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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 16, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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often see presidents throw curveballs like this. this is an administration unlike no other. >> just when we thought it would be a slow day. also, march 20th is when the gorsuch hearings will begin. "happening now" is happening now. >> jenna: breaking news following the drama and the white house. >> jon: as the president talks tough on leakers, the white house as blaster reports that the president is not getting all the sensitive information in his intelligence briefings because the intel community is reportedly worried that information could be compromised. all this comes as the trump team deals with the fallout from his choice to be labor secretary. we have team fox coverage, peter doocy live on capitol hil
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capitol hill. we start with john roberts. >> jon, good morning to you. just a few minutes ago, the president called for a noon news conference. the thing that he's really been going on about this morning is the leaks of intelligence. the enormous megaphone he has on twitter, he's turning the narrative away from questions about what michael flynn might have talked to the russians about. tweeting out this morning "the democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly, 306, so they made up a story, russia. fake news!" the president also going after leakers this morning saying "the spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! they will be caught!" "leaking, and even illegal classified leaking, has been a big problem in washington for years. failing "new york times" and others must apologize!"
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one of his deputy press secretaries a short time ago on fox news saying they're going to take every effort they can to try to root out these leaks. listen here. >> the people are playing with national security. at this president and this administration is going to do everything they can to make sure that doesn't continue to happen. >> if there are leakers, and i know the white house is in firm belief there are many. how do you find them? >> i certainly think you find some of them. i think this president will take extreme measures to do exactly that. >> the president is not getting all of the intelligence and his briefings, "the wall street journal" says the president is getting the information, but not getting a lot of the background as to how that information was developed because the intelligence
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community doesn't trust him and members of his inner circle to not leak it. the white house saying this morning "there is no reason to believe that any of this is accurate." "any suggestion that the intelligence community is holding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and its national security team is just not true." members of the house also wanting to look at this, jason chaffetz sending a letter to the inspector general saying they are concerned about national security. they want that looked into. the white house just on the cusp here of announcing a review of the intelligence community and other aspects of the executive branch. they are expected to appoint steven feinberg.
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as you can imagine, he's not quite signed off yet. white house officials are very close. meantime, we understand that the press conference at noon is to announce the replacement for andrew puzder. it names at the top of the list are, . a couple of hispanics in the mix there. >> jon: it you'll have to turn around and run into the briefing room pretty quickly. >> know into the brief room. >> jenna: here's the background. president trump will announce the nominees for a delayed secretary as john roberts just reported. at that will happen about 55 minutes or so. this is after losing out on his
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first choice, andrew puzder. he withdrew his nomination. he withdrew for domestic violence allegations which his ex-wife later denied. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. >> jenna, the senate is voting right now on final confirmation for mick mulvaney to take his spot. he explained in a very dramatic speech yesterday saying he can't support the congressman because of mulvaney's enthusiasm. cochran who had been publicly
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later on today, there will be a vote to advance the secretary nominee, scott pruitt. that will set up a final vote on him sometime tomorrow. pruitt is another trump choice. betsy devos says she's not sure that pruitt is going to protect the environment. "i reject the false choice of the environment for the economy because much for the state of maine, the economy and environment are inextricably linked." the white house does need a new nominee for labor department secretary following any poster's decision before even sitting for a confirmation hearing. mike emanuel reports that it came on after a dozen senators. they are going to a hard time
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voting. we have been told there are four names on the short list. >> jenna: peter, thank you. >> jon: josh, let's start with you. three problems so far in the trump cabinet. poster has withdrawn and the resignation of mike flynn. kind of a rocky start for this administration and you say it's all about political capital among the republicans, explain. >> the issue that these nominees didn't go through it's a personal scandal. most republicans have been united in supporting trump
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cabinet. it was questions over him having a housekeeper that he didn't pay taxes on. and of course, the domestic violence allegations that came out over 20 years ago. these are things republicans didn't want to expend their own political capital on. >> jon: christopher, did and his wife recant those allegations? >> she did. she made these allegations in 1990 and then eight months later, she said she only made that allegation to gain leverage in their nasty divorce. puzder didn't do himself any favors in delaying the hearings himself. some of the troubles he had with having an illegal housekeeper, that's not good for someone whose job is in labor and labor law.
