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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 18, 2017 9:00am-11:01am PST

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created are what really matters, not some petulant group of media that have an overvalued sense of self-worth. have a great weekend, everybody. everybody. >> president trump reaching out to his supporters with a big rally in florida this afternoon. we'll take a look at the message he wants to send to them and the rest of the country. we're live outside of mar-a-lago. leland: meanwhile, the search it on for president trump's new national security advisor. as the drum beat for investigations grow louder to find the leaker that cost general michael flynn his job. >> hold on. >> and members of finding tough crowds back at home at town halls such as this one over the future of obamacare.
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>> . elizabeth: welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm elizabeth prann. leland: nice to be with you, and nice to be with you at home from the white house here in washington. and busy down in palm beach as well. i'm leland vittert. elizabeth: we begin with this fox news alert, according to reuters, one. terrorists tied to the 1993 truck bombing of the world trade center is now dead. abdul rahman known as the blind sheik, his death comes almost 24 years to the day that the truck bomb killed people at the world trade center. brian has the coverage. >> the terrorist rahman was serving in a federal prison in north carolina where he has died according to reuters.
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his son confirming the news this morning. he was found guilty of conspiring to carry out attacks in 1995 which included plans to blow up the united nations headquarters, a federal building, two tunnels and a bridge in manhattan. at the time this was the biggest terrorism trial in our nation's history. he with as convicted along with nene others. and in case stemmed from a larger investigation into the world trade center bombing in 1993. he is thought to have been the man that really counseled the terrorists that put a truck bomb into the north tower, killing six people in that terrorist attack in 1993. a blind egyptian cleric, abdel-rahman was considered the blind sheik, considered the spiritual leader of an islamic group and a militant group considered a terrorist organization and to this day, the organization actively had campaigned for his release. in fact, the blind sheik's
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imprisonment became a rallying cry for the islamic group which carried out attacks like the master that killed tourists in egypt, in part demanding the release of their leaders. he was known for radical sermons living in new york city, denouncing the united states and israel, calling for jihad against what he called the infidels. he was put behind bars after being found guilty of conspiracy. life in prison without parole and no doubt his teachings inspired terrorists around the world including usama bin laden. he vowed to push for his release and underscores how important he was to that group and his followers. elizabeth: thank you, bryan,
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kicking off coverage. i want to bring in my colleague leland. i know you spend time in the mideast and you have to wonder as we confirm the reports, what type of reaction in the united states and of course, across the country. leland: across the world and the region, elizabeth. he was one of the original islamic terrorists. trace rahman back to 1981, a spin-off the muslim brotherhood was accused as part of 1981 plot to kill anwar sadat. and they transferred through egypt and there was a powerful group in egypt taking on the president there. then moved to the united states where he preached terror here. one of the original islamic extremists and for a while he was better known than usama bin laden. in egypt there were times there were massive protests calling
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for his release, led by his son. unclear whether he had been forgotten now and how the world of the terrorist has moved from people like the blind sheik now to much more vocal, much more violent folks and you wonder whether or not this is going to be a rallying cry once again in egypt around blind sheik. it was his son who was one of the leaders of the group that stormed the u.s. embassy in 19-- pardon me, in 2012 on september 11th there in cairo, we'll see what happens there. back here at the white house, unclear if president trump has been briefed on the death of blind sheik. he's got a busy day today. among his duties today, interviewing some folks for national security advisor. more on that in a minute. but first, he's going to head just a little bit north of palm beach to melbourne, florida. live pictures right now, as you can see, the crowds waiting to get into an airport hangar in melbourne, where he's going to give a campaign style speech at a rally at the airport hangar
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there. first, we head though to kristin fisher south along the florida coast outside of mr. trump's vacation house at mar-a-lago, the winter white house. kristin, how is it going? >> hey, leland. well, two big things on president trump's calendar this weekend, the big rally and then meeting with candidates for his national security advisor and this is the president's third weekend in a row that he's been down here at mar-a-lago and he wants to make it very clear that these are all working weekends. he posted on twitter this morning, quote, we'll be having many meetings this weekend at the southern white house. big 5:00 speech in melbourne, florida, a lot to talk about. so you've got this big campaign rally today, paid for by his campaign, according to the white house, thousands of people are expected to be there, and then yesterday we saw another campaign style event at a boeing assembly plant in south carolina where president trump talked about jobs, trade, lower taxes on american businesses. so what we're seeing is really
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a return to candidate trump and know knows candidate trump better than his first campaign manager corey lewandowski. >> he loves to hear from the people who helped elect him and so what you'll see today is him reminding people by bypassing the mainstream media, the campaign promises he made are what he's following through on and that's the most important thing. >> another important thing, of course, finding a new national security advisor and president trump is expected to meet with many so of the candidates here at mar-a-lago this weekend. one of the meetings definitely taking place is with his acting national security advicer general kellogg. general petraeus, general mcmaster, steven hadley, national security advisor in the last bush administration and the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. now, while the search for his national security advicer is going on he's got the
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vice-president mike pence overseas and he delivered the foreign policy address of the trump administration and used it to directly address the allegations that perhaps this new president is too friendly to russia. listen. >> and know this, the united states will continue to hold russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground, which, as you know, president trump believes can be found. >> now, at that same conference, russia's foreign minister said something to contradict that, the west dominance of world affairs is ending. that would seem to contradict what vice-president mike pence just said and these are all things that in an ideal world you'd have your national security advisor on board for, leland. leland: more on that pick coming up in a couple of minutes.
