loved ken because he was the dad when i played dolls. brian: ken never fit in with the gi joe's. ainsley: that's a different story. brian: i'm curious. ainsley: talking about stories. this is a real love story. a country singer roy and joey feek. they have touched the world. their faith has inspired many. roy is going to join us live talking about his wife and how her memory lives on after
4:42 am
their first grammy win. brian: are you cheating on your spouse financially? we are going to find out next. we have your chick book. -- checkbook and her number. ♪ heart breaker ♪ dream maker ♪ don't you mess around me ♪ you're a heart breaker ♪ dream maker ♪ ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go here's to all of you early risers, what's up man? go-getters, and should-be sleepers. from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it. brian: all right. enough to that the romance of valentine's day is over, do you have any concern your spouse is committing financial infidelity? a new survey from credit credit cards don' found 12 million americans have hidden a bank or credit card account from their spouse or significant other. and nearly 30% admitted to spending more than $500 without consulting their partner.
4:46 am
here with some tinns every couple should hear from is chris hogan personal financial expert and other ramsey solutions and author of "retire inspired." when they do the story of my life i would like him to do the voiceover. chris, is it ever okay to keep a secret from your spouse about finances? >> no. not really. that's not a path you want to go down. i think it's more a matter of control or a lack of trust or lack of training. so, what i want people to do is to work together and sit down and really start to talk about these things. brian: yeah. and have you thought about why people -- and have they told you why they do it? might be in a good relationship it when it comes to money don't feel comfortable exposing everything. >> that's true, a lot of people as i have coached people over the years i have found out a couple of things. number one either there is too much control by one spouse on the other so the other spouse feels like they need to rebel or they just don't have the skill set. they have never talked about or worked on money together.
4:47 am
>> you say number one have joint accounts. you think that's important. >> joint bank accounts are absolutely essential if you're married. what that will do is open up lines of communication so you are talking together. you are looking at this. and there are no surprises. brian: right. except for the fact we all have atms and never going to the back like we used to before 3:00 and leaving the withdrawal sheets out. next, understand your money differences. understand that the person you married is a spender and the other one is a tight wad. [laughter] >> well, yeah, listen, we are all different in how we handle money. odds are if you are a spender you are married to a saver and visa versa. that can create some tension. i would encourage them. sit down have a equal dollar amount each of have you to spend on things that you want. that way you don't have the battle or the tension. brian: plenty. get an agreement on your money goals. you want a new house. you want to retire. want to pay off the mortgage. get an agreement on goals.
4:48 am
it's easy to get in the same direction. >> it really is. you are in the boat. rowing together and going toward shared goals. talk about those. dream out loud. don't let the money responsibility fall on just one spouse. havhave you got to be a team in this and be united. brian: i'm going to be a team player and give the audience a chance to ask you a question. this one from carolyn in georgia says this, quote: my husband has a separate bank account and absolutely refuses to talk about income spending or bills is this crdz financial infidelity love mrs. doocy. >> carolyn, this isn't financial infidelity, this is a financial lockout. have you no information. this is one of two things. either you have allowed it and it's never been something that's been discussed it is truly time to sit down and start to talk to each other and work as a team. otherwise, you are two individuals. this isn't a marriage. so it's dangerous. brian: you work for dave ramsey. does he need to see all your financials, too? are you exposing to him every time you go to the atm? >> no, not at all.
4:49 am
we are all on a budget. listen, you can't be around here with all this money knowledge and not apply it to your life. brian: absolutely. can't work overdraft and work for the ramsey solution. thanks a lot, chris. >> thank you, my friend. brian: all right. straight ahead. the love story of country singers rory and joey fechuch rory's fate after the loss of joey. rory opening up how her memory wins on after first grammy win ♪ important to me ♪ opening the windows ♪ and letting in air ♪ holding hands when we're saying a prayer ♪ that's important to me ♪ yeah, that's important to me ♪ eed. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. because my teeth are yellow. these photos?
