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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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a crazy day on the market. the dow started out up and then a roller coaster thing. but we're close to closing on the positive side. it's always positive on "your world" with neil cavuto. that show is coming up on now for america's choice for news and information on cable. >> neil: all right. thank you, shep. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." it's interesting that we start where shepard ended on the market. on the dow. take a look. at a day, a time when you have the media in contortions over the president of the united states fingering them and they feel not admitting mistake of his own, you'd think this would lead to a crisis in the media. but look at the dow. look at the dow. we're at a record. not much of one after an event. but after yesterday, which was a record, this is a record. so if the markets are losing confidence in the president, they certainly have a funny way
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of showing it. the media, that is quite another story. this is what has them going nuts. take a look. >> you look at your show that goes on at 10:00 p.m. that is a constant hit. the panel is almost always exclusive anti-trump. should i let them have a little bit more? what do you think, peter? should i let them have more? sit down. sit down. we'll get it. >> just because the attack of fake news and attacking our network, i want to ask you -- >> i'm changing it from fake news. very fake news. >> aren't you -- >> you're not related to our new -- >> i'm not related, sir, no. i don't like the sound of secretary acosta. >> i looked at that name and i said is there any relation there? >> i'm sure you checked it out. >> they said no, sir. i said do me a favor. go back and check the family tree. they will say, darnold trump
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rants and raves. i won with news conferences and speeches. probably not by listening to you people. how many times do i have to answer this question? >> can you say yes or no? >> russia is a ruse. i want to find a friendly reporter. are you a friendly reporter? so important to the public to get an honest press. the public doesn't believe you people anymore. >> neil: by the way, the acosta was not the cnn journalist but alexander acosta, the president's next labor secretary after the implosion of andy puzder who took himself out of that job. but i thought we would step back from the heat and the emotion of the moment to see a balanced view of this. what the president seems to be saying here is i don't think you and the media give me a fair shake. obviously those in the media say we give you plenty of shake but we always have to correct stuff that you say. general michael flynn is a good
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example there. the president has never owned up to the fact that he was the one that let his national security advisor go. but today he said just that. take a look. >> michael flynn is a fine person. i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. he's a man who there was a certain amount of information given to vice president pence, who is with us today, and i was not happy with the way that information was given. he didn't have to do that because what he did wasn't wrong. what he did in terms of the information he saw. what was wrong is the way that other people including yourselves in this room was given that information. that was classified information. it was given illegally. that's the real problem. >> neil: we can go back and forth whether that is the only problem here and the leaks, the russia connection.
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all very jgermane issues. not the end of the story but an answer on that. what the president is trying to say here -- remember, i have no axe to grind here, he doesn't come on the show. some say he doesn't like me. that's okay. there's not enough balance out there. by all means, report on these negatives. he winces at the negatives. these are the facts four weeks into this administration. some of the biggest controversies to date include the resignation of general flynn as national security advisor. and the labor secretary nominee, andy puzder imploding and then he had to find a replacement and also the court blocking the travel order and the back and forth on that. what is important to point out, i can say this as a business nerd here, look at the
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accomplishments. focus on these developments. fiat chrysler investing a billion dollars in the united states. intel investing $7 billion in arizona. g.m. doing sen -- essentially the same, creating 1,500 jobs. see what i did there? something called balance. every president, democrat or republican, wants to get the best word and image out there. he freely acknowledged and maybe not enough that there are enough problems there. that's not the media making up the bad stuff. where he is fair and on valid ground, the good stuff, the nerdy stuff that i just alluded to, the market record stuff i alluded to, that is germane material as well. who knows that better than fox business network's black berman. we cover the good and the bad. that stuck in his crawl, the latter stuff, the stuff i alluded to gets zero attention,
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right? >> yeah, neil, this started off at what is a normal press conference where the president announced his labor secretary and ticked off what he sees as the accomplishments starting off in his administration. he mentioned how the stock market, i believe the very first thing he said as far as the accomplishments go is at an all-time high. he talked about his commitment to withdraw from tpp and build the border wall and the other measures. over the course of an hour and 15 minutes or so, this spiralled, i guess you could say, into an event that was the president going after the media for what he sees as fake news coverage from several outlets, in particular which he named. he stood up for his former national security advisor, michael flynn and said, look, this is a dishonest media, there are certain things that i don't think gets covered fairly. he believes it's the leaks in this case that are the stories and not russia. i asked him about russia.
