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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 19, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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"best insurance mobile app"? yep, three years in a row. well i'll be! does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy. the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> com >> that is okay, let him up, i'm not worried about him. i'm only worried he is going to give me a kiss. this guy is so great. welcome to the trump is right.
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lface it, it was refreshing. for a nonbeliever like me, you just know it boiled left blood to a fine mist. rally continued with trump's greatest hits. he figured hig he would do the b for them.
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>> i knew he was going to do this for us. >> so will he be a star? >> a star is born. a star is born. >> so many stars in one place. they do not have a clue about what is going on here, there is something going on here. the right, is having fun for once. the left finally, school marms clutching their coin purses, for so long the right was the party of miserable old farts, it reminds me of 1976, when the world first discovered the
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ramons, you loved them or hated them, but everybody before them of tame. trump he is the ramons. the democrats, they are air supply. which is why sadly, they are all out of love. ♪ i'm all out of love ♪ greg: all right. that was great. great monologue, we welcome our guest, co-host of fox and friends, on fox news radio, also author of thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates, brian. he is funnier than a clown choking on a whoopie cushion,
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writer dave d'angelo, thank you for dressing up. and dryer than my aunt linda's coffee cake. katherine. interesting fact, stonehenge are his toe nail, tyrus. all right. and that is it for tonight. join us tomorrow, brian, thank you, you came from pirro, you co-hosted a great job, with gene huber on. >> on the show, i didn't see the whole walk up until i saw the show, i never saw the cut away, it is an amazing story. >> it is amazing, what do you make of the, vent? >> as if he wrote the speech, it was so trump, there have been speeches before written for him, i thought he needed it.
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he looked to future, i thought in the beginning it of a bad idea, after i saw it it was a great idea. greg: that is typical. you change your mind. stay away from my notes, these are my notes. >> i had no idea. all right david. what did you make of it, people accused him of playing to his base. but didn't obama do that every time he went on the daily show. >> yeah, trump knows what he is doing, he likes to get people riled up, i like he is casual, no tie. greg: no tie. >> no ties to russia, no tie at all. greg: well done. you came casual, you just got back from a job or what.
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>> i just woke up. >> that is what people wear what they masturbate in the theater, not they would know. all right, cat, the purpose of the rally? >> the rally, not talking about the russia stuff any more. he is great with that just you know married couples having problem, they go to florida. trump has problems he goes to florida, they don't solve it, but they forget about it. greg: i didn't know that is why people go to florida. >> i think it is. it is fun. >> also disney. >> somethin something funny alws happens, that guy that loves trump more than i ever loved anything. including myself and my family. i love my dad, that is hilarious, everyone wants to watch that, they don't want to watch serious stuff. that is a great pr move for trump. greg: the lady in glasses has a point. >> when i get my tail kicked, i
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have a rough week. i go home, get cookies from mom. his mom is florida. so you know. it was a really tough week. i think that flynn thing was tough. i think it was hard on him too. flynn is loyal. and you know with the whole leak situation. one thing we know that flynn is not the rat. it is a tough week for him. back to your base. and talking to the people that energized you is a good thing for him. >> if i could have a rally for me and people cheer, i would never do another thing. greg: that is all you really want. i want to go back to that point i made in my monologue, that you might have missed. i wrote about dean wormer a. if you could get your add very carrieadd very -- adversary to dean wormer you
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win, he is from animal house, they are -- everything they do making the left scream, they are turning into dean wormer. >> i agree with everything if this was november. but now he has to check some boxes, i am not saying he has not, he has to get stuff done, that the sound critic, and make -- was is wormer or werner. greg: w-o-r-m-e-r . he is dead, give him some respect. >> what did he die of? >> old age. >> the same with the blind sheik. >> right. greg: by the way do you think he will be reunited with his eyes? there is a guy you can applaud
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his death. >> absolutely. >> he was living -- he died of natural causes, the blind sheik died of diabetes, high o ohio we was 79, when are we doing, why are we keeping him alive. >> they are killing him with nonsugar. >> yeah. greg: still have a lot of show level, i hope you brought snacks, the doors are locked,. but first, how did the president beat the press like a dusty old rug, the greatest monologue of all-time, next. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield.
