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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> jon: we are back in an hour. it "outnumbered" starts. >> harris: president trump announced on his own, a news conference. at the president says that he will tell the nation who is new labor secretary nominee is after his initial pick withdrew his name. andrew puzder ran into a bipartisan opposition including that he had hired an illegal immigrant as housekeeper. democrats are portraying this as a victory. we will bring you the live coverage of the white house as soon as the president begins speaking. ♪ >> sandra: this is outnumbered
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outnumbered. harris faulkner, meghan mccain meghan mccain, rachel campos-duffy, and today's one lucky guy, adam housley and he is outnumbered and far from the west coast. so good to have you. space >> adam: good news that te water did not come down. >> sandra: let's get to it. "the wall street journal" is reporting that intelligence officials have withheld information because they're afraid it could be leaked or compromised. if both the white house and the office of director of national intelligence deny that. jason chaffetz and bob good luck wrote a letter.
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here's congressman jason chaffetz. >> how does that information end up with the news media? if you have classified information, sensitive information like that, there are policies and procedures for handling that. the president has made some very serious allegations in his description of the movement of this information. we want the inspector general, as a person of great integrity, to get in there and find this out. no matter where you are on the political spectrum, you cannot have classified information migrating to a nonclassified setting. >> sandra: meantime, a senior white house source telling fox news, the white house is looking to hire newark new york billionaire to lead an intelligence agency, but has not signed off on it yet. katherine harris is live from washington with the very latest. >> a short time ago, president trump weighed in.
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>> we are going to find the leakers. they're going to pay a big price for leaking. >> the spy chief denies sensitive information is being withheld from the white house. after "the wall street journal" reports that there are little trust for the administration. his national security team is not true noting that it does not routinely include live data or discussion of methods to undercut "the wall street journal" reporting. fox news has also learned that mike flynn wanted to pull together overnight intelligence, kind of like his own review for the president that would include
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raw data and that could be where the box existed reported by "the wall street journal." also this comes at the white house considers the appointment of steven feinberg, that new york billionaire to review the intelligence community as well as the executive branch, as you mentioned, a decision on his appointment is not final, but it comes when there's still a space in the top spot, the director of national intelligence. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting on that. i will remind everybody that we are waiting that news conference to begin with president trump at 12:30 p.m. eastern time. adam housley what do you make of the very latest that we are learning? >> adam: no matter where you stand, the fact is that this has been going on for years. we had a problem with lack of intelligence before 9/11. it continues to be a problem. whether piece from the benghazi
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situation and now what's going on with arguably half of the intelligence community supporting the president, the other half not liking him. what we can tell, it seems like part of the intelligence community wants to run this country, but i think that's a concern every single american has. what they are doing is illegal, whether you like them or not. if there needs to be a stop to these leaks. we should be able to protect our information, but be trustworthy of our information. >> sandra: what are your thoughts? >> rachel: i don't believe that professionals working with the intelligence agency are the ones doing the leaks. i think these are holdovers from the obama administration, people who have been measuring their drapes because they thought they would get a big fancy job once hillary was elected and they were better and mad. former presidential candidate who worked in the cia, i think he spoke with professionals because they don't trust the
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president. these are real professionals, patriots who risk their lives to do this job. i do not for a second believe it's those people. i believe it's holdovers. if i was the president, i would fire them immediately. the democrats were so mad when this happened with flynn because they said we have one president at a time. they should be outraged about these leaks because this is our president and if they are withholding information, that is wrong. >> sandra: a republican from iowa well was on hannity last night talking about how they were never worried about a hillary clinton leakage. >> someone who either was embedded within the fbi or another component of the intelligence community that willfully leaked this to "the new york times" and "the washington post" and now we have a nation of leftists that are hyperventilating over what
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are now rumors because we don't have a transcript of all telephone calls, the democrats have traded in an entire narrative about this and are trying to get the whole nation wrapped up in this, but they were never worried about hillary clinton's real-time leakage of highly classified information while she was secretary of stat state. >> sandra: nation of leftists hyperventilating. >> meghan: this is really bad for america, it's really bad for people who are on our side. i agree with you, adam. i don't understand why there is objected to choosing what the president is allowed to know and what the president is an allowed to know. it's not up to them. their job is it simply to give the information to our president. if the president isn't briefed on the dangers that are happening in the world, that is extremely dangerous to put the united states of america in that position.