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♪ ainsley: the love story of country singers roy and joey feek has touched the world. their faith has inspired millions of people. this week, nearly a year after losing his wife joey to cancer rory accepted the couple's first grammy. book called "this life i live" there is a picture of it. joining success author and singer rory feek. great to have you here. >> great to be here. ainsley: tell me about your story. >> my wife and i were a duo singing together and we have had a pretty good music career. but in 2014 she was -- right after we had a baby. our little one also diagnosed with down syndrome a couple months later my wife gets diagnosed with cancer. and she gets through the first
4:54 am
year and then comes back and it ultimately she passed away this past march. ainsley: wow. it will be a year on march 4th. >> yes. ainsley: i'm sorry for your loss. you won the grammy first album all of her favorite towns. this song we are seeing this song is called when i'm gone. y'all recorded that song when i'm gone about a parent leaving a child or a parent or a spouse leaving their loved one. you recorded that before she got cancer and before she had a child? >> right. we recorded when i'm gone around 2012. and that was long before any of this ever happened. it was just a song that my wife's best friend had written. and we just loved the story. we thought it was special. so we made a music video. and in the video we imagined my life without my wife joey. ainsley: never thinking it was actually going to come true this quickly. >> we imagined i'm visiting
4:55 am
the cemetery that's at our farm in the back field. and now that's where my wife is buried. and that's my room where i am without her. that's our life. the only difference is we have a baby that she has left with me. ainsley: she is about to turn 3 on friday. >> she turns three on friday. ainsley: that's wonderful. i was reading your story and so struck by things. a lot of people say if you have differences you are never going to work out. but she didn't want to marry someone with children. have you two girls from a previous marriage. you didn't want to marry a singer. how did you all get past that? >> faith really. we both -- my wife from the moment that she saw me sing, she told me one of the first things she ever said was we're supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. and we both just trusted that that was true. and s though we had huge obstacles somehow we got through them mostly because god kind of made my agenda go away and hers go away and we were left with what was left.
4:56 am
we put our marriage and our lives in his hands. not only did we have an amazing marriage five years after that after being married we start singing together and have a whole career. ainsley: one thing you didn't want to do and now you have a grammy. what was was that like when you won the grammy? did you feel her presence. >> oh yes. so much. my wife said if we get nominated for a grammy have you to promise me you will go. and then she got a smile on her face. she said if we win i will know before you will. it's just so sweet. what's amazing about it is just that she kept that kind of hopeful attitude all the way through the end even though she had a 2-year-old that she was not going to be with. and the most -- the really special part that we had those differences is not only that i go on and have a career with my wife and i didn't want to be a singer or with a singer is that she becomes a mother. and that's her greatest joy.
4:57 am
ainsley: got has a sense of humor. one thing you didn't want and she didn't want you got. what an amazing book called "the life i love " tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> we have to wonder whether or not people who are trusted with classified information are taking a look at information out. >> just this morning tweeted escape goat is. >> do you know what escape goat is? they get a goat, and they heap all of the ills onto the goat, and then they run the goat out of town. >> one problem general flynn never tweeted he was a escape goat. >> right now there's a russian and i ship patrolling right off the united states, and he is armed with surface air missiles. >> we should make clear that the united states acting consistently is not going to continue to tolerate these russian aggressions. >> high expectations of
5:01 am
president trump meets with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> the lines between america and israel are about to get stronger. >> these are people who deserve to be there. and this is a facilitate that's tailor made for terrorists. >> the german shepherd dog. >> best in show. >> rumor has it. ♪ ♪ ainsley: best n show and the winner is rumor. so the judge says rumor has it. brian: by the way, my older brother has a german shepherd and there's a bounce in his step this morning. ainsley: he's excited. brian: one of his own is a champion. ainsley: how did your brother break the news to him?
5:02 am
or did he watch? brian: he watched. steve: dogs love the channel. brian: and, again, we revealed that the key for dogs if you want to be a champion is to nap before the big event. ainsley: right. right. brian: take a nap. ainsley: and apparently napping during our show too because rumor's going to be on the curvy couch with us at the end of the show. but the request was rumor needs a beauty sleep so he can come at the end of the show. steve: we've gone to the dog in the greenroom and has been absolutely out. brian: and one of the peak moments with the dog show has been joe in the past; right? as color commentator. steve: in the older days, he was great. meanwhile we start this hour with the fox news alert. you know what? the country of russia is ramping up aggression toward the united states at this minute. ainsley: first, by sending a spy ship just miles off the east coast and then violating a cold war nuclear treaty with a missile launch. brian: yeah, and there was even a third incident. christian live at the white house with the trump
5:03 am
administration's next move after all the controversy on monday night. >> that's right. and some new developments happening right now. that russian spy ship is on the move. it's now just 30 miles south of connecticut, which is home to a navy submarine base. u.s. officials described that russian spy ship as loitering. now, that's a move north from where it was yesterday, which is about 70 miles off the coast of delaware in international waters. and this russian ship is armed with surface to air missiles. and then on friday four russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in the black sea, a move that senator mccain called a quote significant military threat. and third we learned that the kremlin secretly deployed a missile inside russia. and that's a big deal because it's an apparent violation of the treaty in the cold war. you can see that russia is clearly trying to test our new president.
