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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 17, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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steps up to the microphone. in the meantime, we will see you back here in an hour. >> meghan: fox news alert, mr. trump will address the media after his contentious news conference after four weeks in office, calling it an "fine tuned machine." this is outnumbered. i meghan mccain. here today, sandra smith, harris faulkner, fox news contributor, lisa boothe and today's one lucky guy, john bolton. you are outnumbered, thanks for coming today. >> harris: you are cooler than the other side of the pillow. >> john: will see how long that lasts. >> meghan: let's jump right into it. a president trump back on the
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road after going toe-to-toe with the press in a press conference yesterday. listen. us before i'm here today to update the american people on the incredible progress that has been made in the last four weeks since my inauguration. we've made incredible progress. i don't think there's ever been a president elected in this short period of time was done what we've done. i'm here following from what we pledged to do. i put it out before the american people, this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. despite the fact that i can get my cabinet approved. their upstanding people. >> meghan: the presidents comments. speak out we are living in a world according to trump, and
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that news conference was a remarkable display of this president. if you he simply continues to e in this kind of personal attack, counterattack with the press, this reality tv kind of presentation, what i worry about, is that not enough time is going to be focused on the real crises and of real threats that this country faces. >> he wasn't unhinged. i think this was a determined effort by this president who is by far the best spokesman in his administration for his administration. this was the president saying i'm in charge, i know what i'm doing, i'm not going to bend it to washington, washington is going to have to get used to me. >> meghan: ambassador bolton, i want to go to you first. i think that press conference yesterday will be remembered for
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a very long time. the >> john: certainly as presidential conferences go, i think it was the most exciting ever in recorded history. what i hear, a charismatic, awe-inspiring man, trump ran for president this way, he won the election this way. this is the way he's going to do his presidency. if leon thinks it's bad politically, do you think hillary might win the election? is that what you're concerned about? i think the american people got used to donald trump. he's not going to change and if democrats or republicans alike don't like it, that's too bad, because that's what it's it's going to be. >> harris: a little bit of news, off to the left of the screen, we are waiting for the president to step up to the lectern and take the stage where he's in south carolina reviewing the dreamliner that boeing has
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made. he has landed, that is the news. president trump has landed there and we will continue to watch his arrival and his speech. >> sandra: what did you make of him saying his administration is a fine-tuned machine? obviously, there's a lot of his critics that will take issue with him. >> john: let him take issue. i think from his perspective, he made a point there was really critical which is look how hard it spend to get his cabinet nominations approved, compared to obama, compared to earlier presidents. i leave judges aside, because that's a different matter, it's a different branch of governmen government. that's not what the framers of the constitution intended. it wasn't until the middle of the 20th century, in most cases, where a cabinet of nominees even had hearings, let alone anybody
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cared whether they agreed or disagreed with the senators. a president is entitled to stock is a administration with the people he wants a assuming they're not felons or things like that. and marks a new level of partisanship in the administration, and the government when this happens. of course now we have all the sub cabinet nominees to go through as well, plus 150 vacancies that currently exist. if this is going to continue, i think he's entirely correct. >> lisa: i agree. yesterday was a wwe's. president trump needs some sort of theme song when he takes the stage. we've seen historic obstruction from the democratic party, so i do think it's difficult. he has in a lot but he's not kidding credit for, but i think it's difficult to have a fully functioning administration we
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don't have a fully functioning administration, right? in the news today, he says he's hiring a new communications director. this is important, because i worked in political communication and you do need a fully staffed shop, because when mike dusky's role is going to be as long term. building these various campaigns moving forward. sean spicer, as good as he is, he can't do both jobs. we might see and even change with this new hire. >> harris: i think the nuance of the message coming out of the administration as well. what you're getting is a someone who at the begin of the day does the call and they set the tone. you wouldn't have a kellyanne conway counsel to the president saying one thing and then 50 minutes later somebody saying something else. i want to mention, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today said about president trump so far, i like