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if another terrorist attack happens, god forbid, we won't be prepared. >> harris: breaking news. it let's get to the east room in the white house right now. we were awaiting the president just about to the lectern and it's been kind of a float position between noon and at 12:30. as we await that, some news ahead of that news conference, the name of the new labor secretary pick, we now know, the president will tell us in a few minutes. john, bring us this breaking news breaking news. >> the president expected to talk here at 12:30, 20 more minutes from now. he will be announcing his nominee to replace andrew puzder who had to withdraw his name from consideration after it became apparent that a number of republican senators were going to vote against him in this confirmation. at the new nominee is r. alexander acosta. he is a different type of pick for the president then andrew
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puzder was. andrew was a man of commerce, of business. kim jong-un six is an attorney, he's been in government before. he is well-versed in labor. in addition to serving in florida international university, he was the dean of law there, he is a deputy attorney general at the department of justice the first time. he was on the civil rights section of the department of justice and a man with a strong pedigree in terms of being confirmed. after one of your nominees go down the way andrew puzder did, the thing a president really wants to have is a very smooth confirmation. he would also be the first hispanic that his name the president's cabinet and of course, there was a lot of criticism of the president and
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his first pick for labor secretary and the other members of the cabinet. r. alexander acosta serving a number of different purposes here for the president, but most of all, the selection in the senate. >> harris: not only is he someone who's bipartisan, the agree holy, three different times of this is the person that they liked. >> those are all positions where he had to go through a confirmation process. the trump administration believes it should be a very easy process. >> harris: john, thank you. i also want to point out to everybody that the president, we have learned will take questions. he'll be having this news
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conference, we usually see questions. we know he's going to be announcing this pick for the labor secretary and then from there, take open questions from the room. again, we are awaiting that news conference to begin in the next 19 minutes or so. at the president expected to lay that out. he's getting his cabinet together a little bit more this morning. at about 1045 eastern, we saw that his pick for the office of budget and management made it through senate confirmation. some activity on the lines of his roles this morning. as that happens, we'll go back to john roberts in that room or straight to the president. let's bring it back out to our discussion this morning. what's really interesting about him calling his own news conference, he said these words, "i think i'll have a little free time in the noon hour."
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>> adam: i like the openness of it. i hope he does take some questions and i hope there are a number of questions of the media has a chance to ask. when i watch the sole process, as a journalist, it seems like a number one priority is to pick off these people would been put into a position of government. it is not about whether or not they'd be good, whether they do the right thing, it's about who we can get. that's what our country has come to now. it's become a situation where the only way to win is to knock off the other party's guy or ga gal. it's not about whether that person can do a good job. we just want to have better job situations, a better tax situation, we want to see our money go to people who need hel help. >> harris: 's the art of their game apparently. >> adam: it's a game it's annoying. >> harris: we will cover this as it happens.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, we are awaiting the president to step up in the white house. he will be holding a news conference. handouts it will be in the noon
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hour, we are expecting around 12:30 p.m. eastern time. he is expected to take questions. of course, there has been a lot going on this morning. he will announce the new labor secretary nominee after his official pick bow it out, andrew puzder ran into bipartisan opposition as we know. we are expecting questions to be taken. in the midst of so much going on coming out of the white house, this could be a very interesting news conference. adam housley is on the couch with us right now. what do you expect to hear from the president? he did sort of indicate when he was sitting in the room earlier that this was going to be a news revealing conference. >> adam: obviously, he's going to put somebody forth that he thinks will be great for the job. i'm curious to see if the media breaks out from just about nominee to some of the other issues that they continue to harp on and hit him on. the fact that it's a solo press conference, as you said, harris, i've got time, i got a half hour, let's just call a press
9:18 am
conference. the media loves this. >> harris: let's set up the frame of what's going on. he was surrounded by what he calls, his earliest supporters. marsha blackburn of tennessee. that room was warm, it was fuzzy. he says it was to thank them and lift them up into the spotlight. from that perch, he announces i have some news for the nation. >> meghan: i think that press is going to play up andrew puzder bowing out. i don't think this really matters in the long run.
9:19 am
i think the left is going to maintain this is some kind of big victory for them and really, it's not a big deal. >> sandra: rachel, you come to us from wisconsin. at your husband a congressman. what is the tone that you are hearing when you come to us from middle america? >> rachel: what i'm hearing is that people are happy with the pace of things that president trump is doing. i think a lot of what they're hearing, antagonism and fighting that they're hearing in washington, they don't care about that. they just want things done. i think megan is totally right. this labor secretary will hopefully be better than the last one. this is the first time we've seen a cabinet nominee step down because of having an illegal made.
