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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 18, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> i have to. >> i have to wrap it up. thank you to our wonderful studio audience, i am greg greg gutfeld. i love you jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm your host jesse watters. donald trump laying into the media and lighting things up if florida take a look. >> i want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. [cheers and applause] the dishonest media which has published one false story after another with no sources, even though they pretend they have
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them. they make them up in many cases. they just don't want to report the truth, and they have been calling us wrong now for two years. they don't get it. but they are starting to get it, i can tell you that. they have become a big part of the problem. they are part of the corrupt system. thomas jefferson, andrew jackson and abraham lincoln and many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out oftentimes on their lies. when the media lies to people, i will never ever let them get away with it. i will do whatever i can to that they don't get away with it. they have their own agenda, and their agenda is not your agenda. jesse: donald trump is basically
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saying the media is not on your side, and he's aligning himself with the people. the media is officially the opposition. the democrats completely out of power. pelosi, schumer, totally irrelevant. the media has come forward and said we'll be the ones to fight against donald trump. that's a huge risk for the media. donald trump will say i'm the people's protector, i'm on the people's side and the media does not have your beth interests at heart. he aligned himself with the crowd so much he brought a crowd member up on stage with him. take a look. >> hop over the fence. he can do it. he's in good shape. look at this guy. this guy is great. don't worry about him. come on up. come on.
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[cheers and applause] jesse: the bottom line is, the media is the enemy and the rest of the country is on trump's side. and he's actually called them the enemy. >> >> is not my enemy but of the american people. and then this is so crazy. even republicans are upset like john mccain. >> if you want to preserve democracy as you know, ite you have to have anad adversarial without it i ate them afraid we would do is our individual liberties overtimee. >> i respect senator mccain as a hero but
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dictatorships? that might be antion exaggeration. that is how the deal is we will have some problems with the press vs. trump but to break it down we have the man and the myth and legend. it is always about themselves and they are self-centered to play thecard victim cards. >> but they will play this so voraciously to reinforce that they can never recover from this. >> they deem the end of theto book public and you at every stop will tell me that i am wrong? and the opposition that you bring that i came to the
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swamp to drain its air do our part of the swamp of and i will call you up big buckshi >> you can see the media circling in the grain and - - of the drain as we speak. this is not the first time today he represents like thomas jefferson speakingn, s about the press like'' they lie and then pay re-lie. >> is the jefferson or trump? >> it is the exact samemeth thing but when trump said he would take on the establishment did they thinkwoul he would be easy or polite to organize or not messy?it of course, he is difficulte . he will have press conferences to be raped themeo . that is what they're requires. republicans never, never
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have ever had a set of kahane's which is driftingted in that direction regardless if republicans or democrats or -- are in charge and the people love it. >> they love it and all of these senators will have a lot of problems with mccain as a small majority >> i am y q imf ans senator mccain but it is the way we have always looked at politics. and to hope that they are that a proper filters.çson why do we think that? stop playing that game and put america first and we hope he is on board because
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he is an honorable american. >> of first became out first was melania end of brought the house down. >> you had to listen extract closely the very well done melania and one of the major things that we talk about they cannot keep up because he is clicking on all cylinders. you cannot be more hiller. >> up next i talk to a guy who tries to defend the hollywood attack againstwho president trump and did not go so well and later i tracked down a professor who was speaking badly about donald trump indoctrinating the students you want to see that confrontation moments away.
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. >> hollywood's legions are freaking out since before he took office. day remember this? tru >> he lacks more than the qualifications, . >> clearly the respect the you authority and the opportunity to go down as the american hero to go down in history. >> many hearing the wordss president trump puts my next guest in tears. >> of donald trump becomes president the economy will go -- donald trump does not care about america he does not care about you donald trump cares about himself.
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things will not be okay people things will not be okay. >> some people still feel that way so perez admit about the stock market is on a record tear. >> did is because he iss be great for wall street which correct me if i am wrongong. that i thought he campaigned against thatose . >> but wall street isd wo probably reaping some nicee pr rewards from the stock market. but i am very concerned about you. you say people will do well but are you okay perez? >> i will be okay because i m well-off but i am more concerned with people who were not. those bleeding heart liberals kitimat to myown interest.