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what he's doing. i am a fan. i have not been a fan of the so-called extra discussions he's been engaged in. he was talk about tweets, he might have been alluding to that monster of a press conference yesterday, but how tricky is this ambassador for the establishment to navigate the president and love what he does, but maybe not how he talks about it? >> john: senator mcconnell is one of the experienced washington workers out there. you have to go back at some point, franklin roosevelt's fireside chats on the radio. we've got to the television era, now we are in the internet age and more and more politicians tweet. as the first president who's tweeted. it is unsettling for some people, is not going to change. >> sandra: that you look at the screen there,
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president trump is about to walk into that plant. the dreamliner will be unveiled today, but he is also expected to be talking jobs and the economy at this speech. we'll bring it to you alive when it happens. president trump looking to throw an elbow at his predecessor at that news conference yesterday. he called his own administration a fine-tuned machine. mr. trump ran down a list of problems he says former president obama failed to solve. watch. >> president trump: i inherited a mess. it's a mess. at home and abroad. a mess. jobs are pouring out of the country. you see what's going on with all of the companies leaving our country, going to mexico and other places. low pay, low wages, mass and stability overseas, no matter where you look. the middle east, a disaster. north korea, will take care of
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that. we'll take care of it all. i just want to let you know. i inherited a mess. >> sandra: he also said that isis spread like a cancer. hillary clinton's former campaign manager was having none of it. >> this is all in an attempt to distract from the incredible problems that president trump has had in his first few weeks in office. unemployment went down, we had at successive years of economic growth under the obama administration. our foreign policy was really in turmoil when president obama came in and hillary clinton and president obama worked very hard to repair that. >> sandra: he has a point. unemployment did go down, soda growth, sorted wages, sorted pa pay. does donald trump, the president, have a point that he made and that news conference? >> john: it was a mess. that's the technical term. it was a mess. i have to say as an alumnus of
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the bush administration, who is blamed for everything for 8 straight years, it's not unusual to hear president criticizes predecessor and what he inherited. i thought term during the transition did an excellent job of not comparing what he was going to do to all the mistakes obama made. i think it is an appropriate thing to say one month in. i would be happy to talk for the next hour on the international side of things. now he is getting the briefing. i think trying to describe the difference that he has made, he has to start with an assessment of what he inherited. i think mass is a kind and benign way to put it. >> meghan: two quick things, of course robbie moon is going to attack donald trump.
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maybe don't have somebody who works for the clinton campaign to come on and make commentary about donald trump, because obviously, i can tell you what he will say before he even comes on television. beyond that, if we were living in the most politically polarized time that existed, donald trump's message that will make america great again and bring us back from this dystopian hellhole which is a lot of the narrative he used during the campaign trail, that resonated with people. i think the fact that he won and it isn't such a unique and different president shows that it is proof for the starvation that american people had. >> lisa: i think the clinton people are little bit better, just a little bit. i think he could have taken it one step forward and said he inherited a big league mass. he mentioned isis. we have seen isis grow under president obama with the
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withdrawal forces from iraq. there has been at least 29 countries where they have been isis attacks, we've seen isis grow significantly under the obama administration, not to mention, the sheer mass in syria as well and that escalating under the obama administration as well. i think president trump was right in mentioning inheriting a mess in terms of isis. >> harris: just a comparative cancer, everyone i have talked with who is in the battle or observing the battle calls it metastasizing. >> john: this is a direct outcome of obama's slow approach to destroying isis, because the more time you gave them, the more they are able to deploy terrorists and recruit more people and get ready to exit when a battle finally comes. >> harris: i have a quick question for you in regards to leaks in the white house. we talk about the economy and so
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on and so forth, how concerned are you with that the president can really do his job effectively and be able to get the material in hand that he needs? >> john: i think one month into the administration, the number which is unprecedented, i don't get coming from his people in the white house, it may be coming from career people from the bureaucracies, and it's coming from the bureaucracies himself. it's very concerning. if it's this bad this early in opposition of his administration, it's only going to get worse. you have other examples that are close. eta career employees, going to congress in an effort to scout scott pruitt from being confirmed. >> sandra: as you can see on your screen there, we continue to await the president's remarks in south carolina. in the meantime, mr. trump turning to plan b in its fight over the controversial travel ban. the new action he's prepping for last next week.
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speaking of choice words, the president also has a sum for the white house press from yesterday. at the escalating battle between administration and the media. >> president trump: he lied about very simple questions. welcome to the world of the media. picking up for kyle.