5:04 am
>> what they're trying to do, martha, is humiliate and embarrass the united states, particularly in our allies and rattle them and give them the impression that the united states isn't the strong military nation that it has been in the past. and its leadership is not strong. this is obviously done with mr. trump in mind, clearly. and they want to see what his reaction is. >> now, president trump has already tweeted five times this morning. so far nothing directly about these latest provocations, though. he did tweet this. quote crimea was taken by russia during the obama administration. was obama too soft on russia? so we'll see if president trump is any tougher than his predecessor. brian: thanks so much, kristen. as you know it's up to his defense secretary. it's up to his new national security adviser to give him options because they have to know early on that we're not going to be pushed around for the next four years. steve: so the russian spy ship
5:05 am
was 70 miles off, now 30 miles off. ainsley: that's scary. steve: tomorrow it could be parked in the hudson river. ainsley: right. steve: but here's the key. we've got spy ships too. let's move them closer. brian: but they're doing this. they want to be seen. steve: absolutely. they want to see what president trump's reaction would be. because we know what president obama's reaction was. generally, sor soft. brian: so the new york times writes out that there's been context with russian in the past with paul manafort, rodger stone, and lieutenant general michael flynn. there's been contacts with russia. but nothing has changed about russia's behavior now that donald trump is in power. but it has fortified all of these democrats who are in power of who is to blame. and when lieutenant general michael flynn paid with his job. many people speculated this is just the beginning because there's no blood in the water for democrats.
5:06 am
steve: well, here's the thing. michael flynn, sean spicer made it clear yesterday he lost the confidence of the president. the president felt he couldn't trust him because the vice president had a talk with flynn and flynn wasn't as open and honest as he should have been. but here's the thing. it's all based on these leaks from the intel community. who perhaps in the last administration okayed the unmasking of mike flynn's name so that these papers, these big papers in the united states would be able to, you know, paint this administration such a bad way, leading to the end of his job. it looks like a political hit job. and according to the house intel chair, devon, he wants the dib to investigate. ainsley: eli lake, he says on sean hannity show's last night that this is not the kind of thing we should be seeing in the united states. >> we don't see this kind of thing it's not just u.s. citizens, it's u.s.
5:07 am
officials. when police will go after political leader they don't like and use these extraordinary powers. we trust the nsa and the fbi to use these powers to catch criminals and terrorists but that should not interfere in our politics. and that stuff is interfering right now in our politics. brian: well, it's actually making things a lot harder too because of this backlash, the russians are saying and maybe they'll be doing this anyway, this is russian phobia. ainsley: i think it's antipresident trump. it's so obvious. like, week three and they're going after every single thing that he does. brian: well, i'm just saying that's how russia is perceiving it because they seem to be in the center of it. but white house transitionals said they conducted a thorough investigation after reading the manuscript, the transcript of lieutenant general flynn reaction with the russian ambassador, and they say the secret recordings they found nothing illegal. but the fact is six days after this was done, donald trump knew about it but for some reason the vice president didn't know about it.
5:08 am
ainsley: it just looked bad when he said that he didn't talk about sanctions, and he really did. and the vice president went out on a lymphohim and said he didn't talk about sanctions, and that wasn't the case. brian: yeah. steve: so snifters, he's out of a job and the mainstream media, there's a feeding frenzy. what is going on? ainsley: leaks. there are people that are leaking out information. top secret information. leaking it to the press. to the washington post and to the new york times. and these leakers -- one report is there are nine current and former u.s. government officials that are leaking this stuff. steve: well, you have to figure there's going to be a department justice investigation. the fbi is going to be called to look at exactly how did michael flynn's name -- how was it unmasked. because any time -- and this is pretty secret. now the russians know that we're taping all their phone calls. any time somebody in the united states makes a phone call to somebody overseas, if they're going to be part of a court document or not, you mask the identity of that
5:09 am
american. well, somebody probably in the obama administration said you know what? unmask his name. it should be pretty easy to figure out who that is because the number of people who know about these secret documents is so small if they do a department of justice, you know, interrogation or start subpoenaing people, they should be able to figure it out pretty quick. brian: and 25 days, these things have not gone that smooth for the trump administration so far mainly because it doesn't have much experience in the white house. there are people available call in temporarily and permanent like steve has hadly has been with three different administrations and straightened out 43, bush 43's administration. they would be better off helping out because clearly reince priebus and company are having trouble getting off the ground with a lot of their policies. steve: well, sometimes it just works out that way. when you think back to how bill clinton's administration started off, it was extremely rocky from the get-go. but eventually things turned
5:10 am
out okay for him. until he was impeached. brian: right. steve: you know. ainsley: it's been three weeks, and he's trying to get these cabinet picks in order. that's been hard because they're not confirming them. the least amount of cabinet picks at this point based on other presidents in the past. so it's hard for him for one minute him to get the job done. steve: and washington is a unique entity where if you have a lot of people from outside, which is one of the reasons donald trump was elected, you know, there's some growing pains. it takes a little while to figure things out. but the leak thing, that's big. brian: a lot of republicans want to join, reportedly. but if a lot of them came out against donald trump, he doesn't really want them around, so that's the key. steve: well, we'll see if congress can work with him because he's got an agenda. meanwhile 8:10 here in new york city and heather joins us with weather. >> several tornadoes tearing through the houston area overnight carving a path of destruction. you can see a trailer toppled over over right there.