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these videos have been refuted decades ago. it makes people in the media look like they're in opposition research firm. >> jon: it is curious, it wasn't, as you say, josh, democrats who doomed his nomination. it was a bunch of republicans saying they couldn't support hi him. >> portland, ohio, south carolina had a very serious concern. you lose three republicans, you can get a nominee through. by and large, republicans have been united against our education secretary. personal scandal is a lot easier to pick off those republicans in the senate. >> jon: meantime, carol lee has an interesting piece in "the wall street journal" today suggesting that president trump is not getting the full
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intelligence briefing because current and former intelligence officials say, christopher, that they don't trust this white house with information. what do you make of that? >> that's a story that's been coming out. one thing i'm concerned about is the siting of current and former intelligence officials. i take issue with that and i would take issue with my reporters, because i could meet one current and 11 retired guys. we have a lot of interesting quotes from guys out of the room. it once they're out of the room, they can give you an accurate assessment of one's happening. >> jon: what would be the benefit, josh, to keeping intelligence from the president? >> there's questions about whether there is interference in the election, whether trump compromised, but yeah, you have
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a war right now with the intelligence community and the white house. the real question is whether the leaks are more problematic. the real question are the republican hawks who are hard on russia, john mccain, lindsey graham. are they more concerned about the white house or the leaks as "the wall street journal" reports. >> jon: thank you both. >> jenna: in the past, the obama administration was criticized for not reaching out enough. president trump participating in a congressional listening session along with the vice president. it you'll see some familiar faces. let's listen in here.
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>> thank you all for being here, i've had a lot of good discussions this morning. i have a lot of contracts that are worth billions and billions of dollars for the american people. and for all of us. the air force one program, which was totally out of control, now it's very much back in control. in addition, i had a very good phone call this morning about a major planets moving back into the united states. it will be talking about it soo soon. what i do have is a little free time at about 12:00. i don't think the press will want to show up, but i'll have a press conference at 12:00 eastern. we have a little time in between
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then. if the press would like to show up -- will anybody show up to this press conference? [laughter] historically, i don't care about these things. i think 12:00 in the east room of the white house, we'll have a press conference. i just want to thank you folks were coming today. this was scheduled a long time ago. at some of my very, very early supporters, i've been your supporter also. we are doing really well. i think the fake news media doesn't like talking about this. the stock market sets new records every day, chris. i've never seen that. i think people understand. we are giving a speech in melbourne, florida, on saturday. it will be around 4:00. it's going to be great, i look forward to that. i really appreciate you folks.
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you folks have been so great. right from the beginning, just about every one of you. some were a little the beginning. [laughter] we forgive. let's go around for the media, introduce yourselves. i'll see the media back at 12:0 12:00. >> mr. president, we are all honored to be here. this is our trump caucus reconvening for the first time, our first meeting was a first part of march. you were endorsed on february 24th, a week from tomorrow. at the one-year anniversary. the trump caucus reconvening, we are so honored your taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us here. western new york. >> california. >> kevin kramer from
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north dakota. >> pennsylvania. >> it's a pleasure to travel with you to florida, congratulations. >> 60 some years old, never voted. never registered. he registered and he voted for you. he wrote a nice letter there. i'll put this over here. >> he's a talented guy. >> i have the chairman and ceo
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here. mr. vice president, i kind of figured to have you here as wel well. this is the original jersey of the new york team [applause] >> thank them for me. >> i will. >> rick, we know you. >> i just want you to know that tennessee is fully behind you. we are excited about what you're doing. we know that health care is on a good path this year. we like what you're doing, we need you to help us. >> the health care is going wel well.
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we are going to be announcing, i guess at 12:00, a new secretary of labor who is really phenomenal. that will be at 12:00. this is the slowest in history the approval of the cabinet. the man i'll be announcing as a star. a great person. a great person. i look forward to that. i appreciate everything you've done. thank you. >> mike kelly, pittsburgh. we did better than okay. >> we swam to, right? >> we did. first year i actually voted for republican. >> i'm cochair of the republican of japan.