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>> harris: president trump is calling the ninth circuit a bad court. if that's what he said yesterday, for failing to reinstate his controversial travel ban or immigration law. at the white house is now working on what's being described as a substantial revised version of his executive order. no details on exactly what look like. according to the president, one have to wait very long. >> president trump: we are is issuing a new consecutive action that will protect. we are going along the one path and hopefully winning that at the same time, we will be issuing a new and very comprehensive order to protect our people. if that be done sometime next week. >> harris: he could have rescinded one and changed the conversation automatically.
9:19 am
what needs to be in this new version? >> john: i think he's got to make sure the things like green card holders are addresse addressed. it might come in the form of several executive orders, immigration lawyers and constitutional litigators have looked at this and a number of different ways. i think it will dramatically change the litigation that we've seen around the country. large chunks of this will go into effect fairly soon would be my guess. >> harris: interesting. >> meghan: i sincerely hope that he learned from the mistakes of the clumsy rollout. i think there needs to be clarity that this is in a muslim ban, that seems to be what got all the protesters so emotional and going out to the airport and protesting when this happened. i would implore sean spicer, who a member will ask when this to american people, exactly what is going on. it's not as scary as the media has interpreted it.
9:20 am
>> harris: you bring up a good point with what you're saying. who does need to sell this? shouldn't it exactly be the president? >> sandra: he tried to yesterday. everybody kind of looked at each other. if that's the way he sees it. >> lisa: i would disagree with him on that. to megan's point, i think it's a good lesson for the trump administration. if you are pulling americans, a lot of republicans agree with what he's trying to do. i think he's in the right for what he's trying to accomplish, but very clearly, that he haziness that they try to get this done, obviously not specifically making it clear on the green green card was hurt m legally and also politically, hopefully this is a good lesson for him to learn early on. >> harris: something else that will be a change all of this, we will likely know more now that
9:21 am
this is coming. before it caught everybody off guard. he talked about it for 18 months, i don't know how you didn't know something was coming, but how do you sell it? >> john: i is a dumb they were saying at there isn't such a big terrorist threat from these seven countries, even though iran has been on the list going back to before the clinton administration. i think the trump reaction to the judicial opinion was entirely warranted, but i think he needs to make the case personally, i determined was a threat to national security and here are the reasons why these seven countries are on the list. >> harris: my question has to do with why democrats are calling this a victory? it was a victory lap last night. >> meghan: because they have to redo it.
9:22 am
we were talking about it yesterday, they had to take the tiny victories where they can because their party is in complete and utter disarray. i agree with what you're saying, lisa, there is a lot of political support for this. if you look at any distinct polling, national security is a huge issue for the mac in publi public. it is naive to think that he wouldn't continue forth with this. it's ridiculous. i do think going forward, he has to understand that the rollout wasn't perfect, that's why you have to redo it, i think going forward, it would be a good place to start. >> harris: we expect to see it relatively soon. pieces of it go into effect very soon thereafter. here's what we are anticipating. the president is going to step up on that stage in north charleston, south carolina, and talk about jobs and view the new dreamliner. my cohost to the right, sandra has actually been on that before they even had seats on the
9:23 am
dreamliner. >> sandra: i was there for the debut of the original dreamline dreamliner. >> harris: and just had pull straps. when the president speaks we will cover it live. meanwhile, the ripple effect continuing now after president trump took his war with the media to a whole new level. during that epic press conference yesterday. some reaction. the president says he does not think russian president pollutant is testing him. should we be concerned? stay close you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> sandra: president trump's war with the media heating up yesterday at his press conference where he accused reporters of pushing fake news. watch this.
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>> president trump: the press honestly is out of control, the level of dishonesty is out of control. i turn on the tv, over the newspapers, and i see stories of chaos, chaos. yet it is the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. the leaks are absolutely real, the news is fake, because it so much of the news is fake. over a course of time, i'll make mistakes and you'll write badly, and i'm okay with that, but i'm not okay when it is fake. i watch cnn, it's so much anger and hatred. reporter mike for the record, we don't hate you, i don't hate yo you. >> president trump: the public doesn't believe you anymore. where are you from? >> reporter: bbc.nt trump: i wao find a fairly reporter. are you a friendly reporter? watch how friendly he is. watch how friendly he is. go ahead.