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he told me point blank that the whole russia story is a "ruse." neil, me and you talked about this before this started. the president's past press conferences, four of them have averaged 24 minutes. he wanted to talk today. it was triple that in length. >> neil: yeah, he entertained all questions. before i get to the next panel -- thanks, blake. there's been a lot of consternation about the reference he made to his electoral college victory. he said this on the stump. he left out a crucial issue when he was talking, bragging about the electoral votes he got, the largest since ronald reagan. he was referring to republicans. now where he got it wrong is it doesn't go back to ronald reagan. it goes back to george bush sr. that was something in 1988 george bush sr. get more
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electoral votes. he was off by four years in that case. so 1988 versus 1984. many in the media and the president didn't really clarify that. he was saying against other republicans. the only reason i know that, because he's repeatedly said it on the stump and elsewhere saying he's the best republican winning in states that republicans do not. he's referring to ronald reagan. he was off by four years. and then vice president bush, bush sr. did better, but no republican has since. that is where he fell short by not explaining that. he was caught on that. but it was not as if he was ignores all these other developments. i only say any of this to put in perspective and may be a calming perspective, some of these wacky headlines within seconds of the president's press conference and sometimes during it. you can rifle through these as well as i can. grievance filled press conference, on and on, combative, some going on like
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politco to say he inherited a mess, ran against the media. you can say he overstated things, frustrated. trump slams democrats, leaks, media. the "new york post," "wall street journal", the fox empire. i only stress that to make the bigger point here. that he thinks the media will pounce on the negative and not give him due credit for the positive. he's not the first president to espouse that view. let's step back and everybody calm down and get a cooler perspective of this. here's gabby from the washington examiner, rachel and adam green, the democratic strategist. gabby, let's begin with you. i'm not condoning the leader of the free world making a mistake on an error or stumble and getting annoyed when someone calls him on it. i am worry about he says the
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media is thin skinned when someone goes after their thin skin. >> i know. after watching this, there's so much to parse through. one thing that stood out here is the fact that donald trump walked into an office with his aides and said look, i want a press conference amid all of the tumultuous thing that have been happening. he put himself in front of reporters for more than an hour and fielded their questions. for all of the attacks on donald trump saying he's thin-skinned, i think it was remarkable for a president at this time in his administration with so much going on, with his labor secretary withdrawing, the resignation of general flynn to put himself in front of reporters and take questions from both what he called friendly outlets and unfriendly outlets. so i do want to give him credit for that. as you said, there were moments in the press conference when he did distort the truth. he mentioned elijah cummings, claiming he backed out of a meeting for political reasons.
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that's not what i was told. >> neil: and we have the congressional black caucus and who avoided him. sometimes he provides too many details that are vague. but rachel, when i look at this, he does have a point about leaving out the good stuff. i'm a big believer, we have a lot of time to get the good, the bad, the middle. have at it. i think what he was saying as well -- every president is sensitive to criticism. we dealt with that with barack obama and president bush when the war turned south. they don't like it. i can understand that. i think he is right to say not much attention to the job commitments i've gotten out of corporate america, not much attention to big union leaders that come see me and sing my praises. not much attention to the uaw leader saying he commends the president and ford.