5:11 am
and trees thrown onto roofs of homes and nearby a mother creditedded with saving her children's lives. she laid down on top of those kids when a twister flipped her house upside down. she is expected to be okay. janice dean keep an eye on the weather for you. brand-new video just coming in of benjamin netanyahu landing in washington d.c. overnight where in just a few hours he will meet with president trump. >> the alliance between israel and america has always been extremely strong. it's about to get even stronger. >> the first time the two world leaders have met face to face since president trump won the election. on the agenda of course the palestinian conflict. the iran nuke deal, syria, and also israel security that's about to take center stage. and politics that take play, super bowl 51mvp and president trump supporter tom brady says it is a privilege to visit the white house. >> just always something that was a privilege to be able to
5:12 am
do because it really meant you won a championship, and you got to experience something cool with your teammates. >> james white who scored three touchdowns in the super bowl announcing that he hasn't decided if he'll go to these the president yet. if he declines, he'll join six other patriots players who are reducing to go because they disagree with president trump. at a home burglary thwarted thanks to a trusty pet squirrel. let's have some fun this morning; right? joey is the name of the squirrel scratching the crook as he swiped items from a house in idaho. police questioned the suspect, and he couldn't deny that crime. >> he had scratches on his hands, so she asked him. so did you get that from the squirrel? and he said, yeah, dam thing kept attacking me and wouldn't stop until i left. >> that's that squirrel. well, the squirrel was rewarded with his favorite treat. candy. brian: is that true if squirrels are very fat going into the winter, that means
5:13 am
it's going to be a long winter? ainsley: let's and january i say that. steve: that's one of those things they say. do you believe it? ainsley: like the groundhog? brian: the groundhog is one thing. steve: my grandma used to have a pet squirrel that lived in the tree. it was still wild. she would go out front and say rocky, and he would jump on her shoulder. ainsley: no. steve: absolutely true. brian: when hockey died, later became a hat. no? steve: no. grandma was not a squirrel wearer. ainsley: became lunch. you can't eat squirrel. brian: willie robertson loves squirrel. steve: meanwhile a truck goes up in flames sitting in a driveway and a police officer only has seconds to react. brian: and the short list of the national security adviser. so who's the right man or
5:14 am
woman for the job? vice president dick cheney and michael watch with the insight. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. and right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you.
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5:18 am
steve: a number of people have been mentioned but apparently there are three poom he on the short list who have been named for lieutenant general. >> retired general keith kellogg, robert har ward and david petraeus. brian: vp dick cheney and michael walsh. colonel, welcome back. if i were to make a choice between those three, who would you pick? >> i'm not going to pick between those three. i think the president's going to be well served by all three. but they do present their own strengths and weaknesses. the advantage with retired admiral and navy seal harward is that he has a long-standing relationship with general mattis. he served as his deputy under central command, which is responsible for the middle east. and as you all know there's
5:19 am
three key aspects to the national security adviser position. one is you have to advise and have the trust and have a strong, strong relationship with the president. retired general kel object has had that. has been with the president for his entire campaign. but the other piece is to be able to corral the inner agency. cia, treasury and defense and general petraeus knows how to do that and certainly admiral harward with his relationships can do that as well. steve: but of the three, wouldn't you say david petraeus would be the most problematic? if michael flynn got in trouble because he didn't tell the truth, general petraeus lost his job because he gave a bunch of secrets supposedly to his girlfriend who was writing a book. >> he did plead guilty to doing that. it was a relatively minor charge. i mean, general petraeus has served this country admirably for in two war zones and now deeply understands the intelligence community.