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thank you so much. kristin will have complete coverage as will the fox news channel as president donald trump heads to melbourne, florida. the rally is expected to take place at 5 p.m. eastern or about 5:20 when we expect the president to take the stage. live coverage all afternoon and through the evening with reaction as it happens. elizabeth: all right, let's continue our coverage. president trump's first months in office has been quite busy. rapid fire executive actions, a cabinet shake up and one 77-minute solo press conference taking aim at the media. here with the recap of the first month and what to look for in the next month or so, we'll bring in our associated press, white house reporter jonathan, thank you so much for joining us. first and foremost, i have to start with the news of the day before we talk about the press conference you sat in on and i want to talk to you not only about south carolina last night, but obviously, the rally that we're anticipating tonight around 5 p.m. in florida. unprecedented for a president,
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no, but not in administration, why? >> president trump has always fed or the crowds. he enjoys the adulation, and enjoys that feedback. i think this is part of a reset that we're seeing from the white house. that began with the press conference the other d will continue yesterday at the boeing event. that was though not officially a rally, it had a rally-like feel, a supportive crowd, an impressive back drop. the president was in his element and he felt comfortable there. it's sort of remarkable to have a campaign rally not a month in office, but he's doing what he loves best, what we saw him do throughout the campaign, which is address a crowd and receive what his aides hope is sort of a boost of confidence, a way to get miss mo-jo back. elizabeth: is that the end-game here? you know, we hear him talking a lot about the media sort of being the opposition party, not sort of, the media being the opposition party. are we going to be hearing that type of rhetoric tonight? are we going to be hearing this? are we going to see more
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campaign rallies like this? what is the points? >> i think it's a fairly safe bet that there will be criticism of the media about this rally today. we what saw thursday was remarkable. it's not unusual for a president to criticize coverage, but at the white house, the candidate put media criticism like we've never seen before. blasting him by name, and on twitter. he seemed to carry that over with him to the white house in a remarkable back and forth with the press and some of which he clearly enjoyed. and emphasized what steve bannon said, declaring the medias a the opposition party. like sort of saying we are at war against them. and we've seen the president follow that up with a couple of tweets since. elizabeth: is it safe to say, you were in the room that day
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and he had said that his administration is a fine finely-tuned machine and sort of predicted the news coverage following that press coverage. is it safe to say he's still in the drivers seat even with the cabinet shakeups we've seen and criticism of the administration thus far? >> i think it's safer to athey're trying to get back into the drivers seat. the first couple of weeks in office it was an onslaught of executive orders, setting the tone, a remarkably brisk tone of setting their agenda in order. they've been kind of frozen basically since the immigration ban was struck down in court. since then we haven't seen executive orders, and since then lost not one pick, but two. and his staff with in-fighting. we're seeing him the reset and getting out of the white house. elizabeth: you're saying that him getting out of the white house, we see him pointing to
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not the content of the leaks, but the source of the leaks. so, like you said, is that him getting back into the driver's seat? >> certain, that's him trying to control the narrative and trying to put the focus on the leakers rather than the content of the leaks. elizabeth: so, i want to continue on the leaks a little bit. obviously, it's not just necessarily the content. this is a national security story here. so do you fault him at keeping that in the headline and will we continue to see that? >> well, i think the white house is trying to shift attention. any links with russia and many of them have been unproven. any of that is damaging to the white house, that's not a conversation they want to have. there are investigations right now, the fbi director comey briefed senators in a closed door meeting where things stand. so that's not something the white house wants to embrace. by putting focus on the leaks, hey, these are people endangering national security by putting classified information out, that's them trying to get the upper hand.
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elizabeth: so, i would assume judging the way you covered this, heard senator schumer saying listened resignation of michael flynn is not the end of this investigation, it's the beginning. and judging by your reporting, he's probably quite right in that? >> i think this is correct. this is not the last we've heard of whatever contact there may have been between russian officials and trump campaign officials last year, that there is still-- we're going to see democrats call for a full-fledged investigation and so far the intelligence agencies and law enforcement have played their cards close to their vest and seem to be looking into it. elizabeth: i will mention that some of these committees are bipartisan and we may see people from both sides of the aisle. for viewers at home, when we hear about the different investigating, can you give advice. we see committees investigating michael flynn, committees investigating the source of the leaks. how do they sort through this? >> it's difficult.
9:15 am
certainly there are certain senate committees that will matter. the biggest one to focus on would be the fbi. will there be criminal charges, perhaps, against general flynn, did he-- as has been reported has he, did he misrepresent the contents of the call with the russian ambassador to fbi officials? that would be a significant deal. elizabeth: all right, jonathan, thank you for joining us to sort through this. i'm certain we're going to have you back as there's a lot to break down. thank you very much. >> thank you. elizabeth: leland. leland: a lot, indeed. as kristin fisher just reported, the president will spend the weekend interviewing candidates to be his new security advisor. on the short list, lieutenant general keith kellogg who served as chief of staff and now interim national security advicer and fox news contributor john bolton and mcmasters, and others on the list, and reports that general petraeus took himself out of the running. this week, the president's top
9:16 am
pick said thanks, but no thanks, to a job that's a bit of a third rail. ben chang joins us now. >> good to see you, thanks for having me on. leland: does it make sense to you that these two top generals who served their countries and obviously different circumstances with david petraeus, but mr. hayward, a longstanding million the man who turn down the job when the president says i need you to serve your country? >> it's a demanding job and frankly misunderstood whether it's here in washington or outside d.c. the demands of the job are some of the most challenging, frankly, in government and for whatever reason the general gave, whether it's family or we a are-- or otherwise, it's a tall order. the biggest concern the body that sits astride the
9:17 am
decision-making structure for foreign policy in government is a little bit directionless and whoever takes on this job needs to make sure that he or she would have a full rein over the different levers. leland: is the nsc directionless because it doesn't have a leader? obviously, you have keith kellogg, the interim nsa, but is it rudderless because you don't have a national security advisor or because you have the situation in the white house where you have competing groups, whether it be steve bannon or reince priebus or jared kushner. >> i served in the bush administration nse and president obama. there's a great sense of not having access into the policy making process and really doing their job on the career side. but, also, there's concern that there are different streams created for making policy.