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greg: day 27 of the media finding its balls. >> congressman there is zero chance that we'll move on until the answers to the questions that present themselves at least get noticed from the white house. >> welcome to day one what is arguably the biggest presidential scandal, involving the foreign government since iran contra. >> we've never taken seriously since the beginning, russia
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hacked our election, that is a pearl harbor scale event. greg: thank you, mr. mustache. after 8 years of sitting on their hands, in a kuh unicorn ce how could they call into question their super duper dream date, barack obama they dropped to their knees, listen to media yakking about doing their job after so much sucking up, it is like listening to a fart describe its own smell. here is frank rich. "new york times," talking about journalists under trump, everyone is on their phone, yeah. they are on their phone. it is 2017, frank. who the hell is not on their phone? jackass. they could have found the same
2:16 pm
excitement the same shocking revelation in obama's white house, instead they hibernated until now. >> i don't have to tell you what i'm going to do in north korea. where are you from? >> bbc. >> another beauty, how much longer should we stay here. >> are you a friendly reporter. >> this is going to be a bad question, but that is okay. >> he could host a reality show, before a republican president was always the punching bag, reporters hitting them on the same thing, compassion, honesty and character. this is the reverse, trump treating them like the pinata. a kid loaded with a bat covered in nails, you want transparency? that is trump, he will not shut up, you find out more about him
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in a day than you did in 8 years with obama. i keep expecting to wake up and find out that trump devoured a live panda, i would support. because pandas suck. why should we care if they are endangered if they don't? anyway, after the sweater of obama. the media is now faced with a monster like they have never seen. but that monster is you. the real person with a real personality. does trump's bluster cause the same pain as obamacare. on far with blaming a video for benghazi, under obama the press fanned division, labeled everything sentiment. country of on fire, and the press was roasting marc roastin, so i ask, how can trump's attack on the press hurt the press? since thursday, they have not
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shut up about him. no one is being silenced. instead decent is erupting. trump is great for the press, under obama you spoke no truth to power, now you just can't shut up about it no wonder you are about as popular as a hook hooker's cough. there is nothing worse than a hooker's cough. >> yeah. >> that is the name of my boat by the way. greg: trump does not hate all media, he likes a specific morning show, i want to play this. >> the tone is such hatred. i watch this morning, a couple of the networks, i have to say "fox & friends" in the morning, they are honor able people. and also, i do something wrong. but they have the most honest
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morning show. >> there you go. can i ask you a question. is he using here the principle of reciprocity. an element of persuasion, if he compliments you, you almost feel obligated to continue the relationship? almost i think harder, harder to be compliments than to be criticized. does that make sense to you? >> nope. greg: okay. >> i just want to know, you had a boat, there have been so many summer days, and you never invited me out on theker's cough. >> you are deflecting. >> can you play the whole sound bite. the rest they hit me when they -- he says i am wrong they hit me, but they are honorable about it for us, me went after megyn kelly, i went back at him. and he said 9/11 right back at
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him. and thing, we do the interview and talk about it, he respects when you call it as you see it, i don't wake up every day thinking he is a horrible person, the other thing, for 6 years he called into our show every monday or tuesday, and take every topic and bring us ratings in that quarter hour, we had a christmas lunch. and he said, by the way, i am running for president. >> and he made you have the meat loaf. >> just like chris christie. greg: yes. in my opinion he meeting the most human creature on hold office, he is us, kind of? >> he does stuff, you if he didn't behave this way, people would criticize him for doing the opposite. the fact that the media still
2:21 pm
has to make up stories, like, what are you doing? there are so many things you can do. greg: how can it be a dictatorship, cat? the press is screaming about it but no one is shutting them up, not like he is taking people out, journalists like obama did, rosen. >> i am concerned about all of the amgr angry litters you are g to get from panda. greg: they can't write. they have not invented a single thing. >pandas are the biggest problem we have. >> my problem is that media is going after him so far, they are supposed to do that this time. i feel better about him not doing things you are not supposed to do, because i know that media doing its job. unfair in a sense they have not
2:22 pm
done that for anyone else. you have to appreciate a check on government power. greg: i'm all for it. really savvy content. >> guys who don't have a drunken rattle every once in a while in his life, i dig the rant. i hear him talk he is like me when i get asked questioned, how much do you weigh, how tall are you? how do i look, why are you bothering me. or highwa how hefy is your chai. when he guess back at them, they are complaining about, but they love it. cnn not showing up. we had enough. fake news, they come running back every time. >> i wil i am scared to have sml talk with you, i mat hate small. >> i don't like the title small talk, what does it mean? small, bad?