5:20 am
there are some concerns coming out are we going to have another general when we have so many generals heading the agencies. there are other names. the republican party has a deep bench of national security professionals. john hannah, my former boss, vp cheney national security adviser and others. the point here, though, is we have to get going. we have to get this ship righted. we have hostages, american citizens being held overseas as we speak where their families are suffering, and they're being tortured. we have the general in afghanistan, general nickelson just asked this week for more troops because he said he's in a stalemate for the taliban. and of course you guys know the missile test that north korea and china and provocations for russia. we've got to get moving, folks. brian: and if we can, comfortable wipe out isis a little bit quicker? >> we need to move out against isis. but, again, that's a whole government strategy. what's the diplomatic strategy? how do we drive a wedge between russia and iran that
5:21 am
are dealing with the assad regime? so all of those pieces have to come together quickly. steve: general, thank you. >> thanks. ainsley: coming up, the german shepherd wasn't the only winner. we unleash janice dean the weather machine. steve: unleashed. brian: i know her. driver assist systems pull you back into your lane if drifting. hi chief. hi bobby. and will even help you brake, if necessary. it makes driving less of a production. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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steve: we have got a quick look at your headlines. first off, a woman arrested overnight in connection with the bizarre cold war assassination of kim jong-un's half-brother. two women apparently snuck up on kim jung while he was waiting in a airport and poisoned him. police are still searching for one of the women. and brand-new video of defense secretary mad dog mattis as he is known making his nato debut this morning meeting with
5:25 am
defense ministers in brussels. general mattis expected to reassure our allies we have their back and reiterate president trump's demand that nato countries increase military spending because we're spending way too much. brian: they don't want to spend 2%. steve: all right. so far it has been a pretty good deal for them. brian: yeah. we've got their back. ainsley: well, last night new york city went to the dogs at the westminster kennel club dog show took over madison square guarden. brian: yep rumor, the 5-year-old german shepherd took home best in show. steve: and we'll be here shortly. but before he got the ribbon and trophy, he got to meet our own janice dean, the canine machine. >> it was so fun. a bucket list moment. a lot of people that were there were saying this is all i wanted to do. people come from near and far. brian: but you went behind the scenes. >> i did. 141 years -- the 141st year,
5:26 am
and i got to go behind the scenes and people love these dogs. ainsley: we all watch it on tv. >> they are rock stars. i will bring it to you in your living room. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> we are at the westminster kennel club dog show. we are here a little early. the dogs have not arrived. i hear they're getting pampered backstage. we're going to find out what to expect at the westminster dog show. >> what kind of people come out to these shows? >> all kinds of walks. i think dog love cuts across every demographic, every group. >> justin, what are you here for? >> i'm coming to see real athletes. no, i'm a huge dog fan. >> whether you bread dogs or into them, everybody loves westminster. >> are you are ready for
5:27 am
this? >> she does. >> do you think he's nervous? >> no. he's not. >> afterwards will you let him eat some hamburgers? >> i'm a veterinarian so, no, he's not going to be eating hamburgers. >> do you let him eat a hamburger. >> oh, yeah. hamburger. cheese cake. ice cream. >> you are a dog after my own heart. >> how was your grooming for her? >> it's a labor of love. it's definitely hours a week. days. but you know what? it's a beauty pageant. here here to look our best, so it's worth every moment of it. >> there's a lot of dogs here, but this dog is working the crowd. >> he is working it. up and down these tables like crazy. >> and you don't mind loving all over. >> love it. i love it. i love dogs. i love new york, so it's a perfect combination. >> louie, congratulations. it's valentine's day. who's your favorite dog?