9:18 am
and ultimately, that could lead to a dysfunctional structure making sure that the president gets the best and best informed policy to make decisions on. leland: we've heard both generals petraeus and harwood said no thanks, they wanted control over their staff and the white house had different feelings about that. before i let you go, you said you talked to your old colleagues. one thing, you can have dysfunction when people are unhappy and leaking when people are unhappy. have they talked at all about that with you? when the president said we're going to find the leakers and prosecutor them? >> there's concern that focus is put on a witch hunt or at getting to this question of leaks and rather fixing the structure and making sure that the nsa can do what it's signed to do and that's surface the best ideas for the president to act on.
9:19 am
process is paramount there for good and important reasons. i started with three presidencies starting with president clinton and concerns with leaks throughout. i'm not saying it's condonable. but when there's a process there's a conduit to flow. without that i think there's great concern. leland: we saw as you well know from president obama some of the toughest investigations on leakers and against journalists that we've ever seen. ben, appreciate your insights on the nsensc. >> there were impressive names on the list. leland: the country would be well-served by all of them. ben, we appreciate it. thank you. elizabeth. elizabeth: tension on the launch pad. we'll tell you why the countdown for the spacex falcon rocket ended early today.
9:20 am
and a wall across the rio grande from el paso, we'll explain coming up. and rain keeps falling on america's tallest dam where the spillway remains damaged. alicia akuhnas is there. >> that means the residents that live below the dam cannot rest easy. we'll have more on that coming up. boost
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>> we have aborted the countdown at t-minus 13 seconds. >> the clock has stopped. leland: all right, that was spacex scrubbing today's launch of their rocket from cape canaveral. officials say there was an issue with the second stage thrust control that directs where the rocket goes. and they'll attempt again tomorrow morning. elizabeth: strong assurances of support from the n.a.t.o. alliance from vice-president mike pence. 's in mune niche for high level security conference meetings, and also with german chancellor angela merkel and other
9:25 am
european leaders. skeptical allies seek more confirmation over a range of issues. kitty logan from the london bureau with the latest. >> hi, elizabeth. well, it's the first trip to europe for mike pence since he took office and also the first opportunity to explain the new administration's foreign policy to leaders. now, the vice-president said he's bringing a message of support from president trump to europe, speaking alongside angela merkel, he reassured america's backing for n.a.t.o. and he wants the members of the alliance to concentrate more on defense spending. let me be clear on this point, the president of the expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and for most, that means the time has come to do more. >> now, mr. pence also issued a
9:26 am
clear warning to russia to stick to eastern ukraine and-- >> with regard to ukraine we must hold russia accountable and demand that they honor the minsk agreement by ending violence in ukraine. >> the vice-president went on to meet leaders from baltic countries who are nervous about the prospect of a more powerful russia and held a one-on-one meeting with angela merkel. the white house says the two leaders talked about those commitments to n.a.t.o. and the conference in ukraine as well as afghanistan and the fight against isis. overall the leaders at this security conference responded quite cautiously to the vice-president, some are still wary of new foreign policies that this administration is bringing to europe. elizabeth: all right, kitty logan reporting live. thank you so much for that update. leland. leland: a big storm is headed
9:27 am
to california this weekend and workers in northern california are racing to shore up the emergency spill ways and lower the lake level at lake oroville. you can see the pictures on the left screen, right, the radar over the past hours. some residents there just got back home from the last evacuation and now officials are warning they might have to leave again. alicia acuna on the ground with the very latest. hi, alicia. >> hi, leland, yes, the people who live below the dam have been told by authorities that even though the water levels are lower, they are nowhere out of the woods yet. >> just be clear the things that we're dealing with are very serious and that's why i've continued to say time and time again, this is still an emergency situation and there is still risk. people need to be prepared and, you know, we're monitoring the
9:28 am
situation very, very closely. >> the more than 180,000 people who were evacuated sunday were allowed to head back to their homes tuesday, but some still remain in the evacuation center out of fear the order will come down to leave their homes again. others went back to check on their properties and prep for a possible new round of instructions to leave and in a hurry and even though they have released enough water out of the spillways to lower the lake level, there's a tremendous amount of preparation being done ahead of a coming storm later this weekend and into next week. crews continue to drop rocks by helicopter into the hole in the wall and clean up debris. >> we're continuing to monitor our incoming weather, our conditions of our spillway, the conditions of the diversion pool, the water level up against the power plant and we indicated that we would reduce flows from 100 to 80,000 csf
9:29 am
and we're about to do the same today. >> and leland, officials here reassured that the main spillway is in better shape, it's in good shape, however, there's another ten inches of rain sunday going into monday which has the residents here so nervous. leland: understandably so. alicia acuna, back to you as news warrants. thank you. elizabeth. elizabeth: well, coming up, citizens in an uproar and their mayor is the target accusing choosi choosing money over immigrants.
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looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. new. get paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> live pictures, melbourne, florida, a couple of hours north from the winter white house north in palm beach. you're looking at an airport hangar where a large cloud of trump devotees have arrived.