9:20 am
we saw that with clinton. he had other issues, but also, it's a labor secretary. we know that it happens. hopefully this guy will come in the right direction. a lot of people were upset that there wasn't enough hispanics and a cabinet. >> adam: that shows us two things. one that we don't have an administration is coming from a political world. they're choosing people who they may think is best for the job. second, why are we coming to a place whether you're republican or democrat with a number one priority is to knock people off? don't we want the best people to serve? >> harris: not when you haven't had any victories. when you look since 2009, -- that's why there is people running the democratic national committee.
9:21 am
they were hash taking wtf two people this morning. adam, to answer your question, they are asking for a victory. >> sandra: we have confirmed that r. alexander acosta will be the labor nominee and that announcement is expected. we have just also learned that he will be in that room. we don't know if you will be making any comments or stepping up to the microphone. we have now confirmed that he will be present at this news conference. that would be an opportunity. >> meghan: i agree with rachel that i hope he has vetted a little bit more than the last one was. of going back to the topic, this is a very, very small victory, but if you can't catch a giant marlin, you have to celebrate the small wins that you have. make no doubt, this is not, as you said, the betsy devos drop
9:22 am
that they wanted. no disrespect to these people, because i actually thought poster was qualified. this is of the one they had hoped for and gone on social media renting for for so long. >> adam: didn't we expect that you bring in somebody from the outside? that's what happened here. there are republicans out there that are stirring things up behind the scenes. we've heard it on this couch. we get it and the west coast. i get it from a more left perspective, but at the same time, we hear it. we hear folks that are upset with this. at the same time, americans are saying listen, we need to shake up washington. >> sandra: obviously are not, if you will be discussing the leakers. in that room then you just described, he was asked about
9:23 am
that and he did answer and he said those leakers will be caught. expect them to be asked about that. >> harris: just to talk about this into scrapper separate wae allegations that are among that intel community may have been leaking information and then you have the people that rachel talked about, that president obama hangings that will not let go when this new and administration took over and they are feisty and they are better. it really behooves the president and the white house to figure out who is leaking because that first category affects all of us. >> adam: even though they are obama holdovers, they're still connected. >> meghan: one thing that's a little bit of a problem for them
9:24 am
is that obama passed an executive order on his way out that expanded the ability to share this information with more and more intelligence agencies that we have. it's going to be a little bit harder. by the way, where are all these patriotic leakers when obama was having secret negotiations with the iranians? maybe they should be terrified of this administration. what they're doing is highly unpatriotic. it they ought to be fired. >> harris: what does it take to get some of these people to come on record? >> rachel: or to be fired. >> adam: i know guys who are demoted or taken out or they got good deals. you don't talk to anybody, we are going to put you with your family for two weeks. >> sandra: you're looking at the microphone that president trump is expected to step up to any moment. this was just announced in the
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>> harris: we are awaiting the president of the united states to step up to that lectern. it does news conference. he himself announced at another event that he was hosting this morning with people that he called his earliest supporters. among them, people like marsha blackburn who sat directly to his right. he went around the room and everybody said why they were there, why they supported him. from that perch, he said i have a little free time around noon, i'm going to have a press conference. i'm going to tell you my labor secretary pick is after the departure after the last person who is up for that job. now we'll learn more about that. we'll talk more about that here
9:30 am
on the couch. we'll learn more because no doubt, the journalist in the room there have their own questions, probably even off-topic. i can tell you this, r. alexander acosta is in the room. more on him, because we got many details from john roberts. if you asked the vetting process. if you look at his pedigree, you would say yes. you need a sure thing. your last guy didn't work out for a host of reasons, notwithstanding some that we know about publicly. he was a member of the national labor relations board where he participated in 105 opinions. he was the first hispanic. >> rachel: he is also the son of cuban immigrants which is under sink for labor. he sounds at least on paper, like a great pick.