5:28 am
have you seen brian kilmeade do the little jaunt? >> no. >> he's very good at it. >> are you protecting her? >> i'm just watching her so she doesn't jump out. >> how long has it been since a german shepherd won best in show? >> 1987. >> people are telling me she's favored to win. >> well, i don't know if we want to go so far to say that, but we're all very hopeful. >> this is the place. >> this is the winner. you can't get here until you win. >> best in show at the 141st annual westminster dog show the german shepherd. >> rumor. rumor won the best in show. >> am i a winner? >> you are a winner. stand up on the podium. >> seriously? >> you've got this down. i like it. oh, perfect. >> what is that pose? >> i don't know. steve: a pointer? brian: it looks like the fire pose. >> that was the actual podium
5:29 am
that rumor was on. the actual best in show podium. ainsley: you heard rumor was favored to win? steve: there were rumors. >> there were rumors that rumor was going to win and rumor came out of retirement to do one last best in show. ainsley: how old is rumor? >> she's five years old and named after the adele show. ainsley: are they going to breed rumor? >> yeah, they're breeding right now. brian: did it tilt to their back? they're supposed to go high and then low to the hips. >> they're beautiful animals. my husband grew up with german shepherds. german shepherds of course help our police officers. i mean, what an american dog. steve: we have two name queeny. great dog. brian: going to get along with your grandmother's squirrel? it sounds like they would have. steve: they're ten miles apart. rumor's going to be on the show in 20 minutes. stay tuned. brian: by the way, you've got to answer the question about the fat squirrels.
5:30 am
up next, are liberals ready to rise up and form their own tea party to keep obamacare on the books? dana loesch was the founder member of the real tea party, and she is on deck. steve: and a senior u.s. senator who is a democrat could lose her seat to kid rock. the singer. he might actually run for senate. we'll tell you where straight ahead.
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
brian: all right. joining us right now is dana loesch. impactful talk show host on radio and television. dana, welcome. and i've got to bring you first off to what everybody's focusing on and that is lieutenant general michael flynn resigning or getting fired. what do you think the real story is here? >> well, thanks for having me, guys. it's always great to be with you. you know, this story is so insane because we don't know all the answers yet. what we do know -- and frankly why do we know any of this? the only reason that we know any of these working pieces is because someone illegally leaked it. now, we can talk about what was leaked. fine. it was already in the press. but you have to be able to trust your intelligence community, and you need to be able to trust people who are within your circle to not leak
5:35 am
this sort of information. you know, i actually liked general flynn, and i was looking forward to what he did as an adviser to president trump. and i also realize too that the report came out last night that discussed how this was a pro obama faction within the government that apparently everyone is still so sore on losing on november 8th that they decided to immaterial national security? i mean, it's absolutely unacceptable. so i hope there is an investigation to find out who exactly leaked this and for what purpose. that's a criminal act. steve: dana, donald trump tweeted 15 minutes ago the real scandal here is that the classified information is given out by intelligence like candy. very un-american is what his latest tweet said. the problem is there are a lot of people in the intel community who are doing great work for our government and they're not spilling the beans, but it does look like a hit job because they wanted flynn out among other things he was going to start
5:36 am
revealing details about the iran deal that nobody has heard about and people in the former administration didn't want a lot of that stuff out. >> yeah, which is so odd because he's an iran hawk, but it doesn't mean he's going to immediately start leaking details. what stops someone from the inner circle of trump to start doing that? but you're absolutely right. there are really great people from the cia. but we also know there are individuals that have been there for a long time, some individuals that are very pro from across the aisle, and it has been politicized here and there, particularly in this last election. so that is of a concern. but we cannot be paying petty politics with national security by having a leak off for the lack of a better way putting it. we can't do that. brian: we don't know why paul manafort, stone, and carter, who also worked for the trump administration was contacting russia.
5:37 am
we don't know what took place there. but they should come out and say what they were doing. steve: but according to the new york times, no evidence to suggest that there was any coordination to impact the election. and that's what the insin is. no wonder they're so cozy with russia because russia helped donald trump win. >> oh, i know. it was either russia or it was russian hackers or it was james comey or there's always some excuse because heaven forbid we have one party in america that actually realizes that it lost its base and these so-called reagan democrats became trump democrats this last election cycle. it's easier for them to make those accusations than to admit they screwed up and lost their base because they were lecturing to them about pronouns instead of about jobs and manufacturing. so that's the easier smear. ainsley: people are saying that the left, the left media, you have the democrats in washington, and you have some folks around the country that
5:38 am
are doing everything they can to undermine president trump. you have obama-lined organization relaunching for -- to go against president trump. and some of them are being compared to the tea partiers. what's your opinion about this group? >> oh, i find that ludicrous. it's absolutely insane to see something like that. i saw that lfa is trying to get its legs underneath it again, and they're doing this because there's an absence of power on the left. they don't have a clear leader, so they have to have some organization that mobilizes and organizes all of this energy that's out there. it's wasted energy. you have democrats flailing right now in the house and the senate, and these are the only things that they can come up with, granted should not mislead vice president pence. a has said we've hired all of these people, brian and steve you see this. i was on the original phone call for the modern day tea
5:39 am
party movement, i organized it in st. louis as well. we didn't get paid. we didn't have a check from the coke brothers. we didn't have -- yeah, it was completely grassroots. and admittedly at times completely chaotic because of that. brian: i want you to hear what jim web said over the weekend. the democrats are not taking an honest look at what went wrong in november. listen. >> the democrats have not done the kind of self reflection that they should have starting 2010. and i was talking about this in the '10 elections. you've lost white working people. you've lost fly over land, and you saw in this election what happens when people get frustrated enough that they say i'm not going to take thi this aristocracy. brian: a democrat. >> yeah, it's shocking to hear that. a year and a half ago i predicted there was going to be a huge break in the democrat party.