9:34 am
we're four and a half hours or so before president trump will arrive to give what is called a campaign-style speech at the hang hangar. he's scheduled to take the stage at 5:20. live reports from melbourne, and coverage of the rally as it happens here on fox news channel. it was one of president trump's predecessors, president harry truman, who said if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen and a lot of congressmen are feeling the heat as they head home for the long weekend. constituents want action on the long promised rebeal of obamacare, but how soon and in what form that takes place is stirring up passions at town hall meetings across the country. garrett is watching it all with what congressmen face on their president's day weekend. >> house speaker paul ryan said
9:35 am
they'll introduce repeal and replace as soon as they get back from the recess. exactly what that looks like isn't clear and whatever it is it isn't expected to be able to move towards a vote for at least another several months of the headed into the recess, house leadership gave its members a 19-page documents to help explain to constituents what the g.o.p. plans to do on the health law. those talking points advance repeal in the weeks ahead to give relief from obamacare taxes and mandates and moving forward with reforms. speaker ryan laid out the overall goals on thursday. >> we need to replace it with a true patient-centered system, one that gives every american access to quality affordable coverage. that means more choices and lower costs. it means real protections and peace of mind. and it means returning your care to your control. >> while there's clear consensus among republicans on
9:36 am
repealing the law, the problem the last few years is that republicans can't agree on a single plan how to do it and what to replace it with. that's made house minority leader nancy pelosi's job a lot easier and it's a point that she continues to bring up whenever she's asked about the repeal efforts. >> they've been bang to the moon for seven years the affordable care act, they haven't come up with a plan yet, and they haven't come up with anything that they have scored by the cbo or whatever. they're still fighting among themselves. >> and this next week, members of congress are sure to face a lot of questions from those folks at home, those worried about their own health care and those worried that congress isn't doing enough quick enough to fulfill the promise to immediately repeal and replace the health care law. leland: we'll see if president trump talk about that at the rally later today. it was red meat for them during
9:37 am
the campaign. liz has more. elizabeth: yeah, let's take a closer look at reforming obamacare as it's transformed to a top legislative priority. i had the chance to sit down with congress woman kathy mcmorris rogers, and along with hsa secretary tom price laid outs a blueprint for repealing and replacing obamacare. the pitch may be a tough sell. i asked her about the details of the plans. >> what we're looking at right now is a refundable a tax credit for those that don't get their health insurance, whether through their employer, medicare, medicaid so that there would be a refundable tax credit for health insurance, so, we believe that it is important that people have that confidence that they can go into the marketplace and get affordable health insurance. elizabeth: we then pressed the congress woman on the timing of
9:38 am
a new health care law. >> the legislature that we want to move forward after the break, repeal and replace as much as we can put into the bill as soon as we come back. we're going to be working on these on the specifics and we want to do it in the open. and we want to listen to people and we believe that's important in this process. elizabeth: congress is on a week long recess. republicans returning home could face anxious constituents concerned about their health care. >> it's important to listen to people from every political spectrum. i believe there's ways that you can set up those conversations that they will be constructive. >> mcmorris rogers wears many hats, she's a wife, a mother and politician and even there, she plays a dual role. representing parts of eastern washington, she's also the chairwoman of the house republican conference,
9:39 am
responsible for the rollout of the party's 200-day agenda to republican lawmakers. >> this is an amazing moment in america's history where we do have a unified republican government, and so, we need to stay focused on our priorities. there's a lot of noise out there, but we need to make sure that we are staying focused on what we believe the priorities are and that's the repeal and replacement of obamacare. it's lifting the regulatory burden and that's what you've seen us focused on in these first few weeks of this new congress. in spring we want to start focusing on tax reform, too. our goal is to have this done by august. elizabeth: mcmorris rogers was elected in the house in 2004. the countries and the party seems more divided today, but some of the obstacles, the congresswoman sees opportunities. >> i was the 200th woman elected to the house of
9:40 am
representatives, i find it a special and amazing moment in america's history. this is why i ran for office and toob to be a part of this time, the time to rethink government from the top to bottom and put people at the center of our government is very exciting and i'm a part of it. elizabeth: and we want to hear what they're hearings from constituents and talk about his obamacare replacement bill he introduced this week with senator rand paul. don't forget media buzz, a closer look at media fallout from president trump's news conference with dan abrams. plus, chris wallace will be sitting down with wall street chief of staff reince priebus on fox news sunday. check your local listings for time and channel. leland. leland: the tax man cometh in
9:41 am
two months and he'll take away your money. president trump has been talking a lot about tax reform, ala tax relief. lawmakers are divided over which proposals they will support. we'll break down the competing plans and what it means for your pocketbook after the break. ♪ i'm the tax man ♪ americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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9:46 am
political reporter al weaver. great to see you, buddy. >> thanks for having me. leland: all right, the white house is saying they'll have a tax plan in a few weeks. do you buy that? even if they present it to congress, are they ready for it? >> i'm not sure they're ready for it. if you look at the capitol hill, paul ryan wants to get to it, but president trump has been wanting a tariff of some sort, and trying to bridge the gap with the border adjustment tax and that's been getting resistance on capitol hill. second ranking republican, john cornyn says it's on live support. i think it's going to be a lot to ask for. leland: as you point out, tax policy is just that, it's policy, in the weeds. it's not something that at least so far we've seen this
9:47 am
white house really show great adeptitude, if you will. have they got an understanding, decided if the mortgage deduction is going to stick around? >> i don't think they know that. in a publication it said that steve bannon, the white house counsel-- or one of the top advisors to president trump, he's a supporter of the border adjustment tax, but you look at gary cowan, chief advisor, he doesn't like it, it's hitting both sides and people aren't sure what this package is going to look like in the next couple of weeks. you see this there's a broader theme-- >> regardless what the package actually looks like, how much can president trump really ram this down everyone's throats? mid temps are less than two years away, obviously.