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if you'll tell me how many golf balls he lost. >> he played well. i said get me somebody good to play with, the prime minister of japan wants to play golf. we get to the front of the club. he played very nicely and he's a great guy. you will like him. >> i've met with him. he's a great guy. >> we had a good field. >> i always said to president obama, it's good to play golf, but play with golf with other countries. don't play with your friends that you play with every week. [laughter] i headed off with the prime minister.
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he is a fabulous guy. he loves his country and we spoke all day long and well into the night. as you know, they launched a missile into north korea. it was really something. give him my regards. >> he was in my district for two call full days. one last quick thing, fran drescher from the nanny, you are on the nanny one time. she had a request for her battle with cancer that you had a cancer board that has one nonmedical person. she wanted me to put her name in the hat. >> billy, why don't you give me that request and we'll see if we can do that. okay? >> marsha blackburn from tennessee.
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we are looking forward to broadening expansion. >> you'll be getting it. thank you very much everybody. i will see you at 12:00. if you don't show up, i won't be angry. we are going to find the leakers. they will pay a big price. >> jenna: we are going to find the leakers and they will pay a big price. at that as one of the comments from president trump, as you heard there. it potentially one of the biggest news items of the day. what he will say at noon when will we get this unexpected press conference. at this was just announced in the last hour. the news media will announce to the east room to have this press conference with president trump. one of the reasons the press conference is happening is that he will announce a new nominee to be labor secretary. we talked about that at the beginning of our show, his first nominee had to withdraw his name
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because of a slew of different controversies. john roberts is now reporting that there is apparently a narrowing of the candidates. in the meantime, more news on president trump's cabinet. >> jon: a fox news alert. as the president was there in the cabinet room meeting with embers of congress. good news for him out of the senate, his nominee to be director of office of management mick mulvaney has been confirmed. the vote is a 51-49. all the democrats voted against, as did one republican. john mccain. you heard him say he was concerned that mulvaney will not allocate enough sources to the u.s. military. mick mulvaney is your new
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director of the office of management and budget, one of the strongest voices and how the nation sets its budget priorities. a more happening now in just a moment.
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>> jenna: a change of decades of a foreign policy with a visit with israel's prime minister to the white house. >> i'm looking at to state and one state, and i like the one that both parties like. i'm very happy with the one that both parties like. i can live with either one, i thought for a while but to state look like it might be the easier of the two, but honestly, if bb and the palestinians of israel are happy, i'm happy with the one they like the best. as far as the embassy moving to
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jerusalem, i'd love to see that happen. if we're looking at it very, very strongly. we are looking at it with great care. believe me. we'll see what happens. >> jenna: they met in the east room yesterday and that's where we will see the press conference with president trump in about a half-hour from now. vice president of research and a former planner of the treasury department. everyone is trying to figure out, where does president trump stand? what is the two state solution that has long been a decades long policy of the united state united states? >> it was born out of the oslo process that began in the early 1990s. it was a process for both the israelis and palestinians to
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divide up the territory and the states. it is way landmark agreement under bill clinton. since that time, things have gotten complicated. there was an attempt to seal the deal in the year 2000. >> jenna: when you say seal the deal, what do you mean? >> they were going to sign an agreement. >> jon: so that is still missing? >> it has been missing from the beginning. the palestinians were not yet ready to yield uncertain core issues like jerusalem, like refugees. at the israelis gave them a terrific to deal in 2000. at that fell apart. that palestinians have projected this time and time again. at least right now, they don't see this as a viable option. it may given up on it entirely.