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he's right about it. that's the stuff that media leaves out. >> absolutely. you can imagine if these accomplishments occurred on a obama administration, those would be the headlines. when people put their kids to bed and they turn on the news, they see that president trump complained about today in this press conference. that's why the media is favorability or trustworthy meter is like 30%. people trust donald trump more than they trust the media. when the media hears from something like say steve bannon or the president who calls him the opposition party, they have no intraspection about it. they don't look how they refuse to put in any of the good stuff on -- it's like what the democrats did right after the election. you know, they lost to trump, they lost the middle of america, they lost wisconsin and the rust belt and they go, oh, i no. we're doing to have a woman's
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march and put on pink hats and -- >> neil: i don't want to minimize critics in that. adam, do you think there's anything here to what donald trump is saying? all right. you're going to go after the bad stuff. can you look at some of the good stuff? >> first, neil, thanks for not minimizing critics. i appreciate that. i have to ask an ernest question to your viewers that voted for donald trump. you look across a range of issues. you can see him hand over the keys of the economy to wall street bankers after campaigning against goldman sachs, appointing congressman mulvaney who promised to cut social security. and now he has a pretty ranting press conference, erratic -- >> neil: you didn't answer my question. >> i'm getting to it. after promising to be presidential, isn't that what you voted for? i can't believe trump voters are seeing a dignified president who
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is fulfilling his campaign promises. at a minimum, it's a distraction and betraying his own voters. >> neil: do you think in raising those issues it would be fair to raise some of the issues i raised and that if you're doing to make a big deal about mulvaney coming in, you should point out as well that he's called for cutting the defense department budgets that a lot of liberals support. could you balance it out with that? >> i think it's ironic that you reported to wall street numbers climbing. there's a reason that the people on wall street are rooting for donald trump. he's been very good to wall street. >> he talked about factory jobs coming back. >> neil: when the market goes, you can say it's wall street. but investors are seeing richer pensions, getting better. what do you think about that? >> i was going to say, that you also talked about the jobs coming back to america on
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something that democrats report to want to have happen. so i mean, there's a lot of really great news besides what's happening in the stock markets that's going on with the trump administration. it deserves to have a fair shake. what i think the democrats are doing by not engaging in this and not even trying to share and enjoy there's jobs coming back, it showed just how political they are and that they're out to get this president. >> neil: that works on both sides. i'm just trying to say. i want -- we have a lot of breaking news here. i want to step back -- you guys are helpful in that record, that there's some balance. donald trump is not a nut. there's a little truth to both sides. both sides are a tad bit thin skinned here. but to say that he's not and the media is not entirely fair. swells as the president
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positions himself when it comes to military action or responding to obvious threats. we're going to get into that with dr. sebastian thorpe. he joins us right now from the white house. my only take on this and we talked over the years, doctor, be fair. just get the other point of view out there. i can see there were some moments where they were trying and rightfully so to pin the president down on how he would respond to the provocative developments on the north koreans and to try to get an answer. as if any president would telegraph what they wanted to do. what did you think of that line of question something. >> it's combative and unnecessarily so. the president just said it as he saw it. i have to agree. there's certain outlets that simply have a politically driven agenda. look who they invite on their
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shows. look at the panel of eight democrats that i have on a morning show. it's not unbiassed. it doesn't give a fair shake. whether you're a democrat or republican, you have to ask where is the unbiased reporting. i can tell you, neil, i've been on this job for almost a month. i have never worked at this level of political strategic work. i come in in the morning at 7:00 a.m., i open the newspapers and i reading stories about events i was involved with the day before. stories, eight out of ten times bear no resemblance to what was happening in the room when i was there. that's the reality. that's how bad it is. >> neil: you're new at this, the president is new at this. the new administration is coming in and new to this. so it's not the first time a president or incoming staff has complained about media coverage. john kennedy got as good coverage as anybody asked. constantly complained about it. i understand that. what i also understand the media
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getting back up when the criticizers are saying fox did that once or twice with the prior occupant. i think sometimes it's fair to say that the media will pounce on the negative. there's a good deal of negative and some of you guys are just getting wrong, but i think it's fair to mention some of the good. there's some good going on there. >> every day. we have coal miners in the white house today. last week we had a group of green berets about to qualify. they were supposed to have a surprise meeting with the president. instead of just a surprise meeting, what does he do? he takes all 20 of them into the oval office and said, i don't care what my schedule says, i'm going to have individual photographs with you guys. how come that doesn't get on to -- >> neil: you're right. do you feel threatened -- we talked about this before before
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you became a bigger guy. this president gets what he's asked for. he singles out the press and now they're going back after him. do you ever talk to him and say maybe there's a way to make nice or do you guys just ah, the hell with it. >> look at the campaign, neil. he's in his element. he's not afraid of the barbs. he will take on the press. i was so happy -- i walked into the west wing today as the press briefing was going. there was a large television outside. i have to watch. i saw the old donald trump there. he's back in terms of how he deals with the press. >> neil: do you think that is building -- obviously those that support him love it. but there were those that didn't support him, would they love it or is this what got him here and this is what we're going to see? certainly riveting. you couldn't take your eyes off
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of. i covered it on fox business. one of the things that was very loud and clear is he was going to be very cloud and clear, right? >> look, there's a certain form of president that said elections have consequences. guess what? they do, neil. and november 8th has consequences. most of your colleagues and the mainstream media, i love fox business and fox news but the other main street media has not accepted november 8. >> neil: the president was very cagey, i thought, with a question major garrett was asking about all of these provocations going on. military provocations. i want you to listen to this and respond to it. >> i don't want to be one of these guys that say, yes, here's what we're going to do. i don't have to do that. i don't have to tell you what i'm going to do in north korea.