9:31 am
that brings it to three women, one african-american, and he hispanic. i think he is running up this cabinet to be diverse. i don't think there should be much for the liberals to complain about in terms of diversity. again, a lot of private sector unions love donald trump. the pilots union chastising their own leader for not meeting with trump. i've spoken with leaders of the rogue operating unions. these private sector unions like donald trump, like what he's doing. this is an incredible triangulation because liberals have always had a hold. >> harris: one of the things the president has always done, you put him up there with the microphone, he has a someone with him. we don't know what that's going to look like here, but we do
9:32 am
know that questions will be allowed. i have a question for you, sandra. andrew puzder was chosen for a reason. i know he had some problems, he hired a legal help as a housekeeper, he had other problems. why choose him? there must have been some reaso reason. >> sandra: puzder or the new one? >> harris: the new one. >> sandra: the president connects and anyone who he pecks that he has to have good chemistry with. anything could come up in this news conference. you have the feeling that most of the questions will have to be about what else is going on. >> adam: are not sticking up for him, because he made some
9:33 am
mistakes. at the same time, they weren't part of that whole terminology. that's the reason a lot of these folks talk, because they're not connecting with washington. i think that's what puzder -- they went outside, didn't understand the vetting process totally and that has given them the opportunity to go after someone. >> harris: i know he's the second dean of florida university law, so that is interesting because that's -- he knows politics. >> sandra: he currently serves as the chair of the hispanic community bank. >> adam: he is the second choice.
9:34 am
they understand the vetting process a little more, you have to play the game in washington. maybe they're learning the game in some ways. >> harris: there is still in double digits for the necessity of cabinet members. >> sandra: i go back to megan. i imagine you have some further thoughts. it >> meghan: i think alexander acosta looks like a fantastic nominee. it is unfortunate that it went on the way it did. have no doubt, it's entirely political. if the democrats just wanted to knock someone out. it is kind of sad that someone was taken out for reasons that obviously people felt where the extreme enough that he shouldn't be allowed to get the job. i think with mr. acosta, what's interesting, trump really is taking out the ammo the left
9:35 am
has. he's employing women, african-americans, hispanics. at the left is going to hate it. i hope he goes through. which outlet will he take questions from? will it only be right wing, town hall, will he take any questions from the different outlets? >> harris: adam, i want to get your view on this. these leaks and accusations of previous campaign members having had relations with russia. i still haven't seen the evidence on that, but they say it's coming. with all of that context, president trump remains, stephen feinberg who is a billionaire to head the intel community. what do you think of that? >> adam: i don't know where he
9:36 am
comes into play honestly when it comes to the intel community. you have to have someone that you trust immensely, but it wasn't just russia. we move weapons into syria and libya. we put our fingers in a lot of places. we obviously missed intelligence for 9/11. it goes on and on and on. whether you're a republican or democrat, you have to understand that our intelligence community is fantastic. we have to find a way to do it better and do it together. right now, they are fighting each other in some respects. >> rachel: a lot of people think that what happened here has the fingerprints of barack obama on it.
9:37 am
what he's doing is orchestrating and signaling to his people that are holdovers as i said, to mess it up for his predecessor. i believe in the same way that the left wants to not normalize trump, we cannot normalize this kind of behavior of the next president. it's wrong, it's un-american. it's totally unpatriotic of him to not get the person that the american people elected a fair shot. he's totally orchestrating this. >> harris: was the evidence on that? >> rachel: first of all, he's a signaling with all the town halls and rioting. >> meghan: he came out at the protests. he is living in washington, d.c., which again, it's somewhat unusual for an ex-president directly out of office.
9:38 am
there are reasons to believe that he will stay over politically. >> rachel: this executive order, it's very important. >> adam: you are both are in washington, you have a unique perspective. i'm from the west coast. the question is, in washington, it's not just democrats. at the republican party establishment is not happy. that's an interesting idea that i think people don't understand. the democrats aren't just going after trump, the republicans are too. >> harris: as a reporter, i'm going to want to know that evidence. what i heard after their president boldly said and i thought it was pretty bold to
9:39 am
say what the current president coming into office to his own party, president obama said with regard to obamacare, don't rescue the republicans as they try to come forward with some sort of a plan to shore up area areas. that kind of behavior, that's what i'm talking about. >> rachel: adam brings up a good point. trump is in fighting from the left, he's a fighting people. i think it makes him a middle america, they like a fighter. they want somebody who even though he's a little bit messy, it's messy because it's never been done before. >> harris: real quickly, back to the live picture. we have not gotten inside a two minute warning. at the president announced that he would have this news conference by himself, solo coming up. if we learned that he is now bringing along, we don't know
9:40 am
what kind of level of participation this person would have, whether he would suck up to the microphone as well, he's bringing along the man that he is now named his next choice for labor of secretary, alexander acosta. we believe this will take some time as reporters will be able to ask a host of questions. >> sandra: he joked in that room earlier when he announced that news conference here he joked, the press, if you want to come, come. i'm not sure if you have any interest. at the world is watching that microphone. >> adam: somebody asked what that's like, it's like a freshman going to the prom. you got the cool kids and you have the athletes. one of them want to be prom queen or king and they each vote for their own side, but god forbid someone from the band wins. [laughter] it has to be one of those two groups.