2:23 pm
you know, i like that he snap judgments we make, the jewish reporter, just jumped in on that. >> that is what i do. >> good morning -- what. greg: it and i think it is a new york thing or something, then, after you snap at a cab driver who is just doing his job. you feel bad, then you say it's okay. i think he knew the jewish guy was trying to ask a good question, then he jumped. >> he took too long to give him a comment am. a compliment. greg: i hate this racism. coming up, my cholesterol. just about, that we're having trouble figure out this general flynn fiasco, but we'll explain
2:24 pm
it, as soon as i google the word fiasco.
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>> your call is now first in line. thank you for your patience. >> thank you for holding. >> how may i assist you. >> we were broken into. >> wrong department.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, president trump getting back to the grind stone after his campaign-style rally in florid flood yesterday.
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mr. trump interviews candidate. and plans on cracking down on ill plaguillegal immigration, ah against isis, launching an offensive on western half of mosul on what could be the bloodiest phase yet, it comes 26 days after the government declared they liberated eastern mosul, see you began at the top of the hour. greg: big news, rock america this week, barely one month to trump administration, nick cannon quit america's got talent. but also national security director michael flynn resigned over a phone call with a russian ambassador. here is a quick primer on flynn
2:29 pm
and russia. >> michael flynn was so chosen y president trump to be national security adviser, general flynn has been around, he is tough, you could probably tell he could beat up a herd of manatees, he gave his pal igor a call, and said look, i know obama stinks, but i am in this new job. you should see the bathroom. people were listening in, people who hate trump. now the phone call, not illegal, but leak of the call? a felon i, which is grown up speak for a really gad thing, bd thing, like at dad stole a dmw and drove it off a cliff. the media, wants payback only cares about the call even though the leak is a bigger deal.
2:30 pm
like someone robbed a bank but the media is bad that robbers don't use turn signals in the getaway car. either way, if it were obama or hillary, no one would care, becaused media likes them, obuchownisobamais their cool frd hillary the stuffy aunt who snores on the couch. greg: like a double dose that just cleared things up. >> right. greg: a cover-up without a crime? is this worst scandal ever or a nothing fajita. not burger, nothing fajita, because i love the mexicans. >> you lao you like the fact they give you the ability to make the fa mit fajita the way t it with the kit. unlike the taco.