9:48 am
there's ten democratic senators up in states where president trump won. he can walk back into those states and say, thanks for voting for me, but the reason they're not getting done is because of the senators. it's a powerful fear in terms what the senators do and don't vote for. >> i think bv before you can get to the daemocratic senators you need the republicans to get on board. you see where andy got shot down as the secretary and especially with this border adjustment tax. getting them on board with proposals is a key to bridging the gap to even getting the democrats on board. leland: we know that ronald reagan's commandment, thou
9:49 am
shall not attack other republicans, they're not living up to that. >> the border adjustment tax, it's a tough sell for a lot of them. senator tom cotton speak out against the tax one day on the floor one day after paul ryan told the conference that, you know, we're going to be pushing this. leland: al, as you point out, policy is in the weeds and it is perhaps unseemly to see how it is made as they talk about the sausage. appreciate it, sir, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. leland: liz. elizabeth: coming up after the break, miami's latino community erupts following a controversial decision on sanctuary cities. we'll have that story ahead. uncovering details about the kremlin's ties to team trump. how far will republicans dig to get answers? the chairman of the senate judiciary committee joins us straight ahead. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check?
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9:54 am
>> shame on you! >> and the dade county commissioners didn't care as you heard protesters shouting "shame" as they vote today scrap the sanctuary policy. and here with the details on the vote that wasn't even close, hi, lauren. >> not close at all, leland. the miami-dade county commission voted 9-3 to back the order of the mayor to uphold the president's executive order requiring compliance with immigration officials. the mayor of miami-dade ordered his corrections department to cooperate to ensure his city wouldn't lose out on any federal funds. despite the loud protests of many who wanted miami-dade to become a sanctuary city, the commission upheld the order last night and packed the meeting to voice their opposition and support. >> this is order is a threat to our neighbors. >> and he's right, he's upholding the rule of law.
9:55 am
>> but it's undermining and ripping the fabric of the community. >> you want to be a citizen connell here legally. >> a loose definition much a sanctuary city is an order to protect undocumented immigrants. last month the president signed an order that would strip federal funding from cities who fail to cooperate. fearing the loss of millions of dollars, the miami mayor bucked the trend of cities pushing back on cities that also have large migrant populations. >> and that's not-- who the federal government requiring a detainer for that individual and showing probable cause and we will detain that individual for up to 48 hours for immigration. if immigration does not pick them up, they will be released. that's all we did here in
9:56 am
miami-dade county. no more, no less. >> miami-dade county is unique because it's one of the only u.s. counties where more than half of the population is made up of foreign-born residents. leland: big changes happening in texas as well because of this. lauren blanchard. thanks so much. one more hour of america's news headquarters, coming live pictures, melbourne, florida as folks line up for president trump's rally at 5 p.m. kristin fisher on the ground at the winter white house. hi, kristin. >> hey, leland, this will be president trump's first big rally as president of the united states and it's happening in the all-important battle ground state of florida. i'll give you a preview what you can expect on the other side of this break.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
test test test test test test
10:00 am
>> good saturday afternoon to you from the white house. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> here is what is making news right now. president donald trump is back in his political comfort zone. we will take you there life. >> the man known as blind sheikh linked to the 1993 world trade center bombing has died. details on what it means for
10:01 am
that g have the jihad movement worldwide. >> a political temptress is now gone national security advisor is a growing controversy getting the attention of lawmakers. you can see what they say about all of this. >> in a news alert they gained fame after jane wrote from the landmark supreme court case roe versus wade has died. the limited right to abortion in 1973. she revealed her real identity to the press. became an anti- abortion activists. she was 69 years old. she was 69 years old. president donald trump is just a few hours away from leaving his winter white house.
10:02 am
that is where you're looking life. holding the second rally in as many days. mister trump's rally message of jobs and prosperity contrasts sharply with the tone he took with supporters during a thursday white house press conference. they joined join us near the president. give any expectations on where we may hear from the president today. >> we will only see president trump getting back to what he loves and that's been surrounded by all of his supporters and speaking directly to them. i think they will talk a lot about what he believes he has accomplished so far as president like nominating supreme court judges, like complaining that. we the case of the candidate trump.
10:03 am
at a boeing assembly plant. when president trump talked about jobs, trade and lowering taxes on american businesses important distinction though. that was a white house event. it is paid for by his campaign even though in the next election is still four years away. the other big item while down here in palm beach is he will be interviewing and meeting with for his national security adviser. one of the medes is desperately going to be taking place with his acting national security advisor keith kellogg. stephen hadley and former u.s. ambassador to the un john bolton. while the search for his new national security advisor is taking place you have vice president mike pence oversee right now he was speaking at the munich security conference and this is the first major foreign policy speech of the entire trump administration and he really used it to kind of reassure our european
10:04 am
allies. listen to this. the united states of america strongly suggests nato and will be unwavering in our commitment to this transatlantic alliance. the vice president also addressed the top administration they will continue to hold russia accountable even accountable even as we search for new common ground. as you know president trump believes this is possible. elizabeth: do you have any idea how much these trips cost? >> we are told this is going to be happening a lot between
10:05 am
it puts a strain on both the secret service in the local law enforcement. the washington post estimated that the cost of the three trips since becoming president has cost the federal treasury about $10 million and it's also of course a headache for locals. there is an effort underway to relieve that at least a little bit. there are talks about putting a helipad at mar lago. they gave it the approval of that. today to go. and of course you have to factor in his family. right now you his two sons overseas in dubai for the opening of another trump offers are there. and then of course his wife and son in the city of new york pays about $500,000 a day for security there. you add it all up. looking at hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a four-year term. the white house is pushing
10:06 am
back. all of these working weekends and from last week into this weekend present trump is certainly working hard. elizabeth: those are some pretty hefty expense reports. leland: just about four hours now until his campaign rally. a little bit closer look on what we can expect. kevin, good to see you. we have talked about this before the president's uncanny ability to change the narrative. monday, tuesday wednesday the white house press court was talking about how this was a white house in chaos talking about mike flynn and the russian connection and now all of the sun were talking about jobs and rally size. in all of the things the president with the president trump. just two days ago when they
10:07 am
have the marathon press conference he also critiqued him and they came on the heels of him facing questions within his own party for people like senator john mccain. about his campaign as well as his ties with russia. that said less than 24 hours later he has the event they had been pressing for him to have for quite some time they are giving them a huge victory during the campaign and working as a businessman you could not have asked for a better event not only for boeing but also for this administration as it looks to turn the page and of course well had to wait and see what he says in florida 5541 going for the president. looking forward to the speech though.