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>> jenna: how important is it to say where you have a president who is going to try something different? >> you heard the president yesterday talking about how the israelis need to compromise and there was a bit of joking back and forth between donald trump and benjamin netanyahu. >> jenna: how did you read that? there was a little bit of i don't know if you will like this and benjamin netanyahu kind of looked at president trump like i don't know if i will like that. how did you read that exchange? >> i read it as two men who are not entirely in lockstep. what the president was saying was that he wanted to get a deal done. then we heard at this sort of afterthought about one state or to state. i think there's still some confusion, we need to get some clarity from the president in days to come. >> jenna: what kind of solution will the president come
8:29 am
up with? how does it play into the broader story of what's good for america in the middle east and how to bring our allies closer together and put our adversaries on watch? >> we have a lot of sympathy toward the iranian regime and their regional activity. then there's an interesting thing that came up and yesterday's press conference as well that both men were talking about a possible regional peace agreement that might include the saudi's, the broader arab world that has come closer to israel as a result of obama's foreign policy. >> jenna: what do you of that? >> we've been hearing about it for a long time. let's just say the saudi's and israelis have drawn closer than anyone would imagine.
8:30 am
both of these parties were extremely unhappy in 2015 with the iranian nuclear deal. >> jenna: what you're saying it was a catalyst because other countries didn't like it. >> exactly. they were so alarmed over what the obama administration did empowering around that they drove two sides to realize that they were in fact, allies, when it comes to iran. it very unlikely story. >> jenna: what are you watching for next? >> i'm watching for some clarity on the two state, one state solution thing. there's one thing that came out yesterday which is benjamin netanyahu asked for president trump to recognize sovereignty. >> jenna: interesting. what that means about both of their stances towards syria and whether it remains an intact country is probably part of the bigger picture they are. you very much. be 21?
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>> jon: new information in connection with the murder of the north korean leaders brothe brother. plus a new strategy when it comes to the future of obamacar obamacare. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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>> jon: a fox news alert. speaker of the house is holding his weekly news conference.
8:35 am
he's been addressing issues like the affordable care act saying that congress doesn't tend to repeal and replace it. let's listen in to speaker ryan. speaker everything involving russia is what the intelligence community has been working on and looking at. >> reporter: do you believe that mike will testify before the house? >> i haven't given any thought to that. >> reporter: yesterday, she testified on the hill that there is some uncertainty. that we will weaken the dollar. what is your response to that? >> i don't agree with that. here's how board adjustability works. we are one of the few countries
8:36 am
that do not adjust our taxes. if 160 countries adjust their taxes. almost all of their countries border adjust their taxes, what that means is you tax on what's sold in your country. america taxes on what is produced in america. we tax our exports and we are putting american-made products at a huge disadvantage. there is a tax code to outsource manufacturing to the country. that's not good for american manufacturing. all that we are suggesting is let's be fair to our settlers and let's treat ourselves well. when we make something in
8:37 am
america, let's put ourselves in a level playing field with everybody else. sony, made in japan. [laughter] american-made tape recorder. when i send it for export, it comes to america and it's not taxed. there is was untaxed twice. when america makes something like a tape recorder, we tax it. then we send it to japan and it's taxed again. we are doing it to ourselves. we are hurting american manufacturing and jobs. that is why we think this is very important.
8:38 am
with respect to currency adjustment, it's obvious and mathematical that a currency adjustment would occur. for people that are concerned about it, i think there are things we can do to alleviate those concerns, to address those concerns so the transition from a really bad tax system to one of the best in the world is a gradual transition. i would also say that those are concerned about this, i think they under appreciate how much better our tax system will be. you got me going on taxes. >> reporter: your not concerned -- >> it's going to be up, it's going to be down, you're going
8:39 am
to report 150 stories on tax reform. tax reform is going to happen. do you know why it's going to happen? because taxes are bad. america has the worst tax code, it is killing economic growth, it is driving companies to become foreign companies. more and more and more, u.s. companies are going to leave this country because of tax laws or get blocked by foreign companies and we will lose our employers. this is x essential to our economy, we know this. we will get tax reform done. there'll be a whole bunch of drama that you will enjoy covering. >> reporter: how is this different? >> there are subsidies that say
8:40 am
we will pay some people some money if you do with the government makes you do. that is not a tax credit. a tax credit gives you the freedom to do what you want and buy what you need. the affordable care act is opposite. the affordable care act is the government makes you buy this -- by the way, there is one or two plans -- they make you buy and then they subsidize what you bu buy. a tax credit is a fixed amount. it is universal to the market to go by a health insurance plan of their choosing. it is opposite to obamacare. what we are proposing is a patient centered system where the patient is able to decide what they want to do. the nucleus is the patient and their doctor versus the nucleus being the government.