9:41 am
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>> sandra: we are awaiting the president to hold a news conference from the white house. we are expected to hear an announcement from him on his labor secretary. that is expected to be alexander acosta. at this, of course, after his first nominee andrew puzder withdrew yesterday. he is excited to be in the room, alexander acosta, we don't know if he's going to make any remarks. at the press is in attendance first two rows, as you can notice they are on bottom right of your screen, they have been left empty. it we don't have a whole lot of specifics on this news conference other than the president will step up to that
9:46 am
microphone and we hear he will be taking questions. we are likely to hear a lot of different types of questions from the president. at that is expected to begin any minute now. harris, we have some news coming in as to how the g.o.p. members feel about this pick. >> harris: one of the things we're learning, the demographics as the first hispanic will join the cabinet for donald trump. the top g.o.p. sources close to the senator marco rubio, rubio and other hispanic leaders, g.o.p. and otherwise, are very enthusiastic, happy about acosta as the new labor pick. >> sandra: of course, rachel, this will be his first hispanic
9:47 am
pick for his cabinet. >> rachel: i think it's important. what an important position for him to be in as labor secretary. the sun of cuban immigrants, i think it's a very interesting pick. i don't think you'll get too much pushback from the left, although, as adam knows and i know, there's a special punishment for any hispanic or minorities -- >> adam: i have no idea what you're talking about. i know where you're going with it. i'm picking up what putting down. >> rachel: who knows? they could now say that he is a sellout. >> sandra: they are saying it would be hard for them to vote against the nominee with his admirable background.
9:48 am
>> meghan: it's kind of like gorsuch pick where you can attack someone for having a fantastic background until they are connected with a trump administration. if they go after him they way they did with puzder, they're just going to look like they're playing party politics and they don't care who is nominated for whatever reason. it just matters that they're conservative and under the trump administration. we talk about political capital on this couch all most every day, sandra. if they do this now, they won't have any more ammo later on. >> adam: what about people who are taking these positions? we are a very divided country in a lot of ways. the men and women who are taking these positions, they are some heat. just the perception of what you deal with, what i deal with as you know, whether the perception is true or not, there's part of the country that doesn't like
9:49 am
you. >> harris: i think you have to lay it out for people who don't know what you're talking about. i feel like i need to tell people what is going on. you're in a biracial marriage, . >> adam: are they putting their neck on the line now? >> meghan: just matthew mcconaughey coming out and saying let's give the president a chance. the reaction of everybody saying he was the biggest trump supporter in the world. >> adam: the super bowl became political. people hated tom brady. we have three hours to enjoy a game. >> harris: we've just been given a two minute warning that the president will be stepping up to the lectern. we will stay conscious of the time right now. no disregard to the level of labor secretary, but i doubt we have spent this much time talking with a labor secretary
9:50 am
selection and quite some time. but, it is because the president still does not have the bulk of his cabinet. there are 15 members, we are up to five filled who are in the process or confirmed and he still has to put so many pieces of the puzzle in place. every time he wants to talk about someone he has chosen, it becomes big news. as a sandra pointed out, an opportunity to ask about some of the other things that are breaking. >> sandra: was of course they reporters will do in the room when they're given the opportunity to ask those questions. >> adam: the size of the room, also. we've seen these rooms get borderline out of order. you have the poor labor secretary sitting there and everyone's asking whatever they want to ask and there's this poor guy and the middle of it.
9:51 am
>> harris: it's not enormous. doesn't matter all that much where he starts? >> adam: coming from local news, -- >> sandra: our own john roberts is in that room. >> adam: i came from local news. many of us don't get the opportunity. it >> meghan: us not them, as the quality of the camera work coming in. >> harris: as we say focused on this, i want to bring up a couple things i could also come up that we've been talking about. there is spy ship off the coast of connecticut from russia.