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the wealthy people will continue to be 0k. i dunno if they will be okay. in a couple of months . >> how are you doing here? i just want to be a part of this. >> this is how you do it? breaking into my apartment? you're not answering my calls in change by number - - your number. >> so when she did that in but -- imitation was hilarious but was that fair
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before saturday night live to go after her? >> i don't knowç to put her in a cheap silks negligee? >> i did but that is what you were going for was fatal attraction to maker out something that she was not.e.i >> but people may not agree with your interpretation. >> people don't agree with>> yours either. >> that is for the audience to decide. >> "the new york times" writer, he calls himself arite journalist. >> let me finish and the swimsuit model said and we have the tweet that she describes from the new york
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times that melania is a hooker to call this out forat what is. i item care about perceptual history and no one should. >> did not cover this under website perez.. >> q. did not look closely enough is on there right now with use search the melania trump category. that is covered in theia lawsuit. >> we covered it. i can show you right now. >> why do you think the new york times's self anti- melania? >> melania trump i will send you the link progress will not continue the interview
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until i do that. ♪ >> we don't have time for you to go through theyo website. i cannot find it either register answer my question we will assume that you have it. with a fox news journalist called michele obama a hooker would you find that offensive and put that on your website pretty quickly?quic >> guess.ive and i do find that offensivehat' >> so what is it abouty of smearing the first lady of the united states that the people of hollywood find so attractive? >> what?
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because i perceived her to be somebody who was not very happy. >> had you know, what is in her heart quick. >> is that i perceive perspicacity and though you can perceive for genuine feelings greg. >> i can read her body language and then open the door for her. >> i'm glad you know, what d is in melania heart but maybe i am wrong. thanks for joining us we appreciate it. we look forward to having won again. >> i appreciate you having me on. >> coming up by track down the professorç. >> students should not open their hearts to trump's
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supporters? who says that?
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. >> donsld trump is back in . the chair of the communications department uses his platform to tell students'' people will die speop results of his voters. we demanded answers. take a look. dem ♪
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>> one of your professors said people should look a their hearts. >> if they will vote for trump the night and not believe you have to open your heart to them. >> idol think that represents our school really. i don't think we are aeir community that closes their hearts. but don't agree with what heay. had to say. that is inappropriate to you don't know what other people's opinions >>. also that donald trump kil was going to kill americans.
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people's lives are on thehe i think people are looking at what they will do using a lot of emotion instead of fax. >> he is my advisor i have had him for years. >> ickes says pretty a rages things about not opening your heart to the white trump supporters prepared to you agree with that? >> will be a administration to anything quite. >> not that i have heard of. >> should they? >> i don't know. that does go against of values. >> is a re-education but thers u teacher is using theheir students as the means to
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forward their political agenda. >> that it is a really appropriate for the classroom. >> diatribe to catch up with a professor. wish me luck. >> professor perry. >> you said some pretty irresponsible things in the classroom is invested in sessions not open their hearts to thehe supporters? what kind of thing is that to say? s syracuse saidai president trump will kill people?
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and howard you justify that? it is a colt in the classroom berger wide you try to indoctrinate your students?ç today even though the e.u. said these things?? because they do now. >> we reach out to university for comment and have not received a response yet to. there was a very famous saying. read my lips. who knew -- could you pass the president's day quiz?
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. >> the blind shake has died at the age of 78 his followers carrying out the
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he was serving a life sentence in prison. the dam in california has heavy rain pummeling the state 190,000 people were forced of their homes with the threat of a breach of and immigration activists in southeast florida miami dade will uphold the of white house policy as they threaten to cuts funding to those cities. the leader refers to reposition from the pro-life causes and was 69. now back to waters world. for. >> of fox news alert president trump with his first rally after taking office with the huge crowdng in mill borne florida.