10:08 am
he can take a lot of the same things he talked about. whether it be that travel the travel ban that he said is a big success he said it was a big success. he talked about how were already starting to build the wall. talks about rolling back regulation. the same thing. the two big cornerstones though of his campaign were obama care and tax reform. two other big cornerstones here. those things he needs congress four. from this a white house trying to work with congress to move those balls down the court. >> the sources that i speak with on capitol hill tell me the work is already underway in order for the republican controlled congress to begin releasing legislation that would walk back key parts of the affordable care act. and then as far as tax reform yes the effort is immensely underway there are some wrangling behind the scene
10:09 am
about whether or not to include the border adjustment tax this has become quite controversial for republicans with some family opposed to it. no earlier this week president trump meeting at the white house with the ceos of the retail industry leaders like the ceo of walmart and target and walgreens. how that plays out in whether or not it administers the chance of a broad tax reform remains to be seen. those folks opposed and supported it. they are confident that president trump will be able to pass tax reform. >> we heard him talking about how one of the close advisers was a huge tax component. quickly kevin, this white house is particularly the president as he goes back in his career all the way to the art of the deal perception is reality. what are they doing to deal with this perception continues
10:10 am
to creep up. they already have a national security advisor candidate say thank you but no thank you. they have the whole issue with mike flynn before. we have the issue with the power struggle be. i do anything to try to bring it together the rally held today in melbourne florida is an example of them trying to reclaim that narrative i think yesterday's event in charleston south carolina with boeing is also another example of them looking to turn the page and i also think that the very successful press conference benjamin netanyahu one of the most important allies to the nine states. i think that's another example of how they are looking to have that work of piece of messaging he does still face questions not just from the media but folks on capitol
10:11 am
hill and both parties. will see how it goes. something in the white house is hitting hard on. keep up the good reporting. we will look for speaking of the narrative and changing when president trump takes the podium the only thing anybody is can be talking about we will take either life before, during and after. see there for up to the minute details on trip and is working saturday in florida. elizabeth: another top story we are following. a truck loaded with explosives tried to bring down the world trade center in new york. many more were injured. today we learned that the muslim cleric who helped organize that attack is dead. brian has all of the details on the man known as blind sheikh. >> they can confirm sheikh omar abdel-rahman died while serving a life sentence at the
10:12 am
butler federal prison in north carolina. he became known as the blind sheikh. he was arguably the face of radical islam in the 80s and in the '90s. he was found guilty in 1995 of conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks in the u.s. he helped orchestrate the 1983 bombing of the world trade center in which a world --dash make a truck bomb killed six and injured over a thousand others. seven other men were convicted of for the actual attack. a federal building, two tunnels. it was the biggest terrorism trial in our nations history. he was convicted along with nine others. he was known for his radical sermons especially while he lived in new york city and new jersey. a holy war against what he
10:13 am
called the infidel. he was considered the spiritual leader of a militant group in egypt. to this day the terrorist organization actively campaigns for his release. he remained a spiritual leader to them while behind bars in fact the islamic group carried out attacks killing 58 tourists in egypt in part demanded the release of sheikh omar abdel-rahman. one of the sons said a u.s. representative called him to confirm his father's death today the assisted press this is impressed that he died after a long battle with diabetes. he was 78 years old. elizabeth: brian, incorporation you so much. incorporation you so much. we are bringing in now the
10:14 am
terrorist in list. nice to talk to you sir. >> we won't shed any tears over his death but as you think about this. they are dating all the way back to the attack. one of the components he was there during the 80s and he was pursued by egyptian authorities in and as will know he was the mastermind of the first attack on the twin towers towers in 1983 a more important he has been a symbol and ideological symbol and his name has been mentioned for the last decades now across the board. but among all of them around the world.
10:15 am
when i was in cairo during the revolution of 2011 and then during the election in 2012. it was his group who was leading a lot of the muslim brotherhood in this video we shot right outside of the u.s. embassy it was a protest organized by his son for him to be released. he was briefly the president of egypt. he calls for his release as well. now that he is dead this he stay a rallying cry or do the g hotties need to find something else. >> he will stay. but the fact that the propaganda machine would now be unleashed first of all seen that he died in prison in the united states. they can create a narrative of revenge.
10:16 am
he is now material. he is an ideological material. he was organizing the first attack against the twin towers. a very important issue. that's something we'd saw him talk about during his years as well. we appreciate your insight as well. thank you for having me. when we return president trump has not even left for melbourne florida yet the line to get into his rally is out the door. this has republican will be among those leading the charge. we will speak with congressman mark sanchez of south carolina. our own will carr is there.