9:52 am
they are, i understand, scooping up intelligence. not from our cia, necessarily. >> adam: there's nothing new here. if we all do this to each other. >> adam: >> meghan: , adam brous up in the last segment, the ideological of the republican party, there are a few unanswered questions. at some of the people who work for him and that their relationship with vladimir puti vladimir putin. the nucleus of this problem are these remaining questions about whether or not general flynn ended up speaking about sanctions to russia and then lied to our vice president. >> harris: we've got the
9:53 am
initial first two rows of this news conference pulling into position now. it that's an indication that even though we are now beyond that two minute warning, we that much passed it and we expect out of the door at the top left of your screen, the president will walk through any moment. we want to make sure we're still focused on it. i still see a few empty seats down front. there is still quite a bit of it filling in if they choose to do this. it they're starting to do it. we saw this yesterday with the bilateral news conference at the president had with prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel. how quickly -- that was just yesterday. to put a fine point on it, a very big deal in the news, because there is policy that has been in place for more than 20 years with regard to finding peace in the middle east. this current president said we don't have to look at things the same old way. we can do something different.
9:54 am
>> adam: i did two tours of israel for fox. i think a lot of people would love to have that. with a foreign policy, so many more americans need to understand, this is where our world is, where more connected now than we've ever been. there are democrats and republicans who are opposite on so many issues, yet they agree on foreign policies. i think more americans need to pay attention. you talk about a two state solution, i guarantee you most americans don't even know tuesdays are there. >> harris: you just put it so finally. this is where we are, this is right now. president trump is obviously an example of that. >> meghan: adam is making a great point, though. the prison from which you see america's role in the world is different depending on which faction a republican party your end. only talk about the disagreements from the sides, i
9:55 am
think there is some confusion that everyone is going to get on board with one thing, especially in regards to our role and our relationship with russia which to put it nicely, has a been a friend of ours for many, many decades. >> rachel: isn't it interesting how donald trump is brought the left to the right in terms of russia? >> harris: mike pence pulling into place now taking his seat. stephen bannon is there. we have the white house leadership, if you will. mainly what's important is that those two rows are now filling in. it looks like there's not a seat left. we anticipate the president of the united states, everyone standing, donald trump walk up to that lectern as he is doing now. a news conference where we expect a statement and will take
9:56 am
questions. let's watch. the >> president trump: i just wanted to begin by mentioning that the nominee for secretary of the department of labor will be mr. alexander acosta. he has a law degree from harvard law school, a great student. he has had a tremendous career. he's a member and has been a member of the national labor relations board and has been through senate confirmations three times, confirmed, did very, very well. so alex, i wished him the best. we just spoke and he will be a tremendous secretary of labor. also, as you probably heard it just a little while ago, mick
9:57 am
mulvaney, former congressman has just been approved, weeks late, i have to say that, weeks weeks late, office of management and budget. he will be, i think, a fantastic addition. paul singer just left, as you know paul was very much involved with the anti-trump or as they say, never trump, and paul just left and he's given us his total support. it's all about unification. we're unifying the party and hopefully will be able to unify the country. it's very important to me. i've been talking about that for a long time, it's very, very important to me. i want to thank paul singer for coming here. he was a very strong opponent, and now he's a very strong ally. i appreciate that. i think i'll say a few words and then will take some questions. at this time, we are negotiating
9:58 am
a lot of different transactions to save money on contracts that were terrible, including airplane contracts that were out of control. absolutely catastrophic in terms of what was happening. we've done some really good work and we are proud of that. right after that, you prepare your selves, will do some questions, unless you have no questions, that's always a possibility. i'm here to update the american people on the progress that has been made in the last four weeks since my inauguration. we've made incredible progress. i don't think there's ever been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we've done. the people get it, much of the media doesn't get it, they get it, but they don't write it, let's put it that way. a new poll just came out a very short while ago and it has our approval rating at 55% and going
9:59 am
up. the stock market has hit record numbers as you know. if there has been a tremendous surge of optimism in the business world which is doing something much different than it used to be. that's good, no it means as good for jobs. very different. plants and factories are moving back into the united states and bigley, ford. i'm making this presentation directly to the american people with the media present, which is an honor to have you. this morning, because many of our nations, they will not tell you the truth. they will not treat the wonderful people of our country with the respect they deserve. i hope going forward we can be a little bit different. and maybe get along a little bit better, if that's possible. it may be it's not, and that's okay too.
10:00 am
unfortunately, much of the media and washington, d.c., along with new york and los angeles, speaks not for the people, but for the special interests and for those profiting.broken system. the press has become so dishonest that if we don't talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. tremendous disservice. we have to talk about it. to find out what is going on because the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of control. i ran for president to represent the citizens of our country. i am here to change the broken system so it serves their families and their communities well. i am talking and really talking on this very entrenched power structure and what we are doing is we are talking about the power structure. we are tal


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