8:41 am
>> reporter: i know that you heard from second this morning. i was wondering if there were any areas where you think the white house could improve communications? >> i should know. we are doing very well on that front. we talked to the white house daily. our house and senate teams are in constant communication with the white house. we are very excited tom price is over there. he was one of the architects of our obama replacement plan and now he is the secretary who can execute and implement that plan. better communication than i've ever seen before. >> reporter: just a follow-up on that. obviously there are democrats who think the law is a good
8:42 am
thing. do you think it's going to be possible to have the plan you just spoke of to help democrats? >> we would love to have support from the other side. they're not interested in doing that. i think just taking the democrats at their word, they want to go down the government on health care plan. that is not something that we are interested in doing. we think it will do even more damage to the health care system and so we believe in a patient centered system where individuals have the freedom to buy what they want and not with the government makes them by. also, it's really, really important to have choice and competition in health care. that lowers costs and increases quality. that is the opposite of what obamacare does. it denies competition, and
8:43 am
monopolizes a third -- as a result of the lack of competition, you have much higher prices. >> reporter: do you have any concerns that there is a group of republicans in the senate who come from states or medicaid expansion was already accepted and they are very skeptical of that getting away from their states? >> my state did not have expansion. we are working with governors to come up with a solution so that estate, whether a state chose to take the money or didn't, going forward as we give states more control, as we advance and give states more control over medicaid, that we do it in a way that doesn't disadvantage either of the two sides.
8:44 am
>> reporter: on obamacare -- >> that's after the recess. we are waiting for our scores. i hate to tell you that they're going to give us exactly what we want when we want them to give it to us, so pending our draft issues that we will be bringing up after the recess. a >> jon: so you heard some of the complications there from the house speaker as he tries to fashion a replacement plan for obamacare. it is one of the big battles brewing among g.o.p. members of congress and the senate as republicans begin to roll out their ideas for replacement. at the trump administration seems to be looking at repairing and repealing the law. >> i'll give you three sorts of principles that i talk about
8:45 am
with it. it will legalize the sale of an expensive insurance, it's going to expand health savings account so people can save to buy their insurance so they can use it for their deductible or their premium for vitamins, weight loss, you name it. exercise. and it also allows individuals to join an association so that they're not left out in the cold by themselves to buy insurance and a small insurance pool. still not joining us now for a look at the repeal and replace process, jessica, former democratic and definitional candidate. thanks both of you for being here. the head of aetna said yesterda yesterday, that obamacare is in a death spiral. a thousand that essentially mandate that it be repealed and
8:46 am
replace? >> the problem that are being referenced there are why is president trump going into this repair mode first? the main issue here is that there's nothing to replace it with. unfortunately, even after almost seven years now, the weight of the bill was implemented from the get-go left holes that needed to be fixed, which both sides have admitted to. even within the republican party, there are issues of doing away with it completely or what you actually replace it with. if they still have yet to come to a consensus on that. that's what we are dealing with when we see companies that are pulling out. they don't have a single-payer option from the get-go which many people think resolved a lot of these issues, and as we just heard, they are not really willing to work across the aisle to come up with something that's going to work for everyone.
8:47 am
yes, there's a lot of issues going on for sure. >> jon: she says many people would have liked to see a single-payer system. i'm going to guess you are not one of them. >> those would have amplify the problems that we have. it let me really strongly disagree with jessica on the issue that caused the companies to leave the exchanges. the reason we have aetna and humana, when obamacare was put into place, free market principles weren't observed. if you don't have a competitive way to -- if he didn't have the things that obamacare sold to the american people, it wouldn't survive. the fact that the left says -- they don't want there to be a private intern's marketplace which is the only thing at this point. the only thing that will save medical insurance.