10:17 am
>> there is a massive sinkhole here in southern california. leading to a dramatic rescue we will tell you all about it coming up after the break. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles,
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10:20 am
elizabeth: a political scandal in washington as michael flynn
10:21 am
resigns after less than a month on the job. the former security advisor left his post after reports came to light that he talked about the russian minister. they knew all this weeks earlier. the shockwaves felt with her not to investigate flynn or the ones that lead to his investigation. senator chuck grassley is requesting a briefing. he joined me now on the phone. senator, thank you so much for joining me. i wanted to start with a closed-door meeting. this is with the senate intelligence committee. i'm not asking you to comment on that even though the reports were with the fbi director james comey. the fact that were not hearing a lot of details about that meeting what does that tell you?
10:22 am
>> i don't think it is anything unusual. anything that goes on in the intelligence committee could be classified or is part of an ongoing investigation. i don't think you would expect much information out of that anymore than senator feinstein and i with leaders of the republicans and democrats on the judiciary committee when we get a briefing. when we get back from the justice department. it might even be a close briefing but what should be made public. i am curious as to what you may be able to reveal. first of all is their bipartisan support for an investigation. are you specifically focusing
10:23 am
on the fact of that. but as far as you're concerned. best belongs to what the intelligence committees are doing. getting all of the questions that are answered publicly now and all of the speculation to get to the bottom of that and then that would make a determination on whether or not we need to do anything more. but it includes both what was part of the conversation to get things straight with general flints involvement with the russians and then who is leaking because leaking of classified information as a felony. >> i want to switch topics here. topics here. related to the up coming hearing i want to ask you for
10:24 am
some of our viewers who haven't read that what is your message to democrats and what was your motivation to penn that? >> the motivation is to do everything we can to keep the supreme court nomination above politics and talk about the qualities of the nominee and then to lay out the fact that democrats are demanding that we have a mainstream candidate and i think we do have a mainstream candidate and that is best evidenced by the fact that a solicitor general has said that he ought to be approved. the liberal also other liberal professors at least one other one at harvard university has said he should be approved he is getting good reviews by a lot of editorial people and writers around the state and then the second thing is there
10:25 am
has been a question raised about his independence in president trump may have things before the supreme court with this guy he would be independent. i think he said very clearly he would be independent when he took exception with the federal judge in washington state overturning one of the immigration order. elizabeth: i want to get your reaction to the news that we confirmed just about an hour ago that sheikh omar abdel-rahman known as the blind sheikh has died. i want to get your reaction. obviously what he did and was a predecessor to what happened in 2001 is just continuing evidence going way back to 93 you can probably go back even before the disaster of 1983
10:26 am
that terrorism has been a problem to the united states and not just in the last 15 years. elizabeth: senator, thank you so much for joining us today. leland: something they don't need in california. another day of punishing rain in southern california. you can see them trying to get folks out of their car before they're swept away. right now at least two people have been confirmed dead following a tremendous down poor. roads are washed out. we are live in studio city. one such sinkhole is there. it's all a result of record rainfall in this area. the strongest storm to sweep across southern california.
10:27 am
it goes right behind me. it goes 20 feet down. we've so much rain so quickly in this area and then there is an old sewage pipe underneath. and evidently they went in and created the sinkhole. it swallowed up at two cars and we have video of the aftermath. she was able to get out of her door and climb onto the truck. she started screaming for help. the firefighters raced to the scene. no one is seriously injured. >> right now we bring in it allows those guys to go in. if we need to do something more than we have to do it
10:28 am
like that. while they are continuing to make sure they are safe. it's still on the side of the street. exactly how dangerous the situation was. it's not us here in los angeles the airport was shut down because the runway was flooded. at its worst 80,000 people in southern california were without power. part of interstate 15 and gave in. we are expecting more rain throughout the course of today and into tomorrow. certainly not under the potentially dangerous situations just yet. leland: storms on the way. inks well. elizabeth: one strange death many rumors and very few answers i have this is the
10:29 am
korean exiles demise. we will explain coming up. also president -- republicans want to replace.
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
leland: a fox news alert as we just heard from vice president pentz who was traveling overseas saying that he and president trump will hold russia accountable for its actions when it comes to experiencing russian aggression firsthand few nations had had more experience than ukraine. just today. for four soldiers and one civilian died. with the russian backed separatist. i sat down with ukrainian foreign minister who have a
10:34 am
warning to the current resident. >> we heard from the russians over the past couple of days saying certain things aren't true certain things they haven't done. particularly as it relates to the foreign policy. the experience i've had in ukraine is the russians are experts at this information and propaganda. it's extremely good in any kind of propaganda. they keep saying that the russians that they also had it against europe. it's about all kinds of propaganda. it's about fake news and provocation. in squeezing it appeared up. is also the case here.
10:35 am
maybe you don't notice everything every second but it's also the case here. some of the tactics that the russians are using in the united states are the same tactics they use in ukraine. it is similar because it is the same way on how to deal with europe and the singular -- is not only about elections. for them in fake news. it's also there. what is your warning the ukrainian government has been dealing with russia for a few years. we saw the tactics there. you been dealing with this now. what is your warning to the
10:36 am
trump administration. and whether or not they can be trusted. one point they have. they have come to trust it. they can be on the basis of strength. it's about international law. on the basis of international law. the russians broke any kind of that and the u.s. is also part of this memorandum. in other news regarding russia the russia spy ship has been getting very close to the u.s. coast this week on friday it was in international waters about 17 nautical miles outside of norfolk virginia. home to the largest naval base in the world. they first reported the sighting of the ship off the coast of delaware on tuesday the vessel has been making its
10:37 am
way down along south along the eastern seaboard. leland: when washington gets to be a little bit much take a road trip. we saw president trump there on friday in north charleston south carolina. coming up our political panels to beat for the strategy of hitting the road to keep his presidential groove. >> it's been all about jobs. and it's one of the primaries i will never disappoint you. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported
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elizabeth: you can see some are already starting together. the to gather. the president will be speaking around ip and him eastern tonight.