2:31 pm
greg: i did not expects it to go down that road, but -- my fall. >> i say, they will find there is no russia, it is typical donald trump, does not want to back off, you say i am anti-semitic he is not, you say he is you know, white supremacist, he knows he is not, he feels no reason to disavow david duke. he said i would like to get along with vladimir putin, i sense they will open this up and minfinding in there. greg: do you buy that, some secret group of obama loyalists? >> no, first of all, the democrats hate obama, and obama is on vacation, he is not looking back. i'm out, let your house burn don't, don't care. the biggest problem is his own party. the flynn thing bothers me in a
2:32 pm
lot of levels, if you say there was nothing there, flynn being fired for not telling pence, that to me did not seem like a firing. i am a huge supporter. and until i hear facts and something he did other than his job. he did nothing from what i know that was illegal. why was he fired. there is something there i don't know what it is,. i don't like to speculate. greg: i do. >> he lied. >> lon he lied, but he is a gen, a war hero, he follows orders. >> none of us made a big deal of it had hillary lied. >> hillary of a private citizen. this has nothing to do with hillary clinton. >> she is a chronic liar. >> what did she have to do. >> people were mad when fbi lied. other leaks were happening they only focused on the russia leaks other than how the leak
2:33 pm
happened. >> true. >> fair and balanced. >> she was not fired. >> david? what do you make of this? a massive scandal or a nothing fa meefajita? >> who knows. it is funny how people switched around, 5 months ago. if you ask trump he would say i love the leaks, transparency, and hillary people are this is a crime. now it is, the opposite. greg: are they two different leaks? >> one leak podesta does not like his candidate. the other a private conversation between world leaders that impact national security. and showing with national security. giving national security. stuff that was susceptible to being hacked. >> i understand that but
2:34 pm
widespread absurdity. trying to block a bill. but then when there is an actual call, he wants to know who made the call, it is an ambassador. thathat is if there is a call tt is going to be recorded. consistency. greg: the mother of invention as i say. by the way harward dropped out. and bolton, former u.n. ambassador, and of course, the president of red eye. and i am wondering, is being president of ri red eye going to help or hurt him, i want audience to think about that no poll, but i want to think about it, i am thinking about it. coming up, a story so disturbing if i sat next to it at a bar, i probably wouldn't go home with it.
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don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. greg: when you have been protesting as long as left has against president trump, it gets more difficult to keep things fresh or new, wearing a hat with kikitten ears, has been done, screaming in agony like you just stepped on a lego -- we don't have it. it has been done, screaming obscenities at police has been done too. >> those kids should not have toitotake this with neo-nazis, e
2:40 pm
putting them in that situation g to hell, [ bleep ] you. >> a lovely wife. anyway, roll out ahead, i didn't understand that joke. these protesters are running out of ideas, if they want to keep their message in headline they have to do something bold, protestor at university of chicago. >> oh, yeah. woo! greg: amazing. that is opposite of adore able. telling children, tear him
2:41 pm
apartment i got nothing against pinatas, but giving a kid a swing at pinata that looks like president of the u.s., what are you teaching these kids? you are teaching them to hate. no wonder betsy devos or whatever here name is can't go anywhere without armed marshals, imagine if you did that to a different president or hillary. that would be violent against women or pantsuits, protesters, i would like to say, i would like to say you are better than that. but we know you are not. all right. okay. angelo, david. number one, pinata as a concept is weird. the image you are beating the image of a cute animal or person, and you get candy. like you are rewarding them,
2:42 pm
with treats. for being violent. that seems kind of wrong. >> i agree. greg: good. all right. >> something needs to be done. greg: yes. -- is that it? something needs to be done? >> i don't know. wait a minute. greg: i'm going to wait you out. >> okay, look. there are easier ways to get candy. >> no one else saw there was no candy? the pinata? it done work in napolean dynamite and they beat up sun iy. it did you not work, making children push your political views, is dumb. the kids don't get it, they look like walking dead children ripping up a body trying to find candy.
2:43 pm
only message they got, mommy leadlied and made me break a pia that looked like charlie brown. >> do you know what was in there? >> hope. >> tax returns. >> go brian. >> blur out the kids face. you care more about the kids than those parents do. >> kids first look the same when they get older, a kid thing, all kids look the same to me. greg: that is their natural look. >> they were born blury. >> that is title. cat you have a scowl, we should blur that. >> good luck, pinata thing, it is creepy, you are right. it was anyone else but trump it would be terrible. i have never really gotten mad over a pinata. greg: because it is filled with
2:44 pm
candy. bobbing for apples. >> that makes me unhappy, that is great way to get strep throat, kids do it they have the grossest mouse. mouth. greg: i don't want to know. you know, i want to talk about a day without women strike. next week or next month? not so up for work, i read their mission statement, we asked, do businesses support our communities or train our dra drs is not about trump. it is another left wing radical group piggybacking on whatever they can get. >> right, it would mean ta th te 5 would only have 3 people on it.