9:29 am
>> sandra: the reaction from the mainstream media as you can imagine was furious. cnn anchor jake tapper suggesting the president went off the rails. >> if you are a soldier in harm's way right now, if you are a hungry child in appalachia, if you are an unemployed worker in the hollow shell of a steel town, that's on a president who seems rather focused on your particular needs and wants. that's a president focused on his bad press. it was unhinged, it was wild. >> sandra: nbc's chuck todd tweeting "this is not a laughing matter." it all of a sudden got really serious at the end there. ambassador, what did you make of that drama that you saw on the screen there? >> john: i thought that tweet was one of the most foolish things i've seen from the media in a long time.
9:30 am
that's pretty low bar there. the media is not entitled to worship. it's not entitled to respect as an institution. it is not entitled to deference by political leaders, is entitled under the first amendment to say what it wants to say. that's it. the notion that the press is somehow specially protected by the first amendment and the institutional press, than mainstream newspapers and tv networks, that they have a special status is ridiculous. >> sandra: do you think is a good strategy by the president? >> john: i think it is, because the opposition he faces is overwhelming. i think he is entitled to disagree with them. he's not threatening them with any repressive measures, he's not talking about censorship or prior restraint. i think the press has a view of themselves that is unwarranted constitutionally. the supreme court has said it, even the humblest leaflet is
9:31 am
entitled to freedom of the pres press. it's just another part of freedom of speech. the notion that there is a because a quasireligious role that they are pursuing is nonsense. >> harris: dropped the mic. >> sandra: i want to get your reaction to this, megan. the president getting support from rush limbaugh. mr. trump tweeting this. "thank you for all of the nice statements on the press conference yesterday. rush limbaugh said one of greatest ever. fake media not happy!" that was in response to this. speak out they want you to believe that they are this watchdog and out they are holding truth to power, that they are holding powerful people accountable. they're not doing anything of the sort. the press has gotten to the point where they need a watchdog. it turns out that trump is the watchdog. it trump is the guy holding them accountable. >> meghan: yesterday when i was watching a press conference,
9:32 am
i had a visceral reaction where i was like donald trump is living out every fantasy i've ever had. he's a screaming out liberal journalists, i've deftly had moments of my life where i literally had to be reprimanded by friends of mine, because you know how i am when cameras aren't there. i really enjoyed it. i loved watching the press squirm. we have a renewed sense of energy and a renewed sense of purpose. when he spent the last eight years basically kissing at the you know what of the president and not holding them accountable, especially on things like isis and syria, of course you have to come to reality. i think that the press has gone too long, too far, having completely biased journalism on conservative republican candidates. the chicken is coming home to roost. that being said, it does remind
9:33 am
me of seinfeld, the airing of the grievances. we are going to work it out and again, everyone will love it, maybe not journalists and independents. >> harris: first of all, that's exactly what i was taught, that journalism is and all about the protection that we think we have. you just preached. at the same time, there was a point in the news conference where i didn't understand where the president was going. that was with the african-american correspondent who stood up and he asked her to go ahead and set up a meeting with the congressional caucus. i got a little confused, does he understand our role or was he joking or what that was about. >> john: i think he misunderstood her. i think the conversation was a little confused. i think he may have thought she was from the congressional black caucus. >> sandra: i want to get your reaction to this, lisa.
9:34 am
the committee sending an email to reporters calling the mainstream media accountable. the introduction said "you know i don't trust the media to report on anything. and said, you the american people are our last line of defense against the media. a couple of the questions on the survey." do you believe the media has been far too quick to spread false stories and if you believe the media purposely tries to divide the publicans against each other and order to help elect democrats? >> lisa: yes and yes. to megan's point, the bias is just unreal, and you see it, especially if you're on the front line, working on this campaign, you see the way the democratic opponent gets covered and the way your boss gets covered. there's a reason why so many republicans and independents don't trust the media. if you're not a democrat, you don't trust the media.