8:48 am
>> i couldn't disagree -- i don't think that's the case at all. i think that's the problem is that they are talking each other. democrats don't want to do away with the private marketplace. anyone who's had health insurance in the last 20 plus years has told you we've had a private marketplace, it doesn't work. all of those things are not working. how do we come up with a plan that doesn't take us back to where we were when premiums are so high or leave us where we are now where finally some people have coverage, being able to pick and choose when you don't have money to pay for -- yes, you want to get coverage for your cancer treatment, it leaves you in the same position of not having coverage and the rest of the people in the market place have to pick up what is left. >> obamacare didn't correct it either. the scary thing here about
8:49 am
jessica's site on this, they are even opposing the roles that are being suggested to help people that are in midstream. people will get lost. they don't even want to adjust the rules to help those people. >> that is not true at all. every democrat right now on the hill is looking for change and ways to make it better and help small businesses and individual individuals. my premiums go up three fold. it these are issues that need to be dealt with. donald trump is making the changes that he's making because he thought republicans in congress would show up after seven years of complaining and they didn't. >> jon: you just heard paul ryan in the news conference saying they're looking at a patient centered system. they want to bring choice and competition into the marketplac marketplace. >> that's what they've said before, that's the exact proble
8:50 am
problem. what does patient centered mean? if you go into the marketplace and you only have a small amount of money, what do you get? you end up with nothing. >> jessica's argument always leads to single-payer. every major news sources morning all disagreed. >> jon: we will continue to see what proposals come out of washington and whether ultimately there will be functional. kevin, jessica, thank you. >> jenna: in your daily may take you over a bridge, badly in need of repair. in the report with startling details about bridges and what it means for your safety pampers.
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unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers.
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>> jenna: a new report finds the bridge as you drive over every day could be unsound. more than 55,000 bridges are in need of attention and vehicles cross these bridges 185 million times a day. they include the brooklyn bridge and the arlington memorial bridge. mark ash is a ceo of a company, this will be right in your wheelhouse. why do we have such a problem with bridges? >> there are a whole lot of issues that drive this. i think the big woodlands are the lack of prioritization to the projects. we heard the president talking
8:55 am
about this just an hour ago, speaking of happening now, when he was talking about an efficient contracting. almost 30% of the money we put into bridges goes to funding bureaucracy rather than actually repairing bridges. the last is just a lack of resources. it there's a lot to take care of and we simply don't put enough money into it. we are too busy debating where people are going to go to the bathroom and fixing the bridges that people used to get the kids to school. >> jenna: however ephraim came up with $400 billion every year on infrastructure and our country. is it that we don't give enough money to infrastructure or that it's simply not prioritized the right way? >> i think it's all three of those factors. the first is the lack of prioritization. we spend money on the wrong
8:56 am
thing. we are wasting money and areas that we shouldn't. the second is that inefficiency. we are wasting so much on silly regulations. the third is a lack of resources. it doesn't mean we should raise taxes, maybe a little less studying whether trim can float in boiling water or not and actually use those dollars to bus schoolchildren across bridges safely. >> jenna: a lot of us can't avoid these bridges. when you drive, are you thinking about this all the time? >> i think about it all the time and one of the things i would love to have us do. elected officials are quick -- let's put a sign up next to the bridge that says this bridges rated as deficient and your elected official voted to spend money on a whole host of other things rather than fixing the bridge.
8:57 am
>> jenna: kind of like with a restaurant. it would be interesting if we did that with bridges. interesting idea. looking forward to having you back. we'll be right back with more "happening now" " i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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>> jon: we are back in an hour. it "outnumbered" starts. >> harris: president trump announced on his own, a news conference. at the president says that he will tell the nation who is new labor secretary nominee is after his initial pick withdrew his name. andrew puzder ran into a bipartisan opposition including that he had hired an illegal immigrant as housekeeper. democrats are portraying this as a victory. we will bring you the live coverage of the white house as soon as the president begins speaking. ♪ >> sandra: this is outnumbered


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