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i don't have to tell you what i'm going to do with iran. you know why? because they shouldn't know. eventually you guys will get tired of asking that question. when you ask me what i'm going to do with the russian ship, i'm not going to tell you. >> neil: what did you think of that? >> as somebody for the last 25 years who has lived in the world of national security and grand strategy, i'm sorry, the president hit the nail on the head. you don't tell your adversaries what you're going to do. we wouldn't have won world war ii if we told them which beach we were coming on. that's the reality. the clinton administration got it wrong during the balkan wars. they said we're never going to use grounds troops. they exploited that. what happens with mosul? we told the jihadists.
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that's how you lose wars. i met mr. trump before he was president, he demonstrated to me a passionate interest in military history. anybody that reads military history knows strategy is about surprise as much as it is about decisiveness. >> neil: and don't telegraph what you're doing. thanks very much. >> any time, neil. >> neil: as the good doctor and i were speaking here, we did get some tapes coming in from the white house. the president as the good doctor was referring to, signing legislation to undo the coal mining regulations. take a look. >> people will love this. nobody hated it. it's very productive. thanks for being here. thank you, all of the wonderful politicians and especially the
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miners. >> this is the second bill signing this week as we continue to work for the american people. this is resolution 38. that will eliminate another job-killing rule saving thousands, which i have been promising you. i've had support from some of you folks since the very beginning. i won't forget it. i went to west virginia. we had 17,000, 18,000 people that couldn't get into the big arena. that was some night. i want to thank mitch mcconnell, house speaker paul ryan, house majority leader kevin mccarthy,
quote quote
1:24 pm
rob bishop and rich bill johnson. he worked hard on this bill. they did. worked very hard. i want to thank the great members of congress that joined us today. eliminating this rule, i'm continuing to keep my promise to the american people to get rid of wasteful regulations that do nothing, absolutely nothing but slow down the economy, hamstring companies, push jobs to other countries, which is happening all over, although i must tell you we stopped it. you've seen all the factories and plants moving back, going back to a lot of places. so you know that, right, fellas? fast forward. g.m., fiat, so many. this means over $50 million a year for the coal industry alone.
1:25 pm
i want to thank the incredible coal miners that are with us. we can thank them the most, right? [applause] you folks have put up with a lot. in other countries, they love their coal. over here, we haven't treated it with the respect that it deserves. even for defense having that coal is a very important thing for us. so i want to thank you all. this rule will eliminate a major threat to your jobs and we're going to get rid of that threat immediately. we're going to fight for you like i promised i would in the campaign. you were very good to me and i'm going to be even better to you. i promise you that. we're going to fight for low energy prices for all americans. there's a spirit of optimism rising a cross the country. it will continue to grow as we sign more and more bills. we're going to make our nation
1:26 pm
more than competitive, not just competitive. we're going to be more than competitive. we're going to win at many, many industries. we're starting back witautomobi. we have the airline industry in the other day. they have rules and regulations that by the time they get through, there's nothing left and they have to get rid of jobs. we had a great meeting. we had the unions in, the workers in, a lot of people. they're all very excited about what is happening. i haven't looked yet at the stock market, but it's been going up in record clips. we have a tremendous streak going on. that's only because of the optimism. they feel the optimism. that's creating a lot of jobs. it's an honor to have everybody with us and in particular the miners. we appreciate everything you've done. thank you very much. anybody like to say a few words? how about one of the miners? come on.