9:35 am
the media is trying to hurt the pride ability of the white house, talking about the credibility of president trump, i think that's something that they miss that they for a long time have had free reign to print whatever they want, say whatever they want, exercise whatever bias they want without being held accountable. to megan's point, i think there are a lot of republicans, maybe some independents who are cheering some of this along. >> harris: i think it's kind of ironic that you see this happening for the democratic party and the thousand statehouse seats that have been lost, it coincides with the lack of credibility of the mainstream media. many of them have been liberally focused. >> sandra: one day after that spirit a news conference, the president is a set to speak again in south carolina. at the cameras are on, the microphone. we are waiting for him to address possible yesterday's big news conference. that 77 minute feisty news conference. we'll bring this to live when it happens. plus, the presence has bladder
9:36 am
input and is not trying to test him after russia's latest provocation. it is he right? and what does all this mean for russian relations going forward? we will get ambassador bolton's take boost
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. >> meghan: a reporter yesterday asking president trump about russia's provocations of the last week. at the deploying of missiles that appear to violate an arms-control treaty, the buzzing and the red sea, and a ship on the east coast which is that still there. he says president putin is not testing him. >> reporter: you mentioned the spy vessel. there was a missile ballistics test. is put testing you?
9:41 am
>> president trump: no, i don't think so. i think he assumes he can make a deal with me anymore because politically, it would be unpopular for someone to make a deal with me. it's much easier for me to be tougher on russia, but we will not make a deal. >> meghan: the president did not specify the nature of that deal. matus >> we are not in a position right now to collaborate on a military level. we are trying to find common ground where russia is living up to its commitments, and will return to a partnership of sorts with nato. there is very little doubt that they have interfered or attempted to interfere in a number of elections in the democracies. >> meghan: ambassador, i'm going to you first. do you think putin is testing
9:42 am
the administration? >> john: i don't think the president wants to characterize it that way. but these things come in different packages. the real threat here that does need a serious response is the deployment of these missiles that violate the inf treaty from the 1980s. it's on the first of these violations, but it's very serious. it's a direct threat to the europeans. the russians have been violating it for quite some time. you can bet that this will be a discussion. secretary tiller's end secretary matus think that. they did this in the baltic sea a few months ago. i think that does require a pretty strong diplomatic response from the united states. this ship is cruising up and down the east coast, i hope the sailors are having a good time. it's a too bad they can't comeo shore and see some of the sites.
9:43 am
it's ate some of the nose at us. >> sandra: to be clear, they got within 12 miles of our shores. nothing about that surprises you are concerned you? >> john: if they came within 12-mile limit, that would be one thing. i've not seen reported that they have been at varying distances. they have been in international waters, that's something the united states believes in strongly. i'm not going to be concerned about it, it's not like it's systematic. like i say, we do a lot more of it. make no mistake, russia is reasserting itself, its military strength has increased in central and eastern europe and in the middle east, and it's a promise of problems to come, no doubt about it. >> harris: i went to correct the record. there are little bit closer, 19 miles off the coast of north virginia. >> john: is the wrong season. if they came the summer, they could go to the beaches.
9:44 am
>> harris: you know what i love about you? how funny you are. how concerned are you that the american people aren't being told more from the administration about where it stands on russia? do you think we know all we need to know? >> john: at the beginning of any administration, it takes time to formulate policies. it takes a long time to get more people confirmed because it's more important. administration was criticized because it seemed to go on forever. it was done in a way where the regime began to collapse, we were readily ready for it. the president said he understands what the russian threat is, and i was running the other day in "the wall street journal," he's made it clear that much of the russian policies are still to be determined. ed will depend largely on how provocative and assertive russia
9:45 am
is. >> meghan: we have nikki haley coming down on russia, regarding ukraine, we got general matus saying the u.s. is not ready for these military alliances and you have president trump sort of talking a different way. it is as a strategy? is a good cop, bad cop or what do you think is going on with that? >> john: i think nikki haley, free plug, doing a great job of the united nations. a very happy with her performance to date. i think these are officials who are speaking their views. i don't think it's inconsistent with what the president is saying. i think you could have more interagency cooperation, i think we should look forward to that. it's necessary that we speak with one voice. >> meghan: president trump is hitting the road again, announcing he'll be holding a rally tomorrow at the airport he
9:46 am