5:40 am
jim is one of those that the party has absolutely run out on a rail. and doing that, they have lost the ability to connect with their base. you know, those blue-collar workers. people like coal minors and people in the coal industry that hillary clinton threatened to end their livelihoods last election. these people, brian, were trying to figure out how they're going to keep food on the table, how they're going to keep health care or pay their health care bills while they were being lectured about pronouns and what democrats to use. if smart about strategy, they would make somebody like jim web the front and center of their party because that's the future of their party. this identity politic progressive nonsense is not is. we saw it november 8th. they have some -- we have midterms coming up, and they're going to lose more in 2018 if they don't get it together. ainsley: all right. dana loesch. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you're welcome. brian: all right. a lot going on today. but 20 minutes to the top of the hour and also breaking news to cover. heather. >> yeah. a lot of stuff going on today. good morning, good morning to all of you. i hope you're off to a great day. an illegal immigrant just convicted of voter fraud says she's being used as a escape
5:41 am
goat. listen to this. >> someone else that really did something wrong, they really did a crime. against me, against me, against me just to be an example. it's not fair. that's just not fair. >> it's not fair. her name is rosa ortega. she says she didn't know the difference between citizen and resident when she illegally voted five times over the last decade. a judge in texas sentencing her to eight years behind bars. a dramatic piece of dash cam video showing a police officer saving a restaurant packed with people from going up in flames. it was a police officer in texas who jumped into action pushing this truck that turned into an inferno out of a jack in the box drive through. he hops the curb. gets right behind the truck with his squad car, moving it into the parking lot so no one was hurt. that was in texas. what a hero. and talk about a triple threat. kate upton landing on the sports edition swimsuit
5:42 am
edition for the third time and the bombshell is getting three different covers. the 24-year-old model just found out about her covers a day before the announcement. and you can start to buy, brian and steve, starting today. brian: not much of a wardrobe. >> i know how you're spending your money today. steve: there's a lot uncovered on the cover. ainsley: she's so pretty. brian: i think she's still going out with the guy on the tigers; right? ainsley: sorry, brian. sorry guys in the control room. brian: most of them are taken too, just for the record. let's take a shot of the control room? no, just kidding. straight ahead when you thought nancy pelosi ran out of antitrump talking points. >> in a community where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat, and they heap all of the ills onto the goat, and then they run the goat out of town. brian: more on goats. ainsley: more on the goats. brian: and animals coming straight ahead. and things that are just wrong. introducing theraflu expressmax
5:43 am
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z28cnz zwtz
5:46 am
y28cny ywty ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you. could we soon be calling him senator rock? ♪ ♪ rid rock's name is being thrown as a potential candidate -- as a potential candidate with other gop leaders to run for the u.s. senate seat in his home state of michigan. his big backer president trump is yet to comment on that. meet logan everett. the first male toy for the
5:47 am
company known as the designer brand for dolls. the company says girls have been asking for a boy for years. steve: and brian had a problem with this earlier. what we have constructed, though, since then was the fact that he might not have looked the ken doll, but i did have a gi joe doll. brian: a lot. and that's what i played with. steve: did you have a vehicle? brian: the jeep. it was able to attach a trailer and then when ken emerged, many people why don't you just put ken isn't. i said ken isn't going to fit in with the other one. and, again, if you're not marketing towards boys, you're marketing towards girls; right? so the american girl doll has a boy. ainsley: it's fine. little girls like to -- there's a brother in the house. a dad in the house. it's fine. brian: but it's not for -- yeah. steve: from boys and girls to goats. yesterday the twitter handle
5:48 am
@gemmikeflynn tweeted out he was a escape goat. turns out that was not general flynn's actual twitter account and nancy pelosi didn't check and said this. >> i didn't know until i heard from the colleagues that the tweet of general flynn today was escape goat. you know what estate goat is? that means in a community where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat, and they heap all of the ills onto a goat, and they run the goat out of town. so the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people have blame that should be shared in all of this. i have a tweet i'm going to make i'm telling my staff right now. it's not -- it's not escape goat. it's stonewall. brian: oh, right. the problem she didn't do it. it was a fake account. and just goes to show you that nancy pelosi continues to be