10:42 am
we anticipate he will shortly. you can see lines and crowds are already forming for that rally of course. in the meantime let's get to a hot topic repeal and replace that with the mantra of obama care. and even beforehand. and now plans to make this happen are being introduced in congress. they introduced a bill this week with fellow lawmakers and he just wrapped up a very crowded town hall. thank you so much for joining us. we have some pictures coming in that you have i want to understand and did you anticipate the crowd it was credit -- quite a crowd this morning.
10:43 am
we moved it outside to a football field. he continued the conversation out there. i've gotten a lot of phone calls and e-mails and contacts on this notion of it's not enough to say what you're against. what are you four. it's that reason that we have introduced a bill that could be a step in the right direction in terms of empowering the consumer and in terms of making row bus healthcare marketplace. they are slightly per box because there had been other ideas put out there. i think not only do i want to know exactly what is in your bill that differs from other bills that we are hearing but also in order for us to get a bill through we need the support. do we have it. we picked up the endorsement
10:44 am
which is a voting lack of about 40 people. i think it's a significant block in the context of the house of representatives it will be a republican bill that will make it through on the house side. use's first see the support of the republican conference. also we heard from other lawmakers and we know that speaker ryan has another idea and a better way. i am curious as to what you be getting the support of the congress. that is the sausage making process at work. i think by offering a bill and saying this is what we stand for it causes other people to react and say that's a good idea it's not a good idea. they could stand out on the
10:45 am
spell it's the only bill that completely eliminates the nexus between employment and healthcare. if you stop and think about it you have to be import played to have a homeowners policy. your employment does not drive your ability to get those things. that's the way it's been since 1948. it was an attempt to get around the wage and price controls. it doesn't make sense. what we do is to say let's treat equally the plants and frankly not played. you ought to have as much access to healthcare and the ability to go and find a plan that works for you is that specifically what distinguishes your planet with some of the other plants we are hearing. >> is the most robust with regard to health savings accounts. they are about empowering the consumer so that you have more money to make the choices that
10:46 am
makes sense for you. i think this plan goes up for this in terms of making affordable insurance options a reality for the public right now it's basically illegal to go out and buy less expensive insurance. it went with the affordable care act. they look at that list of benefits and they say i don't said i don't need all that stuff. a number of different things that are in it that make it stronger than some of the other options but we will see how it goes. elizabeth: is a something that you see the president supporting. >> i would hope so. elizabeth: good luck with all of those town halls. leland: still have massive crowds supporting -- outside a
10:47 am
melbourne airplane hangar. the latest on the president's trip [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
10:48 am
and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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elizabeth: a fox news alert.
10:51 am
norma mccorvey jane roe from the landmark case died of this morning this morning of a heart failure. they confirmed that she died and at an assisted living home in katy texas. she later expressed remorse in the case. it became an antiabortion activist. she was 69 years old. alright back here at the white house. they caught the honeymoon. the president's first 100 days where he can maximize the political roughly a third of the way through. some fellow republicans worried about the term joining us to discuss the perils.
10:52 am
and in new york gentlemen, i push it you been here. we're just about three hours away now from the presidents rally in melbourne, florida. they can agree that it was a pretty rough week for the president we have the reset press conference on thursday. the rally at that facility on friday where he gave a speech about jobs in today what are we can hear as the reset continues. i think we will hear president trump go out and appeal to his base. at the same time he needs to go out and appeal to the other part of america that is uneasy about what's going on lately and feels like they need to be put at ease. there is someone that they need to speak to.
10:53 am
they have to be a little bit worried about this president's uncanny ability to change the narrative. we have them on the ropes. yet all of the stories about chaos in the white house and all the sudden he has a his huge crowd coming to melbourne sort of. >> thank you for having me on. this is what he does. he goes above the media and he's doing it again. with the victory lap and now he's again in florida. they have seen as a just pointed out is there anything democrats can do. >> if you go back eight years when president obama was in office one day before today the american recovery act they had been in for a month. and that is even been
10:54 am
introduced evan we will debate whether or not the recovery act saved the economy or not. to that point when does president trump have to start doing things they that he can just do it by executive action. when does the base start holding the responsible for tax reform. he needs to work with a congressional republican. they are still waiting to head outreach in discussion with the white house democrats are just sitting back in saint we are neck and participate. they try to and 2016 by saint we aren't donald trump and they lost. they actually need to put forth the positive vision. running around and screaming that everything is bad is not the policy is not going to win them over.
10:55 am
>> that's not all were doing. they are putting forth an infrastructure plan. >> you can put together an infrastructure plan. almost uniformly. certainly not something that the republicans did in early 2009. how is this not the party of no. the base is furious. it's the most conservative cabinet that has been nominated in the history of our country. people are opposing those nominees. >> did keep them you keep them out of committee? >> there ready for a chance to work with the president. leland: fellas, we have to go. think you guys. we will be right back. isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
10:56 am
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my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. >> here is a nice story for your day. the basketball fan got the ultimate fan experience. they were called up to tackle this. she did when $500 for the basket. her soon-to-be fiancé was hiding in the giant coffee cup. he popped the question among cheering fans. you can see she was very
11:00 am
surprised. he was hiding in a dunkin' donuts coffee cup. what would've happened if she missed it. that is all the news that we have here. >> this is a fox news alert. president trump is back in campaign mode hitting it. he will speak at the orlando international airport later this afternoon at his first campaign rally since becoming president. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. laura, good to have you. president trump tweeting about the event saying he's expecting a massive crowd at his rally reminiscent of his days when the campaign trail. our steve harrigan is life with more and what is the mood out there righ


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