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>> come on, mike. >> president trump, we thank you for everything you've done for us. everything that you're doing for our industry is very much needed. i've been mining in this industry for 40 years. this is a very exciting time for our industry. thanks very much. >> tell them where you're from, mike. >> i'm from morgantown, west virginia. i work at the marion county coal company. >> how did i do in that area? >> you did great. >> well, president trump, representing west virginia as a senator and senator manchin and i, we have our congressional delegation here. john man jenkins, congressman mckenly and congressman mooney, this is a life line for us. these miners mine in west virginia. it's a source of pride for us as a state that we power this country and have had an opportunity to provide energy to this country. thank you for being a partner with us and being a leader,
1:28 pm
president trump, in this -- we believe in this and we believe in your commitment to making sure american miners get back to work. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> this is a big day for kentucky. thank president trump for getting rid of this job killing regulation. it will ready to cost us thousands of jobs. nobody cared about kentucky. eastern kentucky voted 75% for donald j. trump. [applause] >> let me say something very quickly. there's no miner here that is not an environmentalist. there's a balance between environment and economy. these miners are the first to tell you, they're in the woods, hunting and fishing and doing everything possible. all they want is respect because of the hard work for them and fathers and grandfathers and all of their families have done. so proud. these are all west virgini west
1:29 pm
too. thank you. god bless you. >> the last eight years brought a depression to eastern kentucky. our folks are so excited to have a pro-coal president. we thank you so much for being on our side. [applause] >> mr. president, this is an example of what you talked about so much in your campaign, this is what is going to make america great again. this is the legislative branch and you working together to keep the promise that you made to put coal miners back to work and to save the coal industry. if we had not overturned this rule, we were looking at nearly 70,000 jobs across the country and 80% of our coal reserves
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being unavailable. so thank you for your willingness to work with us to get this done. it's very, very important to the coal miners of this country and to our electricity grid. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> as a 45 year miner, i'm proud to be in this historic building. i'm very proud to be here with my president of the united states who keeps his word and we thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. [applause] >> i want to thank everybody and tell your friends back in west virginia and kentucky and all the other places where we were, wyoming -- >> north dakota. >> ohio. >> delaware. >> you're right about that. they have been fantastic. everybody has been. everybody has been great. we appreciate it very much. special people, special workers who are bringing it back and we're bringing it back fast.
1:31 pm
we didn't have to wait a long period of time. very few days since i've been here and this is long ahead of schedule. wouldn't you say? >> absolutely. >> it's about four years faster than they thought it would have happened. so it's my honor. fellows, go back to work. all right? we'll take them into the oval office. let's take them and have a little tour. okay? they've probably be there many times before. come on. come with me. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. >> neil: the president formally signing this. it's not an executive order. it's undoing a congressional measure that was putting new restrictions on the coal mining industry and many in that industry argued it was hurting jobs and the industry and doing damage. that is making good on a promise. that is the kind of stuff that donald trump gets very little attention. to illustrate the point, the other news networks that are focused on all the bad weren't
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>> neil: all right. they're calling it a day without immigrants. what would our nation be without immigrants? a lot of businesses closing. but isn't it supposed to be illegal immigrants?
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introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> we are good people.
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we are good people. >> neil: all right. protesters are calling -- this is happening across the country -- a day without immigrants to appreciate the role that immigrants play in our economy. nobody doubts that. shouldn't they have called this what the real intent was? illegal immigrants. isn't that the distinction here? the fact of the matter is,er with a nation of immigrants. so debating about whether we like or need or don't appreciate immigrants misses the bigger point. maybe it's the illegal ones we don't appreciate. that's what we're trying to crack down on or is that racist or more one issue here? christy, don't you think it's a little disingenuous? >> i don't. takes a long time to become a legal citizen.
1:37 pm
sometimes years and years. so until -- the line between when you're finally legal and when you have just been living here, paying your taxes, doing good, trying to raise your kids -- >> neil: i'm talking about here illegally. it's not a matter of waiting for the paperwork to clear. we're celebrating that. >> we're not celebrating ill legality. what we're standing up against is the fact that donald trump has this very callous and cruel way of talking about people who are undocumented. obviously look no further than the mexico's bringing their rapist, et cetera -- >> neil: that's not what i'm asking. isn't there a difference between those hear legally and illegally? we're lumping it all together does a disservice to those that are here legally and citizens of this country? >> no. i guess what i'm saying, because that pathway can take years and years and such a long time, there's -- obviously not a great