5:49 am
overwhelmed by the moment. also, there's a big push on the democratic side led by chuck schumer. we have to get an independent arbitrator what about this relationship with the russians and this new administration that's just 25 days old? tray gowdy heard this and scrambled to the television. >> my democrat colleagues have amnesia. i will say this. they will very well rested because for eight years they didn't lift a finger to be oversight. so all of that energy you saw today at their press conference, that's because they went on a eight-year long vacation for doing oversight over the executive branch. so i am all for the committees of jurisdiction looking into it. i'm also for looking into how classified information can make its way into the public domain that is not a republican issue. it's not a democrat issue. steve: he's got a good point. brian: yeah, although john mccain is doing an investigation into his armed services committee. so that was relatively --
5:50 am
ainsley: to find out who the leaker is? brian: about this administration's relationship with russia. so a republican on a republican. steve: he doesn't have to. it's all in the new york times. they've already figured it out. they've got all the classified information in the new york times. ainsley: all right. well, guess what? rumor has it. a german shepherd takes home the top dog title. his name is rumor and next, he's going to be here. brian: no way. he's here now. ainsley: her. her. she. she is going to be here. she's walking into the studio room. steve: but first, he is bill help mer, and he's in control of the channel in ten minutes. >> some days a dog, some days not. a ton of tweets from the president already today. what do we know? where is this story heading, if anywhere? where are republicans also on obamacare? we're going to find out today. we've got a great lineup. tray gowdy's here, ben for the democrats. also benjamin netanyahu arrives at the white house and what will these two leaders do about that iran deal? it's a big morning again.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
brian: all right. we've been telling you about america's new top dog. it's rumor. the 5-year-old winner of the westminster dog show. and now. ainsley: fresh off the big win, rumor is here live along with her owner and gayle miller of the kennel club. congratulations. how does it feel of the best in show? >> it's one of the most exciting things that happened to me in my entire life. ainsley: and i love the story that she was retired, and you brought her back to win. how did that happen? >> well, -- >> well, we retired her after
5:55 am
last year when she was here, and we had so much fun, and she stayed in great shape all year long, and we saw who was judging this year, and we thought we would bring her back and give her another shot. steve: it has been a while since a german shepherd has been best in show. >> that's right. since 1987. so it was time for a herding dog to take that crown, i felt. brian: why do you think she won? >> she's beautiful, she's a beautiful mover, and she's america's dog. she's a german shepherd. she's a sweetheart. it's valentine's day. ainsley: what is it about her? when you look at these dogs, certain colors need to be a certain way or their ears. what is it about her that makes her so perfect? >> a lot of us think that anatomical balance of her and how she's put together and the way she moves and her proportions and how she exemplifies the standard of the breed. brian: can we watch her move? steve: yeah, run the dog around like you did.
5:56 am
do you have enough room? go ahead. >> well, we can try it. i'll try it. come on, kid. ainsley: there's something about this that's very special. >> slippery floor, but we'll give it a whirl. >> what's next for rumor? >> babies. [laughter] >> excited about that? >> police dogs usually; right? >> yeah. they use them for all kinds of purposes. police dogs. guide dogs. search-and-rescue dogs. >> they serve all kinds of purposes. steve: pam and kale, congratulations. everyone is talking about your dog today. >> janice is there. janice got to interview rumor. >> one of the best things i had ever done. steve: and look at that. check out that ribbon. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment e. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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mia. no last name needed. >> rumor is from wisconsin. >> you have had lots of german shepherds. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow same time, same couch. >> bill: thank you, good morning, everybody. fox news alert now president trump defiant already this morning. this amid new reports that his campaign had improper contact with russian intelligence before the election. he is saying the real scandal is the damage and leaks from the intelligence community. we'll go through all of this today and let you know what we know as we get it. i'm bill hemmer. a big morning on "america's newsroom." how are you doing, shannon? >> i'm shannon bream for martha maccallum. they are saying intelligence officials intercepted phone calls after finding out russia was trying to influence e


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