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>> the dishonest media what publishes one false story after another with no sources the even though they pretend that they have them and make them up in manyessi cases, they just don't want to report the truth and they have been calling us from two years. they don't get it but they s are starting tota get it. i can tell you. >> was regulations, and millions of new jobs and products stamp with the beautiful wordsful, made in the usa. >> mr. president, we the people, our movement is the reason why our president of the united states is standing here in front of us today. >> we will downsize the
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bloated bureaucracy to make government accountable. we will drain the swamp in washington d.c.. we will make america proudri again. we will make america safe a again. we will make america a great gre again, great then never before. >> as always the promise for america at taking shots at the media days after battles including this week the tale of two press conferences. starting with wednesday where he called on to reporters he was disciplined and measured by here is how the press reacted. >> president trump called onsi the more conservative leaning news organizations. >> the president is shutting
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down the first amendment by not taking questions at arethat antagonistic. >> the last three newsthe conferences all the questions to the news media have been handled by conservative press.othe there is no other way to describe that. >> the core media. their feelings are hurt. pdf so then on thursday nopr holds barredes absolutely reading he called on theis same reporter who claims the fifthad.. >> i don't mind bad stories i can handle bad stories.ç as long as it is true.stak i will make mistakes and you will write badly and i am okay with that. i am not okay. >> for the record we don't hate you. >> donald trumpl sa i am not
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ranting and raving.di but that is fake news. >> everybody got a shot. all better?dy g hardly. >> it was wild, wild, unhinged, exaggeration. >> dark and contentiouswe looking a at the insight into the mind of the president obsess with coverage. >> almost like his problems to ushering sitting on the couch. >> very disturbing in many regards. >> and he treated this is not a laughing matter i am sorry to legitimize the press is not american.mi
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say they're calling and conservative news outlets. >> when was the first moment it began to sink and you were president of united states pre what. >> did you have something where that happened that was so crazy you went to bed laughing? how confident are you your plan will work? >> you have a lot of wins in the last few weeks are you ready to call yourself thats th comeback kid? you are like a rock star of politics. >>. >> a torch kept let with the chief washington endd respondent i remember when the press was getting so upset with eric holder to
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spy on you. >> day are mad to legitimize the press do you see any comparison quite.pres >> but nothing that that trump administration has donene from nature.admi the conduct of the obama in ministration fox news but also the associated press and others but what we are seeing isshes with this clash with president trump that is the knicks with that
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institutional biological response with the news media or the beltway journalism crowd.t and to make it the cheapestde campaign platform to callai them all for the dishonesty. are they are pushing back. so it is a shock to theng systems that things are done differentlyç the way they heavily is ben done in the news media. it has never venda and. >> and dave are so exposed he is considered a traitor but then to take everyery single question on fire he is the unhinge maniac who is also a threat to a to freedom of the press so whenever heump
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does the game plan is just hatred and mocking him. is a that a parent -- apparent from the reaction from both press conferences? the left increases to up the ante. along these lines if you fail to respond anything less than the apocalypticu wi turnaround i don't see anything apocalyptic about this man or his presidency. but they do have a point actually he boasted he had the biggest electoral college margin since ronald reagan. >> that is true. but then to say if you want your health care you could keepep it that was the light of the year.
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>> but this was a video that we later learned but that news conference via other day it did offer a road mapthat so to make that conclusion that disturbing roadmap isp up to the vieweris but he said i enjoy the back-and-forth as a have my whole life. that was it.e ac he is knowledge it is merely as a love-hate relationship. and of press loves to hateate him and he loves to give a back.g thanks james. mark cuban getting into a nasty war with president trumpan g they're not too happy about that.t.
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>> plus the dreaded handshake we will tell you how to handle it. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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>> i day you for this. .