1:38 pm
area in terms of whether or not you're a citizen -- >> neil: madison -- okay, okay. i just worry, madison, that we have sort of morphed the two together to say there's no distinction. there's a very big distinction. >> absolutely, the word missing here is illegal. there's a different between illegal and illegal immigrants. they came to chase the american deem. they took all the right steps before coming here. they're proud of that. so many other families feel the same. what we need to remember when we talk about this day with immigrants, they're trying to make this point. so many of them are legal. they want to miss work or miss school to go out there on behalf of people that have broken our laws, they're law breakers. they're illegal. it's against the law to be an illegal immigrant. if they want to do that, that is fun that will help other businesses that aren't closed down today. >> neil: doesn't it do a
1:39 pm
disservice that those are take the legal channels -- >> most people are hear illegally, right? so -- >> neil: you're not even acknowledging -- christy, you're not acknowledging those that got here illegally without going through the proper channels and are now demanding the kind of rights and attention and oftentimes push and supported by businesses that are doing that and not drawing any distinction or difference at all. it insults legal immigrants, insults the very makeup of this country, doesn't it? >> that's not really what the protests are about. right now -- it's been -- >> neil: i see countless others that say that they hire illegals and value illegals -- >> trump did as well when he was in business. >> neil: do you think it's fair. >> do i think it's fair to hire illegals? we need to straighten the laws on a lot of different ways. >> neil: but you draw no distinction, right? >> of course i draw a
1:40 pm
distinction. >> neil: then call it illegal immigrant day. >> we need to change our attitudes here. it would be brave of everybody that came out to say that look, as you said, we're a nation of immigrants. if you're an immigrant, you might be a doctor or a lawyer or even -- >> neil: wait. >> we're a nation of a little emigrants. as our former president said, people that come here illegally are people that hire people hear illegally and we have to crack down on the borders and continue to support legal immigrants. american-born citizens. they're struggling to get jobs in a lot of cases. we need to do what we need to do to protect our citizens and immigrants. >> there's a slippery slope here which is saying that you're a scary other if in fact you don't have your paperwork yet. >> neil: that's not a legal immigrant. we're making this into -- you
1:41 pm
know, we're making this sound like a racial or bigoted issue. you're not scary. you're illegal. >> exactly. >> neil: you're not due any rights or anything from our government or businesses. when we morph, gloss over what makes an american citizen or legal immigrant in the same context of someone illegal that shouldn't be here, you're doing a disservice to everybody. >> you know, i get your point. i do. what i'm saying at the same time, ice agents are patrolling neighborhoods trying to use fear and intimidation about -- >> neil: they're not using fear and intimidation. these ice raids you refer to were cooked up and organized under barack obama. they're building up now. >> they're happening now. >> neil: my point is, that is ice's job, to round up people that are here illegally. that doesn't make them -- >> correct. but that is correct. it's not their job, however, to again, intimidate people that have a legal status --
1:42 pm
>> neil: they're not doing that. they're going after people here illegally. you see, this is why this does a disservice. you're making it sound like ice agents are doing their job to get people out of here like they're the gestapo and rounding up people and putting them on a train. you know better than that. >> i don't know better than that. on the obama administration they targeted criminals. >> neil: i wish we had more time. more after this.
1:43 pm
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>> neil: well, they say don't mess with texas. despite what courts are saying, they're trying to find a way to enforce the president's order, vetting. the lieutenant governor joins me, dan patrick. governor, what are you doing here? >> our attorney general has filed a brief supporting the refugee ban. governor abbott is in support, i'm in support.
1:46 pm
texans are in support. i read a story. in seattle, they said they didn't want the government interfering with kids on the college campuses. when obama was in office, they had no problem telling how many refugees we had to take. so the president is right on this. he was in his constitutional authority to do this. everyone in america knows it except some people in the interference in circuit court. >> neil: for the time being, the court rules on the subject. so they can't take any further action -- >> he will have a new plan. >> neil: what happens here? the president has indicated he will come up with something. ahead of that, can you do anything now? >> well, as has been recommended, he will issue a new policy, i believe, in the very near future, which will address this issue. and then if he wants to follow up in the courts, he can. he can just issue a new policy that addresses some of the concerns by the court. even though they were concerns,
1:47 pm
they never ruled on the law. the president has the authority to protect americans. if he thinks there's a danger coming from another country, he has a right to do that. had it comes to the texas courts we would have ruled in his favor and we're fighting for him now. >> neil: i'm wondering whatever to tom brady's jersey. you were going to look at it. it was a crime that happened in you're state and you're trying to got to the got tom of it. >> whoever has it, know the texas rangers are on the trail. >> neil: what do you think happened to it? >> my guess is since no one really can scope out that locker room except people who have authorities to be in there, the media or friends or family members -- >> neil: i think it's a teammate. >> i think it was a crime of opportunity. someone in there just saw it and grabbed it. it wasn't like a george clooney "oceans 13" plot. it was a crime of opportunity and someone has it. it will be returned. >> neil: thank you. very good seeing you on this