2:45 pm
>> if i was a boss, somebody said they were not showing up for political rients reason, i d fire them on the spot. coming up, a story so hot, you could try to a fry know an egg . >> trump singles? is he cornering the wrapped cheese market or a new dating site? we investigate next. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function,
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greg: trump singles, a dating web site for trump supporters, their slogan, get this, make dating great again, they spent hours on that. it has grown to 26,000 members who pay a fee $20 a month. maple match helps americans time a canadian to be miserable with. i created a new dating web site, first up, your stupid.
2:50 pm
they are not using that -- they belong together. cobs and dobbs, people who like to eat corn and watch "lou dobbs tonight." and match heads dot-com, i it ty are arsonists, thei motto, let's light each other's fires. >> trump singles that makes sense. it is devastating to find out that the person you are with voted for hillary. that is how polarized we are. >> i was on bernie singles and only matched with the 1%. then trump singles, worst part,
2:51 pm
you go on the date, and person looks nothing like the cartoon frog. hate that. but also, you swipe right or you swipe -- alt-right. greg: well done. cat? >> someone who supports trump is an identity at-this-point, like with the frog. i don't understand they are all talking to each other on twitter all of the time, the frog twitter, i don't know if is is really necessary. that guy from trump rally is probably a real hunk now, everyone getting with him. greg: he is getting a calendar. >> i would imagine that trump dating site is probably a bunch of guys who like trump who think they are talking to girls. >> isn't that all dating sites. >> i will come up with a new show, trump fish.
2:52 pm
>> true. >> i think that all dating web sites are i guess they are good. i would. know. >> neither would i. >> it sounds made up. >> i like dating on line. greg: really. >> that phrase we met on tinder. >> you don't have to dress up. greg: almost -- yeah. all right we have to move on. >> all right. greg: coming up, protest on end all protest, cat speaks on behalf of all cats at the westminster dog show. ♪ when you have digestive sensitivities, life can feel like a never ending search for food that won't cause bloating, gas, or inner turmoil.
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allergic reaction may occur and may be life threatening. don't reuse ne, even if the needle has been changed. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be serious and life threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily while using toujeo®. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose or type of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor if you take other medicines and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo®, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, .. greg: the westminster dog show included cats in the meet the
2:57 pm
greets event. our kat was not happy about this. so she tried to start her own movement. take a look. >> 2017 has been the year of the protest and i haven't been into it until now when i found out there will be cats at the westminster dog show meet the breeds event. cats are animal royalty and they do not belong here. on a scale of one to moving to canada, how outraged are you. >> canada for sure. >> it's a travesty. it makes all dogs look bad. >> i think it makes cats look bad. >> i don't want to be anywhere near that. >> keep your pows off my claws. there will be cats in the
2:58 pm
westminster dog show i'm wondering how you are living your life in these difficult times with something like that happening. >> i guess we live in a world where anybody is allowed to grab a [bleep]. >> you have said you love cats. how mad are you about what's happening here? >> what's happening where? >> trump is right, the media is not covering the real tragedy going on here. >> why can't it just be animals. >> you like to watch sports? >> sure. >> when you go to a baseball game, do you like players tackling each other in the infield? >> yes. >> nothing is sacred anymore. keep your fleas off my siamese. on a scale of one to can't sleep
2:59 pm
at night because you are too busy screaming, how angry are you? >> less than one. negative. >> they are putting the cats in costumes. this is a public health risk. that's why you are still standing here today. >> i'm trying to you find my way to 6th avenue. >> i'm trying to find my way, too. >> top this madness right now! it's sad to see how far we have to go before people realize facts do matter in 2017. greg: nicely done. i have got to wrap it up. thank you brian kilmeade. our wonderful studio audience,
3:00 pm
i'm greg gutfeld, i love you, america. [♪] arthel: i'm arthel neville, welcome to "america's news headquarters." eric: i'm eric shawn. topping the news this hour, president trump holding job interviews for a critical white house opening, that of the national security advisor. arthel: a major push against isis. u.s.-backed iraqi forces launch an offensive to recapture the western half of mosul which could be the floodiest phase of the conflict so


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