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>> keys said you are dead to me and he dead now with his shirt tanks mr. wonderful fans as the conservative leader to the north and joins me now. said kevin un trump our biging. billionaires' you understand leverage very effectively. had a belief president trump is using leverage with his first 30 days as commander in chief? barak a first thing he recognizes in the campaign is not just to need to thed is headed is happening in canada andcana france and switzerland and colombia for party politicsolit people who vote are sick and tired !myt enough and want people who were operators to run government to make promises thatat they keep. that was the groundswell ofke p elected donald trump and he is doing exactly what hehat said.oing
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not everybody is comfortable about that it is the first time they kept a promise and it is such a shock to everybody if. >> people are very uncomfortableept withprom politicians keeping promises because it never happens.orta one of your colleagues mark cuban is a very vocal critic of donald trump actually said this on the override any factor.-i >> i don't think he can showow a any leadership or take responsibility for the whiteor s house or showing than any direction.hit >> and donald trump would hit back hard to say i know mark cuban well he is big time if i was not interestednter in taking his calls. he was not smart enough to run for president. >> seems like sour grapesey hasl and is an open critic and has every right to be so
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with the free-speech domainght all across north america. but if you go back to look at any administrationon switchoverdo i don't care what president of recycled you get chaos in the beginning with a lot of issues and mistakes and that is exactly what is happening here. what is unique with the trump presidency with the four or five items you'd implemented nobody thought he would do that but he did it so fast it caught the bureaucracy off guard for go the way to measure any presidency is to wait and see how wet plays out. by the measure of the investor you are prettywi happy upth 10% on the s&p and a huge move and a short period of time. >> but in terms of economic performance creating over 200,000 jobs the radically
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since the election with $80 billion of investments in this countryestm from ibm, o wal-mart and general motors india their day was trading the stock market is a new high with the longest winning streak end decades. showing confidence and optimism even before the tax plan rolloutout..ot o >> lot of companies are reinvesting in jobs. the market is on a recordte tearar and the tax cuts coming down the pipeline havepeli not even started yet. >> basically the entire financial-services sector, large money-center banks have moved almost 25 percent in a matter of 16 weeks. that is unprecedented if we don't deliver on deregulation of corporate taxes that could easily evaporate. that makes me a little nervous. but the cash flow oror
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regulation has not changed but he has done a magical dog to get people believe heas will dote what now he has to bring home the bacon. >> canadian bacon justin trudeau is here earlier this week. whenever he does a photo op he he likes to shake hands very vigorously. take a look at how heds usually shakes hands v with men he is dealing with. [applause] ç so your guy tried to beat him to the punch grabbing him by the armrm going in so i thought that was >> that my concern with the meeting looking at the british and japanese prime minister meetings because that is a sign of respect
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for rememberting canada and united states have an unprecedented relationship. why would he only get 15 minutes of the president's time in private but thatis british prime minister got oursh and with japanese prime minister went golfing? maybe you can play golf in florida with president trumpith >> quality time. quality time. seven right good luck in thelect election of north. nex >> in honor of presidents day weekend time honored american traditioner. >> of former before president. >> a chicken farm. >> corn? pete? and i will read your comments about our show. keep tweaking
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-- treating
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♪ presence day is monday weside will honor the of men and ask people how much they know about the presidency. i should have kept -- kept my mouth shut. ♪ a big holiday on monday. president's day. what will you do tog to commemorate the president's quick. >> president obama. ♪ >> which one? >> i don't know who that is. >> read my lips.famo no new?
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>> taxes. [cheers and applause] speenineteen raised taxes then did not get reelected spinach he had a very famous saying mr. gorbachev teardown this question mark. >> economy? >> mr. gorbachev teardown this wall. >> i dunno. >> the berlin wall. ♪ >> i have no idea who he is. >> can i give you an idea acquired. >> jimmy carter. >> he was a former. >> chickens.
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>> corn?wh vegetables? >> pena former -- peanut farmer. ♪ jfk. >> excellent what is his middle name? >> franklin. >> franklin. >> joe. >> jackie. >> that was his wife and. >> ♪ >> he said ask not what you -- what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your countryç. >> what do you do for your country?
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quick. >> by w paid taxes when i buy my soda. >> oh my god. >> i am completely blank. >> harry? cemetery potter. [laughter] >> key dropped the bomb. >> nevada. >> japan. >> nagasaki hiroshima. >> correct. ♪ twe >> coming up the tweets of the week. don't go anywhere.
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♪ good or bad real is one to know what you think of the show. > greatest funniest journalists of our time and delays speaks. waters for president 2020. >> fighting the good fightanyb simic has anybody told the post he is not that funny? his sarcasm is bad. >> you are dumpster diving trashare . >> one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> i have been told to shut you off numerous times. >> that sounds like a hostile i'll work .nvironment
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>> said to me a tweet find me on instagram. with that. the show is over. i am waters and this is my world


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