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>> sandra: more outnumbered and just a moment, but first jon scott with a second hour of what's "happening now." >> jon: it comes as we get new reaction to his conference this time yesterday. congress ready to ditch washington for a recess, but we have some new details on the big agenda items, including the repeal and replacement for obamacare. it's all ahead along with the president, we expect, "happening now" ." >> sandra: jon scott, thank you. the >> president trump: i'll be in melbourne, florida, 5:00 on saturday and i just heard that the crowds are massive. >> harris: that was president trump promoting his upcoming rally at an airport hangar in melbourne, florida,
9:51 am
tomorrow evening. that's the same place that you may remember he held the 2016 campaign rally. with less than a month in office, there are some speculators out there that mr. trump is already kicking off his 2020 presidential run. it is that happening or something else? "the new york times" wrote this. "it is not abnormal for a sitting president to hold a rally in the month after an election. members of congress are still 20 months away." >> john: i think "the new york times" should take its newspaper roll it up and stick it in its ear. these people watched eight years of obama holding one political rally after another, well before any campaign season. he got out of washington every chance he could. maybe he was filled with the recruitments of a rally, but
9:52 am
they were campaign appearances. do i like a four year long presidential campaign? not particularly, but barack obama perfected it and i think other candidates in the future going to follow. if donald trump started one month in and "the new york times" defended it, i'm happy. >> harris: he had kind of a bumpy rollout, even though he says it wasn't bumpy. you've got things that are coming and going in terms of putting his cabinet together, as a just an opportunity to do something that is great at? >> lisa: he's taking it to the streets. that's what he did during the election that served him so well. he circumvented the media and he went straight for the people and he did that for the town hall, the facebook live, utilizing things like twitter. >> meghan: i don't like the camera work.
9:53 am
>> lisa: the idea of reaching some these reporters on the ground. those media outlets and the media areas as well. i think that's very fine. if the media is not going to give him any credit for anything he is doing. he's got to take it to the people. >> harris: we heard at the top of the show that he really is his best voice for marketing. >> sandra: let me play devil's advocate for the sake of doing so. his critics will say is this how he should be spending his time right now and his first month in office? are there better ways for him to be spending his time? >> john: i won't name the last president who did this, he could be on the golf course. >> meghan: i think we have to keep in mind that campaigning takes a different form.
9:54 am
>> sandra: it is a chance for him to rally the troops. i know we are watching at 77 minute news conference, there were certain shows and certain networks that were leading off with images of constituents filling the representatives offices, protesting across the country. it poses a chance for him to change that. >> meghan: everything without a job depends on your perspective. if you're a big fan of his, this is great. if this is him taking into the streets and doing what he does best and campaigning with a great campaigner he was. if you don't like him, you don't think he belongs in office. i think the pain your perspective, that's how you're going to see this. people protect a lot of their own personality traits, their own politics onto this man. >> harris: and doing focus groups for television, mainly in
9:55 am
local markets, you with the nail on the head. it that's why he won. what gets people to resonate on a personal, visceral level with whatever they're watching? you said 77 minutes, i had to get up for a snack. let's move on, because we are going to see the president shortly, we anticipate, and this that you're looking at right now is north charleston, south carolina, why? because that is the home of boeing. he will be meeting with the ceo and it taking a tour of the plant of the now famous dreamliner. as the president's ups on that stage, he'll also be talking about job creation for america. we'll stay with it, you stay tuned. we will be right back.
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>> thank you to ambassador bolton, we always love having you. >> glad to be here. >> a lot going on, it we are waiting for the president to step up in charleston to make some comments. we are back on tv monday at noon eastern, thank you so much for joining us. i have a homework second, can you leave us with any inspiring thoughts? >> i think we should thank the
10:00 am
president for giving us all of this time, poor "happening now" is going to have to give up its time but thank you, president trump. >> right, "happening now" starts now. >> fox news alert, we are minutes away from president trump's remarks at a boeing plant in south carolina. >> jon: you can tell that mr. bolton is a diplomat, he is there for the debut of a new g minor edition. we are covering all of the news "happening now." >> this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. despite the fact that i cannot get my cabinet approved. >> jon: another cabinet pick nearing a vote despite democratic attempts to delay the process. >> why do they want to rush through the cabinet? they are ashamed of them! >> jon: plus, the latest battle in the war between the president and the media. >> the media is trying to attack our admis


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