1:48 pm
truncated news days. dan patrick from texas with us. another retailer now scaling back on ivanka trump's clothing line. we have more next. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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>> neil: we're now at burlington coat factory. the latest retailer to scale back on some of the ivanka trump fashion lines. we wanted somebody with a lot of energy. unfortunately, all we could do with judge janine piro. great to have you here. what do you make of the retailers? >> they're a bunch of wimps. they're capitulating to people with political agendas. if you're in business, it's a dumb place to be. the bottom line is that business
1:52 pm
should appeal to people who like the goods that they're selling. when you start playing political games in the business world, then you will suffer i think the effects of that. there's a lot of people involved in politician. if you like something, you're going to buy it. if you see something that is attractive, you'll buy it. >> neil: they say business at a lot of stores have have discontinued lines saying the business wasn't there. i'm saying now her father is president. she's very influential. you'd think you'd wait it out to see how it goes. >> what we do know, the ivanka trump brand has increased 26%. the one that started this, nordstroms, you know, they actually ordered the spring line. if it was so bad and sales were going down -- >> neil: you think they were hearing from people that said
1:53 pm
no, no, i won't shop at nordstrom -- >> a woman didn't like what trump said in that audio tape. supposed feminist. when you think about it, it makes no sense. how dare you claim to be a feminist, try to take down an accomplish professional woman based on your dad. how could you take down a woman that stands for everything -- >> neil: because that woman is the daughter and they hate him. here's what i don't understand. why would the store cave -- i would imagine a lot of very rich folks that short at nordstrom are republicans. right? >> yeah. nordstroms is going to be -- there's going to be a reaction. for every action there's a reaction. a lot of people are very upset. i travel a lot neil, during the week. i get a lot of feedback from
1:54 pm
people. what the left forgets is that donald trump was elected by people that work in the newspapers all the time. but people that are not part of the mainstream media and are not part of the big mouths that we're hearing from, the hashtags. the people that elected donald trump are the silent majority. they're watching this. >> neil: but do they go to nordstroms? >> you know what? at this point probably not and never will. >> neil: does it boomerang? does it hurt the retailers because people are saying what you're doing doesn't seem fair or right. >> it does. for those stores that boomeranged and says we're next, we're next. it's not based on sales. it's based on politics. you cannot mix politics and business. this country, i don't know where we are right now, but it's not a good place. more importantly, my issue was the woman thing. the fact that you, how dare you call yourself a feminist and
1:55 pm
take this woman down. >> neil: you catch the president's press conference? the media is all aghast. >> the media is aghast and will continue to be aghast. when you have someone like thomas friedman saying these are 9-11 type events and pearl harbor-type events, this won't end zone. >> neil: now we're hearing attorneys are filing a brief in court saying the trump administration will rescind the travel ban, but it sounds like they're setting up a stage for refiling. how -- >> that makes perfect sense to me. you don't have to fight it in the district court again. you don't have to appeal it to the security. just write up a new one that resolves the issues that weren't really clear. smart. do it. >> neil: do you think that the way he went about it, obviously it wouldn't be rushed or that could compound the controversy? >> what do you mean?
1:56 pm
>> neil: in other words, re-visiting this and starting from scratch just might get -- this order could get it. >> no, no, no. i think the controversy had to do with what the white house counsel had to explain and that is it doesn't apply to people with green cards and apply to this one or that one. it's not a religious ban. it's not a muslim ban. 88% of the muslims in the world are not banned. come on. deal with it. >> neil: you're coming out of your shell. it's working. and i think the therapy sessions that we have are working. >> good to be with you. >> neil: judge pirro, love that energy. can you imagine? great energy. more coming up after this and the latest on the order. we had a record on the dow. if the markets are concerned about press conferences and reporters getting their nose out of joint, like at that joint. crazy. more after this. and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes
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>> neil: moments ago, looks
2:00 pm
like senator john mccain with the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. they are worried about mccain and the trump white house. he rejected mick mulvaney, the man the senate advanced to run the omd. see you tomorrow. >> i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five" ." shock and all, the mainstream media has been whining about not getting a chance to get president trump questions for they hounded the president for a press conference. he gave them one for the ages. here are some highlights. >> the press has become so dishonest that if we don't talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. tremendous disservice. the media is trying to attack our administration because they


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